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July 28, 2011 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s “WWE Judgment Day 2006” Review:





“And after that performance Chris Benoit getting a standing ovation from this crowd, here tonight!“Michael Cole









-Like the 2004 release, the 2007 release of Judgment Day will not be reviewed because I don’t own the event.


-This was the 8th Annual Judgment Day.


-This event took place LIVE ON PPV,d Sunday Night,

May the 21st, 2006 at the US Airwars Center in Phoenix, Arizona and featured talent from the SD! Brand in front of 14,000 fans.

-Before the show Matt Hardy defeated Simon Dean.


-Michael Cole and Tazz did commentary.


















1) Opening Contest- Johnny Nitro and Joery Mercury MNM (With Melina) (c) vs Paul Londed and Brian Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championship





Like last year MNM open Judgment Day. Hopefully this can be as good of a tag match as last years *** 1/2 opener.


MNM are jacked here defending the titles. Blue ropes surround the ring, Melina does her well recieved entrance but the camera doesen’t catch the best asset of the shot so to speak.


Phoenix always has such great crowds so lets see how they do here tonight.


London and Nitro when Morrison was still known as Nitro here. Melina does her usual outside of the ring screaming when something good or bad happens. Good to begin as Nitro hits a shoulder block. Another side headlock for Nitro who screamed to Longon you are not taking out titles. Nitro slipped on his nose when London leapfrogged then tripped him after being shoulder blocked. Kendrick comes in with an offensive move then a tag back into London hitting a shoulder breaker.


Frequent tags and early isolation on Nitro. Back to work on the left arm on Nitro until he makes a much needed early tag to Joey Mercury. Joey Mercury then sends Kendrick to the corner he leaps over him and hits a hiptoss and then scores a two. Joey Mercury hit an an arm-ringer and a deep arm drag by the Kendrick, known simply as just Kendrick here. Another double-team, tandom offensive move thus far by London and Kendrick putting a clinic on both MNM.


Kendrick launched over the top rope with a suicide dive as his partner London launched him. London off the top going for the crossbody misses Joey Mercury and he buys himself some time. A tag into Nitro, and the champs are back in control of this back and forth tag title match. Nitro now isolating London and now Joey Mercury in and a double knee to the gut, a crazy gut-buster.


Melina with an annoying scream gets an unpleasent rise out of Phoenix as they boo. Melina then with a leg-scissors, or a head-scissors (what have you) behind the official under the bottom rope. Tazz makes a quick joke about how much that would suck I guess in sarcastic fashion.


A quick moving match here, and both London and Joey Mercury’s heads collided after Paul London bounced off the ropes. Both Kendrick and Nitro tagged in and Kendrick supplied a fury of offense until Nito hit a snapshot and flapjacked him off the ropes. London saved his team there on the two count. A kickout by Kendrick and then Nitro tossed him to the floor on the outside viciously. Nitro with a nearfall and then slaps on a headlock trying to wear him down. The first slow move of the match, this fast paced tag title bout deserves a slow weardown move to give the guys a break. It doesen’t take long for Kendrick to elbow out, Nitro with a kick to the mid-section after Kendrick kicked Joey Mercury off the apron. Joey Mercury tagged in as Nitro dragged him to the corner and a double team-leg drop to Brian Kendrick who has absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment as Cole puts it. An old-school longer veritcal suplex by Joey Mercury to Kendrick but he kicks out at two three times. Kendrick thrown to the outside floor and Melina kicks away at him. Cole calls her a snake.


Joey Mercury then with a modified crossface back in the ring. Joey Mercury with an elbow to the kidney as he has the knee intelligently placed just there. Morrison gets a two count, err sorry Nitro. It’s hard, forgive me.


Both MNM continue to isolate the challengers and Joey Mercury hits a snapmare to Kendrick who is in bad need of the hot tag, loving that old school formula you usually always saw especially in Hart Foundation tags int he 1980′. Kendrick sends Joey Mercury into his own partner.


