Review: WWE Judgment Day 2005 DVD

July 21, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s WWE “Judgment Day 2005” Review:



“I’m gonna Kill Kurt Angle….I can’t take it anymore……“Booker T






-This was the 7th annual Judgment Day PPV event.


-This is a rare occasion where JBL and John Cena actually put on a more then watchable match.


-9,500 saw the event live, hundreds of thousands of others on PPV, Live Sunday Night May the 22nd 2005 from the Target Center in Minneapolis Minnesota.


-Judgment Day grossed over $500,000 in ticket sales from an attendance of 9,500, and received 220,000 pay-per-view buys. This event helped WWE increase its pay-per-view revenue by $4.7 compared to the previous year. Also regarding the previous year as mentioned before I didn’t review Judgment Day 2004 because I no longer own it but hold the Guerrero-JBL match in very high regard, in classic status. You probably wouldn’t want to watch anything else on the show anyway.


-This Show is known for two classic matches in Cena-JBL I Quit, and Eddie-Rey. it’s also well known for the controversial storyline between all of the sudden Psycho Kurt Angle, Booker T and his wife Sharmell.


-Tazz and Michael Cole do commentary.


-Nunzio defeated Akio at 3:29 before the event.










1) Opening Contest- Joey Mercury and John Morrison – MNM (With Melina) (c) vs Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly for the WWE Tag Team Championship



So we open Judgment Day 2005 with a tag title match.


Haas and Holly get  a decent ovation for being well Holly, and Haas. Melina did some mic work to gain her team heel heat before the match.


Bell rings and Nitro and Haas lock up. A side-headlock doesen’t go right and Nitro talks to Joey Mercury in the corner. A key long after a yank of the hair by Nitro and then a bridge by Haas, a flip and then an armdrag to Nitro out of the ring, his amateur background helped out. The former all american.


He brought in Nitro violently and threw the man ip on his arm once, then an arm drag. Haas had the mat-based skills and Hardcore gets a great pop. Nitro chickens out and tags in Joey Mercury. Joey Mercury comes in and wants a piece of Hardcore Holly. Holly with a shoulder block and then a slide and tries a backflip. A standing switch by Holly but Mercury holds onto the ropes, Hardcore Holly hits a great dropkick.


Melina screams but Holly kicks Joey Mercury to the gut, then Nitro as well. A slight distraction and Joey Mercury comes in and chops Hardcore Holly. Another chop in the other corner this time by Hardcore Holly.


Holly tried to drop Joey Mercury but Nitro with a kick after the official was distracted by Haas. Joey Mercury backed into Hardcore Holly. Nitro rammed a knee to the gut.


For some reason the fans seem very into Hardcore Holly. Is this event in Alabama or somethig? A huge clothesline by Joey Mercury to Holly. A snapmare takeover and a slam by Hardcore a tag into Haas.


Charlie Haas with a spear and now he backdrops Nitro after Joey Mercury. Has leaps over the top rope onto MNM and the fans love Haas and Hardcore tonight. Haas has Melina but Joey Mercury almost ran into him and Haas almost got a three but again a kick out by Joey Mercury. A clothessline and an exploder suplex, a variation or modified pump handle slam and then Haas got a long two as Hardcore was sent into the post shoulder first. Nitro hung Haas up.


The Snapshot hit by Nitro and Joey Mercury and then MNM wins the match.



In the end at 8:04, MNM retained their titles after some great team work.


This match was an excellent opener. Awesome tag team matc h.




*** 1/2








2) Carlito (with Matt Morgan) vs The Big Show


The Big Show took early advantage  and chopped Carlito in the corner who’s trying to leave the ring-side area. Big Show slams Carlito down.


Big Show tells eveyrone to be quiet and then chops Carlito and OOOWWW. Carlito with a double axehandle but the offense just doesen’t seem to be working as Big Show with an irishwhip sending  Carlito to the corner.


The Big Show sends Carlito into Hebner.


Morgan knocked off the apron.


Carlito with a low blow. The Big Show still attempted a chokeslam. Matt Morgan gives Big Show an F5.


Carlito covered Big Show,



In the end at 4:41 Michael Cole gives his second NOT THIS WAY, NOT THIS WAY of the night.


This match was PPV filler however I remember there being rumors of Lesnar returning around this time and then when this F5 was hit to Show it got the IWC talking.



* 3/4





3) Paul London (c) vs Chavo Guerrero for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship



Paul London the current holder, but Chavo Guerrero is a former 4 time Champion.


Chavo Guerrero with an upper armbar to begin things. London out of no where comes off the ropes with a couple of clotheslines, a leapfrog then a nice looking hurricanrana which scores him a two count. Chavo Guerrero gets him back in the corner with a stiff European uppercut.


