Review: “WWE Raw 15th Anniversary” (3 Disc) DVD

December 14, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “WWE Raw 15th Anniversary” 3 Disc Review:



It became apart of the accepted Amercian Language, I mean it was Monday Night Raw!!! -Vince McMahon



-The 15h Anniversary of Raw was released in early 2008 and was put together with various matches and classic moments from the history of Raw through three discs covering moments from when Raw started in 1993 through early 2008.

Todd Grisham is your host. He tells us Raw has had over 850 episode which is more then the Simpsons and ER combined.

This set (including segments) features 13 of Raw’s greatest matches throughout the three discs.




Disc 1:


Segment # 1 First RAW – January 11, 1993

-This is something interesting. They presented us some random superstars tidbits and where they were when Raw first started in 93.

-They showed highlights of the first Raw broadcast live. McMahon on commentary straight away and we’re treated to highlights of the first ever broadcast of Raw after an intodution from Grisham
Damien Demento main evented the first Raw against The Undertaker. They’ve came a long way since, to say the least.


Match #1) Mr. Perfect vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (With Bobby Heenan) in a Loser Leaves the Company Match -WWF Raw January 18, 1993

This was put on the Raw Seasons 1 and 2 DVD as well, as it is one of the best matches in Raw history.


Flair after going coast to coast essentially in the 92 Rumble was dissapointed the night before when losing in the 93 Rumble being tossed out by Mr. Perfect himself!
The loser here would go to WCW, (although of course Vince would never point that out) both men eventually did within a few years anyway. As did Macho Man, DiBiase, Kid, Hall, Nash and everyone else that wanted more cash.
Hennig here was back on his game workrate wise and put on pretty amazing clinic with the Naitch here given its length.

Perfect was the babyface while Flair was quite obviously the heel where he was at his best.
On Commentary it was McMahon and Heenan.

Mr. Perfect and Flair in the heat of their rivalry stood toe to toe and did not elect to dishing out shots.

Ric Flair is all over Perfect with a hot crowd. McMahon and an extremely-biased yet often hilarious Bobby Heenan do commentary which makes this match fly by even more at an alaming rate.

Any time you are treated to a Flair vs Hennig in the early 90`s on Free TV, that was simply the golden standard.

Ric Flair at a fast pace went right to work on Mr. Perfect and the fans are eating it up. Heenan on commentary makes everything so much better and that can’t be stressed enough.

Mr. Perfect who the fan were behind in a major way was down as Flair went to work on Hennig some more. Flair stomped away at Perfect and Hennig does an awesome bumping job flipping over the buckle to the floor from an irishwhip by Flair.

Perfect was bloodied as Perfect smacked his head on the buckle on his collision on the way down.

Awesome psychology as Flair sent Hennig’s bad back into the ringpost. A slugfest between two guys battling for their jobs.

A double collision and in dramatic fashion Hennig hooked the tights in a unique cradle pinning combo and got a two. Flair goes for a hiplock off the ropes but Perfect all bloodied went for a backslide. A two count. Hennig hit a backdrop on Flair from the corner out of desperation.
Flair begged Pefect to back off. Hennig landed right hands. Perfect up high dropped tough blows on Naitch.

Flair dropped Hennig ith an inverted atomic drop off the top and a cradle with a close two count. Flair rolls to the floor. Flair comes in the hard way.

Hennig suplexes Flair from the outside apron into the ring the hard way. Flair from his tights grabbed knucks and layed out Hennig. McMahon on commentary said it would be a travesty in so many words if Hennig loses his career this way.

Flair drops an elbow for good measure and a two. Flair relentless showed his vicious side opening up Hennig’s blood.

Flair’s chops in the corner motivated Perfect. Heniig chopped back at Flair now. Perfect with a back drop and a hard right dropping Naitch. Perfect sent Flair to the corner and he did his usual flip and run to the other buckle and jump off, Hennig got him coming don in an awkward collision.

Flair though regain control and used his feet on the ropes to try and pin Hennig but he fought out. Off the ropes Hennig put Flair away with a beautiful Perpect Plex.
Heenan screams OH MY GOD NO and leaves the booth after cussing out on commentary which was beeped.

This was every bit of good as remembered.

In the end Perfect made Flair leave The Federation Where didn’t feel belonged.

This one is a borderline classic, excellent tv match.

A “Perfect” example of how to tell an important and yet compelling story in the ring.






Segment # 2 Parking Lot Brawl – May 10, 1993

-This featured an up and coming star in HBK cutting an outside promo on Duggan claiming that he held the IC title.
Hennig jumps him.

This decent segment made the set because it is rare and that is nice.




Match #2) “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon vs The 1-2-3 Kid -WWF Raw May 17, 1993

Savage and McMahon do commentary.

Hall was still a heel here and this match is one of the biggest upsets in Raw history.

The 1-2-3 Kid was known simply as “The Kid” here hence the upset.

The kid never got the 123 tag until this match.

Savage poked fun at the fact he couldn’t find a name.

Razor threw a toothpick at the Kid and hit a hiptoss. This looked like it was going to be your typical squash.

Razor with an abdominal stretch. Razor was very over with the crowd even as a heel since the fans took a liking to his edgy attitude. Ramon “having fun” with the Kid according to Vince.

Razor hit a fall away slam and then missed Kid in the corner hitting his head on the top buckle. Kid hit a summersault from the top and won at 1:17.

In the end The Kid got the win and the place exploded naming him now the 1-2-3 Kid at the age of 20.

This one will always be remembered as one of the best upsets even if it wasn’t a great match.






Match #3) Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty Intercontinental Championship Match -WWF Raw May 17, 1993


Here we go. Savage, Vince and Heenan from the booth.
Bad blood between the former team the crowd were ready.

Marty Jannetty shocked Shawn in the ring and the bout was on.

