Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2011 DVD

March 18, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Review:

“Holy Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh*****!!!!!!”Matt Striker (On Diesel)

-WWE Royal Rumble 2011 took place on Sunday, January the 30th, 2011 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts in front of 15,113 fans.

-This was the 24th annual Royal Rumble event.

-The events theme song was living by a dream by Finger Eleven. The tagline was, The Biggest Royal Rumble in History.

-This Rumble event has the fewest matches in the events history with four.

-This was the first Royal Rumble to have 40 superstars. (Every other Rumble but the original before it which had 20, all had 30 wrestlers)

-Alberto Del Rio became the Royal Rumble winner to spend the second shortest amount of time in the match at 9:33, falling short of John Cena’s 2008 win where he clocked in at 8:28. Del Rio was also the latest entrant at #38 to ever win the Rumble match.

-The first entrant of the Rumble match CM Punk spent the most time in this Rumble match clocking in at 35:21.

-Kevin Nash who returned to his old Diesel character for the night and Booker T both made surprise appearances as entrants into the Rumble match. It was the first appearance by Nash in the WWE in seven years, for Booker T four years.

-Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker did the commentary.

Now onto the PPV…..

1) Opening Contest- Edge (c) vs Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) for the World Heavyweight Championship -If Edge uses his spear on Ziggler he loses the World Title


Opening the Royal Rumble with a World Title match, I doubt that has happened before just based on memory alone.

Either way we open it with a bang!

Edge has a ridiculous number of World Title Reigns but he was in his 10th here so I think everybody was hoping he would not lose this match for that reason alone. As it stands now he is going to defend this belt against the Rumble winner on this night at Mania 27, and I still say he should not lose for the very reason that I do not wish to see him chase his 11th World title reign.

Special stipulation here, if Edge uses his trademark Spear he would lose the title, so Ziggler has an advantage. Ziggler opened the 2010 Rumble but now a year later was opening the PPV in a World Title match.

Dolph Ziggler coming in as a big underdog like most challengers for World titles are at this Rumble event.

Edge comes out first with the title to a good pop.

Dolph Ziggler then cocky as ever out next despite being the under-dog.

Vickie and her Excuse me remembers to mention that the Spear is officially banned.

Dolph Ziggler the main who opened the 2009 and 2010 Summerslam PPV events in good IC title matches, opens the Rumble in a World title match.

A small Lets go Ziggler chant gets going. Cheering heels are cool these days. Dolph Ziggler gave Edge a few shots up high. Edge slammed Dolph Ziggler into the turnbuckle hard. Edge drives his knee into the sternum of Dolph Ziggler. Edge looked like he was going for a pump-handle slam but then dropped Ziggler on his sternum. Edge drops Dolph Ziggler down and a third cover does not go so well, Dolph Ziggler kicks out.

Edge seemingly takes his time to drop punishment on Dolph Ziggler. Edge then falls to the floor, drops Dolph Ziggler to the ground and slams him into the barricade a nice spot. Edge sends Dolph Ziggler into the ring. Dolph caught Edge up high with a boot to the face and now Dolph hooks both the arms and the legs on Edge getting a nearfall. Edge then stomped on the neck of Edge setting him up for potentially a zig-zag later in the match. Dolph Ziggler drives his elbow into the neck of Edge even harder. Dolph Ziggler with a reverse neck-breaker off the middle rope just before this.

Dolph Ziggler aggressively choked out Edge on the middle rope. Dolph Ziggler back to work on the neck of Edge with a sleeper to not only wear him down but continue the neck-work on Edge.

Dolph Ziggler with a sunset-flip off the top and then a two. Ziggler kicked Edge in the left knee and hit a nice neck-breaker on Edge. Dolph Ziggler charged at Edge and hit a rolling snapmare. Dolph Ziggler then again methodically wears down the Champion with a headlock.

Crowd was lively into this one as they recognized it was a World title match and it was going to be given time. Dolph Ziggler leaps off the ropes with an elbow shot to Edge in the neck region and once more he kicks out. Dolph Ziggler off the ropes knocks Edge into the barricade from the outside apron. Vickie Guerrero claps on the outside.

Dolph Ziggler in control for awhile here and he drops the elbow on Edge and once more slaps on a sleeper. This reminds me of Orton-Edge from Vengeance 2004 just not as good. Dolph Ziggler working a lot like Orton.

