Review: WWE Ric Flair Ultimate Collection (3 Disc) DVD

November 30, 2010 by Brett Mix

-Brett Mix’s “Nature Boy” Ric Flair: Ultimate Collection (3 Disc) Review:





The DVD is broken up into different parts and they throw in a ton of rare footage nicely for each top feud of Flair’s throughout his historic and lengthy career. It is a month away (as of this writing from 2011 and the dude is still going)

Segments, Promo’s, Pre-Match, Post-Match, among other things you can see here and it’s all a lot of fun for the most part and even if it isn’t, it’s still fun to watch or re-live in a world where kayfabe still existed to an extent.

This DISC (Part 1) features three of Flair’s rivals and as said it’s broken up into three different parts. The first one is Harley Race and then it’s Dusty and then it’s Whindam.
The first two especially drew quite well although all three were great and the third provided hands down the best set of matches.

This Disc only contains a few matches but it A TON OF MATERIAL so it’s a winner.

I will stick with the theme of NOT rating individual discs and just rate the DVD as a whole at the end of the review.

I am not going to review every promo or segment, just the matches…..

Disc 1:


1) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Harley Race (c) for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship -Steel Cage match @ NWA Starrcade 1983: Flair for the Gold


“I’m going to call it…..Starrcade 1983.” -Jim Crockett Jr.

Seems fitting NWA’s BIGGEST show of the year took place in Flair Country in a “Flair for the Gold.” (Later spoofed as Flair for the old by the Hollywood Blondes seen on the Pillman DVD)

We have the NWA Champion and one of the biggest legends in Wrestling history in Harley Race the then Champion going one on one with The Nature Boy Ric Flair in a Cage match to main event the show and is a great choice to start this DVD as the first match.

Their feud had began after Race won the title from Flair that June. Race then offered a bounty to have Flair put out of professional wrestling. I knew Triple H got his ideas from somewhere…..

Flair and Race have a really solid contest here.

Of course it hasn’t aged well due to its slow pace and it’s very, very different from most Cage matches. This is still when the Cage was used mainly for appearance and that no one could (kayfabe) interfere or escape. The structure is partially used in this match although not a whole lot and the parts where it is aren’t very good.

Still for its time it was a sight to see. Flair bladed relatively early and that certainly helped the visual of the match and made it seemed like a TRUE war. Of course…Harley Race’s offense is about as bad as the Toronto Maple Leafs of this season so I don’t know how he even drew blood to be honest.

It’s worth noting in this steel cage match that Gene Kiniski was the special guest referee and definately got recognition during the bout. (Even if for all the wrong reasons) Some might have enjoyed that aspect though…

Race “passed the torch” so to speak to Flair here so this is definately one of the all time classic matches for that reason alone. It got a lot of time and it was very memorable but as I said it doesen’t hold up well in comparison to other matches. For any other reason I’d probably rate this match ** – ** 1/4 (which is still a pretty decent rating but not for these two) but it’s historical and career significance boost up the rating.
Hell it even helped build the PPV’s annual credibility let alone the promotion, the career or the feud.

Those headbutts from Race are fun to watch as they sure were different from most offensive moves from other wrestlers in this time or any time for that matter. Like Flair’s match with HHH over twenty years later (that was actually A LOT better despite Flair being way past his prime) at Taboo Tuesday 2005 this match told a great story.
The bell rings and a side headlock takedown by Ric Flair and then both guys tie-up near the cage, Flair drops an elbow down on Race and then gets him into a side headlock.
Gene Kiniski the native of Vancouver, BC is the special ref and he got in the face of Race and this allowed Flair to get a choke hold on Harley in the center of the Race.
Each time Race tried to overpower the Nature Boy he just kept that headlock down ont he mat to Harley Race. Ric Flair maintains the slower pace into a front facelock. It is funny the broadcasters talk about conditioning both men have with the hour time limit yet both guys have barely broken a sweat. They are barely moving.
Race FINALLY gets Ric Flair up and hits a vertical suplex. Flair tries to counter back with a slam but Race lands on Flair. Race drops a knee that Jim Ross would later credit whenever Triple H uses it these days. Race drops the knee on Flair over and over. Race then hits a piledriver. He has some critics on commentary for not going for a pin but then dropped another knee turning Flair over slowly. Race keeps headbutting Flair dropping him. Harley has Flair up on his shoulder and they call it a running shoulder slam but he barely moves, although there most certainly is a slam. A nearfall and Harley has words with Kiniski and Ric Flair battles back with some shots to the abdomen. Race fired back with a kick to the legs and another awkard headbutt to Flair on the mat.

Harley Race sends Flair into the Cage face-first. Flair kicks back and the crowd comes alive. Flair tries to get at Race in the corner but another headbutt drops Flair who is busted open by now after all those headbutt shots and being driven into the Cage. Flair fights back sending Harley Race into the Cage. Ric Flair now has his turn to Piledrive Race and does so but he kicks out. Ric Flair gets another two after dropping Race. A hard chop and now Flair grabs Race with both hands sending him face-first into the Cage. Ric Flair is now vulnerable as Race grabs him by the hair and mushes his face into the cage.
Both men bloodied.

Flair opens up on Race and struts around on an apparent second wind. Flair with a side suplex to Race. A figure four but Race gets to the ropes. Race with a headbutt. On top of the ropes now with another one, Flair sells it by yelling loud. Harley Race takes advantage of the match again just taking Flair apart with headbutts, knee-drops and he took Flair into the Cage on a number of occasions. Race choking him out with his boot now.

Race cornered Flair and Flair hit an uppercut. Flair with a flying high crossbody off the top rope over the referee.
Race dominated a great deal of time but Flair won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the end at 23:46 for a second time, defeating a seven time Champ in Race.

The place popped and Flair was truly then the man winning his second World title to the delight of the crowd. One the crowning moments in the career of Naitch.

My rating is probably different from a lot of folks, but different strokes and as said this has been rated from ** all the way to ***** over the decades…

This even for its time was far too slow, but it was quite good in parts, significant and served its purpose.

** 1/2

2) “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship @ NWA Starrcade 1985

Huge storyline with Flair braking the ankle of Rhodes before the match was made that’s nicely illustrated with some fine segments and promo’s in this section of the DVD. This was one of the bigger angles Pro-Wrestling did in this decade that gained major heat on a Wrestler heading into a match where the fans payed their hard earned dollars to see him hopefully lose.

That is kayfabe and that is what is missing today.

This could be the best match in the career of Rhodes. I love this one to be honest even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the American Dream although completely respected his ability as a big worker with a ton of charisma, and he could certainly talk the talk. Walking the walk is not a problem either as he could hang with the best in Ric Flair.

Flair and Rhodes stad toe to toe and this one is big and everyone can feel it. Flair is the confident, cocky, arrogant champion that even while full of himself looks a tad worried staring at a big determined Dusty Rhodes who does his little dance he does and the fans just eat it up for some reason. He sure had the fans on his side here.
Rhodes and Flair were about to tie up but Flair looks like he’s determined to make the right move and backed off a little before chopping at Dusty. Soon all hell broke loose and Rhodes gets the better of some back and forth action in both corners. Flair soon has to leave the ring because he is being dominated and he shrugs it off for about 25 seconds and the ref tells him to get back in the ring and while Flair’s chops do set Dusty back a little bit, it doesen’t last very long and 40 seconds later we’re back in the same situation with Flair pacing slowly around the ring. (Unlike say Savage who would be running like a Maniac but this was good story telling here) Flair tried to look scared and confident all at the SAME time.

