Review: WWE History of the World Heavyweight Championship DVD

October 10, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “History of the World Heavyweight Championship” 3 Disc Review:

“I’m  only 24 years old…..I AM THE Youngest World Heavyweight Champion IN HISTORY!” -Randy Orton

-Best of The World Heavyweight Championship DVD was put together with a Documenary style followed by a couple of early matches on Disc 1 showcasing the title’s earliest roots. Then matches on Disc 2 and 3 from various promotions.








Disc 1 Documentary:

This is a GREAT Documentary.


-These are the main topics discussed.

Origins of Wrestling …

On the DVD menu they show basically every world champion in history to some good music.

-Going over the basics to begin. The oldest sport is wrestling we find out. Although the title dates back about a hundred years the tradition of wrestling didn’t start until the 20th century.

Learning a bit about a fellow who challenged Einstein himself, Hackenschmidt who had a terrific body. He was known as the world champion based on his physique, then he came to America.

A blend of styles are talked about and then a match at the old MSG determined who was the Heavyweight Champion.

An American Hero Frank Gotch



Thousands went to Chicago to see Gotch defeat this Hackenschmidt after a two hour match winning with the Ankle Lock. An american flag was waved around.

Interesting information here. Gotch died at 39 due to a liver failure.

Ed The Strangler Lewis. Mae Young calls him the greatest wrestler ever and mega famous. He wrestled a five hour match once breaking a record.

The fine line was if the matches were a shoot or scripted to entertain.

As time went on each territory had their own Champion.

National Wrestling Alliance…





The NWA, had their’s and they were one of the biggest wrestling promotions out there.

Lou Thesz, is called the best of all time by Larry the Ax Hennig. Thankfully we actually see some work of his Thesz. Interesting documentary here. Bill watts, Brisco and Crockett put over Thesz here.

Harley Race says Lou Thesz is the most influential wrestler. Thesz was more visible on tv then anyone in history up until that point in the 30’s.

Buddy Rogers…The original Nature Boy. Cornette talks about how special he was.



Vern Gagne speaks highly of him mentioning how only Gorgeous George had that cocky swagger before Rogers that guys like Bockwinkel, Flair, Savage, Hennig, Rock and Jericho would pull off so well as heels.

Pat O’Connor versus Rogers’s attendance record was the highest for wrestling until Mania 3 at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Moolah, and Heenan speak highly of him. McMahon as well does of course on Bret’s dvd documentary. His personality overshadowed wrestling ability.

New Breed of Champions…

Thesz became champion again and Gene Kiniski won the title in the 60’s. Dory Funk Jr. became Champ from 69-73.

1970s World Champions…

Funk was Champion entering the decade. Funk finally lost it to Race after a four year reign. Race speaks about Funk and Brisco being the ticket when he won the strap. Jack Brisco took the title back, he was the first wrestler to be an amateur, an NCAA Champion back in 65.

Terry Funk wins now. The Funks were the only brothers in history and still are to hold the world title. Dory and Terry now. Terry speaks about working with the best, working thirty two different territories with thirty two different main eventers. Race had defeated both Funks to win his second title.

Race broke Thesz’s record and had eight title reigns. Funk says Race was one of the best Champions ever.



A Flair for the Gold…

This brings us to Race versus the new “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Starrcade 83.

Race versus Flair, hasn’t aged well to me and sits in the three star range but to SOME people it remains a near five star classic. It’s definitely relevant to the history of wrestling. This as said by the documentary marked a new era in Sports Entertainment.

Crocketts World Champion…

Jim Ross talked a little about who’s decision it had been for Ric to be Champion.

The new generation was here. Title prestige is huge and we are shown how Flair gave it so much. Dusty Rhodes is introduced and they talk about how is rivalry with Flair elevated the title so much more.


Bad business decisions are talked about, then they went over the Flair-Steamboat rivalry and why not?

WCWs withdraws from NWA…

Steamboat actually talks about winning the title from Flair. Ross talked about when Flair won back the title from Steamboat at wrestlewar 89 in Nashville.

Revolving WCW Champions…

Luger or Sting are shown. Flair is praised most of all.

They talk about Flair leaving up North with the title. Now the wwe wasn’t allowed to show the title.

Now a wcw champion needed to be named and Ron Simmons made history by becoming the first African American Champion defeating Big Van Vader. A great moment.

Eventually names like Goldberg, Sting, Hogan, Hart, Randy Savage all among champions during the 90’s.


A lot of stars discuss who they liked. Cena likes Sting, as does Hunter and Show. Jericho liked Vader.

Now they talked about the Monday Night wars and they show some bad Champions in Russo, Jarrett, Sid and of course David Arquette.

A clip from 02 shows Bischoff saying Hogan is biggest Champion ever.

Goldberg is talked about as is DDP and Show.

The Undisputed Championship…

After the merge to the OTHER promotion now it is time to crown a new Champion.

Jericho beats Austin and The Rock in the same night as the unified Champion at Vengeance 2001. Jericho says he uses it as braging right’s to this day and yes, yes he does.

World Championship Returns…

Triple H had the title handed to him by Bischoff on Raw, a move still talked about in negative fashion to this day.

The Legacy Lives……./Continues…

Today the company still carries this title with tradition and a Champions list.

They go on about over the next seven years on who’s held the belt. Orton is shown talking about being the very youngest. Punk and Mysterio as well. Edge is shown and why not, he held a title every month or so. Batista talks about what it meant to him. Cena talks about it as well.

This is a very educational documentary, well put together.

Extremely basic in just under an hour, 57:25.



Great stuff.










-Disc 1 Matches:


1) Pat O’Connor (c) vs “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -Chicago, IL June 1961



This at the time as spoken in the documentary in the DVD broke the all-time gates record, that stood until 1987 at Mania 3.


Buddy Rogers was something truely unique at the time. “Nature Boy”, the original claimed he was the best. At this time he was the US Champion.

Not only did Rogers give the charisma and personality but he had the wrestling skill as well.

This was historic at the time.

Here we go. The earliest match I have ever reviewed, by far.

Pat O’Connor delivers first couple of shots until Rogers flipped him over working over an arm. Rogerstaken down with strengthby O’Connor and he got a near pinfall. Rogers fought back in the match by hitting by a shoulder block on Pat and then a to nicely applying a spinning armbar, which I would have to guess was impressive for the time.

Crowds completely behind Rogers.

O’Connor sticked with his armbar game-plan when on the offensive. Buddy pounded his way free and hit a desperation powerslam, O’Connor responded with a slam of his own. O’Connor kept the armbar on Rogers in the middle of the ring.

Rogers’s fault was how O’Connor bounced off the ropes, Pat O’Connor sends him down with a vicious piledriver. O’Connor in control looking to weardown the charismatic Rogers and it looked like he was going to set him up for a piledriver after a leglock attempt failed. Both men collided into the ropes.

A headlock by Rogers but O’Connor kept fighting back with several shots in the corner and the crowd completely behind him. A high knee lift by Rogers.

A stunning turn of events, the Nature Boy gets the first fall at 5:17 with a knee lift.

Second Fall underway, Rogers 1-0.

Both men circle onea another andbehindthe official a chokehold is slapped on while in an arm-bar, classic heel tactics they call Classic Rogers strategy. An armbar by Rogers.

Nature Boy looking good now.

Rogers weakening O’Connor and the crowd become silent. Rogers just kept appying it harder and harder on the canvas while the crowd boos.

O’Connor with his leg strength gets up and takes down Rogers with a single leg take-down and works on the ankle of theNature Boy twisting it. Momentarily kicked off both men bounce up and Pat continues to twist his ankle down on the mat. Pushed to the ropes Rogers hit a dropkick that didn’t score and Pat O’Connor found himself in another ankle lock position, this time he lowers his body to bend.

Bridging up he gives Rogers a stiff shot. A hard European Uppercut in the corner by O’Connor to Buddyand then a hiplock. Rogers tried to fight back but off the ropes he is curled up by O’Connor who cradles him with a formation of a sunset flip tying the score at 1-1 at 13:00 of the match.

All tied up heading into third and deciding fall.

Pat O’Connor and The Nature Boy circle one another before trying up for the grand finale of a match you felt was truely epic. A big criss-cross comes out and the Nature Boy struts and flexes thinking he’s out-smarted the opposition. Classic stuff.

A tie-up and O’Connor goes back to the armbar he had in the first fall, following up. Nature Boy slaps him back.

Rogers was inches away from losing until a snapmare and a powerslam hits the Nature Boy who put his foot up on the top rope. Rogers in a bad way drops after O’Connor gives him everything he can handle.

O’Connor doing everything he can by slamming the Nature Boy’s head into the top turnbuckle, then into the other one. The crowd were ecstatic each time an uppercut was thrown and Rogers kept saving himself with a foot on the rope. A dropkick into the corner.

O’Connor makes a mistake by dropkicking the ropes and nobody is home. Rogers takes advantage by crawling over to O’Connor and he got the three at 20:26

In the end the fans boo the result.

Of course the timing is taken into consideration when grading this match.

This match for its time was paced very well, great stuff.




*** 1/2



2) Gene Kiniski (c) vs Dory Funk Jr. for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -Championship Wrestling From Florida February 11, 1969


Hall of Famer Gordon Solie is broadcasting this one which makes it easy on the ears.

Unfortunately the quality is horrible from a camera perspective so it’s NOT easy on the eyes.