Shawn Michaels cornered Marty and threw him to the buckle with some rights. Jannetty was quicker and got a victory roll out of it. A leapfrog an a sunset flip almost upset the Champ and Heenan sounded like he was going to have a stroke.
This took place on the same night as the Kid-Razor match.

The fans popped as Shawn was clotheslined to the floor. Marty kicked up back into the ring and then flew out onto Shawn.

Fans chant Marty and he was never as over as he was during this match at least to my knowledge.

Jannetty had all Michaels’s moves scouted being his partnet and hit a hiplock before a leg-scissors. Marty in complete control. Shawn is tossed to the corner and he flips upside down.
Shawn went to leave but Perfect met him by the curtain.

Back from the break Shawn clotheslined Marty across the ropes. Michaels kicked at Jannetty hit him with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Michaels woredown the quicker challenger who had beaten on Michaels a lot to this point.

Hennig remained watching at ringside.

Michaels with a nice standing dropkick and blocks the second one catapolting Michaels to the corner.

The drama added as Marty covered Michaels and got a two. Jannetty landed more shots. Michaels off the ropes is hit with a hiplock and the fact HBK kept kicking out helped build him up.

Marty off the top landed a swinging crossbody off the top and a nearfall. A waistlock go-behind and a series of reversals follow with inside cradle after cradle.

Michaels taunted Perfect but he thew the towel at him.

Marty rolled up Michaels and got the three to become the new IC Champion at 7:58 of tv time.

This was a nice fast paced Raw match with the crowd into it watching two former Rockers going at it. Nothing much more really.

It took place on a memorable Raw and essentially that is why it is remembered best. That and the title switch.


*** 1/4

Segment # 3 Gorilla Monsoon Fires Bobby Heenan – December 6, 1993

-This was another memorable segment on the broadcast.

The late Monsoon is so great in his role. He dragged Heenan out of the building and everyone loved to hate Heenan so he was dragged out pleading for his job.




Match #4) The 1-2-3 Kid vs Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Monday Night Raw July 11th 1994



We’re in for a treat here.

The Hitman was going up against the underdog’s of all underdog’s despite the Kid being on a roll.

Bret’s ability to adapt with anyone was second to none so the contrast here was incredibally compelling.

The crowd were hot for this one.

On commentary, Ross is calling the action with Savage.

The 1-2-3 Kid takes Bret down early and he shake it off. Kid was trained by Malenko’s father Boris while Bret was trained by his own.

Kid in the early going surprised the Hitman with an arm-ringer, a shove down and Bret kicked up. Kid with a chain wrestling switch out of a side headlock into a hammerlock.

Snapmare over but Kid continued to roll Bret on the mat inside a hammerlock frustrating Bret some more. A hard elbow by the Hitman catching Kid on the jaw.

Snapmare over by Bret into a headlock wearing him down.

Bret with a shoulder block. Kid avoided contact utilizing his quickness and he kicked Bret continually with reverse thrust kicks taking Hart to the floor.

Back inside Kid after a commercial continued to maintain control with an armbar.
Kid tried to ground Bret on the mat.

The 1-2-3 Kid kept Bret grappled and Macho said he was in a state of shock.

Kid held the armbar on even longer. Off the ropes a leap but Hart caught him deep into the abdomen with a hard knee shot. Hart scooped up the Kid and stomped on him.
Scoop slam by Hart followed by a legdrop.

Hitman back in control with a deliberate pace and the fans in his favor despite Ross trying to tell us the fans wanted the Kid to win.

Hart with a hard European Uppercut in the corner on Kid a series of times before raking his face using his knee for leverage. A hard elbow to the back of the head two times. A hard kick to the ribs by Bret who found himself having to resort to physical punishment to follow up on his gameplan.

A swinging neckbreaker by Hart before a headlock and battering of the Kid throwing him face first to the buckle. Bret irishwhipped Kid hard backfirst to the buckle. Bret misses the elbow and the Kid caught him with a crossbody off the ropes. Kid got a nearfall. Bret sends him to the buckle.

Kid had other plans utilizing his quickness attempting a sunset flip but Hart showed HIS advantage with experience and strength dropping down onto the Kid scoring a two.

That is just a great exchange full of psychology and logic.

Hart ith a crucifi and a two count. Bret got th three but Kid had his foot on the rope. Hart said he did not beat him fairly as his foot was on the rope.

Bret never could get through to Hebner.

Hart didn’t want the victory because he was a fighting Champion.

Another official comes in admitting to seeing the leg and the match is ordered to continue.

Macho and Ross love it.

Kid almost rolled up Bret during the break but Hart out of desperation fought back on the Kid and slapped on a sleeper.

Hart dropped an elbow allowing Kid to get to his feet. Hart slammed Kid to the mat. Hart jumped off the top but Kid caught him with a high boot.

Bret sent Kid to the corner but he score with a series of thrust and spinning heel kicks.
Kid with a summersault off the top and a two! Exciting times here.

Kid with a legdrop off the rop and a moonsault to the floor on Bret after a nearfall.
Hart deflected it and Kid crashed and burned. Bret rolled back in the ring.
Kid is going to take another chance and misses with a moonsault, Ross’s commentary really helped the drama in the match as did the crowd and of course the action.
Bret goes to the Sharpshooter but Kid grabbed the rope.

Bret with a snap suplex and off the top Kid caught Hart.

Kid gets caught off the top and Hart goes into the Sharpshooter and this time puts him away.


In the end at 17:57 Hart kept the title.

This match is a Classic, one of the best stories told in not just Raw but Pro-wrestling history.

Clearly the best match in Kid’s career but then again, most had their best against the Hitman.

Macho Man and Ross give what they call one of the best matches of all time a standing ovation from the broadcast booth.


**** 1/2



Segment # 4 The Search for The Undertaker – August 1994

-Ever since Royal Rumble 1994 the Phenom of the World Wrestling Federation had dissapeared.

