Review: WWE Backlash 2005 DVD

May 1, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Backlash 2005 Review:

Brett Mix’s- WWE Backlash 2005 Review:





“Just ONE…LAST….Match!.” -Shawn Michaels




-WWE Backlash 2005 was a wrestling (PPV) event produced by the WWE. The event took place on Sunday, May the 1st, 2005 in front of 14,000 fans at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.


-This was the seventh annual Backlash PPV event by the Company.


-The biggest storyline for Backlash 2005 was between World Champion Batista and Triple H. Also Hulk Hogan coming back to tag with Shawn Michaels helped market this event.


-Backlash helped WWE increase its pay-per-view revenue by $4.7 million, through ticket sales and pay-per-view buys, many fans buying into it being the REAL-LEGIT last match of Hulk Hogan.


-Tyson Tomko defeated Val Venis at 5:40 on Sunday Night Heat before the PPV began.

-Christian cut a good promo during the event as he was gaining momentum as a star at this time.

-During the event Jerry Lawler held a segment with the Raw divas promoting a new magazine until Chris Masters broke it up and held a Masterlock Challenge in which he won.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for this Raw brand PPV.





Now onto the PPV…..






1) Opening Contest- Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



Now by this point in time Shelton helped deliver credibility back to the IC title. Sure it was not defended at Wrestlemania 21 but Shelton stole the show in the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder match. (Excluding the brilliant selling of the arm of one Chris Benoit)

Benjamin was in tough here taking on a multiple time IC Champion in Jericho. Fans into both guys, an exciting way to start the show.
Crowd fired up for this one.

A very quick opener here. Jericho and Benjamin really brought it here and get ready for this one. Jim Ross says this should be a very competitive to say the least, little did he know it would result in a Classic.

Both men won at Backlash 04.

Chris Jericho begins with a waist-kock take down and then Shelton counters with a head-scissors and Jericho rolls up and they bridge out, Shelton with a backslide and a nearfall.

A quick arm-drag takedown by Shelton Benjamin, Ricky Steamboast like into an armbar by the Champ. Shelton Benjamin springboards off the ropes once Jericho has an arm-ringer into an armbar and Shelton counters using his quickness and speed, and agility to hold an armbar on Jericho.

King says hilariously to JR did he not use that on HHH and JR says he thinks it was someone else.

Jericho with a slap to Shelton and he jumps on him and delivers rights.

Jericho fights back with some solid shots, Jericho with a chop to Shelton on the ropes numerous times and Shelton off the ropes with a kick to Jericho. Shelton Benjamin looking for a suplex, Jericho blocks it. Shelton suplexes Jericho and he lands on the apron and backdrops Shelton to the ground and he lands on his feet on the floor.

Jericho countered with a hurricanrana on the floor to Shelton Benjamin.

Fans chant Y2J, both men down.

Unbelievable high risk move.

This could of been on the best high flyers DVD featuring the best aerial wrestling matches. I love this one personally.

So underrated.

Jericho exposing the security wall and dropped Shelton Benjamin on the wall chest-first. A hard kick right to the ribs by Jericho.

Jericho with a front-facelock slam driving Benjamin into the mat face-first, a COME ON BABY one foot on the chest pinning-attempt, showing off. Shelton then with a rear chinlock, a vice-like grip on Shelton to try and slow it down a little, so far a very fast pace.

Jericho with chops and Shelton Benjamin ducked a clothesline then landed a flying forearm. Jericho answers with a low dropkick. Jericho choking out Shelton on the bottom rope. Jericho chops Shelton again hard in the corner and sent to the turnbuckle.

Stinger Splash from behind by Shelton Benjamin and then a nice suplex.

Shelton Benjamin chops Jericho now in the chest, a headbutt after the chop, getting physical, Jericho reverses an irishwhip sending Shelton Benjamin into the buckle and a running bulldog by Jericho. Jericho has not had a match this good at Backlash since Chris Benoit in 2000. His match with Regal in 2001 was very good as well.

Jericho shoved Shelton Benjamin off the top rope.

