Review: WWE-ECW One Night Stand: Extreme Rules 2008 DVD

February 1, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE One Night Stand 2008: “Extreme Rules” Review:


“I`m NOT SORRY…..I don`t LOVE YOU!”Dave Batista


1) Opening Contest- Jeff Hardy vs Umaga in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Jeff got a big win over MVP at Judgment Day that I didn`t feel he deserved given not only with how I feel about both men but to how the match was booked, so he came in to this match with a lot of momentum.Umaga is such a force that he always has momentum on his side because of his power, strength and agility. Jeff was a former 4 time IC Champion, Umaga a former two time Champion. Both guys started there careers in the WWF/E as tag team workers, and they have had some good bouts in the past year and a bit, especially the Raw Cage match I rate *** 1/4 from Monday Night Raw. Hardy chants early as Umaga uses his power to throw him down. We saw MVP at Judgment Day take apart Jeff Hardy but it didn`t last very long as the Rainbow Warrior was resilient and we see signs of this early. Umaga with a hard irish whip to the buckle, and he did it to the other buckle but Jeff jumped off with a Whisper in the Wind hitting Umaga which got a loud roar. Jeff got caught in mid-air though the second time and Umaga with a super heavyweight slam to Jeff as he just got twisted left and right in mid-air. As Jeff got to this feet the crowd continued to chant “hardy“ and Umaga went charging for Jeff but his own momentum took him to the floor through the middle ropes Jeff pulled down. Hardy then flew over the top rope with a cross body and then went for a near fall as Falls Count Anywhere in this matchup.

Umaga though got back in control and threw Jeff hard twisting him to the outside hitting back first into the security wall! Jeff was unprotected by any mats on the outside as they battled into the crowd and Jeff got slammed into the concrete as well as Hockey Boards. Hey, I didn`t know there was a hockey team in this City……Oh well. Umaga then by the entrance stage posed for the crowd but he caught a barrell to the head and then Umaga didn`t even get phased by that shot hit Hardy sqaure in the head with a big boot to the face and Jeff kicked out on the concrete floor after his thrust kick.

Umaga beat down Hardy in the corner and then went charging towards him after posing but Jeff Hardy moved out of the way in the last second, as he dodged the Bulldozer and Umaga hit back first into the metal box before taking a Fire Extinguisher in the face from

Jeff as he walked to the backstage area and took it again to the face.

This match has a big time attitude era feel.

Umaga slammed a chair into Hardy`s head but he ducked and it smashed against the wall.
Jeff showed great Innovation as he slid down the Stairs rail after climbing up high and he clotheslined Umaga, that was pretty cool even if I did see it a mile away and even if it would be realistically easier then hell to dodge. Jeff got to the top of the stairs and Umaga seemed tired due to his breathing and he threw Jeff into a trash can and got a nearfall on the floor. Umaga then continued to beat on Hardy by the snacks, and pop machines, and spectators. They now went outside and with the Sun still shining in the San Diego air Umaga then threw Jeff into a Steel Case on the outside as he landed back first yet again. Umaga then threw him head first into a gold cart and Jeff kicked out yet again. Umaga really showing his content he is in punishing Hardy but would it last or would Jeff come back, well Hardy does hit an offensive move by sending Umaga cranium first into an 18-Wheeler`s door. Jeff got a nearfall as the battle is on the parking lot ground. This is pretty neat scenery as it reminds me of Al Snow matches from 1999 or HHH-Mankind from Canadian Stampede in 1997.

The late Umaga then with Jeff by a truck but he climbed the stairs and he had Umaga chasing him and it got a loud pop as Jeff kicked Umaga off the top of the ladder and he fell down off the truck that has HBK`s face on it. He looks to be smiling but I thought he lost his smile a decade ago. I FOUND IT. Jeff hits a great Swanton Bomb from the top of the truck to the bottom but we didn`t get a good view of where Jeff landed, likely not on the road where 30 seconds later they show they were. Jeff won after that Swanton Bomb at 9:27. Still though this was a fun, fun match and it was very good to great so I am going to give it a solid three stars! I was entertained that much and I like how it was booked.




