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July 14, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s WWE “Judgment Day 2003” Review:



“I`m not gonna take a lot of time, there`s a lot of Bad Ass matches here tonight. Welcome to Judgment Day as the CO GM Of Raw. I`m gonna watch this show, just like you, I`m not gonna sit in the back, in a locker, in a chair, in the bathroom, in a closet, I`m going to redneck heaven and sit in my own personal skybox, I`m a drink beer, raise hell, watch every match and have a damn good time like you guys!“GM: Stone Cold Steve Austin




-This was the 5th annual Judgment Day.


-This was the last PPV during the time of the brand-split where Raw and Smackdown! stars could compete on the same PPV event.


-This was the last PPV with Christian`s LONG HAIR.


-JR and King called Raw, Cole and Tazz did Smackdown!


-Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and cut an opening promo claiming he would watch the show with some beers up in one of the skyboxes. Eric Bischoff joined him and and we had the luxury of seeing many pointless segments between them.


-Torrie Wilson (on second judging since she had to take off more to win) defeated Sable in a Bikini Contest. I felt like writing that here since I don’t want to count it as an actual match and rate it. But as far as rating a bikini match goes, I’ll let you decide where this ranks.




-The event took place in “Flair Country” in front of 13,000 fans in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Charlotte Center.


-On Sunday Night Heat before the event The Hurricane defeated Steven Richards at 2:58.


-I don`t own Judgment Day 2004 (Thank god) so I will not be reviewing that horrid event. I have seen it though and it`s just as bad on paper. Guerrero-JBL is quite good though.











1) Opening Contest- John Cena and the F.B.I. (Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli) (With Nunzio) vs Chris Benoit, Rhyno and Spanky in a 6 man tag team match



So Chris Benoit is curtain jerking a PPV in 2003 tagging with Spanky.




I’m surprised the guy did not lose his mind years earlier. I say that will all due respect. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone again….


Anyway, John Cena is also in this match and he comes out first and was and up and coming star. He co-headlined Backlash 03 by losing to Brock Lesnar. So I guess he went from something great to mediocre at best as well.


Cena in his thuganomic`s gimmick comes out and gets on the mic telling Charlotte to chill.


Fans boo. Oh just wait until he was a good guy folks. This looks like the movie Goodfellas compared to Gigli with Cena as a bad guy. Cena finishes up and many laugh.


Chris Benoit with Rhyno and Spanky are the opponents. Rhyno comes out, then Spanky then Benoit to a good pop. I think I could come out to a good pop after Spanky just known as that guy who writes reviews on the Internet. Plus I am in pretty decent shape, my only flaw is I am 5`7.


Chris Benoit and all six men just go to work at the beginning but it officially begins with Spanky who out-rapped Cena according to Michael Cole. Tazz puts Cole in his place and says he didn`t, prertty funny. The F.B.I with strength in numbers taking advantage on Spanky behind the officials back.


A bearhug on Spanky by Palumbo while the crowd in Charlotte were very much behind Spanky, god knows why. Palumbo with a huge clothesline.


Benoit with a suplex once tagged in and he`s rollin. The Wolverine flies and connects with Palumbo. Nunzio gored by Rhyno out of the ring.


Spanky tags in Cena and Cena works over Chris Benoit. Spanky attempts a dudley dog and the Bull with the kiss of death from the top as Palumbo holds him.


A quick opener, very fast.


So in the end at 3:38 the team of Cena and the F.B.I. won.



* 1/2





2) La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree) vs Scott Steiner and Test (With Stacy Keibler)



Well at least one reason to watch this one.


Of course that is the size of the biceps of Scott Steiner. Obviously I am kidding and I am talking about the size of testicles out in the crowd, okay, okay, it’s Stacy. We all know.


La Resistance usually cure insomnia so I’m not looking forward to this one, especially looking who they are going up against. Wait, aren’t these guys feuding or did that happen later? Who cares anyway.


