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January 30, 2012 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Mercy 2002 Review:








“You might of been able to take the life of Kate Vick, but you will never taker my World Title!”Triple H







-WWE No Mercy took place on Sunday, October the 20th, 2002 in front of 9,074 fans at the Alltel Arena in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


-This was the fourth annual No Mercy event.
-Michael Cole and Tazz did commentary for Smackdown!, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross for Raw.


-The event marked the first time they got rid of the IC title, they’d bring it back less then a year later.

-Many wrestling experts and historian’s claim two of the greatest matches of all time happened here at this event. I would agree.

-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, on Sunday Night Heat, The Hurricane defeated Steven Richards at 3:05.





-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Chris Jericho and Christian (c) vs Booker T and Goldust for the World Tag Team Chamionship

Well this event has a loaded event.

We start with a terrific tag match beteen two tremendous teams.

Both very entertaining to say the least, and very skilled in the ring so this should be a solid opener for No Mercy 2002!


Frequent tags to start and Goldust wants a quick pace as he tags in and now Y2J tags in fr the first time and takes it to Christian then a double-leg pick up to Jericho.

Goldust in the corner laying a right on Jericho a number of ties until Jericho then chokes them out.

Jericho with a series of right’s an then all of the sudden Goldy lands a clothesline. Christian then ran in illegally and knocked Booker off the apron.

Now Jericho and Christian are going to no doubt try and cut off the ring in their favor, this Canadian Connectionw ill try to isolate Goldust, but a powerslam is hit by Goldust so he already is looking for a hot tag.

Goldutt is ALMOST there and now Jericho clobbers the back but then Goldust finally tags in Booker. A scisssors kick to Chris Jericho then a flying forearm. Now a scissors kick to Christian who’s in illegally.

Booker went for a scissors kick to Chris Jericho could not connect but then hit a nice spinebuster, and then a sun-set flip out of the corner using his leg-strength rolling up Chris from the corner getting a nearfall.

Booker straddles the top rope and Jericho and Christian caught Booker with a reverse elbow, but Goldust got a blind tag. Christian is set up and the Golden Globes are on as shattered dreams are hit to Christian then a drop toe-hold into Christian’s gonads.

Chris Jericho grabs Goldust with the Walls after a curtain call is reversed then Booker hits a scissors kick. Booker T with a baseball slide to Chrstian on the outside and now a dropkck to Christian out of the ring.
All of the sudden the spot of the match occurs. Booker with a missile dropkick to the throat fof Jericho.
Tons of illegal work, Christian runs in wth a belt illegally after the Spinnerooni from Booker T. Now Jerich goes for a springboard and the middle rope broke they back-drop Booker out of the ring.

Jericho with a bulldog to Goldust on the title belt.

In the end at 8:46 the heels retained their titles when Jericho hit a Lionsault they call a moonsault to Goldust, Jericho pins him.

Great victory.

Good opener.


** 3/4


2) Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie


Al Wilson says he did not have Sexual Relations with that Woman to some live laughter before that match.

Okay so this is a stacked card but of course in Wrestling there’s at least one bad match on even the best card.

Here is that.

But the fans liked them for their looks and that’s got to count for something right? Right?
Dawn arie looking pretty in pink, Cole says the crowd is coming alive when they chant for puppies.

Ooookay. Dawn with some nice little sling-shot to the outside of the apron and a lariat clothesline, then she drives Torrie kidney-first to the rinng apron.

Dawn Marie taking it to Torrie in the actual wrestling part, a reverse chinlock.

Torrie usually wins the bikini contests and things to that nature.

The typical referee spot where they roll on him.

Dawn is not impressed. Torrie gets a boot up but Dawn is taking it to Torrie. Torrie with a snap suplex.

Actually a way better match then I’ve seen them do before say at Royal Rumble 2003.

Torrie now sling-shots Dawn to the corner and she kicks out.

A swinging neck-breaker and Wilson wins.
Terrible feud here of course.
In the end 4:40 Torrie defeated Dawn to get a bit of revenge.

Not bad at all.





* 1/4






3) Rob Van Dam vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in a Grudge Match



Rob Van Dam says he doesen’t style or profile.

RVD showing why he shouldn’t cut promo WWE style as he tries to immitate Flair.

