Review: WWE Hulk Hogan’s UNRELEASED Collector’s Series (3 Disc) DVD

December 6, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “Hulk Hogan’s UNRELEASED Collector’s Series” 3 DiscReview:

“Everybody out there is looking for an idol. Looking for a Super Hero. Hulkamania is spreading and you have just found your Super Hero!” -Hulk Hogan

-This paticular DVD set was the third for Hulk Hogan after “Hulk Still Rules”, “Hogan Anthology” and was in production before Hogan signed with current rival TNA.

-This DVD was presented in chapter by chapter presentation before each rare gem. A nice touch.

-Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular and recognisable WWE Superstars of all time. Now for the first time ever, some of the rarest matches and moments from his career are featured on this three disc set, many being available on DVD for the first time. Packed with highlights that span his thirty-year career in WWE, WCW and beyond, this set is an absolute must for all Hulkamaniacs!





Disc 1:


-Path to Immortality:

-Hulk Hogan is the biggest name in the history of wrestling.
Now for the first time ever the company has opened up the vaults to his RARE matches.


1) “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan (with Classie Freddie Blassie) vs Harry Valdez -Championship Wrestling November 13, 1979

So we begin THIS DVD with a very rare match which we should given the title of the DVD.

Seeing Hogan in the 70’s is always fun. This was his TV debut.

They wanted to put over Hogan as a big powerhouse heel here who’s finisher was a bearhug. This could be Hogan’s tv debut for the company but they did announce it as his first appearance in the building.

Harry Valdez had different ideas.

Hulk Hogan and Harry Valdez tie-up and the bell rings.

Valdez shoved to the ground just to display the Hulkster’s power. Hogan in all blue shoved him down over and over. Hogan hit a leg drop over Valdez’s chest.

Hulk in the ring with Vince and Bruno on commentary is amazing considering the importance from those three men in the history of Pro-wrestling.

Hogan with a vertical suplex. Hogan with a bearhug up in the air and at 2:52 it’s over.
Squash match.

In the end Hogan goes over in an attempt to get it over. It worked to say the least.
Blassie shows some of his mic skills after the match and that was the real treat.




-First Major Obstacle:
-Hogan obviously on the rise but still had not adapted the “Hulkamania” persona so thus there was no boom…yet. Still, he proved he was more then capable of being the man in with one of the best of all time in former Champion Bob Backlund.

Just one year into his career faced off against the Federation’s backbone at the time. Bob Backlund, the Champion.



2) Bob Backlund (c) (with Arnold Skaaland) vs “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan (with Classie Freddie Blassie) for the WWF Heavyweight Championship -Federation: Philadelphia, PA Spectrum -April 12th, 1980

Ross and Lawler do commentary for this rare match.
They give us a nice insight to Hogan and his career. No ring music or pyro as pointed out by Ross.

Finally, Backlund makes it to a DVD. He should have his own by now. Especially when Flair and Hogan keep getting three or four. As of this writing Angle, DiBiase, Malenko, Owen, Vader, Bulldog and yes Backlund have yet to get one. Soon enough I suppose.

This was huge for Hogan.

Obviously matches back then are slower paced.

Bob Backlund had a ton of support from the audience going into this one. Again, Ross and King on commentary help the presentation here.

Backlund tied up with Hulk and tried to gain a power advantage but Hogan backed him off to the corner of the ring. Hogan missed Backlund in the corner. It takes some time for this one to get going as the two dodge one another for quite some time.

Backlund with a go-behind waistlock and he tried his amateur background but Hulk attempted to counter his chain-wrestling.

As Lawler elludes to Backlund had the mat game at the time but Hogan had the strength. Hogan used his power and tried to ride Backlund on the canvas with a waist-lock go behind. Backlund’s game was better and Hogan goes for a walk.

Now after some hesitation the two tie-up with a battle of strength in mid-ring.
Hogan with an overhead wristlock and Backlund dropped to his knees and Bob Backlund with a nice counter using leverage. A side headlock by Backlund and Hulk placed him up top. Hogan tried a cheap shot but Backlund slapped him in the corner. Hogan tried to take Backlund down but he Backlund remained vertical and grounded Hogan on the canvas.
Backlund squeezing the life out of the Incredible Hulk which was logical considering his size. Hogan breaks it and hits a shoulder breaker. A hiplock by Backlund into an arm-drag take over and then back into the side headlock on the canvas by Bob Backlund. Hogan rolled Backlund’s shoulders on the mat.

Hogan gets out and hits a body slam then an elbow. Backlund retailiated showing some great offense with a snapmare and a leg drop. Backlund back into the side headlock as he’s relied on it for the majority of the canvas. As Lawler elludes to keeping a big man like Hogan down. Jim Ross praised Backlund’s conditioning.

Hogan out of it is cradled into a nearfall and he seems to be getting frustrated. Both men about to tie up again and Backlund scored with a side headlock takedown. Backlund keeps the headlock on Hulk! Hogan tries a hiptoss several times to get out of Backlund’s submission holds. Hogan scooped up Backlund driving him into the corner and then a back-breaker.

Hogan with an armbar and then he bent the arm again some more. Another leg drop. Backlund’s elbow had some mat-burn and it is busted open.
Ross tells us that isn’t uncommon in those days.

Backlund shows amazing strength placing Hulk on the buckle.

Bob Backlund was a beast, an incredible athlete.

Hogan all of the sudden knew he had to do something but he slaps on his finisher at the time. The dreaded bearhug. He should of kept this move over the leg drop in my opinion.
Hogan with Backlund in the bearhug on the mat. Back to his vertical base stands Hulk squeezing the Champion. Hogan utilizing his bearhug at any opportunity but Backlund hits a piledriver out of no where.

Backlund got a two, Hogan got another two but Backlund went for a knee drop and Hogan lifts the knees and Backlund crashes. Both men down.

Hogan had the Champ in mid-ring but Backlund blocks the suplex and dropped Hogan on his back. Backlund goes for a leg-drop and Hogan moves. Hogan with an airplane spin on Backlund.

This time Backlund had Hogan above his shoulders in an air-plane spin. He carried it to the outside and Backlund lost his strength.
Backlund is counted out.

In the end at 29:40 Backlund lost by countout but kept the title.

This match showed Hogan could go with the best. Awesome Old School material. I love it.

*** 3 /4


3) “The Fabulous” Hulk Hogan (with Classie Freddie Blassie) vs Steve King and Angelo Gomez in a Handicap -All Star Wrestling September 10th, 1980

The Hulkster still early in his career.

A handicap match with Hulk here to display his power.

Hogan worked over both guys. At the same time.

Both of them much smaller showing Hogan’s size and they put it over on commentary. Hulk just rips these guys apart at the same time. Shot after shot.

Not some of the more entertaining material you’ll see. A double bearhug on two men. Hulk slams Gomez to the mat and gets the three at 2:48.

This match is much like the first in the sense it is a squash match showing why Hogan was a great choice to push the Hulkamania gimmick with.

After the match Blassie with another money promo really made this worthwhile along with a young Vince McMahon Jr.




-Building Momentum:

-Hulkamania was starting to spread and gain a ton of momentum along the way. Blassie was helping Hogan get heat.

Hogan was getting as big as another legend. In the next match you’ll see him.


4) Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan (with Classie Freddie Blassie) (w/special refree Gorilla Monsoon) -Madison Square Garden September 22nd, 1980

One week after the match these two had together on Hogan’s first set they have another rare clash here previewing the single most important match in his career.

This took place in the world’s most famous arena.

Jim Ross is back with King for commentary.

Andre the Giant headbutt’s Hogan into the corner. Andre backs his body weight into Hulk. Hogan grabbed the Giant by the hair and elbowed him in the throat. Monsoon made sure Hogan didn’t gain an unfair advantage.

MSG ate everything up here.

Andre and Hogan tie up again and a big first to the corner on Hogan. A double underhook by Andre setting Hogan down to size. Andre raked Hogan’s face and kicked him in the chest. Andre slapped on a side headlock, Hogan countered into a bearhug.

