Review: WWE Chris Jericho- Breaking the Code (3 Disc) DVD

January 4, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Chris Jericho: Breaking the Code- Behind the Walls” (3 Disc) Review:



“I am the Best in the World at What I do…”Chris Jericho




-This DVD was put together with a Documentary on Disc 1 covering most of Jericho growing up, place to place told by himself and others like a lot of WWE documentaries.


-While there are extras on Disc 1, Discs 2 and 3 contain matches and one segment each. Disc 2 contains Jericho and his debut in 1999 to Raw, while Disc 3 contains his return to Raw 2007.






Disc 1 Documentary:

Throughout his remarkable career he has provided sports entertainment fans with amazing matches and astounding moments whether he was in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, WCW, and WWE. He’s also left his mark on the entertainment industry outside the ring, from his band Fozzy to writing a NY Times bestselling autobiography. This 3-disc set includes a never-before-seen documentary on the life and times of Jericho featuring new candid interviews with Jericho and his rivals, as well as more than a dozen of his greatest matches.

My take:?

This Documentary was tremendous. About just 100 minutes of the career and life of Chris Jericho. Entertaining all the way throughout.

I can understand why they neglected a large part of his career in the WWE for obvious reasons but I would of liked to see more of WCW. They did a good job covering his love and passion for art, music and his life style. You can see why he is so popular and well spoken throughout this whole thing.


-The Chapters are as follows:

A Star is Born
International Sensation
Land of the Extreme

Arrival in WCW

Jericho offered not only his variety in the ring that had a contrast in styles from Germany, Japan and Mexico but he could also be entertaining with loads of charisma as we saw in WCW.

Best in Show
Never Evvver the Same Again
Conspiracy Victim


Anything to gain the audience and their attention in WCW.


His charisma helped him break out with his vast knowledge of the business both in the ring and on the mic.

The Millennium Man
The Y2J Era Begins
Undisputed Champion

Going over two of the biggest stars ever in one night to be the first ever Undisputed Champion is something no one else can have. Only Chris Jericho.
Highlight of the Night
The Highlight Reel

This was a segment given to Chris to capitalize on his mic skills, a lot like Piper’s Pit, Snake Pit, etc.
Facing an Idol

Looking up to Michaels it meant a lot for Jericho to face him at Mania and arguably put on his greatest match ever with him.

Total Buffoonery
You’re Fired!
Breaking Out


A much needed break for Chris.

Time Away
Breaking the Code
An Honest Man
Career Renaissance
Save Us

This part highlighted his return.
The Best in the World at What I Do


Jericho does not think he is, but he just may be at this point in time. He has it all, the total package. Charisma, Mic Skills, Drawing ability, Wrestling skills, and he is very diverse in that aspect.







Disc 1 Extras:


-Special Features


A Young Fanatic

Jack Action

Leon de Oro

The Thrillseekers Vignette #1

The Thrillseekers Vignette #2

“Have you heard of Chris Jericho?”

Paul Heyman’s Roommate

Mister Salty

The Man of 1,004 Holds
Nitro – March 30, 1998

Conspiracy Victim
Nitro – June 1, 1998 (2:30)

Father Knows Best
Thunder – June 11, 1998

“Hello, Lexington!”
Thunder – September 10, 1998

Do You Smell What Y2J is Cookin’?
RAW – October 30, 2000

Sharing a Beer with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Post-RAW – August 25, 2003

Jericho vs. The Old Man
Post-Smackdown! – November 17, 2009

Jericho’s Junction

Fozzy Music Video – Let the Madness Begin


All entertaining.










Disc 2 Matches:





1) “Cowboy” Chris Jericho vs Lance Thunder Storm -Calgary, Alberta October 2, 1990
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker


Okay so we have COWBOY Chris Jericho going up against another Dungeon prospect in Storm.

Jericho and Matt are giving me the play by play on commentary. Jericho wrestles his first match here in a small town in Alberta, Canada.

The T In Lance Storm stands for Thunder by the way, Striker got a kick out of this for some reason.

Anyway it was definitely a good decision to hear from Jericho during this match.

Bell rings and both men circle the other. Lance Storm caught in a side headlock. Jericho and his tights are ripped on by Striker.


Pretty terrible quality but that is expected. Jericho mentions he wanted to look like Michaels as a Rocker at the time. Jericho drops a leapfrog and then an arm-drag twice by Lance Storm.

Lance Storm into an armbar. Jericho turns the tide now and holds an armbar on Storm. Armdrag take-over by Jericho off the ropes. Chris talks about how he felt there were more people in the arena due to original match pressure.

Storm with a beautiful backdrop into a headlock and he torks it in further. Lance Storm with a big reverse elbow shot to Jericho off the ropes. A snapshot vertical suplex to Jericho and a nearfall.

Jericho counters into a small package and a two. Jericho caught in a snapmare by Storm. Lance Storm into a neck vice.

Every time the match poicks up pace someone slows it down but Jericho took over Storm with a hurricanrana after a hiptoss. Jericho mentions that only Mexican wrestlers from AAA and Michaels were the only ones to hit offensive moves like that from back in the day. Storm kicks out. Jericho off the ropes gets out of a hiptoss by Lance Storm.

Storm with a snapmare. Jericho on commentary credits Storm for being better then him at training and in the ring. A Crossbody off the top but Jericho kicks out. Storm with a punch to Jericho and now Storm slams Chris to the canvas. Storm flips over into a bridge pinning combo but Jericho kicks out.

Jericho dropkicks Storm to the ropes. Lance hit a belly to belly suplex. Storm kicks Jericho in the corner.

Jericho responds with a crossbody from the corner and got a nearfall. Storm in the other corner got a nearfall. Jericho hits a powerslam and nearfall. Jericho with a backslide and a nearfall. Jericho ducks a clothesline.

In the end at a TV time of 10:00 the match ended in a draw.

Extra points considering this was a debut match. Impressive taking that into account.


* 3/4




2) The Thrill Seekers vs The Infernos -Smoky Mountain Wrestling March 12th, 1994


It is now time for some Smoky Mountain Wrestling!

The Thrill Seekers were Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.

Lance Storm starts in and escaped an armbar and the fans went crazy for that. Storm off the ropes hit a shoulder block and then a leapfrog and a crossbody. Storm hits a nice beautiful dropkick.

Chris Jericho in and he executed a leapfrog and Storm with a quick suplex.

Crisp moves here in Smoky Mountain.

Jericho tagged in and applies a front facelock. Jericho with a flying clothesline. Inferno gets slammed down and now both Storm and Jericho hit a double dropkick off the top and they win the match at just under three minutes.




3) Chris Jericho (c) vs Ultimo Dragon for the International Junior Heavyweight Championship -Japan July 7, 1995

Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker
I used the ultimate commentary for this rare Japanese match.

Striker and Jericho both know their stuff so it really is a no brainer to put these guys on for some insight and stories.

It is unfortunate that the Benoit-Jericho match from Japan in this same year did not make the cut. That has a match rating of **** 1/4 where I sit. But then again that’s the whole Benoit deal, this DVD would of been even more amazing with so many classic encounters, you could fill up an entire disc with just those two.


Anyway enough of the nergative onto the match!

Ultimo Dragon was one of of Jericho’s greatest rivals at the time. Jericho is defending the title here.

Mick Foley was here to watch this, he sent the tape to Paul E and a year later Jericho had a job.

Jericho had it all and you could tell.

This match represents EVERYTHING a puro match should be. Not super high on psychology but quick, interesting, entertaining, great WRESTLING.

A tremendous start to the bout with monkey flips, reversals, hammerlocks, and aerial moves from Jericho to Dragon. Ultimo Dragon on the outside and Jericho tried to get under the skin of the crowd. Jericho with a back suplex to Dragon off the ropes.

Chris on commentary talks about paying his dues through the territories to try and make it to the big time, now it is mostly just WWE and Japan.

Jericho tries to slow down the lightning quick pace of the match with a body scissors on the mat. Chris slaps him and hit a huge powerbomb and got a nearfall. Ultimo Dragon flips over Jericho.

Ultimo Dragon avoided Jerricho launching himself off the ropes. Ultimo Dragon with a summersault over the top rope onto Jericho. Ultimo Dragon continues his impressive assault flipping over the air onto Jericho as both men layed on the floor..Ultimo Dragon slammed. Jericho caught a moonsault and then a snapshot vertical suplex. Ultimo Dragon caught a splash up high from Jericho this time.

A unique crucifix the fans in Japan appreciate pinning combo gets Ultimo Dragon a two. Then monkey flips and suplexes with bridge attempts to gain the upperhand. Ultimo Dragon suplexed Chris back into the ring, Jericho with an awesome bridge laying backwards and still just a two.

A very fast paced match.

Jericho goes for a powerbomb, but Ultimo Dragon hits a hurricanrana as a counter and got a two. Another hurricanarana to Jericho by Dragon. Jericho with a back suplex to Ultimo Dragon and another nearfall.

Jericho with a belly to belly to Ultimo Dragon off the top getting him a two. Jericho gets a suplex off the top or a superplex at the thirteen minute mark. Felt much shorter.

By all means excellent.


HIGHLY enjoyable.









4) Lion Heart Chris Jericho vs Cactus Jack ECW Hardcore TV March 12, 1996

As we heard in the last match Cactus told Heyman about Jericho and now these two square off which is interesting, both definitely work different styles and the combination of both these men with the ECW crowd should make for some entertaining tv. Foley had an eye for talent. SO great in so many ways.

Joey Styles on commentary.

