Review: WWE Judgment Day 2009 DVD

August 12, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Judgment Day 2009” Review:


“Controversy, Conspiracy,… many different things. I don’t feel that there is. I know it. Ever since being drafted to Smackdown!, I’ve been vilified and chastised by an inept General Manager, by an audience filled with Parisitic, Gelatinous Tapeworms. I have been robbed of a chance at the World Heavyweight, not once, but twice. That’s not a Controversy. That’s not a Conspiracy, that’s an attack on Chris Jericho. I am the most talented performer of my Generation, yet none of these hypocrites have faith in me. They have faith in a man like Rey Mysterio. A man who doesen’t get by on talent, a man who gets by on the backing of a biased General Manager. A man who gets by on the pandering cheers of the biased hypocrites who chant “619” every time he comes into the ring. You can chant and scream “619” all you want because its the closest you’ll get to see it tonight. I guarantee there will be no 619 tonight, and I gaurantee there will be a new Intercontinental Champion tonight, Chris Jericho…so deal with that.”  -Y2J Chris Jericho 


WWE Judgment Day 2009 took place on Sunday, May 17th, 2009 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois in front of 14,822 fans.

-This show was the eleventh show under the Judgment Day name and the tenth show held annually; it featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands.

-Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler did commentary for Raw, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham for Smackdown!, while Matt Striker did ECW with Josh Matthews.

-The event had 228,000 buys, down on the Judgment Day 2008 figure of 252,000 buys.

-During the show The Miz cut a heel promo on John Cena and the city of Chicago, Santino Marella interupted him.

-Before the show started, the fans in attendance were shown an untelevised match between Mickie James and Beth Phoenix with her associate in her corner, Rosa Mendes; James won the match by pinning Phoenix via a reversal into a DDT.

-Now onto the PPV……………
1) Opening Contest- Umaga vs CM Punk


CM Punk set to go one on one with The Samoan Bulldozer to start the show.

Punk, the 2009 Money in the Bank Winner was making his way to the ring in his hometown which obviously gets a pop.

We are shown a clip that sees CM Punk about to cash in on his chance to win the title on Smackdown!, he was attacked by Umaga forcing a little bad blood for this match here and now.

Umaga then came out next, he`d be released in a matter of months after this match by the WWE.

Still without knowing that at the time obviously, Grisham builds him up as a huge destructive force.

I loved Jim Ross`s line about how broadcaster`s say they had a conversation with `so and so` when he refers to NOT having one with Umaga.

Bell rings and Chi Town is chanting the name of one CM Punk.

The ropes are white.

CM Punk with a hard forearm shot, Umaga drops him and then splashes the canvas when CM Punk moves and then kicks at Umaga. Umaga lands a hard shot, sends Punk to the ropes, off them he kicks at Umaga and hits a crossbody but Umaga caught him in the air and dropped him on the mat after spinning him in the air landing a slam to Punk. Umaga pushed Punk to the corner and landed more hard shots dropping CM Punk down until he grabs him by the head and CM Punk tried to fight back but he ran into a reverse elbow by Umaga as Punk came off the ropes. Umaga with a stiff kick to the shoulder of CM Punk down on the mat. Umaga then irishwhipped Punk hard backfirst to the corner turnbuckle padding. With Punk down Umaga proceeded to kick at CM Punk before irishwhipping Punk backfirst again into the opposite corner of the ring, hitting back first.

Umaga drops pressure on the trapezius muscles of Punk, and then slaps on a trap squeeze. Violent kicks and punches by Umaga follow more pressure to Punk until he reached the middle ropes breaking the hold, Umaga dropped his bodyweight on Punk`s injured back before he sent him crashing in shoulder first into the steel post. Umaga then hit a snapmare into yet another trapezius grab on both sides of Punk. Umaga kept it locked on and Punk from a sitting position attempted high kicks at Umaga and then he bent Punk`s left arm in an upper armbar. Punk tried to land some shots on Umaga but he kept the hold locked in before spinning Punk by the left arm and dropping him on his bad back once more. Huge knee by Umaga dropping into the jaw of CM Punk and it scored Umaga a two count.
CM Punk on the outside apron got hit with another hard shot by Umaga. Charging off the ropes Umaga landed a high boot to the face of Punk knocking him off the outside ring apron into the barricade outside the ring. Grisham says it best when saying this wasn`t the homecoming Punk had in mind for the event. CM Punk attempted a comeback spearing Umaga from outside the apron into a sunset flip, he attempted to takedown Umaga but he stopped in mid-move and dropped his mass using both strength and power onto Punk stopping him. Umaga then using the middle rope for leverage dropped more of his bodyweight onto Punk again. Umaga took his time to do the same move by the ropes once more but this time CM Punk got a boot up. Fans pop as CM Punk tries a comeback, he attempts to slam Umaga but he lands on Punk in mid-air shifting his weight, it only gets him a two count.

