Review: WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin: “The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time” DVD

December 31, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s: WWE “Stone Cold Steve Austin- The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time”  DVD:




“So I said how about me and Hogan man, because Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania was the biggest thing to ever come down into Wrestling! No brother that’s not for can’t get there….., thassss for somebody else we’re gonna keep you where you at right now. Hu, Ha….I said how about Savage, man he’s got the whole Slim Jim Deal, well how about I… baby Steve, thasssss for somebody else….Ha….So I look around and now there’s nothing to do, and there’s NOTHING AT ALL going my WAY because the POLITICS, In Dubya C Dubya, kept..the BIGGEST, Potential Superstar in Wrestling, on the G*D DAMN GROUND!” -Steve Austin (1995)








-Steve Austin gets a four disc DVD release in late 2011 that features the more important matches in his career. Most of these matches have been released before or are available but it’s a nice presentation for fans who want his best stuff all on one set or for the casual fans who don’t own a lot of it. It’s amazing how they still missed out on so much, it just goes to show the amazing career the guy really had and it’s scary to think what he would of been capable of without the injuries to his neck and legs.

-A popular aspect of this DVD is that it has a Documentary with it, something his 2007 Life and Legacy 3 Disc DVD did not have. However that set did have a lot of rare gems and is a set to own for sure.

-Fans might find the fourth disc extra entertaining is there you get to see Steve’s range from serious to comedy. He had great promo’s that extended from both ranges and some of them were some of the most important in the histrory of Sport’s Entertainment.





Disc 1 Documentary:









WWE Signature
Football and Wrestling
Rookie of the Year
From Hollywood California
A Platform
Fang McFrost
Main Event Momentum
1% Tough, 99% Lucky
Raising Hell
Tyson & Austin
Austin Era Has Begun
Cultural Phenomenon
The Boss
Rattlesnake vs Brahma Bull
Difficult Decisions
Return to Mania
Stone Cold Comedy
Really? I’m not coming!
One More Round
The Law of Monday Night RAW
The Show Never Ends
New Horizons
Somewhere Down In Texas




Those are the Chapters.
We’ve seen many Documentaries before of a young Steve over the years growing up in Edna, living the Texas Life it should be interesting to see how this DVD starts off in comparison as I constantly hear this Documentary is a high selling point for the actual DVD itself.

They decide to begin with this heavily hyped DVD with the WWE Signature opening and give an appropriate entrance to the DVD that a star like Steve deserves.

I got the chills to begin already.

We get your typical “I was born here and here” and he said he was born in Austin (coincidence), Texas.

Stone Cold talks about how he flipped through the channels and found Houston Wrestling.

Austin says he’ll forget some things in his career, but he’ll never…ever forget watching and finding Houston Wrestling on the TV.

Austin was a blonde, athletic kid and he said he’d watch wrestling his whole life.

He said he was a half hour away from The Von Erich’s and the Freebirds, so he said he knew right there and then that’s what he wanted to do with his life. He didn’t know how but then when he was flipping channels he found out at the school how to be a wrestler by WCCW Star- “Gentlemmen” Chris Adams.

Mick Foley talked about the first time he saw Austin and he knew he’d be something. He says it perfectly, he said it turns out he was.

During this Documentary I’m not going to talk about everything they cover but I’ll still give you my thoughts on what they do cover.

We do hear that repetitive Austin story how he became Steve Austin where he didn’t know how he could not be Steve Williams due to Dr. Death, and Austin didn’t want to be Steve Austin due to the Six Million Dollar Man.

I did like how we saw a bunch of old USWA footage. Wow, Mr. Pringle is here and says you could see a natural coming. 

A lot of Raw footage of seeing Steve and he talks about starving there, learning psychology, he talked about asking questions, learning the ropes by being a sponge and taking in everything. Steve said when WCW called he was ready because of his work in Dallas. He needed a promotion in Atlanta and wanting to work in WCW and get on TBS for further exposure

Austin is pissed aboout being right away labelled from Hollywood, California.

Enter: “Stunning” Steve Austin.


“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton was one of Steve’s favourites and they show “Stunning” Steve getting his time to become the new Television Champion.

WCW’s main booker Dusty Rhodes promised Steve Austin a huge US title push working with wrestling legend Harley Race as a manager who was also the manager for Big Van Vader the WCW Heavyweight Champion at the time and he was going to work programs with your typical guys in the hunt, the Luger’s, the Steamboat’s…..Waait now.

Waaaait, just a minute.

It’s FLYIN BRIAN with some news for Steve.

“Hey Steve we gotta come up with a finisher.”

Austin replies “WHAT!?” Before that word became a phenomenon of course.

Austin said that’s BS and Dusty changed his mind and now Austin and Pillman are a team. I guess in those days when someone else gets the US title spot, they’ll just throw anybody into a tag-team. Austin was burned there with that booking move but ya know what? They created gold and they didn’t even know it

WCW didn’t deserve it either.

Austin and Brian were creative geniuses and two of the most innovative minds in the history of Pro-Wrestling so they might of just been the best tag-team to come along in ten years like Austin shoots in his infamous ECW Promo, that I still consider is top 5 in the history of all of Wrestling.

As Arn Anderson said they saw Austin for what he was and not a very marketable guy but a good mechanic in the ring.

All of the sudden they became a little bit too entertaining. WCW had low expectations and they worked their way to the top and made the most out of that situation.

Austin is a REAL PRO, that’s what REAL Pro’s do in those type of situation’s. Brian said we gotta come up with a name, every team needed a name. As Ross said their contrast in styles was a nice blend, Pillman more aerial, Austin more with a ground/mat-based technical workhorse. The Hollywood Blondes.

They rolled the camera’s and taunted like no others. Like Foley, in my mind I rate the Hollywood Blondes near the top. A Flair for the old is hilarious, both Steve and Brian show their comic side for one of the first times.

Oh and just as WCW had something, what did they do? They split them up. Austin says he misses Brian to this day. Austin still wears that gold chain he got from Brian which he doesen’t mention here but did a million other times in his book or other interviews I saw from the guy.

As Double A said Steamboat and Austin were having thirty minute classic’s every night and you saw the real endurance-hand Austin had with those types of matches. We hear Paul Levesque talk about after his matches he’d hurry in the shower to catch their bouts, such tremendous wrestling.

Now Regal and Heyman talk about how Austin got fired, Steve does as well. We’ve heard this a few times. It’s still pretty unbelievable. Austin is a real humble SOB saying looking back he sees why the did what they did.
Classy move.

Heyman rings up Austin.

Heyman was a former manager of Steve in WCW in the Dangerous Alliance, and as we heard in the Rise and Fall of ECW, Austin tells his story about coming to ECW to cut promo’s since he had a busted arm.


Then something happened to Steve.

It might of been the best thing to happen to him looking back career-wise.

He got pissed off!

That was it for him. The spark that inevitably would make him beyond marketable.

























Joey Styles: “You’re Steeve Auuuuuuuustin!”

Austin doing Hulkamania..

Austin doing, Flair, Rhodes. His classic ECW promo is hands down one of the best.

Him calling himself the biggest potential star in the history of Pro-Wrestling is down-right scary knowing how profound that ended up becoming.

Bischoff, Rhodes, impressions were hilarious.

Heyman called his promo’s ground-breaking in 95, well they were doing that and more.

Austin got told by Paul E or learned more how to get more Sh** out of his system.

As Styles perfectly puts it that ECW was the first look at the Stone Cold character but the WWE never probably watched ECW so that’s why he had a god-awful Ringmaster gimmick in the WWE which didn’t do shi*.

The best thing to happen to Austin was at that In Your House when he lost DiBiase as a manager because then he could be his own mouth-piece. McMahon defends the name and he has a point but it’s clearly not the way Austin wanted to go.

He said it totally sucked working with jobbers and guys like Skip, Jannetty on WWF Superstars, hell his feud with Savio Vega was a breaking point.

Now we get the story of how the Stone Cold name comes upon, his wife at the time.

-Otto Von Ruthless
-Ice Dgger
-Fang McFrost


Were the three pitched names for Steve working for a new name around this time. Good god. No really. Good god.

On a weekly basis his character kept getting better and bigger, his rise and was un-like anyone’s.

Hunter was supposed to win KOTR in 96 where he got punished. He did in 97.

Austin at KOTR 96 was the turning point. Austin 3:16 is born and I don’t need to touch on this, but it’s interesting to here it’s because behind the Field Goal’s usually at the Football game there were John 3:16 signs to prey for the home team I guess.

All on the spot, no scripts. Austin is born and that’s why he thinks this way of creative is the best way about it.

Austin was born here as Jericho said.

It’s the biggest marquee, money-making Juggernaut in wrestling history.



Jericho says he still sees people wearing the shirts.


Hey Steve, if you’re reading this, just want you to know, I wore won when I got one at Christmas in 1997 and I still wear it rarely but still sometimes today.


Now we get into what I believe to really be the best rivalry of all time. One of my 15 matches at 5 stars is Bret and Austin at Survivor Series 1996 from the Garden. Bret sells it short a bit in this documentar, I think it’s damn near perfect.

Crowd’s loved Austin’s attitude, this feud was really ushering in the new era.

They showed how he won the 97 Rumble in controversial fashion.

What’s usually the most universally accepted five star or Greatest North American Match ever is Austin vs Bret at Mania 13. That’s my greatest ever or certain and now they go over that.

What we are talking about though as the business is changing gear, Steve was still in full heel mode and they did the double allignment switch.

Chicago one of the best smark city’s to have this brutal submission match as well to boot. I’ve never seen a soul say this match wasn’t perfect. I think they’d even know they lied.

Punk put it perectly, they didn’t hate Bret. They just loved Austin so much they wanted to know he was their guy. Not only did it change both men destiny’s but it changed the business. This among many other things are the reason it even revolutionized the industry. As Steve said the blood going down into his face is one of the best visuals.

He didn’t tap, he passed out and limped out to Austin chants. As Ross said on commentary it’s a testimny to the mans guts. This and the Summerslam 97 incident made him the toughest SOB ever. Bret said artistically it’s the best ever, Austin says it’s his best ever. Lets just drop this folks. It IS the best ever. Austin says it’s like his best Orgasm ever and he would of had a smoke after if he could. Hilarious.





Damn, I’m having a hell of a time watching this Documentary.

It’s put together so well.

One of the biggest BullSh*t things I hear from non Austin-fans is that ANYBODY could of played that character like the anyone could of been Hogan thing. Bullshit. No censor this time, because that is Bullshit. Now I don’t know much about Johnny Depp in Pirates since I don’t care or that series so the comparison is invalid but I totally agree with Jericho saying no one could of done Stone Cold like Steve Austin himself.



 Watch his Austin 3:16 promo’s in the dark alley leading up to Survivor Series 96. Stuff of Legends.
Everyone knew Austn was getting close to becoming the #1 guy and I think this is where Vince knew it was keep Bret’s big contract and re-sign Austin and risk going bankrupt or get rid of once pretty much forcing Bret to go but that story has been done to death.

Now we move into Jersey’s Summerslam 97 and Austin as he said “Just when it couldn’t get any hotter” BOOM. Austin thought Christopher Reeve right away and his anterior delts burned like fire and he hit the worst roll-up ever and Austin said the lights were on but no one was home. He was done and still hurts him to this day. I’m sure it still bugs him to this day.

I don’t really like how they paint Owen here but I guess since it’s Austin’s story then it’s forgivable. But this is the same company that took Owen’s life so I mean come on. Don’t paint him in the most horrible light. It’s quite possible Owen was just so ashamed to not call Steve. Steve also injured Chono in 92 pretty bad if memory serves. Everyone knows I love Austin but does he keep  Chono on speed-dial? Just curious.

They found ways to keep Steve Austine entertaining with promo’s Stunnering King, Ross, Slaughter, Vince.

Austin started to swear more, drink beer more, the feud with Vince was just brewing and now they pushed the envelope a little more, flipping off.

The Attitude Era was ushering in.

Miz was right about Austin at school. Rock’s catch-phrases were like thi as well.

Austin taunted all stars.

They go into the owner getting Stunned in in MSG in September of 1997.


