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September 16, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Great American Bash 2007” Review:



“This is by far the biggest moment ever for Bobby Lashley” -Jim Ross




-WWE Great American Bash took place Sunday Night, July the 22nd, 2007 in front of 13,034 fans from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.
-This was the 4th Annual GAB event in as many years by the WWE since they took it over. 22nd Bash overall.
-This was the first WWE PPV since the Benoit tragedy hit the Media and the WWE. A pretty great job for the event all things considered after getting over something as tragic and horrifying as that.
-This Show had 229,000 buys, up slightly on the 2006 figure of 227,000 buys.
-Micheal Cole and JBL did commentary for the event.
-The theme song was “The Church of Hot Addiction” by Cobra Starship.
-Before the pay-per-view aired, Chuck Palumbo defeated Chris Masters.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Montel Vontavious Porter (c) vs Matt Hardy for the WWE US Title



Here we go!
This one starts off pretty similar to the Backlash 08 bout as Matt out wrestles MVP to the start the match and he takes a quick breather on the outside after Matt hits an arm-drag take down. The two when back in the ring do some nice mat wrestling rolling around on the canvas followed by a little bit of basic chain wrestling which includes a hammer lock and an arm bar.

MVP has a hammer lock very tightly locked in but Matt sent MVP flying to the outside to get out of that predicament.

Matt Hardy jumps over the top rope to land on MVP and the crowd gets loud. Matt continued to control the pace for a little while longer once back inside the ring until MVP got the upper hand eventually when he caught Matt with an uppercut. MVP then slapped on a choke hold while the fans chant “Lets go Hardy”. The choke slows down the early high flying pace a little bit but it doesen’t drag it down very much to the point where it matters or would effect the matches rating. Matt once out of the hold hit a snap-shot vertical suplex on the Champion to MVP and then he took another breather. Matt didn’t allow it this time and threw him back in the ring. Matt then went straight for MVP back in the ring forcing him into a corner and the ref tried to break it up, he caught him with an elblow and while Hardy went to the top rope, MVP pulled him down and slammed him to the mat. Cole says this could be an opening for the US Champion to try and perhaps get back into the match and he could be right.
A nice dth (drop-toe-hold) nicely applied by MVP followed by a kick to the face. Matt has a foot on the rope so MVP only scored a near fall there. MVP argued with the ref in heel fashion each time he only got a 2 in this match. Matt got his arms stetched over by the Champion for awhile during this bout as the Champion seemed rather hungry to make sure he kept his gold.
The match went back and forth for a little while longer including a nice spot where MVP hits the superplex on Matt from the top rope on top of the turnbuckle but Matt still kicked out.

Matt counters from the top rope to make sure he slammed on top of the Champion but despite that MVP still got right back up to slug it out with the Challenger and this one went REALLY back and forth here.

A very fast paced match up here and Matt hit the Bulldog from the 2nd rope and Cole thinks there’d be a new champion but MVP kept kicking out.

Matt hits a leg drop from the top but MVP once again kicked out!
All these near falls make the match pretty exciting and it had a very fast pace to begin with.

Matt went for the twist of fate and it was countered into the Play Maker which was then countered into a Side Effect but Matt only got a two count. The fans are going crazy and Micheal Cole says “WOW!”

More near falls after these exciting moments with small packages and the like.

This has been a fantastic match!

MVP went for the big boot and missed Matt Hardy in the corner just like he did at Backlash 2008.
It’s clear these two have got some amazing chemistry by now, at least to me.
MVP put Matt away in the end in a great opening match to retain the title.
In the end at 12:55 to retain the US title, Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Matt Hardy after he hit the playmaker.



This match was great. Worked well as an opener and had all ingredients needed.








2) Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Hornswoggle vs Jimmy Wang Yang vs Shannon Moore vs Funaki vs Jamie Noble in a 6 man Cruiserweight Open for the Cruiserweight Championship

Love Cruiserweight Opens so I’m pretty intrigued to see how this one goes down although I see that it got under 7 minutes to work which isn’t very shocking to me. I remember the WWE did a very good job with the Cruiserweight open at Royal Rumble 2006 and another one around that time (could have been No Way Out of that year?) so they have put on a few great ones that’s for sure.
This style of match though is the first guy that scores a pinfall or submission is the Cruiserweight Champion. So you know you’ll have to watch all the action to see where and when that deciding pinfall is going to eventually come but that can be the problem because there is so much action all happening at once, similarly to a Royal Rumble. However I think I’ll do alright as there isn’t a ton of people in this match.
Chavo Guerrero was the reigning champion going into this Open!
Hornswoggle jumped into the ring early and then the Cruisers all attacked the Champion Chavo Guerrero. After Chavo got thrown over the top a lot of fast impact moves took place iside the ring. As expected a lot of fast and exciting action in this one. Jimmy Wang Yang went all over the place Chavo and Moore for example. Funaki from the top rope hit a double cross body to both Chavo and Moore followed by a suplex. Noble then came back in and dominated a few guys.

Yang and Noble go back and forth with SOME impressive moves. Chavo though levels them both after getting back in the ring as he should be the clear favourite in the Open. Chavo after a beautiful roll-up had a Boston Crab on Yang but then Shannon Moore hit him with a spinning heel kick. Fast action but not exactly breathtaking stuff but still entertaining none the less!

Pretty fun but as said not OVERLY fun. Funaki hit over the top rope by Noble, goes to the top rope but then gets suplexed beautifully by Noble and then an arm bar but it was broke up by Moore.

Shannon Moore and Funaki slug it out for a bit and I think BECAUSE the pace is so fast and quick that is the precise reason these matches don’t need to run very long, there’s no room for pacing and rest holds that could stretch the length of the match out at all. Three Amigo’s by Chavo to Wang Yang  but he goes to the top and hits a moonsault of sorts but Noble breaks up the 3 count. Noble and Wang continue what they started earlier in the match by going toe to toe and Noble then sends Yang to the outside. Shannon Moore flies off the top onto everyone on the outside. Then Wang gets back in the ring where Chavo sets him up top on top of the turn buckle and Noble picked up Chavo who hit a suplex to Yang from the top rope all in one! Good spot. Hornswoggle then from the top rope his a splash to Noble!
At 6:59 the match does end when Hornswoggle pins Jamie Noble to become the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Kind of a joke but the fans liked it at the time…I guess for a shock anyway.
Pretty good action here, just kind of a dumb ending to say the least.

In the end at 6:59 Hornswoggle became the NEW Cruiserweight Champion after he got the shocking win.
This match had very decent to good action despite some of the shady booking flaws.










3) The Sandman vs Carlito in a Singapore Cane on a Pole Match


Object here is to be the first guy to climbe the pole on the turnbuckle and retrieve the Singapore Cane, then can use it on his opponent.
Apparently it didn’t matter.

Once the Sandman got it Carlito shortly there after hit the back breaker for the win at 5:31.


A WWE guy going over a ECW Original, imagine that?
Carlito lacks something, not exactly sure what it is but I’d take watching somebody like MVP over him any day of the week, when he started out he showed some promise but a failed face run and mediocre mic skills at best has only got him so far. He doesen’t possess that natural charisma some talk about when discussing him, I just don’t see it but I don’t hate the guy either.
He took it to Sandman early in the match focusing on his arm but then the two just brawled for a few minutes and there weren’t many interesting spots.
Pretty average at best.





4) Candice Michelle (c) vs Melina for the WWE Women’s Championship



It was still somewhat shocking even writing out that Candice was the champion going into this match but then I remembered she got serious in 2007 and became a half decent laidie’s competitor and in the ring with Melina could do some good stuff if it didn’t go long such as this match.
Melina gets a re-match here and she looks focused on re-gaining the ladies gold and Candice to her credit looks as if she’s improved a GREAT DEAL as a wrestler as mentioned above, which is good not only because she is the Champion (obviously) but I was never very fond of her looks either. Don’t get me wrong I don’t find her unattractive like Melina but I don’t find her “HOT” either. EIther way this match isn’t about that as it’s a single’s match for the title.
Some solid wrestling here and it surprised me once again considering how well Candice worked but that’s to her strength as she was also in there with another great wrestler in Melina.

It also helped that these ladies got a fair bit of time with to work in this match although it did sort of drag when Melina would lock in a submission hold but that’s to be expected if the bout lasts long for a Women’s match.
In the end Candice retained the title when she hit a standing Bulldog on Melina at 6:22 for the win.
Very solid action for what they had to work with.


