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March 15, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE No Way Out 2008 Review:




“I will never Retire!” -Nature Boy Ric Flair




-WWE No Way Out (2008) was a wrestling (PPV) event produced by the WWE. The event took place on Sunday, February the the 17th, 2008 in front of 13,006 fans at the Thomas and Mack Center in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. No Way Out 2001 also took place in this venue seven years earlier.


-This was the 9th annual No Way Out.


-Mayweather and a returning Big Show had a conflict on the event.

-The event had 329,000 buys, a huge upgrade on the No Way Out 2007 figure of 218,000 buys the year before. (Most people credit the Elimination Chamber gimmick)


-The Main Feud heading into No Way Out 08 was the Elimination Chamber match to determing the #1 contender for Wrestlemania.



-Kane defeated Shelton Benjamin in a dark match.


-Tazz and Michael Cole did commentary for this Smackdown! Brand PPV.





Now onto the PPV…..





1) Opening Contest- Chavo Guerrero (c) vs CM Punk for the ECW Championship



SO we begin the event with Punk and Chavo battling for the ECW title. A solid start here.

Chavo Guerrero the defending Champion had his hands full with Punk here.

Here we go, bell rings.

Punk and Chavo get set to go, fans chant for Punk as he hits a high kick to the head of Chavo Guerrero. Punk with an irish-whip and a revwerse elbow. Chavo Guerrero fiught back but ran into a reverse back-breaker by Punk and a nearfall. CM Punk elevated off the top to the ring apron then down to the floor. Chavo Guerrero in control then tried to aatack Punk.

Chavo sucks is chanted.

The man once known as Kerwin White takes it to Punk with a kick to the mid-section. Chavo again with another hard kick. Punk blocks it this time and kicks Chavo Guerrero up high and then Chavo with a high elbow to the head of Punk. Chavo with an arm-bar into a body-scissors. Chavo Guerrero trying to squeeze the air out of the stomach or sternum of CM Punk, Chavo Guerrero wanted to ground Punk as he wears the challenger down.

Chavo Guerrero catapolted high into the turnbuckle by CM Punk. Punk with a spinning kick, then a thrust kick. Punk then hits a back bodydrop to Chavo Guerrero. Punk tries a high knee and Chavo hits a high boot. Chavo Guerrero runs at Punk and he counters it in mid-air into a powerslam and a nearfall by Punk!

Chavo Guerrero up in the Go to Sleep position but he counters it into a hurricanrana and then Chavo hits an unreal tornado ddt by Chavo Guerrero and he got a nearfall. Chavo does his Guerrero dance and then he goes for a high boot, instead Punk hits him with one.

Punk scored a nearfall.

CM Punk then hit with the triple verticals, the three amigos, but on the third occasion Punk hits a running high knee and a bulldog but Chavo Guerrero gets his boot on the rope to break the pinfall.

Punk then elevated Chavo up he lands on the apron catching a high boot to the face falling to the floor. CM Punk rolls Chavo into the ring and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Punk stops Chavo Guerrero from flying off the top by pushing him and he lands groin first. Punk then climbs up top and attempted a hurricanrana as Chavo Guerrero splashed him fromt he top with a frog splash.
This match was excellent.


In the end at 7:06 Chavo Guerrero retained the ECW title after he hit his frog splash.

He would not fair so well at Mania 24 the next month against Kane….to say the least.




*** 3/4





2) The Undertaker vs Batista vs The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh) vs Finlay vs MVP vs Big Daddy V (With Matt Triker) in an Elimination Chamber match for a World Title Shot at Wrestlemania 24



The Undertaker and Batista begin in the ring.

The Two men who had many battles in 2007 including one epic match at Wrestlemania begin inside the Chamber. Batista takes it to The Undertaker as he sends him against the steel. A big right by Big Dave and then he clotheslines The Undertaker inside the ring. Undertaker hit a big boot to the head of Batista and he punches away sending him to the corner.