I AM SO Glad Vince says Steve would of made it to heights without Vince, but with him after the Screwjob it was the perfect marriage as far as face vs heel goes.

Now the arena’s were selling out as Austin-McMahon were selling out arena’s and now Rock was starting to get over as a big heel and the first time Rock and Austin feuded was for the IC title.

Austin got Rock in the middle of the ring and Austin paged Rock with the 316 on Raw, and I remember this watching it live so, so well. Austin said Rock always brought out the best of him and he recalls throwing the title off the bridge. Austin finally threw Rock over the ropes in the 98 Rumble to win back to back Rumble’s.

WWF now brought in Tyson, they liked each other’s professions as Jericho points out WCW was beating WWE but this gave them some momentum. Tyson and Austin’s confrontation was epic and Ross calling it made it more-so, this hyped up the Austin Mania encounter with Michaels from Boston at Mania 14 with Tyson as a member of D-X as the Special Enforcer.

Austin said if he went against Tyson on PPV no one to this day would of beat it on PPV, and I’m actually inclined to agree with that.

Main-Stream Media picked on this and created the Mania buzz and the Austin Era officially began that night when he reversed the Sweet Chin Music with Austin’s stunner and Tyson counted the quick three. I remember wearing my Austin 3:16 shirt the next day so proud.

I remember the following night on Raw he was a cultural phenomenon, get the Austin 3:16 and every other merchandise, he set records with ratings, buyrates, Austin shattered everything.

It’s great they show ths.


He really was the Cult of Personalty.

But I really remember his feud with McMahon for two years with McMahon the night after Mania 14 where they did things the hard way.

Punk points out something very crucial and his pops were the best of all time, the glass certainly helps that.

Now they get into Austin and the Stooges of Vince. If Steve wasn’t getting him, he sure as hell would get them. It’s nice to see Bret enjoyed what Austin was doing in 1998 to Vince.

Austin said working with them was a ton of un. Foley said the WWE Universe underrated the Stooges and how much of a good time they had.

Austin mentions Vince had never been in a real feud as a second, third generation promoter and how well he should get credit for sure.

Taker, Foley, Kane, Rock, whoever would feud with Austin but the real story behind it all was Austin-McMahon would stay fresh so weekly.

McMahon couldn’t fire him as Christian says because he was making him so much money. We see rare clips from Austin in his prime. So nice to see the WWE went to the WWE go their library to show this to all of us. So many clips from 98 on Raw. Love it.

Jericho loved how the Austin character morphed into somebody who would drive a beer truck, a cement truck, Red Wing Zamboni in Detroit, Bang 3:16 was hilarious when McMahon 316 just pissed my pants. Awesome material there. Dr. Austin in the Hospital.

King says his all time favourite was definitely the bed-pan. Austin was hilarious in that doctor suit. He also became the CEO and fired Vince’s people, ruined Vince’s car with the Cement truck. What might be most imressive is they did most of this stuff live and a lot of it could of gone wrong.

The Beer Truck the Raw before Mania 15 he said was worried wouldn’t come below the tron-screen, it did, 30 gallons of beer then water. Vince then tried to swim in the ring. Just top notch stuff.



Also an epic shot of Austin with him on top posing with the double fingers on top of the beer truck which says to me, above all the others.

CM Punk would say Rock and Austin are two once in a life time performers in their prime at once.

Amazing. Legendary. Miz talks about ordering PPv’s with friends being Rock and Austin fans split, he’s not alone. We all were.

Interesting to hear Y2J say Austin was more critically acclaimed then The Rock and his pops were just a little bit louder having worked with both men during that time. I’d agree.

As for who’s better in the ring? Austin, easy. Better on the mic? This point is clealry subjective, I found Rock to be more of a comic act where Austin could cut a serious promo 100x better so I’d give the edge to Austin there as well.
The Miz says something I hate. “I don’t think The Rock could of been Rock without Austin, I don’t think Austin could of been Austin without Rock.”

Sorry, Miz. They may of helped each other but lets face it, Austin had doubled Raw’s ratings, merchandise and buyrates before he even feuded with Rock and Rock was still Rocky Maivia in the Nation not drawing flies to shi*.

Rock definitely deserves his praise though.

Austin did make it big in Nash Brides scoring high ratings, in my mind he should of gone to the big screen in the late 90’s, his films would of made much more money then they do say today.
Austin talks about how his work-load in late 99 and how his bad neck caught up to him.

He needed surgery and and the WWF needed the run-down “Who Dunnit?” Angle at Survivor Series 1999.

Now Austin talks to Jim Ross and becomes close with him.

Rock was the face of the company, Foley, HHH, Show, Taker, Kane were on top with new guys like Benoit, Eddie, Jericho, Rikshi, Angle there.

Stone Cold became the only three time Rumble winner in 2001 and now they started building the angle between Rock and Austin or Mania X7. They talk about one of the biggest matches in history with Rock and Austin and like he mentions in his book, Austin felt he was getting stale and loved to be a bad guy and since they knew Rock worked so well as a babyface as evidence from a successful year 2000, they thought it’d be a safe move.

Problem was…no one wanted to boo Austin. I sure as hell didn’t, so for me personally it effected WWF programming as I was cheering on a heel in Steve Austin.

Austin admitted no one wanted to hate him but it allowed him to develop his character in different ways.

Now Booker’s WWF debut when Booker dropped Austin on his back.

So Austin had to change his role to do more skits with Angle, Enter COMEDY AUSTIN hugging Vince.

Vince said this was a really entertaining part of Austin and it definitely was.


Fans loved buying Austin as a hilarious dimension that they added here that he fully embraced as McMahon said.

Then entered….”WHAT!?”

So the story goes, Austin called up Christian and sent him a goofy message.
I guess he tried to come up with the most annoying thing possible and it worked. When he went back babyace in 2002…he even made that work.

Fatigue and Frustrating started to set in.

Austin talks about Hogan-Rock and with all due respect to Hall he knew he wanted to be the one with Hogan and he didn’t like creative.

Now Austin hears Brock is going over Austin on free tv, no build-up. Vince says it was more, HHH says it’s not the right thing  (WHAT A SHOCK) and

Austin eventually said he’d do it different if he did it again.

Austin then got a card from his good friend Jim Ross and they set up a meeting with Vince.

I’ve always found the Rock-Austin rivalry a tad overated but hey it was nice to see Austin back and the Austin-Rock choice was the best one. It was kind of sad to see an older Austin that nearly died that weekend in Seattle go up against a Rock still cool with his youth in his Hoollywood gimmick stomping on Austin.

AN emotional part of the DVD here definitely when Austin wears his “OMR” One More Round vest and his send-of with The Rock.

Very nice to hear Steve give back to us, his fans.

I’ve been as big a fan for Austin as anyone except Randy Savage. Steve is my favourite other then Savage and in my opinion hands down the greatest all time all around.

They show Steve having fun. There’s just nobody better at pushing the envelope, he had the perfect blend of everything, psychology, in-ring work, mic-skills and charisma, passion, heart and desire.

Austin is just the GOAT, hands down.

Austin is Entertainment.

They talk about how Austin was orginally supposed to be in the movie the Marine and he says Cena did a hell of a job.

Foley says he enjoyed the Condemned.

Vince admits Austin has more range then just action.

Now they have Austin as a host of Tough Enough and why he was the perfect choice.

The Man devoted his life to Wrestlng and Vince inducted Austin into the Hall of Fame in 2009 was just perfect.

I love the way Bret and Vince talk about Steve at the end.


George Straight’s “Somewhere down in Texas” lyrics with the video package at the end is beyond is just all too fitting. So perfect.

Top notch material here ladies and gentlemen. Rise and Fall of ECW Doc, you’ve just been beat.


The greatest WWE Documentary of ALL TIME.


The Documentary ends at the 2:30:34 second mark in time. But what this Documentary really had going or it was the Quality. Wow,…. what a watch. So entertaining and so true, easily watchable again and again I’m only assuming right now at this point.


Overall this Documentary was definitely a huge selling point to the casual fan because the last long Austin set never had one and the fans want to hear the story of the star at times, especially when that star’s name happens to be Stone Cold Steve Austin.













Autograph: Austin tells a hilarious story about fans wanting his autograph when he went to a wrestling school. He then talks about how he made a lasting impression on Chris Adams.


Hair Club: Austin talked about his journy to the hair-club for men.


The Rattlesnake: JR gave him the nick-name and how he doesen’t like Snakes because it’s bad to get bit by one, this one too. Awesome.
Tangled: Awesome story fromm the 1999 Summerslam.
Punked: Puts Austin over Hogan for good reason.
The Stunner: Micheal PS Hayes gets the credit, I remember hearing a rumor that he invented it but this just confirms it. A clip of numerous Stunners, who’s the best and worst at it.


Bleed For Me: A great video package to the song showcasing Austin.






DISC 2 Matches:





Here we get to live out his life through his legendary physical matches below:

First an Introduction From “Stone Cold” Steve Austin:
-Austin says he personally picked these matches because despite some being avilable before they were so important to his career.

Steve Austin then sad sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with a cold one and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Said So!’






1) USWA – May 1990: “Stunning” Steve Austin vs Gentleman Chris Adams



Steve goes against his trainer here and is obviously very green but still looked like a natural even at this age.

So we knew this was going to be a rare clash between these two.

Chris Adams from the get-go attacks Steve from behind which is ana intreresting approach ot start the DVD, with the future Rattlesnake getting jumped.

Gentleman Chris Adams has Austin down now and proceeds to whale away until Austin’s main-squaeeze hits Gentleman Chris Adams with hair-spray.

Now the pupil has the teacher they say. Austin in complete control hammering the back.

Stunning Steve with an irish-whip to a reverse elbow and now he clobbers the back Gentleman Chris Adams and beats on him until he rolls out onto the concrete. Austin with stiff shots, a hard European uppercut and then slams his head on the apron.

A boot to the head then rolls in to beak the count. A double axe-handle as he fles over onto Gentleman Chris Adams.

You could see Austin whille green definitely learning the craft to be a dominant wrestler.

He comes in with a body slam. Austin from the top rope goes for a big body-splash and hits the mat. Gentleman Chris Adams moved and swung at Austin and then a kick to the gut. Gentleman Chris Adams with a back-drop to Austin as the teacher, the trainer was in control.

Now it’s Gentleman Chris Adams in control sending Austin into the chair on the outside. Now Gentleman Chris Adams slams Austin’s head into the steel chair.

Gentleman Chris Adams with a vertical suplex, Austin’s valet pulls the leg of Gentleman Chris Adams and Steve forced an inside cradle and at 4:39 gets the three count.

The broadcasters call the finish a travesty.


Gentleman Chris Adams with a super-kick after the decision and gets hair-spray into the blinded Gentleman Chris Adams. Austin then roughs him up after the win like a pro.

This made Austin look like a star, or a bright shining star about to enter his own and only one year into the business.

Highly impressive match, considering all of that.



** 1/4






2) WCW Saturday Night – July 30, 1994: “Stunning” Steve Austin and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (with Sensational Sherri) vs Sting and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat



Austin teaming with who he figures is the best ever against Steamboat and Sting, a pretty huge tag match between four of the greatest ever on just a basic Saturday WCW taping.
July 30th, this date is also my birthday. If anyone cares. No? Didn’t think so…



Flair and Steamboat of course had a their decade and a half long full of five star and near five star matches rivalry coming in.
Austin around this time also jobbed to Randy Savage in a 3-4 minute match, those are my two all time favourites but if the match was any better I would of wanted it on this set.

Unfortunately Savage goes over Steve in a squash that I believe ws on WCW Saturday Night in 94 where Macho wins via elbow drop in just a few minutes time.

Anyway here we go with this one.
Bell rings, Tony Schiavonne and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan on commentary as Austin cowards out a bit early as the bell rings. Such a typical shot you’d see in tag matches from the beginning. By that I mean is when you look at the subtle things.

Austin as a coward is out of the ring, Natich on the apron, but the two babyfaces in the Dragon and the Stinger are ALL Ready for action live here on WCW Saturday Night inside the squared circle when the bell tolls.

Heenan says this is a main event on PPv anywhere.

