Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2009 DVD

February 1, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Extreme Rules 2009” Review:


“I bought a Rey Mysterio mask and I sat among the damned, among the hypocrites, the liars and his Parasitic fans in the audience…he encourages you to spend your hard earned money, to encourage his deception.”Chris Jericho




-WWE Extreme Rules 2009 took place on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

-This Show was the fifth show in the lineage of the One Night Stand event, but the first to be referred to as Extreme Rules

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for Raw, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham for Smackdown!, while Matt Striker did ECW with Josh Matthews.

-The event had 213,000 buys, up from the One Night Stand 2008 figure of 194,000 buys.

-Before the show aired live, the crowd in attendance witnessed an untelevised match between the team of Mickie James and Kelly Kelly against that of Beth Phoenix and her storyline intern, Rosa Mendes. The former team won the match after James pinned Mendes.


Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- Kofi Kingston (c) vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs William Regal vs Matt Hardy in a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE United States Championship


Two weeks before this Kofi Kingston won the US title on Raw. Tonight he was defending it against three other guys.
Kofi comes out first to a good ovation here.

Regal out next to some boo’s, Matt comes out, cast and all, and then last MVP came out to a good reaction.

The first guy to gain pinfall or submission will be the Champion, the defending champion (Kofi) does not need to be involved so chances are bad for him.
The bell rings.

Kofi Kingston and MVP attacked Hardy who Regal threw to the dogs. MVP then irishwhipped Regal with Kofi and Matt Hardy returnd the favor by pushing him off the ropes towards both men. Matt attacked MVP outside the ring and then Kofi flies over the top taking out some of his competition on the floor.

Kofi lands a high crossbody off the top onto Regal gets him a two. MVP jumps on Kofi Kingston hitting him with a shoulder block. Kofi with a leapfrog off the ropes jumping over MVP twice before landing a high elbow shot. Regal came back in and took down MVP before landing high knee shots to the head of Kofi in the corner. Regal with stiff right’s to Kingston and the fans get on his case.

Regal with a big right in the corner to Kingston, Regal went up top to attempt a superplex but MVP botches a superplex attempt at both men and crashed. Matt Hardy tried to attempt at gaining the title by pinning all three guys after they crashed, nice save by Matt Hardy here. Matt Hardy then stomped on Regal and scoopslammed MVP in the corner. Matt Hardy with a big legdrop to MVP. Kofi from no where landed clothesline’s to his competition followed by a standing dropkick to Matt Hardy. Kofi slammed Regal charging at him on Matt and then dropped the leg on top of both men. Regal broke up the count and Kofi kept on him throwing him out of the ring.
Matt Hardy irishwhipped Kofi to the corner and with balance he hops over to the apron and Matt crashed into the corner. Regal back in catches Matt Hardy and throws him on top of Hardy getting him a two. MVP with a high kick to Regal. MVP tries to clothesline Kofi and misses then hits a beautiful belly to belly suplex and Matt interupts this count. Matt with a couple of hard shots to MVP but he unloads back with some of his own. MVP and Matt Hardy in mid-ring and MVP drops Hardy with a facebuster. MVP goes “Ballin” and drops the elbow. Regal broke up the count and hit a nice gutwrench suplex to MVP. Regal with stiff shots in the corner, Kofi jumps on top of MVP in the corner landing shots. Regal with a high kick to the head of MVP and then takes out Hardy with a suplex, Kofi bounces off the ropes from no where landing a high kick on Regal.

In the end at 6:43 Kofi Kingston retained the US title after pinning William Regal.

This match was a good opener, a lot of fast moves kept it exciting, with all four being able to compete at the same time. It took awhile to pick up and had its sloppy moments, but the range in styles from all four men only helped matters here.

** 1/4



2) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio (c) in a No Holds Barred match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Just a few weeks before this match at Judgment Day, these two went at in a borderline classic.

We are shown Jericho attacking Rey in brilliant fashion from the crowd posing as one of Rey’s fans.

Chris Jericho cuts a hilarious promo on the way to the ring from the Merchandise area where he runs down Mysterio and his fans once more.
Just when you think Jericho is out of tricks he pulls out something new, even if he is repeating some of the same material. It’s all golden and the best thing going in the entire company around this time so who would be one to complain.

Mysterio comes out and puts a Mask on a fan in the entrance way.

