Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2007 DVD

May 15, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Royal Rumble 2007 Review:



 “These are the BIGGEST BALLS I`ve ever held!”             -Kelly Kelly





-WWE Royal Rumble 2007 took place on Sunday, January 28th, 2007 from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas in front of 13,500 fans. This was the city that hosted the 1997 Rumble ten years before in Shawn Michaels hometown.

-This was the 20th Annual Royal Rumble event.

-This Royal Rumble set a new record for the most wrestlers involved in an elimination, taking 8 men to throw Viscera over the top rope. This beat the previous record set in the 1994 Royal Rumble when 7 men eliminated Viscera. (Who was then known at the time as Mabel)

-Glen Jacobs (Kane) made his eleventh appearance in a Royal Rumble match, breaking his own and Rikishi’s record for most Royal Rumble appearances. It was also his ninth-consecutive appearance, also billed as a record for Kane.

-The Undertaker was the first superstar to win the Royal Rumble Match as a 30th entrant to the match.

-In a dark match before the event went to PPV, JTG (with Shad Gaspard) defeated Lance Cade (with Trevor Murdoch) at 8:42.

-This marked the first time that the new ECW brand participated in the Royal Rumble match. The winner of the Royal Rumble won a championship match for his choice of either the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, or the ECW World Championship at WrestleMania 23. Unlike previous years, there was an uneven distribution of participants in the Royal Rumble match between the brands (with thirteen from Raw, ten from SmackDown!, and seven from ECW).

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler did commentary for the Raw matches, Micheal Cole and JBL did commentary for Smackdown while Joey Styles and Tazz did commentary for ECW. For the Rumble Match, King did this edition with Cole and JBL.

-The main feud heading into the Royal Rumble on the Raw brand was between John Cena and Umaga, with the two feuding over the WWE Championship. At the previous pay-per-view event, New Year’s Revolution, John Cena defeated Umaga to end his undefeated streak and retain the WWE Championship. The night after on Raw, Armando Alejandro Estrada, Umaga’s manager, asked for a rematch, which Cena agreed to. Later that night, during a match between Cena and The Great Khali, Umaga interfered and attacked Cena. The following week, on the January 15th edition of Raw, the official contract signing for their rematch at the Royal Rumble took place. After it was announced that Estrada could choose the match type, Estrada chose the match to be a Last Man Standing match. Cena signed the contract and proceeded to attack both Umaga and Estrada. On the January 22 edition of Raw, after Cena was eliminated from a Battle Royal, Umaga attacked Cena, and injured his spleen, which was portrayed as real as part of their storyline.

-Now onto the PPV……………


1) Opening Contest- The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) vs MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro) (w/Melina)



This match here was a very good opener as most tag team matches seem to be. It was good to see Jeff Hardy back in a Rumble PPV (his first since 03) and Melina was out there with MNM. These two teams have good chemistry and it showed on this night. It was a little different to see white ropes used for a Rumble PPV as opposed to the Red, White and Blue combination or Black but it worked well I felt. People often think Rope color doesen’t matter but it actually can to a small degree considering it’s what you have to look at all night long. Lighting is also important as well and the WWE does a great job there obviously.
Onto the opening match!
Good tag work by MNM keeping the Hardyz in there corner for a lot of the match, isolating both Matt (mostly) and Jeff the majority of the match using smart wrestling helped this match flow well.

Joey Mercury had the protective face mask on in this match because of his accident at Armageddon 2006 in the ladder match.

Matt began in the ring for the Hardy Boyz while Johnny Nitro took him down and then quickly tagged in Mercury.

Mercury attacked Hardy and squared in on the injured jaw of Matt right away while Matt tried to block the blows. Joey tagged in Johnny. Johnny Nitro then had Matt in a corner once he gave him more shots, Matt fought back but found himself in a similar predicament as Mercury slammed his head into the turnbuckle. Matt cornered Joey and then tagged in Jeff who flew over the top and hit Mercury down, first offense of the match for the Hardyz. MNM cornered Jeff and then gave him a series of shots before Johnny Nitro irishwhipped Jeff, he ducked and then hit an inverted atomic drop and then slammed Nitro in the groin as he dropped both legs, and Melina screams. Great.

The Hardyz double irishwhipped Johnny Nitro to the ropes and then hit a double reverse elbow and then a double team landing on him. Matt hit a side russian leg sweep to Nitro and then hit Mercury with a suplex when her ran in. Off the side ropes Matt Hardy hit a swinging neck breaker to Johnny Nitro and got a two. Matt lifted him up and then Nitro fell backwards landing on his feet and connected with a shot right to the injured jaw of Matt Hardy. Johnny Nitro then with an oppurtunistic tag to Joey Mercury who continued following up on the sore jaw of Matt Hardy. Johnny Nitro got tagged back in and grounded Matt after he recieved a hard european uppercut. Joey Mercury gave Matt a hard shot to the head with a big kick on the ring apron which was once again focused on the jaw, Nitro got a nearfall after the cheapshot by Mercury on the outside.