The now late legendary comedian Leslie Nielson looked for him at Summerslam 1994 trying to crack the case.

As did Ray Rougeau. Just a bunch of silly segments really.



Segment # 5 King’s Court with William Shatner – January 9, 1995

-This was the reason Shatner inducted Lawler which was rather confusing considering Lawler’s historic and lengthy career.
Here Shatner and King were in the ring on January 9th in Houston.

King makes fun of Shatner. Bret helps him out.

King has some good lines as always.




Match #5) Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart -November 20, 1995
This was the night after Survivor Series when Bret won the title from Nash.

Two athletic, aerial superstars who both sustained a ton of heat makes for a great match.

Owen has a standing side headlock on Shawn in mid-ring.

Shawn Michaels taken down with a shoulderblock and a side headlock takedown.
Michaels fought back with a flying forearm and a bridge pinning combo. Michaels dragged Owen from the outside into the ring and he stomped on the mat torking his arm.

Owen goes for a leapfrog but Michaels his a hurricanrana.

Michaels misses with a clothesline and Owen hits one of his own taking him to the floor. Owen with a baseball slide to Shawn. Michaels has difficulty on the outside.
More nearfalls and back from the break Michaels continued to fly hitting Hart over and over with high risk moves.

Michaels goes for a Superkick but Owen hits an Inziguri and slaps a sharpshooter on Shawn and he rakes the face of Owen who flipped up Shawn but he rolled out and clotheslined Owen to the floor.

Great action here.

Michaels falls down again to tell the earlier kick to the head from Owen.

In the end at 6:37 the match ends. McMahon comes into the ring to help put over the angle of Shawn having a concussion which was basically only used to gain him more support on his 96 title push.

This bout wasn’t on par with a borderline Classic the following year at In Your House but it’s always a treat when Michaels wrestled Owen. In comparison to Shawn against Bret their felt like less legit heat which translated to a better structured match.




Segment # 6 Vader attacks WWE President Gorilla Monsoon – January 22, 1996

-This was one of the first time a Pro hurt an authority figure before the days Steve Austin did it on a regular basis.

Vader assaulted official after official.

Cornette by his side Vader didn’t take nothing not even from the late Hall of Famer after he suspends him.

Monsoon even chopped Vader!

Segment # 7 A Touch of Goldust – May 27, 1996
-This materal was a but disturbing to some but that was the whole point.
Dustin was a great worker but in the WWF had the Bizzare gimick of one Goldust.
He did get over as both heel and face and here we see some clips of his character.

Segment # 8 Pillman’s Got a Gun – November 4, 1996
-This was one of the most controversial moment in Wrestling history between two of the most risk taking stars ofa all time in Brian Pillman and Steve Austin.

These friends competed in an angle where they were anything but.
Austin’s got a gun!

Steve’s attitude caught on in a big way by this time with his foul mouth language, B and E and not even being afraid of a man with a gun.

Austin yelled SHOOT ME, Pillman said he’d kill the son of a bit*h. It cuts out while Kevin Kelly keeps screaming OH MY GOD.
Unfortunately Brian would pass a way not even a year later.


Match #6) Mankind vs The Undertaker No Holds Barred -WWF Raw December 9, 1996

In 1996 The Undertaker and Mankind had done it all.

They wrestled at King of the Ring. *** 1/2

They wrestled at Summerslam in a Boiler Room Brawl. *** 1/2

They wrestled at Buried Alive. ****

They wrestled at Survivor Series 1996 in a very solid match. *** 1/4

They wrestled at Revenge of the Taker. ****

Of course they’d go on to bigger and better things like the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998. **** 1/4


So the feud here was heated.

This paticular bout No Holds Barred on free television which sounded compelling enough. A Christmas present coming early for WWF fans as they loved Taker and Foley was fearless as fas bumping goes.

This was the first time Undertaker wore a vest to the ring.
Here we go. Undertaker gets a good response, Foley gets his usual heat.
The brawl is on.

The Undertaker throws Mick into the barricade and layed him out with a hard right.

Taker stomped on the claw of Mankind on top of the steps. Undertaker grabs the steps on Mankind.

Mankind reverses an irishwhip to Taker into the steps.

Fans chanted “He’s HARDCORE!”

Mankind dropped an elbow onto Undertaker and then kicked him in the face.
Mankind threw Taker into the ring bell and then a legdrop to Taker.

Mankind dropped on Taker’s leg trying to hyperextend it, Undertaker kicked him out of the ring with his good leg. Taker scooped up Foley and slammed him on the table.
Mankind ran into a kick to the face holding a chair. Mankind though landed behind Taker and slapped on the Claw. Taker sold the leg which allowed Foley to get this move.

Undertaker with an escape grabbed the waist of Mankind and then out of the corner Undertaker hit the Tombstone on Mankind.

Taker gets him at 6:43.

The match was a solid brawl in a tremendous feud.

** 1/2


Segment # 9 – Shawn Loses His Smile – February 13, 1997

-This was one of the most ridiculous promo’s in history as far as I’m concerned. Fans even chanted for Sid during this interview.

I lose my smile everyday, but do I cry about it on National tv? No.

Oh and the reason he lost his smile? He heard he had to drop the title to Bret, the same guy that did him the honor the year before. Poor Michaels.

Good stuff Shawn. Forget Nicholson, give Hickenbottom the Oscar! Bravo.


Segment # 10 -The Ninth Wonder of the World – February 17, 1997
-Before “One Night in Chyna”, THIS was a proper look at Chyna.

She originally came in the Federation here and no one had quite been in the business like her.
She was the first lady to do many things, unfortunately the lady is troubled and if she goes into the Hall (which she fully deserves) I have a feeling it’ll be until after she passes. That could come some time soon if she doesen’t clean herself up.


