Review: WWE Wrestlemania XX (20) DVD

August 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Wrestlemania 20” Review:

“Nobody BELIEVES in me? Nobody Beeeeeliiiieves in meeee?….. I BELIEVE IN ME,… I BELIEVE IN ME,… Look at me! I BELIEVE IN ME!” -Chris Benoit


-WWE Wrestlemania 20 took place on Sunday, March 14th, 2004 at Madison Square Garden in New York in front of Sold Out capacity of 20,000 fans.

-This was the 20th Annual Wrestlemania event.
-This Mania was billed as “Where it all begins…again”.

-This Wrestlemania features the last WWE appearance of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar after there infamous and horrendous match together on this show.
-It was a joint-promotion pay-per-view event, featuring performers from the Raw and SmackDown! brands. The event was the third WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden but the fourth to take place in the New York metropolitan area (following WrestleMania I, WrestleMania 2, and WrestleMania X).
-The celebrated return grossed more than $2.4 million in ticket sales, making the Pay-Per-View the highest grossing event ever for WWE at Madison Square Garden.

-Micheal Cole and Tazz did commentary for the Smackdown! side, while Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did so for Raw.

-The event began with the Boys Choir of Harlem singing “America the Beautiful”.

-The Hall of Fame was brought back as an annual induction Ceremony with every Wrestlemania, here at Wrestlemania 20.
-Among the Inductees were: Harley Race, Superstar Billy Graham, Jesse the Body Ventura, Pete Rose, Greg The Hammer Valentine, Bobby the Brain Heenan

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- The Big Show (c) vs John Cena for the WWE United States Championship
The Wrestlemania Debut for one John Cena here.

How appropriate that he is the first guy who’s theme music hits on a show titled “Where it all begins, Again…” With Mr. Cena being the face of today of course.

I don’t think that booking decision was a coincidence.

John Cena got a tremendous ovation back in the days when Smarks didn’t let Cena get to them, and there was NO REAL reason to hate him at this time. His character seemed fresh in the mid-card and he was a bright spot as far as youngsters go in a hurting company due to the departing Steve Austin and Rock.

Cena in tough here facing 500 pounds of the Big Show, a man he’d later feud with in 2009 having their share of matches together.

First Cena cuts a rap and MSG is digging everything he is saying. Cena can control the mic well and this live crowd pumped up for Wrestlemania 20 only helped matters. Cole calls Cena the fastest rising star on Smackdown!

Cena pretty much got everyone in MSG to chant Big Show sucks. The US Champion was not pleased, he looked focused. MSG heavily behind Cena who tells Show he wont be able to see him. Cena making his Mania debut and Show shoved him off twice. Cena went into Show but he grabbed him by the throat sending him outside the ring with one hand, despite Cena firing back with offense.

The Big Show is dropped by Cena over the top rope from the floor, John goes for a crossbody off the top, Show catches him in air and slams him back first on the mat getting Show a two. Show clobbered the back of Cena dropping him down, Show choked out Cena on the middle ropes. Loud LETS GO CENA chants break out as he drops rights but he runs into a powerful clothesline by The Big Show.

The United States Champion looked as intimidating as ever, fans chant The Big Show sucks.

The Big Show lands a sidewalk slam and Cole questions if Cena has a chance at all. The Big Show begins choking out Cena on the middle rope some more, fans chanting “Lets go Cena” some more. John Cena all fired up after a knee into Cena’s bruised ribcage and then he runs right into a hard clothesline once more. A big boot choking out Cena now before a big suplex gets him a two.

This was a slow beatdown by the Giant which is always a questionable booking move, usually they like the fast matches to get the fans into it. Show with a headbutt and a big chop to the chest. Shows stood on Cena’s kidney. Referee asks Cena how he is doing as Show drops all of his body weight onto Cena after another huge boot.
The Big Show with a unique legdrop across the chest but somehow the Doctor of Thuganomics is feeling it from the crowd. Meanwhile picked up Cena but he fell behind him locking in a choke. The Big Show got out of this burying his back against the ropes. Show clotheslines Cena again and as he slowly makes it to his feet Show locks in a Sgt. Slughter Cobra Clutch. Cena with elbows out but he drops.

Tazz claims the sie difference is just too much. Another camel clutch to Cena bu he gets back to his feet. Cena lifts the boot in the corner on a Big Show charge which could be an opening. Cena lifts the boot then lifts The Big Show up and drops him!

MSG goes crazy!!!

Cena lifts Show over his head and this same crowd who roared with approval when Brock Lesnar did this at the Survivor Series in 2002 from the same venue, were now blown away with John Cena doing it.

John Cena gets a huge pop when hitting Show with the FU, now called Attitude Adjustment.

Cena is shocked that didn’t put the big man away.

John Cena grabs a pair of brass knuckles to a good pop, the official warns hin he can’t use them. Show gets to his feet Cena threw another pair and used one that was hidden by the turnbuckle. Cena hits another FU for the win.

In the end at 9:14 Cena became the NEW United States Champion after delivering an FU to the 500 Pounder.
MSG is jumping and the show is off to a good start.

This match was effective in your typical HEEL beats down FACE the entire match until he comes back with big time move, doing the impossible. It’s certainly not my favourite story in any type of match but it worked here.
** 1/4
2) Rob Van Dam and Booker T (c) vs Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs La Resistance (Rene Dupree and Rob Conway) in a Fatal Four-Way match for the World Tag Team Championship 
The first of two fatal fourway tag matches for the title’s on the night.
Sudden death rules, first team to score a pinfall wins the straps.

Unfortunately Booker T and Rob Van Dam as talented as both of them are get a horrendous pop from the Garden, the Dudleyz though being from New York City get a decent reaction. The heels get there expected heat of course.
Rob Van Dam begins in with Dupree who is speared in the corner and monkeyflipped out. Booker T tags in and goes to work on Rene Rupree.
Booker T waits for RVD to catapolt Dupree up in the air and Booker lands a thrust kick. Booker T quickly cleans house on Conway, Jindrak, Cade and Dupree.
Bubba Dudley and Booker square off, two fan favourites. Bubba works over Booker’s back and the violent MSG crowd chant for Table’s already. Booker misses a high kick and Bubba counters into a swinging neckbreaker. Booker once up lands rights, Bubba with a reverse elbow to Booker T in the corner, Bubba lands jabs but then it with a thrust kick by Booker.
D-Von Dudley drops Booker T with a front suplex. Van Dam from the top drops D-Von with a spinning kick.
Inside the ring is Mark Jindrak slamming Booker T front face first to the canvas floor getting a two. Booker sent into the corner and Jindrak tags in Cade. Cade exchanges slap with Booker T. Booker T went for a back bodydrop but Cade had it scouted and kicked Booker. Dupree came in and pushed Booker to the corner. La Resistance isolated Booker T in there corner while Van Dam attempted to get MSG back in it.
Dupree lands a snapmare into a submission hold stretching both arms of Booker back whil driving his knee into the spine. Booker T needed to make the hot tag in the worst way but was being worn down by Conway who had tagged in. Conway now stretched the arms of Booker back driving his knee to the spine. Somehow MSG wills on Booker T and he gets up and with power is able to turn Conway around in mid-ring delivering a knee to the gut in desperation. Booker with an arm-ringer into a powerful Spine Buster giving him a beather. Both men are down now and MSG chants for RVD.
Booker T makes the hottag and Van Dam drops everyone with kicks, backslams, spinning heel kicks and then tossing Jindrak to the floor. Van Dam went after Bubba with a flying leg knocking him off the apron. Van Dam felt froggy but D-Von sent him flying to the floor.
Action everywhere and all hell is breaking loose. D-Von and Booker the only two until Bubba joins them and the 3D is teased. Booker T gets out of harms way thanks to Cade who came in. Conway ddt’d D-Von and now irishwhipped by Booker got hit by a kick to the gut and a scissors kick by.
To follow up Van Dam dropped from up high after Booker T’s offense and hits Conway with the five star frogsplash, the legal man pinned Conway.
In the end at 7:51 Booker T and Rob Van Dam retained the tag team title’s.
This match was fairly solid. Some nice work by Booker T and Rob Van Dam even if some moments felt a bit sloppy.