Edge was in both matches obviously.

That is a hit or miss for people that match at Vengeance 04, but I consider it a classic. Me and Meltzer both have it four stars and a quarter.

A double-collision in mid-ring.

Ziggler got a bit cocky and ended up hitting his head in the corner turnbuckle.

Both men down. Edge gets back up and Dolph Ziggler with a great counter sending Edge down to the canvas after a modified jaw-breaker. Edge with a counter into a powerbomb as Dolph Ziggler came into him with an offensive move. Ziggler was looking for a Fameasser of sorts-aka a leg-drop to the temple driving into the mat.

Edge went up to the top rope but Dolph Ziggler countered by hitting him to the back of the head which he had previously worked on before in the match. Dolph Ziggler on top looking for a Superplex to Edge but he fights off and headbutts Dolph Ziggler off of him. Edge now from the top goes for a flying crossbody, Ziggler countered it and almost got the quick three!

A dropkick and Edge fought out at two. Ziggler looked for a Zig Zag.

Now we see a reverse Sharpshooter by Edge but Dolph Ziggler got to the ropes in time.

Dolph Ziggler gets the Fameasser now on Edge slamming him to the mat but still Edge kicked out.

Edge with a high boot to Ziggler and now Edge for some reason pauses and does not go for a pinfall. Edge looking like he wants to use the Spear. Edge remembers he is not able to do it. Dolph Ziggler now grabs a sleeper on the bad neck of Edge, Edge kicks out and plants him with a ddt. Vickie interupted the count.

Edge grabs the hair out of his head and almost got an inside cradle on Ziggler. Vickie slaps Edge over and over.

Kelly Kelly showing a little crack attacks Vickie. Dolph Ziggler hit the Zig-Zag and somehow Edge survived.

Dolph Ziggler slapped on his fifth or sixth sleeper of the match to wear down the Champion and continue his process of hurting his neck. Striker points out Edge had to re-gain his vertical base.

Edge with a nice counter by a jaw-breaker. Fans chanting for a Spear since Vickie and the official are down.

Edge looks to the crowd as he grabs his hair. Edge speared Dolph Ziggler and Michael Cole throws a fit saying Edge deserves an Oscar. Edge then turns Dolph Ziggler into the canvas and gets the three.


In the end at 20:48 Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the title.

Edge won the 2010 Rumble and now he retains the World title the next year in the opening match.

This match as an opener worked very well. A bit slow and methodical but told a very good story.

*** 1/2






2) The Miz (c) (with Alex Riley) vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship


The Miz was a new experiment at this time. Could he headline a Wrestlemania, ot at least half of it was the question. That remains to be seen as I am writing this review before Wrestlemania 27 takes place but I am sure the star power with The Rock and John Cena will help matters out.

Many for sure thought Orton would walk out of this match with the title.

Regardless here we go, the bell rings.

Randy Orton had to wait a little while but he man-handled the Miz by throwing him to the outside of the ring. Orton clotheslined the Miz outside the ring. Orton with a big uppercut to the Miz and Orton unloaded right-hands on the Miz.

Orton choking out The Miz on the middle rope. Orton slowly takes apart Striker slowly but surely as he ran into a reverse elbow. Alex Riley asisted the Miz outside the ring as Orton now had the match turn the tide on him.

Miz elbowed and then Orton comes out of the corner and clotheslines Miz.

Miz clotheslines Orton in the corner but still just a two count.

Miz has some control as he kicked the throat of Orton but Randy got back in the match with a side suplex.

Miz with a boot and Cole thought it was over with his biased commentary, Orton kicks out and Cole can not believe it.

Orton with superplex to Miz but he kicked out.

The commentary in this match is hilarious.

Miz runs Orton into the barricade then came off the top with a double axehandle. Miz with more rights to the head of Orton.

A modified camel clutch by the Miz.

Randy Orton is catapolted into the ring-post by Miz. Miz wants a count-out victory. Orton comes back in the ring and hits a clothesline on Miz followed by a powerslam off the ropes. Randy Orton stomping on The Miz. Randy Orton went for a ddt perhaps but Riley distracted him and Miz got the neck-breaker and just a two.

