Review: WWE Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon (2 Disc) DVD

December 11, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s “Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon” (2 Disc DVD) Review:





“Well Brian….. Effin Pillman DOES and SAYS whatever he wants!!!!!” -Brian Pillman


“He was my best friend in the business…and I wish he was still around.” -Steve Austin


-This was put together as a two disc set covering his career in all promotion’s with a nice documentary and plenty of extra moments, including segments, promo’s and classic matches. One of the best and more underrated DVD sets out there on a wrestler.



Disc 1- Documentary and Matches:

You want to hear an inspirational story about one of the best wrestlers of all time?

You are reading the right review. I have always said this is a top ten DVD ever put out and now I’m going to elaborate onto why.
Infact I rank “Flyin” Brian Pillman top 30 wrestlers of ALL TIME.
Yeah, that covers a lot of ground for North American wrestling. No, not because he’s dead. No, not because he faced many obstacles in his life.
But for a few reasons and all of them nothing short of inspiring make his life nothing short of amazing. If he was not inspiring, he was innovative and creative. He just did so much and made such an impact, his legacy is phenominal and a sure lock for the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

He won the Ed Block Courage Award for the most inspirational football player on the Cinncinati Bengals in the NFL in his first year with the team. He was a small kid who worked his ass off in every way to get to the top in every area of life.

He was too small for Hockey and Football but he was AMAZING in every aspect of his life in which ever career path he decided to track down, people don’t come along like this often and the best part of it all was his never give up attitude.

Hockey wasn’t big enough in the states (at the time) so that’s ultimately why he did go for Football but once there was usually the last cut because guts and determination can only go so far in a big man’s league.

When thinking of Wrestling he heard about Stampede Wrestling and made the switch to Stu Hart’s promotion which many football palayers had done since Stu himself used to be a CFL player for the Edmonton (my birth city and the hometown of Chris Benoit) Eskimo’s. Pillman played 2 hours south in Calgary, Alberta (The Hart’s hometown) for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL. I like the spot on this DVD where they show guys like Ladd, Duggan, Luger, Goldberg, Farooq, Rock, Hart, Pillman, Droz, Santana, McMicheal etc how they all made the pro-football to pro-wrestling transition. The Rock also used to play for those same Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League.

Everyone knows the Dungeon is a tough place to survive but people like the Bulldogs, Owen, Bret, Benoit, Jericho, Storm, and yes Pillman were TOUGH enough to come out of that place and look how they turned out. Well for there WRESTLING career anyway…. Chris Benoit talks about how when Pillman first came to Calgary Brian wasn’t technically great but he had a great work ethic and could FLY like no other and then that’s where he took up the “FLYIN” Brian name and his athletic skill mixed in with his japanese studies made him a great overall wrestler. His aerial skill could not be ignored. He watched tapes of Flair’s interviews to help his promo’s, he’d read the dictionaries to find out profound Vocabulary (in which he would help Austin later in his career), he’d call up Terry Funk for ideas, he’d read Lou Thesz’s book to learn about the history of Wrestling and he was absolutely dedicated to his new profession.
When Pillman first came to the NWA Jim Ross talks about how his Bengals Coach gave him a referral and Ross thought his resume was absolutely phenominal.


No kidding.


They showed clips of Brian’s early NWA work and it’s just SO awesome as Arn Anderson, Dusty and Dustin Rhodes, Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross all praise him saying he was lightyears ahead of its time. Bischoff says he was doing things people weren’t going at the time in North America and it’s all so true. Dunn talks about how Pillman needed to do this to keep up with the bigger guys and Heyman suggests his style in 1988/1989 in the NWA was the style of ECW/WCW guys in 1996 so he was WAY ahead of his time.


Regal calls him an innovator as he knows Pillman loved watching Tiger Mask from Japanese or PURO Wrestling. Malenko calls him a rebel and he loved to take a risk.

Joey Styles and Teddy long thinks he was the first guy in the country to do things like he did. It was all true and it’s clear from this documentary he was well respected in the Wrestling community.


Everyone has a pretty positive opinion on Pillman and his work.


Ross talks about how Pillman could make a match with Lex Luger brilliant the same way Ric Flair could.


Ross talks about how the Zenk and Pillman team had promise but they didn’t click as well as the NWA thought so he went into a singles role for the Light Heavyweight title. Heyman talks about how he added credibility to the division and he really did. He won a tournament to become the first ever WCW Lightheavyweight Champion and Ross says it set up a great rivalry with WCW’s guy and Japan’s best guy Jushin “Thunder” Liger.

Now the Liger and Pillman series was brilliant. Both of there styles were both high risk and technically sound and the spots were ALL appropriately placed in a match. Pillman and Liger didn’t just complement each other but there games stepped up more for there matches. Pillman vs Liger is a **** 3/4 match and is the 2nd best opener ever to Owen and Bret at Mania X. They’d go on to have some great matches like Mick Foley agrees but nothing really ever touched that Superbrawl 1992 match that they had together.


Although Pillman was great in the singles role and the tag role as already proven he would go on to have more success as a tag team wrestler with a different “star.” This time around the star made HIM even better and Pillman also helped this STAR eventually turn into the greatest of all time in my mind and many others. But before I get into that I’m just going to say they did a nice job at explaining how Brian helped pave the way for many new stars in this business especially for the smaller guys like Benoit and Eddie.
They talk about his marriage in 1993 a bit after the lightweight role. Even clips of his wedding with his wife were shown and even as a guy it’s cool to see his emotion for his wife and his raspy voice from all of his throat injuries as a kid here is shown. He had over 30 surgeries on his throat before the age of 5! He had been overcoming all of the odds his entire life…..just more inspiring stories to tell. Pillman’s ex-wife who he had a kid with had commited suicide and with this new wife he had Brian Pillman Junior with her and they were a big family now.

Steve Austin was then introduced on the DVD as they show a clip in WCW from January 1993 where Barry Windham said that Pillman had now found a man that wouldn’t leave him hanging…the man’s name was Austin and then the guy we’d later know as Stone Cold talked about how great he was.

Rhodes says he saw an awesome entertainer in Austin but you have to wonder if that’s BS or not now given Austin and his infamous shoot promo in ECW on WCW.

Ross said Steve Austin was ready for a singles US title role but he was being put in a tag role with Pillman and Austin was a little hesitant at the start since he was ready for the big time but it was Pillman’s credibility that helped Steve even more as it turned out!

