Review: WWE The Best Of Saturday Night’s Main Event (3 Disc) DVD

September 24, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “The Best Of Saturday Night`s Main Event” 3 Disc Review:



“We could be witnessing the union of the Madness and the Mania. Yes! This crowd is electric for Savage and Hogan!”Vince McMahon






-This DVD features action from over three decades of the hit (on and off again) show- Saturday Night’s Main Event.

-Over 540 minutes, and 33 matches included with 6 Randy Savage matches (A rare move by the WWE DVD team at the time), and even more matches from The Immortal Hulk Hogan including the make and break of the Mega Powers which is highlighted.
-Despite The WWE cutting out Jesse “The Body” Ventura out of commentary on most DVD’s so they can avoid paying him due to legal issues, all of his commentary has stayed in for this set like the Wrestlemania Anthology. We can all be glad this is the case as Ventura is top notch.


-There was no Documentary to this set, rather they showed clips, segments and storyline progress throughout in-between the matches on each Disc. This worked extremely well.


-Gene Okerlund hosts the DVD.




-Disc 1 Matches and Segments:
In-between the Matches on this DVD there were segments and clips such as …
-A Must See Attraction: Why SNME was the must see show on Saturday Night`s for fans of Sports Entertainment.
-Uncle Elmer’s Wedding: Clips of the Wedding, talk about how it was the first Wrestling Wedding and superstars recalling there thoughts on this.
-A Trip to the Zoo: Mean Gene Okerlund and George “The Animal“ Steele took a look at some animals. Pretty much is what it is.
-Field Reporting: Okerlund talked about doing all of these things in the 80`s.
-Halloween Contest: Clips of the unpredictable Halloween Contest with superstars like Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Heenan, Miss Elizabeth, Junkyard Dog, Jesse Ventura, Hillbilly Jim, Piper, Captain Lou Albano, Vince and others. We get a good shot of Liz as well here. Wow.
-Randy Orton Reflects on His Dad: Randy Orton talked about how his father competed in the first SNME against Hulk Hogan and how interesting that was given how big Hogan was at the time.
-Settling the Score: Okerlund talks about how T and Piper settled there score at WM 2 and a reason why SNME was such a big show because it had big star against big star.
-Jake “The Snake” Roberts Reflects on Saturday Night’s Main Event: Jake talks about having fun on that show and in his rivalry with Steamboat. Jake then talked about working with Savage and how well they connected with interviews and in the ring, and in there rivalry.
-The Steel Cage Match: Okerlund reflects on both Class of 05 Hall of Famers taking part inside a Steel Cage on Free TV.
-The 8th Wonder of the World: Okerlund talks about Andr? The Giant and his undefeated record and his turn on Hulk Hogan.
-Natalya Neidhart Reflects on Her Dad: Natalya says that the HF is the greatest team ever.
-Insurance Policy: Okerlund talked about Randy Savage having Elizabeth by his side here and overall gave Savage his proper due.
-The MegaPowers Formation: Savage and Hogan cut a promo with Mean Gene about the Madness meeting the Mania. Both of them cut a hilarious promo about being ONE.
-The Union of the MegaPowers: This part took a look at Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan as one and the success they had from late 1987 all the way to the breakup in early 89. CM Punk recalled the two super-powers joining. Matt Hardy and the Miz did as well, they said as a kid watching it, it was amazing. Matt Striker also mentioned how it was inspiring, and special. Fans loved it. It was one of the greatest times in the history of all of Pro-Wrestling. This DVD captured the clips tremendously.
-“Piledriver” Music Video: Just a 80s video of WWF superstars. Nothing special but just some nostalgia or plain sillyness. Koko B. Ware sings, Hogan is doing construction. Muraco watched Jimmy Hart, and Honky in a car driving by a worksite outside. Quite funny. Superstar Billy Graham is out there getting his dirty as well as many other superstars and activites. A young and skinny Vince can be seen as well here.






1) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (c) (W/Mr. T) vs “Cowboy” Bob Orton (W/ “Rowdy” Roddy Piper) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- May 11, 1985




Hulk Hogan headlining the first SNME show seemed natural just like he headlined the first Nitro, Wrestlemania, etc.
Bob Orton and Hulk got ready to sqaure off.

McMahon and Ventura debate the controversial cast of Bob Orton.
Hulk Hogan hammered away on Orton a few times who then went to the outside after he tried to attack the Champion early. Hogan with a nice back bodydrop, a scoop slam and then another to Orton making Orton look powerful. Why not a third time?

“Cowboy” Bob Orton escaped out of the ring and took a breather.
Hulk waited for him and then Hogan felt he was in control. Orton though hit a knee to the mid-section, an irishwhip to Hogan to the corner but he moved and Orton hit the buckle. Hogan winding up the arm that had the cast which was being tested. Orton then was being bitten by Hogan. Hulk with a few punches to the arm. Hogan on the apron dropped the arm that had the cast over the top rope. Hulk dragged the arm over and slammed the cast arm into the ringpost.

Orton irishwipped Hogan to the ropes and caught a high knee. “Cowboy” Bob Orton stomped on Hulk. Orton slowing down Hogan, slapped on a side headlock, and then he scopped Hogan up from behind and drilled his knee into Hogan’s spine.
Orton’s nearfalls didn’t work so he drove the knee right into the face of Hogan who was in definate pain. Orton keeping a methodical attack on Hogan while Mr. T looked on cocerned. Bob Ortonn had the champion where he wanted him all of the sudded Hulk, Hulks up. Vince says Hogan is doing his thing. The typical Hulk come back. A clothesline and an elbow drop and it scored him just a two count. Headbutt by the Champ and an irishwhip to the corner, Hulk goes up and Hulk gives him shots, Orton uses weight to elveate Hulk up in the air on the ropes. Hulk fights back, hits an elbow then his famous legdrop.
That should of been it but Piper knocked Hogan off of him and the bell rings as its a DQ.

After the match it looked like a two on one but Mr. T helped out as the place popped. Mr. Wonderful, Paul Orndorff then came to there assistance as well.
In the end Hulk Hogan won by DQ just under ten minutes.
Solid material here, solid choice to open the DVD, especially considering it was the opening Main Event of the series.






2) “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper -Saturday Night’s Main Event- October 5, 1985

Paul Orndorff is one of the most underrated talents of all time. He reminds me a lot of Curt Hennig in portraying a typical, arrogant, “I`m better then you are“ type deal.

He could do both ends of the Pro-Wrestling spectrum, and had a great physique to go with it. I`m glad he was inducted into the 2005 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.
Piper had a great entrance and looked like a true big shot. Both these guys had teamed up with each other at the original Wrestlemania.

Paul Orndorff and Piper collided from the opening bell with a HUGE fist fight. Not your typical one from these days in the Federation, a HUGE ONE.
Fans in Jersey went wild, tremendous lighting for once back then as well.
Paul Orndorff and Piper took there turns on top of one another in this brawl as the rolled around on the mat grabbing at each other`s head making sure the other man stayed down.
This sequence was entertaining because it was never slow.
Roddy Piper hit an awkward looking DDT on Paul Orndorff to the mat before proceeding to level him in the head with his boot. Paul Orndorff on the receiving end of another right hand and boot by the Hot Rod which took Paul Orndorff to the outside of the ring.
Piper grabbed a chair and missed Paul Orndorff and he slammed Roddy`s head on the wooden table by the ring. Paul Orndorff threw him back in the ring and dropped an elbow to the head of Piper. A back body suplex by Paul Orndorff to Roddy Piper and Ventura claims its the first wrestling move we`ve seen which wasn`t true, but it was close enough to the truth.
Paul Orndorff gets poked in the eye and then Piper with a knee to the face of Paul Orndorff. Both men knocked down to the canvas after being bounced off the ropes as they knock into each other.
Back and forth and neither man made any attempt for a pinfall. Piper went to drop an elbow into Paul Orndorff but he caught him with a knee to the abdominal section. A flying body press by Paul Orndorff to Piper over the top rope to the outside!
Nice crossbody by Mr. Wonderful.
Both men back on the outside in the entrance way exchanged rights and left hands on the concrete as they battled underneath Vince and Jesse on the floor to the backstage area which wasn`t seen very often back then.
Vince calls it Unbelievable.
Inside the dressing room Piper shut the door on Paul Orndorff. Mr. Wonderful attempted to get in but the door was slammed shut.
Double countout around give minutes and this was entertaining as hell. The fans were electric throughout.
Very, very good TV match here and with more time, it could of been something else.


** 3/4







3) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (c) vs Terry Funk for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- Jan 4th, 1986



Above is a shot at Wrestling Legend and WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk with the NWA World Title. Funk was used to success practically everywhere but the World Wrestling Federation, and here on this night he was going up against the WWF`s best in Hulk Hogan.

So this was a pretty huge match to say the least.

Hulk Hogan cornered Terry Funk into the corner and levelled him with a clothesline and then Funk went to the outside.
The JYD was watching from the outside, as was Jimmy Hart.
Funk came back in the ring and chopped Hogan hard a few times, Hogan irishwhipped Funk, ducked as Funk leaped over him and then at the ropes Hulk levelled him and once again Hulk Hogan sent Funk to the outside. Hulk Hogan just looked on at Terry Funk who he was outpowering to this point of the match.
Terry Funk came back inside the ring with Hulk and the two tie-up again and Hogan holds a side headlock on Funk, over Funk four times as he stayed grounded to the mat, he leaped over Terry until Funk left the ring again.
Terry frustrated threw chairs into the ring. Hogan sat on he chair and said “Come in.“ Crowd obviously ate that up.

Funk came back into the ring with Hulk and the two circled around one another. Funk and Hulk tie-up yet again and Funk finally cornered Hulk hitting him with chops until Hulk over powered him and hit him with striking blows, an irishwhip to the corner and Funk flipped over the top rope to the apron. Hogan brought him in and gave him more shots, until Hulk Hogan received a headbutt by Funk twice.

Funk got a kick to the groin of Hulk Hogan as he attempted to aim lower on Hogan. Hogan caught Funk up top as he landed on the ropes, Hulk hit an atomic drop. Hogan with a headbutt to Funk and a clothesline off the ropes. Hulk drops the elbow to Funk.

Hogan with a lot of momentum gets the crowd jacked up. Hulk with a side headlock to Funk and Hart grabs the leg of Hogan and he went to the outside to chase him and the JYD went underneath the ring to try and find Jimmy Hart.

Funk had time to rest in the ring and when Hulk Hogan came back in Funk choked out Hulk with some tape from around his wrist. Hulk then went into a Sleeper from Terry Funk now that Dave Hebner the official was watching this.
Ventura praises Funk`s heel tactics as he cheats and takes advantage of his situation here.
A rear chinlock by Funk to Hulk and then a piledrive from there by Funk to the WWF Champion. This could be it, but Hulk Hogan somehow kicked out. Jimmy Hart slams his palms on the canvas floor, as Ventura screams that Hebner was slow in the count for Funk! Terry Funk then raked the eyes of Hulk down on the mat.

Hogan then started to come alive!
Funk delivered tremendous right hands but Hulk would have none of that and shook it off. Funk to the outside, Hogan grabbed him and hit a vertical suplex from the outside to the inside but Funk got a foot on the rope to thanks to Jimmy Hart on the outside making sure. JYD pushed Jimmy Hart out of the equasion.
Hogan then hit a huge clothesline to Funk and he got the three around the nine minute mark.

Great match here.

Best bout of the disc thus far, I`m really glad this was put on.










4) Mr. T vs “Cowboy” Bob Orton (With Roddy Piper) in a Boxing Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event -March 1, 1986

Here we go.

This one gets going much faster then the disaster of Piper and T at Wrestlemania 2 around the same time.
Both guys go for big shots in both corners but neither men hit with a jab or a strike early.
T pushed Orton into the ropes and he was given the warning by the official.

A thumb to the eye by Mr. T.

It`s humerous hearing McMahon and Ventura go back and forth, almost as good if not better then him and Monsoon with the back and forth.
The bell rings after awhile to end Round 1 and then Mr. T got nailed with a huge shot at the end by Bob Orton.

McMahon hates it, Ventura loves it. Again, hilarious.
Piper gives Orton some encouragment and water, while Mr. T`s people do the same in his corner. By people I of course mean trainers, not playing the race card.

T and Orton get jacked up and as Orton turns his head back for a second T caught Orton with a huge shot.
But behing the officials back Orton caught Mr. T with a cheapshot. Piper got on the apron and T chased after Piper knocking him down to the outside. Both Orton and Piper were on the outside and Mr. T celebrated as the bell rung inside the ring.
Roddy Piper then grabbed a hold of his belt, took off his shirt (this was when Piper didn`t have a big belly) and Roddy Piper got ready to square off with Mr T. Orton though came from behind and hit him with a high knee, Piper and Orton cleared house and took down T, it was two on one. Piper grabbed a hold of his belt and the two kicked at T.
Piper then slapped Mr. T with his belt on his back over and over. Pretty great stuff at the end seeing as this was 1986, but the Boxing stuff in here wasn`t really my thing. This lasts about Six minutes.


* 1/2




5) Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a Snake Pit Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event- October 4, 1986



Snake versus a Dragon.
Ricky Steamboat was DDT`d half a year earlier by the Snake to the concrete.
This move legitimately knocked Steamboat right out and like most things, the WWE played an angle off a real injury and followed it up with a big time return bout here on Saturday Night`s Main Event.
Okerlund and Roberts are shown having a decent promo backstage.
This match featured two extraordinary wrestler`s, athletically and psychologically.
A backbody drop by The Dragon after an armringer, a two count and then a huge arm drag by Steamboat as he meant business.
Jake Roberts was shoved to the corner, reversed to the ropes, leapfrogged by the Dragon and then Roberts elevated and he hit the mat chest first.
Roberts rolled out of the ring, Ricky Steamboat chased Jake Roberts outside the ring and then back on the inside performed another awesome armdrag to The Snake like only he can. This match on paper looks good and believe me, thus far it is.

A very fast pace.
Ricky Steamboat wanted Vengeance and then sent Roberts head first into the top turnbuckle pad twice. Steamboat elevated himself from up top and and went for a splash and then The Snake lifted up both knees and caught Ricky Steamboat in the abdomen. Both men hurt and Roberts took his time going over to the bag where Damien is.
Jake “The Snake“ slammed his knee to the mid-section of Roberts. Ventura on the ref`s case again for a slow count. Ricky Steamboat off the ropes and Roberts with a blow to the rib-area the lower cavity. Jake with another jab to Ricky Steamboat`s mid-section. Roberts then with a hard forearm clothesline to the Dragon who now all of a sudden is in bad shape.
Jake Roberts with a scoop slam with authority to Ricky Steamboat. Steamboat on the mat The Snake drove his arm into the injured ribs on the mat area. Roberts then choked out Ricky Steamboat laying back first on the canvas. The official broke the count at four, The Snake wanted to suck the life out of Ricky Steamboat. Roberts took the crowd out of the match temporarily here.
Ricky Steamboat back to his feet hitting chops to Roberts who slapped Ricky Steamboat back in the face. A big time knee from Roberts and then a big right hand to The Dragon`s throat. Ricky Steamboat seemingly dazed had a snapmare locked on by Roberts which got him a two, and that frustrated the Snake. Ricky Steamboat then from adrenaline alone got up and drove Roberts head first into the mat.

Jake Roberts hit a reverse atomic drop to Steamboat which had an effect. The Snake irishwhipped Ricky Steamboat but he hit a crucifix and got the three count. A lot of fast-paced maneuvers here in this one, was exciting and went nearly seven minutes in length.
The fans went wild!
Steamboat got the big revenge win clean, Roberts beat him up afterwards slamming him back first against the ring ropes to both look strong and gain more heel heat.
Roberts would turn babyface not long after this.
Ricky grabbed his DRAGON and went after Jake and his SNAKE. A sight to see, crowd loved it.
Another great match here.
There seems to be one theme though, everything was FUN.


6) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 29, 1986


What`s interesting to note here is that these two would be involved in one of the greatest feuds in the history of Pro-Wrestling eventually, but here in THIS match it was half a decade before that would take place. What is strange is the fact both men were better workers at the age they were at the time of this match in 1986.

Both guys oozed charisma, had tremendous-unique mic skills, and in the ring were strong workers.
Randy Savage makes his debut on the DVD he is surprisingly on the cover of.

We also get to see two different clips of two different Savage promo`s before this match. One just before the bout, and one from awhile back.


Roberts is in the ring already and Randy Savage is shown coming out with Liz to his theme music.

