Review: WWE “Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century” DVD

November 1, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century” Review:




“We gave the Superstars who blazed the rail through the 50’s 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s their praise, now it’s time to look at the talent from 2000-to the end of 2009.” -Voice-over






-This DVD features the top Superstars from 2000-2009 excluding some for specific and obvious reasons.

-I have a problem with the main quote on the intro to this DVD read above, as they are pretty much saying all of the Old School talents are in the Hall of Fame. Hmmm I guess they just skipped over 30 of the most important names, but hey they have keep that cash flowing right?







Disc 1 Superstars;Documentary: A nice little intro here showin the main stars of the past.


-Open: Showing the main starts of the present.


Ground Breaking Superstars: Forever be remembered for the hours of entertainment they provided. Cena gets top billing when the camera fades.





Y2J Chris Jericho:


We start however with Chris Jericho. From his Raw Count-Down at that Millenium show in August of 1999, Matt Striker begins talking about how he could transition from WcW to WWE. Jericho became the first ever Undsputed Champion after defeating Rock and Stone Cold in the same night. Kidman calls him one of the most entertaining guys of all time. Jericho holds the record for most IC title reigns, Cena calls him one of his favourites. He’d do a good face and a good heel, Jericho left for his band then returned and then Jericho brought out a more methodical, reserved calm mannered Jericho that I thought was hilarious.







In 1998 a mysterious, unique dark competitor joined the WWE but it was in tag team ladder matches where he got over. Josh Matthews talks about his entertainment with the comedy skits he used to do with Christian and of course his agility and his athleticism was able to do quite a lot. Edge domnated the tag division and competed in some of the most memorabe matches early in the decade and winning them, the first ever MITB winner and he used the MITB to win the first title, he set the pace to do so says Striker. Edge’s yearbook said Edge would one day be WWE Champion. Edge may be full of character and really took on the Rated R Superstar and won the Royal Rumble in 2010 but the amount of times he’s won the WWE title sort of gets to me. He also Main Evented Mania 24 with Undertaker. He ended up losing of course but the match was a Classic.




Triple H:


The Game really got over in the 90’s but it was his run in the early 2000’s that set the stage for the McMahon-Helmsley Era and with Hunter winning the title a few days into the decade, the billion dollar company ruled the company. His impressive run at the top was cut short because of his left Quad injury. Some say he was never the same but he’s still put on Classic’s since but he may not of been exactly the same since being injured in May of 2001. Hunter came back as a Babyace with a huge return at MSG in 2002 in January on Raw to one of the loudest ovation’s ever and HHH won the Rumble, the Undisputed Title in 2002. He formed Evolution with orton, Batista, Flair his boy-hood idol and then developed stars in Orton and Tista while feuding with them, even developed Benoit putting him over for the title at WM XX. HHH even re-formed DX a couple of times before taking on this COO gimmick in 2011.







When Brock Lesnar left Smackdown! had a big void in the Main Event division. Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, The Undertaker weren’t going to be enough to hold the candle while Angle was injured as well. Enter in JBL he a mid-card gimmick for almost a decade before this until he got over with this great character which turned out to be a great Champ due to the length of his credible reign. JBL flaunted money in people’s faces like DiBiase Senior one of the best heels ever to gain more heel heat. His promo skills and matches with guys like Eddie and Taker and his ability to steal title matches, or calling himself a Wrestling God made people hate him even more. JBL had the longest running Champion streak in SD! history. JBL winding down then became a color analyst on the broadcast table.







Kane has been pushed on again and off again and through terrible angles it was really hard to take him serously at times. However, in 2003 when he lost his mask they turned him into one gigantic, paranoid red demon that destroyed the McMahon family. However it wasn’t before long where after he killed his brother The Undertaker he’d lose to him again at WM XX. Kane then started jobbing to Michaels on PPV, and rookies like Snitsky on PPV. Kane is just one of those guys who is always around hence his Rumble appearances, all but 2001 he was forgettable. Kane didn’t win in 01 but he was runner-up. Kane then lost his his ability to be looked at as a Monster with bad gimmick after bad gimmick. Even though this video package which would probably look similar to his hall of fame video showing his main attractions over the years, making him look very impressive.






Kurt Angle:


Even though the man left for the Wrestling promotion TNA in the Summer of 2006 and is still there five years later as of this writing in October of 2011, there’s no doubt Angle belong on the list. Kurt Angle while added something to TNA wasn’t exavtly what a lot thought he could do on hiss own unfortunately. Kurt Angle still had several classics and title matches in the WWE decade though by itself. A great clip of Angle here and all of his moments.






The Rock:


Of course Rocky will be here, nearly half of his prime was in this decade if you think about it, especially 2000 running as the top good guy in a very brilliant WWE year. The Great One was every where and his catch phrases were becoming apart of pop culture. Hollywood took notiice and he appears in movies and WWE. Rock retied Austin and even went over Hogan.






Randy Orton:


Eventually became the World Heavyweight Champion at the youngest age by beating that ONE GUY in the Main Event of Summerslam 2004. A third gerneration wrestler, the bussiness running through his blood, Orton joined Evolution that elevated his status as well as a long, credible IC title reign. The leader of Legacy, the Legend Killer, the 9 time Champion, the 2009 Rumble winner. One of the biggest names and probably or awhile more in the future.






Brock Lesnar:


IN his time became the youngest World Champion ever, untl Orton. Brock’s explosion into the WWE with a scary impact. The best monster debut, the next big thing was Champ and King of The Ring was Champion. Lesnar ran over everything in just two years, Lesnar with so many talents and his Ironman is on this DVD which is one of the reason I bought the set.






Decade of the Divas: They show off the best of the best at the time, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Lita and Trish Stratus with other diva’s talking about there all around greatness and Trish kind of gets the #1 spot here.







Jeff Hardy:


Jeff and his cross-over fanbase with the femmales and the fact he was such a dare-devil made his risks rewards as who knows what goes on in his mind as Miz said. He calls himself the charismatic Enigma and his bad mic skills and eccentric apearance are mamde up for the fact he takes over all these bumps. I was never a fan but many were.






Big Show:


The largest athlete in the world was agile, highly athletic and very funny. Nobody is quite like Show. This lip will showwww you why.






Eddie Guerrero:


Born into wrestling royalty and captivated wrestlers everywhere. His matches in WcW were amazing to watch. His death came early in November 2005 and was inducted into the early 2006 Hall of Fame. His Classic’s were and always will be legendary.






Shawn Michaels:


Despite me not liking the fact he gave himself Mr. Wrestlemana, he did earn the name after his entire career and he was an amazing big match guy. Michaels has become a better person then he was in the 90’s and made a triumphant come-back in the decade of the 00’s and is now a retired Hall of Famer that put up nd on so many terrific matches.







Booker T:


Booker broght the WCW title to the WWE in 2001 and got over with some catch-phrases and of course the Spinner-ooni and being the 5 time 5 time, etc. Booker re-invented his career in 06 winning KOTR and soon to host that DVD and won the WWE title. Booker is now a broadcaster.








Stone Cold Steve Austin:


The best wrestler of all time arguably had his greatest year of wrestling in 2001. His What caught on as a bad guy and a good guy. Austin was Co GM and has made special appearances for years and his returns in 2000 were special however he never got back to the heights he was at rom 97-99 in popularity but close in 00-02. Austin was still a Legend.



The Undertaker:


Undertaker was the man in the 90’s, and was still the man in this era but only he put on great matches and greater classic matches in this decade. He started as the American Bad Ass he got to do for almost threee full years then it was back to being the Deadman. Undertaker is still going strong looking to go 20-0 at Mania this spring.









Rey Mysterio:


The smallest performer to ever won the World title dedicated it to late friend Eddie Guererro after winning the 06 Rumble, then World title at WM 22. While he always puts on quality tv and PPV matches he has been booed at multiple ppv’s for some reason. Mysterio still though is a long-time an favourite and every DVD they put out for him is well worth it. He is just full of quality.










Closest to Brock Lesnar, he made the second biggest impact from a Monster debut in this new decade. He isn’t around right now but big Dave became the biggest World Champion multiple times. I was not a huge fan but his immense power, was down-right amazing.






John Cena:



Perhaps the most controversial Champion ever, currently at 12 time as of this writing WWE Champion, and only controversial because of fan reactions where it’s usually 50-50. Kids and ladies usually love Cena, most guys in the average demographic don’t and chant Cena Sucks. This can’t be denied. What also can’t be denied is the fact he’s the face of this decade and one of the hardest workers in the industry. He got over with a gimmick and has retained his top spot with that status on purpose wth hard work and has gained respect.






Greatest SuperStars of the 21st Century:



This was another look at all of the great stars once more. NOW we hear that not only will these stars make it to the Hall of Fame one day but so will the others who have came before them. So people like Arn Anderson still have a chance. Thank god. If you give the WWE hall of fame any credibilty that is……










Disc 2 Matches:





1) The Rock vs Booker T (c) (with Shane McMahon) for the World Championship Wrestling HeavyWeight Championship of the World -WWF Summerslam 2001



This match was the main event because it had a better ending to the PPV for the fans and it was The Rock’s return to PPV since Wrestlemania X7.
Booker was made to look like a bi*ch this entire feud but at least he had Shane McMahon by his side.
 The Rock: “The Rock was BORN in the WWF…..AND The Rock WILL NEVER LEAVE THE WWF.”