God no.

It wasn’t as bad as Orton on Flair but it was still bad.

RVD got screwed the month before this in a Classic Unforgiven match for the World title gainst HHH but Flair nailed RVD with the Hammer.
So now we got Naitch and RVD.

Van Dam wanting to wrestle a quick pace wth Flair attacks him on the outside, sets him up on the barricade and poses with the crowd and gives him a split-legged leg-drop.

RVD with kicks and fists to Flar inside the ring untl the dirtiest player in thegme uses his heel tactcs untl The Nature Boy s reversed into an indian death-lock of sorts by RVD.

A sunset flip and a back-slide fail.

Flair goes for the figure four, RVD tries an inside cradle and got a two.

Flair goes to the top, RVD press slams him, hits the rolling thunder and then a high kick followed by a five star frog-splash and the win.
RVD wins and gets some revenge in this mtch in the end at 8 minutes winning with his finisher.





** 1/2








4) Jamie Noble (with Nidia) (c) vs Tajiri for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship



Tajiri comes out first.

Next the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble comes out and the Japanese Buzzsaw waists no time springborarding off the ropes with moonsault to Noble.

Jamie Noble then comes back inside the rng with offense to Tajiri.s

Noble slams Tajiri down to the the mat and stretches the arms backwards. Tajiri leaped onto Jamie Noble and he slammed the crucifix, quick action, high impact and both guys including all cruiserweight’s in this time exclusive to Smackown!
Noble stomping on Tajiri until he slams an armbar on him, then a hamerlock, focusing on the injured arm pushed that and his back into the buckle, looking for a back suplex, Tajiri with agility back-flipped landed on his feet, leaped up to the top and hit an amazing spot.

A tornado DDT by Tajiri to Jamie Noble off the top!


Jamie Noble gets hit with kcks after kicks Tajiri goes wild as do the fans.

Tarantula by Tajiri then a thrust kick.

Noble sent to the corne then a high kick by Tajiri and a nearfall.

Nidia kissses the official to break the pinning combo.

Jamie Noble with a gut-wrench suplex and should of had him but Tajiri kicked out, Jamie Noble with another victory roll, and Nidi behind the ref’s back gvies Jamie Noble additional leverage to win.

In the end Noble retains the title at 8:15.



** 3/4





5) Triple H (World Champion) vs Kane (IC Champion) In a title unification match for the World Title and IC title

Kane and Triple H have pretty much the worst storline going into this one.

One redeeming quality is Lawler and Ross talking about Katie Vick on commentary.

Kane and HHH begin this match with a boring brawl.

Their matches are never realy that great together.

Triple H with a headlock cuttin off the air supply to Kane and Triple H couldn’t find the elbow.

HHH hit with a side-walk slam.

Kane flies of the top onto the Game.

King talks about Katie Vick and Semin and Ross’s reaction is priceless, makes the match worth watching alone.

Flair comes out and Kane’s lariat is clotheslined back.

HHH hits Kane in the hed with a title and stil a two.

Hurricane runs out and tries evening up the odds. Kane with a Clothesline after a power slam to HHH.

Kane with a flying clothesline to HHH then went for a chokeslam, he gave a big boot to the official by an accident.

Kane was going to hit HHH with the Hammer but HHH hit the Hamer to his chest dropping him.

Kane wth the chokeslam and Flair knocks out the official.

HHH hits the Pedigree and wakes up the official.

In the end HHH won the match at 16:13 when Hunter got a lot of help in an over-booked match.










6) Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs Rey Mysterio and Edge in the Finals of a Tournament to crown Smackdown’s WWE Tag Team Champion’s



Get ready for one of the best matches ever.

Benoit gets a good pop.

Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle to start it off and Angle with an arm-drag, a go-behind waist-lock and then begins riding Rey on the mat slapping at his back.

Angle with a belly to belly throw to Rey Mysterio saying this is to easy and calling for Edge.

Angle remembering he’s bald because of Edge.

Rey Mysterio is not going to back down against Angle they tie-up again and Angle goes for a waist-lock but he kicks behind him. Rey Mysterio with three dropkicks, then a boot to the face to Angle, a hurricanrana then a drp toe-hold, and Rey slapped at Angle giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Angle is hot now.