2) The Big Show vs CM Punk vs John Morrison (with The Miz) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) In a 5 Man Singapore Cane match for an ECW Championship shot against Kane at the PPV “Night of Champions”

Big Show looked to be the favourite heading into this match even if it did have Punk in it.
4 Cane`s hung high on all four corners of the ring.
Mike Adamle says he`d show off his body if it looked like John Morrison`s. Good to know.

Big Show early on dominated with some head butts to Morison and grounded Dreamer who had a lot of experience in these matches as well as Chavo, Punk and Morrison with slams. Big Show in big time control, as he dropped an elbow to Morrison and slammed Dreamer down.

Everyone in the ring worked over Big Show with the Cane`s after awhile before they took him out of the ring with the sticks and then all four guys started smashing each other with there sticks, and on the outside CM Punk threw Chavo back first into the wall and then missed him and CM Punk came back but couldn`t hit Chavo. Chavo “accidentally“ hit the guest in Attendance then CM Punk gave him the Singapore Cane and he smashed it over Chavo.

A ton of innovative moves inside the ring with a Pump Handle Slam onto the Cane and Dreamer chants which OWNS were heard. This was a very exciting match. Dreamer with a texas cloverleaf and then Morrison broke it with a shot to Dreamer`s head while he held the move on Punk. Big Show is bloody on the outside as he was crashed into steps and then Morrison got slammed face first from the top from Chavo. CM Punk met Chavo up high and then Morrison underneath went for a SLAM and it was a triple move. Nice spot.

Big Show went ape shit on the outside of the ring with a Cane and just smashed it all over his opponents.
After a ton of chaos from Big Show who was all bloodied, he gave Dreamer a chokeslam in the ring.
The Big Show ended up winning the Singapore Cane match to earn him a rightful oppurtunity against the ECW Champion Kane at Night of Champions at 8:35 when he hit Tommy with a Cane Shot to the head after a chokeslam.
Fun match!

** 1/2

3) John Cena vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield in a “First Blood” Match

Well, we had a GREAT I Quit match with these two at Judgment Day 2005 so considering the stipulation maybe we could get something from this match. Even if it’s only HALF that good I’ll be somewhat satisfied.

Considering the wrecks I’ve had to endure in WM 21 between these two and most recently at JDAY 08 which are both around a STAR if that, I’m hoping for good things here, and a stipulation might just be what the doctor ordered.

I see that this match got the same length as JDAY almost so I’m hoping this can at least be somewhat entertaining rather then completely boring, and why is it that JBL is always Cena’s bitch in every match after being completely dominated by him throughout? It just doesen’t make sense.

JBL extremely pissed off at Cena, why, who knows it could be because he called him POOPY. I know of that but I don`t know if it was before or after this. Of course Cena had his normal boo birds but they`re not as evident when in a match with JBL.

No Falls, No DQ, the object is to make your opponent bleed so obvioussly it`s going to be a straight out brawl like the last ones.
Cena with hard right hands to a chrorus of boo`s, then he bounced JBL`s head off the announce table and went straight back to the head area to try and break him open. JBL is an accomplished bar fighter according to JR but Cena LIKES to fight. Well what a good comination then!

Cena and JBL brawled for a bit in the entrance way as JBL let Cena have some big fists in attempt to bust him wide open. JBL then throws Cena head first into the ring apron. It`s a good thing there`s a gimmick to this match and they`re sticking to the story. When JBL got a slam on Cena in the ring some of the Cena Haters cheered and then JBL gave Cena a hard right hand and then a boot to the head while he was hanging on by a thread on the apron, then a weak kick sends Cena to the outside.
God, these guys just dont mesh very well although I`m glad there stategically following the gimmick quite nicely.

JBL grated Cena`s face on the steel on the outside that seperates the entrance aisle way from the fans on the side entrance near that area. Ref constantly looked for blood but didn`t find any.

After some JBL blows, Cena retaliated to more boo`s until JBL gave Cena a king sized boot on the outside of the ring.