When he gets back in for good Dusty applies an arm bar to Flair’s left arm and Ric screams like only he can and Rhodes grounds Naitch to the canvas with a drop toehold out of a hammerlock, the big guy can chain-wrestle!

Flair shakes his head in pain to the ref asking if he wants the match to be over this quick. Flair finally somehow manages to get out of this punishing predicament and then chops Dusty into a corner until he falls down and them he slams his knee into his face but only scores a near fall.

What’s this?

Now it’s Rhodes who is walking around outside the ring, taking a breather and seems to be in a considerable amount of pain. (selling the injury from the angle before about the bad knee) and Rhdoes was about to get knocked off the ring apron from the outside but he blocks Flair’s attack and applies some elbow drops into the back of Naitch’s head from outside the ring apron. Karma comes calling on Flair and now it’s Dusty who is targetting the leg of Ric Flair. Rhodes goes to work on Flair’s right leg to be exact in some smart act of revenge on the part of the American Dream. Flair screams in pain and the fans like it. Flair tries everything he can to get out of Dusty’s submission stretching the leg of The Nature Boy but he simply can’t and Dusty gets back up and applies it in stronger to which the fans openly accept. Even though Flair’s right knee had only been worked on just a little bit at the time I really loved the spot where Flair was about to give Rhodes a suplex and his right knee buckles on him due to the pain and he collapses. Good selling by Flair and then Rhodes hits a quick snapshot vertical suplex for a man of his size. After a brief pause after a near fall from Dusty, Flair tries to scrape at Rhode’s face and then sends him to the ropes and gets a sleeper hold on the American Dream. It only lasts about 10 seconds and then Flair is sent into the corner with his head hitting the turnbuckle first.

This has been quite the thrill ride even if there was a little bit of slow action for a minute or two in the first 5-7 minutes of the match.

Rhodes on the outside of the ring captalizes on Flair’s injured right leg and slams it into the ring post on the outside. Rhodes takes his time to get back in the ring and when he does Flair makes it to his feet and chops Rhodes, Dusty counters it by chopping him back until he gets tripped and they both fall down. Flair then is the first one up and climbs to the top where (you guessed it) Rhodes scoops him up and slams him to the canvas. Rhodes attempts to lock in Flair’s figgure 4 leg lock but is kicked away and Dusty sells his injured left foot some more. Flair then goes for the figure four and Dusty finds enough power to kick out of it and Ric Flair looks very worried. Flair was great at telling a story of the match with just his emotion alone and he pushed Dusty to the corner but as much as he tried to take control of the match by aiming at that injured foot the more Dusty used it to his advangtage. The way Rhodes did this was by also using his body language and you knew he would stop at nothing to get revenge.

Dusty sent Flair to the far ring post and Flair did his usual flip over the top rope’s turnbuckle and outside on the ring apron he actually falls to the outside and it doesen’t look planned but it actually helps the story of the match considering Dusty had just worked on Flair’s knee. When Flair gets back in the ring he slaps away on Dusty till he goes to the outside and Flair is now a bloody mess from going into the guard rail on his way out the last time I’d imagine. Both guys on the canvas a few spots later and Rhodes drops his big fat elbow ontgo the top of Flair’s bloodied skull. He then gives him more rights and lefts and the crowd is REALLY getting behind this. Rhodes backs The Nature Boy into a corner and does more of the same to Flair’s head and Ric is just out of it by this point as he is getting the shit kicked out of him. You all know the deal here as he then walks away and collapses on the canvas. When getting up he takes more blows by Rhodes and then falls down again. Finally, he asks for no more. He asks for some sense of mercy from Rhodes but obviously given the storyline Dusty would have none of that.

Rhodes sends Flair over the top of the rope in the opposite corner again until Flair flies from the top but doesen’t hit the Dream, just kind of falls.

Rhodes is down though and Flair goes to work on that injured foot. Flair puts it on the bottom rope and he jumps up and delivers a big splash using his body weight. One of the few moments of the match where the Champion showed any signs of life let alone dominance and he continued this approach for a few more moments repeating the same move-set then slaps on his figure 4.

Dusty obviously had come to far to give up after returning from injury and dominating the bulk of this fast paced match to just give up now but he did look out of it as Flair used all of whatever power he had left in him to make it count. Somehow though, through all the pain Dusty got to the ropes to which the fans applauded. Flair chopped Dusty once he was up but Rhodes countered back and hits him with a clothesline. With all that body weight he covers Flair but somehow once again Flair manages to kick out. Rhodes jumps off the top rope and goes for the near fall and amazingly again Flair kicks out! Rhodes then slaps on Flair’s figure four leg lock after Ric attempted to stop the move and now Flair is squeeling like a pig all bloodied and fatigued in the middle of the ring. His title looked to be in jeopardy until the Horsemen (Tully specifically) interfered with the ref being knocked down in this spot and broke it up. Once the ref got up Flair went for a Vertical Suplex but his leg collapsed again due to the punishment it had recieved throughout the match that Rhodes was able to snap a small package on Flair and get the 1, 2, 3. We have a new champion and the place erupts.

Dusty won the NWA title at 22:08 with that cradle that was applied perfectly. Some people don’t like it when a classic match ends with a small package or a roll-up, I don’t mind it, especially if it plays to the story of the match and it’s done in dramatic fashion in the appropriate time like Bret-Diesel at SS 95. This match is like that in that sense and fits the bill appropriately. Rhodes had overcome the odds and was put over Flair here and it was the defining moment of his career and it really helped the rivalry and the NWA’s popularity as The American Dream had been a big hit. Once again I was never a fan but I appreciate the work in the run.

This is a classic match and far better then the match with Harley Race on the disc.

Fast, exciting, emotion filled and action packed with a good story in an important battle in a great feud on a big event. It could of been a bit longer but at the pace they were going I understand why it wasn’t.

Pretty brilliant material they were going for that payed off.

One of the better BIG matches of the mid 1980’s and that’s REALLY saying something.


3) “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Barry Windham for the NWA Heavyweight Championship -World Wide Wrestling: January 20th 1987

Barry was one of the best workers in the 1980’s.

Yes, for all the NEW WWF Generation fans I just said The Stalker himself, the New Blackjack himself was one of the best 80’s workers ever and most would agree. Flair said it best in the clip before the match that he never got his due.

He looked like a million dollars against Flair and I have no idea if it was because Flair was so over as a heel or if the fans just loved Windham, probably a combination of both.
They show clips of Flair and Windham going at it before this paticular bout. Flair was on top of his game, I would only say Randy Savage in North America was as good as Flair in 1987. Hogan could work a crowd like no other but it was Savage and Flair in 87 who were the true artists. Ricky Steamboat and Bret Hart were not far behind.

A big match, a big time limit. Tony Schiavonne and Dusty Rhodes are on commentary, the crowd is white hot for the match. Barry Windham hits a shoulder block on Naitch. Now a side headlock take-over by naitch. Flair gets a hammerlock, Barry reverses it, Flair goes into a drop toe-hold, then Barry goes back on Flair in a nice exchange of chain-wrestling and Barry goes back to the arm.