Segment # 11 – Original ECW Invasion – February 24, 1997
-This was when McMahon was fully aware that ECW had a large fanbase. He gave Paul E some decent exposure here.

Fun stuff that I still remember quite well.

They put a lot of time and interviews into this paticular chapter.


Match #7) Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog for the Vacant European title (FINALS) -WWF Raw is War: Germany, 1997

Bulldog beat Vader, Owen beat Bret to advance.
Now the tag champs met in the finals for the European title.

The stage was set for THE greatet match In Raw history with such a great crowd. Greatest match in Raw history. Strong words there.

The British Bulldog ties up with Owen and these two knew each other quite well being a tagteam.

The European Crowd helped the atmosphere of the match.

Honkeytonk Man joined McMahon on commentary.

Owen with a wristlock and Bulldog flipped around then Owen did his awesome flipping and an armbar.

Daveyboy countered into a wristlock and the European crowd applauded in appreciation. Owen sends Bulldog to the corner and tried a monkey flip out of the corner and Bulldog flipped out, Owen flipped over and Bulldog kicked out.
Both men showing athleticism and wrestling skill. Davey Boy the stronger of the two held Owen down until he used the top rope to flip over but he was powerbombed by Bulldog to the mat hard.

Bulldog blocked an attempted hurricanrana from Owen and catapolted him to he outside.

Bulldog allows his partner back in and a show of respect gets a good ovation. Owen reaching from behind with an escape and a roll-up, Bulldog showed surprising quickness on Owen hitting him with an armdrag.

Bulldog planted his knee into Owen taking out the legs which was logical because Owen did have the speed advantage.

Bulldog went back to here he excelled in his power game and slammed Oen to the mat hard backfirst. Bulldog with a tremendous crucifix off the ropes on Owen and a nearfall. Bulldog avoided Owen’s inziguri and Bulldog had it scouted.

Davey Boy with a Surfboard submission hold hanging Owen back. Owen grabbed Hebner to break the hold.

Owen celebrated a little getting the better of the Bulldog sending him outside the ring. Owen Hart asked Bulldog back in and allowed him back as the crowd clap as they are surprised Owen didn’t hit him ith a cheap shot.

Bulldog with a side headlock takedown. Bulldog kept Owen grounded.

After a collision Owen out-smarted his partner pretending his knee was hurt and Owen went for the Sharpshooter but Bulldog got out and now it became physical as he pushes Owen who comes back with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Owen hits a back breaker on Bulldog. Owen drives the point of his knee into the lowerback of Bulldog and then he irishwhipped Davey Boy hard backfirst to the buckle. Owen remaining on the back scoop slams Davey Boy.

Owen hits a legdrop and now slaps on a sleeper.

The match is already ten minutes old and it’s gone by incredibally quick.
Off the ropes Bulldog took the knee to the mid-section. Owen stomped on Bulldog taking him to the floor. Bulldog comes back in with a sunset flip.

Nearfall Owen fights back and then slaps on a headlock after Davey got out of it and off the ropes runs into a wonderful belly to belly by Owen. Owen slaps a reverse chinlock on Bulldog.

Owen now into a modified camel clutch.

Bulldog uses his strength to power out and drop Owen on his back. Bulldog runs into a high boot from Owen in the corner who used his boot on the rope for unfair leverage as he often did. Owen lands a dropkick and flies off the top with an elbow drop.

Owen goes back into a weardown headlock.

Bulldog elbows out and now on the top rope Bulldog countered a Superplex into a crossbody pinninb combo, the amazing counter by Davey Boy gets him a two.
Bulldog with momentum off the ropes drops Owen with three clotheslines consecutively then a powerslam. Nearfall.

Sternum first into the corner and Owen is dropped groin first on the top rope. Bulldog went to sunset flip Owen back in but he flipped over him and hit a German suplex into a bridge. Nearfall.

Amazing stuff.

Bulldog went for a powerslam but out of the corner Owen landed on Bulldog and a series of nearfalls makes things exciting.

Finally the Inziguri finds its mark and Owen goes to slap on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Bulldog in agony but with the momentum of the European crowd he willed his way to the ropes.

Owen thought he won and celebrated pre-maturely.

Owen off the ropes is flipped over by Owen, both men roll into another move and Bulldog drills Owen with his Powerslam and Owen kick out!

Extremely compelling climax.

Owen from behind wrappedu up Davey Boy with a desperation inside cradle, Bulldog counters and wins to a huge pop at 16:45.

Owen tried to beat Bulldog the same way he beat his brother at Mania 10 with a victory roll.

Can’t really stress enough how perfect this was, perhaps Davey Boy’s finest moment even if it wasn’t his most profiled victory.

So essentially what we got here is the finest match in Company history on free television next to Austin versus Benoit on Smackdown! in 2001 which wasn’t on the SD Anniversary set.

Pure Classic in every sense of the word, it ranks #25 on my all time list.
Best match in the history of Monday night television.

**** 3/4



Segment # 12 – Bret Speaks His Mind – March 17, 1997

-This was when a frustrated Hitman was in the transition of turning Heel and real the “Mr McMahon” character came about.

Bret Hart shoved down Vince on the mat inside a cage and contineued to cuss on the mic about how much he was screwed.

Bret was sick of Shawn and the direction of the company. A semi-shoot.

Match #8) – Flag Match – United States vs Canada – July 21, 1997

This was picked up on the warzone (second half of Raw) seemingly clipped as Dude Love had a headlock on Owen.
Owen missed an inziguri on Austin and he went for a Sharpshooter.

It was Bret, Owen and Bulldog against Austin, Taker and Foley.

This was in Canada so the Hart Foundation were the favourites.

Hart tried to slam Austin’s leg into the post but Foley saved him.

Tons of action everywhere Undertaker went for a chokeslam on Bulldog.

Bret came in and no slugged it out with Taker who he’d soon meet at Summerslam. Double collision and Taker sits up which is booed since its in Canada.

