Review: WWE “Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man” DVD

October 13, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man” 3 Disc Review:

“The Sacred Symbol that Embodies Respect and Pride….The Mask is My IDENTITY…the Transformation from Human to Warrior…..My Mask is MY STORY…..THE STORY OF MY LIFE.”Rey Mysterio






-This DVD was the second three disc release for Rey Mysterio, a man who has classics from all over should get this kind of treatment. His first disc had 29 excellent matches so why not?

-Matt Striker and Rey Mysterio have a sit-down interview together throughout the DVD with very interesting clips beteween the matches.








-Disc 1 Matches and Interviews: Mysterio talked in-between on this DVD about his career, his mask, and a ton of other things before we saw matches and kept it up throughout the DVD.







1) Rey Misterio Jr. & Konnan vs La Parka & Psicosis -ECW Hardcore TV 28th October, 1995




Some familiar faces in this ECW match to begin this Rey Mysterio DVD.

I love reviewing a REY DVD, they’re so packed with so many gems that are just so fun to watch, re-watch and then watch again.

Here we got two mexican legends in La Parka and Psicosis gong gainst Konnan and Rey. Big time tag for ECW a few days before Halloween in 1995.

Styles on commentary, a one fall match.

Rey and Psicosis start the match. Both competitior’s familiar you could say with each other, both men had gained a win over the other so far in ECW. A monkey flip by Psicosis to Rey Mysterio and now Rey rolls through these arm-rngers by Psicosis with a head-scissor then works over the arm stretching it locking up the right arm and then Psicosis picks up Rey but then he flips him over.

Rey with an irishwhip in and then went to the top buckle lands on his feet. Rey with a drop toe-hold sending Psicosis to the floor. Rey with a senton summersault to Psicosis on the floor.

La Parka comes in and drops Rey on his face. Rey turned his body four times to dodge La Parks. La Parks then caught Rey and stutted with hi in his hands, Rey eaped ff the top rope and ht a hurricanrana, tags in Konnan. He Arm-drags Psicosis and then a head-scissors to both La Parks and Psicosis.

Konnan the power of the team clothelines Psicosis to the floor.

Unbelievable action. Mysterio actually smaced him in the head with a chair.

Konnan with two Germnan’s to suplex and then tags in Rey and from the shoulders of Konnan Psicosis land out of the ring a he rolled out. Springboard senton from Rey onto Psicosis on the outside.

Rey Rey just didn’t stopp the aerial assault. La parka throws Rey in and Konnan with a big right, Konnan launched Rey into La Parka catchiing him in the face with a chair. Psicosis launched off the top with a chair and crashed into nobody but himself.

Mysterio with a char off the top dropkicking it into Psicosis.

But now La Parka and Psicosis with chairs fall to the floor but Konnan and Rey dodge it well. Konnan and Rey are working so well together that Rey drops them with a summersault splash to La Parka.

This is beyond wrestling, or spotty wrestling this is just so entertaining, both men have been counted out.

Fans boo the finish but what match.

Absolutely stunning.

I can’t believe stuff like this, even today, I’ve watched probably 10,000 wrestling matches in my life adnd this stuff just blows my mind.

In the end at just over 7 minutes Psicosis and La Parka are counted out

One of the best 7 minute matches you’ll ever see, nothing but action even f it was all one sided, Rey and Konnan dominated the entire time but it didn’t matter it was off the chain/wall whatever this s Entertainment. This is what it’s all about. Period.












2) 2 out of 3 Falls Match Rey Misterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera -ECW Extreme Bash 9th March, 1996



First one to 2 falls wins.

Juventud Guerrera a long time rival of Mystero were about to clash here at the Extreme Bash in early 96 ECW, by this time Rey was well known in North America, now he had yet to hit the big time in WCW but that was just a few months away and these were the last few classic’s he had in ECW.

Rey Mysterio begins by taking Juventud Guerrera down and then slapping on the arms, curling his feet behind the ones of Juventud Guerrera tryng to lock him perhaps into a modified surfboard submission hold to start things out.

Mysterio is down on the mat now as Juventud Guerrera escaped and takes away the legs but Rey rolls out countering Juventud Guerrera locking up the leg bridging out backwords and holding the chin on Juventud Guerrera, Great Muta made up this hold. Juventud Guerrera reaches the ropes both men tie up again and knuckle-lock tie-up into a suplex by Juventud Guerrera and he is placed on the top and hurricanrana by Rey from upp top an Juventud Guerrera kicks out easily and then a kick to Rey.

Off the rope a sunset flip to Juventud Guerrera and he countered with a pinning combo hidelf.

Un-real beginning.

Another trest of stenth and now Rey rolls through and attempts a monkey flip and once again a body-scssrs unto another up.

These guy are going at an absolute crazy pace you can barely keep up.

Mysterio off the ropes gets a two from a hurrcanrana and now recieves chops by Juventud Guerrera and there’s a sal Juven tud chant. A crucfix into a hurricanrana sendsing Juventud Guerrera to the floor.

A springboard into a sling-shot moonsault onto Juventud Guerrera on the concrete floor.

EC Dub Chants.

Styles says Extreme Lucha Libre is here.

On the top rope Mysterio with a sunetslip spin-around on the top to take hii to the canvas on that superplex. Juventud Guerrera then with a brainbuster on the mat.

The applause from the crowd doesen’t seem to stop and neither does the action.

This is absolutely unbelievable. Juventud Guerrera with a springboard dropick to Rey Mysterio and then a Full Nelson dragon seuplex and Juventud with the first fall around the five minute mark.

No wonder the pace was so fast and furious as both men wanted that first fall.


Second fall begins and shoulder block by Rey Rey, a hurricanrana, nicely done and a two. Chops to Juvi but nobody home in the corner splashing into the buckle. Mysterio takes Juventud Guerrera to the concrete and now oveer the official sprngboarded over the referee for a sprngboard, senton, summersault on top of Juventud Guerrera on the concrete floor.

Juventud Guerrera with a powerbomb against him by Rey and a two. Then a moonsault or Lionsault I guess it was more-like but a two and a half. Now an irishwhip is reversed and a short-arm clothesline by Juvo to Rey Rey.

This is one of the best Cruiseweight matches I have ever seen.

Juventud Guerrera coming off the top kicked with a side kick by Rey. At 8 Minutes Rey got him.

Tied 1-1.


Third and final fall begins and we’re all tied up at one obviously, funny hw that always seems to be the score in matches like this.

Either way this match was better then anything I’ve seen these two do before so I can’t believe this is only my first time witnessing this classic bout. A dropick underneath the armpit and Rey crashes to the floor below and Juventud Guerrera dropkicks him with a baseball slide int the barricade. Juventud Guerrera pulls the steel close and now a springboard moonsault into the first row.


I can’t believe this.

Not only was there hatred but a lot of people rooting for Juventud Guerrera. Juventud with a springboard spinning heel kick and Rey caught it right in the jaw. Juventud Guerrera went for a summersault. Rey pushed off and gets a nearfall as he powerbombed Juventud Guerrera from up top but somehow Juventud Guerrera managed to get the shoulder up.

A front facelock by Juventud Guerrera and then a Northn Light Suplex but a pinfall.

Juventud Guerrera catches Rey and get caught and then hit with a press slam.

These are the mot talented wresters in the world it’s no wonder Bischoff got his money out and dished it to the soon after.

A nice head-scissors takes Juventud Guerrera to the floor on the concrete.

This climax was epic.

Juventud Guerrera sent over into the first row as Rey dragged him by his mask and hit him with a chair between the eyes. Now Rey with a springbard summersault yet again into the second row onto Juventud Guerrera.

Long EC Dub Chants.

Mysterio now dragging him by his hair roughing him up into the steel then by a car outsie of the building. Powerbombed onto a cat.

Hurricanrana on the concrete by Rey to Juventud Guerrera.

I can’t put this match into words.

Honestly. Rey hitd Juventud Guerrera with a huge chairsht and with the fans callng fr a table to be involved he did’t have any problem. Juventud Guerrera coutnered in mid-air and with a hurricanrana off the top Mystrerio got him, Styles’s high pitched call is icing on the cake as is the OH MY GOD after Rey powerbombs him through the table, a sit-down powerbomb!

Absolutely unbelevable.

Can’t put it into words.


In the end at just over 16 minutes in this battle that definitely was given time to work, it felt like 3.


This match, again, off the charts..just watch it. Probably the best Juventud Guerrera match I have ever seen.





**** 1/2








-Experiencing ECW: They talk about being influenced by guys like Tiger Mask, Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero the last two leaving their mark in AAA. Also how Mysterio how he developed a feud with Juventud Guerrera, as seen in the last ECW epic right there and on this WCW match here, the first on the disc






3) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera -WCW Pro Wrestling 3rd November, 1996



Rey Mysterio Jr and Juventud Guerrera begin on the mat here just riding one another trying to battle for leverage.

Rey has a body-scissors applied Juventud Guerrera twice and a chop to boot.

Juventud Guerrera hit with a crucifix to set up a tremendous hurricanrana to Juventud Guerrera and nobody does them better then Rey especially in 1996.

By this time he had his Great American Bash and Halloween Havoc classic’s with Malenko, two of my favourite Rey matches eveer.

Juventud Guerrera up top landed on Rey but he kicked out.

This tie rey caught Juventud Guerrera up high and reversed a piledriver in mid-air and caught Juventud Guerrera very quickly.

Certainly nothing like the match before.


In the end at just under four minutes Rey wins.

This match was less then average.