Well at least WCW thought of Austin as a main-event type player.

“Stunning” Steve said no way to the Dragon’s will to get it on… and now Flair and Ricky Steamboat start out with a chop.

THIS is the kind of stuff I love.




I personally believe Austin;’s REAL prime in that ring was 1994-1997 up until the injury. Don’t get me wrong he had fantastic bouts even brawls in 98 and 99, and technical matches in 2000 and 2001 but he was never the work-horse he was here and in the prime of his life as well with limited leg and neck injuries that didn’t plague him as not one of the world’s best workers.
What’s amazing about this Saturday night tag bout is you get four of the world’s best workers EVER, at one time, in one match, in their prime, on free Saturday night tv.

I can’t stress how amazing that is and I think Austin knew tha himself when chosing this one.

So after Ricky Steamboat took it to Naitch for a little bit the Stinger who also had a long time rivalry, of at least six years at this point with Flair came in and did what he usuall did to Slick Ric and that’s beat on his head in the corner taking those high right-handed shots where the crowd counts along.

You get the sense that due to how much of a heel coward “Stunning” Steve started off to be in this bout that it’d come back to bite him in the ass a little because now when the “Nature Boy” needed tag he’d likely be isolated in the half of the ring the babyaces cut off just for him and when it looks like he’s going to make a hot-tag to fellow heel in Steve Austin he might just do  full frontal face flop which helps no one, other then those who want to laugh.


So Sting in there on Flair in the corner hammering right’s to the skull of Flair and then Austin on the apron tried to interfere with the shots and Sting got hm at the right count.

Three former WCW Champs in the match, everyone a former or current US Champ, Austin was current US champ as Heenan points out. Flair flops.

Outside the ring Sting is chopped and gets more pisses and goes for Flair who puts Sherri in front. Flair then did get a chop near the barricade.

Finally “Stunning” Steve Austin after Sting. A dream match for a lot of people in 97-98. Austin worked over Sting with chops and a hard irish-whip and he met Sting in the corner with a reverse elbow and a back-drop. Austin goes flying.

The US Champion bumps hard, the heels making the faces look like just money here.

Now an armbar hard onto Austin and a fired up Ricky Steamboat tries to go for the arm since that’s his fortay with arm-drag’s, smart psychology to utilize this arm while he still had a little ounce of energy in his good one to propell Ricky Steamboat out of the ring to the concrete.

Steve Austin followed hm out to the floor with a knee to the head, shot. Austin and Steamer knew each other well at this point feuding for the US title a lot.

Both men knew each other’s move-sets, and strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and the faces controlled this one thus far.

Austin despite being US Champ was taken to school by the veteran the Dragon who delivered a shot to the abdomen of Austin once in the ring.

“Stunning” Steve Austin then getting worked over by the Dragon here and as pointed out, was sort of used to that by now here in 94, a swinging neck-breaker and a karate thrust chop.

Flair and Sting come in. Austin and Ricky Steamboat are the legal men and Austin hit with an inverted atomic drop.

A commercial break.

Back and Ricky Steamboat, the Dragon wearing down “Stunning” Steve Austin in a reverse chinlock and focusing on his neck with the point of his knee driving right into the back of Austin’s neck that would end up damning Steve later in his career.

There was a quote in that Cage Match against Dos Hombres on Pillman’s DVD and the Legacy of Austin DVD, where Austin teamed with Brian Pillman and one of the commentator’s said Austin should be a legend in this business, if his body can make it that long and that was referriing to all the old hard cage bumps he took. That and the fact he was always a tougher, rough-neck then your typical average Joe.

That ended up being quite the profound quote, even though his body said no, not only did Austin become a legend. He became the Legend of all Legends.

Imagine that?

Austin off the ropes goes for a hiplock on Ricky Steamboat but he turns the tide at the final second and says Oh no ya don’t and The Dragon Ricky Steamboat and he reversed into a back-slide but Austin tried to get the leverage his way, Austin walked the roes and Steamboat then reversed Steve launching him on the top with a chop and a Superplex.

It was counter-wrestling like this, the brilliant counters and chemistry with Stunning Steve and the Dragon Ricky Steamboat thade made ther 94 matches so good.

Sting tags in and splashed Steve once, goes for it twice and Steve got the knees up and Flair tagged in. Ric Flair from the inside taunts the Dragon.

Maybe now in mid-match the heels can isolate Sting for a bit while Ricky Steamboat is on the outside. Ric Flair then tossed to the outside by Sting and Austin held him there until Steaboat took Austin down.

Inside cradle by Sting to Ric Flair and the official Randy Anderson would of had a 5 count but came in late for the two. Naitch is lucky.

Flair chops Sting and begs him away.

As Schiavonne says Flair needs a walk.

They continue to build the Hogan-Flair 94 match on commentary and it’s just like, alright….enough.


Seeing Austin and Flair on an all heel team here is just ALL kinds of awesome. See, I’m not even the biggest Flair fan, I’ll admit he’s one of the best ever but that’s about it. What gets me, or really gets me is that it’s a prime example of Wrestling’s Past in Ric Flair (even though he could still go in 94) with Wrestling’s Future (and even though Austin had become a great established worker his best days were clearly in front of him) So there’s little doubt that’s exactly what it was.


That’s just so amazing to me, and with Ric Flair the legal man, him getting talked to on the apron by Austin as if he’s a coach and Flair had been wrestling close to two decades longer then Steve by this point is just such an awesome shot. If this was a movie, I’d say BRAVO to the director.

Just such a cool image, that I wish I could screen-shot and put right here in this review if I was so technical-handy, but I won’t.

But it’s at 11:30 into the match the spot happens at if you really want to see what I’m talking about. But remember, it’s subtle. You might see it and think “Who cares”? Well not everyone can appreciate things like the Mona Lisa.


But I, Brett Mix, appreciated that still image of Flair and Austin on the same team, just the two of them by the apron with their two faces all business in-game shape getting ready for war.


Picture perfect.

So now the Nature Boy Ric Flair ties u with Sting went for a hammerlock and then we see a ton of reverse chain-wrestling into other hammerlock’s a quick tag into Austin and Sting takes his head off. Back to Flair and then Sting catches Flar up top and didn’t see that coming.

At least Austin would tag in.

It sounds like the crowd or some of them were chanting Austin’s name against Sting.

They defitely do start chanting Sting but Austin was surely chanted by a few before it.

Inside cradles by both Sting and Steve Austin here and then Sting with tremendous endurance and hits a back body-drop to Austin. Sting in the corner, corners Austin until he kicks lower into the abdomen region and Flair tossed Sting to the floor behind the official’s back.

Heenan saying he jumped over is hystericl as is Sherri and her kicking Sting, with Heenan’s ripping on the US Soccer team.

Back to Saturday Night, WCW Style, only the second commercial break. Ya know this match could be well over thirty minutes in actual length but it’s in the low to mid 20’s as a whole without commercials, I’m assuming about the time as your average sitcom.

Austin and Flair both sweaty working over Sting. Austin then showing a little Attitude and flips off Sting in his own little way before driving an elbow in the middle of Sting’s sternum. Nice blow.

Sting in a headlock from Austin as the fans chant “Go Sting Go!”

Austin with an awesome snapmare into Sting and then a shot to Sting in the gut which Austin also got a bad end of. Flair tagged in.

Sting then tags in Ricky Steamboat with the hot-tag.

Ricky Steamboat goes crazy on both Austin and Flair. His old rival Flair and his new rival Austin.

Heenan says he’s never seeen Ricky Steamboat better, Stunning Steve then tagged in Flair and he executes a move he always did to the Dragon during ther classic 89 triology the textbook, side-headlock takedown.

Then Ricky Steamboat bridges out, Flair went for a figure four and Ricky Steamboat fought out, both Flair and Steamboat both bounced off the ropes into a shoulder breaker of sorts.

Sherri kept getting her shots in on Steamboat behind Randy Anderson.

Austin with a snapshot vertical suplex to the Dragon from outside the apron into the ring even though this much fatigued.

Austn’s cardivascular conditioning you just know would have to be top notch to keep up with these three and he was a natural.

Austin now with a Wilber Snyder-like Abdoinal Stretch to the Dragon. A tag into Flar with a bridge to the nose and a hard chop.

Ricky Steamboat and Flair chopping badk and forth, Flair could not get the three, finds himself in heel territory not where he wants to be.

Austin’s in and then he cuts off Ricky Steamboat before he could get to Sting.

Great team-work by Austin and Flair.


See, Austin by this point in his career knew how to tag-wrestle and especially isolate and cut off the ring strategically as a heel being paired with Pillman in the Hollywood Blondes.

But this was Austin’s big single’s push he thought would open up the door to the Sting’s and Savage’s and Flair’s and Hogan’s or Nash and Hall but nope. Austin wasn’t going to be a draw, just a mechanic in the eyes of WCW managment.

So despite Austin in a single’s role that didn’t mean he wasn’t allowed to tag, we always see main eventers tagging with other main eventers and that’s what we sort of had here with Flair teaming with Austin and you could totally see why Austin would want this classic tag bout on his Bottom Line: DVD set.

Austin wearing down the quicker, more agile, better endurance and stamina man in The Dragon Ricky Steamboat. That’s not to say Austin sucked in that department by comparison because that would be a flat out lie, but come on, very few athletes, not just pro-wrestler’s but I’d go as as far as saying all of ATHLETE’s had the conditioning of that of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.


So “Stunning” Steve Austin continuing to grapple Steamboat down to the mat on the canvas floor, wearing down Steamboat the man he had been feuding with.

All four, sweaty and fatigued but there was another man with great conditioning in Sting just WAITING for Ricky Steamboat to hit that move on Austin to get free to make the hot tag to the Stinger so the place would erupt.

Quite frankly, so were all the fans, because when you follow Pro-Wrestling’s formula from a tag-team standpoint, the hot-tag is always inevitable, it’s just does it pay-off, that’s the part that changes usually.


So Sting waiting for the hot-tag from Ricky Steamboat but he was in Austin’s sleeper. “Stunning” Steve Austin reversed the fist over the chin of Steamboat for a stronger grip.

The fans trying to give the Dragon some momentum that was being lost here.

Now Ricky is starting to rise, Sherri screams and Heenan says you can hear in Seattle. Hilarious.

I’m guessing the match was some-where in the Atlanta region which is obviously far away.

Steamboat out and ducks a clothesline and lands a huge thrust-chop to “Stunning” Steve Austin. Heenan calls it an amazing tv match.

He’s damn right.

All four men in brawling at once. Sting on Flair. Austin on Steamboat. Sting backdropped Flair and then the Stinger Splash.

Austin then stradled the top and chopped.

Scorpion deathlock to Flair. Sherri jumped onto Sting he throws Sherri onto Flair on the concrete, even though Naitch and the Stinger aren’t legal.

Meanwhile, the offcial Randy Anderson is watching the two legal men in the other corner go at it and while The Dragon kept unleashing chop after chop to “Stunning” Steve Austin, he then hit a snapmare and in the corner to Austin he climbed hgh laying right’s, Austin straddled Steamboat off the top and curled him up in the corner.

Not only a win for Austin and Flair but a legal win, for the heels to boot on free tv!

Rare to see that.

Especially for Austin, no doubt he’s proud and what a match to show off as well with all the names.

Completely deserves it’s spot on the disc.


In the end at a tv time of 24:15 “Stunning” Steve Austin and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair defeated Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Sting on WCW Saturday Night here in 1994.


Now, truth be told, I actually went into this match with high expectations, not only do I love watching Austin work as a great mechanic in WCW in 94 against a top notch guy like Ricky Steamboat, but add Flair and Sting to the mix and give this over 25 minutes of tv time and man, you’re cookin…

So I can’t lie when I looked at the match length and who it was, and I was never even sure if I had seen the bout before.

I just have t say that even going into this match with high expectations, I was still managed to be blown away by the top notch workrate all four men in or around their prime delivered in a big way to make this match so entertaining.

Such a great WCW gem in a time when there were so many. I’d like to see so many more come to DVD, some-way, some-how, especially from this time-period or era in the mid 90’s WCW. I know I’m not alone on this.

