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May 15, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE “Royal Rumble 2010” Review:



“I`m going to the Main Event of Mania… the truth!” Chris Jericho






-WWE “Royal Rumble 2010” took place on Sunday, January 31st, 2010 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia in front of 16,697 fans. This venue also hosted the 2002 Royal Rumble Match.

-This was the 23rd Annual Royal Rumble event.

-Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, and The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) defeated Maryse, Katie Lea Burchill, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox, and Natalya in a 10-Diva tag team Dark Match before the event.

-Striker, Lawler and Cole called the event.

-Now onto the PPV……………

1) Opening Contest- Christian (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson (with William Regal)

Christian coming in is the longest reigning Ecw Champion to date with a six month reign and gets a great ovation.

Lawler tells us the Rumble is his favourite PPV of the year. I`d be lying if I didn`t say the same.
The match starts off with Ezekiel Jackson going after the gold, the bell rings.

Jackson dominated the early going and the fans or peeps chanted for Christian. Christian slapped Ezekial and ran from the ring, catching him with a dropkick taking him to the outside.

Next we see Christian jump off the top rope with a missile dropkick to Jackson. Back inside Christian used his quickness slapped Jackson and he slammed him to the mat. Jackson clubbing Christian down.

Striker mentions the pace slowing down when Jackson is in control due to the power game. Christian likes to keep things quick. A reverse elbow by Jackson after counering the Kill Switch. Christian got a drop toehold out of no where and choked out Jackson with his boots to the spine. Another slap.

Ezekiel Jackson comes back in the ring and takes Christian to the outside.

Regal is thrown out and Striker on commentary tried to bring back Heel tendencies which I like. Jackson sends Christian into the steps, a cover and a kickout. Jackson grabbed Christian by the throat and slammed him hard to the mat.

Jackson slams him down hard to the canvas with a vertical suplex.

Christian grounded and recieved a shot to the throat. Off the ropes a clubbing blow to the spine. Christian with a sunset flip attempt but Jackson counters with a sit-down powerbomb and a nearfall.

Jackson kicked away at Christian and choked him out with a reverse chinlock. A couple of slaps once Christian gets out until he is taken down by an impactful clothesline.

Jackson stretched the arms of Christian back while he tried to over-power Christian and he could every time given the mass and strength. Christian back to a vertical base with Jackson still on the attack.

Jackson having Christian on the top going for a Superplex, Jackson falls off and caught a reverse elbow shot. Christian goes again for the Kill switch after a missile dropkick to Jackson and he didn`t get all of it. Jackson rolled out of the way and hit a thunderous clothesline on Christian. Christian elbowed out.

Can Christian find a way to continue his reign is the question. A back-breaker by Jackson from no where and a nearfall. A boot to the eyes of Jackson and a tornado ddt off the top but Jackson kicked out.

A huge bulldozer to Christian but again he kicked out. Christian then goes for the kill-switch but Ezekiel countered, Christian flipped and slapped on a sleeper. Jackson with strength flips him over and batters his bad back into the corner.

Christian out of desperation was able to flip over and hit the Kill Switch.

Christian is the winner!

In the end at 11:59 Christian retained his title after his finisher got the job done right before the 12 minute mark.
This match was a great way to make both guys look strong, a very good opener.







2) The Miz (c) vs Montel Vontavious Porter for the WWE United States Championship)

Miz got good heel heat with a backstage segment, if he was only a bit bigger he could be a future Main Eventer.

As of right now I just don`t see it.

The match starts off with MVP leaping an irishwhip, Miz missed a clothesline and MVP hit a series of knee shots before a suplex. MVP sends him hard to the buckle but Miz got a boot up and then a backdrop.

MVP hit a side suplex and Miz kicks out at two.

MVP on the outside with a hard right and dropped him sternum first on the ring apron. Miz kickd off to the outside and then kicked off the apron to the announce table. Miz caught a break. Miz stomped on MVP and crashed his spine into the ring apron.

Miz stomped on MVP and then dropped a leg. Miz with a knee into the spine on MVP. Miz slammed MVP to the mat and he climbed the ropes and drops a double axehandle.

Miz slaps a sleeper on MVP to wear him down.

Solid back and forth action throughout, a back-slide and a series of nearfalls. Back to the floor.

Inside the ring a shoulder block by MVP, Miz kicked out and used his hands to push off. MVP in desperation mode ment for a high boot, Miz goes for a roll-up and MVP counters getting into a backslide.

MVP is rolled up from no where and MVP loses after a roll-up.
Miz wins.