Gene Kiniski tried a hiplock but Dory Funk kept hitting a sunset flip Solie calls a reverse cradle. Kiniski suplexes Dory Funk. Down on the canvas and Dory flips Kiniski and hits him again with a powerslam.

Dory Funk Jr. goes into a spinning toe-hold but Kiniski breaks it up. Funk again with a body slam. This time hooks him with a leg again for a spinning toe-hold. Kiniski is tough and fights back. Again Dory softens him up with a powerslam into a spinning toehold.

Funk goes for a leg-lock but DOry wins in under five minutes.

This match seemed to be editted but it was good for what it was.

** 1/2





3) Jack Brisco (c) vs Terry Funk for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -Championship Wrestling From Florida December 10, 1975




Brisco beat Harley Race earlier to win the title.

This match is picked up Twenty minutes into it. Both Terry Funk and Brisco both look like they’ve had a battle.

This is the first match actually in COLOR.

Terry Funk the challenger on the mat with Brisco. Nearfalls by Brisco to retain the title.

The inside spinning toe-hold by Funk and Brisco counters it beautifully and he hammers away on Funk and swings his leg. A taste of his own medicine.

Solie comments on the great feud between the Brisco’s and the Funks.

Brisco sent into the corner. Terry Funk back on his feet catched Brisco with a side headlock but Brisco suplexes Funk on the mat. Brisco goes for a figure four but Funk rolls him up and at 28:21 Funk has become Champion.

Of the 28 minutes, we saw 5, I am only speculating on how great this match could of been. In the action I saw I am convinced this is nothing lower then three stars but since I didn’t see the first twenty I will not give it anymore.







4) Harley Race (c) vs Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -Championship Wrestling From Florida August 21, 1979


Here we go.

Both men had a unique style.

Harley Race when it was all said and done was an eight time Champion.

Solie on commentary again which is great.

Rhodes and Race have so much charisma here in 1979.


Dusty Rhodes is on commentary with Solie as we see just clips of this match unfortunately.

I’m not pleased with that.

It’s quite the battle though.

The clips of the match are tremendous. You can really feel the good guy vs bad guy attitude.

Rhodes hits Piledriver’s, tons of great offense.

Race goes for Rhodes’s eyes. Twenty minutes have gone by but we only see a few of them.

Race drops the head like only he did. This was a Bloody Rhodes’s greatest moment to win the world title. Maybe it came off better as clipped, and I don’t like rating clipped matches but in this case I’ve seen enough material to judge.

Rhodes on commentary talks about how he wrestled with injuries. Race suplexed Rhodes into the ring. Race drives his head off the top but the American Dream elbows Race with a splash.

An inspiring moment.

Rhodes puts himself over quite a bit.

A match that went its length.

Brisco’s and everyone come out to celebrate with Rhodes.

Solie says it’s one of the greatest scene’s he’s ever seen. If only I could see this in full I could guarantee it’d be in the four star category, unfortunately I can’t.




*** 1/4



5) “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Magnum T.A. for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -AWA SuperClash September 28, 1985




Here is one of my favourites in Magnum T.A. who had that injury which kept him from becoming one of the greatest of all time.

He cuts a promo before the match saying he is taking the title. Flair as well says he’s keeping it.

I always loved when TA went up against Flair.

Here we are treated to it at Superclash in the mid 80’s for the main gold at the awa show.

Full length!

“Nature Boy” Ric Flair takes off his robe.

This match takes place outside. Flair’s got green boots and hits a drop toe-hold.

I remember a *** 1/2 ten minute match between the two. These guys were made for each other with how they chain-wrestle which is almost impossible to keep up.

Flair and T.A switch up from hammerlocks into more hammerlocks and a drop toehold by Magnum driving his knee into the back of Flair. Magnum with an armbar in mid-ring. All the crowd behind him. Backed to the corner. Flair told to back off.

Another circle by both competitors.

A wristlock by Flair trying to weardown the power of T.A. and he bridges to fight back showing abdominal strength. Magnum finally reverses it into an arm-bar.

Every time Flair wanted out of T.A’s offense he’d beg out after hiplock after hiplock. T.A was told by the official to give him some time.

Flair in the corner takes a breather and when the action resume’s Magnum gets caught by Naitch as he knees his abdomen and now chops him in the corner sending him down. Flair chops T.A again. A hard irish-whip and a backdrop by Magum gets him a two.

Back down on the canvas Magnum holds the arm-bar. Magnum had him where he wanted Flair flipped him to the outside but in rage of fury he came back in and hiplocked him to the corner.

Fans roaring for the recent offense from the babyface challenger. Flair chopped back and hit a snapmare on T.A, still selling the back hits a running knee to T.A and just like that the ball is back in the Champ’s court. Flair witha knee and a gut-wrench suplex to T.A but he managed the kick-out!

Everybody roared and Flair bitched to the official. Naitch slaps on an abdominal stretch to T.A wearing him down some more. Ric Flair is caught holding the trunks andnow argues with the official. Flair sends Magnum to the corner delivers more chops before another snapmare and leg-drop, this time T.A had it scouted and slapped on Flair’s own medicine.

MAGNUM T.A hasthe Figure Four on the Nature Boy! Flair in agony had his back to the mat for the nearfall! Title on the line!

Flair barely makes the ropes and begs for Magnum to stop, he’d have none of that and dragged Flair to the middle and went for another Figure Four but Naitch countered his own finisher with a high kick to Magnum. Flair hooks the arm and went for a suplex.

T.A reverses it and hits a vertical suplex to Naitch getting him a two. Flair sends Magnum to the ropes but he hits a modified backslide and a long two. T.A with more shots to Flair but he gets an eye shot in. Flair with a dirty move in control.

Slick Ric sends T.A to the grass outside the ring.

Flair follows him and delivered a chop and another. Flair sends Magnum and his sore shoulder into the post.

Back and forth match, back into the ring Flair after a big chop he holds an armbar, Flair uses the ropes with his green boots for additional leverage. Flair kept getting two counts on T.A.

Flair takes Magnum down again and holds his armbar aggressively on the mat as fatigue set in for both men. Flair kept doing his routine of snapping Magnum over and holding the armbar meanwhile using the ropes for leverage.

Flair backslides Magnum and he attempts to bridge out near the ropes while in a pinning combo. Flair and T.A. roll back and forth, neither men get a three.

This has become a war, pace picks up.

Flair throws T.A to the corner but he bounced back with a sleeper hold mid-ring, fans roar.

Magnum at the end of all this cradles him around the twenty minute mark and he gets a two. A bodyslam by T.A and off the ropes he tries a splash, Flair lifts the knees. Both men down.

Flair puts the Figure Four on. T.A, and Flair both limping get up.

Flair takes him down again but T.A, rolls him into a small package getting a two. Both men giving it everything they got. Flair chops T.A and he battles back.

A slugfest breaks out, both men heavily fatigued. T.A throws Flair to the grass and it doesen’t stop the match. Magnum drives Flair’s head into the post this time.

T.A throwshim into the ring and they break the count. Flair blades from the forehead and Magnum gets up pounding on the cut.

Magnum has done everything he could, blood pooring from his forehead.

Magnum knees Flair and up he gets a backslam but Flair still kicks out making him look like Superman.

Flair with a desperate side headlock take-over, Magnum bridges out, Flair counters, then T.A, what a Climax. Magnum backslide’s Flair and got a two.

T.A hits a powerslam and the official has been down. A new official counts a two. A waistlock ho behind, sunset flip by T.A, then Flair reverses and at 26:34 Flair retains.

Magnum is mad!

This match made Flair look like a god.

In the end this is the best between the two, of all the matches they had.

This match is a CLASSIC!

This is wresting




**** 1/2




6) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Sting for the WCW Championship -Great American Bash July 7, 1990


Sting’s chemistry with Flair in the late 80’s and all the way into the 90’s was remarkable as seen here.

Clash of the Champions in March of 88 is a Classic that made Sting. **** 1/4

Starrcade 89 was another great tilt between the two around the same rating of four stars even. This happened to be a shorter tilt but the quality is there.

More and more matches between them reached that Classic status.

Here they go at the Bash in 1990 here.

Jim Ross is on the air for the first time on the DVD. Bob Caudle does color.

Steiner’s, Orndorff, JYD all at ringside.

Fans are red-hot and so are the Stinger for what is sure to be another classic.

Ric Flair at this time was a 6 time Champ.

Jim Herd lets it known this match has to be won by Pinfall or Submission.

Ropes, blue, black and yellow.

A face to face and a tie-up.

Ric Flair frustrated as the Stinger has his number and flexes on every opening tie-up…(as usual)…

The Stinger was chopped by Flair and he shook it off terrifying Naitch. You could guess the bodyslams and dropkicks followed.

Sting in control.



Sting held Flair high in the air on the entrance ramp and hit a hiplock.

Back in the ring Sting hit a flying crossbody and a clothesline. He missed an elbow and Flair went for his gifure four. Sting howled and the crowd was behind him.

I never use the word VINTAGE but if I ever did, I’d say this was VINTAGE FLAIR fighting back with that angry face chopping away. Flair threw Sting onto the unique wcw flat ramp entrance.

Flair tossed Sting back inside.

Flair hit another chop. Sting battled back with adrenaline and the crowd goes crazy. Heavy shots lead into a missedd dropkick in the corner.

Naitch capitalizes and drops his bodyweight on Sting’s legs softening him up for a Figure Four. Flair continued on the offense with a snapmare and he missed the running knee.

Sting is up!