So we got the Blu Meanie, Richards (Stevie) and Foley dancing while Jericho stands there and finally dropkicks them

Jericho and Cactus get things going with missed dropkick attempts and then they circle around each other. Foley drops Chris Jericho then stomps him the corner.

Jericho with a monkeyflip counter and sends Foley to the floor on the outside. Once Chris Jericho saw Foley inside Mick got a couple of shots in before a falling dropkick of the second turnbuckle. A drop on the rail.

Lionheart chants as he sends Foley who will bump anywhere into a place he has seen many times, the steel. Jericho runs off and hits a clothesline,.

It’s a shame Jericho when he came to the WWF, Foley was a main eventer working half time then retired in 2000. (Pretty much anyway) I think a program in the WWE would of worked very well.

Cactus lets Jericho to walk over and he kicks him in the chest towards the rail. Foley with a boot to the chin of Jericho.

It didn’t take long for these two to go out brawling onto the floor. Foley with a vicious headbutt even with a taped face then suplexed Jericho hard onto the floor over the steek gaurd railing.

Finally back in the ring Jericho drops Foley, Chris throrw a chair up onto Cactus and flips him over from the other side. AWESOME,

Jericho with a flying elbow. Jericho with a big splash off the top and just a two on Foley. Chris Jericho goes to backdrop Foley but Cactus Jack hit a resourceful PILEDRIVER.

Foley and Jericho both sent off the apron into the steel!


Lionheart showing he can come back with a bulldog onto the steel, then he missed the steel the second time. Both men down.

Jack back in the ring drops the elbow off the ring apron onto the concrete.

Foley always makes me shake my head the same way Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Sidney Crosby would with how he took bumps. (although in my comparison with those sports athletes I am reffering to their skill)

Foley with a near two after a powerful move to the canvas, Jericho hit a back suplex with a bridge and got the win at 13:57.

Another fun match! Just good brutal stuff here.



*** 1/2




5) Chris Jericho (c) vs Eddie Guerrero WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match -WCW Fall Brawl September 14th, 1997


This was already on Cheating Death; Stealing Life (The first dvd for Eddie) and to include this again was a must. An amazing opening match here, among the best in history.


They had another great match at Superbrawl 97 (On Viva La Raza, the second DVD for Eddie which was post death) but this one was MUCH superior.


At this event they had two rings set up next to each other for the night’s action so it was unique and what a tremendous way to kickstart a PPV with a match like this!

As said I still say this is one of the best opener’s ever and it’s a personal favourite match of mine that I’d perhaps put on both men’s top 5 and definitely there top 10 matches of all time.

Jericho so great at playing both face and a heel, encouraged the “Eddie Sucks” chants and then Eddie Guerrero ran out of the ring when it looked like Jericho would strike.

Jericho took down Eddie with a quick hiptoss, both men get back up and then Eddie told the ref he pulled his hair in typical heel fashion to a chorus of boo’s. Heenan is here! Nice.
Heenan says Eddie Guerrero is smart for slowing the pace down and taking a breather.


Neutral position for both men and Eddie with two side headlock takedown’s that get countered by Jericho twisting Eddie’s head with his legs as a reversal. This actually happens three times and then Eddie Guerrero complains he is grabbing his hair again, nice.

Good exchange there as well. Eddie Guerrero (kayfabe) knew Jericho had him beat so he had to resort to telling the official Jericho was cheating to buy himself some time and look for an opening.

This match is extremely fast by the way.

Jericho with a shoulder block to Eddie Guerrero off the side ropes to a loud roar from the crowd. Eddie Guerrero down and dissapointed with the power move by Lionheart. Jericho then stared into Eddie Guerrero’s eyes and the two locked up again but Eddie with an armbar into a leg sweep and then twisted the knee and he began to pull the hair of Jericho!


Eddie Guerrero twisted the arm of Jericho but then Lionheart answered back with a quick armdrag takedown, and Eddie Guerrero slams his hand on the mat in frustration. Hillarious stuff how Eddie can’t be the better man. Jericho one step ahead and then the two tied up and Eddie cornered him.

Eddie Guerrero with a stiff uppercut and then a backhand followed by a chop and a reverse elbow and another chop. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho to the ropes he stops on the top and flips back onto Eddie in a counter move and then an armdrag takedown followed by a shop and then another hip toss. Jericho had Eddie Guerrero grounded into an armbar and then he drove the knee into Eddie’s arm.

Chris Jericho to his vertical base and then he hits a side takedown while Eddie Guerrero is still in a painful looking armbar, despite Eddie doing the thing he complained about earlier. “Pulling the hair”

The foot positioning of the champion Jericho while laying down in the armbar was fabulous. Eddie Guerrero tried everything he could to get back to his vertical base and fight out of it. Eddie used the ropes with his legs for leverage but then Jericho still had the armbar for a good two minutes but Eddie Guerrero battled out of the hold slowly but effective. Eddie grabbed the arm of Jericho and leaned him back for a near, nearfall. Eddie reversed with an irish whip and then Eddie hit an inside cradle, but Jericho flipped over with another roll-up and Jericho hit a quick armdrag takedown.

That roll-up, cradle, mat work was some of the best back and forth sequences I’ve ever seen in a match. Jericho keeps Eddie on the mat after this still working on the left arm.

Eddie keeps trying to knee his way out and Jericho just hits a hiptoss and then while Jericho had Eddie in the armbar he got to his feet and then grabbed onto the ropes to hit a backflip but he got into a waistlock by Jericho he fought off and then off the side ropes leaped over Jericho but then Lionheart elevated Eddie Guerrero to the ropes, then hit a Lionsault and got a two. Jericho with another takedown and then continued to work on the left arm with another left armbar this time on top of him!

Fabulous! Wow.

Jericho lifts the arm of Eddie Guerrero up high and Guerrero tried to escape the top wristlock and then he slammed Jericho’s face into the top rope while flying to the outside. Nice move. Eddie Guerrero came back in the ring with two dropkicks and then Eddie made sure Jericho’s throat was driven into the middle rope. Eddie’s dropkick’s also made Jericho’s lower back feel the pain. Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho into the corner hitting his back. Eddie with wonderful psychology leaning back with a chinlock taken from behind with extra emphasis on Jericho’s injured back.

Eddie is just amazing.

Jericho controlled the first bit and now the match turned to Eddie’s favor. A methodical pace to slow it down by Eddie and he picked him up belly to back and then Guerrero from behind reached for the arms and stretched Jericho’s arm to lift Jericho back in the air, with an upside down surfboard and then went right back into the reverse chinlock while Jericho’s legs were in pain.

Eddie Guerrero was destorying Jericho’s whole body, his quads, abs, chin, back. Jericho tried to powerout of the behind chinlock and then Jericho got to his base somehow.
Jericho’s arms being stretched to both sides while Eddie very Benoit like drove his forehead into Jericho’s shoulder blades for more pressure. Jericho pushed out of it but Eddie Guerrero gives European Uppercut’s which he was so famous for due to his quickness. Eddie so quick with an attack and hit Jericho’s back, and then slingshotted in with an elbow drop to the back.

Eddie Guerrero then picked up Jericho and took a page out of his father’s book and held the Gory Special stretching the back. Jericho reversed it! Eddie Guerrero though dropped by Jericho and he gave him an elbow drop but Eddie Guerrero moved out of the way and then missed a dropkick. Jericho chops Eddie a couple of times in the corner rocking his head. Jericho hit crisp clotheslines and then missed Eddie and he side stepped him, Jericho hit head first into the buckle. Eddie grabbed Chris’s arm and walked the ropes until he fell groin first on the rope and then Jericho shook the ropes as the fans cheered. Jericho elevated himself off the top buckle and caught Eddie Guerrero with a springboard dropkick on the apron. Jericho followed him with a waistlock powerbomb off the apron that Eddie Guerrero countered and pushed him off. Both men collide and then they both go face first into the steel gaurdrail, and both men’s throat hitting the post.

?Chris Jericho also favoring the lower back due to tremendous and innovative work by the one and only Eddie Guerrero.
Chris Jericho back in the ring now.
Eddie speared him with a shoulder block from the apron, he flipped into the ring, a back elbow, a standing switch and Jericho threw him away with a standing suplex but only a count of two. Jericho then grabbed Eddie by the hair and gave him a hard forearm shot and then Eddie Guerrero irish whipped Jericho to the ropes and went for a powerbomb and Jericho slipped away, however Eddie Guerrero then hit a DDT and it was devistating. The Champion was out. Eddie Guerrero then charged towards Jericho who hit a powerslam out of desperation and STILL only a two count! Jericho kicked Eddie in the mid-section then cornered him and gave him a chop. Eddie charged towards Jericho and Jericho with a spinning leg kick and then a two count. Jericho didn’t know what to do from here but he irishw hipped Eddie and then he caught him up high with a samoan drop, monkey cradle by Jericho, Eddie reverses it only a two. Jericho with a standing powerbomb!

Jericho lifts him again and a double bomb, 1 count and then Jericho broke it and lifted him up high and set him up top for a Superplex, both men go up but Eddie countered in mid-air and Jericho hit hard with his head landing first. Eddie hits the frogsplash from the top and we have a new Cruiser champion, Eddie Guerrero.


Seriously this match is fantastic. Some of the best reversals, chain wrestling and psychology you will ever see.


This match definitely is worthy of the praise I am giving it for just about every reason you could give a match this high of a rating.
A Classic! I miss THIS WCW.


**** 1/2


6) Chris Jericho (c) vs Juventud Guerrera in a Mask vs WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match SuperBrawl VIII February 22, 1998

Juventud Guerrera putting his mask on the line against Jericho’s Cruiserweight Championship.

