Review: WWE Bad Blood 2003 DVD

October 6, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Bad Blood 2003” Review:



“So…It will be Triple H……Kevin Nash…….June the 15th……for the World Title….Houston, Texas……HELL IN A CELL!!!” –GM Steve Austin




-WWE Bad Blood 2003 took place live on PPV Sunday Night, June the 15th, 2003 from Houston, Texas at the Compaq Center in front of 10,000 fans.


-The event Starred wrestlers from the Raw brand. This event marked the beginning of pay-per-views (with the exception of the older and more significant Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series pay-per-views) being brand exclusive. This has now since been discontinued, beginning with Backlash 2007.

-This was the 2nd Show with the Bad Blood name, the other was a In Your House Event in October of 1997 featuring the first Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.


-This Show featured the first ever Redneck Triatholon and let me just say as a huge Austin fan it was probably one of his worst performances by him and the company at being funny. Not everything Austin dis was gold but all of the greats have had low moments. You’d have to figure in Texas, Austin would be mega over but since he was on TV every week the crowd just didn’t seem to care and that hurt the segmments. Also seeing Mae Young in lingerie giving Eric Bischff the bronco buster is not an image I want to remember in the “Pie Eating” contest.



-The 2003 Bad Blood event grossed over $500,000 ticket sales from an attendance of 10,000 and received about 285,000 pay-per-view buys, which was more than the following year’s event. This event helped WWE increase its yearly pay-per-view revenue by $6.2 million from the previous year. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of second on Billboard’s DVD Sales Chart.


-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for this show.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, on Sunday Night Heat Ivory defeated Molly Holly at 3:18.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Rodney Mack and Christopher Nowinski vs The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von)

The Dudleyz opened so many PPV’s. Because everyone knows tag matches are fast paced for the most part and they are a team that was very over.

So I was bored one Sunday in 2003 and watched Heat. Back then there was some quality stuff, it beat music video’s for me at the time. How many times could I watch Ashanti?

Anyway, the story here was the Dudleyz were kind of feuding back and forth ever since Mania. The WWE figured they had peaked and they were right but splitting them up wouldn’t be ideal ultimately as that is their biggest strength.

Someone I believe it was Nowinski who asked D-Von backstage while he had his mask (a broken face more or less suffered from RR 03) why it was always HIS JOB to get the tables, trying to stir the pot.
So here we go. They tried to get Mack over big time, it didn’t work. So many people in 2003 didn’t work, Nathan Jones, Sean O Haire, I lost count.

This was around the time the tag division started to die…for real. People on the IWC think it happened in 2007, about half a decade earlier folks.
Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von came to the ring, hey it’s the opener of a ppv I haven’t seen this before.

Rodney Mack and Nowinski come to the ring. Nowinski still had a facal mask. D-Von wth a forearm then a flying forearm/shoulder block.

Nownski tagged in and s stook down with a drop toe-hold. Bubba Ray Dudley with a shoulder block. Mack caught Bubba Dudley comng down onto him. Bubba Ray Dudley came in and splashed both Mack and Nowinsi.

Bubba Ray Dudley sun Nowinski around and D-Von hit a clothesline then a splash ut just a two. D-von floored Mack.

Nowinsky with a low-blow and Mack dragged D-von goin first tk the post.

Mack came in and slapped on a chinlock to D-von Dudley. Mack with a Spinebuster. Bubba Ray Dudley with a high back bdy drop to Nowinsk nice elebartion.
Fans chant for tables and Bubba Ray Dudley hit a crossbdy to Nowinski, Mack interupted then D-Von did soon after Mack takes his mask off and Bubba unleadhed shots to Nownsk.

Mack catched him from behind with the black out and Bubba doesen’t go for a 3D he slasm him. Waaazzzz up is hit.

Long is in D-Von’s head wy is he not doing it. Mack clotheslined D-Von over and Nowinski covered Bubba Ray Dudley.


In the end at 7:17 Mack and Nowinski got the victory after out-smarting the Dudleyz.

I don’t remember seeing Nowinski very much after this. I believe he had to retire because of his severe concussion at such an early age. A shame, he showed real promise. I still have a WWE magazine from the Summer of 2002 saying the Future of the WWE is: Batista, Cena, Orton and Nowinski. Now those predictions for the Summer of 02 were scary accurate.

One can only wonder where he’d be today? I think he is brilliant what he did for Benoit after the Benoit tragedy. Bringing at least some light to a horrific situation.
Nowinski is ACE in my book.


This match however was pretty dull. Houston wasn’t so great for this event, truth be told but the in-ring action was decent and at least the match told a story.