Owen prevented Taker from climbing.

Pillman came from no where and Bret grabbed the flag to a huge pop in about five minutes.

Fun but extremely short or clipped.

* 1/4



Segment # 13 – Stone Cold Stuns the Boss – September 22, 1997
-This was obviously groundbreaking and the start of arguably the greatest rivalry in the history of the business.

This changed everything. A memorable night from the Garden.

Segment # 14 – Bret Screwed Bret – November 17, 1997
-This was basically Vince trying to justify his ridiculous actions with a black eye.

How compelling. What amazes me most is that the powers that be continue to show this ridiculous interview as if McMahon is proud of it. Vince has publically stated he was not numerous times so despite being relevant at the time I have no idea why we see this interview on so many DVD releases.

Segment # 15 – Sable in a Sack -December 8, 1997
-This was Sable showing off to Tom Brandi who loved it.
Mero not so much.
All heterosexual males loved it as well.


Segment # 16 – Gold Meets Water – December 15, 1997
-Before Rock was a major draw, the hottest person in the industry Steve Austin threw Rock’s title off a bridge.

Same Stone Cold time.

Same Stone Cold CHANNNNNEL!!!!


Segment # 17 – Christmas with DX – December 22, 1997

-This was a bit of fun the newly formed DX had on Christmas in 97.

Some more pushing of the envelope where Shawn and Hunter stripped.

Basically if the rating systems were different you’d see the same thing today since they essentially run what goes down.








Disc 2:


Segment # 18 – Tyson and Austin! Tyson and Austin! -January 19th 1998

-This here was something pretty groundbreaking.

Tyson was one of the most popular faces in the entire world and Austin was on his way himself.

They did their promo and it got a ton of mainstream press which helped the road to the Austin era.

One of Raw`s finest hours, which also heated the Austin-McMahon rivalry.



Segment # 19 – DX Special Report -February 2nd 1998
-Getting a bit more over the top, the group of Chyna, Hunter and Shawn did a mockery of Clinton and provided some good humor in the process.

Attitude was getting delivered more and more by the day.

Ì was UP…alllll…niiight.



Segment # 20 – Dumpster Diving -February 2nd 1998
-There’s no need to deny the attitude since this was the same night as the DX Speech.
Foley and Funk are crazy and the Outlaws got over even more then they already were.
Good bump, I remember it stopping about 45 minutes of the two hour broadcast though. That was a bit dissapointing but a bit understandable.


Segment # 21 – Formation of the New DX -March 30th 1998
-This took place the night after Mania 14 as the Austin Era officially
Hunter said Shawn dropped the ball and now it was in his court.

Triple H is now the leader of DX. He also said he made a call to the Clique, out comes X-Pac to a pretty good ovation.

X-Pac rips on Hogan and Bischoff.



Match #9) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr. McMahon -April 13th 1998

Stone Cold Steve Austin was about to wrestle his greatest rival, his boss.

McMahon had never wrestled.

Austin had to have an arm tied behind his back since earlier in the night he said he could beat Vince that way.

This takes awhile to get going and Dude essentially was one of the few challengers Austin had for PPV so they had to build some way.

It was exciting to see what would happen, but it was ultimately dissapointing at the end of the day.

A no contest.

Ironically despite the bad ending, this was the first time Raw beat Nitro in the ratings in two years.

Segments like this should not have to be rated.




Segment # 22 – DX Invades WCW -April 27th 1998
-This was a risky move, very original and well done.



Segment # 23 – DX-Nation -July 26th 1998

-Speaking of ENTERTAINING…Jason Sensation as Owen Hart was the cream of the crop here.

Segment # 24 – Zamboni 3:16 -September 28th 1998

-A loud ovation at the Joe saw Austin attack McMahon driving a Zamboni in the arena the Red wings play hockey,
Austin got McMahon! Austin got McMahon! Amazing ovation in Austin in 1998. That last statement could be repeated every week of 1998 but this was one of the better ones.

Segment # 25 – The Debut of Mr. Socko -October 5th 1998
-In one of the most famous segments in Raw history Mick shows up to cheer up Vince with Socko and a Clown.

Vince has had enough.

Until Doctor Austin comes by and hits McMahon in the head with a bed pan among other things.

Highly comical.

This was one of those things that couldn`t of been done any better then it was.

Segment # 26 – McMahon Cement Corvette -October 12th 1998

-This was another piece to the amazing 1998 rivalry. Vince`s facial expressions helped the feud progress nicely.

Segment # 27 – Bang 3:16 -October 19th 1998
-Another, Austin-McMahon segment.

You could really tell who were the key players to taking over the OTHER company by now.

Another entertaining segment.

McMahon 3:16 says I just pissed my pants.


Segment # 28 – Mankind wins the title -Jan 4th 1999
The loudest ovation I’ve ever heard took place when Steve Austin came out to help Mick win his first title over The Rock.

Truly a great moment in the history of the company.

Everything was GOLD here. Nitro would never beat Raw again as this was also the same night as the infamous Finger Poke of Doom on Nitro with Hogan and Nash.


Segment # 29 – Beer Truck -March 22nd 1999
-This was voted the greatest segment in Raw history by the fans in late 2002, early 2003 at the ten year anniversary.

If you don`t think it is, it`s irrelevant really, it was a tremendous moment for many reasons and nothing says ÒRDER Mania better then a opening promo like that.

It`s unfortunate Mania 15 was so poor for how hot the company was getting. These guys did their part.


Segment # 30 – Monster Truck vs Town Car -April 22nd 1999
-Another page in the Austin-Rock rivalry.

Dearly trailer park trash.

Rock held a funeral for Austin after throwing him off a bridge.

Austin came back driving his 3:16 Monster Truck on Rock`s new wheels which pissed off the great one but helped set up Backlash. Rock turned Babyface the next night.