Jericho loves the hatred and rips up a I am a Jerichoholic sign. Good stuff.

Juventud Guerrera taunting Jericho as the fans yell that Jericho sucks. Jericho still wrestling with the belt on has a wristlock on Ultimo Dragon but each time he was pushed off the ropes Juventud Guerrera got him with shoulder blocks.

A nice spinning heel kick to Jericho followed by a headlock. Jericho reverses it into an armbar. Chris with a high knee to the face of Juventud Guerrera, the same face that could be exposed later. Juventud Guerrera ducks a clothesline and hit a desperate hurricanrana to Jericho.

Air Juventud Guerrera uses the top rope as a springboard to Jericho and then another headscissors onto the top rope to the floor.


Heenan wasn’t kidding when talking about how dangers that was.

Jericho now tries to get counted out so Juventud Guerrera knows he can’t win the title that way and tossed Chris back in.

Awesome by Jericho. Something Owen Hart would do. I always felt the HEEL Charisma of Owen and Jericho are very similar. Juventud Guerrera shot into the corner by Jericho. Jericho dropkicks Juventud Guerrera off the apron onto the ground.

Jericho tells the camera he can fly. Jericho slams Juventud Guerrera on the floor and now Jericho launched himself off the moved ring-steps and now Juventud Guerrera scouting it tossed Jericho into the steel. Juventud Guerrera rolls him back in getting the better of that exchange obviously.

Jericho caught Juventud Guerrera in mid-air and slammed him down. Jericho rubs off that steel bump and back into it. Juventud Guerrera sent to the ropes and a reverse elbow by Jericho who says “COME ON BAAYBAYYY!” and of course whenever he does that it wont win the match. Jericho rolled through and Juventud Guerrera only got a long two.

Jericho elbowed Juventud Guerrera and is getting frustrated with no pinfalls. A backbreaker submission hold wearing down Juventud Guerrera, pushing down on the jaw and the knee pointed into the mid-spine of Juventud Guerrera.

Jericho is chopped over and over until Jericho clotheslines him running off the ropes. Juventud Guerrera on top caught a lot of time to push Jericho off and now Juventud gets caught with a fall away slam by Jericho. Jericho then went crashing into the flooe knee first, really selling the leg. Jericho went to walk away but Air Juventud Guerrera leaped off the top onto Jericho. Juventud Guerrera flings Chris back into the ring.

This is the climax, you could feel it. Juventud Guerrera drops Jericho to the mat. Juventud Guerrera hits a 450 and he got him, but wait he does not. Now the official is saying Chris Jericho’s hand was on the rope.

Jericho hit the legs of Juventud Guerrera and took advantage of the poor legs of Juventud Guerrera who still had a quick roll-up. Jericho pins Juventud Guerrera but can’t get it done on this occasion. Good back and forth climax.

Juventud Guerrera turns a potential Jericho move into a tornado DDT. Amazing amount of nearfalls by both men.

Juventud Guerrera pushed off the top but he got Jericho with an inverted atmoic drop. Jericho off the top with a springboard hurricanrana by Juventud Guerrera to Jericho. A sunsetflip and Chris bridges out and hits a reverse suplex.

Lionsault by Jericho is missed. Juventud Guerrera off the ropes is dropped down and Jericho had the Lion Tamer, Juventud Guerrera got a quick roll over reversal and a nearfall.

NOW Jericho has it in.

In the end at 13:29 Juventud Guerrera tapped out to the Liontamer from Jericho making Chris retain the tv title.

Juvi unmasks.

This match is all kinds of awesome. An incredible performance from Jericho and Juventud Guerrera.






7) Chris Jericho (c) vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match -WCW Nitro July 27, 1998



Malenko was the man of 1,000 holds, Jericho upped him by four.


Chris Jericho took Malenko to work right away. Dean Malenko pushed to the outside, a roll-up by Jericho countered by Malenko. Malenko placed up top flips Jericho over and Malenko tried for a powerbomb but now a Liontmaer is attempted by Jericho, Malenko close to the ropes grabs out.

Malenko got thrown to the ground. Jericho with his aerial assault.

Commercial break.

Last chance match on Nitro returns with both guys in the ring and Jericho dominating the action chopping Malenko. Dean Malenko hits a spinning heel kick off the ropes. Malenko slammed Jericho to the mat but he kicks out. Malenko drives Jericho into the corner but he had enough in him to hit an inverted suplex, then a Lionsault but Dean Malenko just kicked out.

Awesome exchange, you gotta love any match with Malenko.

Dean Malenko missed a clothesliune, a double arm-underhook and Malenko powerbombs him to the mat in the middle of the Nitro ring.

Dean Malenko applies the Texas Cloverleaf which gains a HUGE POP!

Jericho was too close to the ropes. Malenko slams Jericho down. Malenko then with foreshadowing the backlash 2000 match with Scotty and hits a tornado ddt off the top rope.




Dean Malenko then gets a long two, Jericho got to the ropes.

Brass Knucks by Jericho grabbed on the outside, he kisses them for good luck. Malenko caught him first and stomped on Chris. Referee couldn’t see momentarily and Malenko picks up the knucks and he hits Jericho with them.

The official saw it at a tv time of 7:30, Jericho wins by DQ.

Creative and excellent tv match.



*** 1/2


The Millennium Countdown Clock Expires
RAW August 9, 1999


Perhaps the best debut in Wrestling history.

Rock and Jericho both did a good job here as did the WWF with how they handled the angle. They could of done better things with Chris in 1999 but that’s all history now. This moment still stands as one of the best in WWE history. An essential addition that the whole segment is shown.



8 ) Y2J Chris Jericho (c) (With Chyna) vs Kurt Angle for the Intercontinental Championship -WWF No Way Out February 27, 2000


Okay so we get to the WWF-WWE part of the DVD.

Angle has the European title here and cuts a good promo on the Hartford Whalers, pretty hilarious.

Angle was so funny back in the day. Ever since he got vicious in 2004 he wasn’t the same.

Chyna gets her own entrance for some reason as a manager. Yeah she was really over but come on…

This bout opened the PPV that was a very good one.

Chris Jericho gets the POP everyone was waiting for and finally he was taking the right approach in the right company.


Jericho got on the mic and called KIRK ANGEL a jackass. (Who the hell didn’t have a mic before their match in the attitude era, Road Dogg, Jarrett, Godfather, everyone)

For some reason these two could never put on a classic. In my opinion the chemistry could of been there but I just never saw it with these two. This is arguably their best one on one match in North America.

Fans chant Y2J very loud. Angle scores with a shoulder block but it’s Jericho slamming Angle twice followed by a slap by Jericho. Jericho hit a reverse elbow and caught a series of chops by Jericho. Angle holds onto the top rope to avoid a collision and then hit a resourceful drop toe-hold to Jericho taking him out. Angle charged towards him and then he tripped Angle to the outside.

A nice springboard dropkick to Angle by Jericho.

Both men brawl on the outside. Angle’s face bounced off the steps and Jericho with a moonsault hit Angle right in the face catching him with a boot.

Both guys off the top rope and a belly to belly suplex from Angle to Jericho in this back and forth match.

Kickout by Jericho. Angle with a side headlock to Jericho. Jericho kicks Angle in the mid-section. A waistlock and a belly to belly suplex now by Angle on Jericho but Y2J kicks out. Kurt Angle keeps the hard right hands going.

Jericho gets out, Angle looks for a hurricanrana but Jericho powerbombs Kurt Angle and then the tork on the left arm hurt Jericho.

Angle follows up on the injured arm.

Great strategy trying to hyper-extend the elbow. Good solid wrestling. Jericho reached the ropes but the damage had been done. Jericho sent Angle sternum first into the corner and then ducked a running bulldog.

Angle hits the Angle-Olympic SLAM! Only a two.

Angle grabbed a belt but Tim White took the belt away. Jericho put the walls of Jericho on Angle now. Kurt Angle desperately tried to crawl to the topes and he got there.

Chyna got involved into the steel steps. Tim White checking on Chyna. Jericho hits a Lionsault but Angle got the belt up and Angle gets the three.

In the end at 10:14 Angle got the win over Jericho by cheating becoming the NEW IC Champion. Now he had both titles.

This match is a great opener, good length.






9) Chris Jericho vs Triple H (c) (With Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) for the WWF Championship -RAW Is War April 17, 2000


This was originally going to be a non title match. Jericho calls Hunter out on the mic and he accepts the title challenge.


Jericho calls out the Acolyte Protection Agency.
Ahh I miss the Raw’s in 2000.

Story time.

Everyone probably remembers watching this, or going to youtube to see it happen. I remember it live, It was only a decade ago as of this writing so I will tell you how it happened for me before I get into the match.

I was a teenager watching Raw like the rest of the world in the year 2000 and I learned on that Jericho would be facing Hunter, I thought that was interesting. When the title went on the line I thought it made it more interesting but there was NO WAY Hunter would lose and this match opened the show!

Anyway, this match is a thrill ride and the crowd is white hot. One of the loudest pops you’ll ever hear happens during the climax of this match that “never happened.”


Here we go. Jericho with some chops and hard offense to begin but it takes the Game a second or two to come back in the match and drop a but on Jericho.

The match goes back and forth, crowd remain strong for Jericho.

A lot of muting during this match, makes one think the name of Chris Benoit had been mentioned a time or two. HHH hit a tornado ddt, but hesitated and Jericho got the upperhand. Jericho hit Hunter a reverse elbow and then HHH sends Chris to the corner.