La Resistance get on the mic and wonder why the crowd hate them. Dupree gets mad about the government encouraging Americans to hate the French. Dupree calls them nothing but Barbarians. Jumping jacks now.


Scott Steiner`s music hits and a mixed reaction for a babyface. More pop when they realize Stacy is coming out.


God, Stacy never looks bad….ever. I`ve got to say as much as Trish fan as I`ve been my whole life for her entire body and Canadian heritage, Stacy is probably the most naturally beautiful.


Test and Dupree start with a series of slaps to the face. Freakzilla comes in. Scott Steiner with a knee to the abdomen to Dupree then a chop which get natural WOOOOOS especially in Flair Country.


Scott Steiner with an irishwhip and a clothesline and then a clubbing forearm to Grenier who runs in. Scott Steiner does push-ups.


Scott Steiner reversed after a distraction and Dupree clotheslines him over the ropes. Dupree with a series of shots to the back of Scott Steiner. Dupree and Test go at it for awhile as Scott Steiner is sent to the security wall.


Grenier and Dupree double team Test, and I`m not even going into a double team joke here. Pretty sure this is no longer the attitude era, sorry Headbangers.


Test knocked Stacy off the apron and Stacy landed in Scott Steiner`s arms. Test was mad. Scott Steiner made a blind tag and he dropped both members of La Resistance.


Test with an accidental big boot to Scott Steiner. Test`s shoulder sent into the ring post. Both La Resistance now double plant-flapjack Scott Steiner to the mat and Grenier gets the three. Stacy checks on Scott Steiner the lucky SOB.


In the end La Resistance won the match at 6:19.


This match was actually quite good.




** 1/2





3) Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (c) vs Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri in a Tag Team Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship



It’s not often we see a Tag Team Ladder match.


You’d think back to No Mercy 99 and how innovative Jeff, Matt, Edge and Christian all were in that classic. If this is even half as good we will have a very solid math here.


At least it looks like the first good match on the card.


Tajiri on Haas as the belts are suspended above the ring. Double-team by Team Angle.


A double team by Team Angle earlier on Eddie Guerrero which took him out of the equasion early which left the Japanese Buzzsaw alone early on.


Shelton sent Eddie into a Ladder early on. Tajiri chopped Haas. Eddie Guerrero comes back on his feet as it`s two on two for the duration of this match.


No tags in this match-up. Now that Tajiri has been taken out it`s Team Angle working over Eddie Guerrero.


Now an oppurtunity for Team Angle to retain their title belts.


They are pushed over, Tajiri springs Eddie Guerrero over the ropes and Eddie Guerrero sacrificed his own body on his back to hit the sternum of Haas.


Tajiri tried clmbing and Shelton took him off. Eddie Guerrero puts the Ladder in the corner and lands a right-hand on Shelton before being reverse irishwhipped, powerslammed by Shelton into the Ladder in the corner.


Wow, ouch.


Shelton drove Eddie Guerrero hard into that Ladder in the corner.


A scoop slam by Benjamin to Tajiri. Tag champs in control right now setting up the Ladder against the ropes and now they sent Tajiri into it.


Shelton climbs the other Ladder and now Shelton with the spot of the match arguably leaping over Haas onto Tajiri and his back on the ladder.






So nice I had to say it twice.


Haas climbs the Ladder but he is pushed off. Eddie knoked into the Ladder by Shelton after Haas is taken out by Tajiri and then he dropkicks the Ladder into Shelton to save Eddie Guerrero. Nicely done.


Tajiri ducks a clothesline then two huge boots, one to Haas, one to Shelton. Tajiri with a Ladder to Haas then Benjamin. Tajiri with a baseball slide modified holding onto the top rope kicking it into Shelton. Tajiri with the Tarantula to Charlie Haas.


Shelton then knocks the skull of Tajiri with major emphasis on Tajiri and the skull. Ouch again.


Tajiri taking the most bumps in this match.