* 3/4
3) Christian vs Y2J Chris Jericho
Trish Stratus was the X-Factor in this match.
Both Canadian’s had been a tag team as of late, but they switched it up here as they began to feud and Trish was the main reason, Christian thought Jericho was getting soft on her and what they delivered was a nice swerve to a storyline that seemed kind of irrelevant at the beginning.

Two Canadian’s looked to steal the show at Wrestlemania 20!

To make things interesting both guys had teamed together for the better part of the year, now going up against each other one on one on the Grandest stage of them all. Referee Tim White assigned this contest.

Christian and Jericho go toe to toe.

The bell rings after some trash talking.

Fans behind Jericho.

A tie-up and neither men gain any advantage right away. Christian slaps Jericho and he slaps back. Jericho with high impact offense to Christian running off the ropes dropping an elbow. A side suplex and a slap. Off the ropes Christian leapfrogged nothing as he was one move ahead of him holding onto the top rope for support, Chris then drops Christian.
Christian went for a backslide but Jericho kicks him up. Christian tossed Jericho to the apron and then Jericho speared him. Christian then was elevated to the floor. Chris Jericho with a springboard crossbody to Christian by the barricade. Chris Jericho in control of the match brought Christian back in. Christian hit a sunset flip attempt but Jericho dropped on him for a pinning combination, Jericho went for the Walls already but Christian grabebd the ropes.

Christian came charging at Y2J but he backdropped him over the top rope to the floor as small “Y2J” chants break out. Christian then got the upperhand on Chris Jericho as he used both feet and the top rope for additional strength to choke out Chris Jericho with his boots. Christian choked out Jericho on the mat using his hands now. Jericho fought back with two forearm shots, off the ropes Christian hit a knee to the knee on Jericho and then planted him with a few more shots. Christian twisted Chris Jericho’s neck in vice.
Christian pulled Jericho by the hair slamming him to the mat, he looked pleased with his results up until he got a two. Christian not giving Jericho a moment to fight back choking him out on the ropes. Chris Jericho fights back though with a kick to the gut, however Christian hit a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Jericho elbows out and then off the ropes catches Christian in a unique way in the Walls, Chrisitan got out and nailed Jericho with a spinning heel kick. Christian kicked at the head of Jericho down on the mat for further insult.

Jericho voiced “Come on ya little CLB” as he dropped his weight onto him by the ropes, then hit an Inziguri scoring him a two count. Christian charged at Jericho in the corner but he countered into a sunset flip, Christian countered a cradle and held the ropes but Chris Jericho made it out. Christian set up Chris for a DDT but Chris Jericho hit a suplex out of it. Christian bridges out and then Jericho went for a backslide, Jericho kicks Christian in the abdomen and hit him with a running bulldog. Going for the springboard Lionsault Christian had it scouted lifted the knees.

Now Christian having Jericho where he wanted him grabbed his arms to drop him, Jericho countered by going for a backslide then pushing Christian in the corner of the ring! Christian dropped Jericho with a front facelock SLAM off the top rope to the canvas floor, even still Chris Jericho kicked out.
Great action.

Christian lands righthands and then off the ropes he swings Jericho by the head and both men drop to the mat.

As they slowly rise Christian hooks Jericho’s neck and applied a backbreaker. Christian going to fly now climbs to the top turnbuckle. Christian is caught at the last second from Jericho, Christian counters the move and shoves him off landing face first again.
Jericho selling the knee. Christian lands a crossbody off the rope and Jericho somehow managed a roll-through, and Christian Kicks out. A slugfest breaks out and Christian slapped on the

Texas Cloverleaf since he knew Jericho had bad knees.

Great gameplan from Captain Charisma. Chris Jericho didn’t want to give up so he rolls on his back and then somehow reversed his hold to the Walls of Jericho but Christian grabbed the bottom ropes. Both men fall to the floor and on the floor Jericho slaps on the Walls to Christian before the ten count.
Jericho grabs ahold of Christian coming back in the ring and both men are parked at the very top. An impressive move here as Jericho double hooks the arms of Christian and hits a Double Arm Superplex from the top. Because Chris Jericho hesitated (since the fall took a lot out him as well) to cover Christian he only got a two count.
Out runs Trish Stratus.

Jericho and Christian remained slugging it out in the middle of the ring knowing Trish was on the outside.
Christian with a front facelock drops Jericho with a big time DDT and Chris Jericho kicks out. Christian is frustrated. Christian grabbed Trish by the apron and he shoved her to the corner, Trish elbowed Jericho as she didn’t know who she hit having been turned around.
Christian used it to his advantage and rolled up Chris Jericho for the three.
So at the end at 14:52 Christian scored the biggest win of his career at the time by defeating Jericho with Trish`s help. After the match came the swerve as Stratus slapped Jericho, Sexy Trish is back.

Trish turns on Jericho and goes Heel siding with Captain Charisma.

This was a tremendous match, a borderline classic. Everything from the fast pace and chemistry to the in-ring action and the story told (including the swerve) was all done to perfection.

One of the best matches if not the very best singles bout in the career of Christian.

4) Evolution (Randy Orton, Batista and Ric Flair) vs The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection (The Rock and Mick Foley) in a 2 on 3 tag-team Handicap match 
Orton delivered a pretty good promo hyping this match up earlier in the night.
At Wrestlemania 19, Stone Cold wrestled his final match and the year later, so did The Rock. This is the last time Rocky was in action and one of the last times he even appeared on WWE tv.
Fans in MSG were happy to see him, no doubt, but as is usually the case with The Rock, some weren’t. It’s ironic to note this is also the venue he made his debut and tonight of course competing in his last WWE match.