Savage always sticked toungue out at this point for his own crazy reasons.
Savage came out in his big flashy robe as always with Liz who he was trying to keep an eye on. I`m not sure who wouldn`t keep an eye on her.
Jake Roberts and Randy Savage engage in such an awesome opening sequence where they both run off the ropes and neither men budged an inch.
The crowd laughed on the second time, both men had a ton of energy and a lot of passion.

When they locked up again Randy Savage delivered an arm-ringer to The Snake who then reversed it, Macho didn`t like it and grabbed Jake`s hair. The Snake then did some of the same and put his fists up.
Jake tied up with Randy and flipped him over. Macho went into the corner, but it was the corner of Damien.

Randy Savage wasn`t afraid to discredit his “Macho“ persona by making himself scared of snake, or at least intimidated.
Both men tie-up again and Jake the Snake puts Macho Man in a side headlock in mid-ring. Randy Savage tried to get out and find an opening but Roberts turned it into a side headlock takedown.

Both men grabbing the hear of one another rolling around on the mat, not surprisingly seeing as both Wrestler`s at this point had heel tactics and persona`s. This was Savage`s escape he got out of it, missed an elbow drop, then Jake Roberts attempted a DDT and almost had it!
Savage got out just in time.
Randy Savage and Jake Roberts moved fast in this one. Snake slid under the bottom rope into the ring and Randy Savage came off the ropes, Savage got kicked in the mid-section but still drove Roberts back first into the corner. Roberts irishwhipped Savage to the corner but Randy Savage got both legs up and Jake crashed into them, Macho went for an early pin.

Awesome wrestling by Savage.
Face first by Savage to the Snake and then head first into the mat. Macho Man kicked Roberts in the head and then another kickout by Roberts. Savage with a snapmare and a knee drop to the head of The Snake. Macho Man once more tried to put away the Snake but it must of been earlier. A gut shot by Roberts followed by an uppercut, but an elbow drop by Macho took Roberts down to the mat.

Savage went for ANOTHER three count but only got a two yet again. Macho Man grabbed a hold of Jake The Snake and choked him out on the top rope. The Snake bounced back and Macho twice more went for a three. Hilarious how desperate Randy Savage came off.
A running knee off the other side of the ropes to the back of Roberts. A couple more nearfalls, by this point the ref must have been fatigued. Jake the Snake fired back with shots, but Savage locked up Roberts inside the ropes measuring him up for something.
Jake “The Snake“ tied up and vulnerable.
Randy Savage then threw the Snake underneath the ring.
Smart move.
After a commercial break Savage is on the apron but The Snake got out of this predicament and caught Randy Savage with a knee shot.
The Snake came back into the corner now that Roberts had Savage temporarily down.
Macho Man with a shot to the gut of Roberts, but he applied an armringer to Savage before a devistating forearm clothesline that perhaps could set up Savage for a potential DDT as wisely pointed out by Jesse Ventura. A kickout by Randy Savage as he had a foot on the bottom rope.
Jake went for a front facelock into a suplex where Savage landed on his chest. Savage was roughed up a bit here by Jake and the fans were into this one. Roberts with a series of right hands to Savage.
Macho Man irishwhipped to the ropes but off of them he caught Jake The Snake with a kick to the chest with his boot. The Snake fired back with a hard right hand, and then he attempted a DDT but Savage hooked himself onto the ropes. Jake “The Snake“ followed Savage on the outside but he put Liz in front of him.
Jake went to unleash the Snake and while he did that Savage intelligently drove him into the ring post.
Macho Man from way up high dropped the double axehandle from the top rope onto Roberts.
Savage put Jake The Snake back into the ring and went up top and dropped yet another double axehandle but Jake Roberts kicks out again!
The Snake caught Macho Man in the kisser with a right hand after he tried a third consecutive double axehandle from the top. Savage with a knee to the gut of Roberts and they brawled on the outside. Savage kicked at the back of Roberts. Savage threw the official down and Jake the Snake did as well when Hebner tried to break up both men and there brawling.
Savage tossed in a chair and the official called it a double DQ.
Jake put the Snake on Savage temporarily and he got out of sight with his IC title.
I would hold this match in higher regard if it had a better finish but this was so much fun. A thrill ride. As for it being Savage’s best match in his career to this point, well I think Angelo Poffo had to of been drunk to say this, Savage had at least 20 matches before this I could list better but hey, this was still fun.
This was also the longest match of the Disc to this point around 12 mintutes and so far the best.

Awesome material all around.

*** 1/4






7) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff (With Bobby Heenan) in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- Jan 3, 1987
This was must see TV as billed.
Both these guys has a HUGE feud and to wrestle for the title on FREE TV in a Steel Cage was beyond special.
For some reason Orndorff comes out to REAL AMERICAN or this is just a WWE DVD error.

Hulk Hogan cut an aggressive promo on Mr. Wonderful before this match backstage with Mean Gene saying that the Steel Cage was the most brutal environment so that is where he wanted to inflict the most punishment on Paul Orndorff.
Hogan came to the ring ripped off his shirt at the top of the cage similar to Wrestlemania 2 and then Paul Orndorff charged towards him wasting no time, attacking Hogan with his belt still around his waist as the bell rang and both men were inside the steel blue cage.
Mr. Wonderful hit some hard forearm shots to the back of the Hulkster and then took his belt off and started hitting him with it before boots to the head. These hard kicks from Mr. Wonderful meant business. Instead of leaving the Cage, Paul Orndorff just kept on beating on the current WWF Champion. Orndorff rakes his face.

Referee Joey Marella kept making sure Paul Orndorff wanted to infact stay in but just wanted to do enough damage to get to Hogan.
Paul Orndorff made it all the way up to the top eventually and then immediately went over the top to the other side which was rather shocking seeing as Hogan had yet to even begin climbing.
Eventually Hulk Hogan inevitably did and Super Hulk caught a hold of Paul Orndorff by the head and he managed to (after some time) drag him up and over the cage area. Hogan then got a chance to beat on Paul Orndorff and the crowd ate it right up.
Hulk Hogan began climbing and Paul Orndorff stopped him and met him with an uppercut. Paul Orndorff sold some of the shots he recieved earlier from Hogan but then managed to drive his knee into the head of Hulk by the ring ropes. Both men crawling on the mat and Paul Orndorff went for the Cage Door and Hogan grabbed a holf of Paul Orndorff. Makes one wonder why Mr. Wonderful waited this long to try and leave.
Oh well. This was pretty exciting material and it would never drag, at all.
Hogan gave Paul Orndorff a forearm shot off the ropes and went to escape the door but Mr. Wondeful grabbed ahold of his tights.
Paul Orndorff drove his knee right into the head of Hogan again and again, Heenan kept encouraging him. Poor Bobby Heenan kept trying to get a Heel to take the title off Hogan and never could succeed. But he still is the greatest manager ever.
Paul Orndorff went to send Hulk Hogan face first into the steel but the boot of Hulk caught the cage and he blocked the initial shot. Through prevention Hulk then hit an offensive move and sent Paul Orndorff instead face first into the steel. Paul Orndorff fell to his feet when attempting to rise to his feet which looked rather humerous.

Both men then attempted to climb each sides of the Steel Cage. Hulk on one side, Paul Orndorff on the other. Both men climbed down and Hulk landed at the same time as Paul Orndorff.
Both men had there arm raised as the winner as a result.
Fans had mixed reactions here but it was definitely loud. Joey Marella then got a shot by the referee and Hogan went after him declaring himself the winner. Hogan grabbed ahold of him before Paul Orndorff drove a running knee into the Spine of Hulkamania. Paul Orndorff smashed Hulk and his head right into the Cage. Paul Orndorff claimed to be the New World Champion but such a case was not awarded and we have a room for a commercial.

Great booking.

This spot was almost unseen at the time and was a great excuse to bring the action back inside the Cage after we had seen so much already.
Paul Orndorff now in control of the Champion due to the cheapshot on the outside, placed him inside. Once inside Mr. Wonderful elevated himself off the second rope and landed on top of Hogan and raked at his face with his elbows and hands.

Paul Orndorff set up Hogan and delivered a hard, vicious forearm shot. A crushing blow to Hulkamania that sent him down. Paul Orndorff continued with the shots but then that rush kicked in for Hogan.
That familiar rush of adrenaline that only Hulk Hogan seemed to be able to get ahold of.

Hulk Hogan hulked up.
Hogan then chopped at Paul Orndorff into the corner. Hogan signalled to one side of the cage for revenge and the crowd applauded, so Hogan sent Paul Orndorff crashing into the blue steel. Fans roared in approval.
Paul Orndorff seemed temporarily blinded as Hulk Hogan continued the onslaught of offensive maneuvers.
Hogan landed strong rights to the head of Mr. Wonderful mid-ring as the Weasel looked on concerned. Hogan was not done tormenting Paul Orndorff. Hogan sent Mr. Wonderful flying into the Steel once more. Hogan then scooped up Orndorff and dropped him on his knee, a simple back breaker.
Hulk Hogan hit the leg drop.
Hogan signalled he was done and was going to climb. Heenan gets in the ring and grabs a hold of Hogan and his boot. Meanwhile Paul Orndorff began climbing the cage and Hogan went after Mr. Wonderful and dragged him down before delivering more forearms and an inverted atmoic drop.

Hulk Hogan sent Heenan into the Steel Cage for good measure.

No wonder Hogan was so loved.
Hogan climbs the cage and finally escapes to a loud roar as he retained the title.

This was so very well done. Quite amazing how well they pulled this off.
Because of how well this was booked, it is one of the Greatest matches in both mens career.
This was close to Fourteen minutes in length.
What a Classic TV encounter! One of Hogan’s finest and one of the finest in the history of the show. Says something…..







8 ) Battle Royal -Saturday Night’s Main Event- March 14, 1987


A ton of stars ready to go in this one!
This edition of SNME drew in an amazing 11.6 rating, 14 million viewers.
The highest rating ever in the 11:30 timeslot were watching on NBC and this took place two weeks before WM 3.

One could argue this show helped promote WM 3 and the Andr?-Hogan storyline in a big, big way.
Something THAT big and monumental drew ITSELF really.
Hogan came out and Paul Orndorff attacked him immediately. The Heenan family was doing a number on Hogan early. Hulk sent HonkyTonk man flying and he was the first man eliminated. Mayhem all around.

Andre the Giant eliminated more competition.

More action all around, Hillbilly Jim and Andre the Giant. Hercules, Demolition and the like were all there.

Haku then tossed out by Andre The Giant.

Outlaw Ron Bass and the like continued to beat down one another. Butch Reed who was a great wrestler in other territories tried to throw out Hulk next but he hung onto the ropes, and when he could Hulk Hogan delivered punishment.
This was basically to put over Andre The Giant being a vicious wrestler, showing a new dominant side of him to put over how much he could possibly take away from Hogan at WM 3.
Andre The Giant headbutted Leaping Lanny Poffo (brother of Randy Savage) and he bladed in a big way. He was carried out on a stretcher and we hear McMahon claim Andre The Giant was THAT powerful. Demolition tried to eliminate Hillbilly Jim. Blackjack Mulligan thrown out by Andre The Giant.
Hogan backdropped Nikolai Volkoff to the outside.
Paul Orndorff tried to drive Hogan head first into the corner but was not successful. Koko B. Ware was chopped down next by Andre The Giant. Heenan on the outside loved this sort of dominance. Hercules hit an uppercut on the Hulkster and Andre The Giant headbutted Hillbilly Jim in the other corner of the ring.

Hogan was irishwhipped into Andre The Giant and the facial expression of Hulk Hogan is priceless.
It really makes you want to watch a match between Hogan and Andre The Giant. You really need to give credit where it is due when you go back and re-watch this stuff.
Orndorff was thrown out by Hogan.
Andre The Giant grabbed ahold of Hogan and then eliminated him easily according to Ventura. Big shock there.

Andre The Giant had Hogan where he wanted him going into Wrestlemania 3. Officials had to escort Hogan to the back. The match continued.
All the competitors in the ring tried to throw out the Giant now. Andre The Giant remained in the corner and everyone tried to throw him out. He was the king of the battle royal. Everyone eliminated Andre The Giant to a huge pop.
Hercules threw out an Islander. Andr? The Giant and Hogan both gone.
Hillbilly Jim was thrown out by Smash of Demolition.
Smash, Hercules, Butch Reed, Koko and Billy Jack Hayes were the final 5 men.
Koko dropkicked his WM 3 opponent out of the Battle Royal. The final four men remained with Bobby Heenan on the outside of the ring. Koko B. Ware brawled with Hercules but he scooped him up and eliminated him.

Billy Jack Hayes got hit with a double clothesline by Smash of Demolition and the powerful Hercules.
Smash then was eliminated by the power of Billy Jack as he tossed him out.

These two men would meet at Mania 3 and met as the final two in this battle royal. Heenan distracted Hayes temporarily and Hercules Hernandez got a big rub as he won this largely seen Battle Royal. RIP Herc.
Good old-school fun!






9) The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) (With Jimmy Hart and Dangerous Danny Davis) (c) vs The British Bulldog’s (Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid) (With Tito Santana) in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- May 2, 1987  


When you think of the World Wrestling Federation in the late 1980-s and beyond you think of Hulkamania. You think of the Macho Man, Andre The Giant, Ted DiBiase, Roddy Piper, Jake the Snake.
People like that.

What sometimes goes under the radar was the fantastic tag division the Federation had back then.
A large reason for this was two awesome tag teams that could deliver fast pace matches, with any style really at any given time. The chemistry was there and there was always excitement galore.
The Bulldogs and The Hart Foundation were two of the very best.

Here is a rare 2 out of 3 Falls match that is simple and to the point, and a lot of fun.
Bret begins in the ring with Davey Boy Smith his brother in-law The British Bulldog.
Hart immediately swings Davey Boy by the left arm for an arm-ringer. Davey Boy Smith rolled back and forth and kicked up and slapped on one of his own and brought Bret to the mat which brought the crowd to there feet. Bulldogs were the babyface team.
Ventura said this should be a classic.
Davey Boy Smith drove his knee into the back of Bret. Bret then kicked up and slapped on a side headlock to Davey Boy Smith a move he would implement a lot in there future Summerslam 92 Classic confrontation.
Back to a standing position, Bret off the ropes is leapfrogged by Davey Boy Smith and then he is elevated up. Davey Boy Smith locks the left arm as Danny Davis looks on. A crucifix from Davey Boy Smith to Bret off the ropes and a near fall. A shoulder block to Bret. Off the ropes again Bret caught Bulldog in the mid-section and tags in Neidhart the powerhouse of the team.
The Anvil then drags Davey Boy Smith by the head and slams him on the mat. Neidhart throws a crushing blow to the Bulldog and hammered his spine with forearm shots. Backed up into a corner Davey Boy Smith was choked out by Bret behind the official. The Anvil distracted the official and Jimmy Hart looked on impresssed. Ventura said it was smart tag team wrestling. Davey Boy Smith was unable to tag out to Dynamite as the Hart Foundation isolated the Bulldog in there corner quite efficiently.
Bret then back in applied a back breaker to Davey Boy Smith who needed a tag and Bret got a nearfall. The Hitman dropped an elbow to Bulldog and rammed his head into the top buckle before a hard irishwhip hitting back first to the corner. Bret rushed towards Bulldog who hit him with a boot to the face. Bulldog makes the hot tag to Dynamite.
Dynamite who Bret called the best ever inside the ring slams Bret down and delivers a snapshot vertical suplex to The Hitman and got a two count. Great resilience by Bret, Neidhart broke up Dynamite and his offensive rush to Bret. Hart Foundation completely worked over Dynamite in the middle of the ring. Danny Davis chased by Bulldog outside the ring. Tito Santana pushed off the Hart Foundation who worked over Dynamite.
The bell rung.
Bulldogs won the first fall due to a DQ ruling.
Bulldogs up 1-0.
Back from the break the second fall began, such a great first fall.
Dynamite was being worked over by Bret and then the powerhouse came back in. The Anvil choked out Neidhart on the middle ropes. A front facelock by Neidhart to Davey Boy Smith and then he tagged in Bret Hart who jumped off the middle rope and drove an elbow into the esophagus of Dynamite.
All of the sudden out of no where Dynamite hit a headbutt. He tried to make the hot tag to Davey Boy Smith but The Anvil cut him right off when Bret got the tag and it came ever so close, in dramatic fashion. Jim the Anvil Neidhart locked a front facelock to Dynamite and then choked him out onto the mat.

