Review: WWE John Morrison- Rockstar (1 Disc) DVD

December 29, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “John Morrison: Rockstar” Review:


“I am the Friday Night Delight!”

John Morrison

-John Morrison’s “Rockstar DVD” was a one disc DVD covering Morrison’s career. He remains a future star so one disc is fitting.
-As an extra on the DVD they show the debut of the Morrison name and the transformation from Nitro. This is a promo from John Morrison on ECW with CM Punk included from July of 2007.

-It featured eight full length matches with chapters inbetween, a total of seventeen chapters.


Disc 1:


The Dream Begins…


-Morrison is on the beach near his original stomping grounds telling us this is where it all started.


Now we get set to dive into his work.


1) John Morrison (c) vs CM Punk for the ECW Championship -ECW Sept 4th 2007



Morrison and Punk had a good match at Night of Champions the weekend of the Benoit tragedy but they include this one a couple months after.

This is Punk’s last shot at the gold.

Both men tie up in the middle of the ring to get things going. Morrison goes for a waistlock go-behind, CM Punk attempts a hammerlock but Morrison applies a smart cradle move early in the match to score a nearfall.
A front facelock by Morrison doesen’t phase Punk as he takes Morrison down with a single leg takedown and then Punk slaps on a side headlock to wear him down. A stiff shoulder block by Punk off the ropes and he reversed a hiplock, hooks the leg and got a two.

An armbar by Morrison out of the hold to a chorus of boo’s and a kick to Punk. John with open shots and the official warns him. Punk about to charge into a boot inthe corner twists him around and got another nearfall. Punk scoop slams Morrison down and drives the elbow into Morrison. Punk with an armringer and then drops him with a high ground kick.
CM Punk took a look at Morrison and delivered a high kick.

Then a big time chop across the chest. Punk sends Morrison back-first to the turnbuckle. Punk slaps back on a front facelock into a vertical suplex and a two. Punk fell into the middle ropes as Morrison hit a formation of a Stun Gun with a drop toehold to Punk. Morrison attempts a powerbomb-sunset flip onto the ground but Punk reversed it into a crossbody to the outside.

After a commercial break Punk had Morrison in a headlock back in the ring. Morrison fought out and then Punk hit an inside cradle gtting a two count. Morrison elevated Punk up in the air and scoop slammed him off the top.

John Morrison stomps on Punk. Morrison with a big kick to Punk’s sternum hanging off the apron then showed athleticism to kick at Punk gliding his ways back into the ring hitting a dropkick. Morrison got a nearfall. Punk being choked had the fans behind him.
Punk firing out of the corner and Morrison hit a back breaker. Morrison kicked at Punk and he kicked out. A stiff forearm to Punk, an elbow to the face and Punk gets out. Morrison with a rear choke.

Morrison gets out of it with a leg-sweep and as he climbs up top he gets caught by Punk. off the top he hits a Superplex.

Both answer the nine count and Punk gets the better of the offensive exchange. Punk with a high kick and a dramatic nearfall. CM Punk lands the high knee in the corner then a running bulldog.

A double-underhook looking like Punk wanted a gut-wrench suplex but Morrison shoved him to the corner and went for a split-leg moonsault off the top and Punk kicked out. Morrison goes for a neckbreaker but Punk countered into a go to sleep attempt, Morrison rolled him over and grabbed onto the ropes but the official has seen it.

Punk rolled up Morrison and kicked out at two!

Punk hit an inziguri and then crashed and burned in the corner. Morrison missed a kick and Punk hit a go to sleep and won the title!

In the end at a tv time of 12:28.

I’m still not a fan of Tazz’s beyond annoying “what a match!” after every nearfall, but this was a special tv match.

Great stuff.



Best of the Dirt Sheet…


-One of the more entertaining segments the company has produced.
Here they display clips of Morrison and Miz over time with some funny clips. Others where they thought they were.

Still a good showing of clips over time.



2) John Morrison and the Miz vs D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) -Raw November 3rd 2008


I remember seeing this live and thinking Morrison and Miz should of got the rub here but still it is an entertaining match. Of course now that I see the Miz as WWE Champion I take that back.

They start the match with Morrison and Triple H in the ring. Unfortunately we missed the beginning of this one due to a commercial break.