Another upper armbar, and a claw on the trapezius muscle of Punk at the same time wearing down The Windy City`s hometown hero.
CM Punk lands a series of hard forearm shots to Umaga which buys him time to run off the side ropes but then Umaga hits a nice uppercut to Punk dropping him down in mid-ring. Umaga then from the corner of the ring went for a splash in the middle of the canvas and CM Punk had enough knowledge to move out of the way as he gasped for air. CM Punk over huge in Chicago with them constantly chanting his name took his time getting up and once up landed another hard forearm shot.

Umaga sent Punk to the ropes, CM Punk dropped the top rope down as Umaga charged towards him and Umaga fell to the outside.
CM Punk then elevates himself over the top rope onto Umaga outside the ring to the outside floor. Umaga crawls back in and gets a few kicks by Punk. CM Punk off the side ropes hits a high running knee to the jaw. A big kneelift by CM Punk with a jumping heelkick. Umaga out of desperation sent CM Punk to the corner, but he got a boot up. Umaga charged to Punk and he hit the buckle. CM Punk hit a running knee to Umaga`s face, then Umaga overpowered CM Punk`s attempt at a running bulldog sending Punk crashing into the corner. CM Punk then moved out of the way as Umaga crashed into the corner, CM Punk hit a bulldog from the top turnbuckle to Umaga and got a two. Umaga up elevated Punk to the outside apron and with nice balance he lands. CM Punk from the top hit a crossbody on Umaga and gets a two. CM Punk went in mid-ring to scoop up Umaga for a go to sleep and Umaga reverses it into a Samoan Drop and somehow Punk kicks out.

CM Punk down and Umaga signals for the end with his tumb. Umaga then went for a Samoan Spike and missed and CM Punk kicked Umaga high three times but he remained up. Punk tried to hit the go to sleep, but the lowerback goes out.
Umaga with a giant thrust kick. Umaga charged into Punk in the corner with all his power, then hit a Samoan Spike to follow it up.

In the end at 11:52 Umaga put Punk away after he beat him with the Samoan Spike.

This match was a very good opener, told a nice-story, was back and forth and had solid action throughout.
Looking back it was obviously a mistake to have Punk defeated since they were about to release Umaga however there was no way of telling that at the time.


A good quality effort here.


** 3/4






2) Christian (c) vs Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship  


Jack Swagger challenged here for Christian’s ECW title, and the two had good chemistry together which calls for another match in there series here in the first half of 2009.

Swagger was looking to regain the title here, the bell rings and the match is underway.

Christian ducked a clothesline and gave Swagger a slap, off the ropes Christian is sent under the bottom rope as he slides out of the ring. Christian runs around the ring until Jack Swagger went for a series of clothesline`s, Christian ducks them but then is caught in the air by after a kick to the mid-section, Christian lands on his feet and went for the Killswitch, Swagger got out.

Christian told Jack Swagger he was `this close`.

Christian tied up with Jack Swagger and the fans chanted for Christian, Swagger wrapped around Christian`s waist in the corner then into mid-ring. Swagger tried to weardown the smaller man with his waistlock, Christian able to get to his feet with elbows out but Swagger grounded him with a shot. Jack Swagger irishwhipped Christian to the turnbuckle hitting sternum first. Swagger went for another shut but Christian slid out, and then Christian dropped the top rope as Swagger charged towards him and he fell to the outside.
Christian then with two high risk moves, first dropkicking Jack Swagger onto the floor. Christian then leaped off the top turnbuckle onto Swagger. Swagger got back into it as he took his time getting up inside the ring and he kicked Christian as he was about to enter himself. Jack Swagger had Christian above his shoulders and he smacked him ribs first into the post, Swagger softening up the mid-section of Christian. Jack Swagger rolled Christian back into the ring and Swagger went for an immediate pin and got a two count.

Jack Swagger added to the damage he had already done to the Champion with a bodyscissors positioning himself between the ropes and mid-ring. Swagger lifted up Christian`s leg and stomped on his gut. Christian chopped back and then off the ropes Jack Swagger got a high knee up in the bruised abdomen of Christian. Jack Swagger gets a two and then slams him to the mat near the corner of the ring. Swagger leaps up off the turnbuckle in the corner and falling back on Christian he lifted a boot to the face. Christian then out of desperation hit a move taking the wind out of Swagger for all his peeps.