So in the end Miz retained his US title at 7:30.

MVP after the match hit a playmaker on Miz to surprisingly a chorus of boo`s.

MVP got the last word on Miz leaving the Champ angry.
This match was pretty basic.




3) Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

The match starts off with Orton, the challenger as the clear cut Babyface.

Sheamus as Champion doesen`t seem right but there`s been many things over the years that haven`t seemed right.

Sheamus gets X-Pac heat on the way to the ring.

Fans behind Randy in a big way even chanting his name. Hey, anything is better then his babyface run.

Even some silent Sheamus chants, they quickly turn to Randy chants. Sheamus drove Randy`s injured bodypart into the steps, his arm and leg exposed.

Orton fights back with venom focusing on the leg. Orton with a leg-lock, a methodical attack. Orton twisting the leg of Sheamus. Sheamus stuck in the leg lock kicks out.

Sheamus getting up slowly selling the leg but Orton quickly takes over taking out Sheamus`s leg as he sits outside the ring. Randy continuing to dominate to chants of Randy. Orton selling the left arm kicks Sheamus in the abdomen.

A great counter by the Champion Sheamus driving him down to the mat left-arm first. Sheamus digs his knee into Orton`s head but held a unique armbar on the injured left-arm, wearing the Viper down.

Great strategic wrestling from the Champ.

Fans get into it with the typical “Boooooo-Yeaaaah” routine in the slugfest. Sheamus hit a back-breaker and kicked out with the good arm. Sheamus kicked to the outside as desperation kicks to the bad leg of Sheamus sending him outside the ring.

Orton caught Sheamus by the head on the middle ope and hit his faceplant. Orton covered the body of Sheamus keeping the arm under the bottom rope.

Orton looked down and took his time. Setting up for the kick and the fans loved it. Orton went for it but Sheamus dodged it having that scouted rolling outside the ring. Sheamus sent Orton into the ring post, injured arm first.

Cody Rhodes jumps the security rail and Orton hits the RKO but the official rings the bell after seeing Cody.
Orton angry after the match took his frustations out.

Orton didn`t want any help and felt as if he would of had the match won.
So in the end at 12:24 Sheamus is victorious by DQ after Rhodes interfered.
This match had an old school pace and I liked it.

It was slow but that doesen`t mean it wasn`t good. Liked the logic.

I didn`t even mind how it ended, it fit the story quite well setting up the break up of Legacy for Mania.

** 3/4




4) Mickie James vs Michelle McCool (c) for the WWE Women’s Championship

Okay so we get a terrible video package for a nothing match. Flashbacks to Rumble 01 with Chyna and Ivory.

Or even Ashley`s match at the 06 Rumble. Not even Trish as the official could savethat.

The match starts off with James faking the belly suit and rolling up Michelle to win.

In the end at just 0:20 Mickie became Champion after she tricks Michelle.







5) The Undertaker (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker coming in the defending Champion.
Rey Mysterio had been booed at past Rumble`s so why not put him against the most popular star in the company this time around was the deal here.
Mysterio and Taker get set to go. Undertaker caught a couple of kicks by Rey but he rolls out of the way.

Rey dished out shots and I can`t understand the heat for Rey. He`s one of the best of all time and a legend to his people.

Taker throws Rey over the top and lands roughly on the floor. Mysterio`s agility makes him special says Striker and no one would disagree. Taker caught Rey with a right-hand and elbowed him in the throat.

Mysterio had the leg drop scouted and Undertaker adapted to it landing on his feet. Taker still dropped the leg on Rey. Undertaker comes in the ring and signalled for a chokeslam, and then he rolled around.

Rey flipped over into a potential hurricanrana and then Taker goes for a tombstone but kicks out with kicks to the head. Rey went for a cross-body and ran into the boot of the Phenom.

Undertaker with a hard boot to the head of Rey. Taker breaks the count.

You could really tell Taker had a slower pace to this match even with a quicker guy like Rey. Mysterio with a baseball slide into Taker`s knee. Undertaker in pain.

Fans chant for Taker, Rey leaps fromthe apron and hit a moonsault after countering a potential Last Ride into the barricade, nicely done spot.

Rey rolls back in, breaking the count. Mysterio missed a baseball slide and with one hand Undertaker threw Rey into the barricade hard. Undertaker in control slamming Rey down and getting a two, Undertaker with a bloody nose grabbed onto the mask of Rey but another right dropped Rey.