Match #10) Mean Street Posse vs The Stooges -May 10th 1999

In a time when everyone and their mom’s watched Raw, this forgettable but somewhat humerous match took place.

Hogan`s music was used here for Patterson and Brisco who also posed like Hulk after the match.

Ross`s line was gold, “Ànd he`s single fellas!“

Stooges won in a minute with the figure four.



Segment # 31- The Greater Power Revealed -June 7th 1999


-This as excellent drama as ridiculous as it may have seemed at the time.

A great storyline that lead to Austin becoming the CEO for a bit of time.

It also produced some of the best/hilarious back to back dialogue ever heard on television.

Vince McMahon: “It’s ME AUSTIN!!!”


Jim Ross: “Awwww Son of a Bitch!”
King: “Whaaaat!?!?!?”


Segment # 32 – Y2J -August 9th 1999
-This while leaked on the net it`d likely be Jericho still didn`t hold it back from being one of the greatest debut`s in history, if not the very greatest.

The pop from Chi Town when the word `JERICHO` flashes over the titan-tron gives me the chills since in the other company he was such an under-appreciated talent.

The Millenium Man.



Segment # 33 – Rock: This is Your Life -September 27th 1999
-This was the highest rated segment in Raw history and it went for a quarter of the show.
Vince was furious until he saw the ratings of course.

Most memorable line: The Rock`s birthday is May 2nd ya Stupid Son of a Bitch!


Segment # 34 – Bossman Sympathy -November 8th 1999
-The late Ray Traylor cooked Al Snow`s dog Pepper and fed it to him.

He made fun of Show`s dad passing on and then dragged his coffin at his funeral.

He also came out and read a poem on Show`s dad. Bossman was pretty funny.


Segment # 35 – What Happens in Vegas -November 29th 1999
-This was when Hunter broke up the Marriage of the late Test and Stephanie and drugged her and married her.

Oh it`s okay though because Stephanie is turned on by him as we`d later learn.


Segment # 36 – Jericho Not the New Champion -April 17th 2000
-This took place on the same night Linda McMahon announced Austin would be in Rock`s corner in Backlash.

That`s relevant because both Jericho beating Hunter and the announcment from Linda are two of the loudest ovations you`ll ever hear.

Hebner counted fast, Hunter reversed the decision so it NEVER HAPPENED. Also because it`s HHH and he can do what he wants.

It doesen`t matter if he won or not, while it lasted it was a great moment.


Segment # 37 – Shane Purchases WCW -March 26th 2001
-This was the night that changed the company forever.

No more competition.
An interesting time to say the least.



Segment # 38 – Milk-o-Mania -August 20th 2001
-This was an obvious spoof of the Beer Truck but with it being Angle and Milk made it much better.

Angle`s finest POP came during this segment when he broke up Austin appreciation night the night after Summerslam.


Segment # 39 – Triple H Returns -January 7th 2002
-I`ve been talking about ovations. This is one of the loudest for a long period of time from the Garden.

The company did a great job at promoting his comeback with U2`s `Beautiful Day` video and “DID YOU FORGET ME!“ vignettes.

Hunter was one of the best in the world until he got hurt so the fans had reason to be excited for this.

I wish I could say he`d get on the same level again but while providing some classics since has never got to the October 99-May 01 level.


Segment # 40 – Past Meets Present -February 18th 2002
-This was a moment for the ages. Rock and Hogan. No one could of predicted the meeting of two of the three biggest names in history from different era`s.

The Mania match lived up to the hype to say the least, thanks in large part to Canada.



Segment # 41 – Bischoff Hugs Vince -July 15th 2002
-The moment almost nobody thought could ever happen.

A guy Vince hates more then Randy Savage, Jeff Jarrett and Ultimate warrior combined.

Not only that but he hired him and he was on the payroll.

He came out to ACDC`s back in black at the time but his “I`m Baaaack“ theme is used here due to copyrights.



Disc 3:

Segment # 42 – “The Rock” Concert -March 24th 2003

-The Rock showed he could still entertain despite being away from the business for awhile.

This Sacremento song ranks up there with the Toronto promo as far as Hollywood Rock goes.

The Lakers beating the Kings in May was the best part.


Segment # 43 – Kane Unmasks -June 23rd 2003
-This ruined Kane.

It drew a huge rating.

However Kane was ultimately damned from the start. It`s arguable. The initial push was interesting but they handled him even worse after this if that was even imaginable.




Segment # 44 – Musical Chairs with Eugene -July 25th 2004

-This was humerous for Flair and Stacy although completely ridiculous and didn`t belong on Raw.


Segment # 45 – Evolution Turns on Randy Orton -August 16th 2004

-The night after Orton became the youngest Champion in history beating that guy, forget his name, my apologies.

This was a good swerve but Orton`s face turn was handled the very worst in the history of the business.


Segment # 46 – Are you ready for Some Wrestling? -November 22nd 2004
-This was Vince spoofing the NFL in a segment with Trish and Shelton.



Segment # 47 – Batista Turns on Triple H -February 21st 2005
-One of the worst kept secrets in Raw came to be and Mania 21`s Main Event was no set up after the Orton flop.


Match #11) Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Michaels -Goldrush Tournament Match: May 2nd 2005
This match here is great, no doubt.

Although I find a lot of people think of the ending more then the actual match, and while that part was impressive. The big superkick after the springboard off the top ropes from Shelton.

Bell rings.

This took place during the Goldrush tournament which did provide quite a few great matches, this was one of them.

Shawn Michaels with a waistlock go behind and Shelton follows it up with some good counter wrestling riding the game on the mat forcing him to reach the ropes.

Michaels looks shocked as Shelton does confident.

Hammerlock into one of his own by Benjamin, Michaels reverses it and takes him down.

Benjamin out-wrestled Shawn and he had to go to the ropes frustrating him some more.