* 1/2







4) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. -WCW Saturday Night 11th January, 1997



Chavo Guerrero Jr. caught in a side headlock by Rey and runs into a shoulder block.

A leapfrog then a spinning heel kick by Mysterio.

Chavito with a boot to the head of Rey then a sit-down powerbomb.

These two would have several WWE meetings later on in their careers.

Here in early WCW Chavo with a reverse elbow onto Rey and a nearfall.

A boston crab by Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavito sent out to the floor by Rey Rey.

Mysterio then is chopped and rolled into the ring andd placed in a reverse chinlock.

Chavo rolls onto Rey and he moves.

Rey tries to flip onto and he moved.

Rey tried a baseball slide to Chavo but he moved and hit a nice standing powerbob. A pick-up and a vertical sulex and a kick-out by Rey.

Chavo missed moonsault and ey with a springboard hurricanrana

In the end, pretty much the same rating, same match as before at just around four minutes.


This match was very quck like the last.




* 1/2






-Eddie’s Guidance: Rey gets asked about Eddie. Great. Don’t get me wrong it’s Rey doesen’t stop talking about Eddie on TV and all the tribute’s he’s done for him especially on the last DVD getting a litle too much. It’s good he remembers his friend but judt please don’t take up the entire time taling about him.






5) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Eddie Guerrero -WCW Nitro 8th September, 1997



Now this is what I’m talking about.

A match between the two and a rare one at that. This wasn’t the same match they just recently included on the Nitro set it was a few weeks before and it had both men in their absolute prime.

You gotta love it.

Just before the Havoc classic.

Eddie is in FULL Heel mode and Rey is Rey around this time.

Top notch stuff beckons…

Bell rings and Guerrero gives Rey a smirk.

A huge Eddie Sucks chant starts and you gotta love Edde’s reaction and the Deport Eddie sign.

A nice modified snapmare from Guerrero to Rey into a wristlock then an armbar, Eddie hilariously complains that his hair has been pulled. Yeah, not going to work.

Finally the commentary comes in with Eddie then headbutting Rey in the abdomen. A back-breaker by Eddie.

This match took place right befre one of my favourte Eddie matches ever veersus Jericho at Fall Braw 97 from Eddie’s first DVD Cheating Death, not the Superbrawl aatch from Viva La Raza.

Mysterio with a ton of fire coming up against Eddie.

They say this is the first ever single’s match between the two.

Very interesting to say the east, despite the men having six man tag’s against each other.

Rey’s first match since the knee injury from Konnan then puts his knee on the line springboarding from the top buckle then a moonsault to Eddie.

Another moonsault by Eddie and didn’t pin him as he caught him with a back-breaker. And now an amazing powerbomb with a bridge and Eddie can’t believe he didn’t get the three.

Another un-real back-breaer and said that’s it. Guererro is insanely mad he can’t put him away. The gory special surfboard, but Mysterio with a nice arm-drag counter.

Eddie signals for the end.

Eddie Guerrero goes for either a back-breaer or poweerbomb but Ret sends him away and Rey with a hurricanrana and Mysterio wins with the upset on the Springboard hurricanarana.

An upset!!!


A ton of quality here for the time it got, but you’d expect nothing less, especially from these two athletes going at one another.

In the end the match ends around 6 and a half minutes of tv time when


This match was very well done for what it was.









6) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs LionHeart Chris Jericho -WCW Nitro 17th November, 1997



Rey Mysterio Jr. and Jericho with a shake and an arm-ringer into a wrist-loc kand then a headlock, a standing side headlock into a shoulder block.

Rey with a leapfrog into a monkey flip.

On the apron a forearm shot, great agility with balance springboarding off the ropes with a clothesline.

Soon the power of Jericho takes over with a scoop slam and then a clothesline.

Rey is flipped over after charging after LionHeart.

Both man up and a Super Gorilla Press SLAM off the very top to a smaller Rey Mysterio Jr by Chris Jericho. Un-real move and this takes Rey to the floor.

Jericho in control now draggng him by the mask as if it’s WWE 2009 thinking he is a parasite.


Jericho looking for Rey now.


Jericho then with a standing suplex, but he wanted to show off his power, however Rey doesen’t way that much of course.

Fans all applaud but Jericho looks around to see if it’s for him.

LionHeart with a double under-hook into a back-breaker, followed by a second and third. Combine these with that Gorilla Press Slam from the top earlier on.

Jericho targettng the back knowing his LionTamer would would great this way.

Mysterio not quite dne though with boots to the face however, Jericho tried a Lionsault and Rey with knees to the gut Jericho keeps going for powerbombs.

All of the sudden out of no where, the reselience of Rey comes out.

Chris Jericho the “Man of 1002 holds” now has lost. Rey wins.

In the end at just over 7 minutes Mysterio comes out of no where wins the match


This match was a ton of fun, I liked it a lot better then their clash at the 98 Souled Out PPv which I felt dragged at times. That one made his last DVD




*** 1/4






-The Creation of the Mask: Striker knows Rey is asked this a lot. Mysterio goes in depth talking about the mask, the meaning, the design, the color’s, etc. Rey also talk about what he used to collect and the things he liked growing up.







7) Rey Mysterio Jr., Super Calo & Hector Garza vs Psychosis, La Parka & Silver King -WCW Saturday Night 17th January, 1998



La Parka begins in the ring with Rey Mystero as he is in the corner of the ring on this January the 17th, Saturday Night 1998.

Just around the time of the Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan and when the WWF was pretty much all Austin and about him winning the Rumble in 98 just before the Mike Tyson Angle.

Meanwhile in WCW lucha libre was beng highlighted with spectacular talents such as these six men.

WWF at the time had to offer guys like Brian Christoher and Taka Michinoku. Garza with a slap to Silver King and then he takes in Psychosis.

Psychosis now to goes t work on Hector Harza but he takes in Calo.

Calo gets a spinnng heel kick. Mysterio checks on Hector Garza who is hurt out on the floor.

Calo has Super n his name and he comes back and tags in Rey.

Mysterio trips Psychosis and Dusty Rhodes needs to calm the hell down on commentary. Psychosis poerbombs Rey in the center of the ring on Rey. La Parka and Rey chop each other once La Parka is tagged back in.

In the end at just under a tv time of 6 minutes on WCW Saturday Night,


This match was pretty good for the time it got.




** 3/4






8 ) Rey Mysterio Jr. & Billy Kidman vs Eddie Guerrero & Juventud Guerrera -WCW Nitro 28th December, 1998




This is going to be great. The night after Goldberg’s streak has eended.

A lot of time to work and four great workers on Nitro!

Even though the WWF was starting to take over WCW still had amazing lucha libre talent, that didn’t change.

Eddie sucks is being chanted. Rey duck a clothesline that sends Eddie G flying and now hits a twirl back-breaker.

Eddie wearing the lWo -shirt and tries slapping Juventud Guerrera on the apon as a tag for somw reason as there may be bad blood.

Juventud Guerrera and Kidman in the ring. Kidman with a ton of shots and the girls are into Kidman. Juventud Guerrera in mid-air changed directions and slams him into the corner.

Juventud Guerrera crashed and burned into the corner and Kidman with a belly to back driving the man into the corner. A tag into Rey and he hits a bronco buster on to. Eddie laughing at Juventud Guerrera.

They hype the Bischoff/Flair match.

Juventud Guerrera and Eddie catch both guys off gard and Kidman is twirled ad a springboard drop kick by Rey.

Back from a commerical break Juventud Guerrera had a sleeper on Kidman.

Eddie and Rey in now and a massive powerbomb by Kidman. Nearfall. Eddie tags in after Juventud Guerrera roughs up Rey and then a moonsault and a chop to Mysterio.

Eddie gives it to Rey and he absorbs Mysterio and with a spin around drops Mysterio and he lands right on the mat. That’s the family Gory Special with an arir-plane spin, spinning Mysterio by his neck.

Fans booking Eddie and Juventud Guerrera is tagged in and he drops onto Rey, Ref controls Juventud Guerrera and Kidman but Eddie roughs up Rey behind Robinson the official.

Eddie shoots Rey in hard after Juventud Guerrera got a brief break as they two-man isolated Rey in the corner. Kidman then oved the oppsition on the other apron, Rey looks for the hot-tag.

Rey gets Kidman in. Kidman the cruiserweight champ of the world drops Juventud Guerrera and then back-drops Eddie. Juventud Guerrera remains in and back-dropped by illy Kidman who stomped on Eddie as well is down.

Kidman launched Rey and a Thesz press from the top, what a double team, tanem offensive exchange and a long two. Both Rey and Kidman launch themselves from the top and can;t put away the oppition. Kidman drop Eddie, Mysterio drops Juventud Guerrera to the mat.

Mysterio is accidentaally launched into Kidman. Juventud Guerrera off the ropes springboad summersaults onto Rey. Kidman s legal in the ring, Eddie connects with the frogsplash and they get the win!

In the end at fourteen minutes of Nitro time.


This match was unbelievable. Four of the finest athletes in the sport going at it in their prime.










-Who’s That Jumpin’ Out the Sky?: Matt Striker talks about being away from the bussiness for a year and a bit and then signing with the WWE. Now the rest of the DVD is WWE.






9) #1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Rey Mysterio & Edge vs (Los Guerrero’s) Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero -WWE SmackDown! 24th October, 2002


Edge works over Chavo fairly early and now MYsterio with a shot to Eddie who bounced off the aron into the table.

Edge irishwhips Rey into Chavo delivering a Bronco Buster.

Eddie Guerrero now gets a much needed tag by Chavo, both Guerrero’s try to double-team Rey but he hits a hurricanrana on Chavo.