Funny how that works.
Jim Ross called the Hollywood Blondes peanut butter and jelly and who to know what that was better then Good Ol JR who knows his food.

Austin says it was Brian’s idea to become the Hollywood Blondes since they both had blonde hair and they show nicely in this feature how well the team performed from an overall standpoint. I really like how Austin gives Brian most of the credit. Austin could easily lie since Pillman is gone but he tells the truth and has so much respect for his late friend. They had a ton of chemistry, they complimented each others style well, were friends, were cocky, were cool, could talk, could wrestle, were tough, could fly, etc. They are infact one of the best Tag Teams of all time. Austin still wears the Gold Chain Pillman got for him today to remember him.


Steamboat talks about a great time in his career was when he teamed with Shane Douglas to feud with Austin and Pillman and that’s big coming from argubaly the greatest wrestler of all time in Ricky Steamboat. Austin says that every day with Pillman was a FUN day so that’s showing more of the positive energy so many people got from the guy. Austin says the best thing about the team was it was a team effort, and no one was was better at the time then the other. They showed funny clips where Austin and Pillman rip off Flair’s Flare for the Gold and call it Flair for the old which is also shown in full in the extras which is great. The Blondes were having so much fun and were more over then the people higher on the card so the creative broke them up which Austin thought was BS. Jim Ross says no member of the current roster should ever be apart of the booking because it’s a recipe for disaster.


Hmmmmm…..was Triple H watching this? Nash…..anyone?

When Austin eventually went into singles action back into the US division feuding with Steamboat and the like Pillman went on to be a Horsemen. There he established his attitude a bit further.

Chris Benoit says he was a “LOOSE CANNON” because you didn’t know which Brian you’d get every day. Hmmmm….the irony in this documentary is tremendous! Benoit needed to look in the mirror perhaps.


SO many awesome spots in this documentary with a lot of cool stories, I’m not going to say them all including his match walk out but you’ll have to see it yourself, this DVD is a must own.
It is so important to see this material because his act was so rebellious that it even influenced Steve Austin to have a further hunger for the spot light in that type of spot.
Pillman got an amazing pop at an ECW show when the lights went out and Styles in the middle of the ring stunned. I’m gonna YANK out my Johnson and PISS in this hell hole! Is what he said, hilarious……. Again this man was made for ECW, he was made for the attitude era, it’s too bad he died before it REALLY kicked off although some of his actions helped kickstart it in the WWF and his ideas sure as hell did with the biggest star in Steve Austin.


Heyman says Pillman had everything going for him and then………………BAM!

He got in a career devistating car injury.

He talked about going to the WWF being a dream come true as it was the last of the big 3. Not many know he cut as good as Stone Cold ironically on the same night at KOTR 96 it just wasn’t as significant obvioussly so it’s not remembered

They showed and talked about the Gun Angle between Austin and Pillman well and Steve was just happy to be in the same company as him. Truly more pushing work from Austin and Pillman to help kick start the attitude era.
After this Pillman joined the Hart Foundation in 1997 even competing although most agree he came back probably too soon and put on good matches but not as good as they could have been sort of like Austin when he came back from a serious injury just not quite as good. This devistated Brian Pillman to say the least and he started to over medicate his injured self a little bit. I think a good point to remember is not just anybody can join elite company like the Horsemen, the Hart Foundation or Austin but BRIAN DID. THAT IS JUST HOW GOOD HE WAS.


It is just sad to see that three of the five are no longer with us.
He hated having to deal with the pain he was in but he did it and he started to die a little inside being only half of what he used to be. For someone who was so great and had that much drive all his life you IMAGINE being half of that? I couldn’t. What a poor guy.

He had to unplug from Iv’s to go to a show then plugged back in after so he was absolutely off the charts dedicated. Brian Pillman didn’t want the help people were asking him if he needed because he was infact thinking he didn’t need it when he did and he never complained about his pain either.

Pillman didn’t do street drugs Ross says they only found prescription drugs that he needed to get through the day and Austin says there was only one time he noticed something funny with him backstage from medication problems.

Around the time of his death he was in a risky storyline with Golddust and Marlena but it never finished because of the death.

Brian Pillman died on the night of In Your House: Bad Blood where Kane made his debut in the first HIAC match on Sunday, October 5th of 1997. He was 35. Vince announced this live on the free-for-all on the PPV as he died of a heart failure and found in his hotel room sort of similar to Eddie Guerrero. Austin and Owen Hart paticularly took it really hard backstage apparently. Vader said this one is for Brian and put on his mask.
The very next night on October the 6th Vince did a live interview via sattelite on RAW with Melanie Pillman. Pretty controversial stuff. Credit to her for being brave enough to go through with that.

Jim Ross made it KNOWN he died of a heart attack just as his dad did. He didn’t die over steroid abuse, drug OD, and Ross told his wife Pillman died over a broken heart. Touching in a way when you consider everything.
Melanie Pillman says it was so unlike him to go out quietly in his sleep.

Pillman’s story is a succesful one. He overcame the odds every single time of his life until that accident was beyond amazing. He did it all and he left behind a legacy that every person not only fan of wrestling could truely admire. He was an unbelievable performer all around in all three promotions, was taken too soon, a great man and an innovator. One of my favourites of all time and this DVD did a beautiful job capturing all of that.
What a wonderul story for a wonderful person! Touching and classy for the WWE to make a DVD for him and well deserved and even to this day with his story out there remains one of the most underrated characters/wrestlers/people of ALL TIME.

Top notch documentary, could even be the VERY best for an individual performer.

The DVD also shows you a lot of bonus segments and promo’s and even some gems of matches:


Disc 1 Matches:


1) Midnight Cowboys vs Bad Company for the International Tag Team Championship -Calgary Stampede Wrestling (April 23rd 1988)

The first match of the DVD set on Disc 1 is appropriately from Stampede Wrestling and we get a young look at Brian Pillman, most DVD sets have matches like these on them where they’re not thrown on the set because of there quality but rather just to show some of there earliest work. (The god awful Flair debut comes to mind from his first set in the 70s’ on his first dvd package)

Pillman is on Bad Company and we get this match clipped which sucks but at the same time its not supposed to be a high quality match.
Pillman gets tagged in and his aerial offense is nothing short of amazing with flying drop kicks and they call him Flyin Brian from his amazing aerial work which was something new and exciting at the time. He hits neck breakers, cross-bodies among other high impact moves including a sidewalk slam.