Edge is tagged in, Angle is still furious with Rey.

Angle with a side headlock after a hammerlock from Edge, Angle with a shoulder block, then a hiplock into an armdrag from Edge, Edge hits a dropkick on Angle.
Angle does the typical thing and tags in the workrate machine in Benoit.

Benoit with a arm-drag, Edge gets a top wrist-lock on Benoit. Edge measuring Benoit in the corne but he lets go a couple of right’s and lefts.

Benoit with a standing side head-lock to Edge then off the ropes runs into a high knee from Edge as Benoit sells the ribs and then Edge hits a gut-wrench following up on the abdomen. Smart wrestling from Edge.

Edge continues to work over the kidneys, ribs-region on the Canadian Crippler and then hit a back-breaker to Chris Benoit.

Edge continues the great psychology he has employed spearing him in the corner, the two engage in a chop-fest and then Edge with an Oklahoma roll in the corner, nothing comes of that.

Edge maintaining pressure on Benoit until Chris then kicks at Edge low and he drops out of desperation. Benoit with an irish-whip to Edge, Benoit ducks a clothesline and Edge spears Angle off the apron. Edge runs to the ropes, Angle with a lariat-pull down onto the ropes and Benoit tries to pin Edge as he’s clotheslined back.

Benoit tags in Angle

Angle now stompning away on Edge as two of the best wrestlers ever in Angle and Benoit begin to isolate Edge by cutting off half of the ring in their favor.

Edge off the ropes runs into a high knee from Angle and now Angle with a body-scissors to Edge ith a reverse chinlock laying on the mat. A rear choke as he’s methodically taking down Edge.

The crowd wills on Edge to try and get out of the hold to make the hot tag to his partnery the fast Rey Mysterio.

Edge finally battles out of the body-scissors and then runs into a boot, or charged into one in the corner turnbuckle, Angle hit a suplex. Angle pointed at Rey.

Angle tags back in Benoit and he chops Edge to hell in the corner and kicks at his sternum. Benoit then with a hard irish-whip to Edge, sternum-first. Edge falls back and is in bad shape while Rey Mysterio needs the hot-tag fast.

Beautiful isolation by Benoit and Angle thus far.

What a match, such a great story it’s telling and at such a brilliant pace with crisp moves, everything has been perfect.

Benoit with a waist-lock and performs a hattrick of German Suplexes. Benoit with a cheap-shot to Rey Mysterio off the apron and now Benoit signals for the diving hedbutt but he took to much time and Edge met Benoit at the top and hit a Superplex.

Taking the wind out of both guys.

This bought him a rest period, both men layed out. First guy to make a tag will gain the momentum obviously. Rey Mysterio needs in.

Rey knocks Angle of the apron then a hurricanrana to Benoit, then a drop-toe hold into Benoit as he lands face-first in the coner. Rey then kicks Angle out of the ring. Rey drops the leg on Benoit from a springboard off the top rope, awesome innovation.

Team-work by Angle and Benoit as Angle interupts the count. Benoit stopped Rey half way through and then slams Rey Mysterio face-first into the canvas. Benoit with the crossface on Rey Mysterio so suddenly. Edge comes in breaks it up, Angle rolls Edge to the floor they battle it out. Rey Mysterio with a dropkick to Benoit going for the 619 and Benoit picks him up!

Edge comes off the top to counter with a missile dropkick into Benoit, Rey Mysterio covers and a two. Angle then applies offense to Rey Mysterio and Benoit covers and Rey kicks out. Benot can’t beleve it.

Benoit then sends Rey into the corner hard and both guys attack the kidney-area of Rey Mysterio in the corner, he’s giving up a lot of size as Tazz said. Angle with a back-breaker to Rey Mysterio and then he continues to take apart the smallaer man.

Angle then with a headlock to Rey Mysterio. A front facelock looking to wear him down. Mysterio out of no where counters but Angle gives him a belly to belly suplex as he ran right into one of those.

Angle slams Rey Mysterio’s head into the buckle in comes the workrate machine in Benoit with a back-body drop and again Rey Mysterio kicks out. Benot then with Rey hits a side suplex which further exploits the bad back of Rey Mysterio and he kicks out, Tazz says it’s just a matter of time since Rey’s in a bad way.