Nitro held in front facelock hurting the jaw some more and tagged in Mercury. Double team move by MNM as they slammed his head into both of there knees.

 Mercury hit a hard, short, clothesline on Matt Hardy and then got another nearfall. Matt tried to get out of the predicament but Mercury kept grounding him with a headlock and then he eventually got out and tagged in Jeff who hit a face first modified suplex. Jeff then went to the top and hit a corkscrew moonsault off the top. Both Hardyz double suplex Johnny Nitro and then go to opposite corners. Matt hit a leg drop after Jeff hit a frog splash, but Johnny Nitro got his knees up and drove them into the abodmen of Matt Hardy. Mercury got tagged in and drove his foot right into Jeff Hardy laying down back flat on the canvas. Joey Mercury irishwhipped Jeff and then caught him with a knee to the mid-section coming off the side ropes. Mercury cornered Jeff with a spear and then solid right hands. Johnny Nitro tagged in and then with Joey in front of Jeff blocking him in the corner was there until the man soon to be known as John Morrison came charging at him. Mercury and Nitro continued the tandem offense this time to Hardy. The first half of the match was basically MNM controlling Matt while this half was essentially them taking apart Jeff now.

Jeff hit with a standing waistlock by Mercury but he countered to the ropes and got a nearfall from a cradle to Joey but he kicked out. Mercury immediately put Jeff in a facelock and tagged in Johnny Nitro who planted him with Mercury in another double team move. Johnny Nitro picked up Jeff and then kicked him in the chest as he held the arm of Jeff. Nitro then with a body scissors and a reverse;modified chinlock to Jeff Hardy all at the same time. Nitro went back into a front facelock while Jeff tried to get to Matt to make the hot tag. Matt clapped on and got San Antonio to do the same while MNM held on for momentum and leverage. Eventually Jeff hit a backdrop and then when he was about to tag in Matt the ref was distracted by Mercury.

MNM attacked Jeff behind the official. Mercury choked out Jeff on the side ropes.

Jeff pushed Nitro to the corner and hit a heel kick and tagged in Matt who came in and cleaned house with short clotheslines. Matt irishwhipped Nitro and hit a backdrop to him with high elevation. Matt hit a charging clothesline to Mercury and then a bulldog on Nitro at the same time. Matt went to the top rope and then dropped an elbow to the back of the head of Nitro. Matt got hit in the jaw by Nitro and Mercury picked him up for a snap shot oppurunity but Jeff interefered and then they hit a double team move to Mercury, they went for one on Nitro but he dodged it as Nitro hit a roll up to Matt.

Matt hit a side effect on Johnny Nitro and then a twist of fate. Matt hit a DDT to Mercury on the ring apron to assure he would not break the pin.

Jeff came off with a Swanton and then a three!

So in the end it was Jeff Hardy who pinned Johnny Nitro after a Swanton Bomb at 15:27 to win the tag match for the Hardyz.

The Hardyz would be back to compete on there own in the Royal Rumble match as would Johnny Nitro but not Mercury.

So basically we had isolation and a slow disection by MNM that told a good story but it was your basic BABYFACES come back in the tag match after just a few double team moves type of match.

Nothing stood out as great but it was still a solid tag overall and a good way to open the broadcast.

** 1/2





2) Bobby Lashley (c) vs Test for the ECW World Championship

This match sucks. It’s Test’s final appearance at the Rumble (perhaps even PPV?) before his death and that’s certainly sad.

You just knew it was going to blow when the pre-match package had Test looking like a legit monster and threat to the division.

Bobby Lashley has the face of a five year old on the body of a beast, a lot like Lesnar that way.

Only BLACK and not nearly as good of a wrestler. Still, Lashley could get the job done in a powerful way but being put in the ring with Test here was not EXACTLY the best recipe for success.
Bobby Lashley was ready for Test here as he warmed up in the corner and then tied up with Test.

Here is a better TEST for people, try and sit through this match.

Test broke a choke in the corner and then slapped Bobby Lashley in the corner which resulted in Lashley spearing him down and choking him out in mid-ring. Test grabbed onto Lashley and dropped him down and he hit head first to the middle ropes and Test choked Lashley out with his big boot. Test then choked out Lashley in the corner of the ring with his boot. Lashley irishwhipped him to the corner and hit a clothesline and a T Bone Suplex impressively. Lashley picked him up yet again and a delayed vertical suplex with one hand at the end and he held the big Test in the air for over five seconds which is impressive.