* 3/4




5) Umaga (c) vs Jeff Hardy for the WWE Intercontinental Championship



So both Hardyz competed for the US and IC title’s at this PPv.



Before the match Jeff Hardy got wished luck by his brother Matt only for Candice to walk to the back for a ridiculous comedy segment, either way the point is Jeff got some motivation heading into this title match with Umaga.
Umaga was the reigning champion in this match going in so we’ll see if that changes by the time the match ends considering how often that title belt changes these days.
Umaga dominated in the early going and even though Jeff Hardy hit a sit down jaw breaker, Umaga quickly retaliated with a nice Samoan drop. He then continued to beat on Jeff while the crowd got behind Hardy chanting for him the same way they did for his brother earlier in the night.

Umaga was even in control shortly after the early stages whipping Jeff into both buckles with an Irish whip then kept keeping him grounded with those Samoan chops and punches followed by a claw to the trap muscle as he held on but the crowd was loud getting behind Jeff Hardy unlike at WM 24 when they didn’t really get behind Batista with this move. Jeff fights out of it but Umaga keeps it locked in. Jeff eventually battled his way out of the hold after a couple minutes and on his third try to attempt to scoop Umaga he does but Umaga lands on him.
So Umaga continued to dominate landing on him twice. He has been in total control of the entire match up this point as he lands on him again using the top rope for leverage. He attempts it a fourth time and Jeff puts his knees up and Umaga got caught in the crotch region. Even though Jeff hit his first official big move Umaga hit a side walk slam and Jeff kicked out at 2 to stay in the match. Umaga then climbed to the top rope and jumped off with a diving headbutt but Jeff moved out of the way to buy him some time and the fans really got behind him again.

Jeff got to his feet first then hit Umaga with some right hands and then a spinning heel kick followed by a DDT. Umaga went running for Jeff but he pulled the top rope down to which he fell over to the outside and Jeff with a baseball slide to keep Umaga on the outside and then flies over the top rope on top of him quickly.
Back in the ring Jeff goes for a sunset flip and then a drop kick to the face to Umaga but he kicked out at 2 just before JR thought there might be a new IC Champion.
Umaga showed his relentless attack more by beating Jeff in the corner and Jeff quickly got out of that predicament by hitting him with a cork screw and then Jeff hit his Swanton Bomb but Umaga still kicked out at 2 and some were shocked.
Jeff goes for a twist of fate and then recieved a kick by Umaga who turned around followed by a huge Samoan Spike.
Umaga in the end retained his title at 11:20 when he hit that move after running his leg into Jeff in the corner.
Great battle here in the mid-card, pretty entertaining and well wrestled. Jeff fought back in the middle to end but Umaga dominated the early going for a large portion of time and then ultimately the end with some fast power moves.

In the end at 11:20 Umaga defeated Hardy to retain the IC title.

Neither one of the Hardy brothers were successful on the night.

This match was very good.


** 3/4



6) John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk


Morrison was a replacement for Chris Benoit at Night of Champions and he won the Vacant ECW title and at this PPV he was defending it against CM Punk at this PPV in a return match similar to Candice and Melina match at this event.
For the first time in 22 Great American Bash’s the ECW title is on the line here.

The night hasn’t seen many bad matches to this point, rather there’s been some pretty good ones and this should be some more of the same considering there match at the PPV before this one and CM punk delivers a pretty solid attack in the early going.

CM punk hit a nice move that Tazz refers to as a monkey flip as it clearly was and then CM punk hits a hard clothesline outside of the ring to Morrison.
Morrison out of desperation pushed Punk into the steel steps and then Morrison pushed Punk back into the ring. Once back in the ring the Morrison hits an amazing gymnastic kick where he spins but only gets a 2 count. Some impressive moves in this one and he then locks on a rear chin lock body scissors where he applies pressure to the neck of Punk while Punk battles out of it he still gets planted face first into the canvas by the champion.

Morrison continues to hit CM Punk with some hard blows, some solid right hands. CM Punk then on the top rope hits a cross body off the top rope but doesen’t go for the cover which ultimately hurts his chances of winning the title. I liked this because he had just been dominated by Morrison for a good chunk of time before this move so it made sense in the story of the match. CM Punk does though get back in control as he scoops him up and slams him to the canvas followed by a straight round kick to the sternum of Morrison but he does kick out at 2 does the Champion.

