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  1. Simon says:

    Is there any hope for a vol. 2 😛 Would be nice!!!

  2. Scsa says:

    I have to say that in this review of the Attitude Era set, all the matches and segements have been reviewed nicely. Although most of then are described as not all that, though still need to be watched… n in the end its been said that this set is close to the writers Top 3!

    Ive ordered my set and have been anxious to watch it (im in the UK) though after reading the review I dont feel so desprate to watch it ne more 🙁 I still wanna watch quite a few of the matches, though I dont think ill b getting a lot of what I thought i would 🙁

  3. Julian says:

    And of course all the Chris Benoit references were edited out

  4. Julian says:

    Another noticeable edit is the match between The Undertaker & Stone Cold v. The Rock & Mankind. The audio play-by-play commentary is giving by The King and Michael Cole when in the actual match (and seen in the video) it was JR and King (JR could be seen sitting and standing near the announcer table).

    • Mark D says:

      That wasn’t an edit, back then WWE would tape 2 episodes of Raw back to back, the first would air that night the second would air the following week. In order to make the taped show feel fresh the commentary was done live from the WWE studios. However the problem on this particular night was 2 days earlier (before the commentary was laid down) WWE went to the UK to do a Saturday night PPV (Capital Carnage), while there JR discovered his Mom had passed away, however Ross agreed to call the PPV – during which he suffered his second Bell’s Palsy attack (live on PPV!).
      When they returned to the US, obviously JR was excused from having to lay-down commentary for the taped Raw on personal and medical grounds, hence Michael Cole filling in. JR wouldn’t return to a full time TV role until early Spring 1999.

  5. Lex. M says:

    I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember and I think it was great just to see all the old memories that gave the wwe its world known name. But to anyone who’s reading this … COULD SOMEBODY HELP!! I put in my 2nd DVD and I have been trying to figure out the name of the song that plays on the main menu and can’t figure it out if anyone knows the song and artist it would really help if you could reply to this!

  6. Marco says:

    I enjoyed the documentary. Every important topic was at least touched.

    Back in the Attitude Era all documetaries only had a (approx.) 1 hour runtime, by the way.

  7. Duane says:

    I though it was a fun watch. There were problems but I thought it flowed well and was easy to watch in a couple sittings. Some more PPV matches or bigger non wrestling moments would have been nice. I would have also liked to have seen a couple divas matches with Trish and Lita but I was happy to see how much Chyna was featured. The Documentary could have just not been included though, it was fairly pointless.

  8. pmdmf says:

    I am currently watching this as I type this. My one beef with this is that there was no “play all” function on disc one special features. Otherwise I am enjoying what I see.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if there will be a volume 2 should this version sell well enough.

  10. RabidHeat says:

    Thank you very much for this, I believe I will now pick this set up thanks to your review.

    To the reviewer though, can I ask whether you agree with what some other people have said when they state that the documentary comes across as a bit negative, almost saying that the era went “too far” and that it was distasteful, etc.? Because if it does that really bothers me, I feel like WWE should just be proud of its legacy, and the way it was in different time periods etc. when that time called for such an approach. I don’t want to hear them pontificating that they now think it was digusting and offensive, when they were perfectly happy to make millions from the fans off that type of product at the time, if you know what I mean.

  11. Simmons says:

    The set doesn’t end in 2000. It talks about the purchase of WCW and the company going public. Just because there are no match extras after Dec 2000 doesn’t mean it ENDS. C’mon people.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      True, but to not even mention WrestleMania 17, which for me was quintessential Attitude Era, is pretty depressing. I look at the Attitude Era DVD packaging fondly but find myself wondering where Disc 4 is hiding with the 2001 content! 😉

  12. t says:

    Are Austin’s revenges on Rikishi and Triple H shown? Kish was No Mercy, Triple H Survivor Series 2000. Please help.

  13. Mongoose Wizard says:

    So how many people exactly wished that the content they used on WWE 13 is what they should have used for the Attitude Era set? I know I sure would! But I’m sure not complaining it definatly brought back all the memories 🙂

    • Brad Attitude says:

      what content was used on WWE 13?