Bobby Lashley had Test on the outside as he tried to re-group but Lashley didnèt let up and gave him a hard shot and sent him back in the ring. Lashley from the outside tried to kick at Test but he sent him to the corner and Lashley hit the ring post. This move would by Test some time which would make his Testicles happy. Ya know, the fans of TEST. Kind of an oxymoron but work with me.

Test tried to focus on a body part of the bigger man which was logical and hooked on an armbar.

Test tried to ground the big man and wear him down so he could utilize his power game in this Championship match.

Lashley powered out and sent Test to the corner but Test re-grouped with a kick to the injured shoulder of Bobby Lashley that that steel post earlier. Test got a two count and then another armbar. Test hit a reverse elbow in the corner to Lashley but he somehow hit a backdrop, and with the good arm hit a big clothesline on Test. Lashley with some spears to Test in the corner and once he signalled for the end the crowd applauded. Bobby Lashley went to suplex Test but his left shoulder gave out on him. Test connected with a big boot to Lashley out of no where and then hysterically cried that it was three after he failed in his pinning attempt with a two count. Test picked up Lashley and went for an F-5 and Lashley landed on his feet and then with his right side which was the good side of his body in this match threw shots at Test and he landed on the outside of the ring. Test didnèt want to continue the match and walked to the back and then Bobby Lashley clotheslined him in the entrance ramp.

In the end Test was counted out by walking away from the ring at 7:18 so Lashley won and retained.

They tried to tell a story, but it was a boring one. Not a good match.

I will never watch this one again now that I have it reviewed.





3) Batista (c) vs Mr. Kennedy for the World Heavyweight Championship

JBL on commentary said Kennedy was so damn good you had to say his name twice. I wont buy into that but I have no problems with Kennedy. I might have a problem with him in a World Title match this early in his career but then again this is the same event where Bob Holly and Mark Henry got title shots so I remind myself of that and move forward.

It is all about leaving the talent in the Rumble match, and another questionable name in Umaga would Main Event also on this night.

Kennedy did his usual entrance and so did Batista and now the match was on, Kennedy was the major underdog.

Batista tossed over Kennedy easily a few times after they hooked up in the ring. Batista chants while Kennedy went for the knee to take the bigger man down. JBL did his best to say whatever possible to get Kennedy more and more credibility. Kennedy with right hands to Batista and then off the side ropes he caught a boot from Batista. Dave Batista snapped a vertical suplex and got a two count. Kennedy left the ring for a breather but Batista followed him and slammed his head into the ring barricade.

All of the sudden out of desperation Kennedy pushed Batista off and sent him directly into the steel steps. Batista limped around the ring and then elbowed Kennedy’s head that was hanging from the ring apron. Batista in the ring gave him some hard shots and then drove the elbow hard into his face in the corner. Batista speared Kennedy a few times in the corner of the ring. Kennedy though dropped to the knee again and relentlessly attacked Batista’s knee. Some fans in attendance cheered for Kennedy’s offense. Kennedy drove his knees into the leg of Batista. Kennedy then put the boot of Batista on the bottom rope and dropped all of his body weight on tp of him as Kennedy delivered the blow again to the knee. Kennedy dragged Batista to the center of the ring and went for a figure four looking like move and twisted Dave’s leg from beneath him.

Kennedy was wearing down the left leg of the big man and Dave grabbed onto the rope for leverage to break the count. Kennedy then kicked at the leg in the corner of the ring, simple strategy that he made look decent, no Bret Hart but still effective. Kennedy drove the knee right to the jaw of Batista who was sitting in the corner. Batista on his stomach now and Kennedy stalked Batista in the corner and waited for him to get up until he drove his knee to Batista again and got a nearfall.

Kennedy got Batista to the center of the ring and locked on a half crab continuing the pressure on the knee of Batista.

I think everybody thought it was only a matter of time till Batista came back in the match but the heel beat down all match long should of been at least expected. Kennedy kept the hold on and Batista eventally with his good leg kicked out of it and then hit a small package to Kennedy. Batista scooped up Kennedy and then he landed on his feet, and hit a crushing blow to the hamstring of Batista.

All of the sudden out of no where he slowly got to his feet!

Batista hit a Spinebuster!

Cole said this could be the opening Dave Batista needed.

Batista after the Spinebuster went down to the mat and sold the injured left hamstring that Kennedy had worked over all match.