This action took place at the 15 minute mark of the match and he flies ALL the way across the ring from the top rope for a splash and a near fall. That was some distance. The Cowboys (Brown and Rodgers) took it to Pillman once they got to tag and they tried to slow down Brian who looked like a machine in there.

They do dominate Pillman’s team for a bit here and I’m not sure why they didn’t show this match in full because just after they cut in and we see Pillman’s explosive offense the Cowboys double team and slowly work on slowing down Flyin Brian Pillman on the canvas mixed in with a series of near falls inbetween.
“Oh was that beautiful!” is what the stampede announcer said when Pillman got swung to the ropes and hopped over both men and he must have leaped seven-eight feet in the air and he could fly, Benoit was right. Pillman tried to cover two guys at once with a side splash and he got a near fall. Bruce Hart was Brian Pillman’s tag team partner here and Hart and Pillman worked well together. Bruce Hart hit a flying clothesline and Bad Company defeated the Midnight Cowboys just under twenty minutes but we only get to see about 5-7 minutes of action. This was pretty decent to show his earlier work from Stampede but would have definitely been more informative if shown in full.

Since this is the only match on the DVD not in full length I can’t rate it fairly and I can only assume how it was but from what I’ve seen I’ll rate it appropriately.

It was an exciting little ride though, that is for sure.





2) “Flyin” Brian Pillman vs Lex Luger (c) for the NWA US Championship -Halloween Havoc 1989


Pillman and Flair could always bring the best out of Luger.

Luger did a fine job as well but guys like Ric Flair and Brian Pillman could REALLY make Luger go and look good in the process.

This is a great match here.

Jim Ross tries to put over Luger here majorly on commentary (he was extremely popular in the NWA at this time to his credit) and Lex used his power game early to try and slow down Flyin Brian which is a popular strategy against a quick performer like him. Luger slammed Pillman and forced him out of the corners, taunted him, threw Pillman to the outside and once Pillman got thrown to the outside he came charging back in the ring and speared Luger down. Now Pillman took Luger off his vertical base where the big man aka the total package was most effective. Pillman hit some high flying and I mean high flying drop kicks to Luger and he threw him out of the ring!
This is a great start and the fans got right into it as Pillman continued taking it to Luger as he almost hopped off the top rope to take down Luger but he moved out of the way. The two men exchanged in a chopping war until Pillman hopped over Luger who sent him to the corner, before anything else happened Pillman jumped from the top of the other rope and hit him with a cross body. Pillman can fly and he shows it. Pillman then slapped on an arm bar on Luger keeping the big man down after his speed and quickness got him back on track and the crowd into the bout!
Pillman’s game plan became pretty evident after every quick move he’d slap back on the arm bar to take the power away from the total package and keep him grounded so he could stay clear of Luger’s power game. I thought the camera work was done exceptionally well here at this event. Luger did though get back in the match as he hit a shoulder block after another shoulder block, until Pillman caught him with a leap frog, a drop kick, then an arm drag take down followed by an Arm bar, all so quickly.. awesome!
This match features good chemistry, good psychology and the commentary is very well in the glory days of the NWA with one of its best workers in Flyin Brian Pillman.
Some unique roll ups by Pillman in this match but Luger’s “phenominal” strength as JR says allowed him to get out of the predicament but Pillman kept the arm bar on Luger’s left arm ONCE again. Some fan has a Lex Loser sign and JR makes note of that while Lex lips off some kids while he is in that hold. The crowd was REALLY behind Pillman in this match and Pillman went for a high risk splash from the top and he missed it! Luger gets up slowly attempting to take advantage of this turn of events and does so by flattening Pillman face first into the canvas. Luger then picked Pillman and dropped him on the top rope driving his throat into the top.

Luger and Pillman exchange fast blows with both guys running to each rope applying an offensive move back and forth and Luger actually has a ton of speed here. He drove everything into Pillman’s throat, the same throat that he had problems with his whole life which was a neat touch on reality here in this match. He drove his forearms into the throat area then hit a standing vertical suplex working on the lowerback of Pillman.

Luger did dominate for a bit until Pillman hit a sunset flip but Luger kicked out, and then Lex missed with a kick and went to the outside. Pillman then in the corner hit him up high until Luger drove Brian into the canvas with an atomic drop. Luger then set Pillman up for a superplex from the top rope and Pillman pushed him off the top and then scored with a sunset flip from the top but Luger kicked out of that big time move by kicking him in the head. Pillman hits a flying elbow on Luger and JR calls him Air Pillman which is great. Pillman then jumped off the middle of the top rope with a clothesline and only got a near fall because Luger was close to the ropes.

After a neck braker ANOTHER high risk move in a dropkick from the top rope but he missed it as the US champion moved out of the way. Luger capitalized on this and slammed Pillman off the top rope and pinned him for the 1, 2, 3 to retain the US Title.
Pretty good length at over 17 minutes and it never dragged.
Tremendous stuff.



3) NWA US Tag Team Championship Tournament Match- Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk vs The Fabulous Freebirds (February 12th, 1990)

Terry Funk does commentary for this match, always good to here from the Funker.
Hayes starts in the ring with Pillman and Hayes has got to be one of the creepiest looking bastards there has ever been.

Pillman gets worked on by Hayes until Brian hits him with a cross body followed by a sunset flip and then Hayes tags in Garvin who also gets hit with a sunset flip but he counts out at 1. Funk says this match is going at blazing speed because of all the early near falls. Hayes then tagged back in to go back to work on Pillman but another roll up leaves Hayes down as he hits an arm drag take down. Pillman tags in the Z man- Tom Zenk. Zenk has Hayes in an armbar as the fans are chanting for Pillman and Zenk, Pillman gives Micheal Hayes a thumb to the eye and when he turns around went right back into the arm bar from Zenk. Hayes TRIED to fight his way out of it and eventually did with a few chops then tagged in Jimmy Garvin. Garvin kneed the stomach of Zenk and then hit him with a back body slam, but getting right up was Zenk and he drop kicked both Freebirds out of the ring and they walked away from the ring as the fans booed and chanted Freebirds suck.
Some good back and forth tag team action once the Freebirds got back in the ring. Pillman and Zenk tagged frequently as Hayes and Garvin slammed Pillman on the mat on the outside using there power moves. This match was a little similar to the Luger vs Pillman match just before this psychology wise.