This company cares less about when they take breaks but they used to. It’s sad. Shawn and Miz come in and he hits an atomic drop and then goes up high hitting an elbow drop.


Michaels tuning up the band already but Morrison grabbed him from the apron.
Miz charged at Michaels with an impactful clothesline. Morrison attacks Michaels a man he is often compared to. Morrison and Miz isolate Michaels for a part of the match, Michaels hits a desperation backslide but got a two. Morrison up and went for a high kick on Michaels but he turns that around.

Hunter tags in and gets a high knee on Morrison before a facebuster. The Game goes for a Pedigree and Miz runs in getting a Spinebuster. Morrison with a springboard high kick to the head of Hunter, Shawn interupts the count.

Nice spot where Morrison nips up after a flying forearm and then stomps on the mat before levelling Hunter in the head with his own version of Sweet Chin Music. Both Miz and Morrison do the DX taunt crotch chop and Miz has Hunter in position for the Pedigree and he hits a back bodydrop. Morrison runs for Hunter but is taken to the outside.

Triple H hits the pedigree to Miz and wins.

In the end DX goes over at a tv time of 6:36

This match featured little substance and was very short. I liked the ending but that was about it.

Strange seeing Morrison’s DVD begin with two tv losses.

* 3/4


Straight from the Palace of wisdom…

-Morrison says nothing beats performing in front of a live crowd.

Here he answers questions obviously in character due to his cocky persona.
Still entertaining. Oh look another DVD praising Flair. Can they seriously go one without?

I don’t get it.


3) John Morrison vs Evan Bourne -Ecw April 14th 2009

This shold be good.

Two high flying aerial competitor’s going at it. And we fast forward another year, some recent action now.

John Morrison and Evan Bourne get set to go in the third match of this DVD. It’s the third tv match in a row on the DVD.

This kicked off this paticular edition of Ecw on Sci Fi. Bourne with a heavy arm-ringer but Morrison holds a side headlock on him until pushed off. John Morrison hits a shoulder block until Bourne hits a nice hiplock. Bourne holds the left arm of Morrison.

Bourne sends Morrison to the corner but he can’t score with a kick off the top ropes. Evan Bourne on the mat being choked out by Morrison’s boot until running into a European Uppercut. Bourne goes for an inziguri, Morrison ducks and hits a kick and a near fall follows. Bourne kicks at Morrison in the corner. Morrison flips Bourne out into the apron and he scoops the leg kicking it off the apron and Morrison runs into him with a driving knee into his own.

A chop block of sorts, Bourne on the floor, Morrison poses in the ring. Morrison takes Bourne back in the ring and hooking the leg gets a two. Morrison lifts up Bourne now.
Morrison held up Bourne in a torture rack position and this applied pressure to the back of Evan Bourne.

Evan Bourne spins out dropping Morrison with a hurricanrana taking Morrison all the way to the floor outside the ring.

Morrison slips back in and hits a dropkick to the knee.

A commercial break and Morrison is wearing down Bourne with a headlock on the mat. Morrison with a rear choke now hooking the arm putting pressure on the head and neck of Bourne. Morrison up and Bourne kicks away at him and then hooking the leg Morrison kicks out. Morrison grounding and pounding.

Morrison’s most impressive sequence was how he dodged a high kick by Bourne while landing one in the same sequence.

Morrison drops Bourne in the corner with two right hand’s. An armbar by Morrison trying to hyper-extend the arm of Bourne. Bourne on his shoulders kicked out.
Still down on the mat Bourne in a choke attempts to get out. Bourne drives Morrison’s head into the turnbuckle. He fired back with an elbow shot and a clothesline.
Both men go down.

Morrison misses a right and another hurricanrana. A dropkick followed by a spinning heel kick, hooking the leg and getting a two. Into the corner goes Morrison but he lifts a boot. He catches a slap and from the top Morrison pushed Bourne off the top until he sprung back with a hurricanrana.

Another nearfall.

Bourne hit with a stungun, and a sunset flip followed by a cradle gives both mena nearfall. Morrison levelled shots at Bourne until both men take each other to the outside of the ring.