Y2J hits a missile dropkick from the second rope and got a nearfall. Hunter kicked Jericho for the Pedigreee, Y2J went for the walls and the crowd went crazy! Keota asks him but no dice. Jericho with a running bulldog. Chris Jericho climbs to the top rope but Shane drops him on the top rope. Shane runs away from the APA.

Steph threw the belt in the ring. Jericho hit HHH with the belt. Now we got a new official.

The booking of this match is incredible.

Hebner now back in the ring. Hunter hit a facebuster by HHH to Jericho.

HHH and Hebner had their problems and Hebnber got pushed down. Jericho hit a spinning heel kick and Hebner counts quick. Earl runs away from the match quickly…never seen that before.


I believe on this same night Linda McMahon announced Austin to be in Rock’s corner at Backlash 2000. Two of the biggest pops ever in one broadcast of Raw.

In the end at a TV time of 7:20 to became the new WWF Champion only for the decision to be reversed later in the broadcast. No commercials was a good treat.

And I remember running out of my room to tell my buddies Jericho was the new Champion, no one believed me. Good times indeed.







10) Y2J Chris Jericho vs The Rock (c) for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWF No Mercy October 21, 2001

Jericho was a tweener of sorts here.

He and Rock had not been exactly getting along but that didn’t make Jericho a heel by any means because some people thought Rock was getting a little stale so Jericho had his marks.

Love how JR takes a shot at WCW before the match.

Heyman and Ross on commentary.

This match is a classic by memory.

Jericho might of even had more fans in this match as it went along, people wanted to see him win the big one.

Chris Jericho with a headlock out of a hammerlock and “Rocky Sucks” is already chanted. Rock with an arm-drag takeover to Y2J. Back and forth pace early on Jericho dropped a knee onto the bicep of Rock. Jericho torks the arm of Rock but he got a reverse elbow out of the deal.. Jericho then hammers away with right hands onto Rock.

Chris Jericho chokes Rock out on the middle rope.

Jericho with a springboard dropkick to the Rock sending him to the floor after a stun gun. Jericho on the outside drops Rock on the barricade. Chris Jericho breaks his own count and Rock sells his ribs and Jericho flies off the top rope with a reverse elbow and Rocky kicks out.

All Jericho early as he lands a flying forearm. Rock still selling previous injuries. Rock cornered by Jericho and caught a hard chop.

Rock turns it around and chops Jericho but he ran into a spinning heel kick by Chris Jericho which gains a huge roar from most of the males. The Females likely were more on Rock’s side. Jericho picked up Rock and hit a backbreaker. Off the ropes he dropped his legs on the abdomen of Rock. Jericho with a quick dropkick to Rock.



I completely forgot how much of this match Jericho dominated, but it has been 95% thus far.


Loud Rocky Sucks chants come out. And out of no where Rock hits a clothesline, Jericho elevated him and dropped his chest on the top rope which gained a roar from most males in the crowd that Jericho was seemingly back in control.

Rock with a front facelock to Jericho and a Superplex buys himself some time.

Rock firing back with right hands and a belly to belly. A Samoan drop and Chris Jericho kicked out! Jericho re-gains his momentum slamming Rock down but he kicked up and layed the samacketh down and cleared the ring throwing Jericho out of the ring. Rock places Jericho on the table bouncing his head off. Jericho thrown into the ring caught a sharp kick to the abdomen.

Rock stomping on Jericho and looking around noticing the crowd is divided just like he did in Brock-Rock, Hogan-Rock, Austin-Rock, etc.

Rock hits a nice suplex on Jericho and got a two. Chris Jericho able to kick out left shoulder off the canvas.

Tons of back and forth action leading up to the climax.


What may be most appealing is how Heyman and Ross put this over on commentary whether Jericho is a choke artist or not.

Great stuff!
Jericho hits a Lionsault on Rock and then after a Rock Bottom got a two. Jericho takes the elbow pad off and misses the elbow as Rock gets up. Rock takes a leg lace take-over.

Rock puts Jericho in the Sharpshooter.

Jericho gets out they take it to the outside, but Rock plants Jericho with a Rock Bottom through the table hard. Great stuff.

Rock breaks the count.

Rocky back out and brings Jericho in and hits a spinebuster on Y2J. Jericho blocks it and goes into the Walls of Jericho.

Chris Jericho pulls Rock to the center of the ring and Stephanie comes out throwing a chair into the ring. Rock hits a ddt to Jericho and now Charles Robinson talks to Steph, Rock brings in the Princess and Rock Bottoms her which damns himself, and Steph was even cheering Rocky on.

Jericho with a face-first inverted bulldog onto the chair does Rock on and the place goes wild!


In the end at 23:44 Jericho defeated The Rock by

to FINALLY become WCW Champion.

This was Jericho’s first BIG title win, he would later be the Undisputed Champion that merged both title’s a couple of months later, but this was his first major win, well deserved and the place popped. These two would go on to have another classic at the 2002 Royal Rumble but this personal feud’s best match was right here at No Mercy 2001.

Arguably a top 5 match in both men’s career.




**** 1/2

11) Undisputed Championship Match to merge both WWF and WCW Heavyweight Championship title belts: Y2J Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold Steve Austin -WWF Vengeance December 9th, 2001


Okay so we begin this portion of the match with Rock versus Jericho’s ending.

Austin had already beaten Angle in a good match earlier.

Jericho beats Rock with a lowblow. A lot of people thought it would be Austin-Rock in the final for sure including me.

Now here is another thing to remember, Triple H’s face was on the cover of Vengeance so many thought he would make a return on this night. Those posters are made months in advance most times but the live crowd chanted his name during this match.

So as good as it was to see Jericho win the big one and become the first and only Undisputed Champion, it was bittersweet as Austin was coming to an end and one last run would of been good for him and made Mania better with an Austin-Hunter program perhaps.

And of course the HHH no-show left a lot of fans down on the IWC (I remember logging in in this night) and live at the arena.


Anyway, Jericho beats Rock.

Here we go.

Austin comes out now limping hurt already from his match with Angle.

No vest and he grabs Jericho by the head.

Kurt came out and smacked Austin in the head with a chair proving he was a sore loser. The real reason is so both men were fatigued and had about even strength for the finals.

Rock even came out and Rock Bottomed Jericho.

Chris Jericho and Steve Austin are both down.

Fans chant TRIPLE H with both men down. Stone Cold Steve Austin down and Jericho stomps on Austin by the ropes and he pushes Hebner off. Jericho in full heel mode here chopping Austin. Jericho clotheslines Steve in the corner.

Stone Cold Steve Austin with his first real offense spearing him out of the corner. Stone Cold slammed the head of Jericho into the top turnbuckle. Austin looked for the Stunner as he flipped him off but Jericho shoved Austin until he shoved him off the apron.

Stone Cold Steve Austin chops Jericho outside the ring now by the barricade. Jericho taking over Austin as he was in better shape, younger, etc. Austin catapolts Jericho into the corner after a lot of abuse Steve had sustained by Jericho earlier in the match by the Spanish table on the outside.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s arm was in trouble as Jericho held an armbar, Jericho kept bugging Hebner to ask him as Jericho used his legs as a dirty heel tactic for additional leverage.

Finally the official catches him. Jericho knees Austin up high and he goes down. Stone Cold Steve Austin down and Chris taking his time off the top going for a Randy Savage like double axehandle but Austin caught him in the gut with a right.

A rush of adrenaline Ross states for Austin and Stone Cold hit some shots, a backdrop failed and Jericho has got the Walls of Jericho locked in!

Austin with bad legs had taken a beating and the official got thrown to the outside. Fans want HHH.

Austin with a reverse elbow. Jericho hits Austin with a terrible Stone Cold Stunner.

Now Vince McMahon brings in Nick Ptrick and Flair brings down the ref. Vince punches Flair and runs him into the steel.

Jericho caught a lowblow by Austin. Stone Cold sees McMahon and punches him down, that never gets old.

Both men back in the ring, everyone down and Austin hit the Lou Thesz press and an elbow drop. Stone Cold chops Jericho and runs into a leg-drop. Austin turning Jericho around with the Walls of Jericho.

Booker T hit Austin in the back of the head with a title belt and he ran off.

McMahon shoved Hebner back in to do the count.

Here it goes.


In the end at 12:31 Jericho defeated Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night to become the first ever Undisputed Champion.


Let the celebration for Jericho begin. It’s just too bad how his reign was booked.


This match worked very well all things considered.













Disc 3 Matches:


12) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Hulk Hogan (c) in a No Disqualification Match for the WWE Undisputed Championship -WWE Smackdown! May 2nd 2002


Chris Jericho and Hogan in 2002, should be interesting.

Hogan came out in the red and yellow as the Undisputed Champion, he wouild lose the title in a couple of weeks to the Undertaker. It was a miracle, nostalgia title run but it would not last long and rightfully so.

Jericho wanted this match here in a big way to bounce back. Little did he know not only was his Undisputed reign a complete failure due to the company, but he would have to resort to jobbing to rookies on PPVs upcoming. (Cena at Vengeance 02 in July)

Either way Jericho has a tv World title match no DQ with Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan knocks Jericho down and arm-drags Jericho twice. Hollywood Hulk Hogan goes for an arm-ringer into an armbar. Jericho with a rake to the eyes then dropped an elbow. Jericho mocked Hogan with his bandanna and now Jericho asks the crowd who they appreciated more.

Hogan and Jericho go back with basic moves and Jericho has to take a large amount of time in order for Hogan to gain the upperhand. Hogan goes for ten punches up top but Y2J hit a low blow from up top.

Y2J stomps on Hogan down on the mat. Chris Jericho slaps at Hulk and slams his head against the top turnbuckle then an uppercut. Jericho chops Hogan and he moves out of the way sending Jericho down to the ground. Hogan takes it to the floor and is driven into the steel post by Jericho. Jericho up high drops the Randy MACHO MAN Savage double axehandle Hogan has felt before.

