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December 8, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Night of Champions 2009” Review:



“It was wrong for me to choose Edge as a partner, he’s injury prone and a hypocrite and selfish, …leaving a man like me high and dry without a partner. Now, I have chosen a man worthy to stand next to Chris Jericho in this ring, let me introduce MY partner, the Big Show.”Chris Jericho


-WWE Night of Champions 2009 took place on July 26th, 2009 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in front of 27,774 fans.
 -This was the 3rd Annual Night of Champions event. This was the ninth annual event under the Vengeance/Night of Champions chronology.

-Similar to the previous two events, the concept of the show was that every championship in the company would be defended.

-It featured talent from the Raw, SmackDown, and ECW brands.
-This Show had 267,000 buys, down on Night of Champions 2008 figure of 273,000 buys
-Before the pay-per-view aired, in a Dark match, Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG) defeated The Hart Dynasty. (Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith)



-Now onto the PPV……




1) Opening Contest- Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) vs The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship



The Big Show and Jericho formed a team called Jerishow mixing their music together like most teams do when thown together.
I think Jericho deserves bigger and better things but at least he`s adding credibility to a division that has absolutely none at the moment.

Chris takes the mic and the fans roar because they know their about to hear something good like always from Jericho.
Jericho introduces Show.
Big Show and Cody Rhodes begin things here.
Show chased Rhodes around the ring until he finally chopped him in the corner and delivered a gut-shot. Show tossed him aside and on the apron Cody countered by clotheslining Show on the top rope allowing a tag into DiBiase. Show dominated DiBiase until Jericho came in and delivered a reverse elbow. Jericho slingshot DiBiase into the giant boot of Show who comes back in and grounds DiBiase.
Jericho comes back in and Show drops him on top. DiBiase fighs back and he tags in Rhodes. Cody is taken by surprise when Jericho gets a school boy pinning attempt. Cody ducked a Jericho charge meanwhile DiBiase wisely dropped the middle rope while Chris hit the floor.
DiBiase and Rhodes began to isolate Jericho and eventually Ted took over Jericho.
Cody took apart Jericho once tagged in. DiBiase grounded Chris in the corner but he fought back. Chris went for a big tag but DiBiase maintained control on Jericho.
Chris Jericho regained control of the match for a moment until Rhodes hit a moonsault off the top which is rare. Jericho hit a desperation Inziguri and both men were down.
DiBiase found his way in but out of the corner Ted countered the walls of Jericho. DiBiase like his old manslaps on the dream but Jericho goes into the walls again and this time Rhodes distracted Jericho and he hits him with a ddt behind the official.
Crowd cheer when Jericho kicks out.
Show comes in and spears Legacy, Jericho hits a codebreaker behind the official.

Show makes DiBiase tap to a modified STF.
In the end at 9:32 Jericho retained the title’s alongside his partner.
This match was booked as a standard match, it had some exciting moments during the climax.
Solid opener.

** 1/2

2) Christian vs Tommy Dreamer (c) for the ECW Championship


Christian is the poster boy for the ECW brand and here he battled Dreamer who actually was given a slight push for nothing but his loyalty you`d imagine.
Sort of like when the company slapped the Heavyweight title on Benoit or Eddie in 2004.
Bell rings and the match is underway.
Tommy Dreamer was dominated early and in the hometown of the old school EC Dub, the chants broke out.
Christian hit a unique swinging neckbreaker. He avoided a spear and hit a baseball slide to Dreamer.
Chistian in control flies off the top catching the ground. Now Dreamer hit a big moonsault off the apron to Christian.
Back in the ring he re-gained control on Dreamer and he planted Christian backfirst making this a back and forth affair.
Dreamer caught Christian up high and dropkicked him upside down in the corner. Christian with a killswitch and a nearfall. Christian from up high went for a dropkick.
Dreamer slaps on a version of the Sharpshooter.
In the end Dreamer couldn’t get the job done as Christian hit the kill-switch on Tommy.
In the end Christian once again became the Champion at 8:28.

This match is nothing to write home about.

* 3/4


3) Kofi Kingston (c) vs Montel Vontavious Porter vs The Miz vs Carlito vs Jack Swagger vs Primo in a Six-Pack Challenge for the WWE United States Championship
A lot of good young talents in this one.
The match begins with action all over the place. Kofi Kingston does not have to be pinned to lose the title.
Nearfalls galore in the beginning.

Primo hit some impressive offense. Not only on Swagger but Miz and he dropped the champ.
Swagger hit a nice gutwrench suplex. MVP fought back and hit a belly to belly which was a tad sloppy.
On the outside MVP was thrown into the guardrail by Swagger.
In the ring Carlito climbed to the top and elevated himself onto MVP on the floor.
In the ring Kofi hit some high offense on Jack and got a two because Miz broke up the count.
Miz dominated until Primo climbed to the top with Kofi and the two hit a double vertical superplex.
Carlito pounced on an oppurtunity but this is no longer 2005 and his chance of becoming a star is now slim.