The Stinger then applies his deathlock, Flair sceams in pain but gets to the ropes. Ross is great on commentary. Flair sends Sting into the security railing and he doesen’t care.

Sting chases Flair into the ring and gives him righthands. Flair up top and Sting catches him. Flair must not know it’ll never work.

A backslide by Sting after a hiplock fails by Flair. Sting thinks the count is slow. Flair continues on the knee of Sting. Flair hits a snapmare.

Off the ropes for some momentum Flair tried to chop away at Sting and he tries to block out any pain, Sting keep asking for more. Flairis lifted and dropped.

Ross points out intelligently that Sting’s bad knee didn’t buckle with all that weight. Sting sends Flair all the way across the apron clotheslines him.

Sting suplexed Flair back in and gets a two.

Stinger Splash in the corner.

Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock and Flair in mid-ring can’t take it. The Horsemen come out and a fight breaks out on the ramp.

After all of this Sting drops the hold but has trouble standing. Flair got up but is rolled over.

Amazing climax.

Side headlock by Flair, head-scissors by Sting, a bridge up by Sting and another two. Flair chops Sting and then Sting hits his bad knee on the corner.

Flair slaps on a figure-four, Sting counters with an inside cradle! YES! The Stinger has done it!

Nice to see another Classic and Full Length!

This was booked so well.

In the end Sting pinned Flair after countering his Figure-Four Leglock attempt into a small package at 16:06 to become Champion!

This match is another classic between two men nearing their prime. A solid choice to end Disc 1.






**** 1/4











Disc 2 Matches:





7) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WCW Clash of the Champions XIV January 30, 1991


A WCW match between both Naitch and Steiner when he could still go to start Disc 2, starts good to me!


Scotty knows how to go in the tag division but all on his own he was just fine. Plus he was in there with Flair.

Flair had won his seventh title from Sting a few weeks before this as Ross points out.

Scott Steiner waiting on Slick Ric who runs from one side of the ropes to the other as usual during the opening stages of his match.

Bell rings.

Ric Flair let Scotty know who the Champ was by flexing, Steiner matched it and it hit a shoulder block. Steiner backed Naitch into the corner and he looked like he had enough until Steiner hit a nicely executed fireman’s carry to Flair.

Ric went for a test of strength but Scott went for a single leg-takedown but Flair backd him off. Out of a headlock into an overhead wristlock by Flair. Steiner overpowered himand Flair hung onto the bottomr rope to break the hold.

Rick Steiner at ringside trashtalked Flir while he circled back in the ring around his opponent. Flair kicked Steiner in the chest and out of the corner was hit with a backdrop. Steiner caught Flair with a side suplex off the ropes and a two count.

Flair decides to recover with walk taking his time. A motivated and determined Steiner with the fans behind him awaited Ric upon arrival. Once back Naitch was battling in the corner and dished out a shot and another hard chop. Flair off the ropes hit a shoulder block then again off the ropes leaps over Steiner who greets him with two arm-drag takedowns into an armbar.

Steiner holds the armbar on Naitch till he reached the corner. All Naitch on the defense here.

A chain-wrestling exchange breaks out from a waist-lock go behind into a drop toehold and the two ride one another on the canvas floor. Flair still not happy he was in control took another walk. Flair back in in irishwhipped Steiner to the corner but he came charging out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline. The official counted as Naitch took his time getting back in.

Scott Steiner suplexed Flair up and back into the ring getting a long two. Steiner went up top to deliver right’s but the dirtiest player in the game stuck out a thumb. Flair with an atomic drop. Flair tosses Steiner out of the ring. He sunset flips back in and couldn’t get Ric’s shoulders down for a pinning attempt. Nature Boy in control smiling and in the corner used his boots for additional leverage on a nearfall. Flair with a snapmare and then a commercial break.

Flair hit a shoulder block off the ropes but then Steiner hit a drop toehold catching him off-guard. Steiner slapped on the Figure Four.

Scott Steiner hits a running crossbody that takes both men over the top rope to the floor. Flair scoops up one knee and drops him on the floor. Flair comes back in the ring.

Naitch targets the injured leg of Steiner and all of his offense inhis arsenal focused on the bad leg. Steiner sold it well and this set up Flair’s Figure Four, he grabbed onto the ropes until an irate Rick Steiner on the outside let the official know.

Flair slaps on a Figure Four in mid-ring and Steiner wills his way out as Flair shakes his head. Both guys up and Steiner hit a neckbreaker, anything out of desperation. Steiner threw Flair into the ring-post and he flipped over falling to the floor on the outside. Steiner clotheslined Flair onthe outside and got back in to the fans approval.

Rick threw Naitch back in and he begged off Scott who rammed his hip into Flair who’s head bopped. Steiner was warned about open fists inthe corner giving Naitch an oppurtunity to give him a low-blow kick and into the Figure Four, it’s momentarily reversed by Steiner who gets a nearfall off an inside cradle. Off the ropes Steiner held a headlock On Flair.

Scotty with momentum clotheslined him to the floor.

Flair sneak back in hitting a snapmare, and a kneedrop, then continually using his feet for leverage and Rick keeps telling the official while Flair trie to pin Steiner. You’d think he would have clued in by now.

Both men onthe mat and a leg-scissors reversal, both men bridge up and Steiner hits a massive powerbomb while Flair take a walk.

Flair with a kick stops the momentum but Scotty hits a Steiner line off the rope. Scott levelled Flair from up high and he catches Flair in the gut with a fist.

Scott for some reason took his time with a belly to belly and a nearfall even though the official counted down the time.

In the end the time limit expire and it went to a draw at 20:00. Flair retains the title.

Basically the story of the match was Scott controlled until Flair waited for time to run out just barely escaping in typical Nature Boy fashion.

This match was definitely a great watch, I thoroughly enjoyed the booking and execution although a bit sloppy in parts which is REALLY the only thing keeping it from being a classic. The booking job at the end seemed a bit played out as well, even in 1991.



*** 1/2




8 ) Lex Luger vs Barry Windham in a Steel Cage Match for the Vacant WCW World Heavyweight Championship -Great American Bash July 14, 1991




Barry Windham and Luger going for the gold.




Lex Luger tied up with Barry but hit a couple of nice hiplock’s after Barry ran off the ropes. Another tie-up Barry catches Luger with a dropkick after a leapfrog.

Another tie-up into an inside cradle. Luger slams Barry to the mat but missed an elbow drop off the ropes as Barry moved.

Barry back-drop’s Luger to the mat off the ropes.

Some interesting mat-work here that leads Luger into a unique headscissors onthe mat. Luger got a suplex on Barry again.

Again, both guys circle aound another and they tie up again. This time Barry hits a powerslam and goes for Luger’s leg and he moves. Both men go to lock-up,Luger blocks a kick from Barry and hits a reverse atomic drop. Lex hit a couple of shoulderblocks but Barry caught him with headlock.

Out of the corner Luger planted Barry getting a nearfall. Lex climbs but Barry drops a knee onto Luger after tossing him off the top rope. Luger then hits a series of clotheslines out of no where.

Luger hits a reverse elbow and Barry kicked out. Lex signalled for the end, the torture rack. Barry gets out hitting a backdrop out of desperation.

Both men down.

Luger went for a Superplex in the corner off the top but Barry pushes him down and hit a clothesline. Barry hit a back-drop to Luger who recieved another clothesline. Barry slams him down, and goes to the top connecting with a kick to the head.

Out comes Harley Race.

A distracted Barry gets hit with a piledriver by Lex.

So in the end at 12:25 Luger pinned Barry to become Champion.

This match was all over the place.

I didn’t like the circling around during the first half, it felt like it never really picked up.

This is strange because Barry was fantastic back then and so was Luger.








9) Big Van Vader (c) (w/Harley Race) vs Ron Simmons for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -Baltimore, MD August 2, 1992


Simmons had his name drawn to challenge the Champ.




Big Van Vader tried intimidating Simmons.

Ron Simmons had the support of the crowd behind him here, certainly.

Simmons who would later be known as Farooq or simply “DAMN” in the later years was the first legit African American threat to the main prize here.

The JYD never got his big legit shot up north in the Federation.

Here we go, certainly a contrast in styles for this title match, but both men possess one asset and that is power. Should be a stiff, rough, match-up.

Bell rings and were off. Both former football players.

Big Van Vader the defending Champion ties up with Simmons mid-ring and Simmons is pushed off, he nods his head and ties back up with big van for another test of strength. This time Vader shoots a right hand, Simmons fought back Vader cornered Simmons until he turned the tide.

The crowd went wild as he cornered Vader and hit him with all he had in tank. Simmons lands a clothesline and a side suplex. Another hard clothesline by Ron takes Vader out and he had a word with Race on the outside.

Vader missed a clothesline and Simmons hit a sidewalk slam. A nearfall and you can really hear the passion in Ross’s voice. Vader with all he had clubbed away at the challenger.

Almost every move in this match is a hard first from one physical man to the other. Vader splahed Simmons in the corner then dropped him with a clothesline and a splash. Simmons kicked out and ued the ropes as a resourceful measure to bring himself up. Vader with a front facelock hits a nice standing vertical suplex in mid-ring, perfectly executed as Ross says.

Vader hooks Ron’s arm up and slams him to the mat with tremendous velocity, more power from the big man. Vader with a high splash, Ron kicked out and Ross is REALLY putting Simmons over huge here.