WWE, take note. While we all wanted things like War Games 92, etc, you can’t get it all.


Thank you Steve for giving us this Classic match on the DVD.





**** 1/4








3) WWF King of the Ring – June 23rd, 1996 – King of the Ring Final: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Owen Hart’s color commentary is hilarious in this historic match as it was all throughout the night of KOTR 96. Owen was favorable for Steve all night as both of them were heels.
Also, Owen of course a former King the Ring himself just two years before made fun of Jake’s age constantly as a rib since he was a babyface, fairly simple concept.
Yes it’s historic for what happens after, not so much the match, but the promo and the crowning Austin king.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts all bruised comes out holding onto his injured ribs. Austin comes out with a bloody mouth and some fans in attendance are giving him a great ovation still and the bell rings, this final is underway.

An awesome staredown between Austin and Pillman in the entrance way. Pillman had just cut a great promo and Stone Cold poses for the fans.

Jake Roberts is continually ripped on by Owen Hart doing color commentary which is hilarious.

Jake Roberts dragged a Snake as he couldn’t carry it due to the injured ribs.

Austin attacked Jake in relentless fashion and he stomped on the ribs.

Stone Cold drove his knees into his ribs over and over as Austin taunted him more and more venting his anger.

Austin slapped him in the face. Austin called him pathetic as he kicked at Roberts and then Jake fights back from the corner with a couple of kicks and a stiff european uppercut.
Austin gets up and fires back, Roberts is kicked back down.

Any time Jake Roberts would hit offense it would hurt himself which only helped Austin. Stone Cold ripped off the tape surrounding Jake’s ribs.

Gorilla Monsoon came into the ring as the fans booed at Austin attacking the ribs of Jake.

Jake tells Monsoon he doesen’t want to stop and he attacks Austin with a series of right’s. Jake Roberts signalled for the ddt. Jake is driven into the corner by Austin into the broken ribs.

Austin tackles him over and over in the corner. Austin again poses on the top rope.

Austin drives his elbow into Jake Roberts and picks him up. Jake Roberts is hit with the Stone Cold Stunner.
As Owen Hart says, “It’s over.”
Jim Ross calls Austin one of the brightes, shining, young stars and this may only be the beginning. Well how many prospects do they actually say that to? Rarely is it true, but it was and beyond here obviously.


As Cornette says “Steve Austin…is gonna be a big deal, now there was no way of knowing how big at the time but you knew with that promo and the signs” from the Monday Night Waar DVD.
In the end at 4:28 Austin pinned Roberts after a Stone Cold Stunner to become King of the Ring.

This match works fine for its historical significance.

It’s also quite amusing seeing a Heel Steve Austin methodically disect an injured old man’s ribs over and over.


But it`s what took place after the match as said that launched a marketing juggernaut and changed the company’s soon to be “biggest draw of all time’s” career forever.



“The first thing I want to be done….is to get that piece of CRAP out of my RING. Don’t just get him out of the ring, get him out of the WWF. Because I’ve proved SON, without a shadow of a doubt,… you aint got what it takes anymore! You sit there and you thump your bible and you say your prayers and it didn’t get you anywhere! Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16,….Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass! All he’s gotta do is go buy him a cheap bottle of Thunderbird and try to dig back some of that courage he had in his prime! As the KING OF THE RING, I’m serving notice to everyone of the WWF SUPERSTARS, I don’t give a damn what they are, they’re all on the list and that’s Stone Cold’s list and I’m fixing to start running through all of them! As far as this Championship match is considered Son, I don’t give a damn if it’s Davey Boy Smith or Shawn Michaels…Steve Austin’s time has come, and when i get the shot you’re lookin at the next WWF Champion, and that’s the Bottom Line, Cause Stone Cold said so!” –Stone Cold Steve Austin














4) WWF WrestleMania 13 – March 23rd, 1997 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs Bret “Hitman” Hart in a Submission Match (With Ken Shamrock as Special Referee) W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross


Since I have seen this match 100 times, I’m watching it with the Alternate Commentary for sure, just like I will for the ones that have it.

Should see interesting tidbits I hope.

I’ll go over what I liked about the commentary “AT THE EN of the review for this match.”

Steve Austin calls this the match of his career, and for very good reason.

In my estimation it’s the greatest match in history and is widely accepted around the wrestling world as the greatest match of all time, let alone at a Wrestlemania also…

This was the match that features the famous “double-switch.” It was groundbreaking at the time and helped influence a new Attitude in the federation and in the career of one Steve Austin.

By this time both Bret Hart and Steve Austin were involved in perhaps the greatest feud in the history of Pro-Wrestling which is why the stage was ultimately set so well for this one match here. I definitely consider this the best feud in Wrestling history.

Shamrock was introduced as the Guest Ref because he knew Submission and earlier he let us know he will not be intimidated during the match. Austin says on the DVD commentary that Shamrock was billed just as advertised, a dangerous well built machine at this time. A very dangerous man, perfect guy to do the officiating for a contest that would go down just like this.

This may be me (Brett) speculating but perhaps this match was just so good that Ken himself said, “Gee, wouldn’t this be a great career for me?”

Anyway the race is on.

Bret needed to win this match basically to keep his “thunder” and spot on the top of the WWF Ladder and as for Austin, well he was on fire at the time so there was a lot of drama and suspense involved for both parties going in which made the stakes that much higher.

The fans were ready for this one as they woke up from the Coma they had been in since the start of the show at the beginning of this match.

Austin posed with a ton of “Attitude” to a stellar ovation on the top turnbuckle.

This is a tremendous entrance!

Arguably Austin’s best ever with the famous “Austin 3:16? Glass Shattering upon arrival.

Steve rips a fans sign on his way to the ring proving he still doesen’t care if you’re going to cheer him.

Bret comes out to a mixed reaction, Chicago was still full of loads of fans who still respected the Hitman. McMahon puts over his new attitude lately.

Austin wastes no time getting this one started.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s stare to the side catches one off gaurd as he looks in disgust and moves his head directly towards Bret and tackles him down. Once on the mat (not even a second later) Austin unloads on the Hitman with a series of rights, McMahon points out that Bret is quite good in this aspect of Wrestling as well.

Bret’s punches are definitely as good as Steve’s.

Hart and Austin back and forth in the ultimate slugfest to begin this one, many confuse this match as a Street Fight for the reason it basically was treated like one from the opening bell.

This spelled out the hatred both men had for one another and that it was “Wrestlemania Baby” as Lawler points out as the two icons exchange hard right-hands so appraprou placed in front of the “Wrestlemania” banner that layed directly in the middle of both men on the ring apron as they battled away on the floor.


Steve Austin was in his prime here and you could argue the Hitman was as well.


Stone Cold Steve Austin with The Hitman Bret Hart on the floor not giving each other an inch as they continue to take it to one another out on the floor with the Windy City looking on.

Bret Hart gives a shot to Austin back as he sends Steve right into the ring post and you can hear that one. Austin gets Bret back by dropping him on his groin on the steel railing. Austin clotheslines Bret down to the floor as he charged at him from the corner outside of the ring.

The Rattlesnake drags The Hitman into the crowd. Ross calls it brutal, the crowd are loving it. Austin drops the Hitman chest first onto the boards, this was where the Chicago Blackhawks played hockey. Bret in the crowd gives Steve a punch square in the jaw. Hart venting months and months of frustration out on Austin, McMahon said this is what Wrestlemania is all about, little did he know this would be the all time Classic that it now is when first saying that statement.


sAll I mean by that statement about Mania above if you’re wondering is that Vince treated Mania very strongly in the beginning and in the last ten years about around the time of 13 it just looked like your average show because the business at least in the New York region seemed to be dying.

Back to the match though…


The Hitman back body-dropped Austin down onto the steps as he smacks against the concrete floor, the camera does its best job at tracking both individuals. Thankfully they bring the action back towards the ring where these two can really master there craft. Hart tosses Austin over the steel railing hard to the floor, shows good agility by standing on top of the fence and dropping the elbow onto Austin. Steve though on the floor irishwhipped the Hitman hard into the steel steps and he came crashing right into them. Stone Cold flipped off the Hitman from the apron and came crashing down into Bret on the floor.

Unbelievable action and carnage thus far.

Bret stops Austin by the steps and drops Steve on his back onto the floor before jabbing rights into Austin’s head, Steve hangs onto Bret’s trunk and sends him crashing into the ring post. Austin throws Bret back in and Austin sells the leg beginning to limp. Still, Stone Cold kicks at Hart down on the canvas. Austin irish-whipped Bret to the ropes but Hart retaliated by countering Austin and hitting a swinging neckbreaker.

Some boo’s are heard with Bret’s offense, after the neckbreaker he drops an elbow from the corner down on top of Austin. Bret lifts up the legs of Austin and he rips on the Hamstring some more swinging Steve’s bad leg back. Hart the master technician continued to disect the injured leg of Austin which had him temporarily out of action in early 1997.

Bret’s brain was half his brilliance.

Bret methodically went to work on the bad leg of Austin as if he was a big man like Kevin Nash or The Undertaker. Hart then swings Austin’s leg to the mat as he goes flying. The Hitman relentless in his attack and his focus was in full motion as he kicks at Steve who is struggling to just stand.

Stone Cold out of no where catches the Hitman with a Stone Cold Stunner, to a great pop.

If there is one faulty point in this match it’s definitely how Hart only takes about twenty seconds to get back up and then he goes right back to work on Austin’s legs after having just recieved his stunner, but Bret was going on pure hatred and adrenaline so I guess that could be an excuse for not properly selling it, that and the fact back then the move wasn’t the be all end all, but certanly his finisher.

The Hitman then slapped on a Leglock around the ring post as Bret leaned back on the mat outside on the floor for additional leverage. Steve’s beyond in a bad way now after Hart’s figure four. Bret Hart tossed Austin back inside the ring. Hart grabs a ringbell. Now Bret with two folding chairs and McMahon is unintentionally hilarious with his “Oh no…”

Bret then stomps on Austin’s leg and folds the chair around the bad leg of Austin. Bret goes up to the top turnbuckle and Austin takes it off. Austin then swings at Bret nailing him off the top turnbuckle with the chair, and Bret comes crashing down to the mat and the crowd just roar.

Lawler screams out “It’s Wrestlemania Baby!” Austin again swings at Bret with the chair knowing he was a desperate man as he was barely able to stand on one of his legs. Stone Cold knew this ruthless nature was the only way to survive in this environment. Austin back in control whipping Hart to the buckle as he crashed in hard. Austin then with a vertical suplex to Bret following up the punishment to the back of Bret.

Austin mocked the Hitman from the top rope with his pose.

Austin dropped the elbow from the corner onto Bret and then he kicks him in the lower abdominal region. Bret’s daughter covers her eyes at ringside.

Austin with a Side Russian Legsweep into a modified armbar with Bret’s neck gripped to one side. Austin did some homework coming in.

Steve stretching the neck of Bret while he torks on the arm, and eventually is forced to let go. Stu at ringside looks concerned.

Austin applied a Boston Crab to the Hitman!



Chicago roars, The Hitman tells Shamrock “No.”

Austin still folds Hart’s legs back and applied additional pressure to the bruised lowerback of the Hitman. Shamrock in Austin’s face now.

I love how Ross still continued to sympathize for Bret claiming he isn’t a coward. They made this transition very smooth, not with force, that’s how it worked so naturally and almost un-noticed. So perfect, just everything.
Now Austin went for the Sharpshooter and half the place loves it. Austin then gets his eyes raked by the Hitman down on the mat as Bret started to foreshadow signs of dirty wrestling a biiiiit like the night Austin turned heel at Mania X7 slapping on the Million Dollar Dream against The Rock.

Bret lands some hard shots on the Rattlesnake now as he regained some lost momentum!

The Hitman taking it to Steve Austin now with hard rights, landing each time which only took more and more out of the Texas Rattlesnake.

The Hitman now charges at Austin but he brilliantly improvises and elevated the Hitman to the floor. Half the crowd on one side of the ring cheer Austin and hold up signs that read things like “Bret Who!” as they continue to roar.