Both Los Guerrero’s finally hit a double-team tanden.

They avoid Edge’s baseball slide by lifting Mysterio up then ram Rey into Edge.


Smart, flasy and innovative.

Both Guerrero’s strategic, isolating Mysterio now.

Eddie Guerrero while having feuded with Edge the past few months in the Summer/Fall in 2002 knows all his trick knocks him off the apron while choking out Rey Mysterio in the corner.

Eddie Guerrero then gets back body-dropped by Rey out of desperation, Eddie grabbed him by the ribs. Eddie irish-whipped Rey into the ropes and hit a tilt-back breaker on Rey and then Chavito tagged in.

Rey’s head snapped back as the tork hit him in the corner and he went sternum first. Rey needs to make a hot tag to Edge but Eddie Guerrero is hit with a spinning heel kick.

Edge comes in off the clotheslne and then a double flapjack to the Guerrrero’s and the cover by Edge is broken up by Rey. Rey goes for the 619 on Eddie but he caught Rey.

Edge speared Shavo and they were legal  and nly a two as Eddie helps out.

Mysterio hits with Chavo with a 619 and then Edge lifts up Chavo and Edge hits a west coast pop, a springboard leg drop and Edge pins Chavo and Eddie looks in the ring doubn’t believe who got the win.

Un-real action, so quick and hard to keep up with.

In the end at around 7:30 of tv time on SD! Rey and Edge win!


This match was a ton of fun, fast pace and the innovative, doule-team work really makes it worth watching.s



*** 1/2






10) WWE Tag Team Championship Match Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team (C) (Shelton Benjain and Charlie Haas) -WWE Vengeance 27th July, 2003



Formally known as Team Angle, the World’s Greatest Tag Team are now two time tag team champion’s and the current reigning ones going against two aerial specialist’s in Rey and Kidman.

Should be an exciting match here on Vengeance 2003.

Shelton Benjamin and Rey Mysterio begin, Shelton likes the amateur ranks working on the mat, begins to ride Rey taking out the leg does Shelton, but Rey reaches the ropes, ducks a clothesline.

A crucifix, into a standing leg-sissors by Rey getting out of ny predicament from the co-tag champ in Shelton Benjamin and now Kidman tags in and takes Shelton down with a head-scissors. Shelton comes back in.

Benjamin with a knee to the gut.

Haas tags in an now ties to wear down the quicker Kidman with a standng side headlock. Kidman though off the ropes with a shoulder block. Haas though trips up Kidman chokes him out on the ropes.

Kidman is able to tag Rey in. Mysterio comes off the top and hits a moonsault, then Haas catches Rey and throws him sternum first into the buckle.

Both teams going back and forth.

Just when it looks like Rey was gonna hit a hurricanrana Haas slams Rey down. Haas trying to islolate Rey tagging in Shelton Benjamin maybe the best pure athlete in the company performing a reverse chinlock. Fans on his side as he tries to battle out hitting a charging Shelton wth a dropkick as he flps over.

Mysterio is dynamite. Kidman and Haas both recieve hit tags. Kidman wth a dropkick to Shelton then one to Haas, all four in the ring.

Mysterio was gong to do aa 619 on Haas but Shelton tripped him and falls back. Mysterio jumps over with a Springboard senton by Mysterio to Shelton Benjamin. Then Kidman from the top rope with a Shoting staar press to TWGTT n the floor.

Kidman in the ring just barely able to put Haas away and then Shelton is thrown. Haas retaliates and then slams Kidman scoring a nearfall. Shelton Benjamin then tagged in hit a lower back-breaker to Kidman who has pain there and got a two.

Haas back in keeps working over Kidman and then Billy the kid who needed a hot tag to Rey Rey crawled but his lower-back kept preventing him to get to Rey.

Mysterio never saw it.

Blind tag.

Fans boo.

Feels old schoool. Haas and Benjemin with frequent tags and they continue to break apart Billy Kidman move ater move.

Fand chant Shelton Benjamin sucks and now Shelton Benjamin sets up Kidman for a powerbomb to put extra tork on his lower back and he hits an x-factor of sorts.

Mysterio wth the hot tag officially now and a baseballl slide with an inzguri. Haas ges flying. Shelton Benjamin off the ropes hit with a sunset flip by Mysterio.

Rey almost pins Shelton wth a ddt and then Haas tagged back in and now Kidman kneed to the back on Haas. Mysterio with a 69 and now shoulders are down but the official was payin attenton to KIdman.

Shelton Benjamin comes in with a kick to the side of the heaad of Mysterio. Shelton Benjamin clotheslines Kidman to the floor.

Haas pins Rey only a two!


Rey launched by Kidman to pin Haas. 1…2..and no!

Nobody can believe Rey and Kidman didn’t get the. Rey on top of Haas and Bejnamin from the top leaps and clothesline’s Rey and with the action fast and furious, with illegal tacics gives TWGTT the win.

In the end Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas retained the tag title’s at 14:53 after Sort of a Dooms Day Device modified by Shelton coming off the top with a blind tag clotheslne. Officials sort of missing that who is legal an who wasn’t.

Either way you slice it, a terrific mamtch!


This match was one of the many resons Vengeance 2003 was such a great PPV.









-6-1-9: Rey talks about the opponents he faces and how he adapts styles and how he’s not just all aerial, he can go mat if he’s n the ring with an Angle lets say.








11) Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle -WWE SmackDown! 28th October, 2004



Here we go, this should be great!

Both guys have had four star matches before Summerslam 02, or in Japan.

Rey takes shots at Angle and then he is kicking the legs of Angle.

Angle grabbed a chair and Angle ht Rey Mysterio with a right, he told the ref the hand was open. Angle flew half-way across the ring and now Angle hit a belly to belly over the top rope.

Angle wont stop suplexing Rey and it usually being a belly to belly. Angle with powerslam and now a rear gut-wrench a butterfly submission hold.

Angle hit a suplex by Mystero and he fights back and now Rey ent for a 619 and then Jindrak and Reigns came out to help out Angle.

RVD came out to Rey’s aid.

Eddie ten came out and helped Rey with  drogsplash and then too out Luther and Mark.

In the end Rey with a West Coast Ppop


This match was just under ten minutes.










12) WWE Tag Team Championship Match Eddie Guerrero & Booker T vs Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam (c) WWE SmackDown! 30th December, 2004


I don’t even remember this one. Another rare match just before New Years going into 05 here! I don’t even remember these two teams taamind up.

Four great athlete’s though, all Babtfaces it seems.

Looks lke a good bout to end this disc.


Eddie Guerrero to start things off with side headlock knd then a sweep with an arm-ringer.

Rey Mysterio begins in the ring with Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio hit with a snapmare and he’s now caught in a hammer lock by Guerrero then an armbar by Eddie by Rey Mysterio and then a monkey flip by Rey Mystero.

Booker comes in as Eddie couldn’t out-match him.

Fans chant for RVD and then Mysterio dropkicks Booker off the ropes. RVD comes in to a big pop.

Rob Van Damm gets such good height on Booker with then Booker wth a side suplex until Van Dam gains leverage on Booker.

Mysterio come in and apples the 420 and RVD takes Rey bac as Booker and Eddie look to the outside.

Obvious TV time out here.

Back to the action and Eddie is traoooing onr srm ir Eddie had hs friend Rey Mysterio in a pretty rough predicament. Booker T with a hard chop. Eddie comes back in with forearm shot and a back suplex to Rey.

Now Eddie works the shoulder some ore of Rey, tags in Eddie, then more isolaton continuues.

Rey is able to get RVD back in but Booker wore him down and Eddie did as well. Booker chokes RVD.

Booker and RVD both make tags and now MYsterio hits the 619! Booker wih the Scissors Kick. Booker Hangs on and takes RVD to the outside.


Eddie has a smirk.

He’s got an idea. He throws the title to Mysterio and he hangs on, Eddie taunts but Patrick catches him


In the end at 17:44 of SD! TV time, the champs retain.


This match was a lot of fun.















-Disc Two Matches and Interviews:






13) Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero -Opener;WrestleMania 21 3rd April, 2005




Any time you have these two open a PPV, you know it should deliver, you’d figure this was a WCW PPV.

It was a shame this is Eddie’s final Mania.

At the time both Rey and Eddie were “friends” but falling apart on the Smackdown! brand despite holding the tag team straps.

Eddie Guerrero opens Mania in his low rider, comes out to a good pop, as does Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio needed a big win over Eddie here who was coming in with a lot of momentum. This should be good.

The bell rings and Eddie and Rey kick off Wrestlemania 21, LA is ready!

Rey Mysterio go face to face and Eddie’s face means business. A side headlock by Guerrero into a takedown, and now an armbar into a fireman’s carry Rey lands on his feet and off the ropes Rey runs over Eddie and gets a two. Reversed into the ropes goes Mysterio and Guerrero again with a crisp armdrag to Rey.

Eddie Guerrero tried to pin Mysterio three times with his shoulders down. A test of power now between both men with there hands locked, Rey tried a sunset flip then Eddie Guerrero launched Mysterio out of the ring. Rey tried a 619 as Eddie stood outside the ring.

LA give this offensive exchange a great ovation.

Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero back in and this time they try a test of strength and Eddie Guerrero is monkeyflipped, both men double bridge. A top wristlock by Eddie Guerrero and he takes Rey down to the mat now. Eddie Guerrero knew he had to ground the aerial Rey with submission. Mysterio leaps over Eddie, then another leapfrog and all of the sudden Rey Monkey flips Guerrero to the side of the ring, and then Guerrero landed outside the ring and brought Rey back in.