Team Angle continue to stomp the hell out of Tajiri. Eddie Guerrero worked over in the corner, he’s the only one on the team essentially in it and Eddie with a Monkey Flip to Shelton into Haas holding the ladder. That worked out nice for Latino Heat.


Eddie Guerrero with a suplex to Shelton to the outside.


Down to Eddie and Haas. Eddie Guerrero took Haas to the outside and Eddie set up the Ladder at mid-ring. Haas comes back in and Eddie Guerrero lays him out. Charlie and Benjamin both climb trying to yank Eddie Guerrero down but he pushes them off and Eddie with a frog splah from the top of the ladder.


Eddie Guerrero down and Haas with the ladder still set up at ring-side. Eddie then with a sunset powerbomb to Charlie Haas. Some innovative Money in the Bank stuff is being seen here.


Eddie Guerrero was in a ladder match with Sean Waltman in a WCW PPV In 97 I rated four stars, and one with RVD on Raw from Edmonton in 2002, he should of been in more.


Eddie Guerrero climbing, Shelton got the green mist by Tajiri. Eddie Guerrero on the top with Tajiri and both men grab the belts!


In the end at 14:18 we have NEW Smackdown! World Tag Team Champions in Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri!


The place pops!


This match was everything you would want it to be. A borderline classic.



*** 3/4






4) Christian vs Booker T vs Test vs Goldust vs Kane vs RVD vs Chris Jericho vs Val Venis vs Lance Storm in a Battle Royal for the Vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship


WOW, the WWE realized they made a mistake by getting rid of the IC title so they made the GM of Raw, Steve Austin announce they were bringing it back on this PPV via a Battle Royal. The qualification was you had to be a mid-carder I guess.


Test is wrestling twice on the night? Ugh.


Who is going to win the IC title and begin the new reign of Champions I say I wish would be as credible as the 80’s when Morales, Santana, Savage, Steamboat and even the Honkytonk Man held it, or the 90’s where Perfect, Bret, Michaels, Ramon, Austin, Owen and Rock held it….but I’m wrong. This decade has seen guys like Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Ric Flair, Carlito,  Santino Marella, I could go on….hold the belt. Some good guys in the decade like Jericho, Benoit, Orton and Benjamin gave it credibility though, to be fair.




Jericho from an earlier promo calls himself the highlight of the night and says he will win the title.


They now play a nice video package that gave me goosebumps of the History of the IC title covering every great and even not so great IC Champions. Awesome.


Patterson comes to ring-side as he will give the IC title to the winner. Hopefully that’s all he gives the winner if I was one of the competitor’s anyway.


Val Venis returns to his old gimmick and does his usual promo.


Jericho a 5 time at the time IC Champion, now I believe he has the record at 11 as of this writing in July of 2011.


Goldust out next to a decent reaction. A former champ himself. A 3 time champion with victories over Razor Ramon, Savio Vega and Road Dogg.


Lance Storm out next from Calgary and he beat A-Train to become Champ.


RVD out next to a strong pop as he was one of the favourites in the match, RVD a 3 time Champ having defeated Eddie, Benoit and Regal, not a bad trio to have on your resume is right Jim Ross.


Christian is a former title holder beating Edge at Unforgiven 01. He also made his debut at the first JDAY winning the light-weight title over Taka.


Test having duble duty on the night but he’s not important enough to go over I guess.


A two time champ defeating HHH and Jericho in Kane comes out next.


Booker T comes out to a strange re-mix of his theme last. Booker T has never been IC Champ but Austin said he should be in it.


Lawler says he should not be in it since he’s the only man not to have been Champ.


Bell rings and Kane is being multople teamed by seven guys as the fans boo.


Kane fights back and out goes Lance Storm.


Everyone works together and eliminate Kane.


Kane comes back and created havoc on everyone with sidewalk slams, chokeslams ,etc.


Booker T eliminated Test.


Goldust just threw out Val Venis.


Jericho threw out RVD he hung on. Jericho springboarded off the ropes and RVD is out.