On the floor, Morrison rolls in and Bourne off the top using his knees drops John Morrison with an awesome aerial move. Another kick to the sternum followed by another. Knee shots by Morrison, a moonlight drive attempt and Morrison runs into a high knee to the face. Bourne goes up to the top rope and Morrison caught him with a high boot to the face stopping a potential shooting star press.
Moonlight drive by Morrison and he gets him after a swinging neckbreaker.

In the end at a tv time of 13:32.

This was a Great TV match.


*** 1/4


Parkour Training…

-I love to train when I don’t do reviews so I liked this segment in paticular on this DVD.
Morrison here shows his flexibility. I thought this part was impressive.


Match #4) John Morrison vs Chris Jericho -Superstars June 11th 2009

John Morrison and Jericho, another match I look into seeing here.

Morrison pushed Jericho to the corner and by this time Morrison is a babyface.
Jericho is the heel.

Jericho went for a walk and the crowd booed. Jericho hits a side headlock and a shoulder block, off the ropes Morrison hit a leapfrog and a hiplock.
Morrison into an armbar and Jericho decked out Morrison with a few shots to the head. Jericho kicked Morrison to the corner but he fights back. Morrison lands a high kick and then another hiplock with great leverage and quickness.

Morrison took down Jericho and then with a waistlock rode Jericho on the mat and slapped more of an armbar. Morrison slapped out of the corner by Jericho. Jericho with a high knee into the head of Morrison. Jericho slams his head into the turnbuckle. Jericho charged into a big boot. Morrison clotheslined Jericho over the top rope to the floor and then a corkscrew moonsault over the top by Morrison.

Morrison went for a springboard offensive move but Jericho counters by pushing the top rope and he lost his balance.

Back from a commercial break the IC Champion Chris Jericho levelled Morrison and hit a springboard dropkick knocking Morrison to the floor. Jericho layed on the top rope and went for a quick pin but Morrison fought back.

A suplex and a nearfall. Jericho choking out Morrison. Jericho knees him in the gut. A counter from a back breaker into a side russian legsweep and a nearfall.

A desperation running inziguri by Y2J and another two. Jericho choked him out on the top rope and he used the ropes to his advantage choking out Morrison. Jericho decked out Morrison. Jericho held both arms back of Morrison. Backed to the corner and Jericho came flying off with a double axehandle but Morrison got into another gear andhit some aerial offense.

A nice tornado ddt to Jericho. Morrison gets a two count. An irish-whip and then Morrison runs into the corner, Jericho drove his head to the mat. Jericho goes for a Lionsault and misses. Morrison with a flying chop kick off the ropes, springboarding backwards and scoring a nearfall.

Morrison reversed a codebreaker and comes off with a knee to the temple of Jericho.
Morrison with a high kick and Jericho slams him to the mat, Morrison powers out. Jericho charged to the corner and shoulder first into the post.
Morrison going for a star-ship.

Jericho had Morrison in the walls!


Morrison with a great counter into an inside cradle and got a two.

Jericho countered rolling up Morrison grabbing the tights.

In the end at a tv time of 10:12.

This is a great main event here. Great back and forth material with a lot of time.



The Shaolin Master of Movement…

-Another look at Morrison working out and how he does these practices everywhere.
Interesting to say the least.

He even goes into the mind. Pretty deep stuff.



5) John Morrison vs Edge -Smackdown! June 19th 2009

This was a great one.
John Morrison was making himself a big name on the Smackdown! brand in paticular at this time.

Interupting Edge’s promo and then getting set to have a big time match with a star much more established them him at the time.

Edge and Morrison getting into a pushing war and Edge falls back. Edge ties up with Morrison and into a hammerlock by Morrison and Edge grabs onto the ropes.
Edge has won 27 title’s. Unreal.

Morrison with a fire-man’s take-over into a armbar. Morrison shoved into the corner and Edge dished out a couple of shots. Morrison with a hiplock out of the corner and then another armbar.

Edge missed a clothesline and then kicked Morrison in the abdomen. Edge poses as the fans boo expectedly. Edge delivering punishment to Morrison. Edge sends Morrison into the corner hard and Edge taking the oxygen out of Morrison choking him out on the middle rope. Edge drops his bodyweight onto Morrison’s back making John gasp for air.
Edge runs into a boot of Morrison. A big dropkick by Morrison and Edge slams Morrison off the top in a stun-gun type move.