      WWE games should stick to improvements rather than copy UFC by adding footages of matches to their games.

  14. Anonymous says:

    First off…I’d LOVE to know how this spiraled into a discussion about sidebars, rather then actual DVD content? Haha…oh well, Ill just be beating a dead horse if I even bring it up! Onto my thoughts on this DVD. I never set my expectations too high for this set, despite the internet hype machine that was put behind it, simply because I wanted to avoid disappointment. By this point in history I had been a wrestling fan for as long as I could remember & both companies were smoking hot, I had picked WCW’s side for most of 1998, but was slowly being dragged over to the WWF & its edgier product by the time spring of 1999 rolled around, what can I say…I was in their target audience! So, naturally I remember things from this period very well and tend to look back w/ rose coloured eyes, sure I had SOME expectatios, but I certainly wasnt setting anything unachievable. The documentary is fine & I think Joe’s review covers it very well, its actually a pretty bland and uninformative DVD, maybe if your a younger fan, you might find some useful insights, but this isnt covering any new ground. I will say, that its a very faced paced documentary. So, that brings me to disc content, the meat and bones of this set, and let me say first, that this was a massive trip back to the past! I couldnt believe how well I remembered the previously unreleased segments and matches, Test & Steph’s wedding felt like it happened yesterday & let me say, it made me feel old! But, overall, there isnt anything at all to go out of your way & see. If your a collector or a completist, they are kind enough to include a good amount of unrealesed footage, including a rare unrealesed title change. Among that footage is a few gems and highlights, but nothing to get excited about. I cant complain too much, as I was just happy to have the memories come rushing back, but if your looking for a better piece of nostalgia the nWo set is a better choice. Save your money if your not a fan of the era, otherwise, its a fun little look back at a better time…*sigh*


    Documentary (**1/2)

    Steve Austin Vs. The New Age Outlaws Vs. Kane & Mankind Vs. The Rock & Owen Hart (WWF RAW IS WAR – 8/10/98) ***1/2

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Vs. The Undertaker (C) – WWF Championship (WWF RAW IS WAR – 6/28/99) **3/4

    Val Venis Vs. Rikishi (C) – WWF Intercontinental Championship (WWF FULLY LOADED – 7/23/00) ***

    The Hardy Boyz Vs. The Dudley Boyz Vs. Edge & Christian (C) – WWF Tag Team Championship – TLC Match (WWF SUMMERSLAM – 8/27/00) ****3/4

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Vs. The Rock Vs. Undertaker Vs. Triple H Vs. Rikishi Vs. Kurt Angle (C) – WWF Championship – Hell in a Cell (WWF ARMAGEDDON – 12/10/00) ****

    OVERALL: 6.0/10

  15. r93 says:

    Probably wont get this yet as I don’t have a blu ray player and I don’t think the dvd will be worth it seeing how many matches you get exclusive on blu ray

  16. indyfan says:

    Im kind of happy i didn’t buy this. I bought the NWO blu ray and found it sucked big time. The great matches are repeats.

  17. Lemo says:

    Guys the best way to get rid of side bars is set your dvd player to 4:3 letter box , that will get rid of the side bar without streching & will have full screeb footage with the normal size ( people will not look fatter ) , to avoid disorting in picture watch it on AV video using the red, yellow, white cables. It will look awesome

    • Dave says:

      LOL! really?! the red, white, yellow cables in 2012?!

      Might as well pull out our 13″ black and white tube tv, and betamax player. While you’re at it take our your Atari and NES.

      You people shouldn’t even be owning widescreen televisions.

      • indyfan says:

        You shouldn’t own a computer or have internet access. You have no idea how to conduct yourself just because you live a shallow life.

        The guy offers a solution that some might find helpful and you attack him. Why? because you are a loser in real life and need to act like a bad ass on the net. Dave you are nothing more than a pussy hiding behind a keyboard.

        Hey Lemo thanks for your advice. I hope it helps some. I actually don’t mind the side bars.