Rey Mysterio straight away took down Jericho unloading rights and then a kick to the face on the outside. Rey Mysterio slams Jericho head first into the announce table. Mysterio with the top of the announce table crashes it into Jericho. A high kick to the head of Jericho followed by slamming him into the barricade. While Rey Mysterio took his time to get to Chris Jericho he kicked him in the chest and slammed him head first into the barricade. Jericho went to throw Rey into the steps and he bounces off them landing on his feet, followed by dropkicking the steps into Jericho.

Rey Mysterio with another kick to Chris before sending Jericho in the Steel Steps. Rey Mysterio dragged Jericho and he slammed him back first into the barricade. Rey from the apron hit a hurricanrana from the top apron on the floor.

Rey springboards into the ring with a legdrop on Jericho scoring him a two. Jericho catches Rey getting up and he dropped Rey Mysterio on his abdomen over the top ropes and he crashes inside the ring.
Chris Jericho kicks at Rey Mysterio and then elevated him up.

Chris Jericho from inside the ring had ahold of Rey and stretched his legs back meanwhile Mysterio hung into the middle rope trying to leverage out of this predicament.

Chris Jericho in his “comfort zone” and went for a nearfall. Small Y2J chants broke out while Jericho choked out Rey Mysterio in the corner of the ring. Jericho irishwhipped Rey to the corner and he bounced off attempting a headscissors on Jericho but he pushed him off the top turnbuckle and he landed on the apron.

Jericho elevated himself off one side of the ring looking for a springboard dropkick but Rey Mysterio countered in mid-air dropkicking Jericho in the chest as he fell to the floor. Mysterio with a modified version of the 619 to Jericho sending him outside the ring. Rey with a high crossbody to Jericho onto the floor from up high.

Great action here.

Chris Jericho catches a flying legdrop inside the ring by Rey Mysterio and shoulders were down once more but Jericho kicks out. Jericho sent Rey to the ropes and he spins him around sending him to the ropes, Rey attempted a 619 but Jericho moves out of the way.

Jericho picked up Rey and he delivered back hard kicks to Jericho and Rey gets a boot up high on Jericho charging at him in the corner. Rey with an inside cradle on Jericho, Rey Mysterio then gets caught in a pinning predicament from Jericho who applies a cradle and Rey gets out. Jericho kept attempting to slap on the Walls but Rey hit another inside cradle and a two.

Rey Mysterio lands a stiff kick to the head of Jericho and this also gets him a two.
Chris Jericho out of desperation hits a baseball slide dropkick into Rey and this got him a two count. Jericho tried to slow it down for the moment landing hard right hands to the head and MASK of Rey. Jericho tossed Rey Mysterio out of the ring on his stomach sliding across the canvas to the floor. Jericho posed in the ring to a chorus of boo’s.

Jericho left the ring to attent to Rey and with his head in his hand Jericho landed a hard forearm shot to the head of Mysterio. Jericho with a front facelock to Rey and then dropped him on his abdomen on the floor outside the ring. Jericho rolled Rey back in and he got a two count. Jericho slaps on a weardown hold in a formation of a rear chinlock.

Chris Jericho then attempted to expose Rey’s mask but Rey landed some high kicks to the head of Jericho behind him showing great flexibility. Jericho crawled as did Rey and both men to there feet now, Jericho charges at Rey and he moves out of the way just in time. Jericho crashed shoulder first into the post. Rey Mysterio came charging at Chris off the ropes and Mysterio hit a suicide dive onto Jericho with a crossbody through the ropes onto the floor.

Back in the ring Mysterio hit a headscissors counter on Jericho followed by a hurricanrauna into a two count. Rey Mysterio off the ropes held onto the top for leverage and ducked below Chris attempting a 619, and as he charged at him Jericho caught Rey in mid-air and landed a back breaker in awesome fashion. Just like at Judgment Day the audience cheer this unique counter move by Jericho.

Jericho lands a back slam to Rey as he went for a headscissors. Jericho attempts a lionsault and misses, Rey hit a 619 to the back of Jericho and now Rey attempted his final splash but Jericho countered it with a codebreaker.

Jericho about to gain the IC title for the 9th time was shocked to find out Rey Mysterio had kicked out. Jericho grabbed a chair and smacked the steel steps. Jericho with a chair in hand caught a dropkick by Mysterio which lands right in Jericho’s face eating the chair. Mysterio with a cover and Jericho kicks out.