Benoit chops the hell out of Rey Mysterio in the corner and now a hard irish-whip and he hits spine-first, out of despertion he toggled Benoit with his weight and sprung him into the ring-post hitting shoulder first.

Edge gets a hot-tag and Angle runs in illegally and takes him out with a back-drop. Edge with a face-plant to Benoit, an Impaler to Angle and a tw.

Rey sends or launches Edge into Benoit in the corner. Rey Mysterio with a bronco buster to Benoit. Edge then spears Angle in the other corner.

Amazing action everywhere, nothing but carnage and Mayhem.

Edge sets up Rey to run and leap off him to hurricanrna Angle off of one side and then they double team the Wolvering, Rey Mysterio drokicks Benoit out of the ring.


Angle then with a desperation waist-lock into a German Suplex stalking Edge slowly as he is hurt. Rey Mysterio then dropkicked Edge. Edge went for a spear on Angle but Rey Mysterio took Angle out of the ring.

Benoit locked on the Crippler Crossface from behind. Edge grabbed the ropes, Benoit wouldn’t let go, Rey Mysterio then hits the 619 to Benoit.

Angle Slam to Mysterio, Angle takes off his shoulder straps and an Ankle Lock to Edge, Edge reverses it by kicking Angle to the ropes, a roll-up and still no!

I can’t believe it.

Surely I thought that was the finish, off the Ankle Lock and then a roll-up by Edge with an inside cradle but he kicks out. Edge then spears Angle after ducking a clothesline, Benoit saves the match.

Rey Mysterio base-ball slides Benoit out of the ring. Edge then catapolteed Rey out of the ring onto Benoit.

Edge went for the Edge-a-cution then Angle reversed it into the Ankle Lock.

Edge counters into an Ankle Lock of his own and Angle then reverses it again and Angle makes Edge tap out!


Breath-taking. All of those words aren’t even enough to describe this masterpiece.

Nothing but top-notch conditioning, flawless, psychology, pacing, wrestling, and booking with unbelievable chemistry.
In the end at 22:03 Angle and Benoit wins the straps.

Both teams deserve a standing ovation.
Arguably the greatest tag team match of all time, in my mind it is.

I rank this match the 9th greatest in wrestling history on my best matches ever list.


Five Stars.








7) Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria for the WWE Women’s Championship



Trish Stratus comes in the defending Champion in  time when the crowd actually cared for the Diva’s divsion.

Sure they chanted for puppies, but from 02-04 the division was more legit then ever before in the WWE.
Victoria takes it to Trish most of the match here.

To say there was a little bit of a change of pace here from the last match would be kind of…an under-statement.

Still the ladies could work.

Trish sent to to the corner and a sloppy Monkey Flip sends Trish to the other side.

Trish then knocked off the top and her favourite modified hurricanrna sends Victoria down. Both these ladies would have a pretty big feud aroun this time.

Trish covered Victoria and this is a spot where a lot of people had the position to bridge out but neither lady could, still a kick-out though.

Victoria slams Trish to the canvas.

Trish with a chick kick. A roll-up out of the corner nd she retains the title.
In the end at 5:31


This match is decent.



* 1/2




8 ) Main Event- Brock Lesnar (c) (With Paul Heyman) vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship


The big story going into this feud was Taker’s broken arm.
Could The Old Deadman stand a chance against the Beast they call Brock inside Taker’s play-ground the Hell in a Cell?

It’s for the WWE title.

It’s the main event.

You just knew it’d be epic.
This is my favourite hell in the cell match of all time. I also think it as the very BEST one ever.

Only the original can compare in my view.

Foley and Hunter at No Way Out 2000 is close, and of course Foley-Taker at KOTR for the demolition of ONE MAN are only in the conversation with this Masterpiece for obvious reasons.

The Undertaker has a broken arm and that’s the deal here.

Lesnar broke it going into this match gaining him a huge advantage.

Target the arm of Taker inside the structure where he’s most dominant and you should get by okay.

Both men had a tremendous rivalry and it just gets going, as Taker just may use the cast as a weapon if forced.

Lesnar with a waist-lock take-down. Lesnar with an amateur background and shows his ultimate strength right away power slamming Undertaker down.