Make no mistake about it the feud with Orton and Cactus was personal.
Rock clotheslined Batista out of the ring while Orton was dropped by Mick, the Rock n Sock cleaned house and MSG loved it.
Ric Flair comes in for a little one on one with the Nature Boy.

Rock will love this. Naitch circles Rocky and they tie up. Rock off the ropes hit a shoulder block and immitated Naitch’s strut. Crowd split for that, then the fans chant for “Rocky” as Ric and Rock get in chopping wars.
Rock elevated Flair to the floor. Flair said “lets go mother fu****!” to rock, but Rocky drops Ric to his back and Foley jumps from the apron landing an elbow to Ric. Fans chant for Foley.
The Rock tags in Foley who Randy Orton was waiting for and he went for a walk as the crowd booed. Foley brawled with all he had against Orton. Foley drops an elbow on Orton and hangs him upside down in the corner just where he wants him. Tag made to the Great One. Foley drives his elbow into Randy Orton before leaving. Rock kicks a Orton in the abdomen.
Here is a dream match, Randy Orton versus The Rock.
Rock slammed Orton into the corner he was a bit green still. Flair knocked Rock from the apron but Rock punched back. Randy Orton finally grabbed ahold of Rock and threw him over the rope to the outside after Evolution had distracted Rocky, Batista pulls the rope down and Rock falls to the mat.

Back inside another dream match as the Powerful Big Dave Batista cornered Rock with his power, Rock fought back eith exta shots until Batista hit a reverse elbow.

Naitch comes in and chops Rock in the corner, Rock still selling like hell even though he was being hit hard by a man nearly thirty years later. Rock charged to Flair and dropped him with a clothesline which got a boo for some reason. Flair never lands from the top and Rock dropped him from there on his left hip.

Rock makes the hot tag to Mick and he drops Randy Orton, Ric Flair and now with Batista he hooked the arms but Batista drove him back first to the buckle. Foley says BANG BANG. Batista runs him over though and nw he will toss Mick like a piece of trash through the ropes. Outside the ring Foley has the Claw on Randy Orton until Flair hits a lowblow. Flair chopped Mick and then Randy Orton kicked him and sent him crashing into the steel steps.

Three on One for Evolution for a moment now. Orton immediately went for a cover on Foley but he kicks out. Fans chant for Foley who needed the tag in a bad way, Rock looked on concerned., Naitch strutted around while dishing out additional punishment to Mick. Ric and Mick engage in s slugfest. Flair kept Foley’s ankle in there corner isolating Mick int their corner, a great veteran move by Natich.

Randy Orton locks on a Camel Clutch wearing down Mick until he elbows out, Orton grabs Foley by the hair and slams him back firs to the mat. Batista clotheslined Mick twce Mick tried the Claw on Batista until Orton came for the save. Flair tags back in and now Flair chops Foley. Foley sent Mick in Evolution’s corner and Mick was in BEYOND a bad way, thankfully for him when Batista comes in Mick Foley hits a swinging neckbreaker to Dave off the ropes.

Rock leans in for a tag and Batista got up first to Naitch. Flair cut off Foley’s attempt but Mick dropped him with a forearm. Rock back in off the ropes dropped Flair with s flying clothesline,

Rock drops Orton with a DDT. Rock swings Batista back ina nd then elevated Orton to the floor, then when Rock turns aound Batista hits a Spinebuster. Flair begs Batista to dry and drop the people’s elbow but Rock flips up and clears house first with Batista.

Now the Great One throws the elbow pad and goes for the People’s elbow strutting in process dropping on Flair. The Rock got a nearfall.
Randy Orton tags in and now Rock delivered The Rock Bottom to the kid, Flair pulled Rock out and he dropped Flair with a clothesline. Rock chased Flair who has snapped and grabbed a chair.

Batista meanwhile in the ring dropped Rock with a Batista Bomb. Orton slowly covers Rock and he kicks out at two just barely as MSG pops.

Rock going to “Walk Tall” here, nice plug Ross.

Foley makes the hot tag and drops Evolution with rights to everyone, it’s just Foley and Randy Orton and he hits the double armed DDT. Batista interupted it and he knocked him off, this allowed Orton to re-group. Socko was about to be slapped in on Orton but out of no where Orton hit the RKO on Foley in mid-air!

So in the end at 17:03 Randy Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair were declared the winners after Orton hit an RKO to Foley and covered him.

Evolution DID need the rub here and they got it.

This match was a lot fun, definitely a great match considering two guys were rusty (Rock and Foley) while the other were green (Dave and Randy) or just old.

Dwayne Johnson is done in the ring. This remains his final match as of this writing in 2010.

*** 1/4


5) Torrie Wilson and Sable vs Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in a Playboy Evening Gown match
Out of ideas after Wrestlemania’s 19 brilliant one, they decided to throw them in the ring, but wearing nothing but gown’s as decided by Sable as things were about to begin.

You can watch this for, that, then it’s your same old diva’s match you’ve seen 1,000 times more then you’d like to admit.

Tazz says lets do this again tommorow, then tommorow night. How about not Tazz, when I watch Wrestling that is exactly what I want. When I go to buy a car I don’t want sluts dancing around then taking my attention off the prize.

I am by all means straight but I’m also a realist, and a wrestling fan. For the fans that like this sort of thing then this is made for you.

As said Sable she wants to get stripping and lets begin! Here we go.

Cole and Tazz try their hardest at being funny but all you hear is “OOOOHHH MYyyyy” by Michel Cole Stacy shakes her underwear.

Bell rings and god knows what Tazz and Cole are arguing about now. Before anything gets going Jackie is a poor sport and decided to go.

Torrie Wilson and sable make sure she stays in. Sable lands high kicks to Jacke in lingerie. A flkying crossbody by Torrie Wilson off the top to Jackie and she looked great doing it.
Jackie tagged in Stacy and speaking of looking good, she does the double bend. Stacy with those long legs choke out Torrie. Torrie Wilson with a sunset flip and both Torrie and Stacy stretch and roll for our viewing pleasure.
MSG applauds. Stacy lands a high kick but Torrie Wilson says No. I woder how often she actually says no. Stacy tagged back in Jakie and Torrie Wilson and Jackie roll over Jack Doan. A slap from Jackie to Torrie but she backs up and has Jackie in a pinning combination using her body weight on top of her. Torrie spanks Jackie after.

In the end at 2:33 Wilson and Sable got the victory after Torrie covered Miss Jackie.

This match was good for viewing pleasure, thus it is not quite a DUD.


6) Chavo Guerrero (c) (W/Chavo Sr.) vs Ultimo Dragon vs Shannon Moore vs Jamie Noble vs Funaki vs Nunzio vs Billy Kidman vs Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri vs Akio in Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship 

Chavo was the defending Champion coming in to this match, the numbers drawn at random. Whoever is Champion after all entrants have come through is Champion.
On the original WM 20 release Ultimo Dragon tripped but it isn’t shown here on the Anthology.
Ultimo Dragon used to be MONEY in the WCW, i’m not sure why he didn’t work well in the WWE.