Undertaker buries a boot to the gut of Batista in the corner as he chokes him out.

Undertaker stomps on him in the corner of the ring. The Undertaker systematically wearing Batista down as the other chamber wrestlers looked on watching in there booth.

Batista begins to fire back on The Undertaker to a chorus of boos. A high elbow to The Undertaker and he rolls the shoulder out.

Buzzer rings.

Big Daddy V is the next man out and now he unloads on Batista. The former King of the Ring (We tried to forget that) is now chopping big Dave in the corner with some slaps to the chest. He clotheslines Batista down.

Big Daddy V slammed The Undertaker.

V then chopped Batista some more in the corner. The Undertaker off the ropes hit with a Samoan Drop. Big Daddy V then chokes out Undertaker with his boot as he lays down on the ring canvas.

Big Daddy V kept on chopping Batista and then he pushed The Undertaker into the cage as he is driven through the floor through the cage. The Undertaker finds his way back in and V splashes Batista in the corner of the ring. Big Daddy V went for a Samoan Drop and spinebuster slammed Big Daddy V. V gets back up and Batista clotheslines him onto the steel over the top rope.

The Undertaker hit a huge ddt on Big Daddy V.

Batista covers Big Daddy V as falls count anywhere, and he got him. Big Daddy V is out thanks to The Undertaker as Batista pins him.

Buzzer rings.

New entrant enters the Chamber and it is the Great Khali. The former World Champion who is 7 foot 2.

Khali with a huge chop to The Undertaker. And another huge chop to Batista.

You cant Wrestle chants to Khali as he drove elbows into The Undertaker. Khali with a big elbow to Batista in the corner. Undertaker layed right-hands to Khali. The Undertaker ducvks one and grabs him by the throat until Khali plants The Undertaker down on the mat. The Undertaker kicks out just barely as the place pops!

Khali slams Batista down and he kicked out at two. Khali holds a vice-grip on Dave Batista which slows him down. The Undertaker then hit the translator of Khali through the chain wall of the Chamber. The Gogoplata onto Khali and he tapped out. Khali is eliminated. The Undertaker would use this on Edge to win at Mania 24 the next month.

MVP and Finlay yet to enter as The Undertaker and Batista remain.

The Longer The Undertaker is in the less chances of winning, just like War Games and the Royal Rumble rules.

Undertaker continues taking it to the Animal Batista down in the corner of the Chamber with solid right-hands. The Undertaker covers Batista as he just gets his shoulder up at the last moment.

Finlay comes out next but he threw Taker into the corner and then he ruthlessly attacked Batista in the other corner.

The Undertaker and Batista have been the work-horses of this match. Finlay got a nearfall and Coach asks how The Undertaker is doing this. Batista with huge shots to Finlay and then he slams him on the steel. He catapolts him into the Steel of the Chamber, with the chain that is welded together.

Batista up as is The Undertaker once more stomping on Finlay. Finlay drove The Undertaker spine-first into the Chain-wall of the Chamber. Finlay drove his boot into the head of The Undertaker.

A kick-out of two, so close for Finlay on The Undertaker after the boot to the Skull. Finlay then drove The Undertaker head-first into the bullet-proof glass this time it cracked and The Undertaker broke through it. Un-real.

Finlay then driven into the steel by Batista, MVP awaits.

Batista set up FInlay on the top turnbuckle. Batista hit a superplex off the top to Finlay. The Undertaker still down on the chain hurt in the corner, Finlay kicks out of Batista with his nearfall.

MVP the final entrant comes out as The Undertaker is awaiting him and he closes the booth because he knew The Undertaker would be waiting and he unloads lefts and rights.

MVP went for everything trying to eliminate The Undertaker taking off his bling but then he choked out Finlay with his chain on the canvas floor while Batista and The Undertaker rested on the steel. MVP hit The Undertaker with a solid right-hand and on the mat he posed to a chorus of boos.