Hart on the outside irishwhipped Austin who came limping towards him into the timekeeper’s table. Austin violently crashes into the fence which is critical to the match’s story as Stone Cold is bloodied.

Austin has been busted wide open in a bad way. Steve is bleeding like all hell and Lawler claims he has blood on him from the booth. Hart vicious in his attack grabs a bloodied, limping mess in Austin and slammed him head first into the steps which opens the big cut on the Rattlesnake.

This has become a war!

Hart sends a bloodied Rattlesnake into the ring post. Austin dripping blood is down on his stomach as the Hitman kicks at Stone Cold. Bret Hart continued to unload righthands on the cranium of a down and out Austin who still didn’t want to give up. Bret Hart lands a backbreaker on Austin. Bret from the corner of the ring drops an elbow down onto Austin from the corner of the ring. Hart with a chair drops it continually on the knee brace of Austin. Bret Hart like a vicious animal is out of control trying to take out the leg of Austin.

Bret went for a Sharpshooter and Austin in desperate fashion all bloodied still managed to rake his face. Stone Cold hammered on in the corner of the ring by Bret. Hart kicked at by Austin right in the groin in the corner as Steve Austin buys himself a break even if just for the moment. Stone Cold reached up and he was barely able to stand. Steve Austin grabs Hart by the hair and from the corner irishwhipped him sternum first to the opposite side with all he had.

Austin showing he could go with the best of him repeatedly kicks at Hart in the corner showing he is the toughest son of a bitch in the industry, barely able to stand, can’t see because of the blood but he still managed to fight back. Austin sets Bret up high on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Superplex and he lands it off the top, Austin fell on the back of his head as well so Steve wasn’t able to capitalize and slap a submission hold on the Hitman. The camera zooms in on Steve and the place “Ooooh” because of the brutal imagery.

Steve goes outside and grabs an electrical cord and he attempts to choke him out. Bret from the ring apron grabs ahold of a timekeeper’s bell and just rang Austin’s head with it and he falls back. Austin’s already bloody face now just got a last crushing blow.

Bret locked the Sharpshooter on Steve who refused to give up but screamed in pain. Shamrock asked Austin he would quit, but The Rattlesnake didn’t give in. McMahon says no one could blame Austin if he quit by this point.

Everything Bret had done to this point all took its toll.



The blood continued to poor down Austin’s face who was in a world of pain, but through it all, bad legs and all would not submit to the best submission wrestler in the game. Which took guts, which you couldn’t help but admire. Austin losing blood and his ability to stay in the match. Everyone in Chi Town roaring on in suspense.

Even though he’d never admit it, Steve Austin had enough of this as hid body shut down.









Everyone stood to watch what they knew was something special. Austin broke the Sharpshooter screams Ross but he didn’t, he was only close.

Austin tried everything he could to reach the ropes, Ross claims he can’t understand how Austin hasn’t given up.

In the end Bret was declared the winner at 22:05 after Shamrock rang the bell due to Austin being “out of it” despite not quitting help protecting his badass/toughest SOB image.

Ross screams “Austin never gave up! Austin never gave up! Austin has passed out, from the pain!” as Hart’s theme plays loud while the crowd reject what looked like a Ruthless Hitman character now by this point. Ross claims it will be a tough act to follow and he was just talking about the night. Arguably no one has topped this match to this day. Hart going full Heel now attacks the Hitman who was bloodied and out until Shamrock hit a waistlock on Hart which got a great reaction. Bret refusing to fight goes to leave and everyone boos Bret who looks on as if he can’t believe it. Bret flips off a fan in the entrance way.

After the match, Austin a bloody mess who had just been to hell and back limps out not asking for any assistance keeping the “tough SOB” image.

Fans chant “Austin” and a legend is born. So is the attitude era which this match also kick-started.

This would help Steve move more then a few Austin 3:16 shirts and it became the highest selling shirt in history, especially after this match everyone was on the bandwagon, even when it was Canada vs USA and Owen was Canadian Steve could get at least half the crowd on his side despite being American n the heated feud. God it feels great to eble to talk about Surior Series 97 and not the Screwjob                  

Steve Austin meanwhile would go on his way to become the biggest draw in the history of the business.

Talk about a revolutionary match which is both significant and at the same time by all means great. Probably the most exciting match of all time and a 1strong argument can be made that it is all-around the very best as well. It’s definitely the best War Pro-Wrestling has ever seen, a non-stop full throttle back and forth tilt from the very best in the peak of there career’s in perhaps the greatest feud the business has ever seen.

Can anymore be said?
It’s the full five on, gauranteed.


-So with this Alternate Commentary from Ross and Austn:


-Throughout this masterpiece we get to hear Austin talk about loving the Chicago arena more then anywhere.

-Despite Steve being the heel he had half the crowed.

-They talk about the war aspect, but the reason they went Animocity and he said this may be the first match he had a leg brace on.

-He said never piledrive your opponent on the steel steps, chanes are you’ll take a nasth ass

-JR explains the Stunner bought hismfself some time to recover.

-Either made the mistakes of disagreeing with Austin when he says it was the first turnbukckle figure four, I believe he dd it to Nash and Taker.

-Austin then gets hilarious when Bret tried to destroy Bret with the chair and Austin said EH EH, you son of bitch try anyother day. Calm down now, but perect chemistry.

-Austin dominatng despite the bad leg and limping around the ring.

-Austin with a unique submission hold methodically disected the shoulders in a move he learned by Al Snow.

-Austin talks about the Boston Cab then appyng relentless methodidcal attack on Bret.

-Austin loses a lot of blood after a blade job, Bret went back to his signaure offense, his entire arsenal.

-Austin fought back with the adrenaline and Steve is losing an un-imaginable amount of blood at the time in the WWf. Despite this Aust kept up hs 100$ workrate and you`ve gotta respect it.

-The Ring Bell JR says “Brett just rings Austin`s Bell“ an Bret did so, Austin credits Ross.

-Brett after the Bell Shot Austn`s blood ent from leaving to flat out gone while ine the submission hold.

-Austin can`t answer and passes out, what drama, THE REAL RAGIN CLIMAX.


THE Number 1 match EVER.












5) In Your House: D-Generation X – Dec. 7, 1997: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs Rocky Maivia (With the Nation of Domination) for the Intercontinental Championship

Rocky would start his REAL long reign sort of AFTER this match as it was clear that Austin was WAAAY too hot of a hand to keep in the IC division. There’s a problem with that situation though, Austin couldn’t lose in an IC title match either or that’d make him look extremely weak.

The guy that was gonn start single handedly bury the WCW power-house could not lose an IC title match at an In Your House. Sorry, no way. Not the guy that in the next month would go face to face with Tyson and just come back after being told he’d never wrestle again.

Austin was the tough SOB with the truck here in this match taking out members of the Nation one by one, to the fans delight. Stunnering D-Lo Brown perfectly on top of the truck, amazing spot.

Gotta love it, the crowd did.

They knew they had something promising with Rocky so they kept him in the IC division for prestige sake, sort of like the the late great, Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 3.


Austin was becoming the John Lennon of the Wrestling World at this time and Rocky was legitimately hated, only Vince McMahon and Hollywood Hogan drew more heel heat in the wrestling world by late 97 then the mid-carder Rocky Maivia.

This helped Rock’s career being in a program with a white-hot Steve here for the IC title.


Stone Cold drives to the ring in his bad ass trust.

Vest on and all him and Rocky Maivia battle it out but then the resst of the Nation fight Austin.

All of the sudden before Austin need security as he back-body drpped D-Lo Brown through the windsielld himsself by cracking it.
In the end Stone Cold defeated The Rock to retain the IC Championship at 5:37 after a Stone Cold Stunner as sssd,


This was to my knowledge their first and worst bout ever together. But still entertaining as you could tell one day these two deep personalities would enter a ring together, once again. A good match choice for the DVD because it’s rare and short.
Stll a bit of fun as it kept so short.


** 3/4




6) WrestleMania 14 – March 29th, 1998: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs HBK Shawn Michaels (c) (with HHH and Chyna) for the WWF Championship (With Enforcer Mike Tyson) W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross


Also reviewing this with Alternate Commentary.


Such a great build-up video to this match…

Boston roars as they show the image of Austin. Tyson. Michaels.

The buyrate for the event was good, the main-stream media got involved and Vince never looked back when it came to ratings. Oh yeah and merchandise was flying off the shelf whether it was from DX or Austin, but especially anything Austin related

It was fairly obvious since Steve hs nly watched ths about two tmes to ths day (or so he says) , but just imagne that, you’re the greatest of all time and all you’ve heard is The Austin Era has begun a couple of times in all these years, but I am glad he explanins why it’s on the set and all that.

Both men bumping more then they should as it is after-all, the main event of Wrestlemania.

Steve Austin crawls back toward Shawn who looked to be in pain as well with his lowe-rback. Shawn dropped the double axe-handle on Steve and goes for more right-hands to the Rattlesnake. You can see the pain spilling out of Shawn on his face as he got up. Shawn slammed Austin`s head into the corner of the ring. Fans were chanting Holyfield and Lawler and King couldn`t make it out. Shawn with more shots to the Rattlesnake in the corner before dropped in. It comes back up and takes down Michaels with a serie of hard righthands. Austin flips off Michaels and elevated him over the top rope crashing hard down to the floor. Austin grabbed by Michaels and he swings Steve`s bad knee into the ring post with every ounce of strength the Showstopper had left. Shawn then again took out Austin`s bad left leg with

Crowd back to chanting Austin`s name. Michaels Stone Cold fed of the ead of the cham thengrabbed ahold of the leg of Shwn and just slammed it hard into the mat as Austin rolled over in a considerable amount of pain. Austin limping to his vertical base similar due to the pain in his lower-back as well.


Both men extemelly e=seinf the ks jdhh to the year previous with Bret Hart, and Michaels the veteran instinct to go back to the bad leg of Austin kicking it out. Michaels now with a single-leg pickup and Austin countered by kicking him shoulder first into the ring post, Austin with a quick inside cradle and a two count. Michaels quickly back up slams the bad leg of Austin into the mat once more. Shawn with more pressure to Steve and his bad knee driving his bodyweight into his leg by the side ropes. Michaels awaiting Austin who was in a bad way limping outside the ring. Michaels hits Steve with a baseball slide and Austin falls into Ross and Lawler inbetween both men.

Tyson puts his hands on the Rattlesnake sending him back in the ring. Austin talks a bit of trash but Shawn comes with a chop from behind and Shawn continued to take out the bad knee. Shawn Michaels drags Austin to mid-ring and goes for a Figure Four Leglock for additional leverage and its applied. Michaels holds oneeeeeeeeeeeto the botom rope for even more leverage behind Keota.

Michaels lifts himself back up with the top rope and Austin had his back to the mat, Keota counts a two.

Shawn with the Figure Four in the middle of the ring as the pressure keeps adding up on Austin and his bad knee. Somehow the Rattlesnake rolls out and Michaels quickly went to the ropes. Austin in a lot of pain struggled to get up. Michaels meanwhile did the righ thing and kept on him, Austin fought back with right hands. Stone Cold catapolted Shawn to the turnbuckle, he pinned Michaels and got a two. Austin irishwhipped into the ropes as a reverse irishwhip by Shawn and he caught Steve with a standing side headlock.
Shawn Michaels starts to tune up the band in the corner of the ring as Tyson held onto the ropes from the outside on the floor. Austin slowly rises up and Shawn Michaels goes for his superkick, Austin ducks. Austin goes for the Stunner but it is fought off by Michaels who pushed him into the ropes, Austin eventually gets a Stunner as he spins Michaels around and then plants him hard down to the canvas to a major pop.

Austin gets the win, and the place erupts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

In the end Steve Austin spun Shawn around after he went to give Steve a Superkick and instead Austin landed the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin got the three on a fast count from Mike Tyson at 20:02.

The crowd exploded as Ross screamed “Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold!”

Austin posed with the title and Ross screams that the Austin Era had begun. I don’t think he even knew how true those words would be.

Everyone was satisfied with the event.

After the match Tyson is bothered by Michaels so he drops him, Ross screams for Tyson!