Two guys will begin in the match, the last man standing wins the Cruiserweight open.

To begin we got Shannon Moore and Ultimo Dragon ho exchange in waist-lock go behind’s, an arm-ringer Shannon but the Dragon flips out of an armbar. Moore lands Dragon with a shoulder block. Ultimo Dragon with a backslide and a nearfall.

àA back suplex by Moore to Dragon and a two. Moore for a suplex Dragon blocked it, Dragon then slapped Moore after he misses a moonsault from the top. Ultimo Dragon eliminated Shannon Moore with a gutwrench suplex.

Unbelievable fast pace in the first fall.

In comes Jamie Noble and Dragon drops him with a kick.

Ultimo Dragon drops Noble with a backbreaker, goes for a moonsault and lands on his feet, tremendous counter by Noble. Dragon taps out by Noble’s submission hold.

Funaki in drops on top of Noble but he pins him with a crossbody in less then five seconds which I believe beats Kane’s record from WM 24 and SD Jones’s from the original Mania comfortable.

Nunzio and Noble wrestle now and Noble takes him to the floor. Noble up high hits a springboard senton taking out both guys outside the ring.
Noble desperately tried to break the count. Nunzio whipped off the apron and Nunzio is gone Noble survives. Billy Kidman hangs onto the ropes and drops Kidman to the apron, Nunzio comes back and drops Noble. Kidman hit him with a baseball slide. Kidman decided to get in on all the action and elevated himself from the top turnbuckle hitting a shooting star press on all three guys.

Back in the ring Kidman is caught in front facelock, the choke by Noble which was lethal at the time. Kidman hits a backdrop and a running inziguri, Noble caches Kidman up at the top and Kidman delivered shots to the ribs, Kidman dropped Noble with a sitdown powerbomb from the top. Mysterio with a springboard senton to Kidman, Kidman then grounds Rey and gets a two.

Crowd come alive for Rey. Mysterio hits a great dropkick to Kidman, Akio interfered with Rey behind the official’s back, Kidman covered Rey and he kicks out. Kidman still selling the chest from the earlier shooting star press had Rey all the way at the top, Rey in unqie position hit a sunset flip from the top on Kidman and he got him.
Tajiri drops Rey for a moment, then against the ropes he slaps on the Tarantula! This got a good pop.

Mysterio in a bad way, Rey blocks Tajiri backing into him and has Tajiri set up for the 619 and hits it. Mysterio misses the west coast pop, Tajiri hits a thrust kick to Mysterio. Tajiri goes to spray mist in Rey’s eyes but it goes in Akio’s. Rey with an inside cradle and gets a three count.
Chavo Guerrero runs in and covers Rey and only got a two.

The defending Champion in last takes it to Rey with Chavo senior encouraging him on. Rey cant springboard because of the official but he elects to anyway over top of official Robinson onto Chavo Classic which made the fans happy. Mysterio speared Chavo and went for a sunset slip, he got it but Chavo Guerrero rolled out and covered Rey, meanwhile he used Chavo Senior’s arm for leverage so Chavo Guerrero steals the title in order to retain.

In the end at 10:28 Chavo retained the Cruiserweight title after he screwed Rey with help from Chavo Guerrero Senior.
This match could of been better if it was structured better, but the opening moments were solid. Rushed and thrown together as a result.

7) Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar in an Interpromotional Match with Special Referee- Stone Cold Steve Austin
Every Wrestling fan knows this match and everything it stands for, but what MOST PEOPLE don’t admit is that MSG didn’t even give it a chance.
And that’s the TRUTH about this.

Both competitor’s (Lesnar and Goldberg) obviously could of done much better but they both CLEARLY decided to stick it to the fans who wouldn’t accept anything. It was damned from the start.

The truth is, the fans wanted to boo both men. They wanted to, so the fact the match sucked, actually pleased the fans more inside MSG.

Chants of the following were heard before and during this match:

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye…”
“Austin, Austin, Austin”
“We want Bret!”
“Hogan, Hogan!”
“You Sold Out”
“This Match Sucks!”
The “lets get going” cycle was bad but it was more noticeable because of the fans, even Austin looked angry.

The future UFC Heavyweight Champion looked like he had just taken a few Xanax with the crowd’s hostile treatment towards him.

Finally we get going after what seemed like an eternity, again, half the blame on the crowd.

Goldberg and Lesnar collided in mid-ring despite the crowd chanting for Bret. Both men take about a year to get up and the crowd boo this as well.
Brock cornered Goldberg and then he elevated him in the air right to a spear. Goldberg went for a spear and crashed into the ring post this time. Hilariously Lesnar nods as the fans chant Goldberg sucks.
Brock Lesnar tried to slam Goldberg down with a front facelock. Lesnar catched Goldberg in mid-ring with a standing side headlock torking the big rightarm of Goldberg secured. A modified version of that chinlock was countered by Goldberg hitting a hiptoss. Lesnar takes him down one more and again goes back into the chinlock locking the arm of Gokdberg behind him.
Lesnar using his body weight wrapped round him. Goldberg selling the shoulder misses a clothesline and then the two collide again in mid-ring.
“This match sucks!” is chanted while Lesnar speared Goldberg in the corner while Steve Austin just stood there and who knows what he was thinking. Fans chant for Hogan.

Goldberg levelled Lesar with a spear, somehow Brock Lesnar kicks out and he gets in Austin’s face. Lesnar hits an F5 on Goldberg but he kicks out, now Lesnar has a word with Austin.
Lesnar took off apart of the ring post, another spear by Goldberg into a Jackhammer and a three count.

Thankfully its over.

In the end at 13:42 Goldberg finally got the win after he hit Lesnar with his Spear then Jackhammer.

Lesnar flipped off Austin after the crowd began the Na Na NA Na chant again and Austin stunners Big Brock. Goldberg the winner toasts Austin and doesen’t get nearly the ovation he got so Steve did what he does best, a dream Stunner on Goldberg at Wrestlemania.

After such a disaster, THIS is what the crowd could cheer.

So Austin then Stunnered both men out of the WWE, Ross says “A WWE ring” but might as well of said the company, which you had to think he meant since they were both out the door the same night.

This match is actually no where near as bad as you’ll likely hear, however it is PROBABLY the most DISSAPOINTING match in history so that does count for some deduction points.
This match gets a star for SOME of the Effort, the Crowd and Steve Austin.

It will forever be known as a disgrace to the name “Wrestlemania” but it’s not like there hasn’t been much worse matches before at the very same event. (They might as well delete ALL of Wrestlemania 11)
The irony of all this is Vince McMahon was booked next to come out DIRECTLY after this match to thank the fans for 20 years of support.

8) Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty (c) vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) vs The Basham Brothers (Danny and Doug) vs The APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq) in a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Just as Raw had earlier, Smackdown! took four teams and put them in a match for an excuse to get on the card.