This is becoming a physical battle, each time Hogan tried the bearhug Andre found a counter. Hogan kicked away at Andre andhe chopped away at Hogan.

At this time no one saw Andre take THIS much punishment but he had during this match due to Hogan’s size and strength. The Giant slams Hogan down and hit the big splash.


Hogan with a desperation move to get out of the way keeping the match going. Hogan measured down to size as Andre delivered shots and more headbutt’s.

Ross points out Andre’s matches were usually over by this time. Andre took out the leg of Hulk. Andre looked like he hurt his back. Hogan slams the Giant.

Fans stunned silent.

Andre lands on Hogan with his bodyweight and Andre’s mass gave him the quick three count at 12:08.

Seven years later it’d be the body slam heard around the world but this was an impressive effort from both men.

* 1/2


-An Emerging Star:
-Hogan went to the Awa where it was here he embraced the fans and Hulkamania was truly born.

5) “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan vs Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan in a Handicap Match -American Wrestling Association May 2nd, 1981

Heenan hated Hulk even in the American Wrestling Association.

Heenan had a ton of help in the talented partner he had working with him here. Bockwinkel is all kinds of greatness.

American Wrestling Association’s fans ate Hulk Up, he was insanely over. Hogan and Bockwinkel had many classics in this promotion.

Hulk Hogan had the fans behind him in a huge way. Double teamed by Bockwinkel and Heenan originally he fought back. Bockwinkel was Champ when this match took place. Hogan smashed both Heenan and Bockwinkel’s heads together. Hulk threw Bockwinkel directly into Heenan and the fans loved it.

Hogan getting set to lock up with Bockwinkel and Heenan ran in and a double noggen knocker. Hogan in a side headlock but Heenan accidentally bumps into Bockwinkel who in turn gets hot about it.

It takes time for this to really get going.

Fans still going crazy for Hulk. Hogan won a test of power and scared off Heenan. Hogan with a reverse chinlock to Bockwinkel. A karate thrust and an uppercut by Bockwinkel but the official catches him with an open fist. Heenan choked out Hogan in the corner behind the official.

Hogan was able to endure anything here and now Bockwinkel is hit with an atomic drop. Bockwinkel with a desperation move catching him with a boot. Heenan comes in the ring and chokes out Hulk as Nick distracts the official. Heenan kept tugging. Bockwinkel and Heenan tried choking out Hulk in the corner but he put on the break and gave him the eye, foreshadowing the Hulking Up Phase.

Hogan delivered shot after shot, Heenan tried fighting Hogan but Hogan ignored all his shots and lifted him up by the throat. Bockwinkel with a running knee to the back and a two count. Hogan then grabbed an object out of Heenan’s hand and he layed him out with two sound uppercuts. Fans going absolutely crazy.

Hogan sent Heenan into the corner and he fell to the floor. Hulk slammed Bockwinkel’s head into the corner repeatedly ten times then blew him a sarcastic kiss. Heenan still out of the ring. Hogan hit a boot then the flying leg drop and a three at 14:51.

Fun match here.

This showed Hogan’s popularity and how he’d control the fans for the next fifteen years in wrestling, alongside two of wrestling’s greatest heels.


** 1/2



Hulkamania is here!:
-Hulk Hogan captured the Federation title from the Iron Sheik and he became an icon in main-stream America.


6) Hulk Hogan and Mr. T. in a Grocery Store -Tuesday Night Titans March 22, 1985


Around the original Mania this took place.

Mr. T yells about Hogan’s opponents and nutrition. A different kind of segment.



-Hogan and Mr. T were winners at Mania.
Now another superstar was gaining momentum. Randy Savage.


7) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (w/Miss Elizabeth) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Detroit, MI April 26, 1986

Macho had been rumored to be headlining against Hogan at Mania 2 but here had an oppurtunity to prove exactly the reason he should of been there when it didn’t end up happening.

Randy Savage and Hogan are set to tie up.

Elizabeth gets a big pop when announced. Hogan gets an insane reaction. Bigger then life.

Macho Man went to work by throwing his robe on Hogan and then he used Hulk’s belt. Hebner took the belt away, Savage drops off the top with a double axehandle.

Again with a double fist to Hulk. Liz asked Macho to stop and Hogan wakes up and drops Macho Man and wears his glasses.

Hogan in control of Macho tossed him to the concrete. Hogan scooped up Savage and drilled him shoulder first into the ring post. Fans love it. Savage thrown back in.
Hogan scoops up Savage and choked him out. The Macho Man goes after Hogan outside on the floor delivering a running knee. Savage with a kick to the head of Hogan and then runs him into the steel barricade. Savage stomped on the head of Hogan.

Savage threw Hogan back in the ring and attempting to throw Hogan into the buckle Savage is thrown into the corner. Hogan says enough is enough. Hogan with a series of righthands to Macho in a side headlock position. Hogan irishwhipped Macho to the corner and then he gave Macho Man a clothesline.

Hogan hits Savage with an atomic drop and he goes to the outside. As Hogan goes after Savage he holds his wife in front of him. Macho gets back in. Savage spit at Hogan and left the ring. Hogan waiting.

Macho leapedinto the ring and then Hogan gets down mocking Savage. Macho kicks him out of the ring this time and drops the double axehandle to the floor from the top rope. Outside the ring Macho Man kicks at Hogan. Macho pulls the hair of Hogan and delivered a hard righthand. Macho again goes to the toprope and again drops Hogan with the double axehandle.

Savage got a nearfall and couldn’t believe it. Macho hooking the leg and then got a clothesline but Hulk kicked out. Savage thought he was Champion. Macho gave Hogan a boot and went to the top rope and dropped his big elbow but Hogan kicked out.
Hogan began to feel the hulking up process.

Savage landed jabs but Hogan didn’t care and struck back. Hogan with a boot and Macho went to the outside.

Liz pleaded with Hogan but he grabbed her and put her aside. Hogan threw Macho Man back in and he kicked Hogan with a big boot. Macho Man off the top gets caught with a big boot to the face.

Hogan wins at 12:07. Obviously.

In the end Hogan kept his belt and the fans roared.

This match was a ton of fun as it usually was with these two.


*** 1/2



8 ) Hulk Hogan and The Junk Yard Dog vs Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy (with Bobby The Brain Heenan) -Maple Leaf Gardens May 4, 1986

The JYD is very popular so teaming on Hogan’s team is logical as far as decision making goes.

Monsoon calling the action for the first time on the DVD, a bit surprising.

Heenan was red hot as the coward/weasel heel manager. Bundy and Studd just added fuel to the fire.

The JYD unloaded right’s on Studd into the corner until he battled back and slammed the dog. Studd went to work but not for long as Hulk came in and took over and the fans erupted.

Hogan then attempted to slam the big man but he kept Hulk down and in turn slammed Hogan to the mat hard, twice. Big John Studd would win a Royal Rumble before Hogan so he has some bragging right’s but this took place before that.

Hogan and the JYD appeal to there strengths as they battle back and use there taunts and charisma to get the crowd going. Hogan over-powers Studd and the fans love it while Bundy and Studd are irate on the outside.

Hogan comes back with shots when Studd re-enters and then tags in the Dog. JYD with a headbutt. Bundy tags in. King Kong Bundy thrown into the coner by the Dog and Monsoon says the ring has shifted. Hogan comes in and he drops an elbow to the head of Bundy.

Only a two. Bundy on Hogan and then BJD held a front facelock on Hogan from the apron. Studd back in working over Hulk while the fans chanted Hogan in Toronto’s Maple Leaf Garden’s.

Hogan in a bearhug, the move he held as a finisher starting out was now being applied to him by Studd. Bundy tagged in and worked over Hogan’s ribs.

Bundy choked Hogan out using the ropes. Bundy missed a splash and Hogan made a hot tag to the dog. JYD off the ropes hit a clothesline on Bundy. JYD missed a headbutt and Bundy tagged back in Studd. Frequent tags in this one. Studd with a cheapshot on Hogan and he is intense outside on the apron.

