Review: WWE “ECW Unreleased Vol. 1” DVD (3 Discs)

June 9, 2012 by Joe Israel

I grew up right outside of Philadelphia, but unfortunately, I didn’t start watching wrestling until 2002 and missed out on the ECW era in Philly.  I still enjoyed countless other independent wrestling shows at the famed ECW Arena (RIP), and they featured a lot of the men who made ECW what it was.  The sights and sounds of ECW will always be important to me, from the beauty(?) of the arena itself, to Joey Styles’ commentary, to ring announcer Bob Artese, to referees Finnigan and Molineaux, to everyone’s favorite ringside fan John “Hat Guy” Bailey, to even that Atlas Security guard who looks identical to Don West.  I often frequented an independent company back in the early 2000’s called 3PW that featured a lot of those same people and many of the wrestlers who were involved in ECW.  And the absolute greatest wrestling night of my life was sitting front row for the “Hardcore Homecoming” event that ran at the ECW Arena the night before One Night Stand.  That all being said, even though I didn’t ever attend an actual ECW show, it still is an important promotion to me.

I know you didn’t come here expecting to read my life history, but I wanted to give some background to explain just where my expectations are any time an ECW compilation set is released.  When I saw the match listing, my excitement went up even a little bit more.  Fortunately, this DVD does not disappoint at all, and is filled with a lot of classic matches that shockingly have not yet been released on a WWE DVD set.  Disc 1 runs about 2 hours, Disc 2 runs about 2 hours 15 minutes, and Disc 3 runs just short of 3 hours. The DVD is rated TV-14.  Some foul language is edited out, and a lot of the original music has been replaced.


“The Land of Extreme”: The Format

This DVD is set up like any other match compilation released by WWE in the past. Joey Styles is, of course, the perfect person to serve as our host for this journey. Although he doesn’t show the same level of outlandish charisma Dusty showed on the Clash DVD, he still comes across as an expert on the subject who can talk about ECW because he lived through it himself. He explains the importance of each match pretty well for those who are coming in with no knowledge of ECW at all. The Tazz/Dreamer match on Disc 3 in particular required a lot of explanation, and Joey does a great job breaking down a fairly confusing situation in a short period of time.  As I’ll say during pretty much any of these match compilations, I wish we could get individual introductions to each match to allow us to know the build-up to the match. On this set in particular, there aren’t any matches that feel like they were filler. Each match clearly had some build-up going into it, and I’ve familiarized myself with ECW enough at this point to piece everything together even without an introduction for every match. For a new fan, though, I think more introductions would be great.

The match breakdown works out pretty nicely for this set. The first disc features matches from 1993 to 1996, the second disc features matches from 1997 to 1998, and the third disc features matches from 1999 to 2001. This works out nicely to be the “early days” of ECW, the “glory days” of ECW, and what I’ll call the “production values era” of ECW. Unlike WCW, the quality of ECW’s product didn’t really go downhill in the dying days of the company.  Although the 3rd disc of this particular set did have the weakest match quality, it’s not by much, and it’s mostly because that disc has a lot of shorter matches.  Therefore, I think you see a lot of consistency across the discs from an in-ring standpoint. Where you most clearly see changes in the product, though, is the changes in production values. Most of the matches on Disc 1 take place at the ECW Arena, and as the company expands, the audiences get bigger, as is seen across Discs 2 and 3. I may be biased, but I’ve always felt that the bigger buildings took something away from ECW. It’s not a big change, though, and you remain consistently entertained across each disc.


“Oh My God!”: The Matches

NWA World Championship: Shane Douglas Vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (Hardcore TV, 8/27/94) – ** 1/2

This match represents one of the bigger moments in the history of professional wrestling, and it’s surprising it hasn’t been released on an ECW set until now. Unfortunately, the match itself isn’t fantastic. Fortunately, the entire post-match segment is included. Douglas nails the promo, and this serves as a great kick-start to the overall set.

Tommy Dreamer Vs. Raven (Hostile City Showdown, 4/15/95) – ***

This match represents the “garbage” matches we saw in the early days of ECW, and also is a good representative for one of ECW’s biggest feuds.  We get a nice pre-match promo from Raven & Stevie Richards, and the match itself is a lot of fun. You don’t see a lot of wrestling holds, but the story they tell is entertaining.  This match also helps show how vital the Philly crowd was to ECW’s early success.