Christian with shots trying to gain momentum but Jack Swagger lifted him in mid-air and drove him into the corner. In mid-air again Christian fell back and then slammed Swagger on his back, Christian with a deep leghook gets a two. Jack Swagger sends Christian to the corner and he moved out of the way twice avoiding the charge of Jack Swagger as he missed him both times. Striker uses the FOOL ME ONCE line. Both times Christian lifted his boot up and hit Swagger up high in the process of doing this.

Christian then went for a crossbody off the top and just missed Jack Swagger. Swagger up went for a gutwrench powerbomb after doing so much damage to his mid-section. Christian elevated onto the apron but he landed on his feet. Christian back in ran around and Jack Swagger caught the turnbuckle padding in the corner chest first. Christian able to scout that climbs to the top but Jack Swagger leaped up in Shelton Benjamin like fashion and superplexed Christian off the top taking him off his game for a moment, and this gets a two count.

Fans continuing to chant for Christian and he hits a small package on Swagger getting a two. The two then collide in mid-ring with a pair of clotheslines between the two crashing at the same time. Swagger with Christian above his shoulders, Christian shot back and landed up high. Christian went for a sunset flip from the second rope but Jack Swagger dropped his weight onto Christian and from this pinning combination he gets a two count. Swagger gets a shot from the Champ in the corner, Christian went for a tornado ddt in the corner of the ring to Swagger and got thrown off. He droped a reverse elbow to the face of Swagger, and from the top he drived Swagger on his neck hard to the mat.

Christian still holding his bruised abdomen gets driven headfirst into the top turnbuckle, Jack Swagger had hands on the tights trying to get a three count. Christian went for the KillSwitch but Jack Swagger turned it into an offensive powerslam, going for another gutwrench, Christian pulled down his straps rolled up Swagger and got the three after holding the tights.

In the end at 9:33 Christian retained his ECW title after beating Swagger with a HEEL like move.

Like the originality there.

This match was definitely great.


*** 1/4


3) John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin (with Charlie Haas) 


Shelton and Morrison from the Smackdown! brand get ready to go toe to toe to determine who is the superior athlete I guess.
Shelton an exploder side suplex and he waisted no time with a firemans carry takeover. Shelton kicked at the mid-section of John Morrison. Shelton with a shoulder block and then off the ropes Morrison leaped over him and landed rights to Shelton. Morrison countered getting back to the offense went for Shelton but he ducked under the bottom rope and walked outside the ring.

John Morrison tried an athletic move over the top but then he did hit one as he landed an incredible springboard summersault.
Morrison getting back near the ring was taken over by Shelton but he charged towards Morrison landing a high kick.
It is GREAT watching two athletes expose where they are gifted.

Shelton tried to hook the leg inside the ring, did so and got a two. Shelton dropped elbow shots to Morrison before lifting him up in the corner and landing a shot on his high back. Shelton with another elbow shot to the back and then drops the knee on top of John Morrison. A snapmare by Shelton to Morrison into a variety of an abdominal stretch with an armbar.

Morrison fought out with elbow shots and running off the ropes runs into a reverse elbow from Benjamin. Shelton drove Morrion face first into the mat and then applied a tough reverse chinlock with Haas clapping outside the ring. It took Morrison time to fight back to a vertical base but Shelton with a neck vice dropped Morrison. Shelton raked the face of Morrison down on the mat then slapped on a sleeperhold.

Great chain wrestling with a dead crowd. Shelton Benjamin kept his feet wide taking off the weight or any comeback attempt from Morrison. John Morrison tried to find some leverage and pushed Shelton off the ropes and hit a desperation sleeper, pushed off the ropes both men collide in mid-ring and they drop to the mat.

Ref checked both men and began a ten count. Shelton up went for a side suplex but John Morrison landed with his bodyweight on top of Shelton getting a two. A series of shots and a hard irishwhip to Shelton by John Morrison but Shelton gets the reverse elbow up to Morrison, but yet another quick counter by Morrison hitting a dropkick to Shelton coming at him.

A real nice move happens next as Morrison went for a headsicssors but Shelton pushed him off into a Side Russian Legsweep by John Morrison which was rather innovative, gets him a two.

Morrison with an armringer, Shelton reversed it into one of his own and hit a basic inverted backbreaker to John Morrison which gets HIM a two now.

Similar to the theme of the first two matches, this one was also back and forth. Morrison with a big dropkick to Shelton and then a knee to the face of Shelton and just a two count again.

