Review: WWE Wrestling’s Highest Flyers DVD (3 Disc)

February 20, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- Wrestling’s Highest Flyers (Three Disc) Review:

“Dont Try This at Home”

-World Wrestling Entertainment




Synopsis: Some of the most exciting moments in sports entertainment history have come through the air. High-flying Superstars have always brought fans to their feet, from Superfly Jimmy Snuka, the Killer B s, the Rockers, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and more. This 3-DVD set, Best of the High Flyers, collects some of the greatest aerial displays in sports entertainment history. The dozens of matches in this collection represent the Crème de la Crème of WWE, WCW, ECW, WCCW, and more

Highest Flyers was put together as a three disc DVD full of matches from many promotions as listed above.

Disc 1:


A Different Stratosphere

Ricky Steamboat:

1) Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs “Flyin” Brian Pillman -WCW Halloween Havoc October 25, 1992




Ricky Steamboat and Brian Pillman, two of my favourite workers, both top twenty five ever in my opinion all around.

Great match to start this set with a bout from Halloween Havoc where Steamboat was still in his prime and Flyin Brian most definitely was as well.

Flyin Brian Pillman ready to tango with the Dragon who got a very nice pre-match package showing his aerial highlights throughout his hall of fame career.

Steamboat and Pillman are ready to lock up here at the Havoc of 1992 in WCW.

Ross on commentary which is always a treat.

Pillman backs Steamboat into the corner with chops, and then a nice shoulder block by the Dragon and another, getting him two nearfalls. Flyin Brian Pillman with throw to Ricky and gets him over the top rope, but he swings back in and gets an inside cradle on Pillman and a two.

Flyin Brian Pillman knees him into the face.

Now the Dragon, the Veteran born in Hawaii, educated in Florida, now residing in North Carolina hooks the left leg of Flyin Brian Pillman and applies an armbar. Steamboat with a shoulder block to Pillman once back up and then an arm-drag takeover and no one does it better in the sport as Ross mentions.

Now Steamboat works on the wrist of Flyin Brian Pillman. Steamboat with his magnificent condition works on the tricept, a drop toe-hold by Flyin Brian Pillman and now Steamboat able to counter it into a hammerlock and he drives his knee into the back of Pillman.

Good pace to this one. Steamboat holding on but Flyin Brian Pillman making a comeback with a forearm and another. Hard chops by the Dragon and a back-body drop to Pillman and he scoops him uip and slams him.

Flyin Brian Pillman using a dirty tactic to get back in raking the eyes. Flyin Brian Pillman with another shot.

Both these guys quick making it hard to keep up with the action.

The fans chanting Brian sucks. Pillman lets go with two right-hands until Steamboat grabs Flyin Brian Pillman by the throat up high. Ross calls it uncharacteristic by the Dragon even though he did this to Randy Savage (who I cant believe is not on this dvd being an aerial speciliast himself) at WM 3 in one of the most famous matches ever.

Now Flyin Brian Pillman using a page out of Steamboats book and rubs his face in the canvas, coming back with hard right-hands. Pillman with a high boot to Steamboat. Ricky chops back and now Pillman with a great counter off a side suplex into a hurricanrana. Tremendous counter into the head-scissors to apply the twirl by Flyin Brian Pillman. Pillman goes for a hiplock and this time it is a nice counter by Steamboat into a backslide, and a two.

Flyin Brian Pillman tries choking the Dragon on the ropes and then Steamboat comes back but Flyin Brian Pillman with a handful of hair stops Steamboat and his onslaught of attack and drives his head into the mat. Flyin Brian Pillman chases Steamboat up to the top and now at the top rope Steamboat countered it in mid-air sending Pillman down on the mat.

Steamboat came off the top with a crossbody and in mid-air Pillman hit a dropkick!


Flyin Brian Pillman could not get the three as Steamboat refused to be pinned. Steamboat with a beautiful side suplex. Steamnboat reverse irishwhipped into the ropes and now a sleeper, making Ricky carry his weight as Flyin Brian Pillman hops on top of him.

Pillman drives him into the corner, with a reverse chinlock on the apron and he snaps Steamboat by the neck on the top rope.

Excellent action!

Pillman gets caught this time off the top and Steamboat slams him.

The momentum is turning.

Ricky the Dragon Steamoat follows Flyin Brian Pillman who walks to the outside asnd chops him in the entrance way. Pillman meets Steamboat with a high knee, a knee-lift then a chop to the chest once back in the ring. Pillman drives his head into the top buckle.

Both men get in a chopping war back and forth, you would think Flyin Brian Pillman was the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Steamboat follows Flyin Brian Pillman to the outside who wanted a breather and chopped him. Pillman went for another high knee and Steamboat dodged it. Flyin Brian Pillman caught Steamboat charging into the corner with a high knee.

A cross-body press by Pillman on Steamboat but Ricky with a back-breaker out of desperation. Now Steamboat taking a chance with a sunset flip. Pillman the quicker of the two back up, a nearfall, Steamboat flips and pins Pillman!

In the end at 10:25 Steamboat went over Pillman.
This match was an excellent way to start the DVD. A tremendous clinic between two of my favourites.

*** 1/2





Evan Bourne:

2) Evan Bourne vs Zack Ryder -WWE Superstars June 11, 2009

Zack Ryder is here to take on the high flying Evan AIR Bourne here on an edition of Superstars in mid 2009.

Striker on Matthews calling the ECW action, Bourne has injured ribs. This was after Bourne defeated Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, and now Ryder tries to come to the ring with whatever fashion he thinks is in.

Either way the bell rings and it is underway. Always nice to see a rare tv match on a dvd.

Ryder and Bourne circle one another with these white rops on this television match. Evan Bourne with an arm-drag takedown similar of the Dragon. Another one as Ryder backed off and he torked the arm into a short armbar.

Another sequence similar to that by Bourne.

Evan Bourne with a great counter spinning Ryder around and a hurricanrana gains Bourne a nearfall. Ryder backs him off into the corner. Bourne with a hard, stiff shot to the jaw and then he flipped onto the apron. Evan Bourne comes back into the ring and Ryder pounces on Bourne then taunts him.

Ryder now with a reverse chinlock. A sleeper hold now.

Commercial break.

Ryder drives Bourne into the mat face-planbt into the canvas. A snapshot vertical suplex to the mat by Ryder.

Now logic speaks and Ryder is focusing on the injured ribs of Evan Bourne with his own formation of a body scissors.

Ryder with an impressive move turning Evan Bourne inside out slamming him hard into the mat and Evan Bourne hitting face-first into the canvas.

Ryder with a potential submission hold for the win as he wears down Bourne.

Fans chant lets go Evan.

Evan Bourne begins to get back in the match as he hits a dropkick to Ryder. Both men down.

Air Bourne, shooting star press as he gains back momentum at a tv time of 9:23 he gets the victory.

This match served its purpose and was pretty entertaining showing the aerial skills of Evan Bourne.



Sky-View with Evan Bourne:

Now Josh Matthews has Evan Bourne in the ring with a camera on his chest. So he demonstrated a moonsault with the cam. Evan Bourne focuses on the balance he says most.






Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka:

3) Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs Samu -WWF Madison Square Garden February 20, 1984



Jimmy Snuka has never been a favourite of mine and it is no secret. But here we have a rare match from the home of the Federation in MSG taking on Samu.

Jimmy Snuka upset in a hurry and attacked Samu very quickly. Monsoon on commentary here.

Snuka has always seemed over-praised to me. A couple of nice leap-frogs by Samu and then a high crossbody by Snuka.

Snuka slows down the action with a front facelock.

Superfly backed into a corner by Samu, a scoop slam.

A trapezius hold by Samu onto Snuka. The crowd is bored and so am I.

This goes on for about five minutes. Snuka makes a comeback. Snuka with a high crossbody ends the match in under ten minutes thankfully.




A New Style


WCW Cruiserweights:

A nice showing of WCW greats like Malenko, Liger, Dragon, La Parka, Psychosis, Guerrero, Jericho, Mysterio, Juventud and would be Benoit etc.




4) Juventud Guerrera, Hector Garza, Lizmark Jr. vs La Parka, Psychosis, Villano IV -WCW Bash at the Beach July 13, 1997


What we do know here is the action will be almost impossible to keep up with, this many Cruiserweights in their prime in WCW on PPV in a six man tag. I will try and point out significant points of the match.

Psychosis with a side headlock and another after being choved off by Garza.

The ring looks very small.

In the corner now Garza chopped and crashed into Villano four, who then caught Garza with a dropkick avoiding his Stinger Splash attempt. A dropkick by Garza and then a back-breaker onto the mat.

La Parka and Juventud are going against each other spinning out of one anothers moves.

This is Lucha Libre heaven.

A hurricanrana on the floor by Juventud to La Parka. La Parka got back up and grabbed him by the mask until his manager hits him by accident.

This is a lot of fun.

WCW as a company was arguably in their prime here.

Juventud goes into the air. All six man drop the heels with dropkicks.

A triple suicide dive over the top, pretty innovative. Unbelievable spot. Great action.

Juventud was catapolted into his opponent while being powerbombed. The Referee has lost control and Heenan says he has countered thirty six times.

The star is applied and now in the middle La Parka drops his opposition. Incredible action to follow here. Psychosis drops his man.

Psychosis with a high risk moves and he misses. Everyone goes for a high risk move and each person missed. Humerous.

A belly to belly. Juventud got Mister Four and gets him up high he attempts a superplex. All of the sudden we got two from underneath, a dropkick sends all the men to the outside. A cover inside the ring gains a nearfall. A crossbody by Lizmark.

Juventud uses Garza as a springboard from the ring to the outside. A corkscrew plunge and everyone is getting everyone.

Bodies everywhere.
In the end Garza pinned Villano V (who had switched places with Villano IV) after a standing moonsault at 10:09.

This match featured crazy action, non-stop entertainment, which was pretty much the opposite of the last match.

Innovation was key here. A lot of fun.


*** 3/4

Shelton Benjamin:



5) -WWE Gold Rush Tournament Match
Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin – WWE RAW May 2, 2005

This match here is great and very memorable, no doubt.

Although I find a lot of people think of the ending more then the actual match, and while that part was impressive. The big superkick after the springboard off the top ropes from Shelton.

Bell rings.

This took place during the Goldrush tournament which did provide quite a few great matches, this was one of them.

Shawn Michaels with a waistlock go behind and Shelton follows it up with some good counter wrestling riding the game on the mat forcing him to reach the ropes.

Michaels looks shocked as Shelton does confident.

Hammerlock into one of his own by Benjamin, Michaels reverses it and takes him down.

Benjamin out-wrestled Shawn and he had to go to the ropes frustrating him some more.

Fans chant for Michaels as Shelton is taken down with a side headlock takeover.

Shawn with a headlock on Shelton and ran into a shoulder block and then a counter into a hiplock. Benjamin from the mat catches him with kicks before two deep arm drag take down`s.

Michaels is frustrated some more.

Shelton puts Shawn in a headlock and takes him to the mat in a crisp way getting a nearfall. Benjamin rolled to his back by Michaels. Shawn applies shots to the ribs and runs over Benjamin before cleverly tying him up covering him up in the process.

Hard forearm shot by Michaels before a hard chop. Shelton lands behind Shawn and both collide as they fall to the floor.