Orton goes for the RKO, Miz went for a full nelson but then hit a Samoan drop of sorts and then Miz after a nearfall went outside the ring grabbed his title and went to leave but Orton clotheslined him down. I love how heels who used to do the same thing (Orton) frown upon it now just because there Face now.

Orton with an inside cradle and a suspension ddt off the middle rope to Miz. Orton down stalking Miz like a Viper ready to strike.

All of the sudden the new Nexus started coming to the ring. Orton is distracted while the official tells them to leave. Orton throws Riley onto the Nexus and Orton hit the RKO after he countered but CM Punk then hit a go to sleep on Orton. Punk the leader of the new Nexus. Miz covers and gets the three.

Just like the match before it, this got plenty of time…


In the end at 19:52 The Miz retained the WWE title and Cole marks out jumping, a lot harder then Jim Ross ever did for Austin, intentionally.

This match was pretty good in areas, it was a little slow in the first half but had a creative ending.


** 1/2






3) Natalya (c) vs Eve vs Michelle McCool vs Layla in a Fatal four-way match for the WWE Divas Championship



Natalya comes in as the defending Divas Champion. Two of the ladies in this match were apart of a team in Lay-Cool so it will be interesting to see how that comes off here.

Natalya comes out after Laycool.

All of the sudden Striker makes a hilarious BBM reference since it is 2011.

And now we are adding to this match as Cole gets a message.

Eve is now in the match. Laycool go after the other girls.

All Divas in the match at the same time. Natalya with an elbow to McCool and then a sweep of Layla, a back-kick to McCool and catapolts Layla into McCool.

Layla is dragged out by McCool.

Eve is hit off the apron and now Laycool stand side by side.

Will they go at it. Layla got dragged down by Natalya and then Layla saved Michelle. Eve dropkicked Layla and now Eve and Natalya go at it. Natalya went for a sharpshooter attempt.

Natalya tries a double sharpshooter, wow.

A big kick to the head by Michelle as she covers Eve but got a two.

I am all for innovative stuff, especially in Diva matches. A neck-breaker to Eve. Natalya clotheslines the opposition. Natalya slams Michelle down, Layla saves her.

Striker calls a move a Modified Michinoku driver, Lawler asks WHAT!….as if we all forget him. Natalya and Michelle sent out of th ering and now Eve had Layla just to herself.

Eve top rope with a moonsault and she got the win.

To no reaction Eve wins the Divas title.

In the end at 5:13 Eve became the New WWE Divas Champion. It just shows how much the fans seem to care about the division.






4) Main Event- The 40 Superstar 2011 Royal Rumble Match


My favourite match of the year.

It is ready to Rumble, now with 40 Superstars instead of 30 and 20 int the 1988 original from Canada.

-Order of Entrants:

1) CM Punk
2) Daniel Bryan
3) Justin Gabriel
4) Zack Ryder
5) William Regal
6) Ted DiBiase
7) John Morrison
8 ) Yoshi Tatsu
9) Husky Harris
10) Chavo Guerrero
11) Mark Henry
12) JTG
13) Michael McGillicutty
14) Chris Masters
15) David Otunga
16) Tyler Reks
17) Vladimir Kozlov
18) R-Truth
19) The Great Khali
20) Mason Ryan
21) Booker T
22) John Cena
23) Hornswoggle
24) Tyson Kidd
25) Heath Slater
26) Kofi Kingston
27) Jack Swagger
28) Sheamus
29) Rey Mysterio
30) Wade Barrett
31) Dolph Ziggler
32) Diesel
33) Drew McIntyre
34) Alex Riley
35) Big Show
36) Ezekiel Jackson
37) Santino Marella
38) Alberto Del Rio
39) Randy Orton
40) Kane

I highlighted the main contenders in this one, some like McIntyre and Kingston who are not highlighted could be arguable. Either way this was a pretty stacked Rumble match and the main thing going into this one how unpredictable it was which made it that more exciting.

The winner of the longest Rumble match in history will get a World or WWE title shot at Wrestlemania 27.

Here we go!

The first entrant is CM Punk who comes out to a good ovation despite his current allignment. Punk made a big name for himself in Rumble matches in paticular where last year he got on the mic early in the 2010 Rumble match talking himself up and what-not. The Old Nexus come out and start to brawl with Punk, but then the new Nexus came out and cleared house. Only two men can start the Rumble match.

