Review: WWE Edge – A Decade of Decadence DVD (3 Disc)

December 29, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Edge: A Decade of Decadence” (3 Disc) Review:

“Most likely to become World Wrestling Federation Champion” -Adam Copeland’s High Scool Yearbook




-This DVD was put together like most recent releases have been where there is a bit of material inbetween the matches of the Wrestler’s career, in this case Edge himself hosts the DVD.


Disc 1 Matches:
-A nice intro on the DVD showing how Edge started and now we’re underway:

1) Edge vs Owen Hart -WWF In Your House: Breakdown September 27th, 1998

Edge came out from the crowd and he gets a good ovation as his hometown was near the event.

Owen gets a solid ovation as well and he comes out in a Toronto Argonauts jersey from the CFL to get the crowd going, then he tells the fans off on the top turnbuckle, gotta love Owen.

The best part about the beginning of this match, on the Edge DVD it called Owen Hart a “Legend.”

Owen Hart and Edge get set to go in which should be a back and forth, athletic contest between two Canadian friends. Owen helped Edge develop.

Nugget Chants break out as Owen takes off the jersey and has that strange looking road sign, yellow and black attire on.
Both men get set to lock-up, this had to be a special moment for Edge going up against one of his nation’s finest.

Owen Hart with an arm-ringer and Edge reversed it but Owen did one of those athletic flips and got into another arm-ringer into an overhead wristlock by Owen to Edge. Owen tried to keep it locked in and Nugget chants were all over.
Edge reversed it, Owen flipped again and tried to hyperextend the elbow of Edge after a gutwrench suplex. Owen backed Edge into a corner and hit him a couple of times with hard elbow shots. Owen irishwhipped Edge to the corner and he showed athleticism by flipping over with agility.

A nice takedown by Edge with a drop toehold to Owen, off the ropes now Edge came at Owen with a modified headscissors. Edge sent Owen to the outside. Edge then nailed Owen Hart with a baseball slide through the bottom rope.

Nice quick action here. Edge with a forearm shot, he leaped off the apron onto Owen but he reversed it into a powerslam to Edge in mid-air onto the floor, nice stuff there.
Back in the ring Owen with a dropkick from the top, a lateral press and a two count. Another gutwrench into a slam, another cover attempt by Owen Hart and he gets a two. A nicely executed backbreaker by Owen. Nugget chants break out again.

Owen Hart with a reverse neckbreaker to Edge. Owen Hart sent Edge to the ropes, he ducked a clothesline, then a leapfrog, but Owen connected with a modified belly to belly and a count of two and a half. Owen slapped a sleeper on Edge.

This spot was well due, considering how fast paced the match was, the two men needed a bit of a break here and it was logical considering the veteran wanted to use his power to keep a younger, taller man down, by wearing him off.

Edge fought back but a rake to the eyes by Owen slowed him down, Edge sent owen to the corner but Owen got a boot up to the chin of Edge. From the corner Owen with a victory roll, the same move he used on Bret in the greatest match ever at Wrestlemania X. Jim Ross nicely points this out.

Owen got a two, then a spinning heel kick to Edge and he was frustrated he couldn’t put him away. Owen charged to Edge in the corner with a spear on him, Edge leaped off the top with a crossbody to Owen with a two.

Owen then with a head kick, as Edge held one leg he hit him with an inziguri, nicely applied.

Owen Hart from the top making a mistake not going for the cover, Edge scooped him up from the top and then dropped Owen face first onto the mat, unique offense from Edge stopping the offensive momentum Owen Hart was building.

Edge reverses an irishwhip and this time Edge scoops up Owen and slams his face into the mat, and then Edge hit Owen with a swinging neckbreaker getting a two.
Edge scoop slams Owen Hart to the canvas, and Edge begins to climb to the top rope and jumps off landing on his feet, Owen hilariously celebrates but Edge catches Owen Hart with a DDT.
Edge sent Owen to the ropes, but he leaps behind him and with a waistlock attempted to suplex Owen, Edge lands on his feet into a belly to back suplex, Owen Hart kicks out at a long two. Edge hooked Owen but he reversed it back in retaliation and hit a nice belly to back suplex to Edge.

Owen sent Edge back first to the corner and missed him when he charged towards the corner and hit his groin into the turnbuckle. Edge got Owen Hart up high and locked his arm over his head attempting to superplex him from the top, Owen pushed Edge off the top to the canvas. Owen leaped off the ropes but Edge got the feet up, all of the sudden Owen Hart caught his legs.

Owen went for the Sharpshooter to a huge ovation despite being a heel.
Edge reversed it into a victory roll and he got a two count. Edge unaware of what to do hit a spinning heel kick to Owen then posed.

Christian then made his debut distracting Edge from the outside and Owen took advantage of Edge and got a three count with a roll-up.

So in the end Owen Hart got the better of Edge at 9:18 of the match.

Such a quick, fun match.

From a storytelling perspective it wasn’t the most filled match from that department, but for flat out, FUN wrestling which contains high offense levels, tons of reversals and great timing with great delivery, this match really delivered.

It is a GREAT match and was a very good way to open the Breakdown PPV.

*** 1/4


2) Terri Invitational Tournament Final: Tag Team Ladder Match- The New Brood (Matt and Jeff Hardy) (With Gangrel) vs Edge and Christian – WWF No Mercy October 17th, 1999

They skip over a year in his career but this is the defining moment of his career up until this point, so it`s absolutely essential this is included.

Infact it`s an all-time classic for how innovative and revolutionairy it was.

Remember when Terri was hot, well here`s a reminder.

She was one of the man ingredients the winner would get, Lawler had hilarious commentary throughout the match but that’s to be expected as it was the late 90’s.
These two teams before getting fully over with the audience were involved in a ton of matches before this final match in the mini-series here. It was Fifth and Deciding match in THE FINALS of the Terri Invitational Tournament or simply TIT.

Matt looks insanely young.

I watched this one live (or the day after) and it was epic.

Both teams begin the match by pushing each other down and then brawl on the outside as Edge and Christian went for the ladders in the first tag team ladder match in history.

No one expected this match to steal the show and I think that’s the main reason it did.
Edge and Christian with great double team moves into both Hardyz who were placed in the corner and then The Hardyz stomped on both Edge and Christian. Tons of tandem moves by Matt and Jeff in the ring since you didn’t need to tag in a match like this obvioussly, just like you wouldn’t need to in a TLC.

Gangrel went to grab a ladder but he was thrown out of the match.

Edge flipped Jeff over the top rope and then Matt Clotheslined Edge to the outside and hit him with a lot of impact on the outside, then Christian with hang time from the top onto Matt.

The first time the Ladder was set up in the middle of the ring by Christian, but both teams knocked each other off. Edge went to climb the ladder but Matt Hardy pushed him down and he fell back with the ladder on top of him. Christian used the Ladder as a weapon on Matt and then cornered Jeff with it after they fought for it. Christian hit Jeff with a drop kick into the Ladder and the “Oooh’s and Ahhh’s” were out in Cleveland.

Edge went diving for Matt and he moved and he went head first into the Ladder.
Jeff then went to climb for the bag in mid-rin but Christian came up and hit his reverse DDT from the top of the ladder and that got a standing ovation. See, before TLC’s high risk moves were appreciated much more. Matt then climbed up behind Christian and hit a back body drop from the top of the ladder to the mat which must of hurt. Edge then cauvght Matt from the top of the ladder and hit a powerbomb, which must of hurt even more. Edge then climbed the Ladder and Jeff from the top rope caught him with a missile dropkick that took HIM OFF!


Hardyz stomped on Edge and Christian while Jeff layed the ladder flat on the mat, then Matt slammed Edge on the ladder and Jeff hit the Senton Bomb onto Edge. Matt then set up the Ladder in the corner and both Hardyz sent Christian to the turnbuckle and against the Ladder! Matt then held the ladder on one side with Jeff on the other and the two rammed it into the head of Christian as some of the fans were clearly going for The Hardyz. Big impact with every move.

A Ladder set up in the corner and Jeff with a leap drog over the top of the ladder and hit a leg drop onto Christian and the fans rose to there feet. This is getting really good.

Just goes to show you how much this was appreciated even more at the time. Matt with a slam from the top rope onto Christian which also hurt him. Edge then hit Matt with a Ladder and then he took Jeff off the top with a 2nd Ladder. Edge then just threw a Ladder into Matt’s face.

Edge catapolted Jeff into Matt who was behind a Ladder in the corner so they both hit one.

Nice spot.

Edge climbed but Matt threw a Ladder right into Edge’s Kidney’s. Matt and Jeff with both of one side of the Ladder went for Edge, he ducked, then Christian with a cross-body hitting the Hardyz down with a ladder but at the same time it hurt him. Edge then hitting Matt in the corner in the groin section with a Ladder, before both of them baseball slid into the ladder into his Groin!

Then a Sandwich to Jeff by Edge and Christian. Amazing.

Jeff now placed back first on one edge of the Ladder while Edge and Christian slammed him 6 times and then sacrificed Christian to land on top of him on top of the ladder.
All four men hurting and Matt sent to the outside by Edge. What a match.
Jeff hurt some more by some double team offense by both E and C.

Edge with a huge slam to the mat to Jeff Hardy.

The crowd appreciating this stuff as Jeff landed head first to the canvas.
Edge then climbed to the top and Matt caught him and both guys were both at he top and Matt hit a neck braker from the top of a ladder to Edge. The fans in the front rows were applauding after every big spot and the thing that makes this match better then some is the fact it wasn’t just spots, the wrestling and creativity was unbelievable. Completely enthralling and brilliantly creative!

Christian and Jeff then climbed to the top and Christian with a hip toss from the top of a ladder down to the canvas and the crowd is going nuts while Edge throws Matt out of the ring with a Ladder shot to the head and Christian then set Jeff up high in the corner while Edge grabbed a ladder set it horizontal on top of another Ladder. Christian and Edge went for an amazing double team move but Jeff flew off the tope and used the Ladder as a See Saw which caught both Matt and Christian RIGHT in the heads.

The fans are giving this a standing ovation. You really need to appreciate the creativity rather then the SHOCK and OMG factors of most TLC matches. That’s why this was so innovative and creative. King says he’s sore from watching this.

Lawler hilarious saying he doesen’t know if either team can capitalize on Terri’s services tonight, or for a week.

BOTH TEAMS then on top of the Ladder’s and they both go flying to the sides of the ring to the outside and the fans continue to give this wreck/magnificent match a standing ovation.

Edge and Jeff set both Ladder’s in the middle of the ring.

Edge in arms reach of the money as both teams on two ladders, all four up there again and brawling on the top of the ladder, Matt falls off and pushes them all off. Jeff then at the top of the Ladder all on his own goes for it and grabs it to win the match. The Hardyz have done it.

In the end The Hardyz won the match at 16:30.

To compare this to TLC matches just isn’t fair. Those rely on SPOTS where this is just flat out creative wrestling, creative double team moves, spot after spot and not in a huge way but in a way where every move consits of great, great stuff.

The match that not only built a reputation for four men but perhaps built a reputation in these types of matches.

I knew watching it live it was something very special.

The true definition of a breakthrough performance, and an incredibally innovative Classic.



**** 1/4




3) Triangle Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championship – Dudley Boyz (c) (Bubba Ray and D-Von) vs Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) vs Edge and Christian – WrestleMania April 2nd, 2000


Matches like this only happened because of how successful the No Mercy 99 Ladder match was, proving more that it was an all time classic.
This one went even further in certain areas which made it excellent as well, and saved a rather lackluster Mania card where there was nothing but heel victories, and tag matches with a thong stinkface match in the middle.

All this during one of the hottest periods for Wrestling ever, at there biggest show of the year. Go figure.

Jim Ross set the bar pretty high at the beginning of the match, saying we’d see perhaps more high risk then ever before. Usually when they do things like that, it’ll backfire in the company’s face, but this was a paticular exception.

This match was voted the “Scariest match of the year” by Wrestling Weekly.
Jeff Hardy went under all three Ladders set up in the entrace way, obviously not supersticious.

Matt Hardy and Christian began in the ring while everyone brawled outside the ring, Christian got the better of that exchange. Edge went to work on D-Von Dudley. Action everywhere in this match that it’s hard t concentrate on any two men at once.

Bubba slammed everyone and then asked who the man was? Christian pulled down Matt Hardy who climbed the ladder. Edge and Christian cornered D-Von Dudley and he began to fight back. Edge set up a Ladder in the corner and Matt threw one to the face of Bubba Ray. Jeff then leaped off Matt driving into the face of Bubba Ray.

The Ladder was used as a weapon by everybody. Matt slammed D-Von spine first on the ladder, Jeff layed on top of D-Von Dudley to keep him there and Matt flew off the top with an elbow to the sternum of D-Von Dudley on top of the Ladder. Jeff with a front facelock to Bubba into a DDT.

Jeff Hardy placed Bubba Ray on top of the Ladder and went to the top rope and hit a 450 splash which did not connect with anyone as Bubba moved out of the way. It was disturbing to here his legs crash with the Ladder.

Bubba Ray then jumped off the top landing back first on the Ladder, more “Holy Shit” chants from the crowd.

Edge in the corner dropped down with the Ladder driving it through Matt Hardy. D-Von Dudley scoop slammed Edge. D-Von dropped the Ladder on Edge in the corner and D-Von Dudley dropped a leg on top of Edge onto the Ladder. Bubba choked out Matt in the corner while Jim Ross praises the innovation from the match.

Bubba Ray Dudley then wore the Ladder on his shoulders and took out everyone in the match until Edge dropkicked him. Edge and Chrisitian double irishwhipped D-Von Dudley to the ropes and sent him face first into the Ladder placed in the corner of the ring.

Edge and Christian climbed the Ladder but D-Von Dudley tried to stop him until Edge threw him out of the ring. Christian from a Ladder in the ring jumped off from the Ladder with a crossbody to the outside on Bubba and Matt.

Jeff Hardy was on top of the Ladder now but Edge speared him from the top turnbuckle. Nice spot that they’d do better at Wrestlemania X7.

Matt with a huge powerbomb to Edge. D-Von Dudley scoop slammed Matt from the ladder to the canvas. D-Von Dudley climbed the Ladder but Christian tossed a Ladder at his back. Bubba Ray then set up a Ladder next to a fatigued Christian. Bubba set up yet another, three Ladders with Christian in the middle.

Bubba from the top grabbed Christian and performed a modified version of the 3D from the top of the Ladder.

The Hardyz pushed both ladders to the corner.

Jeff and Matt climbed to the top for some double offense.

Jeff and Matt both plunge from Ladder’s onto Bubba far down on the mat.

Some nice tandem offense by the Hardyz until Edge got back in the ring and threw Jeff outside the ring onto the concrete.

Christian and D-Von Dudley climbed the top of a Ladder in the corner and Edge set one right up beside them, and began to climb it. Edge and Christian then double suplexed D-Von Dudley from the top of the Ladder to the mat. Bubba Ray on the outside got rammed into the steel steps by Matt Hardy.

More “Holy Shit” chants from all the carnage in and out of the ring, in this terrific match.
Jeff and Matt moved the Ladders and then Edge and Christian began climbing the Ladders, both teams on both sides, both challenging teams. Christian and Jeff got elevated to the mat, then Edge and Matt went off with a side russian legsweep from the top.

Bubba Ray then tried to position the Ladder to the center of the ring.

Fans chanted for Tables.

All three teams began to climb the Ladders.

Matt Hardy and Christian both got elevated to the outside of the ring and they fell on the concrete over the top rope.


I got goosebumps as I wrote this out, re-watching that. Bubba then got knocked off and off the ropes pushed both Jeff and D-Von off the Ladders and they landed groin first on the top rope.

Christian somehow got back in the ring and he met a Ladder sandwhich by the Dudleyz.
Bubba hit the 3D on Edge as D-Von Dudley set him up. Despite being a heel team, both Dudleyz were extremely over as were there moves. Or when they went for a table which got the pop of the match.

