Review: WWE Backlash 2009 DVD

May 12, 2011 by Brett Mix

(Reviewer’s Note- Brett Mix: From my point of view I would just like to say it’s been a pleasure going back to my Backlash collection and reviewing every Backlash from 1999 to 2009. Unfortunately this is where my Backlash collection stops but thank you for reading and participating)




Brett Mix’s- WWE Backlash 2009 Review:


“I will stop at NOTHING to get what I want! I am a desperate man John!…” Edge




-WWE Backlash 2009 took place on Sunday, April the 26th, 2009 from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island in front of 8,500 fans.

-The main feud heading into WWE Backlash 2009 was between Triple H against Randy Orton over the WWE Championship. The feud started in February when Orton attacked Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon. As a result, Triple H convinced Orton to challenge him at WrestleMania XXV, which Orton did; and Triple H accepted. At WrestleMania on April 5, 2009, Triple H defeated Orton to retain the championship. The following night on Raw, WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced that a six-man tag team match would take place at Backlash between Triple H, Shane McMahon and himself against The Legacy (Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes) which was later turned into a WWE Championship match by new General Manager of Raw, Vickie Guerrero. That same night, Shane and Triple H were attacked by The Legacy, but were saved by a returning Batista. Vince announced that Batista would be taking his place at Backlash

-The Special Features for the DVD include: The Aftermath of the Six Man Tag Match, Stephanie does a terrible acting job as HHH gets carried away on a Stretcher.

-This show featured a pointless Kiss Cam segment, like many PPV`s do from time to time.


-Jim Ross and Todd Grisham did commentary for the Smackdown! matches, Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw matches. The ECW match was done by everyone.
-This was the 11th Annual “Backlash” PPV event produced by the WWE.

-Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler.

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- Jack Swagger (c) vs Christian for the ECW Championship


After chants at Wrestlemania 25 of “Lets go Christian!“ during MITB 5, the WWE got their act together and put him in a rewarding match with Swagger at this event for the ECW title.
Not only do these two have solid chemistry, but this should be a great opener, and of course there was suspense and intrigue over if Christian would win the “big one“ here.
Here we go with the 2009 Backlash opener, Christian gets a great pop and Swagger gets expected, natural heel heat.
Christian gets taken down by Swagger by the waist, and he rides Christian down on the mat. Swagger with a front facelock on Christian into the corner, Christian slapped back at Swagger and then irishwhipped to the ropes on a reverse was Christian who ducked a clothesline and then landed a boot to Swagger. It was obvious christian needs to keep the pace to this match quick to benefit him, while a guy like Jack Swagger would perfer it to be a slow, methodical, mat-based match.
Christian with a side headlock to Swagger. Christian kept it held on Jack Swagger until Swagger pushed him off to the ropes using the side ropes behind him for leverage, and hit Christian with a hard shoulder block. Back up Swagger then did more of the same before scooping Christian up and elevating him all the way over the top rope to the floor.
Big power move from Swagger which intimidates Christian. Swagger doesen’t waste time and choked out Christian on the outside before getting a nearfall back in the ring. Swagger drove his knees into the abdomen of Christian twice and then Swagger slapped on a waistlock and continued to roll over Christian as he rolled him up for a two count, the crowd chanted for Christian. Christian missed an elbow out attempt and Swagger grabbed Christian’s legs and blocked a shot from Christian’s legs and slammed his body down on the mat in unique fashion. Swagger had done his homework and he got a nearfall.
Swagger with more strength and leverage as he held Christian in a bearhug. Swagger wore down Christian some more, he held Christian’s shoulders to the mat as he had him in a pinning combination for a moment, and then lifted him back up.
Christian battled back but Swagger hit him with a sharp forearm, and then a sternum breaker which originally was looking like Jack Swagger was about to hit a backbreaker. Swagger back on the mat rolled into a waistlock. Swagger pounded on the lower back of Christian, he held onto the top rope to duck contact with Swagger, and this time he attempted to charge towards Jack Swagger but he tossed Christian aside. Jack Swagger went to elevate himself off the top turnbuckle dropping his bodyweight but Christian had it scouted and got his knees up. Ross points out that leaving your feet when your a mat wrestler can also be your downfall.
Christian off the ropes hit a running clothesline and then a reverse elbow into Swagger. Swagger tossed Christian aside and Christian hit a sunset flip from the corner and got a two count, almost a new Champion. Christian’s mid-section still hurting and this helped make Swagger more alert and he hit Christian with a high kick. Swagger with a high single-leg into a slam and then he attempted a gut-wrench but Christian realized the damage it could do and he held onto it preventing the slam.

Christian then on the top rope holding off the ECW Champion. Fans on his side watched him connect with a DDT from the corner of the ring, Christian got a two count. This time a long two. Jack Swagger tried to get out of the front facelock by Christian which turned into a tornado DDT.
Swagger then with a huge sidewalk slam to gain himself some time, back up Swagger went for another slam but Christian reversed it into a hiplock elevating Swagger to the outside. Swagger caught Christian in the kisse on the apron and Swagger went to suplex Christian off the apron but he held onto the ropes. With both men standing outside the apron, Christian flipped Jack Swagger over the top rope into the ring.