Cole gets an email. Stop the brawling and and go back to the locker-room, everyone but Punk and who drew #2 or else they would be out of the Rumble match. Well they keep thinking of some prertty original ideas for Rumble matches these days with Punks promos the year before. I like how they seem to spice it up.

The second entrant to the Rumble match is IWC fan-boy Daniel Bryan. One of the biggest potential threats to the Rumble match itself, we start with a very good two superstars to begin this big 40 Superstar Rumble match. CM Punk chants as he looks at the crowd.

Daniel Bryan is #2 as mentioned and here we go, the bell rings. Punk with a headlock, the IWC loves both these guys actually. A good start, the best two guys in a rumble to begin probably since Benoit and Eddie in 2005. I think Taker and Michaels may have started in 08 but no disrespect to them, that was a good beginning as well. They even mention how the Internet must love this match right now. Bryan with a clothesline and Punk and Bryan both get smarks cheering them on. Both these men competing well against one another thus far. Bryan runs into the buckle.

Fans chant down the number and Justin Gabriel comes into the match. Punk and Gabriel go at it as Gabriel turned down the oppurtunity to join Punk and his faction and joined the group of Barrett. Gabriel goes for the 450 splash on Punk. Justin Gabriel eliminated by Daniel Bryan as he just tossed him over the top rope. Back to the two men who began the match.

The #4 entry is Zack Ryder, I guess when you have 40 people in a Rumble match some of these new names will pop up. Bryan with an uppercut then recieved a kick. CM Punk slammed to the mat and now Bryan has eliminated two men hiplocking Ryder to the outside of the ring. Down to Punk and Bryan once more. That is sort of the original Rumble thing where they keep the first two going.

William Regal is the #5th entrant and Striker calls him the greatest superstar to never win the title. Regal gets his share of chants. The former king of the ring winner, the southpaw from Blackpool, England takes it to Bryan then a vicious knee to CM Punk. Regal in control here. Regal with stiff shots to Bryan and he returns that as well. Bryan with endless uppercuts. CM Punk with a high kick to Regal. Daniel Bryan with a high kick to Regal. High kicks galore and the fans love it. Daniel Bryan with five guys in is the only one standing, three guys in it still, Punk, Regal and of course Bryan.

#6 is Ted DiBiase Jr with Maryse who unfortunately goes to the back. King hilariously says they are still together. Cole mentions DiBiase made the final four in 2009 with Legacy against Hunter when Orton got the victory in that year. DiBiase ties up Punk in the corner, so far so good, this has been a fast paced entertaining Rumble match. Bryan with high kicks to the head of Regal. Daniel Bryan trying to eliminate DiBiase and he just hangs on. No elimination before lucky number seven.

And lucky number seven is John Morrison. Morrison comes in with a flying kick to Regal, then DiBise, then Regal again. He lasted over 30 minutes in 08, over 20 in 09. Morrison slams Bryan down then DiBiase takes it to Morrison. Morrison hung onto the apron and he hung onto the barricade by sticking his feet near the top. ONE OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE sequences in Rumble history. Snitsky and his elimination to London in 05, Maven eliminating Taker, Hurricane on Austin and Hunter both in 02, have nothing on this in my opinion. Morrison then with agilty leaped from the barricade to the steps then back in. Unbelievable. They call him Spider Man. Cole does a nice job at putting it over. Regal was eliminated by DiBiase but that kind of went un-noticed considering what just happened.

Yoshi Tatsu comes in now going right after DiBiase. Punk with a snapmare and caught shots by Tatsu. Love how they make fun of Lawler getting eliminated by Bret in 1997. Some in-ring action goes down but nothing note-worthy.

Husky Harris at 23 years old is the youngest man entering the rumble at #9. CM Punk is in the corner as he was in the corner. Daniel Bryan hit with a side suplex by Punk. The 90 seconds go by very quick.

#10 is Chavo Guerrero. Chavo sends CM Punk to the ropes and DiBiase with a back-drop and Chavo holds onto DiBiase and he went for the 3 Amigos as Eddie chants started. Now Chavo hit triple verticals to everyone. Chavo owned the moment until Husky Harris takes his head off with a clothesline and then runs into a boot from Chavo.