Kendrick makes the hot tag to London taking it to the champs, Melina screams nervously now and Paul London hits a flying elbow off the ropes to Nitro and then sends Nitro to the corner and hits a stinger’s splash. Joey Mercury lifts a boot and connects with London slowing him down only for the moment as London hit a double clotheslines to both MNM.


Fans boo as they thought it should of been three. London almost got another three covering Joey Mercury after London amazingly dropkicked Nitro off the apron but was interupted by Melina coming into the ring screaming. I guess that’s one way to distract the count. Kendrick launched himself over the ropes but Melino pushed Nitro out of the way.


Joey Mercury went to hit London but he moved and knocked Nitro off the apron.


London schoolboyed Joey Mercury and WE GOT NEW CHAMPIONS!


In the end at 13:43, the state of Arizona gives the new champs a standing ovation.




After the match Melina slapped Joey Mercury and then Nitro knocked Joey Mercury down and turned on him and the two guys imploded or exploded by attacking each other. Melina kicked Joey Mercury int he head as Melina deided to side with Nitro.


Tazz says he’s speachless as Phoenix boo’s. Mercury attacks Nitro now to a good pop. The ref even takes a kick by Melina. The Smackdown! GM Teddy Long even came down and tried to re-store order and got Teddy chants, Nitro screams SCREW YOU Mercury. I don’t get why the WWE splits up tag-teams, not only is it NOT ORIGINAL (not every team has to be The Rockers-Barber Shop etc.) but when you lack a tag division why not keep some of the teams that are credible or work well together?


Outside of all this post match stuff, lets take a look at the actual opening match to this ppv.


This match worked perfectly, had an old school feel and kicked off this show right. Every good as last years tag opener if not even a little bit better. Same rating though.






*** 1/2












2) Chris Benoit vs Finlay




Some people claim this is the match of the year in 2006. We all know PWI gave it to McMahon-Michaels at Wrestlemania 22 which is the biggest laugh I’ve had since I watched a Savage-Liz promo from 1985 on youtube. He treats her real, real bad and I found that funny. Anyways Taker-Angle, HHH-Cena, etc, how the hell do you get HBK-McMahon, hell weren’t there three or four better matches that NIGHT even?


So that’s high praise.


Both these guys are technical experts, awesome on the mat, great workrate, and they get over 20 minutes on PPV.


A wrestling purist’s dream.


Here we go, can’t wait to dive into this classic again.


Benoit gets a tremendous ovation and Finlay gets great heel heat. Finlay cost Benoit a spot in that King of the Ring tournament as they show Finlay cheating on Smackdown! preventing him to advance as he used a steel chair to the side of the head of Benoit (as if the man hasn’t had enough head shots.)


Both men no strangers to each other as they worked together many great times in there WCW days.


Fans chant Benoit as the bell rings.


It’s very hard to do play by play with every sequence or scenario int his match-up so bear with me if I don’t dish out every detail but I’ll try my best. This match truly is a piece of art crafted by two Picaso’s.


Chris Benoit ties up with Finlay to begin after the bell rang.


Benoit pushed to the lower left forner by Finlay to begin and was told to back off. Another tie-up and this time they reverse each other in the top left corner. Cole talks about how Benoit has had tremendous success at this event, in matches with Jericho, Angle, etc.


Finlay making his Judgment day debut.


Kind of a unique beginning here as both guys tie-up and this goes to the floor as both men don’t give an inch.


See this happened in Lesnar-Goldberg at Mania 20 but it wasn’t treated the same. These guys actually care. A fair square off to begin. Nose to nose both guys mean business. Benoit swings Finlay’s legs down and goes for the Sharpshooter quickly, but a chain reversal by Finlay as he takes Benoit down by sweeping the legs going for a half-crab, Benoit counters and now slaps on a headlock.


More Benoit chants.


