Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2005 DVD

May 14, 2010 by Brett Mix
Brett Mix’s- WWE Royal Rumble 2005 Review:




“Whoa, Whoa… hold on a second EVERYBODY, John CENA in the house! Everybody take notice! Ya know Cena, I`ve seen you rap, it doesen`t impress me, not one bit…it`s not even that hard. This freestyling I can beat you anyday of the week. Tomko give me a beat. It goes a little something like this…My name is Christian, the king of Crunk. I`m gonna take you to school Cena…. and you`re gonna flunk. I`m Captain Charisma read em and weeps, tonight I`m throwin you out Cena…for all of my PEEPS.”  -Christian

-WWE Royal Rumble 2005 took place on Sunday, January 19th, 2005 from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California in front of 12,000 fans. This venue also hosted the 1996 Royal Rumble which Shawn Michaels had won.

-This was the 18th Annual Royal Rumble event.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler do commentary for the Raw action, Micheal Cole and Tazz for Smackdown! Tazz does Commentary with Jim Ross for the Rumble match AGAIN and this time was beyond annoying with his over the top love for the Smackdown! brand during the Rumble match.

-Now onto the PPV……………





1) Opening Contest- The “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs Edge

This match is still very underrated to this day. This feud is even underrated and it reminded me of the Jericho-Michaels program from just two years prior and I had originally thought they were going for a Edge-HBK Wrestlemania 21 program but it’s good they got this out of the way first to allow room for Angle-Michaels, also for Edge to win the first Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 21.

JR says this has been building since October, it really had which is why the feud was blown up by this point.

This was an excellent opener which saw Edge mock HBK’s pre-chin music stomp in the corner as well as the muscle pose with one leg stretched out as noted earlier above. Edge did such a great job in the ring as did Michaels. A lot of holds in the match but that didn’t hurt the pace because when it was going it really went. A lot of false finishes made the climax great as well. The right guy won.

The feud was about Edge who was just starting to be come mega over as a HEEL being jealous of Shawn stealing the spotlight away from him all the way back to Taboo Tuesday 2004 where he lost his match with Triple H and Edge was furiour as he said he`d of been able to capitalize on the oppurtunity. Edge and Lawler on commentary believe Michaels screwed him out of a title shot.

A heated rivalry and Shawn Michaels wasted no time getting the match going as he ran to ringside and slugged it out with Edge to start. Shawn opened the 1991 Rumble in an excellent tag match and now in the same venue he won the 96 Rumble he was squaring off against Edge in a single`s match and both men would be in the Rumble later in the night.

Shawn Michaels who went right for Edge from the beginning of the match hammered some rights before irish-whipping Edge across the ring and hit a backdrop. Michaels still in his ring gear clotheslined Edge out of the ring and then skinned the cat coming back into the ring. He took off his gear and Edge looked furious while the crowd chanted “HBK!“ over and over. Edge walked around the ring furuious with Shawn and then he stared in his eyes as he got back inside the ring. Edge then locked up with Shawn and cornered him until having to break the hold, went for a cheap shot but Michaels cornered Edge and hit him with two hard chops. Michaels then slammed Edge`s head into the top buckle before hitting another chop. Edge took advantage of Michaels being half a second earlier and he hit a swinging neck breaker. “Edge Sucks“ chanted while Michaels fought back with right hands of his own that crossed Edge`s eyes. Michaels with a thumb to the eye of Edge and then hit a Lou Thesz press to Edge.

Michaels on top of Edge giving him some shots to the head to the delight of the crowd now.
Shawn then just tossed Edge over the top rope to the floor.

HBK went for a baseball slide but did not connect. Edge on the outside dropped Shawn from behind as the back of Michaels head bounced across the apron. Edge then went inside the ring and DOES connect this time with a baseball slide. Edge then goes outside the ring slamming Shawn head first on the thin black mats.

Edge got onto the apron and back into the ring as he kicked Shawn in the corner a number of times. Edge with a hard right again and irishwhipped Shawn to the buckle with his back hitting hard. Edge then smiled sadistically as he knew that was HBK`s bad part of the body. Edge stomped on Shawn and then dropped an elbow to the head of Michaels. Shawn hit back with a series of chops and then went for a standing dropkick but Edge landed a sitting powerbomb with a counter in mid-air and this scored Edge a nearfall. Edge then layed back on Michaels and applied a reverse chinlock while in a body scissors on Shawn Michaels.

Edge kept the sleeper held after Michaels fought out of the body scissors and got to his vertical base but was slowed down by Edge. Crowd chanted for Shawn again and he came back with chops but Edge grabbed Shawn by the hair resourcefully and slammed him back first against the mat. Edge then mocked Michaels with his leg to the side taunt while flexing. Shawn then was grabbed head first by the hair and Edge slammed him hard against the mat once more.