A nice exchange of nearfalls between Kofi, Primo and Carlito makes this sequence exciting. Swagger comes back in and hits a double clothesline basically displaying his power.

MVP hit Swagger and went ballin. 

MVP went for the playmaker but Miz dropped him, he is thrown out by Carlito who hits a backstabber on Primo.
Kofi then dropped Carlito to the mat.
In the end at 8:35 Kingston retained the title.
This was definitely a fun match, and for how over the place it was, it was still great.



4) Michelle McCool (c) vs Melina for the WWE Women’s Championship

Michelle McCool is pretty gifted.
So is Melina so this should be solid.
No one in the crowd cared as usual. McCool hit a great suplex and got a two. Melina used her leg-strength to get out of predicaments time and time again.

At the end of this back and forth contest it took a baseball slide and a roll-up for McCool to win.
SO in the end at 6:12 McCool retained her title.

This wasn’t bad at all, just very basic.


* 3/4





5) Randy Orton (c) vs Triple H and John Cena in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton said in a pre-match promo he wanted respect.
Still many figured Hunter or Cena would take the title.
After about fifteen minutes of entrance time, the bell finally rang.
As expected Orton took the coward’s way out to stand outside the ring, until Cena and Hunter met him of course.
Hunter sent Orton to the floor where Cena took care of business.
Cena planted Orton in the ring and both guys went to work on Randy until he was dazed enough to walk up the aisle, Cena stopped him.
Orton hits his first offensive move of the match bouncing off the ropes hitting Cena’s back with a shoulder block and he crashed into the Game. Orton dominated Cena while the fans chanted for Cena. That is rare to see so many Cena supporters.
Hunter was kept outside the ring as Orton hit him down on every attempt to get back in the ring.
Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle on Orton and then Cena went for his attitude adustment but Hunter threw Cena shoulder first into the post. Orton stalked HHH from behind and hit a clothesline.
Orton drops Hunter with a standing dropkick.
First weardown hold of the match is a reverse chinlock by Orton to Hunter. Shocking.
Trips fights back though but Orton hit a powerslam on the Game.
Hunter fought back hitting a ddt out of no where. Cena finally comes back in and off the top tried to hit both guys with a legdrop.
Cena took over.
Cena hit with a neckbreaker by Hunter. Hunter goes for the Pedigree but Orto backdrops him over the ropes to the floor.
Orton goes for a double-ddt through the middle ropes but Cena and HHH backdrop him over.
Cena and Hunter exchange the usual “Boo-Yeah” thing we’ve seen a million times. Cena controls with a shoulder block until running into a high knee and a facebuster.
Running off the ropes Cena drove HHH into the mat.
Cena went for the finisher but Hunter countered into a Pedigree attempt, Cena countered to an STFU attempt.

Hunter drops Cena looking for a 14th title but Orton dragged him out. Orton slammed Hunter into the announce table.
On the table Hunter hit a lowblow and Cena stopped a Pedigree on the table as Orton was thrown into the crowd.
An STF by Cena on the table and Orton comes back throwing Cen in the ring. Cena and Orton exchanged shots.
Orton went for an RKO but Cena moved him aside. Cena set up Ortonup high. Cena went to suplex Orton but HHH caught him.
Cena slingshot Hunter into Orton who fell.

Cena hits the STF on HHH. Cena knew full well he beat him before with this.
Orton then went for a kick, Cena avoided it but hit a clothesline and everyone dropped. Orton went to work on both men.
Randy hit a series of kneedrops until Hunter focused on his leg when he was vulmerable. Cena ran to the ropes Hunter made him fall.
HHH slaps a Sharpshooter on Orton.
Cena hits an STF and Orton taps.
Legacy comes out and beat on Cena.
Orton hit an RKO out of no where on Cena.
So in the end at 22:19 Orton retained his title just as he did at Mania 24 against these same opponents.

The finish took nothing away from the match. It seemed strange.
This match was better then the Mania 24 match which is saying something.
Match of the night.



*** 1/2




6) Mickie James vs Maryse (c) for the WWE Divas Championship



It was a questionable move to place two ladies matches in a single PPV event, but here we go none the less.
Mickie James tied up with Maryse and grounded her to begin things. Maryse pulled the haiand got some cheapshots in.
Your typical heel strategic wrestling from Maryse who is beyond sexy. She’d run away whn she could to try and avoid a determined James.
Maryse hit a snapmare and from the corner gave Mickie a major kick to the floor after a reverse elbow in the corner.
Maryse fought back wearing down James with a camel clutch.
Mickie fought out and on the outside jumped on Maryse. Nearfalls happened more frequently and again Maryse into a camel clutch.
The fans could care less.
Mickie fought back with a neckbreaker.
Mickie speared Maryse in the corner before hitting a legscissors.

Maryse battled back but hit a ddt out of no where.
In the end at 8:36 James became the new Diva’s Champion.
This match was far too long and pretty sloppy.