Simmons walks into uppercuts from the big man and then another clothesline. Vader hooks Simmons but he blocks it and suplexed the big man to a huge roar gaining a lot of support. Vader up very quickly with a high impact move knocks the challenger to his knees. A backslide by Simmons got Vader in a nearfall situation. Vader with more shots measuring him in the corner. Vader after an irishwhip hit the corner, Simmons tried to cradle Vader but he dropped all his weight on Simmons.

Vader back in control signalling for the end having Simmons set up for a powerbomb but Simoons lands on his feet and off the ropes powerslams Vader.

The african american’s reaction in the front row mixed with Ross’s epic call of the pinfall here made this one of the finest moments in company history.

Great tv match ending at 9:42 with no breaks.

This match was tremendous for its time, physicality here was a major win, perfect storytelling.







10) Big Van Vader (c) (w/Harley Race) vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat -WCW Saturday Night October 16, 1993 in a Human Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship


This one took place one week before Halloween Havoc was set to take on Cactus Jack. He’d be in for a tough test in the Dragon here on this night.

More Vader is only a good thing from the early days of the company. This was a return match. Steamboat is great.



Both men badly need a DVD release for themselves so seeing them here together is a treat to see.

Big Van Vader intimidated Steamboat or at least attempted to by posing, flexing, pushing him off telling Ricky he was looking at the best.

A slow start but Ricky wasn’t used to going with a power guy. Steamboat loses the power match and the lumberjacks hammer away on him before re-sending him into the ring.

Vader with stiff shots on the Dragon anda big clothesline takes him down. Big Van Vader had so much credibility here. Vader splashed Steamboat in the corner and proceeded to drop him with a clothesline.

Tony Schiavonne on commentary, Nick Patrick the official. Vader continuing the domination to Steamboat throwing him around and more slugs and suplexes. A two count and the Dragon was chopped to the floor. vader leaped over the top hitting the guardrail buying Ricky some time.

Finally a break for the Dragon. Steamboat tried a sunset flip but couldn’t move Vader, he attempted to drop his weight on the Dragon but he moved. Now Ricky utilized his quickness and decided top drop HIS bodyweight on Vader using the top rope for leverage.

Vader buys himself time on the outside.

Back in Vader is kicked at by Steamboat. Dragon hit a ddt and a splash. He goes for another and then chops Vader in the throat while down on the canvas. Vader up top and Steamboat rolled back with Vader in a modified/half-assed Superplex.

Steamboat grounds the big man using the finisher of a rival of his, the figure four. Crowd chant Steamboat.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat now comes on strongc chopping Vader until he runs into the corner on a desperate charge crashing into his sternum. A double-chop but Vader returns fire on Steamboat. Steamboat kicked away at Vader’s legs. A hard chop. Steamboat elevated Vader up with a side suplex. Steamboat gets caught by Vader who uses both palms to slug Steamboat and powerslam him hard to the canvas.

Vader maskless drops his bodyweight off the top rope onto Steamboat. Vader turns a headlock into an armbar. Smart move by the big man taking out his favourite offensive move in his arsenal, those slick arm-drag’s. Fans chant for Steamboat but Vader again drops him. Vader missed a splash.

Steamboat buys a break and comes offthe top with a chop, and a dropkick witha nearfall. Steamboat elevated himself into Vader but he drops him. vader keeps getting shots by the Dragon who brawled back with shots into the gut. Steamboat got Vader backed into the corner and let go some of the stiffest shots he’d ever throw out.

Vader came back with another hard shot and a squeeze dropping the Dragon thrusting his fists together on the head of the Dragon. Vader hits a back suplex on Steamboat but Ricky kicked out.

Fifteen minutes into the match it becomes a slugfest. No commercial breaks, just straigt out action.

The Dragon chops back at Vader but his uppercut connects and Race is quick to roll him back in. Another failed sunset flip by the Dragon and Vader punched back at Steamboat. This time Vader dropped his weight showing why he was Champion. Vader hits a powerslam and he’s going up top.

Vader misses a Vadersault and Steamboat off the top stepped on the mid-section of Vader. More chops and then a crossbody takes them out to the floor.

Sid powerbombs Steamboat running in behind the official, Vader covers him at 18:32 of the match.

This match had a slow beginning but the back and forth battle with the contrast in style’s taken into account made it a great watch.

It had enough material to keep it entertaining but it’s by no means a classic. I’m a huge fan of both guys and I think they could of paced things a tad better but all in all, it’s still a rare gem and I’m glad it was put on the dvd.



*** 1/2




11) Hulk Hogan (c) (with Jimmy Hart) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (with Sensuous Sherri) (with Mr. T as Special Enforcer) in a Career vs Career Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WCW Halloween Havoc October 23, 1994



Age in the Cage!!!

At least this was extremely entertaining.




Two of the biggest names in the history of wrestling putting it all on the line. Arguably THE two biggest names.

Most matches between the two aren’t exactly mind-blowing, but there’s always a special feeling when these two go at it.

The Main Event of Halloween Havoc 1994. Flair comes out first with Sherri. Hogan still a Babyface comes out next to a good ovation.

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair get set to lock up as the Cage lowers.

Just a few months before this Bret and Owen put on a tremendous Cage match in the other company, yet two of the biggest names in business history go at it here, much older.

The fight as we expected in a no dq match. Hulk begins bandanna on hammering away on Naitch, clothesline and shots to Flair in the cage.

Heenan and Schiavonne on commentary.

Mr. T told Hogan to back off and Flair buys himself some time and pokes Hogan in the eye. Hogan sends Flair into the cage. Hogan then again sends him into the steel and he flops to the mat while Jimmy Hart cheers on.

Ali watches on.

Snapmare by Flair and a kneedrop, the basic moves from both men. Flair wanting revenge from Bash at the Beach in 94 when Shaq was in attendance.

Commish, Nick Bockwinkel also at ringside. Hogan clotheslines Flair back and slams him into the cage. Heenan on commentary is great talking about knowing Hogan since 79. Flair does a good jump bumping with Hulk sending Flair into the Cage.

Hogan takes his eyes off T and Flair drops a double axehandle onto him. Flair shows his power hitting a vertical suplex in mid-ring but with Hogan being as big as he is it took a lot out of Hogan. Flair chopped Hogan and the two go back and forth. Flair tries to escape but Hogan got right up there with him.

Hogan rakes Flair’s back and he falls to the mat. Flair fights back and in the middle of the ring goes for a figure four but Hogan rolled him up. Flair dishes out shots but the adrenaline was pumping and he hit Flair with a backdrop.

Hogan chopped Flair at the top of the Cage then asked for the crowd. Hulkamania is alive in Detroit, ironically the same venue he was booed three years earlier by a lot of fans from the Darkside in the Federation. Flair out of desperation goes for the knee. Flair with an obvious gameplan to soften the knee of Hogan for his eventual figure-four.

Down on the mat Flair has Hulk in the Figure Four, Heenan and Sherri get emotional. Hogan shakes it off. Hogan turns it over Flair kicks at his leg but Hulk shot back. T was levelled by Hogan and now the dirtiest player in the game kept up his tactics with T down.

Flair stomped on T.

Sherri climbed the Cage. Jimmy Hart climbed up the cage ripping off her dress.

Sting now stops a revealing Sherri. A masked man swings a bat on Sting.

Sherri from the top of the cage drops down on Hogan. The masked man looks in. Entertaining stuff. A big ride here.

Flair sends Hogan into the cage and T is still down. Flair stomps on him again. Both Sherri and Flair work over Hogan. Flair suplexesHogan but he get up and double clotheslines Flair and Sherri to a huge pop.

Flair chopped back but Hogan kept up wih the clotheslines. A backdrop from Hogan to Flair out of the corner. Flair tried to escape as Hogan drpped Sherri. Hulk Hogan slammed Flair’s head into the cage and while Hogan drops Sherri again Flair tries to fightback.

Hogan dropped the leg with T handcuffed to the bottom rope, he still made the count with one hand.

In the end at 19:25 Hogan defeated Flair to retain the title after a leg drop.

This match was a HUGE step-up from the Bash at the Beach match. All the additional elements like Mr. T, the Cage and crowd made it all better. The pacing was tremendous and was booked incredibally well. The best match ever between the two.



*** 1/2



12) Sting (c) vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WCW SuperBrawl VIII February 22, 1998



The re-match from Starrcade!


Lets see if this time it doesen`t bomb.

Hogan still one of the most hated men in the industry, Sting 2nd in popularity to Steve Austin by this time in the industry.

Hulk chokes out the Stinger.

Hogan took over Sting on the outside. Sting in trouble.

This kept up until Sting came back and took off Hogan’s belt.

Sting hit very hard on the outside ending his offensive flury and now Hogan re-gained his composure.

Heenan and the wcw crew do there job at over-selling this match.

Sting had the deathlock but Hogan grabbed the rope.

Hogan pulled Robbinson in front of Sting as he landed a splash. Hogan hit a leg drop and got a two.

Sloppy action between the two as the offense remains slow from Hogan to Sting.

The Stinger with the Scorpoion Deathlock until everyone ran in.

Macho Madness joins in.

Savage hits Hogan! They love it.

So in the end at 16:32 Sting pinned Hogan after Randy Savage hit Hogan with a spraycan to win the vacant title.

This match could have been A LOT better just like Starrcade but it was still decent enough to Main Event.

** 1/2






13) Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) vs Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WCW Monday Night Nitro July 6, 1998



I remember that Summer in 1998 and everyone talking about the big Hogan-Goldberg match to take place TONIGHT on Nitro.