Bubba set a table by Ross and he asks what he was doing over here, while Bubba hilariously just gives him a stare.

The Dudleyz then set up a table on top of two Ladders in the middle of the ring.
Bubba and D-Von then set up a platform but Matt and Jeff stopped them from climbing and the fans booed this. Not just because the Dudeyz were over and would soon turn babyface, but because they wanted to see a table spot.

Bubba set up another table, as did D-Von Dudley beside the two Ladders with one table still platformed on top.

Outside the ring Matt hardy got rammed face first into the steel steps by Bubba Ray. Then Bubba set up tables outside the ring. Jim Ross then watched on as Bubba had Matt hardy on top of the Spanish announce table and powerbombed him through a wooden table. Just before that D-Von Dudley went for a diving headbutt from the top of the Ladder through Jeff Hardy on the table but D-Von Dudley ended up crashing head first through the table.
Jeff then flew as he ran across the barricade but Bubba sent the Ladder right into the face of Jeff in mid-air, wow. Pretty violent, to say the least.

Bubba Ray then brought a GIANT Ladder near the entrance way. Bubba went under the ring for another table and set it up right next to the Giant Ladder.

Bubba grabbed Jeff by the hair and he dragged him towards the Ladder. Christian then rung Bubba’s head with a ring bell. Jeff threw Christian into the fence by the barricade, Jim Ross calls him Matt.

Jeff rips off his shirt, and with Bubba laying on the table, Jeff climbed to the top of the Ladder.

This was the first time Jeff Hardy did an insanely high bump, and he performed a Swanton Bomb on top of Bubba Ray Dudley off the Ladder through a table. Massive “Holy Shit” chants.

Back in the ring now, Christian and Matt climbed both opposite ends of the Ladder. Matt and Christian climbed on the table. Edge crawled up from behind Matt and as he stood up Edge flipped Matt over off the table through another table on the canvas.

Ross screams “Edge and Christian! Edge and Christian! Edge and Christian!” as they both grab the straps standing on top of the platform.

So in the end Edge and Christian were the ones to gain the titles from the rafters at 22:29 winning the Triangle ladder match for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

This one was ultimately a pretty incredible achievment. They just kept pushing it to the limit and was a bright spot on Wrestlemania.

Every team after this match was at the very least, respected.




4) Lance Storm (c) vs Edge for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -WWF Summerslam 2001


Both Canadians tie up early to kickoff 2001’s Summerslam!

After a sequence of hammerlocks, Edge takes Storm down with a clothesline to the outside of the ring as the Challenger got better of the Champion to begin the match. Edge with a slide under Storm’s legs then pulled him down by the tights as his face hit the ring apron. Edge then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle with a beautifully applied Cross Body from the top rope and got a near fall. Storm reverses a move and then pushed Edge to the outside as he got a chance to breathe and he then began to take apart the Champion as the fans chanted that Lance Storm Sucks!

Storm took his time early and Heyman explained that he is a methodical technician and knows how to take opponents apart.

I like how Jim Ross said these two characters are completely different and there hair cut illustrates that.

Back and forth in the early-mid match as Edge hit a backslide and got a two, then Storm went back on the attack and kicked at Edge’s stomach. Storm held onto the ropes as Edge went for a dropkick but then as Storm went for a half boston crab, Edge went for an inside cradle but got a near fall. Storm got up and continued to dictate the pace and kicked at Edge’s back and stomach before driving him into the corner.

This was during the Invasion so they cut to the back to see shots of both the Alliance cheering on Storm, just like shots of Team WWF cheering on Edge.

Storm with brilliant move and only got a two. Storm then drove his knees to the back of Edge and locked on a reverse chinlock. Storm fucking owns. He then locked on a modified edition of the camel clutch which nicely translated to Storm’s finishing half Boston Crab as JR points out.

Storm then with more kicks as Edge collapsed under some pressure and Lance Storm went to cover Edge and he kicked out. Lance Storm who was trained by the legendary Stu Hart in the Dungeon then took it to Edge with some right hands and then Edge got caught in the Abdominal Stretch. All the pressure right now is on Edge to escape as Lance Storm, the Champion remains in control of the match as he uses the tights for leverage.

Edge got out of that predicament after awhile and hit a hiplock to Storm who bounced over the ropes but stayed on the apron and speared Edge. Storm went to the top but Edge caught Lance Storm in mid-air with a resourceful counter and hit a power slam. Edge was to beaten down to get a pincount though, smart logic.

Both men down tot he 8 count then Edge had a sense of urgency as he hit backdrops to Storm and then got a near fall.

Storm hit a jaw breaker and then Edge countered with a kick to the mid-section, then drove the back of his head down to the canvas from behind him. Edge then countered a Storm move in mid-air and hit a running powerbomb to Storm! Awesome move but he kicked out!

Lance Storm then hits a half crab and everyone thinks the match is over as Edge tries his hardest to get to the ropes.

Edge eventually got to the ropes then immediately locked on a half crab to Storm!
Christian then ran out and speared Edge by mistake.
Storm covered Edge but he kicked out somehow!?

Lance Storm then went for a giant kick but Edge reversed it into a giant DDT!
In the end Edge defeated Storm with that DDT to become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion at 11:16! San Jose pops!


Christian then hugs Edge and walks out of the ring as this was signs of the slow Christian heel turn upcoming…….as he was sarcastic with all of this applauding ever since Edge won the KOTR that Summer.

Great gem here!

*** 1/4



5) Championship Unification Match: IC vs US – Edge vs Test (c) -WWF Survivor Series November 18th, 2001

Here we get the late Andrew Martin in one of his best, if not the very best match he ever had in his career up against Edge.


A lot of one on one Canadian matches on Disc 1. (Owen, Storm, Test)

Both Canadians tied up in the middle of the ring, and Test’s height advantage pushed Edge to the corner of the ring.

Both men tied up again and this time Edge got Test to the corner until Keota backed him off, Test didn’t budge and pushed Edge off.

Test went for a big right, Edge ducked and rocked him with forearms, Edge ducked a clothesline and hit a crossbody on Test off the ropes. Edge then cornered by Test and then he layed a couple of shots to the head of Edge.

Edge was set up for a vertical suplex but he landed on his feet, ducking the initial clothesline but not the second and Test knocked him down. Test stomped on Edge then choked him out with his big boot at the side of the ring. Test outside the ring dropped Edge throat first on the barricade. Test dropped Edge yet again and rolled him back in the ring.
Test with a big righthand to Edge in the middle of the ring and then he was reverse irishwhipped and Edge hit a hiplock on Test followed by a dropkick that sent Test to the outside, Edge connected with a big baseball slide. Edge with a hard forearm to Test then he broke the count before stomping on him yet again outside the ring. Test landed shots on the spine of Edge. Test went to send Edge to the ropes but he kicked him in the groin then off the ropes connected with a swinging neckbreaker.

Edge with an uppercut on Test and he reverse irishwhipped Edge to the ropes, Test caught him with a boot though then elevated a charging Edge on the top rope clotheslining his throat and thrusting him back to the canvas. A hard shot by Test to Edge.

Heyman with some comedy in his commentary due to his bias towards the Alliance.
Test with an uppercut to Edge in the corner and then a reverse irishwhip and a follow-up clothesline.

Test with a lot of big offense to Edge and he choked him out some more with his big boot.
Test with a snapmare on Edge into a reverse chinlock.

Edge though fought out of hit and then hit a nice dropkick off the top rope to the middle of the ring nailing Test and got a nearfall, off the ropes Test caught Edge with a hard suplex and he gets a two count.

Test picks up Edge and Edge reversed a shot and Edge hammered more right`s on Test. Edge attempted a cross-body off the top rope but Test dodged it.

By this point in the match, everyone had to be impressed with Test.
Test elevated Edge on the top turnbuckle and then climbed up with him but caught a right hand by Edge, Test sent another back from the top.

Test connected with Edge from the top attempting a superplex, Edge seemed to block the move and then from the top Edge went for a sunset flip but he landed right on his feet. Test then booted Edge in the face and from the top he went for a crossbody, but Edge in mid-air connected with a dropkick to Test`s sternum.

Edge and Test both get to there feet slowly and engage in a slugfest, and as Edge builds momentum he hits Test with a spinning heel kick off the ropes and then side suplex scoring a two count.

Test reverses an irishwhip and goes for a Pumphandle Slam, Edge lands on his feet and went for a suplex but got nothing, both men flipped over one another and out of no where Test landed a spear on Edge. Test thought it was three, but just two and the fans might of bought it originally as well.
Test set up Edge for the big boot, he moved, Edge went for the spear and Test moved out of the way and Test hit the Pumphandle Slam but Edge kicked out again!

Edge countered a powerbomb from Test into a headscissors then a huge spear, in mid-ring and still just a two count.

I think everyone knew they were witnessing a great match now.

Edge went for an Edge-acution but Test reversed it, only for Edge to roll him up and get the three to a big pop.

In the end Edge put Test away at 11:17 after he rolled him up, this was a great match for Edge and perhaps the best ever for Test. Other candidates could include against Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania X7 or perhaps against Shane McMahon at Summerslam 1999 and a couple of others.


None the less this was very impressive.

*** 1/2

6) Edge vs Mr. Perfect -WWF Sunday Night Heat March 2002

From one late star to another,….. well not exactly shocking…. this is Pro-Wrestling.
Curt Hennig has a rare match here with Edge, and Edge grew up loving the bad ways of Mr. Perfect in the late 80’s, early 90’s so this was a dream match for him and appropriate for the DVD.

Mr. Perfect with a side headlock to Edge in mid-ring until Edge pushed him off the ropes and Hennig caught him with a shoulder block, then Edge ducked a leapfrog and performed one of his own, then he hit Mr. Perfect with a hiplock and a dropkick to the outside. Mr. Perfect from the apron grabbed Edge`s head and drove him into the buckle.

Mr. Perfect with hard chops to Edge`s chest. Perfect slaps Edge and then drags him from the head from the corner to the mat. Edge continued to throw out chops to Mr. Perfect and then speared him in the gut into the corner, Hennig hits his head and stomps on Edge some more. Mr. Perfect catapolts Edge from the corner and then flips himself over before giving a cocky smirk out to the crowd.

Hennig stretched Edge out with an abdominal stretch while holding the ropes. Edge fought badck with rights, then blocked a shot from Perfect suplexing him up and dropping him groin fist into his knee, twice. Edge with a hard clothesline, then up he dragged Perfect down and hooked the leg. It looks like Edge gets a three until Hennig pushed the official into Edge who gave him a spear.

Mr. Perfect threw Edge into the ring post shoulder first.

In the end Mr. Perfect was DQ`d after he brought a chair into the ring and once the official saw it he rung the bell, Edge speared Perfect with a chair in hand.

* 1/2



7) Kurt Angle vs Edge in a Hair vs Hair Match -WWF Judgment Day May 19th, 2002

You find a sign in the front few rows during this match reading `We do need the “F“ back in to Raise Hell`, just wait awhile Mr. 2002. Just wait.

I really hoped for better storytelling this time around from these two as their match at Backlash 2002 consisted mainly of just spots. I know these two together have the chemistry to pull it off, and from memory I remember this match being fairly great.
The loser gets his head shaved. I Can’t remember the last time a BABYFACE lost this kind of match so the ending was fairly predictable but still the match quality is what matters here in this match review.
By this time the two had an excellent rivalry and put on some great matches!
A front face lock applied by Kurt Angle and he corners Edge to the buckle, then flattens him straight down on the canvas floor to wear him down more.
Hilariously King says “If stupidity was an Olympic Sport Edge would get a gold medal”.
Kurt Angle comes off with a shoulder block then Edge came off the ropes and delivered a roll-up on Angle but got a nearfall as he looked to out wrestle Kurt. Edge then threw Angle over the top rope then delivered a backslide from inside to outside the ring to Angle under the ropes. Edge then got thrown against the security wall by Angle for revenge. Angle then worked on him back in the ring until Edge reversed an irish whip and hit a back drop.

Edge tied up angle’s arms in the ropes and hit a SPEAR! Nice move.

Angle eventually got free and Edge charged towards him and Angle hit a belly to belly from inside the ring to the outside! Wow.

That was an awesome move that hurt Edge.

Angle then in control and kicked at Edge’s face. Angle heard ANGLE SUCKS chants and takes his time chopping Edge in the corner which may give him some time and it does as Edge took advantage of Angle’s slow offense and comes back with a forearm, and as he charged from the corner Angle still hit a hard spine buster to Edge to maintain the control of the match and got a nearfall.

Kurt kept the momentum and then choked out Edge on the middle rope planting his boot on his back for leverage before stomping on Edge some more to give him more blows and trying to take the big guy down to the mat to work his type of match apparently.

Angle goes down stairs on Edge attacking the legs and then hit a DDT but Edge kicked out. Angle then slapped on a rear chinlock and then went down to the canvas floor in the same familiar spot he did at Backlash 2002 to buy themselves a bit of time.

Almost the exact same version of it as the crowd applaud and cheer on Edge to get back in the match when his two arms drop and then he lifts his arm on the third attempt. Angle is squeezing Edge and then he battles out of the headlock but Angle grabbed onto Edge’s long hair and slammed him down. Angle then hit a snap shot vertical suplex but only got a two count.

Edge this time got caught in a front facelock by Angle trying to ground Angle some more.
I like this match better then the Backlash match already, due to the risky spots, and the fact Angle looks to actually have a game plan here. He’s trying to ground Edge and take him off his feet this time rather then a belly to belly war.

Just when I say that Edge hits a desperate belly to belly to Kurt and now both men are down selling the pain.

Angle and Edge both slowly rise to there feet at the five count and Edge hits Angle with right hands, ducks a clothesline and then comes off with a flying forearm, then a clothesline, then a spinning heel kick all very quickly. Edge then pulls Angle’s hea down to the mat with a reverse X-Factor and gets a nearfall. Edge then caught his first belly to belly by Angle of the match.

Kurt Angle charged towards Edge but he hit a back body drop to Angle and as he went to the outside he displayed great agility by landing on both of his feet outside the ring apron and then Edge dropkicked Angle to the outside still as he improvised as his original move didn’t work out quite as well as planned.

Edge then flew over the top rope with a cross body to the outside with another high risk move.

Edge though went to the top after placing Angle in the ring, Angle jumped up and went to suplex Edge from the top as he jumped up and Edge blocked it as he pushed Angle back to the mat from the top rope blocking his belly to belly from the top attempt. Edge had that move properly scouted since Angle had successfully applied that move to Edge in impressive fashion at Backlash. Edge then waited for Angle to once again get to his feet and then came off the top with a missile drop kick! 1….2…NO! Edge can’t believe it.
Angle kicked out of that high impact move after another high impact move and Edge had believed he had truely out wrestled Angle here. Edge then with a roll-up on Angle and still a two! Edge getting desperate as he was the one who had been on the defense most of the match but as it seems now had the Olympic Gold Medalist just where he wanted him. Edge went for a big impact DDT on Kurt Angle and planted him face first, in almost a modified version of the Edge-A-Cution that he likes to utilize. Edge goes to the top but this time Angle hits a belly to belly out of no where off the top to Edge.

Yeah that spot is always cool but how is he selling the moves? I don’t get Angle sometimes but still it’s exctiting to watch if you can suspend your belief system.

Edge then with another big impact DDT to Angle and every time Kurt Angle kicks out Edge grabs onto his hair and looks like the world is coming to an end.

Angle reverses Edge’s irish whip then Edge bounced off the ropes and went for a spear but Angle dodged it and he hit the ref! Crowd “OOOOHHHH” and Angle then hit a huge suplex to Edge.

Angle grabbed a chair on the outside went for a shot on Edge with the ref down but Edge hit a big SPEAR ON ANGLE. Edge with the cover but the ref is down.

Edge tried to wake up the ref and Angle got to his feet slowly, Edge went for another spear but Angle caught Edge with a big boot to the face. Edge got up and hit Angle with another SPEAR.

Edge then covered him but Angle kicked out again as the fans thought that was surely it, the 2nd spear to Angle with the ref having a slow count, big spot.