Fans chant for Michaels as Shelton is taken down with a side headlock takeover.

Shawn with a headlock on Shelton and ran into a shoulder block and then a counter into a hiplock. Benjamin from the mat catches him with kicks before two deep arm drag take down`s.

Michaels is frustrated some more.

Shelton puts Shawn in a headlock and takes him to the mat in a crisp way getting a nearfall. Benjamin rolled to his back by Michaels. Shawn applies shots to the ribs and runs over Benjamin before cleverly tying him up covering him up in the process.

Hard forearm shot by Michaels before a hard chop. Shelton lands behind Shawn and both collide as they fall to the floor.

Back from the break Shelton in control as Shawn was frustrated.

Benjamin turned in mid-air countering a superplex with a crossbody off the top but he got just a two count out of it.

Michaels lands chops but Shelton counters with a Samoan drop. Benjamin runs over Michaels with clotheslines before an inverted backbreaker and a nearfall.

Benjamin chopped and off the ropes reverses an irishwhip but Michaels hit a flying forearm on Shelton. Shawn predictably kicks up but waits till the seven count. Shelton fights back like Michaels and he skinned the cat with a victory roll.

Both men countered the victory roll and we had a series of nearfalls.

Awesome exchange.

Michaels chops Shelton in the corner. Shelton sends Shawn on his bad back to the corner. Shelton hits a Splash before a suplex grounding Shawn.

Shelton gets up and ducks a kick, Shelton is spinned around and hits a high spinning heel kick.

Matches like this make me wonder what happened to Shelton and his push.
He was great.

Shelton places Michaels up top and Michaels fights back. Michaels knock him off and flies off with a signature elbow drop. Michaels goes for a Superkick but Shelton spins him around hitting a spinning heel kick.

Shelton remains in the bout. Michaels elbowed and then amazingly he springboards off the top rope into a flying crossbody in mid-air scoring him another long two.

Shelton is now frustrated as was Michaels earlier on.
Off the ropes Shelton is elevated to the outside apron.

Benjamin springboards off into a Superkick.

Michaels wins at 12:47.

A fantastic match here, no mistake about it.

*** 3/4



Segment # 48 – John Cena Drafted # 1 to RAW -June 6th 2005
-This was very shocking at the time since Cena was Champion.

I remember Christian owning John which is not what the company wanted during this segment but it was still memorable.


Segment # 49 – Edge/Lita Wedding -June 20th 2005
-Snitsky`s NOT MY FAULT SPEECH was the best part of this whole ordeal.
That or the Priest yelling `JESUS CHRIST` when Kane showed his face under the ring breaking up the wedding.

Every wrestling wedding is interupted eventually unless its Savage and Liz and even that one had a Snake like feel afterwards…

Segment # 50 – Shawn Michaels turns on Hulk Hogan -July 4th 2004

-It was Independance Day and all was right in Hulkamania world…until a Superkick caught Hogan and everyone in the world by surprise.

Truly a shocking moment.

It lead to some great tv moments.

Segment # 51 – Jericho is Fired -August 22nd 2005
-This was so Chris could take a break from the Industry and sing.
He`s back now which is all that matters. And now as of this writing on a break again.



Match #12) 30 Minute IronMan Match: Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle -October 3rd 2005


Shawn Michaels and Angle competed in some Classic matches at both Mania and Vengeance in 05 but now on Raw they`d meet again.

This time, an iron-man match, just thirty minutes.

Michaels took it to Angle in the arly going.

They recycled a bunch of material from Mania 21 here with Shawn trying to ground Angle with his side headlock.

A vicious Angle fought back though and slapped on a sleeper.
More chops and off the ropes Michaels backdropped Angle to the floor.

An interesting spot comes when Michaels goes for a baseball slide on the floor to Angle and he counters catching Shawn with an Angle Slam to the floor.

Angle would also drop Shawn with an Angle Slam off the top rope scoring him his first victory.

A commercial break and almost half-way through Michaels elbows Angle. Shawn runs into the post and Angl refuses to follow up on the shoulder which is ridiculous.

He just goes for random suplexes catching Michaels.
Shawn fights back but Angle focuses on the back now sending him to the corner. Shawn goes for a sunset flip then Angle counters to a Ankle Lock.

Shawn counters with a sunset and ties it up halfway through.

Angle remained the aggressor taking it to Shawn. Angle applied a body scissors mid-ring.

Out of it it turned to a slugfest, Michaels landed behind Angle but he rolled into the Ankle lock and the damage was done.

Michaels had to tap.

2-1 Angle.

Inverted atomic drop by Michaels out of desperation he slammed Angle to the mat and climbed to the top rope. Michaels off the top rope dropped an elbow.
Five minutes left.

Michaels with a bad back encouraged a potential superkick and nailed Angle tying the score at two.

In the final minute Angle had the Ankle Lock on Michaels and Shawn refused to tap.
Forty seconds left.

Shawn kicked his way free. Ankle lock ahain and he was thrown into the official.

Superkick and Michaels had it but the time expired.

It ended in a draw at 30:00.

Not the best stuff here but still enough quality for it to be considered great. Some of the story-telling didn`t follow through a lot of the time.


Segment # 52 – A Stone Cold Homecoming -October 3rd 2005

-This was great. A rating in the 5`s for the hour of Austin stunning the McMahon`s.

Hilarious and entertaining as he gave them all one.

Even Linda, even as bad as it was sold still got the job done.


Segment # 53 – Eric Bischoff Trial -December 5th 2005
-This was pretty good.
Vince as the judge was some good entertainment, Maria showing she could be articulate (or at least remember a few big words) was a humerous surprise.


Segment # 54 – Edge/Lita Live Sex Celebration -January 9th 2006

-This scored Raw`s highest rating in awhile and launched the Rated R thing for Edge.

Sex sells, always has and always will.