Fans chanting the name of Barry Windham.

Barry drops a leg and twists the arm of Flair some more. Flair backed Barry Windham into the corner and a clean break as Flair WOOOs. Both guys circle one another.

Barry Windham chopped but comes back with a slam and the fans eat it up. Now a headlock down on the mat taking the pressure to the head of Flair.

Barry Windham stays on the head of Flair but every time Naitch tries to chop Barry Windham turns him aside and Flair goes for a walk. Barry Windham rolls over Flair.

Back from a break all the side headlock take-overs go in the favor of Barry Windham until Flair himself takes it to Barry Windham on the floor with some rough stuff, drilling him into the post. They do not call Ric Flair the dirtiest player in the game for nothing.

Ric Flair with a hammerlock to Barry Windham on the apron then a back chop followed by a snapmare to Barry Windham back into the ring. An overhead armbar now to Barry. An abdominal stretch followed by some chops.

Barry Windham somehow finding the energy to fight back off the ropes and both men exchange blows in an all out war and Barry unleashes the rights to Flair until he flops.
Flair to the outside pushed into the steel and then Flair fought his way back from another break dropping the knee onto Windham. A hard chop by Flair followed by an elbow to the throat of Barry Windham. Flair suplexed Barry Windham into the ring and hooked on the figure four.

Flair grabs ahold of the ropes behind the official for additional leverage.

The damage was done, Barry Windham in serious pain as Flair stalks his man.
Naitch with a right and now lifts the bad knee and drops him on it. Flair in the dead center of the ring tried a Figure Four, Barry Windham out of no where rolls up the Champ and the crowd go crazy but it is only a two count.
Great action, all match!

Barry Windham continues to fight back despite the pain in the leg and Flair pushed him to the outside. Barry Windham speared Flair from the apron, a sunset flip and then Flair smacked

Barry Windham with both his legs back-down on the mat. Flair off the ropes hooks a sleeper on Barry Windham. Flair and Barry Windham fight to the corner where Barry Windham gets a superplex off the top to the champ but could not take advantage for a three count. Barry Windham now missed an elbow from the top. Barry Windham is no Shawn Michaels or Randy Savage, clearly as that was a pretty bad elbow drop-attempt.

Flair fails to take advantage off that mis-cue by Barry and misses the knee-drop, Barry Windham delivers a series of European uppcercuts to Flair. Barry Windham working on the right leg of Flair by the steel blue rail. Barry Windham threw Flair back in the ring.

Barry Windham has Flair cornered and he shakes his head. Barry Windham now looks to hook in a figure four and he has it. Fans go wild.

Barry Windham dropped Flair with a punch but he continues to kick out, being a victim in his own hold! Flair fights out to the ropes but both guys exchange striking blows and Flair drops to the mat.

What a match.

Another break in the action which is unfortunate as there is plenty of action to be seen. Flair chops Barry Windham in the corner and both guys are just destroying one another, literally. Barry Windham hooks an abdominal stretch onto Flair but he hits a hiptoss on the official.

Just five minutes remain in the time limit. Barry Windham off the top hits a dropkick. The official is late to count and gets a long two because of it, the crowd boo appropriately. Rhodes puts over that there would of been a new Champion right there

Everyone on their feet as they thought Barry could get the three on some crossbodies. A series of roll-ups, Flair is still in it.
This is how Flair won a lot matches with the time limit running out, Luger springs to mind.

Barry Windham giving Flair literally ALL he could handle with repeated shots up on the top rope, and still just a two with two minutes remaining in the time limit. Flair with an uppercut and a chop. Barry Windham storms out of the corner with a hard clothesline on Flair. Flair rolls out to the outside of the apron and now Barry Windham suplexes Flair back in the ring over the ropes into the ring slamming him hard on the canvas.

One minute left!

Barry Windham drops a knee and gets a two count. Barry Windham counters a backslam and gets a bridge and a two. Flair elbowed Barry Windham and then Barry caught Flair off the top.

Barry Windham sends Flair to the ropes and scoop slams him, but just a two. Barry Windham now in the dying seconds has to make a quick move.

Barry with one final clothesline. He clearly did not win in time but a lot of fans still cheer.

A draw lets Flair retain the title.

If any match had non-stop action….it has to be this one. Both men deserve a medal for this bout considering the epic duration.

In my top 25 matches of all time.

**** 3/4






Disc 2:



4) “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (c) in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship @ NWA Clash Of The Champions VI- 1989

“This is the best match you will see ANYWHERE in ANY promotion…”Terry Funk

Few matches have that “I could put this on to fall asleep to every night and still enjoy it nightly'” quality but this certainly holds up well. I think the length of the match and the quality you get in this length is definitely the reason it’s a match I sometimes throw on at night. Other matches like this include Bret vs Perfect at KOTR 93 (not because of the length as it was much shorter then this match) as that is my favourite match of all time.
Steamboat the NWA Champion defends his title here against Flair who has already held the thing five times in the 1980’s at this point.

Flair talks about how his chemistry with Steamboat was the best and I’d have to agree.

Only two wrestlers in this industry other then Flair and Steamboat have had the ability to put on more then one five star match together (for me) and that is Bret Hart and Steve Austin.
These guys click like only they can and it’s just so different that you can’t even compare the two together but they’re both so wonderful in there own specific ways.

A 60 minute time limit was given to this one and it was 2 out of 3 falls. Terry Funk joined JR at the broadcast booth and that helped the analysis of the match nicely as he broke down the match quite well as most wrestlers do when joining the booth as a guest.

You all know these guys are made for the other one and this is the standard for “classic” when people talk about the all time great matches.
Not specifically this one here at Clash of the Champions (although it is for some) but just these two guys in general.

The Chops in this bout were amazingly hard and back and forth which made for that “all out war” type feel. Back and forth action is the usual formula for a great match and this one definitely had that aspect.

Flair liked utilizing the overhead wristlock and arm-bars when dominating and of course Steamboat performed his typical arm-drag take downs to perfection as of course only HE CAN.

Ricky Steamboat’s offense was so brilliant that I think only Bret Hart and Chris Benoit in North America can rival it. Flair is no doubt one of the best in ring workers of all time as well.
Flair begging Ricky to quit the punishment felt all to real after suffering blow after blow and JR constantly points out how good of shape both these guys are in.

No doubt about it as they both look in there prime and they absolutely were, that’s why these series of matches between them were the classics they were. Ric Flair states that he wrestled Steamboat 2,000 times in his career. Wow. I probably would of loved to see all of them even if they were copies of the match before. It’s no doubt they were paired so long together though given what they could accomplish. Flaws in this match aren’t many and are rather hard to point out but I guess you could say that the PACE of this contest certainly dragged at times when one of them had a side headlock on the other more specifically.

Ross states that it’s a methodical approach and it was but there is spots like this in the beginning, middle and near the climax but that is the only real problem with the match itself for me.