        • Lemo says:

          Thx Indy , actually for me i use both the HD cables & red, white & yellow cables for my HD tv. For blu rays i watch them on HV modes & i leave my blu ray setting in 16:9 picture, thats the best for 16:9. For 4:3 footages sometimes i go for the dvd’s because i can still watch them on full screen when i set my blu ray to 4:3 letterbox to get rid of the bars but i watch it on AV mode as the quality is better than HV mode if you are watching full screen 4:3 footages on wide screens tv. Actualy those footages were made to be seen on AV mode because the way they were shot.

  18. Paul says:

    Anyone notice the film footage they used from the Attitude Era during the doc? Especially towards the end. It looked incredible in HD! Although it was still 4:3, you can tell it was an HD film transfer. And for those saying they would rather have a stretched (distorted) image, you guys aren’t very smart. Everyone looks fat when that is done. If it was recorded In 4:3, it needs to be represented in 4:3. Not rocket science people.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Yeah, I noticed that type of footage. Great to see (for the first time I guess) and one of the most enjoyable elements of the documentary for me! Gimmie more of that.

  19. Steve G says:

    This s a good release but it could have been much better. All of a sudden the WWE forgot how to do a good documentary. The best one’s have been when they let you behind the curtain and give you information that you didn’t know. They have wasted two of the best DVD concepts in the last two months with subpar documentaries. (nWo being the other). The matches are good but could have been better. What always annoys me is the fact that they always focus on people who are in goos standing in the company today as opposed to the important people of the era. Wasting disc space on Mark Henry vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly is just stupid. And nothing against Eddie Guerrero because he was a great performer; however they just cant seem to put out any release without 2-3 of his matches. If he has 1 match it makes sense but 2-3 on a lot of these releases is just a waste. It is also a shame that we can’t separate Benoit the murderer and Benoit the “wrestling character”. The Radicalz leaving WCW and showing up on Raw was one of the landmark moments in the attitude era but of course 5 years later we can’t move past the horrible incident in Atlanta. Again what he did was unforgivable but he was a wrestling persona and we shouldn’t all of a sudden act like wrestling is real life. My third issue is with the repeats. There aren’t that many on here but do we really need Rock-Mankind from Survivor Series? Put the match they had at Rock Bottom which isn’t on any release. DO we need any Summerslam or Survivor Series match for that matter? Last I checked there are anthologies! Put on matches from Judgment Day or Backlash. Overall a good release but it could have and should have been an over the top release.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Sidebar are to fancy it up so to say because when you up-convert footage to HD it will shrink it or do the sidebar effect. I see nothing wrong with these sidebars its allot better then seeing plan Jane black ones

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is there a chance WWE will be able to release some Tagged Classics in North America now that their issues with the World Wildlife Fund are over?

    • Joe Israel says:

      The question isn’t whether or not they can, it’s whether or not they want to. After the relative lack of success of the Survivor Series anthologies, I don’t think there is much interest in re-releasing old PPVs.

  22. mason says:

    wwedvdnews will the new raw dvd have the full raw 1000 episode

  23. Steven says:

    I think they could’ve put more DX 1997-March1998) on this set because the trio of HBK, The Game Tripke H and Chyna was pure comedy gold and the Armageddon 2000 poster had Undertaker and Ghost Rider on it.

  24. ChadWWE says:

    I am completely satisfied with the stopping point. While the Attitude Era gets all the attention, and it was great, my favorite period of wrestling was the Post-War Era, which obviously starts 2001 and would go through 2003, with the name change and “Ruthless Aggression.” Not only did I like the product then, but the outside interests (namely Playboy) was enjoyable for me.

  25. Brad Attitude says:

    I feel WWE limited their match choices. I get the feeling everytime they add a Eddie Guerrero match that doesn’t seem to have much importance is because they can’t add anything that involves Chris Benoit. Granted, Benoit showed up near the end of the Attitude Era and had a few good matches here or there but I personally don’t see any harm in adding footage or him just for historical purposes … I would’ve liked to have seen the New Age Outlaws vs. Al Snow and Steve Blackman match added on this set just because it got exciting towards the end.