John Morrison sent Shelton to the corner he lifted himself up and Morrison kicked him in the chest. Morrison leaped on Benjamin but he showed his strength carrying John Morrison all the way across the ring and he landed awkwardly into the turnbuckle padding, Benjamin rolls him up and John Morrison kicks out again.

Shelton Benjamin pushed off by John Morrison and he hit a droptoe hold to Shelton in the corner. John Morrison with a monkey flip and the balance of Bejnamin allows him to land on his feet. Haas kicked off the apron by Morrison and then a dropkick, a flying chop and then off the corner hits his signature dropping onto Benjamin getting him the three.

Another great match here, it essentially showcased the amazing athleticism of both competitors without having to go deep into a story.





4) Rey Mysterio (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho for the WWE Intercontinental Championship   

Listening to Jim Ross complain about Jericho is as entertaining as listening to Jericho rip on the fans.

Rey went for a 619 straight away and then walked outside the ring.

Jericho of course cut an amazing promo earlier on highlighted in the main quote to this review.

Chris Jerico back in the ring tied up with Rey and Y2J chants broke out. Jericho with a big righthand to Rey off the ropes and it dropped him to the mat. Grisham tried to build up Rey due to the chants and Ross pointed out how he is highly skilled, thanks Ross.

Jericho with a snapmare to Rey and a kick to the back of Rey. Jericho lifted up Rey and he shot back with a series of shots and then ran into a reverse elbow in mid-ring by Jericho. Chris tossed Rey out of the ring under the bottom rope to the floor. Jericho with a baseball slide out, and Rey outquickened Jericho hitting a dropkick to Jericho outside the ropes. Rey Mysterio with a senton from top to Jericho on the outside. Rey with a high kick, Jericho reverses a whip to Mysterio who slams back first into the barricade. Jericho threw Rey back in the ring and he kicked at the mid-section of Jericho who was coming back through the white ring ropes. Rey with a high risk legdrop from the top to Jericho dropping him fully back into the ring, Mysterio gets a two count. Nice elevation by the high flying Rey Mysterio and he went to send Jericho to the ropes, he reversed it sending Rey into the corner. Rey went to the top and Jericho dropped him on his groin and he fell to the canvas floor. Jericho hesistated a moment with Mysterio still on the outside apron. Jericho with a nice missile dropkick off the top to Rey Mysterio elevating him from the outside apron out to the floor.

Jericho elevated Rey outside the ring dropping him chest first on top of the barricade. Chris Jericho tossed Rey under the bottom rope back into the ring, Jericho elevated himself over the top splashing onto Rey and he gets a two count. Jericho then with a reverse chinlock on Rey Mysterio, Jericho was going for his ninth IC title here.

Rey to his vertical base elbowed out and caught a forearm by Jericho. Jericho sent Rey to the corner and he hit back with an inziguri as Jericho charged towards him in the corner.

Rey had him in position for the 619 and he bounced off the ropes and hit a side hiptoss to Rey sending him flying, and then gaining hin a nearfall. Some of Chicago like this.

Jericho sent Rey Mysterio to the outside and he took his time to re-group.

Mysterio off the ropes got caught with an airplane spin by Jericho and he dropped Rey with a lucha libre type shoulder breaker, and he gets a two count. Jericho then dropped to his back holding the legs of Rey Mysterio sending him chest first into the middle rope depriving him of oxygen.

Jericho hopped around mid-ring taunting Mysterio. Jericho scooped up Rey and sat him on the top turnbuckle. Jericho attempted to rip off the mask of Rey Mysterio on the top and he elbowed Jericho in the face sending him back to the mat. Rey Mysterio with a senton from the top, didn’t get all of it but off the ropes he exploded onto Jericho and got a two. Jericho kicked at Rey, hit a sunset flip on Rey Mysterio but he rolled out and kicked Jericho in the head which got him a two count.
Nice tandem offense, a great quick exchange by both men.

Jericho reverses an irishwhip sending Rey Mysterio to the corner turnbuckle. Rey up top on Jericho hit a sunset flip to Jericho but he stopped it and went for the Walls but somehow the leverage of Rey sent him away, then a backbreaker to Rey who came running at Chris scores Jericho another two.

Chris Jericho kicked Rey Mysterio in the abdomen. Jericho hit a headbutt on Rey and while some fans chanted 619, Jericho put his ear to the crowd in a taunting fashion. Off the ropes Jericho went for a bulldog but Rey sent him to the corner.

Once again Rey had Jericho in a 619 position but Jericho ducked. Jericho got the Walls out of Rey coming from the top and he attempted to lock it in but Rey Mysterio kicked at Jericho and it sent him to the middle rope.