Obviously this doesen`t hold up well in comparison to the match at King of the Ring 1997 between the two, but this still was rather excellent all things considered.

This match’s rating is greatly increased due to the overall health of both individuals performing to make it happen, not too mention the significance of the event and what it would help the WWF do.

A terrific way to end a tremendous show!

The Austin Era Has Begun!


I bumped this up a 1/4* from when I saw it last just for historical significance and of course the injuries to both.


The insight from Ross and Austin was also interesting.

-Austin said he didn`t like losing the crowd in this math but men were hurt as Boston went dead a lot.

-He has said that both men were seriously hurt and wrested a number of matchess better, they were just unable to because of injuriess tonight.
-Steve said he didn`t like mooning on the ai-rlike showing his as as it wasnt tanned as say Michaels or Flair, I don`t know about this but he says he`s comfortable enough stating Shawn Micjsaels`s has got best male ass. Perhajgj-












DISC 3 Matches:




7) WWF Over the Edge – May 31, 1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs Dude Love in a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWF Championship




The only time Dude Love ever appears near Foley’s favourite performances, as those words coming out of the mouth from Mr. Foley himself.

For good reason here.

A red hot crowd in Milwaukee (The Birth place of Austin 3:16) helped a top notch attitude era brawl where both injured bodies bumped like hell all match to produce a classic.

Steve Austin and Mick Foley bump like crazy in this wild war.

Here we go.

Fans chant Austin, Austin, Austin, every chance they get.

Dude Love and Austin circle one another and McMahon tells Austin to back off, he flips him off to a huge ovation.

Austin in great shape here. Austin into a side headlock hit with a shoulder block by Foley. A quick count by McMahon and Austin questions it.

Major Austin chants now as Undertaker who was a tweener at this point stands outside the ring. Dude Love buries his knee to the abdomen of Austin and then off the ropes hits a side headlock takedown.

Austin begins to fight back with a reverse elbow and a side headlock takeover of his own.

Some technical wrestling with brawling to ensure this is a Classic.

Crowd chant `Vince is Gay`, but Ross covers it up or has horrible ears saying the crowd are saying Vince is dead. Austin flipped Dude over and stomped on Dude`s teeth.
Austin kicked at by Dude. Dude headbutts Austin in the corner.

Love irishwhipped Austin and he ducked a clothesline hitting the Thesz Press. Austin clotheslines Dude to the floor to a major ovation. Austin rammed Mick into the barricade. Austin then got tossed into the steel steps. Dude Love slams Austin into the barricade then the steps, McMahon trashtalks him.

Dude Love with a side Russian Legsweep. Austin kicked on Dude in the corner, a reverse irishwhip and a Mandible Claw but Austin hangs the Dude inthe ropes.

An awesome attitude era brawl.

Foley lost an ear that way.

Undertaker makes sure McMahon is being an appropriate official. Dude Love stomps on Austin as Patterson makes the match a NO DQ match as of now.

Lawler and King are great on commentary in 1998 and 99, just tremendous.

Dude Love choked the Rattlesnake with cords. Austin fought back beating the hell out of


Dude Love flipping him off and then dropping him with a clothesline. Austin brought Mick in with a huge clothesline.

Austin rolls Dude back into the ring and choked him out on the middle rope before getting caught on a charge. Dude avoided it, as Stone Cold crashed and burned. Foley hit a baseball slide into Austin onto the floor. Dude Love slides out of the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker onto the concrete floor.

Patterson now says Falls Count Anywhere. Dude Love with a backslide on the concrete and McMahon only gets a two count.

Austin comes back charging at Foley taking him down with a clothesline. Austin ran at Dude and he got backdropped onto a carhood from the entrance stage and the windshield crashed open from Stone Cold`s boot.

McMahon made a two count on a car.

Everything about this match is Classic.

Great environment, great battle, great story. Austin battled back with rights but Dude rakes the eyes. Austin with a hotshot, stungun onto a car and Dude Love kicked out at two. Undertaker there to make sure McMahon counts properly.

Austin on top of a car goes for a Stunner but Dude shoved him to the concrete. Dude on top of a car hit a sunset flip onto the concrete from the hood of a car and got a close two.



Steve rammed into the steel barricade by Mrs. Foley`s baby boy. Hey, I`ve always wanted to say that.

Dude with a lead pipe holds it in the air. Austin struggling to his feet is hit with it is a bloody mess. A suplex onto the concrete but Dude elects not to cover a bloody Austin. Dude Love takes his time driving the elbow onto Austin off of a car hood but Steve moves. Austin covered Dude Love but Austin got a long two from McMahon. Austin kicked at Dude Love some more and rams him into the steps. Dude is bloodied and has Austin in a claw, grabs a chai and smacked Stone Cold down.

Dude Love with a double armed ddt to Austin onto a chair, and he just kicks out. McMahon is pissed. Austin kicked a chair into the face of Dude Love. Austin smacks Dude in the face, McMahon doesen`t count. Fans boo.

Austin goes after McMahon, Dude hits McMahon with a chair as Austin ducks.



Keota counts a two as Patterson dragged him out of the ring. The claw on Austin. Taker grabbed Patterson, chokeslam through the table. Brisco goes to count and now Taker chokeslams him through the other.


Austin hit a Stunner on Foley again!
In the end at 24:45 Steve Austin got the three after counting his own pin that ended by McMahon`s hand only as said before the match.

Austin simply just followed the rules.


Memorable moments in the match include:

King saying Foley lost his smile once he loses his teeth! Jr’s reaction to that in a sarcastic tone. That commentary duo was legendary in 1998.

Also who could forget Austin stomping on Foley’s teeth on the canvas. Absolute Gold.

The ending is incredibally memorable with help from the Undertaker and bumping by the Stooges. This is the attitude era at its finest in the Austin Era.

This match is an absolute clinic and a top match in both men’s career. Far and away the best match they ever had together.

What a war. Such a classic, one of the best matches in both men’s career and PPV history not to mention the DVD. One of the most underrated matches of all time.



**** 1/2






8 ) WWF SummerSlam – Aug. 30, 1998: Highway to Hell – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship




After a terrific build Stone Cold Steve Austin was ready to defend his World Wrestling Federation title against the #2 star in the company at the time, The Undertaker.

It’s always hard to follow A Ladder match.

But this was The Highway To Hell and MSG was READY for it for so long and with a fast paced Main Event like this it came to then and was recieved very well.

Taker came out first and then when Austin came out MSG roared like usual for Austin in his prime for popularity and for the first and only time since WM 13 he got that COOL Glass Entrance and it broke off with a skeleton dressed as Austin.

Every single soul was on there feet with anticipation.

It’s worth it to point out that Taker was not a HEEL here like in 1999, he was a

TWEENER if not a full out FACE its just he was Darker and was possessed to get Austin’s gold.

Not only that but Austin was insanely popular obvioussly at this time.
Austin began with hard right hands, something he grew familiar with, with his rough red neck brawling character that brawled even more after sustaining that injury from Owen’s piledriver at last year’s Summerslam.

However no one quite did it like Stone Cold.

Austin started the match by throwing hard right hands to the head of the Deadman but Taker quickly countered it with some of his own and Jim Ross intelligently states that he doesen’t know if Austin wants to get in a fist fight with The Deadman since he out weighs him by a good 70 pounds but Austin holds his own until recieving a hard clothesline by the Phenom.

With the challenger in control the match started off quick and action packed with MSG chanting “Let’s go Austin!”

The Undertaker then went for a pin and Austin kicked out. The Lets go Austin chants didn’t die and Austin gave him the finger. What an atmosphere!

Austin then grabbed Taker’s arm and then stomped and Taker did the same to Steve after he reversed the armbar and Austin didn’t have as much power, size or strength as Taker but Steve could brawl and used some of his old school moves and used a drop toe old to Taker. King laughs as he was surprised at Austin doing a move like that and JR points out Austin has done it before.

Steve then worked on Taker’s vertical base and then slapped on a hard arm bar to Taker.

The Undertaker then countered a suplex and delivered a vicious elbow to the Jaw of Austin. Steve Austin then with right hands and Stone Cold off the ropes got caught by Taker in mid-air and The Undertaker hit the Champion with a hot shot as Steve bounced off the top ropes and he went back to the canvas after a potential bear hug that turned into what he’d call a Stun Gun.

The back became the focus point for The Phenom as he drove his hands into The WWF Champion who was in the corner. His size 15 boot then levelled Austin and as the pace got a tad slower the methodical pace favored the dead man. The Undertaker whipped Austin into the buckle.

Austin on the outside of the ring then grabbed Taker’s boots from beneath him and then slammed his knee joint into the top of the ring apron! Austin then pulled on Taker’s boot and smacked his knee to the post.

This is how you chop down a big guy by taking out his legs, smart wrestling by the Rattlesnake.

Back in the ring Austin hammered Taker with more right hands and JR calls him like a machine, but Taker had enough in his wheels coming off the ropes and hit Steve with a flying clothesline. Taker then with a choke hold.

Taker went up for Old School which is always impressive but Austin had it scouted with a huge arm drag takedown from the top of the turnbuckle to the canvas which got a great reaction!

Steve Ausitn then relentlessly stomped on Taker’s knee following up what strategy he had before hand! The crowd chanted 3:16 and then KANE CAME OUT.

Austin can’t even contend with TWO 7 foot Monsters and then Taker ordered Kane to go back to the room because this is going to be one on one.
Taker then got respect and invited Austin to get it back on with him and then the slug fest came back in.

Austin made sure Kane was gone and he was but Taker caught Austin on the ring apron and gave him a huge Chokeslam from the outside into the ring and Austin bounced off the canvas with a devistating chokeslam and King says there’ll be a New Champion! Austin was distracted by Kane who had now left.

Austin got up as Taker took his time and hit a desperate clothesline to Taker over the top rope and Austin then hit Taker on the outside and drove his head in to the announce table.
Austin then bounced his body off the entrance guard rail in typical Attitude Era main event spots. They then began to battle into the crowd.

Jim Ross said “Where the hell are they going?” as they went through the audience and Ross said the Highway to Hell is running right through the fans and King hilariously said “Are they nuts? This is New York!”

They went back towards the ring and Taker was getting the better of Steve as he back dropped him over the barricade 8-10 feet high then back first onto the concrete floor. Taker in complete control here.

Despite that once back in the toughest SOB in the Federation stomped Taker in the mid-section and then went for a Stunner but Taker backed out and then grabbed Austin by the boots, slapped a bear hug outside the ring and drove Austin spine first into the ring post. JR said Austin could be paralyzed because of that bad neck.

Taker back in control now as Austin is hurting big time.

The two apparently blacked out earlier in the match as you can read about in my PPV notes before the review.

Taker threw Austin with one hand over the top rope and his back hit across the ring apron.

The Undertaker then threw Austin into the turnbuckle with his ribs hitting first and Jim Ross said he had never seen Austin take a BEATING like this, even from Kane.

Then in the spot of the match The Undertaker jumped from the top turnbuckle and gave a flying leg drop to Steve Austin crashing through a table! WOW!


Epic, all this after they had both blacked out. Amazing! MSG roared and this epic encounter had just been taken to a whole new level!

Taker then with everything he had was overmatching the Texas Rattlesnake and then

Austin ducked an irish whip and to his advantage there was a mid-air collision as they double clotheslined each other.

Austin and Taker back and forth with a slug fest and Steve drove his shoulder into the stomach of Taker then hit him with some chops.

Austin hit a Lou Thesz Press then a vicious elbow to the throat!

The physical intensity with a gruelling pace here and Austin and Taker should get a lot of credit for continuing this mathc so well after they blacked out.

Taker caught Austin with a choke slam!

Second chokeslam of the night for The Undertaker.

Austin then avoided a Tombstone and went for a Stunner but Taker scooped up Austin and dropped him groin first on the top rope! The Deadman bought himself some more time and hit a side russian leg sweep to Austin!

What a match.

The Side Russian Leg Sweep puts further pressure on the neck of Austin. Smart moves by Taker.

I can’t believe this didn’t make the Taker or Austin 3 Disc DVD’s.

Taker went up for Old School and then Austin hit a low blow to Taker as he fell down.