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist quoting that from the pre-match package.

Anyway the stage was set.

Rock then hit everybody in his way to begin the match as the crowd chanted “Rocky” and Booker then fought back and hit some hard CHOPS into the corner of Rocky.

Rock reversed it throwing Booker into the corner as he layed the Smackdown and hit a clothesline.
This is some good action but it’s so hard to follow up an epic war like these guys are doing.

Rock with an inside cradle and Booker kicked out.

Booker then kicked Rock in the mid-section then knocked down The Rock yet again with a big boot.

Rock fights back though and Booker gets thrown over the top rope by The Great One. Rock then knows he can’t win the title by countout as he picked up Booker and slammed his head on the announce table on the outside.

Booker T then got a hold of The Rock and dropped him groin first on the security wall as Shane-O-Mac had been coaching on The Book to dominate the People’s Champion.

Booker then in the crowd with Rocky, but Rock fired back with right hands until Booker hit him with a clothesline on to the top of the concrete.
Booker T then dropped him on the cage on the outside staging area. The two brawl back by the ring. Booker picks up tv monitors and throws them away and Rock then got slammed onto the Security Wall. Booker T then with a side kick to the head of Rock once back in the ring but only got a two count.

The Book with a huge clothesline to the head of The Rock.

Booker then with a knee to the head of Rock.
Booker’s feeling it.
The Spinnerooni is only seconds away. It’s funny how Jim Ross keeps making fun of that move yet Rock’s move is the People’s elbow. It’s pretty humerous and always a great contradiction.

Booker slaps on a sleeper hold.
The match went back and forth for awhile and then Shane grabbed a steel chair and layed it on the edge of the ring for Booker T’s eventual use.

THE APA then came out and Bradshaw levelled Shane with a sick clothesline from hell on the outside of the ring Booker T in the ring hit a BOOK END. JR called it Rock, Rock’s Bottom but Heyman said it’s a BOOK END.
JR said it’s a rock bottom where I’m from.

Does Jim have ANY IDEA that Booker had the move first? WOW.

Anyways, Booker with a big right hand but Rock fought back with some of his own and Rock hit a flying clothesline. The Rock with a nice overhead Belly 2 Belly throw on Booker and got a near fall. Rock hit a Spine Buster Slam! Rock went for a people’s elbow and then hit it.

Shane then came just in time after he interupted the count by pulling on Robinson’s leg.
The Rock then Rock Bottomed Shane onto the floor.

Booker T hit a Spine Buster Slam to The Rock! Booker T then waited for Rock to get up and he hit a big time kick and then felt the Spinnerooni.

Right after he was done The Rock hit a Rock Bottom!

The Rock BECAME the NEW WCW Champion at 15:19 when he hit Booker T with the Rock Bottom and JR Marks out!

Rock gets the gold.




So a nice match here, good return PPV match for sure and the two did a great job overall.

Obvioussly it couldn’t follow Angle/Austin but it did a good job for what they both were capable of.

Nice way to close the show for the fans at Summerslam 01 but just a decent match choice for the 90’s DVD as it was nothing overly special.






2) Intercontinental Championship Match: Y2J Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam (c) -WWE Raw 16th September, 2002



This was for Rob Van Dam’s IC title.

These two have great chemistry, they had a tremendous **** bout at KOTR 2002.

So they lock up here a few months after that show on a TV match, for WWE Raw and the IC title is on the line as mentoned. Personally I can’t wait to see these guys lock up, tv-match or not both men’s unorthadox-aerial styles compliment one another in a such a way that the casual fan and wrestling purist may both enjoy.

The bell rings and Rob Van Dam locks up with Jericho who holds a side headlock. Jericho off the ropes drops RVD with a shoulder block and a huge beard labelling himsef as the King of the World.

RVD with a leapfrog and a spinning heel kick to Jericho.

Jericho grabbed one leg but Rob Van Dam kicks at Jericho’s face.

Jericho comes back into the match with a forearm and a side suplex. Jericho yells Come on Van Dam! Jericho with a stiff chop at RVD’s chest. A Catapolt by Jericho sending RVD to the top and he counters in mid-air with a crossbody.

Rob Van Dam with a basebal slide to Jericho and now he elevated hiiself from in the ring onto Jericho.

Y2J ht from the apron but Jericho shoved refereee Robinson into the ropes and Rob Van Dam landed on the top turnbuckle groin first.

Jericho from the top hit a double-arm suplex.

Top notch Superplex, with a gut-wrench from the very top. Rob Van Dam’s lower-back extremely vulnerable now and Jericho kicks at Rob Van Dam’s lower-back.

Y2J keeps on RVD’s lower-back with a back-breaker.

Y2J does the Hogan hand to hear taunt as the fans boo.

Jericho following up on the bad back to Rob Van Dam and with a back-breaker and he kept asking the ref to ASK HIM to see if Rob Van Dam would give up and give up the IC title 6 days before Unforgiven.

Chris with a cover but RVD finds enough will to win and then kick-out. Jericho continuing to tork the lower-back of Van Dam by kneeing the back and at the same time stretching his arms back, applying pressure to the spine of Rob Van Dam and the fans all will with Rob Van Dam chants to get him back.

Rob Van Dam wipped to the buckle and then Jericho charged in and to buy himself time Rob Van Dam put up his boots into the face of Chris Jericho, right in the head. Awesome.

Rob Van Dam with a clubbing forearm rollling thunder and a monkey flip by Rob Van Dam and then a spinning heel kick off the top.

This time a rolling thunder from the other side of the ring on Jericho, and a two count. Rob Van Dam out of the Walls, a desperate attempt by Jericho and then avoids a kick by Jericho and hits a spinning modified inziguri to Jericho.

Rob Van Dam goes to the top and instead of hitting Jericho, launched himself to the outside and took it to his opponent at Unforgiven in six days HHH.

Jericho wit a baseball slide and then a Spinning kick off the top to Jericho.

Rob Van Dam with a split-legged moonsault to Jericho. Jericho got RVD distracted with HHH and now Jericho locks on the Walls which applied extra tork to RVD because of the lower-back work earlier in the match.

The game taunted RVD outside of the ring.


In the end at 10:28 Jericho became the NEW IC Champion. One of his many record wins, especially coming from Raw like many others did.

This was one of his very best from Raw as far as IC title wins go if not the very best because it had such great psychology.

Great build to a PPV and great lower-back work by Jericho to Van Dam which eventually caused Rob Van Dam to submit and all the while RVD doinated Y2J with entertaining high risk offense throughout the match.

This match was SUPERB! Awesome Raw encounter!











3) World Heavyweight Championship Match (If Kane loses he must unmask) “The Game” Triple H (c) (With Ric Flair) vs Kane -WWE Raw MSG 23rd June, 2003



This scored a tremendous rating, NHL, NBA, NFL were all over so Raw had a chance to shine with the potential of Kane taking off his mask or Hunter losing the title.

If I’m not mistaken the over-run share drew somewhere in the low 5’s.

Kane wasted no time taking it to The Game who had made his life a living hell for the past year…

Remember Katie Vick?

Unfortunately nobody could be able to forget such a thing.

Anyways Kane at the beginning of a huge push for him, something he badly needed a glorified jobber who was supposed to be a monster.

This is Kane’s last match with his mas to date. It’s hard to believe Kane has been wrestling for over 8 years in a row now without that mask and only had that mask for nearly 6 years.

Kane after a commercial break took it to HHH with an uppercut.

These guys have had a history with one on one encounters, one being at Judgment Day 2001 in a Chain match for the IC title, when it was one half of the Power Trip versus one half of the Brother of Destruction nearing the close of the attitude era.

Another was of course at No Mercy 2002 when they temporarily got rid of the IC title, thankfully they brought THAT back in 2003 at Judgment Day when Christian cheated to win, in his last match with long hair.

Ross says Kane deserved to be Champion but his curiousity was just like the WWE universe and of course he didn’t say universe it’s just I have it programmed in my head that I might as well write it.

Flair spots Hebner down and Flair grabbed the world title, a belt he was no stranger with and Kane spotted him.

Kane grabbed the belt and hit Hunter in the head with it and another ref ran to the ring, a nearfall that was very close! Kane then grabbed a ref and tossed him to the floor.

Kane looking lke a monster in THIS match so that’s solid booking at least. HHH going for the Pedigree.

Hunter hits it. Hebner counts slow and HHH kicks out. Flair shakes the ropes from the outside here at MSG as he can’t believe it.

Fans chant “lets go Kane!” Flai hit with a chokeslam.

The Game then behnd Kane sets up Kane for a Pedigree but Kane hits a catapolt right into Flair.

Exciting stuff, MSG is roaring!

Kane then set up The Game for a chokeslam and Orton ran through the crowd hitting an RKO on Kane.