It didn’t matter if you were into Austin or DX, this mattered to everyone in the wrestling world.

The Georgia Dome is packed for this one to see there hometown.

By this time Goldberg is now second in popularity to Austin in the business, but in this company he`s beyond over it`s scary.

Never before had an undefeated wrestler become Champion. Goldberg at the time was US Champ and 106-0.

This huge match is also placed on the Best of Nitro DVD which is a nice touch. They learn as they go I guess.

The stage was set as the bell rings. The fans erupt at the bell and the chants are loud playing mind games with Hollywood.

The two tie-up.

Goldberg immediately uses the power with a side headlock. Goldberg delivered a shoulder block to Hulk Hogan. Goldberg in a front facelock by Hogan until Bill backs him into the corner.

Goldberg won a test of strength battle.

Hulk then raked the face and back of Goldberg to a chorus of boo’s.

Hogan gave more shots to Bad Bill.


Goldberg retaliated by taking the belt of Hogan for himself and threw it away. He wanted to earn this win.

Hogan with a lowblow behind Robinson, two illegal moves and the match continues. Hogan choking Goldberg out down on the mat.

Hogan on the outside tried to weardown Berg with some chairshots. Hogan slammed Goldberg to the mat and landed a legdrop. Then another but finally Tenay sells it and Berg kicked out. Hogan is stunned.

Hennig comes out and then he is taken out by a Diamond Cutter!

Goldberg spears Hogan!

Heenan is just great here like always.

In the end Goldberg became the new Champion after a Jackhammer and Spear at a tv time of 8:10 with no breaks.

This match is very basic but significant. Good stuff.

One of the best moments in company history, no question.



** 3/4




14) “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett (c) vs Booker T for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WCW Bash at the Beach July 9, 2000


Another Dubya See Dubya Controversial night, and the end of Hulkamania there in that promotion.

In the dying days of Dubya See Dubya they had a mixed up night at this event.

Anybody could see this and I feel sorry for the few people who payed for this. I myself went to a Nitro not long after this match and saw these two grapple for the belt.



Jeff Jarrett is the Champion going in.

Jarrett with a side headlock take-over, and Booker went into the leg-head scissors and Booker put his hands up and Jarrett is shocked as the same formula happens once again.

Booker T with a waistlock go-behind into a side headlock. Booker with a leapfrog and a dropkick into Jarrett who goes for a walk. Jarrett landed an uppercut once back in and went to work on Booker. A high kick by Booker helps him come back and he throws Jarrett out and then takes him over the security wall.

Attitude Era brawling through the crowd now as Booker remains in control.

Jarrett though fights back and piledrives T through a table and it doesen’t break. Double J relentless stomped on Booker and then goes to the knee.

Jarrett went for the figure four and Booker countered with an inside cradle but didn’t get a three. Jarrett goes back to the Figure Four and the fans are behind Booker.

T out and he lands the Axe kick. Spinnerooni and he drops Double J for a long two. Booker missed a high kick and Jarrett took advantage with shots inthe corner. Jarrett irishwhipped T into the official.

Double J went to hit Booker T with the belt but he is stopped. T hits him but gets a two.

J grabs a chair but is rammed into the corner by Booker and still Jarrett kicked out. Booker T finally hits his move and an emotional Booker T loves it.

In the end at 12:40 Booker finally became Champion after a Book End.

Hard work pays off.

This match was BOOKED terrific. No pun intended.







15) The Rock (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho WCW World Heavyweight Championship -WWF No Mercy October 21, 2001


Chris Jericho had yet to win the big one.

He had a lot of the fans by his side on this paticular night. Just another night the Federation fans (a portion) turned on The Rock.


Chris Jericho reverses a side headlock immediately into a hammerlock, a standard chain-wrestling beginning, then into a side headlock by Jericho.

Chris off the ropes hit a shoulder block but Rock hit an arm-drag takeover into an arm-bar. Rock battles back.

This one of course is going to be very back and forth. Rock gets caught into the arm-drags as if he was Steamboat. Jericho with knee shots to the bicep of Rock with great camera work focusing in on the move.

A logical move for Jericho seeing as Rock loves to battle back. Rock hit a reverse elbow. Jericho came back and took it rough on Rock and choked him out on the middle rope.

Heyman and Ross on commentary are great here running down the history of the Nwa and wcw with comedy inbetween. The Rock goes for a shotbut Jericho counters and goes for the walls but Rocky grabs the ropes. Jericho with a springboard dropkick off the top to Rock on the apron sending him to the floor.

Chris Jericho drops Rock on the security wall and then Jericho climbs to the top rope and from there drops him with a reverse elbow shot. Jericho with more shots.

Great material thus far.

Jericho flying off the ropes with a flying forearm. Jericho slaps Rock in the face showing heel tactics. Chris with the upperhand through most of the match. Rock getting breaks every now and again.

A backbreaker by Jericho to Rock.

Heyman wisely points out this is Jericho’s greatest oppurtunity of his career. Jericho kicks at Rock and the fans chant “Rocky Sucks”.

Rock fired back but then Jericho who had a large part of the crowd behind him hit a charging Rocky with a stun gun. Jericho slams Rock down and climbs up top and Rock stops him as he falls to his groin. Rock with Jericho and delivered a Superplex from the top.

Both men down.

chris Jericho up and Rock hits an armdrag and then a Samoan drop, Jericho kicks out. Rock brought in by Jericho and he hit a clothesline, Rock kicked back up and layed the Smackdown! on Jericho sending him to the floor.

Both men’s conditioning must have been unreal.

On the floor Rock took apart Jericho, back in the ring he delivered a smart kick. Rock is chopped by Jericho and Rock clotheslines him.

Rock tried to slow the gameplan of Jericho with a side headlock on the canvas giving the two a breather.

Back up Jericho tried a dropkick but Rock sent him flying into the corner headfirst. Rock drives Jericho into the turnbuckle weakening him up on the top rope. Rock up high attempted a Superplex Jericho throws him off and hits a missle dropkick.

Jericho landed on his gut taking out his own wind making him unable to take advantage. Both menup and it’s a slugfest at mid-ring.

It has become a war.

Off the ropes Jericho hit a swinging neckbreaker. Jericho with an impressive hurricanrana and a nearfall.

Rock went for a clothesline back up and Jericho hit a Rock Bottom! Jericho hit a Lionsault and still a two. Heyman called him a choke artist on commentary to build more suspense and make us all believe Jericho couldn’t do it.

Chris scores with a modified bulldog. Now Jericho kicks Rock and does his own version of the people’s elbow but Rock moves. Jericho goes for a kick but Rock with a single leg take-down.

Rock with a Sharpshooter to a man trained in the Dungeon.

I loved the little insults both men delivered to each other. Jericho gets the ropes.

Ross finally puts over the crowd are devided.

Out on the floor and Rock is nice enough to remove the tv monitor’s. Rock hits a Rock Bottom through the table.

A textbook Rock Bottom through the table! Rock making a mistake taking his time throwing Jericho back in the ring. Rock throws Jericho’s elbow pad out of the ring with a vicious glare seeing as Y2J tried to mock him.

Rock stalks an injured Jericho turning around and goes for the Rock Bottom again and Jericho elbows his way out and Chris runs into a Spinebuster.

Rock goes then for The People’s Elbow but Chris Jericho moves and slaps on the walls! The crowd go crazy.

Jericho has almost done it! Great climax to a great match. Jericho drags Rock closer to the ring. Stephanie threw a chair in the ring, Jericho went for Stephanie and Rock hit a ddt. Steph cheered for The Rock and he brought her in and hit a Rock Bottom.

Ref checking on Steph and Jericho drove Rock into the chair.

At the pinfall Jim Ross screams “I can’t believe it! Jericho has damn sure won the big one!”

In the end Jericho finally won his first major Championship at 23:44 after Jericho pinned Rock after a Breakdown onto a steel chair.

A lot of the crowd pop. It was reactions like this that helped Vince and co realize Jericho just may deserve to be the first Undisputed Champion. They listened.

The bout here was better then their other Classic Rumble encounter a few months later.

This match will always be an all-time Classic, in my top 75.

The best aspect of the match was the enthralling-lightning quick pace all throughout the 25 minutes.




**** 1/2





Disc 3 Matches:




16) Triple H (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE Unforgiven September 22, 2002



Here`s a nice rare addition to the set to start disc 3!

Rob Van Dam is seriously getting steam in the fall of 02.

Hunter had the opposite, as Easy E the GM at the time gave him the belt just for being Triple H.

Fans thought a Van Dam victory could be nice considering everything going on with Hunter.

Rob Van Dam and Hunter begin the match with some of my favourite counter move.

Very fundamental, very basic, yet effective. Side headlock takedown’s into leg-scissorsthena kickup. A cool and confident Game changed his ways as soon as Rob pointed to his shoulders.

Hunter had Van Dam backed to the ropes and he slapped him which furiated the game, after a pause he struck back until running into a clothesline. A leapfrog was blocked by HHH but he ran into an armdrag takeover then another side headlock takedown.

Van Dam tried to weardown the Game on the mat but once out of the side headlock he took a walk. Triple H then got mocked as RVD did his water pose.


More side headlock’s by RVD and armdrag’s to the Champion. Triple H elbowed out and drove his knee deep into the abdomen of RVD. Out of the corner a modified crucifix by Van Dam gets him a two, the two bridge out and get up impressively.