The Final Four already is Goldust, Jericho, Christian and Booker T. Goldust giving Booker T shots, while Jericho nailed a dropkick to Goldust.


Ironic that the final four is a tag team tandem in Jericho in Christian against another tag team tandem in Goldust and Booker T.


Goldust with a double bulldog to Jericho and Goldust. Booker lands high kicks. Goldust wants Booker to do the Spinnerooni.


Goldust tried to eliminate Booker T and Booker turned the tide and eliminated him.


Booker chopped Jericho in the corner. Jeff Jarrett was a 6 time Champion and the all time leader at this point in time. That’s ugly.


Jericho and Christian work together on Booker T. Jericho punched Booker T in the corner and Christian chopped him as well.  Jericho irishwhipped hard into the turnbuckle. Booker T tried to eliminate Jericho and he skins the cat.


Jericho bleeds. Christian slams Booker on the canvas hard. Jericho with a clubbing foreharm hard to Booker.


Christian with a reverse ddt. Jericho goes for a Lionsault and Christian out-smarted him by eliminating him.




Everyone was fooled. Just awesome.


Everyone was sure now Booker would likely win. This is what made Christian winning even smarter.


A one man flapjack by Booker T to Christian but then Christian grabbed his hair-takedown to the canvas. Christian dropkicked an official when Booker moved out of the way.


Booker T went for a scissors kick. Booker eliminated him but the official wasn’t there. Booker T kicked out Christian and the fans go wild as Booker T wins the match.


Christian pulls an Austin at the Rumble of 97 laying out Patterson and takes the belt into the ring nailing Booker T with it. Christian throws the title out of the ring. Booker T is now thrown over the ropes.



Christian wins the IC title.


In the end at 11:38 Christian won the IC title.


This match was entertaining the whole way.











5) Mr. America (With Zach Gowen) vs Roddy Piper (With Sean O’Haire)


This would of been a lot better if it was the kid with one leg against the Devils Advocate in O’Haire as sad as that sounds.


This would of been a good match….20 years ago.


Mr. America and Zach Gowen come out.


Mr. America double-teamed from the beginning. Piper stomping on Hogan. Piper goes to send Hogan head-first into the top turnbuckle but Hogan sent Piper just there before he unloaded himself.


Piper from behind gains the upperhand and he gets a belt and hits Hogan’s back. Hogan geting a taste of his own medicine from his nWo days.


Now Hogan uses the belt on Piper. Hey it’s Starrcade 96!


Piper with his finisher…the sleeper. What’s sad is Hogan’s finisher is even lamer, a leg drop.


USA is chanted during a very patriotic time in the country with the post 911 and Iraq stuff.


Hogan comes out of Piper’s sleeper and now Mr. America beins to Hulk Up and then Piper is scared as Hogan continues back and boots to the face of Piper.


McMahon walks to the ring. Piper low-blowed Hogan and Vince hands O’Haire a pipe.


Sean hits the Pipe on Piper as the full nelson didn’t work out on Hogan. The leg-drop connects, Gowen held back McMahon and Hogan wins.


Vince is pissed but did we really need the months and months of a kid with one leg against the owner of the company?



In the end at 4:58 Hogan, er, Mr. America wins.


This match sucks.










6) Triple H (c) (With Ric Flair)  vs Kevin Nash (With Shawn Michaels) for the World Heavyweight Championship



I don`t know but a lot of people just didn`t seem very into Nash.


However going against Hunter in 2003, EVERYONE wanted the opposite to win. He had some legit heat from the IWC back here and everyone else.


Kevin Nash took it to the Game while he still wore the title. Flair and Michaels even got involved.


Hebner had his hands full early. Nash threw Hunter into the steps.


Now the match officially starts as Nash pulls Hunter back in the ring as he tried to crawl out. Nash with a high knee to the gut and then a back-body drop out of the corner from Kevin Nash to Hunter.


HHH tried to leave as Nsh again lays outsome blows and then throws Hunter head-first into the steel ring-post.