Edge with a hard right hand to Michaels and then slammed him face first into the top turnbuckle. Edge irishwhipped Shawn hard into the corner, Michaels ducked and Edge leaped over him and grabbed his longer hair on the way down one again using HBK`s hair against him as he fell to the mat once more. Edge flew off the top, nobody there as Michaels hit an Oklahoma roll to Edge but he kicked out, Edge then got up first and hit HBK with a thrust kick and then a nearfall. Edge back to his favourite move of the match and grabbed HBK by the hair and slammed him back first. Edge picked up Michaels but he countered the suplex attempt in mid-air and got another nearfall on Edge. Edge hit HBK with a clothesline and then back into a reverse chinlock working over the neck area of Michaels. Shawn back up with a chop, a forearm shot, and then a million dollar knee left knocking down Edge. HBK built some momentum with an inverted atomic drop and then a right hand to Edge. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped by Edge to the corner and countered with a reverse elbow. Shawn in control on the second rope hammering Edge with a series of right hands but Edge picked him up. It looked like a potential powerbomb from Edge but Michaels rolled over with a sunset flip and got a two. Edge then catapolted Shawn Michaels to the corner and rolled HBK up once more and got a two count. Michaels chased after Edge who left the ring and HBK hit him with a big chop. Shawn Michaels slammed Edge`s head in the mat and then gave him another chop. Keota temporarily distracted Shawn Michaels by telling him to get in the ring and this allowed Edge to re-group and spear HBK on the outside!

Convenient for Edge.

Edge then resting inside the ring and built some momentum. Edge then tuned up the band and instead hit a spear to Shawn but he somehow kicked out. Edge pulled out his hair after he couldn`t believe Michaels kicked out from the spear. Shawn Michaels set on that top turnbuckle by Edge and then the two men hit each other back and forth with righs up high. Michaels headbutted Edge from the second turnbuckle to the canvas. HBK looked around and came flying off the top landing an elbow drop to Edge. Shawn Michaels had a lot taken out of him and his back after the elbow from the top which drove the air out of his body making it hard for him to take Edge on a fall attempt. Michaels had somehow withstood two spears from Edge to this point and HBK got to his feet using the ropes for leverage. HBK went to the corner and tuned up the band. Shawn Michaels then kicked in the corner and stomped on the canvas waiting for Edge and when ging for him he ducked and Edge countered it into an electric chair! Beautiful was right, which was said by Lawler after Edge hit the Electric Chair. Edge got a two and again he can`t believe it, he had quite an argument with Keota about it. Michaels hit a big chop on Edge and he pushed Shawn back, and then HBK with a sunset flip and then Edge who looked like he was going for a sharpshooter hooked on a submission hold, a nice leg lock to Michaels wearing down his lower back and his legs. Smart move by Edge. Shawn Michaels was trying to get to the rope and I liked how Lawler put over how Shawn doesen`t tap, as this would obvioussly come to play in the later Shawn-Angle WM 21 match. Shawn Michaels found the bottom rope and Edge couldn`t believe it. Lawler said Shawn Michaels was trying to tap but the bottom rope just happened to be there. Hillarious. Shawn Michaels with an inside crable and that was just two after a beautiful counter by Michaels out of instinct. Shawn Michaels with a roll-up and then Edge countered it back and held onto the ropes for the win.

So in the end Edge pinned Michaels with a roll-up while holding the ropes at 18:32. Was a huge victory for Edge at the time!

Not QUITE as great as initially thought, however this was still a great match here and definitely a stellar opener.

*** 1/2








2) The Undertaker vs Heidenreich in a Casket match

Hey this was placed on The Undertaker’s new DVD “Deadliest Matches…” I don’t know if I’d consider this deadly but that’s all beside the point. To the match!

Gene Snitsky interfered on Heidenreich’s behalf while Kane interfered on The Undertaker’s behalf. Kane was in the casket and the two would later battle it out in the Rumble match to continue there feud.

The Undertaker chokeslammed Heidenreich but the funny thing is, John barely left his feet and Taker looked pissed. He shook his head as he walked off and you could tell he was extremely angry working with him. All in all though the match didn’t come off terrible because it was a gimmick match and there was a very good leg drop by Taker onto the casket hitting Heidenreich’s upperback which was very decent.

Heidrenreich hit some shoulder blocks but The Deadman kept his vertical base and applied a half crab to the man they called Heidenreich. As he became closer to the casket his fear took him further away.

Fun trivia: Taker`s third Casket Match at the Royal Rumble event. He lost to Michaels in 98 due to Kane`s help and he lost to Yokozuna in 1994 due to about a dozen people`s help.

Heidenreich got in control slamming Taker`s head into the Casket and used it as a weapon. Back in the ring Heidenreich gave Taker a few shots. Heidenreich with more shots and kicks to Taker. Heidenreich was trying to intimidate Taker in the corner with his power and strikes and Taker hooked onto Heidenreich from up top with a variation of the body scissors. A triangle choke hold with great positioning and Taker could use the ropes for leverage because it was legal due to it being a Casket match. Heidenreich was about to be choked out but Snitsky came out and attacked Taker. Snitsky caught Taker with a huge clothesline. Snitsky and Heidenreich were dominating and the fans chanted for KANE.

