Review: WWE Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology (3 Disc) DVD

December 6, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Hulk Hogan’s The Ultimate Anthology” 3 Disc Review




“Let me tell you something MEAN GENE! ” –Hulk Hogan

-This DVD set is hosted by Mean Gene Okerlund and The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.

-This was the second DVD for Hulk Hogan after his first set “Hulk Still Rules”.


Disc 1 Matches:





1) Hulk Hogan (with `Classy` Freddie Blassie) vs Andre The Giant -September 13th 1980

An interesting way to start by putting a rare Andre and Hogan match on first.

This is really unique showing them seven years before the biggest match in history.
Hogan had a good build, people were behind him but lets be honest. At this time Andre was the spectacle to see.

Andre had all the power and was the babyface. Hogan the heel with Fred Blassie as a manager.

Bruno and McMahon on commentary.

Incredible star power to begin this one.

This was before Hulkamania so its structure and significance is no where near the bout at Mania 3.

However quality wise its much better. I give ratings based on significance as well so even if this match is paticular is technically better it doesnen’t guarantee it a higher score then the Mania 3 match for example since I include all elements.

Hulk Hogan and Andre tied up in the middle of the ring.

Andre forced Hogan to the corner and everyone loved it after the test of strength. Hogan shoved Andre back but he kicked him away.

Andre stretched Hogan’s 24 inch python’s, good logic.


Hogan then out of no where slammed The Giant. Imagine that.

Andre answered back with oneof his own. Hogan to the ropes and Andre hits a big boot but missed on the splash. Blassie just slipped something in Hulk’s elbow. Headbutts by Andre. The Giant down after knocking Andre out with his weapon.
Blassie raised Hogan’s hand outside the ring. Andre hurt inside.

So the one thing in paticular that’s worth nothing in this match is Hogan slams Andre here to basically no ovation yet seven years later it’s the biggest deal in the history of the business.

Go figure. See what correct marketing can do.

So in the end at 3:45 Andre went after Hogan and a double-count out is decided.

This match is interesting if anything, very short.






2) Nick Bockwinkel (c) (w/Bobby Heenan) vs “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Championship, Super Sunday -April 24th 1983

Hogan mentions Hulkamania was beginning to run wild.

Nick Bockwinkel is without a doubt one of the greatest of all time.

So seeing him go up against Hogan with his popularity skyrocketing was truely a sight to see.

This is gold right here. Ropes, Blue, Red, Blue.

Bockwinkel hated and Hogan loved.

Hogan rips the shirt and Vern Gagne explains why just before this match.

Heenan has apparently always hated Hogan, it’s humerous to see him take a man against the Hulkster over the years.

Bockwinkel took his time to get things going with Hogan.
Nick with a test of strength.

Some great commentary here in the awa for this one setting the scene from the St Paul Civic Center.

Hogan pushed Bockwinkel to the corner. Hogan hits a shoulder block. Nick slaps on a headlock but again with the shoulder block he drops the Champion to the canvas.
Bobby Heenan talks with his Champion outside the ring so Bock could buy himself a break as thus far Bockwinkel hadn’t been able to keep up with Hulk.

This time Hogan up against the ropes the Champion fired away with righthands and then Hulk caught Nick off his gane kicking up nailing him in the head. Hogan paying Bockwinkel back and kneed him in the gut.

Hogan walked over the stomach of Bockwinkel. Hogan teased a bodyslam but nails Nick Bockwinkel with a back-breaker.

Nick Bockwinkel using his veteran experience headbutting Hogan down on the mat. As a form of defense Bockwinkel kicked him out of the ring. Nick comes back in slaps on front facelock.

A high kneelift by Bockwinkel and a two. Nick goes for a headcracker and Hogan turned it into a backdrop. Bockwinkel fights back with a headbutt.

Ten minutes into the match as announced by none other then Mean Gene Okerlund outside the ring. Bockwinkel sends Hogan to the corner he raises his leg and catches Bockwinkel in the jaw. The crowd starting to love and get behind Hogan. Hulk decks the Champion a couple of times.

Hogan now drops Bockwinkel with a hard forearm shot. Hogan clotheslines Bockwinkel then hits a flying elbow leaping off the mat. Just a close two count. Hogan scooped up Bocwinkel and he hits a shoulder breaker to his knee and Bockwinkel’s head to the mat.


Again Hogan coming close, Bockwinkel down on the mat. Bockwinkel gets up with a shot to the gut. Back to his vertical base, the Champion is getting in control with hard sluggish shots.

Hogan fired back though and Bockwinkel drops yet again.

Hogan scooped him up and hit a body slam but Bockwinkel kicked out! Hogan clapped his hands and grabbed ahold of Bockwinkel nailing a snapmare. Hogan hit a leg-drop and Bockwinkel rolls out of the way.

The drama increases.

Bockwinkel swinging at Hogan driving forearm shots to the back of the head of Hogan. Bockwinkel back on the attack and he speared Hogan inthe corner.
Hogan out of no where slammed Bockwinkel after a slam using his body weight to cover but he got a two. Hogan slammed Bockwinkel down with a high knee lift then another shot to the abdomen.

Hogan hits an elbow smash from his forehand, an elbow smah but Bockwinkel just managed up. The fans upset legitimately.

Heenan irate on the outside because of Hulk’s domination.

Hogan drove Bock to the corner but Hogan drove his shoulder into the post.
Nick applies the Bockwinkel sleeper hold but Hogan using everything he had to get out. Hogan still in Nick Bockwinkel’s sleeper Monkey Flips him over.

The official is struck into.

Bockwinkel re-applies the sleeper. Hogan drove Bockwinkel and the official down in the corner. Fans booed expecting a dirty result.

Again the sleeper but Bockwinkel is flipped over the top rope.

Hogan slams Bockwinkel down and then hits the leg drop.

It’s over! The fans erupt.

In the end at 20:14 Hulk Hogan is Champion.

At least we thought.

Gene announced that Hogan threw Bockwinkel over the rope and therefore is DQ’d and because of that Bockwinkel retains the title.

Fans chant “Bullsh**!” and litter the ring.

Hogan unloads on both of them to a huge roar.

This match proved Hogan could go with the best, and arguably the best in the business back then was none other then Nick Bockwinkel.

Other names back then was an older Bruno, Randy Savage, Jerry Lawler, Von Erich’s, Dick Murdoch, Bob Backlund and Ric Flair, joining Bock but soon it’d be Hogan who would be the man from the marketing power up north.

Vince’s creation of Hulkamania and the way Terry ran with it can’t be ignored. Coca Cola and McDonalds sell a lot. So did Hulkamania. Give credit where it’s due.

As for the match here, it’s Old School Greatness. Typical Bockwinkel.



3) Hulk Hogan vs Iron Sheik (c) (with “Classy” Freddie Blassie) for the WWF Championship: Madison Square Garden -January 23rd 1983


Back to the Federation now. One of the most important matches ever right here.
It goes without saying the Sheik was one of the most hated heels, Hogan’s bandwagon was simply easier to jump on, to say the least.

The Legenday Gorilla Monsoon on commentary.

The Hulkster erupted with shots and The Big Apple loved it.

He got up on top of him then clotheslined him. A big knee to the throat area.
MSG going crazy.

Hogan with a leverage choke.

The Iron Sheik into the ropes and Hogan hits a big boot.

Hogan drops a big elbow and Sheik kicked out.

Hogan drove into the corner, nobody home and the Sheik going to work kicking at Hulk as the fans boo. Sheik with a backbreaker on Hogan. Sheik stomped on Hogan’s kidney’s and Sheik takes him down.

The Iron Sheik with a Boston Crab.

Hogan doing a push-up to counter the Crab, nice move. Sheik then with tremendous gutwrench suplex to a very large man in Hogan.

Hulk just kicks out.

Now he’s going for it.

Camel Clutch by the Sheik. Hogan is powering his way up.
You’ve got to love Old School crowds. Hulk Hogan knocked Sheik down, dropped the big leg and got him!

Hulk Hogan is the Federation Champion at 5:40. He did it at MSG! Everybody going crazy!

Nothing but quality.

Short and sweet.

This match is signifcant for the birth of the biggest phenomonen in the history of the business. That boosts its points on the rating scale, they show a great promo with him, Gene and even Andre afterwards.

“Hulkamanaia is here” and the 80s boom is here. What the Austin 3:16 speech  was to the attitude era, this was to the 80s boom!




4) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Big John Studd (w/Bobby Heenan) for the WWF Championship Madison Square Garden -September 22nd 1984

Another match from the Garden. That’s never a bad thing.

A rare match that had the typical BIG MAN against Hogan and is he going to be able to overcome the circumstances.
Studd a big threat to Hulk but Hogan had all the fans on his side.
Hogan was starting to make the business and vince a lot of money. Studd was bigger then


Hulk so this was a huge challenge. He flexed a bit before they locked up.

The Hall of Famer and late Big John Studd controls Hogan a bit.


Big John Studd dropped double axehandle’s to Hulk.

Hogan started to win a power test. Hogan fought back and drilled Studd with shots including a reverse elbow. Hogan had the fans while Studd went outside with Heenan for a breather.

Studd came back in this time was a bit hesitant but started to dominate the back of Hulk with clubbing blows and stomps.

Big John Studd slammed Hogan to the mat!

Studd came off the top rope with a vicious forearm. Studd kicked at Hogan down on the mat to a lot of heel heat. Big John Studd again hit a backbreaker on Hulk Hogan. Nearfall.
Hogan shook it off and the crowd roared.

A bearhug now by Studd as Hogan chants fill MSG and he is called the People’s Champion over commentary.

Slower pace to this one obviously but you just had to expect that coming in.
Hogan going down eventually shook it off and off the ropes rushing with a ton of adrenaline ran into a shoulder block by Studd. BJS still in control and awaited Hogan rising to his feet for another double axehandle. Studd having Hogan right where he wanted him slapped on another bearhug.
Hogan in trouble used the 24 inch python’s to pick up Studd breaking his second bearhug ramming him into the buckle. Studd remained in control though eventually kicking Hogan out to the floor.

Hulk Hogan in serious trouble now.

Studd stomped on him as he remained outside the ring.

Studd kept kicking Hogan to the floor and he blades. Studd brings Hulk back in a bloody mess and then a clubbing forearm to the throat of a bloodied Hogan.

Studd went for another kick but Hulk shook it off.

Hulk raked the eyes and unloaded shots with the fans going crazy! A clothesline and an elbow drop by a bloodied Hogan.

The Hulkster then signalled for a slam!

Hogan goes for one but he is shot to the outside.

Hogan slams Studd’s head to the apron wall.

Heenan shoved Studd into the ring.

Hogan counted out.

Heenan gave the title to Studd but he did not win the title.

In the end Studd won by count-out but not the title around the twelve minute mark.

This match had a slower pace compared to the rest but you could really begin to see the Hogan formula begin here and why it worked so well for so many years.


** 3/4



5) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) for the WWF Championship -War to Settle the Score February 18th 1985

I always considered this match just AS important as the main event of Mania.

Okay so a little backstory coming in….

Hulkamania by this time was getting beyond huge and before Andre and Savage went for Hogan there was PIPER.

The Hot Rod hated Hulk and the fans loved hating him.

This was just before the original Mania and had a ton of hype surrounding it. This match was HUGE in 1985 and McMahon put everything on the line for this one.

The hatred here was tremendous.