In the ring Nash drops an elbow and then does so again off another set of ropes.


Nash dominating the whole match and Hebner asks him to knock it off and he grabbed him by the hair. Nash looks pissed off.


You could see the finish coming already.


Nash chased Nash around and HHH layed out Hebner. Nash then kicked at as he bent down before Hunter low-blowed Nash with a giant kick.


HHH removes the top turnbuckle and it reveals the steel. Nash with irishwhips and a side-walk slam. Nash elbowed Hunter in the corner. Nash with a high boot to the head of HHH.


Nash sent Hebner down as HHH delivers snake eyes to Nash.


HHH hits the Pedigree to Kevin Nash and Nash kicks out. Nash has assaulted Hebner on more then one occasion thus far.


HHH is back-dropped to the floor from inside the ring. HHH grabbed a sledgehammer from under the ring and Hebner grabbed it.


HHH levelled Earl in the head and the fans boo the finish.


Nash lays him out with a boot.


In the end at 7:25 Hunter retains by DQ gaining him more heat giving Nash the win but not the title.


Snake eyes by Nash but the fans chant BS and don’t care.


This match was simple and basically a squash until the faulty finish. Not very good.



* 1/4






7) Jazz (c) (With Theodore Long) vs Trish Stratus vs Victoria (With Steven Richards) vs Jacqueline in a fatal four-way match for the WWE Women`s Championship


The WWE did have a strong diva`s division in the year of 2003 I must admit, although I`ve never been much of a fan of ladie`s wrestling.


I am more for eye candy and I`m sure many relate. Hey, it`s just not my thing. I still respect them.


Anyway here we go.


Jazz was gaining a lot of credibility here as Champion and here she defended her title.


Richards tripped Trish from the outside.


Long claiming racism by the “man” since Jazz did not have to be included in the finish.


Status with a headlock to Jacqueline. Victoria drags Trish to the outside.


Every lady in the match had been a former champ. A nice snap suplex by Jacqueline to the Champ Jazz, Victoria saves the pinfall.


Stratus takes it to Jazz coming back in the ring and hitting her down with a hard clothesline.


An STF to Trish by Jazz the Champion then Victoria and Jackie went at it.


Jacqueline with a half-crab to Victoria. Referee Charles Robinson watched both.


Trish made the ropes. Jacqueline knoked out of the ring by Jazz. Jazz loks the STF on Victoria and Trish with a dropkick to Jazz.


Trish hit with a jaw-breaker by Jazz. Both ladies chopping and laying each other with blows. Trish with a matrix move and a chick kik. Jacqueline hits Victoria outside the ring or as you’d know her in TNA today as Tara.


Trish with an upside down hurricanrana to Jacqueline.


She does the same to Victoria and then went for a Stratusfaction but Victoria sent Trish to the floor.




Jacqueline snap suplexed Victoria reversing a back-breaker.


A northern-lights suplex by Jazz and a hart ddt to Jacqueline and then the three count.


In the end at 4:48 Jazz had it.


Trish had it going her way until the turning point as Victoria sent her out of the ring.


This match worked very well for under 5 minutes.




** 3/4





8 ) Main Event- Brock Lesnar (c) vs The Big Show in a Stretcher Match for the WWE Championship




Stretcher matches are interesting.


This one is great.


Brock Lesnar’s training is absolutely amazing as his physique so it’s no doubt the WWE pushed him like they did.


Big Show is also a freak of nature so the fact they are both competing in this match and with a unique stipulation is compelling.


They show The Big Show’s ruthless nature by taking out one Rey Mysterio before the match in the pre-match package.


Lesnar the babyface here, Show the heel.


The first Stretcher Match in the WWE in 17 years.


Big Show the challenger. How the hell is Show going to get wheeled out though was the question?


Rules are, no count-out’s, no DQ’s, only way to win is to place the opponent on the Stretcher and wheel him past the yellow line.


The Big Show comes out first, then Lesnar.


Bell rings, Judgment Day 03’s Main Event is underway.


