Review: WWE No Mercy 2003 DVD

February 3, 2012 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Mercy 2003 Review:





“Vince McMahon, what kind of man IS HE?”







-WWE No Mercy 2003 took place on Sunday, October the 19th, 2003 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland in front of 8,500 fans.


-This was the fifth annual No Mercy
-Michael Cole and Tazz did commentary for Smackdown!, as this was their second ever SD! brand PPV event after Vengeance 2003.


-No Mercy 2003 received about 254,000 PPV buys, more than the following year’s event. This event helped WWE increase its PPV revenue by $6.2 million from the previous year. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of seventh on Billboard’s DVD Sales Chart.


-Prior to the show airing live on pay per view, On Sunday Night Heat Billy Kidman defeated Shannon Moore at 5:12.




-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Tajiri (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Brian Hebner warned Tajiri first of all that he better not have any mist before the bout with Rey Mysterio began.

Tajiri more of a striker as he kicks at Rey where-as we know Rey Mysterio is the more aerial type of compeitor.

Mysterio hooks the leg of Tajiri with a spinning leg-lock, turning to his stomach and almost went for an STF but now slapped an armbar on Rey Mysterio. Fans applaud as Tajiri holds the front facelock.

Tajiri wth the point of the elbow to Mysterio but he turned the tide in the match and started taking it to Tajiri. Rey Mysterio grabbed ahold of of Tajiri and then back to the arm a Hammer Lock by Tajiri to Rey Mysterio right into the ring-post he’s sling-shotted.

These two are capable of good things on Smckdown!

It’s much of the same here. Tajiri with a vicious kick to Rey Mysterio and then back to an arm-ringer.

Rey then bought himself a second to capitalize on the situation but he got caught on the top of the buckle.

Fans chanting for 619, a springboard instead, what action. Tajri instead of going for a Boston crab launched Rey out of the ring he held onto the ropes for leverage and with one arm used his legs to hurricanrna Tajiri out of the ring.

Now from the apron Rey Mysterio backwards hits a hurricanrana on Tajiri!


Rey Mysterio throws Tajiri back in. Rey caught with a thrust kick by Tajri and now Rey Mysterio springboard back into the mddle of the ring and a powerbomb by Tajiri in mid-air!

I am like Tazz when I say how the hell did Rey Mysterio kck out  that move. Tajiri pushed into the corner and Mysterio landed with amazing agility on the top rope and then hit a moonsault to Tajir but only a two.

The counters are unbelievable.

What a contrast of styles, what chemistry.

Tajiri locked in the Tarantrula and then favored the left knee.
Tajiri went for a sunset flip and Rey Mysterio dropkicked Tajiri from a sitting position. Now Rey Mysterio hits a 619 to the head of Tajiri and the place is going insane.

EVeryone senses Mystero moments away and as he hit the West Coast Pop somebody tried to interfere, and he walked into a huge thrust kick by Tajiri.


In the end Tajiri retained the title at 11:40 when someone tried to enter the rng and distracted Rey Mysterio.

This match was what an opener should be!





2) A-Train vs Chris Benoit



Benoit pulled out a four star match against the Train on SD! lets see what he can do here?


A-Train said Benoit aint nothing and tried to get in the head of the Wolverine who already had a win over A-Train.

A-Train has some fake confidence comming in.

Benoit is rolled out by A-Train who irish-whips him out of the ring.

Shave your back chants.

A-Train targetting the sergically repaired neck right away and then A-Train like a monster cornered Benoit and ran a knee up hgh into the abdomen of Benoit.

Chris Benoit fired out of the corner with chops but off the ropes ran into a powerful shoulder block by the A-Train.

Benoit fights back trying to chop the A-Train back down to size as he resorts to mat wrestlng you would think if he had the big man off his vertical base.

However A-Train using his power slams the technical master to the canvas. Benoit with a drop toe-hld and then A-Train gubbing his forearm on Benoit’s face.

A-Train is focused and ready for this battle.

A-Train had a feud with Undertaker around this time and they tried to push him as a monster heel on the SD! brand around this time here feuding with another main eventer in Chris Benoit.