Rey now with the chair in hand drops it on Chris below his legs with a double legdrop onto a chair to Chris, and he still kicks out.

Amazing pace, smarter booking.

Jericho kicks the abdomen of Rey and then Rey Mysterio hits a droptoe hold into Jericho into the chair in the corner. Rey springboarded off a chair in the middle of the ring and Jericho caught him in the air and applied the Walls of Jericho.

Rey Mysterio grabbed ahold of the Chair was able to spin around landing a hard chair shot into the head of Jericho.

Rey now with Jericho in position went for a 619 and Jericho took off his mask in the process and with this shocking Rey, Jericho got the three on an inside cradle.


In the end at 14:46 Jericho became the NEW IC Champion after beating Rey Mysterio in memorable fashion.

A perfect blend of storytelling, action and excitement.

Jericho breaks his own record by becoming the IC Champion for the ninth time.
An Extreme Intercontinental Championship victory as Ross calls it.

This Classic match was incredible, infact its the best I’ve seen from Pro-Wrestling this entire year as of this writing from 2010.


**** 1/4


3) CM Punk vs Umaga in a Samoan Strap match

In a similar theme to most matches on the night, these two also met at Judgment Day with Umaga picking up the victory there.
This time Punk wanted Vengeance obviously. Expecting some brutality.

I really enjoyed the physicality in the clash at Judgment Day, I assume these two are capable of more perhaps here, being strapped together.

How does CM Punk drag a big man from post to post in his own Match? That was the question as the bell rings.

We get a nice addition with a scoreboard in the top right. CM Punk lands some shots and a reverse elbow before coming crashing into an elbow shot by Umaga himself.
Umaga touches two until recieving a high knee by Punk in the head. Punk couldn’t drive Umaga into the canvas but he splashed nothing on the mat. CM Punk was able to use this to his advanatage with a couple of kicks before touching two corners.

Umaga sends him crashing into the corner before hitting a Samoan drop hard to Punk.
Umaga began strapping CM Punk’s back with the belt viciously over and over as Punk looked on in pain. Umaga with a stiff kick to the head of Punk and then asked him for some more. Punk again with a strap shot to the back of Punk and Umaga lands a headbutt dishing out the pain. Umaga off the side ropes goes for a splash and lands a headbutt to Punk laying down in the center of the mat off the ropes.

Umaga dragged Punk from outside the ring to the corner ring post. Umaga then dragged the strap as Punk’s shoulder was up against the ring post. Umaga dropped the strap onto the top of the steel steps as Punk’s arm looked to be in tough shape. Umaga rolling back in the ring attempts a suplex and drops him abdomen first on the top rope. Umaga then with a high kick to Punk landing off the apron onto the floor. Umaga still strapped to Punk was in need of dragging him back towards the ring but Umaga starts to touch the corners as is.

Umaga touches one, then two. Umaga went for the third but was nailed by Punk’s kick and he springboards back into the ring landing a shoulder block. Punk signalled for the go to sleep but Umaga drops his bodyweight back to his feet and with great agility Umaga hit a spinning heel kick to CM Punk. Umaga then charged at Punk and splashed chest first. Punk grabbed ahold of the strap to gain further utilization of the object sending Umaga crashing to the mat. Umaga outside the ring tried to drag Punk by the strap and now everyone chanted for CM Punk.

CM Punk landed a desperation charging knee up high and then finally dragging him with the running bulldog. CM Punk now with an oppurtunity to touch some turnbuckle’s, touched two. CM Punk almost at the third finally gets there. CM Punk at the final turnbuckle until Umaga grabbed ahold of him in mid-ring hitting a nice belly to side suplex. Umaga then went to the corners of the ring. Punk almost hit the fourth once more after hitting all three and Umaga with leverage from the outside whipped him back towards him. Umaga gets small chants for himself and coming from up high Punk gets up with the strap elevated Umaga from the top with the strap which was rather innovative.

Punk starts up again touching two, then a third. One more is all that was needed and Umaga from his back dragged Punk towards him from the center of the rign. Umaga went for a Spike but Punk hit the go to sleep and touches the fourth.

In the end at 9:02 Punk got the victory over Umaga to make up for his loss at Judgment Day and Ross screams he upset him.

This match was very entertaining. Not only the action but everything involved was logical, both men utilized the strap so well and it made Punk look like Gold in the end, something he’d only benefit from by the end of the night.