That is just me nitpicking though. Everything else was near perfect and is absolutely stunning visually and it’s a real “experience” every time I watch this match which justifies what I said at the beginning of this matches review. The Crowd was great for the whole thing, not exactly the loudest crowd ever but there consistency is pretty amazing throughout as they are great for the full ride and the performers in this one obvioussly played to them well and made it easy for them to be able to do that well. The quickness and flexibility of both these guys in this match is something to no doubt appreciate. Like I stated they’re both in there prime and they both look BEST together so it all comes off so brilliantly. Wrestlers like Triple H, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels used these series of matches as an inspiration when getting into the business. It’s pretty crazy that Austin was actually a rookie the year this match took place wrestling in his home state of Texas.

Not only was the pace good (overall) and the match long but with the quickness and agility came physical action. Rough, rough moves at times which definitely got a rise out of the crowd and was yet another reason they were consistently strong throughout.

Funk once again was great for commentary here to explain why these guys would perform a vertical suplex or a arm drag takedown or what have you at the time they did to follow the story of the match. It’s pretty amazing that both guys didn’t really HAVE to target on a SPECIFIC body part yet there was still beyond brilliant psychology in the match. This is how a story is told in a Wrestling Match, it’s no doubt why this one is studied so much. So many pinning predicaments throughout the duration helped the suspense and excitement as it was a 2 out of 3 falls match so you might have thought one fall could come at ANY TIME where in a regular match you know the bout wont end 10 minutes in for the most part. This kept the pacing enthralling.

Terry Funk says “THIS IS WRESTLING. This is the best you will get anywhere…” he was right at the time. Bobby Heenan also said that during KOTR 93 in the match between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect and HE AS WELL was RIGHT at the time.

These guys are warriors for sure and this battle seems so epic that I can’t really write it out accurately, you really need to watch the sound wrestling to fully appreciate it and both men went ALL OUT.

Flair won the first fall at 19:33 and the challenger was up 1-0, and they go to a break after the first fall which is a good thing.

Flair had to give up at 34:14 to the chicken wing as the Champion ties up the score at 1 a piece.

Steamboat wins around the 55 minute time mark just five minutes before the time limit in a controversial way when both guys seemed to be pinning the other.

Memorable and rightfully so.

One of the best matches of all time but my least favourite in the 89 trilogy.

**** 1/2





There is a seven minute tag match between Flair and Windham up against Steamboat and Gilbert, this is after Windham turned heel in the Mid-Atlantic venue.
No review of the match but it is a solid addition to the set.


Back to the 89 triology.

My favourite is the Chi Town Rumble match which is on the Rise and Fall of WCW and the Greatest Superstars of the 1980s sets. That is my third best match of all time at five stars. This next one is considered by many the greatest match of all time. I have it ranked just below Chi Town at fourth all time, also of course at five stars from Wrestlewar 89.

Here we go:

5) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (c) for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship @ NWA Wrestlewar 1989



Judges for this match are Lou Thesz, Pat O Connor, and Terry Funk.

Jim Ross does an excellent job calling this match and the chopping war doesen’t take long to get going in this one, only a few minutes.

The pacing in this classic is the best part about it.
The rivalry, chemistry and hot crowd help, but it is the pacing that gets it done.

Ricky Steamboat and Flair tie-up but nothing doing initially but the Steamer being backed off into a corner by Naitch. Flair and Steamer exchange slaps and Flair drops down to the mat somewhat intimidated as it would seem as Steamboat had a look that read ALL BUSINESS.

Flair backs off and Wooooos, Steamer is not scared and they tie up again. Ricky Steamboat takes a gut shot, Ross calls it cheap and then a hard knife edge chop in the corner. Flair with a straight right to the jaw of the Dragon who retaliates with physical chops to Flair, Ross puts over the physicality of the NWA.

Both men chopping the living hell out of one another and then after an irishwhip Ricky Steamboat backdrops Flair and he falls to the floor over the top rope. Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair with a test of strength as both guys have an overhead wristlock and now Ricky Steamboat with the advantage here taking Flair off his feet. A hard chop from the Dragon punishing the Challenger. Steamboat with a wristlock and then drops his elbow onto the left arm of Flair he is working over, perhaps to take the chops away and inevitable strikes. A shoulder block by Steamer then a deep arm drag by the Dragon to which he was famous for.
Flair in a painful position in the armbar by the Dragon. Ricky Steamboat with a hammerlock and its on the bad arm of Flair following up on it, Flair continues to sell it but a reversal into a drop toe-hold, and Steamer chain-wrestles with Flair countering it back into a hammerlock. Before Naitch would reach the ropes an abdominal stretch combined with an armbar to the bad arm is hooked on Flair.

Flair with his good arm chops back but Steamboat ducks underneath Flair with a double-leg pickup into a crossface chicken wing. Flair having troubles down on the mat as the Dragon has the leverage advantage.

Flair chops Steamboat. Ric Flair desperate exchanging blows with Steamer to try and hang in there with him but Steamboat rolls over Flair continuing the armbar into a hammerlock. Flair rides it out and sets Ricky Steamboat up in an airplane position and up top on the ropes Flair moves away. Steamboat chopped Flair hit a hiplock and dropkicked him to the floor. Ricky Steamboat on the top rope but the official pulls him down with Flair groggy on the ground.

Flair kept trying to get back in the match but a big shoulder block. Flair then with a hiplock of his own taking Steamboat down and Flair too full of himself struts until he finds himself getting off balance as the Dragon hooks the weakened arm into deep armdrags. Ricky Steamboat in control but Flair pushed him to the corner and speared him in the gut with all the power he had left.

Middle part of the match.

Flair continuing to chop away at the Dragon. Flair lets Ricky Steamboat have it each time they chop back and forth you can feel it is a war for the richest prize in the sport. A football tackle by Flair throwing Ricky Steamboat outside but he jumped back in and he let shots land on the Nature Boy. Ricky Steamboat irishwhipped Flair into the corner and he hung upside down with his leg caught in the top turnbuckle, Ricky Steamboat took advantage for a moment until he flipped over. Ricky Steamboat with a shoulder block until Flair caught him by the hair and flipped him over the top rope at the twenty minute mark of the match.

Ricky Steamboat now groggy.

Ricky Steamboat has controlled the bulk of the match but Flair had his moments here and there.

Ricky Steamboat getting up slowly and with a burst of steam the Dragon came flying back in with a hard chop off the top. The Champ gaining momentum just when it looked like the challenger was gaining some.

Flair does his ridiculous over the top turnbuckle run across the apron to jump off the top turnbuckle down to the mat. Thanks Hart, it truly is ridiculous but it looks funny and hey, this is a classic so no marks deducted.

I would have to check with Funk and Thesz though to see how they felt.

Ricky Steamboat went for the high risk and Flair dropped down and now Steamer was down again on the floor face-first. Flair dragged Ricky Steamboat back in by pulling the top rope, Flair going for a sixth NWA title to tie Lou Thesz at ringside and now Flair dropped a knee and another chop. Ricky Steamboat up and another chop drops him. Dragon choked out at the bottom rope.

Ric Flair with a belly to back suplex but Ricky Steamboat barely gets his shoulders up.

Nature Boy drops an elbow on the dragon and a nearfall makes him complain about the count. Ricky Steamboat ducks a clothesline but Flair caught the Dragon and hit a stun gun! Both guys battling to the outside.

What a clinic!

Back and forth, Flair gaining momentum and having some of the crowd in his favor. Ricky Steamboat knew him like the back of his hand and slammed him off the top!