Jack Swagger caught Christian on the top rope with a headbutt to the injured mid-section. A headbutt off the top rope to the canvas by Swagger. Jack Swagger with great agility dropped his bodyweight to the injured mid-section and somehow Christian kicked out!

Christian went for his signature move but Swagger countered it further damaged his med-section sending him back first into the buckle. Christian though dropped down and rolled Swagger up but only got a nearfall. Swagger then charged with Christian upside down into the turnbuckle hard, Ross calls it a modified version of an Oklahoma Stampede which was made famous by now Hall of Famer, Bill Watts.

Christian untied the top turnbuckle pad and Swagger crashed into the corner, Christian with the killswitch and won the match.

In the end Christian won and became the new ECW Champion at 10:59 to a big pop when he hit his Killswitch.

I thought this match was a pretty brilliant opener.
Perfect pace with a good story.


*** 1/2


2) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat put on a hell of a show at Wrestlemania 25 after being put into the 2009 class of the Hall of Fame.
Jericho wanted to go one on one with Steamboat here and this was fine with everyone, as the Dragon could still go.
Steamboat’s last single’s match since Bash at the Beach 94 where he went at it with Steve Austin.
Jericho was of course inspired by Savage-Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3, so this program for him was nice.

The bell rang and both men were ready to square off.

Chris Jericho told Steamboat to back off when he came at him to begin. Steamboat with a waistlock go-behind to Jericho as he grounded him as Jericho grabbed onto the ropes to break the hold.

Jericho asked the official to get Steamboat off of him. Steamboat with a side headlock to Jericho and off the ropes he ducked under Jericho after the two got into a pushing war.


Steamboat dropkicked Jericho to the outside and then he leaped over the top rope with a crossbody to Jericho.
Steamboat chopped Jericho and hit a couple of nice deep armdrag’s like only the Dragon knew how. I marked at Cole mentioning Randy Savage and the great match Steamboat had with him at Wrestlemania 3. That match sparked interest in a young Jericho to make this one of his many professions as mentioned.
Fans chanted “You still have it” as Steamboat worked over Jericho’s arm as he held an armbar. Steamboat tugged Jericho back and Chris fought back and he hit a shoulderblock in mid-ring. Jericho leaped over the Dragon and cole yells out “Vintage Steamboat” when he hit the deep armdrag takedown. Steamboat with an armbar as the wrists locked. Jericho kicked out of it and levelled Ricky Steamboat with a big righthand, Steamboat with a hard chop back followed by a shoulder block.
Jericho threw Ricky Steamboat over the top until he skinned the cat. Jericho then charged at the Dragon and clotheslined him over the top to the outside. Jericho with a springboard dropkick to Steamboat on the apron and he was knocked down. Jericho posed to a chorus of boo’s. Jericho suplexed Steamboat and kicked at him. Jericho slapped Ricky Steamboat in the corner calling him washed up. Jericho with a snapmare until Chris locked on a sleeper. Steamboat started to rise and then he hit another deep armdrag to Jericho but Chris stayed away and levelled Steamboat down, and the Dragon kicked out.
Jericho with a standing side headlock and Ricky Steamboat tried to push him off to the ropes but couldn’t, Steamboat did get a belly to back suplex but only a one count. Jericho kept the sleeper on Ricky Steamboat and the crowd were brutal here. All you could here was Jericho’s trash-talking.

Jericho stood with his side headlock until Ricky Steamboat didn’t even attempt to get out of it. Steamboat got hit with a headbutt, and when Jericho went for a running bulldog Ricky Steamboat sent Jericho up to the top turnbuckle landing groin first. Steamboat lands some high kicks and climbs to the top rope to meet Jericho, and going for a back superplex on Jericho from the top. Steamboat took a big chance and he landed the belly to back Superplex as both men were now down, Steamboat couldn’t dig down deep enough to get a count in fast enough time, so Jericho kicked out. That was Steamboat’s big chance right there.
Momentum shifted as the Dragon hit chop after strike but Jericho kicked out. Ricky Steamboat charged at Jericho and he hit a reverse elbow, Steamboat still hit a scoop slam and he got a two. Ricky Steamboat with another chop and he sent Jericho to the ropes and he hit a boot to the face followed by a inziguri kick. Cole and King put over how Steamboat has impressed them here.
Jericho then hit a running bulldog to Steamboat. Steamboat had given Jericho more then he could handle, just like at Mania, without making Jericho look overly weak.
Steamboat was down and Jericho went for the Lionsault but Steamboat picked him up, Jericho rolled through it, flipped Steamboat over and Ross says he’s never seen Steamboat submit in all his years.
The Dragon reversed the Walls of Jericho into a modified figure four. Jericho rolled into the bottom rope and grabbed ahold of it. The Dragon looking for something big up high, and Jericho charged towrds him and hit his head on the ringpost. Steamboat hit a crossbody off the top and Jericho was able to kick out. Steamboat got a boot up to the cranium of Y2J who charged towards him but then Steamboat got caught in mid-air where he couldn’t make a veteran like adjustment and he was hit by the codebreaker.
Chris only got a two, he thought he got a three.
Jericho was full of rage and slapped at Steamboat. Steamboat rolled through with an inside cradle to Jericho and got a two. Jericho then was in the middle of the ring and he slapped on the Walls once more.