Angle then countered Edge’s offense as he hit an Angle Slam to Edge! Edge kicked out. Angle stomped on the canvas as he was pissed off and took the straps off and then locked in the ankle lock and then Edge used the ropes for leverage and hit a spinning heel kick that caught Angle right in the temple. Angle then locked in an Ankle Lock out of no where and Edge tried to reach for the ropes but Edge kicked him off against the ropes and rolled up Angle….

Edge pinned Angle with a small package at 15:30 for the win.

Angle looked like he was going to cry and then after the match beat down Edge while JR said Kurt Angle would SOON BE BALD.

Edge though hit a huge Edge-A-Cution to Angle.

Edge then all smiles grabbed Angle and after that big DDT he dragged Angle outside the ring and signalled to the CHAIR.

Later in the night when Edge cut his hair the crowd chanted `Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey…GOODBYE`

This is the last match with Angle having hair so I guess it is a bit historic in that sense.

In a way it was like saying goodbye to the Dorky Kurt because that was the Kurt that had hair, he became more vicious and a supposed “Wrestling Machine” when bald as far as I’m concerned.

This match was better then Backlash’s match for certain.

It was just two minutes longer but the pace was even better.

Most importantly Kurt Angle improved in this match as he tried to GROUND edge with front facelocks, reverse chinlocks, he targetted the legs to take the taller Edge off his vertical base in attempt to work his mat game so that was strategic wrestling worked great by Kurt Angle for the most part.
Edge came back though in mid-match and really was the agressor in the 2nd half as I remember some big spots where he’d hit a cross body over the top rope, also who can forget him getting belly to belly’d out of the ring over the top rope hitting the mat on the outside, that was a dangerous spot.

What made this match outside of the improved psychology was the near falls and the great climax, I can suspend my disbelief that the MOVES didn’t hurt either man because they were both countering off adrenaline, this was more then personal, this was a battle to save embarassment and keep your hair so the two men told a wonderful story about doing whatever it takes to keep there hair and Angle resorted to doing the move that Edge had scouted earlier and hit a belly to belly.

Angle kicked out of two spear’s, Edge kicked out of the Angle Slam and reversed his Ankle lock, winning the match by kicking him off to the side of the ropes and then into that small package.

So summing up the match it’s perfectly understandable to see why this is so much better then the Backlash encounter as it did so much more with just two more minutes this time around, and these two athletes can work wonders if they actually just throw in a story, and then a climax that is absolutely enthralling to boot.

You can certainly see why it has a place on Edge’s DVD.

Fantastic stuff.






8 ) Kurt Angle vs Edge in a Steel Cage Match -WWF SmackDown! May 30th, 2002

Kurt Angle and Edge continued there enthralling series with a Cage match here on Smackdown!

An excellent addition to Edge’s set as this was truely a gem and it’s still talked about for being a terrific Cage match, infact it ranks up there with the very best and it was on free TV making it feel that much more important.

Stu Hart is shown in attendance for this match.

These were the last two King of the Ring winners at the time of the match.

Kurt Angle was wearing his hair piece for this match.

Edge got set to lock up with Angle.

Kurt Angle locked up with Edge, Angle with a go-behind, Edge with an elbow, Angle tried to take a leg down out of Edge but Edge battled out of it. Angle with a side headlock in mid-ring, Edge from behind with a go-behind waistlock, then Angle reversed it into a hammerlock, Edge though was able to get out of it and powerslam Angle.

Edge with a nice drop toehold to Angl taking him down.

Good first minute.

Angle with shots Edge at the side ropes, irishwhips him and catches him with a reverse elbow shot. Angle then sent Edge face first into the Cage. Edge hit a big dropkick to Angle off the ropes in mid-ring, then Edge tossed Angle up to the top of the Cage and Kurt smacked the steel back first.
Edge went to spear Angle by the ropes into the Cage, Kurt Angle moved out of the way just in time and Edge spears the Steel, shoulder first.

Kurt Angle takes advantage of this and stomps on him before giving him a ton of right hands, and kicks in the corner, Kurt Angle then choked him out with his boot. Angle hit a nice gutwrench suplex, but Edge kicked out. “Angle Sucks” chants broke out, and Angle with his hair piece looked on at them frustrated.

Kurt Angle resorts to a front facelock in mid-ring on Edge to ground the quicker Canadian. Edge slowly rises to his feet and delivered a shot to the abdomen of Angle, Edge went for a clothesline Angle ducked and off the ropes Edge hits a textbook belly to belly suplex.

Edge then climbed the corner but Angle grabbed a boot, however Edge kicked him off, when Edge spotted Angle coming up to get him again, Edge dove off the top turnbuckle with a high crossbody to Angle and got a two count.

Angle busted out a German Suplex out of no where as usual, and then he hit a couple more to Edge slamming him hard to the mat to slow down Edge some more. Angle paced around the ring and headed for the door. Angle stomps on Edge and then sends him face first into the Steel, using the Cage as a weapon, Angle then tossed Edge head first into the opposite side of the Cage. And for the third time, Angle bounced Edge off the Steel as he tried to bust him open, the audience boo’s Angle.
Kurt Angle in control now beginning the assualt and he pounded away on Edge with hard body shots.

Edge had bladed and the blood was beginning to poor down on Edge. The fans booed as Angle pulled back on the hair of Edge.

Edge knocks Angle down out of no where and out of desperation he catapolted Kurt Angle to the Cage, Edge then faceplanted Angle off the ropes into the canvas, and a bloodied Edge got a two count. Edge with right hands to Angle and an irishwhip followed by a back bodydrop, and Edge with another clothesline, before a running bulldog and Angle wisely grabbed the bottom rope.

Awesome match, as called by Tazz here.

Edge had lost a lot of blood, and Angle ducks Edge off the ropes and Edge accidentally collided with the official. Angle with a back suplex to Edge who was busted open.
Angle began to climb to the top of the Cage but Edge fought back as he chased him up from the corner.

In an amazing spot, Edge hit a back suplex off the top rope, a superplex of sorts to Angle who flips over and lands on his back.

Edge then climbed to the top and got a boot over the Cage until Angle grabbed him from behind, Edge kicked back at Angle and kicked at him with a lowblow from the top of the Cage.

Angle then from the top hit an Angle Slam from the top rope on Edge taking him to the canvas, both men hit hard. Angle had been broken down, Edge has been bloodied for a ton of time.

Angle somehow manages to make it to his feet, Angle climbed to the top of the Cage and then as the audience booed Angle was making it over the Cage and he was going to the bottom and he made it there but the ref was down.

All of the sudden Hollywood Hulk Hogan came down to the ring and sent Angle into the Cage twice as the fans roared.

Hogan has had some experience in Cage matches in his time, in the 80’s, worked them wonderfully.

Fans chant Hogan as he opened up the Cage door and he sent Angle back in the Cage while the official was still down.

Angle had already won but the official was out. Hogan shuts the door, this was to set up the feud between the two for King of the Ring.

First commercial break comes 11 minutes, and four seconds into the match which was great.

Angle hit a suplex in mid-ring to Edge once back from the break, and they show during the commericial, Edge hit a spear in mid-ring and got just a two count.
Edge went for a spear, Angle moved but he sent him into the buckle and he hit a Angle Slam all bloodied, the fans thought it was three as Edge was frustrated.

This match was reaching Classic levels.

Angle locked on the Ankle lock now.

Edge countered with his power elevating Angle into the side of the Cage. Now Edge then with an Ankle lock to Kurt Angle himself! Angle kicked him off. Hogan kept watching from outside the Cage.

Edge still full of blood went for the door, but Angle tripped him down and stomped on Edge and choked him out with his boot. Angle kept giving Edge a boot to the head.
Angle climbed to the top and he was hanging from the top but Edge slammed Angle’s head into the top of the Cage and then Angle dropped onto the steel door, groin first hurting the Olympic Jewels as Tazz said.

Edge pulled Angle back into the Cage, still all full of blood to add drama. Edge elevated Angle back into the ring. Edge from the corner spotted Angle, Angle charged towards Edge like an idiot but caught a spear in mid-air.

In the end of this Great Cage match, Edge pinned Angle at 14:37 of TV Time (the match went longer with commercials, aproximately 17-18 minutes)

A Classic.


**** 1/4


9) Billy and Chuck (c) (With Rico) vs Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan -WWF SmackDown! July 4th, 2002

This match is on DVD more times then several classic’s which is kind of annoying considering how mediocre it is, but you can see why it’s on Edge’s set, teaming with his idol.

Billy and Chuck were pretty homosexual.

Anyways onto the match.

Hulk Hogan slammed Chuck to the corner and he posed, Tazz said he better not tell him to kiss his ass, as he might do it. Clever.

Chuck Palumbo with hard shots to the most popular wrestler of all time. Chuck with a powerslam, but Hogan got up and he landed right hands to Chuck, off the ropes Hogan hit a clothesline. Hogan with an elbow to the sternum twice, and then a boot across the face to Chuck.

Billy Gunn tagged in and he had almot X-Pac heat by this time. Micheal Cole calls him maybe the best tag wrestler ever, ugh.

Hogan landed a shot as did Edge from the corner.

Edge then flattened Billy Gunn with a hard shot. Edge to the ropes leaped over Gunn and flattened him dropping him back first. Edge then with hard shots to Gunn, but out of no where Gunn hit a clothesline to Edge.

Billy Gunn stomped on Edge and delivered blows, tagged in Chuck as he dominated Edge some more, Gunn tagged in again working over Edge as the tandem were isolating him in the corner.

Your standard tag-team formula here.

Gunn in mid-ring hit a vertical suplex in mid-ring to Edge.

Chuck with a hard right hand to Edge. Chuck kicked at a fatigued Edge and then scoop slammed him.

Fans chanted for Hogan.

Chuck tossed Edge over the ropes, Gunn came in with a front facelock. Gunn clotheslined Edge down, and then Edge out of no where countered it in mid-air and slammed his face to the mat.

Finally Hogan comes in and does his magic, but Chuck trips him, Gunn covers and just a two. Edge from the top with a flying double clothesline.

Outside the ring Hogan dropped Rico groin first on the barricade, and out of no where hit Billy with a spear.

Edge then dropped a leg on top of him, just like his idol had done so many times. Hogan did the same, the cover and new tag champs!

The place erupts.

In the end on Independence Day (even though it was filmed earlier) Edge and Hogan wore patriotic colors (even though Edge is Canadian) by winning the titles after Edge and Hogan both hit the legdrop after one another.

Decent, but way too typical, and very sloppy wrestling by everyone in the match but Edge.
So nothing good at all, it also dragged WAY too much in the middle.

* 1/2

10) Eddie Guerrero vs Edge -WWE Unforgiven 2002

Eddie Guerrero and Edge both had a great match at Summerslam. They had some great ones on Smackdown! as well…a NO DQ Classic came after this bout in paticular.

Here they are at it again on Unforgiven in September of 2002.

Eddie Guerrero with a quick roll-up on Edge and his gameplan was clear, to end the match quickly. Eddie Guerrero was chased around the ring and once inside Edge hit a backdrop to Eddie Guerrero and then a front faceplant.
Edge with shots to the head of Eddie and in the corner landed a hard righthand, a kick to the abdomen and a chop to the chest of Eddie Guerrero. Fans obviously behind Edge, he was very over as a babyface here. Edge reversed an irishwhip and hit a powerslam on Eddie Guerrero. Edge with a front facelock to Eddie and then hit a standing vertical suplex in mid-ring, the cover and Eddie Guerrero kicked out.

Edge stomped on the back of Eddie. Eddie from the corner got kicked in the chest and Edge sent Eddie Guerrero into the opposite corner but he got an elbow up to the face of Edge and then hit a tornado DDT from the second rope, nice move.

Eddie then dangerous when on the offense kicked at Edge ruthlessly and then with a unique submission hold, ground Edge to the mat, a reverse chinlock while he planted his entire body on top of him.

Eddie Guerrero back into a front facelock on Edge. Eddie Guerrero sent Edge into the corner and he leaped around keeping his cool and he kept levelling Edge with a boot. Eddie Guerrero kept measuring his opponent.

Eddie Guerrero asked for a shot Edge tried from his knees on the canvas and Eddie Guerrero hilariously backed off.

Edge then continued to fight back and this time he hit a desperation righthand from out of no where, and Eddie flops backwards.

Both men are down now.

Both had to reach there feet before the ten count.

Edge charged towards Eddie in the corner but he moved, the intensity level of Eddie Guerrero was scary here, Eddie landed hard shots on the neck of Edge.

Eddie Guerrero choked out Edge in the corner with his boot.

Edge fought back, both men from there knees landing shots in a slugfest. Edge then gained momentum as he knocked Eddie down with forearm shots, and then a faceplant, Eddie kicked out.

Eddie Guerrero sent to the corner by Edge but he leaped behind him, Eddie kicked at Edge’s leg, but Edge from behind drops Eddie Guerrero down on the mat back first dropping him by holding onto his neck and this time he only got a two count once again.
Eddie Guerrero with a hard uppercut to the jaw of Edge. A small “lets go Eddie” chant breaks out.

Eddie Guerrero from the top holding onto Edge’s wrist from the top rope, Edge countered the move in mid-air and hit a powerbomb but Eddie Guerrero kicked out.
Edge sent Eddie to the ropes but he caught him above his shoulders and sent him into the corner, Edge went for the spear Eddie ducked out of the way, but Edge hit the Edge-a-cution, and just a two since Eddie Guerrero got his foot on the bottom rope.
Edge then from the top hit a leaping missile dropkick to Eddie. Edge then loosened the turnbuckle pad, sent Eddie into the corner, then hit a spear.

Edge from the top rope grabbed Eddie but Eddie Guerrero slammed him head first, and then hit a beautiful sunset flip from the top rope, grabbing the tights in the process!

In the end Eddie defeated Edge at 11:55.

It was a great match, but I would of liked more storytelling, and it also had a slow middle section.

Not as good as the Summerslam match, but it had a nice ending.





Disc 1 Extras:
• The Totally Awesome Best of Edge & Christian

Basically, this shows about five minutes worth of comic gold from the two mostly from the year 2000. Good stuff.




Disc 2 Matches:



11) Injury – Return Match! Randy Orton (c) vs Edge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship -WWE Vengeance July 11th, 2004
To say this match got a lot of time to work, would be an understatement.

I have found you either love this one or you hate it.

I love it.
There’s an obvious 90-120 second pause in the middle while Orton continues to weardown Edge with a reverse chinlock and the fans get on his case, but outside that I felt everything was neccessary.
Orton comes out to the Evolution theme, Edge has his basic “You think you know me, know me” that he used before picking up Rob Zombie.

Orton’s long reign as IC Champion had been building not only himself up, but the IC title’s credibility as well. The days where Macho Man Randy Savage, The Honkytonk Man, Pedro Morales, Mr. Perfect, The Rock among others who held the IC title for a long time and defended it time and time again seemed to be coming back here with Orton.
That’s how it seemed anyway, seeing as of this writing there’s hardly been a credible IC reign since this one.

Randy Orton had his fans here, his character was catching on, whereas Edge was a bit stale upon returning and was rather blah as a babyface, he’d late go HEEL but this match took place in a time where he was about to go in a transitional period, so the crowd is split here.
Edge had that look on his face when Orton came out, as if to say “So you think you’re the new thing around here?” you could easily see that line directly in front of you as Orton did his pose with the IC title. Randy Orton’s entrance looked awesome around this time.
Edge and Orton tied up in mid-ring and there were a ton of noticeable “lets go Orton” chants which Lawler and Ross at first ignore. Neither man gained an advantage on the intial tie-up. Edge got caught in a side headlock by Randy Orton and Edge willed his way out of it with an over-head wristlock into a side headlock of his own onto the Champion.
A nice little feeling out stage here, Orton sent Edge off the ropes but he bounced back from the other side hitting a shoulder breaker on Orton in mid-ring to which many fans boo. Orton looks frustrated and Edge gets caught by Orton who slaps on a wristlock. Edge tries to power out of it and eventually does hitting an arm-ringer on Randy Orton and then another side headlock, off the ropes, Orton with a leapfrog, Edge ducks, and then off the ropes Edge gets the better of Randy Orton once more with another shoulder block.
Some fans boo, yet again. Orton psyched out Edge by going in for a tie-up but hit a knee to the abdomen of Edge, then a kick to the lower back. Edge in mid-ring got a side headlock by Orton, the two criss-cross and off the ropes Edge leaped over Orton and hit a shoulder block once more, into a side headlock takedown. Edge now on the canvas had Orton temporarily in a pinning position but Orton got his shoulder off the mat. Down on the canvas Edge kept the sleeper locked on Orton wearing down the Champion some more.