JBL grabbed a steel chair and then found Cena lying by the ring post. JBL went to smash Cena`s head with a chair against the ring post but he moved out of the way just in time and caught JBL with some hard right hands that sent JBL to on top of the announce table. JBL though hit Cena with a Mic and then tossed him back inside the ring. JBL in firm control now and once back in the ring pounded on Cena`s head with a mic trying to bust him open. JBL really took his time here and Cena slowly got to his feet and ducked a clothesline before hitting a desperation couple of shoulder blocks followed by a slam. Cena`s “You Can`t See Me“ then five knuckle suffle always looks terrible and it did here even more so when a lot of the crowd didn`t even do it with him. Both men to the outside as JBL who had not sustained a ton of punishment in this match got back in control and bounced Cena off the ring post. The Official checked for blood but there wasn`t any and Bradshaw was pissed off.

JBL grabbed the top of the steel steps and threw it at Cena but he moved just in time, but not before getting his head bounced on the security wall, not once, but twice. Cena rolling on the mat in pain while JBL stalks him and Cena hasn`t been busted open but the crowd is chanting for him. JBL went for a DDT on Cena but he missed and landed back first intot he steel steps and Cena then got a MIC from the announce table and smacked it over Layfield. still no blood.

Cena grabbed a chair but JBL took it out of his hands and then slammed Cena head first into the exporsed turnbuckle that JBL took off before the match had even begun.
After a series of back and forth switches of momentum Cena connects with the F-U!

Cena got tied up in the ropes and JBL set up with a whip but Cena caught him with a low blow and then put him into the F-U with a chain and JBL started to bleed.

Cena wins at 14:30 (AGAIN) by defeating JBL when he began to bleed while in the F-U from Cena`s chain.

Meh, a lot better then a couple of the other encounters, but still could have flowed better, could have been booked better, etc.

Still a pretty good match though…. in areas.




4) Beth Phoenix vs Melina in an “I Quit” match

This should be interesting, a WOMAN’s “I Quit” match.

This one actually got some time to work which is good considering both females can work and with the gimmick it should definately be INTERESTING if not good.

Beth with an impressive double back breaker at Judgment Day to Mickie and Melina and it`s shown again before the match. Beth owns just because she`s from Buffalo and with me being a huge Sabres fan and all!

The Paparazzi dude falls down as Melina comes to the ring and then they actually show a replay of it.

Melina is tweener-faceish at this time and she went face to JAW of Beth as she got in her face and Melina pushed her before a kick.

Beth grabbed her in a bear hug and Melina then hooked her left arm under her jaw in a submission hold and like Lawler said I don`t think she was expecting this. Beth then powered out of the hold and applied a nasty back breaker to Melina and she followed that up with another and then she bent her face downwards in the back breaker position while she tried to make her Quit, saying `SAY IT!`

Melina broke the submission with some knees, but she was irish whipped to the buckle and had her head slammed on the top buckle, then Melina fought back with right hands and then went to the top and pushed The Glamazon face first into the canvas. Melina then with a rear chinlock in unique form and Beth wouldn`t quit.

Beth pulled her way out of the ring and both ladies fell to the mat on the outside of the ring and then Melina tossed Beth back in but she speared her back into the corner of the ring hitting the buckle hard. She got turned upside down on the turnbuckle and The Glamazon slammed her legs first downwards before choking her out and stomping her. Beth then sets up for a Powerbomb but turns it into a Back Breaker and she locks it in hard, as she kept yelling for the REF TO ASK HER.
Good strategic wrestling that is fitting the gimmick well by both ladies here.

The Glamazon out of the back breaker slammed Melina hard to the canvas then she locked on an Armbar, nothing but a lot of holds in this match making it hard to take obvioussly for both ladies. Beth pulled Melina by the hair and slammed her to the mat before grabbing the jaw of Melina, then pulled her by the hair and slammed her down in a familar spot in Ladies matches. Melina began to fought back hitting some right hands but she was irish whipped to the corner, but caught Beth with her legs until Beth went to drop her, however Melina leveraged downwards and dropped Beth face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. She then shoved Beth into the ring post Shoulder first. Melina kicked away at the should area of Beth and she hit her with a hard, aggressive armbar takedown further hurting the arm of The Glamazon. Beth went for a Back Breaker out of desperation but Melina took her down with an armbar submission hold.