Pillman’s throat smacked on the post outside the ring but still battled through it (like he did his whole life) and then chopped Hayes on the outside.

Garvin with Pillman back in the wring hits him with a knee to the mid-section. when Hayes got tagged in Pillman went ape shit on him and hit him with chops but that offense didn’t last long as Hayes hit a face buster on Pillman and then tagged in Garvin who hit a body slam. Garvin went up high but Pillman got up out of no where and gives him an amazingly high drop kick that knocks him to the outside and the fans go crazy! He made a tag to the Z man and he proceeded to hit Hayes with a number of moves such as a powerslam. After the Freebirds failed at double teaming the Z men he hit them with a flying clothesline. Pillman then came from the other side and hit them with a move of the same form. Zenk covered the Birds and we had new champions as the place goes crazy and Funk says


Very good match here, never drags and it’s around the 10 minute mark.

** 1/2

Other Extras on Disc 1:

Other then the three matches and the documentary he’s some of the other stuff to be found on Disc 1.


-Flare For The Old Segment from WCW Saturday Night on June 5th 1993 with Steve Austin and Brian Pillman making fun of Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. Good segment.

-WCW 1995 Flyin Brian Up Close: A look at Pillman’s life from the man himself talking about all the obstacles he overcame. This was a good tough to the DVD because he was dead so we didn’t here much from the man himself in the documentary other then in promo’s so this segment let the viewers in on what he was really like.

-Pillman’s XXX Files: These were the controvserial and often quite hillarious XXX Files Pillman aired about Marlena aka Terri Runnels who was Golddust’s wife in his final storyline before his death in 1997.

-WWF Raw- November 4th 1996: Austin/Pillman Gun incident shown in full length.

-Road Warrior: Rental Car story.

-Stone Cold’s first impression of him

-Stone Cold’s way of remembering him

-Bischoff talks about Pillman living the character.

-Ross talks about the convention center in Vegas where Pillman did something quite hilarious. Watch it to see.

-Pillman asks JR for a meeting
-Bill Cunningham: Tribute show for Brian

-Mick Foley talks about his first match with Brian









Disc 2 Matches:


4) WCW War Games 1991 Match- Brian Pillman and Sting and Steiners vs Four Horsemen @ Wrestlewar 1991


February, 24th 1991 was the day this masterpiece took place.

This was a cloud nine high from opening bell to closing and that is why it is the best War Games match of all time with the one that followed this one (1992) coming as a close 2nd which I have rated **** 1/2.

That match should be on a future Austin release if they do another one in the future which I imaginne they will.
Pillman starts the match off with Barry Windham who was a Horsemen during this time period. It was a five minute period between these two to start it off followed by two minutes between guys after this match. Pillman and Windham did a good job in there for a few minutes as Flyin Brian flied off the top rope with a clothesline, and even threw over the Huge Barry from one ring to the other and face first into the buckle. Ross says the kid from Cincinnati Ohio was the smallest guy in the fight but had the biggest heart. Pillman made good use of the cage to help out his offense but as the five minutes expired The Horsemen won the toin coss.
The Nature Boy then entered and got in a chopping war with Naitch, it didn’t take long for Windham and Flair to double team Pillman by ramming his shoulder into the side of the cage. Windham and Flair relentlessly held down Pillman’s shoulder on top of the ropes for leverage to put further damage to Brian Pillman’s shoulder area. Windham and Flair had some great wars with Pillman in this early years of the WCW which Meltzer has rated quite well, over 4 stars infact most of the time.

The crowd was very into this match throughout the entire duration as they usually always are for the War Games matches but this one seemed to be booked a lot better and has the crowd on there feet because of it. Sting came in next to even up the odds and Save Pillman. After some brawling, impact moves and high flying aerial offense by the Stinger to Horsemen rivals Windham and Flair Zybysko comes in next. Zybysko helps give the Hosemen the 3-2 edge but the action goes back and forth.

When Rick Steiner came in the three on three WAR turned bloody as Flair got busted open. Sid was the next one in and there was just one guy left to come in after this in Scott Steiner.

Pillman’s shoulder and Flair’s busted open head had taken the most punishment thus far in the match. The action was so fast and furious in both rings that Ross called it perfectly when he said the intensity in both rings is beyond description.

A lot of fun action taking place all over the ring including a ton of power moves and double team work by the Steiners as both teams got some offense on the other teams. Action literally everywhere. Sid stomping on Pillman’s injured shoulder continuing to wear him down as both teams are going all out. It’s not going to stop until someone says Stop and with how all guys in the match continued to battle and I liked the way the superstars made use of the top of the cage.

Sid nearly brakes Pillman’s neck with a botched powebomb then does a proper one again as Rhodes screams “JESUS!” on commentary. El Gigante ran down to save Pillman after he couldn’t continue. Horsemen win by default at over twenty heart pounding minutes of bloody action!

Awesome match with a poor ending but not poor in the sense where it doesen’t take away from how exciting and how well booked it was overall!

A non stop thrill ride and a brilliant choice to open the DVD set up with on Disc 2. Great choice to even throw this on the Pillman set considering he was the man guy in the match in there the whole time! Great showing by everyone!

A Classic!

One of the top matches ever. In my top 40.


**** 3/4



5) “Flyin” Brian Pillman vs Richard Morton for the WCW Light Heavyweight Title Match @ WCW Halloween Havoc 1991

Jim Ross put over how many times this one had gone back and forth and it really did.
Antonio Inoki who is widely considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time gets a shout out during this match when Ross likes what he sees.

I like a few things about this match.

Never gets dull due to action going back and forth and it being full of momentum shifts.
High Flying work blended with intelligent psychology, great pacing and top notch chemistry between the two with there similar styles.
Still though I do kind of remember this one being a tad better then it was in the past when I watched it. Perhaps with a better crowd, some more false finishes and more time this one could have been truely great as it looked certainly promising at times. Anyway very good overall, Pillman wins in the end!
Very enjoyable contest.