Mark Henry comes out.and then eliminated Chavo with his strength. CM Punk tried to take down Henry. Now Tatsu tries chopping Henry and he drops him with a headbutt. DiBiase now hit with one. Henry then eliminated Tatsu. A dropkick to Bryan from DiBiase. Morrison, Punk, Harris and Henry in the match still as well.

Entry #12 is JTG and he runs to the ring with fast strikes to Morrison and Bryan. Harris with a high knee but JTG fought back very quick.

Mike McGillicutty may be unlucky number 13. JTG is tossed over. Brawling continues in the ring. DiBiase is back-dropped by Mike and Harris.

Now out is the Masterpiece Chris Masters. Normally this would be around the mid-way point of the Rumble but not anymore with 40 entrants. Masters is #14. A spinebuster slam by Chris Masters and now he has CM Punk iin the Masterlock but CM Punk held onto the ropes despite the full nelson beind held on. McGillicutty saved Punk as he saw him in danger. Punk and Bryan have been in the match for just over twenty minutes as they started the Rumble match, but as said by Cole they still have over half the field left.

#15 is David Otunga, the third member of the new Nexus lead by Punk is in the ring, and it is what CM Punk wanted. Daniel Bryan is tossed out and the fans boo. Masters is eliminated as well as the new Nexus under the direction of Punk eliminate stars, now Morrison is gone. The New Nexus has cleared the ring with the exception of Mark Henry. Harris with a splash to Henry in the corner. All of them try and eliminate Henry and they do. All four members of the new Nexus stand in the ring. CM Punk all proud.

And now out comes Tyler Reks from Smackdown! who goes into a one on four predicament. A high kick by CM Punk to Reks and he is sent packing as they await #17.

Out now is Kozlov. Harris with a crushing blow to the ribs. Punk eliminated Kozlov very easily. This has been a very entertaining Royal Rumble match that must be said. Punk is cocky as he sits down with this new strategy in this match.

R-Truth comes in and wanted to know what is up. Punk then hits a high knee to R-Truth then a bulldog and asks whats up. CM Punk eliminated R-Truth. Cole rips on rap and R-Truth.

The Great Khali is now coming out and CM Punk had the expression on his face change in a big hurry. Khali has flattened Nexus.

Who will be the half-way entrant guy, at 20 is Mason Ryan. Khali is then floored by Khali. Ryan throws out Khali. Wow. That would be something unheard of in the 80s. Either way the new Nexus is still in control.

#21 isssss……BOOKER T. Booker T has come back! Booker is back in the WWE for the first time in half a decade. Striker is marking out and actually uses the term. Booker with scissors kicks. The Nexus take it to Booker. The Book End and now the Spinnerooni as the crowd in Boston love it. CM Punk was about to eliminate Punk but then Ryan got control and eliminated him. The Nexus still survives. Punk says we are going to Wrestlemania!!!

Out now is John Cena to a huge pop obviously. Mason Ryan is out, and now he double clotheslines the rest. Now it is down to CM Punk and Cena. Two men left in the ring. Punk without back up. Half the crowd are for Cena as this is his stomping grounds but Punk is obviously a favourite ass well. Cena hits a reverse elbow. CM Punk lifts up Cena for the go to sleep and both men run into each other with a double clothesline. CM Punk has been in the match for 33 minutes since he entered at #1.

#23 is Hornswoggle. Punk with a big kick to Hornswoggle. Thank god. Punk dominating Cena and Hornswoggle. Striker keeps pointing out the lack of Smackdown! superstars, I dont think anyone is officially on that show these days. The attitude adjustment by Cena to CM Punk and he has him eliminated. John Cena has eliminated Punk. Cena is to good of a person to throw out the midget.

Tyson Kidd comes out and now he goes for Cena. A hurricanrana by Horn to Kidd then an attitude adjustment from Cena. Hornswoggle wants Kidd and now he tries the move and hits it. Cena throws out Kidd. Hornswoggle does an Austin impression resting on the ropes.

Heath Slater comes to the ring and then Cena takes him down with a few shoulder blocks and lands on his feet. Hornswoggle with a stunner and then a double five-knuckle shuffle. Hornswoggle goes to the top and hits a splash. Slater is gone.

Is this not cute, the tandem of Hornswoggle and Cena. Kofi Kingston from Smackdown!, the IC Champion comes to the ring with Pyro and now we will have three babyfaces in the ring. What on earth can happen now. Both have to look at the Wrestlemania logo in order to go on each other as the two tie-up. Cena runs into a high kick as Kofi leaps Cena twice with high leaps. Kingston dominating on Cena.