It is interesting that Jericho uses another Savage signature move right after this as he leaps over the top rope stun gunning Hogan’s throat on the top rope. Hogan is choked out and now Jericho is choking Hogan with wrist tape.

This looks like Hogan’s Mania match with Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 5 where the Mega Powers Exploded!

Jericho beat on Hulk until Hogan hulked up, scoop slam, two elbow drops and now Hogan goes for a flying elbow off the ropes but Jericho moves and hits a running bulldog to Hogan. Jericho with a Lionsault.

HHH’s music hits and now the two men who would meet in the Hell in a Cell in two weeks have a stare down. Jericho pointed out at Hunter staring him down from the broadcast booth. Jericho was distracted but ducked a boot and hit a ddt and got a two count. Now Jericho’s offense has slowed down as Hogan hulks up. Jericho counters the leg drop and puts Hogan in the Walls of Jericho.
Hogan gets to the ropes.

Jericho shoved the official but there is no DQ so he doesen’t care. Jericho grabs a chair. Jericho hit Hogan in the back with a chair.

Mow Undertaker’s music hits and Taker’s music distractrs Jericho. Hogan rolls up Jericho at the nine minute mark to win and retain the title.

Much better then I would of thought. A very good tv match here and nicely booked.



** 1/2




13) Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels -WrestleMania XIX March 30, 2003
Alternate Commentary By: Chris Jericho & Matt Striker


To say this was a dream match would be a major understatement.

Jericho growing up idolized the likes of Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and of course a guy a little closer to his age…Shawn Michaels.

Jerichio and Michaels were mirror images of one another. Both tremendous in the ring, both can display a ton of charisma and because of that likeable attitude, the crowd here is split. Half or perhaps more are going for Jericho.
Shawn still has his fans for sure because this is his first Mania back.
The storyline coming in was done fabulous with the video package, the build-up was months in the waiting and now when it was finally time for a one on one match at Mania, we were ready.

The anticipation had been built for so long and the match is now underway!
Bell rings.

Here we go as Jericho and Shawn Michaels get this Classic rolling.
Chris Jericho wanted to prove a point and they had some tremendous matches in 2008, but right here in 2003 was the gold standard.

The two men initially tie-up, Jericho thinks he wins, on the real one Michaels takes Jericho down with a side headlock takeover, back both up. Another tie-up and an armdrag by Jericho shades of Steamboat and then Michaels with a headscissors out.

Michaels played mindgames on Chris Jericho laying on the top buckle.

Into an armbar is Shawn, then into a hammerlock by Jericho showing some solid chain wrestling. Shawn elbowed out and hit a hiplock. A single leg takedown by Jericho and both man back up yet again.

What a tremendous exchange to begin this epic.

Chris Jericho ties up with Shawn and in the side headlock again gets taken over, Jericho goes for the legscissors out but Michaels has the presence of mind to have it scouted and block that escape route by Chris Jericho.

Awesome veteran instinct by Michaels, I really love something so small in the match just as that, as Michaels had reversed this earlier on Jericho, this time Jericho uses it as a force of defence, no, Michaels has it scouted this time, so into the side headlock Jericho does NOT get out with a legscissors because Shawn Michaels knows how to block that counterhold.

Unbelievable chain-sequence and logic.

Great stuff.

Shawn Michaels is rolled over by Chris Jericho on the mat in a pinning combination but Michaels regains the headlock. Where have I seen this before is what I want to know.
It was Wrestlemania 12, Hart had the headlock on Shawn and Shawn kept getting roll attempts at a pin, back first on the mat. Here Michaels is in the role Bret was in, Hart must of taught Shawn a thing or two.

Out of the side headlock Chris Jericho runs at Michaels dropping him with a rough shoulder block. Michaels leapfrogged Jericho, ducked then went to leap but Chris Jericho stopped and slapped Michaels. Shawn slapped back and elevated Chris over the top rope to the floor by his hair and the crowd loved it.

With Jericho outside Michaels charged off the ropes dropping Chris Jericho with a baseball slide. Chris Jericho thrown back in the ring and Michaels lands a high crossbody and a kickout. Michaels off the ropes catches a spinning heel kick by Jericho.

Jericho irishwhipped Shawn hard to the corner putting pressure on his injured lowerback that kept him out of action. Logical moved by Jericho.

Shawn catches a break as Chris Jericho was going for a running bulldog, Michaels dropped and sent Jericho flying into the ringpost.

In mid-ring Shawn Michaels slaps on a figure-four leglock on Chris Jericho. This was a weardown move Michaels needed on an aerial great like Jericho. Michaels right back to work on the left leg dropping it to the mat.

Michaels set the formation of another leglock to tork the injured leg but Chris Jericho with his good leg kicked Shawn directly into the ring post. Chris Jericho threw Shawn over the rope but he skinned the cat and elevated Jericho outside of the ring all at the same time!
Michaels was not done. He sprung himself over the top rope onto Jericho on the floor.

Unbelievable stuff.

Hard righthands met Chris Jericho by Shawn Michaels, all of the sudden when Michaels went for a dropkick on the outside Chris Jericho slapped on the Walls on the floor. The count was on so Jericho had to break the count but the damage had been done.

Michaels earlier had taken it all seemingly out of Jericho and his legs, Jericho now locked on the Walls for seven seconds on the floor taking it out of Michaels. Chris Jericho was not done. He drove Shawn and his injured lower spine into the ringpost.
Awesome work by Chris Jericho who goes into the ring and poses to a mixed reaction. Jericho feeling cocky dances around. Chris Jericho tossed Shawn coming back in off with a springboard dropkick.

If this was not the prime of Chris Jericho, I would be shocked. He was on his game. Chris Jericho dragged Michaels back in and dropped him with a back suplex. Chris slapped at Michaels claiming he was better then him. A long standing vertical suplex from Jericho to Michaels and Shawn had JUST enough to kick out.

Jericho kept on his man in perfect form applying the backbreaker to an already injured back.


Brilliant psychology all match long.

Jericho does his usual COME ON BABY while pinning and of course gets a two that way. To slow Michaels down, he wears him down with a reverse chinlock.
Seattle gets behind the Showstopper but Chris Jericho has been in complete control, does HBK have anything left. Shawn battles out with a hard forehand then another to the abodmen until Chris Jericho rakes his eyes. Off the ropes Jericho is planted head first by

Shawn Michaels with a ddt.

This move by Shawn out desperation catches him a breather and a break. Both men down to answer the ten count and in dramatic fashion they do. Once up Chris Jericho catches a shot by Michaels, a slugfest breaks out as both men dish out punishment but it is Chris


Jericho who flies off with a flying forearm.

Then to mock Michaels he kicks up, as some of the crowd cheer. Chris Jericho poses, HBK kicks up behind him and drops right hands to Jericho and he hits a forearm. Michaels kicks up again, an inverted atomic drop to Jericho, then a backbody drop.
Shawn feeding off the crowd despite a bad back.

Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania so catches Chris Jericho coming in with a boot, Michaels climbs up for a moonsault and got a two count. Shawn jumps over Jericho on the ropes with a roll-up, Chris Jericho tried a cradle, both guys roll each other up for some exciting unique pinning combinations and now Chris Jericho has the Walls but Michaels with his leg strength shoots him off.

A standing switch from Jericho to Michaels as he hits a Northern Light Suplex and a nearfall, the strength of Shawn bridges up and out. What power. Chris Jericho lands a clothesline off the ropes.

Incredible climax.

Shawn Michaels gets to his feet and Jericho attempts a running bulldog and this time he hits it. Jericho lands on Michaels with a Lionsault off the ropes springboarding back. Jericho gets a two as Michaels stil has it in him.

Shawn hit by a chop but off the ropes he kicks Jericho. Shawn then went for a headscissors but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho! Some cheer as Jericho has Shawn and his lowerback right where he wanted them, and in mid-ring to boot!

All that was left was for Shawn to tap! Michaels desperately got to the bottom rope in time as the fans cheered. Chris Jericho goes to slap it on in mid-ring yet again but Michaels countered it with an inside cradle out of desperation and he got a two.
Jericho then to further injure the back of Michaels he goes for a double underhook suplex into a backbreaker.


Jericho up high takes his time and Michaels is on the receiving end of a reverse elbow shot. Jericho in the corner of the ring starts to tune up the band.

Chris hits it! Nearfall. An angry Chris Jericho dishes out blows and elbows to Michaels and throws him to the corner, Michaels comes flying off with a crossbody on Jericho and he gets a two. Shawn back up bruised brawling with Chris, Shawn now attempts perhaps the Walls as he has Chris up but he catapolted him up to the corner and Michaels got a two, STILL Chris Jericho kicked out.

Chris Jericho with more hard forearm shots to the bruised lowerback. Jericho set up Michaels up high on the top turnbuckle meanwhile throwing out hard forearm shots to his bad lowerback. From the top, SOMEHOW Michaels was able to counter in mid-air with a crossbody!

Both men down.

Shawn Michaels goes to slowly climb to the top bad back and all. Shawn Michaels goes for an elbow drop but Chris Jericho kicked the official into the ropes making the official fall. Jericho acted as if he was innocent. Jericho meets Shawn up high for a Superples attempt but Michaels sends Jericho flying face first on the mat.

Shawn Michaels NOW can go for his elbow drop from the top and he hits it. Shawn Michaels can feel it now. Shawn goes to tune the band in the corner of the ring, as Chris Jericho gets up Shawn Michaels misses and Jericho catches him as he reversed it into the Walls of Jericho!