Melina pulled hard but Beth got to her feet and tried to lift Melina and eventually did despite her legs being wrapped around her back, and then Beth hit a running powerbomb to Melina! Beth Phoenix then pulled Melina`s arms back while she grabbed onto them and pulled her jaw back at the same time while her legs were up high on The Glamazon`s shoulder, and JR lets go a `GOOD LORD`!

Unreal physical action in a nicely worked I Quit match full of Submission`s!

This was better then a lot of GUY I quit matches! The ladies did a remarkable job.

The finish came at 9:14 when Beth made Melina quit after almost breaking her in half.



5) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs Dave Batista in a “Stretcher Match”


Mick Foley gave a brief rundown of this type of match before this match ( a few matches before ) since he had competed in one before and explained the rules.
One of the guys could be beaten so badly they might be out of it and THANKFUL they are on the Stretcher by the time they had been taken out.

The only way to win a Stretcher Match is to be pushed on it over the line by the entrance.
This feud was personal of course.

Batista was pissed off at HBK for killing his mentor`s career. Shawn won the vote 59-41% by the fans TEXT MESSAGES for who they thought would win the match.
This feud of course went back to Backlash where Michaels “Faked“ an injury to hit Dave with a superkick and win the match. Batista told Shawn he was going to hurt him the next time he saw him, and at Judgment Day he said it`d be the time he wanted.

HBK and Batista are ready to get it on in a Stretcher Match where I`ve seen it rated from three to four stars on most occasions.
Which man is willing to do what is most neccessary to place his opponent on that

Stretcher is what Foley states, nice touch with him doing color in a match like this.

HBK comes out first and Batista 2nd obvioussly and then they remind us Batista warned Shawn he would hurt him and then tried to indimidate him during his entrance flexing his muscles and looking at Shawn.

Shawn began the match with no stare down and hopped right on Batista. He did this twice and Dave simply just pushed him off.

Batista then threw HBK to the outside and the Stretcher can obvioussly be used as a weapon so Batista launched HBK in the air and he bounced off the Stretcher on the outside face first. HBK though out of desperation Irish Whipped Batista into the steel steps, and the crowd chants HBK for the crafty veteran who pulled out another move by pushing Big Dave into the ring post.

Shawn slammed Batista`s back-skull into the post then hit him with a spinning heel kick up high. Shawn pushed the steps over and then grabbed the bottom and and planted it on the ground near the original area. Shawn then lifted up Batista by the head and sat him on the steps while he gave him a solid righ hand. Shawn then pushed The Stretcher right into the mid-section, driving the air out of Tista`s lungs.

Michaels stalking The Animal as he has been the agressor in this match and then rammed the JAW of Batista with the Stretcher. Shawn then picked him up and placed him on the Stretcher. Batista battled back realizing he was in the danger zone battled off. He then picked up HBK and went for a Powerbomb but Shawn countered and tried a backslide but Batista caught him with a choke hold in a bear hug formation driving the bad back of Shawn into the ring apron on the outside of the ring. However SHAWN once again countered this and began to choke out Batista with his arm and then Shawn had Batista on the Stretcher. Shawn placed Batista on the Stretcher and his whole body was on it this time and he pulled it down the entrance way until Batista battled out of the predicament out of instinct.

Batista with right hands but the air that was driven out of him still had taken effect and he looked fatigued on his knees, so HBK grabbed him but not before long Shawn saw himself flying face first into the ring post by Batista after an Irish Whip. The Power Game of Tista came into play here as he Big Dave drove Shawn`s KIDNEY straight into the ring apron! He then brutally did it on the security wall as he proceeded to throw HBK back inside the ring. Batista hits a hard clothesline followed by a IRISH WHIP to the corner onto Shawn Michaels continuing the back.

Batista continuing to inflict punishment to HBK`s BACK by hitting a huge powerslam in the middle of the ring. Batista then charged towards HBK but Shawn sent him shoulder first into the post, the same shoulder he injured earlier in the match, nice follow up. Shawn then had Batista in the corner and punched away at the big man before coming off the ropes with a flying forearm followed by a kick-up, and of course he sold the back and then slowly climbed to the top rope. HBK then delivered a elbow drop to the heart of Batista, however he looked to have injured his back further after that high risk move.
Shawn was in the corner and started to tune up the band.