Shoulders being driven into the gut of The Undertaker and then nobody home as Undertaker used the cast into the abdomen of Heyman. A bandage on the head of Lesnar from being busted open by Taker on SD! the week of this event.

Taker used it as a weapon and everything is Legal in a cage match. Heyman screaming on the outside. The Undertaker stalking Lesnar on the outside. Lesnar kicks back at Undertakeer who cane back in the ring. Lesnar with boots to The Undertaker in the corner. Lesnar torking the wrist of The Undertaker and his broken arm but the fans rise up and then Lesnar focuses in on the injured body part of Undertaker.

With every shot by Taker with his cast it’ll hurt him but at the same time destructs his opponent.

Undertaker would need a few months off after this war and after this is all said and done it’s pretty obvious why.

Lesnar’s agent Heyman’s screaming outside the Cell is borderline annoying but that’s what heels in this situtation is supposed to be. The Undertaker with a shot to Lesnar raking his bloodied head against the Cell wall, a relentless assault. The Champion having to taste his own blood.

Lesnar driven into the steel.

Undertaker’s 5th Cell match. Lesnar’s first but he is the defending WWE Champion here. And the defending WWE Champion is sent hard into the Cell wall, Heyman begs please, but Lesnar is sent into the Cage again and The Undertaker clotheslines him to the floor.

Lesnar landing hard on the mat on the floor, a nearfall for Undertaker.

Now the Deadman, or American bad Ass here shows his viciousness as Tazz calls it on color commentary grates Lesnar’s face. Michaeal Cole calls the Steel like a Cheese Grater.

Usually in these types of matches you hear about how no one has man-handled the Undertaker like this, well Lesnar was such a phenom that they said no one has handled Lesnar like this.

A signature leg-drop to the throat of Lesnar who’s head on the apron hung off. Taker then went to the top rope drives his knee into the open wound on the floor but he kicks out.

Undertaker had his way with Lesnar and Heyman tried to reach in the Cell but The Undertaker booted Heyman from the inside which the crowd got a kick out of. Lesnar’s skull and forehead all bloodied got tossesd into the Cell. The Undertaker charges into Lesnar but out of no where got the strength to lift a running Undertaker got rammed into the Cell.

Now Brock being reselient rammed The Undertaker’s spine into the Ring-Post.

Heyman bloodied outside the cell on the ground.

Both Lesnar and Taker down on the floor. Lesnar kicks at Undertaker on the ground. Heyman calls The Undertaker an SOB from the outside of the ring.

This epic match takes place on the same night as another five star match in Edge and Rey against Angle and Benoit. No Mercy 2002 was a fabulous show, or a lot like Wrestlemania X with these two epic matches.

Heyman says The Undertaker will die now, Lesnar with a big time chair shot to the broken Hand of The Undertaker. A vicious assault on the broken cast of The Undertaker. Lesnar rips off the cast slowly and it’s all bloodied.

Relentless and Ruthless Agression. The Undertaker fighting back on the fround. Fighting to keep his cast on the arm. Those vicious chair shots to the arm though on The Undertaker sure took its toll.

Unbelievable Brutality.

Lesnar is grabbing it off and finally gets it off. The Undertaker going on nothing but adrenaline as Brock Lesnar having no arm-weakness his on the broken arm like an animal and had more youth on his side certainly helping him out in this match, Brock doesen’t stop hanging on to the top of the Cell and kicks at the head of The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar went for a Suerplex from the top but now it’s a bloodied Undertaker who pushed him off.

The Undertaker tired but showing a bit of agility by flying off the top rope landing an elbow and Lesnar got a shoulder up. Heyman screamed NOOO but The Undertaker didn’t get the three count. The Undertaker got up but held onto his broken arm. Knowing he had a Monster waiting for him on the other side hurt but he somehow knocked him off the apron. A bloodied Brock was down on the ground.

A bloodied Undertaker launched himself through the ropes into a Bloodied Lesnar and both men hit the steel as they lay beside one another on the mat on the floor. With one hand Undertaker using the brooken hand let go and dropped Lesnar with a clothesline and stomped on the hands of Lesnar.