HHH woke up the ref, hits him with the Pedigree and HHH retains the title ater 8 minutes. It took almost all of Evolution to beat Kane.

This match was highly exciting, a terrific TV match and probably the final nail in the coffin of Kane’s character.




*** 1/4






4) 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship
Kurt Angle (c) vs Brock Lesnar -WWE SmackDown! 18th September, 2003


Talk about fun, grab your popcorn as this is the first officia realsase of the bout.

Well here it is!

My main reason for buying this DVD was that this was the first time they put the Complete Ironman Man from SD! in September of 2003 with Brock And Kurt on DVD.


Not only does Disc 2 only have 5 matches, but that is because this takes up an hour.

Both men had won matches at Wrestlemania 19 and Summerslam 2003 for the WWE title but now it was the rubber match. Who would win the mini-series, the best out of 3.

Who would become the WWE Champion and go up 2-1 on their opponent.

Angle won the title at Vengeance 2003 and retained at Summerslam and even kept it in an epic defense against The Undertaker on SD! one of the best matches in cable history.

Lesnar was the HEEL Challenger here as the Babyface Angle cae out and the stage was set.

Basic rules with DQ’s, Count-Out’s, Pin-falls and Submissions counting as a fall and the person with the most falls at the end of an hour at 60:00 would be delcared the winner and the WWE Champion heading into SD’s next PPV No Mercy 2003!

The two in-ring generals/warrior’s stood toe to toe for another classic.

While not everything these two do in the ring is mat-based because both of their amateur background it’s nice to see high impact, tremendous psychology and of course aerial moves from Angle, and strong agility for the man of Lesnar’s size.



Brock Lesnar the former WWE Champion knew that both man had to condition themselves.

There has certainly been Ironman’s where both guys liked to pace themselves such as HHH/Benoit on Raw in 04, or Bret-Shawn at WM 12, but some Ironman’s like Rock-HHH at Judgment Day 2000, or the 30 minute Rude-Steamboat Beach Blast match they didn’t need to wear each other down it was fast paced the whole way.

Even Steamboat-Flair matches like the Boogy Jam in 84 or Clash of the Champion’s in 89 the two didn’t feel the need to start slow because it was just natural. Hennig an Bockwinkel in the AWA didn’t even seem they needed to pace themselves it all came off naturally.

So Angle and Lesnar was the first Ironman on free TV.

Lesnar and Angle in the THIRD “OFFICIAL” Ironman in WWE history.`

Here we go, I’m ready! Both these guys are in phenoiminal condition and made it to the top of the amateur ranks, Lesnar now even in MMA so of course they are ready and may not even need to pace themselves like others before them did.


Brock Lesnar with a cheap-shot taking it to the Champion stomping him down in the lower tunbuckle then choking him out.

Remember all the damage you do to the the guy in this contest all counts because it’s how many falls you get on the opponent at the end of the day.

Therefore a smart strategy in this type of match could be to go get a chair and get yourself DQ’d giving your opponent the win, but here’s the catch….that chairshot did its damage, therefore you could easily target a weakness on the opponent and he’d become more vulnerable and you’d get more pinfalls for yourself.

That’s just one idea they utilized in the **** 1/2 Rude-Steamboat 1992 Beach Blast Classic from WCW, when Rude gave a fall to the Dragon after a chair-shot then Rude hit his finisher and got two quick falls.

Lesnar after quickly striking Ange back to this match now irishwhips him hard into the opposite turnbuckle and did pretty much the same thing, wearing Kurt down with hard, vicious stomps from Lesnar who was a beast, animalistc stomps to the Olympic Hero and current reigning WWE Champion. Brock Lesnar trying to utilize the power-game in the beginning you can really start to sense.

Brock Lesnar with heavy shots. Cole asks Tazz who would have the better stamina, Tazz says that is probbly the same but since Lesnar carried more bodyweight conditioning is probably in favor of the Champ Kurt Angle.

Angle with desperate shots to the Challenger. Angle with a clothesline then stomped on Brock. Brock Lesnar with a walk around the ring and the fans are still letting him know that he tapped out. What a popular chant that was.

Brock re-grouping as Angle wanted to out-wrestle him in the early stages.

Lesnar hilariously called for a time-out playing that his knee was hurt. And Brock Lesnar used a snea attack but Angle with Steamboat like armdrag’s to Brock. But since Steamboat credits Jack Brisco for them on his DVD commentary maybe I should credit Brisco.

I was in attendance for Lesnar’s heel turn a month before this turning on Angle joining a little faction with Vince, Big Show and Sable.

Lesnar on the outside grabbed steel steps and kept breaking the count.

Angle in the ring wanting to wrestle as the fans boo.

Lesnar acting like a coward, gotta love it. Lesnar kept buying himself time.

Now at the five minute mark tied at zero.


Once Brock Lesnar comes back in the ring Angle tried to chop down Brock to size with a single leg-chop but Brock went to the floor. Now Brock baited Angle close tripped him up and now attacked Angle. A clubbing forarm to the back and then stepped on the Champ’s neck and throat.


Out of no where Angle gets up and hit a belly to belly to Brock Lesnar and then he fell under the rope, rolling out to the floor.

Lesnar REALLY sells the knee on the floor.

Angle sees an opening and attacks Lesnar outside on the floor. Kurt grabs Lesnar head-first and slams him head-first into the steps and drops a hard rght. Brock fights back and then Brock Lesnar drives Lesnar kidney-first into the ring-apron.

Brock Lesnar then picked up Lesnar belly to belly and drives his spine into the ring-post, so now Michael Cole assumed it might of been a mistake by Angle to go to the outside.

Brock Lesnar then slams Angle with a chair.


Brock Lesnar gives Angle the EASY 1-0 fall.



Brock Lesnar went psycho and levelled Angle for about five times and now Angle is laying down. Brock Lesnar grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it.

Brock Lesnar knew he had Angle where he wanted him and was perhaps going to set up for the F5. Angle chants are heard.

Brock kept kicking at Kurt and now Brock sets him up easlily and the Challenger hits it.

Brock covers him in cocky-fashion and Brock Lesnar ties it at a fall a piece. 1-1.


Tazz finally gets that he wanted to weaken Angle. duh.

Anyway back to the match, Angle still weakened by all those chair-shots and now the F-5, for some reason Angle who is down but Brock Lesnar just stands around and doesen’t go for another pin?

Why? That barely makes sense although Angle is slowly kicked at. Brock Lesnar says Angle is going to tap out and now Brock Lesnar makes Ange tap out to his own hold. Brock Lesnar with a 2-1 lead.



Less then 48 minutes to go and the Challenger is up for the first time in the match 2-1. Brock Lesnar after the fifteen second rest period keeps assaulting the Champion doing what he did at the beginng of the match and choked him out in the corner with a boot to the throat. Brock Lesnar showing his power with a large powerslam something the late Davey Boy Smith used to do all the time, prove his strength with holding heavier guys in the air for an extended period of time before slamming Kurt down to the canvas!

Angle then hit AGAIN with his own move, Brock Lesnar this time levelled him with the Angle slam but only a two.

Brock Lesnar with a body-scissors.

Kurt regains his vertical base and elbows out, Kurt off the ropes but Brock Lesnar turns him inside out with a slam, Angle kicks out. Brock Lesnar back to the body-scissors submisson hold torking the neck of Angle. Some fans chant Angle.

Cole mentions this body-scissors hold is great because its very methodical, no-rush realizing there is a ton of time eft in the match therefore it takes out very little by Lesnar.

However the Champ is a diffferent story, he needs something quick. Angle with a shot to the head and then the gut off the ropes by Angle. Angle then irishwhipped hard to the buckle and Lesnar speared him in the corner. Brock headbutts Angle by the turnbuckle.

Angle falls down.

Brock had Angle in the corner.



Lesnar loved stomping on Angle in the corner. Angle sent into the other corner and Brock Lesnar charged into it.

Nobody home! Angle moved and let out rights, Angle ducks a clothesline and Angle hits a clothesline to Lesnar. Angle hits a German Suplex to Brock Lesnar!

Angle hit two more.

Three German Suplexes by Kurt Angle to Brock Lesnar to buy himself time. This is the longest match in either men’s career, even in the amateur ranks.

Brock tosses Angle out to the floor stopping his little bit of momentum.

Brock then continued to target the back sending Kurt back-first to the barricade.

Brock Lesnar then hit an F-5 to Angle on the ground. Lesnar back into the ring. Brock is up 3-1 winning the fall on the count-out due to the F5 on the floor.



Angle down 3-1 due to the count-out, over 20 minutes into the match, less then forty to go.

Brock Lesnar has been doing such a tremendous job so far and the HEEL Challenger was definitely the favourite because Angle’s only win or FALL should I say because Brock gave him one with the initial chair-shot early in the match, which turned into several chair-shots, I’m surprised Brock Lesnar wasn’t DQ’d for that.

Back in the ring Brock Lesnar hit a delayed Fisherman Buster. So maybe a modified Fisherman’s Suplex and Brainbuster combined, Tazz says almost like a Perfect Plex like the late Curt Hennig.