A roll up after the standing switch, and Punk gets a 2 then Morrison rolls him up and gets a 2 while in heel mode holds onto the top ropes but the ref notices. A series of near falls adds drama to the climax of this match and makes it feel more exciting for sure.

CM Punk sends Morrison into the corner and lifts his knee straight to the head of Morrison, nice move. I hear he broke Snitsky’s nose with a similar kick so he’s got to watch those although this one was fine. CM Punk flies off the top but Morrison caught CM punk with a kick to the ear and then pinned him.

Morrison retains his ECW Title with a kick to the kneecap of CM punk which ultimately put him away at 7:50.

Another person retains, awesome match though!

Very physical!






7) Randy Orton vs “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes in a Texas BullRope Match



Dusty cut a god awful promo earlier in the show. He has to be one of the most overrated talkers in Wrestling history. I still laugh when Cody Rhodes called him the best talker in wrestling history at the 07 Hall of Fame, I’m sure Savage is turning in his grave.

A match type in the favor of the Dream but did he have a chance against Orton in his prime?



Dusty Rhodes was inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier in the year 2007 well deservingly and put in by his soon to be son Wrestler Cody Rhodes (now a full time wrestler) and Dustin Rhodes. (aka Goldust)

Good build up for this match and obviously they were doing another Legend vs Legend killer match since they usually work well and Dusty decided to have a Texas Bull Rope match to which JR and King said might be in the favor of Rhodes since he’s used to that type of match.
Orton though overall was younger and in much better shape (to say the very least) so he was the ULTIMATE favourite being the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history.
There is No DQ so use of the ropes and Cow Bell are legal and you can only win by pinfall or submission.

Dusty who they say has competed in hundreds of Cow Bell matches (I’ve only seen a few) made good use of the rope and Cow Bell early by using the bell inbetween the legs showing Orton a thing or two about respect. Or paying him back for his LACK of respect in this feud for him like Orton does with all the legends, I’m surprised him and Austin never went at it but just thinking about it if that was Austin’s last match at Wrestlemania 19 I’d rather him go down to Rock that way then Randy Orton if he can’t put on a GOOD match but it’d be huge for Orton. Hogan should have jobbed to him but everybody knows that already.

Anyways, it wasn’t before long until Orton got the upper hand to make it more believable as he went for the Knee of Dusty. He then put on a choke hold with the rope as the crowd chanted “Randy Sucks”. Dusty got a little bit of offense but it ended rather quickly when Orton hit the Cow Bell to the head of Rhodes at 5:40 and it felt shorter.
Wow. THAT was it?
Orton hits a cheap shot on Rhodes after the match and Cody Rhodes comes in defense of his beaten father.
The obvious winner but this was worse then most people expected I’d most definitely imagine even with the lowest of expectations, it’s clear they only booked this match for a storyline and to help Orton’s career and nothing more as there wasn’t much Quality here.
I DO feel like I’m being pretty polite with the rating.







8 ) The Great Khali (c) vs Kane vs Dave Batista in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship 

By now you’d know Khali won that match to become the Undisputed title holder after Edge handed it over due to injury and what a terrible decision that was.
JBL says this match should be Oklahoma Ugly. Wow isn’t that the truth.
I doubt this one will be very pretty.

Lets face it the reason this is a Triple Threat is because a one on one match would likely even be even more horrid due to Khali’s almost unbearable pace to most of his matches.
Batista gets a great pop while Kane and Khali not so much.
Kane is usually hit or miss, Batista has improved and Khali is terrible so this one should be interesting to see how it plays off anyway if nothing else.

Will say one thing, that huge World Title belt looks small in the hands of Khali and I wrote this before I even heard JBL said that on commentary, literally seconds before it. Both Kane and Tista go after Khali early in the match and it is pretty smart even though he hits both with a double clothesline. Khali dominates Tista in the corner with a choke hold with his boot but Khali elbowed Kane off of him.
I’ve seen Khali in person and he is really THAT HUGE, I remember Nash being smaller then I imagined him being live and I remember Big Show and Khali being even bigger then I’d ever imagine.