In the end Jericho defeated Steamboat once again at 12:32 after he made Steamboat tap to the Walls of Jericho.

This was another good nostalgia rush just like at Mania where Jericho gets to work with one of his idols, Steamboat was stellar for his age.

I thought this one was even better then the Mania match since it was one on one.
Great stuff.


*** 1/4




3) CM Punk vs Kane


Kane awaited a much smaller (to say the least) CM Punk to come out.

CM Punk was the sympathetic babyface here, while Kane was in the monster heel role.


CM Punk had recently won his second Money In the Bank Ladder match just a few weeks before this match at Wrestlemania 25.

Both these competitor’s on Friday Night Smackdown! as of the 09 Draft not long before this.

Kane looked on at Punk who came out with that Case.

Both guys got set to go and Punk dodged an attack in the corner from Kane and he hit a righthand followed by a high kick with his right leg. Kane cornered CM Punk this time and landed a right knee into the mid-section followed by a couple of high shots. Kane threw Punk into the corner but he lifted both legs up to Kane who charged towards him. Punk with a cross-armbreaker to Kane over the ropes and he was going for Kane’s right arm to possibly avoid the chokeslam for later on.

Good strategy by Punk.

Kane caught Punk with the arm on the outside but since it’d be weakened they followed up the story straight away and Kane let gom, Punk then dropped his bodyweight onto Kane on the floor.

In the ring Punk had Kane in the middle of the ring and he locked on an armbar to the same arm he had began working on from before. CM Punk was then reversed low into the corner ring post by Kane who then hit a baseball slide showing some agility and Punk’s back cracked on the post. CM Punk was of course elevated to the outside from that baseball slide by Kane after the whip to the post. Kane got a two count. Kane then with a bodyscissors to CM Punk in mid-ring, wrapping his long legs around the mid-section of CM Punk.

Kane headbutted Punk from a sitting position. CM Punk gasping for air looked for an easy way out as Kane was grounding a much quicker Punk, which was of course a good strategy. Kane avoided a high kick from Punk but landed a stiff clothesline to the jaw. Kane got a two count. Kane scooped up Punk and went for a sidewalk slam but landed a back breaker, hitting Punk’s lower back on his knee. Kane then stretched Punk’s neck back over his knee with the palm of his hand. Lawler suggested Kane wasn’t wearing down his opponent, but rather just enjoying the inflicting of punishment.

CM Punk out of no where dropped Kane with an armbar takedown, as he reversed a chokeslam from Kane in mid-air. Nice reversal move by Punk, good strategic wrestling. Punk landed some kicks to Kane and then he stretched out Kane’s arm over the top rope, and intelligently being obedient to the official. Punk then went charging towards Kane but ran into a high size 16, right in the ear.

Kane went up high but CM Punk landed a high inziguri. Punk attempted to then lift Kane from the top with perhaps an airplane spin, or a go to sleep but the damage to Punk’s lower back earlier on made Punk drop Kane. CM Punk landed a running bulldog but Kane kicked out. CM Punk springboarded off the top rope but Kane landed an uppercut which sounded awesome and Punk kicked out, Cole asks how, but as if that was going to do him in of all things.

Punk twisting an attempted slam from Kane in mid-air and turned on Kane, and resourcefully he tried to hyperextend the bad elbow of Kane, and then Kane back to his vertical base got a sideslam and landed it. Kane scores a two count. CM Punk down on the mat went to turn around and Kane signalled for a chokeslam, would Kane have enough in his right arm. We don’t see because Punk hits anothr inziguri, and Kane drove Punk to the mat with a big chokeslam.

In the end Kane put away Punk at 9:24 after he used BOTH arms to chokeslam Kane.

This one kept Kane looking strong, and despite the dead crowd told a compelling story. I liked the back and forth pace, the psychology was there and the contrast in styles worked quite well.

I probably would of put Punk over but I did enjoy this match. Good quality here.

** 3/4





4) Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy in an “I Quit” Match


It’s pretty much common knowledge, that both these brothers rely in gimmicks to get by with each other, they certainly don`t have that x-factor some brothers do (Bret-Owen) to get by on say a mat-based match alone.

They had a pretty good match at Mania, and now they got an I Quit match to work with here, which they should do nothing but benefit from.

Jeff Hardy ducked a clothesline from Matt and he fired back as he violently lowered an attack to Matt and then struck his head towards the turnbuckle. Jeff spread Matt`s legs and dropped his bodyweight towards Matt. Jeff hung onto the top rope as he dropkicked Matt to the outside, Jeff then sprung his bodyweight over the top rope to the floor landing on Matt. Jeff Hardy irishwhipped Matt to the barricade landing back first. Jeff set up the steps to bounce off of, and sure enough he leaped off of the steps and then he dropped his body into Matt, who hit the security wall back first.

