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March 6, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Way Out 2005 Review:





“Somehow JBL is STILL THE WWE CHAMPION!”Michael Cole




-WWE No Way Out (2005) was a wrestling (PPV) event produced by the WWE. The event took place on Sunday, February the 20th, 2005 in front of 9,500 fans at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


-The seventh annual No Way Out.


-Joy Giovanni won a Rookie Diva Talent Show which took three different segments up on the show hosted by Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie.


-The Main Feud heading into No Way Out 05 was between WWE Champion JBL and the Big Show.


-Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas defeated Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree (With Hiroko) at 5:20 on Sunday Night Heat before the event.


-Tazz and Michael Cole did commentary for this Smackdown! Brand PPV.





Now onto the PPV…..




1) Opening Contest- Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs The Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Team Championship


The Bashams are a good tag team because they have an old school look with a new school style so they were tough and wore down there opponents, which coincidentally fit will as there opponents on this night were high flying aerial superstars.

Rey and Eddie were about to get in a mini-feud themselves and leading into Wrestlemania and most of the spring and summer of 2005 so this was of course the typicsl start the jealousy angle as both friends became tag team champions on this night at No Way Out on PPV.
It remains a special night in the life of Rey Mysterio winning a title with a legend like Eddie who died this very year makes it even more special and this tag match was quite good so it definately deserves a spot on the DVD that Rey got, I can see why this was added to that. It’s not anywhere near the best match but they could of done worse, it has a sentimental attatchment to Mysterio and gives the Bashams some due as well, so a lot of different parties win here.

In the beginning we saw some nice work from Eddie and Mysterio but it wasn’t long before the Bashams ended up controlling pretty much 10 consecutive minutes of the bout as after all they were the more experienced tag team in the match.

They (The Bashams) methodially took apart Mysterio by keeping him in their corner and applying slow moves on him such as abodominal stretches and arm bars. Isolation was key.

Very physical action and pretty slow in parts.

They grounded both men down quite well as they both knew it was absolutely essential to do so against the likes of these two talented high flyers. The crowd stayed into the tag match despite holds being applied early which was a good thing and helped the matches cause. A dead crowd never helped anything and the fact it was the opening match of No Way Out probably helped as the fans are usually patient as the face team is being worked on by the heels as they root there favourites to get BACK into the match and that’s what happened here.

When Eddie eventually got tagged back in by Rey (who kept entertaining by dodging the Bashams in quick fashion in a nice sequence before this) the fun really started and the match REALLY PICKED UP! Eddie decided to “Lie Cheat and Steal” in the match by doing his “fake lie down” to fool the ref and his opponent twice near the climax of the opening encounter. Good stuff as always From Eddie..

To end this tag match Eddie Guerrero pinned Doug after hitting him with a title belt at 14:50 and the ref counted the three and we’ve got new tag team champions!
Eddie and Rey, great friends celebrate with the tag gold after what was a very good tag team attraction.

Nothing amazing but a great opener for sure!








2) Booker T vs Heidenreich?

This is just one of those reasons why certain shows should get their own PPV.

Smackdown! put on some very bad single brand PPV events.

You get matches like these. Heidenreich ducked a clothesline and ran into a scissors kick but gets right back up and has an overhead wristlock, biting the forearm and all.

Fans chant for Booker T.

A boot by Heidenreich. But Booker comes back knocking Heidenreich down with two quick clotheslines and another thrust kick to the jaw.

Booker goes down for the Spinnerooni in the old home of the Penguins.

Booker misses the big kick but the Book End was tried but Heidenreich had it scouted. Heidenreich runs into a big elbow shot and then he throws Heidenreich over the top rope to the floor.

Heidenreich on the floor gets a chair and uses it on Booker T. Bell rings.


In the end at 6:49 Booker T won by DQ after the chair shot.

This match is so basic that I felt very bad for Booker T.

Heidenreich was just another big man push failure volume 675.







3) Funaki (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Shannon Moore vs Spike Dudley vs Paul London vs Akio in a Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship?


Funaki begins with London.

Funaki has the cards stacked against him because he is starting this thing out.

Lets go Longon Lets go is chanted.

A leg-sweep by Funaki, but a nice double-underhook by London. Funaki sent London into the corner but he elbowed him and connected with a mule kick, nobody home in the corner Funaki drived him into the mat but London kicks out.

London one month fresh off that Snitsky Rumble elimination.

Spike hits Funaki with a knee to the spine but behind the officials back. Funaki is pinned by London.