Ricky Steamboat hit a SUPERPLEX now to Flair off the top! Flair selling the pain in the back and now the Dragon tries to hook the Chicken Wing he was setting up for all match but Flair hooks the bottom rope like a pro. The veteran instinct of Flair saved him momentarily. The Dragon chopped Flair off the top after ramming his head into the buckle.

Flair jerked the ropes and the Steamer fell to the floor and now his leg is sore.

Flair could capitalize on this as his finisher is the figure four as Ricky Steamboat had his leg buckle beneath him.

Ricky Steamboat now in trouble as Flair is in mid-ring locking the figure four on the Dragon! Ricky Steamboat finds the ropes.

Ricky Steamboat with a slam, Flair rolls him over and Flair has done it! Half the crowd surprisingly pops!

Flair was in the process of turning Babyface and was more of a tweener here.

Flair becomes the new Champion around 33 minutes when he counters Steamboat’s offense and he wins the gold for the sixth time with a roll-up.
After the match you get the great Funk-Flair build and NO this is not the first time a wrestler put someone through a table in Wrestling. Randy Savage piledrived Ricky Morton in Memphis a few years before this, although this was still great.

You can definitely see why a lot of Wrestling fans consider it the greatest match of all time. Again, #4 on my list.


6) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Terry Funk (with Gary Hart) “NOT” for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in an “I Quit” Match @ NWA Clash Of The Champions IX- 1989



Jim Ross on Commentary again saying we have thirty minutes remaining approximately.
Fans into this one.
Here is one to remember and enjoy!

Terry Funk trash-talks Flair on the Mic and Slick Ric chops him over the top rope to the floor. Terry Funk chopped hard and swung into both corners. Funk out on the floor and Flair let him have it on the ground.

Both of these guys were among the elite in the Wrestling world in 1989. Kerry Von Erich, Nick Bockwinkel, Curt Hennig, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Greg Valentine, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat and these two were among the cream of the crop.

This one had a big back and forth pace.

Both guys with brutal chops and striking blows by the gaurdrail and mic shots to one another.

Trash talking, beatings, you name it and you could find it here!
The crowd applauds the effort, both guys chest turn purple with all the vicious chops, maybe the most chopped match of all time if that makes any sense.

The crowd and commentary help put this war over.
Very brutal even by todays standards.
Funk with a piledriver to the injured neck of Flair. Terry middle aged and crazy back then (imagine now) and tossed Flair to the outside.
Funk now with a piledriver to Flair on the floor!!!

Funker tried to set up a table but Flair got chops in on him just in time and the crowd loves it. Flair positions the table in the corner by the rail. Flair jumps him and sends Funk sliding into the table like a slip and slide and headfirst into the chair. Flair drops Gary Hart as well.

Flair drives his knee into the head of Funk. Flair not letting up. Flair drops him down with an inverted atomic drop and now he goes to work on the legs of Funk to weaken them for the figure four. Funk limps and Flair makes Terry Quit as the crowd go wild at 18:33 as the figure four does the trick.

You just gotta Love Terry Funk and how crazy he is and he showed that a ton of times in this one which made it that much more entertaining.

A Hardcore Classic, very innovative.

**** 1/2






Disc 3:





“I am tellin you right now!…with a tear in my eye! This…is the GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE…”Nature Boy Ric Flair


7) The 1992 Royal Rumble Match for the VACANT World Wrestling Federation Championship 



This edition (The 1992 Rumble) is often called the most star filled and best overall Rumble of all time.

Well for one the WWF Title was on the line this time around so that always helps, and two, the BOOKING was top notch as was the performance of Nature Boy Ric Flair in his first Royal Rumble.

There was of course a ton of other qualities that made this edition so good but I will get to that in this review.
HBK talked about what he did on the Barber Shop with Sean Mooney about eliminating Marty Jannetty out of the Rumble Match after throwing him through a glass window.

Ric Flair said coming out at #3 could be looked at as a disadvantage but when your the Nature Boy you have to be ready for things like this, and when you claim to be the REAL WORLD’S Champion, you have to be ready for anything.

Macho Man Randy Savage said this is the single greatest wrestling match ever and with a ton of competition he will go back to the top of the Mountain, he said one thing is he’s going to get the Snake Man. Savage also said he’ll also become the WWF Champion, threw off his shades so you could see his crazy eyes then said DIG IT!?

Sid said just open your eyes and you will see that he is the man that is superior to all. Sid Justice said he is the next World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Repo Man said one of the greatest thrills in life is when you get to TAKE SOMETHING and he said tonight it’s going to be a thrill when he takes the WWF Title away from 29 other men.

Bulldog said the last time he was in a match like this he won and how great it’s going to be to win tonight.

Roberts said that for 29 men it’s going to be a big dissapointment. He told Savage that he’ll be waiting for him but he’ll have enough left in the tank to win the WWF Title.

Flair again with Perfect talked about how he was going to be the man.

Taker was next.

Paul Bearer said there will be 29 caskets, and Taker said that once more he will be crowned World Wrestling Federation Champion.

Hogan then said in one given afternoon he would prove the power of Hulkamania. I love Hogan promo’s, especially back then but by 1992 he got so corny and repetitive that it was just plain ridiculous. It was no wonder he started to get booed around this time.
The match begins and Rick Martel holds the record for logetivity in a Rumble Match last year.
Fink said this is for the WWF Title.

Bulldog’s music hit and Heenan said “Thank God!” because he was Flair’s business associate.

Dibiase then come at entrant #2.

The Million Dollar Man came out to meet the Bulldog.

The Rumble began! What was to become, the Ric Flair SHOW…..

Bulldog with a hard irishwhip to DiBiase and then DiBiase threw Bulldog by the hair into the corner and hit him with some hard chops. Ted Dibiase then hit Bulldog with a clothesline and then a snapshot vertical suplex. DiBiase with a gut-wrench suplex. DiBiase drops the elbow on Davey Boy Smith and then he picks him up again and hits another Vertical Suplex. DiBiase then threw Bulldog out of the ring but he landed on the apron little did he know. DiBiase celebrated a bit to early and Bulldog came from behind shocking him and clotheslined him out of the ring and the fans went insane! Bulldog eliminated Dibiase!

Out at #3 is Flair and Heenan goes nuts which is just hysterical. Flair then came out in his robe with Mr. Perfect and then Hennig gave Flair a big high five as Flair let out a WOO. Flair then strutted around the ring and Davey Boy Smith shoved Flair down. Flair and Bulldog tie up but Bulldog then lifts Flair in the air and he hits him with a power press slam after lifting him in the air several times. Flair gets cornered by Bulldog and Davey Boy Smith hit him with a charging clothesline. Bulldog almost eliminated Flair but a new entrant came out.

Saggs of the Nasty Boys is #4 and he runs to the ring and attacks Davey Boy Smith from behind while Bulldog was working on Flair in the corner of the ring. Flair chops Bulldog down and now its a double team with Flair and The Nasty Boy stomp away at Bulldog. Flair chopped Bulldog down and then Saggs and Flair both irishwhipped him to the turnbuckle but he came back and hit a double clothesline. Bulldog threw Saggs out of the ring! Fans popped as Davey Boy Smith had eliminated two men now and had cornered Flair and Heenan kept saying “This isn’t FAIR TO FLAIR!” and he would do that many times throughout the match.