Back inside Eddie Guerrero slapped a leg lock on Mysterio which was logical to wear down his opponents body that way. Mysterio tried to get up while Guerrero extended his arms and then dropped Rey back with a nice suplex and back into a body scissors/leglock, now into a version of an STF.

All of the sudden Guerrero locked both legs behind Mysterio’s and he is stretching the arms below him. Eddie’s shoulders were down in that submisson hold so he held it on Rey for two seconds for pain, but dropped at three at risk of losing the contest.

Eddie grounded Rey with a side headlock, now into a Hammerlock by Eddie Guerrero who was so good and on his game. Rey Mysterio with an amazing armdrag to Eddie Guerrero taking him far out of the ring. Rey then charged off the ropes with a springboad corkscrew moonsault. Rey now kicks at Eddie’s legs this time.

A senton off the top rope onto Eddie, this time he tries again and runs into an elbow of Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero hits the three-amigo’s. Remember when this move wasn’t used to generate heel heat?
With Rey down he countered the second suplex with a roll-up, Eddie Guerrero kicks out and delivered a backbreaker to Rey and he kicks out.

Eddie Guerrero stalking Rey lands a snapshot vertical suplex. This time he went for a third but a hurricanrauna by Rey and now he went for the 619 but Eddie had it scouted moving and going straight into the backbreaker.

These men know each other so well. Eddie Guerrero up with Rey down now. Guerrero now hits the three amigo’s and going for a Frog Splash, Eddie crashed and burned. Mysterio with a unique pinning combo tying Eddie Guerrero’s arms behind him getting a two.

Mysterio with a dropkick to Eddie, a drop toehold to the second rope and now the 619! To follow it up Mysterio springboards from the top rope off the outside apron onto Eddie but he catches him in mid-air with a Powerbomb counter by Eddie Guerrero.

Some Eddie chants break out now. Mysterio catches Eddie out of no where with a hurricanrana and Mysterio pulls off the upset!

In the end at 12:39 Rey got the best of Eddie Guerrero.

This match would of been a lot better without Rey messing with his mask after every move. I understand Mysterio likes to dress up but this got beyond annoying, it was redundant from the start and it needed to stop but didn’t.

Still though the two have amazing chemistry and busted out a lot in just the 12 and a half minutes they got to work. I would of liked to see a longer match between the two here, and with a different mask from Rey.

Thankfully they had a couple of classics together at Judgment Day and Smackdown! in 2005 to add on to this gem.

Solid opener to Mania 21 and it goes to show even when they had a disapointing match like this it was still FUN and delivered a higher then average score.


*** 1/4











14) WWE Tag Team Championship Match Rey Mysterio & Batista vs MNM -WWE SmackDown! 16th December, 2005



Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro isolated the huge heavyweght Champ of the world until Rey got the hot tag.

Mystero with a springboard mooonsaullt.

Rey down though back from a break as MNM take it to Rey.

Nitro doinating Mysterio.

Melina claps loudly.

Extra tork on Rey Rey’s back as Johnny Nitro hits an inverted back-breaker.

Continued isolation with frequent tags, cutting the ring in half as Mysterio half putting Rey in jeopardy.

MNM disecting Rey, putting on a tag team clinic a snapmre from Johnny Nitro to Mysterio. Rey feeding off Eddie of the Eddie chants but MNM continue to prevail.

Nitro with an inziguri to Mysterio but he keeps kicking out. Nitro now placed Mysterio uo top and Rey actually blocks it, from the top rope a reverse hurricanrana frm Rey to Johnny Nitro.

Rey crawling and the hot tag to the Animal.

The Animal is unleashed Batidts tskes apart Nitro and Mercyury with massive blows, clotheslines.

A double 619, Rey hits Melina.

A Batista Bomb and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPS!

The place pops ad Batista pinned Mercury In the end at just over 17 minutes of Smackdown! tv time!


This match was absolutely incredible. Rey doing all the work, and it had the basic story of the heels cutting the ring apart and isolating a face member until the hot tag is made and the faces win, but this paticular bout with these four talents here pulled it off absoutely superb.











15) Rey Mysterio’s Opportunity for a World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 22 is on the Line Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton -WWE No Way Out 19th February, 2006




Rey had his Royal Rumble win on the line here.

This was during the whole controversial Eddie is in Hell storyline on Smackdown!

Rey Mysterio had Eddie chants on his side at the beginning of this match. Orton smiles because he seems proud of what he has done through kayfabe of course.

Orton pressured Rey Mysterio to the corner and then uses his size to his advantage and then smiles some more. Orton showed some brilliant heel attitude in the early going. Randy with a great waist-lock takedown and Rey puts his boot on the ropes.

Orton slaps the head of Rey Mysterio.

Rey Rey is angry.

Orton says back off.

Randy Orton goes to tie-up with Rey Mysterio but he kicks him in the gut and hits a side headlock takedown. Rey tried to wear the bigger man down. Off the ropes fails on a hiptoss attempt and then hits a bulldog and got a nearfall.

Rey Mysterio kicks Orton in the mid-section and lets Orton feel rights.

Orton though throws Rey Mysterio to the ground and begins to methodically stomp on the Rumble winner. The number one contender for Mania is being choked out in the corner by Orton.

Randy Orton with a knee to the head of Rey Mysterio int he corner of the ring, then a clubbing forearm shot by Orton to Rey.

A hard beat-down right now by Randy.

Orton hears Randy Sucks chants but he thrives on it and centers Rey Mysterio so he can drop a knee to the head of Rey Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio some quick offense but on the outside Randy Orton swings Mysterio into the ring-post like a baseball bat.

Tazz calls him an SOB. Hilarious.

Orton with an arm-ringer into an armbar to the injured arm then hit a back-breaker.

Rey somehow hit a hurricanrana to get out but Orton re-gained the advantage.

Orton stomped on the arm of Rey on the steel steps.

Orton in his comfort zone right now knowing Rey Mysterio had no function with his left hand. Cole is beyond annoying on commentary.

Thank god they turned Cole heel in 2011. About 10 years too late but still, I will take it….

Mysterio shoved Orton into the corner exposing his hurt shoulder. Orton then hit with a drop toe-hold by Rey Mysterio building momentum sending Orton into the corner hard suffering a concussion recently.

Randy catches Rey Mysterio on top of the ropes but Rey Mysterio turns it over into a sunset flip off the top. Orton kicks out.

Orton busted open, Rey fails on a 619 attempt, but Rey Mysterio hits a dropkick after Orton went for an RKO.

Orton in position for a 619 but he ducks and uses the ropes to defeat Mysterio.

In the end at 17:28 Randy Orton defeated Rey Mysterio by using the ropes for leverage.

This match was definitely great. One of the better matches in the career of Orton.

*** 1/2







-Viva México!: Rey talks about his roots, where he started and the influential families.






16) Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero -WWE SummerSlam 26th August, 2007



A decent two star match the two had at Summerslam 06 the year before. Here we go again. Hopefully this bout tells a better story.


This was Mysterio`s Return match and it was a nice long built up feud from the looks of it, god has Rey been away from the Guerrero name since 2004…it seems like he`s been either feuding or teaming with Eddie or Chavo since then.

Rey is back and he is all painted up to match his silve ring attire.

The two have a little face to face before getting it on.

Chavo Sucks chants heard all throughout Jersey while Rey looks on having waited for this moment for a long time to not only get back in the ring but to do so with the man that put him out of action.

Rey goes on top of Chavo after the stare down and into a bridge-pinning combination that Chavo kicks out of and there plenty of reversals leads to Rey hitting an arm drag takedown to Chavo that sends him to the outside.

Cole and JBL put over the feud some more but that really was an interesting partt of the match there, that unique pinning combination into a bridge into a flip, into another flip, into an armdrag takedown to the outside.

Back in the ring Chavo tries to target the leg as you’d expect from a Guerrero. Constant kicks to the left sergically repaired knee of Rey’s. Chavo goes for a huge drop kick but flies through the ropes and then Rey leaps off the top onto Chavo and throws Chavito into the steps and back into the ring.

No hesitation by Rey as Mysterio then returns the favor and went to work on Chavo’s knee! Constant kicks next to punches and the fans applaud as Rey hits a back slide into them.

Back up Chavo tries to fight back irish whipping Rey into the corner but Rey gets both feet high into Chavo and hits a Hurricanrauna.

Rey then got hooked up top rope in the next spot and was hung upside down and Chavo spotted an oppurtunity to go back to work on the left knee of Rey. Chavo then slammed Rey’s leg into the ring post as Charles Robinson asked Rey if he was alright.

Awesome story telling and psychology so far blended in nicely with a hot crowd and some entertaining spots.

Chavo then continuing the leg work nicely. Chavo Guerrero didn’t stop as he appled a variety of moves until Rey had Chavo in position to go for the 619 until his hurt left leg collapsed on him and then Chavo sprung on the oppurtunity to lock it back in a half crab!

Chavo relentless as he knows grounding the high flyer will be only to his advantage. Rey with some nice counters in mid-air in this one but Chavo remains in control.

Rey Mysterio then had Chavo Guerrero hung upside down in the corner and the fans reacted appropriately as the two competitors were telling the story nicely and they popped huge when Rey took out all his agression on Chavo in the corner with rights and lefts till the official broke then up. Rey hit a spring board to the outside after he through Chavo to the outside, and then once Chavo was inside, his springboard into a Senton was hit but it hurt his leg, Chavo though he had an opening so he went for a roll-up but Rey flipped over and kicked him in the head.