A side headlock takedown by Benoit. Chris Benoit maintaining the headlock until Finlay rolls Benoit on his back and gets a nearfall. Finlay complaining to the official Charles Robinson and this causes Phoenix to boo. Finlay says he went for his eyes and it was a cheap distraction to use the official as a shield and attack Benoit.


When Chris got back up he chopped the hell out of Finlay twice until Finlay hits a drop-toe hold and then a headlock held on by Finlay. Finlay knocks the wind out of Benoit after a snapmare, two quick kick-outs by Finlay and slaps him but Chris comes off with rapid slap. Don’t piss off the Rabid Wolvering. Benoit with vicious knees to Finlay in the corner then a hard chop in the corner. A devistating back-breaker followed by a front facelock in mid-ring. Benoit choking Finlay as he rides him along the canvas, trying to control the upper body of another mat expert in Finlay who could bring it to the table much like Benoit when he had to but lets be honest.


Chrris Benoit is the best in ring performer of all time. Nothing he did in his personal life will ever change that fact, regardless of anyone thinks.


Benoit with a nearfall but Finlay gets his feet on the ropes. Another chop to Finlay in the corner but a thumb to the eye by Finlay, a dirt heey tactic and a hard clothesline to Benoit and two. A hard elbow to the shoulder of Benoit. A knee to the back while Benoit’s shoulders were down and Finlay gets a two. Now a unique submission hold as Finlay drives his boot into the head of Benoit, strraight above his temple. His arms stretched above him. Chris re-gaining his vertical base though and while he does this he tries to get out of the submission but Finlay with a criss-cross joke and as Tazz said it’s something out of Benoit’s playbook.


Fans into the technical wrestling which I absolutely love and chant for Benoit, Chris regains his vertical base as Cole said it’s where he needed to be, he gets out and off the ropes tried to drop an elbow, Finlay moves and covers Beboit getting a two. Finlay misses a clothesline.


A german by Benoit.


Then another.


Benoit with another release German Suplex.


Chris Benoit hits the hattrick, does the throat gesture and misses the diving headbutt, that will kill some braincells. Don’t try this at home. Living proof. Or was living proof.


Finlay got out of the way.


Benoit gets to his feet despite it all as Finlay rested for a moment in the corner, Benoit tried a sharpshooter but Finlay rolls to the outside and grabs a chair.


Chris had it scouted and hit a baseball slide sending Finlay sliding. Finlay rolled back in the ring.


This time Benoit hits the diving headbutt off the top rope! I love it.


Tazz already uses his usual `What a match` line but in this case it is all means justified.


A back and forth match, and Finlay hits a backwards clothesline to the sergically replaced nack of Benoit after he crashed sternum first to the turnbucke like Bret and Owen did so expertly. Benoit a product of the dungeon after-all. Benoit then had an elbow driven straight to his throat by Finlay. Finlay hits a stiff European uppercut.


This match is about half-way through and has flown by considering how enterttaining it has been. A gut-buster by Finlay and he thought he had Benoit put away. Finlay then with two vicious elbow drops to the throat of Benoit and now a modified cross-face-neck-breaker by Finlay to Chris Benoit.


Fans jacked up cheering for Finlay. Finlay with a hammerlock this time to Benoit with a reverse neck-vice as he is disecting every part of Chris as Cole says. Fans stay into this one encouraging on Benoit. Finlay with a hard, ruthless shot to the back of Benoit, not once but twice.


It`s fair to say Finlay has carried this match as far as punichment goes.


Vicious head-shots by Finlay to Benoit and that`s where he has focused most of the match on. Benoit`s vulnerable neck and head. Finlay again with a hard shot to the bad shoulder where he applies pressure earlier to due to the hammerlock.


Finlay using every part of his body against the weaker spots of Benoit. Chris wasn`t totally out of it as he showed signs of chopping or punching back but FInlay spears Benoit in the corner and sucks the life out of Benoit as he falls hard to the canvas.