Davey Boy Smith chased Bret on the outside. Davis, Jimmy and Bret all running from Tito and Davey Boy Smith on the outside, meanwhile The Anvil choked out the Dynamite Kid in the ring, methodically taking him out. A striking blow to the sternum by The Anvil and Dynamite nearly had enough. Vince suggests he very well could of had a broken nose. Hitman tagged in and went back to work to Dynamite who was tied up in the ropes, Bret went for a cross-body but Dynamite moved just in time and Bret crashed.
Davey Boy Smith tagged in and dropkicked Bret! Fans were rowdy by this point. Bulldog dropkicked The Anvil who was tagged in at the last second by a desperate Bret.

Quick action!
Bulldog clotheslined The Anvil off the ropes, set him up and lifted his body weight dropping it hard to the canvas and a long two count. Bulldogs are getting very close, Jimmy Hart was concerned as the momentum was temporarily swung.
Temporarily was the keyword as the Anvil caught Bulldog off the ropes in the mid-section. Bret on the outside was knocked off by Davey Boy Smith to the floor. The Anvil vulnnerable inside the ring. Tito hit Anvil from behind with no ref looking. The tag was made and Dynamite got pressed onto Bret and they got the three.
The winner in two straight falls at about ten minutes in length is the Bulldogs and we have new tag team champions.
This was rarely seen on Free TV and was exciting.
Nothing but quality, this was quite terrific.







10) The Honkytonk Man (c) (W/Jimmy Hart) vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (/Miss Elizabeth) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- October 3, 1987

The guy is a pathetic excuse for a human if you ask me. He`s a fat, talentless hick that can go to hell for mocking Bret Hart`s stroke. I don`t care if he was drunk he should be shot.
Is that a bit harsh…maybe. I’d say he deserves it. So roll roll roll with that Honkytonk…



You should feel proud I put a picture up of you.


Honkytonk Man was set to defend the title against Savage on SNME here in the fall of 87 and it was a much anticipated matchup.

Honkytonk man got natural heel heat and he knew how to generate it as well.
Randy Savage entered as the challenger to a big pop with Elizabeth by his side of course.
Macho Man was a babyface now as his heel persona caught on quite well that the fans became cheering him and got to liking his character.
They were polishing him up for the big year long WWF title run by this point but here tonight he was going back for the title he held to so close to him, the IC title.
Savage had Liz by his side as an inssurance policy here.

Both guys locked up viciously, they teared at one another. Referee tried to break it up but Honkytonk Man hit Savage with a cheapshot to the face, backed to the corner Savage was vulnerable and Honkytonk Man elbowed Savage and dropped a shot to the head.
Randy Savage hit a dropkick out of no where and elevated himself over the top rope choking out Honkytonk Man on the top rope. Savage had this wicked move in his arsenal and it always seemed to benefit him. Heenan on commentary hated it and thought Savage should of got the DQ for it.
Savage in the ring choked out Honkytonk Man and slammed him head first into the buckle. Savage kicked Honkytonk Man in the mid-section. Randy Savage choked out Honkytonk Man in the corner. Macho Man irishwhipped Honky and hit a reverse elbow as he came crashing out of the corner. Jimmy Hart came after Elizabeth and Savage then came after Hart to a loud ovation.
Honkytonk Man came from behind and knocked down the Macho Man and Heenan claimed you do not turn your back on Honkytonk Man. Back inside the ring Honkytonk Man raked the face and gave Savage a couple of shots, sent him to the ropes, Macho Man ducked a clothesline and landed an elbow shot to the temple of Honkytonk Man. Savage with a tremendous right hand, and quick left jabs to Honkytonk Man.
A snapmare from Savage and he missed with a landing elbow but Honkytonk Man got up and dropped a double axehandle to Savage. Something Macho was familiar with. Honkytonk Man taunted Savage as he beat on him in the corner. Honkytonk Man hit a snapmare to Randy and then Honkytonk Man dropped an elbow to Savage from the middle rope. Honkytonk Man then praised himself some more and started to shake around to impress Liz.
This obviously did not sit well with Macho as he struck him from behind. Macho Man with one of his high risk signature moves, hits the double axehandle from up top. Heenan claims he was jealous.
Savage rolled up Honkytonk Man and almost got a three but Jimmy Hart broke it up. Savage hit a back body suplex and got a two, but once again Honkytonk Man was saved by Hart on the outside. Savage kicked Jimmy off of him and then Macho went to the top and dropped another double axehandle, Savage was going to get a three but Jimmy Hart placed Honkytonk Man on the ropes to break the count.
Savage slammed Jimmy Hart inside the middle of the ring to the outside.
Savage then tossed Honkytonk Man outside the ring onto the ring apron. Back inside Macho Man sent Honkytonk Man to the ropes, a sunsetflip attempt by Honkytonk Man but Savage stopped and delivered a righthand to Honkytonk Man who rolled out of the ring for a breather.
What action.
Honkytonk Man tried to wake up his own insurrance policy in Jimmy Hart on the outside.

The Hart Foundation ran to the ring now.
Savage snapped Honkytonk Man back inside the middle of the ring and choked out Honkytonk Man on the ropes. Savage continued to build momentum as he choked out Honkytonk Man with his knee.

Bret and The Anvil tried to awake Jimmy Hart on the outside. Honkytonk Man went to the outside to keep Hart at ringside as the Anvil took him out.
Honkytonk Man told Macho he would be back.
Savage did not wait!
Macho Man went up top and called for him to return.
Back from a commercial Honkytonk Man came back with the Foundation. Liz looked concerned as Savage was in the middle of the ring wanting the match to resume. Savage took over again and snapmared Honkytonk Man and delivered an eblow to the mat. Macho Man with a hard right jab until Honkytonk Man hit Savage with a series of kicks. Savage hit back with an elbow.
Back and forth! Macho in control, he charged to the corner but Honkytonk Man moved in the knick of time. Honky with a kick to Savage and you could tell he was getting fatigued. A backbody drop to Savage. Honky then danced around some more. Macho Man down on the mat and then hit a spear of sorts to Honkytonk Man and got a nearfall out of it. This was out of desperation but Honkytonk Man drove Savage face first to the mat. Honkytonk Man in the corner hit a series of rights and then when he got down snapmared Savage once more.
Honkytonk Man off the middle rope missed an elbow drop and the fans came back alive!
Fans went wild as Savage got a rush of adrenaline and hit a series of elbows followed by a back body drop. Savage pointed to Honkytonk Man who was tired as all hell and he begged for mercy. Savage with another elbow before raking his face in the corner with his palms, then knee.
Randy Savage with an elbow shot risking DQ in the corner. Savage with a reverse elbow this time to Honkytonk Man and he somehow only got a two after all that. Fans were behind Macho in a big way.
Savage with a nice snapshot vertical suplex to Honkytonk Man and another cover gets him only a count of two.
What a match!
Honkytonk Man raking the eyes of Savage then tossed him over the ropes to the outside. The Foundation stomped on him behind the official distracted by Honkytonk Man and they sent him into the steel gaurdrail.
Savage was being dominated on the outside and they threw him back in the ring. Honkytonk Man dropped an elbow and somehow Macho Man kicked out! Amazing.
McMahon says HOW ABOUT THAT, since Savage kicked out.

Honkytonk Man tried a shake, rattle and roll but Savage somehow hit a back-body drop. Savage scoop slammed Honkytonk Man to the mat. Savage hit his elbow drop from the top and we would of had a new Champion but Bret interfered in the match and broke up Savage and his count.
Honkytonk Man was DQ-d.
In the end at around 11 minutes Honkytonk Man kept the title but Macho Man won the match.
After the match Honkytonk Man was about to hit Savage with a Guitar as the Foundation had him tied up. Liz got in the way and then Honky shoved down Liz to the mat while Randy watched on in agony. Liz only wanted to save her man.

Honkytonk Man then crushed Randy Savage with a Guitar Shot to the head. All three men continued to attack the Macho Man.

All of the sudden Liz dragged out none other then Hulkamania.
Hulk Hogan saves the day! Awesome. Hogan then went in the ring and all three men kicked away at the Hulkster. A triple team to Hulk. Savage then got back to his feet and saw what was happening, that Hogan came to his aid. Savage and Hogan then started to take on Honky and the Foundation to a loud roar.
What a pop. What a moment.
Savage and Hulk went toe to toe and Liz looked on. Savage reached his hand out to Hulk and he looked around.

They were ONE.

They are the Mega Powers.
Savage, Liz and Hogan celebrate to Macho Man and his theme while the SNME crowd cheer. Definitely a sight to see.
This back and forth match continued the trend of fast paced-exciting matches on this Disc. What a match.
I was impressed, truely one of Honkytonk Mans best ever.
Great material.

*** 1/2 




11) Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs Bret “Hitman” Hart -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 28, 1987



Two of the greatest wrestlers ever. Both had so much respect for each other.


It is always a sight to see when two 2nd generation superstars lace them up and go at it, especially when those two happen to be among the elite list of top Wrestling talent of all time.

For Bret Hart, this match was a stepping stone to singles success. In order to jump up the ranks, it was Bret and his matches with the likes of Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage in the WWF that really showed the company what he was capable of as a singles star.

Randy Savage was cautious of The Dangerous Hart Foundation who eyed up Elizabeth on the outside. Savage made sure they would not harm Liz.
Here we go!
This is a tremendous match here.
Bret Hart and Randy Savage locking up on the Main Event.
Randy Savage chased the Foundation around th ering. Savage grabbed Bret by the legs, took him to the outside and crushed his shoulder to the ring post and down to the floor. He meant business.
Savage went up to the top and pointed down to Bret who was favouring his shoulder.
Macho Man in the ring with an elbow to the head of Bret. Working downstairs in the corner and then drove his elbow into the head of the Hitman in the corner. Savage charged towards Bret in the corner but he moved in time and this bought Bret an oppurtunity to re-group.
Jimmy screamed from the outside with the Mega Phone as The Hitman went to work on Macho Man in the corner. A choke, and an elbow drop by Bret to Macho Man.
The Hitman with a stiff blow to Macho who was down. Bret irishwhipped Randy Savage and then off the ropes he kicked the chest of Bret. Macho Man hit an elbow to Bret and then on the outside of the ring he had him by the hair. Bret on the ring apron got shoved off into the steel gaurd-rail. Macho Man had rammed Bret twice into a hard object in this match.
Savage looked from up top and had the crowd on his side.
Unbelievable punishment to the Hitman for this time in Wrestling.
Savage eyed Neidhart who came on the apron to buy The Hitman some time. Jimmy and Neidhart both on the apron got a double noggen knocker by Savage.
Randy Savage then went up top and attempted a signature high-risk double axe-handle to Bret but he caught Savage in the mid-section out of desperation with a hard shot to the gut. Neidhart threw Savage in the ring and Bret was now stomping on Savage.
Neidhart ultimately bought Bret time to re-group. An elbow from Bret to Savage off the ropes. Macho Man was hurt now, and Bret who in real life had the biggest amount of respect for Miss Elizabeth talked trash to her. Savage then was placed upside down by Bret who worked over his mid-section in the corner of the ring. Savage was being disected by the excellence of execution who was really coming into his own here.
An excellent piledriver by Bret to Savage and a two count.
Macho Man kicked out and Ventura pointed out hardly anyone kicked out of the piledriver. Bret knocked Macho to the canvas and Liz looked on. Bret irishwhipped Savage to the buckle and Macho moved in the knick of time and Bret hit the post. Savage then threw the Hitman into the post again.
Twice into the post of Bret and his shoulder. Once into the gaurdrail, Bret had to of been hurting.

A snapmare by Savage to Bret, a double axe-handle from the top and a two count! Bret kicked out! Savage grabbed Bret by the hair but Bret hit an uppercut.
Bret hit a backbreaker to Savage.
Mechanically there were no two men better in wrestling today says Ventura.
Bret went for a signature second rope elbow drop but missed. Savage then elevated himself over the rope choking out Bret on the top. One…two and a kickout by The Hitman!
What a pace here.
Bret against the ropes and Randy Savage choked him near there. Savage charged to Bret and he backdropped him over to the outside. Savage was hurt.
Randy landed in a bad way on the ground favouring the knee. Despite Bret being massively hurt from post shots twice, not to mention the gaurdrail, he still managed to hurt Savage at any cost with a back body drop elevating Macho to the outside as he hit the ground hard. The lovely Elizabeth looked on concerned for her man of course.
Macho down on the outside, and McMahon thought he might not be able to continue the match on SNME. What is going to become of Savage if he loses the match was the question.
Bret though followed up Savage on the outside.
A commercial break takes place, and Savage broke the count during the break and he appeared to make an effort to get back in. The official did not call it off.
Bret and Savage resumes, and why not. This has been absolutely terrific.
Bret wants to know what the deal is as Savage struggles to get to a vertical base, and on one leg he continues. Hart being the mastered technician, right away targetted the ankle of Savage.
Bret kicked to the leg of Macho Man. McMahon sympathized for Savage and his leg (Would we see such a thing today…hmmm…) while Ventura claimed it was smart strategic disection by the Hitman.
Execution personified.
Great psychology by Bret twisting and turning the ankle of Savage, until he kicked Bret off of him with his good leg somehow and Bret went into the corner for a third time! Savage with a side russian leg-sweep somehow and a nearfall. What an effort by Savage!
Bret back on the ankle applied a lock until Macho grabbed ahold of the ropes. Savage then was turned over into a half-crab by Bret Hart. Randy Savage on the apron and Bret lifted up Randy by the leg and slammed it hard to the mat.
Bret Hart had his face raked by Savage who then went to the apron. Bret grabbed aholf of Savage and went for a scoop slam from the outside but Savage with an inside cradle got the three!
This place is electric!

Macho Man had done it.
Jimmy went for Randy Savage with the Mega Phone but Savage ducked and he hit Bret! Crowd went wild.
What a contest.
Unbelievable story-telling, and it is bouts like this that helped Bret get over as he proved he could go with the very best.
The Seattle SeaHawks are shown cheering on the Macho Man who was victorious.

Truely remarkable.
A borderline classic and as said it helped elevate the Hitman in a singles role for his soon babyface push.
I put this match in the top 200 I have ever seen, it just made the cut.
SO ENJOYABLE. Perfect entertainment to end disc 1.








-Disc 1 Extras:

-Real American Music Video: Video showing Hulk Hogan grow up and playing the Guitar, with clips of his matches and other American heroes. The theme of course is his “Real American”
-The JYD and his Mother: On Mother’s Day the JYD brings his mom to a Wrestling event. The JYD is then shown getting down in the ring dancing with his Mama.



12) First Match in SNME History: 6 Man Tag: Ricky Steamboat and U.S. Express (W/Captian Lou Albano) vs The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff and George the Animal Steele (W/Classy Freddie Blassie)- May 11th 1985


Nice touch for them to slap on this rare match, especially seeing as it was the first in the history of Saturday Night’s Main Event.
Volkoff and the Sheik were the tag team Champion’s after winning the title’s at the original Wrestlemania and they got a lot of heel heat for singing the Russian National Anthem before the match. Talk about an easy way to generate heat, but it worked like a charm, both men were beyond hated.
Seeing Steele go at it as a Heel or Tweener is interesting.
I liked the McMahon and Ventura tandem, Ventura is the best color guy ever, hands down and McMahon was a decent play by play man in the 80’s. He showed more enthusiasm in the 90’s but he also got very annoying then during the New Generation days so I don’t think it’s a coincidence by any means.
Jess points out the Babyfaces (refers to them as Albano’s team) are better scientific wrestler’s, but Blassie’s team (the heels) would be more physical.
A nice six man tag to open up the Saturday Night’s Main Event Dynasty in 1985.
Goerge “The Animal” Steele thought he was going to start and now it’s the Sheik.

Sheik and Windham go at it and tie-up mid-ring, a side headlock by Windham and the Sheik gets a break off the ropes. Windham with a right into a side headlock and then a big right of his own once again to the Iron Sheik.
Barry Windham maintained a standing side headlock until he was pushed by the Irion Sheik to the ropes and Windham came off and hits a shoulder block, a leapdrog by both men and then Sheik gets a nice hiplock. Sheik elevated in the air and Windham slammed him down. Windham with an armringer a tag into Rutundo and delivers an armringer, and then a tag into Steamboat.
Ricky Steamboat off the rope with a striking blow, after an aerial move by the dragon, a chop and more arm work. A tag to Rutundo aka IRS who works over Sheik some more, all three of them in on it, he powerslams The Iron Sheik and gets a two count. Sheik tagged in Steamboat who hit a picture perfect chop to Sheik, and then nan armringer.
Sheik catches Steamboat off the ropes with a knee to the gut, an abodimnal stretch then an amazing counter. A beautiful hiptoss by the Dragon!