Meanwhile in the ring Bundy dropped elbows on the Dog who kicks out. Bundy slaps a sleeper on the JYD. Bundy tags in Studd who thought it’d be easy until JYD hit a resourceful headbutt and made a red-hot take to the Hulkster who hit an atomic drop and then a leg drop. Hogan would of had him but the Brain blocked the leg drop.
Fans go insane as the match ends in just under ten minutes.

Hulk Hogan and JYD by DQ.

This match was a bit slow but the fans definitely stayed into it due to the charisma of both Hogan and the JYD.





9) Snake Pit with Hulk Hogan -All American Wrestling March 29th, 1987

-Basically what happened here was Jake opened his segment on the mic.
Jake was so convincing with everything he did and you couldn’t help but get sucked in or be captivated by the intro of any Snake Pit.

Having the biggest name in wrestling on the show made it even more watchable.
This was Hogan in his ultimate peak. Hogan in 1987 at the top of his game and popularity. This was to help hype the biggest match of all time and more people tuned into this then likely anything else in wrestling during the 80’s.

Ratings were BIG. Very big here. Roberts questions if Hogan is going to be able to overcome the Giant and keep his title and stay on top of the Federation.

The Legend Grows:
-Hogan in the business had turned it into a mainstream phenomonen. Hogan had slammed and defeated the Giant and now on top of the wrestling world his legend continued catching more and more main-stream media attention daily.




10) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Kamala (with Mr. Fuji) for the WWF Championship -Houston June 26th, 1987

By 1987 Hulkamania WAS a World-Wide attraction.

Thus making his matches around this time that much more special. Whather he had to go against Kamala or Andre, it still felt important.

Kamala is just another big man in Hogan’s way, simple story here but more rare material which is nice for this whole dvd.

It doesen’t always have to be a five star classic. Rare footage is still rare footage.
Ross and Lawler back on commentary for us again, it seems I enjoyed matches the most on this set when they give us there insight maybe because of the fact it’s not live commentary and they give us some good tidbits.

Hulk Hogan the champ for over three years at this point. Hogan and Kamala bump into each other off the ropes. Hogan tried to put over Kamala’s size as if he was a serious threat and that seemed to be the story here.

Kamala choked out Hogan with Fuji’s cane behind the official while being distracted by the ref.

Ross seems to have more passion calling Old School matches then he does on Smackdown! in these days. Hogan in control until the manager’s drew the line and made it tough on Hulk.

Kamala choked out Hogan and attempted to go up top until Hogan slammed him and then won with a leg drop.

The match sucked but the fans loved Hogan and him going over, his posing after he beat on the Manager’s. Essentially a nine minute match which was about eight minutes longer then it should of been.




The Power of the Hulkamaniacs:
-Still in the peak of his popularity in 1987, Hogan ruled the wrestling world going over every dangerous star. Now he faced Killer Khan.

11) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Killer Khan (with Mr. Fuji) for the WWF Championship -Boston Garden September 12th, 1987



Killer Khan is just another obstacle for Hulkamania that could not be stopped!

Khan would go on to battle Savage numerous times in 1988 the next year when Macho Man was Champ.

Here it was Hogan. Fuji of course the manager of Khan would do everything in his power to make sure Hogan would lose.

Monsoon on commentary. This took place in the historic Boston Garden.

Hulk Hogan hit with a cheapshot by Khan. Fuji from the outside choked out Hogan already. The fans hated to see Hogan in any vulnerable situation even though he always overcame the odds.

He was just that over.

Hogan got chants while Khan controlled the early part of the bout. Khan with a kick to Hogan, the official got caught in the way. Barefoot kicks and then a choke as another official helps the old one up.

Khan continued stomping on the Hulkster with the fans chanting Hogan. Hulk got kicked to the outside. Fuji rams the cane into Hogan’s abdomen.

Monsoon does the usual “I can’t remember seeing Hogan dominated this much!” line we are fed all the time with The Undertaker to help put over the match and Khan. Khan missed a slam and Hogan had the adrenaline going through his body as he took over Khan.
Hogan choked him out with some tape. Hulk kicks him in the mid-section.

Khan and Hogan take it to the floor.

Fans go wild as Hogan hits him with a chair and then chops. Hogan throws him inside the ring. Fuji with a cheapshot and now Khan in control. Khan with more kicks and Hogan chants filled the arena. Khan with a claw on the traps of Hogan.

Khan goes for his big knee drop off the top.

It could be over but Hogan kicks out.

He starts to Hulk Up and the fans absolutely love it. Hogan blocks every shot, slams him, leg drop, you get the idea.

In the end Hogan retained the title at 9:32.

Hogan did his posing for the fans in Boston who came to see just that….

This match was nice to see, again primarily for the fact it’s so rare, although not paticularly all that good.


* 1/2










Disc 2 Matches:

A Gang of Destruction:
-The One Man Gang. Before Bam Bam there was the Gang. No where near his abilities agility wise but he could do a decent job. Hogan’s next opponent. Hulkamania was running through everything at this point still in the peak of popularity.

12) Hulk Hogan (c) vs The One Man Gang (with Slick) for the WWF Championship -Philadelphia, PA December 5th, 1987


The One Man Gang wanted to target the ribs of Hogan here that seemed to be the big man formula on Hulk all throughout 86 and 87.

Hulk Hogan and the Gang go for a battle of strength off the beginning. Hogan pushed to the corner after a tie-up. Hogan has the strength but the Gang did as well so Hulk made it obvious through facial expressions he thought the Gang might of had one up on him. A side headlock by Hogan on the Gang. Hogan kept it locked on. Hogan hits a shoulder block off the ropes and the Gang doesen’t move, his power over powered Hulk as his bodyweight pressed on Hogan and he got a nearfall. The Gang in control and Hulk goes for a walk. The gang hits an elbow on the top of the head of Hogan. Gang in control while fans chant for Hogan.

Hulk stunned.

Gang targetting the ribs and chokes out Hogan with his big boot using the ropes for additional leverage. The One Man Gang went to drive Hulk’s head into the top turnbuckle but he turns the tide ramming the Gang’s head into the turnbuckle. The champ with shots to the Gang off the ropes. Hulk Hogan grabbed Click but he caused a distraction to Hogan. One Man Gang clobbered Hulk in the back. Slick holds his throat on the outside.
Gang slaps on a trapezius hold, fans chant Hogan. One Man Gangs maintaining the grip but Hulk tried to will his way out. One Man Gang with a bridge now holding Hulk down on the mat and then he dropped his knees on Hogan’s injured ribs. A bearhug to Hogan now injuring the ribs some more. Hogan fought back and elbowed him.

Hogan hit a forearm in the corner and hit a clothesline. Hogan slams the big man to a huge pop.

Off the ropes Hulk hit his leg drop and got him at 11:05.

In the end Hulk retained the title and gave Slick a shot after the match.

This match had a decent story going for it but not much else. It was slow with your typical formula of the big man beating on Hulk until he fights back with a slam and leg drop. But it worked. Fans loved it.

* 3/4





Simply Ravishing:
-Rude! Rude is on DVD and not here to carry warrior to a good match. Just Hogan. Either way both would do a good job and this is for sure a rare match.



13) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude (W/Bobby Heenan) for the WWF Championship -Boston Garden January 9th, 1988


Here we go.

Hulk Hogan circles around Rude before the match and the crowd all chant “HULK!” in union.

As I usually say I love the atmosphere in the old Boston Garden.

Rude pushed Hogan to the corner and then taunted him with a pose. Hulk then got fired up and the fans did as well.
An arm-wrestling contest, interesting way to begin the bout. Hogan wins and shoved Rude to the corner and unloaded with fists and Heenan is pissed. Hogan slams Rude to the turnbuckle twice.

Hulk then picked up Rude and hit an atomic drop. Hogan hit the Brain on the apron to a loud roar from Boston. Hogan caught in an armbar by Rude as the fans continue chanting the name of Hogan.