Finlay with more hard shots after a neck-vice, somewhere out of no where Benoit gets a couple of German suplexes. Finlay hits headbutts but Benoit desperately hits a desperation Inziguri.


Finlay goes for his favourite weapon and Benoit hits a German Suplex to Finaly on the matted floor right in front of Cole and Tazz.


Unbelievable action and punishment sustained by one Chris Benoit! Benoit with a knee to the sternum then suplex Finlay into the ring off the apron.


Benoit with shades of the late great Eddie Guererro with the three amigos then pounds his chest but Finlay shoves him off the apron and his head hits the barricade. Benoit falls and FInlay gets a breather in the ring. Finlay spears Chris Benoit kidney-first into the barricade and puts Benoit into the ring.


A beyond physical match. Finlay then viciously shoves Benoit into the ring-post shoulder first. Benoit and his upper body had taken the most punishment but now Finlay gets caught as Benoit hooks on the Crossface and Finlay taps!


What a pop! What a match!


In the end at 21:10 Benoit surprises everyone and gets a huge comeback win.


Thank the WWE for giving these two master technicians some quality PPV time. Over 20 minutes for a match like this is rare.


This match is by all means one of the best of 2006. Benoit gets a standing ovation, not quite like Rumble 03 but still a great deal of respect shown to the greatest in the ring of all time.


A true classic, one of Finlay’s best matches ever if not his very best. It also ranks up there for Benoit because of personal performance. I miss him.


Matches like this are the very reason I love this thing called Pro-Wrestling.






**** 1/4













3) Jillian Hall vs Melina



Former WWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham spotted at ring-side.


Poor JIllian Hall…giving her a gimmick with a big nasty birthmark on her face, then make her purposely the worst singer. The problem with this gimmick from the future was you KNEW she wasn’t trying to sound good. It kind of defeateed its own point. Anyway, next to no one like Melina for her looks, just either her entrance or wrestling talent as he has a bit.


Melina had already been screaming her way to this ppv earlier on in the night so we had enough of her by this point, or I already did.


So we have out first questionable match of the ppv despite there being BAD BLOOD between the individuals.


Jillian Hall has no birthmark on her so she must be happy with that. She kicks Melina and hits a nice front-flip snapmare ala Mr. Perfect and then bounced her off the barricade but Melina was able to push her against the steel steps.


Now we see a body-scissors by Melina to Jillian Hall inside the ring, Tazz discusses the overall body-strength of Melina, a short pinning attempt is kicked out by Jillian Hall quickly and a clothesline by Melina does nothing, she stomps on Julian and then a kick to the ribs. Melina sets up Jillian Hall int he corner and drops her body-weight onto her. Melina from the middle rope goes for a double-axehandle shades of Randy Savage but Jillian Hall puts her knees up getting the match back in her favor.


Jillian Hall with a flying double forearm to Melina off the ropes. A reverse irishwhip by Melina to Jillian Hall but she rolls up Melina out of the corner.


In the end at 4:48 Jillian Hall won after rolling Melina up out of no where.


This match was not bad, just very short.






* 1/2










4) Gregory Helms (c) vs Super Crazy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship




Helms had been champ for awhile now putting himself together a nice little reign.


Super Crazy made a name for himself in the original ECW and this should be a nice little title match they put together.


I talk about how certain matches are hard to keep up with, especially that is the case in Cruiserweight bouts.


Helms slowing the pace down to start with a side headlock then an elbow to the face of Crazy, he clobbers his head under the bottom rope from the floor. A nearfall for the champ.


Fans chant Super Crazy.


Another sleeper, a little unorthadox or surprising for a match of this magnitude given the high risk, fast, aerial offense we are used to with these superstars.


Helms still relies on that side headlock. Certainly not the most entertaining thing to watch but it is his game-plan in this match, that is for sure.


Literally that is the only thing he has done for the first 3-4 minutes of this match. Off the ropes Crazy rolls him up out of no where but is dropped by a knee to the temple by Gregory Helms. He goes up to the second rope, almost caughgt by a boot but he drops the elbow and nwo Super Crazy catches him by finding an opening moving out of the way.