A commercial break returns and Edge remains in control. Edge with a waistlock following up on Morrison’s injured ribs after what we just saw before the break.

Morrison battled back and Edge stopped any offense coming near him. Morrison takes Edge off with an inverted backbreaker. Morrison held onto the top rope and hit a high kick and got a two count.

Morrison down sliding out of the ring gliding Edge into the steel steps with a headscissors.
Morrison missed a spear attempt.

Edge slaps on a Sharpshooter which will further apply pressure to the core of Morrison, his abdominal section with the injured ribs. He breaks the hold by getting to the ropes.
Morrison slides into the ring and got a two on the cradle. A side russian legsweep. Morrison from the top rope went for a Starship backflip but Edge caught him and he landed on the top buckle. Morrison hung upside down and Edge charged at John Morrison and he hit a reverse sunset flip.

Morrison charged at Edge and hit the ring post.

Edge goes for a spear and Morrison hit a leapfrog and then a springboard kick to the head of Edge which scored him a nearfall. Edge counters a moonlight drive into a huge ddt and a nearfall.

Morrison turns a potential backbreaker into a tornado ddt.
Morrison flips off the top but Edge caught him with a spear into the injured ribs and Edge beats him at a tv time of

In the end at tv time of 13:26.

This match was superb. Best of the disc thus far.

*** 1/2

Anatomy of the Aerial Attack…

-Morrison talks about his aerial offense and then warns the kids to not try this at home.
Good job because I don’t think they get the idea after they are forced to sit through the “Don’t try this at home” add’s pre-dvd.



6) John Morrison vs CM Punk (c) in a Non-Title match -Smackdown! June 26th 2009

CM Punk here is the world Champion and Morrison is getting over in a big way as a babyface.

This is going to be good. I remmeber seeing this live.



John Morrison and Puni tie up and it’s clear both men are feeling each other out. This was right before Punk was to defend his title against Jeff Hardy at the Bash.
That on his mind still had a test here with Morrison with a side headlock takedown and then Punk counters with a leg-scissors. Morrison kicks out and hits a deep arm-drag like the Dragon as Ross mentions. Morrison goes into anarmbar. Morrison had Punk but he flipped over and hit a single leg takedown.

Punk with a waist-lock go behind. Morrison spears Punk down, nice move to get the shoulders down and then Punk gave another strike but John counters kicking him out of the way. Morrison slams Punk backfirst to the corner. Morrison with a cross-armbar choke. Nice submission hold.

A snapmare by Punk.

Back and forth tilt here. A jawbreaker by Morrison in this non-title match, and a two-fall. Morrison gets a powerslam by Punk! Morrison caught a shot in the abdomen and Punk kicks high. Punk levelled Morrison with a running knee and a bulldog.

The Champion with all the momentum but Morrison powers out with a two. Punk calls him up. CM Punk goes for a GTS but Morrison not in position so a German Suplex is the next best option for Punk with a bridge into a pinning combination.

Back from a commercial break Punk delivered more kicks to Morrison. Leverage in a body-scissors and Morrison with an elbow strike to the kidney’s. Punk with a two count after he keeps wrapping Morrison with his legs on the mat. Morrison had unorthadox and innovative offense but Punk countered it.

Right now Morrison catches the bottom rope with his leg. Punk broke on the four to avoid dq but the damage had been done. On the outside apron, Punk wanted to sunset flip Morrison avoided it. Punk drops to the floor and legsweeps Morrison. John Morrison still had enough to hit a moonsault off the top. Morrison with a nearfall.

Morrison back in the right hits a right and off the ropes Punk tries a roll-up but Morrison hit a clothesline then a dropkick. Punk hits a spinning heel kick. Morrison hammers away on Punk down on the canvas floor. Punk coming back on the defense with a half-crab torking the knee of Morrison which was logical because it also took out his aerial game.
Morrison reached the ropes.

Great match!

Morrison on the outside apron lands another kick and is caught by Punk for perhaps a go to sleep but Morrison springboards with a high kick and a two count!

Punk kicked out! Punk scouted Morrison’s corner finisher corkscrew and hit a neckbreaker off the top. The Champ got a nearfall. Punk can’t believe it. Morrison

A series of roll-up’s gives Morrison the win! The biggest win of his young career defeating the Champion!

