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September 28, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Money In The Bank 2011” Review:



“I hate this idea, that you’re the BEST Cena….because you’re not the best….I AM……….Do I have everybody’s attention now?” -CM Punk






-WWE Money In The Bank 2011 took place LIVE ON PPV, on Sunday Night, July the 17th, 2011 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois in front of 14,815 fans.

-This was the 2nd Annual MITB event despite this match type having took place at Mania’s before it.
-This show had just 6 matches but has been praised by many critics.
-This Show drew an estimated 185,000 buys, which is up from last year’s 165,000 buys. I would gve credit to CM Punk for the extra buys this year as his highly controversial worked shoot promo on Raw got a lot of people talking.
-Micheal Cole, Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler did commentary for the event.
-Before the pay-per-view aired, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a tag match.





-Now onto the PPV……………






1) Opening Contest- Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs Sin Cara vs Wade Barrett vs “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater v Sheamus in SmackDown’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


A ton of stars in this one as the winner of this match will get the case and up to a year to challenge for the title at any time.
Barely anybody getting a reaction here until Sheamus comes out.

Sin Cara has proven to be very impressive. Booker T calls Sheamus his dawg, and his pick.

Rhodes comes out still th his facial mask. Slater comes out now. Barrett didn’t get the reaction I thought he would. Now out comes Daniel Bryan and even he doesen’t get a huge pop in Chi Town which is smarkville after all. A little surprising.

Kane out now and got the best reaction.

Bell rings.

All white roes and everybody goes for everybody.

Everyone is tossed out of the ring to begin but Sheamus, Barrett and Kane.
Kane off the ropes with two double clotheslines to them.

A ladder coes into play by Gabriel and Slater clearing everyone away with a Ladder.

This is the 9th MITB ladder match ever.

Fans boo Slater, several people in and out here.

A lot of spots will stick out during this match. Daniel Bryan flies off the top knocking someone off a ladder.

Cole can’t get over calling Daniel Bryan a nerd.

Sin Cara on Sheamus over the ropes. A suicide dive on the other side to Barrett.

A hurricanrana by Sin Cara and then a high kick up to Daniel Bryan on the top rope. Barrett sets a Ladder up.

The ladder is set up by Barrett on the apron and table.

Sheamus powerbombs Sin Cara through the ladder.


He’s done.

I hate when Cole and Lawler go quiet to the point you can’t hear them. Hey guys, don’t talk if we can’t hear you. You’re insulting our damn intelligence. Wrestling does that enough, we all know it’s scritped cut that out.

Rant over.

Kane, Rhodes and Bryan all bring a Ladder into the ring and now they double-team Kane.

Slater and Gabriel climb the ladder and Cody Rhodes pushed them off.

Rhodes mask and all climbed but Barrett came in took him off and planted Barrett to the mat.

All Rhodes until Sheamus clibs and plants Rhodes with a vicious, back-breaker. No wonder he’s Booker T’s dawg.

Interesting booking in this match consdering it’s a lot longer then the Mania ones.

Kane off the to with a flying clothesline to Daniel Bryan. Sheamus levels Kane with a running clothesline. Daniel Bryan and Kane are fighting to get to the top.

Now Chi Town is all for Bryan.

Daniel Bryan has Lets go Bryan chants for him in the Windy City.

Daniel Bryan countered in mid-air taing Kane to the mat. Slater and Bryan take each other out of the predicmament.

Barrett with a fire-man’s take-over and dropped Kane from in the air onto the mat.

Justin Gabriel on top of a Ladder with a 450 splash in the tightest of space imaginable. Barrett and Rhodes wasting no time.

More casualities on the outside. Barrett with a pump-handle slam to Cody Rhodes. Barrett climbs the Ladder and the fans begin to boo, Rhodes stops him. Rhodes clotheslines him over the top rope.

Barrett from behind elbos Barrett, Rhodes off the top of the adder. Perhaps a sun-set flip but Barrett picks up Bryan and he elbows out Wade. Barrett gets kicked in the head.
In the end at 24:27 Daniel Bryan wins the Case by taking it off the top strap on the zip-line.
This match worked well as an opener, but I feel these matches need to be paced shorter, that’s what made the Mania MITB matches better.













2) Kelly Kelly (c) (with Eve Torres) vs Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) for the WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly is the Diva’s Champion and the crowd knows she can’t wrestle but she’s gonna try.