Rey hit the 619 on Jericho.

Or so it looked but Jericho with an innovative presence locked on the Walls of Jericho.

Chicago cheered as Jericho reversed the 619 into the Walls, an inside cradle by Rey Mysterio but Jericho kicked out.
Jericho hit a big powerbomb on Rey and then went into a pinning combination from there and still Rey Mysterio kicked out.
Jericho dropped forearm shots to Rey as he falls back. Rey sent back first to the buckle but hit a droptoe hold from the charge of Jericho.

Rey hit a 619 followed by a springboard and got the win.
In the end at 12:37 Rey Mysterio retained the title after defeating Jericho with a quick pair of his signature moves.

This was a great treat, a borderline classic with a nice story, great innovative reversals, fresh moves and the timing was brilliant. They’d have a better match or two later in the year but this was still very memorable and the undercard along with this match makes the show worth it alone.



5) Batista vs Randy Orton (c) for the WWE Championship



Orton had just won the title in a six-man tag at Backlash the month before.

Two former Evolution members going at it for the strap here.

This was the same venue where Orton punted the skull of one Vince McMahon just months prior to this event on January the 19th.
Orton came out with that cocky, arrogant look he always has and posed with his title with little emotion.

Batista had some pretty terrible lines in the pre-match promo hyping up the bout, rambling lines such as “I LOATHE YOU” at Orton.

Ugh, keep the mic away from this guy.

Dave Batista had a small portion of boo’s during the match but still had most of the fans in his hands.

Batista and Orton were both four time Champion’s and here Orton was under that fourth reign.

Batista and Orton get set to go as the bell rings and Randy Orton decided to leave the ring straight away. Orton walked around the ring while Keota counted and Batista got angry. Orton back in the ring tied up with Dave and from there Batista goes into a standing side headlock in mid-ring. Batista off the ropes from the other side hit a shoulder block on Orton and he rolled to the outside and went for a walk. Batista kept waiting inside the ring and Orton took his time coming up the steps and back inside. Orton looking a bit concerned kicked Dave in the gut and sent him to the buckle but he exploded out with a shoulder block. Batista then with a standing vertical suplex to Randy Orton and he kicks out at two. Orton sent to the ropes and Batista dropped a hard forearm shot to the lower back of Orton, Batista kept beating on Orton in the corner and drove his shoulder into his bad back once more. Batista irishwhipped Randy Orton hard to the corner of the ring and Orton bounced off spine first. Out of no where Orton took an oppurtunity and elevated Batista over the top to the floor. Orton hit a standing dropkick to Dave on the ring apron. Randy Orton dropped the arm on Dave’s back and elevated “The Animal” in the air and down onto the barricade spine first.

Orton with interesting facial expressions here. Randy Orton regaining control of the match temoporarily sends Dave back inside the ring and he gets a two count. Orton back up poses in mid-ring which gets surprisingly a good response from the audience and he kicks away at Dave. Randy Orton dropped the knee on the face of Batista over and over before finally dropping a big knee to the head and going for the three, getting a two. Dave Batista now in a side headlock by Randy Orton applied mid-ring. Batista elbowed out and Orton off the ropes applied an arm-ringer before driving Dave by the side of his head back first onto him as Orton hits one of his favourite signature moves. Orton kicks away at Batista some more. Randy Orton kicked at the chest of Batista. Orton decided to then weardown the big man by slapping on a sleeper mid-ring. Batista got out and used the power game by scooping up Orton hitting a side suplex dropping Randy on his back. Randy Orton gets to his feet a second later then Dave Batista and recieves a shot to the head by Batista, off the ropes Orton goes back into a headlock on Batista. Off the ropes Orton hits a nice standing dropkick to Dave. Batista outside the ring took his time getting to the apron and once there speared the abdominal region of Orton twice, Orton hits a knee to the head of Batista and picks him up dropping him on his head after a ddt with Batista’s legs originally on the middle rope. This move gets a positive response. Orton stalking Batista down on the mat staring him down, preparing himself for whatever lies in the future. Orton taking his time walks over to Dave who collapses back down. Orton goes for the big kick and on his way Batista jumped up and out of no where hit a spear on Randy Orton which gets a mixed reaction.

Batista and Orton break out with a slugfest. Orton got a boot to the head of Batista as he charged towards him in the corner. Batista kept spearing Randy by the turnbuckle before hitting a powerful slam on Randy mid-ring.

The fans get more vocal for Orton here booing any offensive move from Dave Batista.