Undertaker went for a tombstone but Rey planted him to the mat. Taker sat up and Rey hit him with a dropkick in a baseball slide. A springboard onto the Deadman. Rey runs into the boot breaking up his momentum off the ropes.

Undertaker has Rey and again he dropped down from the last ride, and Rey hits two straight 619`s, caught in the air by Taker dropping him with the last Ride.

In the end at 11:07 Undertakeer retained the title after getting two 619`s but catching Rey on the west coast pop delivering a Last Ride.

This match was slower due to Taker`s health, especially slow for a Mysterio match.

Still with its length there is a lot of quality. Another good match, just could of been a lot better given the talent if health wasn`t an issue.

That`s just the business.


** 3/4




6) Main Event- 30 Man Royal Rumble 2010 Match

Order of entrants.

1 Dolph Ziggler
2 Evan Bourne
3 CM Punk
5 The Great Khal
6 Beth Phoenix
7 Zack Ryder
8 Triple H
9 Drew McIntyre
10 Ted DiBiase
11 John Morrison
12 Kane
13 Cody Rhodes
14 Montel Vontavious Porter
15 Carlito
16 The Miz
17 Matt Hardy
18 Shawn Michaels
19 John Cena
20 Shelton Benjamin
21 Yoshi Tatsu
22 The Big Show
23 Mark Henry
24 Chris Masters
25 R-Truth
26 Jack Swagger
27 Kofi Kingston
28 Chris Jericho
29 Edge *Surprise*
30 Batista

I used to bold the favourites, but now it`s evident that almost anyone can win with multiple world title`s so I won`t bother.

It is a stacked Rumble though, by judging from the names. Lets see how it holds up as I get set to review in full length my 23rd Royal Rumble Match! The last one as of this writing. (May 14th, 2010)

I still feel the same way I did when I was a kid when this thing begins, I just love it, no matter what the era and I know so many fans share that same sentiment. Again a good video package to get everyone statistically informed on the Rumble match itself.

The match starts off with Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne, a good contrast in styles.

Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne go at it as the bell rings. Dolph Ziggler hit with a hurricanrana early as Bourne shows his agility and speed, with aerial tactics. Ziggler tried some rough stuff but Bourne tried to turn Ziggler inside out to the floor. Dolph hits the Zig-Zag. Evan hanging onto the apron and hits a moonsault, Dolph may of got his knees up. Ziggler was the more dominant of the two in there with Evan Bourne.

CM Punk, the 3 time Champion making his 4th Rumble appearance drawing number three here. Another aerial star. Punk eliminated Evan Bourne then Dolph Ziggler with clotheslines. Punk grabbed a mic and dropped down and cut a promo. This is an interesting start. Something unique and original, never really been done before. CM Punk has great mic skills and here he gets to show exactly why, in the Rumble match, no less after two future prospects are eliminated.

JTG is number four and he goes to work on Punk but Punk hit a hip-toss. JTG posed in the corner and Punk flipped him over. Punk gets back on the mic. Excellent. Punk is gold here. Back to back winner of Money in the Bank’s at Wrestlemania 24 and 25. Punk talked about being in the Straight Edge Society. Punk thanked the fans in what will be the most historic moment his society has ever seen as he drops to his knees. He says these were just the first of 29 men that will be thrown over the top rope, or if they have the courage the WWE lacks, they can be saved.

Number five is the Great Khali. He always seems to draw an early number. Punk looks scared as Khali is making his fourth Rumble appearance. Punk tells Khali he can make him greater and this was due to the fact he can’t wrestle but chopped Punk. Khali locked on the vice. Khai squeezing Punk. Punk had earlier asked if Khali wanted to be saved, I guess not.

The countdown continued and at number six it’s none other then Beth Phoenix. The first woman since Chyna in 1999, only the second woman in history to enter the Rumble match. Khali sets Beth on the apron and slaps a kiss on him eliminating him. Beth got him out. Beth with a clothesline on Punk. Beth got caught in a go to sleep. Punk had Beth down.

Out comes lucky number seven and it’s Zack Ryder, a rumble rookie. Punk tossed out Beth Phoenix. Punk tries to slow him down. Punk fakes him out on the mic originally and CM Punk chants begin. Punk tossed out Ryder. Punk back on the mic asks for whoever is next and tried to draw more heel heat but the fans just seem to keep loving what he was doing like Austin in 97 or Rock in 98, although not nearly as MAINSTREAM or large.