Both men double suplexed Taker high and tight on his shoulder, Heidenreich dropped an elbow relentlessly into the bad elbow of Taker. Snitsky wanted the Casket open and Kane came through the Casket and gave Heidenreich and Snitsky some right hands. Cole calls it a shocker but I remember predicting Kane would be in the casket for what it`s worth.

Kane and Snitsky battled through through the crowd taking them out of the equation.

Heidenreich got his head slammed into the Casket by Undertaker. Heidenreich irishwhipped Taker knee first into the steel steps. Heidenreich rolled the Casket right into Taker sitting by an apron on the ground. Heidenreich then put a version of a cobra clutch on Taker to try and take away the oxygen which would then logically make it easier for Heidenreich to put Taker in the Casket. Heidenreich rolled Taker in and went to close the lid but his arm was ou and the lid couldn`t be shut completely. Heidenreich got soome blows by Taker and then a huge legdrop onto the Casket which takes Heidenreich apart.

Heidenreich went for an irishwhip to Taker into the corner but he found him with a boot to the face. Heidenreich thogh got a slam out and nearly a pinfall, problem is, there ARE no pinfalls in this match.

Taker found his way into a chokeslam and then a tombstone piledriver.
In the end The Undertaker put Heidenreich in the casket after a Tombstone Piledriver to win the match at 13:20. A little too long but the involvment of Kane and Snitsky helped the match flow smoother and helped it never get STALE in the true sense of the word.



* 1/2







3) John “Bradshaw” Layfield (c) vs The Big Show and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship

JBL`s Cabinet: Orlando Jordan, Doug Basham and Danny Basham interfered on JBL’s behalf in this match while Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak interfered on Angle’s behalf.
This looked decent on paper because Bradshaw under the JBL persona was not only entertaining but becoming a credible champion, overcoming the odds each and every time, plus Angle and Show had both been in Triple Threat matches which were great so they had experience.

However this was the sleeper of the night, and I don`t mean that in a bad way.

JBL was in tough here taking on a Giant and a `Wrestling` Machine in Kurt Angle and he walked to the ring as confident as ever which was rather humerous as him and his cabinet faction at this time were often with there facial expressions especially.

Angle sneaked out of the ring while JBL had to be in there with Show and he looked worried. JBL gave Show some shots and eventually ran into a shoulder block by The Big Show and then a big headbutt. Big Show got JBL in the corner and hit him with a big chop to the chest and then did so again. Show irishwhipped JBL to the corner but he caught him with a big boot and attempted a cross body from the top but an extremely focused Big Show caught him in mid-air and slammed him down hard. Angle broke up the count and then Show gave headbutts to both Angle and JBL and whipped both guys to the buckle hard. JBL tried to shoot back with some offense but his suplex attempt on Big Show went sour as he just shoved him off just as he did Angle right after.

See, The Big Show was a babyface here but it`s sometimes hard to keep up with that sort of thing because he switches allignment as much as Lohan switches partners. Show double clotheslined both JBL and Angle out of the ring and the fans popped. JBL set up steps outside the ring near the table and then took the monitors and cover off the announce table as the fans cheered.

The Big Show went for a chokeslam to JBL through the table but Angle low blowed him and then hit Show in the head with a TV monitor and he went crashing through the announce table off the steel steps. Perhaps Angle had eliminated Show now from the equation is whast Cole was stating. Angle and JBL now battled with Show down and seemingly out on the outside. JBL got a nice hiplock by Angle into an armdrag and an armbar by Angle trying to wear down the champion as momentarily it seems like it`s now a one on one match. JBL misses a kick and Angle spears him down and goes back into an armbar into a top wristlock. JBL punched Angle down out of desperation as the Champion irishwhipped Angle hard to the corner and hit a powerful clothesline to go with it.

JBL with another irishwhip to Angle but this time Kurt moved out of the way and JBL caught the buckle chest first, Angle with a big release with a German. John Bradshaw Layfield tried to fight off a suplex, went for a clothesline from hell but Angle ducked and had that scouted and hit a German of his own. Angle took off his straps and signalled for an Angle Slam but JBL caught him with a boot to Angle`s jaw after he avoided the initial move.

Very good pace.

Show finally basck in and hits a running double clothesline to Angle and to JBL. Big Show scoops up JBL and he slams him on the mat, he slammed Angle right on top of him. Big Show irishwhipped JBL into Angle in the corner and then Show splashed both with all his body weight in the corner and then hit another running double clothesline followed by his hand taunt. He went for a double chokeslam, but JBL went to one side, JBL went to the other, Angle took down The Big Show`s knee from behind while at the same time JBL hit the clothesline from hell. Nice sequence. Angle hit a German on Angle and he kicked out. Angle then with a huge Angle Slam to Show and he hurt his back, but he turned around right into a big boot from JBL but only got a two.