Orton with a reverse elbow by the side ropes to Batista. Orton took his time outside the ring buying himself some time.
Orton with a big kick to Batista outside the ring buying himself time before Batista chases him. Orton hugs the ring post outside the ring and Batista hammers on his back. Back inside Orton lands a clothesline which has no effect on Batista but he answered back with one of his own on Randy Orton.

Batista off the ropes landed a high kick to the head of Randy Orton. Batista gets clotheslined off the top rope as Randy Orton dropped him throat first sending him backwards. Attempting to get back in the ring Orton was on the apron with a chair but Batista speared him off. Dave up high hits a shoulder block to Orton and he gets a two.

Orton grabs his title and walks away from the ring until Batista drops a blow on his spine. Back in the ring Orton went for a desperation clothesline but Batista hit a spinebuster. Orton looking beyond concerned turned into a Batista Bomb attempt but Orton countered into an RKO attempt but Dave Batista pushed him off in the air and Orton dropped to the mat. Batista sent into the corner by Randy Orton and now he throws a bit of a tantrum waiting on Batista to turn around.

Randy Orton goes for an RKO but he is pushed into the offical. Orton slaps Mike Keota in the corner.

Randy Orton DQ’s himself by hurting the official. Your typical Heel can’t beat Babyface formula here and Batista has the face as if he’s been robbed.

The bout ended at 14:44 when Batista was declared the winner as a result of a DQ and thus didn’t get Orton’s belt.
At the end of the match, Legacy came out and attacked Batista until Ric Flair’s music hit and the crowd loves watching Batista and Flair clean house.

As ridiculous as it was to believe.

This match was solid. A very good tilt that leads me to believe it was about as good as it could of been given the nature of the match and its booking.


** 3/4 


6) The Big Show vs John Cena 


Still feuding past Mania, these two went at it one on one here.

John Cena can get the fans to there feet, like him or hate him. The face of Cena meant business and he stared at an eager Big Show.
Big Show more confident then I’ve ever seen him tried to corner Cena but he rolls out. Cena showed signs of pain locating near his ribcage, selling that early on.

A “Lets go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chant breaks out. Big Show taking his time cornering John gets two boots to the face but Big Show dodged Cena’s attempt and tossed him aside. Big Show with a kick to the chest of Cena and then a giant uppercut to the injured ribcage.
Similar to there Wrestlemania 20 match, Big Show beats down Cena most of the match. It’s not one of the most entertaining things to watch in the world.

Cena though, does fire back keeping things remotely fresh but Big Show lands a shoulder block to Cena and he is down. Show drops his big mass to the injured mid-section of Cena. Big Show scoops up Cena and slams him down to the mat. Cena hit a couple of shots to Show which didn’t phase him and then The Big Show lands a side suplex to Cena which gets him a two.

John Cena up gets delivered a headbutt by The Big Show. Show went for a kick on Cena but he moved just in time and lands groin first on the ropes. Cena charged towards Show but he moves out of the way and elevated a bruised Cena to the floor.

The Big Show scooped up Cena and drove him ribcage first into the post. Cena’s facial expressions told the story. Cena went for a desperate Bulldog attempt and Show tossed him to the other corner of the ring.

Cena in the corner gets a big slap from Show on the chest. Show sends Cena to the corner and eventually John lifts up the boots which hit Show, he climbs to the top and went for a high risk move but Show caught him in mid-air and slapped on the predicatable yet logical bearhug to Cena mid-ring. A big grip by a big man.

The injured ribs weren`t getting any better in this hold, some of the audience chant for Cena. John Cena gets pushed aside by The Big Show who was taking his time dishing out the punishment, which doesen`t make sense to me. There`s a difference between being confident and stupid. Anyone in the UFC wouldn`t just take there time when seeing a major opening. But again, this is Pro-Wrestling and not a legit fight. I wouldn`t be a critic of there product for not developing “character`s“ into some sort of story when judging one of those. Two different world`s. Show charged at Cena and he dodged out of the way and landed right hands on Show until hitting a running shoulder block. Cena running on adrenaline slams Show face first into the mat. Cena signals for the five knuckle shuffle and hits it. Show grabs Cena by the throat by the side ropes until Cena counters into a ddt on Show. Cena goes for the STF on Show but his reach wasn`t as lengthy as he had wished. Show runs into Cena in mid-ring driving Cena down preventing him from any comeback attempt he had in mind.