A-Train with clubbing forearms to the head of Benoit. A-Train asks what about it now? A-Train then has Benoit hung on the bottom rope and snaps Benoit’s neck backwards and he hit the midle rope.

That’s a lariat take-over.

A-Train slaps at Benoit telling him to fight back. Maybe becareful for what ya wish for.

A-Train sucks is chanted.

A-Train with a snap-shot vertical suplex. Benoit’s bleeding from the mouth bleeding internally. As Tazz said you’ve gotta hope A-Train makes a mistake.

But it’s go time.

Benoit the workrate machine then comes backw with chops and blows.

A-Train all of the sudden slows it down and Benoit continuing to bleed from the mouth out makes A-Train looks vicious.

A-Train stretches the arms backwards on Benoit and puts the point of his knee into the spine of the back on Benoit.

Benoit so smoothly ducked a heavy blow from the A-Train and then a well placed ddt to A-Train to buy himself some time.

How much does Benoit have left?
Standing switch and then A-Train with standing switch on a waist-lock and german suplexed Benoit giving him a taste of his own medicine.

The reason guys like Benoit can get good matches out of anybody is because they make others look good.

By selling, bumping, telling a story.

Chris Benoit can do it like no other, only Bret Hart comes close in my honest opinion. All of the sudden Benoit is down in the ring and A-Train drops Benot head-first and it might of been a botch.

A-Train set the chair in the corner and then dodged a knee on knee with a inside cradle into crossace on the beast.

Benoit then leaped over the A-Train and released a German to A-Train this comes right after Benoit fell on his head.

Benoit hit a hattrick of german suplexes.
Now Benoit signals for the divng headbutt but A-Train takes him down. A-Train then with a clothesline of his own.

A-Train mocks Benoit and does the throat taunt. A-Train all of the sudden comes back in and bombs Benoit.

A-Train went for Benoit’s head with a boot but crashed into the chair.

Benoit now with the Sharpshooter! This match exploits nothing but top-notch in-ring psychology.

A-Train’s match of his life.
In the end at 12:24 Benoit went over A-Train and we start the show with two four star matches!

The same week Stu Hart passes away Chris uses the bad leg of A-Train to fight back and make him tap to the sharpshooter as a way of paying tribute.

Now that’s beautiful story-telling.










3) Matt Hardy vs Zach Gowen




At Summerslam Matt Hardy before the event declared himself the winner and made the official raise his own hand even though Gowen was not cleared to wrestle.

Gowen tried to kick Matt and landed some with his leg, Matt then slammed him.

Some laughs in the cowd.


Gowen comes off the top with a bulldog. Shannon Moore then called a little MFer by Cole which is hilarious take Gowen by his leg and makes sure he misses Mattitude.

Matt Hardy then stomps on him and chops him in the corner.

Matt Hardy chokes out Gowen.
Matt then bounced Gowen off the top turnbuckle *Snake Eyes* and then Matt choked out Gowen on the mat.

Matt then stretched Gowen’s arms back and gets up on hs leg and elbows Matt.

Still impressed as hell with what Gowen is capable of.

Matt then clobbers his back and hits a body slam. Gowen out of no where hits a dropkick.


In the end at 5:33 Gowen got the upset over Mattitude after a moonsault out of no where.
Gowen’s first win.

This match was worked about as good as it could of been. Gowen got Matt down and then hit as good of a moonsault as a one legged man could.




* 1/4





4) The Basham Brothers (Doug and Danny Basham) vs the Acolytes Protection Agency (Faarooq and Bradshaw)

Here we go.

This is probably the piss break match of the PPV thus far but here we go none the less.

The bell rings and the bout is on.

Bradshaw begins in the ring. Bradshaw’s last few months he played an APA member before transforming into John Bradshaw Layfield.
Doug Basham and Bradshaw begin and a shoulder block by Bradshaw who kicks at Doug.

A tag to Farooq and he clobbers the mid-section and the back.

Farooq and Bradshaw both former Pro Football players, Farooq was a Quarterback for Florida State, Bradshaw was an Oakland Raider.

A tag into Danny and a double-spine buster to Danny Basham. Doug came in and Bradshaw knoced him off the apron.