Excellent match.

JBL posed and then signalled for another clothesline from hell to Show and as he got to his feet he ran into a chokeslam attempt from The Big Show and he got him. Show covered but JBL put his foot on the rope.

On the outside now The Big Show charged towards JBL and rammed him right through the barricade. Nice.

JBL layed out on the outside now while Show got up and was fatigued. Now we are in another predicament where it was down to two men again.

Angle had a chair in the ring and smacked Big Show with it and then Big Show elevated Angle up and his skull hit the chair. The Big Show almost was the champ but Jindrak and Reigns broke it up to save Angle. Remember when Jindrak and Reigns were Team Angle version 2…. neither do I. Short lived and a failure.

Bashams helped JBL out and threw him back in the ring.

JBL hit a clothesline from hell on Angle and he won the match.
In the end JBL pinned Angle after a Clothesline from Hell at 12:04 to retain the WWE Title once again proving everyone wrong retaining the title.

Micheal Cole could use a glass of The Rock`s shutup JUISCE considering he uses his same “DAMN IT! DAMN IT! JBL STOLE THE DAMN TITLE MATCH!” Over, and over, and over. The only thing more annoying then that is what Tazz did during the 05 Rumble match later in the night.

This Triple Threat came off very good with a number of spots including Big Show falling through a table and spearing Bradshaw through the barricade.

Excellent booking, non-stop excitement and this REALLY delivered here. I think it was a lot better then people were expecting it to be.

*** 1/4
4) “The Game” Triple H (c) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship


Randy Orton was truly THE bitch in this feud, it`s no wonder his short lived face run was one of the biggest flops since Waterworld.
Evolution was banned from ringside for this match. 

They used this match as an excuse to gain sympathy for Orton (who was being booed heavily as a babyface) by giving him a “concussion” which would be followed on Raw from Japan the weeks following. It didn’t work. But who could blame the fans for booing him, everything he had as a heel (his whole character) was taken away and the WWE gave us NO REASON at all to cheer Orton on. They handled his character so badly as a face so it’s a shock this match actually came off pretty well.

Randy Orton was one of the best heels of this time frame and to see him as quite possibly the worst babyface of all time was just a travesty. This was the program they wanted to go for at WM 21 but they decided and knew it wouldn`t work so they got it overwith here at RR 05.

Randy Orton was hungry to gain his title back yet a lot of the fans in attendance were pulling for the reigning Champion, Triple H just because he was actually a character that worked.

Funny sign that reads “Every day is HHH Day“ right in the front few rows which can clearly be seen.

Randy Orton who was the number one contender started out quickly. Orton hit a backslide, a standing dropkick among other quick offensive moves which caught Hunter off guard. Orton shoved HHH to the ring post and back in the ring, Orton gave Hunter a standing dropkick. Randy kicked HHH in the abdomen as Orton was clearly the agressor in the match until HHH hit a knee to the gut of Randy Orton. HHH had some chants for him and he grabbed Orton and slammed him intot he post. Orton fought back but HHH kept him in the corner and delivered some hard shots to Orton`s head. HHH got dropped face first intot he buckle, snake eyes by Orton.

Orton went for an RKO but a nice counter from the Game as he pushed him over the top to the outside, great start to this match.

The Game had the oppurtunity to then go to the outside and send Randy Orton into the steel steps. Hillarious spot where Hunter goes in the ring and poses just like Randy would and some cheer.

Orton tried to get up and back in the ring but Helmsley helped him and continued to drop the knees to Orton, and then stomped Orton up high. Triple H choked Orton out under the bottom rope.

“Randy SUCKS“ was chanted loud and clear with Orton as the face remember, and HHH went back to work on Orton`s injured left knee. HHH used the ring post to ram Orton`s leg into it and then he took the leg out just before that and once back in the ring did it again. Nice sound strategy by the cerebral assasin taking out Orton`s leg. HHH is working on the left knee some more and dropped his body weight onto Orton`s knee.

Orton`s knee was slammed into the canvas by Hunter and Randy did a nice job selling it.

HHH dropped the elbow to the knee and hyperextended it as he pulled back with a lot of pressure. Nice. Trips also turned right around and focused on the injured part of the knee as he dropped the point of it right into Orton`s most vulnerable spot. Orton countered a figure four attempt with an inside cradle but Hunter kicked out and went right back to the knee.

One back on the knee the “Woo`s” could be heard as Hunter slapped on an intelligent move to go with his sound psychology.

Helmsley had the figure four leglock on Orton.

Orton reaching as far as he possibly could but couldn`t reach the ropes.