Brock Lesnar with a lot of momentum entering the ring taking out The Big Show to the outside.Once on the outside The Big Show headbutted Brock.


Tazz makes a good point saying Brock is usually always the bigger man in every match he’s in but not the case here. The Big Show drops Lesnar on the Stretcher on the outside and various weapons.


Lesnar apparently out-weighed by 200 pounds. Show hit Lesnar in the back viciously with a Stretcher.


Andre beat Killer Kahn in the last Stretcher Match which is a nice bonus on the DVD.


The Big Show hits a Chokeslam on the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! Lesnar placed on the stretcher and dropped a leg on Lesnar. For some reason Keota keeps asking what Lesnar says….I thought the only way to win was to be wheeled out.


Oh well.


Lesnar placed on the stretcher nd now The Big Show wheels him down the aisle. The Big Show pushed Brock and did so but The Big Show hits Lesnar hard with a clothesline that sends Brock passed the yellow line but not on the stretcher therfore he did’t win the title or match.




This is one of Big Show’s most impressive performances in his career and it’s only half over.


Lesnar fights back showing signs of life and he hits The Big Show in the back and ribs three and four times. Brock then grabs extension cables and chokes out Show.


Lesnar smiles because Big Show seems lifeless. The Big Show was at least by the yellow line and Brock intelligently lowered the stretcher making it easier for him to place The Big Show on it. Big Show tore Brock off the stretcher and he goes flying.


Smart, innovative move by Lesnar grabbing the entrance pipe for JDAY 03 and dropkicked a charging Show and then he hit a shoulder block to Show.


A big powerslam by Brock to The Big Show on the strether.




Impressive move after impressive move in this Classic!


Brock sent the Sretcher into Show but then Lesnar is driven into the ring-apron by The Big Show. Brock then sent into the ring-post and another hard whack by the stretcher to the high bck of Lesnar. The Big Show with a hard shot again and Lesnar’s back is pure red and he screams in agony.


Cole said he knew the match would be barbaric.


I doubt anyone knew it’d be this good.


Lesnar with two charges off the ropes and smashed The Big Show off the apron onto the Stretcher.


Can Lesnar take advantage?


Brock walks to the back and points to his head as if he has an idea and The Big Show goes back into the ring.


Mysterio’s music goes off and Rey in the ring hits a 619 to the gut but The Big Show takes off his head with a clothesline. Well..that was fun.


The Big Show signals the giant arm. Lesnar driving a forklift to the ring. Mysterio grabs Show. Lesnar leaped off the forklift to Show with a crossbody and he spears him int he corner.


Lesnar with a shot to the gut and a snapshot vertical suplex to Big Show. The Big Show down and getting up, Lesnar kicks Show in the gut and the F-5 hits!!!


Show rolled onto the forklift, Lesnar drives it, fans are happy.


Brock wins!


In the end at 15:27 Brock Lesnar retained the title over The Big Show in innovative fashion reversing a forklift and with slight help from a returning Rey Mysterio.


This match was tremendous.


Match of the night, and it’s always nice when the match of the night is the last one. Definitely a top 10 Lesnar match and quite possibly a top 5 Big Show match.





*** 3/4








Final Rating for WWE Judgment Day 2003 = 7/10



Judging the event as a whole is very hard to do. We had some idiotic matches like the opener, stupid backstage segments, the hogan-piper thing wasn’t needed. However, two tremendous gimmick matches with a Ladder and a Stretcher, them bringing back the IC title, etc. I’ll give the show a grade of 7.

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  1. Cant waiting for judgement day

  2. Jay Karia says:

    I love the reviews that Brett Mix writes. Keep up the good work Brett. The main event was the beat match out of the whole PPV in my opinion.

  3. Mac says:

    I like Brett’s reviews, I dont like many people’s reviews because they’re very hateful of the WWE unnessecarily like the ‘IWC’ is. But Brett tells it like it is. If its good he says it, if its bad he says it.