6) “Flyin” Brian Pillman and El Gigante vs Barry Windham and Arn Anderson in a “Loser Leaves Town Match” @ WCW Clash of the Champions XV -June 14th 1991

Jim Ross calls the action as Flyin Brian delivers “Ric Flair” like chops to The Enforcer. Once Windham gets in the ring it’s more domination by Pillman and the two roll together on the mat in some mat wrestling that only lasts a bit till Barry hits a powerful modified DDT to Pillman but got a near fall and tagged back in Arn. Anderson hits Pillman with a knee and Ross pointed out as this was uncharacteristic of him since he’s a ground speciliast and sure enough Flyin Brian caught him with a drop kick on the top turn buckle and then flew to the outside as the fans popped.

The reason this Pillman and Gigante team worked okay was because of there double team assault. Pillman went on top of Giant’s shoulders and leaped off in Air Pillman like fashion to score an offensive move but the offense didn’t last long as it was all downhill from there. A quick move from behind and Pillman is pinned by the Horsemen just like that and it ends in less then five minutes in shocking manner!

Questionable choice to put on the DVD…..



7) “Flyin” Brian Pillman and Barry Windham vs Johnny Gunn and Tom Zenk @ WCW Saturday Night December 26th 1992

This time Barry Windham and Brian Pillman are PARTNERS in tag action rather then opponents as Pillman is going up against his FORMER partner in Tom Zenk.
Pillman and The Z Man had a quick stare down as Brian is a heel here and he fakes a handshake with his former partner to start the match and Pillman uses dirty tactics in this one early on as he irish whips his former partner the Z man then flies off the top but gets caught with a boot to the face.


and that might be an understatement if anything but he was still solid here in the early 90’s but he looked like a bitch here as Gunn and Zenk took it to him while he was in the ring then when Pillman got back in he took it to Zenk and Gunn so it was definately Pillman rather then Windham who came off looking like the stronger of the two on the team. Another short match but Barry behind the ref’s back cheats to win and Brian and Barry pick up the win just over 5 minutes into the match but the pacing was very good so it can’t get that bad of a rating.


* 3/4



8 ) Steve Austin and Brian Pillman (Hollywood Blondes) Vs Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas (Dos Hombres) in a Tag Cage Match @ WCW Slamboree 93


“Austin should be a LEGEND in this business….IF HIS BODY CAN MAKE IT THAT LONG!”


Pretty powerful statement made during this match during the commentary.
Austin talked in his DVD about being trained by “Gentlemen” Chris Adams and having his first match in Dallas, Texas back in the late 80’s. Austin also talked about paying his dues in the business and how he had it tough in the beginning. Steve got told by Jerry Jarrett that he was ready to go from the USWA to WCW. He had long blonde hair and was wrestling as “Stunning” Steve Austin and signed on with Dusty Rhodes for 75, 000 dollars a year. He talked about winning the TV Title from Beautiful Bobby Eaton and then Dusty Rhodes had to tell Steve he’d become a tag team with Brian Pillman. Steve didn’t like this at the beginning because he was getting ready for a single’s push in a program with Harley Race. He said that things started to click with him and Brian because of his great sense of humor and because of them both being great personalities. Austin said Pillman got the gold necklaces and the matching outfits they both wore to the ring, it was all Brian he said. Pillman does often get overlooked for some of his great contribution to the wrestling world, especially given his talent as you can see here.
This one took place six years to the day Austin lost the WWF title to The Undertaker at Over the Edge 1999 on May 23rd. Most people know that day for a different reason and rightfully so.
Both Steamboat and Douglas are covered in suits and masks so you can’t quite tell who is who at times, although you should always have an idea given Steamboat’s armdrag’s.
This is really a great match that has a pace to it that never lets you get bored which is its best quality.

Austin bumps like crazy from side of the cage to side of the cage in this one which is always interesting to see.

The Hollywood Blondes took off there gold inside the cage and the match was underway when the bell rung.

Austin then pointed at who he thought was Steamboat, and yelled “Take the mask off Steamboat!” with his raspy voice. Speaking of Raspy, Pillman stood there on the apron and Austin started ut the match.

Austin slammed who we think is Steamboat’s head into the corner before a snap takedown, and once Steamboat chopped Austin he tagged in Pillman and he elbowed him in the corner until Steamboat hit him with some chops and then a vertical suplex.

Tony Schiavonne was calling him Steamboat due to his style amd he was in a side headlock until Brian Pillman hit him with a shoulder block off the ropes. He tagged in Austin then he got a hiplock from Steamboat and he tagged in Douglas who went to work on Austin’s arm. He pushed Steve to the corner to psychologically wear down Austin’s arm. Steve was pounding on the mat with his free hand while Shane Douglas had an armbar and then a hammerlock. Steve rolled out of the predicament but Shane Douglas kept it on him. Austin pushed Douglas to the ropes and he came off and Steve hit him in the mid section with a kick but Douglas then threw his head at the side of the cage until Shane Douglas pushed Austin’s back into the side of the cage a few times. Austin grabbed the back of his neck as it hurt him and the crowd reacted appropriately. Steamboat caught a tag and flew off the top and locked in an armbar harder to follow up on the damage Douglas did to Austin’s left arm. Ricky Steamboat irish whipped Austin to the ropes he ducked but as he came off he took a back body drop straight into the cage!
Right into the cage and it had hard impact! The crowd erupts as does the commentary. Ricky Steamboat flew Steve Austin towards the side and the back of the Cage a couple more times. Steamboat then tagged in Douglas and he hit Austin with some hard shots. Pillman kept his boot up in the corner and Austin threw the Dos Hombre Member’s head into the buckle. Pillman got a top rope reversal into the corner and flew off but he caught a gut shot. Pillman didn’t let this offense phase him and he just chokes Steamboat down and then hit a snap, missed a leg drop and then Steamboat hit an armdrag takeover. Steamboat tagged in Shane Douglas and he slapped an armbar on Brian Pillman. Pillman though kneed him in the chest and ran off the ropes but got caught in the air by Douglas and he threw Pillman into the side of the cage hard and the crowd react. Pillman crawled to Austin to tag him and then Steamboat chopped at Austin’s back and he was showing signs that his lower back hurt.
Steamboat hung Austin upside down on the top of the Cage then rammed his shoulder into Austin’s belly before irish whipping Douglas right into him as he fell down the side of the Cage. Steve was near by Pillman thankfully so he just tagged him in and then he desperately chokes out Douglas on the bottom rope before tagging in Austin. Steve then kicked at him down on the mat and did the “filming” taunt that the Hollywood Blondes always did. Austin snapped Steamboat down and then went up to the middle rope and dropped an elbow to the chest and got a nearfall. Austin cornered a Dos Hombre member and punched him until tagging in Pillman who did more of the same, until Pillman tagged Austin in after more of the same. Frequent tags by The Champions.