Twist after Twist, Swerve after Swerve. Oh yeah, the match is also GREAT.
Chris Jericho keeps the Walls locked on in a bad way, squeezing all of Michaels had. Somehow Shawn found a way to grab the bottom rope and Chris Jericho is in disbelief. Jericho argued with the official which is textbook storytelling allowing the Babyface to come back and he does.
Shawn hits an out of no where Superkick and both men are down on the mat. Michaels kicks out! Shawn reverse irishwhipped to the corner and he flips upside down and lands on his feet rolling back in. Jericho with another forearm shot and he goes to suplex Michaels up he lands on his feet again, this time Michaels rolls him up for the three count!

In the end at 22:33, Michaels was the winner after he put Jericho away with a roll-up. All is right in Seattle.

I always thought Jericho should of definitely have gone over here. However despite who won and who lost, one can’t ignore the workrate and delivery this match brought to the table. Magnificent.

To keep his COOL after the match, Jericho went in for a shake with Michaels, turned it into a hug, then a lowblow to the groin of Michaels.

The Jerichomarks in Seattle were at least, happy with THAT result.
This is without a doubt, one of the greatest matches of all time.

I was in absolute awe the first time I saw it, and despite me not even knowing I’d be in for a treat with Michaels back at Mania.

These two together still blew me away and while they had tremendous matches five years later in 2008, not one of them could match this classic.

In my opinion the second best match in the career of one Chris Jericho. A strong argument could be made for his very best.

It was the fact both wrestler’s styles complimented each other perfectly, they balanced the story-telling with the wrestling, and the brawling absolutely perfect here.

I put this in my top 30 matches of all time. This has been on many dvd`s and rightfully so, even though Jericho had other great matches it was essential to include this matchon this DVD.

The match of the night if not year, and a defining Cassic in the history of Wrestlemania…

**** 3/4





14) WWE Championship You’re Fired Match
Chris Jericho vs John Cena (c) -WWE RAW August 22, 2005


Okay so the loser is fired. Most knew Jericho would lose to take time off and sing.

Cena had a pretty big fan base here, this was about the time where me and many, many others started getting tired of Cena.

Jericho still had his supporters here.

A stare-down by Jericho and Cena and Cena levelled Jericho sending him to the corner. A hiplock by Cena and then he went to the ropes and Bischoff held him by the ropes. Jericho choked out Cena in the corner of the ring.

Jericho charged ast Cena but he ended up eating some ring post.

Bischoff is all pro-Jericho as they tried to re-create the whole Austin-McMahon thing with Cena and Bischoff. When will the company learn that when they try and re-create things (NWO, DX, CENA-BISCHOFF) It DOES NOT WORK.

For crying out loud.

Commercial break, great.

So far this match has been boring as all hell. Cena was slapped during the break and now we got a great reverse chinlock by Jericho, until it is interupted by a back suplex by Cena. Jericho with high kicks to Cena and now he goes up top and gets to four before he is pushed off and his sliding baseball kick to Cena fails.

Y2J was even called Y2 Cheap by Cena a week or two before this match proving just why fans turned on Cena. I remember my brother and father thinking that was one of the worst insults ever, and they weren’t even PG then. Of course my father and brother only watched during the Austin-Rock era (Or Hogan-Macho) like the rest of the world.

Cena hits some offensive moves inbetween Jericho’s offense. Jericho clotheslines Cena in the corner.

Cena sends Jericho face first to the canvas blocking a bulldog and Cena from the top misses a a flying crossbody. Bischoff wanting Jericho to capitalize on this. Jericho dropped an elbow on Cena.

Lets go Jericho is now chanted as loud as Lets go Cena. Cena ducked a clothesline and hit a shoulder block and a running clothesline. Cena runs into a boot from Jericho and now a back suplex is countered into an FU attempt but Jericho turns a cradle into the Walls of Jericho. Cena can’t get to the ropes in time.

Cena made it to the ropes. Jericho argues with the official. Cena’s back gave out on him but he still hits the Attitude Adjustment or FU back then on Jericho. Cena doesen’t have enough right now to go for the three as his back was still hurting. He slowly makes his way over to Jericho who was very close to the ropes. Bischoff put Jericho’s leg on the rope.

Jericho given brass knucks and Cena is hit with them. Cena is down and Jericho covers him but Cena kicked out. This is what people didn’t like about Super Cena.

It was pretty clear by this point. Cena does his hulking up version as Jericho could not keep him down and was catapolted into Bischoff.

FU by Cena to Jericho barely with his back and he wins the match at a tv time of 13 minutes.

Okay, this one got better as it went but the first half was horrid.








RAW November 19, 2007


-An obvious return but with 2007 lacking in the main event scene and with the whole Benoit tragedy close by there was serious need for some fresh faces.

A return segment that tried to re-capture the magic of his debut. While it was good to see him back, nothing could top or even come close to touching the original.




15) Intercontinental Championship Match- Y2J Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy (c) WWE Raw March 10th, 2008

Chris Jericho going for the IC title. As of this writing he holds the all time record of nine title reigns. He came into this match with 7 which was still the record at this point. So if he won here it’d be his record 8th.

This match took place before Money in the Bank 4 at Wrestlemania 24, arguably the best MITB match yet.

Jericho and Hardy got it on during the Highlight Reel the week before.

Both these guys popular with the crowd. Jericho the tweener of sorts.

Crowd is split. I remember an opening PPV match these two had at No Way Out 2003 in Montreal and I highly enjoyed that match. Great crowd and great booking made that one epic.

This will be different as it’s a tv match.

Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy with back and forth shots. Some physical shots from Jericho and now Hardy drops both legs and got a nearfall. Jericho clotheslines Hardy over the top rope to the floor. Jeff takes Jericho to the floor on the outside.

Hardy climbs the barricade looking to clothesline Jericho but he slams him into the barricade.

Y2J chants are heard.

Chris Jericho in complete control now obviously and he brings himself over the ropes with a splash and a two count. Chris Jericho hears the Hardy chants and he slams Jeff to the mat. Jeff takes down Chris and then hit a twist of fate and got a two. Jericho hit a northern light suplex and got a long two with a bridge.

Pinning combinations and Jeff missed Jericho on the mat flipping backwards. Jericho from up top hit a crossbody and Jericho slams Hardy with a twist of fate and a Lionsault but Jeff kicks out. Jericho is frustrated.

Hardy know goes for a suplex and it’s blocked.

Jericho puts Hardy in the Walls of Jericho.


Hardy counters and gets a two on the inside cradle. A running inziguri followed by the twist of fate. Jeff missed the Swanton Bomb and Jericho is back up and hits the code breaker. Jericho wins his eighth IC title at the tv time of 8 minutes.

Very good flow here. Great tv match.







16) Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs Shawn Michaels -WWE No Mercy October 5, 2008

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho both have a history of amazing matches.
No one can deny this chemistry both men have together and there styles clash wonderfully.
Wrestlemania X9 saw one of the best matches in the history of Wrestling, and since then we got a quality Raw match in 2003, and a few good matches in the year 2008 between them but none better then the one at Judgment Day on the night of this event.
Will this match be better then the Judgment Day bout was the question, could they perhaps one up that one is what everyone wondered.
The stage was set, the World Title was on the line, and the match was in the Main Event of this PPV. A perfect fit for this Jericho DVD.

The only thing to set the stage better would be to add a stipulation that suited both men, A LADDER MATCH.

Chris Jericho wrestled in what I consider to be the greatest Ladder match of all time with Chris Benoit at the 2001 Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels competed in the next best Ladder Matches as I find both of his matches with Scott Hall near five stars.
Add these ingredients together and we should get something special. You could say these two are the KINGS of the Ladder match, perhaps Edge is the only other guy as good as them.

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho began the match as the two tied up after a staredown and everyone waited in anticipation of what was to come. Shawn started with the basics into a side headlock and then a switch into an go-behind armbar, Jericho countered with the same till Shawn hit the elbow to Jericho, ran off the ropes with a shoulder block, ducked a clothesline and went for Sweet Chin Music early but Jericho avoided it. Shawn chopped Jericho hard in the corner of the ring and irishwhipped him but as he charged to the post Shawn hit his shoulder.

Y2J immediately targetted Shawn’s shoulder after hitting the post with forearm shots and then Jericho hit a back suplex and then Shawn bridged out of a pinning combination on the backslide, both men to there feet and Y2J hit some right hands to HBK and clotheslined him over the top rope. Jericho then with a springboard as he kicked off the top rope and knocked HBK off the ring apron with a shoulder block in mid-air, nicely done!

The start of this match was nicely executed.

I love Jericho also toying with Shawn slapping him, until HBK came up with innovative offense as he jumped off the ladder in the entrance way onto Jericho which bought him time. Eventually Jericho got back up and irishwhipped HBK’s bad shoulder into the ring post. Jericho picked up the ladder but Shawn hit a drop toehold outside the ring and Y2J landed face first into the ladder. Michaels grabebd the Ladder but Jericho grabbed him by the legs and applied the Walls of Jericho on Shawn in the entrance way.

The pace was pretty good here and I liked the two doing big moves even if it was the start of the match, it made sense, all of it. Shawn then blasted the Ladder into the face of Jericho as he walked towards the ropes where half of the ladder was planted on the ropes and Shawn pushed it down so it met Jericho’s face. Back in the ring HBK set up a BIG ladder in the center of the ring.

Shawn Michaels made a first attempt to climb the Ladder and Jericho had a cut on his lower lip. Jericho looked at Shawn in disgust and picked him up on his shoulders, that’s a nice way of taking your opponent off the ladder!