Fans cheer, and all three go at it in the ring and then the Faces clear the ring and the fans appalud, commercial break.
Back from the break nothing has happened, but Steamboat is still maintaining control on The Iron Sheik with an armringer, a irishwhip and then a power body slam. Steamboat with a nice standing dropkick off the top rope. Steamboat with another aerial move hitting a crossbody. Windham came in to make sure Volkoff stayed out.
Nikolai Volkoff in and the karate style of Steamboat succesfful thus far. Windham and Steamboat double irishwhip Nikolai Volkoff and then hit a double dropkick, and Barry Windham recently tagged in gets a two count. Another double irishwhip, and a double reverse elbow. This time it’s Rutundo who is tagged in and he gets a two on Nikolai Volkoff as the Animal broke up the count. Nikolai Volkoff had Rutundo and then scooped him up, he landed on his feet, a roll-up from the ropes int he center of the ring gets a two.
A unique backslide by Mike Rutundo to Nikolai Volkoff and another two. Tag is made to Windham. Barry with a shot to Nikolai Volkoff and a headlock, off the ropes he hits a Sunset Flip nearing the ropes so Nikolai Volkoff was safe and tagged in Steele.

In the intimidating George “The Animal” Steele gets his first taste of the action, he throws a big Windham around until Windham sneaks from behind and rolls him backwards, Windham pins Steel with a cradle from behind.
The place pops.

Not very much substance to give it higher but it was a hot tag match, with good work from all men as this match was surfacing around eight minutes in length.
Good stuff.



** 1/4















Disc 2 Matches and Segments:

 Segments and Clips shown on Disc 2 are as follows…

-Turning Back the Clock: Mean Gene Okerlund speaks on the new year in 1988 and how the Federation was taking off, with its leading man, the Champion Hulk Hogan taking on an old rival-King Kong Bundy who had The Giant in his corner.
-The Rematch from WM 3: This clip looks back on the history of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan and what lead to the highest rated Wrestling segment/match of all time.
-Ted DiBiase, Jr. Reflects on His Dad, “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase: Young Ted talks about his father Ted DiBiase being Champion and what it meant to him since his Dad was his hero. Even though it was short-lived and un-official it meant the world to him. He talked more about his Dad on SNME and how much of a good time it was watching him.
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – October 29, 1988
-Andre The Giant Passes Out: The Giant feared snakes. Jake puts one on him and he passes out. Matt Hardy and Santino Marella speak on this moment. This set up a terrible match at the fifth Mania the next year.
-Macho Madness: Clips of Randy Savage who was in his peak at the time as Champion and was about to face his biggest challenge yet in Andre and then Hogan.
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – November 26, 1988: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Reflects on His Flag Match. An excuse to show clips of this match but not actually FEATURE it.
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – January 7, 1989: Brutus “The Barber”Beefcake Shaves “Outlaw” Ron Bass’s Head: Not a lot to elaborate on here seeing as I always hated Brutus and it’s self-explanitory.
-A Supreme Alliance: Okerlund talks about the Superforce of the Mega Powers of Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth.
-A Grueling Encounter: Mean Gene talks about when the Mega Powers exploded at Wrestlemania 5 and then his title defense that would follow in a Cage with The Bossman.



13) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (c) vs King Kong Bundy (W/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Andre The Giant) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- January 2, 1988


A re-match of the Classic Main Event from Wrestlemania 2!

Okay, Classic might be stretching it but the match was pretty decent, however that was a “Cage” match where they got to work with a gimmick. This took place nearly two years before this bout here on The Main Event.

So this match nearly two years later is for the title on free television in a single’s match, which is another reason why Saturday Night’s Main Event was so special. Big time title matches that used to headline shows like Mania happened here, including this one.
Hulk Hogan was as energized as ever when he gave a pre-match interview with Mean Gene Okerlund. Hogan had so much passion, and charisma in his voice that you had to believe he had the power to overcome anything, and he did. The Power of Hulkamania was definitely strong at this point in time.
This match isn’t as fast paced as the ones on Disc 1 due to Bundy and his size but it still is fun due to some good storytelling.
King Kong Bundy had of course a bit of an advantage with The Giant and The Weasel in his corner.
McMahon with Ventura on commentary again and Vince says never before had Hogan faced odds like this, even though he almost always did.
King Kong Bundy ties up with The Hulkster after the commercial break and it’s on.

Hogan pushed Bundy to the corner and posed. Bundy charged to Hulk and he missed him and hit the buckle.
Hulk Hogan fired shots at Bundy and the crowd is going crazy. 
The Hulkster slammed Bundy head first to the top turnbuckle pads over and over, Hogan with all the momentum meant business.

A kick to Bundy sent King Kong Bundy to the outside.
King Kong Bundy was furious on the outside and Andre gave him some support, and words of advice on the outside.
Bundy got back in the ring and met a series of elbows before a clothesline by Hulk Hogan and ONCE again King Kong Bundy was sent to the outside and he took a breif moment to re-group and take a breather.
The Champion in complete control.
Bundy back in the ring.
Another tie-up and Bundy had Hogan against the ropes, Hulk blocked a shot and Hogan hit shot after shot, more forearms to Bundy followed by an arm-ringer.
Hulk Hogan with an Arm-Ringer!
Hogan with a series of elbows to King Kong Bundy and a wristlock. Bundy reversed it and hels an armbar.
King Kong Bundy grabbed Hogan by the hair and his bodyweight overpowered Hogan and for the first time in the match-up King Kong Bundy had the momentum and leverage over Hogan on the canvas. King Kong Bundy held the armbar but Hogan raised to his feet after thirty seconds on the mat. Hulk Hogan hammered away on King Kong Bundy and hit a series of shoulder blocks to Bundy off the ropes, two of them didn’t knock King Kong Bundy down and Bundy hit a reverse elbow to Hogan.
Bundy then kicked on the damaged arm of Hogan. Hulk sold the arm in the corner and Bundy kicked away at it, then King Kong Bundy used a wrist-lock to close in on the arm of Hogan.
King Kong Bundy had Hulk Hogan in the middle of the ring which worked to his advantage and he held Hogan down on the mat.
The Champion was officially in trouble.
King Kong Bundy held on Hogan for about two minutes until Hogan shook his head and hammered away with rights and Bundy released the hold. Then the typical spot we were used to seeing in matches like this, what everyone wanted. Hogan slammed Bundy.
Hogan went for an elbow drop but Bundy moved out of the way and then slammed Hulk Hogan down. Bundy missed with two elbow drop attempts. Hulk Hogan landed rights and irishwhipped Bundy to the corner and followed it up with a clothesline and two hard right hands. King Kong Bundy reversed an irish-whip and sent Hogan in the corner.
King Kong Bundy charged Hogan and hit the ref ahead of Hogan. King Kong Bundy went for a splash and missed Hogan. Hulk landed rights and an elbow drop to the head. Hulk wound up with an uppercut and it sent Bundy to the outside. Another official ran out, Hebner signalled for more officials.
Andre meanwhile helped Bundy to his feet.

More officials came out and this bought Bundy some time to re-group. A stretcher was brought out and they placed the original official on it.
After a break we see the official being brought to the back.
The match is back on.

Hogan wants Bundy back in the ring.
Bundy came back in at a count of eight and then the two men with another tie-up, King Kong Bundy raked the face of Hogan and landed shots to his back. King Kong Bundy irishwhipped Hogan and dropped him with a clothesline.
The Referee/Commercial break was in favor of Bundy as he got to re-group and now was the aggressor on Hulk Hogan.
King Kong Bundy landed a big chop on the Hulkster against the ropes sending Hogan to the outside. Bundy hammered away on Hogan who was on the apron and was again dropped to the ground.
Some slow domination by Bundy as he wears down the Champion, choking him out with a boot to the throat.
Not a fan of this considering we all know the stereotypical Hulk-Up was coming. A shoulderblock by Bundy, and a count of two before a reverse chinlock.
Another slow-weardown move to the Champion.
The neck of Hogan bent back by King Kong Bundy. Hogan grasping for air as Bundy held the reverse chin-lock in hard. Hogan then was chopped as Bundy released the hold, irish-whipped Hogan to the corner and King Kong Bundy avalanched Hogan!

ventura said this was it.
We might have a New Champion!

King Kong Bundy sent Hogan to the corner and a second Avalanche! Nobody could kick out of this, right? “The Body” stressed that point.
King Kong Bundy even landed a big splash in the middle of the ring, and just a two. King Kong Bundy seems worthless now as Hogan shakes his head and begins to Hulk Up.
Hogan sent Bundy to the corner and landed a legdrop and gets the 1, 2, 3.
Ventura claims it wasn’t fair.
Fans pop and Hogan retains the title.
Andre then stares down Hogan.

In the end around the twelve minute mark it was over

I can see why this was placed on the DVD because Bundy was a serious threat to Hogan and it wasn’t a bad match but I am not impressed by the story-telling of this match.
Was way too long and the end made little sense.
Andre after the match grabbed ahold of Hogan and delivered headbutts to him.
Overall this was pretty slow, but then again anything would look slow compared to the Savage matches we were treated to on Disc 1.
By no means bad,  but I really, really hate the formula of a match we’ve seen a trillion times.




* 3/4


14) The Main Event: Hulk Hogan (c) vs Andre The Giant (W/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Ted DiBiase and Virgil) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship- February 5, 1988


The most watched wrestling match ever, drawing in crazy numbers in the peak of the 80’s boom.




Just “What” was the crazy number?

33 Million Households in the United States watched this match.
That’s beyond ridiculous, the 11.6 rating still stands today as the highest rated Wrestling Segment, of all time.
This here of course set up the Wrestlemania 4 title tournament that’d be won by Randy Savage a month later while Hogan and Andre had another forgettable re-match at that Mania which ended in both men getting Disqualified.
This bout however was not forgettable considering the achievment of how many viewers tuned into this bad boy.
This rivalry was beyond incredible and the proof was in the pudding, just look at the numbers.

Hulk Hogan gets a god-like ovation and runs to the ring with the belt. He had a lot of rage inside of him. He had to be the man, he couldn’t let it slide. And now I’m quoting lyrics to “Real American”, which is if nothing else a sign to myself that I better get to the actual match.
So here we go.
Obviously this match was HUGE.
Knowing that we can get it started.
It’s also extremely important going into this match it was a one-trick pony.
This one only got by with Hogan firing up the crowd or attempting to knock the big man to the ground. Without the electricity in that environment the match is pretty terrible.
It’s really strange how such a bad match can draw in so many big numbers if it’s booked right.
A perfect example is this.
Hogan sent DiBiase into the ring and cleaned house with him and Virgil. Hogan knocked both of them out of the ring. Hulk Hogan then started firing right’s on the Giant.
Ventura then put over the strength of Andre in a big way as he mentions Hogan’s big hard right hands, and forearms weren’t sending Andre down.
Hogan sent Andre’s head into the buckle, an elbow to the head of Andre off the ropes for leverage and that didn’t send him down.
A clothesline this time and that time didn’t send him down. Hogan was cleaning DiBiase and Virgil out of the ring any time they got near it, however Hulk Hogan couldn’t get Andre down. Hogan raked the face of Andre and clotheslined him into a corner.

Fans were extremely loud.
Hogan still couldn’t knock him down and he raked the face again, ventura pointed out how cheap it was twice.
Hogan went to the top rope as he was desperate but that was his downfall here as Andre hit his first offensive move of the match and slammed Hogan.
The Giant went for an elbow drop and Hulk Hogan moved out of the way in time to buy him time. Hogan up and sold the back, Hogan went for a cover but got caught with a chokehold by Andre.
The Giant maintained the choke on Hulk from his back to his knees and then grounded down The Hulkster. Andre began wearing the Champion down and then picked him up by the hair and dropped a right.
Fans all chanted Hogan’s name while Andre irishwhipped Hulk to the buckle and he hit back first. The Giant scooped up Hogan and slammed him to the mat. Andre manhandling Hogan. Kicks to the face of Hogan by Andre. The Giant with a big headbutt to Hogan. A big chop across the chest of Hulk and then Andre planted Hogan’s head into his knee. Andre then with Hulk in the corner landed a series of chops before a giant headbutt.
Not even the Hulkamaniac’s could save Hogan says Ventura, but shouldn’t history teach us Hogan will ALWAYS come back?
Anyway Andre irishwhipped Hogan tot he ropes and landed a foot to the chest and it elevated Hulk to the outside. Virgil threw Hogan back in the ring and McMahon on commentary didn’t like it.
Ventura points out that he did that because Andre wouldn’t of been able to win the WWF title by countout. So it was logical for Virgil to throw Hogan back in the ring.


Andre locks on a sleeper and then rakes the back of Hogan.
Andre slapped a double trapezius hold on the Champ to wear him down, into a choke.
All of the sudden the power of Hulkamania was preventing the choke by Andre! The fans roared as Hogan got to his feet!
Hogan grabbed the forearms of Andre and lifted them back with the power of Hulkamania. Hogan hit rights and kicks to the mid-section, Hulk turned it around.
A boot to the face by Hogan.
Hulk Hogan attempts the high risk move again and this time lands the big clothesline from the top and the fans go insane. Virgil grabs Hogan’s leg blocking a leg-drop attempt. Hogan hits his drop behind the official eventually when distrated by Virgil.
This bought the Giant some time to headbutt Hogan and slam him, and Andre was on top of Hulk and seemingly got the three around the eight minute mark.
The fans hated this, shaking there heads and a series of boo’s followed this.
The bell rings.
Nobody knows what to think. DiBiase and Virgil congradulate Andre in the corner, Hebner grabs the belt and says “No.”
The Fink announced Andre as the NEW Champion.
The belt looked incredibally small on The Giant. Okerlund interviews Andre and he says he is giving the belt to the Million Dollar Man.


Andre puts the belt on DiBiase.
The belt looked damn good on Ted. Hogan is irate by this point and DiBiase holds the title up in front of Hulk’s face.

Dave Hebner then came out and looked at his brother Earl. This was the first time we saw both Hebner’s together I believe. Hogan points at both Hebner’s and grabs both not knowing what to do and the fans were on his side either way.
Both Hebner’s shove each other and continue to argue, one lands a right and a kick to the other and the fans love it. I belive Earl Hebner is the one, but it’s hard to make out. Vince and Jesse don’t even know. Hogan grabbed Hebner and then asked for support from his Hulkamaniac’s. Hogan lifted him up and sent him flying onto DiBiase, Andre and Virgil.


Insane spot for that time, it looked awesome.
A bit better then there Wrestlemania 3 match but not by very much, and again, the time of the storyline, significance of the feud/match is taken into account when grading this match.







15) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (W/Virgil) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- March 12, 1988

This was just a few weeks before the two would meet in the finals for the Undisputed WWF title at Wrestlemania 4.
Savage and Ted always had a tremendous chemistry together and this one is even better then Wrestlemania 4’s final match which was very good in itself.
So that’s why this one seemed special.
The Macho Man was really catching on in the late 80’s as a Heel and now the Babyface version was working very well with audience’s everywhere. Even if you didn’t like Savage you still would of likely been in love with Elizabeth, so either way the marketing was right.
Ted DiBiase was amazingly easy to hate as well which made the story between the two come off very well.
Ted DiBiase worked in Mid-South in the 80’s, Savage worked in Memphis and now both of them in the Federation were about to lock up on the Main Event.
Both these guys had there eyes on the big prize around this time, the World Wrestling Federation Championship.
The Macho Man came out to a good ovation with Liz and the security was tight with Liz being there of course. Ted DiBiase’s entrance isn’t shown and Savage poses on the top rope.
Andre the Giant comes out now and McMahon questions this on commentary, Savage doesen’t look pleased as Ted DiBiase and Andre were of course alligned at the time.
After a commercial break the bell rings and the match gets underway officially…
Virgil had a few words with Elizabeth on the outside and Randy Savage didn’t hesitate to jump out of the ring and give a piece of his mind to virgil.
From behind in heel like fashion Ted DiBiase brilliantly uses this situation to his advantage and kicks him from the ring apron and then slams him head first. Inside the ring The Million Dollar man slams Savage’s head in the corners and then hits him with a reverse elbow.
Ted DiBiase with shots to the abdomen of Savage in the corner, as he repeatedly speared him and then The Million Dollar Man posed.
Ted DiBiase from the second rope up high landed an elbow drop to the head of Savage. Ted DiBiase raked the face and choked Savage down on the mat. Andre pushed Savage into the middle of the ring as he was rolling out nearing the bottom rope where the Giant was standing. Ted DiBiase was then reverse irishwhipped to the corner by Savage. Macho Man hit an elbow drop and off the rope held on for leverage and kicked Ted DiBiase up high.
Off the ropes The Macho Man hit a knee to the back of the Million Dollar Man sending him to the outside, the fans loved it and they were back into the match.