Rude a technician on the mat tried to weaken the 24 inch python’s in an armbar. Rude hit an uppercut on Hogan as he powered out of the armbar, trying to wear the champion down. Rude hit an uppercut on Hulk. Rick goes to slam Hogan into the buckle but Hogan slams Rude face first and then to the outside.

Hogan chases after Heenan.

Rude catches him on the canvas running right into an Avalanche. Hogan rolls to the floor and Rude rakes his face. Rude grabs a chair and smacks him in the head behind the official being distracted by Heenan. Nearfall as the Hulkster put his foot on the ropes.

Rude slaps a sleeper on Hulk.

Rude then with Hulk powering out punched away at Hogan as Hulk began to Hulk up. Hogan pointed at Rude and kicked him. Hogan clotheslined Rude in the corner and then slammed him!

Same formula in the end with a legdrop and he got him at 11:41.

This is a great match, very rare, very good.


Corporate Greed:

-DiBiase and his Corporation were all about the mighty dollar! He represented evil as good as anybody and is finally going in the HOF Class of 2010. Hogan took pride in standing for America while DiBiase stood for everything opposite.

14) Hulk Hogan and Bam Bam Bigelow vs The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Virgil (with Andre the Giant) -Maple Leaf Wrestling March 12, 1988[/U][/B]


The Macho Man may have been Champion but Hogan and Bam Bam are still some of the top favourites in the business, Hogan is actually #1 regardless if the belt is on him or not.

Ted DiBiase chpped by Bam Bam right away and Hogan comes in pointing at DiBiase. Hogan unloaded shots on the Million Dollar Man and then Virgil. Hogan slammed DiBiase into Virgil. Hogan rams DiBiase headfirst into the buckle and tags in Bam Bam.

DiBiase goes for a kick and Bam Bam turns him around for an atomic drop. You’ve got to believe the late Bam Bam will be a HOFer one day. He was just amazing for a big man, tremendous agility.

Andre looked on in terror as Hogan and Bam Bam demolished the heels.
Hogan slams DiBiase into the buckle and drops him with a clothesline. Hogan chokes out DiBiase. Andre got ahold of Hogan and choked him out with Virgil behind the official. DiBiase distracting the ref and Bam Bam is irate on the apron!

Hogan recieving shots from the Million Dollar Man.

Hogan chants fill the arena. DiBiase slams Hulk headfirst into the buckle and continued to unload with rights to Hogan. Virgil with a headbutt. Virgil with a cover mocking Hogan posing but he kicks out. Virgil drops down clobbering Hulk’s back with a stiff forearm shot then choked out Hogan down on the mat.

DiBiase chopped Hogan in the corner behind the official with Andre causing the distraction.

The Mega Bucks would be a pain in the Mega Power’s side up until Summerslam of 1988.
Hogan gets a couple more elbow drops from DiBiase. DiBiase with a sleeper. Hogan finally out runs into a shoulder block and makes the hot tag to Bam Bam. Bigelow runs into DiBiase with a shoulder block. Bam Bam with a headbutt and a body slam. Andre took down Bigelow. Virgil tagged in.

Ref didn’t see Andre take down Bam Bam. virgil chokes him out in the corner. Bam Bam tossed Virgil into the corner reversing a hiptoss. Bigelow with tremendous power slams Virgil tothe mat hard after holding him in the air about seven seconds. Bam Bam hits a splash and all hell breaks loose.

A fun tag match.

In the end at 9:26 Bam Bam and Hogan win.




The Evil Empire:

-Haku one of the next challenger’s for Hulk. As you can see he went through everybody from the mid-card to the main event monsters.

15) Hulk Hogan (c) vs King Haku (with Bobby the Brain Heenan) for the WWF Championship -Los Angeles October 16th, 1988

King Haku despite taking Hogan out early held a trap hold on The Hulkster.

Heenan wanted the bell to ring. Haku with two double forearm blasts as Hogan slingshots off the ropes.

Haku slowly kicked Hulk to the outside but upon entering back in he dished out lefts and rights Hulking up.

Heenan has seen this too many times for his liking.

The crowd loved it. Hogan with a boot and Heenan distracted Hulk but eventually he slams Heenan into Haku and Hogan wins the match with a leg drop.

Typical match again and Hogan wins in just under ten minutes.

* 1/2

The Corrupt Prison Guard:
-Hogan needed to put the un-justified Prison Guard (in Ray Traylor’s early heel days) in the right direction.

16) Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Big Boss Man (with Slick) for the WWF Championship -Los Angeles December 17, 1988


The late Ray Traylor was actually quite agile for his size and worked well with the Hulkster I always thought.

Here we are treated to a gem.

Hogan got things going ripping the shirt and taking Bossman down, Bossman hit some offense himself with a piledriver.

Hogan hulked up after Bossman went for a walk.

Nothing phased Hulk in his prime.

Bossman caught a boot and Bossman sweeped Hogan’s legs out, a decent strategy.

This reminded me a lot of there cage match together on SNME around this time.

Tremendous booking.

Bossman who had earlier hit a piledriver to Hogan shoved him into the ring post.
Hogan rolled back in and Bossman chops him as Slick handcuffed him outside the ring.

Fans chanted for Hulk.

The Big Bossman charged to the corner and got caught up high. Hogan handcuffed broke the chains.

Bossman didn’t know and was hit with a clothesline and a leg drop.

Good match under ten minutes.

** 1/2


17) Hulk Hogan Promo on Macho Man Randy Savage -Wrestling Challenge February 25, 1989


-Hogan here had a lot of charisma and you’d certainly be able to understand why. Savage did as well in the breakup of the Mega Powers.

An emotional storyline, and a well done heel turn that lead to one of the biggest PPV buyrates of all time at Mania 5 when Savage and Hogan faced off.

Hogan here gives a money promo on Randy Savage after winning the title at Mania 5 just before this rare match.


MegaPowers Explosion:

-This was one of the biggest angle’s the company had ever done. One of the best as well from the top two stars in the industry.

Savage turning on Hogan leading to the Mania 5 match. Everything played off perfectly from 88 to 89 and was a huge success for the company financially. Mania 5 got one of the best buyrates ever.

Also, Up next we get Macho wanting his title back against the Hulkster!


18) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (with Sensational Sherri) for the Federation Heavyweight Championship -Boston Garden June 3, 1989



More Savage. More Boston Gardens…nice.
Macho Man was to Boston what Bret Hart was to New York City. They both seem to excel in a certain city.

You could argue guys like Flair would be in the Carolina’s or Shawn would be in Texas. Then there’s guys like Benoit, Steamboat, Eddie and Austin who just did it everywhere.

Randy Savage was Champion for one year in the Federation, and this took place after Hogan defeated him at Mania 5 when the Mega Powers exploded.

Savage had turned full HEEL by this time and had Sherri by his side.

Macho in typical Randy Savage fashion wanted revenge and here he tried to attack Hulk early in the Boston Garden. Macho gets a ton of heat as expected from a venue he is very familiar with. (where he stole the title from Tito Santana in 86)

The two biggest stars in the company had everyone up on there seats. Savage took his time coming into the ring.

Macho Man grabbed the mic and yelled out “OOOOOHHHHHHHH YEAAAAH!” Savage told Hogan he’d beat him tonight, 1…2…3! Savage said “Come on Movie Star, lets see watchya got! NOTHING!”

Tony S and Lord Alfred, the late Hayes on commentary.

Fans in Boston chanting on Hogan.

Macho tried to get the psychological edge on Hogan jumping out of the ring to begin with.

Macho teased a test of strength and ran to the corner but just then Hogan grabbed him by the hair. Fans liked that obviously tired of Macho’s cowardly ways. Hulk Hogan backed off but Hogan caught jumped by Savage blinding him by his cape similar to the match on Disc 1.

Sherri helped Savage get the advantage on Hogan. Savage with a double axehandle. Another one off the top.

Savage poses.