A quick back and forth and London is once again is in control hitting a dropkick. Air London hits a shooting star press but Chavo Guerrero got the knees up.




Chavo Guerrero limping kicks away at London but he keeps punching him back showing his ability to be resilient. Despite that Chavo Guerrero with a side suplex and a nearfall. Chavo Guerrero cocky with a smile to the crowd kicking at the side abdominals of Lodon and then choking him out on the middle rope. Chavo Guerrero dropkicks Lodon hanging on the middle rope. Now follows it up with an abdominal stretch. Chavo Guerrero aiming for London’s lower back and he sent him into the turnbuckle sternum first aiming at his back, London counters a suplex with a belly to belly overhead on Chavo Guerrero. Somehow it’s Chavo Guerrero up and he kicks at London but the kid is refusing to die.


London battles back and Chavo Guerrero can’t stand it and London is reverse irishwhipped and despite backdropped lnds on his feet and drops Chavo Guerrero and gets a quick two. London showing signs of frustration in his face clobbers Chavo Guerrero in the corner. London runs into the corner and hits a running inziguri to Chavo Guerrero despite missing him on the first attempt but Chavo Guerrero got to the bottom rope stopping the count.


Great back and forth wrestling.


Chavo Guerrero holds the ropes for leverage on a rolling cradle countering London’s offense and it got him just a two. London elbows Chavo. London with a backwards flip off the top and then a spinning heel kick to Chavo Guerrero.


Paul London had Chavo Guerrero down and now he hits a moonsault outside the ring as Chavo Guerrero rolled under the bottom rope on Chavo Guerrero and both men are down.




London spears Chavito and he nails him from inside the ring sending London crashing to the floor. Chavo Guerrero then runs off the ropes and dives to the outside on London and both men are hurt on the floor.


How the hell does no one talk about this match?


Anyway Chavo Guerrero on top is knocked off momentarily and London chops him. London hooks him from the top but Chavo Guerrero fights back and now Chavo attempted a powerbomb from the top but London countered and hit a backdrop then the shooting star press for the win.


In the end at 10:08 Paul London retained the Cruiserweight Gold after he defeated Chavo Guerrero to a loud pop.


This match is a Cruiserweight classic. Often forgotten.














4) Booker T vs Kurt Angle



This storyline was so bad at the time I was embarassed to watch the program which I barely did at the time, but looking back now it’s down-right hilarious.


Angle controlled most of the match in the early which is surprising considering the hatred the Booker man had for Angle at the time.


Booker T was caught in a body-scissors.


The momentum of the crowd carried through and the Booker man fought back with scissors kicks and Spinnerooni’s but ran into a clothesline from Angle.


Angle with a side suplex and Booker kicked out. Angle bleeding from his head and asked the Booker man to stand up and went for an Olympic slam but Booker with an inside cradle and he gets it!


Sharmell runs to the ring after the match and Angle takes his straps off and beats on Booker T.


In the end at 14:53 Booker T got some revenge on Angle and defeated him after all of…that.


This match was pretty decent for these two future TNA Superstars.


Angle has Sharmell and handcuffs her but Booker T kicks Angle in the jaw. Booker T handcuffs Angle to the ring. Booker T sees an oppurtunity to beat on Angle and does so.

** 1/2





5) Orlando Jordan (c) vs Heidenreich for the WWE US Title


Good god. Doesen’t this look compelling. This doesen’t even look like an OVW match and it’s a title match on PPV. Disgusting, at least it was kept short.


Heidenreich seemed to have friends for god knows whatever reason on this PPV in the crowd. He actually tried to start a “Where’s my friend” chant and finds a little girl.


Because that’s not creepy.


Heidenreich gets his own handed to him as Orlando stomps on him. I always thought Orlando could of been bigger in the WWE. I found him hilarious in JBL’s Cabinet, pretty underrated but he never drew a reaction from the crowd sort of like Perry Saturn and to Vince that is the kiss of death.


Orlando throws Heidenreich out of the ring.


Orlando trained by The Rock’s dad, didn’t know that. Heidenreich takes it to him outside the ring and his little girlfriend and he comes back in the ring but Orlando clotheslones Heidenreich and a back suplex.


I heard someone yell boring.


Crowd boo as Jordan is in control but Heidenreich kicks out. A neck-vice by Jordan.


A buck-wheat sucks chant is started.


Orlando plants Heidenreich with a ddt and that’s it. The girl screams NOOOOOO. Nobody reacts or cares.


In the end at 4:53 Orlando retained the title. In the end the girl grabs Heidenreich.


1/4* for the WWE having the balls to do something as creepy as this.










6) Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero



Cole and Tazz do a nice job at trying to put Eddie Guerrero over as the anti-christ.


Anyway, Eddie Guerrero looks bad ass walking slowly to his ring-tone (LIE-CHEAT-STEAL) theme. Half the crowd cheered him anyway.