Bradshaw drops Benjamin to start. It’s funny to think he’d be JBL just a few months later as WWE Champion.
Bradshaw drops an elbow on Shelton and gets a nearfall, Shelton lands behind Bradshaw. Doug Basham tagged in and Shelton goes to work on Danny now who is tagged in, a side suplex to Shelton. Haas saved the count. Benjamin needed a tag and Haas dropped Danny Basham from the apron, now Haas is tagged in and Shelton hits a back breaker to Danny Basham on Haas’s knee, some time teamwork for Benjamin and Haas.
Haas remains in and Scotty 2 Hotty is tagged in, he ducks below Haas and picks him up for a suplex. Scotty 2 Hotty  kicks up and does a litle bit of a dance. Scotty 2 Hotty knocked Shelton off the apron and then Haas elevated him over the top rope and he tried to Skin the cat but the Self Proclaimed World’s greatest tagteam held him there over the helps and with great double teamwork Shelton dropped his weight on Scotty 2 Hotty’s back.

Haas with a bearhug to Scotty 2 Hotty, eventually he gets to his feet and rolls Charlie on the ropes. Scotty 2 Hotty tried to make the tag to Rikishi but Danny Basham tagged in and now the Basham’s double team Scotty landing a double vertical suplex, isolating him in the corner. Scotty 2 Hotty needed a tag to Rikishi bad here.
Crowd were absolutely dead.

Scotty 2 Hotty with a desperation Inziguri, Danny Basham doing a great job at cutting the ring in half but he lands on his feet once more and tags in Rikishi. Benjamin and Haas both go down from a clothesline by Rikishi. DDT to Basham by Rikishi but Farooq broke it up. Benjamin tries a belly to back suplex on Rikishi be he doesen’t budge. Rikishi delivers a Stinkface to Haas.
Bradshaw with a fall away slam to Basham over the ropes to the floor. A clothesline from hell to Danny now. Off the ropes Rikishi dropped Bradshaw with the Samoan drop, then simply just sits on Danny Basham.

In the end at 6:01 just like with the tag-team Raw winners retaining, the “NEW” 2 Cool retained the SD tag straps after Rikishi pinned on Danny Basham.

This match wasn’t terrible, a little more organization and time would of benefitted it. Or perhaps if it wasn’t on such a stacked card, seeming so thrown together.

Interesting to note: Watch MSG’s reaction for 2 Cool’s dance post-match here and compare it to the pop it got at the 2000 Rumble from the same venue. You know something is totally out of style when this happens.


9) Victoria (c) vs Molly Holly in a Hair vs Title match for the WWE Women’s Championship 
Well at least both these Women can work a match, but the crowd was beyond dead by this time to remotely care.
Loser gets their head shaved bald, the winner if the Women’s Champion. Simple enough concept.
The two ladies get it on.

Victoria with an arm-ringer on Molly and she went for a walk. Molly came back in the ring. The crowd was dead here. Victoria drops an elbow on Molly then snapmore and a two. A neck vice by Victoria who you now know as Tara in TNA.
Lawler lets us know she was wearing a granny panties. Molly missed n elbow shot and you can tell the enthusiasm from Ross’s voice. For some reason the crowd chant USA. Okay.
Victoria drops Molly with a powerslam, now a powerbomb off the corner. Molly Holly tried to apply the Widow’s peak and instead Victoria countered it into a backslide out of no where and got the three!

In the end at 4:53 Victoria retained her Women’s title and Molly had to have her head shaved bald as a result.

This match was acceptable for the time it got. However its no doubt in my mind the ladies are capable of so much more.

* 1/4
10) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship 
This feud might not of had the best build, but it was a terrific match we were about to see here. Angle discusses Eddie’s drug problems, and his whole Heel turn didn’t make very much sense.
However whenever we get Angle and Guerrero in the same ring its going to be a classic Wrestling match, that’s exactly what we get here at Mania.
Eddie Guerrero had realized his dream at No Way Out defeating Brock Lesnar and came in here the defending WWE Champion.
Angle being Angle always had has share of fans, so a small portion chant “Lets go Angle” throughout the match.
Eddie Guerrero with a tremendous ovation comes to the ring and the match is on!

Bell rings, the battle is underway.

Kurt Angle is ready, you can see it in his eyes. Eddie gives a serious stare as well. Expect some solid mat and chain Wrestling. Fans chant “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie”.
Both men tie up in the ring and Eddie is cornered. A hammerlock to a front facelock, chain stuff to begin. A drop toehold by Eddie Guerrero and then Angle gets out with an armdrag into an armbar then a sleeper, Eddie Guerrero with a legscissors out.

Both men get up and MSG appreciate the fine chain wrestling.

 Great stuff to begin.

Angle with a waistlock go-behind, Eddie Guerrero now with a standing switch, Angle with a judo throw into a side headlock right on the mat wearing down the Champion. Angle tried to keep him on the mat but Eddie Guerrero goes up as well. Angle kept throwing out the side headlock takedown. Eddie Guerrero with a side headlock, into an overheard wristlock, Angle counters back to the side headlock, and off the ropes with momentum Angle hits a shoulder block.

Eddie Guerrero looks concerned as Angle has out wrestled him thus far.

Kurt Angle now ties up again with Eddie and a quick go-behind back into a side headlock of his own. Angle gets out of it shoving Eddie to the ropes but he charges off the ropes with three shoulder blocks taking it to the Challenger. Angle has to go for a walk as the crowd applaud Eddie Guerrero’s offense. Eddie smiles. Cole points out when Eddie Guerrero builds confidence he is the most dangerous.

Angle takes his time getting back in the ring. Both men look for an inch on the other, Angle with a front facelock, a beautiful fireman’s carry by Angle, quickly into an armbar by Eddie, back into a front facelock by Angle.

AMAZING chain-wrestling, again, quick holds and counter-holds I love it.

Eddie brought down to his knees still in Angle’s front facelock. Eddie Guerrero had his shoulders down but he kicked out despite Angle rolling him onto his back meanwhile all at the same time in the front facelock! Eddie Guerrero to his feet now and hits a desperation backdrop to Angle.
Eddie Guerrero with two armdrag’s to Angle Steamboat like, and then into an armbar as the crowd cheer.
A modified armbar grounding the challenger and keeping him on the mat.

What a WRESTLING match thus far.

Back and forth from two of the best, all the moves are sound, logical and crisp. A top wristlock.
Eddie Guerrero being brought to his feet by Angle who attempts to reverse it into a power twist lock, Angle with a go-behind Eddie Guerrero and off the ropes runs into a knee off the mid-section by Angle.