MVP busted open The Undertaker wide open as blood began to trickle from the head of the Phenom, MVP sees the target and still can not get the three count. MVP stares at Taker and despite recieving a blow he gets back in the match, thanks to his creatures of the night encouraging him on. MVP battles back with shots but The Undertaker fights back as well.

MVP leaps to the top of the Chamber booth and The Undertaker chases him up top

The Undertaker grabs MVP by the throat and flips him off the top of the chamber booth with a chokeslam.

Finlay pins him after The Undertaker and his reverse chokeslam and now MVP is gone. Down to three men.

Finlay and the two guys who started, Dave Batista who has rested and The Undertaker who has battled the hardest.

The Undertaker fromt he top missed with the elbow all bloodied. Batista gets up slowly and Finlay is hurt. Hornswoggle hands Finlay a weapon and he drops Batista and The Undertaker but Batista then scooped him up for a bomb, but he got hit in the skuill. Batista kicked out still!

Finlay runs into a chokeslam onto the steel by a bloodied Deadman!

Can the Phenom get a cover, he does.

The beginning two end this Chamber match.

Who is going to Mania was the question in this Classic Chamber match.

Fans chant Lets go Taker!

Both men bloodied slugging it out in dramatic fashion, A bomb but The Undertaker kicks out somehow and everyone goes wild! Batista pounds on the Deadman in the corner but he runs into the Last Ride and Batista now kicks out!


Undertaker smells victory but Batista threw him over the top rope and his left arm was vulnerable to Batista. Batista then raked the bloodied face of the Deadman into the Chamber wall. He then slams his head against the structure.

Batista is about to hit Taker with a bomb on the steel, over the ropes back into the ring he counters it into his signature Tombstone Piledriver and the place goes crazy!


Batista goes down to the Tombstone Piledriver by the Deadman.

In the end at 29:28 The Undertaker won the Chamber match and got a ticket to Mania 24 where he is still undefeated to take on Edge for the World title in the Main Event.

This match is one of the better Chamber matches for certain, not as good as the original or at the following years No Way Out 09, but still a tremendous one given who was in the match.



*** 1/2





3) Ric Flair vs Mr. Kennedy in a Career Threatening Match

While it was quite obvious that this would not be the last match in the career of Ric Flair, Kennedy was still used as an asset to help further along the storyline of Flair and his retirement from the WWE.


Mr. Kennedy began the match with a big shoulder block to Flair then the mocking of his strut.

Vintage Flair in his fourth decade of competition (he is now in his fifth as of this writing in 2011) hit a chop and a hiplock on Mr. Kennedy taking him down to the mat. Flair WOOs and Mr. Kennedy gives him an evil look.

Mr. Kennedy kicked back at Flair and then got chopped in the chest. Kennedy sent Flair into the corner and he goes to the injured left knee of Nature Boy Ric Flair. Mr. Kennedy stomped on it for a long while and then applied a half crab.

Mr. Kennedy did not hesistate working on the leg of Flair slamming it into a ring-post.

Mr. Kennedy then put on a Figure Four onto Flair screaming in pain.

Flair gets to the ropes.

Mr. Kennedy held Flair up and he dropped down and started a desperate game-plan of taking out the knee of Kennedy who pushed Flair into the turnbuckle exposing his ass for the 14747384th time in his career.

Flair slaps a Figure Four on until Mr. Kennedy hit a school-boy, and Flair got out. Flair slapped on a Figure Four and Mr. Kennedy could not stay in it.

In the end at 7:13 Flair got the win.

This match has a decent story but it just did not come together in the end. Why did Flair all of the sudden get super powers and slap on his finisher out of no where….either way….





4) Edge (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship



Who is going to face the Deadman at Mania as champion.

Rey Mysterio kicks Edge up high in a very personal match. Rey with his left hands unable to use his right walks into a boot by Edge.