Cena down in the corner got 500 pounds dropped onto him by Show in the corner. Cena kicks out and Lawler puts over just how impressive that was. Show again squashed Cena with his boot and attempted to drop his bodyweight on Cena yet again but he moved out of the way. Cena went to slap on the STF on The Big Show again but his reach wasn`t there once more. Show with Cena in hand lost it as Cena speared him from the outside apron. Cena with something left hits a legdrop to Show. Cena for a third time tried to lock in the STF and Show got out of that predicament in a hurry. Show with a kick to the mid-section of Cena and then proceeded to drive Cena face and ribs first into the mat.

Cena somehow got Show up.

John Cena was then able to scoop up the 500 pounder as he’s done before and delivered the attitude adjusment.

John Cena gets the victory and the guy in the front row drops his head as if to say “I saw that coming…I’ve cEnA Nuff“

In the end at 14:57 Cena beat Show.

This match is no where near bad, however it`s vital I point out that it isn`t very compelling either. It wasn`t original, it was stretched out and there`s only so much you can believe at the end of the day.
I think this hurt The Big Show`s image but at the end of the day you need to ask yourself, “Does this company care about John Cena or The Big Show“ and without a question mark you are able to answer in seconds.


* 1/2


7) Main Event- Edge (c) vs Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship 


Watching Jeff Hardy enter the ring reminds me a lot of one Ultimate Warrior.

Jeff Hardy and Edge go way back obviously and the crowd seems split again in the Windy City.

Bell rings. Edge with an arm-ringer until Jeff Hardy slaps on one of his own into an overhead wristlock. Edge with a sid headlock to Hardy and off the ropes hits a shoulder block.

Jeff Hardy with two armdrag`s deep to Edge off the ropes, Ricky Steamboat like and then Jeff Hardy slaps on an armbar.
Jeff Hardy moves out of the way at Edge`s charge and again hits an armdrag takedown into an armbar.

Edge sends Jeff Hardy to the corner and he catches him with a headscissors into another deep armdrag and an an armbar. Jeff Hardy poses for the crowd then with ahold of Edge, some boo which is rather funny. Edge in pain regains his vertical base and sends Jeff Hardy to the ropes, he lifted Edge charging at him and he drops outside on the apron. Jeff Hardy with a heel kick to Edge sending him to the outside.

Both men excel outside the ring and Jeff Hardy uses a high risk move to elevate himself over the top on top of Edge.
Edge taking his time got Jeff Hardy in position on the outside apron to follow up with a Spear sending him to the floor.

Edge kicks at the mid-section of Jeff Hardy focusing on the lower back. To even things up Edge now poses which gets a mixed responce, Edge gets a quick two after Jeff Hardy had considerable pain in the lower back. Jim Ross puts over the story of Hardy`s sore lowerback and how Edge knew and it was all his gameplan.

Edge with a shot to the spine, hooks the leg and he got a two. Edge to his feet drove his knee to the sore spine of Jeff Hardy.
Edge stretched Hardy’s arms back while adding additional leverage with his knee into the injured lower back of Jeff.

Jeff Hardy eventually powers out and attempts to go for a twist of fate but Edge turns things around and drops Jeff on his back which is of course resourceful considering Jeff Hardy`s predicament with his back.

Jeff Hardy with a desperation crossbody into a cover, and now Jeff Hardy drops down to the mat hitting a jawbreaker on Edge before planting him head first into the mat.

Jeff Hardy up high goes for a crossbody and he crashed and burned as Edge moves out of the way. Edge to his vertical base dragged Jeff Hardy to the center off the ring and he gets a two count.

Edge with a stiff forearm shot to the head of Jeff Hardy. Edge posed yet again. Edge irishwhipped Jeff Hardy and went for a big boot, Jeff Hardy ducks and hits a clothesline. Jeff Hardy with momentum hits another clothesline and inverted atmoic drop, before finally dropping both legs into his groin. Jeff Hardy gets a two count after that series of comeback offense.

Jeff Hardy with Edge in the corner irishwhips him hard to the other corner, Edge lifts his legs as Hardy went for a baseball slide, Jeff Hardy grabbed ahold of Edge and put him in position for a crossbody which connected and got Hardy another two. Jeff Hardy with great elevation risked more as he had a bad back.

Jeff Hardy sent Edge to the ropes he pulled the top rope for leverage and swung back while Hardy went for a dropkick hitting nothing. Edge then went for Hardy`s legs and Jeff Hardy pushed Edge into the ropes and he quickly comes off with an inside cradle. Edge though tried to comeback and Jeff gets out of a DDT predicament and slapped on a Sharpshooter which gets boo`s. Again, funny stuff.
Jeff Hardy with a Sharpshooter just seems wrong though. Then again I never thought I`d see the day when Steve Austin and The Rock did the hold in the same match together, but I have.