Randy Orton back to his vertical base and he sent Edge to the ropes and he hit a series of shoulder blocks to Orton until he had enough and walked around the ring saying he had enough of this. Edge then went up the ramp and hit a forearm to the back of Orton’s head, Edge did not want to win by countout or he wouldn’t get the title. More hard shots by Edge outside the ring until he sent Randy Orton back inside. Edge irishwhipped into the ropes and Randy Orton elevated Edge high over the top rope to the floor buying himself some time.

Edge now down on the mat and the official began to count until Randy Orton himself broke the count. Orton slammed Edge’s head into the bottom of the canvas.

Orton then suplexed Edge from the outside apron into the ring, slamming him back first on the canvas, which gets some applause from the split-crowd.

Another nicely executed offensive move from the Champ, which scores him a nearfall. Orton then raked the face of Edge with his boot.

Randy Orton with a hard uppercut sending the challenger down to his knees, and Orton then choked him out on the middle rope. Orton with a kick to the mid-section of Edge a couple of times. Randy Orton dropped an elbow into the throat of Edge in vicious fashion two times and then posed, some of the crowd cheer.

Orton with a snapmare takeover into a reverse chinlock, meanwhile holding the elbow of Edge directly over his head, a unique submission hold. Edge battled out slowly but met another kick by Orton, but off the ropes Edge came flying at Randy Orton out of desperation with a flying forearm and then a couple of quick shots to the head of Orton.

Edge charged to Randy Orton and hit him with a running clothesline taking him over the top rope landing directly on the floor. Orton grabbed his IC title on the outside but Edge hit a baseball slide to Orton levelling him down on the floor, then Edge with a high impact clothesline to Randy Orton on the outside of the ring. Edge pulled up Randy and tossed him back inside the ring.

Edge from the top rope hit a nice missile dropkick from the top rope, and it scores him a two. Lawler points out the fans are cheering for Orton and Ross is forced to now agree. Finally.

Edge is signalling for the spear and Randy Orton caught him with a high kick to the face. Out of the corner Randy Orton then hit Edge with a modified backbreaker and it got him a two count.

Some “Lets go Edge” chants break out as Orton works over the challenger, Randy delivered an elbow to the esophagus of Edge who’s head hung upside down outside the ring apron. Orton then choked out Edge on the bottom rope some more, wearing down the Champ. Randy Orton dragged Edge back to mid-ring and choked him out once more before kicking Edge in the head.

Orton grabbed Edge by his hair and then delivered a slap before a legdrop on the top of Edge’s neck. Orton threw Edge into the corner but Edge caught Orton coming in with a high boot to the jaw. Orton with a righthand to Edge and then he buried his knee into abdomen of the challenger. Edge tried to fight back but it didn’t work.

Every time Edge gained momentum, Orton shut it down. Orton dropped the knee onto the back of Edge’s head and then he choked him out on the bottom rope again.

Randy Orton in mid-ring with a textbook standing dropkick gets him a two count. Randy Orton then in mid-ring using leverage slapped on a reverse chinlock on Edge gripping his neck.

This was one of the spots mid-match which seemed to drag, but I felt it followed the story accordingly because Randy Orton was going to do anything to wear down the Challenger here, who he knew had great conditioning.

Edge to his feet hit Orton with some fists to the head but Orton dropped him yet again and then this time hit legdrop, a nearfall followed by more vicious, striking blows to the neck of Edge by Randy Orton.

Orton went back into the side headlock, and as the fans got on his case he just soaked up in the Heel Heat he was recieving, which means he was doing his job.

The sleeper had been slapped on for a good 90 seconds and the “boring” chants come out, and now Orton slaps on a bodyscissors on Edge on top of the reverse chinlock.
Edge was beyond fatigued at this point.

Edge finally out hit a desperation cross-body out of no where got him a two. A roll-up by Edge gets him another two count, then out of no where Randy Orton delivered a nice clothesline to Edge. Orton with a high risk move now came off the top perhaps looking for a double axehandle drop, but Edge in mid-air hit him with a high impact dropkick and the place erupts.
Both men down.

Edge now gets irishwhipped by Orton, reverses a hiplock, went for a swinging neckbreaker and hit it on Orton to buy himself time. Both men spent and down now and the official began to count.

At the count of eight, both men from there knees exchange blows with righthands to one another, a slugfest broke out, Edge caught Orton off the side ropes and hit him with a side russian legsweep and got a two count out of this. Randy Orton slowly tried to get to his feet and off the ropes, Randy Orton went for a dropkick but Edge made a U-Turn at the ropes and grabbed on, Edge then catapolted Randy Orton into the top turnbuckle and then dropped Edge back first as he planted him to the canvas. Edge gets a two.

Edge climbed to the outside apron and began to climb to the top turnbuckle, from there Orton caught him with a hard forearm shot. Orton with slow rights, and then met Edge up top. Randy Orton going for a Superplex on Edge from up high gets dropped by Edge face first hung up on that top rope out of the front facelock and Orton had his head planted on the turnbuckle.

Edge then with a flying crossbody but Orton rolled through and got a two. Edge went for Orton out of the pinning attempt and Orton hit Edge with a thumb to the eye, Ross says “Thank you Ric Flair” as Orton may have learned it from Naitch himself.

Edge with an inside cradle as Orton came towards him but got a two count. Edge argued with the official and Orton grabbed the tights but only got two himself on an inside cradle.
Randy Orton though did get the best of this predicament hitting another standing dropkick, but just another two count. Orton sent Edge to the ropes, and Edge hit a unique looking DDT after several small reversals and still just a two.

The crowd is loving this now.

Edge in the corner went up high on Orton and landed blows and on the sixth Orton elevated Edge in the air and he hit face first on the top buckle clotheslining him back, Orton covered him and got a long two, pretty exciting stuff here.

Orton signalling for the RKO but Edge pushed him into the corner and now signalled for the spear, Orton leapfrogged Edge and he crashed into the corner face first into the second turnbuckle.

Orton then went for the RKO but Edge countered it into a backslide and got just a two count. Orton with a righthand to Edge and an irishwhip gets reversed as Orton crashed into the exposed turnbuckle this time.

Edge hits the SPEAR!

In the end Edge became the NEW Intercontinental Champion at 26:36 after he finished Orton off with his spear, huge pop considering the split crowd.

I remember always wanting Orton to retain the title, and looking back he probably should have considering the fans opinion on Edge at the time, and the fact I don’t believe Orton was ready to become World Champion just yet. The WWE definitely dropped the ball on the ending here I feel, but still, it was a terrific match.

A Classic as far as I’m concerned, I loved this old school material brought back to life, completely refreshing.

One of the best matches in the careers of both guys.


**** 1/4



12) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs Edge in a Street Fight -WWE RAW February 28th, 2005

This was about a month before Edge would compete in the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Shawn Michaels didn’t waste any time dropping Edge with a few right hands. He even took off his belt and whipped at Edge’s lower back.

These two were in a personal feud at the time.

This was going to be more then a brawl, it was infact a Street Fight.

Edge was kicked at numerous times and Michaels then hit him with a nice backbody drop off the ropes. Shawn clotheslined Edge over the top rope to the floor on the outside.


Michaels then hit Edge with a straight righthand taking Edge over the barricade and now the two were fighting in the audience.

Michaels with more hard shots to the back of Edge before tossing him over the top of the barricade to the floor once more. All Michaels.

Shawn with more shots to Edge and looked under the ring for some tools and found a trashcan, and he nailed Edge directly in the skull with it.

Michaels then dragged A Ladder out to a big pop. Shawn set it up in front of the ramp but


Edge from out of no where SMACKED Shawn Michaels right in the head with a trash can lid, it sounded pretty sick.

Fans chanted for HBK and Edge slammed Shawn face first onto the ring apron as Edge as the aggressor for the first time in the match. Edge grabbed a Metal Chair and then kicked Shawn in the ribs back in the ring. Edge sat up a chait in the middle of the ring but Michaels hit a thunderous chop to Edge buying himself a bit of time.

Edge then hit a big DDT to Michaels on top of the chair which was sitting upright, Michaels blocked the original one but then bladed big time after the second.
Shawn Michaels was a bloody mess.

Ross says we’ll continue from Providence as the fans get the bloody visual so they’d surely stay tuned. Good booking, I guess?

Back from the break with Shawn losing blood tried to fight his way back into the match but Edge lifted a knee to Shawn off the ropes, out of no where Shawn Michaels hit an offensive move knocking Edge down while lifting his knee.

Shawn Michaels grabs the Ladder and brings it into the ring but Edge dropkicks it right into his face inside the ring, and he already had a bloodied face. Edge gets a two.
Edge goes to the outside apron and climbs to the top rope. Edge up top gets a Ladder thrown right into his face by Shawn Michaels and he falls to the outside. Lawler was correct when saying that was the best use of the Ladder Shawn Michaels could of made.
Michaels with a suicide dive to the outside on Edge and continued with striking blows to Edge on the floor.

Shawn threw Edge back in the ring. Shawn positioned the Ladder horizontal in the corner of the ring on the middle ropes. In the other corner Shawn Michaels hit a chop on Edge, he then irishwhipped him into the Ladder on the other side but Edge blocked it, Edge then hit a droptoe hold on Michaels and sent his bloodied face directly into the Ladder.
Despite that, just a two count. Good spot.

Edge picks up the Ladder and places it in the corner upright in vertical position. Edge scooped up Michaels who was all bloodied and slammed him to the mat. Edge then climbed the Ladder in the corner. Edge from near the top hit a big splash to Shawn which took some of the wind out of Edge and he hesitated to pin Michaels which ultimately bought Shawn Michaels a bit of time to kick out. Fans chanted HBK some more.
Michaels caught Edge and he catapolted Edge out of desperation right into the Ladder and now both men were down ten minutes into the match.

Shawn slowly got to his feet and had a chair in hand and smacked it right over Edge’s head. Edge went all the way to the outside after that.

Shawn got Edge back in the ring and he hit a flying forearm and an atomic drop, Shawn with a lot of adrenaline went to work on Edge. Michaels with a Kendo Stick smacked Edge straight in the face with it. Shawn from up high driving his elbow into the sternum of Edge on the canvas.

Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music, Edge with a chair in hand ducks it and hits a LEGAL lowblow considering it’s a street fight. Edge throws another chair into the ring.
A fan in the front row has a sign “Use a Chair”.

Edge gets set to plant Michaels inbetween two chairs but out of no where Shawn got a boot up on Edge hitting him with a low blow. Shawn Michaels then grabbed a chair but Edge from no where got a spear! Shawn kicked out still. Edge can’t believe it.
Edge got set to hit a superkick but Shawn hit him when Edge charged towards him.

In the end Shawn put Edge away at 15:10 not including commercial time.

Sure it was a spotfest, but it was done right and was very fun.

A Great Raw match!

*** 1/2


13) Gold Rush Tournament Final: Kane (W/Lita) vs Edge – RAW May 16th, 2005
So by now everyone knew Amy Dumas had screwed Adam Copeland and Matt Hardy had been fired over it.

Everyone knew Kane was the WWE’s version of “Matt” with this whole angle they were doing here.

SO almost everybody saw the “swerve” that was about to come after this match when we see Lita outside the ring in a match involving Edge.

This was the final match in a very entertaining tournament on Raw to determine who’d meet the World Champion Batista.

Edge came out and Kane looked prepared. Jim Ross says Kane knew what it was like to be at the top of the mountain. Must be a good memory.

Fans chant “You screwed Matt”.

Kane delivers righthands to Edge and is the aggressor early on. Kane man-handling Edge as he choked him out on the top rope. Kane charged towards Edge but he hit a droptoe hold and Kane hit the middle turnbuckle. Edge now followed it up with right hands to beat down the Monster.

Edge tried to irish-whip Kane to the corner and then Kane elevated Edge to the outside floor.

It’s humerous listening to Lawler and Ross bicker over strategies when facing a guy like Kane.

Kane dropped Edge on the barricade while Lita looked on. Kane kicked at the head of Edge inside the ring and then in the corner hit Edge with an elbow shot, and a nice uppercut. Edge then irishwhipped to the ropes caught Kane with a boot to the face but Kane knocked Edge down with a nice clothesline.

Edge though on the way out of the ring hit a resourceful, quick-thinking move buying himself a moment of relief from Kane clothesling him on the rop rope. Once Edge got back in Edge was choked out in the corner, Kane then charged into the official and he did not see the lowblow Edge hit on Kane. Edge then with a nice baseball slide dropkick to Kane that sent him to the outside under the bottom rope.

Edge with a bodyscissors on Kane in mid-ring back from the commercial break while Edge kept a leglock applied on the bigger man, which of course is a good strategy.
Edge isolating the left knee of Kane and then dropped his bodyweight on top of it.
Edge from the corner took the leg out of Kane as he charged towards him sweeping him down. Kane attempted to get up to his big vertical base with leverage from the ropes but Edge kicked some more at Kane off the apron to the outside.

Edge dropped a double axehandle to Kane on the outside of the ring. Edge drove his bodyweight into Kane and the injured knee.

Kane got more punishment from Edge as he dropped off the top and delivered more of his bodyweight to the leg of Kane. Kane tried to fight back but Edge then took the leg out of Kane once more. Edge dragged Kane by the left leg into the middle of the ring and slapped on yet another leglock, as he grounded the big man focusing on the knee.
Kane used his good right leg very effectively as he dropped it on top of Edge and that’s how he got out of this predicament. Kane then slammed thunderous right’s to Edge in the corner and then an uppercut. Kane with a high impact clothesline to Edge in the corner, and as Kane came in Edge hit a reverse elbow. Edge flew off the top but Kane landed a sidewalk slam and scored a nearfall.

Kane scooped up Edge and dropped him face first on the turnbuckle, snake-eyes and then a big clothesline from Kane, Edge kicked out. Kane irishwhipped to the ropes and Edge caught him from no where and planted his back against the canvas. Edge went for a spear on Kane but he grabbed him by the throat, all of the sudden they collided into the official and Edge got a DDT.

Edge with just a two count, then he began to pull his hair out in hilarious fashion as always. Edge signalled for another spear but Kane sent him into the corner, a reverse elbow caught Kane in the mouth but despite that he caught Edge off the side ropes and he hit another sidewalk slam. Kane scooped up Edge and he landed on his feet. Edge shoved Kane into the official and he hit a spear on Kane.

With Mike Keota down Kane sat up. Edge grabbed his case and went after Kane but he got a big to the face of Edge.

Lita shoved the case to Edge and tried to distract Kane who jumped off the top and in mid-air Edge hit Kane with the case.

The heat here was real which was something different.

In the end Edge defeated Kane after Lita allowed him to win at 11:16.

Lita joins Edge after the match.

One of the worst kept secrets online turns into a benefit for Edge, can’t say the same for Amy Dumas.

** 1/2




14) Matt Hardy vs Edge (W/Lita) in a Street Fight -WWE RAW August 29th, 2005


Don’t really need to tell the backstory here.

Matt Hardy and Edge in a big slugfest to start as expected. This goes into the crowd in no time. Matt Hardy tossed Edge over the barricade onto the floor and then he dropped a double axehandle to Edge, before tossing him into the ring.
Edge walked over where Matt was outside the ring and he hit Edge in the head with a trashcan Lid.