An Abdominal Stretch by Angle continuing the pressure on Eddie Guerrero. Angle has a gameplan and he is stretching the champion Eddie Guerrero with this Abdominal stretch.
Eddie goes for a desperation german suplex, before Eddie could hit another Angle had it scouted landing a German suplex of his own. Angle drops Eddie to the outside apron. Angle attempts a German from the apron but Eddie Guerrero hung onto the ropes and elbowed Angle to the floor.
Eddie Guerrero now waiting for Angle, Eddie hits a nice dropkick through the middle ropes as he bought himself some moments to re-group wth Angle outside. Eddie Guerrero with high risk drops off the top missing his target hitting the barricade, hitting his ribs. This could be the opening for Angle.
Right away Angle went for the pin and got a two. Now Angle hits a backbreaker and got a two. Angle speared Eddie Guerrero in the corner and then a snapmare by Angle, Kurt moves in on the injured mid-section with a Grape Vine bodyscissors.

Unbelievable move by Angle showing his veteran instinct in the big game, displaying a tremendous amount of psychology on the challenger.
Eddie Guerrero tried to squeeze his way out of this thing. Eddie hit a jawbreaker out, and then Angle continued a disection putting on a clinic hanging Eddie over the top rope rib first.
Angle now slaps a belly to belly suplex to Angle.

Done perfectly as Kurt poses for the crowd. Angle with another belly to belly as he was desperate to gain the title. Once again Angle pin-pointed of the ribs of Eddie, holding him with a waistlock gutwrench, into a bearhug working that mid-section of Eddie.
A methodical weardown by Angle to the Champion! Eddie tried to get out of a bearhug but Kurt with a dirty tactic a thumb to the eye. Angle with a belly to belly and just a two, frustration building to Angl who gets headbutted off the top by Eddie. Eddie Guerrero goes for a Frog Splash and Angle moved just in time.
Both guys get to there feet.

Angle relentless stomping on Eddie Guerrero in the corner of the ring. Angle asks for Eddie to bring it but he still sells the ribs. Angle drops a hard shot to Eddie. Righthands from Angle to Eddie but Eddie Guerrero asked for more, Eddie lands a side suplex but Angle gets the shoulders up. Eddie Guerrero hops around feeling some momentum but still selling the ribs, Eddie Guerrero attempted to elevate Angle but showing agility he landed on his feet hitting a German, Angle went for a second, Eddie Guerrero rolled into an inside cradle, Angle out and drops an explosive clothesline to Eddie taking him down.

Unbelievable counter-wrestling.

Angle stalking Eddie Guerrero, Angle went for the Angle Slam and Eddie countered it into an armdrag! Unreal! The moves here are literally so fast that it’s hard to keep up with. Each time a Wrestler has some momentum or anything going their own way it is immediately reversed by his opponent.
Both competitor’s have enough presence of mind to hit a crisp, and both beautiful and resourceful move at just the right time.
Tazz is right when saying THIS is how it should be done for the title at Wrestlemania. Eddie’s counter into an armdrag takedown on Angle who was going for an Angle Slam got a huge roar, now Eddie lands a clothesline, ducks one off the ropes and then catches Angle with a headscissors. Eddie struts around with confidence. Now Eddie Guerrero slaps on the triple verticals, the three amigo’s are almost hit, on the third Kurt shoved off Eddie, now Angle has him set in the Ankle Lock. Eddie Guerrero kicked off countering, now Angle coming in and Eddie Guerrero lands a beautiful standing dropkick. Eddie Guerrero goes to the outside apron and Angle met him up there and threw him off with an arm-drag takedown to which MSG applauds.
Eddie Guerrero still manages to kickout.

What a match, everything is amazing, mind-boggling.

Angle means business dropping the straps, it’s GO TIME as fans chant for Eddie. The Champion is in trouble as Angle had the Ankle Lock in mid-ring, Eddie gets out. Angle got ahold of Eddie and his bruised rib-section and landed another German Suplex. Angle stomps on the mat wanting Eddie Guerrero to get up when he does Angle goes for an Angle Slam and once again Eddie counters it into a ddt to the sergically repaired neck. Eddie nails a frogsplash but somehow Angle kicked out. Angle gets Eddie Guerrero in a vulnerable position now and the WWE Champion didn’t want to tap, he countered by tossing Angle through the ropes out of the ring.
Eddie Guerrero unties his boot laces now as Eddie Guerrero has something up his sleeve, Tazz tried to make excuses until we of course find out REALLY why Eddie is doing this. Angle slowly gets back in the ring and Eddie plays scared. Angle goes right back for the leg. Ankle Lock applied, the boot comes off and Angle had no idea what is going on, Angle is caught in a small package and gets the the three. MSG loves it.
Eddie lies, cheats and steals! I miss Eddie Guerrero.

So in the end at 21:36 Eddie retained the WWE title after he outsmarted Angle by pinning him off a surprise inside cradle, after Angle tried to submit Eddie with the Ankle lock, only for the boot to come off allowing Guerrero to capitalize. Guerrero outsmarted Angle as he loosened the boot beforehand knowing full well Angle would resort to his Ankle Lock at this point in the match.
This match is a Classic, it gets better with each viewing.
Where do I begin to explain why? Not only was the chain wrestling brilliant, the counter-holds were all enthralling as was the whole match, The pace, the chain-wrestling, the mat work and chemistry were all there as well as fan support.
It has it all.

This match ran deep on psychology with Angle targetting the ribs of Eddie and implementing all of his offense on them. Eddie Guerrero’s counters into an armdrag or headscissors out of the Angle Slam’s were a thing of beauty, and both logical due to Angle having problems with his neck. Everything done here was so smart.
This was truly way better then I remembered and has instantly shot up close to my top 50 matches ever. An incredible ending to boot. Golden material here.

**** 1/2

11) The Undertaker (W/Paul Bearer) vs Kane 

So basically everybody and there Grandma wanted the “DEADMAN” persona back for the longest time, and NOW it was finally going to happen.

After a tremendous build, this was arguably the one moment of Wrestlemania 20 EVERYONE had been waiting to see before ordering on PPV.
Taker’s return scored mixed-reactions as he didn’t return in his full Deadman gear like some hoped, and this match wasn’t exactly Savage vs Steamboat, however it was still nice to see him back in this way.
With Paul Bearer’s voice over also scored a big pop and was a nice, fitting surprise which added to his entrance.
Kane could not believe his brother was alive as he thought he had “buried him” for good at the 2003 Survivor Series, he touched Taker to feel he was real and indeed he was.
The Undertaker begins the match with strikes as the bell rings to Kane. Taker unloaded on him as the official runs away, The Undertaker sent Kane to the ropes and he ducked under the botom rope for a walk. The Undertaker chased him and Kane caught him with an uppercut. Outside by the entrance way The Undertaker reversed an irishwhip and sent Kane hard into the apron.

 The Undertaker dropped and elbow violently into Kane.

