World Exclusive: WWE DX One Last Stand DVD Review & Screenshots

March 20, 2011 by Daniel Bee

Many collectors seem unhappy DX is getting another WWE DVD (their third), which we know is happening because it will no doubt be a top seller, but let’s now take a look at what One Last Stand brings to the table. It’s incoming on both DVD & Blu-ray.


Putting the band back together…

The feature begins with an “army like” intro showing a history of DX – beginnings, 2006 run, then on to last incarnation. The second part to this is new footage shot for the DVD of Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a tank (that used in the trailers) talking about Undertaker beating them both, amongst other stuff. Can’t deny their chemistry on screen.

It kicks off with Triple H going to find Shawn Michaels when he’s working as a chef, spotting him yelling at a little girl. Nice “summerfest” gag in there from when one of the guest hosts botched the name of SummerSlam. As you probably remember HBK ends up super kicking his boss and the girl! Seems to miss out the segment where a fire ensued in the kitchen but still entertaining. We get the segment of DX arriving to Raw in a limo, walking through the backstage area to make their entrance. The first promo back is shown in full, where Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes beat down DX to begin their feud. At the time I remember thinking this was a cool and unexpected way to do it, having DX compromised their first night back.

Altering a Legacy…

It shows DX taking over the opening video to SummerSlam 2009 then on to their match at the event with Legacy, including their impressive looking entrance and tank. The matches on this set are in full by the way, with video packages in between, so it’s not a documentary style piece on DX. I enjoyed this long back and forth match which made both teams look strong.

Back to the new footage of HBK & Trips fooling around in the tank and now they talk about Vegas, essentially introducing the next clip which is the in ring promo from Raw celebrating Vince McMahon’s birthday. This was pretty funny so it’s nice to own on DVD, and it’s in full. After this we see three backstage promos with DX and Dusty Rhodes talking about WCW moments and reenacting Shockmaster’s infamous debut. Again good to see.

Next match on the set is DX vs Randy Orton & Chris Masters from Raw. This was a fun tag match, nothing spectacular but good. The connection was Orton being Legacy’s leader and as expected they got involved at the end which ends up as a backstage brawl going into the Hell in a Cell PPV. Next up, DX vs Legacy in HIAC which has a unique twist as Rhodes/DiBiase attack DX before the match starts and keep Triple H locked outside of the Cell, until DX turns the tables and does the same to DiBiase. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

That’s it for Disc 1, except a special feature called “DX Unfiltered“. I thought this would be a random video package but it’s not, it’s backstage footage (4mins) of DX interacting with other superstars like Big Show and Cena, what they do before going through the curtain, rehearsing promos and generally having a good time at work. This is great, never before seen stuff!


DX gets Raw…

Disc 2 kicks off with Shawn Michaels and Triple H continuing to “hunt” in their tank. They talk about Raw guest host Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers being scared of the DX pyro. Now we’re on to the first DX/Jerishow match on the DVD, starting with a match they had on Raw in October 09 (Roethlisberger was hosting and gets involved). This TV match is a great watch.

Next up is a bunch of Raw segments. First when Triple H is alone because Michaels couldn’t attend Raw, so calls him from the ring and then the one where DX has Hornswoggle pegged up backstage. After that it shows the Ozzy Osbourne segment that kicked off Raw when he hosted (from when DX enters onwards) which is quite funny, followed by the DX/Hornswoggle segment from MSG when Triple H pedigrees him (in full). That one is a keeper. Back to DX in the tank and they joke they’ve ran over Hornswoggle with it. Everybody should enjoy that!

Another Raw match now, DX vs The Hart Dynasty, nothing special here really and a very short match. The point here is it began the DX/Jerishow feud for the titles as Y2J cuts his “never been tag champions” promo on them at the end of it. Great to own this. I was very fond of the Chris Jericho/Big Show team and this feud, so these portions of the feature are a nice way of reliving both. We move on to their TLC match now which was an awesome bout in my view. This has DX Christmas “shilling” segments either side of it, then we see the DX vs Jerishow rematch from the “Slammy” Raw after the PPV, which doesn’t happen because of DX getting themself DQ’d to ensure Jericho is forced to leave Raw. A bit pointless but that concludes Disc 2 of the set!


Introducing the mascot…

Disc 3 kicks off with the new footage of Trips and HBK in the tank again, talking about how Hornswoggle gives them the willies. That’s an intro to the “Little People’s Court” segment which I found enjoyable at the time, though most seemed to think it was a waste of time. Each to their own, it was funny to watch again particularly at the end when one “little person” grabs Shawn’s leg from under the ring!

Big Show/Santa segment up next where Jericho’s dressed as Santa trying to get himself back on Raw. Found this funny so not a bad addition to the set. Hornswoggle breaks that up, and DX save him before he gets a beat down and then he’s announced as the “DX Mascot”. After that new footage with DX again with Triple H calling HBK tubby for just sitting home eating since retiring. Then we’re on to a Smackdown match seeing DX vs Hart Dynasty for the titles which is much better than the last one but just seems thrown in for no real reason. That’s followed the segment where HHH tied Hornswoggle to a skateboard. A little bored around about now.

Another pointless match with DX vs Big Show & Chavo Guerrero, but it’s here because Jericho was sitting in the front row and it ended up getting Jerishow their rematch at DX. Theres another promo now and the good thing is things are starting to get a bit more serious with Shawn due to Bret returning and the incoming Taker storyline. Now the Jerishow rematch which is an entertaining battle that could have gone either way, and that puts to rest their feud.