Matt Hardy brings a Ladder into the ring, or attempted to before Edge hit a baseball slide into the Ladder knocking Matt away.

Back from a commercial Matt is back on top of Edge, and during the break Edge went to drive a Ladder into Matt but it hit his own face by the ring post. Matt also hit a superplex on Edge from the top during the break.

Both guys in a slugfest in mid-ring and Matt falls down.

Edge off the ropes went to spear Matt Hardy off the apron into the barricade but Matt smacked Edge in the head with a trashcan lid. Matt Hardy then threw Edge into the Ladder set up vertical in the corner. Matt then splashed him into it in the corner.

Matt Hardy climbed to the top of the Ladder, Edge did on the other side as well. Both men exchange shots from the top and Edge falls back first.

Matt Hardy with a big legdrop from the top of the Ladder down to Edge on canvas. Matt Hardy only gets a two.

Matt Hardy swings a chair at Edge.

Edge blocked it and hit a Kendo stick into Matt’s head.

Edge grabbed another chair under the ring. Edge with Matt Hardy down on the mat, went for a chairshot but Matt kicked him out of the way just in time sweeping his leg.

Edge then grabbed Matt and hit him with a face first flapback into the Ladder set up by the corner of the ring. Edge grabbed another trashcan lid and smacked it over the head of Matt Hardy a series of times.

Matt Hardy recieved yet another lid shot by Edge. Edge charged towards Matt and with a cold look in his eye hit a vicious kick to the head of Matt Hardy. Edge dragged Matt over and smacked him into the steel steps. Edge went for a DDT on Matt on the steel steps but he countered and landed one on Edge. Matt went after Lita on the outside but Edge caught up and the war continued outside the ring.

Matt Hardy inside used the Ladder as a weapon. Matt kept the punishment up as he smacked the horizontal Ladder right into the abdomen of Edge.

Matt Hardy went for a moonsault on top of Edge who was placed on top of a Ladder but he crashed and burned as Edge moved out of the way, just in time.

More brawling outside the ring and the two went up the ramp. Matt sent Edge face first into the metal Raw stage sign. Matt grabbed Lita by the hair and went for a piledriver or powerbomb off the stage but Edge knocked Matt down from behind. Edge almost threw Matt Hardy off the ramp. Edge then went to spear Matt off the stage and he moved just in time.

Matt grabbed Edge and both men crashed off the stage through a table on top of the electrical wires at 15:15 where they battled to a no-contest.

A great little war here with a memorable ending.



15) John Cena vs Edge (c) (W/Lita) for the WWE Championship -WWE New Year’s Revolution January 8th, 2006
It’s no secret, I’m not a big fan of the Edge vs Cena series.

But if they’ll place a match here with the two (which they should as it was a big feud) A rare Cena-Edge match, such as this, I’m more then fine with.

And what a clash this was!

We first see John Cena getting beaten down by both Carlito and Chris Masters inside the Elimination Chamber.

Cena wins and some are frustrated.

Vince McMahon comes out and tells us Edge is cashing in now after waiting ten months.

Edge kept going for nearfalls and Cena kept kicking out.

Edge signalled for a spear in the corner and he hit it. Cena kicked out and the place booed.

I think just about everyone was tired of Cena kicking out by THIS point. Edge then signalled for another spear and hit it.

In the end at 1:35 Edge defeated John Cena after waiting almost a year before cashing in the ORIGINAL Money in the Bank.

Edge for the very first time is the WWE Champion and has reached the top of the mountain.

This move was brilliant at the time, and incredibally shocking and refreshing. They’ve tried to re-create moments like this but this one was certainly special for a number of reasons.

Edge walked out Champion.

1/4* for the match, 1/2* for the originality and excitement.

Not a good “match” but a spectacular moment.


16) Mick Foley vs Edge (W/Lita) in a Hardcore Match -Wrestlemania 22


Mick Foley proved in 2004 he was still capable of putting on a GREAT match when he did so with Randy Orton at Backlash.

He did it again here.

Edge went into Mick’s environment here and no one really knew what to expect.
What we got was a borderline Classic.

Edge began the match with a baseball bat swinging at Mick but he sent him into the corner and drove Edge face first into the canvas.

Mick set up Edge upside down in the corner while the crowd chanted “Foley.” Mick Foley then ran to the corner and dropped his elbow to the head of Edge. Edge then charged towards Mick Foley and hit him with a high boot and then a hard forearm off the ropes.
Edge picked up a pan thrown in the ring by Lita and smashed it over Mick’s head in violent fashion, quite a few times. Road signs now entered the ring area. Edge picked it up and smashed it over Foley, then directly placed it in front of his head and off the ropes hit


Mick Foley with a baseball slide into the sign, into his face.


Edge signalled for a Spear and hit it directly in mid-ring. Edge seemed to be hurt worse then Mick Foley though as he had some weapons hidden. Foley had wrapped himself in barbedwire.

Edge’s arm was all bloody and Foley took off some of his wire and began whipping at Edge. Mick then wripped some of the flesh of Edge’s bloodied arm and proceeded to wrap it around his fist before giving him some striking blows. Edge tied up in the ropes in a vulnerable position waited there as Foley went out of the ring, inbetween the steps grabbed his barbedwire bat.


Edge looked on in fear and Lita then hopped on Foley inside the ring.

Despite this Mick Foley charged towards Edge with Lita on his back and clotheslined Edge over the top rope to the floor sending Lita along for the ride with them. Foley got a two count on the floor before hitting Edge with a swinging neckbreaker and scoring yet another close call.

Mick Foley landed a few hard shots on Edge and proceeded to yell “Bang Bang”. Mick Foley ran towards Edge to drive his knee but Edge regrouped and in mid-air hit a hiplock to Foley sending him back first, hard into the steel steps.

Edge with a righthand and then sent Foley hard into the barricade. Edge irishwhipped Mick hard into the steel steps, and Foley bumps insanely hard, like only he can.
Words don’t do those paticular bumps justice.

Edge grabs a chair and places it in the ring, and then baseball slides into Foley sending him back outside of it buying himself some more time. Edge goes under the apron and grabs a table as the place cheers. Edge sets it up outside the ring right beside the entrance apron. Edge puts Foley on top of it and then climbs to the top turnbuckle but Foley moves out of the way.

Edge climbs down and levels Foley with a hard forearm shot. Edge then swings Mick Foley’s head backwards hard onto the ramp. Foley’s head had sustained enough punishment over the years and he just kept taking more and more bumps here. Edge tossed Mick Foley back inside the ring. Edge then with lighter fluid sprayed Foley but he struck back at him. Mick Foley hit a piledriver on Edge, and he kicked out. Edge down and Foley grabbed the frying pan and placed it directly under Edge’s skull, then he rammed Edge’s skull into it and grabbed a chair with the intent to hit Edge but Lita distracted him on the outside.

Foley turned around and Edge dropped Mick on his head right on the pan which gets him a two count.

Edge grabs the barbedwire bat and swings it at the abdomen of Mick, then the back, then right in the face. Three hard shots.

Now Edge started to rip up Foley’s bloodied face with the barbedwire bat. Edge then hit a running bulldog onto Mick’s face on top of the bat. Edge still only got a two count and then began to rip out his hair in frustration.

Edge underneath the ring got a giant bag of thumbtacks and dropped them on the canvas. Edge landed righthands on Mick in the corner of the ring.

Edge went to place Mick on the tacks but he hit a sidewalk slam on Edge right on top of the tacks, and you could feel the pain by the look on Edge’s face.

Foley then wrapped the wire around his sock and placed a Mandible claw with the wire on Edge, then Lita afterwards who ran in the ring and both of them were bloodied. Foley grabbed the bat and got a roar from the crowd. Foley smacked Edge in the ribcage with the bat a couple of times and Edge still had the tacks in his back. Foley again charged into Edge driving the bat into his skull.

Foley rammed the barbedwire bat into the bloodied skull of Edge once more by driving it downwards on the canvas.

Foley yells out “Bang Bang!”

Mick Foley then ripped open Edge’s face some more on the middle rope bringing the barbedwire onto his face.

Foley then with fluid placed it in top of the Wooden Table.

Chicago pops.

Lita then hit Foley with the bat and she continued to place the fluid on the table.
A bloodied Mick stayed outside the ring apron, and Lita placed the table on fire.

Edge speared Mick Foley off the apron!

Edge speared Foley onto a flaming table.

Styles lets out his ECW style “OH MY GOD!” and the fans let out your typical “Holy Sh*t!” both of them worthy after a bump like this.
Edge defeated Foley at 14:37 in the end when he covered Foley on the ground after the spear through the fire.

Both men were a bloody mess.

But this was a ton of fun.





17) Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah vs Mick Foley, Edge and Lita -ECW: One Night Stand June 11th, 2006

I always had a soft spot for Beulah, or maybe a hard one depending on how you look at it. Either way, she came back here and teamed up with Dreamer and the Funker. The match, and the lead to this match you’ll find a lot out about in Foley’s third major novel-autobiography, “Hardcore Diaries” which I’m sure you can find online somewhere today. (Puts up thumb)

Mick Foley was ready.

Mick Foley gets on the mic and he was a Heel at this time. Foley said he did sell out, he sold out Madison Square Garden. Foley also goes on to say things like he missed when a creative genius like Stephanie McMahon ran ECW, and long live the Alliance. Good stuff.
Edge then came out and ripped on ECW fans.
Lita calls Dreamer the Innovator of Silence and then Edge and Mick slap hands. Good stuff. She continued to rip on ECW fans and Dreamer both.
Beulah came out and then got on the mic and ripped on Lita.
Lita slapped Beulah and then she began to choke her until the official’s broke it up.

Out came Funk.
Edge with a sideheadlock to Dreamer and he came off the ropes with a leapfrog and then a side headlock takedown. Edge went for an inziguri and Dreamer ducked. Fans chanted for Dreamer.

In came Mick Foley after a tag from Edge. Mick Foley pointed at Funk on the apron. Fans chanted for the now Hall Of Famer in Terry Funk.

Terry sqaured off with Mick slapping him over and over until he backed off to the ropes. Mick Foley decided to leave the ring and got on the apron and started to leave, until Edge grabbed Funk from behind.

Tommy Dreamer then tossed Edge over the ropes to the outside.

All four men began brawling on opposite sides of the ring. Funk and Foley on one side, Dreamer smashed a pan over the back of Edge on the other. Dreamer threw a trashcan into the ring. Dreamer smacks a pan over the head of Foley back in the ring and then the trashcan at Edge while the fans chant “EC Dub”.

Funk placed the can infront of Foley’s head and Dreamer hit a baseball slide into the can into Foley’s head making him fall under the bottom rope to the floor. Edge then grabbed a pan and smacked it viciously over the head of Tommy Dreamer. Foley on the outside unleashed a series of righthands to the head of Funk.

Foley dragged Funk to the back and threw him against the steel barricade of the entrance way.

Dreamer reversed a spear attempt in mid-air hitting a hiplock on Edge who charged towards him on top of the Ladder in the corner! Nice spot.

Funk on the outside drove Foley’s battered head into the steel steps.

Funk then wore the Ladder on his shoulder spinning around knocking off everyone in sight as the fans applauded.

Terry Funk headbutts Foley and then they set up a giant Ladder in the corner of the ring. Funk up high on the Ladder was caught by Edge who pushed the Ladder over and Terry landed back first on the other side of the ring hard onto the mat. Big bump for a man of his age.

Edge now standing tall picked up Dreamer but he fought back with shots to the abdomen. Dreamer looking for a slam but Lita came in from behind and hit a lowblow on Dreamer while Beulah looked on in disgust. Fans ripped on Lita of course, any chance they could with your typical ECW chants you could imagine.

Edge and Foley underneath the ring pulled out a flat, wooden table covered in barbedwire and placed it under the bottom rope onto the canvas.

Both men flipped it over and slammed it on top of Tommy Dreamer who shook in pain after the wire stuck to him.

As they turned the table over it was still stuck to a piece of his head, which I’m sure wasn’t planned but looked even better.

As Edge and Foley picked up the table yet again Funk tripped Edge from outside the ring and the table landed on Edge and he rolled out of the ring getting the worst of that exchange. Dreamer picked up the table and placed it in the corner while Funk rammed Foley’s head into the corner.

Fans chanted for fire. Dreamer irishwhipped Foley into the table covered in wire. Dreamer and Foley then threw Mick Foley back first into the wired table.

Edge on the outside dropped Dreamer groin first on the barricade. Foley was busted open. Foley then threw the table covered in wire at Funk.

Lita outside the ring grabbed wire and gave it to Foley. Foley wrapped it around his arm and Mick dropped it on top of Funk.

Funk a bloody mess recieved “Terry” chants. Foley continued to rip apart Funk’s bloodied head. Edge posed for some heel heat, blood was dripping down his face in the worst way and his eye could barely open. Mick Foley choked out Funk in the corner. Funk screamed for his eye which you literally could not see.

Fans chanted for Terry as they dragged him to the back. Edge hit dreamer with a trashcan lid. Foley grabbed the barbedwire bat and slammed it against Dreamer’s back, as it was now three on two.

Foley placed the bat in the groin of Dreamer and Lita went to familar territory in between the legs of another man dropping her leg on top of the bat, into the groin of Dreamer.
Foley slapped the Mandible Claw on Beulah and then inside the ring put it into the face of Dreamer. Edge hit a spear on him in mid-ring. Edge said no to covering him and went after Beulah.

Edge got behind Beulah and went for a pumphandle slam it would seem but he liked standing in this position for a bit.

Funk came back taped up with a barbedwire bat to a huge ovation. Good stuff.

Terry Funk the sympathetic hero at this time distracted both Mick Foley and Edge and Dreamer hit a lowblow on them buying Funk time to get back in th ering.

Funk unloaded with shots to the abdomen and back of Foley with the bat and then a couple of hard shots to Edge right after. Fans applauded the mayhem.

Funk with a barbedwire bat on fire swung at Foley and he continued to hit Mick until it set him on fire!

With Foley on Fire, Funk hit him off the apron onto the wooden table covered in barbedwire. Edge from behind knocked Terry off the apron on top of Foley, on top of the Wooden table full of barbedwire.

Dreamer then hit a DDT on Edge in mid-ring and choked him out with wire!
Lita kicked at Dreamer, and then Beulah ran in and swung Lita back and crawled on top of her and a catfight broke out finally.

Dreamer picked up Lita and hit the Dreamer Driver. Both Dreamer and Beulah posed and Edge wrapped wire around his head planting him back first onto the canvas. Edge then hit a Spear on Beulah and pinned her in the most insulting way.

In the end Edge’s team wins at 18:45.

You had to give these guys credit.

A modern day, Hardcore Classic.



18) Rob Van Dam (c) vs John Cena vs Edge (W/Lita) in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship -WWE RAW July 3rd, 2006

I remember watching this one from the Hospital, this and the 2006 World Cup is about all I remember in my two weeks there.

Edge comes out, then Cena, then the Champion RVD who had recently beaten Cena at One Night Stand for the Championship.
All three men began staring at one another, Cena charged at Edge and him and RVD both kicked at him in the corner. Rob Van Dam watched Cena unleash right’s into the head of Edge. Rob followed it up with shots of his own and high kicks to Edge. Cena irishwhipped Edge to the opposite corner of the ring.

Rob landed a high kick to the head of Edge in the corner. Rob irishwhipped Edge to the corner again and cena hit a modified fisherman’s suplex to Edge.

Both RVD and Cena tossed Edge over the top to the floor.

Commerical break.

Back Rob Van Dam was working over Cena. RVD with some hard shots to Cena at the top but Edge from behind pushed Cena off who crashed and burned. Edge with a victory roll on Rob Van Dam and got a two count.

RVD with a unique pinning combination on Edge got a two as well. Cena was still at the entrance way and Rob Van Dam flipped backwards landing on Edge and he got just a two count. RVD continued to beat on Edge as he irishwhipped him to the ropes, Edge ducks a clothesline and Cena takes him out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps outside the ring.