Back from the break Shelton in control as Shawn was frustrated.

Benjamin turned in mid-air countering a superplex with a crossbody off the top but he got just a two count out of it.

Michaels lands chops but Shelton counters with a Samoan drop. Benjamin runs over Michaels with clotheslines before an inverted backbreaker and a nearfall.

Benjamin chopped and off the ropes reverses an irishwhip but Michaels hit a flying forearm on Shelton. Shawn predictably kicks up but waits till the seven count. Shelton fights back like Michaels and he skinned the cat with a victory roll.

Both men countered the victory roll and we had a series of nearfalls.

Awesome exchange.

Michaels chops Shelton in the corner. Shelton sends Shawn on his bad back to the corner. Shelton hits a Splash before a suplex grounding Shawn.

Shelton gets up and ducks a kick, Shelton is spinned around and hits a high spinning heel kick.

Matches like this make me wonder what happened to Shelton and his push.
He was great.

Shelton places Michaels up top and Michaels fights back. Michaels knock him off and flies off with a signature elbow drop. Michaels goes for a Superkick but Shelton spins him around hitting a spinning heel kick.

Shelton remains in the bout. Michaels elbowed and then amazingly he springboards off the top rope into a flying crossbody in mid-air scoring him another long two.

Shelton is now frustrated as was Michaels earlier on.
Off the ropes Shelton is elevated to the outside apron.

Benjamin springboards off into a Superkick.

Michaels wins at 12:47.

A fantastic match here, no mistake about it.







Ultimo Dragon:

6) Ultimo Dragon (Known here as The Ultimate Dragon with Sonny Onoo) vs Rey Mysterio Jr in a J-Crown Cruiserweight Championship Match -WCW World War 3 November 24, 1996


Here is one of the better matches in WCW history or the careers of both men.

The Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio Jr both with side head-lock take-overs into a leg-scissors reversal. Rey Mysterio Jr taken down by the arm and Dragon drives his knee into Rey Rey.

There were so many quality WCW Cruiser matches on PPV alone back in thes years from 95-99.

Mysterio is grounded, Ultimo Dragon with a scoop slam followed by a short elbow drop. Dragon keeping Rey on the mat and applies a reverse chinlock.

Dragon using a strategy to keep Rey grounded but both men had similar move-styles and now Dragon springs up to his feet, Rey Mysterio Jr kicks up and Rey ducks Dragon, both guys land on there feet and a bunch of hish risk moves do not work out.

Fans show their appreciation with a big applause.

Ultimo Dragon kicks at Rey, slams him into the mat then head-first into the turnbuckle. Dragon then launched himself off the ropes to dropkick Rey onto the mat on the floor.

Rey Mysterio Jr climbs back in the ring and takes a shot to the head.

Rey Mysterio Jr definitely the more vulnerable of the two, this match has been all Dragon and he applied a half-crab in full control of Rey Mysterio Jr which is very impressive.

Ultimo Dragon goes for a standing powerbomb, then elevated him backwards using a stun gun clotheslining Rey on the top rope.

Mysterio tried headbutts to fire back but Ultimo Dragon powerbombed Rey and spun him around over and over, the Dragon swing dropping Rey as Dragon fell down himself.

All Ultimo though.

Rey Mysterio Jr down and he knows he needs to get back into the match!

A perfect plex by Dragon to Rey Mysterio Jr. Complete domination by Dragon. All offense, all match.

One of the best squashes I have ever seen. A brainbuster suplex to Rey, all fo the sudden Rey gets the fans back into it by an inside cradle but only a two count.

Now a body scissors by Dragon to take apart every part of Rey insuring he does not come back, signalling his core. A huge plant to Rey dropping him face-first and still a kick-out by Rey Mysterio Jr .

Rey Mysterio Jr irishwhipped and dropkicked by Dragon.

Dragon went for a 619 of sorts and then caught Rey on the ground. Dragon landed on his feet, Rey fought back but Ultimo Dragon threw him into the steel barricade.

Again, you rarely ever see a match so one sided, that is so good.

Ultimo Dragon piledrives Rey Mysterio Jr. on the floor. Dragon slingshotted himself over the ropes onto Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio Jr parked up high and now Ultimo Dragon Spins with a hurricanrana and a nearfall.

Once AGAIN Dragon with another strong offensive move on Mysterio and a running powerbomb still only gets a two.


Heenan says Rey is Superman. Rey not with one offensive move in the match but an inside cradle to this point. Finally he gets a boot up and a jumping spin heel kick.

Rey Mysterio Jr goes up top and springboards backwards onto Dragon and got a two count. Dragon was rested.

Rey Mysterio Jr with a desperation sunset flip from outside, and a nearfall. Ultimo gets one back and a nearfall.

An amazing cart-wheel into a hurricanrana pinninb combo by Rey Mysterio Jr but still only a two.

Dragon escapes into a full nelson with his dragon suplex getting a two! Wow.

Rey Mysterio Jr with a back-slide and still just a two. Dragon with a back elbow but Mysterio off the top caught and a running powerbomb with extra tork from the ropes by Dragon is enough to put Rey Mysterio Jr away.

In the end at 13:48 Dragon pinned Mysterio after a Slingshot Powerbomb.

This match was an opener for WCW and most often the Cruiserweight tilts were from the mid 90s to the late 90s, one of the better aspects of WCW.


**** 1/2


Eddie Guerrero:

7) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Dean Malenko in an ECW TV Championship Match-ECW Hardcore TV July 21, 1995


What is not to love with the chemistry here.

These two are capable of putting on a five star classic and I am glad another match from their epic 1995 series has made it to DVD.


I really would not be able to stress enough how much I love when these two go at it, especially in the ECW atmosphere which added more prestige to their technical greatness if that makes any more sense. It seemed these fans truly appreciated the art-form Malenko and Guererro crafted each and every time they went out there to entertain.


Styles of course the one man show on commentary.

Guerrero and Malenko roll around on the mat to begin as the bell rings.

Dean Malenko, the Shooter, the Ice Man, the Man of 1,000 holds gets back up and looks at Eddie who is just trying to feel out the technician.

Malenko taken down with an armbar by Guerrero into a version of a hammerlock. Now Eddie Guerrero has both arms of Malenko down trying to turn him on his shoulders, two count only. Eddie Guerrero tying up the arms of Malenko and does not seem to move much. Both guys get back up as the Shooter escaped.

Some idiot who does not know wrestling yells boring.

He has no idea the talent that lays in front of his eyes and I envy him. Sure I got to see a Eddie Guerrero-Chris Benoit opener on Smackdown! in 2003 from third row but this is a match I would of payed big bucks to see and to treat to technical legends like Eddie Guerrero and Malenko with such disrespect is sickening.

Soon that theme changes as the pace picks up and Eddie Guerrero pulls an Owen Hart with holding onto his opponents arm doing the full front flip and follows that by torking the arm of the opponent, in this case Malenko. Eddie Guerrero then waites as Malenko does the same, exchanging hammerlocks, both men with single leg sweeps and then they stand up against one another.

ECW fans applaud the action while Styles Pimps it as well.

Eddie Guerrero with leverage advantage twisting Malenko backwards.Eddie pushedback and a monkey flip by Malenko lets Eddie Guerrero land on his feet.

Fans in Tampa very appreciative which is always nice to see. Both men continue to circle one another and Malenko with a legsweep, in a backwards half-crab into a crossface. Malenko with a front facelock. Eddie Guerrero escaped the front facelock taking the shooter into a Hammerlock.

Both men wearing off the other mens fortays and Eddie Guerrero hit a spinning heel kick dropping Dean. Eddie Guerrero with a sling-shot summersault splash onto Malenko. Eddie Guerrero drives his knee into the back of Malenko and stretches the arms. Eddie stretches the arms of Malenko turning him around and now Malenko gets Eddie Guerrero down to size driving HIS knee this time into the back of Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero sends Malenko in the ropes and from the top applies a hurricanrana, Malenko gets up does one of his own, a drop down, a leap frog, then a monkey flip.

One of the best offensive exchanges I have ever seen. Reminds me of their five star going away 2-3 falls match.


Malenko lifts up Eddie and a big time chest breaker I guess you could call it on his knee.

This is some of the best wrestling I have ever seen and these two are going for the ECW TV Title…how times have changed.

Now Guerrero stretches out the spine of Malneko with the Gory Special, the surfboard combination. Malenko counters it into a sunset flip getting a two. Eddie Guerrero slammed Malenko to the mat hard. Eddie Guerrero goes up high and hits a frogsplash but Malenko gets the shoulder up. Malenko with more power moves and Eddie kicks out.

Malenko then tries a snapshot vertical suplex, Eddie Guerrero lands and then a high knee into one of his own. Guerrero covers and still just a two, Eddie Guerrero is mad.

Eddie Guerrero to the top but Malenko stops him. Malenko from the top gets a superplex reversed into a sunset flip by Eddie Guerrero and a two. Malenko counters in mid-air dropping on Eddie Guerrero and gets a two.

A powerbomb by Malenko to Eddie and once again Eddie Guerrero escaped. Malenko goes for a brainbuster and hits it.

Both men down in this classic confrontation,.

Another long two.

Unbelievable action.

Eddie Guerrero flips over Malenko and pins him with a Frankensteiner but still just a two!

Eddie Guerrero lifts up Malenko and slams him. Eddie Guerrero up top once again caught by Malenko and now he is twisted to the outside.

Once back in the ring Malenko hits a tiger bomb, double-underhook suplex and Eddie Guerrero escaped.


Both men fatigued.

Malenko slides under Eddie but a Frankensteiner by Eddie, Malenko rolls through.
In the end at 14:40 Malenko gets the win and tv title back.

This match is just another classic in the series!

Mind blowing material.


**** 1/4









Special Features:




Bonus Match #1) Ultimo Dragon vs Psychosis -WCW Uncensored March 16th 1997

Psychosis taken down by Ultimo Dragon. A heavy armbar by Dragon.

Both men flip around.

More arm-bars by Dragon until a crucifix by Psychosis until Dragon kicks out and hits arm-drag takedown.

A lot of reversals in this feeling out stage.

A ninja series of kicks by Ultimo Dragon to Psychosis. A thrust kick by Dragon and then a single leg-lock.

Psychosis with a dropkick on target.

Dragon in the corner standing on his head literally on the top turnbuckle showing incredible balance against Psychosis and then landing a great inziguri to the head of Psychosis.

This is a nice little back and forth match here, both men feeling one another out. Psychosis goes to the top rope and hits a single leg-drop onto the Ultimo Dragon.

Dragon tried to get to Psychosis and he dropped an elbow off the top and only gained a nearfall. A reverse chinlock by Psychosis now applied.

Dragon catches him with a sleeper, but Psychosis came off the top with a twisting corkscrew moonsault. Psychosis launches himself from one side of the ropes onto Dragon on the concrete.

Psychosis slingshots himself over the top rope onto the Ultimo Dragon. Psychosis is limping as it took apart of him out of the game as well.

Psychosis clotheslines Dragon on the ring apron as he was coming back in. A moonsault this time by Dragon to Psychosis.

Both becoming drowsy says the dream because of the aerial moves.