Most heels get cheered against Rey, and it’s nothing against Mysterio it’s just usually the other guy (the heel) owns and a loud Eddie chant breaks out.


Unlike the Booker-Angle match, Rey who wants revenge as this is a personal storyline begins by kicking the ribs of Eddie.

This one has great wrestling, tremendous psychology and was miles better then there “pretty good” match at Wrestlemania 21.


Eddie was over as a hee as saidl and got the crowd to hate him in a lot of brilliant ways, his mic skills were tremendous as a heel and just the look on his face was brilliant. A lot of back and forth, quick action in this one a lot of counters involved.


You`d expect these two to roll around the mat with each other, they did, You`d expect them to exchange holds with go behinds, reverse armbars and hammerlocks with handspring roll ups, they DID. They slugged it out, they disected a body part of one another and when Rey hit, he did it to prove a point. The fans were on his side.


When Guerrero hit it was ruthless, morely in an evil sense with a demonic look in his eyes and a vicious outburst of strength to his former friend Rey Mysterio.


Rey hit some moves out of no where at times but Eddie controlled most of the match however he just seemed to not be able to put Rey out of the match no matter how much he tried. He had to resort to getting himself DQ`d to save face but more so to keep the feud going and get more heel heat and truly take the frustrastions he felt on Rey out on him in this match!


Like the two bitches they are when the match started they slapped each other back and forth a little bit until Rey viciously grounded Eddie and instead of wrestling him just struck him with some blows because of how personal this rivalry had become.


Textbook storytelling. However Eddie threw Rey into the steps not after long as he over powered him and then began his attack. Eddie Threw Rey face/mask first into the top of the ring apron and side of the ring post.


Eddie Guerrero even hit a devistating spine buster to Rey on the announce table and it didn’t break, ouch. Again, Heel Guerrero showing flashes of brilliance.


Oh that’s not all, to prove how much of a prick Eddie is he DID IT AGAIN. This time even harder……wow. Eddie threw Rey back in the ring and glared at the fans screaming at him while the announcers made him sound like the Anti-Christ, it was a great Heel turn and RUN in my opinion, the only must see thing on SD were the promo’s and interactions between these two however that was until Dominic got involved as many would agree.


Even then though the were able to still put on Great Matches like at Summerslam 2005 in the Ladder Match.


As good as there WWE classics or GREAT or GOOD matches were over the years they never got to the level of World War 3 or Halloween Havoc 1997 In my estimation but this match and the SD Encounter I will soon review upcoming are the closest they probably got and are definately close to or on par with World War 3?s Brillant Match.


Eddie with a pinning attempt on Rey, scores a nearfall.



An Abdominal Stretch to Rey after Eddie hit two spine busters to Rey on the announce table definately left a lasting impact on the mid-section of Mysterio. Instead of applying a powerbomb he fell to his back so Mysterio would hit face first into the canvas. He kicked the s*it out of him pretty much and even still Eddie Guerrero couldn’t put that little masked tough sob away.


In the end Eddie Guerrero was disqualified after hitting Mysterio with a steel chair at 18:31.


The 2nd best WWE match they ever had together next to the Smackdown bout that took place around this time.…… This one was awesome though with Heel Eddie as always. Cole got annoying like always in the match though, especially afterwards.


Still though as said it`s a lot like the Great American Bash match with Eddie`s nephew and Rey from the year before where it`s an expertly crafted scientific display of Wrestling excellence!


Love this match, always have fun with Heel Eddie going one on one with Rey on PPV in a match with a lot of time, with that lineup…the question is how could you lose?…





**** 1/4









7) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs JBL in an I Quit Match for the WWE Championship




JBL was pretty mad when Cena comes out in Wrestlemania like fashion then proceeds to walk on JBL`s limo and JBL points at him.


Loud CENA chants to begin.




I remember thinking Cena sucked in late 04, but I guess the crowd (or most of them) were still with him in early 2005. How could anybody after that embarassing Wrestlemania 21 match, I don`t know but that`s there perogative.


FIrst time in 6 years the WWE title is decided in an I Quit match, first time since Mankind and The Rock, I believe at Royal Rumble 1999 which Rock won after multiple chairshots.


Cena with a side headlock. John Cena with a side headlock take-down as if he was Bret Hart or Mr. Perfect onto JBL. That will be the last time I compare Cena`s wrestling skill to Hart or Hennig, sorry to both men.


I don`t know what came over me.


Fans are sure behind John Cena though. Not sure if it`s because JBL had X-Pac heat for a long time but he is controlling for a little until Cena scores with an armdrag but JBL grabs the rope. The official says everything is fair game.


Cena suplexes JBL from the outside apron back into the ring and chokes him out. JBL kicks John Cena in the gut and with rough strikes the Texan is sent to the ropes but he nails him on the back.