Matt was clotheslined over the top rope as Jeff dropped his head. A small `Lets go Matt` chant starts which makes me think there are some great Wrestling fans still out there. Jeff dropkicked Matt into the corner. Jeff with a legdrop to Matt from the corner of the ring. Jeff slowly dropped some fists into the back of Matt before leaping up on him applying a sleeper hold in mid-ring.

Matt was being worn down by Hardy in slow fashion but then Matt dropped Jeff`s head towards the turnbuckle. Matt bought himself time and he dropped an elbow onto Jeff before an uppercut. Matt then was elbowed by Jeff on the corner, went for a high risk move off the top but it backfired as Matt pushed him off the top. The official asked Jeff if he quit, and he claimed he didn`t from the floor. Matt went to attack Jeff Hardy some more on the outside. Matt dropped right hands to Jeff who was groin first around the ring post, Matt smacked Jeff`s right leg twice against the post and Jeff still said No to the question of the match. Fans chanted for tables. Matt stretched on Jeff`s legs as it looked like he tweaked his knee from before.

Matt took out the leg of Jeff as he swung it upwards. Matt locked on a Figure Four in mid-ring.

Jeff was then being disected by his brother who was targetting the left leg Jeff Hardy had earlier tweaked, dropping his body weight and twisting the leg of Jeff. Matt kicked at Jeff`s leg some more and then grabbed both of his feet and went for another leglock.
Jeff Hardy was hilarious in yelling out NO with that accent he has, in a ton of agony while Matt just put more and more damage to his leg. Jeff missed a desperation spinning heel kick and Matt put Jeff into a unique position, with a half crab of sorts, Jeff now switched up his vocabulary saying FORGET IT rather then No. Always nice for a switch.
Matt angry Jeff Hardy wasn`t quitting and began taking out his raw emotion on Jeff. Matt hammered at Jeff`s lowerback and then stretched him upside down as he grabbed ahold of Jeff`s neck and Jeff Hardy said No. Cole claims the match is becoming increasingly frustrating. Well, it wasn`t great.

Jeff on the top backed Matt off and hit a corkscrew moonsault or a Whisper in the Wind on one leg out of desperation. Jeff`s leg had of course been worked over the entire time, this bought him a moment. When both brothers rose up a slugfest broke out and Jeff with a spinning kick with his good leg kicked Matt back first to the mat.

Jeff then twisted the legs of Matt and hit a Texas Cloverleaf. Lawler and Cole tried to put over the family feud here, but I wasn`t buying and would rather be focusing on the in-ring action. Matt held onto the bottom rope and said NO to the question being asked of him all of the sudden. Jeff went for a twist of fate and was pushed off by Matt, and then he dropped his leg on Matt out of an initial reaction to his an offensive move.
Jeff hit a twist of fate, and then a Swanton bomb to his own brother.


Matt doesen`t quit but hesitated answering to put over the brutality of Jeff Hardy`s finisher, surely.

Jeff hit a second Swanton Bomb off the top rope once again and again Matt didn`t give in. Fans chanted for tables earlier in the match, they were now getting there wish. Jeff grabbed a table but Matt fought back taking the action to the floor and Jeff splashed Matt down on the floor, a big collision but both men got knocked down.
Jeff slowly threw Matt back in the ring. Jeff put Matt on top of the table and went for a Ladder underneath the ring you`d think but instead he grabbed tape which got boo`s, until he began taping Hardy`s feet together bounding him from below. Jeff then tied up Matt`s wrists together. Matt tied up from up above and below as Jeff hammered at Matt on top of a table some more. Jeff then tied Matt across the table with a rope.
Jeff Hardy clearly thought these steps through.
Now the Enigma grabbed a big Ladder to a bigger pop. Another pop as he takes off his shirt. Matt pleads with him but Jeff knows everything he had gone through and then he decides to go through with it.

Matt got on the mic tied to a table, he said he loved Jeff. This was hilarious. Matt talked about his Mama in heaven not wanting this to happen, and his dad at home sick not wanting it either. Matt quit. Fans booed.

Jeff Hardy then dropped his legs onto Matt through a table, from on top of a Ladder.

In the end Jeff defeated his brother Matt at 19:08 when he made Matt utter the words, “I Quit.“

This one was extremely slow.
Some of the action was pretty good at times, such as the legwork, but both men could of done a lot more in quicker time.
Pretty solid in parts.


** 1/2


5) Santina Marella (c) vs Beth Phoenix for the title of “Miss Wrestlemania“

A Ridiculous concept here.

Santina won at 0:03 when he-she defeated Beth after Santina just pinned her and then danced to the old Rico-Billy-Chuck theme.

Since less thought went into this segment then the review of it I will write, I will make it just that way on purpose.


People need comic relief at the best of times, but not on a quality PPV please, or at least they got of tried to actually make this funny to begin with.