Crazy runs into a reverse elbow by Gregory Helms but despite that Crazy hits a back-breaker and a series of dropkicks to Gregory Helms. A chop and then Helms elevates Crazy to the apron and a missle dropkick by Super Crazy to Gregory Helms but he kicks out just barely.


Gregory Helms hit with a spinning heel kick and a kick-out by Gregory Helms. Gregory Helms with a back-breaker to Super Crazy and NOW THIS ONE is going back and forth.


Sort of a theme for the night in every match.


Gregory Helms is forutnate as Crazy runs into the buckle, a very suspicious count lookng like a three count only a two apparently, Helms is frustrated. Super Crazy kicks out of more offense by Gregory Helms.


In the end at 9:55 Helms retained the title after he uses the ropes for leverage cheating to win.


This match was ulatimately dissapointing. It had the potential to be so much more.






* 3/4










5) Mark Henry vs Kurt Angle





The olympic match.


Angle an olympic gold medalist taking on what would of been the strongest man in the year in 1996. But involved in those same Olympics for the same country and both battling here on the Smackdown! brand. Both these men were the final two in a battle royal to determine a new World Champion earlier in the year in which Angle won.


These two men met earlier in the year at the 06 Rumble for the WWE title, a match Angle retained in.


Henry early in the match misses a splash on Angle.


Kurt then chops the knee off Henry. A body-scissors and he works over the knee of Henry. A smart move. Angle down now and somehow Henry gets back up and is in control and kicks away at the ribs of Henry.


Henry applies the camel clutch on Angle who has a REVENGE mouth-guard. He wanted that on Henry hence him wearing it in the match.


Cole mentions all the pounds on the lower-back of Angle while he torks the neck of Kurt.


A Mark Henry match is always going to be slow paced, much like the last one, only this time the match is expected to be slow or at least have a story considering the last Cruiserweight match was very confusing.


Angle fighting and kicking back until he is caught in the air by Henry but in mid-air Kurt Angle counters a move on Mark Henry with a ddt that gets him a two count. Great counter there by Angle the six time Champion, a former king of the ring winner himself in 2000.


Henry misses a clothesline and Angle hits a huge German to Mark Henry and takes off the streaps. Despite the bad ribs an Angle Slam is hit but somehow Henry kicks out.


Angle canèt believe that Henry kicks out. Henry though catches Angle with a clothesline shot out of a cannon as Cole says as Angle runs off the ring ropes.


Henry now with a powerslam to Angle. Angle had his ribs taped up and that will not help matters. Henry pushed Angle on the announce table.


In the end at 9:11 Henry won via countout as he got in the ring.


Fans booed the ending.


Angle then assaults Mark Henry with a steel chair after the bout. Fans cheer this.


This match was actually pretty solid.






** 1/2












6) 2006 King of the Ring finals: Booker T (With Sharmell) vs Bobby Lashley




Earlier in the night they showed clips of Bam Bam and Bret from the 93 finals. A four star match from where I sit and one of the best finals in KOTR history if not the very best. I would have to think back to all of the final matches. Anyway they have the chair in the arena and here we go.


The last King of the Ring was in 2002, Brock Lesnar.


The Smackdown! brand brought a mini-tournament back here and in the finals we see Booker T and Bobby Lashley. The winner of this match changed his entire gimmick to KING…very original stuff.


Lashley and Booker ready to get it on as the bell rings.


Sharmell tells the official to get Lashley off Booker in the corner.


As a physical wrestler I think it is a logical move to make Bobby Lashley matches like the old WCW Goldberg ones. Short and to the point.

Thankfully this match is not very long but at the same time, I am not sure it is short enough.


Lashley begins with some quick power moves to Booker T. An arm-ringer to Booker T torking the arm and then down on the mat holding it. This is like when Goldberg tried this type of wrestling with DDP At Halloween Havoc 1998 if you saw it on a DVD and did not order that PPV live since we all know it cut out.