HBK then went for the move but ran into a hard Clothesline by The Animal. The crowd has a mixed-reaction.

Batista went for a Powerbomb to Shawn but up high he hit him with rights, flipped off of Tista and hit him with a Superkick to the outside! Batista is now laying on The Stretcher on the outside of the ring as that is exactly where he landed, and Batista looks out of it.
Shawn slowly goes to the outside as he has Big Dave where he wants him and the crowd is then chanting for HBK.

As Shawn continued to sell the back he couldn`t drag The Stretcher as quick as he`d of liked and Batista grabbed onto the APRON of the ring out of desperation while the Stretcher was pulled by Shawn, and then The Animal fell off the Stretcher and he fought back against the Showstopper, until Michaels then threw a Stretcher into the mid-section of Batista who was standing against the apron! Shawn continued to drive it in his mid-section with the game plan to suck the life and air out of him! Batista then used theStretcher to drive it up in the face of Shawn, and does it a couple of times as he falls down. Nice moves.

Batista then threw HBK back in the ring.

A good back and forth match here with nice psyschology and some pretty good spots and reversals.

Back inside the ring Batista is stalking HBK and hits him with a hard spear!


Tista then dragged Michaels with one hand all the way to the outside onto The Stretcher.

Chris Jericho then ran out and gave Shawn a pep talk saying he was better then this and Tista looked on.

Batista then rolled Shawn back inside the ring for some reason as Foley suggests he might have second thoughts on perhaps inflicting more punishment to HBK.

Shawn slowly tried to get to his feet and went to hit a Superkick to Batista but his back gave out and he collapsed to the ground in a pretty funny spot.

Batista grabs Shawn`s HEAD and said “I`m not Sorry! I don`t love you!“

Batista then wheeled Shawn to the finish line but Jericho blocked the exit as he kept yelling at HBK to get back in the match.

Dave took the time to grab the steel steps, the bottom half and put it right in the middle of the entrance way on the concrete and he hit a devistating Spine Buster to the already hurt back of HBK!

Good stuff.

Batista then threw the Stretcher with Shawn`s body over the line and the match was over.

Batista went over Shawn at 17:00 minutes.

A couple of minutes in the match where Batista would pause but I felt the back and forth work was booked very well, the Jericho involvment was a nice touch and Batista`s line was hillarious. Good Psychology in the match and the gimmick worked well here.

Great match.

*** 1/2


6) “The Game” Triple H vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in a “Last Man Standing Match”

The object of the match – To beat your opponent to the point he can`t answer the 10 count.

Randy Orton comes out as the challenger with his new Entrance Music and this is actually the first time I have ever heard it. Don`t really like it but then again I don`t like most themes when I first hear them so I imagine it`d grow on me since I`ve read it suits him well and has grown on a lot of people.

Hunter came out with The Title and fresh from a Cage title defense over Orton, now having gone over him two times in a row on PPV, can he do it for a third consecutive time was the question.

I`ve heard this match ENDS before it`s supposed to so of course I`ll keep that in mind.
Triple H was the only man who had taken the strap off Orton in his career as we`re reminded.

Both men stare each other down and Orton kicks him in the mid-section and sends The Game to the outside and viciously pounds at his head with some hard right hands before Triple H counters with a hard Irish Whip into the steel stairs. Triple H then charged towards orton and hit a hard shot to the back of Orton`s head and then he kept that up a few more times before slamming Randy`s head into the Smackdown! Announce table.
Orton then got thrown back in the ring by Hunter. Trips then pounded away at Randy in the corner and then stomped on him in the corner as he was on the ground and proceeded to choke him out in the corner. Triple H with a fish hook to Orton and ripped at his face while he looked out of air on the mid-ropes, then Hunter threw Orton left shoulder first into the ring post.