Dean Malenko & 2 Cold Scorpio Vs. Eddy Guerrero & Taz (Heatwave, 7/15/95) – ****

A very strong tag team match between four great talents. These four were all very over with the crowd (especially Guerrero & Malenko), and their styles mesh together well.  Unfortunately, you can’t really understand the pre-match “war of words” between Scorpio and Taz’s manager, Paul E. Dangerously, because the audio at the ECW Arena was so poor. You can’t blame the WWE for this one though, they worked with what they had.

ECW Television Championship: Eddy Guerrero Vs. Dean Malenko (Hardcore TV, 7/28/95) – *** 1/2

A solid match between these two, if not a bit short. Nowhere near the level of the 2-out-of-3 falls farewell match they had, but anytime they got in the ring, you knew you were going to get something good.

Shane Douglas Vs. Cactus Jack (Cyberslam, 2/17/96) – *** 1/2

Another great “brawl” style match that showcased two men vital to the rise of ECW in the mid-90’s.  Foley played a great heel as Cactus Jack in ECW, and it shows in this match.  This match also inspired the infamous Rock/Mankind “I Quit” match in its use of handcuffs and chair shots.  I’m actually surprised this match was included on the set in the “concussion-conscious” world we now live in. The chair shots are really hard to watch.

Chris Jericho Vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (The Doctor is In, 8/3/96) – **** 1/4

A fantastic wrestling match between two great athletes. It’s good to see Scorpio get a strong showing on this DVD, between this match and the aforementioned tag team match. He’s an underrated worker from the early days of ECW. Jericho is his usual great self, and the two men have strong chemistry. Its a close contest, but this may be the best match on the DVD.

ECW Tag Team Championship Tables & Ladders Match: Rob Van Dam & Sabu Vs. The Eliminators (Cyberslam, 2/22/97) – *** 3/4

Speaking of underrated, The Eliminators of Perry Saturn & John Kronus were one of the top tag teams of their era.  The table and ladder spots are well constructed, and once the action really starts to get going, the match becomes a lot of fun.

Sabu Vs. Taz (Barely Legal, 4/13/97) – **** 1/4

Knowing that this match was built up for a year leading to ECW’s first PPV, Barely Legal, you can really feel the “big match” atmosphere. The storytelling in this match is superb. It epitomizes what ECW was best at: combining great wrestling with the hardcore action they became famous for.  The match is given plenty of time to grow, and the finish works nicely.  The DVD also includes the entire post-match segment, which I won’t spoil, but is great.

ECW Championship Match: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Shane Douglas (November to Remember, 11/30/97) – *** 3/4

The only thing I can compare this match to is a more wrestling-based version of the Cena/Lesnar match from Extreme Rules a few months ago. Bigelow looks like a total monster in this match, and even as a heel, Douglas, in front of his hometown crowd, plays the good guy trying to take down this “immovable object”.  It may sound like this can get boring over the course of a 20+ minute match, but it really doesn’t.

ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Rob Van Dam & Sabu Vs. Hayabusa & Jinsei Shinzaki (Heatwave, 8/15/98) – ****

When the matches for this set were first announced, nothing got me more excited than the fact that a Hayabusa match was going to be featured on a WWE DVD. I had seen a few of his matches on old VHS tapes back in the day, and he is very impressive. I wasn’t as familiar with Jinsei Shinzaki, but he also looked great in this match. By this point, RVD had really come into his own as well, and the four men put together a crazy, exciting match.

ECW Television Championship Match: Rob Van Dam Vs. Jerry Lynn (Hardcore TV, 8/15/98) – *** 1/2

Of course, the RVD/Lynn feud was a huge part of ECW, and although this match is not as good as their classic match from Living Dangerously, it still is very good, especially for a TV match.  I had forgotten just how great RVD’s character was in ECW, and this match is a really good showcase for his cocky “Mr. Monday Night” character.  The in-ring chemistry between RVD and Lynn is great as well, so both men come out looking great regardless of who wins.

ECW Championship Match: Shane Douglas Vs. Taz (Guilty as Charged, 1/10/99) – ***

Although this match is quite good when the two men are in the ring, I’ve never been a big fan of “brawl around the crowd” matches, and this match featured a lot of that.  The finish of the match is a lot of fun, though, and shows that even if he wasn’t the greatest in the ring, Shane Douglas is an excellent storyteller.  It’s impossible to not get invested in his matches.