Hunter slapped at Orton while still in the figure four and then Randy tried to reverse the Figure Four and Hunter did a nice job at selling the punishment as he had a slight version of an Indian Deathlock. Orton remembered to sell the knee as he crawled to the corner but Hunter picked it up once more and continued the disection, extremely viciously. Hunter grabbed Orton`s leg and slammed it hard against the apron from the outside. HHH elbowed Orton in the head and then Orton kicked Hunter away and he went flying towards the announce table.

Orton kicked Hunter away momentarily which bought him some time and then he hit a modified back breaker as the fans booed and Orton had a smile on his face. Randy Orton punched at Hunter in the corner upstairs and downstairs as they say and then after an irishwhip by HHH to the buckle, Randy Orton bounced back with a neck breaker. Randy Orton again with another modified neck breaker which scored him a nearfull. Orton still selling the knee was able to give Hunter a powerslam and got just a two count. Randy Orton went in the corner to give HHH a round of shots but Hunter with his veteran presence of mind dropped Orton with an atomic drop.

HHH went to the top and Randy Orton caught him and hit an armdrag takedown off the top rope! Orton then slowly climbed as he sold the knee a bit and he gave a smirk. Randy Orton then flew off the top and hit a crossbody to HHH and got only a two count. HHH with a facebuster which was a nice counter in this back and forth match, HHH went for the Pedigree but it was countered. Orton catapolted HHH into the buckle and went for the RKO but HHH pushed him into the corner and then hit a knee to Orton`s face.

World title match full of near falls, back and forth and it was a fun match here for sure.

HHH went for the pedigree but Randy Orton countered with a big clothesline to HHH and just another two count yet again!

Triple H was still down and he rolled out of the ring and Triple H got slammed head first into the security wall by Orton, then he bounced the Game`s head off the steel steps. HHH down and wanted a break from Orton`s offense in the corner stood there and had to take it. Orton landed right hands to Triple H and Hunter Fell but Orton kept him up and gave him another shot. Randy kicked him in the mid-section and went for a DDT but HHH shoved his head down and Orton`s head hit the mat hard.

This was where the concussion thin came into play.

I remember thinking for a few moments this might of been legit. Fans booed as Orton looked dazed. I knew after awhile with how JR and King talked that it wasn`t and it was just a storyline, especially when Hebner says Orton had to get in or he`d count him out. Orton did a good job at selling this, that`s for sure. Orton came in and HHH charged towards him and the referee and both guys went down. HHH then stomped on the head of Orton who may of had a “concussion.“ Triple H then went for his favourite toy, the Sledgehammer.

Orton somehow bought himself some time by pushing HHH head first into the ring post. Orton had a hard time getting into the ring. It`s kind of ironic that Orton was legitimately hurt just three and a half years later in a match with HHH, but here he is just acting.

Orton comes in the ring and spots the Sledgehammer. Randy Orton tried to make it there before Hunter and he did but HHH who was quicker hit Orton with a thunderous clothesline to a man who may have just had a concussion.

Nice storytelling. Never dull.

HHH picked up the Hammer and then threw it away because he didn`t want to get DQ`d. HHH picked up Orton and hit the Pedigree to Orton.

Great booking.

In the end Triple H pinned Orton after a Pedigree to win and retain his World Title at 21:28, but it actually felt much shorter so you can tell the two guys paced this one pretty well.

One of the BETTER Orton-Hunter matches, that’s for sure.

*** 1/2
5) Main Event- The 2005 WWE Royal Rumble Match

Here are some notes about The Rumble match before I begin:

1) For the second year in a row, Chris Benoit remained in the Royal Rumble from the beginning of the match until entrant #30.
2) This was the fifth year a Royal Rumble match participant didn’t make it to the ring to compete. In 1991, Randy Savage did not show up due to an earlier altercation with The Ultimate Warrior (The commentators, Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper, speculated that the Warrior had run Randy Savage right out of the building.) In 1994, Bastion Booger did not make it to the ring due to an upset stomach (which was just an excuse to make it seem like Bret Hart wouldn’t make the 94 Rumble match), in 1998 Skull no-showed after a sneak-attack in the backstage area by a group of wrestlers who thought Skull was Steve Austin, in 2004, Spike Dudley was chokeslamed by Kane, and in 2005, Scotty 2 Hotty was attacked by Muhammad Hassan who was angry everyone threw him out. This was also the second time Scotty 2 Hotty was attacked in the entrance way in a Rumble before he could enter the ring. In the 2002 Rumble Scotty was attacked by the Undertaker, but he still managed to make it to the ring and participate in the match. Also in 2001 he looked like he was going to turn around as the Brothers of Destruction were giving him the eye on the way to the ring.
3) The last two men at the Rumble match, Batista and John Cena, became the World champions of their brands at WrestleMania 21 with Cena winning the WWE Championship and Batista winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
4) Kurt Angle was not an original participant of the Royal Rumble match. Angle had earlier stolen Nunzio’s number backstage prior to the Royal Rumble match.
1 Eddie Guerrero
2 Chris Benoit
3 Daniel Puder
4 Hardcore Holly
5 Hurricane
6 Kenzo Suzuki
7 Edge
8 Rey Mysterio
9 Shelton Benjamin
10 Booker T
11 Chris Jericho
12 Luther Reigns
13 Muhammad Hassan
14 Orlando Jordan
15 Scotty 2 Hotty
16 Charlie Haas
17 René Dupreé
18 Simon Dean
19 Shawn Michaels
20 Kurt Angle
21 Jonathan Coachman
22 Mark Jindrak
23 Viscera
24 Paul London
25 John Cena
26 Snitsky
27 Kane
28 Batista
29 Christian
30 Ric Flair
There were also several storylines going into the Rumble match as Cena and Christian even had a rap-off before the Rumble Match during the PPV.
90 Second intervals which seems to be a common tradition for most Rumble`s, this is the formula that works most effectively.