6) The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) vs Triple H (c), Batista and Shane McMahon in Six-man tag team match for the WWE Championship




Remember King of the Ring 2000 where The Rock took the title from HHH after pinning Vince, well the same deal here. I am not a fan of this formula but at least it wasn`t HHH vs Orton again after there WM 25 letdown.

Shane-O Mac came out first, Batista then came out next. As of this writing he is injured for the 80th time in the last few years, and interestingly enough they talked about him having recently returned from injury. It seems that`s what he always does.
Here comes The Game, the defending WWE Champion who had a personal feud with Orton by this point to say the least.

Out next was Legacy.

“I Hear Voices” hit the PA and out walked Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. I always find it humerous how Orton stands in the middle and both members of Priceless just walk to his side walking in perfect motion just behind him to make the crown jewel standout.

Randy Orton wanted to win the WWE title here, to further solidify his status on top of the WWE as the go to Heel.

Orton stood on the outside apron after what seemed like an eternity staring at all three babyfaces who were anctious to get things going. Ross points out all three times Orton has lost his WWE title it had been to Triple H.

This time HHH walked in with the title.
The lights turned on as the action got underway with Hunter taking down Orton and the bell rang, as the fans cheered on the action. Shane and Batista spotted Priceless on the other side and both Dave and Shane McMahon took down Orton and then locked eyes on Priceless. HHH worked over Orton in the entrance way.
Keota settled things down and HHH beat on Orton some more in the entrance way. HHH ran back to the ring. It was temporarily three on two, as Orton had momentarily left.
Priceless refused to get in the ring. The bell went as it`d be 3 on 2 to begin, HHH`s belt on the line.
Dave Batista started officially with Rhodes as he swung him in over the top rope. Batista drove his back into the buckle and speared his abdomen a number of times. Batista irishwhipped Rhodes`s back hard into the corner. Dave with a snapmare followed by a big kick to the head of Cody off the ropes. Shane McMahon tagged in and Batista held Cody in the corner. Shane dropped an elbow to Cody`s sternum as those two double teamed one half of Priceless. Shane dropped a couple of elbow shots to Cody.

Ross questions what kind of Leader Orton was to leave his group to the Wolves here. Hunter tagged in and he fired some shots away on Cody Rhodes. He backed off for a moment from the official`s instruction, and he irishwhipped Rhodes into the corner hard once more. HHH with a front facelock to Rhodes and then another hard irishwhip sending Cody back first, he then told Cody to suck it before he kicked at Cody. Rhodes then kicked HHH off the ropes as he made a simple mistake bending down going for a backdrop. DiBiase in and went for a clothesline and HHH took him down.
Brother-in-laws make a tag and Shane McMahon double teamed DiBiase as HHH held him up. A tenacious Shane-O-Mac fired away on DiBiase keeping him in there corner as Batista got tagged back in and went to work some more on Ted. Off the ropes DiBiase caught Dave with a high kick, he tags back in Cody but they ran into yet another suplex from Batista who displayed his awesome power as he held Cody Rhodes in the air for near seven seconds before dropping the standing vertical suplex in the most powerful fashion. Rhodes to his credit raked the eyes behind the official`s back and tagged in Ted DiBiase who was relentless in his attack on Tista in the corner hammering him away. Rhodes dished out punishment behind Keota.

Both Priceless made frequent tags as they worked over Dave in the corner some more, both guys landed shots on Batista. Dave off the ropes though showed Raw power and shoulder blocked Cody, sending him out of the ring and spinebustered DiBiase. The son of the Million Dollar Man escaped out of a potential Batista Bomb as he went for a breather still selling the back from an earlier spinebuster slam by Batista. Tista followed Ted on the outside dropping some blows to his injured lower back, then all of the sudden from the back, the main Challenger in this match, Randy Orton finally returned hammering Batista from behind. Orton hammered Tista`s head into the ring post and the official didn`t see it. Orton tags in and he went back to work on Batista.

Nice strategy by Orton.

Randy Orton took full advantage of his assault on Tista and he stomped away on the Animal in the corner. Orton with some more shots on Batista in mid-ring. Orton then grabbed ahold of Batista and hit an uppercut to Dave. Orton then choked out Tista with DiBiase on the outside as Cody distracted Keota. Cody Rhodes threw Tista to the outside. DiBiase landed another cheapshot as he kicked Dave outside the ring, meanwhile Triple H and Shane McMahon just stand on there apron and strangely let these spots happen without one single complaint.

Orton then with a deranged look and a sick smile, DDT`d Batista landing hard on the canvas with Tista`s long and powerful legs on the middle rope. Orton gets a two. If Orton pins anyone he is Champion, and HHH looked on concerned.

DiBiase dropped elbow shots to Batista. Batista then powered out of this onslaught attack by Legacy in the corner. A timely drop toehold by DiBiase to Batista making sure the Animal didn`t play the power game. A mid-ring sleeper by DiBiase to Batista but the Animal got back to his vertical base and hit a side suplex to Ted DiBiase. Orton got the tag and Batista was a fingertip away from tagging in the Cerebral Assassin but he couldn`t quite make it in time.