Macho Man with an aerial elbow drop to Ted DiBiase’s head in the corner.
Ted DiBiase begged in the corner, however Randy Savage grabbed ahold of his leg, spun him around and hit a nice clothesline. McMahon claims “Macho Madness” was breaking out.
Savage then dragged Ted DiBiase by the head and slammed his throat on top rope as he flew to the outside. Ventura and McMahon put over Savage’s ring skills. Ted DiBiase then is on the recieving end of yet another elbow to the head and it sends him outside the ring. Savage went off the ropes planting those elbows for additional leverage and it looked so crisp, a favourite move of his.

Macho beat on DiBiase which forced him temporarily to the outside.
Then Savage rolled Ted back in the ring.
The Million Dollar Man seemed worried and took his time getting back in.
Dave Hebner told Savage to back off and this bought Ted DiBiase a bit of time to drop forearm shots to the upper region of Savage, additional elbow drops to Macho on the mat planted by Ted DiBiase.

Chops to Savage in the corner and a hard irishwhip to the buckle. On the charge by DiBiase though, Savage raised the boots and caught him up high. Savage dropped his elbow to Savage and rammed him into the corner. Savage dropped an elbow. Savage went to drop a knee and he missed.
Ted DiBiase then took advantage and went for a logical figure four to take advantage of Macho’s hurt leg but Savage kicked him and sent him to the outside. Savage worked over DiBiase on the outside until Virgil ultimately distracted him and Andre stared on.

Dave Hebner told Virgil to leave ringside. Ted DiBiase looked on as The Macho Man was on the mat.
After a commercial break Savage was still down on the mat and Ted DiBiase jumped from the second rope and landed a hard elbow shot to the head of Macho Man. An elbow drops scored Ted DiBiase a two count and then he slapped on a sleeper. Ted DiBiase relying on wearing down the quicker Macho Man which was a smart-strategic wrestling plan.
DiBiase rolled Savage’s head on the mat over still inside the sleeper and Savage reached on gasping for air but DiBiase started a slower, methoidcally placed attack on Savage. Elizabeth tried to encourage Savage from the outside.
Macho Man eventually started to get to his feet and hit DiBiase in the abdomen with hard elbow shots, a shoulder block, Savage ducked a clothesline then landed one of his own. Savage sent DiBiase into the corner then landed a back bodydrop. Ted DiBiase got up though slapped a side headlock on Savage and then Macho got out and pushed DiBiase into Hebner.
Randy Savage threw Ted DiBiase over to the top rope to the outside.
Savage then came flying off the top with a double axehandle.
Andre the Giant then hit Savage from behind and threw him into the ring post, all this with referee Dave Hebner down. Elizabeth ran off.
Andre grabbed Savage by the hair and dragged him over the gaurdrail. Andre chopped away at Savage and he fell to the mat. Ted DiBiase woke up Hebner inside the ring and Andre landed a big headbutt meanwhile on the outside.
Savage had been beaten up and Ted DiBiase won by countout as a result at around the twelve minute mark. Fans were not happy, Andre continued to beat on him.
Hulk Hogan came running out to even the odds and perhaps foreshadow what would go down at Wrestlemania 4. Hulk and Liz try and get Macho back up.
Entertaining with an understandable ending given the circumstances.
Very solid.






16) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs “The King” Harley Race (W/Bobby Heenan) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- March 12, 198

The same night as the Savage/DiBiase match I just reviewed, so it goes to show the cards were usually strong for any SNME show.
Nice to see Hogan go up against a Wrestling legend usually in other territories in Harley Race who was doing the “King of Pro-Wrestling” gimmick here.
Legend vs Legend here in the Pro-Wrestling Industry certainly, and seen only on Saturday Night’s Main Event.
Hell, it sounds like I’m promoting the show from this review but it just was usually a special occasion monthly, on free tv in the 1980’s to see classic confrontations such as this.
Bobby Heenan was Race’s manager here. How many times has he took a heel and tried to get Hogan down?
Harley Race attempted a cheap shot on Hogan but Harley Race could not get Hogan down.
This fired Hulk Hogan up as his shirt was ripped and he hammered on Race with his theme music still playing. A tremendous right hand off the ropes to Race and then he finished ripping off his shirt.
Hulk Hogan hit a clothesline to Race a couple of times and then did so again by taking him over the top rope and he landed on a wooden table then towards the floor.
Hogan chased after the brain and then it distracted Hulk.
Harley Race went to piledrive Hogan on the outside mat but he hit a back drop followed by a sloppy atomic drop to Race on the outside. Hogan slammed

Harley Race’s head into the ring post and got back in the ring to break the count, and right back out to go after The King.
Hulk Hogan slammed Race on the mat. Ventura claimed Hogan turned this into a street fight. Hogan threw Race back into the ring and hit an elbow to the head of Race then a clothesline and a forearm shot.
A momentum surge for Hogan, a vicious attack as he landed right’s to Race. Hogan took off his wrist tape and then choked out Race and stopped at the four count. A irishwhip to Race and then a unique clothesine, he was choking out Race.
A pretty motivated Hulk Hogan we are seeing.
Right hands connect and then more choking from Hogan to race on the ring ropes. Hulk then was backed off and choked on Harley Race some more,

Heenan grabbed ahold of Hogan’s boot but then he was choked on the apron. Harley Race raked Hogan’s face from behind and landed an elbow to the head of Hulk, Race measured Hogan and dropped a knee.
Harley Race slapped on a bearhug into a belly to belly suplex. Harley Race then dropped the knee into the esophagus of Hogan. Race then picked up Hulk and hit a piledriver. Hogan kicked Hogan in the head. Race then proceeded to throw Hogan to the outside. Race chased Hulk Hogan on the outside and then landed a righthand and set up Hogan on a wooden table. Race landed an elbow to the table but Hogan moved and it broke the table and the fans cheered.
Harley Race sent Hogan back in the ring and dropped some blows to Hogan which dropped him. Harley Race to the top rope slowly and then connected with a nice headbutt. He did the flying ones from the top better then his normal headbutt standing drops in the NWA.
Now Hulk came to life and began to Hulk Up. Hogan shook off Harley Race’s punishment and did his usual routine to delight the crowd.

Clotheslines, a leg drop and a three count around the eight minute mark.
This one was never slow, action packed.
Very good.


** 3/4


17) Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs Andre the Giant (W/Bobby Heenan) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 26, 1988
What do we have here?

A rare gem is what this is.
Pretty under the radar material between World Champion Randy Savage and Andre The Giant.
This was huge at the time. Not Hogan-Andre huge but still, Savage’s toughest task as of yet as Champion. Not only was it a test on free TV but this was arguably better then any Hogan-Andre match because Savage focused more on taking the big man down where as Hogan would usually get beatdown then do the predictable superman comeback.
I liked Savage and Andre’s chemistry better myself.
Heenan escorted Andre out first, then Macho came out with Liz to a great pop.
Savage got into the ring as the lovely Elizabeth held the middle rope for him like always.
The Champion had arrived.
Macho Man Randy Savage had the crowd behind him as well as the lovely Elizabeth, but the Weasel/Brain was in the corner of Andre so both sides had some help here.

Savage claimed before the match that if his other half on the Mega Powers could overcome the Giant, then he could as well. He also called Heenan a snake.


Macho attacked Andre right away.
Savage didn’t waste any time dropping his robe and dropping a standing double axehandle to the upper region of Andre but it had little effect on him. Andre shook it off and cornered Macho.
Andre had Savage by the head in the corner of the ring.


The Giant pushed the WWF Champion into the corner. Randy Savage got headbutted by Andre and then a big slap to the chest. Savage kicked back and took it to Andre with shots and kicks to the mid-section, the crowd loved it but once again Andre dropped him and slapped on a front facelock.
Andre leaned on Savage with all his body weight.
Backing Macho Man back into the corner he drove his knees into Savage and then squeezed him in the corner with his bodyweight.
Savage then moved when Andre backed to the corner and Savage hit him up high. Andre then ducked that attack and slapped on a front facelock to slow down the much quicker Macho Man, which was logical.
Savage then was being choked out by Andre.
Andre The Giant used a strap to choke the life out of the WWF Champion, however Randy Savage elbowed out of it momentarily but Andre locked the sleeper back on while Heenan distracted the official.
They don’t call him the Greatest Manager ever for nothing.
Two of the Greatest Manager’s ever in one match here.
Savage then aggressively got out of the choke and drove the Giant back first to the buckle with the fans on his side.

The Macho Man charged towards Andre and slapped a waistlock on him, grabbed ahold of Andre by the head. Ventura claimed it was a matter of time before Savage went out. Andre choked Macho Man on the corner and then continued it blatantly and kept breaking it on the four.
Andre The Giant in control and Heenan loved it. Savage then was weared down by Andre as he grabbed ahold of the Trapezius muscles of Savage.

Another front facelock, using his weight advantage. Macho then hit a jaw breaker and the fans loved Macho breaking Andre’s momentum.
Randy Savage taking advantage of this oppurtunity and landed shots to Andre in the corner, however The Giant’s size made the difference and he cornered Savage again with a choke. Andre grabs the traps, Savage gets out and lands a standing double axehandle, off the ropes for leverage he hits Andre towards the ropes.
Off the top he drops a flying double axehandle, a nice aerial variation to boot with the comeback sent the crowd into a huge frenzy. The audience loved it.
Jake Roberts walked to the ring in a leather jacket.
This bought Savage some time and he jumped to the outside to have a word with Roberts, he asked him to leave.
A commercial break saw Randy Savage get back in and drop a high double axehandle to Andre. The Giant chopped him from the corner though.
Heenan had apparently seen enough and looked under the ring. Andre hammered away on Savage with a few chops, meanwhile Macho tried landing kicks.
With Hogan and Andre it was always a simple-basic Andre beatdown, at least Savage’s formula switched things up.
Randy charged to Andre and hit a shot back first, but you really felt the threat from Andre as he kept overpowering Macho with his size and weight advantage. Even though he was the challenger it seemed he was the overwhelming favourite.
Andre landed hard shots to Savage. Macho went for a walk and went after Bobby Heenan. Andre dropped a chop to Savage on the ring apron and he fell to the mat.
Under the ring Heenan found Damien and the fans explode. Andre told Heenan to send it back, all of the sudden Jake the Snake came in and the bell rang as the match was over at just under ten minutes in length.
Andre gets tied up in the ropes and the place loves it.  

Macho Man invited Jake Roberts in the ring and Hebner tried to release Andre but Jake grabbed Damien, Heenan allowed Andre to escape so the feud continued.
Smart booking.
Damien and Roberts stood in the ring, while the WWF Champion, the Macho Man posed.
The champ held Liz up high enjoying the peak of Macho Madness.

This one was a lot of fun.
A good story was told, and it kept you interested throughout with a hot crowd which helped, you really sympathized for Savage because of how well they played this up.

Of course as said, the audience and there participation here helped a great deal as back then they were always top notch.



** 1/2



18 ) The Ultimate Warrior (c) vs The Honkeytonk Man (With Jimmy Hart) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- Jan 7, 1989

The Honkeytonk Man wanted the gold back, it was that simple.
Warrior says something I can’t understand in a pre-match promo with Gene Okerlund and that seemed to be the norm for him.
Warrior came running out to a good pop as he was starting to show more energy around this time with his entrance, which really caught on and helped get him over.
The Honkeytonk Man looked on and the bell rung.
The match started pretty well, with a lot of energy and crowd support like most Warrior matches around this time. It helped that The Honkeytonk Man was so hated.
McMahon and Ventura on commentary like always. Warrior walked around the ring and chased The Honkeytonk Man until he caught him with an uppercut and chased him back to the dressing room, landed a couple of blows then elevatred The Honkeytonk Man and threw him in the ring.
The Honkeytonk Man received a boot to the face after he was leapfrogged by Warrior, then The Ultimate Warrior slammed Jimmy Hart`s head into The Honkeytonk Man`s. A irish whip and reverse elbow to The Honkeytonk Man gets him dazed.

Warrior all over The Honkeytonk Man as he out powered him in every way, cornered him and delivered shots to the cranium of The Honkeytonk Man. The Honkeytonk Man was then speared in the corner and sent to the other corner but Warrior missed The Honkeytonk Man.

The Honkeytonk Man got a Mega Phone and landed a shot to the rib area as the late Official Joey Marella was distracted.
The Honkeytonk Man kept dropping blows to Warrior`s ribs and then he posed. The Honkeytonk Man stomped on Warrior who was down into the corner. A series of kicks seems by The Honkeytonk Man to Warrior didn`t hurt him and he shot back, but The Honkeytonk Man again got the better of Warrior and tried to send Warrior`s head into the top turnbuckle.
Warrior shook the ropes and then wound up for a giant clothesline off the ropes. Warrior went for his big splash but The Honkeytonk Man got his knees up to the damaged ribs. Warrior kicked out of The Honkeytonk Man`s attempt. The Honkeytonk Man tried a clothesline but he fell back, Warrior ducked two clotheslines and lands a shoulder block followed by a two.
In the end Warrior continued his reign and retained the title around the eight minute mark
This one was very basic.





19) The Main Event: February 3rd, 1989- The Mega Powers (Hulk Hogan and WWF Champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage) (W/Miss Elizabeth) vs The Twin Towers (Bossman and Akeem) (W/Slick)



The Mega Powers exploding was one of the best things to ever happen to Pro-wrestling to this day.
On top of there popularity here, they were both in tough against the bigger force in The Twin Towers.

The Big Bossman was elected to start in the ring with Randy Savage.
The World Wrestling Federation Champion- `Randy` Macho Man Savage then tagged out and Hogan started in the ring with Bossman.

Hulk Hogan cleaned house to the fans delight as he dropped Bossman, Akeem, and even Slick off the apron.
Macho Man ran in the ring and hugged Hogan as the two were pretty proud of themselves.
Slick tried to re-group Bossman and Akeem on the outside, and The Big Bossman came in at nine. Bossman waited it out then came in and fired away at Hogan but he put on the breaks and slammed Bossman head first into the buckle twice. Hogan irishwhipped Bossman and then he slid out and then from the outside Macho dropped a running double axehandle to Bossman.
Mega Powers pouring it on.
Hulk Hogan waited on The Big Bossman who came in the ring at the count of eight.
Hogan was out for all the glory, claimed Ventura due to Hulk doing all the ring work thus far. Hogan now dealing with a larger man in Akeem “The African“ Dream as he came charging into The Hulkster in the corner but Hulk dodged the charge and sent Akeem head first into the top turnbuckle pad by Savage who gave him right hands from the apron, Hogan then with a chop and a big clothesline to Akeem.
Macho Man tagged in and he went to the top and dropped the double axehandle to Akeem and it still didn`t send him down. Macho Man delivered shots to the stomach of Akeem and then he rammed Akeem head first into the boot of Hogan who tagged back in and went up top and dropped one of his own. A double axehandle from Hulk Hogan was unusual.
Akeem then started to overpower Hulk Hogan and tagged in Bossman who hit a running clothesline on Hulk.
The Bossman then hit Hulk Hogan with a piledriver in mid-ring and elected not to cover. Bossman then was backdropped over the top rope by Hulk Hogan who the crowd were behind in a major way. Hulk Hogan rammed Bossman into the ring post. Hulk then went for Bossman but Slick hung onto Hogan`s boots, Macho then kicked at Slick.
Big Bossman irishwhipped Hulk Hogan after a side headlock and delivered a crushing spinebuster to The Hulkster. Bossman was very agile for his size at this point. A nearfall for Traylor.

Bossman tagged back in Akeem and he dropped the elbows to Hulk Hogan. Bossman went for a right on Hogan and he moved hitting Akeem.
Macho tagged in and a flying crossbody to Akeem gets him a two.
Akeem worked over Savage and tagged in Bossman who levelled a double fist into the side of Savage. Bossman tagged back in Akeem and he tugged on the neck of Savage and then sent him to the outside.
Savage was then thrown through the middle rope and right on top of Elizabeth.
McMahon and his comments (OH MY GOD, NO!) were unintentionally hilarious.
Akeem dropped a striking blow to the back of Savage. Both Twin Towers double teamed Randy Savage inside the ring hitting a double bodyslam.
Savage threw Akeem into Bossman.
Savage watched on as Hogan picked up Elizabeth and took her to the outside. Hogan nearly breaks down crying as Liz is taken out on a stretcher and Savage was left alone being picked apart by the Towers.
This one was memorable for several reasons.
Hogan crying near Liz in the back was pretty great. Showing his acting range for the Hollywood faithful looking on.
Savage meanwhile back from a break, was being torn apart by the Towers.
The World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Macho Man Randy Savage was being beaten on by Akeem as he was choking out Savage on the top rope.