The Blondes using more heel tactics as shown when Pillman grabbed a towel and choked out likely Steamboat behind the official’s back. Pillman leaped off the top and caught a boot to the face. He tagged in Austin who chopped Douglas, and then ran off the ropes and caught a shoulder block, Douglas came off the ropes and gave him a good dropkick! Austin then caught a right hand from the outside by Steamboat. The action then oicked up in a big way.

Austin’s tights were almost pulled off when he was climbing up the side of the cage and Pillman landed on his groin.

Steamboat flew off the top and hit a double crossbody to the Blondes and the place erupts! Great moment. Steamboat went for it all but only got a two, then hit a DDT to Pillman and only got a two. Both Dos Hombres caught the Blondes off the side of the Cage and got douple dropkicked. Steamboat hit a DDT to Austin and only got a two, then coming up Pillman threw Steamboat to the corner and Austin just had to roll him up for the victory after a Stun Gun around the sixteen minute mark.

Fantastic action throughout, and a brilliant climax.




6) “Flyin” Brian Pillman, Sting and Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Austin, Rick Rude and Paul Orndorff in a “Thundercage Match” @ WCW Superbrawl 1994


We got a lot of talent in this match and the set up looks very cool! I remember this one being very good lets see how it holds up this time around. Just look at the heels in Rude, Austin and Orndorff those were three natural shi* disturbers if I’ve ever seen them.

Sting and Rude who had a great rivalry began giving each other striking blows to begin the match but it didn’t take Sting very long to come back with some of his own as the fans go crazy!Watching Steve Austin and STING go at it is certainly a sight to see. Austin got the better of him at first until Sting hopped over Steve until Austin went down and faked a knee injury and the fans booed. Sting sent Austin hard into the thunder cage and the place popped! He kept on doing it and just like in the last match Austin’s back took a big time beating. Pillman chases his former Hollywood Blondes partner around the thundercage and Austin sent Pillman’s face into the cage. Stunning Steve Austin and Brian Pillman were both the legal men in the thunder cage match but Austin was beating away on him viciously on the outside.
Back inside the ring a fatigued Flyin Brian was getting beat down by Rude and Orndorff in the corner. Paul Orndorff with a waist lock suplex perfectly applied to a helpless Flyin Brian as Rude hops off the top and drives his knee into Pillman’s head.

Dustin Rhodes who you all know as Goldust and was always a good worker as that character but he was actually much better as this Dustin character in the early 90’s in WCW. He puts Cody Rhodes to shame anyway in a big way. Tony Schiavone might have been exagerating when he said you are seeing the 6 greatest athletes in the world but when does he ever not exagerate? Anyway Rhodes contnued to do a good job but Austin and Rude dominated him here and there until Golddust sent Stone Cold, *cough, cough* I mean Dustin sent Stunning Steve into the Thunder Cage and he hits his soon to be bad knees on the cage, Austin sure liked bumping back then. Flyin Brian who Heenan reminds us all he’s hurt goes to work on everyone and the thundercage action explodes as all six men go at it with each other. Pillman and Sting double team Austin and Pillman covered Austin for the 1, 2, 3 AND THE BABYFACES WIN. Place pops.
VERY entertaining material. Great gem here.



7) Brian Pillman vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger @ WCW Monday Nitro September 4th 1995

These two got insane chemistry which is a given. Such similar styles and so many quick things happen in such a short period of time everyone has to just love this kind of action!
The flow of high risk moves mixed with mat holds is just tremendous and the crowd reacts to every move, I fucking love these two. Two of the best ever and this is obviously not as good as the Superbrawl 92 match on TV here and not as long but they did some different and some SAME things here in this match that was a nice touch. It was matches like this that showed why Nitro was soon about to turn the corner in the ratings war, this was just amazing television with matches like this.

Even some moments in THIS match had you scratching your head saying “WOW!”.
The end came when Pillman hit a standing switch to roll up Liger and he picked up what was called a tremendous victory only I wish it was longer! Still great though.
Every time these two went at it, it’s magic.




8 ) “Flyin” Brian Pillman vs Dean Malenko @ WCW Nitro -January 22nd 1996

The Man of 1,000 holds and Brian Pillman who was now a Horsemen played to the crowd a little bit inbetween the mat wrestling.

Every time Malenko tried to wrestle Pillman would yell and brawl. Pillman’s attitude was top notch in this match psyching out Malenko everything Brian did was tremendous. After Pillman slapped Malenko, Dean charged at him and speared him follwed by a suplex. A reverse chin breaker couldn’t put Pillman away but he continued to beat away on Pillman in the corner.

Pillman did hit a dangerous DDT off the top rope to break up Malenko’s offense and then taunted the ref instead of going for the 3 count which played serious mind games with everyone and further showed how Pillman was a Loose Cannon. Malenko who got back in the match drop kicking Pillman to the outside. More back and forth action as it slows down a little and Pillman cheats to win by using the ropes for leverage.

Very good for the time it got on TV which showed emotion and character besides just a solid blend of mat wrestling with physical action both in and outside the ring.

Had its moments! Good match here but nothing special.

** 1/4



9) “Flyin” Brian Pillman vs Eddie Guerrero @ WCW Clash of the Champions XXXII -Jan 23rd 1996


This match had the famous Heenan swearing then walking out, walking back in when Pillman ripped off his jacket shown on the documentary.

The match here surprisingly given who was in the ring wasn’t overly special so due to time limits you have to wonder if that’s why this match is on the DVD set.

Pillman is all attitude all the time here and when Guerrero looks to lock up with Pillman he neglects him and runs to the front row to scream at the fans, just awesome!

He is so fucking gold and WAS literally all attitude all the time!
Heenan apologizes after his “What The Fu** Are You Doing!?” comment and the action gets underway. Pillman slaps Eddie and wears him down slowly.
Some back and forth near calls after a series of back and forth sequences and the match is over when Pillman beats Eddie after grabbing the tights for the win.
Short and it’s clear Brian couldn’t do the things he used to by this point in his career so he developed even more of an attitude to make up for it and it’s more clear that this match is only on here because of the Heenan thing to show he’s a Loose Cannon.