Spike comes in and attacks London but Funaki retaliates behind the official and gets vengeance on Spike pushing him and Paul advances again.

Paul London and Shannon Moore are going at it now.

Shannon Moore with a backslide. Shannon sends London into the corner over and over again. London hits a 450 splash and Moore is out.

Akio now with Paul London.

London and Akio are getting it on and Chavo is the only man left outside.

Akio in the corner did almost a reverse tarantula to London and then got a nearfall. Akio with a sleeper.

Akio did not make the ten count.

Strange elimination.

Chavo Guerrero looks at a fatigued Paul London.

Will Chavo Guerrero regain this Cruiser title. Can London overcome the odds.

We have our final meeting, Chavo Guerrero goes for all the sneaky cocky covers but London keeps kicking out.

Chavo Guerrero is backdropped. London is getting momentum but all the smarks cheering him on have dissapeared. London with a great dropkick and Chavo Guerrero catches him tries a suplex. London tried roll up Chavo Guerrero but he reverses it and sure enough steals the win as Cole loves yelling holding the top rope for leverage.

In the end at 9:43 Chavo Guerrero became the NEW Cruiserweight Champion after he stole the damn match as Cole always yells. God, shut up.

Everything seemed rushed here. Not bad by any means but it could of been booked A LOT better.



4) The Undertaker vs Luther Reigns



Back in this time they tried to push bigger guys on the Smackdown! Brand and of course it is poor Undertaker that has to work with them all first and teach them the ropes.

He always did during his career.

Luther begins to take it to Taker but he runs into a high boot.

Taker battles back despite Luther Reigns trying his best to ground the Big Deadman.

Luther Reigns tried taking out the leverage of Undertaker and his legs but the Deadman cameback.

Ugh this is about as boring and as painful as the Casket match Taker had with Heidenreich at the 05 Rumble.

Reigns like Reich did not work in the E and matches like this show you why.



In the end at 11:44 Undertaker wins after a basic Tombstone.

Well I did not see that coming….




5) John Cena vs Kurt Angle in a Tournament Final Singles match for a WWE Championship Oppurtunity at WrestleMania 21?


Kurt Angle grounds Cena with a side headlock on the mat to wear him down.

This took place before Cena was turned on by the mass public but Angle ALWAYS had his Lets go Angle chants during his heel tenure. This was also the hometown of Kurt Angle.

During the year 2004 Angle and Cena feuded quite a bit during Angle and his run as GM.

Cena goes for a hiptoss off the ropes, Angle hooks the arm and then tried a choke on the mat.

Cena had his tricep in jeopardy and now Cole reminds us Cena had his first match against Angle on Smackdown! which was a good debut.

Angle got Cena in a drop toe-hold into a front facelock, a quick chain-wrestling exchange by Angle which comes as no surprise.

Cena with shoulders to the gut then clotheslines Angle over the top to the outside.

Fans boo.

Cena wrecklessly takes Angle to the floor brawling on top of him by the announce table.

Cena went for an FU and Angle rolled out of the way.

Cena calls for Angle to get back in the ring and he does.

Angle goes for a hard forearm shot and Cena ducks and hits him in the corner, out of the corner a high boot and then a suplex into the turnbuckle.

Both men down.




Angle and Cena both layed out on the mat as the official begins the ten count.

John Cena vulnerable and Angle takes advantage of the momentum and keeps trying quick nearfalls.

Angle thriving on that german suplex into the turnbuckle. A back-breaker to Cena and another two count.

Angle stomps on the back of Cena. Cena was the US Champion here, and sure enough he would win the WWE title over JBL ending the longest WWE title reign in a decade in one of the most uneventful fashions, in one of the worst matches in WWE history at Wrtestlemania 21.

Angle now back in the match has a body-scissors pressuring Cena.

Cena goes for a round-house right once back up but then Angle does a series of German suplexes and Cena with some mat-sense to put his boot on the ropes.

Cena exploded into Angle and both men are down off the ropes after hitting a shoulder block.

Cena and Angle get into a slugfest and Cena hits a headbutt and then he explodes with clotheslines and a hard forearm shot, the boo birds are out.

A rake to the eyes by Angle and off the ropes Cena hit a Spinebuster and Angle kicks out. Angle got out of the FU with a backslide but a belly to belly suplex throws Cena to the mat.

Angle now stalking Cena and goes for an Angle Slam. Cena counters with a ddt. Angle rolled the shoulder out again.