Bossman beat on Savage now and tagged back in Akeem who was his cocky-self strutting in. Hogan by this point had returned to the ring apron.
The Big Bossman dropped fists to the head of Savage and now a double team back-breaker by the Towers to Savage.
Bossman missed a slam and Macho Man climbed to the top and hit a double axehandle. Savage picked up Bossman and threw him through the middle ropes. Savage threw Akeem over the top rope to the floor.
Macho Man instead of tagging out, slapped Hogan in the face. Bossman then worked over Hogan in the middle of the ring. Bossman headbutted Hogan. Bossman and Akeem then went to work on Hogan who still outmatched them by avoiding a collision.

Savage came back and then took hi WWF title and left. Awesome.

A chorus of boos followed Macho Man.
Akeem THE AFRICAN Dream then irishwhipped Hogan to the corner and charged at him with a powerful clothesline. Akeem hit a big splash to Hulk who kicked out of the splash. Akeem went for rights but Hulk started to Hulk up and he sent Akeem to the ropes and hit him with a boot. Hogan sent Bossman off of him and dropped a leg to win the match on his own.
Bossman then hammered away on Hogan.
So we see the that the force of Hulkamania can out-match the Twin-Towers on his own, and then he handcuffs Slick to Bossman.
When they announce Hogan and Savage as the winners, Hogan looks to the back thinking of Savage.
What then follows is legendary…watch Savage turns on Hogan on youtube.

*** 1/4




20) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Big Bossman (With Slick and Zeus) in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- May 27, 1989

On Disc 1 of this set we saw a Classic Cage match between Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan.

This was another Cage Gem with Hogan from SNME this time with the late Ray Traylor aka The Big Bossman.
The same man he’d meet in the main event of the first Nitro six years later from the Mall of America when Bossman goes as Big Bubba Rogers, but that’s skipping ahead, let us stay with the now.


I remember this one being quite magnificent as well.
Zeus and Hogan starred in the Film NO HOLDS BARRED and to cash in the WWF brought there feud to the Federation.
Zeus attacked Hogan before he got to the ring.
Fans booed and the bell rang.
Bossman began the match with an immediate advantage and he choked out Hulk with his shirt and whipped him to the turnbuckle.
Bossman hits a headbutt to Hogan, and asks the crowd how the Champion is now.
Bossman rakes Hulk in the face and then Hogan reversed an irishwhip and hit a clothesline to Bossman and the fans erupt. Hulk Hogan with a couple more and then he sent The Bigg Bosman into side and raked the face of Bossman.
Hogan then sent Bossman head first into the buckle and hit Bossman head first with a big boot. Hulk climbed up the Cage and then the Bossman hammered Hogan in the kidney region sending him down to the mat. Bossman scopped up Hulk Hogan and slammed him to the canvas inside the Cage.
Bossman with a crushing splash off the ropes.
The Big Bossman then pointed toward the door and Slick encouraged him on, Hulk grabbed the ankle of Traylor.
Hogan dished out some punishment to Bossman. Hulk Hogan irishwhipped and Bossman hit a spinebuster to Hogan off the ropes. This move took a toll and Bossman was able to gain back some momentum.
Bossman now attempted to leave out the corner of the ring and Hulk Hogan managed to stop Bossman and at the same time saved his title.
Hogan not only suplexes Bossman, but Superplexed him from the top of the Cage.
Great spot.

Both men down to the mat having the wind knocked out of them from that last spot.

Bossman grabbed a chain and choked out Hulk Hogan and the heat a dirty heel move like this can gain is nothing short of amazing.
The Big Bossman got a series of right hands, but then blocked Hogan and his shot and then both men rammed the others head into the blue.
Both guys down again, Hogan sits up and realizes Bossman was almost at the door and stopped him at the gate. Bossman down and Hulk slowly-dramatically picked up the chain.

Hulk Hogan hits a righthand with a chain to Bossman. Ventura jumps on Hogan doing a dirty move any chance he could and asks for his Hulkamaniacs support as they witness him send Bossman into every side of the cage a few times. Hogan then hits a legdrop to a big pop.
Slick then ran Hebner into the post. Slick hung onto Hogan with the official down and Hulk kicked him off. Hogan then with a big shot to Bossman as he dropped groin first on the top ropes, Hogan then knocked out Slick and Ventura hilariously claimed how courageous Hogan would of been.
Bossman was bloodied and handcuffed. Slick was trying to unlock him but Hogan wins and escaped in time around ten minutes.
Great Cage Match here.





21) The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) vs The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) (With Bobby Heenan) in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 25, 1989
Much like the Brainbusters vs The Hart Foundation was a dream match that happened in the WWF at Summerslam, this was also a dream tag match due to the fabulous contrast in styles between both teams.
Expect nothing but Quality here.

The first fall began. Quick action was to follow.
Marty Jannetty and Tully Blanchard locked up, a side headlock from Marty and off the ropes, Marty Jannetty blocked a hiptoss and slammed Blanchard, a dropkick, an armdrag and into an armbar in succession. So far Marty Jannetty has outmatched one half of the Busters. Blanchard reachign for the hair dragged Marty Jannetty down to the canvas, he sent Blanchard for the ride and landed a reverse elbow. Marty with an armbar, into a front facelock, Blanchard then tried to tag Arn and then missed with two elbow attempts. Marty Jannetty hammered away on both men. Marty Jannetty springboarded into the ring with a sunsetflip attempt to Blanchard, Shawn ran in and then both Rockers double teamded Blanchard and Marty Jannetty went up 1-0 as they won the firstfall.
Fans loved it and the Weasel was livid.
Fall number two underway, the bell rings and the Rockers hit a double reverse elbow to Arn.
Bobby Heenan then walks out on the Brainbusters.
Anderson comes in pissed off and ties up with Michaels. Shawn Michaels slaps Arn from the corner and both men hammer each other with rights, Shawn with a backflip off the top and a hurricanrauna to Tully.
Rocker specialty, a double dropkick to Arn and then one to Tully who went over the top to the outside. Shawn tagged in Marty Jannetty who helps Shawn flip Arn over. Both men kick up. Arn tags in Tully and he counters an inverted atompic drop by Marty with a waistlock go behind but Marty then flips over him!
The Rockers faster to the punch then the Brainbusters.
Marty Jannetty irishwhipped Tully Blanchard off the ropes to the other side and he tagged in Michaels who hit a running knee tot he ehad of Blanchard. A nice hiplock from Shawn Michaels and as he charged towards Tully he smartly elevated Michaels up and dropped him across the top rope, and Tully scores the pinfall on Shawn.
All even at one.
The third and final fall begins.
Tully screaming for the official to get Marty Jannetty out of the ring so he could go to work on a hurt Michaels.
In a standard 2-3 fall formula, the Heels begin the beatdown on the injured babyface they would plan to isolate for the majority of the Climax. Anderson slammed Shawn into the mat like only Double A knew how.
Marty Jannetty then helped his partner out as Arn had Michaels grounded. Another nearfall and Shawn began to lift his shoulders off the mat. Shawn then caught Arn with his legs but Anderson had the power from the mat to catapolt Michaels to the turnbuckle. Tully tagged in and he dropped the forearm to the chest of Michaels off the top rope.
Tully then elevated Michaels off the top rope. Arn smiled from the ring apron. Anderson grabbed him by the hair and then Tully went to slam Shawn into the buckle but Michaels hit a crossbody and almost got a count of three. Arn then cut Shawn off from making the tag. A vicious front facelock by Double A to HBK and then both Anderson and Michaels knock into each other.
The fans rise to there feet, getting behind the Rockers and Shawn made the hot tag to Marty Jannetty.
Marty Jannetty hammered away on both Brain Busters. Tully slowed his offense up with a knee from behind, Busters missed with a double clothesline attempt as Marty Jannetty ducked. Blanchard on the outside rammed Shawn into the post. Arn had Marty Jannetty in the center of the ring, and Shawn knocked Blanchard off the rop. Arn went for a piledriver to Marty Jannetty and Shawn came off the top with a crossbody to Arn, Marty Jannetty covered Arn and got the Rockers the three.
In the end at around the nine-minute mark Rockers won the match 2-1.
Ventura claimed it would not have happened if Heenan was at ringside.
This is the kind of quality you would expect, but just not a Classic due to length.


*** 1/4



Disc 2 Extras:





-The Brother Love Show with “Doctor of Style” Slick and Hulk Hogan: This lengthy segment included Brother Love and Slick angering Hogan in the ring, referring to the incident when Bossman had attacked Hogan.

22) Extra Match:  (“Sweet” Sapphire’s Debut) Dusty Rhodes vs The Big Bossman (With Slick) -SNME: Halloween 1989


The Big Bossman was in tough here against The American Dream as we are treated to an extra here on Disc 2.
Would of come off better if I could watch it, will one day.

The Big Bossman charged at Rhodes and the Dream unloaded with a series of lefthands and then Bossman dropped Rhodes. Bossman then kneed Rhodes out of the ring.

Bossman with a big right on the outside.
Big Bossman then dropped a double axehandle to Rhodes on the outside and then sent him into the ring post. Bossman had Dusty Rhodes in the corner and he fired back with a couple of chops. Bossman with an armbar into an armringer on the Dream.
The hold is broken and Bossman slammed his knee up high into Rhodes. A wristlock now by Bossman. Bossman missed a charge from the corner and Dusty Rhodes dropped a few blows onto Bossman. Rhodes then missed an elbow drop and Bossman kicked Rhodes. Bossman dropped his bodyweight onto the back of the American Dream.
Bossman went for the night stick and the Dream got the pinfall from no where.
Sapphire then comes into play as she was at ringside.









-Disc 3 Matches And Segments:


Clips and Segments inbetween matches on this Disc include…
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – November 25, 1989 Mr. Perfect & The Genius Smash the WWE Championship Belt: Perfect and Genius try and destroy the WWF title with a Hammer. Some intense interviews from Hogan, Genius and Perfect then follow…
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – April 28, 1990
-Vince McMahon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura on Horseback: We see the hosts of the show enjoy riding a horse to the building.
-Arrogance: A Quick Commercial from Rick -THE MODEL- Martel.
-Intercontinental Competition: Okerlund talks about Mr. Perfect and Tito Santana keeping the crowd on the edge of there seats.
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – October 13, 1990
-Oktoberfest: The Miz and others discuss footage of outside activities with WWF Superstars.
-FOX Takes Over: Okerlund puts over how rare it was to see all of these names together (Hogan, Flair, Taker, Sid)
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – February 8, 1992
-WWE Intercontinental Champion, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper Shocks The Mountie: Piper gives the Mountie a bigtime beatdown.
-The Return: SNME comes back in the year 2006.
-Saturday Night’s Main Event – July 15, 2006
-Randy Orton RKOs Hulk Hogan: Clips are shown from the feud that lead into Summerslam.
-One of the Greatest Rivalries in Sports: Okerlund talks about Great feuds and talks about Edge and Cena.
-Television History: Okerlund goes over the Legacy of SNME.




23) WWF Champion- “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior vs Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) and The Genius (Lanny Poffo): Tag Team Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event- Jan 27, 1990


Any time you have two larger then life babyfaces teaming such as the Mega Powers, Austin and The Rock or even here, “Warrior and Hogan” it’s going to be a fun tag team match for crowd participation alone.

Everyone knows tag bouts are best recieved when the crowd is involved in a major way, hence a ton of NWA or WWF tags in the 80’s coming off brilliant. (It didn’t hurt that those teams in the 80’s were absolutely magnificent workers to boot)
Here we go.

Hulk Hogan begins in the ring with Mr. Perfect and it`s on.
Basically Curt Hennig just bumps around for a bit making Hogan look like a God. Hogan shoved Hennig to the corner on the initial lock-up. Hogan with a hiplock and a scoop slam to both Perfect and Genius who ran in the ring, the Hulkster was all over both men. Hennig then sold the back on the outside and looked frustrated.
The Ultimate Warrior was tagged in to a good ovation but no one was waiting for him in the inside so he bonked both of there heads. Warrior hit a shoulder block on Genius and then swung Perfect in elevating him over the top rope and then irishwhipped Perfect into Genius before tossing him over the top rope.
Nothing but total domination by Warrior and Hogan and the fans loved it, Hogan tagged back in.
Hulk Hogan was set to lock up once again with Mr. Perfect and thisd time he cornered him and delivered hard shots to Hogan followed by a chop. Hennig got reverse irishwhipped to the corner by Hulk Hogan who hit a reverse elbow that sent Perfect over top to the outside, then into the gaurdrail. Hogan slammed Perfect headfirst into the corner. Hogan then irishwhipped Perfect to the ropes and then hit a clothesline, Hogan then sent Mr. Perfect headfirst to the top buckle, meanwhile Genius seemed to be writing a poem.
Hulk Hogan was completely overpowering Curt Hennig unloading fists into his head on the mat, then Hogan gave Perfect a high boot off the ropes that elevated him to the outside once more. The Genius handed the piece of metal to Mr. Perfect who then caught Hogan in the head with it on the outside as the fans booed. Perfect then grabbed a blue sitting chair and missed Hogan`s head as he hit the corner ring post. Mr. Perfect then stomped on Hulk Hogan as the fans booed. Genius gave him some good support.
Hogan with a small package out of no where but Hennig kicked out and continued his attack on the Hulkster. Hennig with shots and chops against Hogan on the ropes before a big clothesline off the ropes to Hogan. Warrior was anctious to get in on the outside. Perfect then snapped the head of Hogan with a flipping snap mare. Hennig tagged in Poffo and he then stomped on Hogan a bit while the fans continued to boo. A front facelock then a tag back to Perfect who dropped a double axehandle to Hogan. Warrior then was anctious to come in still as Hennig grabbed Hogan by his head of hair. Mr. Perfect continued to slowly take apart Hogan and it`s amazing how the crowd heat remained constant. Perfect measured Hulk Hogan hammering the side of his head and then he went to set him up for the Perfect Plex but Hebner got just a two count as Perfect stopped the count himself. He tagged in Genius and then he went to splash on Hogan and he got the boot up, same thing with Hennig and then Hogan made the hot tag to The Ultimate Warrior.

Warrior with hard shots to Poffo and Hennig. The crowd clearly loved this as he does his routine beatdown on both men. Warrior reached for the heavens and then scooped up Poffo, slammed him and Hogan dropped the leg and got the three.
This one ends around the eight minute mark and it was quite the hot tag-team attraction.
In the end this was a standard tag match, but because of the popularity of both Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior this was done extremely well. (Also in large part due to Hennig`s bumping)






24) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Perfect (With The Genius) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- April 28, 1990


These two went at it earlier in the year and provided a match on Hennig’s DVD that I gave ** 3/4.
This one here on SNME some four months later was another good match-up here between these two.

Both men looking to move up in the ranks in the Heavyweight Division as this was not long after Hogan lost the title to The Warrior at Wrestlemania 6 at SkyDome.
Hogan and Perfect also had a bit of a rivalry going this year with all the matches together, infact these were the final two participants in the Royal Rumble when the Hulkster won his first. I read a rumor about Hennig actually being booked to win that match but Hulk had a say in the final result, and the rest is history. Seeing as the winner of the Royal Rumble didn’t go on to face the Champion at Mania anyway, I think Mr. Perfect should of won the Royal Rumble. But then again, this was Hulk Hogan and he had never won so it’s not exactly a travesty how things ended up going down.

One particular part I liked about the match they had earlier in the year was the moment when Hulk kicked out of the PerfectPlex. To that point in time it had never been done.
So here we are.
Mr. Perfect wanted revenge on Hogan and this was the perfect oppurtunity to do it on The Main event with the whole World Watching.
Mr. Perfect with a nicely executed hiptoss to begin the bout after a tie-up. Hogan then hits one of his own after a bit of a break followed by two body slam`s that sent Mr. Perfect to the outside as he continued to sell a back that usually gave him troubles. Mr. Perfect then took a breather outside the ring while Hogan chants broke out.
A lock-up and Hennig delivered hard right`s to the Hulkster followed by an irishwhip and this time Hogan hit hard to the buckle back first.