In the end Stone Cold Steve Austin retained the title at 20:52 when he delivered the Stone Cold Stunner to Undertaker then got the three in dramatic fashion and MSG roared.


Taker after the match in an act of respect handed the title to Austin and the fans cheered.

Terrific match, I rate this just behind A Cold Day in Hell which I gave **** 1/4 in the big and long Austin/Taker Saga. However this match was far and away the more important one, had Austin been healthier it could of been better, same goes for Taker apparently due to rumors about his ankle at the time.

You’ve gotta give it to both men here. Awesome, awesome stuff and it was rell recieved as it got great feedback after the show was done from fans and MSG went home happy!

Memorable for sure!

I originally had this lower but my god if it isn’t action packed, with spots, awesome brawling and even some technical work with an amazing atmosphere!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. The Highway to Hell delivered an entertaining thrill ride with two of the most popular stars in their prime going at it in a full-out brawl, with some awesome spots inbetween.

Taker and Kane staredown the Rattlesnake at the entrance way after Undertaker handed Austin his belt showing that he was the man of the Federation.


As if there was any doubt.











9) WWF Raw is War – March 22, 1999 – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs The Big Show for the WWF Championship

Now a Raw match here against the Big Show who was fairly new to the WWF at this time.
This match is also on Big Show: A Giant’s World DVD.



So Big Show known as Paul Wight back when he made his debut at the WWF’s February of 1999 PPV the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” when he interfered from beneath the ring canvas in an attempt to help Mr. McMahon prevent the Rattlesnake from going to Mania 15.

This of course back-fired on Paul as he sent Steve into the side of the Steel Cage and he fell to the ground declaring Austin the winner.

There was then a lot of speculation around this time that Big Show would be the ref in the Corporation’s “Rock” vs Austin Man 15 encounter, and with Big Show being in that stable this stacked the odds against Austin once again.

That’s one thing that made the rivalry so great between Austin and McMahon is the odds were always stacked very high against Austin making his adversity that much bigger when he overcomes it.

So it’s safe to say the crowd was hot for this one. A modern day Hogan vs Andre but on live, free TV as WWF scored one of the WCW’s biggest draws and now both these men on Raw were going one on one.

So here we go from the Attitude Era, it’s Austin and Show live!


This was the same night as the Beer Truck segment that opened the show 6 days before Mania 15 where Austin hosed down Rock, Vince and Shane.

Voted Raw’s #1 moment ever at the Raw X awards.

This show did a very high rating leading into Mania.


Stone Cold Steve Austin the Challenger for the WWF title at Mania had to go up against Big Show here.

Vince and Rock begin in the ring on the Mic and Vince is not having the best hair day due to the beer party earlier in the night.

Mankind comes out as the special guest referee after Show comes out. This might even be Big Show’s debut WWF match, if it’s not it’s one of the first.
Austin gets a monster pop as you’d expect.

The Rock joins Cole and Lawer for commentary. Ross thankfully took over as play by play man at Mania 15.

Cole calls it the biggest match in Raw’s history.

Rock on commentary made it a lot better.

Austin and Show set to go.


The Big Show is flpped the bird by Austin and he lets go right’s and lefts and doesen’t stop on Show and then he sends Austin hard back-first into the corner of the ring.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is chopped by Big Show.

Big Show then kicked at his chest and Austin fell down. Mankind checks him out. Big Show chokes out Austin with his Size 22 boot.

Fans chant Austin and Rock says listen to his fans chanting his name.

Show kicks Austin over the barricade outside the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin with a huge right to Show but then Austin leaped onto Show with a bear-hug and Mankind jumped onto Show breaking the hold.

Rock said what in the living hell is that? Hilarious.

Show went after Mankind then Stone Cold Steve Austin took off the turnbuckle pad.

Austin with right hands to Big Show, an elbow and Austin went for the Stunner, Show sent him to the exposed buckle and then Big Show dropped a giant elbow to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind only counted to two.

Mankind with a right to Show and then Austin did as well. Show slammed Austin to the mat and then delivered a big boot.

Austin went for the stunner twice already and fell to the ground. Stone Cold Steve Austin then hit with a headbutt by The Big Show.

Show on the outside of the rng clobbered him with his first to the spine on Austin. Show scooped up Austin and is dropped eight feet onto the concrete floor.

Big Show chases Stone Cold Steve Austin around and then drives his head into the ring post. Mankind grabs a chair and says get back in the ring.

Big Show tossed Stone Cold Steve Austin inside the ring. Big Show missed with an elbow and off the ropes Big Show squeezed Stone Cold Steve Austin with a bear-hug. Austin fought back out of the bear-huf and then Stone Cold Steve Austin is caught once again by the Big Show and he apples the bear-hug while the fans chant “Stone Cold.”

Mankind tells the bell-ringer not to ring it. The Rattlesnake strikes wth right’s.

Lou Thesz Press and then Big Show kicks out with authority. Austin grabs a chair and unloads over and over on Show and he went for Rock but he left.

Austin hit the Stunner.

In the end at a tv time of 9:20 Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Big Show.



This match was a lot of fun.



** 1/2







10) WrestleMania XV – March 28, 1999 – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs The Rock (c) in a No Disqualification Match for the WWF Championship





Part one of three Mania blockbuster’s between The Rock and Steve Austin.

This one is clearly the weakest of the three, however when looking back on it the match, in 1999 it was still very special.

The two most entertaining wrestler’s in the world at the time (EASILY) were battling it out for the World title at Mania for the first time, what could be better?

Amazing things were happening such as the Beer Truck moment, among other things that helped build this feud.

The Rock was more then established as a big name, and a big time player in the Wrestling World by this point.

Infact many found his character more fresh during this time then Steve Austin’s and just a month later he turned Babyface for good.

He got some cheers during this match, but Austin was still Mega-Over so he still got the majority of the cheers which turned out better as a result for how the match played off.

Fact: Steve Austin had personal problems around this time and was so distracted he forgot his vest on the biggest night of the year, and was forced to wear one of his t-shirts instead during the match. One of his few divorces.

So many people wanted to see Stone Cold as Champion as he was the top start in the entire Wresting World and hadn’t been Champion in about half a year, so this was long overdue for him, plus the build for Austin’s quest to the gold taking down everything in McMahon’s path was booked wonderfully.

A hilarious instance happened before the match, Jerry Lawler from the booth speculated on who (after all the build-up) was going to be the special guest referee for this match.

Ross claims it’s going to be Mike Keota, and Lawler uses his hilarious catchphrase “WHAAAT!?” in his squeeky voice like only he can, and he claims he is just a regular referee. Words can’t really do this moment justice, you need to see it yourself, it’s quite funny to say the least as it is true.

We know this after Shawn Michaels has an in-ring segment with Vince McMahon telling Vince he wont be the referee, Shawn leaves to a good ovation.

Jim Ross replaced Michael Cole on commentary for this match making his big return to the main event of Mania.

Now we`re underway and Rock`s best version of his theme music ever hits the pa, the “Do you Smell what the Rock is Cookin“ version. Philly gives The Great One a mixed reaction.

Austin goes to pose on the turnbuckle`s, he gets by with two but Rock cuts him off from his usual other ones as he lips to Austin “Where do you think you`re going Mother Fu****.“:

Obviously, the Rattlesnake doesen`t take to that kind of talk too kindly, and he unleashes a series of righthands to the Great One.

Like the great battle it is, the match starts off as a fight as both Superstars slug it out mid-ring. The Rock and Austin together in this attitude era main event only feels right. The Great One back bodydrops Steve to the floor. Outside the ring Rocky doesen`t give Steve a moment and is relentless in his attack to then choke Austin out with his own shirt. Back inside The Rock drops kicks on Austin but Steve fights back until Rock rakes his face.

Austin reverses Rocks irishwhip and elevated Rocky to the floor over the top rope. Stone Cold runs at Rock now and the two brawl into the crowd like most Main Events during this era.

These two would brawl even better in this kind of environment the following month at Backlash.

Stone Cold drops a double axehandle onto Rock from the crowd, Austin drops an elbow to Rocky`s back stepping over the barricade. When back in front of the announcers the two continue to brawl to the other side of the crowd as Austin throws Rock over the barricade again. The Rock catches Austin with a clothesline over the barricade this time. Rock chokes out Austin with some black electrical cord now until Keota tells him to break it off. Rock drags Austin towards the Wrestlemania entrance sign now. Rock is reversed hard into the steel fencing and Austin then drops Rock with a clothesline to the concrete after Rock bumps off the steel.

More bumping off the steel as Austin sends Rock crashing in hard. Rock then back bodydrops Austin onto some steel equipment which attaches the stage, Austin`s bad knee lands violently over the steel which must of hurt.

This has surely turned into a wild brawl, but it is afterall a NO DQ match in an Attitude Era main event. Austin fights back sending Rock into a camera, both men go for another shot and drop each other. Stone Cold up now pulls a piece of red cord by the Camera`s still near the entrance sign and begins to choke out Rocky. The Rock rakes the eyes of Austin and then Austin irishwhipped The Rock into the Wrestlemania sign now! Austin with Rock gives him a kneeshot to the head and then another hard righthand. Austin drags Rock back towards ringside now. Stone Cold looks into the crowd for approval and then snaps The Rock in an attempt to deliver a vertical suplex to Rocky on the floor, Rock hooks the leg and reverses it into a suplex himself.

Austin bad neck and all bumps hard to the concrete floor. Respect.

The Rock the cruel Heel he is takes Austin by the head and then drives him hard into the steel steps. By the booth he takes a sip of water from the bottle and spits it out on Austin before spraying the official with some for good measure. Austin mad then fights back and drops chest first across the barricade. Stone Cold flips off the official and then dropped a knee onto Rock over the table and it failed to break. Austin says he`ll try it again. Stone Cold flies off the barricade yet again driving the elbow into The Rock and this time the table breaks appropriately. Stone Cold with Rock by the head throws him back in the ring, finally.

Rock slides back out under the other side and grabs Austin by his bad knee and proceeds to slam it directly into the steel ringpost. The Rock kicked off by Austin over the barricade again, just what they needed to fight back into the crowd. Thankfully Stone Cold pulls Rock back on the inside of the barricade back towards the ring and throws Rocky right into the steel steps. Stone Cold Steve Austin ruthlessly stomps outside the ring on The Rock. Austin throws Rock back inside the squared circle in a match that has been anything but a WRESTLING match.

The WWF Champion hits a Rock Bottom to Austin but Stone Cold Steve Austin kicks out! Ross can`t believe it and neither can The Rock who now wonders what he has to do. He has Austin down so he goes outside the ring and brings back a Chair. Austin kicks Rock in the mid-section and with chair in hand levels the referee by a mistake. Rock kicks back at Austin and off the ropes lands a swinging neckbreaker to the Texas Rattlesnake. The Rock now with the chair goes for Austin, Steve kicks him and goes for the Stunner but is pushed back to the ropes and Rock levels Steve with a reverse elbow. The Rock now drops the Chair onto Austin`s bad knee, very smart by the Champ. The Rock then drops Austin on his back smacking him directly in the face with the chair.

Still though it was not enough to put away Stone Cold Steve Austin as he kicks out yet again to a loud pop. The Rock now more frustrated then he was before stalks Austin and takes him down with a clothesline and gets another nearfall. Rock in mid-ring goes to weardown Austin slapping on a headlock. The Rock has Austin send him to the ropes as Austin didn`t quit but Rock comes off with a clothesline and goes right back into the reverse chinlock on Austin once again continuing to wear him down some more. Rock goes stomach first on the mat for additional leverage holding Austin in the reverse chinlock. Fans chant Austin`s name now and he eventually starts to feel a bit more strength coming back to him as he gets up.

This is what the later Austin-Rock didn`t have, dull parts. Austin lands a succession of right`s though once up but off the ropes is caught by Rocky who hits a textbook Samoan Drop which gets him another two count. Rock inches away from victory is frustrated with the official`s count and he Rock Bottom`s Tim White. That`s the second official knocked out.

Austin hits the Stunner now!