In the end at a tv time of 13:51 Punk defeated by Morrison.

I’m not a big fan of how Punk was handled as Champion being pinned cleanly on television but Morrison was certainly on the rise and this rub helped him.

This match had a little of everything, a back and forth war with a ton of entertaining reversals, story-telling. All in all, there best match I’ve seen together.






Making a Surfboard…

-Like the title says.

Nothing I’m interested in but he is and his other fans might be as well, plus it reflects his athletic personality so I can see why it is included.



7) Jeff Hardy (c) vs John Morrison for the Heavyweight Championship -Smackdown! July 31st 2009
Morrison getting a shot at the title on Smackdown this time!

The day after my birthday.

Both these guys are often compared to Michaels so this should be a good match from an aerial standpoint.

In 77 Billy Graham defeated Bruno Sammartino here in Baltimore says Ross.
Good history lesson.

Expecting a quick match here. Fans behind Hardy in a big way with chants. Jeff off the ropes drops Morrison with a shoulder block. Jeff with a headlock until Morrison gets out and hits a unique kick to Jeff Hardy.

A hard irish-whip to Jeff back-first to the buckle. Morrison choking out Hardy down on the canvas. Jeff with a roll-up attempt but Morrison beat him to the punch with a big clothesline. A catapolt takes Jeff to the outside.

Morrison hit a springboard moonsault. Time for a commercial break.

Back from the break Morrison has a headlock on Jeff wearing down a quick Hardy on the canvas. Morrison and Hardy exchange shots. Morrison takes down Hardy and he kicks out. Morrison countered the twist of fate and clotheslined Hardy with a reverse stun gun, Morrison misses a corkscrew and Jeff out of desperation hit a whisper in the wind!
Morrison kicks out.

Jeff with a reverse chinlock to Morrison grounding an ALSO quick John Morrison.
A scoop slam by Jeff and off the top rope hits a leg drop to Morrison. Jeff back to the chinlock.

Morrison getting up tossed Hardy to the side. Morrison with an inverted backbreaker and a side russian leg-sweep before a standing moonsault. Tremendous innovation and athleticism scores Morrison a nearfall.

A swinging neckbreaker by Morrison and another nearfall. Jeff bounced Morrison to the apron from the corner with a backdrop. Both men climb to the top and a slugfest sends both men to the floor.

Another commercial break.

Morrison with right’s and lefts and a dropkick by Morrison. Jeff from no where hits a dropkick. Jeff fired back with a dropkick. A crossbody and a two count.
An outside spot (It wouldn’t be a Jeff match without one) including the barricade and steps drops Morrison but back in the ring John pushed Jeff to the corner he flips but Morrison delivers a high kick! Morrison sends Jeff sternum first to the corner then a big spinning heel kick.

Morrison gets closer and closer. Morrison reversed into the corner but he drops Jeff groin first on the ropes. A springboard flying chop-kick to Hardy’s head but only a two count. Jeff Hardy reversed a suplex dropping Morrison on his abdomen.

Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb and Morrison kicks out. Jeff goes to drive his boots into Morrison but he kicks him out of the way. Morrison went for a Corkscrew and Hardy put up the knees. Morrison hit with a twist of fate and a second swanton bomb.

In the end at a tv time of 14:49 Jeff retained the title.

This match was a bit all over the place but that doesen’t mean it wasn’t fun.

Great watching material.

*** 1/4



One with the Ocean…

-Morrison hits the beach.
Clips of him Surfing the waves and what-not…


8 ) Rey Mysterio (c) vs John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship -Smackdown! September 4th 2009


I loved this classic TV match.

Rey Mysterio and Morrison also could put aerial technique into a well executed, enthralling match with a tremendous pace for the title.

Anything to help the IC title’s prestige.
These two get set to lock up for the IC title!

It begins with shaking the fellow babyfaces hand. Isn’t that cute.
Morrison the confident challenger going against the well accomplished veteran and IC Champion in Mysterio who had a great year against Jericho goes toe to toe with Rey.

Rey Mysterio ties up with Morrison.

“Lets go Morrison” chants fill the arena. Morrison showing you excess strength and Morrison flipped over by Mysterio.