*** 1/4



4) Christian (c) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore match for the ECW Championship

Jack Swagger and Christian’s feud for the ECW title, REALLY became Extreme when one Tommy Dreamer entered the picture. Was no longer the innovator of silence.

Christian cut a promo on his friendship with Tommy Dreamer with Gregory Helms before the match.
Dreamer got involved until Swagger does as well and for some comic relief both men ignore him.

I love Swagger’s push-up’s during his entrance.

Fans start an ECW chant. All three men get ready as the bell rings. Jack Swagger calls on Dreamer and he runs out of the ring and Swagger outsmarts him by taking him down. Chrisian comes at him ducks a clothesline and lands a shot. Swagger drives Christian’s back into the mat. Dreamer landed a right and Jack Swagger tossed Christian over the top rope. Jack Swagger with a fisherman suplex to Dreamer.

Dreamer grabbed a kendo stick and Christian grabbed a trashcan lid. Jack Swagger stood in the middle of the ring and he recieved some punishment from both babyfaces. Dreamer with a kendo stick shot to the gut of Christian. Dreamer with a side russian legsweep to Swagger landing on the stick on the mat. Christian with a trashcan shot to the head of Swagger before dropping Dreamer with the can lid. Dreamer hooked up Christian with the kendo stick below him and lands a pumphandle slam.

Swagger drives Dreamer’s head into the turnbuckle a couple of times. Swagger with the lid charged at Tommy and he hit a backdrop sending him over to the floor. Tommy Dreamer then with a high risk assault lands on both Swagger and Christian with a moonsault onto both men onto the floor.

Tommy Dreamer gets back in the ring with a kendo stick from the top rope clotheslines Jack Swagger from up high. Fans chant for Tables.

Dreamer hangs Swagger upside down. Dreamer with a trashcan smacks Swagger in the chest and proceeds to charge towards him but Christian dragged him down. Christian slapped his chest and then dropkicked the can into Swagger. Christian attacked Dreamer and threw him into Swagger. Christian covered Dreamer and got a two count. Dreamer back up landed shots to Christian until he fought back in the corner and sent Dreamer to the outside.

Jack Swagger then took the kendo stick to his advantage landing hard shots on Christian’s back and then tried to win the title. Jack Swagger with a lot of strength splashing Christian down with a modified spinebuster. Jack Swagger with a shot to the abdomen and then a facebuster off the ropes. Swagger drops Christian on his back.
Swagger has a great moveset, and he hits every move so crisp and fast which only benefits him.

Jack Swagger took off the turnbuckle padding and he recieved a stick shot from Dreamer outside, Christian slams Swagger down and gets a two interupted by Dreamer with a lid shot. Dreamer with Christian in the air slams his back on the trashcan lid. Dreamer got some chants from the crowd and he went for a legdrop on Christian but he moved out just in time.

Christian then went for a crossbody onto Swagger outside the ring but he waited with a lid in hand and nailed Christian. Dreamer continued to throw a load of weapons inside the ring. Dreamer landed a kendo stick shot to the abdomen of Dreamer before a huge spinebuster takes him down. Jack Swagger slams the trashcan on top of Tommy Dreamer. Swagger placed Dreamer up top and gave him some righthand blows.


Swagger with a front facelock to Dreamer up high gets caught from Christian underneath hitting a superplex to all three up high.

Christian went for covers on both guys but the match kept going.

Christian grabs a crutch and from up top flies off until Swagger catches him with a boot shot. Swagger went for a crutch shot and the Killswitch was coming but Swagger sent Christian into the exposed steel.

Tommy Dreamer landed hard shots to Swagger with a crutch stopping the gutwrench powerbomb attempt from Swagger to Christian, then Dreamer followed this by a DDT.


In the end at 9:41, Tommy Dreamer became the NEW ECW Champion after defeating Swagger and Christian.

This match was a lot of fun, and had an emotional ending. Good stuff.





5) Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero (c) and Chavo Guerrero in a Handicap Hog Pen match for the title of “Miss WrestleMania”

Once more we our reminded when watching a good show, with good there is always bad… in most cases.
Chavo unloads rights to Santina who throws Hog Pen slop at him. Santina eventually threw Chavo with the pigs.

This is very extreme.

Vickie comes in…and Chavo slops Vickie when Santina ducks and puts more on Chavo.

Santina threw Vickie down.

In the end at 2:45 Santina won after “SHE” just pinned Vickie on top of the mud.