Farewell friend…

Next up is DX’s interactions with Mike Tyson and their match with him and Jericho. Good stuff. After that DX discuss their favourite boxers back in the tank and it moves on to DX’s interactions with other guest hosts. Not so good stuff. The match involving Jon Heder is shown in full including the Rumble hyping segment after it where HHH throws Shawn out of the ring. Nice they included this stuff on the road to WrestleMania 26 which shows the break down of DX since Shawn had his mind on Taker, including the triple threat tag match where Shomiz took the titles.

Now the focus is on the end of the end of Shawn Michaels career and it’s back to the new footage of DX in the tank joking about them both crying in HBK’s farewell speech on Raw. Now for arguably the best part of the set, Shawn Michael’s farewell in full for the first time on DVD/Blu-ray. A fantastic and fitting addition and is always emotional viewing. The feature concludes with DX back in the tank reminicising about HBK’s career and DX over the years and they end up ribbing about being tired of one another after all the years!

The Verdict

Whilst it sometimes felt like I was watching The Best of Raw 2009/2010, One Last Stand has many positives such as all the new HBK/HHH segments in the tank produced for this DVD, the awesome “DX Unfiltered” extra on Disc 1 and Shawn Michael’s farewell speech in it’s entirety.

This DX run wasn’t for everybody but since it was their last it’s definitely special. This is a good look back on it and a few great tag matches (like vs. Jerishow at TLC) did come about as a result of it which is rare these days. Unfortunately there are some matches thrown in that aren’t too special, and the Christmas segments about merchandise don’t serve any purpose on a second watch. You may be put off by lots of Hornswoggle from Disc 2 onwards aswell.

If you have a Blu-ray player, there’s every reason to get that version since all of the footage on here was shot in HD, the BD containing 4 additional matches and a few other bonus materials. DX fans will be very happy with it, casuals get a set with memorable moments aplenty and collectors should take something from it if only the new DX segments and HBK’s farewell.


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  1. Steven says:

    I think this would’ve been better if it was an historical set of DX from the early days till the end. Include the New Age Outlaws and X-pac and Chyna.

  2. nightmare says:

    Does this also have were Shawn is working as a school Line Cook and Triple H tries to get in back and in the end Shawn Super Kick a little girl which I know we don’t see but here her and see the food go flying .

    • Daniel Bee says:

      Did you actually read the review, nightmare? 😕 It says at the start…

      “It kicks off with Triple H going to find Shawn Michaels when he’s working as a chef, spotting him yelling at a little girl. Nice “summerfest” gag in there from when one of the guest hosts botched the name of SummerSlam. As you probably remember HBK ends up super kicking his boss and the girl! Seems to miss out the segment where a fire ensued in the kitchen but still entertaining.”

    • 179 says:

      wat a dumb ass

  3. Steven says:

    Hey Daniel just wonder if you all ever reviewed the first DX dvd and I wonder if its any good. Still think they need to show more DX from 1997-March of 1998 because that was the best DX ever, the Triple Threat HBK, The Game Triple H and Chyna.

  4. Chris says:

    Just got an email from wweshop my whole order has been put on hold as they are out of stock already due to and I quote “unforeseen demand”. Not happy.

  5. Jordan B says:

    @Johnny W I have the exact same problem. I debate on it every time. For the ppvs I buy the bluray because it comes with the both bluray and dvd (but that will probaly stop pretty soon). For the non ppvs I buy the regular dvd format bc it just looks nicer than the bluray. We r in that transition where blurays are taking over.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i dnt understand y u need to buy something on blu ray AND dvd waste of money if u ask me

  7. brit falls says:

    I am a huge DX fan and I will get it and watch the movie and enjoy DX’s final moments!!

  8. nora says:

    why he his brought the dvd he is gone!

  9. Steven says:

    I might pick this up, just wish they will show more DX from the beginning because the DX of 1997 will always be may favorite DX ever.

  10. Johnny W. says:

    As a collector, I struggle when sets other than ordinary PPVs are released on both DVD and Blu-ray. While the Blu-ray is naturally going to be more enjoyable to watch, the DVD is better as far as packaging goes. And as a collector I end up getting the DVD only for this reason alone. The three disc DVD sets are beautifully packaged with fold out artwork, while the Blu-ray comes in its boring old blue case. What do I do? (Without buying both!) Anyone else have this problem?

  11. straightedge47 says:

    each one seems to be shorter than the last, didnt they always use to be about 9 hours? i’ll still be getting it though

  12. CJ says:

    Don’t know why you’d buy both the DVD and Blu Ray, Chris, but OK.

    I’m not getting this myself though.

  13. Chris says:

    Great news that they’re shipping early, I ordered the DVD & BD yesterday along with the Elimination Chamber Combo. I usually would of gone with amazon but I had a 15% off code and money sat in my paypal so WWE got the order.

  14. Rob L says:

    Definitely picking this up. I have to complete my DX dvd collection. WWEshop is already shipping now? Looks like I’m ordering my copy tonight.

  15. Daniel Bee says:

    7 hours if I recall. Seem to be getting shorter lately.

  16. straightedge47 says:

    how long is this dvd?

  17. Daniel Bee says:

    Just a heads up Tim, Silvervision will have it in the UK at the very beginning of April, perhaps even before. This and Nitro appear to be two they are getting out before anywhere else.

    For those in the USA, WWEShop will get it to you first as they are shipping now 2 weeks early.

  18. Tim says:

    Is it just when ordering from they take forever to actually ship items then the shipping (to the UK) takes weeks. I have ordered this from them earlier today (along with some of JRs BBQ products) hopefully I get this before April 5!