Review: WWE Great American Bash 2005 DVD

September 14, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Great American Bash 2005” Review:

“If I win I get to finish my little bed time story…”Eddie Guerrero




-WWE Great American Bash took place Sunday Night, July the 24th, 2005 in front of 8,000 fans (less then half capacity) in the HSBC Arena from Buffalo, New York. (Now First Niagra Center) Home of my favourite NHL team the Buffalo Sabres.
-This was the 2nd Annual GAB event in as many years by the WWE since they took it over.

-This Show grossed over $375,000 in ticket sales from an attendance of 8,000, and received about 233,000 pay-per-view buys, the same amount as the following year’s event. This enabled WWE’s pay-per-view revenue to increase by $4.7 million from the previous year. When the 2005 event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of second on Billboard’s DVD Sales Chart. The event was also available free of charge for Armed Forces members and their families.

-Micheal Cole and Tazz did commentary for the event.

-The theme song was Pay the Price” by Eric & The Hostiles.

-Before the pay-per-view aired, On Sunday Night Heat Paul London (c) defeated Nunzio retaining his Cruiserweight title at 2:33.




-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- The Legion of Doom (Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal) vs MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, with Melina) (c) for the WWE Tag Team Championship


To begin this contest, MNM would defend their titles against Heidenreich and his partnet Animal as the NEW LOD.

Heidrenrich has turned face at this point and is replacing the late Road Warrior Hawk. I’m sure he’d turn in his grave.

Regardless the bell rings from Buffalo and here we go, a tag title match opening a ppv, ahhh, feels like the good old days.


Road Warrior Heidenreich, it’s kind of tough saying that begins in the ring with the short-lived career of Joey Mercury.

Both men tie-up, the bell rings and the 2005 Bash is now underway.

Road Warrior Heidenreich hit Mercury with a shoulder block and he momentarily re-grouped with elina on the outside. Road Warrior Heidenreich gets major air on Mercury and now he takes a bit of a time-out and and then runs into Road Warrior Heidenreich.

Animal threw Mercury in the ring and both LOD members run over Mercury with a shoulder block. Cole mentions the LOD was apart of the first Bash in 85.

Animal with a ton of power hit a powerslam to Mercury. Ntro commes in and hits Animal with a shot to the throat but he hit a back body-drop to Nitro. Road Warrior Heidenreich then chokes out Nitro until Mercury took out the knee.

Now the Chams MNM begin to isolate the new LOD over. Road Warrior Heidenreich in a considerable amount of pain here. Nitro tags in and drops an elbow to Road Warrior Heidenreich. MNM isolated Road Warrior Heidenreich in their corner and Melina screams out of joy I guess.

Crowd actually chanting for Road Warrior Heidenreich in Buffalo. Nitro then came in and worked over the leg of the bigger man, smart wrestling also keeping Road Warrior Heidenreich in ther corner until he dodged a leg-drop by Mercury. Joey goes right back to the knee, cutting off the ring to prevent Road Warrior Heidenreich making the tag to Animal. Road Warrior Heidenreich from the middle of the ring pushes Mercury over and Animal with a ton of power hit a belly to back to siplex then a dropkick taking Nitro off the apron.

Nitro hit Road Warrior Animal with the tag strap behind the official but he still kicked out. MNM goes for the snapshot and Road Warrior Heidenreich from behind kncks him down. Animal with a coop slam to Mercury.

Animal holds him up for the Dooms Day Device for Road Warrior Heidenreich.

They hit it and win to a big pop.
In the end at 6:45 they are new tag team champions.
This match as an opener worked very well.

Nicely done by Road Warrior Heidenreich who isn’t the greatest wrestler to say the least and a past his prime Animal. MNM obviously held their own as well.

After the match Road Warrior Animal dedicated the win to Hawk on the mic.



** 1/2





2) Booker T (with Sharmell) vs Christian



Christian had some great popularity in the Summer of 2005 even as a heel, (heels have been the IN-thing ever since 1997 Austin) but now being on the Smackdown! brand ever since the draft he had been feuding with upper card talent like Booker T.