So lets, just let her. She’s good to look at, now lets see her try.

Of course I’ll rip her apart if she can’t because why should she be in that ring making money while I’m not? I know I could put on a better match then say Ashley Massaro and I’ve never even been trained.

You’ve gotta love how the FACE Diva’s always smile and love the fans, while the heel ones come out with a smirk and a glare and just mean business. It’s so ridiculous. Victoria was the worst at it. She danced, shook and smiled, then once heel would slow down and glare.
So Brie Bella of the Bella twins challenges for the title. I don’t know the difference between these Bella’s to be perfectly honest so I don’t know if this is the better one inside the ring.

HILARIOUS sign by a guy with a sign in the front row. “I’m taking a break with the fans”. I’m sure that sign was meant for this moment.


Kelly Kelly takes it to Brie Bella right away and Lawler says “she’s a screamer!” hahahahaha, dirty old Jerry still hasn’t lost it even at his age and being for the most part a sucked up- babyface. He’s so far from a shell of his former self you can’t even give that to King which is a tragedy he was so awesome.

So what can I really say here that people are going to care about?

Kelly is developing and the match was kept sshort.


In the end at 4:54 Kelly Kelly retained the title after a slam. Kelly looked great.

After the Bella Twins are heard saying “She doesen’t even EAT!” Sure she does, you can’t get a back-side like that without some nutrition. I’m sure she gets her share of Protein.



The match…eh.






3) Mark Henry vs The Big Show
Two giants going at it is usually not a fun match but we’ll see what these two big guys could do in 6 minutes.

I am just looking forward to this one.

Sarcasm, by the way.

I just got done watching a Malenko-Mysterio match and then I come back to review a couple matches on this show and I get a Kelly Kelly match then this.



The Big Show with a shoulder block to Marky Mark, oh sorry StRONgeSt Man in the World for the last 15 years Mark Henry. He was never even declared that so I don’t know why WWE gave him the Angle treatment.

But sure he’s probably the strongest guy in Wrestling and one of the strongest in the world.

Show and Henry outside the ring, Show goes for a chokeslam, Henry stops it but The Big Show launched Henry into the steps but it looked like he avoided the bump.

Henry slams Show down when he comes over and hurts the knee. Henry now targetting the knee of Show.

Hey some psychology from Mark Henry, chopping down a giant like The Big Show by using his vulnerable knee to boot.

Henry grabbed the boot and slams The Big Show by the boot to the canvas. A methodical wear-down now.

Now a half-crab.

Mark Henry with a splash to The Big Show and then another one off the second rope. Henry wins convincingly.
In the end at 6:00 Henry put away Show. As of this writing Henry has finally won the World title which is nice to see.
This match was actually quite good, a lot better then I thought it’d be. Nice and short and told a story. Good for Mark Henry. He crashes down on the ankle with a chair of Big Show, Austin in 96-97 style.

Just like Booker predicted, someone was leaving on a stretcher.


** 1/4





4) Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston vs Alex Riley vs R-Truth vs The Miz vs Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger in Raw’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Tons of upper carders to mid-carders here so it should be exciting.

Another MITB here at MITB.
Hilarious when R-Truth who gets a nice pop as a heel grabs a small Ladder because he is afraid of heights apprently.

The Miz gets a great pop and Cole claps. Miz also grabs a small Ladder.

Rey comes out with no pyro or ..pop. It’s strange that he’s not that popular anymore and also strange he’s never been in a MITB match until now.
All the Ladders clashed together to begin. Hilarious spot.

The crowd has a good laugh anyway.

Alberto Del Rio is being trashed with a ton of Ladders to begin on the outside. Mysterio is launched to the outside on top of other ladders.

Swagger is back-dropped to the floor and then Riley is.

A stand-off between Miz and R-Truth wtht he small ladders until Swagger runs over both with a big men.

Swagger tosses them out, and now Kofi and Bourne use the ladder climbing on each side.

You can tell how better this match was structured then the first one.

Alex riley comes off with some kicks to Truth. Riley climbs a ladder and Cole clearly hates him as Miz punishes him because Cole is a Miz mark as we all know.
Riley launched himself onto Swagger and Miz.

R-Truth then with a moonsault over the top rope onto the competition.

Mysterio and Kingston with a high flying move onto the competition now.

Boourne goes Air-Bourne from the top of a ladder with a moonsault onto everyone.