You can see why this match was a bonus match to this DVD, it has a ton of aerial offense despite the work not being the cream of the crop.

Back inside the ring a slam by Ultimo Dragon and then another moonsault, nearfall. Ultimo Dragon rolls up Psychosis and got a nearfall. Both guys in the WCW Cruiser division were competing at a shot to get to Syxx who was the reigning Champion at this point.

Both guys at the top, back elbow by Psychosis and middle ropes by Psychosis and launched Dragon down face-first.

Very physical match, a lot of high flying action obviously. Dragon missed his mark on the spin-wheel kick, neither man was successful. Dragon slams a vulnerable Psychosis who limped, however Psychosis caught Dragon up top.

Hurricanrana off the top from Psychosis to the Dragon gets him a two. Dragon though hits a running powerbomb and does not go for the count. Dragon picks up Psychosis and from the top hits a very impressive ddt, Malenko like. Backlash 2000 it reminds me of against Scotty 2 Hotty. Then a unique bridge for a pinning combination.

Very little psychology here but the aerial stuff made up for any lost love.

So as said in the end Dragon pinned Psychosis after a Tornado DDT and a unique bridge at 13:17.

This match was very solid.

*** 1/2






Bonus Match #2) Chavo Guerrero (With Bam Neely) vs Jamie Noble -WWE SmackDown April 18, 2008



Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble get it on in a match from just a few years ago. Some more recent action, a RARE Cruiserweight match, I believe this was around the time it ended.



Chavo Guerrero with a side headlock take-down to Noble.

Grisham and Cole on commentary.

An overhead wristlock to Chavo by Noble. An arm-ringer by Noble to Chavo Guerrero.

The veteran Chavo Guerrero hit a stun gun on Noble.

An armbar nicely applied by Chavo Guerrero to Jamie Noble. Chavo Guerrero putting the forearm to the face of Noble then wrenched back with a reverse chinlock.

Chavo Guerrero elbowed Noble in the neck and gripped the neck of Noble even more.

Chavo Guerrero got hit with a swinging neckbreaker and a kickout at two. Oh look Coach is on commentary two. Noble tries hitting Chavo but Guerrero flipped him over.

Noble flips Chavo onto the apron.

Chavo Guerrero from the top and hits the frog splash and is the winner of the match at 6 minutes.

* 1/2




Sky-Cam with Jamie Noble:


Basically shows us what a moonsault looks like from the chest of Jamie Noble with a camera.

Flight Turbulence:
This here shows us clips of major botches and high risk moves, Lesnar at WM X9 shooting star press, Fully Loaded 2000, Angle off the Cage on Raw against Benoit, Taker off the Ladder at Extreme Rules, Mankind off the Hell in a Cell, dont try this at home kids.






Disc 2:



Degree of Difficulty

Chris Jericho:




8 ) WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match -Chris Jericho (c) vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Bash at the Beach July 13, 1997



Watching the match these two put on in 1995 in Japan, one would definitely look forward to this match.


Ultimo Dragon and Jericho were second on this stacked Summer WCW PPV Card. They followed the first loss of Glacier with this one so now it was time to try and steal the show like the Cruisers usually did around this time period from this promotion.

Josh Matthews does a nice job at putting Jericho over as a high flyer learning his craft in Mexico and Japan before this match.

Ultimo Dragon caught in a waist-lock but grabs the ropes. Tenay points out despite Jericho from Canada and Ultimo Dragon from Japan, both made there names in Japan.

Side headlock takeover by Ultimo Dragon but Jericho gets the leg-scissors on him.

Heenan says his usual Ultimo Dragon has to beat Jericho, Jericho does not have to beat him that he usually does during a title match.

Ultimo Dragon with two quick monkey flips, this time Jericho lands on his feet, both guys go for a dropkick and spinning heel kick at the same time.

No one applauds for some reason, that was a great exchange.

Jericho sends Ultimo Dragon to the corner and delivers a hard chop. Ultimo Dragon caught Jericho in the corner but then got kicked in the chest. Ultimo Dragon with a spinning kick and they were very stiff. Snapmare and a hard kick to the spine of Jericho. Ultimo Dragon with a reverse chinlock.

A traphold into a bodyscissors and now back up, Ultimo Dragon sneaks under Jericho, but Chris got two powerbombs on the The Ultimo Dragon and a senton backsplash but only a two count.

Jericho holds onto Ultimo Dragon as he rolls away. Jericho scoops up Ultimo Dragon and drops him with a vertical suplex. Ultimo Dragon hit with a back-breaker and Jericho holds his chin down in a submission form.

Jericho reversed Ultimo Dragon into the corner and landed on top of him as Chris has picked up the pace and started to get back in this match, a huge powerbomb into a bridge but amazingly enough the Ultimo Dragon got out of the tiger driver, double-underhook into the powerbomb with a bridge pinning combination.

Jericho on the top rope has Ultimo Dragon and he is blocking Jericho holding hinm in mid-air, Jericho went to drop kick him in mid-air but Ultimo Dragon decided to drop to the floor. Jericho now launches himself off the top rope and with a springboard leap he launches himself onto Ultimo Dragon on the outside floor.

Ultimo Dragon thrown back into the ring. Jericho wasted some time came off the top but Ultimo Dragon got him with a boot. Ultimo Dragon dropkicked Jericho as he launched to the outside again. Jericho suplexed Ultimo Dragon with a snapshot vertical suplex on the floor.
Jericho and Ultimo Dragon have taken each other off the others game.

Ultimo Dragon got a hurricanrana and a two count, a handspring, and Jericho with an unreal cradle, and Ultimo Dragon did a cradle of his own but Jericho caught the ropes.

Unreal action.

Off the ropes Ultimo Dragon and Jericho revere flips, standing switch and both men get pushed to the outside.

This is Wrestling.

Jericho with a scoop slam and going for the Lionsault got dropkicked in mid-air by Dragon but Ultimo did not get all of it. Dragon with a sleeper, Jericho missed a clothesline and now the Dragon goes upstairs and hits a moonsault on Jericho. A Tiger Suplex was countered into a cradle by Dragon, Jericho gets a waist-lock and a sunset flip in mid-ring out of it.

In the end at 12:55 Jericho beat the Dragon with a sunset flip.
A forgotten Jericho gem.
This match is quite simply awesome. Everything was top notch.

A Classic and perhaps the best Ultimo Dragon match, this or the Starrcade 96 match against Malenko.


**** 1/2





1-2-3 Kid:

9) The 1-2-3 Kid vs Hakushi


This was the opening match of Summerslam 1995.

Two aerial specialists going at it here.

Hakushi and The 1-2-3 Kid both have put on Great Matches with The Hitman and they have some natural chemistry with each other here as well. It starts with both guys feeling out each other, Hakushi dodged some kicks by The 1-2-3 Kid and he hit some drop kicks, arm drag take down’s after Hakushi hit a series of arm bars and wrist locks on The Kid.

A lot of back and forth action in this match between these two unique competitors. Both guys got a share of offense in, in the first half. Then in the spot of the match Hakushi performed an UNBELIEVABLE (Which Vince was actually right for a change) back flip from inside the ring to outside the ring on Waltman. It didn’t take long for him to go up to the top rope again and hit the The 1-2-3 Kid with another shot from up in the air and it was a flying forerarm inside the ring after he threw him back in. The Japanese sensation Hakushi hitting his aerial offense. The 1-2-3 Kid battled back with a drop kick of his own and some high risk moves himself, all quick!

He flew over the top rope to the outside on top of Hakushi belly first then came back in with a leg drop, followed by a frog splash, three in a row but only got a two count. The 1-2-3 Kid lost to Hakushi at 9:27 when Hakushi hit The 1-2-3 Kid with a nice suplex for the three count right after some of The 1-2-3 Kid’s offense but it wasn’t enough. This was a good fast paced match here that the fans were into for sure.

Pretty nice match here overall.



** 1/2






Sky-View with John Morrison

John Morrison:



10) John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd (With Hart Dynasty) -WWE Superstars July 30, 2009
July 30th is my Birthday so I hope this one was good, I have yet to see it until now which is fine by me.

Ross and Grisham on commentary.

Tyson Kidd caught in a high arm-bar by Morrison and he leaves his sight.

Tyson Kidd came out of the Dungeon so Ross puts over his mat-wrestling and mentions Morrison is gaining momentum learning some of his own.

A waist-lock failed and a Steamboat like arm-drag by Morrison back into an armbar.

Tyson Kidd takes his time coming back in the ring and the crowd get on his case. Once back in he kicks Morrison in the abdomen and takes him over with a side headlock take-over.

Tyson Kidd ducked a leapfrog by Morrison and then he drops the leg on Tyson Kidd but he kicks out. Morrison drags on Tyson Kidd but he hangs onto the ropes.

AN AWESOME neck-breaker by Tyson Kidd to John Morrison on the ring apron.

Pretty innovative spot there.

Tyson Kidd kicks the abdomen of Morrison once more. A nearfall. Tyson Kidd holding a sleeper on Morrison here and now Morrison tries his best to elbow out, he gets out and drops Tyson Kidd with a crucifix but then Morrison thrown to the outside.

Smith drops him behind the back of the official.

Morrison is down.

Commerical break.

Back from the break Tyson Kidd has a headlock on Morrison. Morrison hit a back suplex to Tyson Kidd getting him out of the way.

Morrison clotheslines Kidd out of the ring. Back in the ring this one goes back and forth Tyson Kidd kicks away at Morrison.

Fans chant for Morrison, he dodges Kidd and then a roll-up, reaching for the rope, Morrison reversed it and that was close. Tyson Kidd with a dropkick, somehow Morrison got out.

A nice roll-up and Morrison with a head-shot to Tyson Kidd, star ship pain, split-legged corkscrew moonsault.

In the end at a tv time of 9 minutes Morrison is the winner.

This match was terrific for TV. Highly entertaining.



High Flying Duos

Tag Teams:



11) Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship – Dudley Boyz (c) (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) vs Edge and Christian – WrestleMania April 2nd, 2000



Matches like this only happened because of how well the No Mercy 99 Ladder match was, proving more that it was an all time classic.

I am glad it made the Edge and High Flyers DVD.
This one went even further in certain areas which made it excellent as well, and saved a rather lackluster Mania card where there was nothing but heel victories, and tag matches with a thong stinkface match in the middle.

All this during one of the hottest periods for Wrestling ever, at there biggest show of the year. Go figure.

Jim Ross set the bar pretty high at the beginning of the match, saying we’d see perhaps more high risk then ever before. Usually when they do things like that, it’ll backfire in the company’s face, but this was a paticular exception.

This match was voted the “Scariest match of the year” by Wrestling Weekly.
Jeff Hardy went under all three Ladders set up in the entrace way, obviously not supersticious.

Matt Hardy and Christian began in the ring while everyone brawled outside the ring, Christian got the better of that exchange. Edge went to work on D-Von Dudley. Action everywhere in this match that it’s hard t concentrate on any two men at once.

Bubba slammed everyone and then asked who the man was? Christian pulled down Matt Hardy who climbed the ladder. Edge and Christian cornered D-Von Dudley and he began to fight back. Edge set up a Ladder in the corner and Matt threw one to the face of Bubba Ray. Jeff then leaped off Matt driving into the face of Bubba Ray.