Impact Players Vs. Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn (Heatwave, 7/18/99) – **** 1/4

It didn’t really come as a surprise that a match featuring RVD, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, and Lance Storm was as good as it was.  There are a lot of different storylines going on throughout the match, and they balance each one well, while still finding time for the great athleticism these four are known for.

ECW Championship Match: Mike Awesome Vs. Masato Tanaka (November to Remember, 11/7/99) – **** 1/4

This is a unique match in that from the bell, the match is immediately running at full. The high spots come from the start of the match, and the two men never slow down. Like RVD & Lynn, Awesome & Tanaka had great chemistry in the ring, and they made each other look really good in the match.  They are able to fit a nice story into a relatively short match, and some of the spots throughout the match are awesome (no pun intended) as well.

ECW Championship Match: Taz Vs. Tommy Dreamer (Cyberslam, 4/22/00) – **

Forget “Unreleased”, this match had never been seen by anyone but the live crowd there that night until now.  At the time, Taz was working for the WWF, and he made a guest appearance to beat Mike Awesome (who had just signed with WCW) for the ECW Championship.  He wanted to give his title match to Tommy Dreamer, and the match is seen here for the first time. The match itself is nothing special, but for historical significance and a great post-match segment, it’s a must watch.

ECW Championship Match: Tommy Dreamer Vs. Justin Credible (Cyberslam, 4/22/00) – ** 3/4

This match flows right out of the segment that followed the Taz/Dreamer match, and is a decent match between the two men.  Credible was a great heel during the last couple of years of ECW, and it shows here.  Again, even if the in-ring action isn’t anything special, the overall segment is great.

ECW Television Championship Match: Rhino Vs. The Sandman (Heatwave, 7/16/00) – ** 1/2

A good spotlight match for Rhino, who gets a pretty good match out of The Sandman. Even though he was a fan favorite, The Sandman wasn’t exactly a fantastic ring worker, but when booked well, he could still put together a good match. The run-ins at the end of the match work out well, and some of the weapons spots are good. My biggest gripe is that they left in the entire Sandman entrance, which goes on for like 5 minutes. Sure, it’s a TON of fun to be a part of that when you are in the crowd, but on TV, it’s really boring, especially without “Enter Sandman” playing.

ECW Television Championship Match: Rhino Vs. Spike Dudley (Massacre on 34th Street, 12/3/00) – ** 3/4

I wasn’t expecting too much from this match, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  Spike Dudley had pretty much perfected his role in the “big vs. little” match by this point, and Rhino was super over as a heel, so they played off each other well. I also really liked the finish, even if it isn’t a total clean win.

Jerry Lynn Vs. Christian York (Hardcore TV, 12/30/00) – ***

I hadn’t realized that Jerry Lynn ever worked as a heel, and he plays the role surprisingly well here. Before the match, we get a great promo from Lynn’s manager Cyrus, who was probably the most hated man in ECW in 2000. I was glad to see him get some time on this set.  Christian York was a strong technical wrestler, so he worked well with Jerry Lynn, and they put together an above-average television match.

Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck Vs. Kid Kash & Super Crazy Vs. The FBI (Guilty as Charged, 1/7/01) – *** 1/2

This match was the fun spot-fest you would expect with the six men involved.  Each guy was given time to hit their spots, and the action comes consistently. Fun match.


“And they… can all… kiss… my… ass!”: Overall Thoughts

As you can tell from looking through my match thoughts, this DVD was very strong.  Per my match ratings, I had six matches that rated at **** or **** 1/4, and a large majority of the matches were, at the very least, solid.  Every match on the set served a purpose. The only two matches on the set that I didn’t really care for (Douglas/Scorpio and Taz/Dreamer) are still very important moments and have excellent post-match promos that make up for the match itself.  Unlike past ECW sets, I think the WWE really went out of their way to show just how diverse the ECW product was.  No two matches on the set really feel the same.  You get everything from technical wrestling, to weapons matches, to high flying matches, to spotfests, to strong-style contests, and everything in between.  Because of this, you don’t start to feel bored when you get halfway through the set. Although I watched it over three weeknights, I could easily see myself taking a “lazy Sunday” and sitting through the entire 7+ hours without any problems.