This match would qualify for the worst match of all time if I counted it as a real match.

Unfortunately, I don’t.

No place for anything like this on a good card, or any show for that matter.





6) Batista vs Randy Orton (c) in a Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship

A re-match, this time in a Cage for the strap between two former friends.

Orton right away did what any sane individual would do in a Cage match and go to escape the Cage from the opening bell. Batista holds Orton up high preventing him from leaving and both guys exchange shots up high. Batista smashed the head of Randy Orton into the steel and he falled back onto the mat.

Dave hops down and drives Orton in the corner with spears. Some “You can’t Wrestle” chants break out on Batista which is always humerous. Batista spears Orton again into the Cage. Batista attempts another and Orton leaped up escaping that predicmanent, Orton once more tried to escape and Batista fires off with a Clothesline from the corner.

Batista sets up Orton for a vertical suplex and hits it.

Batista sends Orton to the ropes and he took his time allowing Randy Orton to hit back with a boot to the chest. Orton goes for the door and Batista shut it and landed a hard right back on Orton before a splash in the corner. Batista irishwhipped Orton back first to the corner and then went for a slam but Orton countered landing his feet on the mat and drove Batista`s head into the Steel. Orton then hit a resourceful backbreaker.

Orton almost crawled to the floor but Batista held on and dragged him back to the middle of the ring. Batista picks up Orton and slams him off both sides of the Cage. Batista then with a powerslam gets a two count. Batista charged at Orton in the corner and he moved out of the way. Orton dropped some forearms and blows to the head of Batista in the corner of the ring. Randy Orton stops on him down in the corner. Randy Orton signalled for perhaps a punt but then irishwhipped by Batista to the ropes he catches a Spinebuster slam by Batista.

Batista closing in on the gold. Orton though countered it into a back bodydrop sending Batista crashing into the Cage as they were right by the ropes when this move hit.
Orton with a standing dropkick to Batista. Orton climbs the Cage and then stops himself and deicded to go for a punt. Batista moves out of the way and Orton realizing he made a mistake tried to quickly escape and Batista caught him in a Batista Bomb position. Orton landed shots, Batista goes for a clothesline and Orton ducks, Batista shoved him to the ropes and then he hit the Batista Bomb.

Batista is once again World Champion after putting Orton away to a big pop

In the end at just 7:07 Batista became a 5 time WWE Champion.

His reign wouldn’t last as he was injured in the match, and I thought it seemed pointless to make Batista even win in the first place if they wanted Orton to have a credible run.

This match had a decent amount of quality for its time. I liked the story they were telling with Orton being scared and then how it ultimately finished, they just didn`t give enough here in order to pass the mediocre to somewhat good range.

** 1/4

7) John Cena vs The Big Show in a Submission match

Another match between these two guys and I have no idea why anyone thought it’d be a good idea to put these two in a Submission Wrestling match, on paper it sounds like a cure for Insomnia.
At Judgment Day Cena tried to lock on the STF but failed three times so they were playing on that, but it wasn`t very entertaining to begin with.

As I said, you can only suspend your belief system for so long. They already did the Big Show beats down on Cena and he makes a Superman comeback once, I fail to see how they are going to make this match very good with this stipulation, when neither men are submission wrestlers.

This was all just to stack the odds against John Cena.

The Big Show came out first and waited on Cena just as he did a few weeks before.
John Cena kicks at Show at first. Cena went for another kick and Show catches him with a big clothesline. Cena then decided to go for the STF and Show moved out of the way smiling knowing Cena can`t lock it on.

The fans are seemingly split yet again.

Cena with shots to Show and then a big boot from The Big Show catches Cena off the ropes showing nice agility stopping any momentum Cena had going for him. Another hard shot by The Big Show to Cena in the abdominal region. Show crushed Cena in the corner using all of his weight to the injured ribs of Cena.

Cena moves out of the way of a Big Show charge and Show elevated Cena over the top rope to the outside with one hand.

Cena slowly tried to come back in and he caught a big strike from Show. Show hit John with a headbutt and then proceeded to tie him up in the ropes, Cena fought back with more rights. Cena went for a shoulder block but Show pushed him off with ease. Show kicked at the chest of Cena. Show said to Cena that he was going to break him before hitting another headbutt.

It`s like Andre and Hogan all over again without the big feel. Take that for what its worth.