Frequent tags and isolaton by the APA and a double irish-whip and a double shoulder-block. All of the sudden Danny barely made it but tagged in Doug Basham who started taking it to Farooq.

Hilarious moment when Cole starts talking about Basham’s sick sexual fantasies and Tazz says What the hell Cole, why are you talkng about that when we’re both guys and we’re watching guys.

Never loved Tazz but he has a big point there.

Gotta question Cole sometimes.
A double-back suplex by the Basham’s and they’re co-existing alright as a team and now Farooq is backed up into the corner and the Bashams are working as a team but Bradshaw has had enough.

A double suplex to Farooq again but still only a two for Danny Basham. Danny Basham then elbowed Bradshaw off the apron.

Bradshaw wants the hot tag and he pushes the steps over in frustration.

Danny Basham isolating Farooq, the crowd chant the APA. Doug Basham in and a snapmare into a reverse chinlock to wear-down Farooq.

Bradshaw continuing trying to get the crowd louder for the APA.

Farooq tries to get out, elbow drop a nearfall and then back into the rear-chinlock by Danny Basham this time and Bradshaw can hardly stand it as he can’t make the hot tag.

This was a way of making the Basham’s look good I suppose but the fans seemed bored.

Basham’s weren’t really giving them a reason not to be. Danny Basham body-slammed Farooq. He’s taunting Farooqq but runs into a Spinebuster but Farooq dropped to the mat as well.

Doug Basham comes in but so does Bradshaw with the hot tag and a full tank of gas. A huge chop in the corner.

Bradshaw with a huge powerbomb but Doug kicked out. Danny Basham with a thumb to the eye of Bradshaw.

Last call by Bradshaw off the top rope but then the ref accidentally kicked out. Bradshaw with a clothesline from hell.

All of the sudden Shaniqua with some sort of club hit Bradshaw and Danny Basham got the pinfall.
In the end at 8:55 The Basham’s got the win over the APA when Shaniqua returns with No Mercy for Bradshaw says Cole.


This match was better then I figured it’d be outside the mid-match two minute reverse chinlock on Farooq. Told a good story otherwise.





** 1/2






5) Vince McMahon (with Sable) vs Stephanie McMahon (with Linda McMahon) in an “I Quit” match in which Stephanie could also win by pinfall and the loser was forced to resign their job.



Ugh, this is the WWE now?

That’s what I said in 2003 when this was booked anyway.
This match took place the same week when HHH and Stephanie got married in “REAL LIFE”.


Mother and Daughter come to the ring.
Do the McMahon’s still think they’re relevant on WWE tv but Okay, at least they went this route then Vince’s original idea of Vince and Stephanie Incest. No, I’m sadly not making that up.

Damn Sable still looks good.

Cole calling Sable a bitch is absolutely hilarious.

Now Vinnie Mac comes out.
Out comes Daddy to take on the Daughter.

Cole says Vince is pretty much the anti-christ. Well Randy Savage still isn’t in the Hall of Fame but that bird jobber is so I agree.

Linda says please no and this is an I Quit match.

Vince clobbers down Vince.

Stephanie McMahon jumps on Vince and chokes him out. Vince then kicks away at Steph and points at Linda as if its her fault, Linda keeps asking him to stop.

This is PPV quality everybody.

Stephanie McMahon being choked out in the corner then speared.

How did we go from such great wrestling to this.

The WWE is so in-consistent with everything, always has been so I shouldn’t be surprised.

McMahon brutalizing Stephanie McMahon in front of Sable. Sable slaps Steph. Linda chases after Sable. Vince stands in front of Sable. Vince has the leg of Steph then clotheslines her to the mat.


Child abuse.


Steroids, The XFL.
How can Vince keep going on without getting arrested?


Vince with a painful submission hold.

Vince applies a half-crab to Stephanie.

Stephanie McMahon then rakes the eyes of Vince when she gets to the ropes.

Sable gives Vince  prop.

Linda attacks Sable.
Vince grabs Linda by the hair, she slaps him.

Vince with the pipe hits Vince with a low-blow and a roll-up and just a two.

Steph wth the pipe turns around and vince says goes for a double axe-handle but she keeps hitting Vince with the pie in the ribs.

