Review: WWE No Way Out 2006 DVD

March 9, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Way Out 2006 Review:



“COWARD….COWWWWARD…..COWAAAAARD……” -Chris Benoit to Booker T (A bit Ironic I suppose)




-WWE No Way Out (2006) was a wrestling (PPV) event produced by the WWE. The event took place on Sunday, February the the 19th, 2006 in front of 11 ,000 fans at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.


-This was the 8th annual No Way Out.


-Batista was a special guest for this event and cut a promo.


-The Main Feud heading into No Way Out 06 was between Angle and his World title against The Undertaker.


-On Heat before the show The Boogeyman defeated Simon Dean at 1:55.


-Tazz and Michael Cole did commentary for this Smackdown! Brand PPV.





Now onto the PPV…..






1) Opening Contest- Gregory Helms (c) vs Brian Kendrick vs Funaki vs Kid Kash vs Nunzio vs Paul London vs Psicosis vs Scotty 2 Hotty vs Super Crazy in a Nine-Way Cruiserweight Championship Match



Gregory Helms would go on to be a long reigning Cruiserweight Champion and its PPV matches like this that helped gain him credibility.

Gregory Helms was on the outside watching the other eight Cruisers go at it.

London and Kendrick worked well as a team here.

Mexicools took out both of them leaping over the rope.

Kid Kash and Funaki went at it one on one and a side suplex by Kash. Funaki dodged a moonsault then hit a running bulldog. Gregory Helms broke up a three count and stomped on Kid Kash.

The opposition now who hated Gregory Helms all took aim on and most of the SD Cruisers stomped on the cocky champ Gregory Helms.

Action all over the ring here.

London with a great hurricanrana. Kendrick off the top but the Mexicools worked him over and Gregory Helms breaks up every three count he sees and why not. Helms threw out Psichosis over the top to the outside.

London working over Gregory Helms using the ropes for leverage.

Gregory Helms in the corner turned the tide on London and chopped him exchanging rights as well. Scotty 2 Hotty with a big suplex to Kendrick.

Gregory Helms with a head-first off the knee pressure to Scotty as he went back-first to the mat. Gregory Helms pushed Kendrick and both guys engage in a slug-fest.

Scotty with a school-boy and Nunzio and Gregory Helms break up the three count since this match is sudden death. First fall wins the title. Gregory Helms with a strong right to Scotty but he hung onto the apron.

Kid Kash sent the Champ Gregory Helms to the outside through the ropes. Soctty working on Kash. Nunzio working over Mexicools. Scotty with a heel to a heel off the apron onto the champ Gregory Helms.

Psichosis through the second rope, then the head-scissors by Kid Kash through the second rope to the floor. Nunzio with a high-risk move to Longon, Kendrick broke this up. Now Funaki and Nunzio work over Kendrick, until London launched him into both. Both team-mates left alone but go to the top and splash the competition on the outside on the floor.

Super Crazy then ran into a reverse elbow by Gregory Helms. Helms signalling for the finish but caught a spinning heel kick by Crazy, Kendrick broke up the count then with a dudley dog and a two. Crazy broke up the count.

London off the top landing on the sternum of Helms then Scotty broke up the count. Nearfall after nearfall, after nearfall with the Champion Gregory Helms suffering most of the abuse.

A nice thrust kick by Scotty to London and then left alone Scotty hit a bulldog on Helms and now thinking it is time for the Worm. No one has forgotten.

Scotty does the worm and hits Gregory Helms, but Psichosis pulled him off Gregory Helms. Psichosis and Kendrick going at it toe to toe, one on ojne. A nice suplex by Kendrick but Crazy with an awesome moonsault to break it up.

Gregory Helms pushes him off and gets the cover.

Gregory Helms steals one according to Cole.


In the end at 10:03 Gregory Helms retained his Cruiserweight Championship after all that chaos.

Now HERE is an action-packed entertaining opener.

So fun.

This opening match was all kinds of terrific.








