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September 15, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Great American Bash 2006” Review:



“All of Eddie`s fans, the whole Guerrero family has been proud of you Rey. You`re living Eddie`s dream. Tonight Rey, I`m here to make sure dreams do come true.”Chavo Guerrero




-WWE Great American Bash took place Sunday Night, July the 23rd, 2006 at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana in front of 9,750 fans.

-This was the 3rd Annual GAB event in as many years by the WWE since they took it over.
-This Show before it went on PPV, Funaki defeated Simon Dean in a dark match.
-Micheal Cole and JBL did commentary for the event.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Paul London and Brian Kendrick (c) vs The Pit Bulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash).



The action was underway quickly here.

A lot of fast moves here which made it hard to keep up with hold for hold but i’ll cover the main points.

Love Bradshaw on commentary calling the APA one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Meh, maybe in the attitude era in the WWF and that’s about it. Their protection agency was pretty entertaining.

Kid Kash was getting beat up by London in a variety of different ways, isolation now, smart strategic wrestling from the champs, an atomic drop by London and then a flying body-press by Brian Kendrick, and a nearfall. Now an armbar but the Pitbulls got some momentum.

Jamie Noble bounced Brian Kendrick’s head in the buckle and then a chop.

Brian Kendrick with Steamboat like arm-drag’s, London back in and a mule kick to the back of Noble off the top rope. Another tag to Brian Kendrick.

This team is exciting obviously, Kendrick and London.

Another tag to London wearing Noble down and another mule kick. A armbar.

London and Brian Kendrick with a double suicide dive onto the outside on the Pit Bulls.

Back in the ring Kid Kash regains momentum and slams Brian Kendrick using his hair for tork.

JBL makes a reference about cheating on your wife only if you get caught, Cole’s reaction of “ok…” was priceless. Good stuff.

Fast paced action never stopped.

A belly to belly suplex by London to Jamie Noble.

SO many back and forth sequences where both teams isolate the other.

Great psychology in this match which is a nice surprise because usually in spotty matches like this it`s a rare thing to see.

London with a ton of heart battling in the enemy corner with reverse elbow shots but then Kid Kash tackles him down. London knocks Noble off the apron. London wantss Brian Kendrick in the ring for the hot tag, the fans want it badly.

This is why tags always are a good idea to open a ppv.

Noble prevented the hot tag.

London takes down Noble and Kash and tags Brian Kendrick.

Brian Kendrick in and clotheslines both Pit Bulls.

Brian Kendrick with a thrust kick to the jaw of Noble. Then a kick to the face of Kash. Noble had Kendrick but London came in with a spinning kick. Kid Kash floored Lndn. Brian Kendrick takes him down. Now Brian Kendrick launched himself air-borne off the top and took out Noble.

Kash and London back in the rng and London reversed a snap-shot vertical suplex and then Brian Kendrick dropkicked Kash while London covered him.

In the end at 13:38 Londrick defeated the Pit Bulls to retain the tag tite’s and everybody pops.
What a match. A story with non-stop action and excitement. Perfect way to open a show.








2) Finlay (c) vs William Regal for the WWE United States Championship


Theodore Long the GM of Smackdown! came out. He says he`s got bad news. Lashley had elevated enzymes in the liver and Lashley will not compete tonight. Lashley still comes out to a good pop.

Well at least the fans get to see him.

Just don`t put a mic to his babyface. No wrestling-term pun intended.

Long asks if he wants to say something, and Lashley said there`s not a damn thing wrong and he wanted to fight, a `let him fight` chant starts up. Long says he wanted it to happen but he can`t let it happen.

Lashley is promised a shot when he gets back and walks off mad but cool.
Finlay and Regal walk out together. Finlay then shakes Long`s hand. JBL calls him hip…hilarious.

Finlay said Lashley is afraid of the competition.

Finlay said he wants to be announced the winner by forefit and Long to raise his hand. Long then takes the mic saying he won`t raise the hand. Long said he promised the fans there`d be a US Championship match and tonight Regal would go one on one with Finlay even though they are best of friends.

Finlay and Regal are not too happy with the decision, JBL says he has a liver like Jake Roberts and this is a travesty pretty uch.
Now we get a treat here with mat-skills between two technical expert, two of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time.

This is obviously going to be a slower match then the opener and mat-based matches aren`t for everybody but I absolutely love them.

The bell rings.


Regal and Finlay set to go.
Finlay not happy with having to get it on with Regal and both men have their hands out. Finlay double-crosses Regal with a school boy as Regal was going to get himself counted out. Regal replies with a slap to Finlay across the face.