Hulk had enough and an atomic drop and more shots to the Macho Man, eight to be exact.

Fans love it. Savage sent hrd into the buckle and a reverse elbow by Hogan. An elbow drop to the head of Savage. Hogan in full control sending Macho Man over the top rope to the floor. Savage helped up by Sherri and now he uses her as a shield. I’ve seen this before as has Hogan with Liz.

Hogan had, had enough of Macho slamming him headfirst into the table. Hogan sends Savage to the ropes he goes for a kick and wanted a backdrop. Hulk choked out Macho and Sherri got in Hulk’s face. Sherri slaps Hulk. Hogan caught a knee to the back by a running Savage. Macho stomping away on Hulk out to the floor. Macho Man watches Hulk go to slap Sherri.

Macho Man again from behind off the apron drops a double axehandle to Hogan. Savage sends Hogan into the ring and Macho jumps back in. Macho Man with a big cothesline and a two count. Savage choked out Macho Man and then Sherri did while Savage distracted referee Hebner. Savage again with a foot on the throat of Hogan choking him out using his boot and the ropes with his arms for additional leverage.
Macho taunting for Boston and they boo.

Savage drops a running knee onto Hogan and a close two. Macho slaps on a sleeper hold.
The power of Hulkamania being drained from his body due to the power and strength of the Macho Man.

Savage still holding on and Hogan being worn down. Hogan getting out of it slowly but surely and Macho goes up top and nails a double axehandle.

Hogan kicks out and shakes it off. Hogan back up absorbing the blows from the Macho Man. Hogan blocked his shots and then Savage had the big boot scouted showing psychology, and on the floor they exchange punches. Into the post goes Randy Savage, Hogan throws him in.

Sherri jumped on Hogan and the official continued to count. Savage hit the double axehandle on Hogan sending him into the barricade.

Savage wins by countout at just under thirteen minutes. Not a clean victory and Hogan posed after for Boston after Macho had defeated him.

Very rare indeed.

Slightly better then the match between the two on Disc 1.

Best match I’ve seen between the two outside the Mania 5 match, what a load of fun this was. Better then the matches placed on Savage’s dvd.



19) Hulk Hogan Promo on the Ultimate Warrior -Wrestling Challenge March 31, 1990

-Basically Hogan with a lot of intensity prior to the Blockbuster match at Mania 6 cuts a tremendous promo on warrior.

The Natural Disaster:

-Eaaaarthquake got a major push to start the 90’s as Vince’s love for big men grew by the day. Another obstacle Hulkamania would have to face.




20) Hulk Hogan vs “The Natural Disater” Earthquake (with the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart) -Madison Square Garden April 30, 1990


It’s nice to see the late John Tenta on DVD as he never had anyone in the business say a bad thing about him.

He died in the past decade due to Cancer unfortunately.
Back then he was a legit threat to Hogan.

Earthquake and Jimmy Hart both stomp on Hulk Hogan before he even gets the ring and his theme music plays throughout.
Hogan gets up and delivers shots to Quake but a clothesline and another still doesen’t take down Tenta. Hulk chased after Hart on the outside but Earthquake slams him into the post.

Hogan caught by Quake and he drops Hogan with a slam then an elbow. And another, two count only.

Quake using Hogan’s former finisher using a bearhug but Hulk broke the hold until running into a shoulder breaker.

Quake uses his famous splash and Hogan says no.

Hogan starts to shake it off and the adrenaline goes. Essentially everything before this is useless as Hogan is immortal.

Hogan with shots and a boot. Hogan with a leg-drop, almost a three but Hart DQ’s Quake before the three before the eight minute mark.

Hogan slams Quake after the match.

This one was another typical big man versus Hulk formula but like always it seemed to work despite parts of the audiences just not buying it anymore.


* 1/4


21) Hulk Hogan Promo on Sgt. Slaughter -Wrestling Challenge March 23, 1991

-Hogan talks about Mania and the power of Hulkamania and Patriotism.

The Turncoat:

-Slaughter was a big time foe for Hulk and his patriotic ways being an Iraqi sympathizer at the time. Uncharacteristic for a man who used to be all about the red, white and blue.



22) Hulk Hogan (c) vs Sgt. Slaughter (with General Adnon) for the Championship Match -London, England April 24, 1991

At Mania 7 these two put on quite the match, here’s another RARE match that happened about a month after.

Sarge got a ton of heat.

Sgt. Slaughter and Hogan would get set for a big time brawl here.

Hogan slammed Slaughter then hit a clothesline. Hogan drove his knee into Slaughter’s back.

McMahon and Piper on commentary.

Hogan catapolted Slaughter into the post. Hogan unloaded shot after shot on Slaughter remembering the dressing room attack not shown on tv.

Gotta love the UK chants.

A clothesline by Hulk but a boot to the face from Sarge off the ropes. Slaughter unloaded with shots on Hogan taking him out to the floor.

Slaugter chokes him out on attempts at coming back in. Sarge continued the attack and then into an abdominal stretch.

Hogan now in the camel clutch.

Sarge misses off the top but Hogan shakes it off and builds momentum hulking up….again…..and a double axehandle from Sarge doesen’t go through and Hogan hits a bit boot and then more shots.

Sarge pushes Hogan into the official.

Sarge with a shot to the throat of Hogan.

A chair slipped to Sarge. Hogan’s up and Sarge misses chairshots as Hogan avoids them. A boot to the face by Hulk to Sarge. Hogan caight a boot to the back and Adnon is going to throw salt in the face of Hogan and he ducks.

A leg drop to Slaughter and a three count at 15:05.

The match is pretty great.

A lot like there Mania 7 clinic.



*** 1/4


Real World’s Champion:

-Basically the Competition’s #1 heel for a decade had finally arrived. He claimed to be the REAL Champion. Hulk had problems, thus the DREAM match takes place.

23) Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (with Mr. Perfect) -Madison Square Garden December 31st, 1991

There OTHER RARE match around this time can be seen on the greatest stars of the 80’s.

I have no idea why so many fans think the fact Flair and Hogan didn’t wrestle at Mania 8 as if it was some kind of travesty.

Lets be honest, if Sid fought Savage it would of been mediocre at best. If Hogan fought Flair, same thing. Instead, we got Flair-Savage who produced a classic.

Plus there were reports Flair and Hogan didn’t like each other’s styles and they weren’t drawing well at House Shows as the main event.

Regardless here is a rare meeting between the two FINALLY in the Federation so it was highly anticipated.

Heenan’s bias for Flair is hysterical and on commentary we hear more of it which is a big plus here.
Ric Flair’s strategy was to double team the Hulkster with Hennig at any given oppurtunity meanwhile go for the leg of Hulk to wear the bigger man down and soften him up for an inevitable Figure Four.

Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history.

In 1991 it was still questionable if both men were past there prime. Yet twenty years later they are set to face in a tag match on TNA Monday Night next week. Incredible.

Hulk Hogan hits a back-drop on Flair in his robe.

Hogan choked out Flair outside the ring. Flair comes back in and un-wraps his hand-tape choking out Flair with it. Hogan doesen’t want Flair in the Rumble says Heenan. How true that’d turn out to be. Hogan sends Naitch hard to the corner and he bumps hard.
Hogan chops Flair and he continues to bump sending him head first to the pole and he does a face flop.

Flair chops Hogan out of desperation and Hogan impervious to pain shakes his head and it off and Flair begs for him to take it easy. Hogan hit a big boot on Flair and he couldn’t fall backwards so he awkwardly fell through the middle ropes on the side of the ring.
Hogan chopping Flair outside the ring and suplexing him on the floor.

Hogan back in the ring with Flair sent him to the corner and he flipped upside down. Flair goes to send Hogan face-first to the ring-post, Hulk blocks and sends Flair into the post hard. Flair begs Hogan to stop but he sends him hard to the mat.

Hulk Hogan winds up for a European Uppercut. Hogan distracted by Hennig gave Flair an opportunity to work on the knee of Hogan. Hennig rammed the chair into the leg of Hulk. Flair with a kneedrop to Hogan.

