Review: WWE “Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story” (3 Disc) DVD

December 9, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story” 3 Disc Review:




“Just when you got all the answers,…… I CHANGE the Questions! -“Rowdy” Roddy Piper



-“Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story” was put together as a three disc set that covers a lot of his in-ring work, a documentary and mainly promo’s from the Pipers Pit segments.

-Roddy Piper is arguably the greatest man on the stick which resulted in his own famous show “Piper’s Pit” which is featured many times on this set on Disc 3.



Disc 1 Documentary:


-To start Piper’s life story they talk about his early routes travelling around Canada. Definitely one of the better countries for Wrestling talent.

Piper himself plus a lot of others including the likes of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, John Cena, John Morrison, Kevin Dunn, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and many others comment on this part of the DVD whether it be about his career or personal life.
A lot of shots of Roddy with his family and being a family man.


They discuss how he started in the NWA and had that famous match with Greg Valentine, the Dog Collar Classic at the original Starrcade in 1983. Flair said he had a ton of respect for Roddy and Roddy said the same about Flair. They worked together for a bit of time during Roddy in the NWA.


Piper and how over he was because of his mic skills was then covered as were all of his major feuds, paticularly the ones involving Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.


This tandem headlined Wrestlemania against each other. The Hogan feud was big because Piper was the Antagonist while Hogan was the king of the wrestling world in terms of popularity. The War to Settle the Score was the big drawing point leading into the big media buzzed inagural Wrestlemania which was a grand success.


The Mr. T feud went on with Piper for another year when they continued talking about that and then the eventual Boxing match at Wrestlemania 2.


Pipers Pit is covered in great detail, we get some good liners by the Hot Rod with some logical explanation to why he was given such a stage to perform and utlilize his skills on the mic in front of a crowd.


The infamous Snuka incident where Piper blasted or broke a Coccanut over the head of Snuka is talked about and how memorized it was.

Piper mentions when kicking over Female Singer Cindy Lauper, that Suddham Hussein had nothing on him in terms of heat. If I spelled Husseins name wrong I wont lose any sleep tonight.


Now they dive into the everybody loves PIPER Chapter. He goes good, babyface in Wrestling terminoligy.

Heading into Wrestlemania 3 it was supposed to be his retirement match against Adrian Adonis.


The Hot Rod won and 93,000 fans went wild. Piper took a break and was offered movie roles. He would continue being an actor into the 90s while still going off and on in the Wrestling world.


They show parts of the Pipers Pit at Wrestlemania 5 with Robert Downey Jr and Brother Love. It is best seen clipped as watching that long fifteen minute (around there) segment does seem to be the ultimate test of patience. Infact there was little payoff to that segment but it was good at the time I suppose.

Wrestlemania 6 and Bad News Brown are brought up because of the whole Controversial Piper painting his body half black even when he told us at Mania 2 he would not. Pretty ironic but it was a decent match at best none the less.


Now they go into how he was a commentator as was Randy Savage as Vince wanted color commentators with PERSONALITY and Charisma when the Brain left and the Body.

Piper was also a sidekick or mentor to Virgil when he turned on Ted DiBiase by the time of Mania 7. Notice a pattern of the Documentary highlighting the Hot Rod and his Mania Resume.

They definitely would mention the next one as he battled Bret Hart at Mania 8 in which many claim is his best match ever. (I agree)

Piper has won the IC title from the Mounty at the 1992 Rumble and gave Bret the rub or push and Hart won the title and the fans respected both men after a tremendous story was told in the ring.


Piper came back at Wrestlemania ten for a surprise appearance and officiated the Bret Hart-Yokozuna match for the then WWF title. Piper got in a mini-feud with Lawler which resulted in a forgettable King of the Ring 1994 match.

Piper also would officiate the match with Bret again the next year at Mania against Bob Backlund which is easily forgettable since they did not focus on that in the documentary. (Thank god) I for one think nothing about Wrestlemania 11 should be remembered outside of Pam and Jenny perhaps.

They show the part where Vince elects Piper as the new Commish of the Federation when Gorilla Monsoon could no longer do it.

There was talk of getting O.J Simpson but because of all the controversy they went down another route. This time with another controversial character, Goldust. They had a back-lot brawl at Mania 12. (They showed clips of O.J Simpson and his chase during it)

Now onto WCW.

Piper claimed to be the Icon Hogan was. Hogan started saying he was, Macho Man put it on his knuckles and Piper was just stating a point.

They cover how Hogan and Piper had some real heat going which helped WCW out in a big way, Foley and Jim Ross credit it and they cover the match of the decade at Starrcade in 96.

They show Piper coming out at as a surprise at Wrestlemania 19 and he still has the grudge with Hogan.

Piper and his controversial HBO interview came up as Ross points out and they show clips of it.

The family agrees he should of been in the Hall of Fame and they show clips of his induction in 2005. Same class as Hogan.

More Pipers Pit from Mania 21 is shown and his legacy.


Overall this is a great documentary and it never drags at well over an hour and a half, that is pretty remarkable.









Disc 1 Extra’s: “Piper Stories”:

-Roddy & Colt

-Roddy speaks about how amazing the birth of his son Colt was to him and his career

-Bruce Prichard on meeting Roddy

-Here Bruce Prichard comments on meeting Roddy Piper for the first time.

-Hitting Rikishi

-Piper speaks on how he didn’t want to hit Rikishi with a coconut as he felt it took away from the Jimmy Snuka moment. Nostalgia must of been key.


-Piper speaks on how he felt about Mr.T behind the storylines.

-The Mexican Bullring

-Piper comments how on influential the Guerrero family has been to him and the business of wrestling

-Freddie Blassie

-Piper speaks to us on Freddie Blassie and an incident involving toilet paper.

-Living on the Streets

-Piper tells us on how, at one point in his career, he had to play his bagpipes for quarters on the streets.

-Raw Homecoming

-Stars Randy Orton, Mic Foley, Bruce Prichard, Gerry Brisco, and Jim Ross speak on how amazing fans and WWE personalities felt about Piper coming back to Raw Homecoming in October 2005.

Disc 1 Matches:



1) Roddy Piper & Mike Popovich vs Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver -Portland Wrestling:

You could barely see this match due to the poor camera quality.

Seriously, it is very hard on the eyes.


It is just here to show Piper at a young age and the crowds were mega hot back then.
Tag match to start the matches portion of the set!

We pick this one up through the match and see the ending where Roddy Piper grabs his opponent on the mic after the match and puts a sleeper on at 3:59





2) Playboy Buddy Rose vs Rowdy Roddy Piper (c) in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the Portland Wrestling Northwest Heavyweight Championship -Portland Wrestling


Roddy Piper going at it against Rose again this time for a title.
Both guys kind of circle around one another and Playboy Buddy Rose takes his time around the ring. Piper calls him back in.