2) JBL (With Jillian Hall) vs Bobby Lashley



Well Finlay came out because he wanted a fight so this began with Bobby Lashley taking apart Finlay until he landed a clothesline.

Finlay gives Lashley all the trouble he could handle at the beginning.

For the first time I have seen JBL runs to the ring to take care of Bobby Lashley. JBL now getting set to go with Bobby Lashley.

JBL dominated the early staged but Bobby Lashley hit a beautiful belly to belly suplex on the floor.

Lashley got a two in the ring.

Hall screams on the outside for her man JBL.

Bobby Lashley scooped up JBL with a ton of power, British Bulldog like powerslam.

Big clothesline from Lashley to JBL.


We all knew Bobby Lashley vs JBL would be a hard-nosed tough mans match.

JBL lowered the ropes to a charging Bobby Lashley and he fell to the floor, then ran into the boot of JBL on the apron.

Outside the ring JBL slammed Bobby Lashley head-first on the steps. Lets go Lashley is chanted.

Four belly to belly suplexes to JBL who is busted open.

Finlay uses his tool to hit Bobby Lashley and JBL steals the match.


In the end at 10:58 JBL picked up the win after he had some assistance from Finlay.

This match was a solid physical match, nothing great but nothing bad.


* 3/4





3) Tatanka and Matt Hardy vs MNM (Mercury and Nitro-With Melina)



Some tag action here.

Tatanka is the surprise partner and barely gets a reaction.

They sent Mercury backwards with a nice tandem offensive move.

All of the sudden MNM in control wearing down Matt Hardy. Nitro choked out Matt in the corner and Melina slapped Matt. Tatanka complaining on the apron.

MNM dominated a lot and of course that allowed Melina to scream from the outside.

Tatanka made a hot tag to Matt and he unloaded on Mercury and Nitro both. Matt with a sidewalk slam, spinning slam.

A double-team by Matt and MNM go crashing into the cavas.

Hardy off the top goes for a leg-drop but hits an elbow instead.

Now a side effect to Nitro. Matt wants a twist of fate on Mercury but is pushed off, right into a thrust kick, or a high boot of Nitro.

Double-team by the champs but Matt hits a double clothesline.

Tatanka tagged in and off the top a double clothesline to MNM off the top rope. Tatanka prances around.

Tatanka irishwhips Mercury and scoops him up. Matt with a side effect.

Tatanka pins Mercury and Matt win the match.


In the end at 10:28 Tatanka and Matt picked up the win after double-team moves.


This match was solid, a bit slow at the start but it picked up as it went.


Non-title though.


** 1/4




4) Booker T (c) (With Queen Sharmell) vs Chris Benoit for the WWE US Championship




Both men were certainly no strangers to the other after their best of seven in WCW and here in the WWE.

Booker always said Benoit was the toughest guy he ever got in the ring with.

Any time you get a near 20 minute Benoit match on PPV greatness is sure to come. Come to think of it I cant for the life of me think of a bad Benoit match, ever….

Theodore Long came out with his hilarious walk.

Booker got on the mic and said he would give up the US title to Benoit.

Benoit calls him a coward. Hmmm….

Sharmell slaps Benoit three times…that is pretty creepy considering, I am sure she is happy to be alive.

Booker T with a killer instinct (no pun intended) goes after Chris in the corner with high shots.

It does not take long for Chris to come back. Benoit tossed Booker outside the ring. Benoit chops Booker T and then caught a double-axehandle to the back. Booker T kicks Benoit in the stomach.

A quick snapshot vertical suplex by Benoit to Booker T. No one did those quite like him.

A big back suplex and now Chris lets go a few hard forearm shots and then chops to Booker T in the corner. Now outside the ring Benoit reversed Booker T into the steel steps and Booker went shoulder first, making him vulnerable for the potential and highly likely Crippler Crossface that was coming in the match.

Smart psychology as always by the greatest wrestler the world has ever seen.

Booker tried an over-head wristlock and then went into a Full Nelson, Benoit tried every counter in the book but the leverage by Booker T and his strength gained him some momentum.