Shelton Benjamin with cat-like agility leaping to the top rope and a Superplex with amazing agility and then both men are down.

Absolutely amazing.

Shelton Benjamin the best pure athlete in the WWE. If the guy could talk he could go places.

Shelton launched Jericho in the air and dropped him stomach-first on the mat. Shelton now with a reverse chin-lock and a body-scissors, a submission, or double-submission hold he would of learned from his amateur background in the University of Minnesota.

A double clothesline by both men off the ropes and both men back down.

What a match!

Chris Jericho up at the eight count and Shelton Benjamin failed with a Stinger Splash as Jericho hit a clothesline and a shoulder block. Shelton Benjamin ducks a clothes like and Jericho calls Shelton Benjamin an ass clown. Jericho with a drop toe-hold into the second rope hanging him there. Jericho went to drop his body-weight onto him on the ropes but Shelton Benjamin moved and then hit a Samoan Drop out of no where.

Nearfall and Shelton Benjamin scores with rights and chops. Jericho has the fans slightly in his favor.

A running inziguri by Jericho to Shelton Benjamin and just a two count.

Jericho tries throwing Shelton over the top rope to the floor and Shelton stayed on the apron and springboarded off the top rope onto Jericho with a running bulldog and a nearfall.

Benjamin with that running bulldog to the challenger.


An Oklahoma Roll countered by Jericho and a two. Chris Jericho looking for the walls and Shelton rolls out, gets a T-Bone Suplex out of no where, Jericho got his feet on the ropes.

Shelton Benjamin rolled Jericho over to the middle of the ring and now Benjamin showing a little frustration. Benjamin waiting for Jericho to get up looking for a suplex, and Jericho fought out, Shelton went for a spinning kick, Chris Jericho has the Walls locked in good. Shelton Benjamin does not tap.

Shelton Benjamin got to the bottom rope, Chris Jericho kicked him in the sternum and now Jericho was overly vicious. Shelton Benjamin out of no where with a high thrust kick to the face of Jericho. Somehow Y2J kicked out, crowd clearly behind him. Off the ropes Jericho avoids a dropkick by Shelton using the top ropes holding him back for leverage. Jericho then spotted an opportunity.

Y2J went for a running Lionsault and Shelton got his knees up, Y2J avoided the knees and tried to get the Walls, Shelton flipped Jericho over, Jericho flipped him, Shelton flipped him and the shoulders of Jericho were barely down.

Shelton Benjamin wins!


In the end at 14:30 Shelton finally retained the title after he got the best of that pinning predicament.


This match essentially got the same amount of time another classic IC title match got, Savage vs Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3, and the pacing was not very far off! Obviously you cant compare 1987 to 2005 but the point remains, this was a gem.


This opener was by all means a Classic. I can not think of a better Shelton Benjamin one on one match, this passes the Gold Rush Michaels match in my estimation, and Jericho can always be king of the openers.






**** 1/4




2) William Regal and Tajiri (c) vs The Heart Throbs (Romeo and Antonio) vs Rosey and The Hurricane vs Simon Dean and Maven vs La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Robert Conway) in a Tag Team-Turmoil match for the World Tag Team Championship



So by 2005 they had tag teams but the division had already been essentially dead for a good couple of years. They had just thrown random stars who were either green or not over together and hoped for the best.

Here we got a good old turmoil which is not a bad thing because they can be fairly entertaining never knowing who is going to come out next.

To start the turmoil we had Romeo and Antonio, the The Heart Throbs. They did not last long. They were like Too Cool meets The Rockers meets the Macho Man meets Billy and Chuck.

Tajiri and Regal the defending Champions had it tough to begin this match. They would have to go through four teams to retain the titles.

Antonio and Romeo play rock-paper-scissors.

Romeo and Regal tie-up.

William Regal got a shoulder block and a side headlock take-over by Romeo and then Regal sent Romeo to the ropes but he balanced himself up. Regal with an arm-drag takedown and then an overhead wrist-lock. Antonio tags in and then he works on the left arm, as he is a south paw.