2) Scott Steiner vs Test for Stacy Keibler’s managing services

Not that is something to wrestle for.


And the fact she wore such a tight dress at this event was icing on the cake, several great camera views, but eh I’m getting off topic a little.

What everyone cares about here is the five star clinic between Test and over the hill Scott Steiner, right? RIght!!??????
No?,….. okay back to Stacy. Her reaction was funny when Steiner botched his leap off the apron onto Test.

I laughed so hard watching this live, but don’t worry I didn’t have to pay for this event thank god, even though I did watch it live.


Scott Steiner in a shoot interview called this feud horrid, well at least he has good taste. Hey this guy was awesome a decade before this, Test on the other hand, may he rest in peace was never so great. He had about five matches you consider above good but just barely. One of them was with the Owner’s son of all people.


So after Austin won the burpint portion of the Red Neck triathalon we get this.

After Test it’s Scott Steiner, then Satcy Keibler.

Stacy tried to bend over through the ropes and as mentioned Steiner bothes the leap. On the DVD they edit it to make it seem not as bad.

Test shoved Scott Steiner on the floor and then into the steel steps.

Test with a big boot to Steiner. He had him where he wanted him until things went sour and Steiner came on in a big way.

JR Says says he thinks we’re gonna see big things from Steiner and Stacy.

In the end at 6:23 Steiner defeated Test.
This match was pretty bad as expected.





3) Booker T vs Christian (c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship


Out in his home-town comes out to a great ovation.

Christian still has PEEP signs despitet this.
Booker T goes right after Christian with some back-body drops and impact slams like a Spinebuster.

Ross and Lawler are hilarious when discussing Booker T’s life in prison around this time.

Christian gained some momentum clotheslining Booker T ver the ropes and then he sent them into the steps. Christian with a reverse chinlock. Christian nw slapping a headlock on Booker. Booker T elbowed out and then Christian with a hard forearm.

Christian again wtih a reverse elbow out of the corner and then Booker with a one man flapjack off the top and smashed Christian to the canvas.
Booker T with a crossbody and a clothesline, then a side-walk slam Christian kicks out of. An arm-ring into a high reverse kick. Booker T attempted to slam Christian and then he lands on the ropes.

Booker T with an inverted slam and then a roll-up in the corner by Christian, and Chrisian hits the book end, only a two count. Booker T with a quik inside cradle and only a two count.

Christian sends Booker T to the apron and then Booker with a huge scissors kick from the apron, and thne going sky high Booker T hits a missile dropkick an still Christian kicks out.
Booker again has the match in his hands landing a large reverse kick. Booker goes for the spinneroon in H-Town. His Home-town. Christian grabbed the ic title and ran up the ramp trying to keep the title.

Christian had to return to ten or else he’d lose the title says the official. Christian hit Booker T with the belt in the head to keep the title.

THIS DID not go over well on the Internet or with the live crowd chanting BS.

Especially when this was just after Booker T losing to HHH at Mania X9.
In the end at 7:53 Booker T won by disqualification, Christian keeps the IC title as result, after he takes the coward’s way out by taking the strap and hitting the opponent.

UH OH! So as said this is going to piss a lot of people off. Just months after most felt Booker T was robbed at Mania X9, he now gets robbed at the chance of the IC title…in his own home town on PPV?

Not only that, it’s a DQ ending! And if you win by DQ post attitude era, everyone will boo the hell out of the finish. In the 80’s if someone won by DQ it was “It’s all good.”
Everyone was thinking Booker would shine here but it was not the case. Bad booking.
This match looked and felt like a basic tv match.



* 3/4




4) La Résistance (René Duprée and Sylvain Grenier) vs Rob Van Dam and Kane (c) for the World’s Tag Team Championship

René Duprée and RVD begin in the ring and René Duprée thinks he wins a stand-off so he does his little dance sparking USA chants.

Van Dam with an arm-ringer then a cradle, tries a high spin-kick and doesen’t hesitate to let the fans know who he was.

RVD with a springboard crossbody and then a nearfall. René Duprée got a kick to the head and a roll up by RVD with spears to the gut.
Grenier with the official looking at Kane on the apron allowed René Duprée back in the match with a ddt to RVD then a tag to Grenier.

Grenier with hard forearm shots to the back of Rob Van Dam.

René Duprée back in the match with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. RVD though hits an inziguri. A tag to Kane.

Kane takes down both members of the team.

Kane with a stiff uppercut to Grenier, a cheap-shot attempt by René Duprée but sas him, then side-walk slams Grenier to the canvas. Kane with a huge clothesline off the top rope but only a two.