Flair begged for some mercy even at the start of the match, I always get a kick out of Naitch doing this, a lot of heels do it obviously but it always comes off looking the best when he did it.

Haku then came out as the fifth entrant and he immediately attacked Bulldog and helped out Flair. Haku then went to work on Flair, and Flair hit some chops on HAKU. Haku stared at Flair and then Ric backed off saying “COME ON NOW…” and backed off hilariously in the same fashion he did earlier with Davey Boy. A reverse chop by Haku and then Bulldog eliminated Haku. Davey Boy had eliminated three men now and it was back down to him and Flair, and it wasn’t fair to Flair apparently from the mouth of a concerned Bobby the Brain Heenan.

Shawn Michaels came jogging out in cocky fashion at #6 and by now all the fans were against him due to what he did to his former Rocker partnery Jannetty. Marty couldn’t compete in the match as a result to further put that feud over. Shawn and Flair went at it a bit previewing a retirement match that would happen over 16 years later in Flair’s last match in the WWE. Bulldog almost threw HBK over but he kicked back up and then Shawn went at Flair in the corner. Shawn then kicked at Davey Boy but he irish whipped Shawn hard into the corner and then with HBK up top he kicked at his stomach and then shook the ropes and Shawn bounced up and down.

Another entry emerged and at lucky #7 it was Tito Santana. Flair then chopped the former IC Champion in the corner but Santana the more rested of the two immediately went to work on a vulnerable Ric Flair. Shawn kicked at Davey Boy who then went to throw out Santana but he didn’t go out. Davey Boy came from behind and nearly had eliminated Shawn Michaels but he stayed in the ring after rolling under the bottom rope to stay in the match. Flair with a desperate move to lowblow Bulldog and then he almost got him out until Santana saved him. Santana with a flying forearm found the mark on Flair and Heenan called it a flying Jalapeno.

#8 was The Barbarian. Heenan said while he managed The Barbarian he barely liked him. Hilarious from Heenan, expect nothing less during this match. Either way Bobby The Brain didn’t like how the men who were coming into the ring didn’t get any smaller because he was worried about how Flair of course who would do just fine. Five men still in the Rumble match in HBK, Bulldog, Barbarian, Flair and Tito Santana. Three men were eliminated all by the Bulldog.

The countdown went again and out at the number nine spot was none other then Kerry Von Erich, the Texas Tornado. Von Erich and Flair eyed each other up and I loved it knowing the history they had together. Von Erich then pounded on Flair in the corner with a ton of huge shots and then Flair went for a walk and collapsed in mid-ring with his typical face-flop. Hillarious. Bulldog catapolted Shawn into the buckle. Santana hit Barbarian with a face buster. Flair then got Von Erich down and kicked away at the head of him to try and weaken The Texas Tornado. Flair hit him with a big chop!

Out runs The Repo Man at Number 10! tons of action all over the ring as double team moves help out every man in there as friend partnered with friend, foe with foe. Flair hit Von Erich with some chops.

Speaking of Chops, one hell of a stiff worker comes out at Number eleven. Greg The Hammer Valentine who lasted 44 minutes in the 1991 Rumble came running out, it seemed like everyone who was in the ring was a former IC Champion. As of right now in 2010, the only two of the seven in the ring who weren’t an IC Champion was Repo Man and Barbarian. The other five in the ring were Davey Boy, Santana, Michaels, Flair, Von Erich and Valentine. Volkoff then attacked Von Erich, and then listening to Valentine chop the hell out of Flair was quite the noise. Flair collapsed due to the fatigue. Davey Boy who began the match even became fatigued of course. The Hammer`s shots certainly didn`t help. Valentine’s chops could be heard from a mile away. Monsoon thinks it was fair, Heenan replied not to Flair. Valentine then went for the figure four on Ric Flair! Volkoff then got thrown out of the ring while Valentine had the figure four on Flair. Valentine picked up Flair and hit him with some more chops in the corner.

Out next was The Big Bossman to a good ovation. Bossman then gave Flair some right hands and Repo Man eliminated Greg The Hammer Valentine. Kind of a shocker right there. Repo Man hammered on Bossman’s gut and Shawn Michaels was almost eliminated but stayed in the ring. Bossman got a hold of Repo Man and threw him out of the ring. Ric Flair then chopped Santana in the corner. Heenan was so nervous he said he wanted to leave for ringside!

The countdown continued and Nikolai Volkoff came out. A 320 pound man wasn’t going to make things any easier.

More chopping all over the ring, and Flair spotted a tired Davey Boy Smith. Ric Flair then back dropped Bulldog over the top rope to the outside! Fans reacted appropriately.

Flair then eliminated Kerry Von Erich and the fans booed. Naitch on a roll! Santana and Michaels both eliminated each other and out comes Hercules at unlucky #13. What action seen already though. The Barbarian and Flair both high fived and then Flair hit him with a big chop. Barbarian looked pissed off and Flair begged for mercy again which was hilarious. Barbarian eliminated Hercules, Bossman eliminated the Barbarian. It was now just down to Bossman and Flair. Flair needed oxygen and it was already a great performance in the Rumble match and it made it seem even greater due to the great commentary of Heenan. Bossman was eliminated as he charged towards Flair and he fell over the top rope and the fans booed. Flair collapsed in the ring.

Not even at the halfway point and Flair was exhausted and out ran the new IC Champion, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Flair looked like he was going to cry and Piper with a ton of energy hit a big clothesline to Flair on the outside of the ring. Piper threw Flair back inside the ring and then got headbutted by Piper. Piper cornered Flair and then pounded him up high with a ton of right hands and got to 6 until Flair hit an atomic drop, but Piper hit a thumb to the eye, taking a page out of the Dirtiest Player in the Game’s book and then Piper hit a fire man’s carry into an airplane spin and Flair turned around and got caught in a sleeper! This is the same move Piper used in almost all of his matches and the same move he won the IC title earlier in the night over The Mountie with. Piper could of easily eliminated Flair but he made a mistake by slapping on a sleeper because he became grounded.
Out at the middle entry was Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts broke up Piper’s sleeper hold on Flair. Roberts cornered Piper and then was about to hit a big time DDT to Flair after he was tanked from the sleeper but Piper saved him and Heenan then bagan to suck up to Piper which was beyond hilarious once more. Jake the Snake Roberts then went to eliminate Piper and Flair got some rest in the corner while Heenan claimed Flair had probably lost 6 or 7 pounds already.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out at #16 and Heenan yelled “OH NO” and then he went after Flair like all the new BABYFACE entrants did and he irishwhipped him hard into the turnbuckle. USA chants and Duggan speared Piper. Duggan unloaded shots on Ric Flair. Heenan then came up with more brilliant stuff and said Hulk Hogan had something to do with Flair drawing number three. Four men in the ring were Flair, Piper, Roberts and Duggan. Flair’s conditioning was top notch due to him going this length of time in the 1980’s (In the NWA regularly) so this was difficult, yet possible.