Rose with an uppercut then slams the head of Piper into the top turnbuckle. Rose with a shot to the jaw then a snapmare into a sleeper hold.

Buddy Rose holds a neckvice on Piper. Buddy Rose gets caught in the corner as Piper holds a sleeper on Rose.

Piper wins the first fall as Buddy Rose is out due to the sleeper.

Buddy Rose is down.

Roddy Piper is now getting shots delivered against him by somebody else and Rod is now bleeding. Playboy Buddy Rose waited for him in the ring and levelled him with a headbutt and a chop across the head. Rose continues to swing at Piper.

Rose unloads with shots and Piper is bleeding but somehow gets a sneeky roll-up win out of no where and the fans loved it! Piper wins it 2-0 in the end at 14:32.
This was kind of all over the place but pretty decent for its time.


* 1/2



3) Roddy Piper (c) vs Jack Brisco for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match -July, 7th 1982



10,000$ put up by Brisco.

The Mid-Atlantic title put up by Piper.
Finally a match with great quality.

I just love this atmosphere.

Jack Brisco and Roddy Piper start a sequence of countering each others chain-wrestling beginnings. A tie-up, then Jack Brisco blocks a hip-toss from the Hot Rod.

A side headlock take-over by Brisco, Piper waits and then takes down Brisco and tries to ride him down on the mat with a front facelock, Jack Brisco counters into a hammerlock and now goes for the head of Piper and holds a waistlock.

GREAT Wrestling.

Jack Brisco in control until Piper holds a go-behind and Brisco throws Piper through the ropes. Piper holds onto the ropes getting away from a potential submission. Jack Brisco tries to wear Piper down with a side headlock standing in mid-canvas. Jack Brisco off the ropes leaps over Piper until finally clotheslining him. A headlock take-over takes Piper down again. Jack Brisco wrenching on Piper down on the mat but Piper rolls back and forth in and out of pinning positions.

Piper fighting his way out of headlocks but Jack Brisco holds it on stronger. Piper shakes it off and kicks Jack Brisco in the side and still shaking it off, remembering to sell. Hard chops across the chest of Jack Brisco by Piper.Jack Brisco

These two slug it out, and it becomes a fight after a great start of wrestling.

In the end at 16:25 Jack Brisco lays down for Piper as he hits him coins knocking him out.

This match was great. Old-School fun from the Mid Atlantic.





4) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (c) in a Dog Collar Match for the NWA US Title -NWA Starrcade 1983


Here we go, fans were really looking forward to this one.

This was of course from the original Starrcade in 1983.

But before all that was the famous Dog Collar Match.

The Hammer was a big heel in this one as the reigning NWA US Champion.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper had the sentiments of the broadcasters.

The two chained superstars locked up hanging by the neck from ring to ring with nothing but a chain locking them together.
At the time it was called one of the most dangerous matches, and the story going in hd to to with Piper’s bad head.
The Hammer would then focus on that.

Both guys tugged with their heads, and the crowd exploded cheering while they tuged with each other’s neck to show who could move who.

Interesting beginning. Valentine reached out as he held the links of the chain, but Roddy Piper had a better link folded up and he gets the first great shot on The Hammer. Things settle down a little bit and the two move in close yet again.

The Hammer swings for the bad head of Piper twice but he dodged it time and time again getting to his paticular corner and the crowd loved it. Both guys forget the chain and meet mid-ring.

Combat breaks out as righthands fly both ways, stiff as hell. Crockett gets his due on commentary for the success of this event.

Roddy Piper charged at Valentine up high catching him again. Roddy had Valentine in trouble in the corner and with a chain arounsd his wrist he levelled Valentine. Greag came in and Roddy Piper slapped it around his head and he used it as a weapon repeatedly on the valentine, and everyone loved this.

Out of desperation the Hammer fought back with the chain in hand catching Piper in the ear. Piper is down and Valentine wrapped the chain around his eyes, his throat and the Hammer drops his devistating elbow drop twice to the hot rod.

Valentine showed nice psychology also hitting the elbow with his ear. This time Piper pushed Valentine down and spread the chain across the face of the Hammer and the nose paticularly, the fans ate this up. Roddy Piper had him tied to the corner and he used the ropes for leverage. The Hot Rod closes in on his face beginning to almost chew at the Hammer who was down in a considerable amount of pain. Piper kept slugging away.
The Hammer is a bloody mess.

Valentine tied up and Roddy Piper borught him to the floor. Both guys are hitting each other’s bloddied skulls all changed together right in front of the crowd on the floor now to make it extra dramatic. Roddy Piper attempted to hang the Hammer.

While the official bumped into him Piper got caught in the bad year. Valentine following up on Piper’s bad ear showed good strategic wrestling and innovative offense with the chain molbilizing the ear and head region of Roddy Piper. Piper full of bood outside the ring fell to the concrete and Valentine kicked him off again. Valentine keeps dropping the knee inside the ring on the Hot Rod but Piper somehow a bloody mess decided to shake it off. Piper in the corner gets hard righthands by the Hammer who was as tough as they come.

Piper with everything he had came fighting back, Valentine drops the elbow on the hot rod as a second effort. Piper almost unable to defend himself hit with another hard elbow by Valentine.

The rough stuff continued as Piper fought back with the crowd behind him, but every chance he got back in it Valentine would take over because of his mass. Valentine drops the knee on Piper who is a ton of blood.

This is a war.

The Hammer wonders what he has to do to put him away, Valentine and Piper both block each other using the chain as they attempt a vertical suplex and this time it is Roddy Piper with a roar from the crowd who lands the slow vertican suplex. Both men were covered so no count.

Both warriors stand up exchanging or “slugging” forearms and as Piper goes sternum first to turnbuckle, the Hammer slaps a Sleeperhold on a bloodied Roddy Piper.

Roddy Piper shrugs Valentine off of him but the Hammer lands back with two elbow drops out of desperation seeing this as his last resort.

Valentine went for a third elbow drop but Piper aggressively pulled onto the chain swinging The Hammer back in and Piper hooked the leg and got the win.
What a pop, what a war.

In the end at 20:28, Finally Roddy Piper gets the win and is the NEW NWA US Champion.

This match was a Rough Classic for its time. It’s not some something I’d like to watch over and over but you can appreciate its greatness.

It still holds up as a stiff contest between two of the 1980`s most underrated talents.
Good choice to close Disc 1.


You could argue this was the greatest match in the career of Roddy Piper. This or the Bret match at Mania 8.









“I was Rowdy before Rowdy was cool!” -“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Disc 2 Matches:


5) Hulk Hogan and Mr. T (w/Jimmy Snuka) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) (w/Muhammad Ali as guest outside referee) -Wrestlemania

If this didn’t go over, the company would fail.

Here we are!

The Main Event of Original Wrestlemania.

The 30th greatest moment in MSG history as voted by there network on the top 50 moments in MSG special, this match.