René Duprée pretty much in the whole match finally tags in Grenier but both guys slammed Kane down with a double-neck breaker but then Kane came back with a double clothesline.

Grenier roughs it up with \ane on the outside. RVD too care of Grenier then René Duprée back-dropping them to the floor.

RVD points to himself then springboards to the outside with a senton summersault but landing on Kane rather then René Duprée and Grenier.

Now the double-team by René Duprée and Grenier and the two man flapjack by both and they win the tag title’s pinning RVD.

In the end at 5:47 we got new Champs which caused some controversy between Kane and RVD.
This match gain seemed tv quality and it didn’t help with another heel going over.


* 1/4





5) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Goldberg


So the Goldberg experiment hadn’t exactly been going as well as WWE hoped.

Any time a great talent like Jericho is in the ring heel or face, he’s going to be cheered by some.

Add in the element that fans despised what the writers has for big bill made a lot of fans boo him.

Goldberg smashed Jericho to the mat. Chris Jericho is tossed around the ring.

Y2J chants are heard.

Chris Jericho irishwhipped then moved out of the corner as he left big right’s on Goldberg. Goldberg with his smash-mouth style though threw him off.

Goldberg pressed Jericho above his head then made Jericho land on the top rope. Goldberg dropped Jericho on the outside on the mat.

Goldberg now looked to spear Chris Jericho through the barricade but Goldberg ran right through the security wall.

Goldberg now has an injured shoulder. Goldberg is busted open on the head and Chris Jericho hits a missile dropkick targetting the injured shoulder.

Good stragey by Jericho.

Nearfall and now he is dropping the arm on the injured shoulder of Goldberg.

Jericho with an armbar laying down on the mat holding it in submission form.

Goldberg coes back with a kick, but then Jericho came back in the match with an arm-bar takeddown and takes Goldberg hard to the mat expertly because of his bad shoulder.
Jericho with a face-buster then a Lionsault but only a two as Berg kicks out yet again. Jericho with a running bulldog. Y2J picked up in mid-air by Goldberg catching Chris Jericho’s lionsault and slamming him.

Goldberg hit the Spear but seemingly hurt himself in the process not getting all of it in the time being due to the injury.

Small Goldberg sucks chants.

Chris Jericho almost into the Jackhammer and Jericho hit a low-blow.

Y2J chants. Jericho turns Goldberg over with the Walls of Jericho. Jericho pulled Goldberg to the mddle f the ring. Goldberg used his leg-strenth to take Jericho down.

Goldberg now has him in the air and hits the JackHammer.
In the end at 10:53 Goldberg wins it.
Then he gets into an argument with a fan.
This was one of Goldberg’s best matches in the WWE for sure if not the very best.

Good psychology by both men.






6) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs HBK Shawn Michaels


Before their highly overrated, yet well done if Flair stayed true to his word match at Mania 24.

These two met here and nobody really cared or at least made half the deal that they made in 2008.

However it was a very solid match. Especially if you compare it to the matches on the show outside the last one.


To begin we have exchange of some fine chain wrestling, hammerlocks into drop toe-hold’s and what-not.

Shawn Michaels evelavted himself over the top ropes onto Flair.

Flair Wooo’s in the corner and chops Michaels.

Michaels goes back to the headlock. Shawn with a side headlock pushed into the corner. Ric Flair is now chopped by Michaels a coule of times over and Flair hits an atomic drop on Shawn. Flair now with a chopblock to Shawn down on the canvas.

Flair begins to work on the leg of Michaels. Flair drops all of his weight down onto HBK as the left knee becomes vulnernable.

Shawn tried his best to get out of the Figure Four Leglock.

HBK with an inziguri.

The pace goes back and forth but the stand-out moment in the match is the table bump on the outside Shawn took Flair through.
In the end at 14:18 Flair gets the win after Randy Orton *a young one interupts the contest with a chair and they began their feud.

This match was well done.





7) Main Event- Triple H (c) (With Ric Flair) vs Kevin Nash in a Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship with Mick Foley as the Special Guest Referee
Foley in a Cell, the company thought that could draw some more PPV buys, and hey!? This single brand PPV almost did 300,000 buys, not bad. It’s just a shame this show was horrid so that makes wrestling fans never want to order a show again.



HHH takes it to Nash by the Cell wall to begin.



Nash came back and hit a hard back body-drop to Hunter slamming him hard down on the floor and Hunter’s lower-back hurts.

Nash with a side-walk slam and then an elbow drop and a nearfall by Foley.

Nash on the outside drives The Game’s back against the steel fence.

Nash them rams him hard into the steel post.