Great action.

Chavo caught Rey in mid-air but he countered into a tornado DDT! Near fall, good stuff.


All of Rey’s paint was wearing off and he was limping but he was now in control of this great match and he flies off the top with a crossbody but Chavo got back and in control after that and then hit the Gory Bomb from the Gory special and got only a two. Chavo now the one limping as well because his legs had been worked on as well.

Rey missed the 619 as Chavo ducked and had it well scouted.

Chavo hits two of the three amigo’s Rey kicked him to the ropes and set him up for the 619 and this time he hits it!

Mysterio picks up the win over Chavo at 12:05 after he hit the move and Cole yells that Mysterio is back!

GREAT MATCH this time, just should of got more time to work.



*** 1/4








17) Stretcher Match Rey Mysterio vs Finlay -WWE Cyber Sunday 27th October, 2007


The fans voted for a Stretcher match over NO DQ and Finlay’s weapon on a Pole match. (Sha something, fuck off if I’m stupid for not remembering what it’s called.)
I all of the sudden get flashbacks to when Brock Lesnar or was it The Big Show who slammed Rey Mysterio into the ring post on a stretcher in 2003 that put him out of action. Cool spot that was, at first I swore it was Lesnar but it very well might have been Show now that I think about it as I’m pretty sure Lesnar F-5’d Zach Gowen into the ring post and that’s why I got it mixed up.

Finlay dominated the early going on the outside by throwing Rey on the stretcher and the like and then Rey hit some offensive moves inside the ring to counter back. Some good back and forth action in the early going and Rey hit Finlay with a nice kick to the head on the outside, but of course no one hits kicks to the head better then Tajiri, I miss that guy. Finlay going over to the pole but Mysterio gets back on the attack and viciously keeps with those kicks to a bigger Finlay to try and ground him and then he hits a baseball slide to Finlay who was in the corner. Mysterio then goes for Finlay’s weapon climbing the pole but Finlay drags him down so he can climb but then Mysterio climbs on top of the buckle and he’s on top of Finlay’s head. Mysterio with a sunset flip on Finlay and slams him down to the canvas. Rey now in control as he gets the weapon finally with Finlay down but he gets right back up and grabs the weapon.
Rey is on the outside of the ring and Finlay hits him in the leg with it. Finlay brings the stretcher towards the ring but he hits him with another baseball slide and then goes for a flip and while on the ring apron he gets kicked onto the stretcher by Finlay, a perfect landing. Finlay goes to push him out on the stretcher (as that’s how you win this match type) but he only gets less then half way before Mysterio fights out of it. Finlay though drives Rey Rey into the apron hurting his back. Some rough blows to Mysterio and this has been a very physical match.

Fast pace and entertaining throughout as expected given these two men are GREAT workers. The fans chanted for a 619 and he hit Finlay with one under the ropes and then off the top ropes he sort of hit a west coast pop on Finlay on the stretcher! Very cool. I swear to god Rey Mysterio got a lot of shit while Champion but he is one of the best of all time. Few can do what he does or have the resume he does. He pushes Finlay out on the stretcher shortly after those two moves for the win at 9:41.

Pretty good match here that got the crowd into the show and the gimmick definately was the focus as there was no MAJOR psychology shown other then focusing on getting the other guy on the stretcher and out with a lot of physicality inbetween.

I thought both men did their job rather well, it was pretty good but nothing special.


** 1/2



-Putting the Mask on the Line: Something Kane had unfortunately done 5 years before.






18 ) If Rey Mysterio Loses, He Must Unmask: Rey Mysterio vs Kane -WWE No Mercy 5th October, 2008
If Rey loses he unmasks! If you have been watching Wrestling for a bit of time or have internet access chances are you have seen him without a mask already.
This kind of reminds me of the Mask vs Mask match in Kane vs Vader at Over the Edge 1998 where Vader lost and no one cared because everyone knew what he looked like. (Same can be said for Kane but many knew he was Isaac Yankem back in early 1998)
Rey Mysterio was called a monster by Kane before the match, oh and we all were as well.

Yeah well, necrophilia will always be associated with KANE and his character so I wont bother taking anything he says seriously.

The match gets underway though and the size difference is pretty evident so it will be interesting to see how they clash.

The obvious gameplan for Rey Mysterio is to take out the legs of Kane, and the obvious strategy for Kane is to use his size and power and keep Rey grounded, worn down so he wont be able to use his speed and aerial offense against him.

Rey Mysterio was chased by Kane but he ducked in the corner and then kicked in his mid-section, and as unrealistic as Rey and his offense was it worked for him in the short run as he worked over Kane, but he ran head first into a brick wall as Kane lifted his big red boot into Rey and his small face.

Rey Mysterio did the wise thing to catch a breather says Cole, but if it was a heel walking around the ring he would say he was dodging a bullet.

Rey Mysterio springboarded into the ring and dropkicked Kane and his spine. Kane was set on the ropes for a potential 619 attempt but Kane got up and countered as he hit a hard clothesline on Rey Mysterio with big impact. Kane stomped on Rey who was down and now the power game came into play for Kane as this was what I said his basic strategy should be. Rey got up and jumped off the top with a desperation hurricanrauna and Kane lifted him up stopping the move but Rey ended up getting it slightly as he elevated Kane over the top to the outside.

Rey Mysterio jumped from mid-air off the top to Kane but he caught him in mid-air. Rey slapped on a sleeper while on the back of Kane outside the ring but he flipped Rey Mysterio over and over the barricade. Who had the momentum in this back and forth match was the question, as it is in a lot of Rey Mysterio matches.

Kane had tossed Rey up and over him on the outside and now Rey Mysterio was in the audience as he was thrown from the Big Red Machine over the barricade earlier. Rey Mysterio grabbed a Steel Chair by the barricade and Kane went back into the ring. Kane left though as he just wantred to break the count, he picked up Rey who did not have the chair any longer and Kane grabbed Rey and rammed his spine into the ring post. Kane threw Rey back in the ring.
Kane had an intimidating presence and looked down at Rey with an evil stare and hit him with a powerslam. Kane with a rear chinlock on Rey and Lawler says that Kane likes to inflict pain on others, and I would agree and I am pretty sure the likes of Katie Vick, Trish, Lita and Kelly Kelly would agree.
Kane hit an uppercut on Rey who was down on the back of the mat and the big red monster was in control. Kane scooped up Rey Mysterio and hit a back breaker when it looked like he might of been attempting a sidewalk slam, instead a hard back breaker to Rey Mysterio and then he held the chin but Rey fought back with shots. The crowd came back in the match as he fought back, the back had absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment. Kane charged to Rey but he got the boot up, Rey countered a back breaker from Kane and flipped over planting him back first which was pretty amazing. Innovative offense from Rey Mysterio and highly entertaining.

That great move by Rey Mysterio bought him some time but Kane still had the pressure on as he tried to rip the mask of Rey off. Rey Mysterio elbowed Kane from the top and flipped off with a moonsault to Kane. Both men down and now Rey Mysterio had boughten himself more time and hit Kane with hard shots and then a dropkick to the lower body of Kane, followed by a big kick tot he head. Rey from the outside apron flew over the top rope and hit a legdrop on Kane but he only got a two count. Rey off the side ropes came into a sidewalk slam from Kane but he still only got a two on Rey Mysterio despite the bad back of Rey which had definately had near enough by this point.

Kane signalled for the chokeslam and grabbed Rey but he jumped over, jumped off the second rope and attempted a bulldog which Lawler and Cole call a DDT or an armdrag, either way it was awkward and Rey sold the leg for some reason when it was his back that was hurt. Perhaps Rey Mysterio was so used to selling the leg. Rey Mysterio jumped off the top regardless with a leg drop, Rey jumped again and Kane hit an uppercut to turn the tide in the bout once again as Rey was jumping off the top and Kane caught him just below the chin. Kane charged to Rey in the corner but his boot went up high and he missed on the top buckle, Rey hit a modified 619 to the leg of Kane which sent him to the outside.

Rey Mysterio elevated himself from the top rope to the outside onto Kane and he swung back with that same steel chair that was by the barricade earlier in the match. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing by the WWE in this match as they focused on that chair by the barricade.

One thing I could do without is the broadcasters and there low tone they go to whenever someone is HURT.
We get the idea.

In the end Kane got himself DQ`d at 10:10 so Rey won the match in the end when Kane smacked the steel chair right into Rey and his face as he was flying threw the air in a great spot.
I really loved this match. I thought it was done extremely well for the size difference, everything flowed pretty well outside of a couple spots and the finish kept things from being unrealistic so it was at least logical from that standpoint.



*** 1/4



-Intercontinental Championship Match:




19) Rey Mysterio Y2J vs Chris Jericho -WWE Judgment Day 17th May, 2009



Listening to Jim Ross complain about Jericho is as entertaining as listening to Jericho rip on the fans.

Rey went for a 619 straight away and then walked outside the ring.

Jericho of course cut an amazing promo earlier on highlighted in the main quote to this review.

Chris Jerico back in the ring tied up with Rey and Y2J chants broke out. Jericho with a big righthand to Rey off the ropes and it dropped him to the mat. Grisham tried to build up Rey due to the chants and Ross pointed out how he is highly skilled, thanks Ross.