She hit him off the top ropes and Vince’s foot was on the bottom rope.

Stephanie McMahon kept getting near-falls.

She picks up the pipe again and Vince begs No and took something from Andre and Big Show and grabs her by the throat shoving her down.

Vince has the pipe and then hits her in the abdomen.
Fans chanting @$$hole, well…no kidding…


The pipe was becoming Vince’s favourite weapon (or his main prop) in his matches. Sledgehammer is to HHH, Beer is to Austin, Low-Riders are to Eddie, Robes are to Flair, Bandanna’s are to Hulk and Macho, what the Pipe is to Vince.


Vince chokes out his daughter with a pipe.
Mr. McMahon then wins when Linda throws in the towel as Stephanie McMahon was giving out.

She pulls a Helen Hart from Survivor Series 94 with that crafty Owen Hart for any of you long-time fans, you’ll remember.
In the end Vince beat his daughter at 9:24 and Stephanie McMahon is gooooone home to make babies with Hunter.


Don’t want to slap anything on this really.






No Rating






6) Kurt Angle vs John Cena



Angle and Cena put on a four star match at Unforgiven 05, lets see what they were capable of doing nearly to years before, Cena was learning the ropes and up against one of the very best in Angle anything is possible.
Cena as a heel in this match had a lot of the crowd going for him.

One of the main reasons he turned face pretty much right after this match.
This was the last night Cena was ever a heel to my knowledge as I write this over eight years later after this match took place.

Angle corners Cena and they break-up then a fireman’s take-over and an arm-drag, Cena breaks off with Angle and takes a breather while Angle clearly has Cena where he wants him.

Angle bent down is all business in the driver’s seat. Angle with a side head-lock and then Cena runs in with a shoulder block, then two arm-drags Steamboat like and angle in control.

An arm-ringer by Angle into an armbar.

Cena tries a cheap-shot and Angle flips him the bird.

Cena shoves Angle.

Hey it’s PPV and not PG!
Angle and Cena making this personal now. Angle vicious with the thug apper and delivering him lefts and right’s.
Angle all to work on John Cena as he can’t buy a break for even a moment until he finally dodges a charging Kurt in the corner and Angle drves shoulder-first into the ring-post.

Cena should go to work on the shoulder to exploit it if he’s got any ring-sense.

Cena in control for the first time stomps on urt sends him to the buckle crashing spine-first then applies a neck-breaker and you can see him calling that move. Cena takes Angle down.

Angle’s bleeding internally from the mouth and now Cena with a unique submission hold down from his knees holding Kurt Angle’s arms behind him by the wrists.

Angle looks like he’s been in a war.

Angle gets out of that submission hold and now Cena is still in control hitting a pump-handle slam, or a gut-wrench, take your pick. Cena gets a nearfall and that gets him angry so he wears the Olympic Hero down with front facelock in mid-ring.

Cena off the ropes with  Spinebuster slam to Angle and a two, it’s still early in the match yet John looks at the crowd as if to say what do I have to do to beat him?

Cena goes to the top clearly looking for a version of the fame-asser, the leg-drop from the top onto Angle who is bent down, but Angle with one of his trademark counter surprises, comes rushing off the mat with great agility jumping on top of the turnbuckle to meet Cena and he originally he’d deliver a belly to belly but he didn’t get quite up there as Cena had him spotted so Cena jumped and Angle hit a mid-air counter, drop kick.

Angle now slaps on an Ankle Lock! Bleeding from the mouth and all! Cena grabs the ropes.

The official has to break it up but that doesen’t stop Angle from hitting a baseball slide into Cena on the outside, although while out Cena clotheslines Angle on the top-rope, lariat-first, Randy Savage like.

Angle then is kicked in the mid-section on the aprron and hit with the ddt as he crashed head-first into the apron.

Cena exploiting the surgically repaired neck of Angle.

And now with Angle in the middle of the ropes Cena seems to be domnating the bout.
How are there so many great matches in this one card? What a night! This No Mercy event is rather underrated after-all.

This PPV seemed to come out of no where with all the great matches, every match looked better then on the card.

Including this one.
Cena with a headlock and then stomps on Angle in the corner and now John Cena lifted up Angle and and tossed him into the corner. The surgically repaired neck snappin in the top buckle throw.