Shawn obvioussly didn’t like being on his shoulders so he turned around and started throwing shots at Chris Jericho. Shawn with a sunset flip but Jericho reversed it into a Walls of Jericho attempt but he ended up catapolting Shawn onto the Ladder and he landed! Shawn landed on the ladder and climbed until Jericho knocked Shawn Michaels off the Ladder with a desperate push and the Ladder fell over. A bloodied Jericho picked up the HUGE Ladder and rammed it into the ribs of Michaels. Jericho then slammed the Ladder on the lower back of Shawn, which we all know is in bad shape.

Jericho grabbed another Ladder and placed it in the corner of the ring. Jericho hit Shawn with some brutal shots and went to irishwhip Shawn into the corner of the ladder but it was reversed and he ended up throwing Shawn into the corner where he’d do the usual flip upside down and back up.

One spot in paticular here is great. I love how it was done.

What happened here was Shawn threw Jericho into the Ladder in the corner after he was going for the running bulldog and Jericho hooked his leg inside the ladder and held on. Shawn then threw the Ladder back to the canvas and it applied pressure on Jericho’s leg.

Shawn then lifted up Jericho’s bad left leg and dropped it onto the ladder that was placed horizontal in the corner of the ring.

Great psychology by the challenger here because if you take the leg out of Jericho he can’t climb the ladder.

Shawn followed it up with a figure four to the injured knee.
Jericho does something absolutely awesome here.

With his GOOD LEG Jericho kicks the ladder placed horizontal on the ropes and it hit Shawn right in the face. Great stuff. Jericho planted Shawn with the Ladder in the face again as he limped up to his feet. Shawn had an injured back and face, and Jericho with a bad leg limped around throwing Ladder’s around. Jericho had the goal of not only winning but ending Shawn’s career and you could really feel that here which is why this is so great.
Shawn was placed in the middle off the Ladder. Shawn’s head was smacked with the top of the Ladder as his head was inbetween the top and bottom of the weapon and that looked brtual, again this was nicely executed by both men.

Solid material throughout the match. Jericho made HIS first attempt climbing the Ladder but then the injured knee slowed him down and Michaels was able to push him off but just barely. Jericho landed on his feet and then kicked at Shawn and then placed the Ladder horizontal in the corner of the ring. Jericho hit a right hand to Shawn Michaels in the corner of the ring and was about to send him face first into the Ladder, but as he was sending him into the Ladder, Chris Jericho was thrown onto the Ladder and him and the Ladder went outside the ring together!

The tension built as Shawn was alone in the ring with a Ladder but he instead tossed it over the top onto Jericho on the outside because he ALSO was dedicated to destroying his opponent rather then winning the gold. It seemed that was Michaels first choice, to hurt Jericho over taking the gold which proved how much hatred there was in the feud, it seemd like the World title was merely for bragging rights from HBK’s standpoint, where as for Jericho it was his life.

Micheal Cole was strangely quiet during this bout which about its only flaw.
Shawn set up a Ladder outside the ring now. Michaels with a small Ladder hit the back of the Champion three times!

Shawn then removed the TV monitor’s which got a good pop as those spots always tend to. Shawn threw Jericho on top of the table and pounded on his back and then with him placed Shawn climbed the Ladder. Shawn Michaels went for a big spot here but Jericho started to get up. Jericho delivered a shot to Michaels sore back and then from the top of the Ladder Jericho went for a back suplex but Shawn sort of reversed it in mid-air landing on Jericho with a crossbody and both guys go through the table!

One of those good spots in Ladder matches! Did the damage to both men here as they were both down.

Shawn Michaels realistically should be the first person up after that exchange and he was as Michaels with a sore back crawled towards the ring. Jericho slowly got up by the broken table. Shawn Michaels placed a Ladder in the corner of the ring and Shawn climbed up and Jericho dropkicked him. Jericho climbed the Ladder and remembered to sell the leg. Jericho from up high in the corner had Shawn on the other side of a ladder and tried a Superplex off of a Ladder. Shawn though simply pushed Jericho backwards face first while he held the Ladder.

Chris did place the Ladder on him which isn’t the best thing for the camera’s to show us. In a way you might say he was trying to hurt Shawn with it if he landed on it and that’s exactly what happened as he dropped the elbow, King wonders what Michaels was thinking. Shawn feeling beaten in the corner sdtomped on the canvas slowly and Jericho held up a Ladder. While Shawn went for Sweet Chin music, Jericho hit Shawn face first with the Ladder. Jericho has chipped a tooth in this match to boot.

Jericho hit a Lionsault on the Steel Ladder onto the ribs of Jericho. Chris looked vicious as he has ever looked and grabbed a Giant Ladder. Jericho set it up over Shawn which pinned him down. Jericho went to climb to the top but Michaels held his leg and then Y2J escaped to the top. All of the sudden Shawn from under the Ladder kicked Jericho off the top of the Giant Ladder all the way to the outside of the ring landing on the mat on top of concrete. He did a flip upon landing, but it had to hurt his already hurt leg. Apparently the WWE Universe is rooting Shawn on here but yeah, he did get chants.

Shawn set up the Ladder in the middle of the ring. Shawn went to grab the gold and Jericho crawled with all he had and pushed Shawn off the Ladder into the ropes and he fell backwards with his legs holding onto the middle ropes. Jericho set up the Ladder in the middle of the ring again. Jericho was barely able to climb ovcioussly and King pointed that out wisely. A race to the top!

Jericho and Michaels both on top, great spot!

Jericho’s buddy Lance Cade came in the ring and he tried to get Shawn off the Ladder, eventually he did and he got a Sweet Chin Music.
Shawn climbed to the top and both men grabbed onto the title.

Shawn Michaels and Jericho traded blows while they both held onto one half of the title.
An original climax here.

This is dramatic excellence.

Jericho ended up pushing Shawn off with a headbutt.

In the end Jericho climbed the ladder and got the belt at 22:20 after he pushed Shawn off and got the belt.

What a war!

This was an awesome match here. One of the better Ladder matches I’ve ever seen.

I really liked the beginning, the middle spot consisted of some great spots with the Ladder inside the ring and of course the big table bump. I liked the Jericho bump and this was more then just a spotfest due to the psychology by both men in the match. They also played to there feud with certain injuries which was logical.
Taking into account all things this was fantastic from the start. A great way to end the show.
A match to be remembered.





17) No Holds Barred Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio -WWE Extreme Rules June 7, 2009

Just a few weeks before this match at Judgment Day, these two went at in a borderline classic.

We are shown Jericho attacking Rey in brilliant fashion from the crowd posing as one of Rey’s fans.

Chris Jericho cuts a hilarious promo on the way to the ring from the Merchandise area where he runs down Mysterio and his fans once more.

Just when you think Jericho is out of tricks he pulls out something new, even if he is repeating some of the same material. It’s all golden and the best thing going in the entire company around this time so who would be one to complain.

Mysterio comes out and puts a Mask on a fan in the entrance way.

Rey Mysterio straight away took down Jericho unloading rights and then a kick to the face on the outside. Rey Mysterio slams Jericho head first into the announce table. Mysterio with the top of the announce table crashes it into Jericho. A high kick to the head of


Jericho followed by slamming him into the barricade. While Rey Mysterio took his time to get to Chris Jericho he kicked him in the chest and slammed him head first into the barricade. Jericho went to throw Rey into the steps and he bounces off them landing on his feet, followed by dropkicking the steps into Jericho.

Rey Mysterio with another kick to Chris before sending Jericho in the Steel Steps. Rey Mysterio dragged Jericho and he slammed him back first into the barricade. Rey from the apron hit a hurricanrauna from the top apron on the floor.
Rey springboards into the ring with a legdrop on Jericho scoring him a two. Jericho catches Rey getting up and he dropped Rey Mysterio on his abdomen over the top ropes and he crashes inside the ring.

Chris Jericho kicks at Rey Mysterio and then elevated him up.

Chris Jericho from inside the ring had ahold of Rey and stretched his legs back meanwhile Mysterio hung into the middle rope trying to leverage out of this predicament.

Chris Jericho in his “comfort zone” and went for a nearfall. Small Y2J chants broke out while Jericho choked out Rey Mysterio in the corner of the ring. Jericho irishwhipped Rey to the corner and he bounced off attempting a headscissors on Jericho but he pushed him off the top turnbuckle and he landed on the apron.

Jericho elevated himself off one side of the ring looking for a springboard dropkick but Rey Mysterio countered in mid-air dropkicking Jericho in the chest as he fell to the floor. Mysterio with a modified version of the 619 to Jericho sending him outside the ring. Rey with a high crossbody to Jericho onto the floor from up high.

Great action here.

Chris Jericho catches a flying legdrop inside the ring by Rey Mysterio and shoulders were down once more but Jericho kicks out. Jericho sent Rey to the ropes and he spins him around sending him to the ropes, Rey attempted a 619 but Jericho moves out of the way.
Jericho picked up Rey and he delivered back hard kicks to Jericho and Rey gets a boot up high on Jericho charging at him in the corner. Rey with an inside cradle on Jericho, Rey Mysterio then gets caught in a pinning predicament from Jericho who applies a cradle and Rey gets out. Jericho kept attempting to slap on the Walls but Rey hit another inside cradle and a two.