Nash in complete control, fans like that at least.
Nash then takes him apart with a chair.

Hunter takes a cheap shot on the outside and eventually gets back in the match.

Here’s the best part of the match
The interaction between Foley and The Game who have met in the Cell before, fans chant Foley.

Also where Trips goes to work on Big Kev with the box of tools under the ring, and using them on Nash busting him open.

Nash unloaded upon and a bloody mess falling to the floor after right-hands from Hunter and the Hammer shot.

The Game, The Champ now grinding Nash’s face all over the Cell. The Game went to use a screwdriver on the head of Nash trying to rip him wide open.

Lawler says Kevin Nash is screwed. Hilarious, and I’m being serious.

Sometimes my sarcasm is probably a bit hard to detect when reading sections or sequences/parts of the review.

Triple H goes and gets a barbed-wire 2 X 4 and then hits Nash in the face with it.

Hunter asks him to come on but Kevin Nash catches him with two right-hands. Now Nash has the bat in hand and drops HHH.

Hunter is busted open and rolls to the outside.

A deep blade job by the Game and he lifts up a wooden box and breaks it over Nash’s bloody skull when he didn’t see it coming.

Nash grabs the Sledgehammer, King calls it old faithful.

As HHH came after Nash HHH is hit with a droptoe-hold by Nash into the steel steps. Nash with a chair but HHH takes a shot to Nash’s quad. HHH intelligent because he knowss all about it.

HHH with two chair shots.

One to Nash.

One to Foley. More cells are gone for Mick.

Foley busted open and now Socko comes out to play. HHH with a low-blow to Foley a hard kick.

Nash has got the Step and both HHH and Foley go down. HHH slamed into Nash on the apron and then Foley got shot into the side of the cell.

Foley should get some kind of a bonus for the match.

Nash catapolts Hunter into the Jackknife postion but HHH still kicked out and Foley only got a two.

HHH picks up the hammer in the corner, all this very slowly so HHH can come back and HHH hits the Pedigree.


In the end at 21:01 Hunter retains the title. Wow. Only two faces went over and both of them (Steiner and Goldberg) were booed by half the crowd. Terrible.
So Nash fails who they push as the #1 BabyFace three PPV’s in a row against Hunter. I wonder why Trips had so much heat in 03? Nash never even got the title in the end. At least Goldberg did at Unforgiven.

This match was one of the worst Hell in a Cell matches, and it probably was the worst HIAC ever outside of Bossman-Taker and the Raw ones in 98 which I don’t even remember but if I can’t remember a Hell in a Cell on Raw it probably wasn’t overly great.
This definitely had its moments but Hunter retained, way too many heels went over on this night for just 7 matches, and barely anything stood out. No HOLY F*** moment.



** 1/2



Final Rating for WWE Bad Blood 2003 = 3/10



Bad Blood? How about just Bad. That’s all, if you want to know why as this is usually the part I sum up the review, read the review.

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  1. m.woods says:


  2. Dominic says:

    Nash’s style of wrestling gets very boring real quick. That’s what happens when your skills and ability are limited and usually need others to carry you to have a good match constantly. One thing about Nash I’ll admit is that he’s one of the few wrestlers to have a bodyguard gimmick who went on to greater things while the majority of bodyguard wrestlers end up getting lost in the shuffle or either fired.

  3. Brett Mix says:

    I talk about Wrestling like it’s beneath me? That must be why I’ve reviewed so many DVD’s and own essentially all of them. If it’s a bad event I will say bad things, it’s that simple. Why should I lie?

  4. SRB says:

    I think Nash, like most wrestlers just got tired over the years. His work with Undertaker, Bret Hart and HBK in 94/95/96 was great. But, focusing solely on his return around 2002/2003 made me question if I was even looking at the same guy. Funny to me that when NWO returned at NWO2002 even Hogan had more fire than Nash and WWE obviously agrees since Hogan and Hall were on the WM18 card and Nash was left out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    omg buddy. Why you guys still letting this guy do reviews? He always talks about wrestling like its beneath him. Are you a fan or not? Boo this man..boooooo

  6. Anonymous says:

    Spike you completely missed my point. I didnt put him in the same category. I’m saying that its good to have someone like him with a different style so that people like Shawn and Bret had the monster to work against and tell a good story. I’m a massive Bret Hart fan, not so much a Nash fan, but I think its good to have different styles. Thats just my opinion. He’s not in the same category. But I’m saying there is nothing wrong with a smash mouth style like his and if everyone had the same style then nothing stands out and everything seems dull. Shawn and Bret both had good matches against Nash and they carried him, but it takes two to wrestle a good match. Just because he’s limited doesn’t mean he’s not good at what he does do.