The Undertaker drops the legdrop to Kane hanging outside on the apron. The Deadman comes back in the ring. Undertaker sends Kane to the corner and comes of with a splash, some high impact offense. The Undertaker had Kane set up for the Last Ride and interestingly enough a Smark City like MSG boos as they wanted the Deadman. Hilarious.
Kane though counters with a back bodydrop and followed up with more desperate, violent righthands. Hearing Kane call The Undertaker a son of a bitch is hysterical. The Undertaker hit with a sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane takes a chance up at the top rope and he drops a flying clothesline off the top but again The Undertaker kicks out. The Undertaker drops Kane with shots but Kane doesen’t go down, Kane lands an uppercut and sends Taker to the corner. No one home as Kane charged into the corner turnbuckle. Great elevation by The Undertaker dropping the leg on his brother.

An arm-ringer by The Undertaker and the crowd cheer as they yell old school, for Nostalgia purposes. Kane counters in mid-air grabbing The Undertaker by the throat, The Undertaker retaliates by grabbing Kane as well but Kane elbowed out and hits a hard chokeslam on The Undertaker.
Could Kane beat the Streak? Kane said to Paul Bearer it was all over now as Kane laughs. The Undertaker sits up and stares at Kane, the MSG faithful love that old-school move. The Undertaker firing back with big right hands, Kane kicks Taker bending down looking for a backdrop and he just gives him an evil stare. A criss-cross, Taker ducks a clothesline and charginf off the ropes drops one of his favourite moves, the flying clothesline.

The Undertaker grabs Kane by the throat and hits the Chokeslam. The Undertaker signalled for the end as the fans chanted Tombstone.
Great moment.

The Undertaker hits it and gets the win as MSG roars.

In the end at 7:45 Taker put Kane away (again) at Wrestlemania with a Tombstone to remain undefeated at Wrestlemania.
This was not one of the better Taker/Kane matches but it was good to see him back as the Deadman. Undertaker goes 12-0 at Wrestlemania
This match was significant for the fact it brought back the Deadman at Mania, that part was fun.

Average at best.
* 3/4
12) Main Event- “The Game” Triple H (c) vs “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
“There are many trails up the mountain, but in time they all reach the top.”  -Anya Seton

Benoit had been living on “the end of a broken dream” just as the pre-match song suggested. Benoit failed to capitalize on so many times and tonight in front of the biggest stage of them all he’d finally WIN THE BIG ONE in his defining moment and one of the best of all time.
This also happens to be the greatest triple threat match in the history of Pro-Wrestling to boot!
Forgetting about the fact they added Shawn Michaels to this match;feud it did help in some ways and it certainly created more of a buzz for the match but this was Benoit’s time, I think everyone knew and wanted him to win it deep down.

Shawn Michaels came out to a mixed-reaction in a building he was booed against Sid in, but cheered in the Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002, and yet here in 2004 he gets a mixed-reaction.

Fans chant LETS GO BENOIT as the bell rings after Hebner lifts up the Game’s title.

Benoit held Shawn back from beating on HHH in the corner and then he striked HHH a bunch of times before Shawn did the same to Hunter and then Benoit got Shawn in a crossface, Michaels rolls out and then Benoit and HBK go in a chopping war and then Benoit irish whips HBK into HHH out of the ring.
Benoit and HBK pound on one another until HBK with a sideheadlock takedown, that is countered by Benoit into a leg lock, then a pinning attempt and HBK bridged out. Then Benoit hits a northernlight suplex to HBK, but Shawn got up and delivered a hard clothesline to Benoit, but from behind HHH got back in the action and in the ring he clotheslined HBK down.
With Shawn down, The World Champion Triple H then focused on Chris Benoit.

Hunter then slammed a hard right hand to Benoit’s head and then he threw Shawn over the ropes but he held on and flipped over while Benoit hammed HHH until The Game threw Benoit to the side of the ring and HBK threw him over the top rope. Some nice double moves in this match.

HBK with a back drop to The Game and then with a right hand in the corner. Shawn ducked a clothesline and then HHH covered Shawn but Benoit came up and speared Hunter from outside the ring after the pinning attempt was broken up. HHH then rammed Benoit’s back into the ring apron. HHH picked up Benoit and continued to damage the spine of Benoit.
A baseball slide then by Michaels as he knocked both HHH and Benoit down.

Shawn then climbed to the top rope with Benoit and HHH on the outside.
Michaels flew off the top rope onto both Benoit and Hunter on the outside with a moonsault!

A great high risk move from the show stealer bringing his A game to Wrestlemania which is no surprise.

Shawn then threw HHH back in the ring.

HBK then goes for the cover and only got a two. HBK knew what he was doing the whole time as soon as he hit that baseball slide to HHH before the Moonsault when he showed no fear.
Shawn irishwhipped Hunter and he came off the ropes with a face buster. HHH was going to hit the pedigree on HBK but Benoit came in and broke it up.

Benoit looked vicious and determined now and threw HHH down with hard blows and then threw HBK into the ring post hitting shoulder first.

Benoit with a chop then a Snap Suplex to HHH! Benoit with hard chops in the corner to The Game!

Chris Benoit then came off with an irishwhip that got reversed by Triple H and he slammed Benoit hard into the corner. Triple H then sat Benoit up top of the buckle and hung him upside down and the Champion kicked away at a vulnerable Rumble winning challenger.

Triple H creatively then irishwhipped HBK’s injured shoulder into Benoit in the corner hanging upside down using brilliant psychology.

Benoit then lowered his boot as HBK irishwhipped HHH into the corner and he hit The Game Square in the head.

HBK then with a couple of forearms and then HBK with a flying forearm from the corner and then kicked up until Benoit came off viciously with a thunderous clothesline that took HBK out of the predicament for a bit.

HHH then go a northernlight suplex. Then two more german suplexes and he hit a hattrick in the home of the New York Rangers. (And in 2004 I don’t think they had a single hattrick that season)

Benoit climbs to the top for a diving headbutt attempt but Shawn pushed the ropes and Benoit fell down groin first. Benoit up high in pain and HBK went for a sweet chin music but HHH hit a DDT on HBK. Benoit then up high caught a right hand from Hunter who had been using brilliant psychology to this point of the match.
HHH pounded on Benoit up top and then delivered blows hard to the Crippler until Benoit fought back. Chris Benoit got a headbutt by The Champion and then a front facelock to Benoit from the top and a big suplex from the top. Triple H covered Benoit but only got a two!

What a match this has been as Trips went for two pinning attempts after the first one.

Hunter with solid right hands to the head of Benoit in the middle of the ring.

Lets Go Benoit chants start up again.

Benoit chops Hunter a couple of times and then gives him two hard forearm shots then an irish whip and HHH came off and tried to hit the Pedigree, but Benoit locked in a Crossface! Benoit with a brillaint counter into the Crossface. HBK then interupted the hold and that’s what Benoit had done to HBK earlier.

Nice spots in this triple threat match, booked wonderfully.

HBK then with a waistlock and taking a page out of Benoit’s book hit a suplex, but Benoit countered it to a huge roar and hit three german suplexes to Michaels now!
Benoit to his feet gets a great ovation as Benoit signalled that the end was near and he went to the top rope and then he flew off and delivered the headbutt right into the mid-section of HBK.
Shawn had a hurt shoulder and Benoit with two quick near falls and then HBK who had took a headbutt from off the top rope and three suplexes Shawn kicked out. King and JR then talk about how resilient he is, the same thing we’ve heard in every Shawn match. Shawn kicked up and then with an atomic drop to HHH. HBK quickens the pace and hits The Game with a body slam then went to the top rope and hit his flying elbow from the top rope to HHH.