Because none were listed in the content listing, I wasn’t expecting any promos or segments on this set, but I was pleasantly surprised with just how many promos we end up getting throughout the set. If a match featured either a pre-match or post-match promo, they are included in their entirety.  As I stated above, the Douglas promo when he throws down the NWA belt is, in my opinion, one of the greatest moments in the history of professional wrestling, and Tommy Dreamer’s ECW title win in 2000 is also a great moment in ECW history.  Add in some other great promos from Taz, Shane Douglas, RVD, Cyrus and others throughout the set, and you get a nice bonus to an already impressive set of matches.

I was also happy to see that there wasn’t too much revisionist history going on here.  Sure, Cactus Jack would go on to bigger success in the WWE, but he was a huge part of the early days of ECW, and I don’t think his match was included solely because he’s Mick Foley like his match on the “Clash of the Champions” set.  I was also pleasantly surprised to see Shane Douglas nicely represented on this set.  He was a really big name throughout ECW’s history.  We also get a nice spotlight on guys like 2 Cold Scorpio and Rhino who often get looked over.  SI was a bit disappointed the Dudley Boyz didn’t get a match on this set, but they weren’t really in ECW all that long, so it makes sense.  The only name missing from this set that really is disappointing is Terry Funk.  I know a lot of his matches have already been released, but I’m sure that the WWE could find another good match with him in it to include on this set.

Even though I did really enjoy this set, there are still a few minor quibbles I have with it.  I wish that they would have followed what they did with Rise & Fall of ECW and given the set a TV-MA rating so that language didn’t have to be bleeped.  This becomes particularly problematic during Taz’s post-match speech after losing to Tommy Dreamer, where it feels like every 5th word he says is bleeped out.  Also, even though this set did have a really nice, eclectic mix of matches, I wish there would have been one of the barbed wire/flaming table/crazy weapons matches included.  We get a taste of this with the Raven/Dreamer match, but there isn’t really a crazy, bloody match that came to represent ECW.  Sure, chairs and tables find their way into a large majority of the matches on the set, but I still would have liked to see one of the really crazy weapons match since it’s the only type of match that feels absent from the set.  Fortunately, these are very minor complaints that don’t really do much to detract from any otherwise great set.

I couldn’t recommend this set highly enough.  You get a great collection of matches, some classic moments, and a clear sense of what made ECW so special.  As I said at the start of this review, I have a bit of a hometown bias, but I also had very high expectations coming into this set.  I can’t say I was surprised that it lived up to those expectations, but I’m certainly glad it did.  If you aren’t familiar with ECW at all, I still would recommend you first watch the documentary on Rise & Fall of ECW, but this compilation serves as a nice second course.  I would even put this set slightly above the BloodSport set, which is also very good and worth going out of your way to get.  It’s hard to compare this set to the Edge DVD that came out a few months ago since that one also contained a documentary, but between these 2 sets, we’ve got 2 clear frontrunners for DVD’s of the year.


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What did everyone else think? Did this set live up to your expectations, and the legacy of ECW?  Were you happy with the selection of matches?  I’ll be back in just 3 weeks as we continue to think extreme with Falls Count Anywhere!


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  1. Desean Jackson Phan 10 says:

    I bought this DVD at my local Walmart….It has good matches on it….I just wish that WWE wouldnt bleep out the swearing i mean that takes away from the DVD…..But other then that its a good DVD

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just watched it online and the bleeps annoyed me so much I shut it off I have no interest in this set now why ruin it with bleeps when kids are not buying it? Stupid WWE.

    • patrick says:

      Because, by getting a tv-14 rating they can not only appeal to a wider audience and sell more dvd copies, but also, expose more people to the original ecw product. It makes sense because the edginess of ecw really appeals to a teenage market, so to completely exclude that market would be stupid. A lot of people started watching ecw as teenagers, I know I did.

  3. neverAcquiesce says:

    The Dudleys absolutely should have had a match as they were with the company for four years. I’d have gone with the Flaming Tables match from Heat Wave ’99, which would also satisfy the need for that one brutal, hardcore ECW moment. Though I’m sure WWE would have edited out the Dudleys’ pre-match promo…the one that nearly caused the crowd in Dayton to riot.

  4. Ricky says:

    I strongly disgaree with ** for Dreamer/Taz. ** implies it was, at most, a decent match. That match flat out sucked. I had low expectations going in, but how anyone could rate that above a DUD is beyond me. As a whole, this review is very good.

  5. Kub says:

    Coulda used more Raven & Sandman. Theres an awful lot of Scorpio on this set

  6. RabidHeat says:

    I just can’t buy a set where EVERY match has ratio bars. I’ll stick to my original Delta releases of the Hard Hits series, and the previous few WWE ECW DVDs.