The Ladder was used as a weapon by everybody. Matt slammed D-Von spine first on the ladder, Jeff layed on top of D-Von Dudley to keep him there and Matt flew off the top with an elbow to the sternum of D-Von Dudley on top of the Ladder. Jeff with a front facelock to Bubba into a DDT.

Jeff Hardy placed Bubba Ray on top of the Ladder and went to the top rope and hit a 450 splash which did not connect with anyone as Bubba moved out of the way. It was disturbing to here his legs crash with the Ladder.

Bubba Ray then jumped off the top landing back first on the Ladder, more “Holy Shit” chants from the crowd.

Edge in the corner dropped down with the Ladder driving it through Matt Hardy. D-Von Dudley scoop slammed Edge. D-Von dropped the Ladder on Edge in the corner and D-Von Dudley dropped a leg on top of Edge onto the Ladder. Bubba choked out Matt in the corner while Jim Ross praises the innovation from the match.

Bubba Ray Dudley then wore the Ladder on his shoulders and took out everyone in the match until Edge dropkicked him. Edge and Chrisitian double irishwhipped D-Von Dudley to the ropes and sent him face first into the Ladder placed in the corner of the ring.

Edge and Christian climbed the Ladder but D-Von Dudley tried to stop him until Edge threw him out of the ring. Christian from a Ladder in the ring jumped off from the Ladder with a crossbody to the outside on Bubba and Matt.

Jeff Hardy was on top of the Ladder now but Edge speared him from the top turnbuckle. Nice spot that they’d do better at Wrestlemania X7.

Matt with a huge powerbomb to Edge. D-Von Dudley scoop slammed Matt from the ladder to the canvas. D-Von Dudley climbed the Ladder but Christian tossed a Ladder at his back. Bubba Ray then set up a Ladder next to a fatigued Christian. Bubba set up yet another, three Ladders with Christian in the middle.

Bubba from the top grabbed Christian and performed a modified version of the 3D from the top of the Ladder.

The Hardyz pushed both ladders to the corner.

Jeff and Matt climbed to the top for some double offense.

Jeff and Matt both plunge from Ladder’s onto Bubba far down on the mat.


Some nice tandem offense by the Hardyz until Edge got back in the ring and threw Jeff outside the ring onto the concrete.

Christian and D-Von Dudley climbed the top of a Ladder in the corner and Edge set one right up beside them, and began to climb it. Edge and Christian then double suplexed D-Von Dudley from the top of the Ladder to the mat. Bubba Ray on the outside got rammed into the steel steps by Matt Hardy.

More “Holy Shit” chants from all the carnage in and out of the ring, in this terrific match.
Jeff and Matt moved the Ladders and then Edge and Christian began climbing the Ladders, both teams on both sides, both challenging teams. Christian and Jeff got elevated to the mat, then Edge and Matt went off with a side russian legsweep from the top.

Bubba Ray then tried to position the Ladder to the center of the ring.

Fans chanted for Tables.

All three teams began to climb the Ladders.

Matt Hardy and Christian both got elevated to the outside of the ring and they fell on the concrete over the top rope.


I got goosebumps as I wrote this out, re-watching that. Bubba then got knocked off and off the ropes pushed both Jeff and D-Von off the Ladders and they landed groin first on the top rope.

Christian somehow got back in the ring and he met a Ladder sandwhich by the Dudleyz.
Bubba hit the 3D on Edge as D-Von Dudley set him up. Despite being a heel team, both Dudleyz were extremely over as were there moves. Or when they went for a table which got the pop of the match.

Bubba set a table by Ross and he asks what he was doing over here, while Bubba hilariously just gives him a stare.

The Dudleyz then set up a table on top of two Ladders in the middle of the ring.
Bubba and D-Von then set up a platform but Matt and Jeff stopped them from climbing and the fans booed this. Not just because the Dudeyz were over and would soon turn babyface, but because they wanted to see a table spot.

Bubba set up another table, as did D-Von Dudley beside the two Ladders with one table still platformed on top.

Outside the ring Matt hardy got rammed face first into the steel steps by Bubba Ray. Then Bubba set up tables outside the ring. Jim Ross then watched on as Bubba had Matt hardy on top of the Spanish announce table and powerbombed him through a wooden table. Just before that D-Von Dudley went for a diving headbutt from the top of the Ladder through Jeff Hardy on the table but D-Von Dudley ended up crashing head first through the table.
Jeff then flew as he ran across the barricade but Bubba sent the Ladder right into the face of Jeff in mid-air, wow. Pretty violent, to say the least.

Bubba Ray then brought a GIANT Ladder near the entrance way. Bubba went under the ring for another table and set it up right next to the Giant Ladder.

Bubba grabbed Jeff by the hair and he dragged him towards the Ladder. Christian then rung Bubba’s head with a ring bell. Jeff threw Christian into the fence by the barricade, Jim Ross calls him Matt.

Jeff rips off his shirt, and with Bubba laying on the table, Jeff climbed to the top of the Ladder.

This was the first time Jeff Hardy did an insanely high bump, and he performed a Swanton Bomb on top of Bubba Ray Dudley off the Ladder through a table. Massive “Holy Shit” chants.

Back in the ring now, Christian and Matt climbed both opposite ends of the Ladder. Matt and Christian climbed on the table. Edge crawled up from behind Matt and as he stood up Edge flipped Matt over off the table through another table on the canvas.

Ross screams “Edge and Christian! Edge and Christian! Edge and Christian!” as they both grab the straps standing on top of the platform.

So in the end Edge and Christian were the ones to gain the titles from the rafters at 22:29 winning the Triangle ladder match for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

This one was ultimately a pretty incredible achievment. They just kept pushing it to the limit and was a bright spot on Wrestlemania.

Every team after this match was at the very least, respected.



Super Crazy:



12) Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri (With the Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck) vs Little Guido (With Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke, Big Guido and J.T. Smith) in a Three Way Dance -ECW One Night Stand June 12, 2005




A great little high flying match showing the aerial skills from one Super Crazy for sure at ECW ONS 05.


Well here comes Tajiri with his managers.

Styles points out this is not a WWE style three way dance where its over after the first fall. This is single elimination. Once one pinfall occurs the match becomes one on one.

Little Guido comes out with his F.B.I. to a big pop.

Super Crazy comes out, and Styles says the official is a poor Bastard having to call this match.

Bell rings and now were going to get gang wars from New York City. A solid backbreaker by Super Crazy to Tajiri.

A backbreaker countered by Little Guido to Tajiri until Super Crazy comes back in the ring, he was tossed out previous. Super Crazy dropkicks Little Guido to the face. Tajiri and Super Crazy flip around and apply boots to the face of the opposition.

Little Guido off the top with the Slice, John Cena does that move, a Fame-Asser from the top rope so to speak. More Holy Sh** chants.

This match gets taken to the balcony.

EC DUB and Holy Sh** are chanted as Super Crazy does a move that is well, Super Crazy then poses in the ring with a moonsault.

He took out the entire FBI.

Tajiri went for a sunset flip then locked on the Tarantula to Super Crazy. The FBI on the outside drag Super Crazy into the turnbuckle groin-first.

Tajiri takes care of business in the ring.

Mikey with the Whippersnapper and Tajiri gets the pin on Little Guido.

Super Crazy and Tajiri the only two guys left in the ring. Super Crazy with a springboard moonsault onto Tajiri. Tajiri then countered a powerbomb into a ddt but only scored a nearfall. Super Crazy down and Tajiri kicks at his head. Super Crazy with a moonsault off two turnbuckles to Tajiri.

Mikey knocks him off the third. Super Crazy ducks the Buzzsaw kicked and a round-house right hand. The first You Fu**ed up chant. Not sure if it was an error or not.

Tajiri is knocked out by Super Crazy.

In the end at 6:12 Super Crazy got the victory!
This match was extremely entertaining. The spot of the match is Super Crazy and his moonsault off the balcony to the FBI, and Foley on commentary says he has never seen anything like that which is really SOMETHING coming from a hardcore legend like Mick Foley.

Nothing but quality, not a dull second in the six minutes and twelve seconds.

Great, great stuff.






Brian Pillman:

13) Flyin Brian Pillman vs Alex Wright -WCW Great American Bash June 18, 1995



Post Hollywood Blonde Days, Pre-Car Crash Pillman was on top of his game. Good chapter to one of the most underrated stars of all time in Flyin Brian. One of my personal favourites.

Alex Wright and Pillman get set to go.

Brian Pillman started with over-head wristlocks, both men did as a matter of fact, Alex Wright then got an armbar on Air Pillman. Pillman with an arm-wringer but Alex Wright shows his athletics, great cartwheel, then a twisting head-scissors by Pillman.

Both babyfaces showed signs of respect and the crowd does not like it, Pillman smiles.

Both these men are amazing from an aerial standpoint and that is clear in the opening moments of the match which is why this was chosen for this DVD.

Flyin Brian and Alex Wright opened this PPV in style and now a hammerlock by Pillman on Alex Wright. Pillman stays on him and Alex Wright kicks up. Pillman catches a beautiful dropkick from Wright coming off the ropes with speed.

Flyin Brian tried to take over Alex Wright but he takes him down with a half body-scissors, into a head-scissors utilizing his legs on Pillman who wheels out into a side headlock, pinning combination. Alex Wright manages to push Pillman over on his back, shoulders down scoring a nearfall.

What a tremendous pace these two have set.

Pillman off the topes gets a gut shot, a snapmare and an inziguri to PIllman. This time Brian flips Alex Wright over and grapvines the legs into a cross-bow. Alex Wright has Pillman and his shoulders to the mat and he gets a two. A side headlock take-down and Pilmman wears him down.

Nice hurricanrana by Flyin Brian onto Alex but he dodges a dropkick right after and slaps on a Boston Crab to Pillman.

Heenan wisely points out Pillman and his problems with his knees. Alex Wright steps down on the hamstrings of Pillman and hooks on a surfboard. Alex Wright torks the arm of Flyin Brian and turns him over. A sunset flip and a two by Alex Wright and then another roll-up and Pillman gets out.

Another inside cradle and another two.

A hard chop from Flyin Brian to Alex Wright.

Pillman with an arm-ringer and then takes the arm of Alex Wright down to the mat. Pillman drives hisknee into the back of Alex Wright.

Alex Wright takes Pillman to the outside and not before long the two get violent on the outside then back on the inside the violence grows, Alex Wright drives Flyin Brian into the canvas then drops his knees into the mid-section of Pillman.

Fans chanting for Brian.

Pillman kicks at Alex Wright in the mid-section. Pillman with a hard chop to the chest. Pillman has a body-scissors with a combination of a reverse chinlock.

Pillman booted off the top rope as Alex Wright had an advantage and he came off with a crossbody and got a two. Pillman is hurt as his leg gave out. Alex Wright shoves him down and set up Alex Wright as he caught him with a mid-air dropkick to Alex Wright. Still only a two!


Pillman now goes to the top and Flyin Brian is launched onto the top ropes by Alex Wright as Pillman hits groin first. Alex Wright with a waistlock but Brian holds the ropes, standing switch, a german suplex by Alex Wright and a bridge pinning combo, just a two, a crucifix attempted by Pillman but Alex Wright amazingly counters it into a pinning combination down on the mat.