Show slaps on a Full Nelson wearing down Cena. Cena caught Show in the corner with a boot and hopped on top of him with a Sleeper hold. Cena`s whole body was on the back of Show until he reached for the ropes and Cena hung on. Cena got Show down to one knee. Big Show went for a powerbomb but John Cena countered out of it and both men went down to the mat. Show back up kicked at Cena till he cornered him and hit him with a hard slap.

Show with a big suplex to Cena.

Show just kept applying more pressure to Cena and his bruised ribs down on the canvas.

Lawler and Cole did the very best they could at selling this story on commentary, but again, there`s only so much you can try and be interested in.

Show caught Cena in a chokeslam position and sent him over the top rope to the floor.
Show ran Cena abdomen first into the ring post and then slapped on an abdominal stretch to further up the damage. Cena fought out of it and went for a DDT om Show out of his chokeslam attempt and hit it out of desperation.

Cena runs over to the Big Show as if he wasn`t just hurt which is beyond pathetic and The Big Show sent John outside the ring.

The Big Show slaps on a bearhug on Cena. Cena off the ropes drove Show face first into the mat.

Cena went for a five knuckle shuffle but The Big Show gets out of that predicament and drops Cena with a knock out punch.

Show scooped up Cena outside the ring but he lands on his feet behind him and drives Show into the ring post head first.

Cena comes back in and uses a legdrop to Show from up over the top rope to the canvas floor. Cena tries to tie Show`s leg in the ropes and locks on the STF this way using the ropes to his advantage finally outsmarting The Big Show.

In the end at 19:04 Cena made Show submit after he made him tap.

A hard fought victory but that doesen`t mean it was any good.

It didn’t help they gave this match a TON of time which only makes matters worse here. They could of gave the Cage match ten more minutes and got that off of here.

This match did what it delivered to do, but at least ten minutes could of been cut off which ultimately hurts its presentation.

You can call it what it was, and that`s what I`ll do. This was boring.

Lucky to earn a star.



8 ) Main Event- Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy in a Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship


A Ladder makes this match attractive considering both men rely on spots a great deal, especially together.
Both guys tie-up and Jeff Hardy is cornered and gets a righthand from Edge, Hardy leaps off the buckle in the corner and lands a right to Edge. Jeff slams Edge headfirst into both turnbuckles.
Jeff scoop slams Edge and drops him in the middle of the ring, Jeff Hardy hit a legdrop. Edge with a high knee to the chest of Jeff. Edge sent Jeff Hardy crashing into the turnbuckle. Edge with a front facelock to Jeff but he battled out and hit a face first suplex to Edge.

Jeff Hardy slides under the bottom rope and grabs the Ladder. Edge then hit a baseball slide into Hardy which bruised his ribs.

Edge with a Ladder set up near the ring got shots by Edge. Jeff in the ring irishwhipped by Edge and over the ropes goes Edge who flies over to the outside crashing chest first into the Ladder.

Ross does his usual LADDERS dont have any give line. Jeff goes for the Gold and Edge takes him off driving him head first into the Ladder.

Edge sent Jeff Hardy crashing into the Ladder in the middle of the ring. Edge slides out of the ring and sets up the Ladder and drags it into the ring. Edge sets it up in the corner of the ring. Edge slams Jeff back first into the Ladder in the corner until he spears the Ladder when Jeff finally moves out of the way.

Jeff went for a dropkick into the corner of Edge many times at Judgment Day and finally hit it here with the Ladder already placed in the corner. This was his first attempt of the match and Jeff Hardy was successful.

Jeff set up a Ladder in the corner and grabbed Edge by the hair throwing him backwards. Jeff charged at Edge and hurt his leg crashing into the Ladder. Edge grabbed ahold of the Ladder and opened it up. Edge then went for Jeff Hardy and tossed his body inbetween the structure and he slammed the top of the Ladder to the bottom.

Edge then locked in a Sharpshooter on Jeff Hardy caught inbetween the Ladder. Jeff Hardy taps out but the match will not end that way obviously.

Fans get on the side of Jeff Hardy while Edge just takes his time dishing out the punishment, throwing Jeff Hardy out of the ring with ease. Edge sets up the Ladder in mid-ring. Jeff Hardy with a dropkick to the Ladder from the top rope knocks Edge off his game as he was attempting to grab his gold.

Jeff Hardy sets up a GIANT Ladder in the middle of the ring, fifteen feet high apparently. Edge comes towards Jeff Hardy and he answered back with a Twist of Fate.