A lot of emphasis was put on Smackdown! vs Raw in this Rumble.

Eddie Guerrero in his final Rumble who was as over as ever in California, came out in his lowrider and he was ready to go on a long impressive run. Eddie came to the ring and posed a bit. Benoit was number two and like JR said, this is going to be good. Eddie and Benoit in the same ring is always good. Benoit was the returning champion and he went coast to coast the year before, could he do it again was what people wondered.

Benoit and Eddie Guerrero one on one, and as Ross said you could watch these two every day and now they`re starting off one of the most if not the most exciting matches of the entire year! Eddie Guerrero as said massively over with the crowd here in the Rumble match and both these guys not considered the odds on favourites, but still had outside shots to win. Most people thought Batista or MAYBE Cena would win though, those were the obvious choices coming in but these two were still big names for sure and it was nice to see them kick this Rumble off with some chain wrestling. Eddie Guerrero tied up with Benoit and he forced Eddie into a corner. I feel priviledged that I got to see these two go at in the third row on Smackdown! in 2003. Benoit with a side headlock takedown to Eddie Guerrero and then he did a switch with a go-behind reversing Eddie`s hammerlock. Eddie Guerrero got it locked back in as the fans chanted for him. Eddie snapped Benoit over using a snapmare takdown and wore him down as he put him in a headlock. These two just straight wrestled in this Rumble match to begin and it was awesome. Benoit caught a shoulder block.

Number 3 was the short-lived Tough Enough kid, Daniel Puder. The guy who took down Angle in a shoot. Anyway, he was cocky as hell and this appearance was for none other then teaching a kid a lesson. Puder said he`d be the first Tough Enough Champ to win the Rumble. Eddie Guerrero and Benoit stared him down. Benoit and Eddie are two guys who worked there asses off so they took exception to giving him a beating in the corner which consisted mostly of chops. Puder got chop after chop after kick and this trend continued. Both Benoit and Eddie Guerrero hit a double suplex to Puder. Eddie Guerrero then hit the three amigo`s to Puder.

Out next was a guy who really liked to teach Tough Enough kids a lesson. Holly came out and Puder looked scared. Hardcore Holly gave Puder chop after chop in the corner as he hates rookies. Eddie Guerrero told Benoit to chop him. Benoit then held Puder so Holly could chop him then Benoit hit him afterwards and Puder went down in pain. Eddie Guerrero then warmed up and the fans all chanted for him as he knocked Puder down hard some more. Holly then picked up Puder and kicked him in the groin using both his legs on the ropes to do so before a hard Alabama Slam!

Hurricane came out as Puder was tossed out by Holly. Benoit and Eddie Guerrero then threw out Holly. Eddie chopped Hurricane and then Benoit did in the corner as these were the three left. Benoit and Eddie irishwipped Hurricane and hit him with a reverse elbow.

Eddie then tried to eliminate Benoit quickly from behind but it didn`t work out so well. Benoit chopped down Hurricane after he took down Eddie. Eddie Guerrero then backdropped Hurricane over. Back down to Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

Kenzo Suzuki came out and Benoit and Eddie Guerrero went to work on him. Benoit weith a nice suplex, Eddie slammed him down. This time it was Benoit`s turn to return the favor to Eddie and try and get him out but it didn`t work.

Lucky Number Seven was the man who defeated Michaels earlier tonight. Edge came out and speared Eddie in the corner. Tazz annoyingly talked about why he should of hit a Raw guy and not a Smackdown guy, WHO CARES TAZZ. Eddie Guerrero chants all over as he was such a fan favourite, it wasn`t even funny how insanely was over. Benoit kicked at Edge after Kenzo. Eddie Guerrero had a good performance in this Rumble but so did Benoit who`d be in it till the last entrant and Edge as he`d be in this till the final four!

Speaking of guys who would be in it to the final four, outcomes Rey who quickens the pace as always and dropkicks Benoit. Mysterio hurricanrauna`d Kenzo out of the Rumble. Rey, Eddie, Benoit, Edge all in the ring. Four of the Smackdown Super Six just a few years before made this Rumble great here. Eddie Guerrero with a tilt back breaker to Benoit off the ropes. Edge then went for Eddie while Rey and Benoit were both down.