Just about 25 mnutes in and every time Angle builds momentum Brock Lesnar starts to take it to Kurt Angle. Brock Lesnar with a HUGE clothesline now to Kurt Angle after Angle dropped him with a couple of suplexes.

Now some fatigue sets in as both men struggle to get up as this match has finally started to take its toll, but men sweating pretty hard like it’s a PPV war.

36 minutes left. Angle with an uppercut showing signs of life and then now Angle mocks Brock in the corner and another eropean uppercut. Off the ropes Lesnar uses his shoulder rather then a reverse elbow or a little of both that sends Angle to the floor.

Either that or Angle rolled out to the floor because he wanted to buy himself some time after a vicious blow, he didn’t want Brock Lesnar to capitalize after a big moved by Lesnar once again. Lesnar continuing to apply pressure to the Champ but Angle showing great heart kicks out.

Lesnar kicks Angle in the abdomen, Lesnar missed a clothesline and Angle hits the Angle slam out of no where. Can Angle take advantage. Yes, he does. Angle down by only one now, cutting it to 3-2.


With under 34 minutes left, Angle was down 3-2. UPN says to Smackdown! as cole reads long before “and I quote” if they needed Overtime they would keep the match going incase they needed it like Shawn and Bret did say at Wrestlemania 12, but that was on PPV.

Angle stomps on Lesnar but he tried to get a time-out nearing the mid-way point of the Ironman match. Angle brining the fight to Lesnar. Angle with a nice release German and now he takes the straps are down and he means business.

The Champ goes for an Angle Slam and now Brock reverses and goes for an F-5, now Kurt counters and goes for an Ankle Lock. Brock Lesnar tapped to ths at Summerslam. Brock then went to clothesline Angle countering the move but locked out young official Hebner.

Angle then hit the Angle Slam but Brock hit the official earlier so nobody counts.

Brock then utilizes the official down and hit a low-blow on Angle.

Michael Cole is BEYOND annoying crying how Brock Lesnar should be down a fall where-as he is up 3-2.

Now at the exact mid-way point of the match.

Brock Lesnar levels Kurt Angle right in the head in the temple with the title as he laughs. Lesnar picks up Hebner and Angle is covered. Lesnar up 4-2.




So with Lesnar the BIG thing in the WWE but challenger here up 4-2 with less then 29 minutes to go keeps pretending he is hurt in the knee area or perhaps he is but it hasn’t done much for him in this match.

Brock Lesnar has just been relentless and the smarter wrestler in this match utilizing the officials when they’re down, the cheap heel tactics and he just seemed like a veteran despite being in the WWE for only over a year and had done it all. KOTR winner, IC Champ, WWE CHamp, Rumble Winner, Main Evented Mania and Won title there.

Kurt to Brock to the corner to buy himself time. Angle then with an uncharacteristic move, drops a double axe-handle to Brock Lesnar on the outside Randy Savage style, and then Angle pulling out all the stops out of desperation pulling out different stuff.

Angle with more high-risk offense as he is doing everything he can to pin Brock. Lesnar hit with a missile dropkick by Angle to Brock still only a two.

Now with Brock down Angle climbs to the top perhaps a moonsault is upon us.

Everyone knew he’d miss, the rule was since Angle broke Hardcore Holly’s arm with that move early in his career on Smackdown! he pretty much had to miss it on everybody due to safety.

Under 25 minutes Lesnar comes back, quicker then hell with clotheslines. Two with huge impact. Talk about impact an amazing belly to belly by Brock and he doesen’t even move as Angle goes flying across the ring. Kurt barely kicked out as he was in danger of falling 5 falls to two in this match where he defended his title.

Brock went for another Belly to Belly but Kurt tried to slap on the Ankle lock then Brock countered by rolling his body geting out of the Ankle Lock and Kurt goes to the floor.

Lesnar hangs onto the injured knee. Lesnar like a Shark smelling bood sends Angle into the steel steps. This vicous, aggressive challenger takes it to Angle some more and now Brock Lesnar limping in the ring frustrated. Angle is in trouble as Lesnar grabs the Steel Steps.

Angle doesen’t care and off the ropes does something highly intelligent and hits a baseball slide into the steps hitting Lesnar and he goes flying.

Angle rolls Brock Lesnar into the ring and covers him twice, twice still only a two and Angle is frustrated. Angle kicks the monster down to size. Ange then with shots to Lesnar’s sternum and abdomen while he chokes out Brock with his boot returning the favor from earrlier in the match.

Angle with a irishwhip then a big reverse elbow and a nearfall. Kurt Angle with just over 20 minutes to go, almost forty minutes into the match, Angle is down 4-2 and then Angle is levelled to the canvas, Tazz on commentary says alost through the state of North Carolina with a Spinebuster. Brock then levelled Kurt with a hard forearm to the spine.

Brock Lesnar hits an AMAZING powerbomb. AMAZING. A Back-Breaking slam but still only a two. I’m shocked, that had the look to become a fall after such an impactful move. Major League impact Tazz called, why didn’t we see THAT move from Brock more? Unbelievable impact, maybe certain opponents weren’t man enough like Angle to take it.

Brock then climbed to the top rope and dropped Angle with a top-rope Superplex! Amazing. Brock Lesnar gets the fall! No way after that powerbomb and amazing top rope Superplex, the same one that broke the ring with Big Show would Angle kick out.



5-2 lead for the challenger as Lesnar takes more water out of the water bottle, hey when is Angle going to get any water?

Regardless the fifteen second rest period is over as Lesnar limps back into the ring. Just over 15 minutes left in the match and the Champ is down by three.

Fatigue sets in for both athletes. Lesnar with suplex after suplex to Angle who continues to sell the lower back and his spine over-all. Angle with a German suplex to Lesnar. Angle buying himself needed time and tried to gain some momentum for Angle.

Tazz said this could be the turning point, and Cole said it’d have to be. Angle with a German Suplex release and Brock flipped while Lesnar sells the injured knee. Angle smells blood torking the injured knee on the cover but Lesnar kicks out!

Brock falls down, Angle then kicked at Lesnar’s knee. Cole makes a smart analogy about crying wolf as Lesnar was now seriously injured with the bad knee. Angle off the ropes and now Lesnar elevates Angle to the floor.

Brock Lesnar bought himself some time.

What a pace to this Ironman match.

Not any bit of this has felt like it dragged, out-side two 20 second body-scissors moves, hardly any submission holds either.

Literally non-stop action and for this kind of pace that’s unbelievable.

Lesnar followed Angle to the outside, Angle picks up Brock Lesnar and F-5’s him into the the ring post. Angle ruthlessly stomps on the bad right knee of Lesnar outside.

Rolled in the ring Brock is hurt. Angle now with a half crab torking the bad knee. You’d have to think Lesnar will tap as he tries to get to the rope. Lesnar reaches!

Now the ANKLE LOCK is locked to Brock. Lesnar does reach the rope again and Angle made sure he doesen’t get DQ’d and lets go. Brock turns Angle over and on one knee Lesnar hits an F5. Can the Challenger cover him? It takes ten seconds and Angle kicks out of the F-5! Crazy.

Brock Lesnar goes to the top rope. Shades of Mania and Angle gets up and does his impressive “I’ll meet you up there” and Angle with a belly to belly from the very top to the canvas. Angle wins the fall, 5-3 now cutting the lead down to two for the challenger, Brock Lesnar.



So with 9 minutes remaining, the Champion Kurt Angle needs two falls to tie it, the Challenger here has to play serious defense during this EPIC battle, one of the funnest matches I’ve ever disected hold for hold.

Both warriors are standing mid-ring and punching at one another. Lesnar beginning to feel it hit a suplex, Angle gets up delivering a right, the challenger with a go-behind waistlock and a German Supllex to Angle by Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar with another German.

Cole mentions a good point that each time Brock hits a suplex it takes out 20-30 seconds out of Angle and his come-back attempt.

Brock Lesnar goes for yet another German (hey, the defensive strategy has worked thus far, why not some more?) and a standing-switch on the waist-lock as Angle hits a suplex. Brock then stalked from behind, Angle went for a suplex, standing switch and Brock went for one, Angle rolls through and counters and under the five minute mark left, Angle grabs the bad knee.

Angle torks the bad leg and Lesnar screams in pain, Angle has a ton of intensity. Brock each time he makes the ropes goes back to mid-ring as the Champ was serious! 5-4! Brock taps to Kurt Angle’s ankle lock.



5-4 Brock lead now, as the Heel Challenger was up by one and with 3:25 to go Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock. Lesnar throws him to the second rope buying time. Can Angle capitalize now. Brock has to stay away from Kurt.

Brock down and Angle with a half leg-lock to the bad knee and a reverse chin-lock all at the same time. Cole asks if this move is smart with 2:40 to go?

Tazz says it is because it is wearing down Lesnar with this free style amateur move. Brock Lesnar runs from the Champ at the two minute warning. He holds onto his leg.

Angle then with an Ankle lock on the outside floor.

Brock tossed back into the ring.

1:30 to go and Angle goes after Brock and Brock Lesnar runs out and then head-first into the steps.