  7. SRB says:

    I see many complaints about Joe’s review here. All I can say is that I prefer them to Brett’s any day of the week. Joe knows what he’s talking about and Brett looked like he was doing the reviews while sleep walking. The only thing I have never understood is the rating system of matches. ** 3/4 <— I have no idea what that is. Two and 3/4 stars? How does a match get a quarter star? lol Im not trying to be a jerk, just wondering what defines another quarter of a star? Another suplex? A really good small package? I always thought the number system or grading system worked best. This match is a B+ or a 7/10. I find myself holding my finger up to the computer screen counting the little stars.

    • Joe Israel says:

      In my opinion, I like the rating system because it allows a good deal of gradation. For me at least, MOST matches worthy of being included on a WWE DVD are going to be somewhere between 2 stars and 4.5 stars. This just allows you to say you like this match slightly more than another one. Sometimes, I do feel two matches are on par (lets say both at 2.5 stars), but one match has an awesome finish, so I would then bump it up to 2.75 stars. Ultimately, the stars don’t really mean that much, but just gives a general idea of what I thought of the match and how they overall ranked as my favorites.

      And thanks for the compliments otherwise!

    • SlayJ says:

      Any Wrestling fan worth their salt understands that the “5 Star” rating scale is THE standard that has been established for a few decades now. I guess it’s one of those things where you either “get it” or you don’t. The difference between a *** and a *** 1/4 match can definitely be a random call based on no true “system”. But I guess if it’s something you enjoy doing, the subtle differences become apparent over time. I would say that a *** match is the low end of something that you’d want to watch more than once. Sometimes a match might have one or two additional elements that vaults a 3 Star match up slightly. But overall there’s no hard rule to it. It just takes a creative mind to see where the match rating moves up or down the scale a notch. It either works for you or it doesn’t.

      • Ricky says:

        Actually, there IS a hard rule to star rating, Meltzer and Alvarez have said this several times.

        DUD – Horrible match.
        * to *3/4 – Bad match
        ** to **3/4 – Decent to good
        *** to ***3/4 – Good to really good
        **** to ****1/2 – Excellent
        ****3/4 – Match of the Year Candidate
        ***** – One of the greatest matches ever

        it makes me so sick to see people (not naming you or anyone, moreover talking about the turds on YouTube) perverting the star rating system to the point that **** is for a GOOD match. No, it’s not. It’s for a goddang excellent match, I don’t get how the system got perverted this far.

        • neverAcquiesce says:

          It’s subjective because what’s **1/2 to one person might be ***1/4 to another. I mean, ratings for Rock/Hogan at WrestleMania vary from * to *****, so in the grand scheme of things they mean exactly jack and shit.

  8. matt says:

    Not a bad review or DVD. I do miss the songs also.

    I was kinda disappointed there is no new jack in this also.

    I am really irritated by the bars on the side of the screens with WWE dvd’s. wish they weren’t included

  9. Mark D says:

    Nice review BTW 🙂

    I must say that I found the music edits on the set to be much better than previous sets (for example the recent Clash set!). The choice of music which was dubbed for the most part was quite similar sounding songs to the original. Plus you didn’t get generic music playing over both the commentary and crowd noise – highlighting that it was so obviously dubbed like Rick Rude’s theme on the Clash set. 

    While yes I would like WWE to pay for Metalica (Sandman), Pantera (RVD), Alice in Chains (Dreamer), Deep Purple (Shane Douglas) and Offspring (Raven) its not going to happen – because their not Triple H! So I’ll give WWE a pat on the back for their music edits here. 🙂

    BRING ON VOL. 2! – If you need inspiration WWE checkout last weeks Fantasy Concept – cheap plug! 😉

    • SlayJ says:

      You do have a point on the music dubbing being somewhat better (or should I say, less crappy) than usual. But I still can’t help but be annoyed by it. It makes me want to go dig up all my old VHS tapes so that I can get the full intended effect of the entrances. But yeah, it seems like they did actually put in a bit of effort to try and make the transition smoother. So better than nothing I suppose

    • Joe Israel says:

      I agree. I think it would be ludicrous for the WWE to spend money on music rights for these DVDs. I have no problem with the music edits, I just wish they would have edited down that Sandman entrance…

      And I agree, Vol. 2 please. I assume this will be an annual set, but we shall see.