Perhaps the biggest feud of the 80’s was between Piper and Hogan, a strong argument can be made.

The Hot Rod knew a lot was on the line coming in.

Piper is very proud of this one as he says on the Hogan DVD before we get going.
Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper begin in a huge slug-fest back and forth.

Piper rakes the eyes and gets on top.

Hogan and Piper begin this one similar to Austin-Bret at Mania 13, pure war resulting from hated.

Hulk irishwhipped Piper to the corner. Hogan slammd Piper and dropped the elbow. Piper came fighting back applying the same sequence.

Piper in control held a sleeper on Hulk.

The Hot Rod’s special move was a sleeper so this was a big deal.
Eventually Hogan fought out but Orton gave him trouble. Twenty years before his son would.

Piper used this distraction to apply a crab and Orndorff came out and slammed Hogan.

Hulk had all the odds against him.

Lauper tried to get involved.

Mr. T over the railing came for Piper. This all to build Mania.

Mr. T comes in and Orndorff and Piper jump on T. Hogan now irate. Hulkamania is about to run wild. Security holding everyone back.

You could feel the intensity.

A no decision but an exciting one at that to lead into Mania.


*** 1/4




6) Hulk Hogan and Mr. T (w/Jimmy Snuka) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) (w/Muhammad Ali as guest outside referee) -Wrestlemania

If this didn’t go over, the company would fail.

Here we are!

The Main Event of Original Wrestlemania.

The 30th greatest moment in MSG history as voted by there network on the top 50 moments in MSG special, this match.

You really felt like you were watching a moment in time when you saw Liberaci kick with the Rockettes and MSG cheering.

Fans chanted for Ali soon after.

The spectacle of this entire event is perhaps best illustrated when a lot of Major Celebs came out here including Libberaci and Ali. Vince Jr. did a nice job with this and it was a memorable buildup to this match, set the stage for sure.

All apart of the Spectacle or “Happening” as Monsoon liked to call these moments in time.
Billy Martin was also the ring announcer.

Hulk Hogan gets a huge pop as expected in the birth place of Hulkamania. Madison Square Hogan. Bret probably had the best matches at WM X overall but Hogan’s meant a great deal. Of course Bruno and Backlund have had there dozens as well.
Some sequences in the match dragged but it still felt intense overall and was worked relatively well for what it was.

In the long run it was a very solid tag match for back then.

Roddy Piper and an underrated HEEL now HOFer since 05, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff were the top heel tandem and as over as ever here.

Piper and Hogan had a red hot feud that many saw further grow at “The War to Settle The Score” just a month and change before this show.

Mr. Wonderful started it off with the Hulkster and to say MSG was hyped would be an understatement, you could genuinely feel, “This“ was the Main Event of the biggest show to this time.

Paul Orndorff got some words in the corner from Piper and got set to square off with Hulk.

They circled around each other and while Hogan was ready to get it on, Orndorff teased him and tagged in Piper.

Now we`re really going to get a show down!

Piper and Hogan in 1985 from the Garden at Wrestlemania to begin the Main Event!

You`ve got to love it.

Roddy Piper stepped into the ring and Hogan shook his head up and down saying it`s me and you. Mr. T jumped up and down on the ring apron as if he wanted in. Hulk pointed to Mr. T and Hogan pointed at him and MSG erupted.

Mr. T wants PIPER!

So now we`re gonna have T and Piper! The fans erupt.

People wondered if Mr. T could wrestle. He can`t but he went nose to nose with Piper and this spot was familar from Wrestlemania History shots.

Piper and T traded slaps. Piper kicked T while the fans chanted for him and he hit a go-behind waistlock. Piper slapped at T and then T got a switch and got out of it. Mr. T
Fans were extremely loud and Mr. T got set to go with Piper again as he glared at the people. Both men tie up and T throws him off.

Mr. T has a fireman’s carry on “Rowdy” Roddy Piper into a body slam and the fans love it.

Roddy Piper didn`t expect it and he got angry driving him into the corner.


All four men get into the match. Ali took a shot at Piper and told everyone to get out, Ali told Orton to leave the ring and the place chanted “Ali.“

This might not of been the best Wrestling Match but it was Sport`s Entertainment personified in 1985!

Piper and Orndorff try and re-group on the outside and then head towards the dressing room.

Ali tells them to come back.

Hogan tells referee Pat Patterson that there`s no way he`s going to count them out. Orndorff and Piper were forced to return.

Four men inside and T and Hogan slam Piper and Orndorff into each other head first. Hogan unloads on Piper irishwhipping him into the corner followed by a clothesline.


Hogan smashes both men`s head together and then plants an atomic drop to Roddy Piper. Hogan choked him out and bounced Roddy Piper`s head off the canvas and Patterson did nothing about it.

Hogan with a few right hand shots to Roddy Piper and then Piper raked the eyes but Hulk didn`t let it bother him. Hogan tagged in T and fans chanted his name, a double whip by Hogan and T before Mr. T slammed Piper! Mr. T caught Orndorff and slammed Piper before headbutting Mr. Wonderful. Piper couldn`t land a shot once back in by Hogan as he delivered the punishment. Hulk Hogan backdropped Roddy Piper over the top to the floor.

Mr. Wonderful came up from behind and drove Hogan out to the cement floor. Piper with a chair across the back of The Hulkster on the outside. Fast paced action with a hot crowd!

On the outside the heels continue the punishment as Orndorff slams the Champ`s (Hogan) into the ring apron. Piper now rakes the eyes of Hogan while he glares at the crowd with an evil stare. Piper sends Hogan into the corner and the fans boo. Roddy Piper backs off as Mr. T was taunted by him earlier to come into the ring but the official made sure T stayed out but Orndorff and Piper both choked out Hulk Hogan in the corner, but Mr. T then comes to save him but the double team behind Patterson`s back continued. A double atomic drop and Hogan was hurt. Piper said he stayed out to Ali who questioned the action.

Mr. Wonderful now with a boot attack to Champion Hulk Hogan.
I always thought Paul Orndorff was underrated, glad he`s in the Hall of Fame.

Paul Orndorff, Mr. Wonderful with a great suplex to Hulk Hogan and even that got him a ton of heat in Madison Square Garden. Great teamwork by Piper and Orndorff as Roddy Piper is tagged back in and he ran across the ropes for extra leverage and landed a big right to Hogan. Roddy Piper with a knee lift to Hogan and then a nearfall. Orndorff tagged in and lands an elbow into the head of Hogan from the top rope. Orndorff continued to wear down Higan with a kick. Mr. Wonderful scooped up Hulk Hogan and hit a back breaker. The Champ is absorbing a great deal of punishment. Orndorff flew from the top and missed a flying knee and the fans cheer!
Can Hogan make the tag was the question. He made it. Mr. T unloaded with lefts and rights but while the official made sure Hogan got on the apron more double team this time on T. Roddy Piper tried to ride T in a amateur wrestling move and he kept it on while MSG chanted for T. Orton got on the apron with his Cast and Ali made sure he stayed back. Foreshadowing perhaps.

A tag made and Roddy Piper with a front facelock to Mr. T attempting to wear him out. Piper wearing him down but T managed to power out and tag in Hulk Hogan to a great pop who landed blows on Piper, when Orndorff came back in he rammed both there heads together. A right hand by Hogan rocks Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff but he ended up levelling the champ with a great suplex to buy him time.

Superfly Snuka came in and delivered a headbutt to Orton who had just came in. Orndorff caught a Full Nelson on Hogan while Orton jumped from the top with the Cast and hit Orndorff with it by accident!

Hogan covered Orndorff! He got him! Place explodes.

So in the end it was Hulk Hogan who pinned Paul Orndorff after Orton accidentally hit Orndorff with his cast at 13:13. Hulkamania’s momentum would go on to be very good at Wrestlemania in the main event as I will illustrate from this point on…..(unless he’s in Sky Dome) This match was good in a way if you don’t expect it to be the way it was in a certain way. Confused. You should be. Overall great and highly significant which boosts it’s rating up quite a bit for me.

Good way to end this show.

I’ll slap an additional 1/4 – 1/2* on this one for Historical Significance and call it a day.

Not the match of 1985 as it won but definately good to and even great considering how it was booked counting in everything.

Match of the night and most definitely a signifcant addition to the Hogan DVD.

** 3/4


7) Hulk Hogan (c) vs King Kong Bundy (W-Bobby Heenan) in a Steel Cage Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 2

The Hulkster had already cut two promo’s on the night before the main event.
He also had injured ribs which was the main focus/story of this match.
Heenan was very cocky as he always in his guy’s chances (in this case Bundy) of winning the WWF Title.

There was some pretty good in ring stuff for a cage match in the mid 80’s but was your typical Hogan vs Big Man routine.

Hulk Hogan came out to an amazing ovation from LA as you’d think he would.
Bundy and Heenan came out to major heat as well.

This, is what the world has come to!

Hulk taped up circled around the Cage with the much bigger King Kong Bundy and Los Angelas was ready for the Main Event!

King Kong Bundy looked at Hogan with a deep stare and he knew he wanted to target the ribs. The two locked up and Hulk landed right hands to Bundy, against the ropes for leverage and another right followed by three hard chops and an irishwhip to King Kong Bundy to the ropes and he landed a boot to the head of Bundy as the crowd roared.

Hogan then choked out Bundy in the corner and grabbed him by the head slamming him head first into the cage. Hulk looked unstoppable for the beginning of this match. Hulk not letting his injury bother him as he chopped at Bundy. Hulk irishwhipped Bundy and then King Kong Bundy caught a big elbow shot to the head. Hulk is ready and he landed right hands and the crowd loved it.

All of the sudden King Kong Bundy blocked Hogan’s attempt at throwing him into the cage. Bundy’s first offense here.

King Kong Bundy targetted Hogan’s injured ribs. Hogan was down and the crowd was worried chanting for the Hulkster! King Kong Bundy proceeded to kick at Hogan’s ribs and then he scooped him up and slammed him down to the canvas which did more to the ribs of Hogan! Hulk down on the mat as Bundy showed his animal instinct. Bundy went to escape the Cage as Heenan opened it to win the title. Hulk Hogan crawled across the ring with everything he had and stomped Bundy.

A refreshed King Kong Bundy scooped up Hulk Hogan and Slammed him RIBS first into the cage horizontal! Hulk still though, somehow, managed to prevent the big King Kong Bundy from leaving.

Bundy took off Hogan’s protective tape on the ribs and proceeded to choke out The Hulkster with it! Bundy then choked Hogan out on the middle ropes. Heenan cheered Bundy on and encouraged him to leave the Cage but still Hulk Hogan managed to get there just in time! Hogan raked the face of Bundy.

Hulk Hogan with three big right hands and then a chop to Bundy in the corner. Hogan seemed to have some momentum back and then delivered another hard shot before he sent Bundy flying off the ropes head first into the Cage. The wrath of Hulkamania was being felt at Wrestlemania in LA.

Hogan was the man here.

Hulk Hogan picked up Bundy who was BLEEDING by this point.

Hulk landed right hands on Bundy and the crowd loved it.

Hogan viciously took shots at Bundy’s busted open face, and the camera angle from the sky was extremely cool looking over the blue cage. Hogan then raked Bundy’s back and face and slammed his bloody head into the side of the Cage!