What a match! Angle with a Germman Suplex, then another.

1 minute to go.

A third German by Angle and now Lesnar hit with a fourth, Angle tries to go for the fifth, how can these guys do this with the stamina.

Lesnar pulls out a heel tactic, a low-blow.

Angle grabs Lesnar with the Ankle Lock with ten seconds on the bad leg.

5….4…3…..2…1….. and now Lesnar didn’t tap!

Cole says DAMN IT!

Brock can’t even stand!


In the end at 60:00 the final score was 5-4 Brock Lesnar and Brock Lesnar became the NEW WWE Champion!

This match is basically just as good as the Summerslam 03 and WM XIX matches in my opinion, a great test of endurance.

This match  is definitely one of SD’s best ever and it will forever remain that way. However in my mind it’s no Austin-Benoit from Edmonton. Still this was so much fun, such a great Ironman due to the pacing, no slow moments for an entire hour.

Plus how could you lose with this chemistry.

If I could describe the match in one word….FUN.





**** 1/4







5) WWE Championship Match -Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rey Mysterio -WWE SmackDown! 18th March, 2004



Now this was a true-rare gem from the Smmackdown! brand in 2004.


Eddie Guerrero came out riding in style in one of his Low Rider’s. This match came about right before the Raw draft Lottery from Detroit in 2004 and Cole and Tazz speculated who would be around by this time next week.

Eddie Guerrero had no idea he’d be defending the title against Rey just four days (actually two due to SD! taping schedule’s) after he defeated Angle at Wrestlemania 20.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey shook hands as both were babyfaces here.

A tie up and Eddie puts a side headlock on Rey before twisting the arm and then Rey counters with an arm bar of his own into a hiplock taking Eddie down to his knees. The story had kind of been that Mysterio had Guerrero’s number over the years and that kind of came into play even during the early stages of this title bout on Smackdown!

Some Eddie chants, and as he got to his vertical base, Rey was seen holding his arm in the corner. The two men tie up yet again and Eddie got a nearfall on Rey as he had the shoulders down. Eddie with a side headlock to Rey and then he maintained the headlock until Rey countered into a reverse armbar, an armringer nicely applied by Mysterio until Eddie who was a master at counter-chain wrestling took Mysterio and his small size over with a side headlock. Eddie chants filled the air.

Eddie Guerrero then up with the headlock applied in, not wanting to let go, Mysterio began battling out and then Eddie ducked a clothesline by Rey but he still hit a leg scissors to the Champion. Rey with a powerbomb into a sunset flip, Mysterio was bringing it and Eddie Guerrero couldn’t believe it.

Some good action here.

Eddie came back in and shoved Rey and then Mysterio slapped him.

Mysterio off the side ropes then locked the legs around Guerrero’s waist but then he countered by pushing Mysterio into the corner shoulder first. Eddie saw the opening and continued to wrench the shoulder with a hammerlock position, briging back and putting a lot of emphasis on the shoulder of Mysterio, to perhaps cut off his rotator cuff, and if Rey’s left arm went out then it would surely hurt his offensive gameplan as he uses it to springboard up to his vertical base.

The Speed of the WWE champion took down Rey with a droptoe hold after he got up and then he wrenched in an armringer continuing to wear down Mysterio.

Guerrero with a hammerlock.

Mysterio elbowed out of it and then with a snap takedown and then a leapdrog, followed by a monkey flip by Mysterio which Tazz calls a Gorilla flip. Eddie flips Rey over the apron and he lands on the apron to throw Eddie up and over. Mysterio then with a springboard moonsault to Eddie on the outside.

They go to a commercial break and here in Boston it looks like Eddie Guerrero might be losing his title to Rey who hit a ton of offensive moves including a springboard moonsault. Eddie Guerrero threw Rey right out of the ring under the bottom rope to buy him some time. The WWE Champ thought maybe he could get a desperation countout.

Mysterio crawls back to the ring and once back inside Eddie levelled Rey with a big right hand. Eddie then went back to the soar arm of Rey, and he got irishwhipped into a tremendous back breaker by Eddie Guerrero, but only a two count.

Excellent TV stuff here, and the champ a bit frustrated as Rey kicked out of the tilt into the back breaker, extremely fast, extremely hard hitting match.

Mysterio had his shoulder completely disected by Eddie Guerrero in the match.

Eddie with a hammerlock into a Gory Special, a modified version of it anyway and Tazz thought he was tapping. Mysterio counters with an armdrag takedown as he flipped over top of Eddie but he only got a two on Eddie in the small package predicament.

Eddie then with Innovative offense as he bridges on top of Mysterio holding his injured shoulder. Eddie stood up on his head, unqiue form of psychological offense here.

Then, Latino Heat became his usual cocky self hopping around the ring, and Eddie became more focused, the more cocky he got. Eddie back into the arm ringer on Rey’s injured shoulder, then out of desperation Rey jumped up off the top and landed hard with a DDT to a dominant Eddie Guerrero but he just managed to kick out. Mysterio with a Senton off the top but Eddie Guerrero kicked out. Eddie Guerrero caught Mysterio off a springboard moonsault but Rey countered into a high impact DDT. How did Rey do that and how did Eddie kick out were the questions in this high intensity TV match for the title.

Amazing stuff.

Following up Eddie Guerrero sent Rey bad shoulder first into the corner and then went for the three amigo’s/the triple verticle’s but Rey countered with a roll-up and as Eddie Guerrero countered he kicked Rey shoulder first into the corner. Eddie Guerrero suplexed Rey to finish the hattrick. Eddie went up for a frog splash but lost his balance, Rey then went for a 619!

Great climax.

Mysterio leaped a long way across the ring for a West Coast Pop but missed it due to the length he was flying, Guerrero brilliantly noticed the fall and rolled him up on his bad shoulder for the three count.

Excellent stuff, amazing.

What pacing, story telling, in-ring psychology at its finest and full back and forth action on FREE TV to boot!


Truly a match that is often forgotten in the Mysterio-Guerrero saga. Thankfully it’s placed on this set and Viva La Raza, Eddie’s second DVD.











Disc 3 Matches:





6) NO DQ – Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Championship: JBL (c) vs The Undertaker vs Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T;If anybody interfered on JBL’s behalf he would’ve lost the title. -WWE Armageddon 12th December, 2004


Bradshaw had survived so many previous SD! and PPV opponents for his title and now he had three worthy opponents here, the odds were not on the champon’s side making this four way more compelling here at Armageddon 04’s Main Event!


Tornado style, anything goes.

All four go at it at once

JBL had the cover early but nobody saw it.

Now JBL had to face all three men who despised the Champ and I think they were looking for more fan interaction then this.

Truth be told, the crowd was relatively dead.

Undertaker levelled JBL with a reverse elbow. Eddie Guerrero and Booker T both double-team Undertaker and this gets boo’s from the crowd.

Booker and Eddie Guerrero both knew they had to take care of Undertaker who was the clear fan favourite.

Eddie Guerrero and Booker T both pick a knee each on the Deadman.

JBL smart, just went for a seat by the commentator’s this way he could remain fresh and break up a pinning attempt.

While Booker T and Undertaker were on the outside JBL hit a suplex on Eddie Guerrero. Fans chanted for Eddie. Booker picked up Bradshaw and then Eddie Guerrero levelled him.

Both men dropped JBL.

Booker with a high scissors kick to the Deadman coming back in the ring. Eddie with so much life in his eyes, it’s hard to believe it would soon be his last Christmas.

All four men go at it once more as the Deadman comes back in the ring. JBL with a desperate clothesline on T but Taker breaks it up.

Taker takes it JBL outside the ring and JBL then removed the tv monitors and Taker with a back-drop to Bradshaw on the floor.

Eddie Guerrero and Taker, Eddie calls him his homie but the Deadman will have none of that. Hilarious.

What height as Eddie goes flying, the former cruiserweight can fly as Taker sent him high in the air due to his amazing leverage.

Deadman went to charge into Booker into the turnbuckle as Booker moved and Taker’s big boot maakes him fall to the outside.

Eddie Guerrero and Booker turn on each other and begin to fight, they drop the Champ still though, JBL.

Undertaker comes back in the ring and hit an elbow on Lation Heat Eddie Guerrero. Undertaker chokes out Eddie Guerrero on the second rope and he screams OH GOD, again hilarous. Booker then with a hard kick to Undertaker.

You’ve got to think this small allance between Eddie Guerrero and Booker T is interesting to say the least. Booker then caught with a spinebuster off the ropes by Undertaker. Deadman going for ld School for a second time and hits it, Vintage Deadman says Cole of course.

Undertaker dominant in the match.

Face-first goes Booker to the canvas and Eddie Guerrero comes out of no where saving the match. Eddie Guerrero lets out vicious right’s to Undertaker until the Deadman tosses Eddie Guerrero over the top rope to the floor like yesterday’s trash.

Undertaker then with an elbow shot to the throat of Eddie. Undertaker with a leg-drop to Eddie and JBL waiting to hit his Clothesline from hell on Taker and then he sent Booker to the steps and suddenly the Champion is in control.