You really felt like you were watching a moment in time when you saw Liberaci kick with the Rockettes and MSG cheering.

Fans chanted for Ali soon after.

The spectacle of this entire event is perhaps best illustrated when a lot of Major Celebs came out here including Libberaci and Ali. Vince Jr. did a nice job with this and it was a memorable buildup to this match, set the stage for sure.

All apart of the Spectacle or “Happening” as Monsoon liked to call these moments in time.

Billy Martin was also the ring announcer.

Hulk Hogan gets a huge pop as expected in the birth place of Hulkamania. Madison Square Hogan. Bret probably had the best matches at WM X overall but Hogan’s meant a great deal. Of course Bruno and Backlund have had there dozens as well.
Some sequences in the match dragged but it still felt intense overall and was worked relatively well for what it was.

In the long run it was a very solid tag match for back then.

Roddy Piper and an underrated HEEL now HOFer since 05, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff were the top heel tandem and as over as ever here.
Piper and Hogan had a red hot feud that many saw further grow at “The War to Settle The Score” just a month and change before this show.

Mr. Wonderful started it off with the Hulkster and to say MSG was hyped would be an understatement, you could genuinely feel, “This“ was the Main Event of the biggest show to this time.

Paul Orndorff got some words in the corner from Piper and got set to square off with Hulk.
They circled around each other and while Hogan was ready to get it on, Orndorff teased him and tagged in Piper.
Now we`re really going to get a show down!
Piper and Hogan in 1985 from the Garden at Wrestlemania to begin the Main Event! You`ve got to love it.
Roddy Piper stepped into the ring and Hogan shook his head up and down saying it`s me and you. Mr. T jumped up and down on the ring apron as if he wanted in. Hulk pointed to Mr. T and Hogan pointed at him and MSG erupted.
Mr. T wants PIPER!
So now we`re gonna have T and Piper! The fans erupt.
People wondered if Mr. T could wrestle. He can`t but he went nose to nose with Piper and this spot was familar from Wrestlemania History shots.

Piper and T traded slaps. Piper kicked T while the fans chanted for him and he hit a go-behind waistlock. Piper slapped at T and then T got a switch and got out of it.
Fans were extremely loud and Mr. T got set to go with Piper again as he glared at the people. Both men tie up and T throws him off.

Mr. T has a fireman’s carry on “Rowdy” Roddy Piper into a body slam and the fans love it.

Roddy Piper didn`t expect it and he got angry driving him into the corner.


All four men get into the match. Ali took a shot at Piper and told everyone to get out, Ali told Orton to leave the ring and the place chanted “Ali.“
This might not of been the best Wrestling Match but it was Sport`s Entertainment personified in 1985!

Piper and Orndorff try and re-group on the outside and then head towards the dressing room.
Ali tells them to come back.

Hogan tells referee Pat Patterson that there`s no way he`s going to count them out. Orndorff and Piper were forced to return.

Four men inside and T and Hogan slam Piper and Orndorff into each other head first. Hogan unloads on Piper irishwhipping him into the corner followed by a clothesline.

Hogan smashes both men`s head together and then plants an atomic drop to Roddy Piper. Hogan choked him out and bounced Roddy Piper`s head off the canvas and Patterson did nothing about it.

Hogan with a few right hand shots to Roddy Piper and then Piper raked the eyes but Hulk didn`t let it bother him. Hogan tagged in T and fans chanted his name, a double whip by Hogan and T before Mr. T slammed Piper! Mr. T caught Orndorff and slammed Piper before headbutting Mr. Wonderful. Piper couldn`t land a shot once back in by Hogan as he delivered the punishment. Hulk Hogan backdropped Roddy Piper over the top to the floor.

Mr. Wonderful came up from behind and drove Hogan out to the cement floor. Piper with a chair across the back of The Hulkster on the outside. Fast paced action with a hot crowd!

On the outside the heels continue the punishment as Orndorff slams the Champ`s (Hogan) into the ring apron. Piper now rakes the eyes of Hogan while he glares at the crowd with an evil stare. Piper sends Hogan into the corner and the fans boo. Roddy Piper backs off as Mr. T was taunted by him earlier to come into the ring but the official made sure T stayed out but Orndorff and Piper both choked out Hulk Hogan in the corner, but Mr. T then comes to save him but the double team behind Patterson`s back continued. A double atomic drop and Hogan was hurt. Piper said he stayed out to Ali who questioned the action.
Mr. Wonderful now with a boot attack to Champion Hulk Hogan.
I always thought Paul Orndorff was underrated, glad he`s in the Hall of Fame.
Paul Orndorff, Mr. Wonderful with a great suplex to Hulk Hogan and even that got him a ton of heat in Madison Square Garden. Great teamwork by Piper and Orndorff as Roddy Piper is tagged back in and he ran across the ropes for extra leverage and landed a big right to Hogan. Roddy Piper with a knee lift to Hogan and then a nearfall. Orndorff tagged in and lands an elbow into the head of Hogan from the top rope. Orndorff continued to wear down Higan with a kick. Mr. Wonderful scooped up Hulk Hogan and hit a back breaker. The Champ is absorbing a great deal of punishment. Orndorff flew from the top and missed a flying knee and the fans cheer!
Can Hogan make the tag was the question. He made it. Mr. T unloaded with lefts and rights but while the official made sure Hogan got on the apron more double team this time on T. Roddy Piper tried to ride T in a amateur wrestling move and he kept it on while MSG chanted for T. Orton got on the apron with his Cast and Ali made sure he stayed back. Foreshadowing perhaps.
A tag made and Roddy Piper with a front facelock to Mr. T attempting to wear him out. Piper wearing him down but T managed to power out and tag in Hulk Hogan to a great pop who landed blows on Piper, when Orndorff came back in he rammed both there heads together. A right hand by Hogan rocks Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff but he ended up levelling the champ with a great suplex to buy him time.
Superfly Snuka came in and delivered a headbutt to Orton who had just came in. Orndorff caught a Full Nelson on Hogan while Orton jumped from the top with the Cast and hit Orndorff with it by accident!

Hogan covered Orndorff! He got him! Place explodes.

So in the end it was Hulk Hogan who pinned Paul Orndorff after Orton accidentally hit Orndorff with his cast at 13:13. Hulkamania’s momentum would go on to be very good at Wrestlemania in the main event as I will illustrate from this point on…..(unless he’s in Sky Dome) This match was good in a way if you don’t expect it to be the way it was in a certain way. Confused. You should be. Overall great and highly significant which boosts it’s rating up quite a bit for me.


I’ll slap an additional 1/4 – 1/2* on this one for Historical Significance and call it a day.

Not the match of 1985 as it won but definitely good and even great considering how it was booked counting in everything.
Match of the night and most definitely a signifcant addition here to the Piper DVD.