Cena gets a two and says that’s it baby.

Cena goes for the FU on ngle and he kicks out. Cena is frustrated and Angle is down. Cena looks down on ANglle and then hits a Samoan Drop, Angle gets a near pinfall ater an Angle Slam.
Both Cena and Angle leave everything they have off the ice. Now Cena grabs a chain in his right and goes towards Angle.

Cena hits it off the skulll of Angle. Only a two count as he still can’t believe it.

A standing switch and a back-slide by Angle, then Cena counters it into an FU whch is then countered into a victory roll, then An Ankle Lock by Cena.

Cena is forced to tap.


In the end at 18:16 Angle beats Cena with the Ankle Lock!








7) Eddie Guerrero (c) vs The Big Show for the WWE United States Championship




Eddie Guerrero defending his title against Big Show here.

Certainly his biggest challenge in a US title defense.

Eddie Guerrero was smart right away dropkicked Big Show down-low attacking his veritcal base much like anyone would with a brain facing Paul Wight.

Show though hits back with headbutts to Eddie and then chops him in the corner.

Big Show clobbers Eddie Guerrero’s back with clubbing blows. Now size 22 boot across the spine and then he chops the back of Edde hard.

Eddie Guerrero tries to climb out of dangers way.

This all didn’t help the fact that Eddie had his back taped up.

Eddie Guerrero hung on onto the side ropes while Show went for him and then went for Randy Savage like flying lariat hang-over as Show is swung forwards though over the ropes.

Eddie grabbed a trash-can lid and smacked it against the head of The Big Show. Eddie then slammed Big Show’s head into the top turnbuckle.

On the outside the Giant that is the Big Show tossed Eddie Guerrero spine-first nto the post.

Then from the floor tossed him simply over the top rope and Eddie landed on his injured back straight to the canvas. Big Show drives 500 pounds of his knee into Eddie.
Big Show with a surfboard stretch to Eddie, sort of implementing one of Eddie’s favourite submission holds with a knee to the spine wearing him down vertically on the mat stretching the arms back.





Big Show continues the pressure working the back over of Eddie.

Show having his way with the reigning US Champ in Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie elbows out but Big Show drops him down. Big show exposes the turnbuckle and sends Eddie Guerrero flying spine-first into the corner.

Big Show taunted Eddie on.

Now Show sets him up top but Eddie Guerrero then slmmed Show head-first into the exposed buckle and Eddie splashed him from up top.

Show went to drop a leg on Eddie but he moved and hit the official.

Eddie striked Big Show straight away but Show tossed him to the corner. Show missed him in the corner.

Now Eddie grabbed brass knucks and smacked Show in the face. Eddie Guerrero covered Show hooks the leg but Big Show still kicked out.

Eddie then slapped his chest and signalled for the Frog Splash.

The US Champion hooks the leg of the Big Show and now kicks out of the Frog Splash.

Eddie looks lost and Show with a partial Spinebuster and Show didn’t get all of it but Eddie Guerrero kicked out.

Eddie Guerrero then fnds himself in trouble as Show chokeslams him and Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope.
Eddie Guerrero kicks low out of the chokeslam predicament and hits a ddt.
Both men down.

Eddie hooks the leg of Show and stll only a two but then walks into another Chokeslam.

In the end at 11:27 Show beat Guerrero to become the NEW US Champion after he hit a second Chokeslam.

This match told a tremendous story. Good match for No Mercy here.
Just all around aweome. Very impressive win from the Big Show.

This is the fourth 4 star match of the PPV. Amazing.










8 ) Main Event- Brock Lesnar (c) vs The Undertaker in a Biker Chain match for the WWE Championship


After that great US title bout we’re set for the Main Event.
You can climb the pole in the corner of the ring to grab the Biker Chain and use it on your opponent in this WWE Heavyweight title match-up between two big men.
The Undertaker the challenger here for the title.


Taker meets Brock for the third straight year around this time.

Brock Lesnar is ready, un-defeated thus far in the series by pinfall.
The Undertaker and Lesnar begin with a ton of striking blows against one another. The Undertaker’s arm is now better compared to how it was the year before when Brock exploited it in the Hell in a Cell match.