Triple H follows that up with another shot to the ring post with his left shoulder first.
Orton comes back with a desperate dropkick, but Hunter made sure Orton didn`t have the advantage for an extended period of time and threw him to the outside. Triple H slammed Orton head first into the steps then took the monitors off the announce table. Triple H dragged Orton on top of the announce table and he gave him some rights and lefts on top of the ECW Announce Table. Triple H really overuses the right hand blows.
Either way he goes for the Pedigree but Orton blocked it and went for the RKO but HHH pushed him off the table. Orton then grabbed HHH`s head and went for a huge DDT on the ground with his legs on the table.

Orton then with hard right hands to HHH as he fell to the ground. Orton then pulled the padding off the floor to expose the cement.

Orton went for an RKO on the concrete floor but HHH pushed Orton into the steel post. HHH got in the ring and Orton got to his feet at the count of six. Both guys back in the ring and Orton knocks him down with a big show to the back of the head.
Orton stomped on HHH who was down on the canvas. Orton who loved to use the right boot as always kept kicking away at The Game and yelled “`Come on!“
Randy Orton then went to the outside and grabbed the Steel Steps. Orton threw the top half over the top rope and into the ring.

HHH back to his feet and from behind Orton came charging towards him with the Steel Steps and he caught him right in the face with them. Jim Ross states that The Game may have a broken nose.

HHH doesen`t get to his feet till the nine count.

sOrton goes under the ring and grabs an Extension cord and HHH retaliates and hits Orton a couple of times and then Orton kicked him in the head and started to choke out Hunter with the electric cord he grabbed from underneath the ring. Orton choked him out on the canvas floor.
Orton stalked HHH from behind and then went for an RKO but HHH threw him to the outside and Orton landed in a bad, bad way.
Orton looked terribly hurt and HHH broke the ten count to throw him weakly into the security wall.
HHH then grabbed the Sledge Hammer from underneath the ring.
You could tell he needed to finish this off quickly and hit him hard in the head with a Sledgehammer shot!

Triple H was THE LAST MAN Standing literally at 13:15 after an abrupt end to retain the WWE Title.

Good for the time it lasted and I would rate this a lot lower if it wasn`t for the injury.
Orton`s walk off was pretty good television, he looked legitimately pissed off at some of the fans and I would be as well.

** 1/4





7) Main Event- The Undertaker (c) vs Edge in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match For the Vacant World Heavyweight Championship
The Undertaker and Edge by this point were more then familar with one another.

The Undertaker lands the first shot and followed it with some powerful shots to Edge’s ribcage in the corner.

The Undertaker with a headbutt on Edge in the corner followed by righthands. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge back first into the corner before a hard clothesline.

Foley and cole on commentary here, the crowd chant for Taker as he lands another hard shot to the abdomen of Edge. Hearing Mick speak on The Undertaker is fitting and a nice addition.

The Undertaker choked out Edge in the corner and was in complete control. Edge with an arm-ringer by Taker and he hits Old School early.

Taker lands a kick to Edge and then grabs a Ladder outside the ring. Edge buys himself a moment hitting a baseball slide or sorts, a dropkick from the ring to the outside hitting the Ladder into the face of The Undertaker. Edge set up a Table outside the ring on top of another table.

The Undertaker also stalked Edge with a Ladder as he hid it until Edge turned towards him and dropped it on Edge. The Undertaker using the Ladder as a weapon again. The Undertaker with a kick to the gut of Edge. The Undertaker slammed Edge face first into the steel steps.

The Undertaker grabbed a table and set it near the first two by the side of the ring that were already set up. The Undertaker grabbed a fourth and placed it by the ring, half of this match seems to be placing props around for certain big spots.
It’s less noticeable in TLC matches where there is action everywhere, but when it’s one on one, it’s clearly evident. Edge hit a droptoe hold to The Undertaker buying himself time. Edge slid a Ladder into the middle of the ring under the bottom rope from outside.
Edge sets up the Ladder in the middle of the ring and climbs it as if he is a 90 year old man, Taker runs in and dragged Edge off the middle by the tights and he springboarded back clotheslining the ropes swinging back to the canvas.