** 3/4



6) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff Saturday Night’s Main Event 10/5/85


Paul Orndorff was the man. IN an era where Jake the Snake, Andre the Giant, The Million Dollar Man, Rick Rude, Roddy Piper, Hogan and the Macho Man were taking the spotlight, Mr. Wonderful was an underrated, talented hand.

Paul Orndorff and Rowdy Roddy Piper get set to square off in front of a huge noisy croud that made for great television during the 80s boom in late 1985.

The now Hall of Famer takes on the Hot Rod here.

Both are in the Hall of Fame and were put in the same class in 2005.

Roddy Piper is viciously taking apart Paul Orndorff. I love how we get the old school tandem of The Body and a younger McMahon on Commentary for the old SNME broadcasts. Just a pure nostalgia rush.

Ventura calls it a streetfight as both guys roll over each other, McMahon points out they were former tag team partners.

The Hot Rod plants Mr. Wonderful with a ddt. Piper and Paul Orndorff outside the ring after Piper kicks him to the concrete. Paul Orndorff though this time beats Piper inside and comes off the top with a chop to the head and a suplex to Piper.

Fans go crazy as Paul Orndorff hits the first wrestling move in the match. Fans solid behind Mr. Wonderful who just turned babyface that year and Paul Orndorff got his eyes jabbed as Piper used a dirty heel tactic with a thumb to the eye.

Both men down in a fast and exciting tv match here. Neither men made any attempt for a pinfall. Piper tries a splash on Paul Orndorff but the knees were up. A round-house right by Paul Orndorff and both men crossbody to the floor and brawl on the outside.

Piper missed a chairshot to the corner post.


The match ends in a double count-out keeping the rivalry and characters strong as neither man lost.?

Good stuff!

The match ended at 5:55 as they battled all the way back to the dressing room area. Highly entertaining.

** 1/4



7) Mr. T (w/Joe Frazier and “Cowboy” Bob Orton) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (w/Cowboy Bob Orton and Lou Duva) in a Boxing Match – Mania 2

Piper said in a pre-taped interview before the first match even started that “If Mr. T can knock me out tonight, I will quit dating girls, I will retire from Wrestling. Never will I shave my head like an Indian and paint myself black.”

Apparently Piper forgot about this by the time Wrestlemania 6 rolled around and he DID paint himself black. Hilarious.

Okay, so here is the deal.

This match was BIG and it headlined the Uniondale, New York portion of Mania 2. A great build up, over a year in the making for this one so the expectations were pretty high.
However, it did not come across very great for many fans and I will ellude to that in this review of the first Main Event.

These two had bad blood dating from back before the last Mania and that big, memorable slap to start that main event tag match. These two are entertaining for sure but this Boxing match isn’t.

This one was relatively slow because its boring and very stretched out pace, to say it dragged would be an understatement.

The fans were booing inbetween rounds until a very attractive “Sign lady” comes in which the male fans greeted nicely of course.

Piper introduced and came out with his gang, and T came out to a great ovation with his group.

Round 1 begins:

Roddy Piper avoids some shots by Piper and then T went downstairs in the mid-section, inside Piper is told to break as he got closer to T.
Mr. T gave some short shots to Piper and he was told to back off, Piper told him to stick it and the fans booed. T moved in and lanced a few shots but nothing noteworthy due to shots not landing on the face.
FINALLY Mr. T lands one.

T lands a Shot on Piper!

Roddy Piper wore himself out by trying to back T into the ropes or the corner of the ring but he was constantly told to back off to the point it got boring after awhile.

It dragged on and on and on. 30 Seconds left in round one and T corners The Hot Rod. Both men brawl more then anything and piper lands barely a shot to the head of T.
That’s the end of round 1 and the place boo’s but both men keep going at it, and when I say both going at it, I mean trying to hit each other like girls. I like both guys, well PIPER anyway so I won’t be harsh, but hey, even Frank Sinatra had to clear his lungs from time to time.

Both guys get a breather.

Round 2 begins:

More of the same work here.

Roddy Piper had T against the ropes but T fought back until he was told to back off. Both guys trash talk especially Piper as he’s good at that sort of thing and they tie up again. Boring action here.
Very boring, the fans stood and waited for something to happen but it never did. T fought back when in trouble but nothing significant happened. Piper got the better of Mr. T here though. Mr. T kept having shots delivered to the head from Piper and then T went down with 57 seconds to go in round two. Piper kicked him down.
Piper backed off and Roddy got some points here you’d imagine. T took his time to get back up. Once Mr. T gets up, Piper continues with a series of right’s and left’s and T gives a shot back before falling down and Round two is over. Piper with a cheapshot after that round.

Round 3 begins:

So to this point Piper had been getting the best of T mostly with cheap shots and did I mention that it was extremely boring?
Well here Mr. T got the best of Piper in the corner but still it wasn’t the most exciting sight to see. The left handed T hit some shots in the corner to The Hot Rod who now knew he had to do something desperate to win this match.
Piper was angry.
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper knocked out of the ring then by Mr. T.
T had about 25 seconds to get him down and then in the final moments of round three and he did so.

Round 4 begins:

Piper landing some good shots now but T traded some with him. Piper started to get a bit vicious which was entertaining here but it only took 10 plus minuts to do so. Piper did finally catch T with a big right.
When Mr. T was getting the best of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper he lost his temper and body slammed him. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper wasn’t allowed to use a wrestling move so it was over.
Poor New York, THIS WAS THERE MAIN EVENT OF Wrestlemania. T wins by DQ but “Rowdy” Roddy Piper went back on top of him.

In the end Piper was disqualified for body-slamming T at 1:15 in the 4th round and 13:14 in official time. Mr. T wins by DQ.

I would have chanted refund if I was there but then again perhaps the event did have it’s bright spots in Uniondale and I’m being a bit hard on it. Or perhaps I’m not.

Overall it lacked what was needed and that special X-Factor that usually gets delivered in Special Mania moments. Not exactly a Lesnar-Goldberg type Mania disaster but this just didn’t seem to work very well, however at the time some accepted it. Now, looking back it definately doesen’t even hold up as watchable for most.




8 ) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs The Iron Sheik Saturday Night’s Main Event -10/4/86

The Iron Sheik had Slick distracting Piper.

Sheik dominated it all.


Piper used the tights to beat the Sheik and the fans loved it.
In the end at 3:52

This match was basically nothing but something to put Piper over the Sheik.

No Rating


9) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs “Cowboy” Bob Orton (With Jimmy Hart) -Saturday Night’s Main Event 11/29/86


Bob Orton and Roddy Piper used to be on the same page.


Now we get a good match between Piper and Orton, Piper is now a babyface.


We are treated to a good video package before the match.


Bob Orton and Piper tie-up and Piper sends Cowboy to the buckle and he turns upside down in the turnbuckle. A thumb to the eye even though he was a babyface.