Flair goes for a figure four but is kicked out by Hogan. Flair again tries and Hogan has none of it. Flair kicked off again! Flair fights back. Flair off the top is caught by Hogan and slammed to the mat.

Hogan limping, still selling the leg kicking the leg out of Flair, sweeping him out.

Hogan hit an atomic drop and a knee.

Hogan goes for a Figure Four to Flair. Heenan is irate on commentary yelling for Perfect to do something!

Hennig gets brass knucks and Hogan says YOUUUU and Flair had them slipped over and he lays out Hogan with the foreign object.

Flair covers Hogan. Hulk impervious to it all pushed off Flair. Flair chopped Hogan in the corner but he had none of that!

Hogan battled back unloading on Flair until hitting the big boot. Flair wisely rolls to the floor, raking the eyes of Hulk and then Hogan blocked a post shot.

Official calls for the bell and at the ten minute mark the referee counts out Flair, Hogan wins by countout.

The is a great match, much better then they’d have in Turner’s promotion in 94.

A solid choice to end Disc 2.







Disc 3 Matches:



Hogan Joins WCW!:


-Despite Hogan getting heat as some fans becamebeyond sick of his act at this point, he turned it all around shocking the wrestling world forever. Him and Bischoff lead the nwo and made wcw a lot of money.

But before that he was still the #1 Babyface in the company.

Randy Savage was #2 and the Mega Powers teamed back up in Turner’s promotion to take on the team of Big Van Vader and the Nature Boy Ric Flair.



24) Hulk Hogan (c) and Macho Man Randy Savage (with Jimmy Hart) vs Vader and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair -WCW Slamboree May 21, 1995


WCW had the three biggest legends still active.
All in one match inlcuding arguably the best big man in history, so this line-up looked pretty good for Slamboree in 1995, past their prime or not.

They could still Work a match, the audience still payed to see it happen.

The bell rings and the match begins.

Bischoff and Heenan on commentary here.

Hogan ties up with Vader who had the weight advantage and he poked fun at Hogan any chance he got while Vader just posed. Savage tried to get in Flair’s face. Vader with righthands but Hogan out of the corner clotheslined him down eventually clotheslining him to the floor.

Savage jumps off the apron and drops a double axehandle on the man they call Vader. Savage held Vader while Hogna dished out shots, but shot out off the ropes double clotheslined both Mega Powers.

Savage and Hogan go down.

Flair with cheapshots on the floor hammering away on Macho while Vader controlled Hogan in the ring.

Vader pushed to the side and The Hulkster made a hot tag to Macho Man who now went to work on Flair. Macho and Hogan in control getting the crowd involved with there usual tactics and charisma that worked during the 80’s.

Flair did his routine heel walk around the ring. Flair and Savage go for a test of strength but the dirtiest player in the game gives him a thumb to the eye. Flair chopping Savage in the corner but he fired back with shots. Hogan came in and now went for Flair but he rakes his eyes and chops Hulkamania until he wins a test of strength.

Hogan with a back-drop, down goes Flair. Flair with another cheapshot and a snapmare to Hogan. Flair tags in Vader and he takes apart Hogan the way he can.

Vader took apart Hogan but he got a bit too cocky and Hogan went after Vader. Heenan says there’s something about Hulkamania he can’t understand. That’d be an understatement given their history.

Vader ran into Hogan though and Flair came in choking out Hogan. Vader back in while Savage tried to get the official’s attention. Vader all over Hogan gives a splash to Hogan in the corner. Vader goes up top and goes for a Vader Bomb and hits it!

452 pounds across the mid-section from six feet in the air and Flair struts on the apron.
Vader from the very top goes for it again, this time Hogan escaped for his life as Bischoff puts it and Hulk makes the hot tag to Savage.

Macho Man slams Flair into the post and hits a back-drop. Savage unloads on Flair as the fans love this. Macho took a shot at Vader and a reverse elbow on Flair. Macho caught a chop but it didn’t prevent him from press-slamming Flair off the top.

Macho hits an elbow drop onto Flair but Double A pulls Savage out.

Macho chases Arn.

Macho Man runs into Vader and he splashed Savage’s chest. Flair meanwhile tagged back in the big man. Vader hits an unbelievable moonsault on Savage but Hogan pulled him off. Vader without a mask shakes his head.

Macho Man’s now as of this writing late father Angelo Poffo recently inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame (At the time of the match) watched in concern as Vader dished out shots to a down and out Savage in the corner. Flair in chops away on Macho Man. Flair again with another chop, but there’s something left in Savage as he shoots back. Macho Man off the ropes ducked a clothesline and then off the ropes Flair and Savage both go down with a double clothesline.
Hogan gets a hot tag and Flair begs him off. Hogan up top lands shots on Vader and evebtually slams him. Hogan with a boot to the face of Flair and went for the leg drop on Naitch but Double A snatched the leg. The same knee Flair went after and now Vader comes in and hits a splash on Hulk. Flair almost got Hogan, Savage goes after Vader on the outside.

Flair and Hogan go at it in the ring and Hogan hulks up. Arn goes for Hogan but hits a double axehandle on Flair when Hogan ducks, hits the leg drop and got him.
In the end at 18:57 When The Hulkster and Randy Savage defeated Flair and Vader.

The Mega POWERS are back and are still the better half here.

This match was a lot of fun. Great booking with a decent story and a lot of time, no slow moments is key.


*** 1/2

The Resident Monster:
-Vader is arguably the best big man in history and had been demolishing opponents for years.

25) Big Van Vader vs Hulk Hogan (c) (with Dennis Rodman and Jimmy Hart) in a Steel Cage Match for the WCW Championship -WCW Bash at the Beach July 16, 1995

A unique setting here at the Beach in a Cage, Hulk against Vader. The lake in the background on a nice Sunny Day.

Schiavonne and Heenan on commentary here.

Hulk Hogan posed until Vader jumped him.

Big Van Vader had Hogan cornered and he delivered out the stiff shots like only he could.

Vader went for Hulk some more until Hogan put on a ridiculous suit and backed Vader off.

Vader eventually splashed Hogan in the corner.

Big Van Vader went to the top wanting to make short work of Hogan and hit the Vader Bomb. Vader again gets him, but somehow Hogan kicked out.

Vader rammed Hogan headfirst into the steel. Vader dished out more shots in the corner.

Hogan waistlocking Vader but he suplexed Hogan. Vader in complete control. Vader took his time but Hogan got up and slammed Vader into the cage twice.

Hogan goes to slam Vader but can’t. Vader with a knee to the jaw of Hogan. Vader threw


Hogan into the Cage and slapped on a rear chinlock.

Hogan got up and then slammed Vader. Hogan sold the back on the slam.

Vader may have him but Hogan shakes it off and the fans love the Hulking up Routine and Hogan despite being slammed against the Cage said no to Vader and a busted open Hogan shot back on Vader.

Hogan slammed the big man into both sides of the cage twice.

Hulk Hogan with a big boo and another to the gut.

Out runs the Zodiac but Rodman keeps him away and Hogan hits the leg drop. Hogan asks for the crowd’s support. Hogan hits another one.

Hulk then says he’s leaving. Vader on his feet keeps him from leaving. Hogan chops Vader down.

In the end at 13:13 Hogan escaped the cage to win and remain champion.

This match was pretty basic, I REALLY wanted to like it a lot more then I did.
Unfortunately little made sense here and it didn’t come off very well at all.
It had its moments, but that’s about the best you could say.



** 1/4


Legendary Fan Favourites:

– A match many thought they’d never see. Not seen since it’s original air-date.

26) Hulk Hogan (with Macho Man Randy Savage) vs Sting -WCW Nitro November 20, 1995
Big time match here.

Here on Nitro Sting and Hogan were set to go at it.

Savage came out but Hogan distracted Sting coming through the crowd.

Hogan hinting at the heel ways to come dressed in black using heel ways on Sting.