Hogan not letting up slammed Bundy in again, as Bundy was bleeding non-stop and Hulk Hogan slammed him yet again! Hulk climbed the cage and choked Bundy out with his boot on the top rope! Bundy being worn down needed a move soon to get back momentum and Hogan kept up with rights to the bloody head of King Kong Bundy.
Hogan makes a mistake as he attempted to slam Bundy but with his bad ribs did not have the power to do so. King Kong Bundy lands on Hogan!

As Bundy goes to leave and Heenan grabs on, Hulk grabs the tape that was around his ribs and chokes out a bloodied Bundy. Nice shot. Showing this is a war at Mania. Bundy though fought out with a right hand and raking the face.

Bundy irishwhipped Hogan out of the corner into the other corner of the ring hard with great impact!
King Kong Bundy hit the Avalanche in the corner before a big splash in the center of the ring and even Elvira screamed.

Fans legtimately thought King Kong Bundy would perhaps leave the Cage area but Hogan caught him. Bundy hit an Avalanche to Hogan but he shook his head and said NO. Hulking up perhaps!?

Hogan bodyslammed King Kong Bundy with bad ribs and all!

Ventura can’t believe it and the fans go wild!

Hogan hits his leg drop!

Hogan climbs the Cage! Bundy chases him up but Hogan kicks him off and The Hulkster made it up and over as the crowd goes wild!

In the end “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan escaped the cage after powerslamming and leg-dropping Bundy at 10:15 to keep the WWF Title.

“Real American” plays to end the show and Hogan gives the Brain a pounding to end the night from LA to make the crowd go home happy. If this event as taglined, was “What the World was Coming TO” I might of offed myself but thankfully Wrestlemania 3 would be a lot better.

Pretty good main event though considering the time but it was only third best match on a card that had a lot of dissapointing ones so read into that what you will.

Hulkamania lives on!


** 1/2


8 ) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff (w/Bobby Heenan) for the WWF Championship -The Big Event: August 28th, 1986 -Toronto Canada

Lets not kid ourselves.

Mr. Orndorff is not in the Hall of Fame because it’s a McMahon fan club. He’s there because he’s earned it.

This guy is tremendous.

He could also bring out the best in Hulk. If you can bring out the best in the best, that says your special.

Paul Orndorff was always an underrated rival to Hogan, infact I’d suggest he’s just plain underrated all-around in general to the majority of fans.

Orndorff calls Hogan the best he ever went with, he says he didn’t do a lot but he had the charisma to make it special.

Paul Orndorff gives himself credit for making Hogan as well.

HUGE crowd here in Toronto, announced 70,000 plus but this is Vince McMahon in the 80’s so 40,000 is probably more accurate.

This unique atmosphere for this one.

Orndorff with a big clothesline and he’s all over Hogan and then off the ropes Hulk shot back.

Hogan elbowed Orndorff to the floor and the two exchanged shots. Hogan in the ring hit a big clothesline thenan elbow. Hogan irishwhipped Orndorff to the cornerthen posed as him.

Hogan with an atomic drop after Heenan distracted him. Hogan chased after the Brainbut this allowed Paul Orndorff to fight back. Orndorff suplexed Hogan on the floor.
Orndorff now mocked Hogan asking the crowd.

Orndorff drove an elbow into Hogan’s throat from outside the ring and he kept doing it relentlessly. Orndorff stayed on the attack.

Hogan chants everywhere and then Paul Orndorff elbowed Hogan right in the face. Orndorff with a heavy shot to Hogan right in the throat. Hogan still had a little in him and what was different about Orndorff from other opponents that I like is he stayed on the attack.

Relentless was the key word for Paul Orndorff.

Again an elbow shot right into the throat of Hogan. Frequent covers get him a two again and again. Hogan backdropped Orndorff countering his piledriver.
Orndorff on top choking out Hulk! Orndorff even resorting to biting him. A suplex by

Orndorff after a side headlock and while covering him put his hand to his ear in hilarious fashion.

That’s different. Champ had his foot on the rope. Hogan ran to Orndorff and hit a high knee that took even the official down. Hulk Hogan clotheslines Orndorff. Hogan asks for momentum from the crowd. Hulk Hogan signals for a Piledriver but Heenan from the outside clobbered Hogan with a chair.

No wonder he got the weasel name.

Orndorff trying to become Champ but the official got up slowly.
He crawled over and the count stopped at two. Hulk Hogan is down and Orndorff celebrated with the Gold.

Hogan is announced as the winner by DQ by the Fink to a big ovation at 10:45.
These two had a Steel Cage match on SNME four stars, this was JUST AS GOOD and entertaining.




9) Hulk Hogan (c) vs André the Giant (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 3


This is the biggest match in the history of Pro-Wrestling..

Watching the entrances with the stare down, commentary and atmosphere still gives me the chills. You know you’re “Watching the show” when you see this. And by “The Show” I mean Pro-Wrestling at it’s defining moment.

The heat the intimidating André The Giant got was amazing after his heel turn and Bobby Heenan deserves a lot of credit for it as well.

André The Giant just stood there. The irresistible force meeting the immovable object.
Hogan went toe to toe with him.

Hulk Hogan blocked a couple of shots and went for a Slam but André The Giant landed on Hogan.

André The Giant thinks he has the three count! Heenan yells “that was 3!” from the outside but the match continues as many took a deep breath.

Hulkamania was almost down and out just there but Hulk caught a break there.
Ventura thinks it was close and so did many others.

André The Giant kicked at Hogan. Hogan had a sore back because of the failed body slam attempt and André The Giant kept trying to wear him down. André The Giant picked


Hogan up with ease and then slammed him in the already damaged kidney area.
André The Giant irishwhipped Hulk Hogan hard twice into the corner which took more air out of the lungs of Hulk and damaged-bruised his kidney-lower back region.

André The Giant backed up his entire body weight into Hogan in the corner. André The Giant delivered a headbutt. All André The Giant here. André The Giant choked out Hogan some more but Hulk sneaked out and the fans erupted. Hogan hit some desperation right hand`s. An elbow off the side ropes and André The Giant was hit with elbow shots by Hulk. Hogan then slammed André The Giant head first into the corner of the ring over and over and Hogan ran off the ropes for leverage but ran right into the big boot of André The Giant.

André then chopped Hogan. André The Giant had a bearhug slapped on The Hulkster in the center of the ring and he was forcing the life out of Hulkamania seconds at a time with that tight grip.

Hogan gasping for air, trying to get some momentum back while the Pontiac Silverdome helped him by chanting on his name.

Heenan from the outside kept asking for Joey Marella to ring the bell claiming Hogan couldn`t continue and we`d have a new Champion.

After a couple of minutes of André The Giant wearing down Hogan some more, Marella dropped his arm but Hogan shook it off and began to hulk up with 93,000 people behind him. Hogan unloaded with everything he had and connected right hand`s to André The Giant.

Hogan hit a shoulder block and then another one off the side ropes. André The Giant hit a reverse elbow on the third Hogan charge and then André The Giant nailed him with a big boot to the chest area. André The Giant with another chop to Hogan on the outside.
André The Giant moved the mat and hit a backdrop to Hogan on the concrete which didn`t look very good as Hogan landed very slow. André The Giant fired him back inside the ring. André The Giant irishwhipped Hogan but he ducked a clothesline and hit him with one of his own that took The Giant off his feet.
Hogan had the support of all of the fans and he hulked up as the place went crazy! We`re seing what Hogan was made of.

Then Hulk Hogan did the impossible and slammed the Giant to the mother of all pops. When this happened the building shook just as Hogan had said would happen in a previous promo, and the Wrestling world was never the same. Some consider that moment to be the best moment in Wrestling history. It’s definately up there.

Soon after he’d hit his signature legdrop.

In the end, Hulk Hogan pinned André The Giant after a scoop slam and a leg drop at 12:01 to reatain the WWF Title to a monster sized pop with over 90,000 fans going crazy.
The Hulkster thanked the heavens and poses to the millions watching at home and to all the number of thousands in Detroit. “Real American” plays as the Hulkster stands in his prime in all his glory in one of the best Wrestling sequents of all time.

The “WWF” had officially taken off and “Hulkamania” was running wild as the driving force behind the 80`s boom.

Perhaps the most generous I’ll ever be for a match to add to its rating, but if I added points for significance, this is the match to do it for and I probably added a star for that alone at the end of the day.

Drama at its finest. An appropriate way to end Disc 1.


** 1/4


Disc 2 Matches:
10) “The Mega Power’s Explode!”: Randy “Macho Man” Savage (c) (W/Miss Elizabeth in a Neutral Corner) vs Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 5


Disc 2 starts off in a grand way…

Here we go! This is the wrestling world wanted.

There had been some great action and some matches that made you wish you weren’t watching the event but by the time this match arrived you were no doubt ready for the peak of the era.

It was showtime. The bell sounded and it was on. It don`t get no bigger then this.
Randy Savage posed with his shades on, with one hand lifting the WWF title in the air and the fan`s boo.

Brilliant. Love it, that looked great.


Savage tried to get at Hogan early by making faces, shaking his hands as usual. Hogan tugs the top rope to warm up. Savage faked out Hulk as he went to run at him and then they circled each other and as Hulk got close Savage left the ring and went for a quick walk. Leaped up and posed to more boo`s. Savage elevated himself over the top rope on the ring apron and back into the ring. Savage played mindgames with Hulk Hogan and then the two finally tie up. Hulk Hogan pushed Macho Man off of him with the first test of power going to the Hulkster. Fans cheered and chanted Hogan while he said “`bring it on“ to Macho who looked furious and went to the apron and back inside.

Ventura said he expected it since Hogan out weighed him. Savage going to wrestling puts a side headlock, and then off the ropes as Hogan pushed him received a reverse elbow to Macho Man. Savage went for a quick walk to re-group like DiBiase did earlier in the night. Back in the ring a side headlock was placed on Hulk by Savage and he kept it held in tight wearing down Hulk who got out of it by pushing Macho to the ropes and he went underneath the bottom rope, and ran around the ring. Hogan chased Savage until he put Liz in front of him. Savage was doing everything he could to make sure Hulk Hogan looked amazing, and proving Savage was indeed a big time heel. Macho Man was back in the ring calling on Hogan. Both men back inside and circling around one another, Hogan with a nice wrestling move a sideheadlock, into a droptoe hold, back into a front facelock. With Hogan`s additional bodyweight this worked well. Hogan with a side headlock.


Macho brings Hogan up to his feet and hits a big suplex. Nice move of power by Macho Man. Savage ran to the ropes, dropped an elbow but Hulk moved and landed some right hand`s sending the Champ to the canvas. Hulk hooked the arm, armringer by the Challenger but the Champ, Macho raked the eyes and kicked him in the gut. Savage went up high where Ventura said he was best and Macho Man dropped a double axehandle and bombs away, he hit it. A two count, and Macho Man went into an armbar, into an armringer.
Behind the official`s back Savage grabbed the hair of Hulk to get him down and slapped back on the armbar. Hogan chants were heard all over Atlantic city. Hulk got to his feet and then he shook his arm but Savage grabbed the hair behind the official again. Randy Savage kept the armbar on in a big way, as Hulk pushed him off with his palm. Both men wanted victory badly here as it was quite obvious. Savage with an armbar, drove the knee into the chest of The Hulkster, who temporarily got to his feet until Macho Man grabbed his hair, then Savage twisted his arm and Hogan pulled Savage`s tights for a leverage move to elevate Savage out of the ring to the outside.

Both men cheating.