Jericho with a snapmare to Rey and a kick to the back of Rey. Jericho lifted up Rey and he shot back with a series of shots and then ran into a reverse elbow in mid-ring by Jericho. Chris tossed Rey out of the ring under the bottom rope to the floor. Jericho with a baseball slide out, and Rey outquickened Jericho hitting a dropkick to Jericho outside the ropes. Rey Mysterio with a senton from top to Jericho on the outside. Rey with a high kick, Jericho reverses a whip to Mysterio who slams back first into the barricade. Jericho threw Rey back in the ring and he kicked at the mid-section of Jericho who was coming back through the white ring ropes. Rey with a high risk legdrop from the top to Jericho dropping him fully back into the ring, Mysterio gets a two count. Nice elevation by the high flying Rey Mysterio and he went to send Jericho to the ropes, he reversed it sending Rey into the corner. Rey went to the top and Jericho dropped him on his groin and he fell to the canvas floor. Jericho hesistated a moment

with Mysterio still on the outside apron. Jericho with a nice missile dropkick off the top to Rey Mysterio elevating him from the outside apron out to the floor.

Jericho elevated Rey outside the ring dropping him chest first on top of the barricade. Chris Jericho tossed Rey under the bottom rope back into the ring, Jericho elevated himself over the top splashing onto Rey and he gets a two count. Jericho then with a reverse chinlock on Rey Mysterio, Jericho was going for his ninth IC title here.

Rey to his vertical base elbowed out and caught a forearm by Jericho. Jericho sent Rey to the corner and he hit back with an inziguri as Jericho charged towards him in the corner.

Rey had him in position for the 619 and he bounced off the ropes and hit a side hiptoss to Rey sending him flying, and then gaining hin a nearfall. Some of Chicago like this.

Jericho sent Rey Mysterio to the outside and he took his time to re-group.

Mysterio off the ropes got caught with an airplane spin by Jericho and he dropped Rey with a lucha libre type shoulder breaker, and he gets a two count. Jericho then dropped to his back holding the legs of Rey Mysterio sending him chest first into the middle rope depriving him of oxygen.

Jericho hopped around mid-ring taunting Mysterio. Jericho scooped up Rey and sat him on the top turnbuckle. Jericho attempted to rip off the mask of Rey Mysterio on the top and he elbowed Jericho in the face sending him back to the mat. Rey Mysterio with a senton from the top, didn’t get all of it but off the ropes he exploded onto Jericho and got a two. Jericho kicked at Rey, hit a sunset flip on Rey Mysterio but he rolled out and kicked Jericho in the head which got him a two count.

Nice tandem offense, a great quick exchange by both men.

Jericho reverses an irishwhip sending Rey Mysterio to the corner turnbuckle. Rey up top on Jericho hit a sunset flip to Jericho but he stopped it and went for the Walls but somehow the leverage of Rey sent him away, then a backbreaker to Rey who came running at Chris scores Jericho another two.

Chris Jericho kicked Rey Mysterio in the abdomen. Jericho hit a headbutt on Rey and while some fans chanted 619, Jericho put his ear to the crowd in a taunting fashion. Off the ropes Jericho went for a bulldog but Rey sent him to the corner.

Once again Rey had Jericho in a 619 position but Jericho ducked. Jericho got the Walls out of Rey coming from the top and he attempted to lock it in but Rey Mysterio kicked at Jericho and it sent him to the middle rope.

Rey hit the 619 on Jericho.

Or so it looked but Jericho with an innovative presence locked on the Walls of Jericho.

Chicago cheered as Jericho reversed the 619 into the Walls, an inside cradle by Rey Mysterio but Jericho kicked out.

Jericho hit a big powerbomb on Rey and then went into a pinning combination from there and still Rey Mysterio kicked out.

Jericho dropped forearm shots to Rey as he falls back. Rey sent back first to the buckle but hit a droptoe hold from the charge of Jericho.

Rey hit a 619 followed by a springboard and got the win.

In the end at 12:37 Rey Mysterio retained the title after defeating Jericho with a quick pair of his signature moves.

This was a great treat, a borderline classic with a nice story, great innovative reversals, fresh moves and the timing was brilliant. They’d have a better match or two later in the year but this was still very memorable and the undercard along with this match makes the show worth it alone.





-The Art of Mysterio: Rey goes beyond his masks and his skills in the ring or music, he begins to talk about his fmiily life, religion and tattoo’s.





20) Intercontinental Championship Match Rey Mysterio (c) vs John Morrison -WWE SmackDown! 4th September, 2009




Now I wasn’t a regular watcher of Smackdown! during this time, but I knew Morrison was catching on, I know this match had the potental to be great, Rey was already having such an awesome 2009 and I heard the buzz about the match on net from the tapning of SD!


John Morrison comes out and he’s quite the female fanbase. Must be the abs.


Todd Grisham says we’ll see a 5 star match, I guess if he considers every match that is a good match is 5 stars then perhaps it will be.

Ross says just watch for the offense, I tend to agree more with that statement.

Fans chanting “Lets go Morrison” while Mysterio is grounded while John Morrison has an overheadd wristlock with both arms. Rey monkey flipped over John Morrison and now he is laying with his back down to the canvas, Mysterio even tried a ddt.

John Morrison catches him in a sleeper.

Both men setting the pace here, they must of known it’d be a longer match. Morrson with a leap-frg and then a leg-sweep on Rey and holds hte ropes for leverge and a jackknife cover and Rey kicks out.

So dynamic and innovative with a brilliant modified crucifix into an inside cradle by Rey.

Back from a break.

Match went back and forth during the commercial and now both men tae each ther out to the floor, and both came back in the ring.

John Morrison sent Rey into the turnbuckle and torked the arm with an arm-ringer then n an armbar.

Rey then as Grisham stated treated like Morrison like a slip and slide treating him like an around the world toy, a triple-spin hurricanran 765 hurricanrana landed against Morrison.

Mysterio tried to hook both legs of Morrison but he swept Rey down. Mysterio the first one up with a springboard moonsault and three quick running leg-drops off the side ropes then dowm quicklly to the mat.

Rey holdng John Morrison and bth guys get up and Morrison countered with a upside down dropkick.

An abslutely increidlbe opener.

Morrisson using his legs.


John Morrison then sent Rey flying below the rope tring to dribble him under the rope out to the flor. Morrison said to the ref he was only bringing hiim in as he wantrd to win the title.

Rey a little worse for wear comes back th a spinning cradle but Morrison uses his legh power to kick out.

A double crossb-body as the pace quickens.

Un-real action!

Another commercial break. Ross giving Grisham those spots on commentary to say we’ll be back next! Trainng the young ones.

Morrison with a body-scissors and then Mysterio telegrpahing a back body-drop utilizing a baseball slide under the bottom rope hittng a hurricanana to Morroson on the floor.

Mysterio only got a two. Rey flipped up and John Morrison hit a half flapjack then a knee to the cranium of Rey and a two count.

John Morrison showing signs of frustration. Rey lkooks hurt after the huge kick to the hea but now John Morrison runs into the post, Rey springs off the corner and levels John Morrison with a crossbody, hoking the legs for a two.

John Morrison with a sunset flip, Rey stops in mid-air with a close-up dropkick to John Morrison and then a nearfall.

Rey Mysterio jumps off the top and John Morrison dropkicks Rey in MID-AIR with a drop kick.

John Morrison wanted Star Ship Pain but missed. A senton into a 619 to John Morrison. Mysterio then during this Epic match springboards off the ropes and misses Morrison.

John Morrison springboards himself off the rope and kicks Mysterio in the head.

Fans chant this is Awesome!



Morrison with a back-breaker to Rey!

Rey knows no one can kick out of Starship Pain and Rey then tried to land a hurricanrana and Rey crashed and burned.

Starship pain, and a new Champ!

In the end at 20:31 John Morrison wins the IC title.

A standing ovation.

This match has made my top matches list of all time at spot #149 so I think THAT highly of it.

Terrific! One of the very best in SD! history.






**** 1/4

















Disk 3 Matches and Interviews:






21) #1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Batista -WWE SmackDown! 18th December, 2009



Winner of ths match faces Undertaker for the World title on Xmas 09.

Rey Mysterio s being dominated by Batista in the early stages of the match.

At least Big Dave was tolerable to watch in this role.

Mysterio springboards off the ropes into a Senton onto Batista. This takes Dave to the floor, now another senton to the floor on Batista.

Rey misses a baseball slide Ray Traylor style but Batista gets hm in the face. Rey though quicker trips up the legs of big Dave and tried for a moonsault onto Batista on the apron.

Batista slams Rey into the barricade and he hangs upside down! Batist slowly disects Rey Mysterio until he comes off the ropes and is rammed into the larger Batsta who hits a back breaer and now is stretching him out over his back.

Striker brings up a good point that Rey Mysterio is a resilient competitor who thrives on adrenaline much like Jeff Hardy did, although those are my own words not his about Jeff, and Rey is a billion times more passionate about wrestling, smarter and more talented so I actually don’t like that comparison that much.

Either way Batista was taking his time on the top rope and Rey Mysterio sensed the urgency and went for a hurricanrana and big Dvae grabbed he top rope, ran into a dropik by Rey Mysterio in mid-air cathing Batista cming down.

Batista with a knee to the gut then a reverse elbow to the head of Mysterio. Rey hit a ddt and got a nearfall.

Rey Mysterio now hits the 619, can Rey actually get the win but he crashed and burned into Batista and his knees he puts up.

Batista, obviously angry scoooped up Mysterio and drove him hard into the mat. What does either man have to do they wonder?

A Batista bomb is blocked but Rey Mysterio walked into a side-walk, Striker calls it a Bossman slam!

1….2…Rey Mysterio grabbed the bottom rope, Batista yells out are you kidding me. Rey takes Batista over with a head-scissors to the floor and he grabs a chair.