Booker T holding Benoit in a hammerlock until Chris fought out of hit landing a German Suplex on Booker T.

Booker T down and Benoit goes to work trying to slap on the crossface right now. Chris Benoit now finds himself in a reverse chinlock as Booker T begins wearing him down but not before long Chris Benoit hit a side suplex.

Tazz points out that it was key for Benoit to get out of the sleeper hold. Booker with a Stun Gun dropping Benoit on the ropes.

Booker T and Benoit exchanging chops and Benoit lets Booker have it before catching a boot in the other corner after Benoit built a bit of momentum.

Benoit has blood on his shoulder. A vicious, stiff match this is. Booker T with a kick to the mid-section and goes for a scissors kick and Benoit chops back hitting right-hands and then flying forearms.

Running back-elbows and kick to the mid-section.

Benoit goes for the triple-verticals, the three-amigos in memory of his friend. Benoit gets a two. A spinning heel kick to the jaw by Booker T to Chris Benoit. Booker T goes to the top rope now and he is caught by Benoit with right-hands and Benoit chops back at Booker T and he headbutts Booker. Benoit sets up Booker T with a superplex from the top and hits it!

Benoit in control!

Good stuff here.

Loving this match.

Benoit scores a nearfall!

Sharmell nervous on the outside, fans chanting for the Crippler.

Booker T gets a rough shot by Benoit and off the ropes hit a Spinebuster slam to Benoit, the Rabid Wolverine.

Booker goes for one of those front flips off the top rope like at Mania X9 the Houston Hangover but it does not hit.

Benoit hits a triple German Suplex and now signals for the flying headbutt. Benoit goes to the top rope. Sharmell up on the apron distracting Benoit Booker caught him upstairs taking advantage. Booker with a scissors kick.

Booker T goes for the cover and Benoit kicks out, the crowd roars.

Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter after a leg-sweep. Sharmell gets pushed to the outside. Booker missed the high scissors kick and finds himself in the Sharpshooter.

Booker T in the middle of the ring might not have a choice but then he goes to the crossface and Booker taps.


What an awesome ride.


In the end at 18:13, Benoit won the US title from Booker T after he made Booker T tap out.


This match delivered the goods. Never dull, full of workrate, psychology, good story-telling and all of that fun stuff. The chemistry was very evident.







5) Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton with the Winner going to Wrestlemania 22 to meet the World Champion



Rey had his Royal Rumble win on the line here.

This was during the whole controversial Eddie is in Hell storyline on Smackdown!

Rey Mysterio had Eddie chants on his side at the beginning of this match. Orton smiles because he seems proud of what he has done through kayfabe of course.

Orton pressured Rey Mysterio to the corner and then uses his size to his advantage and then smiles some more. Orton showed some brilliant heel attitude in the early going. Randy with a great waist-lock takedown and Rey puts his boot on the ropes.

Orton slaps the head of Rey Mysterio.

Rey Rey is angry.

Orton says back off.

Randy Orton goes to tie-up with Rey Mysterio but he kicks him in the gut and hits a side headlock takedown. Rey tried to wear the bigger man down. Off the ropes fails on a hiptoss attempt and then hits a bulldog and got a nearfall.

Rey Mysterio kicks Orton in the mid-section and lets Orton feel rights.

Orton though throws Rey Mysterio to the ground and begins to methodically stomp on the Rumble winner. The number one contender for Mania is being choked out in the corner by Orton.

Randy Orton with a knee to the head of Rey Mysterio int he corner of the ring, then a clubbing forearm shot by Orton to Rey.

A hard beat-down right now by Randy.

Orton hears Randy Sucks chants but he thrives on it and centers Rey Mysterio so he can drop a knee to the head of Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio some quick offense but on the outside Randy Orton swings Mysterio into the ring-post like a baseball bat.

Tazz calls him an SOB. Hilarious.

Orton with an arm-ringer into an armbar to the injured arm then hit a back-breaker.

Rey somehow hit a hurricanrana to get out but Orton re-gained the advantage.