Hennig with a chop and two hard strikes and then Hogan reversed an irishwhip, went for a boot but Hennig had it scouted and slid under the bottom rope. Hogan on the outside chopped Mr. Perfect down to the mat.

Hulk Hogan then slammed Perfect head first onto the top of the ring apron and then Hogan slingshotted Perfect into the ring post. Hogan had Hennig back in and he was begging him off.

Hogan released another two chops, a punch and then a clothesline off the ropes. The fans roar in approval as Hulk continues the onslaught of punishment with a righthand, an irishwhip to the corner and a hard running clothesline. Hogan with a boot to the abdomen of Hennig and then released a few more chops. Hogan with a hard forearm shot off the ropes and Hennig was down. Mr. Perfect then sent to the corner again by Hogan and he landed a reverse elbow show that sent Hennig out and over to the floor. Hogan on the floor with more punishment to Hogan and Ventura was all over his face.

Genius came by Hogan but he turned around just in time and this distracted Hulk and Mr. Perfect had a chance now to take him down. Hennig took him down on the outside and the match took a commercial break. Perfect chopped Hogan and then slammed him headfirst onto the ring apron. Mr. Perfect sent Hogan back into the middle of the ring and stomped on the back of Hogan as well as the head.
Perfect with a snapmare flipping in the air, then proceeded to choke out Hulk on the top rope and snapped him back before posing to a chorus of boos. Perfect measuring the Hulkster and delivered two elbow drops, and missed with a third attempt.
Hogan with some momentum got back to his vertical base and unloaded shots to Hennig followed by a charing knee to the stomach, Hennig came off the ropes with a kick to the chest by Mr. Perfect and then a big clothesline sending him to the mat. Perfect choked out Hogan with his boot and then Mr. Perfect pointed to the camera saying we would see his PerfectPlex. Perfect had it hooked and Hogan kicked out at two!
The place erupted and Hogan came back and did his Hulking up routine and won the match.
This one ended around seven minutes and didn’t waste any time. A lot of quality here.
This was a great match. Yeah it also had the standard Hogan ending but Mr. Perfect made him look much better then most of opponents of Hulk did.






25) The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) vs The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- April 28, 1990


The Rockers and The Hart Foundation, the WWE would kill to have one of these two teams let alone both in there company today. What’s most remarkable is that neither were even the Tag Champs as Ventura points out that Demolition was waiting the winner of either team.
It’s certainly ALWAYS a treat when Bret and Shawn go at it, and these were two of the best teams to watch in this era, or any time period for that matter.
 Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and The “Hitman” Bret Hart got ready to go with another team who’s strength was their endurance and stamina, not to mention the resilience in Shawn which Bret could relate with.
Both teams came out to a good ovation, first the Foundation then The Rockers.
Marty Jannetty began with The Hitman. Both men lockup and a side headlock by Marty Jannetty and he was whipped to the far side, a underduck, a go-behind, a leapfrog, a hiptoss by Bret and then Marty Jannetty kicked out from the canvas, tagged into Shawn and he hit Bret with a cross-body, a nearfall for Shawn into an arm-ringer and a tag back to Marty Jannetty.
A double-team effort by The Rockers to Bret followed by a swinging neckbreaker until The Anvil cleaned house. Marty Jannetty dragged on Bret but he tagged in Neidhart. The Anvil with a standing side headlock to Marty Jannetty and he came off the ropes with a shoulder blocker. Marty Jannetty then retaliated with a move off the ropes into a front facelock, Shawn Michaels then did the same. HBK off the ropes hit the power of the Anvil and then Shawn leapfrogged Neidhart until hitting a dropkick.

The Rockers were the babyfaces and were treated as such as The Anvil caught Shawn in the air and slammed him down after a bearhug caught him. Shawn then was taken apart by the technician in Bret.
Bret Hart scooped up Shawn’s legs and kicked him in the mid-section. Frequent tags by the Hart Foundation and The Anvil sent Shawn to the ride and Bret caught him with a knee to the back from the apron in cheap fashion.
Shawn irish-whipped to the ropes and Neidhart hit a big back bodydrop. Michaels down in a front facelock and Bret came back in an attempt to weardown Michaels. Bret then dropped his elbow into the throat of Shawn. Bret irishwhipped Michaels hard backfirst to the buckle. The Anvil back in hammered to the back of the neck of Shawn. Michaels in the corner was speared repeatedly by Neidhart and then again he tagged in Bret who threw The Anvil hard with a lot of momentum into Shawn in the corner. This sent Michaels down to his knees and eventually his back, The Anvil got a two on a hurting Shawn Michaels.

Bret back in worked on the back of Shawn until he got a sunset flip out of no where on Bret, a reversal helped him kickout.

Demolition then came out as Bret punched Shawn and grabbed him by the hair and hit a back breaker. Bret spots Demolition and that allowed Michaels to hit a dropkick to Bret which elevated him to the outside.
Back from the break Bret continued blows to Michaels while Demolition continued watching the match-up.
Bret rammed Michaels head into the top turnbuckle on both sides of the ring before hitting a stiff uppercut to Shawn. I’m sure Bret wishes he could of hit a few more of those in his life time on Shawn. Bret lays more impact on Shawn then missed him with a second-rope elbow attempt. Shawn got up slowly and made the hot-tag to Marty Jannetty. Marty Jannetty hammered away on Bret and hit a flying reverse elbow to the head of Bret and hammered on Neidhart on the apron. Marty Jannetty with a powerful bodyslam to The Hitman. Marty Jannetty caught Bret with a big thrust-kick and a two count out of it.
Marty Jannetty slammed Bret’s head hard into the top turnbuckle and then Bret reversed the irishwhip of Bret’s to the corner and hit a sunset flip from the corner and got a two count. Bret off the ropes reversed Marty Jannetty’s irishwhip and hit a swinging neckbreaker, nice reversal by the Hitman. Both men down and out until Bret tagged int he Anvil, he catapolted Neidhart in the ring but he missed the splash as Marty Jannetty moved out of the way and he made the hot tag to Shawn.

Michaels then irishwhipped Neidhart, he ducked and came off the ropes with an amazing Shoulder Breaker. A kickout by Michaels, and a reverse elbow off the ropes. A kickout by the Anvil from Shawn, a reverse irishwhip by Jim to Shawn and he came off with a crossbody off the top, when Neidhart kicked out he elevated Shawn from his back on the mat over the ropes, and then Marty Jannetty got involved with Demolition.
Demolition came in and this one was ruled a Double DQ.
In the end around the nine minute mark,

Fast action and non-stop fun.
This one is a bit of a forgotten gem, it was indeed awesome just with a faulty finish that was still understandable at the time.
If not the best match of the DVD it’s right up there.






26) Mr. Perfect (W/Bobby Heenan) (c) vs Tito Santana for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- June 28, 1990 
Arguably the best IC Champion ever in Hennig taking on a former IC Champ, the veteran worker who could go with the best of them in Tito Santana.



We are seeing a lot of Hennig on this set now which is of course, never a bad thing.

Tito Santana was hammered away by Perfect until he hit a quick hiplock, an armdrag and a dropkick that sent Hennig to the outsided which fired Tito up and Hennig did his usual cool off, but Sanatana was restless and chased him. McMahon claimed he wanted the title in a big way, Santana hit a backdrop to Perfect on the mat. Santana from the corner gets caught with a nice reverse arm-ringer by Hennig and then Santana reversed an irishwhip but Perfect kicked Santana’s chest off the ropes.
Perfect then off the ropes grabbed a head of hair off Santana and slammed him against the mat. A kneelift by Mr. Perfect to Tito Santana. A nice standing dropkick by Mr. Perfect, Tito tries to keep him off from his back in the corner with his boot but a slugfest breaks out and then Hennig hits a nice bodyslam. A chinlock by Perfect as “The Brain” looks on and he then distracted Hebner. An illegal chinlock by Hennig and he slaps on the legal one by the time Hebner turns.
An uppercut out of desperation by Tito Santana and then Hennig hit a chop to Santana followed by a whip to the buckle, but Santana used the top rope to elevate himself up to kick Perfect up high, a nice clothsline by Santana and then he had Hennig by the hair and he caught him with a big shot. The official fell down but Santana kicked out Hennig’s leg. Santana signalled for the Figure Four and he slapped it on. Hennig screamed on in pain but didn’t tap surprisingly despite the official down. Must of wanted to keep him looking strong.
A flying forearm by Tito and then Hebner got up to his feet and counted the two which looked like a three. Tito Santana screamed on looking frustrated at the official with his bad knee. Tito Santana with Perfect in a compromising position levelled out Hennig with a clothesline from the second turnbuckle, and this scored Tito another long two count. Mr. Perfect kicked out yet again.
Perfect with an uppercut to Tito Santana after a commercial break but Santana hit a cross-body off the ropes but Hennig kicked out. Mr. Perfect on top of Santana and Heenan looked worried. The crowd cheering on Tito as he was down to both knees and Hennig layed fists on him. Hennig kicked at Santana`s face and slowly picked him apart by this point. Santana fired back from his knees and Hennig then caught Santana with a thrust kick which dropped Tito Santana.
Mr. Perfect then with a unique kick to the neck area of Santana twisting, it looked like he was going for a piledriver originally. Mr. Perfect with Santana in the corner fired away until Tito Santana out of no where fired away on Perfect and sent him to the outside. Tito Santana took it out to the floor, rolled Hennig back in and then from the corner swung Hennig in the air by the hair, Mr. Perfect looks on shocked.
Santana then with a big reverse atomic drop into a regular atomic drop, a big clothesline from the buckle scores him another nearfall. Heenan is extrmely worried, off the ropes Perfect went for a Perfect Plex, Santana reversed it into a small-cradle and got a two, Hennig got a small package and got the three count.
This one tended to drag compared to other faster bouts on the set, clocking in at ten minutes but was still very solid all-around.
Nice action when needed, it was quite good in telling a story and put Hennig over strong.





27) 20 Man Battle Royal Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event- April 27, 1991 

Randy Savage on commentary here picks the Earthquake to win this battle royal contest, likely due to his size.

Hogan comes out to a huge ovation and the match is on.
Another Battle Royal on SNME.

Should be a good time considering they had so many different personalites back then.

Jannetty gets thrown out but remains on the apron and then Roma gets eliminated.
Down to 18 men.
Action was furious throughout.

There was a ton of brawling in mid-ring, with opponents in seperate corners obviously attempting to eliminate one another. Every man for himself.
Earthquake was crushing opponents in another corner.



Mr. Perfect went after the competition as well.


Kerry Von Erich known here as the Texas Tornado went after Curt Hennig. Jake `The Snake` and the Hulkster went at it. Valentine dropped an elbow to Perfect and he flipped to the apron but remained in.

Warlord then eliminated the man who had beat him not long before this at Wrestlemania 7, Davey Boy Smith.
Tanaka and Snuka get eliminated.

Warlord hammers on Tugboat. Warlord must love just being in this thing for longer then a second. Earthquake then drops a double axehandle to Jake Roberts and he goes over the top rope. Hogan then went after Earthquake, Jake lets the Snake go, before finally taking it away and then they come back to the commercial break.
Hogan and Tugboat locked up until the Warlord broke that meeting up. Hogan tossed out the Warlord as if he was nothing. Von Erich with a sleeper on Haku until he throws him out.
Earthquake eliminated Duggan.
Hogan then threw out Quake but he remained on the apron until he kicked out Quake, Savage said it was unbelievable. Hogan then goes to throw out Kato and does until Tugboat threw out Hulk. Tugboat then out, Michaels threw him out. Valentine levelled Mr. Perfect and elevated him up but not over. Heenan gives words of encouragment to Bossman and he drops blows but Hennig dropkicked him out and over.
Barbarian, Valentine, Michaels, Perfect and Haku remain. Haku is eliminated and then the final-four remain. Shawn with quick strikes to Perfect and threw him up and over but he hung onto the top rope. Mr. Perfect then off the ropes recieved a huge dropkick by Michaels. Shawn ducked a clothesline but not the second one as he got knocked off the apron and out by Hennig.
Barbarian, Valentine and Hennig remained. Valentine dropped blows to Perfect and Barbarian both. The Hammer was the lone fan favourite left and he went to throw out Barbarian but Hennig came from behind and he with Barbarian kicked away at The Hammer. Barbarian gets dropkicked as Valentine ducks Perfect`s dropkick attempt and he goes out and over as Valentine tosses him out. Mr. Perfect then with vicious chops to the only other man in the ring, in Valentine. Valentine fought back and off the buckle he let go a vicious chop to Perfect.
Mr. Perfect then got hit with a big inverted atompic drop, Mr. Perfect hit the top turnbuckle head first. Valentine dropped an elbow to Hennig and then he signalled to the outside. Valentine tossed out Perfect but he hung on yet again, Valentine got taken over the top rope with a front facelock and Hennig won in impressive fashion.

This one is pretty good as far as Battle Royal`s go, and it ended at about nine minutes in length.




** 1/2






28) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase (With Sensational Sherri) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- April 27, 1991

Macho Man Randy Savage is back on commentary here as is the Hot Rod.

Two fantastic workers going at it on SNME always equals a good time.
DiBiase and Bret’s chemistry is underrated, they always put on a clinic together. I’m instantly reminded of there match without commentary on Bret’s DVD which is stiff as all hell, and a non-stop action-packed ride.

Bret was really coming into his own as a single’s star here and he’d break out for good at Summerslam against Perfect later in 1991, but it was matches like this here in April of 91 that further convinced the company of his capabilities.
Ted DiBiase locked up with Bret and then he hit a high knee to the chest of the Hitman. A nice chop by DiBiase to Bret before more blows in the corner.
A nice hiptoss by Bret from the corner, a clothesline and then another one by Bret.
Bret from in the ring comes over the top and takes out The Million Dollar Man. Bret stomping on DiBiase on the outside before he got him back inside and slapped on a sleeper, DiBiase rolled from the mat and reversed into a roll-up.

Bret with a shoulder breaker but Sherri interefered.

Sherri was no factor as Bret got a nearfall and then a standing side headlock. The Hitman hit DiBiase with a nice shoulder block, DiBiase then swung Bret up high to the top rope and it knocked Bret off his mark taking out his oxygen.
Ted DiBiase went for the Piledriver and hit it soundly but The Hitman kicked out.
The Million Dollar Man irishwhipped Bret Hart and he leaped up behind Bret and then pushed him to the ropes and Bret fell through the middle rope to the outside. DiBiase slammed Bret head first into the steel steps and Sherri behind the official gave Bret a slap.
Ted DiBiase waiting in the ring went to the outside to throw Bret back in. Ted DiBiase then proceeded to continue the punishment with a kick to Bret followed by choking him out with the bottom ring rope. Ted DiBiase then distracted the official as Sherri choked out Bret some more. Hart choked out some more on the bottom ropes and Sherri with her glove hammered Bret once again. Ted DiBiase then facefirst slammed Bret into the corner.
Ted DiBiase with a big chop and a hard irish-whip that sent Hart sternum first to the buckle, I`ve always been impressed with how well Bret bumped into the corners. The Million Dollar Man locked on his Sleeperhold and when it looked all but over The Hitman backed up DiBiase into the corner hitting backfirst. This bought The Hitman time to get back to his feet, DiBiase leaped from the corner and Bret caught him with a strike to the gut. The Hitman with the fans behind him blocked a righthand and fired back into the head of the Million Dollar Man.

Bret Hart hammered away at Ted DiBiase and landed a few solid right hands. Bret with a series of shots in the corner into a atomic drop and a fying elbow to the chest, but a kickout by DiBiase. Bret then with a Side Russian Legsweep. McMahon thought Hebner counted three but The Hitman hit a back breaker. Bret from the corner went up high and dropped an elbow to the sternum from the inside second ring-rope but got a two count. DiBiase back up goes for a shot but Bret blocks it, leapfrogs up and Sherri grabbed the boot of Bret. The Hitman then chased after Sherri and it took his momentum away as DiBiase came from behind and dropped a double axehandle to the head of Bret.
DiBiase threw Hart back in. Piper goes towards ringside. Bret leveed out DiBiase. Piper then pointed to Sherri. Piper got a broom from under the ring and asked if it belonged to Sherri, and then chased her out with it. DiBiase then left the ringside area going after Sherri and Bret went after him, both men locked up in the entrance way and they connected with shots and both men were counted out at the ten minute mark.
Some great stuff.








29) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (With Brutus Beefcake) and Sid Justice vs WWF Champion- “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (With Mr. Perfect) and The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) -Saturday Night’s Main Event- February 8, 1992
A rare match with some huge names, with the biggest of them all being Sid of course!