IRS came out next. Irwin slowly walked to the ring not wasting any energy as the fans booed. Flair went to throw out Duggan but he didn’t go over. Duggan then grabbed a hold of IRS’s tie in the corner. Flair and Roberts double teaming The Hot Rod trying to eliminate him but Hacksaw ran up from behind and gave Flair and Roberts a double noggen-knocker. Every time the buzzer rings, Roberts got paranoid to the Macho Man Randy Savage coming out at any moment. The Roberts/Savage feud was so big it should of been on a Wrestlemania card and probably would of been at WM 8 but Savage vs Flair was pushed over that.

Out next was Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Snuka came out and and gave a headbutt to Flair. Piper chopped Flair in the corner and then raked the eyes of Flair and almost eliminated him. Snuka pounded on IRS in one corner. Jake Roberts almost eliminated Flair once again. Ric Flair caught those headbutt`s from the Superfly. Snuka chopped Slick Ric off the ropes, Duggan caught him with rights down on his knees. Monsoon reminds us we haven`t seen Slaughter, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker among others. Talk about a stacked Rumble match. In the ring Piper continued chops on a man he had a big history with, in Ric Flair. Flair then backed off by Jake the Snake and he attempted to toss out Naitch.

#20 was The Undertaker. Taker came out slowly with Paul Bearer and in 1991 he had an impressive showing eliminating a few people, and a couple of months before this match he won his first WWF Championship. Everyone in the front section stood up to see Taker live in person LIKELY for the first time. Taker then hit Snuka with a big shot and he eliminated the man he defeated at Wrestlemania 7 via the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker hit Hacksaw Jim Duggan with a right hand and Taker grabbed Flair by the throat. Flair then chopped at Taker and he grabbed both Flair and Piper by the throat. Taker eliminated Snuka by a shot from the throat.

Savage came running out next at #21. The Macho man came in but Taker choked him out and Flair collapsed in the corner. Savage found Roberts and the two went at it in the corner. Savage found Jake the Snake Roberts because he was a little bit upset….a little bit oveeerr the edge….maybe a little bit INSAAAAANE if ya know what I mean. Savage clotheslined Roberts out of the ring and then Savage eliminated HIMSELF proving what this feud meant to him. Savage and Roberts were going crazy, however the rule at the time was you need to be THROWN out by someone else so Savage was allowed back in. Taker raked on Savage’s face. What star power in this Rumble, one of the reasons it was so awesome. IRS, Piper, Flair, Savage, Taker, Duggan are the six men in the ring right now.

The 22nd entrant and the seventh man in the ring was The Bezerker. It wasn’t often when a jobber would come to the ring in this Rumble but it happened right now. He came in for some STAR RELIEF after the Macho Man and hit on the head of Taker. Flair worked on Savage in the corner and Heenan questioned if he was NUTS because he needed to take it easy, since Flair was approaching 45 minutes of the match and was in no need to go after someone like the Macho Man. Heenan then hilariously said he never thought he’d say this but Flair needs to try and WEASEL his way out. Monsoon of course questioned it. Savage turned the offensive momentum against Flair and suplexed him back into the ring. Taker choked on Piper and Flair at the same time. Piper and Taker originally were choking on a fatigued Nature Boy Ric Flair. Then Taker took it easy on Flair and used his other glove for the throat of the Hot Rod.

Virgil came out next and he was fresh obviously and went right to work on IRS due to the history with Dibiase. One of the funniest things of the entire Rumble was then said when Heenan said Virgil just came out right? WHO KNOWS HOW MANY BAGS he was going through in the back, then Monsoon said his usual “WILL YOU STOP!” Undertaker had Flair over the top rope but he didn’t go to the outside. Flair had been in there for 47 minutes and was just five minutes from setting the record. Piper and Virgil were now going at it and they were friends from the year before for further proof that its every man for himself.

Out comes Moustafa at entrant #24. IRS hanging in there and Randy Savage raked the eyes of Undertaker. Randy Savage choking out Taker on the side ropes until The Bezerker grabbed him and threw him in the corner.

The current record holder comes out at #25 as Rick Martel lasted 52:34 last year. Hogan and Sid as well as Sgt. Slaughter have yet to still arrive and we’ve seen so many big names already. Flair has been in there for 50 minutes. Martel attempted to eliminate Flair but couldn’t get him out. Savage eliminated Moustafa. Taker then choked down Savage while Martel attempted to get Flair out of there.

Nine people in the ring, and the tenth man and 26th entrant in the ring is The Hulk! Great pop for the Immortal Hulk Hogan. The man who had won the last two rumbles and the odds on favourite comes out and then he goes right after Flair. Hogan then went after his current rival The Undertaker until Bezerker grabbed him and Taker took some shots against Hogan. Taker kicked at Hogan in the middle of the ring, then Hogan clotheslined Taker from the side of the ropes and he eliminated him! Hogan then back dropped the Bezerker out of the ring and the place goes crazy, some fans boo though, they’re just not CENA BOO’s. Virgil went out with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Savage, Flair and Hogan, as well as Piper still in the ring.

Out runs Skinner. The A list cast continues to come out, but I’m only joking about this one.

Hogan hit Flair with a knee to the gut in the corner!

In the other corner Savage was hanging onto the top of the tunbuckle while Rick Martel was below him trying to eliminate him. Piper then chopped Flair. Skinner threw Hogan in the corner. Flair and Piper continued to chop each other. IRS grabbed onto Savage while Martel took a breather in the other corner. Flair then got away from Piper and ran into Hogan who irishwhipped him into the corner. Heenan said it wasn’t fair to Flair that he was still in there.

Sgt. Slaughter then came out. Skinner was thrown out by The Macho Man. Hogan and Piper then are squaring off like it was the War to Settle the Score! Only not 1985, and two more entrants to come out and seven men are in the ring. Savage, IRS, Hogan, Slaughter, Piper, Flair and Martel. Flair just broke the record at 55 minutes. Heenan said they should just give him the title. Any time the camera went off Flair Heenan said that’s where the camera should be.

Sid came out to a huge reaction. Sid with a big right hand to IRS. Sid then cornered Ric Flair and laughed sadistically while he choked out Flair who had gone near an hour.

Warlord came out as the last entrant.

On the outside of the ring Ric Flair got suplexed by Hulk Hogan. Slaughter got sent by Sid Justice into the corner and he went flying out! Flair caught a big boot by Hulk Hogan.

Warlord, Piper, and Martel were all eliminated by Justice.

Sid scooped up The Macho Man Randy Savage.

Flair bumped into Sid and Savage was eliminated and Heenan said “OH MY GOD!”

I love it.

Hogan sent Flair into the corner and he went upside down. Sid then eliminated Hogan and the place popped!
I often hear about how the WWF dropped the ball by not putting Flair vs Hogan at Wrestlemania 8. I can`t see the logic on that. You mean to tell me if it was Savage vs Sid, and Hogan vs Flair it would of been better….I really could NOT see that happening. Savage and Flair put on an all time classic and who knows if Hogan would of been able to do the same. Just my two cents because whenever the 92 Rumble or WM 8 gets brougth up, that seems to be a popular topic with people and still is today.
The Hulkster was eliminated! A lot of people were shocked seeing as he was a favourite to win for the third time in a row, and it has been HEAVILY rumored that the WWF editted out cheers when Hulk got eliminated because the fans were so sick of him by that point.

In the end of the marathon of a Rumble, Flair lifted up Sid and eliminated him with help from Hulk who wanted revenge on Sid.