Orton stomped on the arm of Rey on the steel steps.

Orton in his comfort zone right now knowing Rey Mysterio had no function with his left hand. Cole is beyond annoying on commentary.

Thank god they turned Cole heel in 2011. About 10 years too late but still, I will take it….

Mysterio shoved Orton into the corner exposing his hurt shoulder. Orton then hit with a drop toe-hold by Rey Mysterio building momentum sending Orton into the corner hard suffering a concussion recently.

Randy catches Rey Mysterio on top of the ropes but Rey Mysterio turns it over into a sunset flip off the top. Orton kicks out.

Orton busted open, Rey fails on a 619 attempt, but Rey Mysterio hits a dropkick after Orton went for an RKO.

Orton in position for a 619 but he ducks and uses the ropes to defeat Mysterio.

In the end at 17:28 Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio by using the ropes for leverage.


This match was definitely great. One of the better matches in the career of Orton.


*** 1/2






6) Main Event- Kurt Angle (c) vs The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship



Here we go.


I love the chemistry The Deadman has against guys like Bret and Michaels. So with Angle it should be no different.

I am sure most fans remember their classic encounter on Smackdown! in the Summer of 2003, it was a tad better then this match, but this one is by all means a classic.

Angle and Undertaker had something between them where you knew this would just be an epic confrontation.

Undertaker utilizes a side headlock but Angle pushes him off and a shoulder block by The Undertaker who puts an arm-ringer on the Olympian.

Angle is worn down to the canvas. The Undertaker slams Angle into the corner hard as he wears down the left arm of Angle. The Undertaker twists the arm of Angle then goes for an overhead wristlock. The Undertaker scoops up Angle and now shows great power and twists the bad arm of Angle and drops his weight on a vulnerable Angle with a bad left arm.

Smart, strategic wrestling from the Deadman in the early going.

The Undertaker with another arm-ringer going for Old School this time but Angle brawled out of it and then Undertaker slammed him down.

Lets go Angle and Lets go Taker are both chanted.

The Undertaker hits Old School.

Angle runs into Taker but he plants him head-first into the mat hard. The Undertaker irishwhipped Angle hard into the turnbuckle and hits Snake Eyes but Angle avoided a high kick.

Angle hits a German Suplex on The Undertaker! Angle pins Taker but he kicks out at two. A long two.

Angle kicks at Undertaker and now Angle relentless in his attack on the Deadman. Angle spears The Undertaker in the corner.

Angle irishwhips the Deadman but he reversed it and Angle got sent hard into the corner back first. Angle had problems with his spine and neck so certainly those areas were vulnerable and a Deadman who is a much smarter wrestler these days (well writing this in 2011 but 2006 is still this modern era so I can still use these days) knew how to execute as opposed to when he first started in the World Wrestling Federation.

The Undertaker delivered a high knee to Angle in the corner bringing him to his knees. The Undertaker went for another but Angle moved and now knocked the Deadman off the apron into the barricade.

Suddenly the Champion is in control buying himself some time to recover from The Undertaker and his onslaught of offense.

The Undertaker did not take long to re-gain any lost momentum as he drilled Angle spine-first into the ring-post outside the ring.

Angle is rolled back in the ring and The Undertaker does one of his trademark moves by delivering an elbow into the throat of Angle who sells very well. The Undertaker now on the apron hits his VINTAGE leg-drop to Angle who had a sergically repaired neck, again Taker with a good game-plan in this Championship match.

The Undertaker outside the ring rolls Angle back inside.

The Undertaker with some quick strikes, one of the best pure strikers in the game as we always here. Angle picks on Taker as he scouts a move and stomps on the leg of Taker in Bret Hart like fashion, taking the leverage advantage out from under the big man. We saw Shawn Michaels do much of the same at Mania 25 and 26 but it was even more logical for Angle to do it because his finisher or one of them was the Ankle lock.

Angle slams The Undertaker and his bad leg into the ring-post mulitple times.