  10. SlayJ says:

    ECW is far and away my favorite Pro Wrestling promotion of all time (well, along with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla which you all should watch!). Unlike the reviewer here, I did experience all of these matches and moments during the time they happened. And I think it’s somewhat difficult to really grasp what ECW meant to the industry unless you were actually there observing the big picture of what was going on in Wrestling. But I do think Joe did a solid job on the review. I personally think quite a few of his match ratings are a bit inflated. But of course that’s just one person’s opinion. Overall a thumbs up job.

    My main complaint about most WWE DVD releases is the editing that goes on. I understand that they don’t want to pay ridiculous fees to use orginal music (ie “Enter Sandman”). But such a critical part of the ECW experience were the wrestler’s entrances with the crowds singing along. There was a total sense of excitment when “Man In The Box” would begin playing as Tommy Dreamer came to the ring…or Pantera’s “Walk” being the theme for RVD. It was very unique at the time and was a powerful table setter for the matches. Editing in lifeless stock music is a fail…as is bleeping bad language. Like somebody else here said, you can’t totally censor ECW and expect it to be, well, ECW! Neutering this promotion kills what it was all about.

    As for positives, I like what Joe said about having a mice mixture of styles represented here. There was definitely a little something for everyone (although maybe a short comedy match or segment with the BWO or F.B.I. would’ve been a nice touch to REALLY get over how well rounded ECW was). Joey Styles was an excellent choice to host this and does a great job! He actually had quite a few interesting things to say in between the matches.

    As for the actual matches, I unfortunately think that a good chunk of ECW’s output hasn’t aged all that well over the years. I mean this stuff in the mid 90’s was AWESOME! The spots were insane at the time! The fighting in the crowd was so chaotic! And compared to the boring, campy and vanilla stuff that WWF & WCW was doing, this felt so completely cutting edge and ahead of the curve. But in 2012 alot of it just feels sloppy. And I’m sorry if that sounds negative, because I truly am enjoying this set and LOVE ECW! But I totally forgot how many botched spots you’d get in a Sabu/RVD tag match. Yikes! But most of the matches did bring back a ton of good memories to me and there were some very good choices here. And I can’t forget to mention how unbelievably great the ECW crowds were back in the day. They were such a huge part of the ECW “magic” and they almost steal the show here as well.

    Overall this set may be far from perfect, but there’s definitely a lot to like here. And as an old school ECW guy, I hope this does great and leads to more Extreme releases down the road

  11. nightmare says:

    I feel the Dudleys made ECW and the fact that there are on here is really an insult to there great battles they had without them ECW would not have the same fun that it had .

    I mean come on they had some amazing story lines like when they broke Tommy Dreamer now wife Neck and when they did the flaming tables and what about Joel Gertner huh nobody and I mean nobody could cut it on the Mic any better his promos were beyond classic and I feel it it was not for him than the Rock would not have been good as he was .Joel was ECW and to have him not on this dvd set is a pure crime .

  12. jgreeds says:

    Good review, but I disagree with the Dudley Boys comment. They were the greatest tag team in ECW history. I’m disappointed they weren’t included on the set but I think the reason for that is their current success in TNA. However, whenever they are done there, I cannot wait for their hall of fame induction and dvd release.

    I’ve actually seen an old Dudley Boys ECW dvd for sale that unfortunately I didn’t pick up and now have never seen again. Does anybody know of this title?

    • Mark D says:

      Yes, I know the one. It was part of ECW’s Pioneer DVD Series released in 2001, after ECW closed – I believe. It’s called The Best of The Dudley Boyz.

      Little known fact, there are actually 2 versions of that DVD, one with The Dudleys from ECW on the cover and the other features a picture of them from WWE.

      It’s a quite good set and goes through the history of the Dudleys from their fued in 1996 to their last night in September 1999 – plus their return in December 2000. I saw one on eBay the other week bundled with the Cactus Jack one and Extreme Evolution – so they are still out there.

      There were to be 2 more ECW sets from Pioneer which were also scripted by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson for Taz and RVD but they never went into production.

  13. Joe Israel says:

    Sorry, meant to post this as a main comment:

    I fully admit my error in how long the Dudleys were in ECW. For some reason, looking back, it never felt like they were there for that long, maybe because they were kept out of the title picture until later in their tenure. So although I was technically wrong, I still don’t think its a big deal that they are missing from this particular set.