Hogan threw Savage back in the ring. Hogan then slammed Savage`s head into the top turnbuckle and then he rammed his head into the other.

Hogan hit a clothesline to Savage, the champ was down and Hulk Hogan dropped two elbow`s before he raked Macho`s eyes with his boots. Hulk Hogan then irishwhipped Savage to the other side and put his head down but Savage kicked him up high and landed a nice clothesline. Some fans cheered for Savage and Ventura said Macho Madness was alive!

I love it.

Savage slapped on a sleeper on Hogan who had blood coming out of his left eye likely from Savage`s kick to Hogan while he bent forward earlier. Savage kept the headlock on and then grounded him to the canvas to wear him down.
Hogan eventually got out of it, Savage went for a kick, he caught him in mid-air shoved him down and an atomic drop by Savage out of desperation. Savage drove Hogan head first into the buckle, hooked the tight`s and got a two count! Macho Man then grabbed Hogan and slammed him by the head into the top turnbuckle. Savage whipped Hogan hard back first into the corner. Hogan down and Savage asking “`Where is Hulkamania now!“
Savage smart, going after the busted open eye with shots. Savage grabbed Hulk by the hair and then threw him back first to the corner again.
Savage cocky and confident posed as WWF Champion as the crowd reacts, he was in control. Macho slapped and stomped at Hulk followed by a shot.

A fatigued Randy Savage dished out right hands to attempt at stopping the force of Hulkamania.




Hulk then stood up and the fans cheered!

Hogan slammed Savage`s head to the buckle a few times and landed some rigth hands!
Hogan clotheslined Savage in the corner of the ring! Hulk Hogan now on guts scooped up Macho Man and slammed him right over the top! Wow.

Pretty big spot for back then.

Liz checked on Savage on the outside who had just been bodyslammed over the top! Macho Man turned on her and almost hit her as the fans “ooooohhhhhh`d.“
Savage went after the cut eye which was a smart move when Hogan went to save Liz. Savage went to plant Hogan into the gaurdrail. Savage raked his face, and then Hogan reversed a faceplant into the apron and hit Macho Man. Hogan picked up Savage and went to slam him but Liz said no. Hogan`s hesitation there was his own downfall as Savage pushed Hogan into the ring post!

Amazing storytelling here.

Savage then talked to Liz again on the outside in a violent manner.

Macho Man shoved Liz back away from ringside, and the ref told Liz to leave as he also told Macho to get back.

Behind the official Savage kicked at Hogan`s head and got back in the ring. This is what made Savage an awesome heel, he did everything cheap while he could. Brilliant. Macho then went to the very top and dropped the double axehandle onto Hogan into the steel gaurdrail.
Hogan having trouble breathing forgot about the eye injury as his throat was hurt. Savage with great psychology dropped Hogan head first on the top rope. Savage went running with Hogan by the hair and slammed his throat over the top rope while he jumped over. Savage posed again. Savage with a slam.
Randy Savage hit a knee drop to the injured throat, and injured eye. The Official might stop this. Savage grabbed his own tape off his wrists, wrapped it around the throat! Hogan couldn`t get oxygen due to Savage`s heel tactics, and he threw out the tape before the ref could look.

Hulkster back to his feet but Savage kept the choke on and Hogan fell back first to the mat while Savage relentlessly choked out a bloodied Hulk Hogan!
Savage went to the top!
If he hits it, it`s over!

He got him!

He got him!

Randy Savage hit his elbow drop from the top after complete domination in the last five minutes of the match!

When Hogan kicks out of Savage’s famous elbow drop from the top, Ventura claims it’s the first time it’s ever happened.

(It actually HAD happened numerous times and even at WM 2) I guess that’s just a wrestling cliche used by broadcasters (*cough* Michael Cole, *cough*) “I swear to god, I’ve never seen that before!” over and over…and over. Besides Jesse Ventura is the best color guy ever in my books so all is forgiven.

So the crowd was ecstatic Hogan could kick out after all the punishment Macho Man had put him through.

Hulk Hogan was feeling it.

A bloodied Hogan asked for the Hulkamaniac`s help and the adrenaline was starting to flow.

Savage kept giving Hogan shots but it didn`t phase Hogan! Savage said cut it out.


Savage kept hitting Hulk but the fans erupted when they realized Hogan was coming back to life.

Hogan shook his head despite taking the shots and started to Hulk Up!

Hogan drops the leg after slamming Macho Man!

Atlantic City erupts.

When all was said and done Hogan pinned Savage with his famous leg drop after hulking up at 17:54 to become the new WWF Champion.

Hogan poses with his gold to “Real American” as Donald Trump among others clap at ringside.
Savage walks to the back dissapointed.

Fantastic match, the best match these two have ever had together and one of Wrestlemania’s Greatest Main Events ever.

Definately in the top 10 of the 24 to this point in time anyway.

What I liked most about this match was the storytelling. Savage’s heel tactics are legendary here and Ventura is golden, his very best match called of all time.
Obviously the feud between the Mega Power`s going in helped it a great deal but it was Savage`s psychology and Hulk`s wrestling as well, along with the story of Liz and so many great spots that make this match incredible and the very best between the two.

A defining classic of the 1980`s!



**** 1/4






11) Title for Title: Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Ultimate Warrior (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championship -Wrestlemania 6

The Ultimate Challenge!

This match has classic and hype written all over it.

It`s one match for the ages that is still talked about today 20 years later.
It`s build was not quite as good as Savage and Hogan the year before, and buyrate for this event wasn`t either but the actual match here was more memorable then Savage-Hogan from Wrestlemania 5.

The Anticipation for this one match was still pretty insane.

Both men were fan favourites.
Both men were Champion`s.
This was 1990 in the WWF. Vince McMahon didn`t just do this back then but he gambled and it was ultimately a success in the long run and still a defining Mania moment.

Toronto was split.

The Warrior came out first and he was the reigning IC Champion and he came to the ring with a lot of energy as always. Ventura claims it is a mistake as he should save his energy.
It`s always sad hearing Ventura call this one seeing as it is his last Mania match he ever called and he was at every one since the beginning, but what a way to go out. He also has a classic call at the end when he yells “The Warrior has won the title!“

Hulk Hogan got a monster pop as expected in Canada, even though his theme was Real American. Hogan is no Duggan, so he`ll STILL get cheered.

Hogan gets in with his WWF title and he kisses it goodbye after bit of taunting and flexing with the crowd. Pictures were taken like they were going out of style.

Wrestlemania Main Events should always look like this.

Two unstoppable forces and Champion`s (fan favourites to boot) face to face and everyone jampacked ready to go. Hogan-Andre, Savage-Hogan, Austin-Rock among others had this type of Main Event Wrestlemania feel.

The two men stare each other down, the atmosphere was electric, every one in the Dome was standing and cheering, you really felt this one was the big one.

Earl Hebner took the GOLD off of Hogan and Warrior remained looking at The Hulkster, his eyes never left the eyes of Hogan until the match began.

The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan shared a few words as the two Icon`s looked face to face. Warrior oozed charisma and Hogan just shook his head. A shove by the Warrior and Hogan looked surprised. Hogan shoved back up.

Both men tie up and The Ultimate Warrior overpowered Hogan to the corner and flexed with a pose.

Another tie-up and Hulk shoved The Ultimate Warrior to the corner and he posed and a bit more people in the crowd cheered that exchange but it was seriously about 50-50 at SkyDome.

Warrior and Hogan then after a power exchange tried to one-up the other with there hands.

Another feeling out stage soon began.

A battle of power. A test of strength.

Both men holding each others arms, neither man used to this kind of power from the opposition.

This reminds me of what Lesnar and Goldberg were trying to do but never got the chance to, and of course they weren`t motivated. Enough of that.
Back to this classic.

A huge power display by the The Ultimate Warrior as he had Hogan dropped to both his knees and he shook his head saying he would not give up, afterall the Hulkster was undefeated at Wrestlemania. Hogan fought his way back up on the Warrior still with the wrists locked and now both men back on there feet and Hogan overpowered Warrior and now he was down on his knees!

SkyDome was beyond electric by this point as both men were on top at any given time as both men showed awesome power that they had. Hogan with Warrior down in a funny looking way, as he was near Hogan`s pelvis, you can see this picture many times, I elected not to put it in. I don`t like viewing it but you can search it if you wish.

Warrior back on his feet and Hogan sent Warrior to his back on the mat, he dropped an elbow and got a two. Warrior got up and was angry off the ropes with a shoulder block hit Hogan and no one budged. A criss-cross and Hulk Hogan caught The Ultimate Warrior with a scoop slam.

No effect on the Wasrrior, another criss-cross, Hogan leaped over the Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior press slammed Hogan. A Gorilla Press by Warrior was teased and then he elevated Hogan over the top to the outside. Warrior shook the top rope for momentum, the crowd still split.

Hogan`s knee from the fall to the outside seemed to be in jeopardy. Hogan limping and fell to the blue mat on the outside. Warrior didn`t want a countout victory and went to work on Hogan`s leg some more to break the count and injure his opponent at the same time.
Smart straegic wrestling by the IC Champion.

The Ultimate Warrior on the top looking down at an injured Hulk Hogan laying down on the mat. Warrior threw him back inside the ring. Warrior kicked Hogan in the mid-section and more boots to Hogan`s abdominal section. Hogan raked the eyes of Warrior out of desperation despite the bd leg. Warrior hit Hogan and Hebner got in the way, the two have words and it buys Hogan time to strike from behind and he connects with right hands to the Warrior. Hogan with a strong right to Wasrrior and then he climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits him a few times as the crowd counts to eight.

Warrior dazed and didn`t drop to his feet somehow hanging onto the top rope. Hogan bodyslammed Warrior and then The Ultimate Warrior got dropped by Hulk Hogan with two big elbow`s and it is still not enough to put the Warrior away, with a long two count.
Hulk with a nice small package and Warrior still kicked out. A rear chinlock slapped on by the Hulkster. Hogan then with right hands while holding Warrior`s head in a chinlock. Hulk wearing down the Ultimate Warrior who had a ton of athletic prowess so it was a smart strategy. Shots, striking blows, chops by The Hulkster to Warrior. A nice clothesline then by the Federaton Champion Hulk Hogan but again The Ultimate Warrior kicked out!
Nice drama here, a good story beind told in this match. A back breaker by Hogan and another two count.

You got the sense that Hogan was desperate to put The Ultimate Warrior away any possible way he could.

Hulkster with another reverse chinlock slowing down the pace, wearing down the conditioned Warrior which was a logical decision. As Monsoon stated, What a confrontation. Hulk Hogan driving the knee into the back of Warrior which was smart and then he hit a suplex and again got a two.

Since this didn`t work for Hulk Hogan he went back to the strategic reverse chinlock.
Warrior reaching to the heavens and his fans help him gain momentum out of desperation hitting elbows to Hogan three times, Hogan is leapfrogged by Warrior and another criss-cross and both men hit each other down with a double clothesline.

The plot thickens.

The Suspense and crowd participation definitely added to the match in such a big way. Who would win is what everyone wanted to know so desperately. Warrior shaking the ropes for momentum and SkyDome becomes unglued. Warrior blocks a Hogan shot and this was absolutely unseen at the time. It was surreal to see someone hit Hogan at Mania and it being cheered!


Warrior somehow found energy to bounce off the ropes and level The Hulkster with two clotheslnes. An irishwhip to both corners and Warrior was back in control. Both mean sweaty, fatigued but kept on going full throttle.