Angle now with an Ankle Lock held up against the ring-post, he kept breaking the count. Nick Patrick telling Angle to stay in. The Undertaker limping outside the ring. Angle driving his elbows into the knee of the challenger.

Angle quickly in the ring tries a count but scores a nearfall. Angle drops his bodyweight onto the Deadman and The Undertaker is on the mat. The Undertaker then caught an uppercut but grabbed onto the tights of Angle and threw him out of the ring buying himself some time. The Deadman with a high knee shot to the gut of Angle.

The Undertaker went for another leg-drop on Angle in the ring but Angle has an Ankle Lock on the Deadman outside the ring!

Angle has it locked in while the official counts, the damage is being done!

Angle despite coming back into the match, had The Undertaker using his good leg to drop it on Angle.

The Undertaker breaks the count outside the ring by sending the Champion right into the table that holds the ring-bell. The Undertaker with a hard strike and then a high boot to the face of Angle.

The Undertaker starts taking tv monitors off the announce table.

Angle with an explosive move!

Angle hits an Angle Slam to The Undertaker through a table!


Unreal stuff now.

This match has been superb in basically every way thus far.

The Undertaker bought himself some time as he sent Angle into the steel steps on a reversed irishwhip.

Angle went for a superplex on The Undertaker off the top but Taker headbutts him, still Angle manages to jump up and Superplex Taker off the top rope to the canvas.

Angle gets a two and can not believe it. Angle stands up and the wrestling machine picks up Taker and the two slug it out again.

The Undertaker went for a chokeslam but Angle rolled through and turned it into an Ankle Lock.

It is locked in and the Deadman is in trouble.

Angle had the Ankle Lock on Taker and Cole claimed it would be the first time in his career.

Angle torking the Ankle, but now a triangle choke by the Deadman out of the Ankle Lock, amazing reversals.

Angle runs into a chokeslam on one leg by the Deadman but Angle kicked out. The Undertaker goes for a Last Ride now but Angle counters it into a Ankle Lock.

Angle finds a way to hit the Angle Slam and The Undertaker kicks out!

Angle takes off the straps and both men toe to toe strike each other and now Undertaker has Angle up for the Tombstone and then he reverses it and now Angle is reversed and the fans love this.

Angle again counters it into an Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring.

Unbelievable Climax!

Angle keeps it locked in the center of the ring.

Undertaker gets out and gets Angle in a triangle CHOKE NOW! Match of the year by a long shot. I have no idea what PWI was smoking choosing Michaels against Vince at Wrestlemania 22.

The Choke on Angle had him near tapping but now he is out.

Angle rolled through despite the choke being on the Deadman. Angle gets the win. Taker is furious as his shoulders were down!


In the end at 29:37 Angle retained the title over The Undertaker after he got the pinfall.


This match is very memorable. A modern day classic that was arguably the match of the year in 2006.




**** 1/2







Final Rating for WWE No Way Out 2006 = 7.5/10


This show featured the all-time classic in Undertaker and Angle, the best WWE match in 2006. Not quite as good as their SD 2003 match, but I have both matches at the same rating. Other gems on the PPV were Benoit and Booker T showing some of their chemistry together going back to their roots from WCW, this one match here is arguably better then all of their best of seven from that promotion. Some random matches and other moments and matches made this PPV pretty memorable. A great cruiser match, Rey-Orton was good, overall it was a solid show.


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  1. Jay Karia says:

    The cruiserweight title match and the world heavyweight championship match were excellent among other great matches.

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    • Jay Karia says:

      This was an amazing PPV. 10 out of 10 in my own personal opinion. The undertaker/angle match was THEE match for me.

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    I agree

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    Did Anyone else feel that Gregory Helms was one of the best superstars of 2006 and then he was just made a jobber in 2007 ? but i felt that the undertaker Vs Angle Was Just Off MOTY

  5. Efrain says:

    I have Taker vs. Angle in my top 15 of all time, Amazing.

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    Not sure what your saying, but thanks for the feedback none the less. Haha

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