Triple H is next. Punk gets serious. In this building eight years ago he won the Rumble in 2002 in Atlanta Georgia. HHH comes to the ring Punk says it’s his time, and it by all means should be. The Game can only exist for so long. Hunter comes in the ring and the two go at it and Hunter hits a Spinebuster to Punk.

Drew McIntyre making his first Rumble appearance, the reigning IC Champion at number nine takes his time getting to the ring. The company seems to have big plans for this young man. He was the chosen one handpicked by Mr. McMahon. Hunter waits on him and gives him shots until a high knee from Hunter. Punk goes for the go to sleep on HHH but he counters throwing him out. Punk is gone, I hate this move. Now we have HHH and McIntyre. Punk with a great showing despite the elimination which I am not a huge fan of. Cole says Vintage and Striker calls him on it, how it took him this long to get that out.

Entry number ten is Legacy member Ted DiBiase. HHH hit a clothesline but DiBiase hits a scoop slam. DiBiase in his second Rumble, he made the final four the year before. DiBiase attacks HHH and McIntyre looks on. Both of them team up on HHH to a chorus of boo’s. Michael Cole calls McIntyre and HHH the future of the WWE. Well if the Triple H is the future of the WWE…then I think I may make the move to TNA and that’s really saying something.

Next out is Morrison to a big pop. He doesen’t get the slow motion intro and this is his fifth Rumble appearance, most notably impressive in the 08 Rumble. Morrison with a high kick on HHH. DiBiase grounded by Morrison. Four guys in, which is the most men in the ring at one time thus far. Starship pain moonsault by Morrison to McIntyre. John Morrison taking the leg of Drew but Ted DiBiase stomped on Morrison down on the canvas. DiBiase went for the Million Dollar Dream but an unorthadox kick to the head of DiBiase.

Kane’s pyro hits. Number 12 is Kane, and he has the record. He’s always the favourite by the broadcasters but everyone knows he’ll likely never win. Kane conveniently is breaking the record for most Rumble appearances tying Michaels, so they give him this number. Kane hits a doube chokeslam on McIntyre and Morrison. Kane scooped up DiBiase and Hunter saves him for some reason. Kane hits a chokeslam on HHH. Kane destroying most men in the Rumble match.

Unlucky number thirteen is Cody Rhodes, last year he lasted forty minutes, he made the final four last year and this is just his third Rumble appearance. Legacy worked as a team on Kane. Rhodes with a side russian leg-sweep, Morrison shows his athletic skill and Rhodes caught him with a thrust kick off the springboard. Ring starting to fill up now. Kane still on HHH. Morrison almost eliminated Rhodes.

Out now is MVP. MVP is attacked by Miz with his US title to the back of the head. Morrison with a big kick to McIntyre. Not a lot happening here as most people caught some rest.

Out at the middle number is Carlito. Carlito is less and less over each year. Legacy still teaming up. Ring is very full and this time everybody gets a piece. Carlito with a backstabber.

Now at number sixteen it’s The Miz. The man who took out MVP who had to be taken to the back earlier. But pulling an Owen Hart on Jeff Jarrett from 1998 he comes back to eliminate the man he got jumped by. Only he eliminated himself in the meanwhile. Legacy both have Triple H almost over the top rope.

Entry seventeen is Matt Hardy to a big pop. Matt in his seventh Rumble hits a side effect. Kane pushed Matt out and then Hunter clotheslined Kane out. Rhodes still on DiBiase until running into a Spinebuster. HHH Spinebuster’s everybody in the ring. Hunter set up Cody for a Pedigree but McIntyre interupts it with a chop block. Carlito stomps on the Game.

Michaels is here. Shawn has been in several Rumble’s wining twice in 95 and 96, back to back, and with the exception of Austin and Taker no one had eliminated more. He backdrops Carlito out and then eliminated another. Morrison and Michaels go at it until Shawn sends him flying out. Ring emptying and Drew McIntyre is in with DX. Rhodes must of been the other eliminated man by Michaels. Both DX eliminate McIntyre. Instead of every man for himself they await the next man.

Number Nineteen is John Cena. Cena and DX in the ring. Cena hits a double clothesline. Cena and HHH were the two men remaining when the Rumble was in 08 at MSG. Cena goes for a double you can’t see me and lands two five knuckle shuffles on Michaels. Cena tried to send Shawn over with the attitude adjustment. Michaels shocks everyone and hits a superkick on HHH eliminating him.

Shelton at twenty comes in. Big time shocker here. Benjamin with eight Rumble appearances in a row, that’s very impressive. Shelton lays out Cena and Michaels. Shelton is thrown out by Cena to some boo’s. Down to Cena and Michaels and Shawn has elminated five guys in this match including his buddy HHH with a superkick.