At 15:42 Wright pinned Pillman after reversing a crucifix.

Both guys hug after the match.

A Cruiserweight Classic.










Great Muta:



14) Great Muta vs Sting –WCW Japan Supershow March 21, 1991

Great Muta and Sting had a ton of superstars surrounding ringside for this match. Muta hits Sting with spinning kicks and it takes Sting to the outside.

Great Muta elevated himself over the top rope onto Sting. Sting is thrown back in the ring.

Sting slows the pace down to this match with a front facelock to Muta.

Muta keeps coming back with spinning kicks.

This match paced very different to the Pillman-Alex Wright match you just saw on the DVD.

A dead crowd where Japan showed respect for the match in a different way from North America. Muta elbowed Sting in the forehead.

Both men using aerial offense, Sting attempts a backslide but Great Muta escapes. Sting hit with an inside cradle and Muta got a two.

Sting tries a Scorpion deathlock and can not turn Muta over.

Sting tries the splash but gets sprayed by mist, and a crossbody by Great Muta wins it for him around 12 minutes.

A slower match but it was not bad at all for these two.

Sting hits the Stinger Splash after it is done.


** 3/4


Rob Van Dam:

15) WWF Hardcore Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam (c) -WWF Sunday Night Heat August 5, 2001


These two had UNBELIEVABLE chemistry in ECW. Hardcore Heaven and Living Dangerously 99 were down-right incredible.


They face here on HEAT.

EC Dub chanted.

During the alliance storyline this was set.

They begin this match like they did in ECW and the crowd applaud. A lot of high risk offense. Rob Van Dam is hit with a legdrop off the apron, then launched himself onto Rob Van Dam on the floor. Lynn sent RVD hard into the ring post followed by a hard kick to the head.

Rob Van Dam then is hit with an on-slaught of offense by Lynn as he launched himself off the barricade. Jerry Lynn throws RVD onto the floor.

Jerry grabs a steel chair and hits RVD. Perfectly legal in a hardcore title match.

Going back old school to ECW.

RVD charged at Lynn. Good to see a rare match like this making the dvd. Rob Van Dam scoops Lynn and slams him to the mat.

Rob Van Dam with rolling thunder and landing on a steel chair.

Rob Van Dam and Lynn with a bunch of inside cradles, a waistlock with a german and a bridge by Lynn gaining a nearfall on Rob Van Dam.

Jerry Lynn and RVD both take their time getting up now as the damage had been done. Lynn with two stiff European uppercuts to Rob Van Dam. Lynn tries a vertical suplex. RVD with a lowblow and then a clothesline to Lynn.

Rob Van Dam puts a chair on Jerry Lynn, and bounces back with a split-legged moonsault onto the chair but Lynn threw it into RVDs face as he came down. Jerry Lynn almost got a three.

Both guys going all out on Sunday Night Heat. Perhaps the best Heat match since half time in 99.

RVD goes to the top rope and climbs and Lynn takes him down cutting him down to size. RVD pushed Jerry Lynn down onto a chair after he tried a superplex off the top, Rob Van Dam hits the five star frogsplash on a chair and he got the pinfall at a tv time of six minutes.


Great match, that is all to say really.

*** 1/4






2nd Disc Special Feature:
Bonus Match #3) The Hardy Boyz vs Kai En Tai -WWF Sunday Night Heat September 27, 1998


This was at the PPV Break Down 1998, where Austin, Taker and Kane were the main focus, the Cage was in the air for the Shamrock-Mankind-Rock Triple Threat.

Shane and Cornette on commentary.

Jeff Hardy and Matt were a couple of nobodies here and Kai En Tai were more over so take that as to what you will.

Cornette on commentary tries to put it over. Funaki takes Jeff Hardy down with some ease. Funaki takes on Jeff for a bit until he hits a double dropkick.

Matt comes in at the young age of 24 and Funaki is sent to the corner.

Both Hardyz with a double monkey flip and the crowd respond to that.

Jeff catapolts himself off Matt to the outside and he crashed and burned. Funaki threw Matt back into the ring and hit a nice quick snapshot vertical suplex. A flag accidentally hit Funaki and Matt slams down Funaki.

Jeff Hardy comes off one end, as Matt does, double-team offense gets them the three in under 5 minutes


* 1/4








Disc 3 Matches:





Shawn Michaels:?


16) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (with Jose Lothario) vs Vader (with Jim Cornette) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Summerslam 1996



While Shawn dress and stripped off his entrance clothing, Vader just posed in the ring and flexed in hopes of intimidating the Champion before the match began.
Shawn Michaels was in his prime here and was awesome while Vader is ALWAYS awesome so this should be a good match, and was just by memory alone.

Vader had brilliant agility, strength, among other things and Vince calls HBK maybe the most athletic champion of all time.

The two tie up and Vader took some body shots early and then a powerful clothesline as some Smarks cheered. Shawn had been booed during his awesome run but a lot of smarks didn’t like him very much and this is seen again at Mind Games and the 1996 Survivor Series in paticular.

After an early offensive attack by Vader, Michaels came right back.
Shawn dominated for a good minute until throwing Vader out to the outside by ducking one of his attacks.
Michaels made sure he kept Vader to the outside as he hit him with a baseball slide which took the air out of him.


Michaels with a high cross body over the top rope and flew out onto Vader. This was a familiar spot seen many times and it was awesome. Jim Ross’s explanation was that Shawn was fighting for his life here. Perfect says HBK is in the best shape he has ever seen but doesen’t know if he has what it takes.

They built up the Monster vs Champion thing very well and Shawn hit a nice Hurricanrauna to Vader.

Michaels took a risk and then on top of Vader hit him with some right hands and then a hurricanrauna to the outside of Vader over the top rope. Shawn then hit a spring board to the outside but Vader caught him this time and hit a Powerbomb to the mat!
Vader asked who the man was. The complexity of the match changed with that one power move and the momentum then shifted to Vader.

Vader had Shawn picked up since he didn’t want to win by countout as he could not gain the title that way and then he just dropped him like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the canvas. Big Van Vader then sent HBK to the corner. Vader toyed with him a little bit showing his size factor then Vader measured Michaels in the corner with rights and lefts as he continued to hammer away with more body shots.

The fans booed as Vader continued to be in control and set HBK up and hit a nice vertical suplex!

Vader continued to sent HBK to the corner and then came off with a huge forerarm to the chest of The Boy toy, then ANOTHER. Michaels was stationary and was unglued and could not retain the title in the position he was in. Well he was about to get put in a worse spot.

Vader then rammed HBK into one side and then irish whipped him to the other which saw HBK fly over the top rope and to the outside floor.

As HBK tried to re-enter the ring Vader kicked at his head, and then Vader with great elevation sent Michaels back first with a back body drop. Mr. Perfect says he always thinks about getting back in the ring but now that he sees what Vader is doing to Shawn Michaels he’ll stay right here.

Vader went for another back body drop to Michaels but HBK fought back with rights and lefts. After Shawn got out of that situation he met another hard clothesline by Vader which Ross called SCARY POWER.

Michaels then dodged another back body drop and was sent outside the ring by Vader and he caught Vader by the legs as he did his signature flip up towards the ringside area. Vader then didn’t have any of that and then he began to manhandle Michaels by methodically wearing him down.

The Man they call Vader lifted up Shawn and let him fall belly first to the canvas. Vader squeezed on a devistating bear hug. Perfect says he hasn’t had this much fun since he LEFT the ring.

The Crowd helped The Heartbreak Kid get back into the match as he started to hit Vader with some rights. A high knee to the chest area of Vader followed by a clothesline but it had no effect on the Mastadon.

Michaels went to slide under Vader but the Big man stopped him and when vader went for a splash he lifted the knees up and caught Vader. Michaels went flying to the ropes in a big oppurtunity spot and hit a clothesline.

Shawn Michaels went to the top trying to hit the big elbow but Vader sat up and he kicked Vader’s head after stopping in mid-air for his elbow drop. Shawn Michaels knew he couldn’t hit the elbow drop quite like he wanted to and he stopped. Michaels DID hit Vader with a crossbody and both men went to the outside from the inside. Vader up first though and lifted up HBK then dropped him on the steel guard rail.

All of the sudden after the fans were a little shocked they stayed in attendance because Cornette got on the mic and challenged HBK to get back in the ring.
HBK then came back. Jim Ross said it wasn’t a wise decision for Shawn Michaels to continue the match.

Vader then hammered Michaels with a big blow after The Fink said that the match would continue followed by a pop.

Vader battling Shawn who is layed out and then got in the face of the 62 year old Jose. Cornette then hit Shawn with his racket and the fans popped. Ross called him Hideous.
Vader with a big belly to belly suplex after he came off the corner with a splash and Shawn Michaels kicked out.

Vader went for a powerbomb but Shawn Michaels fought back and then he kicked up as Perfect says GIVE ME A BREAK.

HBK FINALLY did nail the elbow this time as he was tuning up the band in the corner until Cornette grabbed Michaels leg.
Shawn then hit Vader with a racket. Shawn Michaels then attacked both Jim Cornette and Vader with the racket. Shawn Michaels got himself DQ’d.

The match continued after another two minute break and Ross called it Chaotic.

Michaels went upstairs and hit the 2nd straight elbow drop and then his superkick!

VADER KICKED OUT though at 2 and the place was shocked.
Vader then hit a POWERBOMB that they called The Vader Bomb even though it wasn’t his finisher and there was no official to count the three. I remember my brother back when kayfabe existed yelling “VADER SHOULD OF BEEN CHAMPION” and got real mad.

Vader then went up for the OFFICIAL Vader Bomb, then went up for a BIG TIME MOONSAULT that he called the Vadersault as seen in TGIF’s or ABC’s old show Boy Meets World. Vader missed the moonsault and then Shawn went to the top.

At 28:59 Shawn Michaels defeated Vader with a MOONSAULT from the top rope after Vader had already won twice by DQ. Shawn Michaels has done the impossible!

I had heard rumors about Vader being booked to win the title until they changed it last minute, but other suggest he was scheduled to take the title off Michaels that year still if not at Summerslam then Survivor Series.

Some people think the booking here is a bit ridiculous and it takes a lot out of the MATCH but I come to expect it from matches back in the New Generation Days. That’s just the way things were and ended back then but I really liked this match as a whole which is why I take nothing off of its rating because of how it ended.

I WOULD of however liked to see Vader the WWF Champion and this would have been the perfect oppurtunity for it. It’s not all bad though because we got to see Foley and Michaels at Mind Games because of it.?

Awesome match!





Flash Funk: (Yeah, we get a title of Flash Funk but no heading of Liger, Dynamite or Randy Savage. It is a good thing this match here is absolutely amazing)





17) ECW World Television Championship Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Sabu -ECW CyberSlam February 17, 1996

2 Cold Scorpio defended the title here against Sabu.

Sould be a good one here. This is not only here on the highest flyers DVD but also on the Rise and Fall of ECW as it is one of the best matches in company history.