Pretty insane if you’ve ever seen them live and Taker for me was about the size I imagined and I’ve never seen Kane live.
Back to the match he does the trap hold to Tista like Umaga which of course slows the pace down as everyone knew would happen. Kane thankfully broke it up with a choke hold but they wanted to show Khali’s “great” power by having him over power Kane and then he choke slams Kane and Batista. Two Giants over powered by a guy like Khali which is something to see I guess, Kane does grab him by the throat onside the ring and they teased a chokeslam through the announce table as well as a Batista Bomb to Khali through an announce tabe but no dice.

It does however take both Dave Batista and Kane to double chokeslam The Great Khali through a table.
So far this match has been a little bit better then I had imagined. Kane and Tista now go at it one on one in the ring with Khali outside the ring taking a breather due to that table bump. They point out the winner between these two can be the new champion if they just score a pinfall or submisson because that’s how it works in Triple Threat Matches. Kane jumped off the top rope and hit a flying clothesline to Batista after a power Slam, he set up for the chokeslam but Caught Khali when he came back in the ring and hit him with one and Batista broke up the 2 count.
JBL’s problem as a color commentator is he puts over things WAY to much. You can still make things impressive without over doing it and he almost always over does it, saying Kane chokeslamming Khali is the most impressive thing he’s ever seen in a wrestling ring is pushing it for crying out loud.
Batista hit a nice Spine Buster on Khali and this time Kane broke it up.
Kane hit Batista with a chokeslam but Batista JUST kicked out. Batista hit Kane with a Spine Buster then a Batista Bomb but Khali carries him out of the ring and he slams him into the ring steps to take him out.
Kane now drowsy turns around and gets grabbed by Khali and he slams him down and wins the match.
In the end the match ends at 10:04 when The Great Khali retains his title. (Oh God)
Well I MUST SAY that this one actually was way better then I expected, and that’s to the credit of Batista and Kane who made this match some-what watchable with their pacing and the three guys really did the best with what they had to work with.


Surprising in a WATCHABLE way!


9) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship


You could feel like this was an epic clash.
Cena a man hated and loved across the world almost had been champ a year and he was going against an up and coming dominant force in the WWE, Bobby Lashley.

So here we go.
Well here it is……..

Defintely a good Pre-Match package with guys like Flair and Austin putting Cena over as “The Man”.

Lashley is no longer with the company and I can’t say I miss seeing him on these PPV’s although he has done SOME decent in ring work from what I’ve seen, it’s just the comparisons to Brock Lesnar that frustrate me more then anything.

Brock had it all outside great mic skills, and while Lashley was probably one of the worst ever on the mic he was no where NEAR as good as Lesnar in the ring.

They still did a good job of portraying Lashley as a dominant force in this match though. Cena obviously had a long title reign since Unforgiven 2006 by this point so he was nearing the one year mark and they billed it as the big one here and it really had a big feeling to it and the crowd certainly helped that.

Cena chants from the crowd before he comes out and Lashley got a relatively quiet response and even though Cena got a much bigger pop there was still some boos as expected.
A stare down and a battle of strength to start the match and as you’d expect Lashley over powered Cena to begin the bout.
Some alright mat wrestling as King calls it by Lashley but Cena went for the STFU and Lashley goes for a walk to the outside. Lashley back in the ring with a go behind on John Cena and jumps VERY high over John Cena and then hits him with a modified shoulder block as he comes back running at him from the ropes, Lashley gets a bulldog from Cena and then gets slammed by him. Cena drops an elbow to Lashley then scores a near fall and the crowd is somewhat split although most of the females in attendance were definitely in favor of John Cena, evident from all the screams when he’s on the offense. A Cena Sucks chant breaks out shortly after that. Cena hits a suplex then gets another near fall.
They did a good job displaying that it was the Street Fighting abilities of John Cena against the Power of Bobby Lashley. Lashley looks rather impressive in this match with knees to the ribs and then shoulder blocks into the corner that wears down the Champion. Lashley does indeed look good int his one over powering the Champ and dominating him a little bit with rough blows and a side walk slam but only scores a 2 count.

Lashley then in British Bulldog style hits a power slam but before dropping John Cena down holds him in the air for a good 4-5 seconds to display his strength. Super Cena gets back up not long after and bought himself some time by slamming Lashley’s head back into the mat. Cena then hit a leg drop on Lashley from the top turnbuckle. They say Lashley drives the air out of Cena shortly there after and it looked like a botch from the first view but on the replay from the back view you can clearly tell it was a well executed move to wear the Champion down some more. Lashley then locks in a rear chin lock which slows the match down for the first time and Cena tries to power out for a good minute but Lashley holds it in a lot rougher and rougher as the time goes on.
Cena eventually does though as Cena hits two slams to Lashley. He then goes for the ever embarassing five knuckle shuffle and it’s even worse that he hits it and Lawler has to say “You can’t see me” with the morons in the audience.

Lashley no sells it (thank god) and that was the best part of the match so far when he gets up and hits a power slam and only gets a 2, the place thought he might of won after that one.

Lashley locks in a torture rack into a neck braker and then says “What’s Up?” to the crowd, good stuff, I’m really liking him in this match. Lashley’s style of wrestling was really complimented by John Cena’s style and this is definitely a good blend of chemistry. A solid mix for sure. Due to Cena’s punishment he had sustained by Lashley (all those slams) he couldn’t pin Lashley right away after he hits the F-U and when he eventually does it’s a long 2 count and that’s a very good way of explaining how Lashley kicked out of such a move like the F-U I guess.
Lashley gets to his feet and stalks his prey (Cena) and Cena slowly gets to his feet and turns around to what looks like a spear but he hits a drop toe hold and locks on the STFU. The place goes pretty crazy and Cena has it locked on good and shows that in his facial expressions but Lashley makes it to the ropes to break the movea and some of the fans are pleased with that. They call this an amazing match and when they have the climax a little early it always comes off as an amazing match but to this one’s credit it has indeed been VERY GOOD. Lashley hit a spear on Cena and only gets a 2 and many thought it might have ended there. Lashley gets picked up by Cena off the top and hits an F-U from the top rope!

In the end Cena retained the title at 15:53 with that impressive move to the big Bobby Lashley.

In saying that I was still extremely impressed enough to give this one an awesome rating. Very entertaining for sure. Just like Savage-Steamboat (although no where near as good) this only needed around 15 minutes to be spectacular, it didn’t need 20 minutes plus like most epic main events.
Lashley offers his hand in a showing of respect to Cena after the match and after a 10 second pause he shakes back.
Two great americans have a great main event to end the Great American Bash.
Definitely tremendous and Lashley’s best outing by far.











Final Rating for WWE Great American Bash 2007 = 6.5/10



This show was overall a pretty decent to good one for sure. We had a solid opener to say the very least in MVP and Matt Hardy, I extremely pleased with that one. We had some other good matches in Morrison and Punk, as well as Jeff Hardy and Umaga and the Women’s match was alright for your typical Ladie’s match. The Main Event Triple Threat REALLY surprised me although it wasn’t anything exactly great but there was a couple dissapointments in the gimmick matches with the Texas BullRope match and the Singapore Cane match which were two short matches that were nothing note-worthy at all. The Main Event was sort of a modern-day Classic and that helped the shows rating overall and ultimately is the deciding point to me giving this as good of a rating as 6.5/10.




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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The main event was the best match out of the whole PPV.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    That’s certainly arguable. Cena’s best matches IMO are with Umaga RR 07, JBL at JDAY 05, Lashey GAB 07, Michaels Raw in 07 and WM 23, Edge Unforgiven 06, Batista at Summerslam, Undertaker Vengeance, CM Punk MitB 2011, Summerslam and some more

  3. rjtjrtrtjjrt says:

    Dusty was selfish, he gave very little to his opponents for the most part and that makes him (and the Road Warriors and Randy Orton) a TERRIBLE wrestler.

    Wrestling is all about making the other guy look good, so when you beat him it looks impressive OR when he beats you it also looks impressive. But Dusty just booked himself to go over everyone …which I guess is another way to go. Sure, it kills business dead (crap like this is why WWE’s numbers are in the toilet) but at least you don’t look bad.

    But when 2 guys are only interested in making the other guy look good, so by default they both look like a million bucks, THAT’S when pro wrestling is magical (Shawn and Taker’s Mania matches are great examples).

    Anyways, I think this Lashley match is the best match of Cena’s career.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    I’ve seen most of that and it’s my opinion. I was never into his common man character and I cheered for the heels over him. He was talented but still overrated. Just my opinion.

  5. Siege says:

    Dusty is overrated? That’s hilarious. His 70s and 80s stuff were gold.

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