Jack Swagger at #27. The most winners have come from this position. John Studd in 89, Hart in 94 as a co-winner, Yokozuna in 93, Austin in 2001. Four times. But that was when the Rumble had 30 men of course. Swagger controlling some of the action. Kofi and Cena on one side of the other and then Kingston flew over Hornswoggle to take out Swagger. Horn then was a stepping stone for Kofi to take down Swagger.

Sheamus comes out now. The current King of the Ring winner, a two time WWE Champion and now he clotheslines Swagger. Hownswoggle with a kick lower to Sheamus. Cena hits him then Swagger goes to work on Cena. A throat kick to Hornswoggle by Sheamus and half the crowd seems pleased. I am.

Another guy comes out and it is none other then the 2006 winner Rey Mysterio. The man who lasted the longest time in Royal Rumble history winning from #2 where he started that match with HHH dedicating the Rumble to the late Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio does some damage. Swagger eliminated.

At #30 (formally the last entrant before they made it a 40 superstar Rumble) is Wade Barrett, a favourite yet sort of a darkhorse, the new leader of the old Nexus, the core. Now we got in the ring Barrett, Cena, Mysterio, Kingston and Sheamus. All potential winners outside maybe Kingston but he was dark horse and he stomped on his opposition in the corner.

Out comes Dolph Ziggler. The first ever 31st entrant in Royal Rumble history. How about that…you lose a World title match in the opener then you come back and join the Rumble match. Well I guess Kurt Angle did something similar in 2005 stealing the number of Nunzio. All men brawling around with one another.

Out next is……wait for it…..Kevin Nash! Not just Kevin Nash! DIESEL! Talk about marking out. A poll even sais 97% of people enjoyed this return over Booker T, and a lot of people enjoyed Booker T. This is the first Rumble appearance from the REAL Diesel since 1996 when he was the runner-up getting superkicked by Shawn Michaels. Diesel chants filled the arena, they bring up how dominant he was in the 94 Rumble throwing out seven men. Diesel elbowed Ziggler. Diesel clotheslined Cena. Diesel dominating with a knee to the gut of Sheamus.

At #33 is Drew McIntyre. Lets go Diesel is chanted. A 619 by Rey to Diesel and the fans have no problem booing that as a HUGE, Lets go Diesel chant was started. McIntyre and Sheamus look to be doing pretty good as the stars begin to fill the ring.

Out now is The Miz who is the WWE Champion, but wait it is his manager. Alex Riley. That makes more sense. Diesel then eliminated by Wade Barrett and lets just say that was not a popular choice. Cena knocked Riley down. The Miz joined the commentary booth and Michael Cole loved it. Ziggler hammered away on Rey in the corner, Diesel got a good ovation leaving.

#35 is the Big Show.and he has a stare-down with Diesel as he leaves. Awesome. I also like the Bruins reference by Striker talking about the tallest player in the NHL. Big Show has his DVD out and gaining some momentum just chokeslammed Barrett. For the longest Rumble or most superstars this has never been boring for an instant.

Coming into the Rumble now is Ezekial Jackson. Drew McIntyre eliminated by Big Show. Now Big Show is eliminated by Jackson. So many big guys, big names being thrown out in this Rumble match.

At entrant #37 is Santino Marella who just broke his record. He lasted one second in 2009 when Kane eliminated him. That is a Royal Rumble record as well by the way, which Warlord held for the longest time when Hogan eliminated him from the 89 Rumble. It could of been 1990, but I am pretty sure it was 89 off the top of my head. Cena in trouble as Jackson and Barrett try and work as a team to eliminate Cena.

So now we get a rising star in Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio arrives in a car. Original. Austin had the trucks, Eddie had low-riders, JBL had limos, now Alberto Del Rio has his own ring-announcer and his own car. Alberto Del Rio claims his destiny is to win the Royal Rumble. Striker picks him to win. Strange, they seem to never pick the REAL winners, but this was probably to throw us all off. I like it. Riley eliminated in the meanwhile during the whole entrance.