Warrior this time with a suplex and a two count!

Warrior then squeezed Hogan this time with a bearhug. Earlier in this bout we saw the Hulkster wear Warrior down with a chinlock twice, now after some power moves by The Ultimate Warrior he slapped on a bearhug intelligently in mid-ring. Warrior now with it locked in.

Hulk illegally grabbed the hair, Earl tells him to follow the rules. Earl should of taken his own advice 7 years later in Montreal but that`s neither here nor there.

Warrior still with a squeeze, a resthold giving both men a break and letting the pace slowdown for the Climax that was about to come. In films they have comic relief, well here we have a slow moment-wear down hold to build up the drama for the finale that is about to present itself in one of the biggest matches of all time.

Hogan has one hand go down, two, and on the third he just holds on. Half or a bit over half of the Sky Dome pop when the Hulkster battles out with right hands, Warrior ducks underneath Hogan and he bumps into Hebner. The official is down.

Warrior with a double axehandle off the top, on the top again The Ultimate Warrior drops a second double axe handle to the head of Hogan. The energy still there for Warrior, off the ropes three times, Hulkster took advantage out of no where as he drove the Warrior head first into the mat. Hogan tries to get the three himself but Hebner is down. A suplex by Warrior to Hogan and Hebner still down, Warrior counts his own three but it doesen`t count for him obviously, but it might for Steve Austin at Over the Edge 98, hey he used Vince`s hand and he was the ref, it`s all legal right!

The Ultimate Warrior covered Hogan again and the cliche slow count by Hebner allowed Hulkamania to kick out. Warrior then caught an uppercut from a relatively rested Hogan. A roll-up by Hulk with Hebner way out of position and The Ultimate Warrior kicked out.
Somewhere Edge is watching this saying, one day I`ll have more WWF title`s then these two combined!

Both men pulling out all the stops battling on the outside since the inside wasn`t working out for them due to the kickouts. Hulk and Warrior rammed into the post. So much on the line so they both get back in the ring. The Ultimate Warrior getting more endurance and stamina, reaching for the heavens clotheslines the Champion.

Warrior gorilla pressed Hogan in the air and got a huge pop, landing on Hulk`s back. Somehow, though Hulk kicked out!


Hulk kicks out and Warrior can`t believe it.

Amazing, Warrior now punches Hogan and down on his knees he shakes his head and begins to Hulk up as Toronto pops. The Ultimate Warrior has never seen anything like this. Hogan now strikes right right hands, sends warrior to the ropes with a big boot, he goes for the leg drop and missed!

The Warrior then capitalizes on Hogan`s miss on the legdrop.

In the end The Ultimate Warrior was able to defeat the Immortal Hulk Hogan with a Splash at 22:51 to become the New Champion of the Federation!

The Classic was over.

Jesse had epic words to yell out and you may be familiar with them as they are often heard over and over due to replays from the WWE despite them not being on great terms with Mr. Warrior.

Jesse Ventura: “The Warrior has won the title!!!”


One of the most memorable lines in Wrestling history and it comes appropriately at his last match he broadcasts at a Wrestlemania after doing the first six!
A match for the AGES!
I can`t believe how well balanced everything in this bout was, they literally performed and booked everything perfectly.

This is so much better then Hogan-Rock it isn`t even comparable, the crowd made that bout more and besides the crowd being electric for this one, they both performed much better here.

An act of respect as Hogan and Warrior Celebrate together and raise each others hands.
Warrior becomes the first man in WWF history to hold the WWF and IC title at the same time.

I can honestly say this is one of the most enjoyable matches I`ve ever watched. Hulk Hogan`s best match now, I`m convinced. Warrior`s second best.

A Masterpiece for its time and it still holds up very well today, even when you still know what to expect.


**** 1/2





12) “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter (c) (w/General Adnan) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 7


The WWF capitalizes here on the patriotism surrounding the on-going Gulf War in 1991 to enlist The Real American, Hulk Hogan, for active duty once again. Since stripping The Ultimate Warrior of the WWF World Title, Sgt. Slaughter has been on a rampage with his manager General Adnon spewing hateful venom against America and extolling the virtues of Iraq. Although Slaughter’s best days are behind him he has commendable slugfest with Hogan.

Sargeant Slaughter was not the most credible WWF Champion ever despite being a pretty strong worker in the 80’s, he still wasn’t seen as a credible title holder in many fans eyes and that gained him additional heel heat he was already gaining for being an Iraqi sympathizer.

Hulk goes HARDCORE here, about as much as he was able to anyway in this paticular environment which made for a compelling main event.

Slaughter and Hogan go to tie-up one another but then both back off.

Both men look at one another in disgust as the match officially gets underway.

Hulk Hogan was desperate to get back on top of the Federation and would stop at nothing to do just that. Fans were furious Warrior lost the title to Slaughter so Hogan winning would be a sigh of relief for many, that was the story here essentially.

However Monsoon talks about retribution as well being on the line.

“Hogan“ chants flooded the building and Slaughter and Hulk both circled around one another.

Hulk Hogan and Slaughter tie-up yet again and Slaughter over powers Hulk nearing the ropes and the corner, but both big bodies. Earl Hebner tried to break it up and the power of both men elevated Hebner down on his back twice. Hulk over powered Slaughter with USA chants behind him.

Hogan was getting a bit stale by this point so they really needed this patriotic angle for it to fully work. Hulk with a side headlock to Slaughter and he kept it locked in controlling the Champ and then off the ropes a shoulder block, Slaughter didn`t go down. Hulk leapfrogged over Slaughter who ducked and then this time Slaughter went down to a big time shoulder black from Hulk.

Hulk with a chop to Slaughter on the outside and then Adnan was going for Hulk so he turned around and went for him to the crowd`s delight. Slaughter with a steel chair hit Hulk and then the adrenaline flowed through his body and he said NO. Slaughter looked worried and Hulk threw him back in the ring. Slaughter begged for Hogan not to hurt him. Slaughter with a thumb to the eye in the mean time.

Sgt. Slaughter rammed Hulk Hogan`s head into the top turnbuckle pad a number of times, irishwhipped Hogan and hit a reverse elbow to his head. Slaughter stomped on Hulk and then gave him a big right hand, followed by Slaughter driving his knee to the head of Hogan. Slaughter then missed an elbow drop and the place popped. Hulk Hogan with right hands, an irish whip and a clothesline by The Hulkster. Adnan nailed off the apron by Hulk. Slaughter charged towards Hogan with a standing double axe handel attempt but Hulk gave him shots to the kisser, sent him to the corner and hit a big time atomic drop to Sgt. Slaughter which gave Hogan a two count.

Back to the outside Hulk raked Slaughter`s back, a move he`d do as a HEEL in the later years as Hollywood Hogan seemingly every big match, if not every match.

Hogan with a high knee to Slaughter and then a rake of the face. Hogan then slammed Slaughter`s head into the tp corner of each side of the ring and the crowd had fun with this spot as he fell backwards to the mat. Hogan irishwhipped Slaughter to the corner and a back bodydrop. Hulk the challenger was asking for more and then he irishwhipped Slaughter face first to the buckle. Hulk with a running knee shot to the spine of Slaughter. Hulk slingshotted Slaughter head first to the corner.

Regis said he`d never seen Hulk so determined. I wonder if he`d ever seen Hulk at all in a match before this night.

Hogan with a number or right hands to Slaughter on the mat and then an iishwhip to the corner followed by a clothesline in the corner drops Slaughter. Up top Hulk landed more right`s to the head of Slaughter. Hogan drove Slaughter`s head to the top turnbuckle and then Hulk went to the second turnbuckle doing his best Randy Savage immitation trying a double axehandle from the top but Slaughter broke it up. Slaughter press slamed Hulk from the top down to the mat giving Slaughter a breather.

Heenan really put over how much Hogan was giving it to Slaughter all match to this point. Slaughter with a clothesline to Hogan over the top to the outside. Slaughter shoved Hogan to the ring post, Slaughter with a couple of chair shots to Hulk outside of the ring so it`s all okay back then. Slaughter then wrapped tv cable`s around Hogan`s neck on the outside trying to weardown the Immortal Hulk.

Slaughter dropped a vicious hard forearm twice into the back of Hogan followed by a double axehandle to the back a few times. Another hard forearm shot to the back of Hogan and a back breaker.

Nice back domination by Slaughter but he gets just a two count after that exchange, Slaughter argued with referee Hebner.

Slaughter then locked on a Boston Crab and Hulk looked like he had been to hell and Back. Adnan cheering on Slaughter as Hulk kept saying no.

Back then the crowd was legitimately scared of Hogan tapping to this hold so they were loud throughout moves like this which helped the match remain entertaining despite it being mid-match.

Slaughter had to let go as Hulk grabbed ahold of the ropes. Slaughter then grounded Hogan with more shots to the back. Slaughter from the top rope dropped a boot into the kidney of Hogan. Slaughter hooked a leg but for some reason he distracted Hebner. Not sure why, makes no sense at all.

Either way Hebner got just a two on Slaughter and his pinning attempt here. Slaughter with yet ANOTHER head shot with the chair to Hogan. That chairshot busted open Hulk Hogan.

Hogan had a rush of adrenaline from seeing his own blood. Slaughter with more forearm shots to the head of Hogan and then locked on the Camel Clutch to a bloodied Hogan.

Slaughter slapped it back on when Hulk temporarily broke it.

Adnan cheering on the outside, Heenan claiming this was a brilliant match and Hogan was in a ton of pain. Regis keeps asking how Hogan could get out of this hold.

Hogan eventually with the power of his Hulkamaniacs gets to both feet but Slaughter pushed him sternum first into the turnbuckle and Hogan layed flat on his back.
Slaughter grabbed the Flag of Iraq and covered it on top of Hulk and then Hogan kicked out.

Hulk Hogan grabbed the flag and ripped it in half as the fans popped. Slaughter with a couple of shots to Hogan and he shook his head. Hogan did his routine comeback but it had that extra appeal this time around covered in blood.

In the end Hulk Hogan regained the WWF title at 20:26 after a long hard fought battle with Slaughter by his legdrop of doom.

New WWF Champion.

He overcame the odds, it’s not just a victory for Hogan, but for the whole country!

Trump smiles for the Hulkster yet again from front row at a Mania.

Hulkster prevails, USA wins. Everyone is happy.


Regis yells about how it was a great comeback!

One of Hogan’s better matches at Wrestlemania really. It`s certainly no classic but just fine as a Main Event at Wrestlemania.

This one really worked as good as it could have, the show ended with a bang and it was a great show overall was Wrestlemania 7.


*** 1/4



13) Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker (c) for the WWF Championship -WWF Tuesday In Texas 91

The Undertaker had recently Won the big prize after being in the federation for a year.
Here not long after Survivor Series he defended that same title against Hulk in the re-match, and its rare, but here it is!

A nice treat for the fans.

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer both got a double noggen knocker after kicking away at Hulk.

Fans erupt for Hogan taking shots on the Deadman in the corner. Hogan hit an atomic drop while Taker attempted a hard forearm.

A big clothesline by Hogan but Taker doesen’t go down. Hogan kicked back at Taker. Hogan slams Taker and he sits up.

Hogan landed some nice shots on the Champ.

Hogan off the ropes clotheslined him to the floor and he landed on his feet.