Both men tie up and they take it to the ground.
Fans not sure how to react to a heel vs heel, both men while great on the mat were powerful, both of them like Chris Benoit who I believe was on a hiatus. Fans booed as both men were tied up and Regal chops on Finlay in the corner. Finlay is taken down by a singe-leg and Regal applies tork to the foot. Finlay then gets out of it hitting a shoulder block that looked stiff. Regal sells the shoulder.

A side headlock by Finlay to Regal on the ropes and then another shoulder block to Regal. Another side head-lock to Regal and now off the ropes Regal sends Finlay over the top rope t the mat on the floor. Regal with an uppercut.

Hornswoggle known as the little bastard grabbed Regal under the ring and he chased Regal around the ring. Regal distracted and from behind the little bastard interfered. Finlay then in th ering covers up Regal. A trap hold into a face-rake and a stiff elbow shot to the top of the head of Regal. A stiff european uppercut by both men and then Regal hits one.

Awesome exchange of stiff shots.

JBL says these two are legends in the Continent of Europe.

Regal drives Finlay to one knee with a devastating forearm blow. Fans chant “We Want Lashley“, I`m thinking the opposite, these two are just fine and Lashley is a poor man`s Goldberg in the ring. Pretty decent with power stuff though.

The Little Bastard distractions were the worst part of the match but the fan reacted to it which I guess is what the WWE ultimately wanted.

But I perfer to stick to the in-ring action. Regal with a neck-vice and then Finlay with another uppercut and an irishwhip and an amazing forearm clothesline. Finlay viciously slams William Regal`s head into the apron.

Now on the outside Finlay slams Regal back-first into the apron.

So physical, both men beating the living hell out of each other. Finlay with a snapmare to Regal and now a headlock.

Finlay is now getting a pretty good beat-down by William Regal. Cole made a good point both men putting a knee to the face when counting showing how physical this match.

I can`t believe the fans chanted boring to this great match just because it was heel vs heel, Cole actually acknowledges the chants and states it`s cause they want Lashley in the match. Either way it was not deserved. Certainly not.

JBL over-sells everything on commentary calling this one of the best battles he has seen in years, but it has been damn good.

JBL is missing a shoe, Cole speculates the little bastard took the boot, JBL asks him to watch his language. Finlay slas Regal don and shoves him into the corner. Finlay crashed into the steel post. Regal covers Finlay and he kicks out. Regal grabs Finlay`s weapon and then finlay got the boot and smacked Regal in the head and used the ropes for leverage to retain the title.
In the end at 13:49 Finlay retained the title by defeating Regal after he used Regal`s boot.

This match was definitely great, horrible crowd though.


*** 1/2







3) Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy


So now we have two more great workers, lets see how the crowd reacts to this one.

Hardy gets a good ovation coming out to the ring. Gregory Helms was the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion ever at this point.

Bell rings and both men lock up.

Matt no longer in the Cruiser division as he weighed in at more then 220 and Hardy got his chants and he shook his head, nodded up and down.

Both men grew up 45 miles from one another and were apparently friends since childhood says JBL on commentary.

Hardy with a side headlock take-over to Gregory Helms who really came into his own after the Hurricane gimmick which was actually a success. Most gimmicks like that aren`t successes these days.

Matt off the ropes Mocks the Hurricane taunt. What`s up wit dat….sorry I had to do that.

Matt elevates himself over the ropes onto Gregory Helms and he kicks out. JBL continues to put over the APA and now Helms holds a front facelock on the mat.

Elbow to the mid-section by Matt Hardy and then a jaw-breaker. Off the ropes Matt Hardy ran into a hard clothesline by Gregory Helms. An arm-drag takedown by Hardy to Gregory Helms but he didn`t get all of it. Matt goes to the middle and Helms mocks Hardy by yelling out ÀHHHH, pretty hilarious but missed his target.

Helms off the top misses and Matt with a side effect, Helms counters and then got a two. Gregory Helms with an elbow to Matt.

What`s with all the enzyme talk on this show…wow, strange.

Matt an aerial wrestler as well on top of the turnbuckle with Helms as both men exchange shots. Helms off the top rope hits a swinging neckbreaker off the top! A superplex of sorts only a neck-breaker from Gregory Helms.

JBL says straight out of his playbook as if he did it from the top, Cole properly calls him out on it. Great stuff, not only the move but the commentary.

Hardy had the knowledge to roll to the ropes, gets his foot on the bottom to kick out. Gregory Helms becoming frustrated and then takes Matt down with a snapmare.

A rest-hold by Gregory Helms with a side headlock into a front facelock on the mat.

Smackdown! fans willing Matt Hardy back into the match.