  14. Harry Faversham says:

    The Dudleys were only in ECW for about 4 years. But that’s quite a long time when Extreme Championship Wrestling only ran for 6 and a half years (not including Eastern Championship Wrestling). Minor point in the grand scheme of things though.

  15. Jon says:

    “I felt the bigger buildings took something away.”. My exact opinion and critism of ECW. When and independent, and that’s what it was an independent when it started is in a small arena it looks sad, but w/ ECW and currently with ROH smaller buildings that are packed brings excitement to the event and this is what WWE lacks. In the later years of the organization the arenas got bigger but the events lost excitement.

    My favorite memory of ECW was watching PASS sports (now Fox Sports Detroit) staying up to like 2 am on a school night to catch ECW

  16. Joey says:

    Secondly, the Malenko vs. Guerrero match is IN THE RAIN OUTDOORS so how can you even equate that with the weather conditions to their farewell?

    • Joe Israel says:

      I honestly didn’t even notice that it was raining during the match. Interesting point, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    • Joe Israel says:

      I fully admit my error in how long the Dudleys were in ECW. For some reason, looking back, it never felt like they were there for that long, maybe because they were kept out of the title picture until later in their tenure.

  17. Joey says:

    The Dudleys weren’t in ECW long??? Bubba debuted in September 1995. Devon debuted in the beginning of 1996. They were there until August 1999. They were a pushed commodity for over two years as the top heel attraction. How were they not there long??? Seriously?

  18. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    Nice review. I ordered my copy the day it was released, so I am still waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Looking forward to watching this in HD.

  19. Anonymous says:

    why did wwe make this tv-14? i would only buy ecw dvds if its tv-ma because the bleeps get annoying and ecw + bleeps is NOT ECW! ppv i mean i know bleeps were on tv but not ppvs wwe should just leave it as it is its not like kids will be buying this set.

  20. Indyfan says:

    Good review except what you said about the Dudley Boyz. They were a huge huge huge part of ECW. They were in ECW for the majority of the time. They were there longer than Foley, Eddie, Dean and Jericho. Either way i enjoyed your review. And for those wondering if they shoudl get the Blu Ray.. Get it!!!! you get another match and and a classic in Sabu vs Funk vs Douglas

  21. Wwefan96 says:

    Thanks for the great review, im deffo going to pick this up later today!

  22. jersey says:

    who is this kid doing this review that only started watching wrestling 5 minutes ago and yet does reviews for this site?!?!?!? Let alone he didn’t even live the ECW era let alone watch it and he has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Daniel Bee says:

      I think Joe pretty much explained that at the beginning and was forthcoming about how long he’s watched wrestling, but also what ECW means to him. I think it’s a fine job.

      After all, many potential buyers of the DVD might be in the same boat not living that era. Me included having become a fan in 1999 of only the WWF.

      If you have differing opinions on parts of the set, why not share them here? That’s what the comments section is all about. It’d be good to hear other perspectives. 🙂

    • Roly says:

      What a stupid comment. That’s like saying I couldn’t now review a Bruno Sammartino match because I wasn’t watching wrestling in the 60’s.

      I think this is a great review. Thanks for putting the thing together,.

    • Joe Israel says:

      And just to clarify I am 23, meaning I started watching wrestling around age 13. This is just about when you are old enough to critically watch entertainment. I don’t think this is much younger than a lot of the people who frequent this site.

    • straightedge47 says:

      Surely that makes him a more reliable reviewer, because he won’t be bias in his reviews, it will all come from actually watching the matches, which is kind of the point….

  23. Matt says:

    One question: with 100% of these matches coming before DVDs were even big, is the blu ray option worth it for this release? I feel like it would actually take away from it where they have to condense the frame. But I was wondering if you had a chance to compare.

    • Joe Israel says:

      I can’t comment on the visuals since I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, but the video bars on the side help with the aspect ratio issue. If you can find it for a decent price, I’d recommend getting the Blu-Ray for the Sabu Vs. Douglas Vs. Funk three way dance, which is a bona fide classic.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “I wish we could get individual introductions to each match to allow us to know the build-up to the match.” I whole heartedly agree with this statement! It’s something the WWE sould look to add to these match compilation DVD’s. It will be interesting to see if they do that with the upcoming “Falls Count Anywhere” set. Wrestling is 50% bulid up story and %50 match as far as overall entertainment. Great review! I’ll be picking this up today!

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