Shawn in the corner stomped on the ground a few times in the corner tooning up the band and hit HHH with the Sweet Chin Music! 1..2…Benoit pulled HHH out of the ring and the fans applaud! Not too often you see the audience pop like that when HHH gets out of the predicament and then the crowd chants for Benoit.
HBK dragged Benoit out of the ring and the two battled back and forth until Shawn threw him back in the ring and delivered solid chops to the Rabid Wolverine.
HBK then irishwhipped into the corner by Benoit and he flipped over and Shawn then put in the Sharpshooter by Benoit after he fought out, it was a sharpshooter attempt but he got catapolted into the corner and was all of the sudden busted open! HBK was a bloody mess and Shawn then fought back against Benoit but Chris took him down with a Crossface but it wasn’t locked in and then it finally became locked in to a bloody Michaels!

Would HBK tap but HHH from outside the ring drags Michaels hand towards the ropes and when he couldn’t get it there HHH saved his title momentarily by pounding on Benoit’s head.
HHH then threw Benoit’s head face first into the security wall before he blocked HHH throwing his head into the steel steps. Benoit fought back against Hunter with solid forearms followed by a big chop on the outside and then another chop, against Hunter’s massive chest as said by JR. HHH reverses an irish-whip on the outside of the ring though and throws Benoit hard into the Steel Steps.

HBK a bloody mess left inside the ring in pain, getting some air.
HHH on the outside throws TV monitors down and the fans pop.

Benoit then behind HHH and went for a suplex on the table but HHH hammered on Benoit’s kidneys on the lower back that had just been weakened by his throw against the steel steps. The two teased a lot of moves on top of the table.

All three men were on top of the table.

Michaels and HHH didn’t say a word to each other and at the time were enemies but they just looked at each other for an instant and knew what to do.
Another big spot in the match here came when both Hunter and Michaels took Benoit out of the equation for a good few minutes after a double suplex through the table!

Would the Rabid Wolverine be able to get back in the match now?

HBK all bloody said it was him and Michaels now. 10 years in the making.
HBK all bloodied called The Game in the ring and now we’re going to settle the score at Wrestlemania 20 was the idea between them!

A slug fest in mid-ring as HBK hits HHH with chops in the corner but HHH reversed it with some right hands of his own and then HBK hit a big chop to HHH until he irish whipped him to the corner and then HHH flipped over the top rope but unlike Flair who usually walked along the apron he fell to the ground (Which is more realistic) and knocked over the camera man in the process.

HBK then with a sickening thud to push HHH into the ring post busting him open as well.
Both Michaels and Hunter bloodied as hell and Benoit is a wreck on the broken table.
HBK then with right hands to HHH in mid-ring and he kept delivering them but the fans chanted Lets Go Benoit!

HHH then hit the Pedigree to Shawn Michaels!

Both men in an instant of waiting due to the blood loss and all they had gone through hesitate and HHH covers HBK and then Benoit from outside the ring broke up the count!
King let’s go not one, but two of his “WHAT’S!?” and I love them. Lawler asks if the EMT’s threw Benoit in the ring, hillarious.
HHH and HBK all bloodied while Benoit who sold so brilliantly tried to ignore the pain he had sustained.
HHH lifted up Benoit but he hit hard chops to HHH in the corner until Hunter went for a Pedigree but HHH got put into the sharpshooter with a brilliant counter by Chris Benoit and MSG erupted!

Benoit holding it in hard!

Chris Benoit dragged HHH back to the center of the ring and HBK hit a sweet chin music to Benoit and the fans booed.
HBK then rolled over to HHH who’s back had been damaged from the sharpshooter and HBK only got a two count on Triple H!

HBK went for a sweet chin music to Benoit but he ducked and elevated HBK over the top rope taking him out of it and the place pops!
HHH went for the pedigree and the fans booed but Benoit locks in the Crossface, when it looks like HHH was going to get out of it he locked it in harder and rolled as the crowd in MSG and everyone at home ate it up. Suspense at its finest.
In the end Triple H finally gave in at 24:47 and tapped out to the Crippler Crossface making Chris Benoit the new WWE World Champion!
MSG erupted and applauded the three men’s efforts, but most importantly Chris Benoit’s crowning achievment.

He couldn’t believe it and Jim Ross yelled out losing his voice, celebrating in the biggest way which of course made this moment THAT more special.

Only Ross can capture a great moment like that.

Icing on the cake.

Then when you just thought it couldn’t get any better, but of course, it did….
They had FINALLY made it…..together. Looking back on this now, it`s even more emotional for obvious reasons.
A moment that will last a life time…..
This is a 5 Star match.
I have it ranked in my top 10 matches ever.
As good as Benoit helped close the chapter on Mania 20, we all wish the same could of been said for his life.
However his legacy in the ring will be remembered forever by the fans who decide to appreciate his life time of sacrifice, hard work and determination with whatever he set his mind on.
An incredible way to close this show with Benoit and Eddie hugging in a TRUE Wrestlemania moment,

A masterpiece, the very best match in recent memory.



Final Rating for WWE Wrestlemania 20 = 7.5/10
This Mania may have been damned from the beginning with the whole tagline “Where it all begins again“, the fact they literally promoted the hell out of this event more-so then any other in Wrestling history, and because of that the fans had GIANT, GIANT expectations. That`s a recipe for disaster right there. Add in that, blend in the Berg-Lesnar disaster, a ton of pointless filler, a dead crowd in parts for a very long event, you`ll get mixed reactions throughout the night for the show. However when you look at the positives we still got tremendous matches, including an all time Classic. We also saw The Rock`s last match as well as Goldberg and Brock`s final WWE appearance, and the Hall of Fame which was brought back. At the end of the day it is a historic show worth owning despite the bad stuff on the card. Get this show.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I would just like to say that, after recently watching the DVD a few weeks ago, the Christian /Jericho match and the cruiserweight open matches were also very good. I have a lot of DVDs with cruiserweight title matches, No Way Out 2005 for example, and I personally think that these matches were gems as we do not see these kind of matches in today’s WWE. These matches also helped the mid to undercard talent to have a purpose of being in the WWE and I personally loved watching these matches. I would say guys like Paul London, Billy Kidman, Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki and many others delivered in both cruiserweight title matches and non title matches. As we do not see golden gems like these anymore, we have to just watch old DVDs that have these matches on them, WrestleMania 20 for example, No Way Out 2005, as I have already mentioned, Judgment Day 2005 and many many others.

  2. Jay Karia says:

    The WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight championship matches were absolute CLASSICS.

  3. Taker31 says:

    One of the last Great Wrestlemania’s!!!

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