Matt Hardy with a side effect but Gregory Helms kicks out! Matt with a clotheslne and a running bulldog. The champ in trouble but Hardy covers and Gregory Helms kicks out.

Extremely competitive, back and forth match with a fast pace.

Matt goes for the twist of fate but Gregory Helms with a neck-breaker, another kick out by Matt.

JBL says this match is so equal and have you ever seen so many counters. Steamboat-Savage says hello but this one does have a lot.

Gregory Helms drops a move on top of Hardy and he somehow managed to kick out of that as well. Gregory Helms elbowed from up top by Hardy and now Matt from the top with a moonsault takes out Gregory Helms standing up and he kicks out once again. Matt ht his head on that last one and comes off the top with an elbow to the top of the head of Gregory Helms and he kicks out once again!

I wonder how many nearfalls in this match, surely close to 19 like in Savage-Steamboat. Helms caught Matt off the ropes and he held the tights.

What a match.

In the end at 11:43 Helms beat Hardy.
This match is very underrated.








4) The Undertaker vs The Big Show in a Punjabi Prison match


This Punjabi Prison match can could be hit or miss.
Taker’s in it and him and Show seem to always have good chemistry.
Lets just say this is a cool structure.

Undertaker took it to Show after Show nearly cried not wanting to be in this match it looked like.


Undertaker with big shots to Show taking him down.


The only way you win is when you escape all four structures and the door remains open for 60 seconds.

The Big Show takes Undertaker to the coner then a headbutt.
Undertaker fights back and everybody pops.

A lot of back and forth stuff, worked very similar to a Cage match with throwing the opposition into the wood rather then the steel.

Show with a knee to the head.

Cole mentions this is where Buried Alive was when he fought Mankind in October of 1996. Fun Fact: Austin used his glass theme that night in a heel vs heel match with HHH to open that PPV for the first time.

Big Show with headbutts tryng to open up the Undertaker.
Taker is completely busted open and a low-blow to Show climbing the structure, perfectly legal in a match like this.

Undertaker has escaped. The door wll remain open for 60 seconds.

HE rolled out.

Undertaker has to climb now, JBL says it`s like MJ playin for the Wizzards he shows greatness at times but he`s a shell of his former self. Like Gretzky with the Rangers in the late 90`s. Big Show escaped.

Both men have the final structure t climb. Both men with elbows to ne another, Taker knocked off. Show drops and inflicts more punishment to a busted open Deadman.

Big Show eventually got beaten downb as Undertaker escaped and Big Show was a bloody mess in the end.

A very good effort.

So in the end at 21:35 Undertaker wins the Punjabi Prison match after escaping the doors to the fans delight.
This match was worked quite well actually and Taker did what he could as did Show considering the circumstances. You probaby could of chopped 5 minutes off but either way it was at least tolerable.



** 1/4




5) Ashley Massaro vs Kristal Marshall vs Jillian Hall vs Michelle McCool in a Fatal Four-Way Bra and Panties Match

Piss break.

I just hate seeing this stuff on PPV, at least make it 2-3 minutes and not 5.
Ashley Massaro gets the biggest pop, the winner of the 05 Diva Search even though they all of course get hired.

Kristal is very hot, she looks even better in person. I was third row at a house show in 06 seeing her in red panties and my god….

Two tackles begin.

Don`t feel like doing play by play for this match for obvious reasons.

Obviously as a straight male it`s nice seeing hot women stripped down but I could watch something else if I needed this or get it in person.

This is a WWE show, and worse….a PPV.

Don`t the dead crowds get into the heads of the creative team or Vince….oh well. McCool goes afteer Kristal, nice viewing here.

Ashley Massaro strips down the competition.

So in the end at 5:17 Ashley won as the last lady remaining. Ashley Massaro tells something to Jillian and Ashley Massaro takes off her pants, Ashley then gets her skirt ripped off.

Still no reaction from the crowd. Haha…


This match gets a quarter of a star for seeing Kristal in her panties.





6) Mr. Kennedy vs Dave Batista


Mr. Kennedy and Batista would meet in a decent match at best from the 07 Rumble but before this they met one on one here.

Mr. Kennedy had his kidneys speared into the barricade by Batista who was dominating Kennedy with power moves. All of the sudden Kennedy comes back with shots of his own.

This match was tv quality and consisted of basic spots.

It doesen`t help with the way it ended.
In the end at 8:38 Mr. Kennedy defeated Batista by DQ.

This was the second Bash event in a row Batista’s match ended in a DQ.


Fans boo again of course.
This match was very dull for PPV.