    Although sometimes i’d rate some matches higher or lower so to speak but he is always on the right lines. Everyones oppinions on matches are different I suppose though.

    Anyway keep reviewing Brett, I always read your review before I buy a dvd. You’re very good.

  4. Brad Attitude says:

    Guerrero/JBL wasn’t the only good match for Judgment Day 2004. The tag team title match made it a lot easier to watch with all the funny stuff Rico was doing. That match came off quite decent actually.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Means a lot, thanks buddy.

  6. Jackson says:

    I love your reviews man! To me, your reviews are the best thing about this website and is the main reason i come to the site. Keep it up bro, looking forward to your next one.

  7. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks, and I loved that character no clue why things didn’t work. I hate when they brought in muscle freaks with no gimmick and just a name like Tyson Tomko at the time and it just never works. With Mordecai I was interested, obviously him and Taker would of been great to see.

  8. critch says:

    Some people just like to bitch. Good review man, just wondered what your thoughts were on the mordecai debut from the 2004 show?

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks as always Bryan, I know you are a dedicated reader and I don`t forget those people.

  10. Bryan says:

    Never really a fan of this PPV, but a good read Brett thanks again, f*#k this whining bitchy people on here. Read the customer reviews on if you don’t like it people.

  11. Anonymous says:

    He lost it 3 times in that time man! Shawn Michaels, Goldberg and Chris Benoit all won it in the time u stated

  12. Steven says:

    I remember watching this PPV in my math class in high school lol and I was pissed Kevin Nash didn’t win the title he should have but it seems like Triple H never lost the title in 2002-2004.

  13. TripleN says:

    This is why critics are useless.. everyone has their own individual opinions.. some may like wrestling matches, or some may like brawls.. some may like a certain wrestler and hate another and be one sided when it comes to that wrestler.. Everyone has their own views and should not base decisions on someones ideas.. best is to check it out and judge for your self

  14. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks for the last few comments. Stretcher was indeed a match done very well.

  15. jeff copeland says:

    nce review this was only good for ic ladder and wwe titleseriously that streacher match is one of the best big show matches and lesnar matches hell i bought the lesnar dvd fr 5 $ just for that match keep the reviews up

  16. william says:

    damn guys how can he review a show that he doesnt own and it was bad exept the main event whicj you can pick up on eddies last release 06 and 07 were bad to but hell review them if he owns them

    the main event and ladder matchs are two gems that are forgotton to bad i got rid of this show

  17. Aaron says:

    I thought the Nash/HHH match was pretty good.

  18. Brett Mix says:

    Do you guys even see the time I put into these reviews? If I get one fact wrong, you feel the need to villify and crucify me? AGAIN, I am not skipping it because I dislike it. I am skipping it because I don’t own it. And be grateful there are even reviews on this site because there didn’t have to be. I’ve worked my ass off on plenty of Reviews on this site’s archive and I’m not about to get worked up because of two opinions of ungrateful viewers.

  19. Anonymous RAW GM! says:

    I agree with Anonymous below. If you’re reviewing the PPVs of the same, you review all of them not skip them. Just cause you didnt like it, it doesnt mean everybody did. And as of July 2011 Brett, Chris Jericho is a 9 time Intercontinental Champion! Get your facts right next time!

  20. Brett Mix says:

    Wow, well I like negative feedback from time to time because it allows elaborate discussion on what could potentially improve reviews. But your reasoning here is absolutely horrid. Your actually wanting me to stop reviewing (something over 60 people at least come to check constantly) because I don’t own the event Judgment Day 2004? I DID own the event but at the time I wasn’t reviewing and decided to sell it because the show sucked. So the next review will be Judgment Day 2005. Deal with it…stop reading my reviews if you don’t like them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can’t anyone else do the reviews for WWE DVds? Please!!! This guy is so biased? Your not even going to review Judgement Day 2004 because you didn’t like it? This is THE WWE dvd site to end them all and your gonna be biased like that? Get somebody else…please!

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