Booker T the heel here with a thumb to the eye and now he gets some time to control the pace, a knee to the face, then a slap. Booker T then smashed into the corner. Booker T tying Lashley up on the ropes. The arm of Lashley now torked on the mat as Booker T is giving him some of his own medicine.


Lashley with some offense and a belly to belly, Sharmell grabs the leg and Booker capitalizes. Booker with a book end but Lashley kicks out.


Shades of the bulldog by Lashley and then a kickout by Booker. A splash by Lashley but he run into the scissors kick to the jaw by Booker. Then another kick. Booker covers Lashley and again Lashley kicks out.


Lashley caught Booker with a Spear and Lashley signals for the end but Finlay attacks Lashley behind the official. Cole had a heart attack.


In the end at 9:15 Booker T won the King of the Ring. Booker won by a kick.


This match ends with Cole saying his usual not this way, damn it line which is hilarious by this point. It had to be some kind of inside joke, there is no way he would say it that many times.


Very good stuff, probably the best you could of got out of the two together.






** 3/4












7) The Great Khali (with Daivari) vs The Undertaker

Undertaker has had to work with some horrible talent over time, make no exception here.


The Great Khali sends the big man to the outside early in the match after a long stare-off.


Undertaker with body shots and a kick to the mid-section. Khali reverses an irishwhip and with one arm sends him over the top rope.


Undertaker with a jaw-breaker to The Great Khali on the ropes. The Great Khali goes for strikes and then meets the best pure striker in the WWE.


Taker with an arm-ringer then goes for old-school but The Great Khali then with a hip-toss of the top and Tazz and Cole sound in disbelief.


Fans chant for Taker.


Undertaker choked out in the corner, sent into the corner then clotheslined down by The Great Khali who is getting X-Pac heat by the crowd. Khali sends Undertaker into the ring steps.


UNdertaker gets back up and runs into a Khali chop. Covers him with one foot Warrior-Savage WM 7 like when Warrior won but Undertaker sits up.


Taker with boxing like punches and The Great Khali exchanges shots and Taker with two huge shots but Khali does not budge. Khali is hung up in the ropes. Undertaker has a wide-eyed look now.


Khali then knocks Taker down as he escapes. A chop to the skull, a one leg pin.


In the end at 8:31 Khali wins.


Tazz says the usual I have never seen anyone dominate Taker like this line. I can not count how many times they have said that about wrestlers trying to put them over.


This match is obviously weak due to The Great Khali but Taker did what he could.














8 ) Rey Mysterio (c) vs JBL for the WWE Championship





For the main event of Judgment Day 2006 this is what took place, a rare Mysterio PPV World title defense as he didn`t have many but this was a pretty solid one!


JBL still in the main event picture challenged Rey for the World Title here. JBL works good as a heel both on the mic and in the ring, a lot better then anyone would have thought when thinking of his gimmicks before the JBL one came along anyway back in 2004 when the SD! brand heavily needed a a replacement for the departed Brock Lesnar.


I could tolerate the JBL hate back in 2004 when it was brand new and he had a title run (although he made it respectable) but it’s a little bit of a tough pill to swallow
NOW when he does such a good job. And by saying now I mean any time he comes back or does so and so with the WWE. I am referring to the segment he did with Steve Austin in 2011 on Raw earlier this spring which was your typical beer bash, stunner Austin segment but JBL did it very well.


Rey had his critics as well being the World Champion. Some actually wanted JBL to win back the gold here, I wasn’t sure how these two styles were going to work together but they did mesh relatively well as most do when given preperation before a PPV unlike uhhhh Goldberg and Lesnar or uhhhh Steiner and Triple H but lets move on. Bad memories.