Batista slams the chair on the for.

Batista thens spears Rey in the corner of the ring. STILL just a two.

Batsta goes to slam Rey Mysterio and he curls him over and with a modified inside cradle Rey Mysterio gets the victory somehow!

One of the best TV under-dog victories as Big Dave was such a dominant power-force of a HEEL.


In the end at 12 and a half minutes of TV time on SD!,


This match was a Smackdown! Classic, you would probably have to say Rey Mysterio is Mr. Smackdown!, even ahead of The Rock for his matches alone. Guys like Angle and Eddie are up there as well.

Just tremendous!







22) Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels -WWE SmackDown! 29th January, 2010


This was a lot better then the first meeting between the two at the Eddie tribute show in Novemeber of 05 n Raw, this one just over four years later told a better story as both men were not crushed emotionally during the bout which always helps.


Shawn Michaels wrestling with blue ropes certainly looks different. A side headlock to Mysterio then lands some chops. Mysterio dodged the baseball slide and Rey with a leapfrog and Shawn gets out of position of the 619.

Both men knew the match could get very fast, very quick.

Both men would be able to counter moves at every turn.

Michaels went for a Superkick but Michaels got tagged to Rey and they both fall to the floor, so they of course go to a commercial.

Two of the best ever for the first time on SD! going at it and Shawn Michaels has his left leg torked by Mysterio.

Smart wrestling for either one to take out the agility.

Funny to see Rey work the legs of somebody else, and now Mysterio with a half leg lock. Mysterio with a clubbing forearm and then off the ropes a swinging neck-breaker.

Shawn Michaels is of course favoring the left hamstring. Shawn Michaels charged at Rey with his god leg but Rey hit a drop toe-hold to HBK in the corner landing n the buckle.

Rey though jumped on the top buckle going for a moonsault and then Michaels with a chop block to the sergically repaired right knee of Rey.

So now both Rey and Shawn Michaels going for each man’s vertical base, to take away each own’s aerial game.

Shawn Michaels with a modified Indian Deathlock;Figure four of sorts.

Rey going for the bottom rope and gets there. Michaels slowly takes it to Rey and now goes up for a chance of his own, an Elbow drop despite the bad leg, Rey is down.

Shawn Michaels tunes up the band in the corner.

Rey retaliates with a 619 to HBK after a spinning heel kick using his good leg. A springboard off the ropes flying right into Michaels much like the Shelton-Shawn match in the Goldrush tournament.

Batista comes in and spears Michaels with two spears.


In the end at 14:20 this ended in a DQ.


This match was terrific just a lousy ending.




*** 3/4






-Coping with Injuries: Rey’s knee problems were no secret. But his passion kept letting him come back.




23) World Heavyweight Championship Match -The Undertaker (c) vs Rey Mysterio -WWE Royal Rumble 31st January, 2010



The Undertaker coming in the defending Champion.

Rey Mysterio had been booed at past Rumble`s so why not put him against the most popular star in the company this time around was the deal here.

Mysterio and Taker get set to go. Undertaker caught a couple of kicks by Rey but he rolls out of the way.

Rey dished out shots and I can`t understand the heat for Rey. He`s one of the best of all time and a legend to his people.

Taker throws Rey over the top and lands roughly on the floor. Mysterio`s agility makes him special says Striker and no one would disagree. Taker caught Rey with a right-hand and elbowed him in the throat.

Mysterio had the leg drop scouted and Undertaker adapted to it landing on his feet. Taker still dropped the leg on Rey. Undertaker comes in the ring and signalled for a chokeslam, and then he rolled around.

Rey flipped over into a potential hurricanrana and then Taker goes for a tombstone but kicks out with kicks to the head. Rey went for a cross-body and ran into the boot of the Phenom.

Undertaker with a hard boot to the head of Rey. Taker breaks the count.

You could really tell Taker had a slower pace to this match even with a quicker guy like Rey. Mysterio with a baseball slide into Taker`s knee. Undertaker in pain.

Fans chant for Taker, Rey leaps fromthe apron and hit a moonsault after countering a potential Last Ride into the barricade, nicely done spot.

Rey rolls back in, breaking the count. Mysterio missed a baseball slide and with one hand Undertaker threw Rey into the barricade hard. Undertaker in control slamming Rey down and getting a two, Undertaker with a bloody nose grabbed onto the mask of Rey but another right dropped Rey.

Undertaker went for a tombstone but Rey planted him to the mat. Taker sat up and Rey hit him with a dropkick in a baseball slide. A springboard onto the Deadman. Rey runs into the boot breaking up his momentum off the ropes.

Undertaker has Rey and again he dropped down from the last ride, and Rey hits two straight 619`s, caught in the air by Taker dropping him with the last Ride.


In the end at 11:07 Undertakeer retained the title after getting two 619`s but catching Rey on the west coast pop delivering a Last Ride.

This match was slower due to Taker`s health, especially slow for a Mysterio match.

Still with its length there is a lot of quality. Another good match, just could of been a lot better given the talent if health wasn`t an issue.

That`s just the business.



** 3/4









24) Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler WWE SmackDown! 5th February, 2010


This was a re-match of Summerslam 09’s opener which I found to be a solid three starish match.

I’m pretty big on Ziggler, not huge on him but for the new crop I like the guy, reminds me of Curt Hennig just obviously not on Hennig’s level.

Now a TV match here on Smackdown! Winner will be in the Chamber title match. Anyone who saw Rey in the 09 version will want him in 2010’s.

Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler tie-up in the middle of the ring.

Mysterio hits Dolph Ziggler with a sunset flip.

This was the week after the Michaels-Rey match on SD, and 5 days after Undertaker barely defeated Mysterio at the Rumble.

Ziggler worked over Rey’s back but it wasn’t before long until Rey hit high impact moves taking Dolph Ziggler off the ropes but then a drop toe-hold by Dolph Ziggler to Mysterio into the turnbuckle.

Fans chanting 610 and now Rey blocks a roll-up by Dolph Ziggler and rolls him up in return winning at eight minutes.



** 1/4






-Alone Time: Rey talks about his hobbies and how he has family time, rest, Casino, riding his bike, Disney Land, going to the movies, a private island, etc.




-Rey Mysterio Joins the SES vs CM Punk’s Hair: Talk on this.






25) Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk -WWE Over the Limit 23rd May, 2010


Ropes all red here.

Terrible PPV name by the company considering the date this show fell on, pretty sickening actually.

You might as well of just called it Over the Edge.

Anyway people may argue it’s just a name and to get over it so it’s not like I’m going to take up a ton of time discussing it.

Mysterio is tossed out of the ring under the bottom rope by Punk who looks exactly like Christ and slams Rey into the chair on the outside the ring.

Rey Mysterio literally hit the chair neck-first.

Rey has lost some feeling in the right arm Lawler thinks. Fans appreciate Rey coming back into the match.

Lawler owns Striker on grammar skills saying I thought you were a teacher when Striker says something the wrong way, that was pretty funny.

Punk comes on in this match in a REAL sadistic way if you just check out his body language or his facial expressions.

Punk with a knee to the abdomen and then Mysterio battled back and and Rey reverse irishwhipped to the corner of the ring and the with rights, a springboard senton and then a version, a modified west coast pop to Punk and almost a three count.

Pun down. Rey Mysterio up and kicks Punk in the face, he had been on the recieving end of some kicks earlier in the match and Pun sends Rey’s face into the corner.

Rey hit the 619 couldn’t pin Punk, but with the right roll-up was able to do so around the fourteen minute mark.

Mysterio finished this off chopping off Punk’s hair.

Striker: “Punk’s back is harier then A-Train”.









-“I Can’t Do It Solo.”: Rey talks about his fans.






26) Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Championship Match Jack Swagger vs Rey Mysterio v CM Punk vs The Big Show -WWE Fatal 4-Way 20th June, 2010



A Fatal 4-Way for the World title now on June the 20th 2010.

Just a few days after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, Punk the Chi Town boy was looking to win this one. So was The Big Show and Rey Mysterio.

Swagger the World Champion comes out.

I can’t stand how the WWE slaps the ain title on all these young guys. It’s not working and they should just stop it but yet as of this writing they are doing this in 2011 with Alberto Del Rio (as of the HIAC PPV)….

Anyway the bell rings, here we go.

A ton of nearfalls and all of the sudden everyone is breaking up everyone elses pinfall. Big Show tossing these little guys around like toys until Mysterio hits a huge ddt to The Big Show.

The Big Show down and Swagger hits a splash off the top. Punk and Rey ick at Swagger down on the mat.

They push each other and now both hit a baseball slide to Show. Swagger takes down Rey and he kicks out.


The good thing about these matches is it’s paced like a Money in the Bank match with less botches as it’s non-stop action, no tagging.

Something is always happening around everyone, especially with four people in the match. Punk seems to control the middle portion.

Punk with jabs to Champion Jack Swagger. CM Punk then hts Swagger with a high knee.

Swagger with a duble suplex to Punk holding Rey, all three fall back. The strength of the Champ showing his amateur bakground using the strength from his hips.

Swagger wanted a gut-wrench powerbomb, Punk had it scouted so he held the leg. Rey went to dial up the 619 on Punk but The Big Show woke up on the floor, the Sleepng Giant got up and threw Rey away.

The Big Show tossed Punk and Swagger in the ring then did the throat taunt as the fans cheered.

Kane’s music was hit and people cleared, despite what happened with Kane, the match continued.

In the end around the ten minute mark Rey defeated Swagger.


This match’s finish made the arena pop loud.