JBL with a headlock to Booker T and now Eddie Guerrero grabs a ladder and hits Undertaker in the skull with it. Bradshaw kicks the Ladder into Eddie and drops Booker.

JBL grabs the title and Booker with a kick to the jaw of JBL, then Eddie Guerrero then Undertaker.

Booker on fire clotheslining JBL to the floor then his finishing scissors kick to Eddie Guerrero his partnet of sorts in the match.

Booker thought he’d win his first WWE title and Eddie Guerrero kicks out as fans chant Eddie.

Booker slams Taker on the outsdide into the barricade. JBL slams Undertaker onto the table and then an elbow drop to Booker and it breaks the table. Undertaker with a right-hand and now Undertaker hits the Champion with a Last Ride through the Spanish or Espanol table this time.

The count must happen in the ring though.

Eddie Guerrero playing like he was down in the ring and now Undertaker spots Eddie as if he was nothing, dead-weight.

Undertaker scoops up Eddi and then runs into a chokeslam as it didn’t work and Undertaker viciously hits Eddie Guerrero with a chokelam. Taker was possibly moments away from Undertaker becoming the new WWE Champion.

Undertaker signalled for the Last Ride to make sure he could put him away, Eddie Guerrero had the title and hit Taker.

Eddie Guerrero hit the frog splash.

Eddie Guerrero hit a second one for good measure

Eddie Guerrero couldn’t believe this! Taker threw Eddie off of him as if he weight fifty pounds and Eddie was shocked.

Eddie grabbed a Ladder and hit Taker in the head and then set it up in the corner of the ring.

Eddie Guerrero then with a frogsplash to Taker from the top of the Ladder.

His third but Eddie Guerrero hurt his knee and then JBL took the ref out of the ring as Eddie had the title on!

Chaos all over, great entertainment here.

Eddie Guerrero levelled Taker out of the ring. JBL came in and now Eddie Guerrero hit the triple suplex, the hattrick, the three amigo’s.

Eddie Guerrero covered the Champ but Booker T makes his presence breaking the count and then off the ropes HE hits the scissors-kick but then the Deadman breaks them up.

Taker takes Eddie Guerrero back in the ring shooting headbutts, Eddie Guerrero off the buckle and Take with Snake eyes and a big boot to the head. Undertaker off both ropes dropped it his leg on Eddie Guerrero.

Booker breaks the count.

Taker pissed grabs Booker T now going for a chokeslam to Booker, then Eddie Guerrero now onto the Champion JBL.

What’s left now for the Deadman as he signals for the end.

Heidenreich from no where attacks Undertaker going for the tombstone and this would set up a horrible Casket Match at the 05 Rumble.

Extremely lame as he would amount to nothing.

JBL crawls to Booker and he kicks out. JBL can’t believe it. Good thing or that’d be a god awful ending. JBL tried covering Eddie Guerrero now and he kicks out. JBL too his one last resort Taker but the Deadman sits up.

Heidenreich applies a cobra clutch to Taker, he hit a clothesline from hell to Booker T while Eddie Guerrero tried breaking the count.


In the end 25:36 JBL retained the WWE title ONCE AGAIN after he covered Booker T.

This match was so full of action, that was its greatest asset.

Booker, Eddie, Taker, you all believed could of won but JBL retaining was a great piece of booking and this was a tremendous fatal four-way.












7) Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: JBL (c) (With the Cabinet) vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle -WWE Royal Rumble 30th January, 2005



JBL`s Cabinet: Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham and Danny Basham interfered on JBL’s behalf in this match while Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak interfered on Angle’s behalf.
This looked decent on paper because Bradshaw under the JBL persona was not only entertaining but becoming a credible champion, overcoming the odds each and every time, plus Angle and Show had both been in Triple Threat matches which were great so they had experience.

However this was the sleeper of the night, and I don`t mean that in a bad way.

JBL was in tough here taking on a Giant and a `Wrestling` Machine in Kurt Angle and he walked to the ring as confident as ever which was rather humerous as him and his cabinet faction at this time were often with there facial expressions especially.

Angle sneaked out of the ring while JBL had to be in there with Show and he looked worried. JBL gave Show some shots and eventually ran into a shoulder block by The Big Show and then a big headbutt. Big Show got JBL in the corner and hit him with a big chop to the chest and then did so again. Show irishwhipped JBL to the corner but he caught him with a big boot and attempted a cross body from the top but an extremely focused Big Show caught him in mid-air and slammed him down hard. Angle broke up the count and then Show gave headbutts to both Angle and JBL and whipped both guys to the buckle hard. JBL tried to shoot back with some offense but his suplex attempt on Big Show went sour as he just shoved him off just as he did Angle right after.

See, The Big Show was a babyface here but it`s sometimes hard to keep up with that sort of thing because he switches allignment as much as Lohan switches partners. Show double clotheslined both JBL and Angle out of the ring and the fans popped. JBL set up steps outside the ring near the table and then took the monitors and cover off the announce table as the fans cheered.

The Big Show went for a chokeslam to JBL through the table but Angle low blowed him and then hit Show in the head with a TV monitor and he went crashing through the announce table off the steel steps. Perhaps Angle had eliminated Show now from the equation is whast Cole was stating. Angle and JBL now battled with Show down and seemingly out on the outside. JBL got a nice hiplock by Angle into an armdrag and an armbar by Angle trying to wear down the champion as momentarily it seems like it`s now a one on one match. JBL misses a kick and Angle spears him down and goes back into an armbar into a top wristlock. JBL punched Angle down out of desperation as the Champion irishwhipped Angle hard to the corner and hit a powerful clothesline to go with it.

JBL with another irishwhip to Angle but this time Kurt moved out of the way and JBL caught the buckle chest first, Angle with a big release with a German. John Bradshaw Layfield tried to fight off a suplex, went for a clothesline from hell but Angle ducked and had that scouted and hit a German of his own. Angle took off his straps and signalled for an Angle Slam but JBL caught him with a boot to Angle`s jaw after he avoided the initial move.

Very good pace.

Show finally basck in and hits a running double clothesline to Angle and to JBL. Big Show scoops up JBL and he slams him on the mat, he slammed Angle right on top of him. Big Show irishwhipped JBL into Angle in the corner and then Show splashed both with all his body weight in the corner and then hit another running double clothesline followed by his hand taunt. He went for a double chokeslam, but JBL went to one side, JBL went to the other, Angle took down The Big Show`s knee from behind while at the same time JBL hit the clothesline from hell. Nice sequence. Angle hit a German on Angle and he kicked out. Angle then with a huge Angle Slam to Show and he hurt his back, but he turned around right into a big boot from JBL but only got a two.

Excellent match.

JBL posed and then signalled for another clothesline from hell to Show and as he got to his feet he ran into a chokeslam attempt from The Big Show and he got him. Show covered but JBL put his foot on the rope.

On the outside now The Big Show charged towards JBL and rammed him right through the barricade. Nice.

JBL layed out on the outside now while Show got up and was fatigued. Now we are in another predicament where it was down to two men again.

Angle had a chair in the ring and smacked Big Show with it and then Big Show elevated Angle up and his skull hit the chair. The Big Show almost was the champ but Jindrak and Reigns broke it up to save Angle. Remember when Jindrak and Reigns were Team Angle version 2…. neither do I. Short lived and a failure.

Bashams helped JBL out and threw him back in the ring.

JBL hit a clothesline from hell on Angle and he won the match.
In the end JBL pinned Angle after a Clothesline from Hell at 12:04 to retain the WWE Title once again proving everyone wrong retaining the title.

Micheal Cole could use a glass of The Rock`s shutup JUISCE considering he uses his same “DAMN IT! DAMN IT! JBL STOLE THE DAMN TITLE MATCH!” Over, and over, and over. The only thing more annoying then that is what Tazz did during the 05 Rumble match later in the night.

This Triple Threat came off very good with a number of spots including Big Show falling through a table and spearing Bradshaw through the barricade.

Excellent booking, non-stop excitement and this REALLY delivered here. I think it was a lot better then people were expecting it to be.




*** 1/4






8 ) World Heavyweight Championship Match- “The Game” Triple H (c) (With Ric Flair) vs Edge -WWE Raw 7th February, 2005


This match took place in Japan. This was around the time where Edge was travelling to a lot of places actually, even Amy Dumas.

The place had so much respect for the Title.

A ton of chain-wrestling, side headlock take-overs into leg-scissors on the head and then both men kept doing that sequence to about four times. Edge with a hammerlck on HHH, HHH bridges out of Edge’s backslde, HHH with one and now Edge counters a side headlock take-over into a head scissors.

The Game here and leader of Evolotuin working over Edge who was a tweener here. He was on his HEEL run by now but HHH was fully a heel.

Edge had the Game and he misses him with a spear attempt. The Game side-stepped his challenger.

Hunter so methodical when wearing down a body part. Hunter then threw Edge into the other post shouder first.

During the commercial break Edge got back in the match suplexing HHH on the floor.

HHH’s lower-back became vulnerable.

So both men had strategies in this World title bout.

Edge looked to tork the lower-back any way he could, Trips wanted to focus on the shoulder.