Regal rolls the mat and counters before tagging in Tajiri landing thrust kicks after a nice drop toe-hold. Tajiri with a Tarantula in the ring, then a modified suplex and a sudden moonsault. Romeo interupted the count. A side suplex by Antonio to Tajiri and he kicked out. A tag and both Heartthrobs double-team Tajiri into the corner. Off the ropes Tajiri runs into a reverse elbow by Antonio and Romeo who get a two count.

Antonio chopped and Tajiri could not make it to William Regal in the corner but Antinio trying to isolate Tajiri.

Tajiri rolls out of a predicament from the Heart Throbs and a sunset flip by Tajiri.

The Heart Throbs are gone.

Maven and Simon Dean come to the ring with no rest period. Simon Dean slams Tajiri to the mat and hits him with a leg-drop, Tajiri kicks out.

Simon Dean with a front face-lock to Tajiri trying to wear down the quicker Tajiri. Regal with a cheap-shot on the outside then a high impact move by Tajiri taking down Simon Dean. Maven and Dean are both taken down by Regal who comes in with the tag and hits a fishermans suplex and a back-drop. A brutal shot to the head of Dean and then Regal eliminated Simon Dean and Tajiri.

La Resistance come to the ring now, the fourth team going after the Champions. Conway and Grenier have USA chants against them because Tajiri is from Japan and Regal is from England. Tajiri with a spinning kick to Grenier. Regal with a European uppercut to Grenier and Tajiri with a thrust kick. Tajiri elbows Grenier then a snapmare.

William Regal back in and the World Tag champs then get in trouble as La Resistance isolate Regal in their corner.

Regal tries the Regal Stretch,w ith the STF but Sylvian broke it up. A kick trom Tajiri and now the Tarantula is countered and got hung up, clotheslined over the top rope.

Conway using the tights rolled up Regal and got the three.

New Champions for sure.

Rosey and Hurricane come to the ring as the final team.

Hurricane flying in the air on Grenier and Hurricane has his chants hits a snapmare out of the air on the corner of the ring. Out of the corner himself landed leg-first on the top turnbuckle. Conway with a flying elbow off the apron Mick Foley style.

Grenier kicking away at Hurricane and then Conway tagged in, the isolation of Hurricane began here. Grenier slipped coming off the rope. The crowd applaud as Hurricane tags in Rosey and he crashes into La Resistance and takes down both men. Conway and Grenier hit a double Spinebuster slam on Rosey and he kicks out.

Rosey threw Conway into Grenier and Hurricane flies off the top of the shoulders of Rosey with a splash.

In the end at 13:43 Rosey and The Hurricane became the NEW Tag Team Champions after they put away La Resistance.

This match was a lot of fun, never dragged.


** 3/4




3) Edge vs Chris Benoit in a Last Man Standing Match



Edge was getting a super push in 2005 as it was starting to become HIS time as he had payed his dues and was Mr. Money in the bank. (The Original) This match took place before Edge had 10 World title reigns so he was fresh as a heel and he started to become hated on the IWC and by many Smarks in attendance that knew he was the reason for the release of Matt Hardy so of course chants and legit hate followed him. It would only be a matter of time until they threw Lita in the mix to rub it all in. If not for the Matt feud dare I say Edge could of been World Champion even before that all went down in 2005 but here was an important match for him against former World Champion Chris Benoit who was in that respectful role as a top contender willing to do a job.

Not only would Benoit be willing to do a job but a tough one as evident by this hardcore match.

Benoit was putting on Classics against Edge, Michaels and Hunter around this time on Raw and on PPV he was doing even better.

Edge and Benoit were about to get tangled in a very underrated, physical match here on Backlash 2005.

Edge awaited a focused Benoit and Edge charged to Benoit but he took him down with a bunch of shots. Benoit with a knee to the gut of Edge.

You Screwed Matt is chanted at Edge. A sign reads at ring-side, Benoit going over the Edge.

Benoit with a quick snap suplex. Benoit with a reverse chop. Benoit then slammed the head of Edge into the top turnbuckle and let go some vicious chops. The object of the match was to make someone get down long enough for the ten count. Matches like this make me really miss Chris Benoit.