Well that goes without saying since he is afterall, the “Master and Ruler” of the World.
This was the only time Flair or Taker were on SNME and they were in the same match.
So we also had Undertaker who was intriguing at the time, and of course Flair and Hogan going at it which was rare and sold itself.

Flair and Sid got set to get going. Flair raked his eyes and Sid reversed Flair to the corner and he landed on his back and then Sid hit another hiptoss. Flair took a walk. Sid tagged in Hogan.
Flair got thrown to the corner and Hogan hit a backdrop. Hogan then hit a hiptoss on Taker. Hogan sent Taker to the knee of Justice and then Sid locked up with Taker. A preview of Wrestlemania 13 in the early 90`s.
Hogan got tagged back in and chopped Taker and slammed him. Flair back in and Hogan levelled him down and clotheslined both men. Hogan then listened to Hulkamania cheer. Flair got sent out of the ring by Hogan.

Hogan tagged in Sid and he kicked at Taker. Taker with an uppercut to Justice. Flair and Taker threw Sid to the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Hogan came in helping Sid and both Flair and Taker dropped Sid with an atomic drop and then Hogan kicked at Taker to allow Sid to kickout. Sid then in a considerable amount of pain was double-teamed again by Taker and Flair.
Hogan and Sid then double-team Flair and irishwhip him to the ropes before a boot. Sid and Hogan then cleaned some house and the commercial break spot comes in.
Taker attacks Sid from behind with a chop to the throat area with his grey gloves. Taker rammed Sid into the top buckle and tagged in Flair. Ric Flair chopped at Sid and then hit a a couple of right hands. Taker choked out Sid in the corner. Taker choked out Sid and Flair grabbed him by a head of hair and tagged back in the Deadman.
Undertaker from the top rope hit another chop to the throat of Sid.
Sid Justice was grabbed by The Undertaker by the hair and he hit another chop to the throat. Flair and Sid cleaned house until Hogan came in.
Flair then went to work on the knee of Hogan.
Flair wanted to weaken the knee of Hogan for the Figure Four and then he slapped it on.
Hogan wanted to tag in Sid but he turned his back on Hogan. Taker then with a big clothesline to Hogan. Sid then taunted Beefcake on the outside.
Hogan caught Flair up high and sent him sailing.
Taker dragged Hogan and chopped him in the throat. Taker choked out Hogan some more. Flair choked him out with a sleeper from the apron behind the official. Flair then came in and chopped Hogan some more. Flair chopped Hogan but he said NO from the corner.
Taker headbutted Hogan and Flair with Taker sent Hogan to the corner but he came firing back with a double clothesline. Hogan once again reached for the tag but Sid said NO some more.
Sid Justice then leaped from the apron and Beefcake turned him around. Beefcake came in to save his friend and the match ended in a DQ.
In the end around eleven minutes it was a bit lengthy but still good in parts.


** 1/2





30) The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 14, 1992[/U][/B]


I talked earlier about chemistry being underrated, and this is another example.

Shawn and Daveyboy wrestled a bunch of times in 1996 in matches at Beware of Dog or King of the Ring for instance which were pretty spectacular.

This is such a gem here, and what makes it more impressive is it took place earlier in there career’s!
The Bulldog was never the greatest wrestler in the world but he was always enjoyable. The guy could still work a good match especially with the right opponent, like right here.


I was truly saddened to hear of his passing in 2002. I barely ever here people speak of him these days it seems which makes it more depressing.

Davey Boy Smith had come off a big victory (to put it light) over The Hitman in the Main Event of Summerslam 1992 at the time.
Bobby Heenan on Commentary put over Michaels as the star of now, and this match was to do just that.
Michaels and Davey Boy Smith got set to lock up.
 McMa h                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       on states “You`re likely to see a Classic Wrestling Encounter.“
Bulldog got thrown off by Michaels and then with a power move he threw Shawn to the mat. Davey Boy Smith locked up with Michaels again and he locked in the side headlock until running into the Bulldog in the middle of the ring who hit a shoulder breaker. Shawn then with a dropkick to the legs of Bulldog. Shawn then dropped a striking blow to Bulldog, couldn`t get him over with a hiptoss but then eventually did and flipped over before locking on a short armscissors. Bulldog rolled out of it on the mat and then Davey Boy Smith lifted up Shawn with one arm until his back gave out on him, he did it once more but then cradled Shawn up in the air.
Shawn then was dropped to his back but the damage had been done to Davey Boy Smith`s back as well. Bulldog with an irishwhip to Shawn and then the Raw Power of the Bulldog sent HBK down to the mat from up above.

The match was using its strength combining Shawn`s bumping and Davey Boy Smith`s power. Bulldog utlilized his strength to elevate Shawn to the outside. Bulldog backed to the corner by Michaels and then he hit a big elbow to the head of Smith. Michaels sent Bulldog to the corner and then Shawn came from the corner, Bulldog flipped him over a series of times and then locked in an armbar.
Great exchange.

Bulldog with an armringer on Shawn Michaels and then he reversed it into one of his own. Michaels then threw off his elbow pad and hammered Bulldog in the corner, sent to the corner he leapfrogged over Bulldog and then sent him to the outside, hitting back first to the mat.

Shawn Michaels released the top turnbuckle padding. Shawn kicked at the head of Bulldog and untied the top turnbuckle padding.
Michaels with a snapmare to Bulldog and then stomped on him. Michaels then stretching the back with an abdominal stretch to Davey Boy Smith. Shawn Michaels gets hiptossed by Bulldog in desperation and came missing with a splash which bought HBK a nearfall, Shawn then was intelligent enough to go back to the bad back, and Michaels struck early and often on Davey Boy Smith in relentless fashion.

Michaels dropped his bodyweight to the sore back of Davey Boy Smith. Michaels then irishwhipped Bulldog and slapped on another Abdominal Stretch in mid-ring to put more emphasis on the bad back of The Bulldog. Shawn again with an abdominal stretch and Bulldog out of desperation hit a hiplock, an uppercut then off the ropes he drove Michaels head first into the mat. Bulldog whipped HBK with momentum into the corner and hit a clothesline. Bulldog powerfully catapolted Shawn to the corner and hit another clothesline.
Bulldog with momentum hesitated before a pinning attempt which ended up being costly, Michaels then up for the ride hit a powerful suplex but still just a two count. Bulldog thrown into the corner by Michaels who had worked over the back so wonderfully already. The exposed buckle was seen behind Bulldog who threw Michaels this time to the corner, and then from the top Bulldog went for the finishing touches but Michaels overpowerd him in mid-air and landed on top of Davey Boy Smith.
This one went ten minutes in length and was a great all-around match.



In the end we had a new IC Champion on the result of great back work.









31) Shane McMahon (With Vince McMahon) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight -Saturday Night’s Main Event- March 18, 2006

Now we move forward to the present so to speak, fourteen years after the last match on this DVD.
This match took place during the lame (In my opinion of course) feud between Michaels and McMahon. Shane being Vince’s son was of course on his side for no apparent reason since the two were always on again and off again with each other. I guess I could relate to that with my father.

This was before Wrestlemania.

It was of course intriguing because of the stipulation at hand. It was a Street Fight. It was Shane-O-Mac who could not only dance, but bump like a Son of a Bitch.
Here we go.

Shawn Michaels didn`t waste any time attacking the Boss`s Son and then he targetted him in the entrance way. Michaels looked under the ring straight away for a chair as he struck Shane`s back. Shawn Michaels set up a table at ringside. Shane McMahon reversed an irishwhip by Michaels and sent him headfirst into the ringpost. Shane O Mac then grabs a Ladder from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Shane with a punch to the back of Shawn and then scooped him up not before driving his Spine against the Steel of the ringpost twice. Shawn was layed out on the mat while Shane set up the Ladder in the middle of the ring. Vince looked on concerned.
Shane watched Vince put Shawn on the wooden table. Shane on the top of the Ladder was met by Shawn Michaels. Shawn and Shane locked up at the top of the Ladder and Shawn superplexed Shane through both tables from the top of the Ladder.
Great spot.
Michaels with a flying forearm and a bodyslam to Shane before setting up a Ladder in the corner of the ring. Michaels from the top of the Ladder went to take another chance. Vince hit him with a Kendo Stick twice in the back that sent him to the mat. Shane then grabbed the Ladder and dropped it on Shawn which gave Vince a demonic smile, and Ross had been calling him Satan the whole match anyway.
Shane knocked out Shawn with a Ladder shot to the head but he kicked out. Shanw then grabbed both arms of Shawn and stretched him in the center of the ring. This goes on for about an eternity and it gets very boring as a result.
Michaels turns him over and from the ropes gets planted to the mat by Shane. Shane then levels Shawn and Shane-O gets set for his signature dropkick from hell into a garbage can, he misses and hits his old man. Shawn hits a flying forearm, an atomic drop, a bodyslam, an elbow drop and then from the corner a Sweetchin Music but Vince pulls out the official. Shawn throws Vince in the ring and before he can get him Shane hits a lowblow and locks on the Sharpshooter, when Vince makes Shane ring the bell as the two McMahon`s celebrate.

This one went a bit long at 13 minutes but the hardcore action remained fun.

** 1/4



32) 5 on 2 Handicap Elimination Match: The Spirit Squad Members vs DX (HHH and Shawn) in an Elimination Match -Saturday Night’s Main Event- July 15, 2006

Coming into this match I had never seen it.
Infact I don’t even care to now but I’ll watch it due me kind of having to, I’m filling an obligation to watch and review every match on everything I review.
Therefore I’d be breaking that obligation if I didn’t go through with this.
Now I know there are a lot of people who loved the NEW D-X. I didn’t.
I didn’t like anything about them, I didn’t get any nostalgia at all and I didn’t like the Spirit Squad. Not your typical HEEL “It’s good to hate you” heat, but X-Pac “Get the Fuck Out” heat.
SO yeah, here we go. And it`s over.
Shawn Michaels appears yet again on this Disc, this time teaming with long-time pal, Triple H to squash, sorry take on five other guys.
Basically Shawn and Triple H lay out the Spirit Squad in front of Vince McMahon hitting all of the signature moves. What fun this sure is…
By far the Worst match of the entire DVD. A shame it was going so good for over 30 matches.







33) Edge (c) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- July 15, 2006

The last match of the DVD.
These two had a ton of matches in 2006.
A ton. Most of them were good but the actual quality time after time felt lackluster due to repetitive spots over and over.

Redundant material gets that way.
Anyway we have Edge defending the title against Cena here a month before Summerslam. This was still in the days where Edge wasn’t a 23 time World Champion, this was just his second reign at the time.
John Cena was getting mixed-reactions if not more boo’s then cheers by this time as well, which should be noted.
It made his matches more entertaining then they had any right being anyway, as he had not broken out to be the great worker he is now at this point in time of his career.
John Cena attacked Edge in the entrance way and then Edge with a thumb to the eye. Cena took off from the side ropes but dodged Edge and fell to the floor. Boy, that was quick, a commercial already.
We`ve literally seen nothing by the time we come back from the break and JR and King talk the match up as if it`s been one of the best we`ve ever seen, it`s too bad we haven`t got to see it.
Edge with a righthand in the corner and he locked on a suplerplex but he botched it as he missed a step. Both men down on the mat and Keota begins to count. Cena kicks out and by this time he was getting mixed-reactions, definitely.
Edge grabs his hair in frustration. Edge hated Cena here (as did half of WWE`s fans if not more) and he unloaded with right`s and the “Boo-Yeeaaah“ spot happeneded as the two exchanged right`s in a slugfest. Cena took down Edge with a couple of shots before an atomic drop.

Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. AKA the worst move in the history of Pro-Wrestling.
Apparently Edge can’t see Cena?
John Cena in control then went for the FU and hit it. Lita then pulled the official out of the ring to a huge pop.
Cena then locked eyes with Lita. Edge charged towards Cena and he hit head first into the corner, Cena locked on an STFU. Lita then grabbed Keota out of the ring and slapped him in the face.
Keota rang the bell.

In the end around eight minutes Cena won by DQ.
There was nothing basically here at all, but it`s understandable why it ended the Disc.


* 1/2


Disc 3 Extras:
-Lord” Alfred Hayes and “Mean” Gene Okerlund Go on Safari: Koko B. Ware joins alongside the adventures of Hayes and Okerlund in the Jungle. Yeah, about as interesting as it sounds.
-“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels Talks About Winning His First Intercontinental Championship: Clips of Shawn against The Bulldog and Shawn talking about winning the IC title.
-Matt Hardy Talks About Boxing Evander Holyfield: Matt says this is the most intimidated he had ever been in the WWE, and they show clips of the fight.





Final Rating for The Best Of Saturday Night’s Main Event DVD = 9/10


The Bottom line?

This elite set blew me away. A thrill ride that spans over three decades! It was constructed very nicely.
This “must have” set features rare segments, tons of clips with numerous superstars, more then enough entertainment and most importantly a 100% Nostalgia-Rush never seen before. I can’t even put it into words how fun this set was, it wouldn’t do it justice.
OOOOOOOOh yeah, and more Savage and Hogan then you could ever wish, Quality matches, Rare gems, and the like, it’s all here.

33! 33 Matches all together, how can you lose? Without a question one of the best sets ever released, we have a top 5 DVD here. I strongly encourage everyone to pick this up. Dig it?




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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This DVD is AMAZING. I personally would have given the whole DVD an overall rating of 10/10, but that’s just me.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    I hate him so much I’m giving him the Benoit treatment.

    And I actually like Benoit more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it was only one of them, Brian Knobbs. Fuck that Hulk Hogan stooge asshole.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you hate Honky Tonk that bad… I cant imagine what your hatred is for The Nasty Boyz (or I believe it was only one of them)after they mocked Macho Man’s heart attack/death.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a dvd NO WRESTLING FAN can afford to miss!This is a piece of wrestling history!WWE History!

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Vince could still be mad at him for leaving after the Screwjob. Either that or there was no significant room for his matches. The WWE has always missed matches on sets here or there, the best example is Starrcade: The Essential Collection, and the fact it didn’t have Malenko vs Dragon from 96.

  7. Brad Attitude says:

    Why the heck is there no Rick Rude matches? Could have at least thrown an extra match of him on Special Features section because he was on SNME many times.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The only thing I don’t like about this DVD is the matches from when they brought SNME back because it just didnt feel the same and it was a long way off the original vibe. Wouldnt have been too bad if the newer matches had been good ones.

    The rest of the set however is absolutely sublime. So so many great matches you will probably only see here. And of course the show felt huge back in the day when there weren’t many ppv’s. MAIN EVENT stuff for sure!

  9. Bryan says:

    Will NJ totally agree this is one of the most BS calls in history the Hart Foundation won the titles at SummerSlam 90 by winning 1 pinfall and Demolition getting DQ’d in another pinfall.

  10. LP1 says:

    @Will NJ, right on the money. The Bulldogs were only Tag Champions once, winning the belts at WrestleMania 2 from The Dream Team. I haven’t watched the SNME match on this DVD with The Bulldogs vs The Harts, but did they edit this to make it look like The Bulldogs won the belts?

  11. Will NJ says:

    FYI: The WWF Tag-Titles did NOT change hands on the May ’87 show. Although the Bulldogs won 2 straight falls, The Hart Foundation retained the titles because of the DQ in the first fall. This was basically b.s. on the WWF’s part, because titles have changed hands during 2/3 falls matches where a DQ was involved, as long as the DQ didn’t come in the deciding fall. This finish did not go over well with the fans at the time. Dynamite Kid was still in bad shape from his December back injury, so he was pretty limited during this match and I think it shows, especially compared to what he was doing previously. Even at less than 100%, Dynamite was still outperforming most of the guys though. One tough SOB to say the least.

  12. Brad Attitude says:

    i would have liked to have see John Cena/Triple H vs. Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio … that match was better than all 3 combined that were on this set … the beer drinking contest featuring JBL and Stone Cold should have been added and WWE could have edited the Benoit part during the end of the segment.

  13. Bryan says:

    great review Brett, that Macho Man/Hitman match is one I can watch over and over it’s just some great ring work by both guys, and a great against all odds Savage win.

  14. Brett Mix says:

    Hogan and Macho Man Really made the DVD for me. I mean even if you weren’t a Savage fan this was proof he was arguably Mr. SNME if not Hogan.

  15. Mr. Wrestling II says:

    Agree completely. I wasn’t familiar with the content on this DVD when I first picked it up. It Seems to me that the best DVD’s consist of matches, mixed in with these old school vignettes that just give you a rush of nostalgia. Just amazing. In my top 10 favorites, and my top 5 in terms of actual QUALITY. Good Review.

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