Undertaker torks the arm and hits a chokeslam with the bad arm, people call this lack of selling, I call it adrenaline as he continues to SELL but the title meant that much. Hey, why not?

Both guys a bloody mess.

The Undertaker swith a Stinger Splash.

This time Lesnar with a big boot to The Undertaker. Lesnar tried for a Last Ride but The Undertaker with a backdrop.

The Undertaker off the ropes hits a tornado ddt! The Undertaker using all his weight but scored a two count. Lesnar spears The Undertaker in the corner and drops rights but The Undertaker hit the Last Ride.



Taker with the last ride to Lesnar!


A bloody Taker signals for the Last Ride, Lesnar struggled to his feet. Taker actually signalled for the Tombstone but Lesnar hits the F5 and gets him!

A war that was back and forth. Something I felt the original wasn’t.


In the end Brock Lesnar retained his WWE title over Taker in this CLASSIC Cell match at 27:18 after the brutal by now F-5!

Absolutely legendary.



The Best Match in Lesnar and Taker’s Professional career. That really says a lot. Especially a controversial statement I’m sure with many Taker marks who will say OMG what about HBK at Wrestlemania! well, not for me althugh those are classic.


This is no doubt in my top 20 matches of ALL TIME and what I obviously consider to be the best Hell in a Cell ever, and remember only the orignal comes close and I have it at the same exact rating.
A bloody good time.

What a way to close a fantastic show.






**** 3/4






Final Rating for WWE No Mercy 2002  = 8.5/10




A Five Star match plus a NEAR five star match in my top matches of all time on the same show gives it a 7.5 to 8 on itself, add in the others and at least another point. This event even could be a 9 but the HHH-Kane title fiasco deducts it by a point five. Amazing show, everyone should own it if you collect, and even if you don’t, find it for a reasonable price and you won’t regret it.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The tag team championship match was a classic and the hell in a cell match was a pure bloodbath for the undertaker as he was bleeding like a sieve.

  2. Jesse says:

    angle/benoit vs edge/rey is one of the best matches. my favorite spot in the match is when benoit caught rey in 619 and edge hit a missile dropkick. 10 years later (almost) i still remember that spot and tazz’s line: “there’s only one benoit!”

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Sure! I have a list of top 750 matches actually, but I’ll give you my top 20:

    1) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret “Hitman” Hart WM 13 Submission Match *****
    2) Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Owen Hart WrestleMania X *****
    3) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat Chi Town Rumble 89 *****
    4) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat Wrestlewar 89 *****
    5) “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat WrestleMania 3 *****
    6) Triple H vs Stone Cold Steve Austin 3 Stages of Hell No Way Out 2001 *****
    7) Mr. Perfect vs Bret “Hitman” Hart King of the Ring 1993 *****
    8 ) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret “Hitman” Hart Survivor Series 1996 *****
    9) Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels WrestleMania XX *****
    10) Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle vs Edge and Rey Mysterio No Mercy 2002 *****
    11) Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero 2 out of 3 Falls ECW Farewell 1995 *****
    12) “Macho King” Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior Career vs Career WrestleMania 7 *****
    13) Diesel vs Bret “Hitman” Hart Survivor Series 1995 *****
    14) The British Bulldog vs Bret “Hitman” Hart IYH Dec 95 *****
    15) Chris Jericho vs Triple H Fully Loaded 2000 LMS *****

    —–5***** Cut—–

    16) Cactus Jack vs Triple H Street Fight RR 00 **** 3/4
    17) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock WrestleMania X7 **** 3/4
    18) Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker HIAC No Mercy 2002 **** 3/4
    19) Shawn Michaels vs Triple H SummerSlam 2002 **** 3/4
    20) Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker HIAC Bad Blood 97 **** 3/4

  4. Anonymous says:

    is there a place we could find your top 20 (or however many) match list? would be excellent to read! many thanks.

  5. Brad Attitude says:

    its too bad the tag team match here that became match of the year will never see the light of day on dvd or blu-ray.

  6. William says:

    Been waiting for this review I was there live for the first and only ppv ever yo come here my seats sucked to and to bad I don’t remember alot because I was 7 but so happy to have seen this live great review
    btw I thought Kane HHH was at least a 3 yeah the story was awful but the match was good.

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