7) Rey Mysterio (c) vs Dolph Ziggler (with Maria) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

These two have solid chemistry together and it’s nice to see Ziggler who is a favourite of mine so high up on a PPV card.
Then again the Red Rooster and Bobby Heenan competed just before the Main Event of Mania 5…
Moving on…

Dolph Ziggler wanted the IC title in a big way but Rey was a great champion after a tremendous series with Chris Jericho in the year of 09.
Rey Mysterio ready once the bell rang.
Ross points out the contrast in styles.
Ziggler hits a nice standing dropkick and begins to wearddown sleeper.
Mysterio counters throwing Zigglerinto the corner, he returns the favor and Dolph starts the punishment on the canvas, Dolph kneed Rey in the back meanwhile in the hold.
Ziggler throws Rey to the corner but he counters with a headscissors into the corner. Ziggler hits a powerslam out of no where and went for a suplex, Rey leaped behind him and pushed him to the outside.
Rey took down Ziggler with a senton to the outside.
Back in the ring Ziggler went for a powerbomb hooking the arms but Rey countered into a headscissors. Rey went for the 619 and missed.
Dolph retained some momentum as he utilized the full nelson on him using a Full Nelson.
A series of pinning combinations occur. Rey with a high kick but Dolph kicks out.
Mysterio comes flying off the top rope but Ziggler dropkicks Rey in the sternum in mid-air.
Dolph missed Rey in the corner and Mysterio has Dolph up high but Ziggler hit a gutbuster off the top and still managed to kick out.
Rey hit a despertion Inziguri, a 619 and then a big splash.
In the end at 14:20 Mysterio retained the title.
This match was extremely average and a tad long.

They’d do much better at Summerslam 09.


** 1/2




8 ) Main Event- Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk had cut some of the better promo’s from Pro-wrestling as of late about real situation’s close to home for Jeff and even yours truly.

 What a shock. Punk great on the mic.
This was a solid feud though even though I don’t find Jeff that appealing.
Punk came in as the defending Champion.
Hardy had the support of the crowd.
The bell rings.
CM Punk begins with a nice series of chain-wrestling, I like that.
Hammerlocks into a waistlock, go-behind.
Another side headlock by Punk to Hardy wearing down the quicker, aerial Hardy which is of course logical
Punk hit a shoulder block and went for the go to sleep, Hardy countered it into a ddt attempt and Punk avoided it. Jeff hit a series of clotheslines, out of the corner Punk rolled him up.
Punk held another sleeper while the fans chanted for Hardy.
As Grisham stated on commentary, Punk then threw Hardy to the outside and took a suicide dive and hit the security wall instead of Hardy.
Then Jeff Hardy jumped off the top and hit the security wall himself.
Punk back in encouraged the official to count faster.
As soon as Jeff got back in, Punk disected Hardy’s back.
Punk torked it some more with a unique variation of a modified surfboard submision hold, Jeff rolled out and got a one count before Punk kicked him again.
Punk sticking to the back of Hardy in the corner and then from up top had Jeff in a Superplex position, and both men fall to the mat.
Jeff managed out of that predicament.
A slugfest breaks out and Jeff hits a series of clotheslines. Jeff in control now on Punk and Punk managed to somehow push him over into the corner.
Punk stalked Jeff from the opposite corner and delivered a high knee. Jeff got the better of Punk on the other side hitting his whisper in the wind before planting Punk face first down to the canvas.
Jeff missed the Swanton.
Punk hit a backbreaker after hooking the arms, then a reverse modified choke on Jeff. Good stuff.
Punk went for it all but Jeff out of no where hit a neckbreaker, threw off his shirt and went for the Swanton and Punk lifte the knee.
Punk immediately tried a pin but Jeff kicked out.
Punk fatigued on the outside apron waited for Jeff to get up and a springboard turned into a go to sleep, but somehow Jeff kicked out. Punk with two nearfalls had to resort to grabbinghis belt.

Punk tried to get himself counted out and Jeff stopped him in predictable fashion. Hardy beat on Punk and cornered him.
Jeff with a neckbreaker and a Swanton that connects andthis time he gets him.
In the end at 14:56 Hardy became the Champion once again. Again, I find it ridiculous that the title changes hands as often as it does.
Makes the title look like a prop, which of course it has essentially become unfortunately.
I hold this match in higher regard to the TLC match at Summerslam.
Better psychology here in this one, that`s for certain. I rank that higher then spots as a result.

*** 1/4






Final Rating for WWE Night of Champions 2009 = 6/10


This show was pretty mediocre. It has three matches I put at least at the *** mark. Nothing really terrible but this isn`t an event you need to own. Bits and pieces were solid, nothing more, nothing less. Average but sometimes those shows are okay to own depending on your taste.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The WWE championship match was a classic.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    Not a fan of Jeff Hardy’s style. Plus if you follow my ratings, I consider *** 1/4 a really GREAT match. *** 1/2 and *** 3/4 would be terrific, and extremely awesome. **** is a borderline Classic and **** 1/4 and beyond is Classic material. Basically I give a match three stars I consider it great.

  3. Steven says:

    This was the start of something great in JeriShow I thought great tag-team.

  4. Oops... says:

    You underrated that main event and overrated both the triple threat and that 6 pack multi-man monstrosity thing.