Angle now has the ANKLE LOCK ON CENA! Fans roar but Cena throws him outside of the ring.

Cena with a FAMEASSER-leg drop to the back of the neck to Angle on the mat off the top. This was around the time he first started doing it.

An FU out of the corner, and Angle kicks out at a long two count. Cena thought he had won the match.

Kurt Angle kicks the bad leg of Cena.

Angle rams the leg of Cena into the ring post. Ankle Lock and Cena grabs the ropes.

Angle Slam now.

Ankle Lock again in the middle of the ring and Cena gets there, but now Cena is in the middle again and will not tap.

Angle tries his best and now he lowers himself and Cena can not seem to make it.

Cena makes it.

The official is shoved down.

Angle takes his bling and Cena picks up Angle and gives him the FU.


In the end at 15:12 John Cena defeated Kurt Angle after he FUd Kurt Angle and got a big pop.


This match was solid because they did that whole, lets start the climax in the middle then lets add to the story and give it a unique ending type deal. A lot of matches are like this. Angle had another one like this at Wrestlemania the next month with Michaels, and I believe that is one of the most overrated matches of all time.

Either way this was still a very good viewing.


*** 1/2





6) Main Event- JBL (c) vs The Big Show for the WWE Championship in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match?


Big Show begins the match by sending JBL to the cage.

JBL can bump as that became evident in a cage match against Eddie Guerrero that you can see on the Viva La Raza set, not only is that a tremendous DVD but that is a tremendous match. One of the best in Smackdown! history.

JBL was getting wins over EVERYBODY in this time period so the odds kept getting stacked against him as his cabinet were helping him retain the title.

So how will JBL survive against a Giant in a cage on PPV for the title in the first ever Barbed Wire steel cage match.

The Big Show dominated the early stages of the match and then a suplex.

Bradshaw begins to climb and Big Show is bleeding, has bladed and JBL comes off with a shoulder block knocking the big man down. JBL kicks away at Big Show and his open wound.

Big Show and his bloodied skull slammed right into the cage.

The Big Show down and JBL drops an elbow.

JBL off the ropes delivered a kick to the head of the Big Show. The Big Show now gets the boot to the skull despite losing a lot of blood.

The Big Show trying to re-gain his composure. The Big Show powerbombs JBL off the steel hard down into the center of the mat!

The Big Show has bloodied JBL opened up.

Both guys bloodied.

The Big Show hits a chokeslam but JBL kicked out some how.

Frustration and a ton of blood dripping from both men.

The Cabinet tried to come out and help but Theodore Long came out and sent them back.

The Big Show signalled for the Chokeslam but JBL begged him off, and hit a low-blow. A big boot to the bloodied face of The Big Show.

JBL began climbing trying to cut his way out without having to go through the barbedwire.

Both The Big Show and JBL are battling on the top of the Cage. The Big Show sending JBL into the barbedwire.

Both men slam each others head into the top of the Cage.

Big Show slams JBL through the ring off the top!

In the end at 19:21 JBL escaped the cage going through the bottom in unique fashion to retain the title once again!


This match was no Angle-Benoit, or Tully Blanchard-Magnum TA but it was a lot of fun.

It has such a creative ending. I loved it.



*** 1/4








Final Rating for WWE No Way Out 2005 = 5/10

This show was a three match card filled with stupid Rookie Diva competitions inbetween. Not enough quality throughout to make it entertaining but for what matches were great due to the likes of Eddie, Angle and the booking of the main event it just barely gets a passing grade.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I remember watching this event on sky sports, and in my personal opinion, I was a solid event and I would highly recommend the DVD to anyone who would be thinking of buying it.

  2. Brett Mix says:

    It is answered earlier gavinotts but thanks. Daniel, shocked Sunny before Liz but unless they are waiting to do Randy and Liz together next year since it is in Florida that could make sense. I say the Freebirds, Abdullah the Butcher, perhaps someone dead like Brian Pillman so Austin can induct him and maybe Arn Anderson are the rest for this year.

  3. gavinotts says:

    awsum review brett but how come u missed out no way out 04

  4. Brett Mix says:

    I unfortunately dont own it in my collection but I have reviewed the Lesnar-Eddie classic twice on both Eddie sets if you click individual sets, you will find those reviews in the archive. I own the rest of the No Way Outs from 06-09 though. Do not own 2010.

  5. Rocko says:

    Good review Brett. But what happened to NWO 04?

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