Sting unloads on Hogan. Hogan reversed an irishwhip and clotheslined Sting. Hogan was getting booed in a major way and you should of just seen the heel turn coming.

They knew they had to turn him heel eventually and with Sting’s popularity as Macho Man wearing Shades watched from the outside.

Hogan kicked to the outside by the Stinger.

Hogan sweeped the feet and slammed his head into the apron. Hogan booed in a major way as Hogan controls the match slamming Sting into the barricade. Hogan rakes the back.

Hulk off the ropes catches a cross-body by Sting. A drop toe-hold by Hogan to Sting. Hogan leaned on the arm of Sting while Macho cheered him on. Hogan kept the armbar on Sting.

Hogan kept Sting grounded with a side headlock until the Stinger fought back and hit a Stinger Splash until Hogan countered in mid-air going old school with his bearhug. Hogan dropped an elbow on Sting and hit a back body suplex.
Hogan got a two. Hogan hit another suplex on Sting. Sting swings Hogan’s leg and as he comes back in the match and applies the Scorpion Deathlock.

Fans in total support of Sting. Fans boo as Hogan hulks up and they’re tired of his routine.
Hogan hits a big boot to Sting and then missed the leg-drop, fans pop as Sting moved. Sting aware Hogan hurt his leg and now Sting slapped the deathlock on again.

In the end at 9:31 everyone from the back came out and it’s a double DQ.

Neither men goes over the other and at this time it wasn’t surprising, especially on free cable.

This match was pretty good though. You could see Hogan’s days as a Babyface coming to an end, only a matter of time.

** 3/4




-Perhaps the greatest faction ever. A strong argument could be made. This covered Hogan and his heel turn. The Giant stood in Hogan’s path.

27) HollyWood Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Giant for the WCW Championship -WCW/nWo Souled Out Jan 25th 1997



An amazing intro for Hogan proving to be the man in the business.

Bischoff and DiBiase on commentary.

Hogan came out in all his glory as some Dallas Cowboys joined him.

Their match at Hog wild in 96 (Giant and Hogan) is pretty terrible. I can’t remember this paticular match but this was of course after Giant joined the New world order and the whole ring said nwo, the only purely nwo themed PPV the event had.

Giant got kicked out of the stable for asking for a title shot.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan chopped by Giant across the chest. Off the ropes Giant recieved a big clothesline by Hogan.

Giant took it to Hogan now and Hogan attempted a running shoulder block but Giant didn’t move.

They worked this match similar to how Andre and Hogan did.

Giant slammed Hogan down. Giant dropped an elbow. Hogan eventually took it to the outside until Giant dragged him back in and stretched the back of Hulk.

Hulk came back and went for Giant and almost got a three.

Hogan was chokeslammed but Hogan got his boot on the ropes. Giant choked the biased official.

Run-in’s galore by the nwo and Bischoff.

Giant chokeslammed some nwo members and all hell broke loose. Fans threw in garbage while the nwo reigned supreme. Fans chanted for Sting as Hogan layed out Giant with a chair and spray painted nwo on his back.

This match ended after other members of the nWo came out and attacked The Giant at 11:00, thus Hogam kept the title.

It didn’t exactly spell out entertaining, needless to say.



Hitman & HollyWood:

-Yeah so if you looked at both these names you’d figure this to be something incredible. Unfortunately it isn’t but it’s still rare.

28) HollyWood Hulk Hogan vs Bret “Hitman” Hart WCW Nitro September 28th, 1998

It’s too bad this didn’t take place in the Federation in 1993.

But politics got involved.

Here WE are in 1998 and everyone loved Austin or The Rock by this point. Goldberg, Sting, Undertaker and DDP as WELL.
But here it’s Hogan and the Hitman locking up.

Hollywood Hogan and Bret had never before got it on apparently from a tv standpoint.

Bret pushed Hogan away and the two lock up. Bret shoved off by Hogan this time around.
The two tie up and Hogan choked out Bret after a drop toe-hold while the fans chant Hogan Sucks.

Hogan tried to out-wrestle the Hitman but Bret goes into an arm-bar then stomped on him.

An arm-ringer by Bret to Hogan. Hogan torks the arm of Bret into a cross arm-ringer and Hogan showed some technical skill.

Both guys tie up againand off the ropes Bret gets a clothesline. Hogan scoop slams Bret bu he moves out of the way. Hogan missed an elbow. Bret comes in with steam clotheslining Hogan to the ground. Bret rakes his face and throws Hogan into the ring post.

Hollywood grabs the trunks of the Hitman and he falls to the foor. Hogan dropped Bret’s injured knee on the barricade. Bret’s knee hurt in the war games earlier on, Hogan followed it up with an inverted atmoic drop on the barricade taking out his knee.

Hogan as proud of himself as eveer. Hogan squeezing Bret’s leg around the post. Hogan relentless in his attack and Hogan twisting Bret’s knee turning around with a spinning toe-hold.

Sting runs to the ring while Hogan has the hold locked on. Sting teases going for Hogan and then members try and help Hart out of the ring because of his knee.

Bret limping tried to get back in and he begged Sting to come back in the ring. Sting took off his clothes and battled Hogan.

In the end at just under nine minutes Hart got carried out. A no contest.

This match set up the next PPV’s storyline with Hart’s leg and Sting’s involvment however the real highlight of the match was the sign that read “Other Channel Jackass!”

Or Hogan trying to one up Bret’s technical ability.

** 1/2



The Return!
-Pro-wrestling comeback’s are always special, but when it’s guys like Hogan, Austin or The Rock they pass that point.

Hulkamania was back HOME and everyone loved it.

Incredible to see. They go over the Hogan and Rock match at Mania X8.

29) Hulk Hogan on the Fans RAW March 18th, 2002


-One of the loudest ovations you’ll ever hear and the duration was incredible in Montreal a place known for its noise.

Terry got emotional and it is understandable being the night after Mania X8.

Montreal gives great ovations, just the country of Canada does in general but Montreal may very well be the loudest. They are in the NHL.

A very special moment.

Red & Yellow is Back!

-Vince apparently ordered Hogan to go back to these colors the night after Mania but he took a bit to go for it and finally agred in 2003.

And then it happened, on Smackdown!

Hogan got a tremendous ovation defeating Mr. McMahon at Mania X9 in 2003.

Hogan also had taken the Championship gold against Hunter at Backlash.


30) Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a NO DQ match for the WWE Undisputed Championship Match -RAW May 13, 2002
I don’t know how well the match in 92 would of come off, but this was 2002….come on. I know in 1994 there match was dissapointing and I can’t believe as I write this in 2010 certain fans want a match between the two in TNA in just a few days.

I can just shake my head at that.
Ric Flair the challenger here back on Raw.

Hogan’s title reign thankfully didn’t last long but this was an interesting rare match to be placed on the set.

The bell rings and Hogan and Flair go at it, Flair wanted to make it #17.

Flair at this time was the owner of Raw. Hogan got chants going for him, left, right and center. Hogan pushed Flair off and then escapes the ringside area. Flair grabbed a chair and referee Charles Robinson still took the chair away.

Hogan went for a battle of strength and then was chopped by Flair in the corner. Hogan kicked at Flair in the corner and unloaded more shots. Flair does a face flop.

Hogan no longer in control as Flair hits a cheapshot. Flair with chops after a low blow. Flair lands shots after an uppercut and takes him outside the ring. Flair with a thumb to the eye on Hogan and then goes after the leg of Hulk.

Flair takes him down and Flair looked for the three count. Hogan blocked it and now Hogan put the figure four leglock on Flair who got to the ropes after screaming “Oh god!”
Hogan suplexed Flair from the apron on the outside back in. Impressive considering the age.

Flair chopped Hogan and he says No each time.

The new nwo came in and took apart Hogan as it’s no DQ, Austin came out and stunned Flair! Lawler does his best Heenan impression saying it’s fair to Flair.

In the end at just over nine minutes with no breaks Hogan retained the title.

This match was about what you’d expect around this time.