Rob Van Dam took a high risk move with a crossbody over the top rope onto Cena on the outside.

RVD covered Cena in the ring and got a two.

Cena lifted up RVD and went for an FU but Edge stopped it. Cena shot back with a couple of hard shots. Cena scooped up Edge looking for a vertical suplex but Van Dam off the top hit a dropkick to Edge and both men landed.

Rob Van Dam the only man up dropped a leg on both Edge and Cena in mid-ring.

Rob Van Dam charged to both men but Edge and Cena both dropped Rob down on the mat. Cena and Edge charged towards each other and they level each other down with a double clothesline.

With all three men down the official Mike Keota began to count. All of them get up around the same time and all three exchange right’s at one another. Rob Van Dam with high kicks to Edge and then a spinning heel kick to Cena.

Rob Van Dam in the corner had Edge in a temporary headscissors but Edge threw him over the top to the outside floor.

Edge turned aorund and ran into some clotheslines from Cena who then hit a shoulderblock and a side suplex.

Lawler makes excuses for Cena’s boo’s as “ECW FANS” doing it even though he was beating on Edge at the time.


Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and then drops Edge with an FU to the outside of the ring.

Lita comes in the ring and Cena hits an FU to Lita.

Rob Van Dam with a Van Daminator into the steel chair placed in front of Cena’s head.


RVD climbed to the top and went for a five star frog splash but Cena rolled out of the way.

Cena hit an FU on RVD.

Edge with the title smashed it into RVD and covered him at 8:30.

In the end we had a new Champion, and it was Edge for the second time.


This one wasn’t very much until the Climax came around.

Still pretty exciting for television standards but could of been much more, considering its significance.

** 1/2


Disc 2 Extras:

• Extra Match 1- Christian vs Adam Copeland -WWF Cornwall, ON: November 10th, 1997
Long before there television debut this is a very young match with Edge and Christian. Unique.

Matt Striker and Edge both did commentary here for this DVD as the match obviously wasn’t broadcasted but still filmed.

The quality isn’t the best clearly, and both men exchanged arm-ringer’s to begin. They were adjusting the lights at the time the match began.

Edge kept hitting armdrag’s, until Christian turned the tide and went for a drop toehold, Edge hits Christian with one and placed an armbar on him. Edge was pushed to the corner and Christian irishwhipped Edge to the corner and monkeyflipped him over.

Edge fired back with a dropkick up high to Christian.

It’s amazing how many Austin 3:16 shirts are in the crowd.

Edge with a shot to the gut of Christian and a headscissors taking him over. Edge talks about how happy he was with the crowd reaction’s despite the crowd not knowing who they were.

Edge sent to the ropes by Christian leaped over him but caught a spinning heel kick. Christian with a kick to the abodmen of Edge in the corner. Edge slapped at the chest of Christian in the corner and Christian reversed an irishwhip and Edge got a boot to the face up on Christian, however Christian hit a powerslam on Edge in mid-ring and scored a nearfall.

Christian stomped on Edge who rolled outside the apron. Christian then dropped his leg on top of Edge’s neck. Christian from the other corner went up high for a flying headbutt splash but Edge rolled out of the way and he hit a powerbomb. Edge then knocked Christian down and went up top and Christian ran into the ropes knocking Edge off his momentum and he landed groin first on the top turnbuckle.

Edge with a high crossbody from the top gets him a two count.

Edge then went for a powerbomb and hit a sitting powerbomb which gets him the three around at about 5:30.

This was pretty basic, but not anywhere near bad. Pretty decent actually considering all things.

The insight of Edge here was a nice addition.

* 1/4



Extra Match 2- Jeff Jarrett (W/Debra) (c) vs Edge for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -WWF House Show: RAW July 24th, 1999


Talk about a rare sight to see on a DVD.

From his hometown of Toronto, not long before Fully Loaded 1999. You remember, the “end of an era”?

Matt Striker and Edge both did commentary here again for this DVD as the match obviously wasn’t broadcasted but still filmed.

This took place inside the Sky Dome and was Edge’s first title victory inside the company which took place in front of his family and friends. He said this was the first time he got legit goosebumps in Wrestling.

We are told Shamrock’s plane had difficulties so Jarrett thinks he is the winner.
Edge’s music hit and he came out and attacked Jeff Jarrett who struck back at Edge. Off the ropes Edge hit a spinning heel kick to Jeff Jarrett and then a backslide.

Edge with a rollup on Jarrett and he gets a two. Jeff Jarrett sent Edge off the ropes and he hit a sunset flip and got a two on the pinning combination.

Everything in the background is dark like the original Wrestlemania so it makes it easy to view the action where the light is.

Jeff Jarrett begins to walk away from the ring and he breaks the count by dragging Edge outside the ring to the floor. Jeff Jarrett grabbed a chair and went to swing at Edge but Hebner took the chair away. Jarrett rolled Edge back in and stomped on Edge.

Jeff Jarrett missed an elbow but caught a sleeper on Edge in the middle of the ring trying to weardown the challenger. Edge sent Jeff Jarrett to the ropes and he hit a reverse chinlock on Double J and then slammed him backfirst to the canvas.

Both men down, Striker on commentary asks Edge if he has won any title’s before this night in the WWE and he already said this was his first victory. Edge then kicked at Jarrett in the mid-section and hit a swinging neckbreaker on Jeff Jarrett. Edge climbed to the top signalling he wanted a title belt.

Edge with an inside cradle to Jeff Jarrett and a two. Edge off the ropes hit a sitdown, running powerbomb and got another two as Debra looked on worried. Jeff Jarrett charged towards Edge and he got the boot up on Double J.

Debra climbed onto the ring apron and tried to distract Edge, and he in return hit a spear on Jeff Jarrett and got the three count after the seven minute mark.

This was a pretty good dark match, not deep on a story obviously but great action throughout.








Disc 3 Matches:


19) Edge (W/Lita) (c) vs John Cena -WWE SummerSlam August 20th, 2006

Even if Edge is DQ’d he WILL still lose the WWE Title here, that’s the stipulation.
This is in Boston, Cena’s stomping grounds but it’s the Summer of 2006 and Cena is still booed to hell as if he was Osama in New York City.

And JR calls it a standing ovation…

Cena is 2-0 to this point at Summerslam.

Edge won the title on Raw in a triple threat match over RVD and Cena while I was in the hospital and I remember being high as all hell and still in shock. I wasn’t even following the action consistently then at the time anyway….

Edge is 6-1 at Summerslam. No idea what he’s at now? 7-2, 8-2, 9-2, 9-3…. One of those.
Cena forced Edge back into the corner early and he tried to punch and hit him with hard elbows early because of the slap to Cena’s father.

Cena then grabbed Edge and hit a reverse elbow. Cena with a belly to belly suplex on Edge, near fall. Fans booing Cena’s offense and saying he sucks.

Cena goes to spear edge but hits the steel ring post on the outside of the ring and the fans cheer. Cena comes back in at the 8 count as Edge stomps on John as he gets in the ring.
Edge then with a couple hard blows to the kidneys of Cena as he groans in pain. John Cena then catches a nice standing dropkick by Edge. Edge then knocks Cena off the apron into the security wall after he posed to the crowd in which they actually cheered.

Meanwhile all Lawler can think about is the celebrating Edge and Lita would have that night of Edge retains.

Fans chant Cena sucks big time this time around. Edge then drops an elbow to Cena’s kidney region. Edge hits a flying heel kick and scores a nearfall. The electric atmosphere of Boston helped this match but the pace was a tad slow for my liking as Edge hit Cena with a couple of punches and then with Cena in the corner hit him with a straight forearm.
Cena, began to hammer away and JR calls him controversial because of the boo’s and he hits a fisherman suplex. Cena irish-whipped to the ropes then went air born as Edge sent him flying over the top rope.

Edge tried to get Cena counted out a couple of times in this match the same way I used to in old WWF/WCW Video game’s back in the day to try and get far in my Season mode. Because god forbid I go through the work of hitting moves and winning a match that’ll take me 15 minutes.

Edge is an obsessed Champion and relentless, would stop at nothing to retain the title. Edge utilizing the neck vice, the leverage point is the spine with Edge’s right knee into the back region of Cena and he’s being grounded by the Champion.

The slower pace to the match slows down a bit more as Edge lays back with a rear chinlock but the fans keep the atmosphere lively with Cena Sucks chants.
Cena slowly battles out of the hold and hits Edge in the gut. Cena catches him with a big kick but Edge hits a bigger kick with a huge counter, near fall.

John Cena had won at the Rumble earlier in 2006 that year to end Edge’s first and very short reign so a lot of the fans didn’t want Cena to regain the title yet again. Cena went for a superplex Edge off the top but Edge flew off the top rope with a cross body to the challenger that was more of a clothesline!

Edge in the driver’s seat in the Championship match for his title. Edge drops another elbow on the back of his neck. “Let’s Go Cena” chants mixed with “Cena Sucks” now and as Edge holds Cena in the Camel Clutch JR says he thinks he’s the Iron Sheik!

Was JR on some sort of Nostalgia trip in the 2nd part of this show?

With the abdominal power and the will to win Cena battles out of the Camel Clutch as the fans boo.

Both men down and they got to there feet at the six count, then Cena with a bulldog/headlock that looked a tad funny and Ross didn’t really know what to call that.
Amy Dumbass grabbed a chair and to no effect cena came back with shoulder blocks as he built momentum. Cena with a big slam on Edge then goes for the five knuckle shuffle.
Cena has Edge up for the F-U and then Edge hit’s the DDT in a nice counter formation.
Edge up high caught by Cena but his victory fall was only a nearfall. Edge with a kick to the face then a cross body which sees a near fall. Cena then picks Edge up from the ground and lifts him up high and Edge accidentally hits Lita off the ring apron.

Good climax with a double clothesline.

The match wasn’t very good up to this certan climax.
Cena went to slam Edge but Edge caught Cena with a high impact move.
Both guys physically drained despite the lack of selling, psychology, just good spots in the end here.

Edge goes for the spear but gets caught in the STFU by Edge.

Edge got to the ropes though and a lot of fans cheered in relief.

Cena picked up Edge and Lita both and went for the FU and Lita went flying and as the ref looked on at Lita, Edge pulled out some brass knuckles and hit Cena in the back of the head hard with them.

Edge retained the WWE Title at 15:41 with the head shot.?
Edge retained his title and would hold it for another month till Cena eventually took it back again and HE held it for a year. Not that I watched much of it. 🙂

Next to no psychology in this match and it never picked up until its climax which ultimately hurts the rating.

Pretty standard and underwhelming considering who is in the match but it was still pretty decent overall, and I like the fact Edge won obviously, even if it wasn’t clean.

It could have been given more time so the two could actually tell a better story.


** 3/4



20) Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Rob Van Dam vs Edge -WWE RAW February 19th, 2007

Look at this: We’re practically JUST into Disc 3, and I’m entering an era of Edge I’ve barely seen.

This is my first time seeing this one as I wasn’t a big Raw watcher around these times.
I did see the Mania after this so I at least was caught up around that point, and this match was to determine who got the right to enter to be one of “the seemingly endless” amount of competitor’s in the 07 MITB match.

Lita had departed from the WWE by this point.

Both these competitor’s were athletic so this one should be good.
Edge says before the match that the first kick by Van Dam knocks his jaw out of place.

And in character he goes over what a warrior he was for continuing through it.

Edge also says RvD was one of his favourite opponents ever. Both these guys were the only Two Winner’s of the first two Money in the Bank matches at Mania and only one would advance to MITB 3 here.

The bell rings and the Raw match is underway.
Rob Van Dam ties up with Edge and he swings the left arm of Van Dam, Rob twists Edge’s arm and then goes for a overhead wristlock. Edge rolled out of it into a roll-up pinning combination and he gets a two catching RVD off his game for the moment, meanwhile the fans chant for RVD.
RVD poses and then hops around, Edge with a side headlock in mid-ring, Van Dam pushed him off the ropes and Edge scored a shoulder block, and the felxibility of Van Dam kicked Edge to the corner and then he monkeyflipped him from the corner to mid-ring. Rob goes for a high kick and Edge ducks it and then rolls underneath the bottom rope which gets some heat.
Back from a commercial break, Rob Van Dam has an armbar slapped on Edge. Rob Van Dam ties Edge’s wrist inbetween his toes and then leans back and it gets the damage done by the expression on Edge’s face. RVD now with a hammerlock on Edge, the crowd is dead but the action in the match remains constant. RVD swings the arm and then Edge hits him with a thumb to the eye and a hard right to the face. Edge irishwhipped Rob but he reverses it and Edge comes off the ropes with a high kick to RVD, off the ropes again Rob Van Dam side-stepped Edge and elevated him over the top rope to the floor.

RVD set up Edge abdomen first on the barricade, RVD from the outside apron hits a spinning legdrop from the apron onto Edge hanging from the barricade.

RVD climbed back in the ring and Edge was already waiting for him and he kicked him in the chest. RVD got then hit with swinging neckbreaker as Rob was hanging abdomen in on the middle rope. Nice move, pretty innovative and resourceful.

Edge then in mid-ring hit another neckbreaker and got just a two count.

Edge slaps on a reverse chinlock to Rob Van Dam who was now grounded. Rob tried to will out of this predicament and the crowd chanted his initials, and he started to fight back. Rob caught a high kick to Edge and it knocks him in the jaw, he looks to be in some pain as it zooms in on his face.

Edge and Rob with hard forearm shots to one another, exchanging in mid-ring. RVD hit a spinning heel kick to Edge in the corner of the ring and then he stood phased for a moment, and in Ric Flair like fashion dropped in a floppy way.

Both men answer the ten count at five and then exchange in another slugfest in mid-ring. Rob scores a high kick and a shoulder block, followed by a clothesline and another shot building some momentum.

Rob Van Dam sends Edge to the ring, despite hanging on the top for leverage backing him off, Rob still scored a high kick, and while Van Dam attempted a rolling thunder, Edge in mid-air slammed RVD hard to the mat with a powerslam.

Edge with a front facelock to Rob Van Dam and he sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Edge takes his time and it proves to be risky as Rob Van Dam counters and drops him groin first on the top rope, Rob Van Dam with a springboad kick to Edge knocking him off the top rope out to the floor. Rob Van Dam then elevated himself over the top rope on top of Edge on the floor. Rob Van Dam throws Edge back into the ring. Rob Van Dam up high goes for a crossbody and in mid-air Edge countered it landing a nice dropkick to Rob Van Dam in the ribcage, this only scores Edge a two.

Edge gets up and looks for a spear, Rob Van Dam leaped it avoiding the spear and Edge crashed into the corner. Rob Van Dam irishwhipped Edge to the corner and he leaped backwards avoiding Rob Van Dam but somehow he found Edge up high with a kick in unique fashion.

Van Dam drops from the top on top of Edge and he gets a two out of a split-leg moonsault. Rob Van Dam blocks a shot from Edge and hits another high kick.
Great action here.

Rob Van Dam from the top was about to hit a frogsplash but Orton comes out and distracts him on the apron, so Rob improvises and kicks Orton off the apron.
With Rob Van Dam turned around Edge hit a hard Spear out of desperation in mid-ring, taking advantage of the situation and gets the three count at 10:32.

In the end Edge went on to Money in the Bank, only to lose this time around. He still took advantage and later got the case due to Kennedy not being able to cash it in.

This one was a tremendous TV match!

The pacing was terrific from the start, with the chain wrestling.

A nice blend of mat material, high-risk and chemistry.


*** 1/2



21) Randy Orton vs Edge -WWE RAW April 30th, 2007


Another rare Raw match that I’ve heard was quite good, given there great match at Vengeance 2004, that thought shouldn’t be a stretch.

Randy Orton and Edge had “Rated RKO” the tag-team together so this one was compelling in that sense as well.

Randy Orton and Edge love going at it to start with a slapping exchange, Orton chased Edge around the ring and back inside he ducks a clothesline until Orton hits a thumb to the eye, and denies it when Keota gets in his face.