Everyone is down.

Chicago with the Holy chant. Are my reviews PG now too? I don’t really know to be terribly honest.

Miz and Bourne in the ring climb the tall ladder and try and get the case.

Alberto Del Rio finnally back in the mix knocks them off the top, both men take a nasty spill.
Way funner then the last MITB match a long time ago, this one is truly great, every part thus far.

R-Truth climbs now with other members of the roster down.

Miz is being dragged out of the arena. Mysterio climbs up to meet him. A double hurricanrana. Swagger with a clothesline to Mysterio. Kofo launched himself leap-frogging Swagger from the ropes onto the Ladder.

Ankle lock by Angle, sorry Swagger to Kingston.

Riley and Swagger battle at the top, Truth pushes them over. Kingston taking out Mysterio and R-Truth now. Alberto Del Rio missed his opponents.

Mysterio with a modified 619 witht the ladder on Kofi.

R-Truth then with a baseball slide into the ladder into Swagger. Rey with a 619 to Kofi Kingston.

Mysterio and Riley at the top of the ladder. Bourne climbs but is elbowed off. Mysterio tries to get the case. Riley above.

Several ladders are set up.

Everybody is trying to climb.

Everybody is at the top now.

Alberto Del Rio face-first into a ladder and rolls to the floor under the rope. Kofi and Swagger have the best chance right now and then Bourne goes flying out of the ring. Long drop to the floor.

Riley falls, now just three at the top. Rey, Truth and Kofi, Truth falls. Kofi kicks Mysterio to the canvas. Swagger takes the case from Kofi just in time. Swagger takes Kofi down.

Miz limping back comes back but Rey takes him down and injures his leg. Fans boo.

Rey with a sunset flip too Miz taking him to the mat and he rolls out. Mysterio climbs to a chorus of boo’s. Hilarious.

Rey at the top but Alberto Del Rio gets kicked to the canvas until Alberto Del Rio climbs again and now hits him with two ore right’s.

Alberto Del Rio takes off the mask of Rey and Mysteri falls to the canvas. Alberto Del Rio re-groups and Rey rolls ont he canvas un-masked. Alberto Del Rio gets the case.


In the end at 15:40 Alberto Del Rio won MITB for Raw in 2011 after grabbing the case after he un-masked Mysterio.
So like Steve Austin won the 96 KOTR then the 97 Rumble while earning his push, Del Rio has grabbed a ton of momentum with the 2011 Rumble (40 man, no less) and now this, then the title win that followed.

However Del Rio is likely not to have 1/100th the career Austin had but that won’t stop the WWE from pushing new stars and so they shouldn’t stop.
This match is tremendous, one of the best MITB matches actually.







5) Randy Orton (c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship -If Randy Orton got disqualified or if the referee made a “bad call”, Christian would automatically win the championship

The story here is Randy Orton is now “mad” because he keeps beating Christian in good matches but since there’s a PPv every other week these days Christian wants his re-re-re-re-re-re match the 5th.

Only logical.


Orton’s got the facial hair chin-strap going. It actually suits him.
Christian comes out to mixed-reactions.

Booker T says Christian’s last chance is tonight.

Christian’s face gives away who was going to win the match.

Orton and Christian met on Smackdown!, At Over the Limit, at Capital Punishment, etc.

Randy came out cocky.

Keota gets in Orton’ face and he pushed Christian to the mat after a slap from Christian. The two exchange some uppercuts and Christian has some “Lets go Christian” chants.

Cole says they are “Lets go Randy”…wow.
Orton takes the match to the outside.

Lawler is actually paying attention to the match saying Orton needs to get it back in the ring to not risk DQ and small “Randy Sucks” chants are heard while Christian swings the back of Orton’s neck over the top rope.

Christian with a reverse elbow shot to Orton. Christian with a wristlock on top of Orton and then another hard shot.

Christian looks like he legit cares what the fans are chanting. Christian chokes out Orton on the ropes by standing on his back. He’s light enough, then does his best Ray Traylor impression by sliding out of the ring then giving a slap to Orton. Always loved when the Bossman did that.

Orton gets out of a submission, then Orton with a modified crucifix from the corner and a two.

Orton though gets hit with a Spinebuster and Christian remains in control but still only a two for him. Frustration starting to buils for Captain Charisma.