Chris Benoit sent hard into the sternum.

Fans chant We Want Matt. Edge stomping on Benoit. Edge with a kick to the face of Benoit. Edge choked Benoit on the middle rope. Edge scooped up Benoit and slammed him to the canvas. Edge looking for a spear, or a replay of WM 21 MITB 1 where he got the best of Benoit.

Edge went for a spear, Chris Benoit countered with a drop toe-hold. Benoit then chopped Edge springing off the ropes. Edge countered back with a shot to the head of Benoit by Edge. Benoit with a baseball slide to Edge under the bottom rope that made him drop the trash-can lid. Benoit took hard shots and Edge sent Benoit into the barricade then back-dropped him onto the concrete.

Both men brawled through the crowd.

Benoit locks on the Sharpshooter to Edge. Edge taps out but there is no submissions in Last Man Standing.

Hebner gets some you screwed Bret chants which is expected every time you see him have to ref a sharpshooter in a match.

Benoit with consecutive German Suplexes to Edge. Chris Benoit then with six to Edge back to back to back to back and then out of the ring.

Benoit with a hard to watch SUICIDE DIVE out of the ring and the match really turns in the favor of Edge now.

Edge with a trash-can lid shot to the head of Chris Benoit diving out to the floor.


That will lead to Dementia.

So sad knowing what we know, Benoit gave his life to us. Edge continues to beat on Benoit while the fans chant lets go Benoit.

Edge with a front facelock places him up on the top turnbuckle. There is a trash can in the middle of the ring.

Edge going for a Superplex to Benoit on that trash-can off the top, Benoit fought off but Benoit is bounced off the can.

Nice superplex by Edge.

If Benoit did not kill his family this match would surely be on the Decade of Decadence DVD of Edge, especially considering he ends up winning this match.

Edge with two huge spots, that lid shot during the suicide dive and then a superplex on the can. Edge with lid shots in a rage to Chris Benoit wearing him out slamming it on his body over and over.

Edge keeps getting the you screwed Matt chants. Edge pulls a Ladder into the ring from underneath it. Edge no stranger to a Ladder and the fans roar.

What next….

Chris Benoit chops Edge as he bought himself some time to get back at Edge.

Edge began to climb the Ladder and Chris Benoit with a huge move off the Ladder, A German Suplex from near the top of the Ladder! That will take the wind out of Edge, lets see if he breaks the ten count. Benoit gets up at 8 and Edge at 9.

Benoit with another German release.

Benoit is fearless going to the very top of the Ladder and misses a headbutt, and continued to sell the bad arm he had been selling for a few months.

Lawler with some words, saying Benoit is insane and will do absolutely anything. That is a bit prophetic.

I still cringe at him hitting his head hard on the mat.

Edge looking to use the briefcase (MITB) as a weapon but Benoit locked on the Crossface. Edge tapped out once again but it would not count of course in this type of match.

Edge then drove Benoit face-first with his impaler into the briefcase.

Edge hits a spear. Then another Spear. Benoit would not give up.

Benoit takes another head-shot unfortunately a brick to the back of his head. Good god.

How many head-shots did Benoit take in his career.


In the end at 18:47 Edge was the Last Man Standing over Chris Benoit after he failed to make the ten count.

This match was both brutal in a hardcore sense and terrific at the same time from a wrestling stand-point.

Very, very good material here….to say the least.

Match of the night! This is very bittersweet.

But I miss Benoit and this is a classic example of Chris Benoit putting his body on the line for all of us. Just brutal head-shots over and over and over….enough is enough.

I hope the WWE learned something from this.






4) Kane (With Lita) vs Viscera (With Trish Stratus)



So they continued the Trish-Lita feud and just like Edge, Lita got her share of hate from the crowd as well.


Viscera was the new love machine, the Sexual Chocolate, five years later. Better then King Mabel I suppose.

Moving on from bad memories.

Viscera wanted Trish and he would get her if he takes care of Kane.