2 Cold Scorpio began with a kick to the head of Sabu who was crawling on the ECW Canvas.

Sabu then down on the mat was in a tough battle with a very underrated worker in 2 Cold Scorpio and he of course here was then the Television Champion so Sabu had a tough task ahead of him in this 30 minute time limit TV title bout.
2 Cold Scorpio gave Sabu a boot to the mouth and then a knee lift one of the signature moves of 2 Cold Scorpio. Sabu was well scouted by 2 Cold Scorpio and although he irishwhipped Sabu to the ropes he caught him with a spinning heel kick.

Air Sabu as he grabbed a chair, jumped on it and hit a leg to 2 Cold Scorpio in corner. Sabu clotheslined 2 Cold Scorpio outside the ring and Sabu then waited for Scorpio to get on the apron and dropkicked him off. Sabu sent him up and over into the first row. Sabu set up a chair near the ropes, and he ran off the side ropes and jumped off the chair and did a summersault over the top rope onto 2 Cold Scorpio by the barricade.

Fans chant ECW!

Sabu in control and gets back in the ring while 2 Cold Scorpio crawls back slower. Sabu points to the sky and covers 2 Cold Scorpio who crawls in the ring and gets a two. 2 Cold Scorpio scoop slammed by Sabu and then Sabu hit a slingshot knee drop, not pretty but effective to Sabu.

Sabu got reversed after a slam attempt, and 2 Cold Scorpio hit a power slam with authority hard on the ECW MAT. 2 Cold Scorpio signals for an aerial move. Sabu gets scoop slammed. 2 Cold Scorpio with a beautiful leg drop with high elevation from the top.

This is a great match here and it is very back and forth. 2 Cold Scorpio made a mistake by not going for a pinfall but grabbed a chair. Anther signature move from 2 Cold Scorpio was a knee lift to the head of Sabu. 2 Cold Scorpio set up a chair and then a pair of forearms to Sabu and then he set up a chair in the middle of the ring and 2 Cold Scorpio planted Sabu and his face into the chair!


The two exchange a series of moves.

What an offensive exchange!

Sabu choking out 2 Cold Scorpio. A kick to the side of the head by Scorpio kicking at Sabu but it did not prevent Sabu from locking on a modified camel clutch with one arm. A move taught to him by his uncle, the original Sheik.

Sabu with the Clutch lockd in on Scorpio who did not want to give up. 2 Cold Scorpio carried all of Sabu showing great leg strength dropping Sabu. However back down on the mat Sabu hit a reverse chinlock and leg scissors to 2 Cold Scorpio. 2 Cold Scorpio came from behind and caught Sabu with a kick to the groin of Sabu who then rolled out of the ring in pain.

Awesome counter!

2 Cold Scorpio then went to the outside to follow Sabu and this has been EXTREME!


2 Cold Scorpio then hit Sabu with a pan shot to the head. 2 Cold Scorpio slammed Sabu and his head face first into the time keeper table. Sabu on the table was pulled up head first by 2 Cold Scorpio inside the ring holding him off the apron and suplexed him back into the ring. Sabu kicks out after a two count.

2 Cold Scorpio then tied up Sabi with a modified surfboard maneuver pulling back on the arms, behind him hooking the legs, something Eddie Guerrero would do and the fans applaud and appreciate. 2 Cold Scorpio got Sabu into a pinning predicament and a two count only. Sabu then got up and kicked at 2 Cold Scorpio to get out of his hold, then Sabu went out to the ring apron and hit a slingshot leg drop to Sabu and got a two. Sabu tried to get in an armbar, Scorpio trying to fight it by reaching for his wrist, and then grabbed Sabu by the hair and kicked him in the head. 2 Cold Scorpio slammed Sabu down to the mat and then a picture perfect moonsault to Sabu only he got the knees up.

Both men in pain on the canvas, Scorpio only got a two because Sabu bought himself time with the knees up. Sabu threw the chair to the face of 2 Cold Scorpio. Arabian facebuster onto the Champs face with a chair and 2 Cold Scorpio kicks out at two. Sabu then jumped off the top rope and flipped backwards with a steel chair sandwhich and got a two. Sabu hurt his own thigh so it bougth 2 Cold Scorpio time to get up and he hit Sabu in the face with a chair! 2 Cold Scorpio then threw the chair out of the way. 2 Cold Scorpio wants to up top and grabbed Sabu by the hair and set up for a tombstone piledriver but instead planted Sabu forwards on his back. Sabu is clutching at his right knee as it is clearly hurt as well as his ribs. 2 Cold Scorpio with a splash to the ribs on Sabu that should put him away but Sabu kicked out!



Fans chant ECW as Sabu lands right on the table hard on the next exchage onto missing Scorpio and this is one of the most violent matches I have ever seen, it had psychology and technical mat and chain wrestling to boot.

Styles says OH MY GOD he is dead. Joey Styles said what you just witnessed is what seperates ECW from the rest. 2 Cold Scorpio dragged a dead Sabu into the ring. The fans are giving this match a standing ovation.

SOMEHOW Sabu kicked out after 2 Cold Scorpio tried a pinning attempt. Both men barely able to stand and 2 Cold Scorpio irishwhipped Sabu but he leapfrogged Scorpio, 2 Cold Scorpio still gave him a knee to the mid-section. Sabu hit a hurricanrauna and a reverse victory roll after 2 Cold Scorpio attempted a powerbomb. Both men barely able to stand obvioussly for real, and Sabu kicked at 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio drove his shoulder into Sabu. 2 Cold Scorpio off the ropes got caught with a moonsault press by Sabu. Two count only and the fans are chanting for Sabu who went to the top and hit yet another moonsault and missed it, landing hard clutching at his lower back and hurting his injured knees. 2 Cold Scorpio sensing victory.

Scorpio powerbombed a dead Sabu and then went to the top for his finishing move and he dropped the flying bomb on Sabu and STILL did not pin Sabu!
Fans give this a standing ovation and no one can believe Sabu kicked out after ALL of this.

I am in awe of this Classic.

Scorpio went for the chair again and planted it on the mat, picked up Sabu by the hair and he nearly collapsed to the canvas. 2 Cold Scorpio took Sabu down face first into the mat hard and then layed a chair acrossd the face of Sabu. 2 Cold Scorpio attempted to finish the match and hit a leg drop on Sabu on the face of Sabu but he still kicked out!

I have never in my life seen someone kick out more times after so much punishment, and Styles says we are witnessing a Classic. That is even an understatement.
2 Cold Scorpio gets a chair thrown at him by Sabu and then Sabu from the top was able to hit a hurricanrana to Sabu from the top rope and 2 Cold Scorpio kicked out!


Both men nearly dead and hit a double clothesline on each other.

Two minutes remaining in the match.

Scorpio sitting up and grabbed the legs of Sabu and kicked him in the face. 2 Cold Scorpio from the top rope hit a summersault, the Scorpio splash and decided to wait for no apparent reason which is just plain dumb. However Scorpio kills time and you can see where this is heading. Scorpio with one minute left grabbedthe chair and drove the chair into Sabu but missed! Sabu then put the chair on 2 Cold Scorpio and slingshotted off the ropes and dropped the leg onto the chair of 2 Cold Scorpio.

Sabu planted the chair on Sabu and went to the top and hit a slingshot summersault legdrop, Sabu could not cover him right away as he clutched at the left leg. 2 Cold Scorpio kicked out! Sabu could not get it done and the bell rang.
In the end the thirty minute time limit expired and 2 Cold Scorpio remained the ECW TV Champion as the match ended in a draw. Best draw I have ever seen.

I really don’t know how I can describe this match, it wouldn’t do it justice. Just watch this and love it.
The best match in either man’s career and one of the best in ECW history.
It had everything and more. Fans chant for five more minutes, but with the pace they went for the full thirty, I don’t know how that’d of been possible. I’ve never seen someone take so much punishment and continuing to kick out time and time again. (Sabu)

Violent, innovative, exciting, intelligent, and flat out entertaining.

This is the real ECW.

Maybe the best match on the DVD.


**** 1/2



Sky-View with Kofi Kingston: Kofi talks to Josh Matthews about Money in the Bank and his spot with Drew McIntyre and the table bump, they give us a boom drop from the top of the ladder.


18) Kofi Kingston vs Christian for the WWE IC Championship in the Tournament Finals -WWE SmackDown May 14, 2010

Kofi Kingston and Christian going at it for the IC title. Grisham and Striker on commentary.

A back and forth exchange between Christian and Kofi Kingston with front face-locks, A side headlock by Kofi Kingston and a leapfrog by Christian then a shoulder block. Christian goes for an early cover that does not work out. Christian works on an arm until Kofi sweeps a leg out of Christian.

Kofi keeping a side headlock on Christian.

Christian and Kofi are both fan favourties and Kofi monkeyflipped out of the corner and then he launched Christian in the air the same way but from the mat.

Kofi Kingston launches himself to the outside, Christian leaves and Kofi Kingston lands on the mat.

Christian takes advantage and leaps onto Kofi but misses.

Commercial break after the spot outside the ring.

Back in the ring Christian is taking it to Kofi and then sends him to the buckle but catches a reverse elbow to the face. Christian plants Kofi Kingston face-first into the mat.

Christian with a headlock on Kofi Kingston.

Kofi got a high kick on Christian, and a ton of aerial offense in this match-up and you can see why this one is slapped on the DVD.

Kofi Kingston again showing how high he can jump and off the ropes Kofi Kingston and Christian roll each other up and flip into different pinning combinations. Christian with a hard shot tio Kofi Kingston. A duck, a leapfrog and Christian countered in mid-air dropping Kofi Kingston.

Christian off the top is countered with a pinfall by Kofi Kingston and Christian with an inside cradle. Kofi Kingston with a boot to the face out of the air.

Kofi Kingston down and Christian off the top misses a flying crossbody, Kofi Kingston hits his version and got a two count. A lot of nearfalls here.

Kofi Kingston with a boot to the face of Christian and now Kofi hits a signature bone drop on Christian and sets up in the corner but Christian hits his finisher on Kofi Kingston and he kicks out!

A lot of drama leading to this climax.

Kofi Kingston gets a slap to the face and now Christian thinks kill-switch but Kofi turns him inside out and Christian kicks out. Both guys kicking out of each guys move.

Kofi Kingston launches himself on top of Christian. Christian dives off with a high elbow drop to the head of Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston battles out of a kill-switch, Christian kicks, a sunset flip out of the corner fails, out of no where Kofi Kingston hits a high kick to Christian in the head.

In the end at tv time of 9:47 Kofi Kingston wins the IC title for a second time.

This match was awesome for TV. Excellent blend, good chemistry.


*** 1/4


WWE Light Heavyweights:


19) Taka Michinoku (c) vs Pantera for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship -WWF No Way Out of Texas 1998


Anyways we should get a great lucha libre style match here when the WCW was clearly dominating them for two good years or 3 there or how about the last half decade with the likes Pillman and Liger. Then they dominated with Eddie, Malenko, Benoit, Mysterio, Dragon, Psychosis, etc

This was the WWF and their version.

This was all the WWF countered with but these guys ARE GOOD workers and often both underrated overall, but it was all they had really.