Segment # 55 – DX Impersonates Shane and Mr. McMahon -June 26th 2006

-This was sad in so many ways.

Trying to re-create the past is one thing, but when ts painfully un-funny its cringe worthy.
Some liked it though. Not me.


Match #13) Rob Van Dam (c) vs John Cena vs Edge (W/Lita) in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship -July 3rd, 2006
I remember watching this one from the Hospital, this and the 2006 World Cup is about all I remember in my two weeks there.

Edge comes out, then Cena, then the Champion RVD who had recently beaten Cena at One Night Stand for the Championship.

All three men began staring at one another, Cena charged at Edge and him and RVD both kicked at him in the corner. Rob Van Dam watched Cena unleash right’s into the head of Edge. Rob followed it up with shots of his own and high kicks to Edge. Cena irishwhipped Edge to the opposite corner of the ring.

Rob landed a high kick to the head of Edge in the corner. Rob irishwhipped Edge to the corner again and cena hit a modified fisherman’s suplex to Edge.
Both RVD and Cena tossed Edge over the top to the floor.

A commerical break.

Back Rob Van Dam was working over Cena. RVD with some hard shots to Cena at the top but Edge from behind pushed Cena off who crashed and burned. Edge with a victory roll on Rob Van Dam and got a two count.

RVD with a unique pinning combination on Edge got a two as well. Cena was still at the entrance way and Rob Van Dam flipped backwards landing on Edge and he got just a two count. RVD continued to beat on Edge as he irishwhipped him to the ropes, Edge ducks a clothesline and Cena takes him out of the ring and throws him into the steel steps outside the ring.

Rob Van Dam took a high risk move with a crossbody over the top rope onto Cena on the outside.

RVD covered Cena in the ring and got a two.

Cena lifted up RVD and went for an FU but Edge stopped it. Cena shot back with a couple of hard shots. Cena scooped up Edge looking for a vertical suplex but Van Dam off the top hit a dropkick to Edge and both men landed.

Rob Van Dam the only man up dropped a leg on both Edge and Cena in mid-ring.

Rob Van Dam charged to both men but Edge and Cena both dropped Rob down on the mat. Cena and Edge charged towards each other and they level each other down with a double clothesline.

With all three men down the official Mike Keota began to count. All of them get up around the same time and all three exchange right’s at one another. Rob Van Dam with high kicks to Edge and then a spinning heel kick to Cena.

Rob Van Dam in the corner had Edge in a temporary headscissors but Edge threw him over the top to the outside floor.

Edge turned aorund and ran into some clotheslines from Cena who then hit a shoulderblock and a side suplex.

Lawler makes excuses for Cena’s boo’s as “ECW FANS” doing it even though he was beating on Edge at the time. Okay.

Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and then drops Edge with an FU to the outside of the ring.

Lita comes in the ring and Cena hits an FU to Lita.

Rob Van Dam with a Van Daminator into the steel chair placed in front of Cena’s head. RVD climbed to the top and went for a five star frog splash but Cena rolled out of the way.

Cena hit an FU on RVD.

Edge with the title smashed it into RVD and covered him at 8:30.

In the end we had a new Champion, and it was Edge for the second time.

This one wasn’t very much until the Climax came around.

Still pretty good for television but could of been much more, considering its significance.


** 1/2


Match #14) Street Fight: Edge vs Shawn Michaels -January 22nd 2007
The second ever street fight between Michaels and Edge.

Shawn uses his belt on the back of Edge.

Shawn looks for some weapons.

A trashcan is thrown in the ring and he lays out Edge. Shawn takes a taped up Edge over the top rope. Edge had his ribs taped.

Shawn Michaels took a chance and as he flew out of the ring Edge layed him out with a can shot.

Edge threw Shawn Michaels back in the ring.

Back from a commercial and now Michaels is a bloody mess.

In the corner Michaels drops down and his arm is exposed to a Ladder.

A cover and Shawn kicks out. Edge set up Shawn for a powerbomb on steel steps but he avoided it.

A bloodied Shawn slugged it out with Edge. Shawn hit a forearm and kicked up. An atomic drop and then a straight right hand.

Michaels grabbed a chain put it across the face of Edge and drove him into the turnbuckle.

Shawn set up a Ladder on top of the the steps inside the ring and placed them across the steps. Shawn slammed Edge`s back on the ladder.

Michaels willed himself up to the top rope to fly off with an elbow drop but Edge gets up and scores with a right. Edge meets Shawn up there and from the top both men brawl and Shawn slams Edge ribs first into the Ladder across the front.

Michaels scores with an elbow and feels momentum. Shawn is feeling it and Edge rises up slowly while Shawn tuned up the band. Edge Ducks and slams Shawn on his head.

Both men down.

A bloodied Edge looked for a Spear but Michaels countered with a Thesz press and rights.

Shawn went downtown with a steel chair. Shawn went for a chairshot but Orton came from no where and hit an RKO.

No DQ so the match didn`t stop.

Edge hooked the leg and he got the three at 11:12.

Good war here.


*** 1/4

Segment # 56 – Shawn Michaels Returns! -October 8th 2007
-This happened during an eventual Orton-Michaels program for the upcoming Survivor Series.
One of the last real special moments that took place before the DVD was released hence it being the closing segment.




Final Rating for Raw 15th Anniversary = 8.5/10

The flagship program of the WWE has always been Monday Night Raw from 1993 to present, nearly two decades as of this writing.
This set features the greatness of the Attitude Era with a great blend of matches from earlier in their history as well as some new material. All in all it is worth owning as it ultimately contains most of the moments they are allowed to show. This is fantastic especially if you didn’t follow Raw throughout its entire duration or if you simply just would like to re-live good memories.

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    Good review btw. 😉

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    Disc two is my favorite. Re-living the attitude era and the Austin/McMahon rivalry brought back childhood memories. Great set overall!

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