The Undertaker set up a Ladder Horizontal on the top turnbuckle. The Undertaker irishwhipped Edge into the corner and then went for Snake Eyes but Edge dropped to his feet and with a great counter sent The Undertaker face first into the Ladder in the corner of the ring.

Edge grabbed another Ladder and set it up on the opposite side of the ring. Edge with a hard righthand to The Undertaker but he reversed an irishwhip from Edge and this time Edge smacks skull first into the front of the Ladder on the other corner, Taker now in control. The Undertaker set up a third Ladder in the ring in the middle of the canvas. The Undertaker climbed to the top but Edge quickly realized this and climbed the other side.

Edge and taker in a slugfest on top of the Ladder, Taker sent Edge off and he bumped into one of the Ladder’s still set up on top of the buckle in the corner of the ring, as Edge bumped off the side he pushed Taker off the Ladder and he did the same, crashing into the other Ladder on the other side.

Both men down, crowd chanting for Taker some more. Edge set up a Ladder sideways on the top turnbuckle. The Undertaker caught him from behind and hit Snake Eyes on Edge dropping onto the Ladder.

Taker charged at Edge and hit him with a big kick to the gut.

The Crowd now chanted for Table’s. Taker pushed Edge into the apron and grabbed a chair smacking it hard over the back of Edge, smacking the flesh across the spine with that steel chair.

Undertaker dropped an elbow on Edge but then when he went for a legdrop Edge got a boot up and bought himself time.

With a Ladder set up on the canvas and barricade, Edge dropped The Undertaker onto it. Edge walked around the ring with time and a chair in hand dropping Taker with it. Edge placed The Undertaker on top of a wooden table and splashed him through it outside the ring.

The Undertaker climbed a ladder in the ring and Edge stopped him, Edge with good use of the Ladder went to work on The Undertaker. Edge dropped the Ladder taking out the knee of Taker which was a good plan against a big guy, especially when his focus of the match was to climb a Ladder. Nice gameplan by Edge.

Edge relentlessly dropped chair shots to The Undertaker and got good heel heat because of it.

Edge slid another big Ladder into the middle of the ring and dropped The Undertaker with a swinging chairshot. Edge went for a chairshot on Taker on the mat but he quickly sat up and hit a lowblow to Edge. The Undertaker rises up.

The Phenom limping, still selling the knee grabs Edge by the throat and drops him back fist onto a Ladder set up between the barricade and the ring. Ouch.

Hawkins and Ryder attack Taker in the ring and they set up table’s buying the Champion, Edge some time.

Edge gets sent for another huge ride splashing through a wooden table off a chokeslam by The Undertaker. Edge had bumped huge here.
Edge though out of desperation caught The Undertaker with a spear from the outside apron sending the Deadman on his bad knee first, to the outside.

Edge climbed the Ladder, but with two Table’s set up in the corner of the ring The Undertaker hits a Last Ride on Edge.

Big spot.
The Undertaker went to climb the Ladder but Bam Neely and Chavo Guerrero stopped him from taking the title and started to beat him down.

Both grabbed chairs and went to hit Taker but he ducked. Taker cleaned house on them hitting them both with chairs.

The Undertaker had nothing left to do but grab the title belt, and on one leg he was near the top but Edge with the spot of the match pushed The Deadman off the Ladder through four tables outside the ring.

Edge got the title.

Edge became the NEW Champion at 23:50 after defeating The Undertaker after sending him through four tables from inside the ring, to the outside off a giant Ladder.
Edge is a 5 time Champion, and for that reason I think this match was chosen for Edge’s DVD rather then there classic Wrestlemania match together where The Undertaker wins the strap.

It’s a spotfest, but it’s done very well.?


*** 1/2


Final Rating for WWE One Night Stand 2008 = 7/10

This show was fun because of the gimmick matches. It definitely added an appeal that wouldn`t of otherwise been there, that every match you needed to focus on a different strategy as there was different rules to each one. Not a single bad match on the card, the worst one was two stars and another one was around that mark but everything else was great. A tremendous main event, a fun opener, a great ladies match, with some other enjoyable bouts and this is a very fun PPV, I`d suggest it to anybody!

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    The TLC match, in my opinion, deserved at least 4*.

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