7) Main Event- Rey Mysterio (c) vs King Booker (with Sharmell) for the World Heavyweight Championship


Mysterio comes out to a good pop and defends his world title in honor of Eddie of course. That’s all Rey really had going for him during his reign.
Rey Mysterio gets told Eddie can`t help him by Booker, more heel heat from Eddie`s name.

Get something new WWE.

While Rey is one of the best workers of all time a lot of people didn`t like that he was the WORLD Champion.

Both men tie-up, Mysterio giving up roughly 75 pounds but I`d say closer to 100.
Booker so much bigger and both go for an over-head wristlock as Booker stomps on Rey Rey. King Booker chops Rey in the corner. Rey turns the tide with a bunch of right`s the boo`s are evident. Rey with a snapmare and bounces off the ropes dropping the leg on Booker T.

King Booker is 7-1 going back to WCW at the Great American Bash.

King Booker with a scoop slam to Rey Mysterio. A hard reverse elbow to Rey and Queen Sharmell lkes what she sees as the King holds a hammerlock as Rey is face down to the mat.
King Booker with a spinning thrust kick to the gut of Rey. On secont look it was a kick to the mask of Rey due to the height advantage. Rey in a headlock and an Eddie chant is going down. Booker slams Rey down as Rey attempted a snapmare. Eddie had his last match from this venue, and Booker had his first WWE match here in Indiana.

Booker goes for the three amigo`s to major heel heat.
Out of no where, Rey`s resilient. Fights back.


Rey Mysterio goes for the 619 and Booker moved. Rey then goes for it again and Queen Sharmell trips him.

Sharmell is thrown out of ring-side by Nick Patrick who looks to be in good shape.

King Booker is not happy but the fans are.

Mystero with a high boot and Rey tried to hit a modified bulldog to King Booker but he countered in mid-air and hit a side to back suplex. Booker with a flip in mid-air.


Rey off the ropes with a crossbody to King Booker.


Mysterio plants King Booker.

Mysterio shoved Booker into referee Nick Patrick. King Booker now has Rey with no official and continues to chop him in the corner.

Rey gets a boot up and senton or west coast pop to King Booker.

Rey hits a dropkick to Booker and then hits the 619. Rey does the Eddie Shake and goes for Guerrero`s five star frogplash but no official.

Cue Chavo Guerrero….but he has yet to come out.

Now King Booker hits the book end.

King Booker grabs a steel chair. Might as well with the official down.

King Booker went for Rey and missed, Rey hit a dropkick, chair off the skull to Booker.

Chavo with a steel chair hits Mysterio in the head with a chair.
This sort of thing is played out, everyone saw it coming but still a good angle none the less.

The foreshadw segment earlier in the night played out well here.

King Booker covers Mysterio and atrick comess back into the ring to make the count


King Booker says COME ON!



In the end at 16:46 Booker T or King Booker finally won the World title in the WWE. He is now 8-1 all time at the Great American Bash as of this show.


This match was very solid. A suitable main event for an underrated show. Booker`s time to shine. No longer just the 5 time WCW Champion.





** 3/4







 Final Rating for WWE Great American Bash 2006  = 7/10


This show finally captured King Booker T as WWE Champion. The show ever since the WWE took over it has seen guys like Bradshaw and Booker win their first WWE title`s at the event. I wish I could perssonally shut up Queen Sharmell who repeated all hail King Booker a good 50 times after the match. Two Classic matches with Helms and Hardy, and the opening tag, a great technical but with Finlay and Regal and a decent man event gives this event an 8. Then the other three or four less then mediocre matches drop it down about a point leaving me to say this show was about a 7. It`s a solid buy if you find it for cheap. Or if you just love to collect it`s actually a solid PPV if you`re into the WRESTLING aspect the most in the term `WWE`.



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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This was definitely a solid show. I would definitely recommend buying it on DVD.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Yeah that was a match I kind of skimmed over in this review as you can tell from the length. Either way it didn’t grab me.

  3. Bill says:

    You didn’t mention Kennedy getting busted open right from the start of the match on the steps, he was a mess

  4. Brett Mix says:

    It’s not overly great IMO but if you to collect PPV`s definitely pick it up. If you`re just a casual fan, that`s what I meant pick it up if cheap.

  5. SCSA says:

    “It`s a solid buy if you find it for cheap”

    This was a GREAT buy, considering how cheap I got it ($1 from Sanity in brand new condition

  6. SCSA says:

    Kennedy would have jumped to RAW and challenged the champion but he got put in a match with the Undertaker

  7. brad attitude says:

    glad batista didnt win … i wonder why batista ended up getting so many shots over kennedy who beat batista twice.