JBL tried to slow the pace down a lot on Rey, tried to wear him down with many holds on the mat, and many stretches that would prevent Rey from performing his high risk moves. Basically that’s the same story as most of the matches on Mysterio’s DVD and if I always say if there is one flaw on this magnificent set its the flaw that a lot of matches stories are repetitive. On Rey’s that is totally the case. However Mysterio was caapable of a mind-blowing match. However here it’s obvioussly logical to do that given the massive size differences and what would benefit JBL to get back to the top of the mountain then to beat the tar out of Rey and made sure his offense stayed low!


He was unsuccessful for the most part as Rey always comes back in matches it seems and of course he did in this one as well when defending the title here at Judgment Day! It was a relatively short reign but I`m glad they had him defend the title before losing it against someone who is I guess SOME WHAT Credible like JBL.


Mysterio pinned JBL after a Frog splash at 15:56 to retain the World Title.


Fans go home happy.


Pretty good/solid match but nothing GREAT as you`d assume beforehand! Doesen`t hurt the event any as like I said it is great in parts and you can definately see why this booked this after it was all said and done given what they had to work with at the time.








** 3/4


















Final Rating for WWE Judgment Day 2006 = 8/10






Consistency was a big factor in grading this show. The Chris Benoit-Finlay match really stands out as something special but almost every other match gave you a solid title match or a match for the King of the Ring. The three average or less then average matches don’t hurt it as much as the other ones help it so this show gets a very good grade. A show definitely worth owning.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I remember watching this PPV on Sky Box Office and I personally think that this was a solid show.

  2. Nick Arndt says:

    Correct if I am wrong but I believe it is the readers of PWI who pick the match of the year not PWI itself.I keep this Judgement Day DVD just for the strength of the Benoit V Finlay match alone since it won’t be released again

  3. The Champ says:


    I agree that HBK vs Vince was the best match at WrestleMania 22

  4. SCSA says:

    And BTW WWE would reunite MNM before the end of the year

  5. Brett Mix says:

    If you think Michaels vs McMahon was better then Edge vs Foley or Cena vs HHH for that matter, I Have nothing to say to you, we simply just wont agree. But thanks for the Joey Mercury info.

  6. Steven says:

    That is crazy that Shawn Michaels vs Mr. McMahon was the match of the year for 2006, been a Shawn Michaels fan since forever but PWI got the match of the year wrong, the match was like the Hogan vs McMahon match from Mania 19, the superstar getting revenge on the boss, I know Shawn has never had a less than 5 star match but the match of the year should’ve been Cena vs Triple H.

  7. SCSA says:

    I have 2 things to say;

    1. WWE broke up MNM because Joey Mercury violated the wellness policy

    2. Shawn Michaels vs Mr McMahon was easily the best match at WrestleMania 22. It might not have been worthy of
    Match of the Year, but it was still a damn fine match.

  8. Bryan says:

    My PPV collection outside of the big 4 continues to grow, thanks Brett. Got to see a lot of good PPVs I missed out on and some great matches. (picked up Backlash 05 last week just awesome) keep up the great work Brett.

  9. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks guys, when the WWE releases more Series events, only then. But I have a ton of DVD’s still yet to review.

  10. The Next Biggest Thing says:

    I Love This Dude’s review’s He Makes Me Go Out And Buy The DVD’s Keep Up The Good Mate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great review. and I gotta agree with the guy below me, when your done with the Judgement day reviews do you plan on finishing up the Survivor Series reviews?

  12. David says:

    Great review Brett, always look foward to reading your reviews, just wondering, are you going to continue with the survivor series reviews anytime soon?

  13. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks guys, and No Mercy 02 definitely had two matches near five stars, a tremendous event for that alone.

  14. william says:

    cant wait for you to get to no mercy 2002 by first and only ppv you made this sound better then i remember

  15. Jeff Copeland says:

    this was first ever ppv i went to and it was really good the only meh i would say is divas match but benoit finlay ruled tag titles were good cw was ok boooker t lashley meh taker khali well taker tryed world title was not to bad 8 is acually a good score thank u for letting relive my first ever ppv