Pantera with an early summersault over the top rope to the outside on the Champion, Taka. Oh right, I forgot to mention that Brian Christpoher came out for commentary and JR’s SON jokes for The King were hilarious, from memory they ran from late 1997 to mid 1998 if not longer. Taka got back in control after that Moonsault from Pantera which also resulted in him hitting a nice hurricanrana and arm drag take down inside the ring before Taka let Pantera fly to the outside of the ring by pulling down the middle rope as he fell tot he outside. The crowd then reacted in a big way in his favor after he hit a spring board move to the outside. Not after long though both Lawler’s were laughing when Pantera hit Taka with a hurricanrauna then sent him to the outside where he hurt his lower back as he hit the guard rail.

Pantera dove out to the outside that pushed him there and he focused on Taka’s back on the outside then in the ring. Jim Ross was quite hilarious when saying “No Family resemblence with that laugh at all.”

Pantera had a camel clutch after a back breaker to the already injured back of Taka as Pantera has controlled most of the action in this match, with a hip lock take over followed by a hard kick to the spine of Taka. The Lawlers at the booth were talking about how he had no spine so it shouldn’t hurt him. Pantera continued to work on Taka’s back by pulling his arms behind him while stretching him by falling on his back and lifting Taka on top of him in the air which got a good reaction as it was a impressive submission hold.
Taka was then backdropped over the ropes by Pantera to the floor then Pantera hit a moonsault over the top rope again this time landing on the injured back of Taka, which is just excellent psychology here with some brilliant cruiserweight action for the WWF here. He continued to apply some submission holds with some unique pinning combinations but only got a two, followed by yet another back breaker. Pantera jumped off the top and drove his elbow into the injured back.

ANOTHER back breaker after an irish whip and with him celebrating Taka slapped him and was about to fly off the top rope but Pantera joined him up there and hit a Hurricanrana from the top rope! Complete domination by Pantera throughout this match as he hit a hard slam and then a moonsault from the top rope. Pantera went for another Moonsault and hit NOTHING but canvas and Taka jumped up fromt he top and hit an elbow but Pantera rolled him up with an inside cradle and only got a two, followed by another awesome pinning combo but only a 2. Taka countered into a Powerbomb but only a two and then he got a missle drop kick from the top that caught Pantera to the back of the head. Taka was dominated the entire match but still wins, however he did sell the BACK and this match was VERY GOOD to put it any lower then three stars. Taka retained the title at 10:11 when he hit the Michinoku Driver on Pantera and the Lawlers are pissed off. Brian Christopher said he had it up to here with Taka and while Jerry went to stop Christopher Taka flew off the top and hit them both and The Lawler Family is down JR says. Awesome match with a lot of Pantera’s moves and as I said he used awesome psychology but Taka really shouldn’t have won like that given how the match went but either way as I said it was far to good to rate it lower then three stars. Solid showing.









20) WWE Women’s Championship Match
Lita vs Trish Stratus (c) -WWE RAW December 6, 2004

Lita entered this match a 5 time Ladies Champion, more reigns then anyone in history at the time. That record still might be there, not positive.
One of the better Ladies matches out there.

Lita despite what you might think of her was an innovator for females, she could do a lot of moves most males may not be able of doing.

This match even got to MAIN EVENT RAW. I can think of two ladies matches that main evented Raw in the long history of the show and this was one of them. (Both involved Lita)

Trish Stratus had her facial mask due to her broken nose at the time.

Hottest looking Hannibal Lector I have ever seen. Trish Stratus sent Lita into the corner.

This was one of the best feuds in Ladies history, not just for the company so that helped the atmosphere of the match.

Trish was the heel her and this was the last time Lita was really seen in a good light by the WWE.

Trish with her Matrix move ducks Lita and her clothesline but she manages to sweep Trish Stratus by the legs and gets a nearfall. Lita with a back-body drop to Trish Stratus. Lita selling the back then she goes for a suicide dive by Lita and she almost breaks her neck, she got seriously injured.

Extra props by Lita to continue the match, Trish took off the mask and gave Lita a shot in the face. Something which I am sure she is used too. Trish pats her back, and I am sure she is used to something similar to that as well.

I joke.

Either way these ladies are putting on a solid match and Trish is thrown off the top by a snapmare by Lita. Lita with a headlock on Trish. Trish Stratus sent Lita back to the turnbuckle. Trish Stratus with a snapmare of her own, and a double under-hook.

Lita gets out and hooks Trish Stratus up on the top rope and hits a Superplex.

Both ladies out and down for the count. Lita countered a Chick Kick with a powerbomb to Trish and now she goes for a moonsault but Trish Stratus grabbed her and she hit a sunset flip, only got a two.

Lita went for a ddt. Trish Stratus went to pin Lita with her feet on the ropes, Lita kicks out.

Lita countered the Stratusfaction and hit the twist of fate. Lita then goes to the top and hits the moonsault for the win around 7 minutes of time with no commercials.

One of the best ladies matches ever.

*** 1/2







21) ECW World Television Championship Match
Sabu vs Rob Van Dam (c) -ECW Guilty as Charged January 9, 2000



Bill Alfonso was at ringside since he was the manager of both men


There is a long history between these two guys.

Mr. PPV, the long reigning champion, Rob Van Dam the athletic freak.

Styles has a color commentator here.

RVD finally comes out to a great ovation.

Sabu went for a high knee dropped to the canvas, and Rob dropped the leg.

Sabu quickly makes up for it with a dropkick to the knee of Rob Van Dam. On the outside Sabu has a chair and throws it at Van Dam then into the steel. Sabu sets up a chair to launch himself on the outside for Air-Sabu on RVD.

Fans chant EC DUB.

Sabu back in the ring.

Both guys exchange heavy shots inside the ring and RVD goes into the turnbuckle. Sabu pushed RVD off the top into the steel off the top rope.

Sabu now getting the best of RVD with kicks and then he launched himself off the top rope showing great agility and high risk, air-Sabu, Sabu always wrestled injured and still throws caution to the wind, proving him as one of the superior aerial competitors.

Sabu still in control!

Sabu gets sweeped and RVD takes charge knocking Sabu out of the ring.

Setting up a chair himself this time is Rob Van Dam and he launched himself off the chair onto Sabu outside the ring. Rob Van Dam poses for the crowd still selling the back. Rob Van Dam got caught with gut-shots from the outside apron, but Sabu counters with a sunsetflip from the inside to the floor slamming Rob Van Dam to the outside concrete with an Arabian Powerbomb.


Sabu now sets up Van Dam on a table. Sabu goes high and breaks the table on RVD.

Both guys grab a chair and its a swinging war Sabu gets the best of, and he applies a camel clutch as he is the nephew of the original Sheik.

A triple suplex on RVD but the official is down for Sabu not getting the count allowed. Sabu dropped a leg on RVD, off a chair, off the buckle. Such great balance.

A long two count now.

Rob Van Dam still down.

Sabu launched himself in the air and hit a hurricanrana but RVD does not moove. A split-legged moonsault gets him a long two count.

Alfonso comes in with a chair and RVD hits him with a spinning kick. Sabu drops Rob Van Dam with a kick and sets up a chair, going for a moonsault he hits the chair as RVD put the chair on top of himself.

RVD with a 5 star frog splash and RVD is the winner at 18:40 to retain the title to a huge pop.



Done very well for this type of match.


*** 3/4





Jeff Hardy:



22) Steel Cage Match: Jeff Hardy vs Umaga -WWE RAW January 7, 2008


Good of them to throw a match with the late Umaga on this set against a natural aerial specialist in Jeff Hardy.


Jeff Hardy was a given for this DVD but add in a Cage and it is more interesting. Orton is sitting at ringside.

Hardy chants as Umaga was beating on Jeff until he crashed and burned into the corner and Jeff Hardy threw out some shots on Umaga.

Orton gets a closer look by the Cage as he is scouting his upcoming Rumble opponent in Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy begins to climb but Umaga holds him down with his raw power. Orton motivates him.

Commercial break.

Umaga has a trap hold on Jeff Hardy. Umaga smashes Jeff Hardy against the Steel and Orton loves it. A chair by Umaga to Jeff and Jeff Hardy managed to kick out and the fans love that.

Umaga now wants to leave the cage and Orton is giving him a talk, Jeff hit the ropes and Umaga falls onto the top rope, one leg east, one west as it will hurt the groin.

Jeff Hardy uses the chair to elevate himself and launch himself against Umaga by the cage.

Jeff Hardy starting to come back.

Jeff Hardy now with momentum kicks Umaga but he reverses a twist of fate with a stiff throat shot by Umaga as a thumb to the throat by the Samoan Beast. Umaga with vicious shots to Jeff Hardy in the corner of the ring.

Umaga charged against Jeff Hardy butg he moved out of the way. A spinning kick by Jeff Hardy who throws a chair against Umaga. Jeff Hardy hit a ddt on the steel chair of Umaga. Umaga kicks out with a lot of power. Jeff Hardy looks vulnerable.

Umaga tries to put away Jeff Hardy but he wont seem to die as Ross says.

Umaga thinking the Samoan Spike but Jeff countered with a twist of fate. Orton goes down to one knee as he is mad. Jeff takes off his shirt and now climbs to the top of the cage and hits a corkscrew and got the victory.
In the end at a tv time of ten minutes Jeff Hardy wins.

This match began slow but ended very well. For that it is a great tv cage match.





Rey Mysterio:




23) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio Jr. for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship -WCW Halloween Havoc Sunday, October 26th 1997



“Pound for pound you’re not going to find a better wrestler then Eddie Guerrero.” -Tony Schiavonne

Well THIS is IT!

This is THE Match that so many talk about in regards to Rey Mysterio Jr and Eddie Guerrero both for that matter. I know many consider this one of the greatest matches ever. What a way for this DVD to go out. May be the best match for Guerrero or WCW for that matter.

This is also Rey Mysterio’s best ever as far as I’m concerned because this cruiserweight bout is still a talked about, a classic to this day nearly eleven years lateer it STILL has people talking about how it’s beyond amazing or perhaps thinking its never been outdone.

Sure there are some people that make a claim that’s it’s overrated. Well, I can’t even begin to see the logic to that argument. Everything about this masterpiece and I said that right, “masterpiece” was BEYOND brilliant. These two had insane chemistry together, Eddie’s magnificent mind games with mastered psychology and solid mat work with Rey’s unbelievebale high risk offense and BRILLIANT, breathtaking improvisations blended together at a spectacular place made Vegas say “WOW” throughout this classic’s entire duration and it wasn’t even that long.

They kept the time relatively short and never let it go on for a few minutes longer then it should have, like other matches have in the past! Rather, everyone wanted MORE from this brilliant contest and soon as it ended but the crowd was happy with the result, with the effort, how it ended and knowing they just witnessed a classic for the ages. Similar to Steamboat/Savage from Wrestlemania 3 where it was just quality, quality, quality in such a short amoung of time.

This STILL gets talked about daily seemingly and for good reason, this match was simply THAT good.

Eddie Guererro going into this PPV defense was the reigning Cruiserweight title holder and Rey hadn’t held the title in quite some time but he spent that time training and winning some impressive battles to move up the ranks in that division as shown on Rey’s DVD.

Rey is wearing a purple suit, while Eddie is as cocky as ever with his hair down giving Rey a glare.


Eddie says this ranks up there as one of the best. Everything clicked, the psychology, the pacing, everything. I’d agree and so would many, everyone is high on this match.