Edge on the outside uses dirty heel tactics throwing Rey into the steel steps.

Mysterio though is coming back in the match with a tornado ddt to Edge off the top rope. Fans like that, the month before at MSG most of the smarks booed one Rey Mysterio.

Edge with a sunset flip and then was in position for the 619 and Rey Mysterio got all of it.

He has his injured arm and that seemed to slow him down as he could not hit a west coast pop. Rey with a high boot but a great counter by Edge with a spear in mid-air.


In the end at 5:27 Edge retained over Rey by his spear. Edge and Taker at Mania 24.

This match was so short and basic nothing could get it going.

I still liked the finish though.





5) Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena for the WWE Championship




Randy Orton and Cena get it on.


Randy Orton is the defending Champion coming in.


Cena Sucks is chanted before John Cena even enters the building. Love the sign that says Cena ruined WWE. While I would not go that far it is still pretty hilarious.

Cena in his quest to become a 4 time WWE Champion here. As of this writing I think he is at 8 or 9 but then again it has been over three years.

Cena had recently been injured before this for awhile and made a surprise return at the Rumble after being WWE Champion for over a year.

Orton came out to a mixed-reaction because of the dislike for John Cena obviously in the arena.

Randy Orton and John Cena get set to go as the bell rings and Mike Keota is the official. Already calling him senior is Jim Ross but he is a veteran. I remember him giving me a wink at a Smackdown! taping before the show started as I yelled out his name. He must of known a hardcore fan was in his presence.

Half the crowd chant the name of John Cena as Orton delivers kicks to him in the chest in the corner. Randy aims in the chest and then irishwhipped to the corner is Orton off a John Cena counter and then he a hit a bulldog and Cena got a strong two count. Cena went for a pin, then an elbow and a pinfall and Orton kicked out. Orton kicked at Cena up high.

Cena rolls up Orton and then Orton runs into Cena with a clothesline despite him posing with Cena down. Orton kicks Cena in the chest. Orton beating on Cena who lays on the middle of the ropes.

Lets go Cena and Lets go Orton chants are going back and forth.

Cena then dropped Randy Orton with a clothesline over the top rope. Cena with a leg-drop from the top and a nearfall. Randy Orton rolled his left shoulder from the canvas and Cena thought he had the three count. Cena runs into a reverse elbow in the corner. Orton then kept on with his quick strikes to Cena. Randy Orton slowed the pace of the match down choking him at the bottom of the ring. Orton desperately counters the elbow to the head of Cena then he stomped on him.

Orton stomping on the vulnerable legs of Cena. Orton exposing the ankle of Cena. Randy Orton before he became known as the Viper exploited the injured body part of Cena and then he stomped on his chest.

Randy Orton pounding away on the sergically repaired pectorial muscle. Randy Orton in control and fans chant for Cena.

Orton looks to the crowd for more heat and misses with a knee-drop after removing the knee pad. Cena begins to come back and runs into the turnbuckle.

Orton has a sleeper, or side head-lock on John Cena and he keeps it locked in.

Orton with the leverage advantage.

Cena gets out and hits shoulder blocks before a side suplex. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle and hits it to a chorus of boos. Cena went for the FU but Randy Orton rolled out of the ring avoiding the move.

Cena rolls out and pulls Orton back and he pounds back on Orton as the two slug it out, outside the ring.

A sug-frest breaks out.

Both men just make the ten count.

Both guys slug it out some more and then Orton with a great inverted ddt as Ortonc ontinues to sell the leg or his knee falling down. Randy Orton covered Cena but got a two count. Orton sets up Cena high.

Cena sucks is chanted. Cena is placed up high and Randy Orton goes up top and John pushed him off the top and Cena missed a leg-drop from the top. Randy Orton moves out of the way.

Orton stalking Cena for the RKO and then Cena hits a side suplex as a counter.

STFU for Cena on Orton!