Orton dragged Batista into the middle of the ring. Randy Orton cut off the ring and watched himself, methodically take apart the Animal wearing him down with knee shots into the Esophagus of the Animal. A deliberate attack to Tista, as Orton slapped on a reverse chinlock to Batista, wearing down the Animal some more. The crowd clap on in union trying to encourage Batista back into the match. A shoulder block mixed with a headbutt by Tista out of desperation landing a shot on Orton. Shane McMahon tagged in and then he took apart Legacy. Adrenaline running through the boss`s son as he hit a swinging neckbreaker to Cody Rhodes as he tossed DiBiase out of the ring. Ted stopped Shane from taking monitor`s off the TV. Shane had Cody down and he went up high for an elbow drop and successfully landed it.
Shane covered Cody but DiBiase on the outside pulled Shane out of the ring. Randy Orton irishwhipped Shane over the steel steps, and Shane`s legs were catapolted across the steps, the official Mike Keota who was attempting to get Hunter back on the apron was oblivious to Orton`s vile irishwhip to Shane into the steps on the outside.
Orton with a suplex to Shane and he hooked the legs getting just a two count. Orton in control once more dragged Shane into the middle of the ring, while Batista and Triple H looked on glaring. Orton being his cool and confident self dragged Shane back towards the middle of the ring and stomped on him some more. DiBiase then landed a boot to the mid-section of Shane-O-Mac which took him momentarily to the outside of the ring. DiBiase broke the count and got Shane back in the ring and scored a two count. DiBiase cut off the ring and dragged Shane McMahon to his side, tagging in Legacy`s Cody Rhodes as both men stomped on Shane. Cody Rhodes then hammered away on Shane but Shane fired back, couldn`t gain any momentum as Rhodes continued the work on Shane holding him in a full nelson, Randy Orton tagged himself in and wore down Shane McMahon some more.
Orton isolated Shane in his side of the ring, just as the other members of Legacy had done before him. Orton with a beautiful standing dropkick to Shane McMahon and he got a two as he locked eyes with a worried Hunter who had barely seen in-ring action.
Randy Orton dragged Shane McMahon to the corner for DiBiase to keep landing elbow drops to Shane McMahon. DiBiase landed a big elbow to Shane McMahon, and then a reverse chinlock. Hunter looked on concerned as Ted DiBiase hit a hiplock to Shane. Cody Rhodes tagged himself back in and he kicked at Shane, and then he dropped the knee to Shane McMahon. Ross puts over Legacy`s fathers and how all of them are in or will be in the hall of fame eventually.

Cody Rhodes wearing down Shane McMahon`s neck with a front facelock, and Rhodes continued to work it over. Tista and Trips tried to will Shane on from the outside ring apron as did the crowd. Cody Rhodes though held the front facelock to Shane McMahon in the middle of the ring. Keota dropped Shane`s arm twice and on the third attempt he began to battle through. A slower moment in the match here.
Shane then battled out scooping up Rhodes, but he missed by inches as Rhodes drove the knee back into Shane, and then grounded him once more with a front facelock. Cody Rhodes looking like a smart student of the game here, working the smart heel like logic-tag team formula by keeping the babyface grounded as he can`t make the hot-tag.
Eventually Shane goes for the hottag and Legacy STILL kept Shane in the middle of the ring. DiBiase dropped the elbows into Shane`s lowerback. DiBiase with a sleeper, but Shane McMahon countered into a dropkick. Both men down and both teams willing on there man, the faces were hot for Shane McMahon to make a hot-tag.
The Game in for the first time in ten minutes at least, fired away on Orton in the corner with all he had. A fresh Triple H pouring out all emotion on Orton making this an exciting and well deserved climax for the viewer. HHH hit a facebuster to Orton and then tossed out both members of Priceless clearing the ring. This bought Orton time to lift the boot up at a charging Triple H, who then hit a spinebuster out of no where. Orton kicked out, Tista had enough and he attacked HHH.
HHH went for a Pedigree on DiBiase then Rhodes interupted that, Shane McMahon then took Rhodes out of contention, action everywhere. Shane McMahon took Rhodes out to the concrete outside the barricade. Lillian Garcia looking on at a distance. Rhodes knocked Shane McMahon out behind the official. Rhodes then hit a steel chair into the throat of Batista behind the official.

Keota up to an eight count as both Orton and HHH were down, they got up, Orton went for an RKO, HHH then went for a pedigree but stopped as he grabbed a chair out of Batista`s hand on the outside. Orton hit an RKO on HHH and the bell rang but Keota says he only got a two.
Orton kicked at Hunter`s head and won the title.

In the end at 22:48, Randy Orton became the WWE Champion for then a fourth time after he did what many thought he should of done (including me) at Wrestlemania 25, by defeating HHH after a big kick, knocking him out.

This match was a ton of fun, worked very well. An un-needed typical “lets take the person Orton just kicked out on a stretcher“ spot happened after the match.