Bowling Shoe Ugly-Potential here.

Viscera takes Kane down with a clothesline. Viscera runs into the buckle and Kane with a hard shot and a boot to the head of Viscera and he lands on his feet. Kane climbs to the top and hits a shoulder-block, flying off the top rope.

Jane grabs Trish and then Viscera with a big splash to Kane in the corner. A samoan drop to Kane from Viscera and then he covered him and got a two.

Eventually Kane grabs Viscera by the throat and he elbows out and then clotheslines Kane to the floor. Kane landing on the floor.

Trish grabs a chair going after Kane, and Lita with a crutch flattened Trish, the fans boo. Kane rolls Viscera in the ring and Kane off the top goes for a flying clothes line and Viscera blocks it and drops him in a sit-down powerbomb, Kane kicks out.

Kane hits a chokeslam for the win upon him getting up.

So yes, in the end at 6:09 Kane got the win.

This match was better then you would figure.


* 1/4


5) Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan vs Muhammad Hassan and Daivari



One last match was the theme going into this one even though that is like saying Flair, Foley and Funk were all having a last match together. Not gonna happen.

They did this for the pay day and they got it.

Hulkamania came out in all his glory and since some fans thought that this would be the actual last match (WOW) of Hogan and his career.

Fans assuming Hogan was having his last match.

USA chants galore.

Hogan and HBK ready to get set with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.

Hogan decided to start it out with Muhammad Hassan. Muhammad Hassan ducked in the corner. Hogan draws the line. Muhammad Hassan who was white-hot over as a heel, maybe too much for his own good ties up with Hogan.

One of those unfortunate circumstances in the career of Muhammad Hassan as he was so talented on the mic and even in the ring. His character worked very well but it may of just been too soon. A side headlock and a shoulder block. Muhammad Hassan contemplating tagging out.

Hogan sends Muhammad Hassan to the ropes and hits a clothesline. Muhammad Hassan down and Michaels puts his boot up and then a thumb to the eye of Muhammad Hassan.

Michaels and Hogan would be Summerslam opponents in the year of 05 after Michaels turned on Hogan on Raw surprisingly in July. But here they were team-mates.

The headliner of the 2005 Hall of Fame tagging with the headliner of the 2011 WWE hall of fame, two of the greatest ever in Hogan and HBK as a team.

Michaels and Daivari tagged in and he chopped him before hitting a back-body drop.

More tandem moves from HBK and Hogan.

Hogan chased Daivari and slammed him on the security wall.

Muhammad Hassan and Daivari have their moments here, as Muhammad Hassan puts on a Camel Clutch on HBK.

They put these spots in to throw us off as if Hogan and Shawn could lose this match when everyone and their grandmother knew who was going over but still, that is how you book a match I suppose.

Hogan does his routine after HBK gained momentum to give him the hot tag. Hogan goes for a leg drop but got a shot outside the ring by a lead pipe from Muhammad Hassan to Hogan. Hogan kicks out and Hulks up.

Fans eat it all up.

Hogan with a boot to Daivari and and then tries a leg-drop but Muhammad Hassan grabs the leg of Hogan and he drops him.

Sweet Chin Music and Hogan covers.

In the end at 15:05 Hogan and Michaels got the victory after the double-team finishers.

Hogan could not even drop a leg. Pretty sad.

This match was very basic.


** 1/4





6) Main Event- Dave Batista (c) vs Triple H (With Ric Flair) for the World Heavyweight Championship



Batista was on a roll as the World Champion enterting this thing.

Considering Dave Batista is not the greatest wrestler in the world, Hunter managed to get a pretty solid main event out of him at Mania 21, and solid at best, it was by no means good or even great.

So here in their second straight PPV encounter you might expect a similar pattern but perhaps a better match.

Batista entering this one on a momentum-streak and Hunter could not take not being Champion.

Both guys about to get it on here as Hunter attacked Batista early as Flair was there with the distraction. HHH kicks Batista off the ropes and went for an early Pedigree. Both guys lock-up again and Batista lands hard shots on the Game and tells him how close he was to putting him away.