Jeff now with an opportunity to climb the Giant Ladder. Jeff fell off the top and was hanging from the title belt and Edge dragged him down and the jaw of Hardy jerked off the Ladder as he came crashing down.

Edge irishwhipped into the Ladder by Hardy who reverses the initial one from Edge. Jeff flies off the top of the Giant Ladder hit a Whisper in the Wind from about three quarters up.

Hardy hit a running clothesline on Edge. Outside the ring Edge pulled out a big boot to the head of Jeff Hardy buying himself some time to regroup. Edge trying to get something going his way and grabbed a Ladder to build some momentum andhe placed it on the canvas as well as the barricade.

The Ladder was set up like this the year before at this event when Taker slammed Edge on top of it, crashing through.

Jeff took Edge and slammed him head first into the security wall. Jeff threw the Ladder again at Edge. Edge irishwhipped Jeff Hardy hard into the steel steps. Edge with ahold of Jeff smashed his body into the Ladder beside the security wall.

Edge grabbed the Steps and went towards Jeff who kicked back at him. Jeff charged at Edge and jumped on the steps and he hit a neckbreaker to Edge on top of the barricade. Nice innovative running neckbreaker.

Edge was layed out on a Ladder set up on the barricade and ring apron, Jeff grabbed another Ladder.

Jeff Hardy with the Giant Ladder placed opposite of Edge.

Here comes a big spot.

Jeff Hardy took his eyes off the prize and Edge meets Jeff up top on the huge Ladder.

Both men exchange rights and then land left to the Ladder that snaps in half as both men crashed through it.

Obviously a good spot and both men are checked out.

Both men crawl back into the ring to continue to battle.

Jeff gives Edge a shot who then bumps into the official.

We have seen this before.

Edge goes for a spear on Jeff onto another Ladder but Hardy countered in mid-air hitting a Twist of Fate.

Good stuff.

Edge and Jeff both went for the Gold.

Edge was near the top and Jeff grabbed ahold of the legs of Edge. Edge caught in the middle of the Ladder and was not able to prevent Jeff Hardy from getting the belt.

In my opinion, a ridiculous move to take the title off of Edge once again, how many more World Title Reigns does the guy need? Jeff arguably shouldn’t have had any, this was his second and as of this writing has had three now. His first two were incredibally worthless.

So in the end at 20:18, Jeff Hardy once again won the World Title after he grabbed the strap and defeated Edge.

This match was great though for the spotfest it was. Both men excel in this environment and showed why here, it was very entertaining throughout. The main two spots stick out with Jeff Hardy hitting the twist of fate on Edge, countering a spear in mid-air off a ladder to the mat.

Jeff Hardy and Edge also crashing through the Ladder set up horizontal on the canvas floor.

Jeff celebrates with all he could and was barely able to stand and out came Punk!

*** 1/4


9) Additional Main Event- Jeff Hardy (c) vs CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk used THIS time to cash in.

Punk gets a few boos and uses the Go to Sleep on Jeff. Hardy kicks out just as everyone does initially but of course it does not last.

Hardy with an inside cradle out of desperation and Punk got a two. Punk then landed a high kick to Jeff and then the go to sleep on Hardy.

Punk hooks the leg and CM Punk becomes the Champion.

In the end at 1:03, Punk cashed in successfully for the second straight year and defeated Hardy after the go to sleep.

It always feels special when this happens, no matter how redundant the whole idea may be.

As for Jeff Hardy and the decisions of his Championship title reigns, I wont even go there.




Final Rating for WWE Extreme Rules 2009 = 7.5/10

This show was a fun ride. Not quite as good as Judgment Day 09 earlier in the year but still a very solid event better then the year before which featured a little bit of everything. It is true there were some bad things on the show but overall the good definitely outweighs it here. An entertaining show.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The main event was awesome.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    No I never got that one.

  3. CJ says:

    No One Night Stand 2007?

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Nice to hear, and I will be reviewing SEVERAL shows and sets still to come. Do not forget there is an acrhive where all the Manias, Summerslams, etc have been reviewed already just by clicking Reviews up top.

  5. Jordan says:

    I like what you guys are doing, If you could review some more individual Pay Per Views from all the years that would be great, and by the way I have this website as my homepage

  6. Bill says:

    Good review, I’ll be at this year’s show

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