Batista got to his feet when Kennedy did and Kennedy hit forearm shots and a kick that just made Batista more angry seemingly. Batista with a backdrop and then a clothesline in the corner. Batista with a powerslam.

Kennedy missed with a big left hand and then Batista drove Kennedy to the canvas, shook the ropes and signalled for the Batista Bomb. Kennedy went for the knee out of no where! Kennedy had pushed Batista into the ref and he elbowed the official down. Kennedy hit a low blow and no referee.

When there was an official he only got a two.

Kennedy picked up Batista and some fans chanted “Kennedy“. Kennedy caught a big clothesline out of the corner from Batista. Batista hit a Batista Bomb despite Kennedy firing shots away on him while in the air.
So in the end, Batista defeated Mr. Kennedy with a Batista bomb at 10:29 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Decent work here by Kennedy, definitely one of Mr. Anderson’s better matches.

Could of been worse for sure, these two did a a very decent job for what they had to work with.

** 1/4





4) John Cena (c) vs Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada) in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship

The late Umaga challenging Cena here.

The match will continue till one superstar can no longer answer the count of ten, therefore making the winner the last man standing.
Since April, Umaga had only been beaten one time, at least that is how they built him up here.
John Cena had an ABDOMINAL injury in this match (kayfabe) and was taped up for it so it no doubt made it seem like Umaga was going to dominate the match and look like a legit threat to the title. Problem was, the character was a rookie and not exactly a draw so that is why it was kind of hard to comprehend Umaga as the WWE Champion, especially around Wrestlemania time, and especially when going against a John Cena character who just didn`t seem to die at the time. (No matter how much the fans might of wanted exactly that)

Cena had been getting a lot of boo`s around this time and going up against Umaga was a good booking decision because not many people could really get behind Umaga.

The two men stood face to face. Cena landed hard right and left hands to Umaga before a reverse elbow. Cena hit a jawbreaker after a reverse elbow. Cena off the side ropes got caught with a hard right hand by Umaga to the mid-section of Cena that were already bruised and injured. Umaga on the outside irishwhipped Cena into the steel steps.

“Cena” chants broke out as Umaga gave John Cena a hard kick. Umaga hit right hands to Cena before he shot back with more of his own and they were again to the injured abdomen of John Cena. Thunderous headbutt by Umaga to Cena said Ross. It was an impressive one, Umaga hit a shot to Cena again in the gut and then spiked him with a hard forearm shot to the lower abdomen on his lower back. Umaga speared Cena in the corner with his head. Umaga irishwhipped him hard into the corner until Cena got his boot up and hit him in the face. Umaga hit clothesline to Cena and some cheered. Umaga`s offense looked good here.

This is Umaga`s career performance to date.

Cena has to the 10 count to get up and he of course did around 5 or 6 this time and Umaga scooped him up and slammed him to the canvas with a high impact move. Umaga grabbed the steps and then went to throw them inside the ring. Umaga climbed into the ring and Cena dropped Umaga`s head onto the top rope. Cena then scooped up the Steel Steps with his sore abdomen and then threw the steps over the top rope directly into the face of Umaga on the outside! Umaga was down for the count.

1-8 was counted and The Samoan Bulldozer got up at the eight count. Cena who had boughten himself some time after that innovative offensive move hit some shots to Umaga on the outside until Umaga hit Cena with a great spinning heel kick. A very athletic move for a man of his size. Umaga waited for Cena to get up and then raked the back a bit of Cena. Umaga then slapped on a bearhug which was a great strategic move considering Cena had sore ribs and a bruised abdomen. Umaga went to a belly to belly suplex out of the bearhug.

The pacing was so good in this match that even a move like the bearhug didn`t last very long. Umaga grabbed the steel steps and placed them back inside the ring.

Umaga worked over Cena at the side ropes with some hard shots to the abdomen again.

Fans chanted for Tables for some reason.

Umaga set up those steps in the corner and placed them vertically and put Cena right in front of them.

Umaga charged towards Cena and attempted to hit him head first into the steps but he moved out of the way and the 400 pounder ran into the steps. Cena picked up the steps again and slammed them into Umaga once more!

John Cena couldn`t keep Umaga down for the ten on this exchange.

Cena went to the top and got caught in mid-air by Umaga who caught him with a sidewalk slam with all that force. Cena selled well and screamed on in pain as the momentum and life were sucked out of the champion and crowd.

Umaga back in control stomped on a helpless Cena and used the ropes for leverage. Umaga then leaped up and dropped his body weight down onto Cena. Umaga drove the air right out of Cena once more and then again he attempted it but Cena got his knees up and then ran towards the ropes and drove Umaga face first into the steel steps. Cena from behind scooped up Umaga and slammed him on the Steel Steps this time.
Umaga apparently could not SEE Cena at this point.

Some fans had Cena Nuff.

I have of that taunt anyway.

Five knuckle shuffle hits Umaga and John Cena picked up the four hundred pounder and went for the F-U but Cena`s lower back gave out and his head hit the steps.

Cena became a bloody mess as Umaga spotted him bloodied and attacked him relentlessly. “Cena Sucks“ was chanted as was “Cena“ and Umaga just hit hard and powerful right hands to the Champion.

“Lets go Cena“ and “Cena Sucks“ were chanted as a bloodied Cena fought back and then Umaga hit him with a big Samoan drop out of no where taking the momentum away from Cena.

With the loads of abominal injuries to Cena, Lawler had thought this had to be it.

Umaga all of the sudden signalled for the Samoan Spike.

Cena turned around and and Umaga went to hit him with it but Cena blocked it and then at the last second he still went down because John Cena was hit with a headbutt from Umaga. Umaga then planted Cena in the corner with a slam upside down. A bloodied Cena hung upside down. Umaga then ran off the side ropes and missed a headbutt in the corner of the ring and hit the canvas.

Cena sat up and then jumped off the top rope with a leg drop to Umaga. Cena then rammed Umaga shoulder first into the ring post. Cena picked up a TV monitor on the outside of the ring. Cena crushed Umaga in the head with it, nice spot.

Umaga was down on his back and John Cena was standing bloodied for now as the only man up.

Cena leaped off the apron to Umaga but he caught him in mid-air and then drove him back first into the post, meanwhile sucking the life out of Cena because he was stil squeezing his mid-section.

Cena layed helplessly on the announce table while Umaga took off monitors with Estrada.

Umaga charged from one table but splashed nobody on the other as John Cena moved out of the way at the last second. Brilliant scouting by Cena.

John Cena went into the ring and was temporarily the last man standing, but would THIS be enough was now the question. No, it was not.

Umaga got to his feet at nine while a bloodied Cena in the ring could not believe it.

Armando Alejandro Estrada took off the top rope in the corner for Umaga to use as a weapon on an already beaten looking John Cena.

When he went to use it on Cena, he countered and got Umaga into the STFU. In the end Umaga was unable to answer the ten count after Cena choked him out with an STFU using that loose ring rope at 23:09 to retain the WWE Title.

Great battle, good story. What a championship match should be and it beat my expectations of what I thought I`d see here.
In the end Cena was The LAST MAN STANDING after an entertaining war that is most definitely a Classic by all means for today’s action.

Awesome PPV encounter.

May Umaga RIP, this was his shining moment. 

**** 1/4






5) Main Event- The 2007 WWE Royal Rumble Match

They called this the most star filled Rumble match of all time.

I don’t know if that’s true (1992, 2002, 2005) but this match did have a lot.

Below in BOLD are some of the BIGGER NAMES. I don’t need to recieve backlash on who I put bold here, I’m just stating these were bigger names at the time, not exactly the favourites but by bolding these names it’s to show how star filled this Rumble match was which is another reason it was so great.
  1  Ric Flair
  2  Finlay
  3  Kenny Dykstra 
  4  Matt Hardy
  5  Edge
  6  Tommy Dreamer 
  7  Sabu
  8  Gregory Helms
  9  Shelton Benjamin
  10  Kane
  11  CM Punk
  12  King Booker
  13  Super Crazy 
  14  Jeff Hardy
  15  The Sandman
  16  Randy Orton
  17  Chris Benoit
  18  Rob Van Dam
  19  Viscera
  20  Johnny Nitro 
  21  Kevin Thorn
  22  Hardcore Holly 
  23  Shawn Michaels
  24  Chris Masters
  25  Chavo Guerrero
  26  MVP
  27  Carlito
  28  The Great Khali
  29  The Miz 
  30  The Undertaker
One of the most star filled Rumble’s ever!
90 Second intervals as usual.
The Nature Boy once called himself the 60 minute man. He would have to be tonight if he wanted to win. Jerry Lawler might of been right when stating this might of been the only night in his career he did not want to be #1. Finlay drew #2. Finlay making his Rumble debut while Flair had won this match in 1992, fifteen years earlier from the third entrant. This is second time drawing #1, he also did in 1993 when he squared off against Backlund to get things going there. Still fresh in my memory.
Flair locked up with Finlay and Finlay hit a standing side headlock to Flair while he threw him to the ropes and Finlay hit a hard shoulderblock to Naitch. Finlay with hard rights and lefts to Flair in the corner. Flair cornered Finlay and reversed the punishment hitting him with chops. Finlay with a backdrop to Flair and then Finlay picked up Ric Flair and attempted to get him up and over but Flair was holding on to the top rope. Flair raked Finlayès eyes and he went into the corner. Ric Flair hit him a few times followed by a chop and an irishwhip with a reverse elbow.

Kenny Dykstra came out at #3 and he had problems with Flair heading in. Flair chopped Dykstra in the corner a few times. Finlay went back to Ric Flair in the corner taking him down. Dykstra stomped on Flair and then Finlay went to throw out Dykstra but he held on. Flair from behind went to Finlay but he held on yet again. Dykstra then hit Flair a few times in the corner. Finlay and Dykstra attempted to get Flair out and over.

Matt Hardy came in his sixth Rumble match. Matt hit a side effect to Dykstra. Flair worked over Finlay in the corner, while Dykstra turned the tide on Matt in the other corner, delivering hard abdomen shots. Matt Hardy then went over to Finlay and slammed his head into the top turnbuckle. Flair chopped Dykstra in mid-ring. Matt almost eliminated Dykstra.

Entrant #5 was Edge. The Rated -R- Superstar was a favourite and he came in and speared Flair. Edge then speared Dykstra, went to spear Matt who he had personal problems with and Matt reversed it and hit a side effect. Finlay then took down Dykstra, Matt and Edge. Flair had not been eliminated, came back into the ring with a chair. Matt hit Finlay, Edge tossed out Flair and he was eliminated. Dykstra then mocked Flair and his strut and was thrown out by Edge. Good stuff.

#6 was Tommy Dreamer. Finlay, Matt, Dreamer and Edge were the four left now and Dreamer hit a baseball slide into the face of Edge who layed upside down in the corner. Finlay then was the only man standing as he took down three other guys in the ring. Matt Hardy backdropped Edge but he held onto the apron to remain in. I liked Cole, JBL and King referring to Rumble history at this spot in the Rumble match.

Sabu was now out. Sabu got a table out and set it up outside the ring. Sabu then hit Dreamer. Edge raked the face of Matt while Finlay grabbed onto him. Sabu hit a big DDT to Dreamer.

Gregory Helms was the eigth entrant and JBL called him the greatest secret on Smackdown. This event marked the one year reign of his Cruiserweight title victory yet he was still a secret. Okay. Finlay rushed towards the ropes and attempted to lift Sabu out and over but he was unable to. Sabu nearly had thrown out Helms near the table that was set up at ringside.

Entrant #9 was Shelton Benjamin. Shelton came out in his fifth Rumble match which was kind of surprising for me, I never thought he was in that many. Shelton tossed Matt out and he hung onto the apron. They teased the spot of the table breaking a lot with Finaly throwing Shelton over the rope and just hanging on near the table for instance among other spots near the table as well including Matt almost suplexing Shelton over.

#10 was Kane who had the Rumble record. This was the 9th Rumble in a row where Kane came in. Kane hit a big slam and then choked Edge with a big chokeslam. Kane tossed out Tommy Dreamer. Kane hit Sabu with an uppercut. Kane chokeslammed Sabu through the the table in an awesome looking Rumble elimination. Helms and Benjmamin battled away. Kane worked on Finlay and Matt worked over Edge in another corner.

CM Punk was out next and attacked Edge until Finlay came from behind. Punk with an awesome knee to the face of Edge in the corner. The ring started to fill up quite a bit. Finlay had been in the Rumble the longest to this point at fifteen minutes and was trying to be the third guy a #2 to win a Rumble. (The others being McMahon in 99 and Mysterio in 06)

King Booker was #12. Booker came out with Sharmell and Booker meant business. Booker then hit Helms in the corner with hard shots. Booker tossed out Helms with a lot of power. Booker elbowed Punk and then chopped him against the side ropes. Kane almost had Matt out and Finlay went for Kane. Edge at the side ropes got attacked by Shelton. Edge hit Kane with a right hand.

Super Crazy surprisingly comes out to a good pop. Booker and kane worked over Super Crazy upon arrival. Finlay picked up Booker in the corner and almost had him out, Kane had Edge almost out in another corner. Shelton was almost out by Matt but he made sure to hang on.

Jeff Hardy now came out, he was the reigning IC Champion and he was still hurting from the earlier match in the night where he picked up the pinfall on Johnny Nitro who was also in this match but had not yet entered. The Hardyz worked together in the Rumble match here and double teamed Super Crazy as they flipped him backwards and hard against the mat. Kane grabbed both Hardyz in the mid-section but still connected with right hands to Kane. The Hardyz double teamed Kane with poetry in motion and Jeff hit Kane with a high kick. Jeff had gotten himself eliminated with this move, you would think he would of learned.

Halfway through the Rumble match was Sandman who entered at the side entrance to the building. JBL says Steve Austin drank a lot of beer and he has tossed out a record 36 people in total so it might not of been a bad strategy. Sandman used a cane to hit some heads but then King Booker tossed him out. JBL said, well he is no Stone Cold. Pretty hilarious but not great treatment for Sandman obviously, which is nothing new by the WWE. Finlay almost threw out Jeff Hardy but he just hung on. CM Punk also did just as well.

Randy Orton was #16. Another former World Champion was out here and one of the reigning tag champs with Rated RKO. Another former World Champion enters the Rumble. Edge and Orton threw Super Crazy out and over. Edge and Orton teamed up to throw out both Hardy Boyz. Orton worked over Benjamin in the corner. A lot of big names in the Rumble.

Another big name out next in Chris Benoit. His last Royal Rumble and just half a year before his tragic death. Benoit suplexed Finlay. Benoit hit a great suplex to Shelton and then to Booker. Finlay picked up Benoit and then in the corner of the ring Benoit used the top rope to stay in.

RVD entered at #18. Another big name and another former World Champion, the only man to hold the ECW and WWE titles at the same time. RVD with spinning kicks to Benoit, Orton, Edge and Shelton. RVD then hit Kane. Six former champions all in the ring in Booker, RVD, Kane, Benoit, Orton and Edge. Kane threw out King Booker to a big ovation and Booker had a hillarious facial expression. Booker came back in the ring and hit a spinning kick to Kane followed by a scissors kick. Booker then clotheslined Kane out of the ring and Booker had been eliminated. Kane and Booker were now both out.

Big Vis, Visagra, Viscera was out now. Booker and Kane still went at it at ringside. RVD with big shots to Finlay. I hate how Lawler asks if anyone was going to be able to eliminate Vis when someone always finds a way to every year.

Johnny Nitro came out at #20. Two thirds of the way through the Rumble and out came Nitro who lost earlier in the night and he recieved a headbutt from Vis. Edge and Orton remained a team in one half of the ring. Benoit and RVD were other bigger names still in there. Finlay worked on RVD while Benoit almost threw out Shelton Benjamin who just managed to hang on.

#21 was Kevin Thorn. This was the only time period of this Rumble match that was paticularly slow with the three names consecutively here that were NOT so huge after a few names in a row that were. The ring was filling up here as it usually does around this time in the Rumble match year after year. Finlay was STILL in the Rumble match, him and Edge had the most impressive performances in this match at the time.

Another underwelmhing name in Hardcore Holly out now. All of the sudden seven guys team up to try and throw out Viscera. Hardcore was an ECW representative and Big Vis headbutted him. RVD worked over Benjamin in the corner. CM Punk and Orton in one corner, Edge almost eliminated RVD. Benoit lurked around and then all men teamed up on Vis again.

Shawn Michaels took it to Finlay and eliminated him after a half an hour performance. Shawn then threw out Shelton for the 2nd year in a row after he hit Vis with a superkick and seven men threw him out. Michaels was in his hometown where he defeated Sid ten years earlier at this event and won the title. HBK won back to back rumble’s just before that. So Vis officially gone, Holly and Michaels two veterans going at it. Shelton backdropped over the rope to the floor.

Chris Masters was the next entrant. Nitro hit a neck breaker to Benoit. Edge and Orton double teamed HBK but could not get him out. Nitro was thrown out by Chris Benoit as he charged towards him and took him to the outside. Benoit chopped at Thorn.

#25 was Chavo Guerrero. Chavo came in the same way he usually does and flips under the bottom rope. Benoit threw out Thorn. Chris hit a headlock on Holly and gave him a big headbutt. Benoit with a driving knee shot to Holly in the mid-section. Chavo with an uppercut to Masters. RVD went for an elimination at the side of the ropes.

MVP was out now. MVP went for Benoit be HBK held MVP back and Chris Benoit chopped him. RVD kicked out Chris Masters. RVD in every Rumble he has ever been in has been in the final six. Usually that is because he is always a late entrant. CM Punk still in the Rumble match and was worked on by Orton.

Carlito then came out now and this was the Lucky #27 that had won the Rumble three times before in Yoko, Studd and Austin. Eleven men inside the ring right now. Carlito choked out Edge, and RVD almost threw out Michaels. HBK if he was to win another Rumble would tie a record with Austin for who has won the most Rumble matches and he WAS in his hometown and a serious favourite. Orton grabbed Carlito and he and Edge worked him over.

The Great Khali was out now. Khali was making his Rumble debut and who would eliminate him was the question. Khali came out and headbutted Orton and the rest of the ring, including a big head shot to the head of Benoit.

During a forgettable entrance to the match by Miz due to him being tossed out we miss the elimination of Benoit. Not only that they do not even mention it.

Khali then consecutively threw out RVD, CM Punk, Carlito, and Chavo Guerrero. Khali hit a big blow to Shawn and then choked him out in the middle of the ring. Khali had layed out everyone in the ring.

The final entrant, #30 was out now. MVP, Edge, Orton, Shawn, Khali and Taker were left.

Taker and Kali squared off, Cole teased that Taker might be the guy to take him out and he eventually was. JBL points out nobody has never won from #30 to date. Taker hit a big impact move to MVP and tossed him out.

For the 2nd year in a row, Orton made the final four. Rated RKO, Taker and Shawn were the final four. Taker went to throw out Edge but he hung on. Orton hit Taker with a steel chair to the skull. Edge from went for a spear on Orton but he stood there with the chair asking him what he was doing. Randy Orton hit an RKO on Shawn Michaels as he rolled out of the ring and then both of them went for Taker. Undertaker hit Edge and Orton with big right hands. Taker splashed Edge and Orton in both corners. The Undertaker clotheslined Edge down and then the tag champions with a double kick sent Taker to the ropes but he shot off with a double clothesline. Taker irishwhipped Edge to the turnbuckle and Taker dropped him on the buckle and hit Snake Eyes. Taker was bleeding by this point and signalled for a chokeslam to Orton!

Edge speared The Undertaker to save Randy Orton temporarily.

The final two men were The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, everyone knew this would be amazing, but I’m not sure many knew how long these two would go at it.

Michaels back in the ring backdropped Orton over and then kicked Edge out of the ring.

We are down to two men and the crowd was going crazy.

Shawn and Taker were both down.

A bloodied Taker sat up, HBK kicked up. The two legends who had a long history came face to face. Shawn was pushed off by Taker but then went back on him again. Taker chokeslammed Shawn into the corner with one arm. Taker worked over Shawn in the corner and then HBK ducked a diving boot. Shawn then spotted The Undertaker on the ring apron and he went to throw him out but Taker spotted HBK’s offense and put a hold on it with a shot of his own.

Taker fought his way back in but Shawn hit a swinging neck breaker. The Undertaker hit a boot to the hometown Michaels who had been getting HBK chants from the crowd. Taker suplexed Michaels and he almost went out but he hung on from the apron and slammed The Undertaker face first to the buckle. Taker gave Shawn a hard shot, an uppercut in the corner of the ring. HBK though hit Taker back and threw Taker off of him and came off with a big elbow drop. The adrenaline was pumping, the momentum shifting ad HBK stomped the canvas to tune up the band. Taker, countered it in the middle and hit a chokeslam to Shawn Michaels! Taker gave the signal that this one was coming to an end and scooped up Shawn but he fought out of it yet again and hit the Sweet Chin Music. Taker just got up again and HBK went for another superkick but as he was about to hit it Taker dropped him out! JBL said this is how Michaels eliminated Diesel!

Undertaker in the end eliminated Michaels by ducking the Sweet Chin Music and throwing Michaels over the top rope at 56:18 to win his first ever Royal Rumble Match. This whole climax was just great between two veterans and the ending was perfect. It arguably set up the idea to have the two veterans going at it at Wrestlemania 25 and 26. The #30 entrant FINALLY wins after we’ve seen the #1 entry win twice, the #3 entry win once, and the #2 entry win twice. Kind of insults our intelligence year after year if they don’t make the #30 entrant win eventually so I’m glad they did that here and then they would again the following year.

Very memorable.

A GREAT Royal Rumble match, definitely one of the better ones ever done capped off by one of the best finishing sequences of all time.





*** 3/4



Final Rating for WWE Royal Rumble 2007 = 6.5/10


After the disaster that was the 2006 Royal Rumble event, this was a refreshing sight to see how this event can be done right. It wasn`t perfect but it still featured two matches at two and a half stars, one at just barely a Classic Rating, a bad match and an excellent Royal Rumble which of course takes up the majority of the event. To some extent it is an enjoyable event, worth it on its own match (The Rumble) and is the last edition of the 20-Disc Anthology Pack.


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  1. Dennis winship says:

    I like how the under taker won the royal rumble. Dennis winship Lynn,Massachusetts

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    I wish i can have this dvd someday. Dennis winship Lynn,Massachusetts

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    The last man standing match was an instant classic. The royal rumble match itself was very good as well.