Fast offense in this one betwween tow powerful wrestlers, bot don’t make any mistake, they work fast.

The Undertaker with a boot to the head then a leg-drop. All of the sudden The Undertaker an old-scool blow wth clubbing velocity to the spine.

The Undertaker with sme right’s and lefts to the hed of Lenar. Brock is set up on the side of the apron and the poinr of that troat by Brock s haniging out.

An elbow shot to the throat to Lesnar.

Brock coming back in the ring and delivers shots to the old Deamdna and Brock hit a suplex to The Undertaker and kicked at him in the corner.
The Undertaker is driven off the apron, off the offside of the barricade. The Undertaker irish-whipped off the ropes and comes off with flying signature clothesline.

Cole reminds us they don’t need the chain to win.

It’s just there as an accessory. The Undertaker then with a stun gun to Lesnar clotheslining him back. The Undertaker looks up at the Biker chain as the crowd roar.

Taker climbs all of the sudden he gets flashback’s to his old deadman days and then Lesnar grabs ahold of The Undertaker.

Who is flickering with the lights?
Maybe we will actually find out un-llke who raised the briefcase at KOTR 99, and many more things like that.

Lesnar with a nearfall after slamming The Undertaker down.
Lesnar throws the top half of the steel-steps into the ring and The Undertaker with a well-placed headbutt to Brock, Tazz says that brawlng like style the Deadman is used too, I wouldn’t put it past either to bring up any innovative offense.

Off the ropes The Undertaker is charging and Brock scores with a drop toe-hold into the steps.

Lesnar now gets away with more chops. Undertaker taking Brock over the top to the outside and now sets him up in the corner of the ring on the steps.

A spot of the match moment.

Taker piledrives the huge man-beast Lesnar on the steps!



The Undertaker got a bit of that too, but Brock’s neck is exploited, fans chant “Holy Shi*t” and of course Cole and Tazz agree as we do.

The Undertaker eyes up that Chain now, Lesnar some-how, super human got up there and made Taker standing up on the buckle create a triangle choke, untl the Deadman walked the canvas.

lesnar with a low-blow.
Lesnar out of desperation and then he grabbed the steps and rammed them into the skull of the Deadman and just a two.

I gave their match at Unforgiven 02 ** 1/4, their Cell match at No Mercy **** 3/4 in my top 20 matches, best cell ever.
This one is excellent as well.
Lesnar methodically takes down Taker and stomps on him in the corner.

The Undertaker then took Lesnar up hgh for a Last Ride and then instead of driving him to the mat, Lesnar then landed on his eet with tremendous agility.

Lesnar and Taker doube clothesline one another and buy each other a break.

These two huge athlete’s kept up a Main Event at such an epic pace. Undertaker and Brock still with a ton of tork, velocity with those strong right’s, Lesnar clotheslined in the corner.

Brock walks into Taker who hits Snake Eyes then a boot to the face.

The Undertaker signals for the end. The Undertaker goes for a chokeslam and Brock in the air lands on his feet with nice agility and off the ropes counters The Deadman with  spinebuster. A nearfall and then The Deadman got Lesnar in a triangle choke.

Lesnar’s arm is extended if its torked the other way.

Brock is a beast.

In the triangle choke he lifted The Undertaker with his lower body alone.


Both men getting up slow. How much do ether men have left in them? Brock runs down the Challenger The Undertaker. Lesnar measuring Taker going for a powerslam and now The Undertaker counters into the Dragon sleeper, a crossface right across the forearm sort of a rear-choke, both these men implementing some mma.

An F-5 out of this situation by Brock but The Undertaker got his boot on the bottom rope. The veteran had a distinct leverage advantaege that helped him in that position.

Undertaker hits Lesnar with a chokeslam.

The F.B.I takes out Taker but there’s no DQ and Taker takes care of business on his own like he did in the casket match at RR 94 with the late Yokozuna.

The Undertaker with a shot to the md-secion on Lesnar nd he hits it.

The Undertaker flies out of the ring though and takes a suicide dive on all the opposition that tried t take him out.

Un-real by the Deadman but that brought and bought Brock time.