Fans are behind Rey here at Havoc 97 im Vegas while the broadcasters are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.
The bell rings at Halloween Havoc and the two cruiserweight’s waste little time to get things on. “Eddie Sucks” chants bug Eddie to the point of frustration and then hillariously Mysterio slaps him.

The beginning few moves happen so fast that you literally can’t keep up, with Eddie on the outside, Rey does a flip on to the apron and Eddie just scoops Rey’s legs to take him down to the mat. Every time Rey tried to perform a unique high flying move it would be Guererro coming back with a suplex as Eddie Guerrero seems one step ahead of Rey Mysterio and Heenan points out how
Eddie Guerrero is the best wrestler in the world.

Eddie Guerrero told Rey he would not get the belt while the fans chanted Eddie sucked.

Rey struck Eddie with some shots and he leaped over Eddie and then caught Eddie Guerrero with an armdrag takedown and then he flew across the ring with a crossbody! Eddie on the outside and Rey went for him but he landed on the apron and Eddie sweeped his legs and he fell on the floor hard.

Bad move by Rey as Eddie had it scouted. Eddie Guerrero had a mean strak and he slammed Rey into the steps. Eddie Guerrero then slingshotted into the ring on top of Rey.
Eddie with a hard chop to Rey. Eddie Guerrero in control here and a european uppercut to Rey Mysterio and then he grabbed him by his power ranger head but Rey reversed an irish whip and gave him a dropkick. Eddie caught Rey after a handspring and hit a back body drop. Rey didn’t want to lose the mask. This was Rey’s 9th mask match and he was 8-0. Mask vs Title obviously. Eddie almost got the three and showed frustration.
Eddie with a back breaker to Rey and then only another two. Eddie grabbed Rey by the head and then attempted to take off Rey’s mask. I wish he did in the WM 21 bout, perhaps that one would of been better.

Eddie Guerrero with an abdominal stretch and even in this hold he tried to rip it off his face.


This match owns even more for the fact it happened at Slim Jim’s Halloween Havoc, OOOO YEAH!
Guerrero had this hold for a good minute until picking him up and hitting a back breaker to Rey’s small body and he is in pain on the canvas. Eddie Guerrero with a two count and then he stretched Rey’s arms.
Eddie Guerrero tried his best to make sure the weight advantage was still evident by over powerhimg on top of him. However Rey sprung up out of no where and used the top rope for leverage with his great jump and hit an unbelievable springboard backflip DDT combination. A dropkick sent Eddie outside.
Then Eddie Guerrero drop kicked Rey off the apron as he was one step ahead after a bunch of re-positioning. Match really picks up here.
Eddie sends Rey hard into the railing on the outside and then back into the ring.
Eddie Guerrero then with a surfboard reverse chinlock, and then he ripped off half the mask, or the eye hole while Eddie squeezed the life out of the quick Rey with his forearms crossed. Eddie knew what he was doing here. Eddie Guerrero picked up Rey Mysterio and then locked on a Gory Special locking Rey’s arms back and then Rey counterds with an armdrag but missed a dropkick. Eddie still in control but Rey with instances of resilience. Eddie Guerrero then with a back breaker.
Eddie Guerrero showing who is boss despite Rey’s quick counters. Different variation, first with the shoulder breaker and now he forced his knee into the abdomen of Rey while twisting Rey’s right arm and leg while he layed on his left side in a modified submission hold. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Rey, he ducked then caught a hard reverse elbow off the side ropes. Eddie got a nearfall.
Mysterio down and sent head first into the corner where he caught another hard European uppercut before a hard chop. Eddie with a right hand and Rey struck back and got Eddie in the corner and the fans got fired up as Rey chopped Eddie for payback, Rey went for an irish-whip but Eddie caught him with one after a chop. Rey Mysterio hung upside down on the turnbuckle helpless and Eddie Guerrero dropkicked him before a baseball slide where Rey sat up with great agility and Eddie hit groin first into the Slim Jim pole, hurting his own Slim Jim.
This changed the complection of the match buying Rey enough time to launch himself off the top onto Eddie from the turnbuckle then chopped him.
Mysterio reaching down to get the ball back in his court. Rey reversed off the side ropes, landed on his feet, a quick roll-up and just a two count. Eddie though came back with a clothesline to Rey. Eddie was close to being defeated for the title with a hurricanrauna. Rey with a springboard and missed and with a headscissors he took him to the outside off the inside apron.
Rey then with a summersault flip to the outside and then in mid-air hit a headscissors/hurricanrauna to Eddie onto the ground that launched Eddie to the outside. Eddie then inside the ring caught a Corkscrew moonsault from the high flying Rey Mysterio.

What aerial offense.

Talk about exciting.

Rey with a powerslam.

Mysterio tried a split-legged moonsault but Eddie blocked it with his knees.

Eddie Guerrero hit a hard powerbomb and then pinned him and got a two. Eddie Guerrero is frustrated!

Eddie charged towards Rey and then hit face first into the corner and Rey hit a spin wheel kick to Eddie. Rey signalling to go to up top for a springboard hurricanrana and went for it but Eddie caught him in mid-air and turned it into a back breaker.

This looked like the Champion was going to put it away with a frogsplash now, but Eddie rolled when he realized Rey was going to move. Rey jumped and got caught from the top turnbuckle by Eddie but he turned it around and Eddie went for a powerbomb from the top but got caught with a Hurricanrana by Rey Mysterio who hooked the legs and got the three at 13:41 all this in such crisp fashion to finish a crisp match.

The classic was over.


The Best Match in WCW History.



**** 3/4







3rd Disc Special Feature:



Bonus Match #4) WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match Juventud Guerrera (c) vs Billy Kidman -World War 3 November 22, 1998


Nice little gem as a bonus match here.

It is World War 3, 98, three rings.

Juventud Guerrera and Billy Kidman set to go. Juventud Guerrera defending his title against Kidman. Expect fast pace, aerial offense. (Obviously according to the DVD)

Snapmare by Juventud Guerrera, bridge out by Kidman, side head-lock by Juventud Guerrera then a shoulder blockt o Kidman off the ropes, he leaps over him, holds the ropes to avoid a leapfrog and both times both guys chop and forearm each other. Kidman blocks a hiplock and Juventud Guerrera drops his leg on top of Kidman and drives him into the mat.

Juventud Guerrera at 24 years of age and now poses on top getting boos from the crowd.

Kidman down and Juventud Guerrera in control.

Juventud Guerrera with a chop to Kidman in the corner and Kidman misses charging to Juventud Guerrera in one corner and he hits a hurricanrana to Billy Kidman.

This time Juventud Guerrera charged towards Kidman and he hit a running sit-down powerbomb. Juventud Guerrera then picked up by Kidman and slammed to the mat with a ton of velocity. Kidman got a nearfall.

Juventud Guerrera with an inside cradle, almost had him down for a three. Juventud Guerrera connecting with a powerbomb, an elbow and a nearfall.

Champ in control throughout the match in most cases.

A hard snapmare by Juventud Guerrera to Kidman then a headlock to wear him down.

Kidman chopped, then out of the corner hit Juventud Guerrera with a thunderous clothesline as JR would say. Kidman and his chance to get back in the match.

Juventud Guerrera kicks Kidman off the top avoiding a superplex and stun gunned by Juventud Guerrera over the top rope, throat first Kidman falls back into the ring.

Juventud Guerrera jumps off the top but Kidman then answers a missile dropkick with a dropkick of his own!


Kidman tosses Juventud Guerrera out of the ring and onto the floor. Kidman elevated himself over the top rope and on top of Juventud Guerrera.

Back and forth!!!

Kidman fights back with Juventud Guerrera and Juventud Guerrera with a dare-devil risk like move off the top to the floor. Both men took a beating there.

Both men back in the ring and a quick snapshot vertical suplex by Juventud Guerrera. Now he springboard missile dropkicks Kidman to the floor. Juventud Guerrera is flying everywhere. Juventud Guerrera this time with amazing agility comes off the top flies into Kidman with a crossbody by the steel barricade.

Juventud Guerrera throws Kidman head-first into the apron. Juventud Guerrera throws Kidman back in the ring. Juventud Guerrera with a leg-drop onto Kidman and this time still a two count.

Kidman down getting the worst of this match for sure

Now after they go to another ring and Juventud Guerrera gets the worst of launching himself Kidman hits a suplex and then a side suplex.

Kidman with a critical error going for the big splash in the corner. Juventud Guerrera now taking advantage.

Between the rings both men stand Kidman sends Juventud Guerrera into ring #1. Amazing.

Kidman now leaps off the top turnbuckle with a lot of agility and the crowd boo as Kidman cant put Juventud Guerrera away. Kidman gets caught with his stomach on the ropes.

Double springboard followed by a frankensteiner by Juventud Guerrera from one ring to another, to another then almost a Juvi Driver, Kidman countered it, but Juventud Guerrera counters it and the driver is hit on Kidman.

Amazing agility once more!

Both men are spent.

Juventud Guerrera tried a powerbomb to put Kidman away but this time Billy reverses it slamming Juventud Guerrera into the canvas face-first.

Awesome match.

Incredible pace.

Kidman then off the ropes sends Juventud Guerrera down to the canvas. Kidman then goes to the top for a shooting star press but Juventud Guerrera gets up and stops him.

What a match.

Everyone standing.

Juventud Guerrera on the top tried a hurricanrana off the top but Rey Mysterio grabbed onto Kidman and he stayed on top, allowing Kidman to hit the Shooting Star Press. New Champion!

The crowd pop!

Unbelievable stuff.
In the end at Kidman pinned Guerrera after a Shooting Star Press at 15:27 to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.
This match is another Cruiser Classic to end the DVD in style!





Final Rating for Wrestling’s Highest Flyers DVD = 8/10

This set is excellent, simply put. It gives a WIDE Variety of superstars although a few were missing of course as it would be nearly impossible to fit every aerial superstar onto a three disc set. This biggest plus of this set is the rare variety of gems and you really get to see that here. I suggest picking this one up. Very impressive and it is highly entertaining. A great selection of entertaining, high flying action.

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  1. regal is underrated says:

    This is my favourite dvd that I own.

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    Great dvd ser although the HBK/Vader match was annoying with all the restarts.

  3. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:

    WOW! I counted more than 10 four star matches! Maybe even 15! The rating should atleast be 9/10 for all the gems on here

  4. Bryan says:

    Best match compilation DVD ever better than Ladder Match, Hell in a Cell, even the Starrcade Collection! What a collection of lost gems on this set, if you don’t own this pick it up immediately you won’t be disappointed!!

  5. Brett Mix says:

    CJ, it is the name of Macho though, and ton of his gems over the years have not been released on DVD. Also he helped innovate high flying wrestling in the 80s, definitely deserving of a spot on this DVD.

  6. CJ says:

    Savage’s only high flying moves was the elbow and a double axe handle.
    His brother would have made more sense for this DVD.

  7. SRB says:

    I believe SAvage was left out of this set. Give me a break!

  8. gavinotts says:

    i throught it was a good dvd but could of bin made better tho

  9. Rob L says:

    Yeah, I thought this dvd was good as well. I think it gets a lot of heat because of the terrible artwork and it was the first WWE set that didn’t feature an insert. Not to mention sales were probably low due to the lack of promotion it received from the WWE. I would recommend this set to any fan because there are a ton of good matches featured.