  26. nightmare says:

    I really wish they would not have the sidebars anymore

  27. Tony Kegger says:

    “The Godfather & D’Lo Brown Vs. Too Cool (SmackDown, 7/27/00) – N/A

    This match never really gets going. Still a humorous segment.”

    I’m actually glad this match is included. The Attitude Era wasn’t about five star classics…it was about five star entertainment. I loved Too Cool and The Godfather had one of the greatest entrances of all-time. And I like D’Lo Brown too. It’s good to see the other stars of the Attitude Era are included.

  28. Jeff Copeland says:

    the most over hyped dvd in long time and yet it fails all the bitching and complaning about oohh will it be relesed cause of lindas bs well it was and matches were just random ass ones but wat do u expect people need to stop over hypeing this stuff and just face reality dvds are hit and miss this is a miss for me anyway

  29. Anonymous says:

    I really wish they would not have the sidebars. I would prefer stretched 4:3 myself.

    • Scsa says:

      I agree! Just like on the Austin 3Disc Blu-Ray set!

      • DelWilks says:

        Ummm. The footage on the Austin dvd was not stretched, and the special features were presented in 4:3 with sidebars to fil the 16:9… You might want to check your tv and/or dvd payer settings.

    • StretchHartMark says:

      Anybody who prefers a 4:3 picture stretched to 16:9 is a very confused individual. I really can’t wrap my head around that one. Kudos to wwe for releasing this footage to us as it was broadcast, filmed and intended to be seen. Let’s hope they continue the trend of black sidebars ala the nWo release or something mostly black and unassuming as seen in the attitude era set.

      • Brad Attitude says:

        You sir, are a very confused individual. Anybody who wants sidebars to any dvd clearly has isssues.

        • Poffo's Pal says:

          Why would we want the picture distorted by stretching it? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of watching this footage on an officially released bluray as opposed to an old VHS or YouTube? I’m interested in the quality of the picture, not the amount of space it takes up on my television. If it was filmed in a square, it should presented as such… Anything else is will c

          • Poffo's Pal says:

            … anything else wil compromise the quality of the footage and would be an irritant to the eyes of anyone who actually remembers what stone cold steve austin and the likes looked like back in their day. While I can understand that some people find the graphics on the sidebars to be distracting and/or tacky, I cannot grasp the desire to stretch the footage to a dimension that it never was… That, would truly be tacky.

          • RabidHeat says:

            But the thing is, for this set, ALL of the matches were filmed in the non-HD era. I understand that the interview parts of the documentary are filmed in HD, so the footage used there has to have sidebars. But why couldn’t they just format discs 2 and 3 the old way, since ALL of the footage was recorded on video tape?

            • Dave says:

              You don’t get it do you? WWE produces on Blu-ray too…they don’t produce two separate sets. They record on 1 format and transfer to another…in this example they produce on Blu-ray then transfer that to DVD…they can’ t just edit DVDs like that…it costs money and time.

              WWE films in widescreen now…not 4:3…all 4:3 footage will be displayed the way it was filmed in the 90s…simple!

  30. nightmare says:

    Wow no Brood or the Ministry of Darkness that sucks

    • Paul says:

      They cover the brood and ministry of darkness in the Doc. Also he didn’t list any of the extra moments on the DVD just the matches. When the undertaker and the ministry of darkness kidnapped Stephanie and tried to force her to agree to an unholy wedding that moment is included for instance.

  31. Anonymous says:

    my god i looked every where 4 the blu-ray on black friday 5 different stores only had it on regular dvd then called fye about 45 min away from me had 1 blu ray copy left got it on hold and bought it and i love this blu ray hope there will be a vol 2

  32. DD2 says:

    personally, i love the brawls all over the arena. too bad wwe will never understand this is what people still want and get the writers and wrestlers to pull it off. so i did like a lot of other people and just get dvd’s of the old days and stopped watching current.

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