JBL is doing some serious roughing up on John Cena here in this portion of the match. The barricade, the ring-post, the table gets bumped.


JBL beaks Cena on the mic and he hits back with a strong right.


Fans pop.


John Cena then pounds away on JBL. JBL fights back and has John on the announcer`s table ready for what we believe is going to be a piledriver and instead John Cena counters it into a back-body drop through the table!


JBL goes through a table.


Fans happy with this. Cena now in control.


For a moment.


JBL with steps and now Cena is in trouble.


Cena was a bloody mess.




And a ring-bell shot before that.


JBL has total control kicking away at a bloody Cena.


A bloody and very motivated Cena fights back and has JBL on top of the limo but he reverses it and hits a swinging neck-breaker to Cena. No clue why Cena doesen`t sell it and JBL is laying down.


Either way both get up at the same time.


JBL with a stiff boot to the blood of Cena on his head and now JBL smashes Cena on the entrance where the music is played for theme`s. JBL chokes out Cena with an electrical cord now.


Don`t watch this while eating.


Cena with a unique counter taking the cord to move JBL head-first into a tv smashing the glass and JBL is full of blood.




This is like Terry Funk-ECW- and 70`s NWA all into one.


Cena proceeds to smash JBL head-first into the limo glass.


Fans go crazy. Cena and JBL both on the entrance and JBL begging Cena to quit, he doesen`t. Fans chant for Cena as JBL goes crazy whaling on his back. JBL chokes Cena with a cord again and Cena is trying to escape.


A lets go Cena chant starts.


JBL on top of a speaker and Cena is being choked out. Cena hits JBLL with a mic to the head three times and he falls through a table.




Brutal match.


Not in a Lesnar-Goldberg way but in a Funk-Sabu born to be wired type of way.


Cena grabs a weapon out of the limo a giant pipe and JBL grabs the mic and quits by the entrance.


In the end at 22:41 Cena retains the title after JBL quits.


This match is amazing. Hats off to both of them. Both in there top 5 I`m sure. JBL is crushed through the stage glass after.




**** 1/4







Final Rating for WWE: Judgment Day 2005 = 8.5/10



This show had both good and bad like most do. However the GOOD can`t be ignored here since both final two matches were absolute classics. You need to give it an 8 out of 10 for that alone I would say but then looking at the under-card and especially at some of the storylines were bad but who cares. One of the better Judgment Days, pick it up for the three classic matches.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I watched this even on Sky Box Office and the Cena/JBL match, the Eddie/Rey match and the cruiserweight title matches were golden gems.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Exactly Bryan, just re-watched Mania 21 the other day and thought the same thing. A lot like Mania 8 in that way.

  3. Bryan says:

    the worst part is up until that Cena/JBL match at WM 21 and the following HHH/Batista is until that point your convinced this could be the best WM ever or at least at a tie w WM 19 and those 2 matches (and a sumo match) killed a great card

  4. Steven says:

    You are right about JBL working over Cena in a boring fashion, but I thought it was an decent match, he won with the FU not the STFU.

  5. Brett Mix says:

    Steven it was JBL working over Cena in the most boring fashion, very slowly with a dead crowd. Cena then no sells everything hits two moves and wins out of no where. One of the worst matches in Wrestlemania history, it doesen’t matter if he celebrated with the crowd or if it was his first title win. But to each his own.

  6. Steven says:

    I thought the Wrestlemania 21 Cena vs JBL match didn’t suck it was Cena’s first WWE championship win and he celebrated in the crowd. Cena best WrestleMania matches are 1. WM23 against HBK 2. WM26 Against Batista.

  7. Brett Mix says:

    It’s answered in the beginning info Dennis and was in the beginning info of Judgment Day 03 as well. These show had four amazing matches if were counting the opening tag, that was wonderful as well. What a gem of a show. Best Judgment Day since 2000.

  8. Dennis says:

    What happened to 2004?

  9. thomas says:

    london vs chavo was also great sure most fans rememer the ppv for the final 2 matches but that one was also great this ppv could have been better if they allowed angle/booker to have a great full length match and dont screw it up with that silly angle

  10. Jeff Copeland says:

    this show was only remembered for last 2 matches wwe title and eddie rey the rest was meh 8 might be to high i would go a 7 just cause the undercard really was a let down ex the cw title

  11. Saf says:

    Underated gem of a ppv 2 classic main events along with the cruiserweight match and add on Booker T vs Angle got one hell of a show by far betta than Judgement day 2004 that has to rank for the worst show ever produced it was that bad chavo vs jackie for the cruiserweight title errr nooo lol

  12. william says:

    your right about undertated i havent seen this show in years so you its a lot better then i remember forgot all about kurts phyco character thank god it was short lived

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