RVD’s spinnng heel kick is blocked then he amazingly still hits an offensive move. RVD with a drop toe-hold back into a side headlock takedown. RVD flips over HHH and hits a spinning heel kick to the Game and it takes him to the outside.

A suicide dive by RVD and he takes himself out flipping onto the mat over the top rope as HHH had it scouted and waited back in the ring for RVD to just break the ten count.

Hunter back on the offense begins more heel tactics. Hunter flips Van Dam back from the middle of the ring and RVD’s throat smacked the middle rope.

A “You screwed Chyna” chant started out on Hunter. Again hilarious. RVD’s unorthadox style helped him battle back with roll-up’s out of no where but Hunter countered with a swinging neckbreaker. HHH throws RVD out of the ring and tried to slam his head into the announcer’s table but it backfired and RVD levelled him. Back in the ring RVD tried to build some momentum but Hunter scored with a high knee off the ropes.

Triple H up top mocked Van Dam and RVD sprung up and took HHH over until finding himself into a sleeper hold. HHH runs into a spinning heel kick match. Back and forth encounter.

Both men down and once up engage in a soon climatic slugfest, RVD does his flash and a rolling thunder got him a two. RVD rolls into the Game scoring with another monkey flip and rolling thunder. RVD going all out hit a suicide dive to HHH.

RVD looking like he will become the new Champ! RVD caught Hunter off the top rope with a spinning kick until running into a facebuster. HHH took out Hebner. Van Dam hit a spinning heel kick but Hebner was hit to the outside.

HHH went for a Pedigree but RVD countered by catapolting HHH to the corner and RVD comes off witha 5 star frogsplash in what has been a four star match. Excitement galore.

HHH with a predictable lowblow from a desperate champ and the ref down. Hunter looking for his Sledgehammer and grabbed it. RVD fought back with a spinning heel kick into the hammer back into the Game.

Flair runs out with the Hammer in hand.

Flair and HHH seemed to be on the same page as Flair struck RVD!




A nice swerve.

So in the end at 18:17 Hunter retained the gold after defeating Van Dam by a Pedigree.

This match was booked perfectly.

I liked the fact it went out of its way to showoff Van Dam’s skill, him and Trips have good chemistry as demonstrated in this borderline classic here.








17) Triple H (c) (w/Ric Flair) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE Taboo Tuesday October 19, 2004



Michaels voted in to face Hunter for the title.

Voting went down like this:

Shawn Michaels (38.72%)
Edge (33.42%)
Chris Benoit (27.86%)



Shawn Michaels’s leg and back were both sore.

King and Ross did a great job on commentary helped putting that fact over.

By this time the whole Michaels versus Triple H thing had been beyond redundant. Still, Shawn won the voting closely the two tied up in the corner.

Shawn stayed protective in a guard position and Michaels fought back.

Once again Lawler and Ross show why they are hilarious together talking about Michaels’s injury.

Triple H drives his knee that had problems of its own due to the quad injury into the injured leg of Shawn. Michaels held onto the top rope to deliver offensive blows but HHH kept over-powering him.

Michaels did a nice job at selling but this match had a very slow pace.

Hunter drove his elbow into the leg of HBK. HHH continued to drive his elbow into HBK who is down on the canvas and to add more pressure.

Keota gets in Hunter’s face now because that’s exciting.

Shawn gets to the ropes and crawls but Hunter drags him by the leg. Hunter’s own weight backfired on him swinging him into the post.

Michaels who had been methodically disected fought back though with hard shots to the Game.


Shawn hit a few chops and catapolted Hunter into the post.

Both men down.

Michaels on one knee hit an atomic drop and to his credit he sold well. I’m not sure where this selling was at Summerslam 2002 but that’s beyond a Classic so it’s forgiven.

Ross puts over a nearfall by Michaels as if it could of beat Hunter.

The crowd is dead. Hunter went back for the damaged leg and shoved the ref out of the way. HBK hit a lowblow behind the official and then a ddt. Ross screams that he has a chance.

HBK on one leg goes to the top rope.

Shawn then is interupted by Edge who hit a spear on him because he wasn’t voted setting up a program between the two.

Hunter goes over to cover Michaels and gets him.

In the end at 14:05 Hunter retained the title after beating Michaels with the help of Edge.

This match told its story fine but it was very boring and could of been replaced by much better title matches, if a certain someone wasn’t banned.



** 1/4




18 ) Kurt Angle (c) vs The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE No Way Out February 19, 2006


This is the closest match that reminds me of Taker-Bret. Angle worked the same style to an extent so that is only a good thing.


What a special feel this match had. You just kneW it would deliver as a classic or a clinic if got time and it got a half an hour in Which to Work.

The Undertaker immediately from the opening bell went for a high boot to the face of Angle in the corner but the “wrestling machine” had it well scouted.

Angle on the opposite side of the Deadman now and Angle goes for a waistlock go-behind and Taker got out of it Angle went to the outside Taker calls him back in. I love it. Undertaker witha side headlock and off the ropes he hit a shoulder breaker and a one count, first pin of the match.

Angle drove into corner left-arm first. Taker torking the arm of Angle to perhaps get rid of a future Ankle Lock position which was logical. The Deadman lifted up Angle high and dropped down to the mat. Some great artistic stuff to begin.

Angle with the righthand battled back but Taker kept twisting the arm and they chant for Old School. Angle realizing it had it scouted but Taker flipped Angle over.

Half the crowd going for Angle, half for Taker.

Undertaker hit Old School. Angle ran right into Taker in mid-ring and he was driven arm-first, second cover of the match. Undertaker lands snake eyes on Angle then misses the big boot. Angle suplexed Taker. Angle stomping away on the Deadman.

In the corner Kurt got some of his offense back. A high knee though by a speedy Taker and the first time connects, quickness by Angle knocks him off the apron and now suddenly Angle is in control. Angle leaped off and was caught by Taker who drives him spine first into the ringpost.

Taker knows he can’t win the title by countout and he throws Angle back in the ring. Undertaker drops an elbow on Angle head down on the ramp. Undertaker drops his leg on the head of Angle’s surgically repaired neck. Back in the ring The Undertaker goes for a cover but just a two. Taker signalled for a chokeslam.

Angle gets up slow and gets caught in chokeslam position but Angle slugs away at the Deadman out of desperation But Undertaker nails him down. Angle focused on Taker’s knee next. Angle stomping on the knee. Angle with righthand to Taker and then he slams his bad knee into the post.

Angle breaks his own count and Angle locks a version of the figure four on the ringpost, and he breaks the hold by the count. Angle stalking a limping Taker and he drives the point of his elbow on Taker. Angle kicking away on Taker in the corner and now he unleashes righthands. Angle drops his bodyweight on Taker.

He carries Taker to the outside applying the Ankle Lock then driving his knee into the hamstring.

Back in the ring Angle has the leg laced up in a half leg-lock like The Hitman used too.

Angle disecting the leg of Taker. Taker got out for a second but Angle takes him down again and backdown on the mat, Taker puts on his triangle choke.

Champ made it to the ropes. Taker limped out of the ring where Angle rolled out and he bounced off the barricade. Angle shoved into the ring announcer. Undertaker out of adrenaline drives Angle into the apron.

Out of no where an explosive Angle Slam to the Deadman on the floor through a table!

Incredible pacing.


Both men in pain.

Angle down and Taker tried to build momentum by dragging Angle then slamming him into the table.
A rare spot now with the Deadman going to the top, Angle joins him but fatigue sets in and is pushed.

Angle springs up and he got a two.



Brilliant material thus far.

Angle with kneelift, both men have a slugfest until Angle runs into the boot.

Angle no clue as he turns around a chokeslam was coming, Angle flips over and with an amazing encounter.     The Ankle Lock. After longer climatic moments a triangle choke. Angle goes back into an Ankle Lock. Taker rolls out on his one leg and hits a chokeslam.

Angle kicks out!

Undertaker picks up Angle for the Last Ride and ANGLE reverses into the Ankle Lock. Amazing. Angle on Taker’s bad leg yet again. Angle kept finding a way.

Angle drags the Deadman to the middle of the ring but battles out and Angle hits the Angle Slam!


Undertaker still kicks out!

Undertaker goes for the Tombstone, both men continue to flip over, unbelievable climax. Undertaker dragged to the center of the ring and has never tapped in his career. Taker managed to break the grip.
Angle from behind hit another Angle Slam, out of desperation he locked him in a triangle choke. Angle rolled through despite being in the choke. A Controversial finish.

In the end Angle retained the title at 29:37.

The clinic was over. One of both men’s best ever for certain.

I hold this a tad lower then there Smackdown 03 encounter on Undertaker’s DVD at the same rating.

This match was a tremendous pick for this DVD. I remember buying this event for this match alone.




**** 1/2







19) Rey Mysterio (c) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE SmackDown! April 7, 2006



This was the Smackdown! after Mania 22.

Having battled already a great match earlier on PPV at No way out these two could deliver something special on Smackdown! for the title.

Rey Mysterio had been Champion for just a week and here he found himself already defending it against Randy Orton.

Rey hated Orton for saying Eddie was in Hell.




Randy Orton has great chemistry with Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio comes out to a good ovation. Hilarious sign that reads “That’s REY not Eddie”…

Eddie chants as the bell rings. Some Orton fans while Rey held him in a standing side headlock. Rey trying to ground the bigger Orton who counters with a leg-scissors. Orton has this hold in for awhile. Randy goes back to a side headlock and then a shoulder block off the ropes.