The Nature Boy has done it! From the territories of the NWA to the big league up North.

Ric Flair is the World Wrestling Federation Champion! Finally!….

Heenan had an orgasm and Flair won the WWF title for the first time at 1:02:02.

Flair did it.

Probably the best booked Rumble ever with arguably one of the best performances of all time in a Rumble match by Naitch. Flair is the new WWF Champion and he said it was the greatest moment in his entire life.

The Best Royal Rumble match of all time.


**** 3/4





-They also show Ric Flair and his debut match in the WWWF in the 70s. This match comes in handy if you suffer from Insomnia.


8 ) “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (c) vs Sting (W/Sherri) in A Title Unification Match for the World Title @ WCW Clash Of The Champions- 1994


Ric Flair and Sting had a storied history and here they lock up with Flair a bit past his prime again. Who could forget their classic in 88.

Sting shoves Naitch down. Flair with an arm-ringer but Sting keeps getting up and Flair backs up.

Flair circles around Sting in the ring and then both men lock up, a hammerlock exchange into a drop toe-hold and then Sting rolls over on Flair before shoving him down.
Fans ate up anything Sting did.

Flair went for a walk on the WCW ramp and then flexed his biceps.
Ric Flair hit a shoulder block on Sting but he then press slammed Flair and posed. Sting again bodyslammed the Nature Boy. Ric Flair chopped Sting in the corner then went wild on Flair as he pushed him over until Flair flopped to the outside like a fish. Ric Flair yells at the camera man and that makes for great entertainment.

Flair lets Sting have it in the corner with slow strikes and a hard chop. Sting looks to the crowd and it does not phase the Stinger who bumps into Flair and poses flexing, looking to intimidate

Ric Flair. A roll-up by Sting and Flair is frustrated to the point where he shoved the ref.

Sting sends Flair into the corner and missed a flying body splash, the Stinger splash as Slick Ric moves out of the way. Flair tossed out Sting over the top rope. Flair with a hard chop to Sting by the barricade. Flair up and in control while the crowd chanted for Sting. Flair drops his knee on Sting.

Flair goes for the figure four but it was kicked out of. Sting kicks Flair in the abdomen. Sting irishwhips Flair and hooks on a sleeper hold. Flair holds the sleeper on Sting.
Sting fights out hits a suplex and lands shots on Flair, Flair went for an atomic drop but clotheslined Ric Flair and got a two. Sting sends Flair up to the top rope and now he gets ready and drops him with a Superplex.

Sting missed a crossbody off the top and Flair now holds Sting in the air dropping him with a vertical suplex. Sting dropkicks Flair in the corner. Sting press slams Flair and then clotheslines him over the top rope.

Sting went into the air and Flair shoved Sherri into Sting. Sting distracted now. Flair brought Sting back in and Sting hit a backslide on Flair and got a two. Sting checked on Sherri and Flair rolled up Sting.

In the end at 15:26 Flair unified the titles winning both by an inside cradle catching a distracted Sting.

Heenan loves it on commentary. Sherri turns on Sting after the match. A great underrated villain was Sensational Sherri. She was always a major manager in a lot of major promotions. Good she is a hall of famer when still alive.

Hogan comes out to set up the Hogan-Flair confrontation and the fans love it.

Pretty basic for these guys but still a lot of fun.

*** 1/4

9) “The Game” Triple H (c) vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw 2003

You’ve got to love Flair’s TRICK when going to shake Triple H’s hand as the old school crowd WOOOOO’s and the match begins.

All those old school tactics seemed to come out in this match. Flair at his age still had the ability to be called the Dirtiest Player In The Game because of them and at that age could still perform a chop in a great way. Flair who JR said was a little north of 50 years old (was actually almost 55 here) took it to the Game in the early going. Flair dominated the first 3-4 minutes until Triple H hit a spine buster. Triple H then relentlessly choked Flair on the middle rope who is his idol. The sky is blue.

Flair got on the offense not long after that as he focused on HHH’s injured ribs from “JUDGMENT DAY” in that year and I guess that’s the only thing that made it believable. Flair then went for Hunter’s leg off the side ropes then went for the figure four leg lock! The crowd was going nuts for Flair here and that’s because during the time of this match this was thought out as something NEW and Flair never had any SERIOUS runs since the early 90’s in the WWF.

Triple H fought out of hit though and the action went back and forth a little bit with blows and chops mixed in with other moves. Hunter got a sleeper on Naitch and then sent Flair into the corner which knocked out the ref. Triple H went to the outside and grabbed his belt but Flair ducked. Flair then low blowed HHH and this played well to him being the dirtiest player even as a face. Flair then hit HHH in the skull with the World Title (That is huge) and the place thought it was going to be over but it was only a two count.

Flair dances around as the fans cheer and King asks if Flair’s thought he won? Funny stuff but it wasn’t before long that Triple H almost got Flair back into a pedigree predicament then gave him a back body suplex and it’s amazing to hear the place quiet down after HE DOES hit the pedigree and ultimately win.

This one is much shorter then I remember it being every single time I watch it but that doesen’t mean it’s NOT GOOD. It is actually a very good tv match.

Austin makes the HHH-Nash match a HIAC match at Bad Blood 03. Not sure why that stayed on this DVD but okay. Oh there going to show all the closing moments including Flair’s farewell here and I guess it was appropriate.

Flair gives a nice speech all teary eyed (Which was kind of new for the WWE Audience at the time) and that’s that. Certainly not new for Flair.

HBK, HHH, Austin, Nash, Dudleyz, McMahon’s among others are celebrating with Flair.

Comparing this match with his other classic encounters with Triple H it doesen’t hold up well (With his best being the Cage match at Taboo Tuesday) but looking it as a single match in the main event on Raw it does. Flair did a nice job here in what must have seem like one giant nostalgia rush for him and perhaps The Game as well.
They’d do better a couple years later on PPV but this one was still good and a nice addition to this DVD set.

Good stuff!

** 1/2


Final Rating for Ric Flair: Ultimate Collection = 9/10

The second best DVD ever next to Bret Hart for an individual performer in my opinion.

This is a must buy for the matches alone but the promo’s, segments and show down’s of his classic rivalries make it a must own as well. Such rare footage for the build uip to the matches. I liked the pace to the DVD and Ric Flair is one of the best of all time so it’s definitely a must buy, they’ve already added a second three Disc set for the man. The 2nd Disc is best with the Steamboat material and adding Funk’s rivalry with Horsemen stories is just a plus to that. I don’t think there’s a disc that drags and everything added was near perfect. Only Bret Hart (again) can rival it with match quality. (arguably Mysterio and his 29 matches as well) Definitely one of the best DVD’s out there. Get it.

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  1. Brett Mix says:

    I would not deny that for a second. It is by no means bad. The godfather film is a very methodically paced movie but it is also brilliant and a top 5 film of all time if you ask me. I just am not as much of a fan of Race-Flair (That one) then most. You need to do more then blade to make a classic.

  2. CJ says:

    About the Starrcade 83 match. Race never worked a “fast paced” style. He wrestled during the 60s and 70s in a very different era and indeed passed the torch to a whole new era at that. It doesn’t have to be “fast paced” to be good. It still had psychology and crowd connection which matters most.

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