These two were certainly no strangers to each other as in 2003 they had a lengthy feud for the IC title on Raw.

Booker T with hs wife Sharmell came to the ring to a decent ovation at best.

Booker T chased Christian around the ring to begin the bout.

“Lets go Christian” chants start up and then Captain Charisma goes to work on Booker T but he hit a reverse elbow to Booker, and then a breather. Booker T chased him up the ramp and hit two reverse kife edge chops. Launched back into the ring by Booker T. Booker T then hit a side to back suplex on Christian. Booker T with some stff European uppercuts then a sling-shot catapolt to the turnbuckoe followed by a near fall.

This time Booker T runs shoulder-first into the ring post and his shoulders are exposed to the steel ring post. Christian slaps on a sleeper.

Christian grabs Booker by the hair as Booker T tried to get away and he goes back into a neck-vice. Booker T chops Christian and then a side slam by Booker T to Christian off the ropess. Booker T misses a scissors kick and he is hung up onto those top roes and Christian has a chance to catch momentum.

Christian charged towards Sharmell and Booker T hit the book end and Christian kicked out. Booker then starting to feel momentum and hit another book end to Christian getting another nearfall.

Both guys go for a series of near falls and neither an can get it. A spinebuster slam by Booker T and then he was about to go for the Spinnerooni, another spinebuster and he hits it.

Booker with a kick to Christian and he counters a scissors kick with the un-prettier attempt but Booker spins out of it and then Christian used the ropes as leverage and almost got a three on Booker but he kicked out.

Listening to Cole and Tazz make excuses for the fans cheering for Christian was humerous. Oh Buffalo is by Toronto, that MUST be why Christian has all the fan support.

Christian with a thumb to the eye and he sent Booker flying out of the ring. The boo birds were out as Booker T sent Christian hard into the steel steps.

Booker with a scissors kick off the second rope.

In the end at 11:52 Booker got the win by that move. 6-1 now at Bash events for the Book man. Bash record, We coming for you *****!!!
This match was very good but I would of rather had Christian win as would of many others.






3) Orlando Jordan (c) vs Chris Benoit for the WWE US title


Benoit facing Jordan on PPV in a match that gets a lot of time is kind of a joke.

They only had a 20 something second match at Summmerslam 2005.

Benoit could have a match with anyone and make it something special though.

Orlando Jordan in a front facelock in the corner by Benoit. Benoit and Jordan lock up in the corner. Benoit with vicious high knees into the abdomen of Orlando Jordan. Benoit with a flying forearm shot to Orlando Jordan and no Benoit with a huge chop to Orlando Jordan and then another one in the corner.

Tazz calls Benoit machine like.

That’s one way to say it. Benoit’s first appearance on a SD PPV in two years they say. Benoit with a dropkick to Orlando Jordan off the ropes and still only a two. Benoit slams orlando’s head on the top turnbuckle. Orlando Jordan with an over-head wristlock and he tried to work the shoulder because he wanted to take away Benoit’s strength.

Benoit fought back having the crowd more then on his side. Benoit with a baseball slde and Orlando shoved him over. Orlando Jordan ripped off the top turnbuckle or attempted to until he fell into a German suplex. Benit with high knees and then a Northern Light’s suplex by Benoit and a near fall. Orlando Jordan with elbow shots and straght rights to the back of the vulnerable, sergically repaired neck of Chris Benoit.

Last time this belt switched hands at the Bash was in 1995 when Sting won a vacated title.

Orlando Jordan with a shoulder-scissors on the mat to Benit. Now a shoulder breaker, hyper-extending the elbow of Benoit with extra tork now into an armbar, he’s sitting on the hold delivering extra leverage. Benoit fought out of it back to a vertical base. Benoit then ran into a dropkick by Orlando Jordan.

Orlando Jordan still can’t get the three despite the good in-ring psychology, and Jordan goes right back to the arm of Benoit torking it behind him now, potentially taking away the crossface was his strategy.