Christian goes for a kill switch and Orton and Christian are both taken to the floor with a double clothesline. Christian climbs to the top rope, missed Orton, Orton goes for the Rko and Christian gets the knees up. Christan flies off the top, Orton flips above him and a jackknife cover, and then a Thesz Press by Orton and a two.

A ton of reversals in this match.

Christan off the top and wouldn’t you know it, another reversal, this time a counter in mid-air with Christian drop-kicking Orton. Randy Orton couldn’t perform a superplex and Christian takes him off the top with a push an then a diving headbutt (Not Benoit or Dynamite-Vicious but still, you’d think this would be banned) and it’s still not enough.

Christian went for the Killswitch over and over and finally hits it.

Randy Orton kicks out and no one can believe it.

Christian runs shoulder-fiirst into the post and a gut-wrench suplex and only a nearfall.

Randy Orton with a scoop sla once Christian got back to his feet and now he goes for the ddt and off the middle rope, Christian’s head is planted into the mat.

Orton, the Viper goes into psycho mode pounding on the mat.

Christian spits in Orton’s face.

Randy Orton very angry pounds on Christian.

Because we all know how classy Randy Orton is, surely he never has done anything remotely gross to anyone backstage before.

Orton with a kick to Christian. A low blow.


Orton with a low-blow.

What’s this!? The bell has rung.

I got goosebumps at the pop the DQ bell got.

First time a DQ has been cheered at the start of the bell due to the stipulation and the guy’s dream came true.

Orton levels Christian in the head with tv monitor.

Teddy Long comes out.
Orton with a RKO on the table to the new World’s Champion.

In the end at Christian won by DQ at 12:20 after Orton

This match was very eventful.

Kept short so it was all quality and scores extra points for Christian’s win.



*** 1/4




6) Main Event- John Cena (c) vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship -If CM Punk left Chicago with the WWE Championship, John Cena would be fired the following night on Raw


Everyone was behind this in Punk’s home-town when Punk was the hottest thing in wrestling seemingly since the days people liked Cena or perhaps The Rock, or in the middle of that area.

Punk’s shoot on Raw was legendary and made people want to see this match.

This match was rated 5 stars by Dave Meltzer, and the last time he rated a match from the WWE 5 stars was when Michaels met Undertaker… 1997! In the Hell in a Cell.

Needless to say, everyone wanted to see this one after that kind of praise.

Wow, CM Punk chants before the match.

Amazing ovation obviously.


Punk gets the god-like ovation I haven’t really seen since Austin was catching on in 96-97 or Rock in 98-99.
Cena comes out expecting the treatment quite well, much better then ECW One Night Stand in 06 against RVD, and hey? His shirt wasn’t even thrown back.

The stage is set….to say the least.

Bell rings.

A couple of fake-outs by both men until CM Punk gets Cena in a side headlock.

All the way to a hammerlock as he wins the beginning standing war until Cena turns him around and hit a snapmare.

Fun Fact: Cena’s debut was in this building against Angle on Smackdown! A very good match.
“You can’t wrestle” chants at Cena now.

Punk does a ME, or him. Hilarious!
CM Punk was apart of Cena’s entrance in this very arena at WM 22, which is funny to look back on.

Both guys go for an over-head wristlock and now Cena has an armbar.

Your usual “Lets go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” chants are heard during every Cena main event for the last 5 years.

A headlock by Cena now. CM Punk with a shoulder block and a hip-toss and soome moentum and he goes into a side headlock take-over fans cheer loudly. Punk mocks the five-knuckle shuffle and Cena went for the attitude adjustment and Cena was facing the go to sleep and both men avoid the other’s finishers.

Fans appropriately cheer.

Great match, thus far for sure.

Loud, spread CM Punk chants fill the Windy City as he knocks Cena into the corner.

Cena with a front facelock on CM Punk. Cena wearing down CM Punk with this headlock.

The commentary as the crowd are quite good throughout the match.

I hate how Cole made it sound like Bret wanted to take the WWF title to WCW but I’ve had about enough of that.

Punk out of the headlock sends Cena to the corner. A fisherman’s suplex by Cena, but he recovers and counters scouting Cena hitting him with a ddt to a thunderous ovation. Booker impressed with Punks skill.

CM Punk now tryng to wear John Cena down.

Punk off the top comes down with a flying knee-drop to the neck of Cena. CM Punk charged into the corner shoulder first and he hit the post.
Cena having his neck targetted by CM Punk down on the canvas.