* 1/2



Still in the Hunt:

-Hogan still a big name obviously stayed in the title hunt despite losing a bit of steam over time. A week after the Flair match Taker defeated Hogan at Judgment Day for the title.


31) Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs in a Triple H #1 Contender’s Match -WWE SmackDown! June 6th, 2002

Hogan and the Game took on each other at Backlash a couple of months before, now it was their chance to go at it again.
Both guys babyfaces.

Again, it’s refreshing to see rare matches on this set, even if their Backlash match wasn’t great.

Both Hunter and Hogan were babyface here. Hogan still had Backlash fresh in his mind.
Ropes all black around this time on Smackdown!

Cole and Tazz call it perhaps the biggest main event in Smackdown! history. The winner goes to King of the Ring to face the Champion, who was Taker at the time.

Hogan takes it to the Game early on with clothesline’s after being shoved to the corner.


Hogan shoved the Game out of the ring, but on the floor he gets his head rammed into the steps after blocking the first shot initially.

Hogan hit the Game over the barricade. The Game chokes out Hogan in the corner of the ring back inside. Hunter slaps a sleeper on Hulk and drives his knee into the back of Hogan.

HHH in control until Hogan says no!

Hulking up but he made one mistake and its Pedigree time.
Hunter wins the match at 7:17.

Not bad in the least, simple and to the point.

* 3/4



Tag Team Gold



Going for tag gold? Just why not? It’s Hulk Hogan. Edge’s hero growing up so it was a big moment for both of them.

On July 4th they took the title’s.

A re-match awaits.


32) Billy and Chuck (With Rico) vs Edge & Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) -WWE SmackDown! July 11th, 2002

Finally a different match with these two teams, but still I see no need for it.

The bell rang as Edge made short work of Chuck and Billy. Gunn slammed Edge down and Chuck came in.

Fans chanting for Hogan and he was not even in the match yet. Palumbo stomped on Edge in the corner. Chuck hit a powerslam on Edge and a tag to Billy Gunn. Gunn stomped on Edge.

Both Billy and Chuck isolating Edge and a leg-drop by Chuck. Chuck tossed Edge outside.

Hogan drawn into the ring while Rico took apart Edge on the outside. Still insane Hogan chants.

If Edge could make the hot tag to Hogan the place would absolutely erupt.
Palumbo with a reverse chinlock.

Edge desperately in need of a tag. Chuck pulls Edge back and Billy comes in but Edge slams him down to the mat.

Hogan in and the boot to the face. Hogan unloads.

Hogan poses and goes for a leg drop but Rico grabbed a leg. Edge speared him. Gunn hit the Fameasser on Hogan from behind but Hogan kicked out.

Hulk Hogan hulked up!

Hogan told Billy Gunn it was him!

Hogan with shot after shot then a boot to the face. Hogan hit the leg-drop and Edge speared Chuck for good measure.

In the end at 6:10 Edge and Hogan retained the title’s.

Great booking.

It is pretty funny that this match is better then the one they showed on several dvd’s the week prior.

This was a good short and to the point match.



An Olympic Hurdle:

-Kurt Angle had made Hogan tap out (something not many had done IF anyone else) at King of the Ring in 2002. Here they meet again on Smackdown!


33) Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle -SmackDown! August 1st, 2002

Hollywood Hogan had already gone toe to toe against Angle at King of the Ring, a match he had lost after the ankle lock.

The winner gets Brock next week.

Angle called for Hogan but he shoved him off. Angle frustrated slamming on the mat.

Angle takes down Hogan with a front facelock.

Angle tried hip-tossing Hogan but Hulk posed and flipped Angle out to the floor.

Hogan shoved him face-first to the barricade.

Angle brings Hogan back in the ring where he could control Hulk, spearing him. Angle drives his elbow into the throat of Hogan. Angle brought plenty of intensity choking out Hogan but he kicked out.

Angle with a rear chinlock on Hulk but he came back with a back suplex, Angle kicked out. Off the ropes Hogan goes for the boot and Angle goes for the Ankle Lock. Hogan countered pulling Angle off.

Hogan shot Angle to the ropes and hit a boot to the face.

Angle quickly to his feet, Angle Slam but Hogan kicked out! Hogan hits a boot to Angle after he runs out with a chair.

Leg drop!

Hogan covered Angle but the official is down.

Brock comes out and Angle hits Hogan with the Chair and the official DQ’s Angle at 18:37.

This was a very good match to close the DVD.

** 3/4



-Hulk Hogan’s resume will never be matched in terms of importance to Pro-Wrestling. He is and forever will be the biggest name in the history of the business. You could even make more three disc DVD sets on Hogan with plenty of more rare Hogan matches. That’s what is truly special about Hulk Hogan. You could even argue Hulk Hogan is wrestling. He became bigger then the Sport.




Bonus Features:

� “Around the World”
Nassau Coliseum � September 7, 1984

� “Hogan and Mr. T”
Tuesday Night Titans � March 7, 1986

� “Back to Square One”
MSG � February 23, 1992

� “The Mega Maniacs”
Wrestling Challenge � March 13, 1993

� “Hulk Hogan and Rod the Bod”
Bash at the Beach � July 16, 1995

� “The Darkness of the Doom”
Nitro � November 13, 1995

� “Times Have Changed”
Nitro � September 2, 1996

� “Hulk Hogan and the Heartbreak Kid”
RAW � April 25, 2005





Final Rating for Hulk Hogan’s Unreleased Collection = 7.5/10


This sets biggest strength is the fact that almost every match you can’t find elsewhere.

Rare is good even if the matches sometimes lacked. I’d suggest picking it up since I had a good time reviewing this DVD because of that fact. They are obviously trying to milk the cash-cow of Hogan but this definitely gives you a good chance at seeing what he`s all about outside the obvious. Thumbs up.

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  1. Bob Marshall says:

    Hogan vs Flair in the WWF in 1991 was not better than the matches they had in WCW. Bash at the Beach 1994, Clash XXVIII, Halloween Havoc 1994 * Superbrawl IX were all much better contests. Must be another WCW hater.

  2. jenny says:

    does anyone notice the printing error in this dvd? hogan wasn’t the WWF champion in the fall of 1988. Savage was. 2 matches are listed as him being champ against haku and bossman in fall 1988.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Brett for writing such a GREAT review piece on this set. It really convinced me to FINALLY check it out after I had debated for quite some time on whether or not it was worth the purchase, as I really like to try to get stuff that is at least different – being a amateur WWE DVD collector, this set turned out to be pretty fantastic, if you expected any 4 star classics, your sure to be disappointed, but the amount of gems/rare materiel is just awesome. Hogan was able to get some pretty good matches out of his formula and it shows on this set, that he could be at least entertaining if given the right opponents. He even shows HINTS of being a dynamic wrestler at times. Just for the amount of rare content I would suggest getting this set, Hogan even manages to surprise me a few times – vs. Backlund – and the nostalgia factor is full-tilt for his 80’s WWF Championship run. I could only imagine they would have enough footage to do an other 3-Disc Set for Hogan, a set like this would be great to do for guys like Flair, Bret Hart & Macho Man. Easily the best set Hogan’s ever gotten. 7.75/10 – Would have been an 8/10 if it wasnt for the # of matches that I had rated as DUDS or *.

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for the comments here guys, I was pleasently surprised with this set as I was not expecting much.

  5. agtdark2023 says:

    Kick ass DVD set. I have that Mania 5 program up there. Missing the autographs though. I’m totally jealous dude!

  6. SRB says:

    this is by far the best hogan set there is. i love this set and watch it over and over again as hogan steps in the ring with people not only long forgotten but wrestlers who we never thought he actually wrestled. Big John Studd, Million Dollar Man and Killer Khan are all people Hogan had short fueds with that I completely forgot about. Great set.

  7. Rob L says:

    See, this is why I read your reviews. I own the other two Hogan sets but I decided to skip this DVD because I had my doubts about it. After reading your review I’m going to have to pick this up.