Orlando kept applying offense to Benoit with a swingng neck-breaker. Jordan with a nice snapmare, Jordan wrestlng was of his finest matches, but still not US title credible in my opinion. Jordan with a reverse elbow to the head of Benoit crashing in hard up close, thi only scores a two. Orlando Jordan continuing to weardown Benoit with a surfboard maneuver and he holds the arms back putting strain on the collar bone, rotator cuffs and pectorial muscles.

Orlando Jordan with a scoop slam and now Orlando Jordan goes to the top rope but Benoit chopped the leg out and Chris chops Orlando Jordan up high. A superplex by Benoit off the top to Orlando Jordan and both men down center of the ring.

Benoit reversed into the corner but he elbowed Jordan in the head. Orlando Jordan kicks Benoit off as he tried to utlize the Sharpshooter. Benoit catches Orlando Jordan with a standing switch then a second German, followed by a third. A hattrick in the home of the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres.

Chris flying off the top with a flying headbutt to Orlando Jordan and he shows signs of dementia or that he’s rattled and Orlando Jordan kicked out. Benoit viciously chop Jordan in the back and then head-first smacks him on the top turnbuckle. The turnbucklle pad is off, Benoit went for a German but Orlando Jordan got the three as Benoit hit his head into the exposed buckle.

In the end at 14:23 Orlando Jordan got the victory over Benoit giving him a lot of credibility.
This match told a fantastic story.

Orlando’s finest hour.





*** 1/4





4) The Undertaker vs Muhammad Hassan (with Daivari)



So as I write this we have just passed the ten year anniversary of 9/11 and we have heard a lot about this terrible as of late.

So it comes as no surprise to me that the WWE got rid of this character as they were pretty much forced to by their cable network.

They call Muhammad Hassan controversial.

Undertaker has his way of coming back from the dead or killing off characters and this here was no different.

The Undertaker right away goes for Old School driving Hassan straight to the mat then he drove him head-first.

Muhammad Hassan took it straight to the Deadman by choking him out with his boot by the steel steps. Muhammad Hassan with a ddt in front of other terrorist’s around ring-side and then into a reverse chinlock.

One of the terroris’s choke out Taker on the outside choking him out. Hassan then with a camel clutch.

Taker begins to fight back and pins Hassan after a chokeslam.
In the end at 8:04 Taker gets the win then takes Hassan out of the WWE with a last ride through the stage.

This match killed Hassan’s career due to the risky television his character was portraying at the time.

A shame as he was a good talent.


** 1/4





5) Six Man Tag Match: The Mexicools (Super Crazy, Juventud, and Psicosis) vs The Blue World Order (Big Stevie Cool, The Blue Meanie, and Hollywood Nova)


Here’s a quick six man between the bWo and the Mexicools.

A drop toe-hold by Juventud then relaxed in the corner and hooked up with Nova with a knee to the gut. Big Stevie Cool came in and then him and Nova double teamed Psicosis in the corner and Meanie hit an avalance.

Psicosis sent over the top rope.

The BWO dominant early.

Super Crazy the legal man while Hollywood Nova said “YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU” in non-Hogan like fashion and he was dropkicked by a senton off the ropes by Psicosis.

Juventud in works on the arm of Nova.

Some fans chant bWo!

Nova began hulking up and Super Crazy comes in. A snapmare and off the ropes a big dropkick with a ton of velocity. Juvi comes in and then with a half body scissors and Nova with a big boot.

A tag is attempted to either the Meanie or Stevie cool and he got Stevie and he hit Psicosis wiith a right and a back-body drop. Juventud hurt his nee and Stevie with a side sla to Psicosis and Super Crazy broke it up.

Psicosis and Stevie in the ring and Stevie missed his target. Psicosis hit a leg drop ff the top to Stevie Cool after he missed a moonsault.

In the end at 4:53 the Mexicools got the win.
This match was pretty decent and full of action, short and to the point.






6) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio -If Eddie wins he gets to tell his secret to Rey’s son


Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio met in a clinic on Smackdown! just a few weeks before this match I rated **** 1/2 close to my top 50 matches of all time.

Their match at Judgment Day 2005 was another classic at four stars. There Mania match would of been better with more time and a different mask for Rey.

They’d have a pretty good Summerslam Ladder match and Smackdown! Cage match in the coming months, but this match here at the Bash was also Classic.

Rey Mysterio didn’t trust Eddie Guerrero’s hug and 30 second hand-shake so he clotheslined Eddie Guerrero and then let free many shots as some of Buffalo cheered.

Rey is a babyface that the fans get sick of for some reason and usually there is a more interesting heel to cheer over him like Angle or Edge or in this case Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero then began back on the attack stomping on Rey, nice counter with a backflip by Rey and now into a back-slide. Mysterio elbowed Eddie in the corner oof the ring. Mystero with corner shots until Eddie Guerrero hit an inverted atomic drop.
Eddie goes for a walk around the ring seeing his “son” along the way. Of course, we don’t know he’s his Papi yet.




Eddie goes to the top and then lands on the top rope as Rey bounced into the ropes.

Mysterio with a hurricanrana off the top to Eddie.

Rey with a great series of offense and Eddie barely kicked out. Eddie Guerrero realized he just survived. Eddie Guerrero used Rey’s SON as a shield for good heel heat. Eddie Guerrero then hit a nice back-breaer to Mysterio.

Eddie then with another one. Knee to the back.

Eddie Guerrero tosses Mysterio out of the ring.

Eddie rakes the face of Rey, clotheslines him over the ropes with a hot shot. Edde with an abdominal stretch then the Gory special he got from his dad torturing Mysterio.

Hearing Cole and Tazz didn’t help matters much in this match as the storyline was ridiculous but the matches always saved the storyline here.

Eddie Guerrero reversed pinninb commbo’s by Rey and he catapolted Mysterio out of the ring throught the ropes.

Rey in the ring hit a ddt to Eddie.

Rey with momentum off the ropes but Eddie Guerrero slams him.

Eddie shakes and taunts to Rey and then kicks Rey setting him up for the three amigo’s and ging for three and hits it.

Eddie Guerrero goes to the top for the frog splash. Rey rolls out of position and Eddie comes down. Eddie kicks away at Rey’s head. Eddie Guerrero again with the three amigo’s.

Rey is life-less in the match.

Eddie Guerrero looks over at Dominick. Eddie then sets Rey up for a Brainbuster and smashes Mysterio hard to the canvas.

Eddie hits the frog splash.

Rey out of no where rolled Eddie on his back and got the surprise victory
In the end at 15:39 Mysterio once again scored a WWE victory over Eddie Guerrero. Rey won by taking advantage of Eddie Guerrero taking his time.
This match was another classic in their long legacy of epic battles, easily the match of the night.







7) Melina vs Torrie Wilson (with Candice Michelle as special guest referee) in a Bra and Panties Match



Torrie Wilson sping Meln and she begins to scream.

Melina gets kicked and sent to the ropes. Torrie with an abdminal stretch and removed her shirt.

Torrie almost got the pants off Melina but she was sent to the floor.

Candice remembers to count.

Melina smashed Torrie’s face to the mt and now Torre is stripped to her bra. Melina steps on her back and then goes for Torrie’s pink pants.

Torrie with a high kick to Melina’s head. Torrie swings Melina in and clotheslines Melina over and over.

Wilson hits a suplex, Melina with a one-legged Monkey Flip. Melina with a hot shot and strips Torrie Wilson.

In the end at 3:53 Melina stripped Torrie (thank god) and it’s over.
Candice strips Melina after the atch as well.

Now Candice begins to strp. Torrie and Candice walk out in their bra and panties together.




8 ) Main Event- Batista (c) vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship


See, the thing is Batista in 2005 still needed to be carried by say a Triple H or Eddie Guerrero to have a good match.

Even with Eddie at No Mercy 2005 I wasn’t a huge fan.