John Cena in full control! Fans roaring. Orton reaches the ropes.

Orton wanted to be counted out and then got Cena to the outside hit a RKO to a vulnerable John Cena on the floor. Randy Orton rolls back in the ring.

Talk about nice strategy.

Cena broke the count at nine for the second time in the match. John Cena refusing to go out without a fight.

Orton slapped Keota and got himself Dqd… cheer, while some boo.

In the end at 15:51 Cena won by DQ but not the title after the assault on the ref.

Cena hit a FU on Orton and then made him tap to the STFU after the match.


This match had a wonderful story. Great pacing by both men. Definitely one of their best pieces of work together.



*** 1/2






6) Main Event- Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs JBL vs Umaga vs Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy in an Elimination Chamber match for a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania XXIV



So now who will go face the WWE Champion Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 24.

Another Chamber match in the same night that had a great Chamber match before it.

Lillian goes over the rules.

Jericho and Shawn begin the match, they were in the first ever Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series 2002 from MSG where Shawn won.

Michaels and Jericho get into a chopping war, a crucifix attempt fails by HBK and Jericho rolls out and the two exchange school-boys, Jericho with a waistlock into a northern lights suplex.

Awesome wrestling to begin this one.

Michaels showing strength and leverage.

Jericho with a back-slide beating Michaels to the punch on that paticular exchange.

Jericho slapped Shawn trying to stir the pot. Jericho and HBK would see several more of each other as time went on and then Jericho ran into an atomic drop by Michaels.

Shawn from the top went for an elbow drop but the knee of Jericho blocked Michaels elbow. Chris hits a running bulldog to Michaels then looks for the Walls of Jericho.

Michaels went for a Sharpshooter and the fans boo, pretty hilarious. Jericho dropped Shawn down to size and then got another nearfall. Jericho off the ropes meets Chris coming off the other side and collide face first.

The buzzer rings and it is Umaga who has his chamber opened and he drops down Jericho and Michaels with clotheslines and he tossed Jericho onto the steel outside the ring.Shawn off the ropes with Jericho but Umaga takes both men down.

Umaga held both men in the air hitting a double Samoan Drop. Umaga then splashed Jericho with a headbutt on the canvas, just before he hit a high thrust kick to Michaels and he fell to his back on the steel outside the ring. Umaga climbed up a Chamber door. He dropped his weight on Jericho despite Y2J and his best attempts at fighting back.

Michaels hits an elbow to Umaga as Jericho moves out of the way and Umaga hits a whole lot of nothing. Jericho using all his strength to turn Umaga over, will Umaga submit. Michaels uses the crossface at the same time. A double submission.

New entrant at this time and it is none other then JBL.

JBL comes in and breaks up hte Jericho walls with a boot to the head of Jericho, and like Lawler said the strategy by JBL was rather dumb because he could of eliminated Umaga. JBL with a neck-breaker to Michaels and now he is pounding on the guy he was currently feuding with in Jericho. JBL drops an elbow down on Jericho.

Michaels is busted open after a mid-air collision and now Umaga takinf it to Shawn slamming him on the steel.

Jericho slamming JBL on the steel. Umaga and JBL pick up Jericho and Michaels and send them hard into a corner Chamber box.

Umaga has a bloodied Michaels and then he bumps him hard into the corner kicking at the chest of Michaels elevating Michaels to the steel on the outside.

Nobody eliminated yet.

Who is next, is it HHH or Jeff Hardy.

It is the Game. Triple H comes in and he takes over Umaga with a few rights and then goes to work on JBL hitting him with a face-buster. Then one off the ropes to Umaga. HHH with a spinebuster to Jericho, Triple H then with one to Umaga.

The Game is clearing house.

A ddt to JBL and a nearfall. Umaga back up with a jab to Hunter.

Triple H moves out of the way and Umaga crashes into the steel door that does not quite break. Ouch.