Rey from the mat hits a dropkick but it doesen’t work as Orton hits an uppercut in the corner. A reverse chinlock held by Orton while the crowd exchange 619 and RKO chants. Orton plants Rey after his attempted bulldog failed. A nearfall and then a rear choke by Orton. Mysterio gets back up and off the ropes he spins Orton around with a head scissors.

Mysterio with a chance in the driver’s seat and he hits a drop toehold to Orton. Randy scouts the 619 but Rey uses the ropes for leverage to dropkick Orton in the sternum. Rey springs off the top ropes with a Senton onto Orton on the floor. Rey Mysterio using his aerial offense on Orton. Rey rolls Orton back into the ring and he gets a two count.

Rey up in the corner drops shots on Orton! Rey gets a good ovation standing tall. A reversal by Orton off an arm-ringer and just like that the challenger hit a neckbreaker using his unique modified style. Orton got a nearfall. Back to the pressure Orton holds a headlock on Rey.

Orton levelled Rey with a dropkick and a nearfall. Orton weared down the smaller Rey and he desperately needed a counter but Orton viciously clubbed Mysterio’s sternum. Off the ropes Rey with a desperation dropkick, Rey went for an aerial move but Orton countered with a dropkick in mid-air sending Rey to the floor.


Orton in total control after the commercial break back into a chinlock on the mat wearing him down some more. Orton with another dropkick and a kickout. Orton dragged Rey back after slamming him to the mat sternum first back into a choke.

Orton clubbed at Rey’s back and Rey looked for an opening but Orton smiled in arrogant fashion when holding onto the top rope to stop his momentum.

Unlike Orton he goes up top with an elbow drop but Rey catches him with a high boot. Rey gets to his feet and ducked a clothesline. Mysterio kicks to Orton’s legs in an attempt to take out his vertical base. Rey with a running bulldog and a two.

Rey with a senton off the top rope over the apron, Rey with a dropkick to the back of the head. Orton kicked out.

Rey’s comeback hasn’t worked just yet. Back and forth now reaching the climax and both men up at the same time. Orton with a thumb to the eye. Orton catched Rey in mid-air but he counters in mid-air with a ddt. Nearfall.

Exciting times after an inverted ddt by Mysterio.

Rey jumps on Orton in the corner he backdrops him over the ropes but he lands on the apron with nice agility, he clubs Orton.

Rey flies off the top rope but another counter by ORTON as he dropkicks him in mid-air getting just a two. Orton stalks for the RKO but Rey kicks at Orton with a spinning round kick and a nearfall. Orton counters another Mysterio move and he hits a huge clothesline. Orton mad at the count being just a two.

Orton sends Rey into the corner and Orton levels himself shoulder first crashing into the ringpost after Rey ducks.

619 by the ring post, another 619 off the middle ropes then a west coast pop.

In the end at a tv time of 18:29 Rey retained the title to a great pop, proving his win at Mania was NO fluke. It’s too bad the Mania match didn’t get this much time.

This was special.

The pacing in this match reminded me of another Orton classic with Edge at Vengeance 04.

This match is a borderline classic, one of the best tv matches in SD history.








20) Batista (c) vs The Undertaker vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE Armageddon December 16, 2007



Triple Threats are usually great.




Here we are with Edge the challenger, he’s had some title runs though in the past couple years and he wants back the gold.

We have Taker who had the title earlier in 2007 but lost it due to injury so no doubt he wants the Gold back from Batista.

We have the Champion Batista who is more over with the fans now then he was at the beginning I’d imagine. Smarks can tend to dislike him at times and he’s never been much of a draw but I can see he has improved big time in the ring which is always good. He’s always had the look that’s for sure now if he can add all the dimensions and pieces to the puzzle he’s a big time player. Working with other good talent can only help his cause though and that’s clearly what’s happening here. Edge is a great worker, an entertaining promo guy, a fellow Canadian and a worthy champion for sure. I was very happy when he won the big won. Could he do it again tonight? He would.

This was a pretty fun match although it didn’t go as long as it could have. Most WWE Triple Threat’s are known for going a long time if they’re a fast paced main event for the championship but this one was a little different from that timing standpoint.

Do I think they could have added more? Sure. But EVERY single match out there PROBABLY could of added a little more in hindsight. Maybe not the five star classics we all know and love but hell, if you want to dig deep and look at it closer perhaps you can find something.

So in saying that they absolutely could have stretched this out or added more big spots in this matchup however I liked it just as it was. I was entertained the entire time and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Solid wrestling for the beginning half by all three guys with counters here and there, mostly brawling, and in the second half we had many near falls and some signature moves where you might have figured that the end was coming soon. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SPOT where Edge goes outside the ring and when Taker’s got that leg choke hold on Batista near the ropes Edge goes outside the ring and RINGS THE BELL.
The fans all boo as they think it’s a sh** ending and so quick but then they realize it was Edge as the camera zooms in on him and he runs off to hide…his face was on the tron I’m guessing which is how the fans knew.

This was clever, another original move sort of reminds me of Brian Pillman in the Austin/Taker match for the WWF Title at Cold Day in Hell In Your House in 1997 on Austin’s DVD.

Great match there and a funny thing when Pillman had the bell. This was hillarious in this paticular instance though as Edge ducked down beside the ring apron trying not to be seen by Taker and Batista but they both saw him do it and the match continued right along. Taker went to see what happened after he dropped the hold and from behind Edge got the best of it as his plan worked and he hit the spear on Taker! 1…2…and Taker kicked out. Edge’s face is always so priceless when he doesen’t get the three, him Angle and Austin have my three favourite shocked or pissed off or in Angle’s case crybaby faces when they don’t get the three count they were hoping for. It’s just awesome stuff! Of course many other series of signature moves and near falls happen during this time that don’t lead to the eventual win just yet.

It should be noted that during the match, the Major Brothers impersonated Edge and distracted Undertaker and Batista. I’m not sure if this was there first ever appearance but it was definately one of them if not THE, Cole and Tazz didn’t seem to know who they were exactly. Either way they helped out Edge in the end!

This was a really entertaining match here. Taker has put on some great ones with Dave, and Edge. In this match the chemistry was still there as there were many enthralling sequences. A lot of compelling action to keep up with in this bout as the pace was relatively fast for three bigger men, as you might expect though given as it’s a triple threat, and those rarely dissapoint!

If given more time perhaps could of been a *** 1/2 – *** 3/4 type match but this one was still solid and I liked it. In the end Edge pinned Batista after a Tombstone Piledriver from Undertaker at 13:00 minutes and Edge is the NEW CHAMPION. I believe this was his third title win, 2nd with the World Title on Smackdown I believe. He celebrates with the gold and Cole acts like he just killed somebody like always. God, Cole over-sold as always this PPV event. Great match but like I said, would of liked it to be longer.




*** 1/4





21) John Cena vs Y2J Chris Jericho (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship Match -WWE Survivor Series November 23, 2008



This was the first of two back to back PPV title matches between the two in late 2008.

Chris Jericho had been back for about a year and is about to defend against Cena.

Expect a split audience.

John Cena removes his shirt and Jericho doesen’t seem impressed.

Cena in 05 wanted to go to “whoaaaaaa” (war) with Y2 Cheap. Yeah, just some of the lame insults that made many turn on Cena.

After awhile both men finally lock up. Jericho grounds Cena to the mat. Jericho with a running shoulder block to Cena and he takes a breather outside the ring, rare for a babyface.

Cena hits a vertical suplex on Jericho out of the corner and then goess into an STFU but Y2J quickly escapes. Both men laugh it off.

Cena runs into a fired up Jericho who slowly kicks away at Cena. Cena comes back and hits a clothesline, a powerslam and then a nearfall. Cena runs into the turnbuckle and Jericho kicks away at Cena’s head. Jericho hits a ddt out of no where after Cena tries a top rope move.

Jericho kicks at Cena. Y2J targets Cena’s head and he kicks at it as Cena falls to the floor.

Jericho throws Cena into the steps showing more aggresiveness. Jericho twisting Cena’s neck. Jericho went for the cover when Cena was coming out of his hold. Jericho holds Cena in a full nelson. Cena backs Jericho into the corner and misses a clothesline.

Jericho holds the full nelson asking Keota to ask Cena if he gives. Jericho caught now after Cena comes back in a five knuckle shuffle, he counters into the walls.

Jericho had Cena in the walls once again after Cena got out the first time. Cena finally gets to the ropes.

Both men slug it out on the top rope, Cena flips Jericho over to the mat. Cena from the top drops a top-rope you can’t see me legdrop.

Cena caught an elbow and a codebreaker by Jericho and the smarks cheer.

Cena kicked out. Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho busted opena little from a headbutt earlier.

Cena slowly gets up and Jericho clotheslines him. Jericho waits for Cena again and he hits a drop toehold, Cena has it locked in.

Jericho somehow with a small package and Cena kicks out and he picks up Jericho.

Cena had Jericho up for the Attitude Adjustment and he hits it this time.


In the end at 21:19 Cena defeated Jericho after a

They’d go on to have a better match at Armageddon but not by much.

This match had the potential to be a lot more then it was but it was still by no means bad, I’m just not a fan of Heel dominates the whole match until a Super Cena comeback.

Average for what it was.



** 1/2




22) Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy in a Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship -Extreme Rules 2009



A Ladder makes this match attractive considering both men rely on spots a great deal, especially together.

Both guys tie-up and Jeff Hardy is cornered and gets a righthand from Edge, Hardy leaps off the buckle in the corner and lands a right to Edge. Jeff slams Edge headfirst into both turnbuckles.