Piper with a big uppercut. Piper with a big knee lift with a ton of momentum and takes time to cover him but eventually does.

Piper rolls up Cowboy in the end.

In the end at 6:23 Piper wins with the roll-up.
This match was fast paced but pretty basic.


* 3/4


10) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs “Adorable” Adrian Adonis (w/”The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) in a Hair vs Hair Match

This match was supposed to be a “Farewell to Piper” at the time, but we all know how “THAT” usually plays out in wrestling more often then not.

The REAL match stipulation should of been “Loser has to watch the other man’s Wrestlemania 2 match” I’m more then positive they would have went all out if that were the case. 😉

The crowd was HOT for this match and The Hot Rod in paticular especially when he slapped on his famous sleeper hold which we saw from the buildup was certainly a big part of the feud.

This event was booked so well from top to bottom, and even though every match wasn’t absolutely tremendous, it was just such smart booking for the most part through the whole way. Great spot on the card for this one in paticular as I’ve always felt for what emotions this one delivered it was in an appropriate spot on the card.
Adrian Adonis had let Piper know he was coming for him and then god knows what he said before the match.
Roddy had his shirt off at the beginning and he started to nod his head and shake a bit as the crowd started to get loud and on his side. While The HOT ROD began to get Rowdy he needed this extra push for motivation to pull out all stop`s in what was at the time at least, his final match.

Piper landed shots on Adonis and the fans went wild!

Roddy Piper then exchanged with Adrian Adonis as the shots went back and forth.

Piper grabbed his belt and whipped Adonis with it.

Piper grabbed The Mouth of the South and the fans went absolutely wild, but Adrian Adonis had gotten ahold of the belt and started whipping Piper as the fans chanted for Roddy.

Piper irishwhipped Adrian Adonis over the top rope and he did a 360 over the top and Adonis was about to fall off the apron but Piper made sure he dragged him back in with Hart. Piper smacks both there heads together. Piper elevated The Mouth of the South with Adrian Adonis over the top together and Piper looked vicious as the fans went wild. Piper hit Adrian Adonis with rights and lefts before an irishwhip to the corner and Piper sent The Mouth of the South into Adrian Adonis. Jimmy Hart reached right up and scooped up the leg of Roddy Piper taking him out and buying some time for Adrian Adonis. Adonis with a couple of big shots to Piper.

In front of the time keeper`s table Roddy didn`t know where he was and was giving blind shots. Adrian Adonis in control of Piper landed hard forearm shots to the head.
Adrian Adonis slapped a SLEEPER on Piper and the place was worried. I wonder how many times we had to hear the phrase `Goodnight Irene.`

Adrian Adonis had the sleeper on Piper and Jimmy Hart could sense victory as he grabbed the clippers. Adrian Adonis thinks his arm dropped three times and celebrates a bit early. Beefcake ran to the ring and made sure he got Piper up.

Adrian Adonis had it won but now Piper locked in the Sleeper and the place goes absolutely wild, one of the biggest pops of all time. Adrian Adonis is asleep, the bell rings and The Adorable one has been put out!

In the end it was “Rowdy“ Roddy Piper who defeated the late Adrian Adonis by his sleeper hold after Adonis released his own sleeper prematurely at 6:54 of the contest. Then the “Rowdy” one Roddy Piper was revived by the evolving Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. After the match, Beefcake shaved Adonis’ head, leading to him becoming known as “The Barber” for good.

A pretty special match here.

Kind of a forgotten Wrestlemania moment as well.


** 1/2





11) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) for the WWF Championship -War to Settle the Score February 18th 1985

I always considered this match just AS important as the main event of Mania.

Okay so a little backstory coming in….

Hulkamania by this time was getting beyond huge and before Andre, DiBiase or Savage went for Hogan there was PIPER.

The Hot Rod hated Hulk and the fans loved hating him.
This was just before the original Mania and had a ton of hype surrounding it. This match was HUGE in 1985 and McMahon put everything on the line for this one.
The hatred here was tremendous.

Perhaps the biggest feud of the 80’s was between Piper and Hogan, a strong argument can be made.

The Hot Rod knew a lot was on the line coming in.

Piper is very proud of this one as he says on the Hogan DVD before we get going.

Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper begin in a huge slug-fest back and forth.

Piper rakes the eyes and gets on top.

Hogan and Piper begin this one similar to Austin-Bret at Mania 13, pure war resulting from hated.

Hulk irishwhipped Piper to the corner. Hogan slammd Piper and dropped the elbow. Piper came fighting back applying the same sequence.

Piper in control held a sleeper on Hulk.
The Hot Rod’s special move was a sleeper so this was a big deal.
Eventually Hogan fought out but Orton gave him trouble. Twenty years before his son would.

Piper used this distraction to apply a crab and Orndorff came out and slammed Hogan.
Hulk had all the odds against him.
Lauper tried to get involved.

Mr. T over the railing came for Piper. This all to build Mania.

Mr. T comes in and Orndorff and Piper jump on T. Hogan now irate. Hulkamania is about to run wild. Security holding everyone back.
You could feel the intensity.

A no decision but an exciting one at that to lead into Mania.


*** 1/4



12) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude in a Steel Cage Match -Madison Square Garden 12/28/89


This is a cage match you will not hear about because there has been so many.


Monsoon on commentary.
Rick Rude as a heel tried to escape as many times as he could but the Hot Rod caught him most times. Piper tried to get out but Rude gets ahold of Piper.


Both men expose the other mans ass often and remember to sell.


I love the old WWF Blue Steel Cage.


Fans chant Rowdy.


Roddy Piper down and Rude all over him tried to escape through the door but Heenan kept him near. Piper held on and got hit with a neckbreaker. Rude climbed the cahe both men fell down at the same time.


Rude hops off the top. It is continued Rude goes for a cheap shot but it backfires and Piper wins!

In the end at 14:14 the Hot Rod pulled it off.
This match got better as it went.


*** 1/4



13) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Bad News Brown -WrestleMania 6

The Hot Rod painted his body half black for this one.

The Late Bad News Brown had a heated rivalry with The Hot Rod dating all the way back before the new year, so by the time they got to Wrestlemania 6 this one was anticipated.

Piper got a tremendous ovation as he was arguably the first mega babyface star to come out all night.

A sign said Piper for PM. Which means Prime Minister (President of Canada) and I guess Piper is a Canadian Citizen technically so it works.

Bad News Brown and The Hot Rod do not take there eyes off of each other.
Bell rings and this one is expected to be a big brawl, neither men known for there catch as catch can in-ring skills.

Monsoon says his regular THIS IS THE BEST MANIA yet line here at #6.

Piper does a little disco dancing inside the ring once he rips off his shirt to reveal half his body painted black for racial unity of sorts.