Randy Orton hits an uppercut on Edge and begins choking him out on the middle rope. Orton slammed Edge headfirst into the top turnbuckle and Orton hit a snapmare after a few hard shots to the head of Edge, Orton kicks away at Edge in arrogant fashion.
Randy Orton in control early on.

Edge then gets hit with a nice jumping kneedrop by Orton. Orton on top of Edge kept delivering out hard righthands. Keota talks about keeping Orton’s fist closed. Orton pulled the long hair of Edge back. Randy Orton stalked Edge who slowly was rising to his feet, and with Orton’s pressure on the back of Edge he choked him out on the middle rope.
Lawler points out the response from the crowd is interesting since both men were Heels.
Orton slams Edge headfirst into the top turnbuckle and continues choking him out on the middle rope. Orton hanging on Edge landing elbow shots to the upper chest of Edge taking out his oxygen.

Edge on the apron waiting for Orton and he crashed into Edge on the outside ring apron and he lands on the security railing.

Commercial spot, and we’re back with Orton continuing to punish Edge in mid-ring hitting an uppercut on Edge.

Randy Orton hesistated while Edge begged him not to come closer and then grabbed him by the tights pushing Orton into the ringpost hitting shoulder first. Edge then from inside the ring send Orton flying, some of the crowd chant “Holy Sh**”.

What happened was Edge ran off the side ropes and speared Orton back first off the outside ring apron and he went flying onto the table.

The Commentary goes out for a few moments.

Edge now back in the match slides Orton back in the ring but still gets a two count.
Edge shakes his head at the “Randy” chants from the crowd. Edge kicks at Orton some more as he is really taking over the match.

Edge for payback drops a jumping kneedrop to the head of Orton, something Randy Orton had done earlier to Edge in the match. Edge gets another two and doesen’t like it, Edge begins to weardown Edge with a sitting headlock.

Orton fought back but Edge off the ropes hit a reverse heelkick to the head of Orton dropping him. Edge to the outside ring apron climbs to the top rope and from there continues to attempt a crossbody, but Orton catches him with a shot interupting that service. Orton with a front facelock from the top to Edge and he fights back, Edge hits a headbutt sitting on the top and Orton falls back first to the middle of the ring.
Edge elevated himself off the top but Randy Orton counters in mid-air with a beautiful dropkick to Edge.

Orton hit a thumb to the eye and hit an inverted backbreaker and got a two. Orton with a punt and then a powerslam to Edge and still a two count, Edge ducks a clothesline and drops Orton backfirst on the mat and Orton kicks out after another nearfall.

Edge stalked Orton and then irishwhipped him to the side ropes, Orton ducks and then hits a crossbody on Edge in mid-ring but Edge got a piece of Orton as well and Ross calls it a mid-air collision as both men looked for a crossbody.

Keota counts both men who layed down on the mat. Edge took the turnbuckle pad off and was caught, Orton with a roll-up, Edge kicked out and Edge got one of his own on Orton and still a two.

Randy Orton up hit a thunderous clothesline across the chest of Edge. Orton cornered Edge and up high and he dropped hard right hands to the head of Edge who then hit a snake eyes out of depseration and then Edge tried to steal a victory with his feet on the ropes, Keota catches it.

Orton tried to steal the victory now the same way rolling up Edge.

Orton is busted open from the Snake Eyes by Edge. Orton went for an RKO and Edge countered it into a DDT in mid-ring. Edge hooks the leg and Orton kicked out.
You could tell they tried to book this one well, and to the match’s credit it does play off as just that.

Fans chant Randy as a bloodied Randy Orton leapfrogged Edge who looked for a spear and he hit the turnbuckle. Lawler puts over Randy Orton’s athleticism.

Orton stalked Edge from behind and went for an RKO but was pushed off by Edge who sent Orton to the corner and he hit a mid-ring spear. Edge gets the three at 12:57.
Ross says “What a match!”

He is right.

I liked the booking, it just seemed very fresh for two heels to try and cheat the whole time and it never dragged and got quite a bit of time.


*** 1/4

22) Money in the Bank – Again! – World Heavyweight Championship Match: Undertaker (c) vs Edge – SmackDown! May 11th, 2007
We see a bloodied Undertaker drop out of the Cage at the same time as Batista and there was question over who was the World Champion.

I hate scenes like this, we saw this enough in the 80’s.

Undertaker wins.

The Undertaker then got beatdown by Mark Henry and he was already a bloody mess.

Henry hit a splash on Taker again in mid-ring.

Edge comes out with his case.

JBL is humerous trying to be sympathetic to Taker with his “Not this way, damn it!” line.
Edge went for a pin and he got a kickout straight away and Taker got out of it twice.

Undertaker tried to sit up but was a bloody mess. Edge then waited in the corner for Taker to get up. Taker took his time to get up and he did hit the spear obviously.

In the end Edge wins the title in over a minute with his spear.



23) Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (c) vs Batista -WWE Vengeance June 24th, 2007

These two had a better match at the Night of Champions 2008 event, but here we get a decent match.

Batista says hello to Hall of Famer, Harley Race outsidd before the match.

Batista’s last chance.

Batista pushed Edge to the corner and proceeded to level him headfirst into the turnbuckle pad on the other side of the ring.

Batista with some hard shots and then he spears Edge in the gut a series of times. Batista irishwhipped Edge off the ropes and he hits a hard shoulderblock. Batists twists the arm of Edge and slaps on an armbar.

Batista swings Edge’s arm and the fans chant “You Can’t Wrestle” at Big Dave. I love it.

Batista with another armbar to Edge. Batista then with a wristlock and he stomped on the mat for additional pain, he then went into an upper armbar on Edge, and applying tork on the wrist as he twisted it and at the very same time, added additional leverage with his knee on top of the shoulder/neck region of Edge.

Batista sent Edge back first into the buckle. Edge out of desperation landed a couple of hard right’s to Big Dave and then hit yet another in the corner to Batista. Edge grabbed Batista but he reversed an irishwhip and showed great strength hitting a sidewalk slam on Edge.

Batista charged towards Edge and he pulled the top rope down and Batista fell over the top rope to the outside floor. Edge crawled out of the ring but took his time and leaping off the apron Batista caught him in mid-air driving his back into the post. Batista went to ram Edge in again and Edge landed resourcefully on his feet and drove Batista head first into the post buying himself some time.

Edge’s back still sore so he took his time getting to his vertical base inside the ring. Edge quickly on the offense not allowing Batista to re-establish himself. Edge kicks at Batista on the outside apron and Edge sent him shoulder first into the steel.

Cole intelligently mentions that when you take out the shoulder and the arm you take out Batista’s power which is his main source of offense. Edge with a clothesline to Batista off the apron and he hits the barricade by the floor. Edge with an arrogant smirk and the fans boo.

Edge taking his time with Dave outside the ring. Edge levels a forearm shot to Batista a series of times and he rolls back in the ring. Edge dragged Batista to mid-ring, the fans chant something and it’s a shame I can’t make it out. Edge with an armbar.

Batista swings Edge with his good arm and the fans cheer, and Batista goes for a spear on Edge and for the third time in the match Batista hit his shoulder on the ring post.

Batista is then delivered more punishment by Edge as he kept sending him shoulder/arm first into the post. Edge did take his time getting over to Batista at the opposite side of the ring and Dave hit a series of uppercuts and forearms. Edge hit a drop toehold on Batista and right back to the injured shoulder went Edge.

The Champion was a veteran so moves like this weren’t exactly shocking. A small “lets go Edge” chant broke out.

Edge is carried up by Batista as he shows his strength, Batista drops Edge with a Samoan drop but Edge continued to apply pressure on Batista down on the mat. JBL points out Edge countered the Samoan drop and he twisted the upper region of Batista as he put him in a modified bodyscissors focusing on the injured shoulder.

Edge kept it on but Batista with his power battled back to his vertical base. Batista with hard forearm shots is booed by some of the crowd. Charging into Edge he runs into a boot from the Champ.

Edge climbs to the top but Batista takes him off, Edge though gets the better of Batista on this exchange and drops his injured shoulder on the top rope. But Batista out of no where hits a clothesline with his good arm on Edge out of desperation as it IS HIS last chance.
Both men down answer the eight count.

Edge with a side headlock is sent to the ropes and Batista hits a back bodydrop but sells the shoulder still. Batista drives into Edge with his power, he went for it a second time and Edge hit a high elbow. Batista hit a backslam and Edge kicked out.
Edge blocks Batista’s offense and hits a DDT.

Batista kicked out to a big pop.

Edge gets caught by Batista who hits an inside cradle and he gets only a two. A counter by Edge as Batista tried to drive Edge into the mat once more.

Edge waits for Batista in the corner of the ring to get up as he stalks him from the corner and Batista hit a spear on Edge in mid-ring out of no where. The fans going for him out-voiced the ones who weren’t as he shook the ropes.

Edge hit a lowblow on Batista and the bell rings.

Theodore Long comes out and orders to re-start the match after an original fifteen match.
Long says if Edge DQ’s himself again he will lose the title this time.

Batista in the corner was attacked by Edge as he charged at him with hard forearm shots at the back of Batista. Edge signalled for the Spear and with Tista turned around he hit a Spear mid-ring, but somehow Batista still kicked out. Edge is shocked and the crowd explodes.

Edge grabbed a chair but then dropped it immediately knowing he can’t DQ himself. Batista with a small package gets a two. Batista sets up Edge with the Batista Bomb perhaps but Edge counters it in mid-air and drops by the rope, Batista elevated Edge to the outside and then smacked into the steel steps by Edge who grabbed onto his tights outside the ring.

Edge charged at Batista and he kicked Edge up high and then hit a Batista Bomb hard on the floor.

Edge is rolled back in the ring and Batista didn’t answer the ten count at 16:50. I liked the finish for and it’s great to see it on PPV in days like these, a very old school move.

This was a very good match, some nice story-telling.






24) World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs Rey Mysterio -WWE Royal Rumble January 27th, 2008

You’ve just got to love SMARK crowds when they go for HEELS. (Of course if its deserved anyway) NYC, Philly, Chicago, LA and other cities in Canada have been known to cheer a lot of the heels. It’s just great television or in this case PPV because of the atmosphere it generates. It’s not that Mysterio’s a bad worker its just Edge can be likeable but he’s also very hateable which makes him such a great heel. Edge wants you to boo him, make no mistake about it but the crowd will go for who is more interesting at the time. That was Edge, make no mistake about it. Blame creative if anyone for Rey’s reaction.
A pretty amazing pace in this one and there were very noticeable “Lets Go Edge” chants before the two even stared down.

I hate Vickie’s whole involvment during this time period as I`ve elluded to in other reviews but that wont factor in on my view on this paticular match and rightfully so.
“Lets go Edge” chanted by MSG.

Edge shoved Rey Mysterio off and then twisted the left arm of Rey bringing the much smaller man down to his knees as Edge used the size and power advantage similar to JBL in the match previous as he bended the fingers back. Rey fought back with shots to Edge, shot from the corner and flipped Edge over. Rey Mysterio had taken Edge down and he needed a moment to re-group. Edge tied up with Rey Mysterio in the middle and Edge with a side headlock takedown and then bounced off the ropes but Rey Mysterio with a droptoe hold. Rey with a hiplock and a nearfall, and Cole just now points out that MSG is cheering for Edge, or most were. Edge looking surprised at Rey Mysterio’s quickness even though it’s as clear as day, perhaps some scouting by Edge beforehand would of been good.

Edge hit some forearm shots into the back of Rey, irishwhipped him but Rey ducked and came off and recieved a kick to the gut by Edge and he threw him under the bottom rope to the outside. Edge with a baseball slide to Rey on the outside. With the referee distracted Hawkins and Ryder aka Edge’s boys went to Rey and before they intended on hurting Rey Mysterio, the ref spotted it. Rey came back ont he apron and this bought him some time, he flipped Edge to the second rope, went for the 619 but it didn’t go through as Edge moved, Rey Mysterio still hit a springboard splash to the outside on top of Edge. Rey Mysterio threw Edge back inside the ring and came off the top with a senton and then got a two as Vickie Guerrero looked worried for Edge. Rey Mysterio hit Edge some chops and then from the corner charged to Edge but he elevated him up, Rey Mysterio with great balance landed on the top but Edge kicked Rey’s legs from the top and Edge hurt his serigcally repaired knee. Awesome psychology by the Rated R Superstar there.
It’s also smart because if Edge takes out Rey’s leg then not only does it point to his injury but it takes away Rey’s quickness. Rey with all his high risk offense is actually a pretty good seller all things considered, not many could pull that off so well.

Rey Mysterio got kicked at by Edge on the outside where he focused on the leg and then he went right back to work on the knee in the middle of the ring. Edge with a halfcrab in the middle of the ring which put more pressure to the injured knee and Rey Mysterio refused to quit here.

Rey kicked off the hold from Edge with his good leg. Rey eventually hit a spinning heel kick to Edge which took a lot out of Rey and Edge landed on the middle rope in hillarious fashion setting up Rey Mysterio for a 619 attempt but Edge bounced off the middle rope and countered with a powerslam which got some cheered and the Champion got a two. Edge did everything he could to twist and bend the knee of Rey and he went back into the halfcrab on Rey Mysterio’s sergically repaired knee and twisted back. A lot of pressure by the Champion to Rey Mysterio and this brought a smile to the face of Vickie Guerrero.


Rey battled back and kicked Edge off with his good leg once more and then from the corner was still in a considerable amount of pain layed by the bottom turnbuckle pad on his back. Edge with a kick and then dragged Rey Mysterio to the middle of the ring before posing in front of MSG.

Edge went back to the injured knee, he went to expose it but Rey flipped over and kicked at Edge with his good leg for the third time in the bout and then bounced off Edge and hit a bulldog face first to Edge off the side ropes. This bought Rey Mysterio some time to re-group. Both men got to there feet slowly and then Rey hit a forearm shot and a chop to Edge against the ropes. Rey Mysterio irishwhipped Edge and Edge hit a sunset flip but Rey rolled through and he used his GOOD leg to give Edge a huge shot to the head, a great kick which scored the challenger a nearfall. Edge back to his feet though and sent Rey to the buckle and Rey put his boot up to catch Edge in the face while he was charging towards him, Rey came to Edge rolled up from a powerbomb attempt from Edge and landed on him and got another nearfall, Rey limped on his bad left leg and became frustrated. Rey went up for a high risk move but Edge caught him with a hard shot from the top. Rey hit Edge off and Rey Mysterio with a high risk move now with a bad leg and stomped on his gut with both feet but Edge kicked out after taking all that pressure from the bodyweight of Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio hit a hurricanrauna to Edge which brang Edge threw the 2nd rope to the outside. Rey then went to slide outside the ring, using his arms and his upperbody hit a unique DDT to Edge who landed head first on the mat on the outside. Great stuff.

Awesome match thus far.

Rey went for yet another cover but Edge kicked out, yet again. Edge though stopped Rey Mysterio in his tracks and kicked at hit him with a boot to the face. Edge went for a spear, Rey Mysterio ducked out of the way and sent Edge to the middle rope with a hurricanrauna and a 619.


Rey splashed with a West Coast Pop and while Rey was going for the three Vickie Guerrero pulled him off and Rey went for the 619 again and hit both Vickie and Edge with it as she tried to interfere. Rey springboarded off the top rope and Edge speared him in mid-air, awesome.

Such a great pace, fast action all the time it was almost hard to keep up at times. Mysterio hit his moves few and far between as he was about to get injured and Edge looked more superior as booked. He’s had a lot of credibility in the past few years, I’ll say it again….Turning heel was the best thing for his career.

In the end of this awesome match, Edge pinned Rey Mysterio after a Spear in mid-air at 12:34 after distraction from Vickie just before this. Great ending as Edge retains the world title as most people pop.

Great match, nothing but quality.

This was the match of the night in my estimation.

I liked the innovative feel of a lot of the offense, (DDT on the floor from Rey to Edge, spear in mid-air from Edge to Rey) the crowd interaction, the finish spot with Vickie and the leg work from Edge to Rey was all well done.