The Undertaker dragged Hogan to the floor and unloded some heavy shots and the fans chanted for Hogan.

Undertaker choked Hulk on the mat outside the ring.

Undertaker came into the ring. Undertaker stomped over Hogan’s face and then choked him out some more on the mat as Hogan gasped for air. An uppercut by Taker.

Undertaker going back to that grip choking out Hulkamania in the corner and Hogan grabbed Taker and slammed him into the buckle on the opposite side kidney’s first.
Hulk charged to the Deadman but he got his boot up and Hogan fell. Taker goes for old school showing his great agility dropping Hulk. Taker again back down to his trusty glove choking out Hulk. Hogan rolled to the floor.

Hogan on the ground delivered out shots, but Taker reversed an irishwhip and Hogan hits into the post. Back inside the ring Taker wore down Hogan even more. Undertaker was choking him out and eventually got himk into pinning combinations.

Hogan regained his vertical base and the adrnline began to flow.

A botch by the ropes and Monsoon tries to make up for the confusion.

A sour spot on an otherwise good tilt.

Undertaker back in control lands a flying clothesline. Taker goes for Old School again an Hogan gets out of it.

Out comes Flair. Things go wrong and Hogan knocked Flair down and Jack Tunney is out as Flair knocked hinto him. Hogan hit a chop on Undertaker but he rakes the face.
Hogan and Taker keep battling. Undertaker with an uppercut. Flair with a chair in hand signals for Hogna but Hulk sends Taker into the chair and gives him a big boot.
Hogan wanted a slam but Taker hit a throat chop on Hulk. Undertaker is hit with his own Urn. Hogan blinds Taker with the ashes.

A school boy ad a new Champion! The place erupts.

In the end The Hulkster regained his title at 13:11.

This was actually quite good.

Much better then there Surivor Series encounter.


** 1/2




14) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) (With Sensational Sherri) vs Hulk Hogan (With Jimmy Hart) -WCW Bash at the Beach July 17th, 1994

Shaq holds up the World Title and we`re underway.

This was a match many had wanted to see for awhile on PPV, and after WCW got the big signing they wanted in Hulk Hogan, it was only a matter of time they put him on PPV against Flair.
Schiavone says finally Hogan collides with the Nature Boy.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan tie up, Flair with a side headlock and off the ropes Hulk gets the upperhand early on with the shoulder block winning that exchange. Hogan throws Flair out of his corner as Naitch came coming for him. Flair looked frustrated and complained to the official that Hogan had him by the hair. Hogan looked on as Naitch began to strut and some of the crowd “Wooo.“

Ric Flair then was imitated by The Hulkster as he slicked his hair back and everyone in Orlando got a good laugh out of that.

Flair with a hammerlock after a waist-lock go behind and then with a single leg takedown, into an overhead wristlock.

Flair trying to teach Hulk a wrestling lesson, perhaps showing where the two legends differ when it comes to Wrestling. Flair with the wristlock locked in on Hogan in mid-ring dragged him by the hair slamming him back first to the WCW canvas floor. Flair with an overhead wristlock kept it locked on. Flair had a big smile on his face as the Hulkster then got to his feet and powered out.

The Hulkster got Flair down into an armbar, but Flair got up immediately and raked Hogan`s face with his boot. Hogan pointed at Flair on the outside and Naitch held Sherri up in front of him blocking any shot from Hulk.

Ric Flair got a surprise when Hogan started to chain-wrestle a bit just like he did against the Macho Man at Wrestlemania 5. (It`s easy to remember because its so rare when he does it) Hogan with a droptoe hold into a hammerlock, Flair got out of it and Hogan pushed him into the corner. Hulk went for the big boot on Flair, and again Slick Ric goes to the outside and holds Sherri up in front of him.

Hogan chases Flair into the ring and Ric Flair caught him with a kick to the face. Flair chopped Hogan in the corner. Ric with a snapmare to Hulk dropping him back first on the canvas, Orlando chanted for Hogan some more. Hulk then got up and went after Flair as he begged in the corner. Hulk up on top of Flair dropped right hands.

Hogan sent Flair into the turnbuckle and Flair caught a break as Sherri grabbed the leg of Hogan. Flair then chopped Hogan over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy Hart then stopped Sherri with a chair on the outside. Flair continued delivering shots to Hulk on the floor.

Fans chanted for Hogan.

Flair dropped a big righthand off the top turnbuckle onto the head of Hulk in the middle of the ring. Flair with Hogan down in the middle of the ring drives the knee to the head of Hulk from the corner. Flair smiling now confident in himself and his chances of retaining the World Title picked up Hogan and went for a righthand in the corner. Hogan blocked a shot from Flair and delivered some retaliation chops of his own to the Nature Boy.
Flair with Hogan down on the mat delivered another hard chop to Hulk. Hulk out of no where lands a clothesline on Flair, somehow Flair regains momentum down on the mat and slaps on a side headlock as everyone in Orlando continued to chant for Hogan.

Hulk Hogan grounded by the Nature Boy.

Hogan hit the shoulderblock on Flair who got back up. Outside on the floor Hogan hit a belly to back suplex to Flair on the mat. Heenan points out Hogan can not win the title with Flair outside the ring. Sherri helps Flair back in and Hogan makes sure he follows back inside. Hogan went for a leg drop and out of instinct Flair moves out of the way. Heenan wants Flair to slap on the figure four and sure enough Ric goes for it. Hogan rolls out of it and applied an inside package on Flair and got a two count.

Flair then in mid-ring goes for the Figure Four again and Hogan gets out. Hogan in a front facelock from Flair in the corner and Ric Flair picks up Hulk Hogan and slams him down. Hogan gets up and shakes his hand at Flair. Hogan then hit a series of righthands to Flair, a boot to the face and then a leg drop. Hulk covered Flair and Sherri pulled the official out of the ring.

Flair then gave a shot to Hogan taking the right leg out. Sherri came in the ring crushing Hogan with her shoe after a splash from the corner as the fans boo this turn of events. Ric Flair then slaps on the Figure Four on the Hulkster and somehow he got out of the hold reaching with his long reach to the bottom ropes. Hogan limping around the ring now as the damage had been done recieved a series of chops from Naitch.

Ric Flair kept hammering Hogan with shots in the corner and he hulked up some more shaking his head. Flair begged Hogan to back off.

Hogan then irishwhipped Flair to the corner and ran into a reverse elbow shot from Flair. Sherri goes up again and crashed into the mat. Hogan caught Flair up top and slams him back first to the mat. Flair attempted to grab Sherri and Hogan clotheslined him down first.

Hulk asks the crowd if he should do a figure four, and he does. Sherri is pushed off the apron by Hogan and she falls into the hands of Mr. T. Flair drops Hogan with a pair of brass knuckles. Flair covers Hogan but he still manages to kick out and this time Hulks up some more. Hulk shakes his head at Flair and Heenan claims he has seen this a million times, but haven`t we all.

Hulk shakes off any punishment from Flair and drops him with a boot. Hogan with a series of right`s and then a boot to the face of Flair. Hulk Hogan drops the leg and gets the three on Flair.

In the end at 21:50 Hogan became the NEW WCW World Champion after defeating Flair with his legdrop to a big ovation.

The first half was sloppy, but the climax was booked pretty well making it exciting for the casual fan.
This was pretty decent (for what it was) when taking it in as a whole, but its obvious both guys were no longer in the prime of there career`s unfortunately and it did drag at times.




15) Formation of the nWo (Bash at the Beach 96)


The day Pro-wrestling changed forever.

The Austin 3:16 speech and Ecw’s popularity were also on the rise starting the attitude era.

All in all a good time to be a fan of Pro-wrestling.

Hogan here was the “third man” to join Hall and Nash and go on Bischoff’s idea of an anti-wcw faction to take on them, by simply ignoring the wwf as if they didn’t matter.
A smart move and it did great business.

Hogan turning heel on Macho Man Randy Savage at Bash at the Beach remains one of most shocking things in the history of the industry and the rest is history. 4 Life.



16) Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs The Giant (c) for the Heavyweight title -Hog wild 96


Giant aka Big Show was pushed to the moon initially, the WWE ignores this on the Monday Night Wars DVD when they said they only created Goldberg. Hello…Sting….Giant…..DDP…anyway…..
So who better to take on the Friendly Giant then the most hated man in the business, who is now Hollywood Hogan who turned his back on the crowd.

Bischoff was bathing in 100$ bills because of this angle.

This event took place outside so it has a unique atmosphere.

Heenan on commentary was drunk, pretty sure.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan takes his time coming into the ring.

Infact Hogan took his time the entire match. He’d leave every time the Giant came near him. Giant suplexed him.

Hogan plays a great heel, no doubt.

But can we have an actual match here?

Finally, both guys go toe to toe, Giant having the leverage advantage obviously then Hogan backs off again. Insanely slow.

They put over the story that Hogan was afraid and he resorted to raking Giant’s face until Giant wins a wristlock test of strength.

Eventually Hogan hit an overhead wristlock into an armbar then a leg drop. Hogan stretched Giant’s arms with his knee pointing in his back. Hulk unloaded with shots. Giant got up and with power broke the wristlock.

Terrible pace here.

Giant tossed Hogan outside the ring where he raked the eyes and back of Giant and then Giant tossed Hogan into the ringpost.

In the ring Giant cornered Hogan with kicks and then a backbreaker. Hogan breaks the pin with his feet on the ropes. Giant missed an elbow.

Hulk Hogan dishes out shots but Giant hulks up.


Giant takes it to Hogan and delivers the big boot.

Nash tried to hit Giant with the Mega Phone and he is it instead.

Hogan hits Giant with the belt behind the official. Giant could never get it back.

So in the end at 14:55 Hogan pinned Giant after hitting him with the title to become the new Champion.

After the match, Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash spray painted “nWo” on the WCW Championship.

This match had a ton of distractions, they tried to play the Hogan vs Giant angle with just different allignments this time.

Didn’t work so well, but still an important match so I can see why it’s here.





17) Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) vs Sting for the WCW Heavyweight title -Starrcade 97


This was the most anticipated match in the history of the company.

So of course a let-down was inevitable. Bischoff gives us his opinion of this monster of a match before it went down.

From the bad booking of Hart in the match, to the inevitable screw-up’s, to sloppy wrestling it wasn’t exactly your five star clinic.

Still, the crowd remained into it which is always a plus, and it wasn’t as bad in reality as I may be making it out to sound.

Goldberg and Hogan has a big time feel but this had it all.

It happened at the Mecca of Turner events, Starrcade in the company’s hottest year to boot.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Sting go at it.

Both slap one another.

Hogan does his typical heel run around.

The two tie up and Hogan corners Sting. Sting fired back and the crowd heavily behind Sting quite obviously.

Fans all over Hogan.

Hulk circles around Sting and they go to tie up and Hogan hits a series of rights to Sting in the corner, raking his face then his back.

Hogan in control early.

Hogan missed two elbow drops and Sting threw him to the floor.

Hogan took his precious time getting back in.

Hogan with a side headlock on ting and off the ropes came back with a shoulder block attempt, Sting hit a dropkick and tossed Hogan out.

Hulk comesback in and then another tie-up goes in Sting’s favor wearing down the Champ with a side headlock on his feet.

Sting is hit with a shoulder block by Hogan off the ropes and he hits a vertical suplex. Sting stands up and Hogan can’t believe it. Sting is raked in the face again and thrown to the floor. Hogan rams him headfirst into the announce table.