Piper in the corner ties up with Bad News Brown and he takes Piper down on the mat and the two men roll around on the canvas. Piper then gets pushed back to the corner by Dangerous Danny Davis who competed at Wrestlemania before. Piper hits Bad News Brown with a series of right hands and then gets seperated from Bad News again and that allowed Bad News Brown to take advantage and hit Piper with two right hands followd by a headbutt and then Piper fell back on his back. Bad News Brown slammed Piper head first into the top turnbuckle and then a chop across the chest.
A trapezius hold by Bad News Brown to Piper to wear down Piper and his aggressive brawling nature so I assume it is not a bad strategy. It does not last a long while as Piper gets out and the two brawl some more before Bad News Brown hits a headbutt to Piper then a scoop slam and an elbow drop off the ropes, right on the mark which gets him a two count. Hot Rod with a thumb to the eye and Bad News Brown was trapped in the corner and he raked the eyes of Piper. Piper was momentarily blinded. Bad News Brown exposed the steel under the turnbuckle padding and irishwhipped Piper but he reversed it and sent Bad News Brown sternum first into the steel in the corner.
Bad News Brown down on the canvas in pain, Piper grabbed a glove out of his tights and Ventura called it a Michael Jackson glove. Piper levelled Bad News Brown with a glove a few times and Danny Davis let these shots go, it must be legal. A big shot from the top from Piper to Bad News. Piper with a big slap to Bad News which sent him to the outside. Piper dragged out by Bad News though and the two brawl outside the ring, Piper dodged a shot by Bad News as he hit the ring post. Bad News Brown dodged a chairshot from Piper. The bell rang.

In the end Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown fought to a double countout at 6:48.

Talk about a whole lot of buildup for a payoff like this at Mania.

If such an ending happened today it would of been absolutely rejected by the audience.

Not a lot of fun…not at all.




14) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Mania 8

Now here is a gem that is very memorable. What a ride this war was.

This match, from story-telling to crisp translation, this brawl and wrestling match had it all. What an exciting, full throttle attraction this was.

Piper showed why he is arguably the greatest mic personality of all time before the match in an interview with him, Okerlund and Bret, while the Hitman remained calm and cool. It was strictly business, both men meant it. Humor was there but the storytelling was top notch.
The workrate would be even better, when both men entered the ring.
Bret and Piper both recieved tremendous ovations from Indiana and this Classic IC title match was underway, quick note: this was for some reason neglected from the recent IC title DVD which is a huge question mark from where I stand. The story told here was so enthralling, both guys had respect for one another and the business, and you had to question whether both men would snap or keep it together for the duration of the match.

Both men’s facial expressions and body language said it all.
The opening bell rings.

Roddy Piper was from the old school and he was going up against the new school, who would teach who a lesson.
It`s on and the crowd was jacked and ready to go.

Roddy Piper came out with the only piece of gold he ever had in the Federation but wore it proudly for in his mind at the time might be he last time.
Monsoon and Heenan talked up this match as if it’d be a big fight, but the reality was it had a bit of everything at such a quick pace.
Bret Hart leaned back on the ropes to stretch while Piper put his hands on his waist, the two guys go eye to eye, nose to nose with an intense staredown with no words. Bret backs up as does Piper into there respective corners and it was OFFICIALLY on.
Roddy Piper ties up with Bret and Heenan’s commentary while a bit distracting was hilarious during the bout.

Bret gets the best of Piper at first hitting an armdrag takedown. Piper then goes to lock up with The Hitman again and once it happens The Hitman hits another hiplock to Piper and the crowd are supporting the Hitman more here judging by the reacions after those moves.
Piper hits a drop toehold, a single leg takedown, riding Bret on the mat, some amateur wrestling and Bret was upset and he was elevated to the outside. Bret then came back in and shook his head. Piper put up his hands and Bret agreed to the test of strength and Piper seemed to be winning at first. Piper hit an armringer, The Hitman reversed it and hit two arm ringers, worked a bit on Piper’s arm with a hard shot but a chop by Piper followed by a few slaps to the chest of Bret.

Bret kept a wristlock on but Roddy Piper slammed Bret’s head into the top turnbuckle. Piper hit a chop on Bret and then the Hitman grounded Piper and went for a hammerlock from his wristlock. With the Hot Rod back to his vertical base he sent Bret to the ropes, he ducked a clothesline and Bret hit a nice dropkick.
Hart sold the shoulder on the way down. Roddy Piper then stood stunned and Bret then used a small package as he fooled Piper, put one past him and got a two. Piper then resorted to a dirty tactic with a thumb to the eye, both men know wach other threw moral`s out the window and Bret and Piper push each other.
A sloppy exchange when both men went over the ropes, but everything had been picture perfect till that minor-slip up so it`s really not a big deal. Piper invited Bret back into the ring.

Roddy Piper held down the middle rope allowing Bret back in.

Bret took his time now knowing if he could trust Roddy Piper, awesome storytelling. The fans give Piper a standing ovation for being a sport, but then he hit a sucker shot at Bret, both men doing it all to get the gold.

Both men in the center of the ring after Piper hit a cheapshot and stomped on Bret before sending him headfirst into the buckle. A hard slap to Bret and then a running bulldog by The Hot Rod gets him a two but the Hitman had none of that, Piper argued the count being too slow.

Piper in the corner acting like a desperate man sends The Hitman hard back first into the turnbuckle, and we all know how well Bret bumps in that area. Roddy Piper gets another two after a standing dropkick. Piper raked the face of Bret yet again as he is busted wide open, a sunset flip out of no where by Bret as he hooks the shoulders but Roddy Piper got out and unloaded on Bret Hart by dropping him.

Only gets a two count does the Hot Rod, as there was a lot of fight in the Hitman. A bloodied Bret slugged it out with Piper and Bret momentarily got the best of Piper as he hit a hard running clothesline which sent Roddy Piper through the middle ropes. Piper back in got hit with an inverted atomic drop followed by a crisp vertical suplex. Out of no where Bret hits a neckbreaker, all this while Bret was bleeding quite bad.
Bret hits a backbreaker followed by a slam. The Hitman goes to drop the elbow on Roddy Piper but he lifted his boot dropping Bret.

Both men desperate slugging it out from there knees. Piper with a side headlock which spelled trouble for Bret as he was pushed into an official. On the outside Piper threw Bret back in the ring and Roddy Piper grabbed the ring bell.
The Hitman who was a bloody mess on his knees awaiting a shot, Piper kept looking for responses which were all negative. Piper then with the outside ringbell picked it up and then he threw it away after moments of hesitation. Great Drama!

A sleeper by Roddy Piper to Bret and he kicks off the turnbuckle landing on Roddy Piper. History has been made!

In the end Bret rolled up Piper at 13:50 out of the corner in an epic finish to get the three count, the place goes wild. I truely have no idea how this one missed the cut on Bret`s DVD, but I hope this one makes a potential second set for the Hitman.