*** 1/4







-Opportunity Knocks: Talking about how little men can win the big one.







27) Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio WWE SmackDown! 18th October, 2010



Alberto Del Rio was in for a huge year 2011 in the WWE, here he meets a top vertan in Rey in what should be a great tv contest in the fall of 2010.

Alberto Del Rio was about to recieve a monster push.


Alberto Del Rio was undefeated at this point.

He kicked Mysterio in the mid-section and Rey with a huge clubbing forarm and no off the ropes Mysterio with a high kick, then Del Ri wth a kick to Mysterio.

Del Rio charged at Rey he ducks and Alberto Del Rio goes crashng to the floor. Rey lands on his feet going for Alberto Del Rio and then drop toe-holds him into the steps and then hits a baseball slide into Alberto Del Rio on the steel steps.

Mysterio with a high crossbody from the inside to the outside.

Rey with a high kick to Del Rio. Mysterio with a high boot to the head of Alberto Del Rio. Rey with a high kick to the Hamstring of Alberto Del Rio and then another one. Fans, sounds like kids mostly chanting 619 in attendance.

Alberto Del Rio sitting in the corner and now a baseball slide by Rey to the jaw. Hilarious look when they zoom in on his face through on his eyes. Alberto Del Rio then hit a spinning kick to Mysterio and now HE FALLS to the floor.

Just when you thought Alberto Del Rio was done.

Crazy back and forth intensity, thrill ride here.

An enthralling tv contest. Alberto Del Rio on the outside slides Rey back in the ring and goes for a pinfall right away but the fight of Mysterio gets him out of the pinning predicament. Alberto Del Rio trying to hyperextent the elbw and Rey kicks high on Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio with a hard irishwhipp then a high kick to Rey Mysterio. Alberto Del Rio with tremendous agility and knees Mystrero into the lower-back, he follows it up by an impressive shot to the sternum slng-shotting him in chest-first into the turnbuckle. Mysterio kicks back, his elbow sore.

I like how Striker calls Alberto Del Rio the first Alberto Del Rio and not the second coming of Mysterio, I hate cliche’s like that.

Alberto Del Rio charged into the corner but Rey got a boot up. Even Still Alberto Del Rio went up for a Superplex on Mysterio up high but he fought back and hit a sunset flip from up top but only a two, additional leverage and all.

Alberto Del Rio still remains undefeated. A HUGE kick to the side of the head on Alberto Del Rio as he continues to kick out on seemingly “sure thing’s”…

A springboard for Rey but a powerslam by Alberto Del Rio that lands Rey on the mat.

An unbelievable back and forth contest. A cross-arm breaker into a snapshot verticla suplex by Alberto Del Rio, nearfall after nearfall. Alberto Del Rio goes for a dropkick on Mysterio in the corner and off the top Rey hits a hurricanrana and it places Alberto Del Rio into a 619 position.

Alberto Del Rio’s manager distracts Rey from the outside and he battered Rey down from the outside sending Alberto Del Rio into the manager knocking him off the apron as the fans go wild. The 619, and a splash by Mysterio as he is the first one to defeat Alberto Del Rio.

In the end at just over eleven minutes on Firday Night Smackdown! Alberto Del Rio is pinned by Rey Mysterio on his return as SD is home on Friday Night on Sci Fi!

This match was yet another unbelevable tv contest to add to an impressive DVD collection. Four stars!








28 ) Rey Mysterio vs “Dashing” Cody Rhodes -WWE WrestleMania XXVII 3rd April, 2011

Good Grudge match upcoming here to end this DVD from this years Wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio is booed a lot lately, and lately as in the last four or five years, ever since the Eddie stuff got passed down onto him.

Cody chants among the crowd.

Everyone knew Rey Mysterio didn’t need this win as much as Rhodes. Rey Mysterio dresses up as something new every Mania and Rey Mysterio wearing a knee brace, and focusing on that and at the same time Rhodes uses his mask,.

Rhodes with a shot down on the leg of Rey to ground him. Rey spearing from the apron on the outside but Rhodes once again meets Rey up high with the mask still in place.

Cody Rhodes lifts Rey up high for a Superplex and he shows his power for a good ten seconds.

Cody Rhodes has come a long way since looking like the default wrestler in the Smackdown! vs Raw videogames in 2008.

Rhodes kicks at Rey taking him off his vertical base. We get a slow, methodical, heel disection here.

Rhodes went for crossroads, a modified jaw-breaker but Rey used his legs to drag Cody out of tthe ring and Rey Mysterio hits a baseball slide. Rey goes to the floor and then sent Cody face-first into the apron, on his injured face. Rey Rey off the top and then a unique pinning combination leaning back. Rey Mysterio kicked at the leg of Cody, Rey is caught by Cody off the top and he hits a nice german suplex out of no where.

A long two count by Cody.

Rhodes stomps on Mysterio and now he goes for the 619 but Rhodes had it scouted and dropped him below the middle rope. He leaned back and then Rey Mysterio hits the middle rope with a clothesline version to the ropes, Cody gets a long nearfall.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes on the knee-brace to Rey Mysterio and now he tried to take the brace off and perhaps use it as a weapon. Rhodes takes it off and throws it out of the ring. Rey Mysterio with a moonsault off the top out of no where gets a quick two.

Cody Rhodes down and Mysterio takes off the mask but Cody gets a kick to the groin of Rey.

The mask and the brace are off.

Rey with a 619 to the exposed face thiss time, ouch….

Rey Mysterio with a leap off the ropes and he has his legs kicked out of him. Not his leg kicked out of his leg, a Rumble 94 Owen Hart infamous reference. Mysterio lands on top of Rhodes.

Mysterio dives out to the middle ropes and Rhodes uses the knee-brace and Cody hits the cross-roads.

In the end at 11:56 “Dashing” Cody Rhodes picks up the win after a knee-brace shot to the head behind the official.

This match also told a story, Cody went after the knee-brace taking out Rey Mysterio’s aerial offense, while Mysterio used his regular offense and tried to take off Cody’s mask away from him.

Cody picks up the much needed win.

Very solid match here to finish it off.








-Fantasy Warfare: Rey talks about the Dynammte Kid. Rey says he would love to go toe to toe with Triple H because of the differences in styles and another person is Steve Austin, which is interesting.



-Special Features: Rey and Striker…



-Going Home: Rey discussed what it’s like travelling place to place.


-Standing Ovation: He talks about what it was like in WCW to have that take place for him walking into his first match with Dean Malenko on PPV.







 Final Rating for WWE Rey Mysterio “Life of a Masked Man” Review = 8.5/10



This DVD featured just one less match then his other DVD “Biggest Little Man” as it has 28 matches, rather then 29. That is still an amazing number. Mysterio in his early days was in my opinion when he was at his best so to see Disc 1 continue rare ECW-WCW matches makes me pleased even though a few of them were under five minutes. The tag matches on this set (especially the rare ones, even from WWE on Smackdown!) Really make this worth it.

Since I have a vast collection of wrestling of course I own a lot of Disc 2, but I applaud the WWE for throwing RARE tv matches from the past few years on this set. I am very pleased I picked this up, pure wrestling fans or fans of his style will enjoy it. Top notch yet again and while Rey might not win over the fans in live matches today, there is NO DOUBT that he is one of the funnest wrestlers to go back and watch on DVD. Pick it up!

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  1. cary says:

    i was tossing up weather to buy this or not and you’re review made it easy i’m kinda disappointing it doesn’t have the 06 rumble or at least the last bit of it. i’d rather have it lose 10 matches and put that on as that was a huge match for his career

  2. Thomas says:

    thank goodness I didn’t buy the rey mysterio 3 dvd set

  3. Brett Mix says:

    Ya know, as I always say I don’t see money when you go and buy a WWE DVD but it makes he happy that my opinion on a DVD with a review can motivate or influence-talk some into purchasing it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome to see you enjoyed the Rey/Juvi ECW gem as much as I did. I was totally blown away by it. This DVD is a fun watch. Great review. SO glad that you’re reviewing often again.

  5. XxmadforwwexX says:

    great review… say what you want but he´s the best highflyer ever and one of the greatest

  6. I thought it was a very good DVD. The 2nd ECW match was better than the 1st because that tag match wasn’t 100% complete. I liked some of the Nitro matches best from WCW than the lesser-known shows. But I felt he also had some great matches in the WWE, whether on TV or PPV

  7. Nate says:

    I was not a fan of this idea when I first learned about it earlier this year (considering the guys that don’t have any DVD set, much less 2 or 3). But I have to say this review has changed my mind. The match selection alone makes it stand out from other sets released this year (not as many repeats; save for the PPV releases).

  8. Brad Attitude says:

    i was also hesitant on getting this in the beginning but turned out its actually a decent set. i enjoyed disc 1 overall especially the cool but rare tag team matches. no doubt they were the highlight of that disc. not a big fan of his matches from 2008 – onwards, guess todays match standards don’t appeal to me … i’m surprised his title match with JBL from WrestleMania wasn’t mentioned or thrown on as an extra/special feature.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks an amazing dvd set!

  10. Brett Mix says:

    Yup, one thing is for sure, when I go back to watch biggest little man, I’ll watch this one directly after which will be 57 Rey matches in a row, gotta love it!

  11. Roaster says:

    Great review. I was very hesitant on getting this because there wasnt as much older material on it, but I have a lot of his other stuff scattered on other dvds so I just gave it a shot and bought on day 1 since it was on sale and very glad I did. Enjoyed it thoroughly. I think this dvd is going to be very underrated like the biggest little man which was excellent. would have been nice to have a bluray with more extras.

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