Morrison then realizes it’s clear in order for him to gain any ground he must do just that and GROUND the quicker Rey Mysterio. Rey rolled Morrison on his shoulders for a nearfall as the side headlock is eventually broken off. Morrison hit a shoulder block. Rey kicked Morrison off.

No commentary for about thirty seconds for some reason. Must be an edit.
The action remains constant with roll-up’s, so many nearfalls to open up this contest.

Commercial break.

Morrison throws Rey to the corner. Morrison scooped up Rey but he took him to the outside with a hurricanrana.

Both men crash and burned on the floor, you’d think THIS was the tv break. Both men make it back to break the count at nine. Morrison recieved a kick by Rey Mysterio. Rey charged to the corner ring post. Morrison with a roll-up as Mysterio hit shoulder first. John Morrison follows it up with an armbar.

Rey with an insane counter hurricanrana. Unbelievable offense. Reminds me of the old Rey Mysterio Jr from ECW and WCW.

Rey then irishwhipped to the corner and dodged the bulet. Unreal counters by both guys and Rey springs back on top of Morrison with a nearfall. Rey with a nice leg-drop.


Mysterio again with a leg drop, and a leg hook, nearfall. Mysterio with a headlock on Morrison trying to ground him now as Morrison can be quick as well.
Rey kicks Morrison’s back and stretches his arms torking his knee directly into the spine of Morrison. Rey Mysterio driven into the mat with a unique backflip dropkick to Mysterio.
Morrison is incredibally innovative.
Morrison backflips onto Mysterio, a standing shooting star press gets him a two. Rey fights back and then he kicks at Morrison. Morrison takes Rey to the floor due to more bodyweight.

Rey on the floor and now Morrison spots an opportunity but he wants to win the title so he goes to Rey and breaks the count. Morrison with a unique legdrop, hooking both legs but still a two count. Mysterio pullling out all the stops kicking out. Mysterio spears Morrison and puts Morrison in position for a 619, he counters a backflip then a crossbody, a mid-air collision by Morrison to Mysterio!

Another break and we’re back. Morrison drops Rey to the mat hard. Morrison with a body-scissors. Amazing use of leverage by Rey taking Morrison to the floor. Rey with a high risk move took his own body out. Rey rolled Morrison back in the ring. Rey springboarded onto Morrison with a legdrop and another two count.

Both men down after this back and forth physical battle. Morrison countered in mid-air driving Rey to the mat but just a two count. Morrison with knee to the temple of Rey and another two count. Rey springs off the ropes and gets a nearfall after a crossbody and then a dropkick. Nearfalls.

Fatigue setting in, it has to be after this crazy pace.

Mysterio from the top catches a mid-air dropkick by Morrison. A kick-out by Rey after a phenominal counter and John Morrison can’t believe it. Morrison getting set to hit his Starship but Rey counters with a senton into a swing and a 619! Morrison down!
Mysterio from the outside apron flies back in but Morrison hits Rey up high with a kick to the head. Amazing. Another kickout. Morrison now picks up Rey as the fans chant “This is awesome!”

Rey from the corner caught a back-breaker. Rey out of desperation set Morrison up high off the top rope but Morrison held on and Rey fell back.

Morrison flipped back with his corkscrew specialty. A standing ovation for Morrison.

In the end Morrison became the New IC Champion at a tv time of 18:20. They hug after the match.

One of the best matches of all of 2009.

This match was a tremendous way to close the dvd with its best match and arguably the greatest in his young career. Arguably…I say arguably, but I am still waiting to hear the argument against it. Thanks Hunter, I have always wanted to say that. 😉


**** 1/4



Final Rating for “John Morrison:Rockstar” = 5.5/10


This set was good for what it was, a unique look at one of the company’s rising stars. It made me respect and appreciate John Morrison, infact I’d call him one of my favourites now. I always liked his entrance but his attitude, work-ethic and passion really make you respect this very talented individual.
Obviously being a one disc DVD it couldn’t be much more then that but we got rare tv matches, most from the last year. It’s not very often we see NO PPV matches on a dvd. A lot of quality and rare gems here so I’d suggest picking it up if you are a collector or a fan of Morrison. I just wont be able to rate this anywhere above a 6 out of 10 for the fact it contains so little in comparison to other sets.

New WWE DVDs on

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