Another defining classic in Bret`s career, he was gaining a ton of momentum with great matches with Davey Boy, Flair, DiBiase, Roberts, Savage, Hennig, Michaels, Shawn and now Piper. Bret was becoming the man and the crowd accepted his IC title reign with open arms, his world title push was not far off.

One of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever from a storytelling standpoint, the epic crowd helped things, and the greatest match in the legendary career of the Hot Rod.
Perhaps the greatest match in Piper’s career.




15) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs The Mountie (c) (w/Jimmy Hart) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -Royal Rumble 1992

Piper cuts a hilarious promo before the match about the Mountie wanting to seduce him (along the lines of it anyway) Piper was a substitute for Bret Hart, who was originally scheduled to face the Mountie for the belt. 2 days prior to the pay-per-view, the Mountie pinned Bret at a house show to win the title. This was explained by claiming Bret competed with a 104ºF fever at the house show he lost the belt at.
Heenan claimed it would be disgusting if a man who wore a skirt held the IC Title.
Monsoon said Roddy had more integrity in his finger then The Mountie did in his whole body, yet in the pre-match promo Piper talked about how he had no integrity and that’s why he got so far. Okay…..
Fans were going insane for Piper as he took off his shirt and belt and got things going with THe Mountie for the IC title.
Jimmy Hart screamed t Piper on the Mega Phone and Piper began the match by covering Mountie’s face with his skirt! Piper irish whipped Mountie to the ropes but he came off and ducked and went out of the ring and the fans booed. Piper chased him and hit a hard right hand to Mountie on the outside and the place went crazy.

Mountie though, got in control and hit some hard rights of his own and then threw him back in the ring. Mountie leap frogged over Piper twice until Piper outsmarted Mountie on the third attempt then rammed Mountie’s head into the top of the turnbuckle. Piper then hit a bulldog to Mountie. Piper had a Rumble match later in the night so he had the oppurtunity to become the IC Champion and WWF Champion in the same night.
A Double Axehandle by Mountie in the back to the Hot Rod and then it turned into somewhat of a slugfest.

Piper went for a dropkick but Mountie dodged it, then hooked the leg but he didn’t have enough effort to pin the Hot Rod.

Piper had his head slammed into the top of the turnbuckle and Mountie came off with a huge reverse elbow. Mountie tossed Piper to the outside and then Piper hit a shoulder block to Mountie followed by a sunset flip from the outside back into the ring. Piper then punched away on The Mountie before irish whipping him then delivering a hard forearm shot! Piper with a back body drop and the fans very behind Piper as he hit a shot in the gut followed by a go behind and an atomic drop. Mountie then flipped over the ropes showing great strength and went charging towards Piper but he hit Jimmy Hart off the apron and then got caught in a Sleeper by The Hot Rod!

We got a New IC CHAMPION!

In the end Piper won by TKO when he applied the sleeper hold on Mountie at 5:22 to win his first Intercontinental title.

Just like last year they don’t follow up a hot tag match with one of the best singles matches but it still is decent. Piper was great as was the commentary as always by Heenan and Monsoon and that can always help a mediocre match look great!

Good fun.



* 3/4


16) Roddy Piper vs Goldust (with Marlena) in a Hollywood Backlot Brawl -Mania 12

A portion of this brawl took place after the opening match but was filmed before.

What took place there, was this:

Piper came swinging at a Golden Car carrying Goldust.

Piper beat on him with the bat, and threw Goldust into a wooden table full of food while

fans outside looked on. Piper dropped a trashcan on him.

The Hot Rod sprayed his hose on Goldust as this was just one vicious, one-sided beating. Goldust thrown onto the hood of the car before Piper scooped him up and slammed him on the hood. Goldust fought back a little and sent Piper crashing head first into the Dumpster.

Goldust then bought himself enough time to drive off. Piper chased him and thus the chase began, this of course after Piper was HIT by a car.

This lasted over an hour on the broadcast of WM 12 and now we have time for Part 2 of this unique showdown.


Goldust walks to the ring while the fans are chanting for Piper. Piper meets him in the entrance aisle and the crowd chant “ROWDY”.

Piper means business.

Piper by the ring drops Goldust with a bunch of rights, Goldust fights back once inside the ring. Goldust kicks at Piper and drops him. Goldust on top of Piper meets him with a bunch of kicks in the corner. Piper had wrist-tape dragging from his palms and Goldust drops his leg in the groin of Piper which gets a loud response from the audience who continued to chant for Piper.

Roddy Piper down and Goldust in control. Goldust picks up Roddy and takes his time as he puts his hands on his backside which of course got a reaction. The Hot Rod had enough of this but Goldust eventually got back in control.
Goldust started to strip Piper. (Uh Oh)

Goldust choked out Piper with his own T-Shirt. Goldust dragged Piper by his jeans which were beyond dirty from the “War” the two had been in. Goldust slammed Piper’s leg into the ring post. Piper though started to get wild and ROWDY as he fought back but then dropped to his back due to a bad leg.

Goldust got on top of Piper and started to play some games in the sick character type he was back then. The crowd look very uncomfortable during this segment. Goldust up on the top rope gets dropped groin first on the top buckle as Piper shook the ropes making the Golden One lose his balance. Piper back up meets Goldust with a headbutt and then Goldust kisses him.

Goldust on top of Piper feeling him out a little bit, as disturbing as it sounds.

Goldust back down slaps Piper and now he really means business after the kiss. Goldust lands a shot but it has no effect on Piper all of the sudden as he has nothing but disgust and rage. Piper unleashes rights and grabs Goldust by the jewels as the place goes nuts… (no pun intended)

Piper drops Goldust and McMahon says its going to get ugly. (I think the whole segment was Vince)

Piper then starts to strip Goldust because it wasn’t quite ugly enough. Piper strips Goldust and it reveals a beyond strange outfit that makes one cringe. It makes his 1998 Royal Rumble outfit look like something you’d like to wear everyday in comparison.
In the end Piper defeated Goldust (Or so it seems) at an unannounced time as it was all over the place. Goldust walked away and Piper’s music hit.

This match was fun in the beginning, then turned rather dreadful in the end and you kind of just wanted it to end.

It still was a sight to see though, pretty violent for its time in the Federation.
Piper would head to WCW after this and then he would not appear at Mania or the WWE until Wrestlemania X9 during the Hogan-McMahon match.

As much as you’d like to think this was about the fans getting behind the Hot Rod, one can’t help but speculate if this was just to get the character of Goldust even more over then he already was.

Either way its not very enjoyable.

No Rating


17) “Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) in “The Match of the Decade” -WCW Starrcade 1996


This match is here to end the set because of its significance and more or less Piper’s last huge match.
Both Piper and Hogan obviously had a huge feud during the 1980’s boom and as WCW was picking up steam they needed to market this match right.