10) “Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman vs Stone Cold Steve Austin @ WWF Raw Is War June 16th 1997



This took place the night after King of the Ring 1997 where Pillman cut a promo with the Hart Foundation and Austin put on a clinic with Michaels.

Austin flushed him down the toilet in the free-for-all so there was bad blood between them to say the least. That among many other things.

Pillman as said in the doc was no where near 100% or else this match could have been much, much better. There match in WCW against each other on Austin’s set is better then this other one here in the WWF on Pillman’s but this took place certainly during an interesting time.

It’s great to see a healthy and mega popular Steve Austin go up against a Buddy and Hart Foundation member Brian Pillman. Jim Ross says thanks to Austin he’ll never be called “Flyin Brian” anymore because of the “crippling angle.”

For additional comedy the Hart Foundation were handcuffed to the ring posts during the match and tried to get out of this predicament the entire time.

More of a brawl then anything else. Pillman with a broken nose, Austin thrown into the steps during the match. McMahon calls this an appropriate match for the WarZone.

A lot of blood and pretty exciting overall as its fast paced and the crowd is into it which always helps. Austin stunnered Mike Keota and Pillman only got a two count after he hit Steve behind his back. Owen picked the key and and let loose the Foundation and the match ended in a DQ.

The aftermatch is a setup for the Canadian Stampede.

Violent and Physical while it lasted.

** 1/2


11) Bret “Hitman” Hart, “Slammy award winning” Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and “The Loose Cannon” Brian Pillman vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and the Legion of Doom in a ten man tag match -In Your House: Canadian Stampede July 6, 1997



North American War.

The Hart Foundation gets a monster pop, and just saying that wouldn’t be doing it justice.

I’m glad this match was put on the Brian Pillman DVD.

It’s a memorable match to most fans but now that it’s on a couple of DVD’s it has more exposure to the casual fan.

They start the way they should.

Bret and Austin, the hottest ticket in 97 next to Hogan-Sting, but were obviously producing better matches. (I say this with all due respect to Page-Savage and Guerrero-Mysterio)

The Saddledome in Calgary begins to shake.

Lawler points that out. Hart and Austin in my opinion the greatest rivalry of all time. Austin just loves to be hated, he thrives on it, and never more does he get a better oppurtunity then this match in Calgary where Bret Hart is beyond a legend, he’s a hero.

Hart and Austin slug it out just as they did at Mania 13 earlier in the year with a ton of electricity everywhere in the building as the bell rings.

Stone Cold Steve Austin flips off the fans and Bret comes back with a clothesline. Hart headbutt’s Austin and then hit an inverted atmoic drop to Austin. Bret raking Austin by the face. Bret kicked at by Austin with a lowblow from the corner.

Austin thrived on being a heel and stomped on the Hitman in the corner. Austin applied the Million Dollar Dream.

Stone Cold is pushed back as Bret kicked out from the corner using his surroundings to best suit him. Austin set Bret on the ropes and then Bret moved out of the way as Austin drops on the ropes.

Anvil is tagged in by Bret for a touch to old school, Anvil drops shots but Austin hit the Lou Thesz press and an elbow. Shamrock the submission speciliast and the Anvil go at it. Thrust kicks up high to the Anvil. Fans chan for Anvil and Pillman, Pillman broke up the Ankle Lock on the Anvil.

Shamrock caught forearm shot by the Anvil, a blocked hiptoss and Shamrock rolled the Anvil over. Pillman tagged in and Shamrock getschopped by Brian who obviously wasn’t 100% in this match. Pillman caught a clothesline by Shamrock out of the corner. A belly to belly suplex.

Owen comes in to a great pop as does Goldust, two former IC Champion’s, Owen’s name is chanted over and over. Out of the corner Goldust hit a backbody drop, Owen getting up hit an Enziguri to Goldust as the fans pop. Goldust on Owen in the corner as the crovd chant “Austin Sucks!”

A gut-wrench by Hawk and a leg drop got him a two on Owen, a powerslam and now Hawk hit a splash but Owen Hart kicks out. Owen goes for the Sharpshooter but Animal breaks it up.

The European Champion is in! Bulldog hits a powerslam to Hawk. A powerslam to Road warrior Hawk but Goldust broke it up. Bret back in.

Animal locks up with Bret. Now, everybody, all ten have been in the ring officially.
Animal charged into Bret who lifts up the high boot. Animal backing off and Goldust comes in. Goldust plays mind games with Bret, two second generation stars. Bret clobbered Goldust and powerslammed him in the corner.

Now team Canada all hammer on Goldust, and team USA breaks it up, the official trying to maintain order here. Owen hit a backbreaker to Goldust and charged into the ring post. Animal spotted it and then caught a heel kick off the ropess. Owen leaped off the top and hit a missile dropkick to Animal.

Animal hit a powerbomb after catching Owen in mid-air who was going for a hurricanrana. Animal powerslams him.

Austin slammed Owen’s knee into the ring post and in front of Stu to boot. Bruce Hart got involved with Austin, the old promoter of Stampede.

Fans continue to get all over Austin while Bret helps Oven on the outside. Austin and the Anvil tie up and Austin kicks away at the Anvil holding him in a bearhug. All five men attack Austin.

Steve was in his absolute prime here, and you could just tell from his entrance alone. Austin and Pillman now go at it.

Hollywood Blondes reunion, Austin flips him off and hits the Stunner. But Bret retaliated and swings Austin’s leg into the ring post. Bret with a fire extinguisher in hand tried to break Austin’s leg hitting him with it.

Bulldog stomps on the legs of Austin who rolls out of the ring selling the leg. Hawk comes in and takes on Bulldog.

The story here is Austin and Owen both being out of action.
Bulldog and Animal go back and forth. Anvil tagged in and now Bulldog and Anvil double clothesline Hawk. Bret tagged in and then goes back to Neidhart.

Austin taken back to the back gets boo’s, yeah, he is over. Fans either wanted to love or hate him. But that was just part of this match’s structure. McMahon on commentary points out it’s Hart Foundation of old when Bret drops down on Animal with the Anvil helping him out.

Shamrock tagged in and Bret takes care of him. Bret sling-shot into the corner sternum first. Shamrock with a big right. Bret fight back tossing Shamrock to the table.