Yoshi Tatsu comes in with some aerial moves takind advantage of Cena and Michaels. Michaels chops Cena but he hits a running bulldog. The boo birds are out for Cena like always.

Number twenty two is Big Show. Cena not very excited. Michaels tries to eliminate Big Show like Benoit did in 2004 with a front facelock but couldn’t. Cena backflipped Shawn and only one foot, shades of 95. Big Show took Cena down and choked out Shawn with his boot.

Mark Henry now in. Henry and Show go at it, Cena attempts a move on Henry and he slams him. A spear from Big Show to Menry.

Out comes Masters, his third Rumble. They ask King and he’s never right when predicting. In this building in 2002 he picked the runner up Angle before they went on PPV. Masters is out.

Now at number twenty five it’s R-Truth. That’s what’s up…Okay, I’ll never say that again. He does eliminate Show and Henry tangling over. R-Truth nails Cena. Michaels hit with an arm-drag. R-Truth kicks at Michaels in the corner. He placed Shawn up high.

Jack Swagger out now. Swagger in his first Rumble clotheslines R-Truth. Swagger suplexed Cena. Michaels suplexed. R-Truth upside down driven Kidney first into the buckle by Swagger. Michaels chopped Swagger. He clotheslined Michaels and he almost goes out.

Kingston is out next. This slot, the number twenty seven has produced more winners then any other number. Kingston dominated a bit on everyone n the ring. Swagger is eliminated by Kingston. Kofi, Shawn, Cena, R-Truth are left in the rumble, three still to come. Kingston eliminated R-Truth.

Out at number twenty eight is Jericho. Jericho to mixed-reactions comes in and worked over Cena and Michaels. Cena hits an attitude adjustment on Jericho. Michaels takes down Jericho and hits a big elbow drop, Michaels tuned up the band. Shawn is blocked as Kofi hit a spin kick on Kofi. Cena eliminated Kofi. Jericho hit Cena with a codebreaker to Cena to a good ovation.

The shocker this year is Edge! Edge is back earlier on at number twenty nine. Edge ducks a clothesline and takes apart Jericho. Edge unloads on Jericho and tosses him out. Edge the fresh man drops Michaels. Edge plants Cena with a ddt.

The final entrant, number thirty is the Animal, Dave Batista.

The Final Four is set. Batist, Cena, Michaels have all won a Rumble. Edge had not to this point. Batista plants all hos opponents until the spear from Edge. Cena hit an attitude adjustment on Edge. Everyone left has main evented Mania. Michaels nips up after a flying forearmto Cena and an atmoic drop. Michaels slams Cena. Up top and an elbow to Cena. Michaels kept going up and dropped the elbow to Batista grounding him but is that a logical move in the Rumble.

Cena caught the music, then Tista, Edge and Shawn both hang on, A superkick to Edge but Batista eliminated Michaels.

Three men remain. Batista, Cena, and now Edge.

Fans chant “Lets go Edge” even if it’s slightly predicatable.

Michaels looks like a baby after being gone and he takes his anger out on an official. He then argues with an official and superkicks him to a chorus of boo’s.

Cena and Tista in familar territory. Cena with payback from 05 holds the top rope down and eliminated Batista.

Cena about to get up and Edge missed a spear, Cena kicked at Edge but he side stepped him and tossed him to the floor.

In the end at 49:24 Edge last eliminated John Cena to win and go on to face Jericho for the title at Mania 26.

This match is relatively shorter for a Rumble match.

It flowed very well this way. As I write this, it is the day before Mania 26 and I truely hope they don’t make Edge a ten time Champion.

Either way this worked well.

As always the Rumble match delivers.




*** 1/2


Final Rating for WWE Royal Rumble 2010 = 6.5/10

This show was fairly good for a Rumble event. I was entertained by most of the undercard, it’s not one of the best or worst, it’s middle pack.

Not a must own but if you collect like me or want a recent Rumble event, get it.

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  1. Jay Karia says:

    I would just like to start by saying that starting with the Royal rumble 2010 PPV, apart from a select few, I couldn’t watch any on Sky Box Office, therefore, starting with this PPV and so on, I just bought the DVD from the stores.

    The world heavyweight championship match was a solid match in my opinion. The WWE championship match was good, but not as good as the world heavyweight championship match.

  2. Callan Jones says:

    Good review!! I just read all of the reviews! Awesome!!

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