A great ride.


*** 1/4



7) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs Edge in a Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship


Dave Meltzer highly praised this bout with a **** 1/2 rating.

While I certainly am not a fan of Edge winning and losing the title every month, the match still had me glued and I was interested to see just how this one would come off.
I think most Edge-Cena matches lack origanility personally, I hate most of the mid-match spots in there series together, so adding a stipulation such as a `Last Man` standing stipulation was absolutely essential from where I stand in making this come off good, afterall Edge does shine better in gimmick matches as that is certainly no secret.
So here we go.

Edge came out first, the challenger as he awaited the man he despised, John Cena who came out to a good ovation, mostly cheers.

Like as is the case in most of there matches together, Edge splits the crowd with Cena as he gets his share of boo`s certainly.

A “Cena Sucks” chant broke out before he even came out.

Last Man Standing matches are usually epic, so this one I was excited for. One of my favourite matches ever was Last Man Standing with Triple H and Chris Jericho at Fully Loaded 2000.

John Cena himself competed in a Classic one with Umaga at the 2007 Royal Rumble two and a half years before this one.

Edge and Cena listened to the crowd and both men locked eyes as they were set to go here for the World title in a LMS Main Event to close Backlash 09.

The Wild crowd helped set the stage here, this felt like it could of been the Wrestlemania 25 Main Event which will only help matters.
Both men tie-up and we`re told right away by Ross that this is going to be a FIGHT. Cena dodged a belly to back from Edge and then he hesitated. Edge could take his time with no countout`s, Cena chased him. Edge went for a spear and Cena faked an attitude adjustment early.

Both men playing mindgames just setting the stage here in quite great fashion. Edge with a sleeper on Cena and off the ropes hit a shoulder block to John Cena. Edge hammered away on Cena in the corner, but Cena hit a fisherman`s suplex out of the corner. Edge pulled from behind and dropped Cena back first with an impaler. Edge thinking spear clotheslined Cena down.
Edge clotheslined Cena again to the mat, repeatedly before he dished out righthands to the former doctor of thuganomic`s. Cena was being counted by former WCW official, Charles Robinson.

Up at six, Cena fired back but is reversed into the ropes by Edge who hit a spinning heel kick. Edge in the corner let the official count but this was giving Cena a chance to re-group which wasn`t smart, Cena landed back some shots. Edge then drove Cena headfirst into the mat. Edge slapped on a sleeper which could be effective in wearing down Cena, forcing the blood out of him making it hard for him to gain a vertical base. Edge at 6`4 had a leverage advantage so this was a nice strategic gameplan by Edge here in a match of this nature, afterall you win by making your opponent fail to answer the count of ten.
The hostile crowd made this Main Event`s atmosphere much, much better. Edge continued with a sleeper on Cena and then he leaned back to the mat, he had Cena right where he wants him with a sleeper mixed in with a bodyscissors, wearing down the Champion.

Edge got up and now Robinson began to count to ten.

Fans chanted for Cena, others chanted for Edge. Charles Robinson counted. Cena up at seven hit a running shoulder block and then a sideslam to Edge. Cena went for the worst move in wrestling history, the five knuckle shuffle but Edge did see, witty comment by Lawler as Edge kicks out of it.

Edge slaps on a Sharpshooter to pay tribute to his Canadian heritage surely. Also this helped Edge use the ropes for leverage to take Cena down and work over his legs, thus making it harder for him to stand.

Nice psychology by the challenger.

Edge then charged towards Cena and hammered him off the ring apron as he went flying to the floor. Edge then in the ring again just waited to see if Cena would answer the count, as if he wasn`t going to. Edge should know by now in there feud that Cena will always get to his feet after half-assed moves like that, especially relatively early in the match. Perhaps the only aspect I haven`t liked with this match.
Edge charged towards Cena by the steps he set up, going for a spear Edge crashed and burned spearing the steps, as Cena avoided contact with Edge.

John Cena got time to re-group but not for long as Edge reversed an irishwhip on the outside and Edge tossed Cena this time hard into the steel steps. The official stopped at six when counting Edge, but now began a new one for Edge as he threw Cena hard into the steps. Each time Cena is down for the count it goes longer, Cena was down for the eight this time and he was able to send Edge into the steps this time to buy himself more time.
Neither man dominant at this point as Cena began to fight back, which added a good element as it can get boring watching one side completely dominate the other in this environment if not done properly. Cena tossed Edge back in the ring but not before scooping up the steel steps and then he tried to throw it over the top ropes, and failed to do it twice as the fans laughed at him, but then he did it on the third attempt. Cena ran towards Edge and he got the boot up to the skull of Cena. John Cena down and Edge had the steps parked in the ring. Edge then picked up the large Steps and drove them into Cena in the corner of the ring. Edge vertically placed the steps in front of Cena. Edge charged towards the steps and dropkicked them in front of the defenseless body of Cena catching him hard in the corner.

Ross puts it over nicely.