All hell breaks loose by the tables, and monitor’s. I wrote that here before McMahon said that on commentary, that sort of thing just tends to happen.

Back in the ring Bret hit a side russian legsweep to Shamrock and got a two. Bulldog and Shamrock now get to go at it. Bulldog caught a lowblow and thrown to the corner by Goldust hitting a Bulldog on the Bulldog, Jim Ross with a touch of Dusty Rhodes says If you wheeeeeellllll.

Bulldog going for a Superplex off the top on Goldust and hits it! Still a two as Animal breaks it up.

Austin limps back.

Now Austin’s team has a 5 on 4 advantage. Bulldog and Goldust both hurt in the middle of the ring. Austin tagged in as is Bret.

Just as it started Austin and Bret slug it out and Austin sent the Hitman sternum first to the corner, a suplex and a two. Austin hit with a tornado ddt by Bret.

Bret hit a backbreaker and a signature elbow by Bret. Hart locks on a sleeper and Austin drops down with a modified stunner/jawbreaker. Austin went for a backdrop, Hart turnshim over and almost got the Sharpshooter.

Animal saved Austin and the fans hate it.

Austin now goes for the Sharpshooter on Bret.

Owen limping to the ring, makes a heroic comeback like Austin did. Owen saving his big brother!

Awesome story-telling here.

Owen is clotheslined by Austin to the floor. Austin takes it to Owen on the steel barricade in front of the whole Hart Family.

Austin grabs Stu, pushed Bruce. Bret goes for Stone Cold. This is beyond personal now!

Then Owen from behind cradles Austin!

In the end at 24:31 Owen pinned Austin with a roll-up as Austin was distracted by several of the Hart brothers at ringside (Bruce and Ross had jumped over the guardrail after being attacked by Austin)

This ten man couldn’t of been booked better.

This match is forever a Classic.

Afterwards the whole Hart Family came in the ring and it’s one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

**** 1/2



12) Brian Pillman vs Goldust (W/Marlena) @ WWF Ground Zero In Your House -September 7th 1997

If you saw the XXX files in the extra section on Disc 1, or the Raw’s in 1997 or Summerslam 1997 or the documentary, of even if you simply just read what I said you’d know the storyline was a little risky and you’d know Pillman who was not the same in his last days was going up against a good worker in Goldust.

Despite Brian not being on his A game he was still able to put on a good single’s PPV match and that is what this was here.

Starts off as a brawl on the outside.

For two guys that can get the job done technically this was a brawl outside the ring and inside the ring, on top of the ramp. It was the attitude era more and more in these days and it suited the storyline for these two to absolutely hate each other. Goldust would stop at nothing to destroy Pillman here targetting his legs slamming them against the post! Stomping on them in the ring and Pillman had a bad ankle from his accident so it played on his real life injuries which King talked about. Goldust missed a running Bulldog and King marked out as Pillman limps and looks to get control and he chops at Dust.
Pillman slowed down the pace with a reverse chin lock for awhile and dust’s paint rolled off the face area. Not before long Dust sent Pillman flying like in his older days as his thriat hits the barricade. Marlena or TERRI gets revenge on Pillman by slapping him outside the ring area.

Goldust hit a curtain call but the official was down.

Pillman hit Goldust with an object behind the ref’s back that he got from Marlena and he won the match with a slow count.

Obviously his last big match but not the best bay to remember him so it’s good they chose a great match to end the matches with this DVD next….



13) “Flyin” Brian Pillman vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger (c) for the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship -WCW Superbrawl II (Feb 29th 1992)


Interesting spot to put this.?

Saving the best for last! One of the best matches ever.
Every match on this two disc set of the 16 matches has been in order from earliest to latest, EXCEPT this one.

Reason being they likely wanted to go out with the best match in his single’s career anyway, this is the Classic match with Jushin “Thunder” Liger and the only problem is they don’t have Ventura’s commentary due to them being cheap, oh well it’s still an awesome match on an awesome set regardless!

Pillman defeated Morton at Halloween Havoc 1991 to become the first Light Heavyweight champion, Liger won it from him shortly after then these two amazing cruiserweights locked up again for the gold to open Superbrawl 2. Innovative stuff here and the pace doesen’t let you go for one minute. This match is simply breathtaking and there’s no other way to describe it. I often call it one of the most underrated matches of all time and I stick to that considering it took place in early 1992 and at times it’s sadly forgotten.

Tons of high risk moves by both Pillman and Liger and there styles complimented each other’s wonderfully inside the ring.

It begins with Jushin “Thunder” Liger

In the end of this fantastic bout, Pillman pinned Liger at 17:00 with an excellenty executed cradle to become the new Lightweight Champion.

Phenominal match that was way ahead of it’s time. Credit both men for bringing in this luchador style that the WCW greats would use a half decade later. This DVD is no doubt a good way to see this masterpiece which I consider to be the 2nd best PPV opener ever but it’s better if you can find a way to own this event (Superbrawl 92) as you actually get to HEAR Jesse’s color commentary on the match which no doubt helps the quality and overall presentation of the match!

A Classic! What a tremendous way to end a tremendous set with the second greatest opener in wrestling history

Such action can’t be expressed in words, watch the match! Tempted at times to give this showing the full five but this rating seems good enough.

Innovative and important. Historic and significant. Highly entertaining. You could go on all day with the praise.

**** 3/4




Final Rating for Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon DVD = 9/10

One of the best documentaries out there.
Three near five star matches, a few over four stars, quite a few in the two-three range, a brilliant documentary with an inspirational story EVERYONE needs to see and understand about a person who is not only underrated but changed the face of wrestling forever. Brian Pillman’s story is amazing and his promo’s, segments and matches will show you why.

If you don’t own this set it’s your loss but here’s some advice. GET IT. NOW.

Brian Pillman you are missed by so many of us, thanks for the memories. This DVD is a great way to remember you and your Hall of Fame day will come soon.

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  1. Efrain says:

    If Pillman was 100% healthy and alive in the attitude era I believe he could’ve been possibly the biggest star in WWF History.


  2. Agreed!Fantastic 2 dvd set!

  3. Rob L says:

    I’ve been waiting to read this review. Excellent stuff here man! I put this DVD in my top 10 of all time and for good reason. Just a brilliant 2 disc set. I do think that there were a few matches that could/should have been left off of the DVD though. But overall this was incredible. I strongly recommend this to EVERYONE!!!

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