The Game back-dropped.

HHH attempts a Pedigree and Batista back-drops him to the floor. Hunter though suplexes Batista on the ground and then slams him back-first into the barricade.

Hunter methodically took apart his back and elbow in the ring dropping his elbow down and body-weight.

Ross points out it makes Batista more vulnerable for the Pedigree.

Hunter with a slow disection on a bigger Batista trying to wear down the bigger Champion.

The Freakish strength of the Champ wanted to look for a Batista bomb but the Game cornered him in the turnbuckle and speared him in the lower back. Hunter with a hard irish-whip to the corner and then Batista catches him with a right.

Flair got some licks on Batista on the outside hitting a few chops.


The Game landed rights to Big Dave.



Batista now hit a Spinebuster out of no where!


Triple H down the fans roaring and he kicks out.


Batista in control now but the Game corners him. Both guys a little groggy at this point.

Another hard irish-whip but this time HHH gets clotheslined hard to the mat by Batista.

Batista exploded out of the corner.

Batista with a hard side-walk slam and a clothesline taking The Game to the floor.

Batista with a hard irish-whip into the steel steps.

Hunter speared in the corner by big Dave.

Batista hit by a cheap-shot, Hunter almost got the three to build suspense. HHH used the title belt to try and steal the title to re-gain the belt after he dodged a Batista Bomb. Flair on the outside worried.

He still could not put him away. Hunter hit with a right and now the Game goes for a Pedigree and Batista hits a back-drop.

Batista has some boo birds just like Cena was gaining at the time. Batista went to clothesline the Game, he ducks and hits the official. HHH hits the Pedigree but no official.

Naitch throws in an official. No count coming from a dazed Keota. Lawler hilarious on commentary. Hunter is angry and so he should be.

HHH looked for a Pedigree and was catapolted into the corner and now Batista looking for a bomb is low-blowed while the official is out. A desperate man goes for the low blow.

HHH went for right-hands up top and then Batista countered holding Hunter in the air and dropped him with the Batista Bomb!


In the end at 16:26 Batista retained the title!



This match was slightly better then Mania 21.

These guys would put on magic at Vengeance 05 in a Cell but these matches here were pretty basic at WM 21 and Backlash 05.










Final Rating for WWE Backlash 2005 = 7.5/10

This show was a lot of fun. A terrific opener with Shelton and Y2J. We saw an amazing match with Edge and Benoit. The segments with Christian and The Divas were not boring, Viscera and Kane surprised, the Main Event was an improvement on the year before, the tag-turmoil worked, and the Hogan tag match had a ton of emotion so everything on the card was either better then expected or on par. A very solid Backlash! I would purchase this for the Y2J-Shelton and Edge-Benoit match.




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  1. Dennis winship says:

    I went to this wwe event. Dennis winship Lynn Massachusetts

  2. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    This marked the only WWE PPV appearance for the Heart Throbs, who spent the rest of 2005 feuding with Hurricane and Rosey for the Raw Tag-Team Titles on Sunday Night Heat, before getting fired from the WWE in February 2006 alongside a similarly-gimmicked tag-team called “The Dicks”.

    Then, the Heart Throbs got picked up by TNA in 2007, renamed “The Heart Breakers”, and even got a match against the Voodoo Kin Mafia f.k.a. the New Age Outlaws at that year’s edition of Destination X:

    After jobbing to the VKM, the Heart Throbs/Breakers would get the boot from TNA and disappear into the abyss of forgotten wrestling stars.

  3. Flax says:

    I had front row tix to this. Front left, and was on tv during Edge/Benoit. Awesome show.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    If I feel that is what the event deserves then, well…

  5. Efrain says:

    If only I had a dollar for everytime you rated a PPV a 7.5…. Lol.

  6. Jeff Copeland says:

    this was not to bad i liked edge benoit jericho shelton was good kane viscera was mehh hogan hbk tag match was fun baitsta hhh 2 all right cell was better but at leace better then wm 21 and the tag turnmoil was ok finally hurricane and rosey won i agree perfect score

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