Shelton Benjamin who was a lot more promising then, THEN he is now came out to a good pop. Shelton was the reigning IC champ and he hit a reverse elbow to Edge followed by some moves to Eddie and he elevated him with a high back body drop. Shelton hit Edge with a series of rights in the corner and Benoit tried to throw out Rey. Eddie Guerrero came from behind trying to get Benoit out now and all three kind of hung around. Rey with a chopblock to Shelton when he was about to eliminate Edge which was strange. Edge almost suplexed Eddie Guerrero out of the ring.

Booker T comes out next to a good ovation. Booker with a spinning heel kick to Edge, Benoit took down Eddie Guerrero with a knee to the gut off the side ropes. Shelton and Rey almost had eliminated each other. All of the sudden Bischoff came to the ring to apparently chear on the Raw brand. Benoit had a Boston Crab on Eddie Guerrero and he tapped and then Rey dropkicked Benoit off Eddie.

Another big name was out now and it`s Jericho. Tons of talent in the ring right now. Jericho and Eddie. Booker and Benoit who had a long history. Rey Mysterio, Edge and Shelton. With all that talent there was action all over needless to say.

Number twelve was Luther Reigns and Jim Ross said a guy like Reigns could shock the world here. No, I don`t think so Ross. All of the sudden everyone lined up and dropped allignments. Instrad of babyfaces vs heels it was SD vs Raw.
It`s Smackdown! vs Raw and the place just loves it!

The crowd went crazy!

Eventually the eight men in the ring took one corner for each pair. Eddie Guerrero backdropped Shelton over the top rope but he hung onto the apron.

Hassan was out now and he made his only Rumble appearance. Everyone in the ring stared at him in disgust while the crowd chanted USA. Everyone attacked Hassan. Jericho and Edge set him up on the middle rope while Rey hit him with the 619. EVeryone then picked him up and threw him up and over the top rope.

Orlando Jordan was the next entrant who walked out with a huge smile on his face.

Action everywhere as the ring filled up!
Shelton kicked at Jericho and he was in trouble temporarily but hung on.

Tazz was beyond annoying here with his Smackdown BIAS and Scotty came out next, Hassan who was frustrated from being thrown out by everyone attacked him during his entrance. Shelton splashed Edge in the corner and attempted to get him out.

Charlie Haas came out next. Booker T tossed out Reigns and then Orlando Jordan and Tazz almost cries after this because those were two Smackdown! guys. Eddie pulled the top rope down after a Spinnerooni and Booker went up and over the top rope. Shelton with a T Bone suplex to Rey Mysterio. Benoit kicked at Edge in the corner and gave him some hard shots. Mysterio faceplants Jericho. Shelton and Haas teaming up in a play to the old days in another corner working on Eddie, again some great workers in the ring.

Rene Dupree was now out. Haas hit a modified  hot shot on him and then the former tag team in “The World`s Greatest Tag Team“ which could be argued should of never broke up worked together on him. Shelton sprung up after a stinger splash landed on his feet on the top turnbuckle but was pushed out by Edge. Ross says Shelton`s athleticism bit him on the backside.

Simon Dean walked out to the ring all the way checking his pulse and stretching. Dean was hillarious. Eddie taken down by a hurricanrauna by Rey. Chris Benoit worked on Edge and Dupree. Jericho worked on Haas in the corner. Edge then threw out Eddie Guerrero and then mocked him and the fans booed.

Shawn Michaels came out next and clotheslined Simon Dean who had just entered and warmed up out of the ring. Eddie got chants as he left, that`s just how over he was. Shawn Michaels worked over by Haas at the side of the ring. Benoit and Jericho worked over Dupree while Rey rolled away from Edge who was chasing him around the ring. Rey kept outsmarting Edge. Jericho eliminated Haas.

Kurt Angle who was originally not supposed to be in the Rumble came in his final Rumble match appearance to date. He suplexed Benoit right away with a German and then cleaned house with Angle Slams to everyone but Michaels who reversed it into a Sweet Chin Music attempt, but Angle blocked it with an Ankle Lock reversal and then Shawn used his leg strength to elevate Angle up and over. A preview of what was then a Dream Match. Rey choked out Michaels in the corner while Edge tried to eliminate Chris Benoit on the other side.

Out now was The Coach! I loved this entrant. He was number 21 and he got some good heel heat. The Coach gave Chris Benoit a shot and then ran away from him. JR said he wouldn`t cross Benoit with a chainsaw. I guess there implying Chris Benoit was a dangerous person. Jericho almost tossed out Rey but he reversed it with a head scissors and nearly got Jericho out but he landed on the apron. Angle came out.

Angle came out for revenge on Michaels which eliminated him and Shawn bladed as always and held the Ankle lock on HBK. Finlay as a member of staff came out and tried to get Angle to the back and it eventually worked. Jindrak before this was the next entrant although I doubt anyone cares about that. The ring filled up again with Edge, Jericho, Benoit, Coach, Jindrak, Dupree and Mysterio.