Orton coming out at #39, the 2009 winner looking to win his second Rumble and not happy about losing his match earlier in the night against The Miz. Randy hits the RKO, then one to Sheamus, then one to Kingston aftrer his leaping ability went sour, Kofi is now eliminated. Sheamus is gone. Orton and Cena are up as they turn around and see one another. The try and do a Savage-Hogan, Warrior-Hogan, Austin-Rock, Cena-HHH type stare-down but everyone is tired of this so feud so it seems nobody cares.

At the final spot #40 Kane now entering his 13th Rumble in a row, his own record. He is only a few eliminations from breaking Shawn Michaels record of most eliminations of all time. In 2001 when he was a runner up to Austin he eliminated the most people in a single Rumble in 11. Kane is now in and ducked Ezekial Jackson coming at him and fell to the floor.

One of these men are going to win the Royal Rumble. Mysterio with a high boot up to Kane but Kane lifted him up. Mysterio with a hurricanrana and got Kane out. Mysterio knocked off the apron by Barrett.

Here we go.

The Final Four! Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio. Cena and Orton. Cena has Barrett in one corner, Orton has Alberto Del Rio in the other. John Cena with a nice suplex to Barrett. If I did not know the winner I would of predicted Barrett but since I do it kind of takes the excitement away. Still this is a fabulous match.

Orton and Cena both have won the match and both go at it in another slug-fest, Orton went for the RKO, Cena went for his attitude adjustment but Barrett interefered and suplexed Cena.

65 minutes had gone from this Royal Rumble. Cena hits Alberto Del Rio with the Attitude Adjustment. All of the sudden the Miz runs from the booth and eliminated Cena out of the ring even though he was not apart of the Rumble. Sort of like Shane McMahon on HBK in 2006. Alex Riley was the distraction. Cena has some choice words for Michael Cole. Orton with a powerslam to Barrett then a back-breaker to Alberto Del Rio and now he stalked him down on the canvas. Orton threw out Barrett then Orton. Alberto Del Rio has done it.

All off the sudden Santino Marella sneaks in the ring he was hiding under the ring. Santino Marella is going to go to Wrestlemania as he was about to throw out Marella. Alberto Del Rio then officially won by throwing him out.

So in the end at 1:09:14 Alberto Del Rio won the 2011 Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Santino Marella.

Del Rio was the latest entry to ever win at #38 because there was never an entrant that late before obviously with it being the first 40 superstar Rumble match.

This match was fantastic. One of the best paced Rumbles of all time.



An excellent Rumble, one of the best of the past few years.



Final Rating for WWE Royal Rumble 2011 = 7.5/10


This show was unique in the sense it was the first time they put extra emphasis on the Rumble match itself in its 24 year history. It was always the large part of the show but in this year it took up half the PPV with its 40 competitors in the match and with a surprise winner it helped make things a bit less unpredictable considering most Rumble matches are exactly that. This fact helps the Rumble 2011 score points on that fact alone. The other matches were fairly good so overall this PPV comes off very well.

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  1. Dennis winship says:

    I hope wwe has another royal rumble in boston. Dennis winship Lynn,Massachusetts

  2. Jay Karia says:

    This PPV had 3 solid matches. A definite must own DVD.

  3. Patrick says:

    This was the last PPV with Striker on commentary; he’d be replaced by Booker T at elimination chamber and the worst commentary team in pro wrestling history was complete

  4. Bryan says:

    That move from Morrison was so good I think that save might even top the HBK 95 1 foot save with all respects to HBK. When you think too how dangerous that was I mean what if there was some sweat on those stairs and Morrison slipped, yikes. Anyway it’s a Rumble moment that will def stand the test of time.

  5. CJ says:

    Eve gets no reaction from the crowd. NONE. At least Natalya would get a better one, and she was a far better champion.

    Giving Eve the title really made no sense.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    It was shocking to me, and if you think about other years this was less predictable. Honestly outside of Rumbles where surprise entrants have won (Cena 08, Edge 2010) you can easily guess te winner. Either way thanks.

  7. Bryan says:

    great review Brett but I don’t know about the “surprise winner” I think a lot of people saw Del Rio winning

  8. Brett Mix says:

    WOW, I have no idea how that did not make it on, thanks for the good eye. Four stars. It was my favourite Rumble match in probably seven years since 2004.

  9. DanielBryan_SnapOrTap says:

    Whats the rating for the RR Match?