Both men to their feet scoring with right-hands. HHH hit Edge with  face-buster and now just a two count as Edge kicked out.

An intriguing offensive sequce as then Edge with an opposite DDT as Trips tried to suplex Edge back in the ring but he clotheslined him back.

Edge leaping off the top scoring with a missle dropkick. Edge off the ropes hit with a Spinebuster by HHH.

Hunter then hooked one leg so Edge was able to kick out. A hard irish-whip by Hunter to Edge and he booted Hunter, a kick to the mid-section of HHH, he went for a Pedigree and Edge back-dropped him on his hurt lower back.

Edge had a bad shoulder but he still went for the spear on HHH. Edge then with a modified sharpshooter and leg-lock torking the lower-back on Hunter. Haven’t seen ths move much by Edge but it was logcal in this match due to the story it told.

Edge wnet for a spear on HHH and then he got Keota instead and then he hit HHH with a swinging neck-breaker. Flair brought a chair in the ring and Edge spears him.

Edge missed a chairshot and Hunter hit a side-suplexed that he scored with.

Edge then took the chairr out of the ring and HHH nailed Edge off the apron right into Batista. Hunter still selling the lower-back.

Hunter throws the challenger in the ring goes for the Pedigree and it’s countered in mid-move into a ddt by Edge!

Can Edge capitalize and now Edge up but Keota still down. This was a month before Edge was Mr. MITB s he wanted to make this chance count.

Edge went for a spear but ran into a Batista Bomb-Spinebuster by big Dave un-detected by the official and now Edge was layed out.

Both HHH and Edge down and Keota finally getting up.

A tremendous main event on Raw from Japan.

Downstairs goes the Game with a thunderous Pedigree and he got him retaining the title.

In the end at 13:06 HHH retains over Edge in what was a Raw Classic.


This one started tremendous and never got slow, an enthralling pace all the way through.

The Batista-HHH storlyine carried through during this one as well with the two men staring down one another after the match.











9) Women’s Championship Match: Lita (c) vs Trish Stratus -WWE Unforgiven 17th September, 2006



This took place at one of the better PPV’s of the last decade.

Trish Stratus’s “retirement” match although she has come out of retirement several times since.

This was special at the moment and still in a way is, taking place in her home city of Toronto, Ontario Canada against her biggest rival Lita for the Women’s title.


Trish Stratus greeted to Thank You Trish chants from her home-fans and then a huge head-scissors to Lita taking her to the outside.

A very unique attire Trish decided to wear on the night showing a lot of leg and crack and then Trish on the floor decided to hit another head-scissors take-over and Lita with a rough landing on the mat.

Lita down wanting a second to recover and Hebner allows it until Lita just slams Trish head-first into the mat.

Lita applies a mid-ring sleeper. Lita then ripped her hair by the roots then a hit a modified neck-breaker taking Trish down to the mat hard.

Ross points out both Women being partners at Unforgiven a few years back.

Trish chops Lita on the corner and licks her hand getting plenty of Ummmph. A Trisher Splash in the corner, yeah I’ll never say that move again.

Trish tries a hurricanrana off the top rope but both ladies fall from the top buckle to the floor. Both ladies fight it out on the top turnbuckle.

I remember Lita pretty much breaking her neck in an excellent main event on Raw in 2004. How often does a Ladies match main event Raw? Not often but the company really believed in these two.

So Lita here in this match just missed a moonsault and not Trish goes for the Stratusfaction but Lita had it well scouted and sent her to the floor in front of the barricade.

Lita tossed her back in the ring and continued with shots to the kidneys focusing on the lower back of Trish.

I’ve focused on the lower-back of Trish Stratus for many years I must admit.

A snap suplex by the Champ and another near-fall by Trish Stratus and then a hard kick to the ribs by Lita who now chokes her out on the middle rope.

Lita also retired in 06 but that isn’t talked about a lot for some reason.

Trish Stratus came back with hard right’s then Lita took over with a side russian Leg-Sweep.

Lita with a headlock on Trish Stratus. The Camera an tries his hardest to keep the cammera off her crack. Well maybe she shouldn’t of worn this if she didn’t want people to look.

Little things like that annoy me.

Lita irishwhipped but hit a reverse elbow. Lita once again, for the third time in the match hit with a head-scissors off the top and now Stratus hits the chick kick and then a nearfall.

Trish Stratus not sure what to do, Lita rakes her face and goes for a Twist of Fate now Trish tries for a Stratusfaction and Lita counter and tries to use the ropes for leverage to cover her and then Trish Stratus picks up Lita by the ropes.

A chills down my spine as A Canadian moment, goosebumps on my arm and mark-out moment as Trish Stratus wins her retirement match with the SHARPSHOOTER. The hold as Canadian as it can be.


In the end at 11:34 Trish won the Women’s title for the record 7th time in her “final match” via the Sharpshooter which got a huge Canadian pop over her biggest foe Lita as mentioned.


This match got over double the time usual Ladies matches got but these two women could work a match and they told an enthralling story here.




** 3/4







10) Triple Threat Match – Winner Faces John Cena For The WWE Championship At WrestleMania 23: HBK Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton vs Edge -WWE Raw 5th February, 2007


Shawn Michaels kind of left in the dust here facing Team RKO.

He was the runner-up in this years Rumble in 2007 and looked to face Cena for the title while the two losers would later go into MITB 3 at WM 23.

Shawn Michaels as expected hammered by Team RKO with rights and lefts sending him down to the mat.

Orton snaps a front facelock on Michaels, and got out of harms-way eventually and took it to Edge and Orton with a back body-drop over the ropes.

Orton then methodically took it to Shawn Michaels but he is the one guy resilient enough to get out of this as he hit a backslide to Orton but Edge interupted the count.

Edge tried to cover then Orton interupted it.

Both Orton and Edge puch each other. Orton had RKO’d Shawn but didn’t forgive Edge as their handshake together didn’t last.

Edge with a high kick to Orton.

Edhe shoved Oerton to the turnbuckle.

Orton leapfrogged Edge and now off the ropes hit each other with a double crossbody.

Who could ever forget the Classic between Orton and Edge from Vengeance 2004.

Shawn Michaels hits the elbow to Edge.

Cena was watching the match closely.

Michaels side-stepped Orton as Edge hit the Spear on Orton, Shawn Michaels superkicked Edge and covered Orton!

Shawn Michaels over-commed the obstacle.

In the end at a TV time of 10:03 Shawn Michaels won.

Cena and Shawn Michaels went face to face.


This match was a very solid and to the point Triple Threat-TV encounter.




** 3/4






11) 8 -Man Tag Team Match- John Cena & Batista & Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker vs Randy Orton & Edge & Mr. Kennedy & MVP -WWE Raw 15th February, 2007



Cena takes down Kennedy with shoulder blocks.

Undertaker tagged in and with an arm-ringer to Kennedy and Kennedy tried desperately to get a tag to the heels and Orton is knocked right off the apron by the Deadman who was set to take on Batista at Mania.

Undertaker hit old school and an inverted face-buster to the mat to Kennedy.

Undertaker tagged in Michaels, another man who was going after a title at WM 23. Funny how Ross says Shawn and Taker will never have Xmas dinner together. The two men who met in the Cell for the first ever Cell match ten years before this, and the two men who ended the 07 Rumble.

Kennedy though took it to Shawn and made a hot heel tag to MVP and he covered Shawn as the fans now boo.

Shawn Michaels though gets back in the match hitting an irishwhip to MVP but he hit a reverse elbow and a front facelock. Edge tagged in and slapped Shawn Michaels around in the corner which gained a ton of heel heat.

Edge speared nobody and ran head-first into the turnbuckle. Michaels scores with the enziguri and now the tag to the Animal. The World Champion from Friday Night Smackdown! but the Animal full of power slammed Edge, and Taker’s look as un-mpressed as it was was priceless.

Batista off the top to Edge with another power move before catapolting Edge. Batista spinebustered all opponents (heels) coming in the ring, including the legal man Edge.

Back from a commercial break Batista dropped Edge with a spinebuster.

Now the WWE Champion tagged in by the World’s Champon as Cena took down Edge.

Now time for the worst move in Wrestling history, the five knuckle shuffle. Cena then went for the attitude adjustment and Orton interefered from the outside apron and it wasn’t a blind tag apparently as Orton drops Cena and he tried for the pinfall.

Cena getting hammered to the mat by Orton to the back of WWE Champion John Cena’s head.

Orton covered Cena but the Demon from Death Valley interupted it. Orton tagged in MvP who tried to work over Cena sending him head-first into the top turnbuckle. MVP with a strong headlock onto Cena.

This 8 man tag match from Portland took place just 6 days before the No Way Out PPV with WM opponents tagging up with each other taking on the other WM main event couple.

Kennedy tagged back in and he’s working over Cena with a knee to the head and now WWE Champ Cena needs the hot-tag as Mr. Kennedy holds on a neck-vice. A tag back into Orton from Rated RKO and a dropkick to Cena, the man he’d meet later on in the year of 2007.