Awesome all-around.


*** 1/2


25) The Undertaker (c) vs Edge in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match For the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship -WWE Extreme Rules June 1st, 2008

The Undertaker and Edge by this point were more then familar with one another.

The Undertaker lands the first shot and followed it with some powerful shots to Edge’s ribcage in the corner.

The Undertaker with a headbutt on Edge in the corner followed by righthands. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge back first into the corner before a hard clothesline.

Foley and cole on commentary here, the crowd chant for Taker as he lands another hard shot to the abdomen of Edge. Hearing Mick speak on The Undertaker is fitting and a nice addition.

The Undertaker choked out Edge in the corner and was in complete control. Edge with an arm-ringer by Taker and he hits Old School early.

Taker lands a kick to Edge and then grabs a Ladder outside the ring. Edge buys himself a moment hitting a baseball slide or sorts, a dropkick from the ring to the outside hitting the Ladder into the face of The Undertaker. Edge set up a Table outside the ring on top of another table.

The Undertaker also stalked Edge with a Ladder as he hid it until Edge turned towards him and dropped it on Edge. The Undertaker using the Ladder as a weapon again. The Undertaker with a kick to the gut of Edge. The Undertaker slammed Edge face first into the steel steps.

The Undertaker grabbed a table and set it near the first two by the side of the ring that were already set up. The Undertaker grabbed a fourth and placed it by the ring, half of this match seems to be placing props around for certain big spots.
It’s less noticeable in TLC matches where there is action everywhere, but when it’s one on one, it’s clearly evident. Edge hit a droptoe hold to The Undertaker buying himself time. Edge slid a Ladder into the middle of the ring under the bottom rope from outside.
Edge sets up the Ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs it as if he is a 90 year old man, Taker runs in and dragged Edge off the middle by the tights and he springboarded back clotheslining the ropes swinging back to the canvas.

The Undertaker set up a Ladder Horizontal on the top turnbuckle. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge into the corner and then went for Snake Eyes but Edge dropped to his feet and with a great counter sent The Undertaker face first into the Ladder in the corner of the ring.

Edge grabbed another Ladder and set it up on the opposite side of the ring. Edge with a hard righthand to The Undertaker but he reversed an irishwhip from Edge and this time Edge smacks skull first into the front of the Ladder on the other corner, Taker now in control. The Undertaker set up a third Ladder in the ring in the middle of the canvas. The Undertaker climbed to the top but Edge quickly realized this and climbed the other side.
Edge and taker in a slugfest on top of the Ladder, Taker sent Edge off and he bumped into one of the Ladder’s still set up on top of the buckle in the corner of the ring, as Edge bumped off the side he pushed Taker off the Ladder and he did the same, crashing into the other Ladder on the other side.

Both men down, crowd chanting for Taker some more. Edge set up a Ladder sideways on the top turnbuckle. The Undertaker caught him from behind and hit Snake Eyes on Edge dropping onto the Ladder.

Taker charged at Edge and hit him with a big kick to the gut.

The Crowd now chanted for Table’s. Taker pushed Edge into the apron and grabbed a chair smacking it hard over the back of Edge, smacking the flesh across the spine with that steel chair.

Undertaker dropped an elbow on Edge but then when he went for a legdrop Edge got a boot up and bought himself time.

With a Ladder set up on the canvas and barricade, Edge dropped The Undertaker onto it. Edge walked around the ring with time and a chair in hand dropping Taker with it. Edge placed The Undertaker on top of a wooden table and splashed him through it outside the ring.

The Undertaker climbed a ladder in the ring and Edge stopped him, Edge with good use of the Ladder went to work on The Undertaker. Edge dropped the Ladder taking out the knee of Taker which was a good plan against a big guy, especially when his focus of the match was to climb a Ladder. Nice gameplan by Edge.

Edge relentlessly dropped chair shots to The Undertaker and got good heel heat because of it.

Edge slid another big Ladder into the middle of the ring and dropped The Undertaker with a swinging chairshot. Edge went for a chairshot on Taker on the mat but he quickly sat up and hit a lowblow to Edge. The Undertaker rises up.

The Phenom limping, still selling the knee grabs Edge by the throat and drops him back fist onto a Ladder set up between the barricade and the ring. Ouch.

Hawkins and Ryder attack Taker in the ring and they set up table’s buying the Champion, Edge some time.

Edge gets sent for another huge ride splashing through a wooden table off a chokeslam by The Undertaker. Edge had bumped huge here.
Edge though out of desperation caught The Undertaker with a spear from the outside apron sending the Deadman on his bad knee first, to the outside.

Edge climbed the Ladder, but with two Table’s set up in the corner of the ring The Undertaker hits a Last Ride on Edge.

Big spot.
The Undertaker went to climb the Ladder but Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero stopped him from taking the title and started to beat him down.

Both grabbed chairs and went to hit Taker but he ducked. Taker cleaned house on them hitting them both with chairs.

The Undertaker had nothing left to do but grab the title belt, and on one leg he was near the top but Edge with the spot of the match pushed The Deadman off the Ladder through four tables outside the ring.

Edge got the title.

Edge became the NEW Champion at 23:50 after defeating The Undertaker after sending him through four tables from inside the ring, to the outside off a giant Ladder.
Edge is a 5 time Champion, and for that reason I think this match was chosen for Edge’s DVD rather then there classic Wrestlemania match together where The Undertaker wins the strap.

It’s a spotfest, but it’s done very well.

*** 1/2





26) The Undertaker vs Edge (c) in a Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship -WWE SummerSlam August 17th, 2008

In a Summer (2008) that saw one of the biggest movie’s of all time, “The Dark Knight” showcase The Joker and Batman, The WWE showcases Edge and The Undertaker inside a Hell in a Cell. (Hey, it kind of looks like Joker vs Batman)


The Undertaker and Edge are about to get it on in the playground The Deadman calls home.

Most opponents of Taker are scared to death of him in this environment but Edge looks as if he is looking forward to it. It looks like Edge has the EDGE if you catch the drift. Edge with a bright look on his face knows this is the ultimate way to end this rivalry with The Deadman.

Edge had something up his sleeve as he stared at the cell during his entrance as you just knew he would not look this way if not. He slid in the ring and smiled some more before posing inside the ring on the top turnbuckle.

Edge is a big match player but then again so was the Phenom.

The Undertaker’s entrance is always a sight to see.

Taker had an interesting look to him as well.

Some of my favourite Cell matches include The Undertaker. Brock Lesnar and his clash at No Mercy 2002 remains the best from my perspective with the original close behind.
This was the 16th Hell in a Cell in history and Taker is making his 9th appearance, Edge making his first.

Taker looked in his element as his pyro went off and the two men had entirely different facial expression but the time to stare as nearly over and the time to go to HELL was upon us.

Edge wanted to play mindgames to out think The Deadman here.

That was the story of this Cell match.

The fans applaud before the bout even begins!

Taker stalking Edge in the corner of the ring but Edge fired away with some shots on Taker but he grabbed Edge, then Edge threw The Undertaker back in the corner and Taker hit a big boot to the face. A nice one as well. Taker with headbutts to Edge and then he threw Edge over the top rope to the outside on the floor in the Structure of Satan according to Ross.

Taker with Cell knowledge and experience scooped up Edge in a bearhug stance and drove him back first into the Steel, the side of the Cell. Big time physicality from The Deadman who then hit Edge with a series of headbutts. Taker in complete control smashed Edge and his face into the side of the cell and grated his face on the cage area. Both men locked inside the structure. Taker then irishwhipped Edge intot he steel steps.
Some rough moves by The Undertaker early.

Undertaker looked down at Edge who seemed to have been through a war ALREADY and this one was yet to even reach the five minute mark. Taker had Edge layed down on the canvas with his head hanging over and he dropped the big leg over Edge and his throat area. Taker then had Edge in the ring where he wanted him as it was a complete squash to this point but entertaining. The Undertaker grabbed Steel Steps and put them inside the ring. Taker planted Steps in the corner of the ring and then Taker slammed Edge to the corner head first then scooped up Edge and planted him head first into the Steps but Edge caught himself and elbowed The Undertaker. Edge then drove Taker into the steps. Edge with a phenominal counter I guess, it did look like he was hurt. A nice dropkick by Edge followed by a spear from Edge into the ring steps to Taker.

Edge under the ring grabbed a table. Edge was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs expert of course. Edge grabbed the steps though and made sure The Undertaker stayed down as he smacked The Deadman with the Steps. Edge grabbed yet another table and put it on the side. Edge with high impact and ran at The Undertaker with a clothesline, Tazz is impressed with Edge and his confidence he is showing. Edge sets up a table near the ring and stacks the two on one another. Edge then sets up Taker for a suplex but Taker grabbed Edge by the throat to perhaps Chokeslam him through them but Edge hit a neckbreaker hitting the Deadman throat first on the top rope, and saving himself in the process. Edge grabbed a chair under the ring and hit The Undertaker in the head with it. TLC in full affect here at TLC.

Edge was not done looking for toys and got yet another table as the crowd were in suspense and all this time Edge has been wasting has boughten The Undertaker time to rest. The Undertaker to his feet does sustain a hard, vile steel chair shot by Edge to the spine of The Undertaker for a second time. Edge set up a table inside the ring this time. They mention The Undertaker and his pain threshold and how he can sustain a ton because he is the Deadman. Edge then grabbed a ladder (another one) and the crowd pops. Taker throws a shot at Edge inside the ring but Edge levels The Undertaker down with another hard steel chair shot. Edge then doing a lot of Housekeeping setting up weapons everywhere for spot after spot seemingly. Edge then grabbed a chair and smacked the Deadman face first in the head as he was on his knees and now he was down. Edge layed back to breathe on the steps for a moment. Edge now with a grin on his face had Taker in a front facelock and put him on the table. Edge then grabbed a chair and had Taker on the table. Edge climbed the ladder with the Steel Chair in hand and drove the chair through Taker, through the table and the fans applaud the spot.

Edge connects with a big time move there as Taker tasted the wood, and the steel there according to Ross. He pretty much did. Edge then with a nearfall, the first one of the contest after all those vicious blows to The Undertaker he kicked out. Crowd chant for Taker as Edge brings in yet another fresh chair as Edge pulled out all the stops. Edge then went for his chair shot specialty in the sandwhich, this bought Taker time to sit up and he dropped Edge with one punch. A big striking blow which was realistic given how well The Undertaker can throw them. Taker drove his boot to Edge off the apron and Edge hit ribs first into the side of the cage as he went flying! Taker now with a chance to perhaps dominate and he runs the steel steps into the side of the shoulder of Edge. Edge may have been lucky to turn his head at the last moment as it could of hit his head and been a lot worse because of it.

The Undertaker scooped up Edge on the outside and went to drive him into the Cell but Edge landed on his feet and thew The Undertaker into the steel ring post. Edge then ran from one side of the cell and jumped off the stairs and speared Taker through the Cage-Cell! The fans chant, Holy **** and that was indeed a great spot.
Taker and Edge exchange right hands after the spot as the Cell is busted open. Fans cheer as they are outside the Cell. The Undertaker grabbed Edge by the hair and slammed him head first into the announce table. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge hard into the security rail back first. The Undertaker took the monitor off and missed a shot at Edge, but Edge struck back with shots and The Undertaker did one as well, and Edge grabbed a monitor and cracked it on the head of the Deadman. Edge then with another shot to The Undertaker and his head. Edge grabbed Taker and landed a right hand. Taker on the announce table and Edge looked around. Edge then on one announce table charged to The Undertaker and speared him through another announce table.

Pretty amazing spot again.

Both men down.

Taker sat up first, Tazz calls this match phenominal and to this point it had been just that. The Undertaker caught a right hand from Edge and he gave one back as both men finally to there feet after a well deserved thirty to fourty five second breather. A slugfest outside the Cell by broken tables and cell walls. Taker landed a better one, again a better pure striker and Cole can tell you that but thankfully we have JR and Tazz.

Fans boo as Taker sends Edge back inside the Cell. Fans love Hell in the Cell yet they really want Hell outside the Cell.

Edge picks up a Ladder and smacks The Undertaker in the end with it head first. They show a shot of Vickie and company backstage watching the action. Edge then looked under the ring for more weapons and grabbed a camera. Edge with a Video Camera levelled The Undertaker hard. Those are big expensive cameras. Edge then covers The Undertaker and gets a two count and Edge is frustrated already.

The spear attempt by Edge failed and The Undertaker hit a chokeslam! The Undertaker got the cover right away but Edge somehow kicked out. Edge caught a lot of air there from the Demon of Death Valley and Edge was able somehow to kick out of it. The Undertaker set up for a Last Ride but Edge hit a resourceful low blow which is legal inside the Cell. Both men down.

Who would be the next person to gain momentum in this back and forth match. Edge set up a DDT and landed it on The Deadman but he again kicked out to no surprise, even though the two had been through a lot we knew it would not end THAT way. The Undertaker sat up and Edge grabbed a Ladder and then Taker throw a right hand, a body shot and now the Last Ride was set up as he glanced at the Table’s. Taker almost hit it but Edge landed on his feet. Edge hit a spear but The Undertaker kicked out!

A ton of nearfalls added some drama to the point that we know the Climax was now upon us, just how much longer would it be and what else would we see was left to be answered. Edge with more right hands on The Undertaker in the corner but he elevated him up and hit the Last Ride on the canvas and that still only gets him a two count.
The Journey continues!
The Undertaker picked up the steps and then dropped them. Taker grabbed a chair now and set it by the steps as we awaited what The Deadman had anticipated. Taker grabbed Edge on the Steel Steps on the platform and had him up but Edge landed behind him and dropped him down back first from behind. Taker’s spine met steel once again and his back and been roughed up quite a bit during this Cell match. What Taker had planned was a tombstone onto the chair from the Steps but Edge landed behind him and reversed it with a nice counter.

Edge then with a nearfall and it’s amazing that with the pace these two have gone at it, and how long it was the two had enough in the tank for more. Edge with a hard shot with a right hand to Taker. Edge then grabbed Taker by the arm and twisted it. Edge then signalled for Old School which is hillarious as the fans booed. School is out says Ross which was equally funny and The Undertaker dropped Edge groin first on the top turnbuckle and landed a shot. Taker then swung Edge from the top turnbuckle with a chokeslam through the two table’s!

Nice spot again.

Undertaker measured Edge and took a page out of his book as he used Edge’s spear on Edge now! Nice. He must not of liked the Old School attempt earlier by Edge, first the table’s then the spear and now the Camera! Edge must be done.

Taker has nearly killed him.

Edge has his head on a chair, and now Taker needed vengeance as he smacked Edge’s skull with a chair! Edge’s back was busted open, and this was the first time in his two decade career he had done that to pay back Edge. Taker set up the Tombstone and got it.

In the end The Undertaker finished Edge off at 26:41 when he put him away with the Tombstone.

Taker walked to the back and then looked at Edge. Taker set up a Ladder in the middle of the ring.

Edge was sent to Hell after the match off a Ladder! From one Ladder to another, through the ring. Nice camera work and a unique ending which sent the fans home happy in Indiana!

Taker posed in all his Hell in the Cell glory.

Amazing match.

I felt as if this match lived up to the hype that I was expecting. I’d rank it only behind the original, Brock-Taker, Foley-HHH and Batista-HHH as the fifth best Cell to this point in time.

I loved the booking of this one and the fact both men went full throttle for the entire duration and this was a LONG match. A brilliant Hell in a Cell very physical.








Final Rating for Edge: A Decade of Decadence (3 Disc DVD) = 7/10

This set features a ton of great material. I liked how there was a good mix of rare matches with famous matches, and how guys like Test, Lance Storm, and all the main event players of today pretty much got there due. There was also a good mix of gimmick matches, and basic wrestling matches which told good stories. A very well constructed look at the first ten years of Edge, not a must-own (unless you’re a huge fan of the guy) but still a great DVD with a number of important matches and gems here and there.


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