Hogan throws Sting into the barricade and then a boot to the face. Hogan hits a leg drop. Almost a nearfall.

Bret said it’s not going to happen again. Bret grabbed Hogan and threw him into Sting. Sting roars and hits the splash.

Sting slaps on the Deathlock despite nwo interfering, Bret asks for the bell to ring.
In the end Sting beat Hogan by some Hitman help at 12:43 to become the new wcw champ.

This match was a major dissapointment.

Just because Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill are all in a comedy directed screenplay done by Judd Apatow, doesen’t mean “Funny People” is going to be perfection.

Sometimes the best just don’t work together.

A huge match so I can see why it ends Disc 2.


* 1/2






Disc 3 Matches:



18) Hulk Hogan vs Curt Hennig (w/Bobby Heenan) -XWF November 2001


A rare match is definitely a treat, even if both guys are past their prime.

Some months before Hennig passed on.

A nice touch to the DVD.

Jimmy Hart talks about this being his company.

Hogan didn’t plan on doing this one.

Mr. Perfect and Hogan go at it!

Hogan chants all throughout the beginning as Hogan works over Mr. Perfect.

Lawler is doing commentary with Tony S which is very strange to hear.

Perfect comes back but eventually Hogan unloads shots and bites Hennig. Perfect with a high kick and a chop.

Hogan fired away rights.

And a legdrop finishes Hennig at just over six minutes.

Hogan says this is a great match. Lawler does as well.

Truth is, it had a hot crowd and was fast.

Other then that there was no wrestling here.

This blew from a star-ratings standpoint but was still a unique addition to the set.
At least Hulk Hogan cut a promo with Mean Gene after the match for Nostalgia.





19) Icon vs Icon: The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan -WWF Wrestlemania X8


This arguably could of been the Main Event because matches like this don’t come around often, if ever.
Everyone had bought the ticket to this show, for this match.

It is the one everyone was emotionally invested in.

The Hulkster and The Great one went toe to toe, the staredown was amazing as was the crowd’s participation here, which was essentially what made the whole match.
We’ve all heard the phrase “If it wasn’t for the fans, this wouldn’t be possible.” Well that was certainly the case here.

Hogan chants flooded side to side while Rocky looked side to side. A tie up to begin and Hogan wins the first test of power.

The crowd ate it up chanting his name.

Hogan showed off for the fans, Rock said OKAY LETS GO, into a standing side headlock by the Hulkster.

Rock shoved Hogan off but he landed a shoulder breaker and then flexed some more and Toronto could not help but love this.

Rocky Sucks was even chanted.

Rock looked on a little shocked at the reaction from the crowd, perhaps…

Hogan started to drop Rock with a big right, then another against the ropes. Hogan lands a clothesline on Rock in the middle of the ring. Hogan misses a clothesline and Rock strikes first to a chorus of boos.

Rock challenged Hogan to get back up.

Rock kept trying to ground Hogan, but he battled through it and Toronto loved it. Rock was in shock.

Rock said just bring it and Hogan pushed back. Hogan went for a right but Rock blocked and delivered a few to the Hulkster taking him over the top rope to the floor. Hogan went for a walk. The Rock chases him down and throws him back inside the ring. The Rock off the ropes kicks up at Hogan with a kick and now he stalked behind him waiting.

Hogan elbowed out of it. Hogan dropped an elbow on the head of the Rock. Hogan then raked the face of Rock with his boot and everyone still cheered the dirty tactics from Hogan, still chanting his name. Hogan had Rock in the buckle but Rock fought back only to boos, Hogan gets back in control to a great cheer as he slaps on the Abdominal Stretch.
Ross and Lawler argue over who and why the crowd are cheering.

Hogan into a cradle gets a two count. Hulk Hogan rakes the back of Rock, not once but to his WCW roots, twice. Hogan lands a hard shot and then another chop to Rock. Rock chopped Hogan in the corner and caught Hulk with a reverse elbow shot. Hulk Hogan in mid-ring caught Rock and dropped him with a one handed chokeslam! Great pop.
Hulk Hogan choking Rock on the mat, Hogan takes off his belt and begins to choke him with that as well. Hulk Hogan sends Rock over the top rope to the floor to a thunderous ovation. Hogan picked up Rock and dropped him amdobminal first on the security railing. Hogan took off a tv monitor and clotheslines Rock.

A fight breaks back into the ring and Rocky runs into the official. The Rock dropped Hulk Hogan with a Spinebuster Slam.

Toronto was not too fond of that move. Rock goes for a Sharpshooter in Canada so it gets booed twice as much. What is Rocky thinking.

Hogan breaks the hold. Hogan taps but no official to declare it a match. Clear ROCKY SUCKS chants diected at Rock and then Hogan hit a lowblow. Hogan hits the Rock Bottom on the Rock!

WOW. Rock kicks out, Hogan takes off the belt again and whipped at the spine region of The Rock. Rock kicks Hogan and scores with a ddt blocking a shot. Rock spots the belt Hogan had been using on him and now Rock uses it back on Hogan.
Rock waited for Hogan to turn around and then the Rock Bottom and Hogan kicked out.
Hulk started to Hulk Up and the crowd went beyond insane scoring with a few shots. Hogan lands the legdrop, Rock kicked out and they were in shock.

Hogan looked for a legdrop a second time, instead a Rock Bottom again. The Rock now up with Hogan in hand goes for it a thrird time. Now Rock to finish things up goes for the peoples elbow and gets it.

In the end at 16:23 The Rock pinned Hulk Hogan after an Elbow following three Rock Bottoms.

The aftermath with the nWo was good but it was the match that was for the ages.

This match is the definition of Sports Entertainment.

The Rock was one of the most popular stars in the entire world.

However this was Hulk Hogan in his world Wrestlemania, ONE MORE TIME, and in Canada to boot. This was the house of Hogan and he and Rock tore down the roof off of Skydome with the help of Toronto.

Everything together and it’s quite simply a modern day Masterpiece. No one can forget the day the Hulk met the Rock.


20) Hulk Hogan vs Triple (c) for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship -Backlash 2002


The Game’s return took second stage to Hogan’s return to glory.

I’m sure he’ll live since he helped make his progam against Michaels or Eugene.
Triple H and Hogan lock horns but Hulk wins the fans over.

Both men babyface which is worth noting.

They did that Hogan-warrior battle of strength spot during the beginning stages of the match. Another tie-up sends Hogan to the corner. Hunter drills an older Hogan headfirst into the buckle and he fires away shots.

Hogan comes back with some of his own.

Hunter then goes back to the offense using some rought stuff choking out Hulk and taking out his vertical base.

Hunter drags Hogan to the middle of the ring and works on his leg putting him in a leg-lock.

Logical if Hogan sells, of course when Hulking up it doesen’t matter what part of Hogan you work on.

That always effects his matches.

The Game followed up on the leg-work and slapped on a figure four.

Hogan caught in a sleeper now down to the mat.

Hogan got momentum back, Hulked up and took out Hunter. Jericho took out the official after Hogan.

Triple H spotted Chris and the Game hit a facebuster to Jericho clotheslining him out of the ring. Hunter distracted Hogan shakes his head at Hunter’s shots.
The fans at the time loved it at least.

Ross asks if it’s reality or a dream?

Hogan hits the big boot then the legdrop as Hunter avoids it. Triple H puts Hogan in the Pedigree.

Hunter had it.

Triple H is going to win but Taker struck the official.

Taker smaked Hunter in the head with a chair.

Taker placed Hogan on Hunter but fought Taker taking him out. Hogan hit another leg-drop!

The count!

My god he’s done it screams Ross!

In the end at 22:03 Hogan did the unthinkable and became Champion once again. As ridiculous as it might of been at his age it didn’t matter.

It felt good.

This match is what it is. Hunter still had injury troubles and working with an older Hogan limited him even more.

One last run.

One last Hoo-rah, one month.

Pure nostalgia but nothing more.

This went longer then it should have as well.

* 1/4



21) Billy and Chuck (c) (With Rico) vs Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan -WWF SmackDown! July 4th, 2002

This match is on DVD more times then several classic’s which is kind of annoying

Billy and Chuck were pretty homosexual.

Anyways onto the match.

Hulk Hogan slammed Chuck to the corner and he posed, Tazz said he better not tell him to kiss his ass, as he might do it. Clever.

Chuck Palumbo with hard shots to the most popular wrestler of all time. Chuck with a powerslam, but Hogan got up and he landed right hands to Chuck, off the ropes Hogan hit a clothesline. Hogan with an elbow to the sternum twice, and then a boot across the face to Chuck.

Billy Gunn tagged in and he had almot X-Pac heat by this time. Micheal Cole calls him maybe the best tag wrestler ever, ugh.

Hogan landed a shot as did Edge from the corner.

Edge then flattened Billy Gunn with a hard shot. Edge to the ropes leaped over Gunn and flattened him dropping him back first. Edge then with hard shots to Gunn, but out of no where Gunn hit a clothesline to Edge.

Billy Gunn stomped on Edge and delivered blows, tagged in Chuck as he dominated Edge some more, Gunn tagged in again working over Edge as the tandem were isolating him in the corner.

Your standard tag-team formula here.

Gunn in mid-ring hit a vertical suplex in mid-ring to Edge.

Chuck with a hard right hand to Edge. Chuck kicked at a fatigued Edge and then scoop slammed him.

Fans chanted for Hogan.

Chuck tossed Edge over the ropes, Gunn came in with a front facelock. Gunn clotheslined Edge down, and then Edge out of no where countered it in mid-air and slammed his face to the mat.

Finally Hogan comes in and does his magic, but Chuck trips him, Gunn covers and just a two. Edge from the top with a flying double clothesline.

Outside the ring Hogan dropped Rico groin first on the barricade, and out of no where hit Billy with a spear.

Edge then dropped a leg on top of him, just like his idol had done so many times. Hogan did the same, the cover and new tag champs!

The place erupts.

In the end on Independence Day (even though it was filmed earlier) Edge and Hogan wore patriotic colors (even though Edge is Canadian) by winning the titles after Edge and Hogan both hit the legdrop after one another.

Decent, but way too typical, and very sloppy wrestling by everyone in the match but Edge.
So nothing good at all, it also dragged in the middle.


* 1/2





22) 20 Years in the Making: Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon in a Street Fight -Mania X9


The pre-match video package was done very well to this match. Good music selection.

Without a doubt THE TWO biggest names in Wrestling history. That is a pretty big statement but if you think about it, it is true. Austin, Flair, Savage, Rock, those guys might be some of the best ALL AROUND but if you think of the two most important men in Wrestling history, it has to be the top promoter for half a century and the biggest Icon in Wrestling history.

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan were eye to eye.

Vince McMahon with some REAL hatred you would have to think on the Hulkster, the feelings go back for both men.
The two most important men in Wrestling history, or this event WRESTLEMANIA finally squaring off. It had that appeal at least.

What people were worried about was the in-ring action.

Here we, the anticipation is high and the bell rings.

Vince McMahon begins with a slap. Hogan tackled down McMahon and shoved his head to the mat. Hogan throws his bandanna off and then clotheslined Vince before choking him out.


Hogan stomped on Vince in the corner of the ring and choked him. An elbow by Vince McMahon gets him out of this predicament and he drops a clothesline this time. McMahon kicks Hogan and sells the ribs a bit. McMahon cornered Hogan and delivered high knees. Vince with an elbow to Hogan on the Grand Stage, as Cole says no one ever thought it would come this.