Fans chant Under-TAKER wanting the Deadman back in the match apparently.

Orton keeps running over Cena with thunderous clotheslines. Edge tagged back in and works over the back of Cena. Cena remains in trouble in need of a hot tag.

Edge with a body-scissors onto Cena and it seems like HBK Shawn Michaels of all people wants back in the match, even though his opponent John Cena was being worked over badly which was very strange, especially since HBK and Cena would be partners at No Way Out despite opponents at Wrestemania 23.

Taker and Orton tagged in at the same time but all heels rushed in as Cena made the hot tag to Taker. The Deadman knocked down everything in sight and hit two stinger splashes into MVP and aa legal Orton.

Undertaker with snake Eyes to Kennedy and a double clothesline to Orton and MVP. Shawn tagged himself in and Shawn Michaels ht an elbow drop to Orton Edge then took over and all hell brook loose as the eight men didn’t hold back.

Shawn Michaels tuned up the band in the corner and hit Undertaker by accident and then he dropped Shawn Michaels and hit MVP instead. Orton shoved Shawn Michaels into Taker and Taker thought it was Michaels.

Shawn Michaels hit the Superkick to Orton and the Faces won and after the Match Undertaker thought Shawn Michaels hurt him and he chokeslammed him.

Cena went after Taker and UNdertaker and Batista dropped them.

This would set up No Way Out nicely, Batista hit the Batista bomb onto Cena. The Wrestlemania opponents partners for the night and at No Way Out looked like it here.

Unbelievable entertainment for Raw, an elite 8-Man Tag done to near perfection!












12) World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista (c) vs The Undertaker -WrestleMania 23 1st April, 2007



Another Streak versus title kind of scenario for the Deadman at Mania and he and Dave were about to create magic and give big Dave the best match of his career.

A terrific match to close out the Greatest of the 21st Century DVD!



Like Wrestlemania 8, we get a World Title match half-way through Mania. Then it was Flair and Savage, now it is Taker and Batista.

The Undertaker either was going to get his first loss at Mania, or he’d become the NEW World Champion.

Batista came out to a great ovation despite the fact everyone and their mother was going for The Undertaker here.

Batista from the opening bell planted rights into the Deadman but he turned it around throwing the Animal in the corner, Taker backed off for a second and once again Batista speared The

Undertaker hard twice and then irishwhipped Taker to the buckle landing a clothesline. Batista drops Taker over the top to the floor and brawls with him outside the ring now.

Batista really bringing it to The Undertaker in the early stages, perhaps catching everyone offguard. Then Batista irishwhipped The Undertaker and he went flying over the steel steps and landed rough on his back down on the floor.

Dave goes to the top rope and hits a shoulder block on The Undertaker from the top. Cole swears to god that he’s never seen Batista do that. That was beyond hilarious how that came off. Batista off the ropes lands a vicious clothesline to Taker and another nearfall. The Undertaker and Dave Batista engage in a slugfest now in mid-ring, but again Dave one step ahead of The

Undertaker landing a slam.

The Undertaker from his knees delivers back striking blows.

Fans heavily behind The Undertaker as he irishwhipped Batista to the corner and then hit a splash on him. The Undertaker lands a hard clothesline in the corner and then drops Batista off the turnbuckle for Snake Eyes, and at the same time The Undertaker charged at Batista with a big boot to the face. The Undertaker lands a legdrop and the Champion, Dave Batista kicked out. Undertaker then showed some good agility as he walks the top rope going for Old School on Batista. The Undertaker then signalled for a chokeslam as Batista turned around, however Batista with great strength took The Undertaker’s arm away from him and he levelled a knee into Taker’s gut.

JBL puts over Batista as if he is the second coming on commentary, that is a serious flaw of JBL, he talks up whoever he is talking up way, way too much. Batista lands a shoulder block and got another nearfall. Fans chant for Taker as he now throws Batista outside of the ring, and slams his head into the steel steps.

Taker then had big Dave Batista on the mat and his head hanging over the apron, he proceeded to deliver a hard elbow shot to the throat of Big Dave.

Undertaker then kicks at the head of Batista and kept him on the apron. The Undertaker now goes up and drops a single leg on the neck of Batista and he falls out of the ring as that blow took it all out of the Champion.

Momentum on the side of the Deadman now.

The Undertaker then ran off the ropes and flew over the other side of the ring to the floor landing a flying clothesline to Batista in mid-air. Wow.

The Undertaker is putting on a show. This high risk move takes a lot out of Taker as well so Batista gets some time to re-group. The Undertaker is up first and hits him with a knee then shoves Tista into the barricade. The Undertaker lands a hard right and then breaks the count. The Undertaker goes back to Batista and he reverses an irishwhip sending The Undertaker into the timekeeper’s table.

Batista broke the count then went back to work on Taker by the announce table as this had turned into one crazy brawl. Fans boo as Batista scooped up the Deadman and powerslammed The Undertaker through the Spanish Announce Table. Huge blow to the Deadman.

Batista does the logical thing and covers The Undertaker but he kicks out. The Undertaker gets a ton of righthands from Batista and now he signals for the Batista Bomb but The Undertaker charged him into the buckle. The Phenom digged down deep and threw an elbow at Batista. Bringing in the Deadman closer, Batista hit a huge belly to belly suplex on The Undertaker.

The pace to this match is incredible.

Batista drops more shots to The Undertaker in the corner and then goes up top and drops righthands on the Deadman. The Undertaker counters just before Batista hits the tenth blow and picks him up for the Last Ride and slams him to the canvas, and Batista kicked out. Undertaker off the ropes gets hit by a Spinebuster and Dave shakes the ropes.

Taker irishwhipped and ducks a clothesline and lands a chokeslam on Batista which gets him a two. The Undertaker can’t believe it. The Undertaker signalled for the Tombstone Piledriver, he scooped him up, Batista lands behind him and spears The Undertaker off the ropes. Batista then sets up Taker for the Batista Bomb and he hits it. Batista pins The Undertaker but he manages to kickout still and Detroit pops.

Batista sets up Taker for a second Batista Bomb but he hits a back bodydrop. The Undertaker scooped up by Batista though, Taker lands behind him shoved him into the buckle and now picked up Batista dropping him with the Tombstone.

The Undertaker went 15-0 at the moment and became the new World Champion.

So in the end at The Undertaker put Batista away at 15:47 after he beat him with a Tombstone.

This match is clearly the best match in Batista’s career as far as I’m concerned. This Classic was non-stop and one of the most entertaining matches I’ve seen. I drew the comparison to Wrestlemania 8’s “halfway” match between Savage and Flair, and it was paced almost exactly that very same way.

With that comparison being just that, it’s a huge compliment to the match.




**** 1/4







Final Rating for WWE The Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century = 7/10



This DVD was fine, I am not a huge fan of Documentary’s where I know everything already. This was like a DVD set that felt like it was made for the casual fan of Wrestling. Every single thing they had to say about every superstar I already knew and they went over their career highlights and they basically made everybody out to look like they were one of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE. While some are (Austin, Rock, Taker, Michaels, HHH, Cena, Rey) not everyone was but that is exactly what the set was designed to do.

Again as far as match listing goes, it’s always a subjective issue because they put on matches some people own and some don’t. Some are rare tv matches, some our random or important/significant PPV ones. I am happy with the match selection as I only owned a few of these like Batista-Taker, The Rumble Triple Threat, Trish-Lita and Rey-Eddie, everything else was new to me which is something I enjoyed. Most people picked this up including me mostly for the Smackdown! Ironman between Lesnar and Angle shown in full. Get it for that alone f you’e on the fence, a true classic.

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  2. Brett Mix says:

    To William, it is a high **** 1/4 rating. So Almost four and a half. I have a lot of matches ahead of it, it’s a Classic but not in my mind the best match ever. To Mabel, I’d say that is an accurate way of looking at it. Thanks for the feedback.

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    DVD version was okay. The Blu-Ray is definitely worth purchasing though.

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    @Brett: so I assume the documentary is not great but the matches makes up for it am i right?

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    I personally loved the review, I only disagree on that you gave the Iron Man Match 4 stars, I mean 4 freaking stars? What type of match will it take to make you give 5 stars? BTW again love your reviews!

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    this was all right matches hit or miss i deffaly got it for angle vs lesnar but t he fatal 4 way from armageddon is good and a few others but meh only get this for like 10 bucks maybe

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    I like the 90’s set better but I thought they kinda of half-ass this set, but had a good matches on the disc, the documentary was ok but I liked it better on the 90’s one better. Good review by Brett and I thought the best match on this set was the Jericho vs RVD match.

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    I wasn’t into this set, perhaps because I liked wrestling in the 80’s and 90’s better than today. But, you really cant beat some of the profiles. I would absolutly say the set is a must-have, as far as education purposes alone it really helps you get to know the guys you watch on a weekly basis. But, the compilation as a whole came off weaker than the 80’s and 90’s sets.

  9. I’d agree that this is very much a casual fan DVD and the documentary doesn’t offer anything new

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    Subjective opinions are subjective opinions. You honestly consider Brock-Angle ironman under *** 1/4…..okay??

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