Now Big Vis came out here at 23. Vis clearly the biggest man in the ring as of this moment. Brawling all over the ring.

Paul London came out and then Dupree knocked him down and did the french tickler until Jericho tossed him up and over and then did the dance to mock him before pounding his chest for whatever reason.

The entrants seemed to be coming out quicker all of the sudden and this time it was John Cena to a HUGE POP. Tazz says it`s Smackdown to the bone. Cena came in and pushed Vis out of the way. One of the odds on favourites hits anything in the ring with a heartbeat said Ross. John Cena elbowed Vis and then backdropped him up and over the top rope.

Benoit and Cena went toe to toe with shots, Cena obvioussly fresher then Benoit at this point. “It wasn`t my fault“ hit which is clearly one of the best themes of all time and out ran Snitsky who cleaned house with clotheslines and shoulder blocks. London hopped on Snitsky`s back as he went for a sleeper and Snitsky then dropped London onto the apron and dodged a clothesline but then met a huge one which turned him inside out off the apron and out. Best elimination ever.
Fans chanted for John Cena as he lifted up Snitsky for an FU attempt but then he met a big boot to the face. Hey, Snitsky had main evented Survivor Series just two months before this.

Kane came out now and met his rival Snitsky in the ring. Snitsky went right for Kane and then Kane caught Edge with a chokeslam. Kane with a chokeslam to Benoit, Kane with a chokeslam to Cena, then Kane with another to Jericho and then REY with one single hand. Kane was a joke at this point but at least looked dominant here. Kane threw out Jindrak, Coach ran up from behind and attacked Kane but he held on. Snitsky from behind hit Kane down so Coach remained in. Snitsky hit a Pumphandle Slam to Kane.

Out next was the odds on favourite Batista who was coming out to bigger and bigger pops. Batista came charging to the ring and dodged a clothesline by Snitsky and then he clotheslined him up and over. Batista and Kane went face to face and slugged it out and then Kane hit an uppercut to Tista as the fans chanted for Batista who hit a big powerful powerbomb to Kane. Batista came to dominate and he threw out Edge.

Number 29 was Captain Charisma who came out with his problem solver Tomko. Christian then came in and attacked Cena! Cena picked up Kane and threw him out!

The final entrant was The Nature Boy who started third 13 years before and won the 1992 Rumble.

Flair threw out Coach and then Flair sent Christian into a Batista spinebuster. Batista threw out Christian. Batista threw out Benoit and then Flair tried to throw out Batista and he begged for Tista to forgive him. Edge speared Flair and threw him out.

Final Four now!

Edge, Rey, Tista and John Cena.

Two Smackdown, Two Raw. Thanks Tazz, you haven`t put over the Smackdown! unity enough yet. Edge speared Rey, then Cena. Edge went for another spear but Rey moved. Rey set up Edge for the 619 and caught him. Rey springboarded into the ring but Edge pushed him up and over then speared him off the apron to the outside. Rey is out. Edge then went to throw out Batista and was double backdropped by Tista and Cena over the top.

Batista and Cena, the two odds on favourites and arguably the most popular stars in the company as of just then stood toe to toe as the final two and the crowd got up in anticipation.

JR calls it a dream matchup.

Cena gave Tista a shot and they both exchanged shots and Cena picked up Batista for an F-U attempt. Batista elbowed him from up top and went into a Batista Bomb attempt and lifted him up but the two fell over the top rope both falling to the floor.
So who won this thing, is it Luger-Hart 2 is what most wondered as of now.

JR said Batista had won it right away but the SD ref raised Cena`s hand.

Both men got cheers.

Vince came out and then charged towards the ring and fell on his ass. Definately a strange ending. I`ve heard from sources that it was a mistake for both to go over but it was done so well that I`m not so sure. I don`t care anymore.

The match was re-started by order of the chairman.

Tista overpowered Cena and hit a Spinebuster!

In the end Batista tossed out Cena at 51:27.

Ross screams it wasn`t without controversy but the Animal is going to WM 21.

This Rumble match definately had some good moments.

However a lot of it consisted of basic brawling with most of the big names just staying in there without a bigger story developing. Solid booking, it was definitely fun at times, but nothing more other then a good Rumble match.





*** 1/4

Final Rating for WWE Royal Rumble 2005 = 7.5/10

All in all a very good show. Edge and Michaels gave us a good long opener. Both title matches worked pretty well despite the fans not buying the Face Randy Orton. The Casket match was medicore at best but that was expected, there were some GREAT backstage segments and it DID have good Rumble which boosts my rating up a tad. 7.5/10 seems about fair considering there techincally wasn’t a bad match on the card and most of them were very good mixed in with the loads of comedy made for entertaining PPV. Four matches over *** 1/4 means it has to be good. Pick it up!

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