Hogan lands some sloopy looking righthands.

Of course after so many terrific matches this is going to look lackluster.
McMahon drives his knee into the joint of the elbow of Hulk. McMahon with a hammerlock on Hogan and he elbows out. Vince McMahon dragged Hogan by the elbow and slammed it against the post. Vince McMahon attempting to hyperextend the elbow slams it once more into the post.

Vince now in mid-ring with a wristlock continuing pressure on the bruised left arm. Hogan feeling the support from the Maniacs as he came back up, an additional shot down by the Charman and Vince is once again in control.

A test of power in mid-ring sees Vince McMahon in control. Hogan squeezed Vince into his chest twice, then McMahon was able to elevate Hulk out to the barricade. Hulk still in a hammerlock is driven right into the steel post outside the ring with his one bruised arm wrapped behind him. Vince is smart I guess.

McMahon grabs a Steel Chair now. With chair in hand Vince McMahon goes to deck out Hogan against the post but he moves. Hulk fights back knocking McMahon down with a right and then sending Vince McMahon right into the steel post. Now Hogan has the chair!

Hulk Hogan with a chair asks for the crowds support and with the chair knocks Vince McMahon square in the skull! A hard thud, what a sick chair shot by the Hulkster! Seattle goes crazy.

Hogan now in control with Hogan chants going up everywhere. Hogan has busted open Vince McMahon and he keeps beating on a battered Vince McMahon some more with additional shots. Hulk throws McMahon inside the ring. Hogan all riled up knows how to work in this environment and go as a match from a sports entertaining standpoint. Hulk sends the bloody mess to the outside. An extra chairshot to McMahon.

A bloodied Vince McMahon recieved a third and now he is done until a desperate lowblow which is legal in a street fight hits the Hulkster taking him down.

A bloodied Vince McMahon now has a little bit of time to re-group. Vince McMahon with chair in hand smacks Hogan across the face!


A bloody battle here.

McMahon with a Giant Ladder sets it up by the announce table. Vince climbs and Hulk Hogan asks what is going on. Vince slams Hogan face first into the table, both men a bloody mess. Vince sends Hogan into the barricade now.

Vince sets up a Ladder inbetween the tables this time and continued to choke Hogan.
McMahon went for a huge bump here, all bloodied in the air.


Vince from the top of the Ladder asks for Hogans fans and then hits his OWN move (perhaps better then the Hulkster ever did) on HIM off a ladder through a table!


After a moment Vince now knows this is going to put away Hogan and still could not get it done. McMahon looked everywhere for something and now with a sadistic look in his eye found a pipe.

Vince has the Pipe and what sounds like Pipe, i will go to that later.

Hulk Hogan nailed Vince in the grapefruits.

Vince down with the Pipe. Forget the PIPE…in comes PIPER!

Tazz then marks out, as does Seattle as he screams “No Way! It`s ROWDY, Roddy PIPER!“ as the Hot Rod returns in style to a great ovation.

Piper goes to hit Vince originally but eventually hits Hogan and spits on him to a mixed reaction.

Hulk Hogan down now in a bad way.

McMahon crawls over for the pin.

A bloodied Vince can`t believe The Hulkster kicked out!

In comes Vince and his favourite tool the Pipe. And his Montreal ref, Slyvian Grenier and Hogan kicked out!

Everyone went wild.

Hogan hulked up and dropped blows to Hogan and the official, another double axehandle out of desperation from Vince but he ends up getting a legdrop twice.

Hulk Hogan hits a legdrop for a third time for good measure and they love it.

In the end at 20:48 Hogan finally went over Vince.

This match was much better then anyone figured it`d be, which is something we always hear when a “McMahon“ wrestles for the most part.

Shane McMahon came out to check on his old man after the match, and Hogan gave Shane a stare.

The rough stuff was unbelievable for guys of there age, the wrestling was also quite impressive as it made sense and followed a story. However it looked bad in comparison to all the classics surrounding it on the night.

Another great aspect here was Hogan and McMahon are both tremendous entertainers, that with the Piper shock made everything so FUN.

This came of real well.

Great stuff.

** 3/4



23) Hulk Hogan’s Hall of Fame Induction -Hall of Fame 2005

For no one else did wrestling fans give an ovation like this.

Rightfully so.

Hogan is the biggest name in the history of the business and always will be, like him or not.

“Thank you Hogan” was chanted as he broke down. ROCKY himself inducted him as SS and HH go back.

Good stuff here as expected.

The only thing that would of made this better is if he said what he did at Raw 15h, “Never say never…OOOOHHHH YEEEEAH!”


24) “The Legend” & “The IMMORTAL” Hulk Hogan vs “The Icon” & “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels -WWE Summerslam 2005



The Legend vs The Icon.

Oh there`s no doubt there is GREAT BUILD for this match showing Hulk in the 80`s and Shawn in the 90`s but there`s one problem…..

It`s 2005.

Hulk can barely hit any moves, very limited.

Michaels can put on a great match but he himself in parts doesen`t even take this thing seriously which is Yes, humerous but at the same time a little silly.

Shawn as a HEEL here for a month was very good despite it not making much sense and then all of the sudden he goes back face the next night in an opening promo with Chris Masters on Raw to build the Unforgiven program.

People called this a DREAM MATCH and it was billed as something like Hogan-Andre although I never got the hype, sorry but I never once ever thought of these two even wrestling and when the idea came up I was just sort of MEH.

Not a big fan of either although I respect and appreciate both, and both are top 10 ever, Hogan just cracks the 10 spot for me.

Hogan comes out to a great reaction and of course hypes the crowd up big time which makes this main event of a huge PPV in a huge match seem all that more important because the crowd are all jacked and ready to go with there enthusiasm it can help any good match look great; see Hogan-Rock at WM X8.

Hogan and HBK doesen`t have the same magic as Hogan and Rock, or a potential Hogan-Austin match. Sorry, but it just doesen`t for obvious reasons. Any HBKmark who doesen`t like that, well it`s too damn bad I had to say it like it is.

Of course Hogan starts the match by pushing Shawn down exposing his Immortal power and oh how impressive it is.

Shawn furious with Hulk as he flexes and walks it off.

HBK then catches Hogan in a headlock now in the center of the ring. What`s Hogan going to do…begins to fight back and then gets one of his own and knocks HBK down with a shoulder block and here we see Version 1 of the HBK-Overselling Job which many hate and many love, I`m indifferent as he rolls out of the ring and slams his hand onto the apron in frustration.

Both back in the ring and tie up again as HBK hammers the high back of Hogan and he goes to the corner and gets a chop by Shawn. Shawn then with another chop hard to Hogan as he looks to be in some pain now but obvioussly it wont matter in the end, It`s Hogan! It doesen`t take long for Hulk to get back in the match sending HBK to the corner and boots him up in the air as he`s on the top of the buckle a few times before landing groin first on the top rope and then back in the ring recieved more shots from The Hulk. Hogan then caught a rake to the eyes and HBK then elbowed him back into the corner.
Shawn Michaels chops Hogan again.

Shawn then sends Hogan to the ropes but Hogan reverses the whip and back drops HBK before clotheslining him over the top rope and HBK over sells this again as he flips over a few times on the outside. After some blows by Hogan HBK checks to see if his teeth are all in and Hogan then ducks as HBK begins to slap him and sends his head into the corner as he hits him with about the millionth chop of the match. Hogan Irish Whips Shawn back into the buckle and he flips over the rop landing ont he apron comes back in, or attempts to but Hogan hits him off and he falls to the ground.

Both guys on the outside and Hogan slammed Shawn`s head into the security rail.
Hogan slammed Shawn into the table and it tilted over. Hulk then picked up HBK and drove him head first into the ring post.

Both these guys doing more then I remembered here as HBK rakes the back WCW Hollywood style before sending him head first into the other ring post.

HBK levels Hogan`s head with strong blows but he is pushed off by Hogan into the security rail again so Hulk can re-group as his vision is gone due to old age or the two ring post shots.

Back in the ring Shawn with punches to Hogan but he pushes him off. Shawn goes up again and Hogan pushes off again. HBK then hits Hogan with hard right hands as he`s layed out on the corner and Hulk Hogan is now busted open. Shawn up to his feet while a Bloody Hogan gets up to his.

HBK then gives right hands to a bloodied Hogan who probably charged Vince 500, 000 for the blade job.

HBK caught Hulk in a sleeper hold.

This lasts about a minute or two to make the match longer and I`m getting Sid-Hogan flashbacks. Ugh.

Hogan`s blood all over Shawn`s chest.

Shawn up and then came off with a flying forearm and then kicked up obvioussly and then went up high for a flying elbow drop and hits it but Hogan gets up and points at Shawn and then hulks up in a way and then Shawn hits another flying forearm to Hogan.

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan were then both down on the mat at this point of the match.

Shawn kicked up again and went to the top rope and then puts Hogan in the Sharpshooter. Everyone looked to the entrance way for Bret Hart. You might have to wait 4 and a half years.

Hogan doesen`t tap to a terrible version of the Sharpshooter. Hogan then gets to the ropes and the fans boo as there is no Hart. Fans chant we want Bret as the ref is knocked down.
Shawn then speared Hogan and then put a chair in the ring.

Shawn hits a bloodied Hogan in the head with a chair.

Shawn goes up high for the third time in the match with an elbow drop.

HBK then hits the Sweet Chin Music and Hogan kicks out and Hulks up.

Hogan then points at Hogan and does the shots followed by the boot as Shawn flips around and the fans laugh.

Hogan hits his legdrop and Hogan wins!

Hulkamania still lives!

Irrelevant but seemingly so was the match. That doesen’t mean it wasn’t fun.

In the end Hulk Hogan defeated Shawn Michaels at 21:24 with the Leg Drop of doom,.
Both guys shake hands.

Hogan then does his 30 minute celebration after the match.

This was a lot better then I remembered. Great match overall for these two.

A good way to close the Hogan DVD.

** 1/4





Final Rating for Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Anthology = 6.5/10


This set as you can see features Hogan’s most important matches, or at least the main ones considering he was apart of so many. Like most releases I would of liked more of Bischoff’s promotion on the set but they made another one with rare gems for that. (As I edit this review they DID release a new Hogan set with rare matches just last year)
Any fan of wrestling could get this set as it shows a bit of Hogan’s range. He was more then people often give him credit for inside the ring. So check it out Brother, unless you have the Mania Anthology, however I’d get the other one (Unreleased) if this is a choice between the two. Great dvd here as far as history goes, it featured a bit of back-story before the matches by Okerlund and Jimmy Hart (In character) as a nice touch, 23 full length matches and two clips (Hall of Fame) and the unforgettable nWo formation.

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    Did not get the fourth disc copy

  3. Rob L says:

    I personally enjoy this DVD and I think I would rate it a tad bit higher. Hulk Hogan is the biggest most well known wrestler ever! He is known world-wide, he put wrestling on the map, and I think for that reason alone he deserves nothing but respect. His in ring ability was not the best but the reaction he would get from the crowd was tremendous. His energy made his matches so much fun for me to watch! Anyway, this was another great review from you man. I’ll be sure to keep checking them out each and every time you post one. Quick question, I picked this DVD set up as well but mine included a 4th bonus disc. Just wondering if you’ve seen the content on that disc?

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