Jeff Hardy pulls Edge to the center of the ring as he tried to escape and he hit a Twist of Fate which gets him a long two.
Jeff Hardy went for a dropkick into the corner on Edge but he elevated him up in the air, Jeff Hardy counters again with an inside cradle and a two.

Edge`s shoulders got up in time and now Jeff Hardy got frustrated as Edge seemed more then willing to get out of any situation he found himself in. Jeff Hardy went to the outside turnbuckle up top. Edge catches him as he took his time and swings with a big righthand landing his mark on Jeff Hardy. On the top turnbuckle Edge had a front facelock but Jeff Hardy battled out and hit a sunset flip from the top which got a two count.

Nice action here.

Edge moves out of the way as Jeff Hardy tried another dropkick while Edge was placed down in the corner but he moved out in time. Jeff Hardy adapted to Edge`s environment and removed barricade padding, and the table top. Jeff Hardy sent Edge headfirst into the barricade and then table where he places him. Jeff Hardy climbs on top of the barricade and taking his time Edge fired back catching Jeff Hardy in mid-air with a spear seven feet in the air catching Jeff Hardy running the security wall and landing hard on the mat on the floor outside the ring.

Edge waited till a distant nine count found Hardy crawling back in in the knick of time. Edge with pain and frustration spilling out through his facial expressions. Edge kicked at Jeff Hardy as the fans chanted for him. Jeff tried to will his way back in the ring and Jeff dropped a leg on top of Edge before swinging him back with a twist of fate onto the ropes.

Jeff Hardy drives into the ring with a legdrop on Edge and his foot was on the rope stopping the count of two.

Edge with a shot to the gut of Jeff Hardy and then in the corner he pushed Edge off, a corkscrew by Jeff Hardy to Edge and a two count.
Edge gets hit by Jeff Hardy who charged towards him outside the ring. Jeff Hardy threw Edge back over the barricade in the crowd area where he was back near the ring.

All of the sudden Matt Hardy tossed Jeff Hardy his brother over the barricade behind the official.

Edge rolled Jeff back in the ring and he gets a two. Ross built this up here as if there was no way Jeff Hardy was going to kick out so of course we knew he would.

Edge stalked Jeff Hardy but he pushed him towards the corner as he chardged at him. With the crowd in his favor Jeff Hardy gets caught off balance up high. Edge then goes to the top and hits a Edge-A-Cution from up high.

In the end at 19:53 Edge put away Jeff Hardy to retain the title.

This match consisted of great action and some wrestling here or there inbetween.
Show ends on a good note.









Final Rating for WWE Judgment Day 2009 = 8 /10


This show was great. It obviously had a stronger first half, but overall it defines quality. I`d suggest this show to any fan of Wrestling, you get a gem seemingly every match throughout the night. Impressive.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The world heavyweight championship match and the Rey/Jericho match were exceptional. The WWE championship match surprise surprise, ended by DQ. No surprise there then.

  2. Brad Attitude says:

    batista had no business ruining orton’s title reign by eventually taking the title only to forfeit it the next night. orton should have gone over batista clean anytime they fought since orton is the total package between the two.

  3. The Champ says:

    “Batista had some pretty terrible lines in the pre-match promo hyping up the bout, rambling lines such as “I LOATHE YOU” at Orton.

    Ugh, keep the mic away from this guy.”

    Only keep it away from him when he is a babyface. I think he had a good run on the mic after he turned heel later that year

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Yes, that show I will not get to for awhile but since it won’t be for so long I can tell you I have both those matches at **** 3/4 so no need for any suspense there. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be doing History of the World Title, and SNME DVD’s next.

  5. pogilvie652 says:

    Brett, love your reviews but please could you do No Mercy 2002. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the tag and hell in a cell matches. Also the reviews you have suggested such as The Bash, Fully Loaded and Vengeance all sound great. Keep up the good work

  6. Brett Mix says:

    It depends. I might move into the Night of Champions series. I might do Fully Loaded. Then The Bash Sets or Vengeance which I have almost every one of. There are still sets like The Rock and Stone Cold which I haven’t got to, and the reason for not many reviews is because of the fact my laptop’s keep getting wrecked. I just have to tough it out awhile but the reviews will be coming more on a consistent basis in a couple weeks. For now don’t expect one every day. Apologies. -Brett

  7. jeff copeland says:

    jericho vs rey was the only reason i loved this ppv once again u are dam good on reviewing wats next u gonna do ?

  8. Anonymous says: