Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2009 DVD

May 15, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Review:



 “Sometimes…it’s Hell getting to Heaven.” -The Undertaker (To Shawn Michaels)


-WWE Royal Rumble 2009 took place on Sunday, January the 25th 2009 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan in front of 16,685 fans.

-This was the 22nd Annual Royal Rumble event.

-The main storyline they focused on going into this event was Randy Orton and his kick to the head of Vince McMahon the week before.

-With this event, Detroit (The Motor City) had now hosted Wrestlemania twice, Summerslam, The Survivor Series and a Royal Rumble.

-The PPV`s themesong was `Let it Rock` by Kevin Rudolf.

-The broadcast team were, Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler for Raw, Jim Ross and Tazz for Smackdown!, and Todd Grisham and Matt Striker for ECW. King and JR did the Rumble.

-Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Paul Burchill in a Dark Match before the PPV aired.

-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- Jack Swagger (c) vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship

Opening the event with an ECW title match and it should be pretty good considering both these guys are great workers.

Jack Swagger was the undefeated “superstar” of the 21st century.

Matt Striker’s “The Sky is the Limit for this Man” comment may turn out to be extremely true in the next few years considering the man’s awesome talent and size.
Jack Swagger tied up with Matt after the bell had rung and both guys were ready to go for an ECW Championship which seems to look very unique. I don’t see very much of it so I thought I’d probably use this time to comment on that.

Swagger cornered after Matt won a breif test of power and was warned to back off by the official to a chrous of boo’s when he went for a strike. Swagger is used to winning and got knocked down by a series of right hands by Matt Hardy. Swagger went to the outside for a moment to try and re-group but Matt gave him a few shots and then put Swagger back in the ring and he caught a clothesline. Matt Hardy irishwhipped Swagger but he held onto the top rope and then wisely rolled under the bottom rope and took a moment to breathe. The Champion was trying to get the most of the benefits he had with being just that, where he didn’t need to worry about time.

“Let’s go Hardy” chants fired up Matt, and Swagger grounded Matt by the waist, then a double leg takedown. Swagger then grabbed Matt while he layed stomach first on the canvas.
Swagger had an armbar on Matt Hardy after a Hammerlock.

Some chain Wrestling by Hardy momentarily before he had the armbar, but back into the armbar once Matt tried that for a moment.

Matt backed Swagger to the corner, and dropkicked him in the face before covering him after a clothesline.

I love Striker calling Probert a tough guy from this town, used to be a Fighter for the Red Wings Hockey team back in the 80’s.

Swagger pushed Matt to the outside off the top, catching him and that seemed to be the focus Jack had earlier since it was the arm Matt used for the Twist of Fate, and it’s wisely pointed out by brilliant color analyst Matt Striker.

Jack Swagger hit a shoulderblock to Matt Hardy followed by him trying to continue the arm work on the leftarm of Matt, a bicep weardown for sure. Matt cornered and Swagger continued with a few shots, and then Swagger sacrificed his back to avoid a shot by Matt. Swagger dodged a clothesline and hit a big boot on Matt and then back into the overheard armbar on the injured left arm of Hardy. Fans tried to give Hardy a boost but the AC joint where the CollarBone meets the shoulder was in jeopardy and then Swagger stomped on the canvas as he continued the armwork, Matt remembers to sell it while he gives Jack a clothesline with his good arm.

Two more from Matt Hardy and then a takedown with the right arm, and Swagger kicked out at two while the challenger favored the arm some more. Swagger hard into the corner caught a clothesline from Matt and then he hit a bulldog to Swagger and got another two count. Matt went to the top and signalled for a high risk move and landed an elbow shot to the head of the Champion, Jack Swagger. Matt tried a move but caught a belly to belly suplex from Swagger and then Matt with his right arm first of course, kicked out. Fans chanted for Hardy again but he found himself in a front facelock, then Swagger twisted the arm and planted Hardy head first with a DDT/Shoulder breaker to the injured left arm but somehow Matt kicked out.

Matt then crawling to the corner of the ring and Swagger went to pick him up but Matt elbowed him off. He hit a moonsault and then Swagger kicked out. Matt Hardy went for a Twist of Fate and couldn’t connect as Swagger reversed this move and then the Side Effect. Swagger sent Matt into the ring post shoulder first and he may of hit his head as well.
Swagger then with a nice GutWrench Powerbomb.

In the end Jack Swagger retained the ECW title at 10:27 when he finally finished off Matt after a longer match of armwork.
The “American” American retains the title.
Didn’t mind the story the match told, I felt a few times Matt kicked out wasn’t believable at all given the punishment he had recieved to that point in the match.

Both these men could of delivered better on PPV for a Championship, but in saying that I should still point out this was still a GOOD match but nothing more.



** 1/4

2) Beth Phoenix (c) (with Santino Marella) vs Melina for the WWE Women’s Championship

Melina had her hair all done up knowing full well she’d likely have to pose with her new title I guess.

This should be a good match, I never set my expectations high for Diva matches but I like the way both these Women work the majority of the time. PPV matches with these ladies haven’t dissapointed in the past and with this one for the title at an event like the Rumble it should be at least decent.

Beth Phoenix won a strength test and slammed Melina to the canvas face first. Melina charged back up and put Beth in a side headlock. Fans chanted for Santino while Beth held a waistlock on Melina. She stomped on the boot of Bethto get her off of her and delivered a dropkick followed by a forearm. Melina then ran into a shoulder block, Santino got the crowd off her feet.

Melina with an armbar takedown to Beth Phoenix taking away her power. Melina proceeded to step above the Glamazon over her arm but the pure power of Beth Phoenix let her drive Melina down. Melina went back on top of Beth and then she dropped her on her back to the mat. Beth waited for Melina to get up and then she drove her knee into her head in the corner of the ring, not waiting any longer.

Beth started a beatdown, or a vicious assault as Cole called it and then hooked the leg of Melina and got a two count. Melina got put into a halfcrab by Beth Phoenix who asked the ref to ring the bell. The official said she gave up but the timekeeper didn’t ring the bell. Beth then used Melina’s own leg to hit her head in the halfcrab, awesome moment. The crowd reacted accordingly.

Melina with a shot to the abdomen of Beth and then dropped the leg back down over her head into a sidewalk slam by Beth. Melina kicked out. Beth pushed Melina to the corner. Melina up high got hit with a righthand by Beth Phoenix who then had her in a Gorilla Press and Melina fell back and went for an armdrag but it was botched, King tried to cover it up but it didn’t work out. Melina with a series of shots and then ducked a clothesline off the ropes. Melina went for a sunset flip on Beth and she kicked out. Melina with a droptoe hold into the middle rope and dropkicked her back. Melina then screamed and took down Beth by the hair and the Champion kicked out.

Beth pushed Melina backfirst into the corner, then raised both legs catching Beth up high. Melina splashed her off the top and then a backwards dropkick caught Beth Phoenix offgaurd and then Beth ducked a high leg by Melina. Beth sent Melina to the ropes and she twisted her around and curled up Beth Phoenix and won the title.

Santino’s face after the pinfall was priceless.

In the end Melina defeated Beth Phoenix at 5:56 to become a 3 time Women’s Champion.

With a better crowd, and more efficient work this could of done more.

Still, decent overall.

* 1/2





3) John Cena (c) vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield (with Shawn Michaels) for the World Heavyweight Championship

I am not looking forward to this match, but of course I wont take any points off of it for that reason alone.

Given John Cena and JBL’s history together, I am perfectly justified in thinking the way I do.

They have stunk the joint out on more then one occasion, but of course with the right gimmick they can do some good as seen at Judgment Day 2005 in an “I Quit Match”.

The story of this match had more to do with Shawn Michaels and him being JBL’s bitch then it had to do with Cena and JBL though.

At least we had that element of drama in this match, and of course the unique Undertaker-HBK staredown backstage before it.
Also, I’m glad Shawn Michaels didn’t enter seperately as he was of course there for JBL in this match according to the storyline.
I did spot a very attractive blonde girl in the crowd with a “I Heart Cena and my BF hates it” sign. Front and Center eye level to the camera during the time when Cena was being announced by Lillian inside the ring. I just thought I’d share that.

John Cena and JBL Version 87.0

Cena takes the right arm and into a side headlock takedown. Cena was temporarily grounded until he used his bodyweight to elevate him up and then hit a side headlock takedown of his own and of course the crowd was split. Cena on the ground in a headlock tried a unique counter into a waistlock but it wasn’t effective. JBL got a shoulder breaker, Cena leaped over JBL and gave him an elbow. Bradshaw kicked out. JBL then rolled out of the ring and stared at Michaels.

JBL had a few words with Shawn.

We have a lively crowd in this one which is a good thing, in these start up stages. Bradshaw delivered hard shots to Cena’s body in the corner and then hit him with a high boot to the face. JBL grabbed Cena by the head and picked him up from the corner and then was irishwhipped by Cena to the other corner and Cena hit a running bulldog and another nearfall. Cena then rolled off the ropes driving JBL face first and he kicked out at two. Some quick moves by Cena after hard shots by JBL, then Bradshaw went for a walk.
John Cena chased him and then ducked a clothesline by JBL, Cena stared at Shawn and pulled off for a moment when he saw Shawn and that slight distraction allowed JBL to take advantage with a hard shot to the ribs of Cena on his back.

JBL then in control due to the momentary hesitation by Cena on the outside. “Let’s go Cena and Cena Sucks” were chanted directly by almost all FEMALE and all MALE fanbases it sounded like. JBL dropped a few elbow shots to the chest of Cena wearing him down but of course Cena wasn’t going down to that. Michaels stared in the ring. JBL picked Cena up by the throat and snapped him over, before tucking the right arm of Cena behind his left leg and then into a sitting crossface. Fans chanted on Cena and in other matches, in other environments this is a spot which would of likely been dead silent but it wasn’t here, and it came off better because of it.

Cena off the ropes got out of the hold and ran into a sidewalk slam by JBL.

This is the typical JBL beats down Cena portion of the match which has taken up the bulk of majority of them, partially why most of them have have been very bland as a result.

With Cena down, JBL breaks the count as he wants the title. Cena tried to get JBL off but he forced John Cena shoulder first into the steps.

The official began his count again and that angered John so he put Cena’s lifeless body inside the ring. Cena then down and John kicked out, JBL looked at the official concerned and then Shawn playing to the story of the match.

A stupid “Lets go Michaels” chant starts up.

JBL with hard right hands to Cena in the corner. JBL with a front facelock set Cena up high on the top turnbuckle and delivered crushing right hand’s to Cena’s head. JBL then locked Cena from up high and Cena with a right hand of his own shot back to the sternum of JBL. John Cena’s right hands knocked JBL off of him and the boo’d flooded in Detroit as if Chris Osgood delivered a bad performance in goal. A legdrop to the back of the neck by Cena to JBL and he took a bit too long to get the cover and it allowed JBL the time to cover him, because surely a HEEL would NEVER be able to sustain THAT kind of punishment. Cena charged into Bradshaw in the corner and he was dropped by a big boot.

Cena tackled Bradshaw down and landed right hands of his own before slamming JBL’s head into the top turnbuckle’s, he quickened the pace up by slamming JBL’s head into the top turnbuckle’s.

John Cena goes for the worst move in Wrestling History with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit it. By the way that worst move comment covers some ground given the fact The Worm and The Stinkface exist.
Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment!

and JBL gets out of it but off the ropes Cena hits a droptoe hold and goes into the STFU.

Cena gets pushed out of the ring by JBL.

Michaels and Cena have a momentary stare on the outside.

On the inside JBL hit the clothesline from Hell.

Cena kicked out.

It was met by boo’s and cheers.

Michaels stared at JBL as if to say “Do Something.”

The Plot Thickens.

Cena is down but giving his Super Kickout ratio, I like his chances.

JBL was in trouble as he might of hit the FU but the official got knocked down. Both men knock each other down with a double clothesline. Shawn Michaels gets in the ring.

HBK then stared at both men. Shawn Michaels then proceeded to move towards Cena as if to set him up with a Superkick. Michaels hit JBL with the Superkick which got cheers and boo`s.

I like the fact he also kicked Cena right after to knock the smile off of Cena`s face and Save face in the process. (No pun intended)

Michaels then dragged JBL over and put his arm over Cena and then left to mixed reaction`s and I believe Cena knows the feeling.

John Cena then kicked out.

Lawler asks “What now“ and Cena ducks a clothesline and picks JBL up with the FU and he finished him. The boo`s evident when Cena ducked Bradshaw`s clothesline were hillarious in the fact almost everyone could of predicted what would happen next.
In the end John Cena retained the World Title at 15:29 when he

This match actually surprised me, it was well booked and had a lively crowd. The HBK involvment only helped it`s cause as well.

I`m not about to call it GREAT, but it was still fun and did its job.


** 3/4







4) Jeff Hardy (c) vs Edge (With Chavo Guerrero) in a NO DQ Match for the WWE Championship

Edge is pretty great but if he continues at this pace he will not only beat Ric Flair`s record of World Title reigns but he will double it.
This match also had its drama.

Would Jeff`s attacker be revealed was wondered, many figured Christian would return and be revealed to help his former partner and kayfabe “brother“ Edge.

This pair is tricky for me, despite Edge being better then Jeff in the ring I figure both guys like to rely on spots. Both could be called spotty but that`s how I see it anyway.
I`ve heard this match gain praise by quite a few so I`m intrigued at least.

Jeff Hardy at this point was the 37th WWE Champion in history and he stared at his pyro`s which is quite funny considering he had almost been “killed“ by them on Smackdown! awhile before this event.
Vickie Guerrero`s “Excuse Me” cut off his music when he was in the ring, and Ross`s “Oh Lord“ brought me back so I had to laugh.

She changed the match to a No DQ rules match and did I NOT say these two relied on spots a lot of the time, well I did but this just kind of proves my point a bit more.

Edge was cheered quite a bit for the second Rumble PPV in a row during a World Title match introduction.

Ross wondered why Jeff Hardy who was Champion, came out first since he was Champion. Last time I checked they did this back and forth for more then a few decades so it’s nothing new. You’d figure a guy with the Wrestling History like Ross would know this.

Jeff Hardy wanted a quick start and gave Edge some shots backing him into the corner of the ring.
Jeff gave some shots to Edge in the corner for an aggressive start.

Fans chanted “We want Christian” yet when he DID return it was to an underwhelming response unfortunately, I love the guy. (Christian)

Edge was chased by Jeff outside the ring and he went for a weapon. I’m shocked. Edge then kicked to the face of Jeff making him drop the chair. Edge then focused and in control hit Jeff with a big right and he twisted around in mid-air nearing the corner of the ring.

Chavo rooted on Edge a bit as Jeff regained the advantage with some quickness and he leaped over Edge with his tremendous timing. Jeff slammed Edge down on the mat, the crowd chanted for Table’s and then TLC. Detroit had been lively and a bit eccentric all night long.

Edge kicked Jeff in the mid-section and slammed him headfirst on the top turnbuckle. Edge threw Jeff out of the ring, Edge chased him and then dropkicked Edge from inside and then Jeff flew over the top rope to the apron. Jeff then with a high risk move hit Edge as he jumped off the apron.

I see that and remember these two ten years ago in the WWF going at it with moves like this in the tag division in the Summerslam 99 Tag Turmoil. Edge then capitalized when Chavo distracted Hardy and pushed him off the ring apron as he booted him to the face in mid-air. Edge off the ropes with a running dropkick to the face of Jeff Hardy.

Jeff then turned inside out on the security wall by Edge.

Edge slammed Jeff face first into the announce tables numerous times. Edge threw Jeff back inside the squared circle after a Hattrick in Hockey Town. (Nice play to the Wings by Ross)

Edge gets a nearfall of course in mid-ring. Edge waited in the corner for Hardy to get up and then kicked him in the abdomen driving the air of his ribcage. Edge then posed and got a decent ovation from the crowd. Edge picked up Hardy by the head and threw him a shot followed by an irishwhip and a spear in the corner dropping Jeff.

Good strategic wrestling by Edge here to drive the air out of the Champion. This I like.

A story. Less sports, more story telling is what I’m fond of.

Edge then gets caught by Jeff Hardy’s high risk and a sunset flip, Edge gets back in control with a clothesline and a nearfall but Jeff Hardy’s quickness and retaliation skills were evident from that sequence.

Jeff Hardy caught by a waistlock by Edge. Jeff got to his feet and then Edge grabbed him by the hair and dropped him to the mat. Jeff fought back with right hands and a spinning kick.

Jeff with a few shots to Edge and then went for a splash from the top but Edge with a nice counter and got a dropkick perhaps dodging a crossbody from Jeff Hardy in the process and another two count. Edge then up and looking for something to put Jeff away and went outside to grab a steel chair. Edge grabbed two.

Jeff Hardy then speared Edge off the apron taking Edge off to the outside. Jeff then springboarded over the top rope and hit a Crossbody to Edge on the outside taking him down. Edge with a knee to the gut of Jeff on the apron. Jeff kicked Edge in the mid-section and hit a twist of fate onto the apron as Edge’s head bounced off the apron of the ring.

Nice move.

Jeff smashed Edge on the announce table head first and removed the monitor’s.

Jeff Hardy grabbed a Ladder to of course a more then decent ovation.

Jeff sat up the Ladder and then grabbed Edge and put him back first on the table with some right hands to allow him to climb the Ladder in comfortable fashion. The crowd got to there feet. Chavo climbed the Ladder and Jeff knocked him off. Edge moved off the table and sent him to the ring post. Jeff then set up Chavo on the table and then Jeff Hardy in dumb fashion took out himself and Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero taken out and came off with one leg dropping it on Chavo through the table, not the smartest of moves.

Jeff is up first somehow and holding his ribs, dropkicked Edge by the barricade. Jeff threw Edge back in the ring and hit a crossbody off the top and got a two count as Edge kicked out. Jeff Hardy had levelled the playing field by this point and then Edge reversed an irishwhip and hit Jeff with a boot to the face. Edge then waited as Hardy was down on the canvas. Edge in the corner of the ring took off the top turnbuckle and threw it to the mat in sadistic fashion. He limped over to Jeff Hardy in the middle of the ring and was about to hit Jeff head first but he hit a Whisper in the Wind to get him a two count off the top turnbuckle.

Jeff Hardy up and called on Edge and kicked him in the mid-section going for a DDT but Edge countered into a DDT of his own as he turned him around and got just a two. 

This was the spot in most title matches known as the Climax. Known as the spot where we get a series of nearfalls after a series of spots, the crowd is hot, and the superstar’s faces tell the story and Tazz yells out “What a match, what a match!” Although it’s been nothing more then good on this occasion.

An inside cradle by Jeff Hardy gets him a two, he then hits a nice facebuster suplex to build momentum. Jeff went up high and spotted Edge going up so Jeff Hardy dropkicked Edge to the corner, went for a big one grabbing the ropes for leverag but Edge countered grabbing him in mid-air and exposing Jeff to the steel in the corner of the ring with the top turnbuckle padding Edge had removed. Now Edge in control.

Edge stalked Jeff waiting for the spear. Edge pulled his hair which I absolutely love, it’s comedy. Edge went for the spear and Jeff hit the Twist of Fate. Jeff Hardy went to the top rope aiming for a Swanton perhaps but Vickie went to stop him and he kicked her off. Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb to Edge.

Everyone in the crowd looked towards the entrance. Jeff got just a two as Vickie pulled the official off.

Matt Hardy ran out and tossed Vickie in the ring with a chair.

This was the start of a good swerve. Matt gave Jeff a chair and got one himself. Matt then knocked Jeff in the head with a chair to a chorus of boo’s. The start of the Wrestlemania 25 buildup between the brothers. Edge covered Jeff and got the three.
In the end Edge became WWE Champion for the 78th time in his career as he defeated Jeff Hardy at 19:22.

This match was fun, it was good. Even great due to enough spots and booking.

However I really wish guys like these two, especially when given twenty minutes care to tell more of an in-ring story.

This deserves a high rating as to how well the pulled it off,  I’ll give in.


*** 1/4

It’s that time again, winner is going to Wrestlemania 25.




5) Main Event- The 30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Lets take a look at this years roster in order of the entry they came in.
Rumble 09:

1 Rey Mysterio
2 John Morrison
3 Carlito
4 Montel Vontavious Porter
5 The Great Khali
6 Vladimir Kozlov
7 Triple H
8 Randy Orton
10 Ted DiBiase
11 Chris Jericho
12 Mike Knox
13 The Miz
14 Finlay
15 Cody Rhodes
16 The Undertaker
17 Goldust
18 CM Punk 
19 Mark Henry
20 Shelton Benjamin
21 William Regal
22 Kofi Kingston
23 Kane
24 R-Truth
25 Rob Van Dam
26 The Brian Kendrick 
27 Dolph Ziggler
28 Santino Marella
29 Jim Duggan 
30 The Big Show

The roster seems to be more balanced these days then they were before which actually makes the annual Rumble match even more entertaining.
Great little video package they show before the Rumble match with all the statistics.

Rey Mysterio was the first entrant and we all know he began the 06 Rumble and when he won it he set the all time record of longetivity with 62:12 that year.

John Morrison who had a standout performance in 08 started with Rey and entered in at #2 likely for that reason. John Morrison got a decent ovation when coming out despite being the heel but the crowd had been a bit like that all night to this point.

The Rumble was on.

Expect things to start quickly here!

Morrison and Rey got the 09 Rumble off and running. John Morrison shoved Rey and he kicked him in the shins a few times before John Morrison irishwhipped Rey and he ducked Morrison followed by two kicks up high, off the ropes he flies to Morrison and tries an elimination to Morrison but Rey somehow stays inside the Rumble as both his feet didn’t touch the floor. Close call as usual with Rey. Mysterio springboarded in a with a crossbody, and then off the ropes hit a double hurricanrana flip as Morrison flipped over in mid-air with a beautiful headscissors takeover. Morrison barely hung on. Two aearial speciliasts here.
Fans count down at #3 was out and it’s Carlito who came out to a good pop. Carlito came in and kicked at both Morrison and Rey. He spit in Morrison’s face. Rey hit Carlito and then ducked a clothesline, sprung onto Carlito who picked him up and hit a spinning neckbreaker. Carlito then avoided a clothesline off the apron by Morrison and hit a springboard moonsault to Morrison. What an awesome beginning here to this Rumble match. John Morrison stomped on Rey and choked him out on the canvas. Morrison stomped on Rey at the side of the ring and delivered an uppercut. Carlito then slammed Morrison’s head into the turnbuckle.

The next entrant was out and it’s MVP. Montel hit a clothesline on Carlito, a droptoe hold to Morrison. MVP had chants and then slammed John Morrison down and the fans applauded. A belly to belly to Rey and he was mega over here. Carlito took him down and then MVP hit a facebuster on the knee to Carlito. MVP sent Morrison into the corner and he reversed an irishwhip sending MVP to the corner again, however it was a driveby took down John Morrison by MVP. MVP irishwhipped Rey but he caught him with a dropkick, MVP sent Rey over the top and hit a hurricanrana to MVP.

UNBELIEVABLE action to start.

JR says business has picked up, when it actually has probably slowed down. Out at #5 was The Great Khali. So far we had a ton of great workers enter and now we have the typical big man so we’ll see how things change inside the Rumble as all the participants looked a tad worried. Rey went for Khali and he sent him over, who clotheslined Morrison and chopped everyone else in the ring. Khali scooped up John Morrison and planted him to the canvas ans surprisingly he got a decent ovation. Rey tried a big kick off the top but Khali chopped him down to size, Carlito tried a backstabber to Khali and it didn’t phase him and he then scooped up Carlito and planted him with a Punjabi plunge.

#6 was another monster of sorts, from India to Russia and now Kozlov came in. Khali waited for the then undefeated Russian. Both men tie up, Khali hit a vice and then was backed off and they had Kozlov eliminate Khali. John Morrison jumped off the top but Kozlov who they seem hell bent on pushing seriously avoided punishment from a charging MVP. Kozlov eliminated MVP and the fans booed. Kozlov threw out Carlito but he landed on the apron. Kozlov is the Diesel of 94, the Kurrgan of 98, the Kane of 2001. Carlito jumped onto Kozlov and he hit a spinebuster. Kozlov then tossed out Carlito and Rey kicked at Kozlov’s legs a smart strategy against a big man. Kozlov slammed Rey down. If you haven’t been able to tell, Kozlov is dominant here in the rumble.

Out at #7 was Triple H. The 2002 Rumble winner came out to meet Kozlov eye to eye. More star power early here in the Rumble match. John Morrison and Rey layed in the corner while Kozlov and HHH went at it toe to toe with a slugfest. HHH ducked a clothesline and then Kozlov shoved him down. A headbutt by Kozlov, he charged to HHH and then Hunter hit a facebuster and did the DX chop and eliminated Kozlov. Morrison attacked Hunter in the corner. John Morrison with a few hard shots then kicks to HHH. A hard European uppercut by John Morrison to The Game. Rey, HHH and John Morrison are left in the ring. HHH hit a high knee to the face of Morrison.

Randy Orton was out next. John Morrison held on as HHH tried to throw him out. Orton was the most controversial competitor in. Orton had never won the Rumble as pointed out by Ross but had to be the odds on favourite when you consider storylines heading into this match. MORE Star power here in the early going of the Rumble match. Orton hit an uppercut to HHH as they were going into their rivalry heading into Mania 25. Orton thinking RKO and HHH went for a pedigree but John Morrison interfered and kicked him. Rey springboarded with a Senton to Morrison. Fast action, Rey hit a drop toehold to Morrison and then a 619. Carnage in the ring. HHH, Orton, Rey and John Morrison left here.

Number 9 was JTG who came out to a pretty decent pop considering this guy followed HHH and Orton. They flipped a double sided coin and was elected to resemble Cryme Time. He hit a neck breaker to John Morrison. HHH was speared by JTG and then he tried to elevate him over the top.

I can`t remember the last time the first ten entrants to the Rumble had this much excitement and fast action, perhaps 2003. Rey tried to throw out Orton as he did in 06 when he won. The tenth entrant was Ted DiBiase Jr, and then DiBiase joined Orton from Legacy. DiBiase landed rights to everyone but in the other corner HHH tried to get Orton over. JTG and Morrison battled at it. A fresh DiBiase clotheslined both JTG and Morrison and he somehow hung on. Rey and DiBiase almost have a fall out as well, and the action is hard to keep up with, so much excitement everywhere in the ring. Rey then dropkicked DiBiase in the groin in the corner. Morrison and JTG who won his entrance on a flip from a double sided coin hung on.

Jericho was number 11. The 2008 Superstar of the year came out next and was a favourite. Jericho dropkicked Orton as the two had a conversation a half an hour ago. Did I mention star power early? Both these heels in Orton and Jericho were favourites in this match. Jericho tried to throw out JTG. Jericho off the ropes hit a face first slam to HHH, went for a Lionsault and then HHH moved out of the way and Jericho slapped the Walls or attempted to on HHH, and the leg strength of HHH pulled him over, a man who had both quads repaired. DiBiase and Orton double team Morrison.

Mike Knox, another big man comes in the ring. Ring starting to fill up. Knox who had some problems with Rey went for him straight away. HHH interupted Mike Knox throwing out Rey and got a slight piece of him but Knox then got the better of HHH while Morrison pounded on Orton. JTG tried throwing out Orton. Legacy teamed up on JTG, Orton and DiBiase did some work on him in the corner. Morrison tried to launch out Jericho. Knox pounded down on Hunter and he hit face first into the corner.

Lucky number 13 is The Miz. Bad luck with the number but it`s the Miz who didn`t have a snowball`s chance in hell of winning anyway. Jericho tried to elevate Rey up and get him out but it was hard from his standpoint as the ring was full and there were shots being delivered all over. This spot reminds me of 1991 with how full the action was all over. Miz and Morrison double teaming Orton now, and Miz missed Orton in the corner. John Morrison elevated Rey up to hit Orton but he cleaned house with RKO`s left and right until HHH hit the Pedigree to Orton. HHH then eliminated John Morrison and The Miz, the tag champs to a pop then Rey went after HHH. Miz erlier on was rather dominant running high knees to the Game and Rey Rey. A shot to the kidney’s of Orton and Miz and Morrison double teamed Orton with tandem offense, which was a nice sequence in this Rumble match. Orton as said got the best levelling everyone with an RKO until the Game hit a Pedigree on the Viper.

Finlay was out next and he ran out with Hornswoggle. Rey unbelievably and innovative used the tag champs as stepping stones. Funny stuff. Finlay then with a knee to HHH`s groin and Finlay tried to eliminate Rey. Finlay and Jericho would be a good match, I can`t remember a WCW one but perhaps they met there now that I think of it. Anyway Finlay and Knox battle in the middle and Knox recieved a clothesline. Finlay then tried to push out DiBiase but Orton saved his fellow member of Legacy. As Jericho was almost eliminated Rey Mysterio gave him an assist. Y2J remains in. Finlay works over all guys in the match who have less energy then him and that’s the story they were exploiting here.

Halfway through was Cody Rhodes at Number 15. Legacy would be helped out now as Cody Rhodes came out now and regrouped with Orton and DiBiase as all three of them hammered on JTG and then went straight for HHH as they viciously triple teamed him. All three members in. This small faction was highly effective going in groups of three attacking person to person then Finlay, then Knox, then Rey. It took until the half-way mark of the Rumble until this took over the Rumble match. This was smart and fun to watch. Rey springboarded off the top and Randy Orton caught Rey in mid-air with an RKO, awesome spot and the crowd reacted wonderfully. JTG kicked at Jericho and landed a righthand.

Out next was none other then The Phenom to the POP of the night. The Undertaker at number 16 walked down a bit faster then usual. The 2007 Rumble winner, and undefeated at Mania walked down with a purpose. Everyone hesistated as Taker cleaned house with shot after shot. The Demon of Death Valley cleaned house and the fans chanted for Taker. Taker hoping to god Maven wasn`t in this match eliminated JTG. Taker with an uppercut to HHH. The Star Power in this Rumble highly evident here. Taker irishwhipped Rhodes to the corner and gave him Snake Eyes followed by a big boot as the fans chanted for Taker who was massively over.

Goldust came out to a good ovation. Goldust joined his brother inside the ring and then slapped DiBiase. Cody Rhodes picked up Goldust and the two went eye to eye. Goldust slapped Cody and proceeded to give him another. Goldust dropped him over the top but he hung on. Cody got an uppercut by Goldust but he hung on with one leg. Goldust slapped DiBiase and ran into an RKO by Orton. Great action all over the ring. Finlay almost had DiBiase out. Undertaker tried to throw out Jericho. Cody Rhodes threw out Goldust to a small response.

CM Punk added to the star power at Number 18, at the time he was the IC Champ. He delivered a double clothesline to DiBiase an Rhodes, a high kick to Jericho and then those two Legacy members again. A high knee in both corners to Jericho and Rey by Punk followed by a Running Bulldog to Jericho. The Go To Sleep by Punk to HHH. Orton had Jericho in jeopardy as he avoided elimination in the corner. Finlay and Taker exchange shots. Finlay then with right hands to Taker in the corner. Mike Knox tried to eliminate Rey.

Out now was Mark Henry, the strongest man in the world with Tony Atlas and then he went to the back. Henry then added more power in the ring and attacked Rhodes. Orton got headbutted by Henry and then Henry threw Taker to the ropes and gave Taker a bearhug. Henry headbutted Punk in the corner of the ring. The Ring was full of guys. CM Punk, HHH, Orton, DiBiase, Rhodes, Knox, Rey, Finlay, Jericho, Undertaker, Henry made it ten guys in the ring. The Rumble filling up, as the second half comes and goes.

Great Rumble!

Number 20, making it eleven in the ring at once was Shelton Benjamin to add to the star power. Shelton hit Finlay with a shot. Henry double headbutted Orton and Taker. Jericho and Punk up high battling and then Rey was elevated by Benjamin who dropped him face first to the mat. Shelton dropped up to the top turnbuckle and hit a double face first DDT the opposite way to Jericho and Punk who were up high. HHH threw out Punk but he held on as both feet didn`t touch the floor. Rey and HHH over 20 minutes had been in the match the longest.

Action was all over the ring now with the likes of Orton, Henry and others.

Out next was William Regal with the beautiful Layla and then she went to the back unfortunately and Regal came in the ring and hit right hands to Punk. Rey over again but he somehow hung on which was a story of the match so far. Taker splashed Sheltoon in the corner. A nice suplex by Regal to Punk as those two went back and forth given there history. Mark Henry was eliminated by Shelton who pulled the rope down.
Out now was Kofi Kingston who hit some nice aerial moves. They tried to make a big deal about Rey being in the ring for 33 minutes, yet he did almost double that in 2006 yet make it seem like it shouldn`t be possible by now. I’m glad they’re at least making a big deal of it actually, it’s an old school move I wanted them to go back to, and they did. Shelton tried to take advantage of Taker and he tossed him up and over. Jericho tried to throw Rey out in a unique position upside down holding onto the ring post about to land head first but he stayed in.

It`s Kane!!!! It`s Kane! 11 elimination records and his 11th straight Rumble. The Big Red Monster who wished he had credibility came in and then elbowed Jericho, booted Rhodes, hit a sidewalk slam to DiBiase and then Kane and Taker stared down. Fans cheered as both men grabbed DiBiase by the throat and slammed him down. Kane chokeslammed Kofi and Taker gave Jericho a knee to the gut but he remained in. Rey elbowed Knox in the corner, Kane choked out Finlay. CM Punk eliminated William Regal. Undertaker chokeslammed Rey but he got out of the predicament.

Out now was the over R Truth at Number 24. Ron Killings making his first Rumble appearance since 2001 when he was K-Kwik. R Truth with a unique takedown that didn`t seem to get much of HHH. JR tried to get the attention on Orton and King had to say where, as the ring was very full. Undertaker walked around the middle just looking like the veteran he is, amongst the carnage.

Rob Van Dam then out at Number 25. A Surprise entrant to a monster pop was cleaning house. RVD with a kick to Rhodes and then Jericho. Knox went for RVD and he hit him up high with a kick to Knox. RVD kicked Punk and then knocked down Ron Killings. RVD then up high with a Five Star Frog Splash to R Truth but he dodged it and hit a spinning heel kick tO HHH in the corner.

The Brian Kendrick came out now at number 26. Kendrick came in as the ring was more then 13 or 14 guys in, Kofi then eliminated by Kendrick. I`m pretty positive that was a record. HHH in no time eliminated THE Brian Kendrick over the ropes and out of the ring. HHH hammered Kane with some shots. RVD almost eliminated Punk, three sides of the ring, three different eliminations it seems. Brawling all over, fun stuff. The record in a Royal Rumble for most people in, unless 1991 wanted to get technical. If I had to say, I’d say this 09 Rumble broke that record.

More men have won at 27 (four) then any other and it`s the cocky and humerous Dolph Ziggler who neglected to take off his jacket till a few seconds in when he met Kane, and introduced himself Kane then threw him over the top and out. Finlay and Jericho double teamed Kane in the corner of the ring, Rey choked out Punk. Orton held on as Knox was about to get him out. Taker worked over HHH in the corner, Orton focusing on RVD and the action was literally everywhere.

Out now was Santino Marella to a good pop but he broke the record likely as Kane clotheslined him out and over to a mixed reaction. This beat the Warlord’s record. Either way it was good comic relief. Warlord now had the second quickest elimination by Hogan as Kane took care of Santino there. HHH and Taker going at it, which is always nice to see. Jericho and Taker are two guys I`d like to see feud and have a PPV match and they have an interaction here. Jericho up high on Taker with shots. Kane working over HHH, DiBiase and Orton over a half an hour each. Kane almost had The Game gone.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out. He`s definitely not one of my favourites but he is the first winner of the 20 man 1988 Rumble. You’ve got to give love to the old school. Hacksaw then hit Kane and Jericho. Hacksaw hit Taker with a few shots. Kane then recieved some shots by Hacksaw. Again the ring is beyond full but it`s not a bad thing as they kept a lot of this match entertaining for the most part.

The final entrant is The Big Show. Number 30 is Big Show and I remember some being dissapointed it wasn`t a surprise. Give it up, we can`t have it like that every year. Plus adding in the fact this Rumble was more entertaining then three quarters of the one last year. Big Show and Taker who had big time wars in 08 go eye to eye then Kane hits an uppercut on Big Show to stick up for his “brother.”

Duggan tried to throw out Show which is humerous. Show then eliminated Duggan. Big Show is a credible monster that can work a good match and now Jericho tried a sleeper of some sort to Show who countered it into a sidewalk slam. Punk then hung on as he was almost out, Big Show slapped at R Truth.

Everybody was in as said. Kane almost eliminated DiBiase. Eliminations should come fast and often now in the Climax of a fast moving and very entertaining Rumble event. Big Show with a Gorilla Press eliminated R Truth. Cody Rhodes hung on as Taker tried to take him out. Big Show then threw out Punk behe held on and then came back with kicks to Big Show who tossed him over, Punk then from the top tried to throw out Show but he hung on and delivered a right hand to Punk knocking him out and off the apron. Punk was knocked out of the Rumble. Big Show hit Kane down as he charged toewards him. Orton tried a DDT to RVD. Knox and Rey are both out somehow. Hornswoggle came and Finlay came to his aid when kane`s chokeslam attempt failed. Kane eliminated Finlay. Big Show headbutted RVD. Rey lasted an impressive 49 minutes. Undertaker on Cody Rhodes inthe corner.

HHH was the longest survivor to this point from numberseven. Codebreaker by Jericho to Kane. RVD then with a dropkick to Show. HHH and Orton battle again. RVD with a shot to Big Show. Orton almost had HHH out, Show then with body shots to RVD. Orton set up HHH for a face plant with his legs on the middle ropes. Taker and Show staredown once again. Big right hands both ways and then Jericho, Kane, HHH, Orton, RVD and Legacy stood in the ring. Orton got hit with a Five Star Frog Splash to Orton, and then Jericho eliminated RVD to a chorus of boo`s.

Chris Jericho had then eliminated the returning for one night Van Dam near his hometown of Battlecreek.

Undertaker stared him down and then eliminated Jericho.

Legacy, Show, Taker, HHH and Kane the only ones left.

Who will headline WM 25, and Kane is out next due to Legacy eliminating him.

Show, Taker, HHH and Legacy as we are down to six.

Legacy all went for Taker in the corner while HHH went for Show. Big Show chokeslammed HHH down hard to the mat. Orton then irishwhipped Taker to the corner and he came off with a chokeslam to Orton, then DiBiase and then Rhodes. All men out except Show. Taker and Show went toe to toe for the third time. Taker chants were heard in the crowd as a busted open Taker unloaded rights to Show and he fought back. Show sent Taker to the corner and he lifted his boot and then clotheslined Show off both ropes. Show then caught a boot from Taker but Big Show stayed in the ring somehow. CM Punk, Morrison and Mysterio had done this earlier and frequently. Orton went for an RKO on Taker, but Show then got Taker on the apron. Orton went for a chokeslam on Show. Orton RKO`d Show on the apron and he was eliminated. Big Show threw out Taker after he was gone. Both guys battled to the back.

Legacy was now left alone with The Game, the final four.

HHH looked at DiBiase, Rhodes and Orton. HHH then got attacked by the pack of wolves that is legacy in this vicious three on one attack.
Orton ordered both members of Legacy to pick HHH up and Randy Orton slapped HHH setting the stage for there longer feud. Orton got driven into the post by HHH. HHH hit a facebuster to Rhodes and then a Spinebuster to DiBiase. HHH then backdropped Orton but he hung on. HHH pedigreed Rhodes and eliminated Dibiase, then Rhodes. Orton came from behind and tossed out HHH.

Wonderful ending.
So in the end Randy Orton last eliminated Triple H to win the Royal Rumble match at 58:37 to go onto Wrestlemania 25 and challenge the Champion in the Main Event.

Randy Orton had won the 09 Rumble.

This Rumble Match itself was overall was enjoyable. One of the most enthralling beginning`s to any Rumble match ever. SO fast, so much action, so entertaining, wonderfully booked. It did get a little slower in the second half which is expected and is it`s only real flaw but it was one of the better Rumble matches so that can be excused.




*** 3/4


Final Rating for WWE Royal Rumble 2009 = 7.5/10

This show is judged largely on the Rumble MATCH as it always is. It was great so the show will not get a bad rating, also add in it had a couple of good title matches to boot, and the fact that this PPV was more fun then anything else, outside of star ratings helps its overall rating. A good showing again here, pick it up!

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