The commentary is actually making the WWE title seem worth-while. Wow.

A bit of a botched crossbody on Cena by CM Punk but he still got the most of it. In a match this good, litte things like that aren’t really relevant.

Some Cena fans come out now.

Cena suplexed CM Punk out to the floor from the middle of the ring. Cena hooks the leg after quite some time but his knee and neck are hurting him and CM Punk kicks out.

Cena with a snap-shot vertical suplex and then an elbow drop to the leg of CM Punk.

Cena now swings CM Punk to the ropes and catches him with an abdominal stetch. Cena sure brought out the most moves I have probably ever seen him bring out in a match.

Cena has never, ever done more moves in a match.

At least not to me. If there is one out there, please tell me where it’s at.


The match definitely as the main event feel. Cena wth shoulder block and Punk drops, dodges it and ith a cradle almost got aa three. Punk with a high knee to Cena and he couldn’t deliver it to his head.

Punk down.
Cena with the worst move in wrestling history until Punk kicks Cena in the head and shoves him out of the ring. Get out of my ring bitch!
CM Punk flies through the crowd and he lands on Cena.

Chi Town goes insane for Punk as expected.
What really makes this match is the pace both men were able to keep up for such a long match. It was near triple the time of a tv match and included way more spots.

Bang for your buck, bottom line.
CM Punk goes for the crossbody again, Cena dodges it.
Cena now with his hand in the air and he goes for the worst move in history the five knuckle shuffle. And I have seen the Worm and the Stinkface.

Cena looking for the attitude adjustment and Punk landed on his feet, showing great agility with high kicks and a leg-sweep, using the element of surprise to try and put away Cena, only a two count.

Punk goes for the go to sleep, cena counters with a gut-wrench suplex to Punk. Punk with a high knee to Cena’s head. A bulldog by CM Punk to Cena.

Punk on the outside now springboards with a flying forearm and a two count.

Booker says on a replay CM Punk caught Cena, right on the Chiiiiieeeennnn.

A kick to the sternum twice on Cena. Cena catches Punk in the STF. CM Punk gets to the ropes, everyone in Chicago no longer needs a heart doctor. Punk with a high kick to the back of the head. Another nearfall.
This next sequence is REAL Special.

Reversal after Reversaal of each other’s finishing hold.

Attitude Adjustment, STFU, Go to sleep all countered. Punk countered out and holds Cena in a submission move.

The fans are going ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

And this is the same venue that saw the greatest match of all time between Bret and Austin at Mania 13 which had the rowdy crowd help, but not even THAT match got this kind of reaction.

It’s probably because Bret and Steve were both respected while Cena…to be blunt isn’t for his career anyway. As a person pretty much everyone probably respects him and rightully so.

We got a climax here that is going to last a long time and that’s what makes this match have a ton of appeal. Punk countered Cena’s high-risk offense and still only a two count.

Pung signals for the go to sleep. Punk hurting and Cena rolls to the outside and clotheslined him on the top rope to the mat. Cena back to the top and the big leg-drop connects.

Both men fatigued.

Epic match.
Un-real actually.

I heard the hype but it is living up to it.


Cena now stalking CM Punk and picks him u and hits the Attitude Adustmment and CM Punk kicks out. Cena can’t believe it.

The thrty minute mark of the match and it feels like it’s been on for five amazing minutes. That’s incredible, not even Shawn and Taker cut this pace. For real.

I’m hoping to see a Macho elbow drop but maybe that just happened on a tv show and Summerslam if not.

Cena on the second rope elbows Cena in his injured neck. CM Punk hits a top-rope hurricanrana which makes the crowd happy.

CM Punk hits Cena with the go to sleep but caught him in the rib-cage. Cena rolls out of the ring eliminating the chance to cover him and Punk is frustrated.
McMahon and John L walk out and Punk glares.

Cena then gets Punk in an STF and Vince tried to screw Punk and Cena said he wouldn’t win it like that.

Cena comes back int he ring and Punk hits the GTS and Punk WINS.




In the end at 33:44 CM Punk won the match and was the NEW WWE Champion!
Vince clses his eyes and Punk is proud and rubs in the fact he won.

Vince glares and the Windy City love it.

Vince gets on commentary and demands Del Rio to cash in his MITB contract.

Del Rio ran out and Punk icked him. The ref never rang the bell.

Punk kisses Vince goodbye and the crowd love it.