Rey Mysterio lands a stiff kick to the head of Jericho and this also gets him a two.
Chris Jericho out of desperation hits a baseball slide dropkick into Rey and this got him a two count. Jericho tried to slow it down for the moment landing hard right hands to the head and MASK of Rey. Jericho tossed Rey Mysterio out of the ring on his stomach sliding across the canvas to the floor. Jericho posed in the ring to a chorus of boo’s.
Jericho left the ring to attent to Rey and with his head in his hand Jericho landed a hard forearm shot to the head of Mysterio. Jericho with a front facelock to Rey and then dropped him on his abdomen on the floor outside the ring. Jericho rolled Rey back in and he got a two count. Jericho slaps on a weardown hold in a formation of a rear chinlock.
Chris Jericho then attempted to expose Rey’s mask but Rey landed some high kicks to the head of Jericho behind him showing great flexibility. Jericho crawled as did Rey and both men to there feet now, Jericho charges at Rey and he moves out of the way just in time. Jericho crashed shoulder first into the post. Rey Mysterio came charging at Chris off the ropes and Mysterio hit a suicide dive onto Jericho with a crossbody through the ropes onto the floor.

Back in the ring Mysterio hit a headscissors counter on Jericho followed by a hurricanrana into a two count. Rey Mysterio off the ropes held onto the top for leverage and ducked below Chris attempting a 619, and as he charged at him Jericho caught Rey in mid-air and landed a back breaker in awesome fashion. Just like at Judgment Day the audience cheer this unique counter move by Jericho.

Jericho lands a back slam to Rey as he went for a headscissors. Jericho attempts a lionsault and misses, Rey hit a 619 to the back of Jericho and now Rey attempted his final splash but Jericho countered it with a codebreaker.

Jericho about to gain the IC title for the 9th time was shocked to find out Rey Mysterio had kicked out. Jericho grabbed a chair and smacked the steel steps. Jericho with a chair in hand caught a dropkick by Mysterio which lands right in Jericho’s face eating the chair. Mysterio with a cover and Jericho kicks out.

Rey now with the chair in hand drops it on Chris below his legs with a double legdrop onto a chair to Chris, and he still kicks out.

Amazing pace, smarter booking.

Jericho kicks the abdomen of Rey and then Rey Mysterio hits a droptoe hold into Jericho into the chair in the corner. Rey springboarded off a chair in the middle of the ring and Jericho caught him in the air and applied the Walls of Jericho.

Rey Mysterio grabbed ahold of the Chair was able to spin around landing a hard chair shot into the head of Jericho.

Rey now with Jericho in position went for a 619 and Jericho took off his mask in the process and with this shocking Rey, Jericho got the three on an inside cradle.

In the end at 14:46 Jericho became the NEW IC Champion after beating Rey Mysterio in memorable fashion.

A perfect blend of storytelling, action and excitement.

Jericho breaks his own record by becoming the IC Champion for the record ninth time.

An Extreme Intercontinental Championship victory as Ross calls it.

This Classic match was incredible, infact its the best I’ve seen from Pro-Wrestling in 2009.



**** 1/2






18) Non-Title Match
Chris Jericho vs Undertaker -WWE SmackDown! November 13th, 2009


I always wanted a program with Benoit and Taker, or Eddie and Taker. Both men passed

efore that was possible so now I wanted a Jericho-Undertaker program.

While this was not huge at least it was something and a TV match at that.


Here we go from the UK. Jericho was a co-member of the Unified tag team champions at the time with the Big Show.

Striker on commentary which is always good, Grisham is with him.

Undertaker slams Jericho into the buckle then tosses him to the outside floor. Jericho has his fans but The Undertaker is one of the most popular ever so he has the fans on his side. Taker drives his leg onto the throat of Jericho and he rolls back in the ring.

Undertaker with an arm-ringer to Y2J and then he goes to the top rope for some Old School. Chris Jericho had it scouted and threw him down to the mat.

Commercial break.

Jericho takes it to Taker choking him out with his boot in the corner.

I got a kick out of what both guys said pre-match. Taker wants Jericho’s soul. Same thing he says about everybody he is about to feud with.

Jericho says for two decades the Undertaker has been lying to these parasites (WWE Universe) just so much comedic gold.

Jericho kicked Undertaker in the gut and he falls to the outside.

Striker says no one has taken it to Taker like this. They said the same thing about Mankind, Gonzalez, Kane, Sid, Diesel, Batista, Big Show, it’s kind of redundant.

The Grisham tells us Jericho beat Austin and Rock in the same night as if Y2J hasn’t told us enough. Ugh that those two details came back to back.

Jericho traded punches with the WWE’s best pure striker. Jericho threw some shots at Taker but he goes for a last ride, Undertaker is hit with a Codebreaker instead and Undertaker kicks out.

These two together could put on a Wrestlemania main event in my opinion, he then taunted Taker with the throat slash then attempted a tombstone. A lionsault to Taker and he takes his time to go for a pin and Taker sits up and he goes for a Tombstone. Jericho then goes for the Walls in a unique counter!


Jericho locks it in on the Deadman.

Out of the move at just under a tv time of ten minutes Undertaker makes Jericho tap with hells gate.

Awesome to finally see these two all time greats get it on in the ring. I would still like a a 25 minute PPV match one day.



*** 1/4




19) World Heavyweight Championship Match -Y2J Chris Jericho (c) vs Edge WrestleMania XXVI March 28, 2010


?Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear, Spear

Anyways this was the obvious and logical feud for Mania after Edge got injured in July of 2009 when both were the tag champs. As soon as Jericho cut a promo ripping on Edge you knew they would perhaps lock it up at some point, possibly Mania.

Edge in the early going here looking for his tenth world championship reign, goes for a spear but Y2J thankfully has it scouted.

Because lets be honest, Edge does not deserve to be a ten time WWE Champion.

Striker on commentary pointing out both these men are Canadian’s and they know each others styles well. Chris Jericho sends Edge to the outside of the ring.

Jericho leans back choking out Edge on the canvas as his throat got caught on the bottom rope. Chris Jericho hooks the leg and then slaps on a sleeper. Edge regains some lost momentum knocking Jericho off the apron into the announce table. Edge takes Jericho down on the mat. Edge throws Jericho back in the ring. Edge is stopped on the top rope and Jericho and Edge go back and forth,

Chris tried for the Walls, but Edge rolled back countering Chris Jericho’s hold and Lawler wisely points out it took a ton out of Edge to do that with his current leg-strength due to his injury.

Jericho went for the codebreaker. Edge stalks him in the corner and begins to pull his hair and signal for the spear, Jericho counters into a roll-up into the Walls. Jericho locks it in on Edge.

Edge gets a small package out of nothing, and a nearfall. Edge counters a Lionsault and both men kick out.

A spot for spot match with no real story thus far, Lawler calls it great, I wouldn’t really agree but to each their own.

Jericho went for a running bulldog but Edge hits a ddt and Y2J still kicks out.

Edge runs towards Jericho and Chris from up top hits a forearm to the back of the head of Edge. Chris Jericho now stalking Edge for the spear. Edge hits a boot to the head of Jericho.

Edge now limping to the corner wants to hit the Spear. Jericho slowly rises up and Edge charges up to Jericho but he hit the codebreaker.

Chris Jericho takes out the injured leg of Edge. Edge battles back but Jericho goes for the walls. Edge tried to get to the ropes but now Jericho with a single leg crab. Jericho couldn’t get Edge to tap because he finally grabbed the bottom rope, some noticeable boo’s. Edge rolls up Jericho and he kicks out. Jericho hit with a clothesline taking both men over the top to the outside.

Jericho grabbed his title belt but Edge slams Jericho headfirst into the apron. Edge elbows the official by accident. Jericho hit him in the head with a title. Jericho goes to pin Edge but he kicked out. Jericho hits a codebreaker!

In the end Jericho retained the title at 15:48.


Other then Jericho targeting the legs of Edge I would of liked a better story and action throughout. The first half was amazingly boring and the second half was just the two kicking out of the other man’s spots.
Still, they got the winner right. A logical choice to end the DVD with Jericho retaining a World Title belt at the most recent Wrestlemania.


** 1/2






Final Rating for “Chris Jericho: Breaking the Code- Behind the Walls” (3 Disc) Review = 8/10


Outside of the obvious lack of Chris Benoit which hurt the match selection this set was pretty much as good as it could of been. A great documentary, perhaps I would of liked a bit more of Jericho in WCW and early WWF but I understand why they skipped most of that, again it is because of the other Canadian Chris. The one thing missing that really gets to me is the five star classic he had with Triple H from Fully Loaded 2000. I can’t get over that but everything else is fine. The moments, matches, fun extras and interesting stories make this set very entertaining and it was long overdue. Jericho is a top end talent and a great overall entertainer. This set shows you exactly why. A great DVD.

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  1. m.blier says:

    c.jericho always delivers a great wrestling matche.the 08 no mercy ladder matche with s.micheals is a perfect example.

  2. Efrain says:

    I enjoyed the hell out of Edge/Jericho from WM XXVI. It had INCREDIBLE psycology and was an amazing match. While I disagree with that particular rating this was still a great review.

  3. Rob L says:

    Chris Jericho is my all time favorite wrestler so I was very excited when I first heard the news of his DVD coming out. I picked it up and watched the entire thing the day it was released. This is one of the best DVD’s WWE has ever produced. Loved the documentary, good match selection, and some very funny extras were included. My only complaint was match selection I guess. I would have liked to see some more stuff from his WCW days and would have loved to see some matches with Benoit. One match in particular was the Brian Hildebrand tribute show main event where Chris and Eddie teamed up against Benoit and Malenko. Anyway, top 5 DVD’s of all time for me. Loved this set!

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for the comment, to each his own, I think it is one of the most underrated wrestling matches ever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jericho Vs Guerreo match in WCW I watched it yesterday in my opininon it should be no where near that rating but great detailed review as always