Getting in the ring with someone as mediocre as JBL and I don’t know what everyone really expected.

Should be a power match and it gets a lot of time.

Batista slams JBL and then Batista is clotheslined over the top rope by the Wrestling God JBL.

JBL is caught by Batista and he drives his spine into the ring-post. Nice move and Buffalo is behind the Animal.

The defending champion shoves JBL back into the ring, the Champ in control. Batista chasing JBL all over the canvas floor.`

Batista and JBL brawl all over the announce table.

JBL bring Batista in the ring slowly and chokes him out with a sleeper in mid-ring and then a side suplex by the Animal.

JBL on the floor tosses Batista into the steps.

He takes his time and Batista then took apart JBL by the barricade.

In the ring JBL runs into a reverse elbow.

Batista then hit a Spinebuster to JBL but the official is knocked down. Orlando tried to interfere and Batista shook the ropes.

Batista was hit by a steel chair by Orlando and JBL hit a big boot to Batista and then covers him! JBL goes for the cover and Orlando shoved him back in the ring.

Batsta kicks out. JBL is frustrated and takes it out on the ref. JBL covers his head and now off the ropes goes for the Clothesline from Hell and levelled Batista down. JBL wanted to go for another clothesline but hit with the Spinebuster.

Batista drives his shoulders into the gut of JBL and Batista slammed JBL to the mat. Batista threw Orlando in and smacked him with the chair and then smacked JBL.

Nick Patrick asks for the bell due to a DQ.
In the end at 19:47 Batista was DQ’d and of course in the modern era the fans will boo this decision out of the building and Batista retained the title.

Batista wouldn’t stop hitting Orlando and JBL with char shots.

This match was pretty decent given the talent.


* 3/4











 Final Rating for WWE Great American Bash 2005  = 6.5/10



This show was obviousy an upgrade on the poor 2004 version, it’d be pretty hard for the event not to be. It featured a classic Eddie-Rey but, soe very good undercard bouts with Christian-Booker, Orlando-Benoit and the tag match. Some filler with the 6 man tag and the Bra and Panties match followed by a dissapointing main event. A decent event and a 6.5 sounds about right.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I remember staying up to watch this event LIVE as it was during the school holidays and this event was awesome. Most of the matches, in my opinion, were of a high quality.

  2. SRB says:

    CJ, Ya I know. Hence the “lol” 🙂

  3. Brett Mix says:

    For those interested here will be my next Reviews: Bash 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, Best of WCW Nitro, Best of World Title, Best of IC title (both DVD’s including the horrid DVD they put out with 5 matches), Best of SNME, Greatest of the 80’s, Greatest of the 90’s, then onto Night of Champions, Fully Loaded, Vengeance and Austin and The Rock sets will come soon after.

  4. CJ says:

    SRB, Hassan wasn’t Sheik Abdul Bashir. That was Daivari.

  5. SRB says:

    Remember when Hassan was in TNA under Shiek Abdul Bashir? Classic lol

  6. Bill says:

    Maybe they can eventually bring back Hassan and team him with Jinder Mahal


    Yh much better than the 2004 version even though for me the 2004 version was a good event but the 2005 version topped it but not that much, Good event this really like Mohammed Hassan Character as a little kid watching it back on recoreded vhs tapes back in 2005 i was really engrossed to hassan character really liked it and he was talented quite a shame he didnt last but i understand wwe decisions i would want the media down my throats if i owned a multi billion company haha,
    The DVD is worth it for the fact that you get a great Extras,
    Ric Flair vs Sting for the World Title at The Great American bash 1990, Classic Match and one of the best matches in the rivalry between Sting and Flair,
    I would defo recommend the dvd!!

  8. SRB says:

    I actually revisited this event myself the other night. Wasn’t terrible really. I find it odd that in my opinion the worst match of the night was actually the main event. Christian/Booker was pretty good and Taker/Hassan did ok. For a time when SD did their own PPVs and was by far the worse show, they did all right. Totally fair rating. Thanks for the review.

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