Vince is beyond crushed.


This is the best match I have seen from the WWE since the 09 Bash between Rey and Jericho. Michaels-Taker from Mania 26 as well.
An Epic to remember. While I did not give it 5 stars, it was certainly close.



**** 1/2










 Final Rating for WWE Money in The Bank 2011 = 8/10


This show was tremendous for today, and any day for that matter. Capped off by a Classic and also featured a terrific MITB Raw match, the SD one was pretty decent, as was the World Title match. Show and Henry did better then expected and the Diva’s match was certainly no surprise. Worth owning for sure! Highly enjoyable. Something that will be remembered for years to come. A special event.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The CM Punk/Cena match deserved a 5* rating in my opinion. Not 4½*.

  2. me says:

    you are the worst rater

  3. Anonymous says:

    SD MITB Match ****1/4 (the fact you put this as *** is laughable)
    Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella *
    Big Show vs. Mark Henry **
    Raw MITB Match ***3/4
    Orton vs. Christian ***1/4
    Punk vs. Cena ****3/4

  4. Bryan says:

    very good review Brett however the SD MITB should earn at least a half star more for WWE having the balls to let Daniel Bryan win it, I mean the reason (speaking for myself and I’m sure a few others) the match is good is because he won it if Wade Barrett or someone else would have won it I think 3 stars would have been spot on. Just a minor gripe in a other wise good review.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For those complaining, Bret’s 8/10 is a regular reviewers say, 9/10 or something along those lines. Great review Bret. Hope to see more of them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great review Brett. This, I think will go down in history as ONE of the greatest PPVs ever in the ranks w/ WM X7, WM XIX or Canadian Stampede. I agree w/ ur review of the SD MITB, great on first viewing, but w/ a second viewing there are to many blown spots or wrest spots, it seemed to drag at parts as well, my rundown, just for comparison sakes:

    SD MitB (***1/2)
    Kelly2 vs. Brie Bella (*)
    Big Show vs. Mark Henry (**3/4)
    RAW MitB (****)
    Christian vs. Randy Orton (***1/2)
    CM Punk vs. John Cena (****3/4)

    Overall: Not one bad match on this card, one of the best crowds in history & even the Divas delivered more then they usualy do! 9.5/10. Add a WM type production & lasting effect – the summer of Punk fizzled out to soon – & I’d give it 10/10.

  7. SRB says:

    I agree with the final rating of the review 100%. Rather than go through each match like Brett did, I look at the event as a whole. Was I entertained? Were the matches strong and did the event leave a lasting impression and make me look forward to watching Raw the next night? It sure did. It was one of the better PPVs of the year and to give it an 8/10 is the perfect score.

  8. Anonymous says:

    good review. I agree with Punk Cena not being 5 stars. I give them out VERY VERY seldom, however i think the SD! MITB was much better than RAW’s in fact i my opinion it is the second best MITB. I also rated Christian v Orton a bit higher at ***3/4.
    MY ratings:
    SD! MITB – ****1/2
    Henry v Show – **1/2
    Divas – 1/2*
    RAW MITB – ***3/4
    Christian v Orton – ***3/4
    Punk v Cena – ****3/4
    Not hating just sharing my opinion, great review keep it up!

  9. Brett Mix says:

    I don’t toss out 5 stars like Candy. I have given 5 stars to matches like Bret-Owen WM X, Bret-Austin WM 13, HBK-HHH-Benoit WM 20, Steamboat-Flair Chi Town and Wrestlewar, Steamboat-Savage WM 3, etc. **** 1/2 is damn close and it’s MY OWN subjective opinion. Also the SD ladder match, I feel was no where near as good as Raw’s. Again MY OWN opinion. To Blah, sometimes that happens, you write out the same name twice, no need to nitpick. I also don’t rate stars as high as some people so no need to tell me a match was at least four stars if I give it three. I still consider a three star match, a “great match.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    SmackDown’s was better than Raw’s ladder match again and surely the main event should be 5*? If that isn’t, what else actually warrants it?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The SD MITB was better than the RAW one IMO.

  12. Blah says:

    “couple of fake-outs by both men until CM Punk gets Punk in a side headlock.”

  13. Anonymous says:

    Totally dont agree with this review.

    The opening MITB match 3 stars??? That was a easy 4+, the Punk/Cena match deserved the full 5 stars and finally the event was more than 8/10 totally underrated by you.

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