Nunzio climbed the Biker chain and he catches a right from The Undertaker and he fell, The Undertaker grabbed the Chain.

Brock down, The Undertaker with the Chain.

All of the sudden Vince McMahon came out of no where and pushed The Undertaker off the top and he straddled the top.

Brock grabbed the chain around his fist.

Ya know, I haven’t attended many wrestling events but I was there that August in 03 on Smackdown! where Brock turned heel in the Cage with Vince by turning on Angle to form Brock and Vince’s little alliance in 03.




In the end at 24:14 Brock won the match and retained the title after he got some help from McMahon.


Un-real for men that size to keep up that pace.

This match capped off a great show in a great way.



*** 1/2




Final Rating for WWE No Mercy 2003  = 8.5/10


This show actually had a very solid card outside of a couple matches! Hell, even the tag match was done pretty well with the Bashams and the APA. Gowen and Zach was the weak link but impressive for a shrt match. A-Train thanks Benoit for a classic, an amazing opener, Cena and Angle along-side Eddie-Big Show match (One of Big Show’s best ever) gives this card four, FOUR, FOUR, yes, FOUR, Four star matches. Then the Main Event took place. Brock and Taker to top it all off. It was an excellent Main Event. One verdict here, Get this show. It’s at least a cear 9/10 if not for that Father vs Daughter crap which I must admiit they actually booked pretty well or as well as they could have.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This was a solid PPV. There were a lot of solid matches and the PPV overall was strong. A definite must own event.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great review, almost as good as the event. Great work Brett Mix.

  3. dacax says:

    Do we need a play-by-play commentary of each and every match or just a review of each one. No need for me to watch the pay-per-view now!

  4. Dustoori says:

    proof read?

  5. Jackson says:

    Great review as always. When’s the next one coming?

  6. Harry Farrow says:

    I miss brand exclusive ppvs. They should expand both rosters and revert back to this formula. PPV B-Show business cannot get any lower than kit is. Let’s rebuild both brands. Seeing wrestlers on 2 shows per week is starting to over expose themselves to the audience.

  7. Jeff Copeland says:

    2003 wise yea smackdown was better 04 raw 05 both really kinda lacked but i go more raw cause they had hardy edge stuff hbk angle 06 hmm kinda lacked for both sides well raw had dx rvd edge sd had KING BOOKA i might go raw tiny bit so yea both sides had diffrent good years

  8. Jesse says:

    smackdown was much better than raw in those days. on smackdown you had guys like benoit, angle, lesnar, cena (not supercena) and on raw you had triple h, triple h, triple h and triple h not in a good way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention the post-match interview with Shaniqua. I cracked up at her explanation that the clothesline from hell caused her chest to swell and the doctors said it may never go away lol.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t mention the post-match interview with Shaniqua. I cracked up at the explantion that the clothesline from hell caused her chest to swell and it may never go away lol

  11. Brad Attitude says:

    nice review. i like special feature where some white kid tries to battle rap with cena and makes a prediction that cena would tap out and the kid was right haha. i’m glad cena tapped out, not often u seen him do that nowadays … love anything involving lesnar and undertaker, u.s. title match exceeded my expectations. i bet the APA were p*ssed at jobbing to the Basham Brothers

  12. Jeff Copeland says:

    i am glad i got this ppv the only meh was hardy gowen and apa vs bashams other then that rest of the card was fuking good ex main event should of made the biker chain match like how kane hhh was in 01 where u had chain on the wrist but i guess this made sence for taker vince fued nice review

  13. danzy678 says:

    greta review, no mercy 2003 was a great ppv lesnar and taker deliver again

  14. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, that picture of Vince choking his daughter with a steel pipe is priceless.

    And the XFL would have became something had it been given a chance by the networks. It was different. Fresh. Original. And I can’t and will never understand why people shit all over it. It was a concept.

    Anyway… good PPV. Tajiri and Mysterio was awesome.

  15. SRB says:

    I remember this being one of those Smackdown events that I was 50/50 on at first, but after watching the PPV it actually delivered. I was pretty happy with Angle/Cena, McMahon/Steph, and Lesnar/Taker. Solid PPV

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