  7. Spike says:

    @Anonymous: How can you put Kevin Nash in the same category as Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels?? Those two guys could hold their own when it came to having a good match while Kevin Nash, a guy for most of his entire career had to be carried through a good match. Hulk Hogan on the other hand, wasn’t a great wrestler but he had good in ring psychology and could work well with bigger guys and still be entertaining. Kevin Nash was decent to mediocre but he always took the shortcut and shat on people that worked hard …

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with Kevin Nash. Its such a shame every thing has to fit in the same mould now. I’ve watched wrestling since 1990 and to me his style is welcome. An exciting match with lots of high spots means nothing if you can’t tell a story. It has to be believeable. And Kevin Nash is a very real wrestler. It not hard to believe he could beat someone up. I feel there is room for that. Same goes for people like Mark Henry. It makes the real stars stand out more when their opponent doesnt look the same as everyone else. Shawn Michaels made his name wrestling big guys remember? Bret Hart to an extent too. And Hogan’s most iconic moment was when he wrestled Andre. I think today’s wrestling fan has a very short sighted view. In many ways, less is more.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Scott Hall should be in there. His problems outside the ring don’t alter the fact that he was one of the biggest stars in the WWF. Regarding the hell in a cell match I actually really enjoyed it. It was more like a real fight and a ‘slobber knocker’ or ‘slug fest’. I Triple H got the best out of Nash in this one. I think he’s had a lot of injury problems and the matches with Hunter were his first big matches in that run, as well as his last. Although I did find Triple H as World Heavyweight Champion to be extremely dull. I found the Evolution storyline to be extremely dull. The best part for me was when they split up. That was the whole point of it no doubt, to build stars in Orton and Batista. But this was probably one of the last ppvs I enjoyed before wwe really started to suck in my opinion. I was happy when Goldberg won the belt, but it was really baldy done and again it was boring how Evolution kept getting the better of Goldberg. Really didnt make sense either. I’m not a huge fan of any of them, but its no wonder Bill left.

    I don’t think things were too bad at this point, but shortly after they announced Triple H vs. Goldberg at Summerslam, the CANCELLED it and put on an elimination chamber match where the old goldberg would have run through them all. He does that but only to Triple H pins him at the end. Not saying goldberg had to win, but the way it was done undermined everything about Goldberg’s character and there was no way back after that, even when they gave him the belt.

    But regarding this ppv I would say you could do a whole lot worse. Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair, Nash vs. Triple H and Goldberg vs. Jericho are all pretty good in my view. Plus you get an RVD match, but its a shame Scott Steiner couldnt move like he used to during his return to wwe. I agree that everyone was expecting Booker to win too. I remember that was really disappointing and pretty much a sign of thing to come for the newly reinsated IC belt.

  10. The Champ says:

    I don’t understand how the HBK-Flair WM24 match is overrated…

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    @Steven: When it comes to wrestling, I know a good wrestler when I see one & Kevin Nash is not one I would consider a good or great wrestler. Besides, I’m not the one who was going on about wanting to see a Nash dvd. That’s such a joke man. I’d rather see an X-Pac dvd over Nash. At least he was a better wrestler than Nash as well as better matches throughout his entire career.

  12. Brett Mix says:

    X-Pac should for sure be in the Hall of Fame one day, a big draw during the attitude era and he was a great aerial talent in both WWF and WCW

  13. Steven says:

    Nash should’ve won the title I thought at Bad Blood and let him hold the title for a while. That Brad Attitude must hate Nash, Kevin Nash is one of the greats I think. Should be in the Hall of Fame, the only other Kliq member to be in the Hall of Fame will be Nash, Scott Hall and SyxxPac has a slim chance of getting in the Hall of Fame.

  14. Brett Mix says:

    This Cell match was definitely okay, hence ** 1/2 (I don’t consider that a bad rating, just mediocre as it’s half way home, or slightly below mediocre due to the fact it’s a cell match and the main event.) I liked the tools spot in the match, some hard bumps. But 5 of 7 heels Went over on the night and it just left a bad taste in people’s mouths for the show to end how it did.

  15. Brad Attitude says:

    Considering how Nash’s previous world title wins were usually tainted along with his limited in-ring skills, it was best he didnt win the world title … i liked the story being told between nash & hhh but for them to headline three ppvs was a bit too much. i thought their judgment day match was worse than this, that match just lacked intensity and most of all blood … which this match made up for.

  16. Brad Attitude says:

    john cena vs randy orton in hell in a cell was just a weird match.

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