Edge charged towards Cena and then he used his strength to catapolt Edge over the top as he backdropped Edge to the outside, buying himself some more much needed time after that brutal step spot. With Edge down on the outside till the seven count, he watched Cena toss the steps over the top ropes onto Edge hitting him square in the head, connecting nicely. Edge down again as Cena stood in the middle of the ring hoping for a ten count to retain his title.

A slugfest came about and Edge got most of the male cheers as both guys then were exhausted and used a breather resting on each other. Gutcheck time as both John Cena and Edge knocked each other down.

We`ve seen LMS`s in the past end in a double countout, Rock-Foley from SVDM 99 and of course Shawn-HHH from RR 04, both those decisions not popular.

Edge countered an attitude adjustment, and a third counter by Edge into a side suplex. Great offensive exchange there, a series of nothing but counters and reversals of the other man`s finisher.

Edge then mocked Cena`s “You can`t see me!“ and Cena hit a STF, Edge tapped out but it didn`t matter as it was a Last Man Standing match. Edge tapping put over Cena`s submission hold more, but the match was still going.

The Climax was here, that was quite evident due to the finisher spot.
Again, a lively crowd has helped this match big time as has the pacing. Edge scooped up going for the Attitude Adjustment was Cena but he got out of it, rolling out and reversing it into none other then a Spear by the challenger!

Edge hits the Spear! Both men down, Edge up at six, Cena still down.

Edge waited as some of the crowd chanted “Lets go Cena!“

Edge from the top rope was caught by Cena and he went up high and went for an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope, nicely done from the top rope! Great spot.

Edge willed himself up. Cena then went for a knee drop from the top, but Edge caught Cena in mid-air with another spear to the sternum, the air sucked right out of Cena.

Out by the announce table, Cena did the unthinkable. What an awesome spot this was, Cena hit an attitude adjustment to Edge straight into the WWE universe. Perhaps the only time I have ever liked hearing the term “WWE Universe“ in any sentance.

Even after that Edge made it back to his feet and Cena couldn`t believe it. Cena then chased Edge around and this was becoming epic.

Cena chased Edge up the stairs to the backstage area. nearing the concenssion in front of the fans both men battled it out some more. I always like spots like this, good direction as it gives the fans in far away places something extra from the show to take home, the action close to them.

Cena hit a nice running bulldog onto the equipment driving Edge right into apart of the stage.

What a war.

Edge then struck Cena with a weapon he had found nearby. Cena then slugged it out with Edge on the entrance way, Edge hit an awesome DDT to Cena right on the steel ramp knocking him out for certain.

Both men down as the official began to count again, what a match.

Edge ran from backstage with a steel chair knocking Cena down. Edge slammed a chairshot to the head of Cena twice more after Cena had been knocked out, crushing his skull for the second time this week.

We were set to have a New Champion. Edge up and Cena made it to his feet just barely, he scooped up Edge for an attitude adjustment but Big Show ran out and scooped up Cena and slammed his black through the glass of one of the lights nearing the stage. Awesome spot.

So in the end at 28:24 Edge was the last man standing and won his 9th World title in the process after Big Show`s assistance and Cena failed obviously to answer the ten count. Nice explosion after that spot to boot.

If this is not there best match together, it was clearly there 2nd best, it is either this or there TLC match from Unforgiven 06.

This match was a stellar and logical choice to close out a very strong Backlash PPV.
Fantastic main event! In my top five for this year as of this writing.




Final Rating for WWE Backlash 2009 = 8/10



What an event.

This show was better then Wrestlemania 25.
It started out with a great Christian-Swagger bout, it had three more matches over three stars, one at four (the main event) and another near three in Punk-Kane. The worst match of the night outside the dud was a decent I Quit match with the Hardy Boyz. All in all, one of the best Backlash shows ever, pick this up, a lot of quality here with fantastic action.


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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This was an awesome event. The WWE Championship match and the world heavyweight championship match were THEE 2 matches of the night for me personally.

  2. john says:

    “Orton hit an RKO on HHH and the bell rang but Keota says he only got a two.”

    LOL, even the timekeeper wanted Orton to become WWE champion. And I dont blame him. Triple H should have done the job at WrestleMania 25.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Yes, 2003 and that is reviewed by me already if you check the review section and click the appropriate link. (Other PPV’s)

    Thanks everybody for appreciating these, I have so much more material to get done so I’m no where near done. Don’t worry.

  4. william says:

    @steven It was 03 and it was booker t

  5. Steven says:

    Hey Brett which Backlash had the 6 man tag match of HBK, Kevin Nash and Booker T I think or Jeff Hardy against Triple H, Flair, and Jericho. I think it was 2004 or 2003 but it was a great match I thought.

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    this was i think a good backlash and kinda sucks it had to end cause i think backlash series was really good extreme rules has been a all right replacemtn but thank u for this and hopefully u do judgment day next cause theres some good gems in that series again thank u

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to read another one of your highly entertaining reviews. Keep it up!

  8. Austin says:

    I was at this event and it was an honor to see Steamboat live

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