Jericho then hit a bulldog but missed a Lionsault. HHH then sets up for the Pedigree but JBL runs a clothesline from hell.

A codebreaker onto JBL and he is the first one eliminatred from the match.

Down to five men, one yet to enter in Jeff Hardy.

Umaga still down after that huge crash into the steel. JBL grabs a chair and knocks out Jericho and then Michaels. JBL warns Umaga he would not hit him but then did! JBL leaves to a chorus of boos.

Now with everyone bloodied and down a rested Jeff Hardy came into the ring.

Jeff Hardy takes it to Umaga and then hit a nice kick to Umaga, a dropkick to Michaels in the corner. Jeff plants Jeruicho face-first into the mat. A Whisper in the Wind to Umaga.

Triple H though kicked Jeff in the mid-section and DX sends Jeff to the turnbuckle and he hits a corkscrew moonsault. Umaga with a thrust kick catching Jeff Hardy.

Umaga spins Jericho around slamming him. Umaga picks up the Game setting him upside down. Michaels sent into him catapolting to the steel over the buckle both men bloodied.

Umaga seemingly in a ton of control. Jericho laying by the Chamber door and Umaga crashed into Jericho with his thigh and it cracked the glass taking Jericho out of the equation.

HBK back in hits Sweet chin music, Jericho with a code breaker, HHH with a pedigree, Jeff Hardy off the top of a Chamber cell he hits a Swanton and Umaga is gone. Sweet Chin Music to Jericho and Jeff pins him.

Down to three.

DX and Jeff Hardy. The Game throws Jeff to the steel.

HHH pedigreed Michaels.

Down to two men now.

Jeff Hardy and HHH, who is going to Wrestlemania 24, both these men were leading the polls on for who the fans thought would win this match so it is appropriate that they are left together. They would put on a classic at No Mercy 2008 later in the year. The best singles Jeff Hardy match ever.

Triple H hit with a ddt onto the steel by Jeff Hardy!

Triple H has it taken to him by the Game and then he is thrown into the steel once again. Jeff Hardy misses the Swanton of the top of the Chamber door.

HHH goes for the Pedigree on Hardy and hits it! Surely it is over. He kicks out!

Fans chant Hardy.

Hunter going back to his roots, grabbing a chair and going for the Pedigree and Jeff hit a low-blow, NO DQ in these matches, Jeff went for a modified ddt but HHH hit a Pedigree on the chair to Jeff and wins!

This match ended at 23:54 after The Game defeated Jeff Hardy after a Pedigree onto a Steel Chair.

Awesome ride. The better Chamber match of the night.










Final Rating for WWE No Way Out 2008 = 7.5/10

This show featured two Elimination Chamber matches which was a good change of pace from previous No Way Out events. They would continue that theme as time went on, either way this set up Wrestlemania 24 which as a tremendous show rather nicely. This events Chamber matches came off brilliant which is ultimately why it gets a 7.5 out of 10 rating. Other solid matches on the card as well helped add to that but the Chamber is the main reason. Great event.



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  1. Jay Karia says:

    Both the elimination chamber matches were excellent.

  2. Jeff Copeland says:

    this was 2nd ever ppv i went to and it was not a show. its funny cause people started booing punk for doing the eddie stuff and yet punk was a face at the time. the sd chamber was ok taker winning was pretty much known. kennedy flair ehh. rey edge ok consitering reys injured arm, and big shows return was a huge shocker.

    cena rko for only being there 3rd ppv match this was good and people cheered huge when orton slapped the ref knowing yea cena won but it was by dq so orton was gonna go to wm 24 😀 as champ!!

    raw chamber was also really good only downer was it was bit short i think it was 22 minutes while sd one was 30 i would of switched the times around.

    people really wanted jeff hardy to win but ehh hhh won most figured he would.

    so over all not that bad of a no way out alot better then 07 version so i would agree 7.5 is just right for the ppv

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