Jeff scoop slams Edge and drops him in the middle of the ring, Jeff Hardy hit a legdrop. Edge with a high knee to the chest of Jeff. Edge sent Jeff Hardy crashing into the turnbuckle. Edge with a front facelock to Jeff but he battled out and hit a face first suplex to Edge.

Jeff Hardy slides under the bottom rope and grabs the Ladder. Edge then hit a baseball slide into Hardy which bruised his ribs.

Edge with a Ladder set up near the ring got shots by Edge. Jeff in the ring irishwhipped by Edge and over the ropes goes Edge who flies over to the outside crashing chest first into the Ladder.

Ross does his usual LADDERS dont have any give line. Jeff goes for the Gold and Edge takes him off driving him head first into the Ladder.

Edge sent Jeff Hardy crashing into the Ladder in the middle of the ring. Edge slides out of the ring and sets up the Ladder and drags it into the ring. Edge sets it up in the corner of the ring. Edge slams Jeff back first into the Ladder in the corner until he spears the Ladder when Jeff finally moves out of the way.

Jeff went for a dropkick into the corner of Edge many times at Judgment Day and finally hit it here with the Ladder already placed in the corner. This was his first attempt of the match and Jeff Hardy was successful.

Jeff set up a Ladder in the corner and grabbed Edge by the hair throwing him backwards. Jeff charged at Edge and hurt his leg crashing into the Ladder. Edge grabbed ahold of the Ladder and opened it up. Edge then went for Jeff Hardy and tossed his body inbetween the structure and he slammed the top of the Ladder to the bottom.

Edge then locked in a Sharpshooter on Jeff Hardy caught inbetween the Ladder. Jeff Hardy taps out but the match will not end that way obviously.

Fans get on the side of Jeff Hardy while Edge just takes his time dishing out the punishment, throwing Jeff Hardy out of the ring with ease. Edge sets up the Ladder in mid-ring. Jeff Hardy with a dropkick to the Ladder from the top rope knocks Edge off his game as he was attempting to grab his gold.

Jeff Hardy sets up a GIANT Ladder in the middle of the ring, fifteen feet high apparently. Edge comes towards Jeff Hardy and he answered back with a Twist of Fate.

Jeff now with an opportunity to climb the Giant Ladder. Jeff fell off the top and was hanging from the title belt and Edge dragged him down and the jaw of Hardy jerked off the Ladder as he came crashing down.

Edge irishwhipped into the Ladder by Hardy who reverses the initial one from Edge. Jeff flies off the top of the Giant Ladder hit a Whisper in the Wind from about three quarters up.

Hardy hit a running clothesline on Edge. Outside the ring Edge pulled out a big boot to the head of Jeff Hardy buying himself some time to regroup. Edge trying to get something going his way and grabbed a Ladder to build some momentum andhe placed it on the canvas as well as the barricade.

The Ladder was set up like this the year before at this event when Taker slammed Edge on top of it, crashing through.

Jeff took Edge and slammed him head first into the security wall. Jeff threw the Ladder again at Edge. Edge irishwhipped Jeff Hardy hard into the steel steps. Edge with ahold of Jeff smashed his body into the Ladder beside the security wall.

Edge grabbed the Steps and went towards Jeff who kicked back at him. Jeff charged at Edge and jumped on the steps and he hit a neckbreaker to Edge on top of the barricade. Nice innovative running neckbreaker.

Edge was layed out on a Ladder set up on the barricade and ring apron, Jeff grabbed another Ladder.


Jeff Hardy with the Giant Ladder placed opposite of Edge.

Here comes a big spot.

Jeff Hardy took his eyes off the prize and Edge meets Jeff up top on the huge Ladder.

Both men exchange rights and then land left to the Ladder that snaps in half as both men crashed through it.

Obviously a good spot and both men are checked out.

Both men crawl back into the ring to continue to battle.

Jeff gives Edge a shot who then bumps into the official.

We have seen this before.

Edge goes for a spear on Jeff onto another Ladder but Hardy countered in mid-air hitting a Twist of Fate.

Good stuff.

Edge and Jeff both went for the Gold.

Edge was near the top and Jeff grabbed ahold of the legs of Edge. Edge caught in the middle of the Ladder and was not able to prevent Jeff Hardy from getting the belt.




In my opinion, a ridiculous move to take the title off of Edge once again, how many more World Title Reigns does the guy need? Jeff arguably shouldn’t have had any, this was his second and as of this writing has had three now. His first two were incredibally worthless.

So in the end at 20:18, Jeff Hardy once again won the World Title after he grabbed the strap and defeated Edge.

This match was great though for the spotfest it was. Both men excel in this environment and showed why here, it was very entertaining throughout. The main two spots stick out with Jeff Hardy hitting the twist of fate on Edge, countering a spear in mid-air off a ladder to the mat.

Jeff Hardy and Edge also crashing through the Ladder set up horizontal on the canvas floor.

Jeff celebrates with all he could and was barely able to stand.

Good way to close this DVD.




*** 1/4






Final Rating for The History Of The World Heavyweight Championship = 8/10



This set featured a documentary that seemed like a breath of fresh air compared to recent doc’s about this company. The company still ignores a large part of the glory days of Turner’s promotion but at least this piece was very fast moving, and to the point. The set can even teach the older wrestling fans some things they don’t already know. A lot of interesting facts and opinions on here.

As far as the matches go we get to see matches from the 60’s and 70’s, which is just fun and incredibally rare. Some stuff is missing obviously due to who and what the company is allowed to put on the DVD and there are question marks on some of the matches but they did include enough classics for the match-choice to be acceptable.

All in all, this is worth it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That and the fact it was just awarded to Triple H. For no reason. I still laugh at that.

  2. neverAcquiesce says:

    The NWA/WCW Championship ended when it was unified with the WWF Championship at Vengeance in December ’01. I hate that they consider the current World Heavyweight Championship, which only began in September ’02, as having a heritage any longer than that.

  3. I loved your comment on the Triple H vs Michaels match “could of been replaced by much better title matches, if a certain someone wasn’t banned.” I felt the same way. Minor correction, Edge’s win at Armageddon was his fourth title win (he held the WWE title on Raw twice in ’06). Also, you didn’t even mention the last match on the set, CM Punk cashing in his Money in the Bank on Hardy. It wasn’t a great match, but it’s worth noting.

  4. Felcha says:

    the match listing sucks compared to the history of the wwe championship and intercontinental championship history due to the absence of benoit.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    Ugh, can you get past the fact I used an Orton quote since I barely ever use an Orton quote and I felt it fit this DVD since he is the youngest Champ ever so I give someone else a chance to shine, especally if I put the work into as you said, but no big deal. As 8opdyupdyup, it’s debatable, they were about evem Ratings were abut the same however Austin’s merchandse was out-selling ANYTHING Goldberg tried to sell by a Texas MILE>

  6. 8opdyupdyup says:

    Also have to quibble with you, Goldberg was bigger then Austin when he beat Hogan. For the middle 8 months of 1998 Goldberg was bigger than anyone and as big as anyone prior to that point, including Hogan.

    History hasn’t been kind to Bill and his legacy but you can take it from someone who was there Goldberg ’98 was as big as Hogan ’86.

  7. 8opdyupdyup says:

    UGH, did you have to start this epic review with an Orton quote? You put in all that work, and THAT’s how you choose to introduce it to readers? Are you serious bro?

  8. Brett Mix says:

    I can’t tell you why I did that to be honest, I had reviwed the PPV before, copied and pasted the match and must of left that part out.

  9. Sam says:

    @Siege: I was wondering the same thing too.

  10. Siege says:

    You didn’t mention it has the part with CM Punk coming out and beating Hardy for the title.

  11. Anonymous says:

    yeah buddy

  12. Brett Mix says:

    The Documentary however is very good where-as starrcaade, the rise and fall of wcw, superstars of 21st century were pretty boring. Some matches and the doc makes this set a winner

  13. Brad Attitude says:

    i’m still skeptical about the match listing & some of the odd choices wwe picked to be shown here such as vader vs. steamboat, flair vs. scott steiner, shawn michaels vs. triple h (taboo tuesday) etc when better matches could have been selected. I would have liked to have seen the match listing similar to the other “history” dvd sets. WWE dropped the ball here & left out many good matches and skipped over a lot of time periods. They even left out matches featuring the International World Title. Surely it wouldn’t have killed them to add a Rick Rude match when he was IWC.

    Would have like to have seen the folowing matches on the set:

    Flair vs. Steamboat – Chi-Town Rumble 1989
    Sting vs. Lex Luger – Superbrawl 1992
    60 Man Battle Royal – World War 3, 1995
    Randy Savage vs. Sting – Spring Stampede 1998
    Sting vs. Hulk Hogan – Fall Brawl 1999
    Booker T & Shane McMahon vs. The Rock – Unforgiven 2001
    Booker T. vs. Triple H – WrestleMania XIX
    Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H – RAW 2003 or Royal Rumble 2004
    Batista vs. Triple H – Backlash or Vengeance 2005
    King Booker vs. Rey Mysterio – Great American Bash 2006
    Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy – Royal Rumble 2007
    Undertaker vs. Edge – WrestleMania XXIV
    Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. JBL – Unforgiven 2008
    Edge vs. John Cena – Backlash 2009

  14. Anonymous says:

    Amazing dvd set!One of the best in my WWE dvds collection!