Obviously it was a far cry from the “Match of the Decade.” This was ten years after the War to Settle the Score, and no it wasn’t even Wrestlemania.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s transformation into a HEEL from Babyface was picture perfect. There’s not too many things you can say in Pro-Wrestling that were done as well as this. I mean to take a guy that is loved by millions and make money off of it, starting a foundation, a mecca in sports-entertainment, and THEN…

And then to have those Same people all HATE YOU and you still rake in the cash. Way to go Bischoff and Hollywood.

The Hulkster was in full nWo form here as the bad guy while Piper was still the fan favourite in a big way. DiBiase gave Hogan a few words before he joined the Hot Rod.
Hollywood Hulk Hogan asked the official to get Roddy back as he’s going to beat him in that very ring.

The Hot Rod cornered and Hogan gave him a nice slap. Hogan smacked Piper again and Hulk knew Piper was in for a fight regardless. Piper unloaded with several shots to Hogan and now he had to walk to the back.

Hogan back in came with a vengeance. Raking the back and chest of Piper. Hulk slammed Piper head first in the buckle. Hollywood Hulk Hogan sent Hot Rod to the corner, he moves and he landed a clothesline on Hogan. Hogan in a bad way seemingly but went to go again with Piper, Roddy with a side headlock on Hulk, off the ropes but Piper maintains it as Hogan tried desperately to shove him to the side.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan tried again but the Hot Rod torked this on more and more. Piper slowing things down wearing down Hogan. A suplex but Piper did not let the hold go. Piper has kept it locked in no matter what! Back to a vertical base is both men and now and they take the action to the floor. Hogan raking the face of Piper and then the back. Hogan back inside lands another shot until he turned around and Piper drops him with a clothesline. Piper with a unique dropkick bewteen the shoulder blades. Hollywood Hulk Hogan has had enough. Piper chases.

The Hot Rod meets Hogan in the entrance way. Piper takes off his belt and is forced to get a tad rough himself now whipping Hogan with a belt, all across his back. Piper with a bodyslam on Hogan. Out to the floor Hogan gets an upperhand on Piper out of desperation he lands a few shots to Piper across the front row. Hollywood Hulk Hogan rakes his back again.

Inside the ring Hogan kicks the hip of Piper and then once more. Hogan with an abdominal stretch to Piper working over the hip region. Hollywood Hulk Hogan wearing down the Hot Rod despite the chants of “Roddy” in the arena.

Piper with both fists to the side of the head is caught by Hollywood Hulk Hogan, however the Rowdyness of Piper picks up and he pulls out Hogan’s hair. An inside cradle by Piper and then Hogan kicks out. Hollywood Hulk Hogan kicks Piper in the mid-section and now Piper fights back. Both guys fatigued quite obviously.

Piper rakes his eyes, fans love it. Piper tries to suplex Hulk and he goes it. The Hot Rod gets a two. The Giant comes out and goes to chokeslam Piper, but he gets out.
Hogan distracted falls into the Sleeper by Piper.

In the end at 15:36 Piper defeated Hogan after a Sleeper, the crowd love it.

This match is two guys way past there prime, but they did alright through some of it. It’s certainly watchable but not the kind of match you’d like to watch again.








Disc 3:

“I ask WHO is the Ultimate Rebel? Hell Yes…. I hear……Bullshi*!” -“Rowdy” Roddy Piper



-Some of the biggest moments in Wrestling history occurred on Piper’s Pit.

Piper’s Pit:




-Robert Debord: [Championship Wrestling] [1/24/84] – [2min26sec]

-Andre the Giant: [Championship Wrestling] [3/6/84] – [2min3sec]

-Frank Williams: [Championship Wrestling] [3/27/84] – [2min7sec]

-The Haiti Kid: [Championship Wrestling] [3/7/86] – [2min31sec]

-Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant: [Wrestling Challenge] [2/7/87] – [4min8sec]

-Jimmy Snuka: [Tuesday Night Titans] [6/26/84] – [4min24sec]

-Mr.T, Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka: [Madison Square Garden] [3/17/85] – [15min38sec]

-Salvatore Bellomom & Junkyard Dog: [Primetime Wrestling] [1/22/85] – 10min48sec]

-Paul Orndorff: [Tuesday Night Titans] [3/22/85] – [1min57sec]

-Bruno Sammartino: [Primetime Wrestling] [11/5/85] – [9min40sec]

-Jimmy Hart: [Superstars] [10/18/86] – [4min7sec]

-Harley Race & Bobby Heenan: [Superstars] [11/8/86] – [2min55sec]

-Hulk Hogan & WWE Executives: [Superstars] [11/15/86] – [2min9sec]

-Hulk Hogan: [Superstars] [3/14/87] – [3min28sec]

-[Superstars] [3/28/87] [3min32sec]

-Brother Love & Morton Downey Jr: [Wrestlemania V] [4/2/89] – [18min16sec]

-Vince McMahon & Rikishi: [Smackdown] [4/10/03] – [15min01sec]

-Jimmy Snuka: [Smackdown] [4/17/03] – [11min11sec]

-Mr. America: [Smackdown] [5/15/03] – [10min28sec]

-Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri: [Smackdown] [6/12/03] – [5min41sec]




Final Rating for “Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story” = 8/10

This set is an excellent look at PERSONALITY and CHARISMA. The match quality lacks at times but what makes up for it is the Piper’s Pit segments and well put together documentary. I’d suggest any fan to pick this one up! Great historic footage on one of the most complex personalities in Wrestling History!

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  1. DeckystrikesBack says:

    VERY poorly written review.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The story was interesting but when they used footage of Roddy giving different interviews from 2003, 2005 and 2006 it hurt the flow of documentary a bit. I also got the impression that in the main interview Roddy wasn’t really in the mood to talk. Other than that it was good. The highlights for me are the matches against Greg Valentine and Bret Hart. Its worth getting for those matches. I think 8 is a little high and I’d personally give it a 7. But I’m quite picky with DVDs. Its better than the majority of releases because he’s an interesting personality, but the documentary could have been better.

  3. Simon says:

    I thought the documentary was good, but not as good as the majority of other WWE DVD documentaries. It was worth a watch, but I didn’t find it that compelling. Some of the Piper’s Pit footage seems very dated. The verbal berating of the jobber, which everyone raves about, was pretty watered down by today’s standards.

    That said, the third disc (with the Piper’s Pit episodes) was by far the best of the lot, as it showcases Piper’s best strengths – his verbal skills. It contains segments with some huge stars and some really historic moments.

    Finally, why did they have several talking heads questioning the meaning of the black paint against Bad News Brown, when they never followed this up by asking Piper the reasoning behind it. Was pretty frustrating to let the question go unanswered.

    Overall, I’d give it a 6.5/10. An enjoyable watch (especially as I purchased off for just $5.99), but I don’t think I’ll watch it again anytime soon.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on this DVD? Curious it’s never talked about.

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