As Rock turns around Stone Cold Steve Austin drops him with the Stunner, Hebner comes from the back and counts just to a long two count. Austin is shocked now as the fans boo. Stone Cold Steve Austin up to his feet has a word with Hebner and with Rock down he sees Vince coming towards the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin grabbed a chair and Austin flipped off McMahon. Stone Cold went to drop a Chair on Rock but he caught Steve with a lowblow and he drops to the canvas. Rock up stomps on Austin, Vince comes in the ring for a closer look. The Rock and McMahon stomp on Stone Cold Steve Austin in the corner after Vince levelled Hebner down.

Out runs Mankind holding his ribs from earlier in the night! Mankind turns Vince around and drops him with a righthand. Austin rolled up Rock and got an inside cradle two count. Austin sends Rock to the ropes he ducks a clothesline and then recieves a Lou Thesz press. Austin with an elbow and then off the ropes The Rock kicks Austin and dropped him back down with a hard clothesline. Rock goes for a second Rock Bottom and hits it. The Rock now not taking any chances goes for additional punishment and now Rock goes for the Corporate Elbow, Austin missed and Vince looks concerned. Austin goes for the Stunner, Rock flips him off and turns him around, Austin reverses it and flips him off and then lands the Stunner again!

Austin wins! Vince`s face was priceless.



In the end at 16:52 Austin put the Rock away and became the NEW WWF Champion after he hit him with a second Stunner.

Jim Ross says (as stated in the Rock’s book) this was his favourite match he had ever called up to this point in his entire career.

This one as said was much better in 1999, but looking back it holds up well as a significant, remarkable brawl between two Attitude Era icons that would help build one of the biggest and best feuds in the history of the industry.

This match’s rating is perhaps a bit high when looking at it from the surface, and the two would definitely put on a better brawl at Backlash the next month, (even Austin admits this on his own DVD) however the significance and how well the storyline played off can’t be ignored.

It is what it is, and it is the original which is usually always special and unique which it was. This one match here made a bad show feel like a success at the end of the day, which ultimately makes it Special.



Austin on top of the world.




*** 3/4



11) WrestleMania X-7 – April 1, 2001: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Rock (c) in a No Disqualification Match for the WWF Championship W/ Alternate Commentary By: Steve Austin & Jim Ross



And once more;finally, I’ll go over what I liked about the commentary at the end of the review for this match.



Easily one of the, if not the very greatest pre-match promo’s ever done by the company with the use of the song “My Way”.

We had the two biggest names, the industry has ever seen going one on one to headline a show like this, and after Austin’s year long injury this match was hugely anticipated to find out who “The man” was. It was a split crowd everywhere else but here in Texas the Rattlesnake likely has a 3:1 ratio with the crowd in his favor.



“I need to beat you Rock. I need it more then anything you could ever imagine. There can be only ONE…World Wrestling Federation Champion, and it will be Rock…Stone Cold Steve Austin…with all DUE RESPECT.”

We are told by the Fink that this match is now NO DQ, Ross wonders why and how this happened. We’d know at the end of the match, but even from the opening moments just there it created suspense, and when everyone was more then ready for the Main Event, after the video package, the build-up, this great Mania, the staredown’s, Rock walking to the ring, Austin looking in the mirror, you name it, the crowd was ready to explode when Austin’s glass hit in the Astrodome.

And they did. One of the biggest pops in Pro-Wrestling History.

This has got to be my favourite entrance in Wrestling history.

You might think, “But why? It’s pretty normal.” Sure, it’s very normal but not only is Austin my all time favourite, this is my favourite theme ever (The disturbed version) and his BMF Walk out in Texas in the main event of the best event ever was so bad ass from these eyes. Not only that but it seemed like he was foreshadowing his heel turn with the expressions on his face both in the ring and on the way down the long entrance way before the match in Houston. Just, excellent body/facial expressions by the Bionic Red Neck in this one! Even the numbers 101 on the back of his vest of course.

So as said the Texas crowd was for Austin at least 70-30 here, which is no surprise. The Rock had his share of fans as a heel at Wrestlemania 15 and 19 in the bouts with Steve. Any time you get two popular mega stars like this the crowd is bound to be split. But in this case it was very noteable when The Rock applied his first offensive maneuver of the match (A swinging neck breaker)

The build up to this match was absolutely phenominal and it added to the matches rating overall, it’s absolutely academic here. The look of Austin into the mirror was unreal before the match and you just had to get butterflies for this one. A truly historical match if there was ever one.

The My Way Video package even added to the match more then any other match I’ve ever seen for any ppv.

The story where Austin needed to do everything in his power to get back on top of the WWF and surpass The Rock was so evident in the match. He did things like pulling out his HEEL Million Dollar Dream move in this match that he hadn’t used in years. His desperation to win became more and more clear each time he performed a big move. The Blade job by The Rock wasn’t very great but both men were busted open like crazy for most of the match.

I’ve never heard a crowd that loud from the beginning of the match to the end maybe to this day, perhaps only Canadian Stampede’s match can rival it from that perspective. I can’t even put into words how big of a match this was and how fun it is to go back and watch it, I do so every couple of months at least. This is about as fun as Pro-Wrestling gets, at least for me and many others I know.

Both men did a sharpshooter in this match which was pretty interestng. Good flashback spot when The Rock had it on and Austin’s face looked very similar to when he was suffering to Hart’s at Wrestlemania 13. Always good to see a nostalgia flash which added to the story telling of this match even more because Austin did not want to find himself in similar circumstances in this one.

I get a sick feeling when I see Vince walk to the ring as I know for me at that very moment the Attitude Era was over.

From Wrestlemania 13 to when I saw Vince walk down that long entrance way that it was all over. It had it’s positives and negatives in the long run, no doubt but I still wish something different had happened as Stone Cold was a mega hero to me for all those years but I guess that’s what it was meant to be. It was meant for Austin to turn his back on his fans (Which is basically what a heel turn is all about), it’s no lie but I was actually wearing a Austin 3:16 shirt while watching this event in my home.

After the match I felt betrayed and that was probably the last time in my life I was a mark, and treated the storylines like they actually were REAL. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a little kid but I was still hurt. I knew Wrestling and the storylines were “fake” since the late 80?s but in 2001 I was genuinely hurt because I just loved that 97-99 character so much. That just proves to me that they told a brilliant story. Whether the booking and storylines were great after that is irrelevant, on this night at Wrestlemania 17 the story they told was maginificent. An absolute classic both storyline wise and in the ring by two of the greatest to ever set foot in the ring, with the greatest wrestling promoter of all time involved in the whole act. All this in the MAIN EVENT of Wrestlemania, The Greatest Wrestlemania ever…, just wow. That’s all that can really be said.

Before I begin, I’ve got to give props to Heyman and JR who did a brilliant job in this match, especially without TV monitor’s halfway through. The commentary from the entrances to the ending make this so memorable and I’ve seen this over 50 times for sure by now. That’s how much I personally love it, I know that I’m not alone.

Stone Cold Steve Austin watched Rock pose and got the early advantage by attacking Rock from the get go. Heyman pointed out the challenger was in control, Austin needed to bring his A game, his best to get back on top of the WWF mountain. The Texas crowd was ready. There was no WM main event stare down, just beatings all around. The crowd from this point did not remain silent throughout the entire duration of the match and as mentioned it just helped it overall.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s cold blue eyes stared into Rock posing as the top man in the company on the turnbuckle.

Austin attacked him with a series of right hands as he scored with a bunch, Austin ducked but Rock got few as well, Rock ducked a clothesline but Austin got the Lou Thesz press! Austin was hitting two elbow drops to Rock on his sternum as Texas loved it, but they didn’t love Rock’s reverse neck breaker. Austin sent Rock over the top after the two men reversed each others finishing moves.

Austin beat on Rock outside the ring after taking him to the outside and he had boughten himself a bit of time to fix his kneebrace of course.

“Rocky Sucks” was chanted by some of the crowd.

As a play to some of there previous matches Stone Cold went to the outside with Rock and the two had been very familar with brawling on the outside in matches, like IYH D-X, Wrestlemania 15, Backlash 99, among other Raw matches and the like. The Rock then adapting to his new environment as this was now a NO DQ match and slammed Austin’s head on the table. Austin reversed a clothesline attempt by Rock and hit him with one of his own. Austin viciously choked out Rock on the middle rope. Austin wanted the title badly and it was evident with every move. Austin rushed off the side ropes and dropped the leg onto Rock’s back. Austin then cornered Rock and speared him and then set him up top on the turnbuckle. Austin then got Rock up on the top and then locked on a vertical suplex and slammed his back to the mat.

Rock in pain as his lower back crashed to the canvas. Austin got a nearfall as he was in the driver’s seat so far in this match. Austin took off the top turnbuckle padding and then it evidentally became exposed. Austin and Rock slapping back and forth with hard right hands between the two of them as some of the crowd booed Rock’s offense. Rock then provided a hard forearm shot and then a hiptoss. A roman throw by Rock to Austin and he got a nearfall out of it, a desperate early attempt to retain the title.

Austin then got clotheslined over the top rope to the outside by The Rock.

I’ve seen this match, many times but each time I am blown away by how well everything was executed.

So much on the line here as these two were indeed the biggest stars of the era. Rock slammed Austin’s head into the table now and then Austin hit The Rock with a ring bell to retaliate! Austin then flipped off Hebner as Rock became bloodied. Austin scored with some righthands to the busted open Champion and drove his face head first into the top of the steel steps. Rock limping around with blood around his face was pacing around the table and somehow JR and Heyman’s table went out. Austin then got Rock in the ring and scouted him and he was poised to deliver pain to Rock, right hand after right hand sent Rock into the corner and Austin scored with a hard forearm shot and then ruthlessly threw rights to Rock. I really can’t stress how hot the crowd was for EVERYTHING in this match, just everything.

Austin choking him out with everything he had to beat the life out of him, again, it’s what he felt had HAD TO DO. Austin then grabbed Rock’s head and measured him up to his vertical base, but Rock fought back. The top turnbuckle pad had been exposed and then Austin scored with a neckbreaker as that pleases his home state!

Austin then hit an offensive move and the fans erupted. Austin was one second away from becoming Champion! Steve back on top of Rock and gave him a succession of hard right hand’s! This is intense, this is Wrestlemania was screamed by JR at an appropriate time! Defenseless was the champion according to JR as Austin was not letting up on the People`s Champion, and at this time the challenger delivered with kicks to the head and choking him out with his knee to the throat of a bloodied Champion. The Rock in a NO DQ match had been choked out by Austin.

Stone Cold then pushed Hebner away which bought Rock time and he exploded out of the corner with a big clothesline to Austin. Rock then with another clothesline and then grabbed on to the top rope and glared at the Texas fans booing him. Austin then kneed Rock in the abdomen until Rocky flipped Austin off and sent him face first into the turnbuckle. Rock outside the ring got the ring bell, this is what Rock got busted open with. Rock in the ring with the ring bell was stalking the challenger. Rock then hit Austin with the ring bell which busted Austin open as he retaliated from before as the fans booed. Rock went for a three count but Austin kicked out.

One of the reasons this match is so great is because there is absolutely no time, to stop and think about what you`ve seen, it`s just fast, fast, and more fast action at its absolute “enthralling” best.

Austin with everything he had got up but he sprung towards the side of the ropes after each hard shot by Rock (usually right hands). Rock then layed the Smackdown! on Austin as he limped towards the side of each ropes. The Rattlesnake would not quit, his journey ends here. Austin got beaten on to the corner until Austin`s head hung off the apron and Rock drove the elbow into Austin`s head. Steve Austin then outside the ring was about to get his head slammed face first into the barricade but Austin fougth back. A bloodied and battered challenger kept beating on Rock and by this point in his career, Ausin has been “ressurected“ due to the 3 SOH Match at NWO 01 with Triple H. Austin catapolted Rock head first into the ring post and the fans cheer.

This is beyond intense by this point. An all-out war between two all-time greats who bring the best out of one another, they really know how to brawl and it was nice to see some Wrestling involved as well, more-so then more of there other matches.

Austin had the TV monitor outside the ring and the chaos continues as Steve hit Rock with the TV screen right to The Rock.

Austin stalked Rock in the middle of the ring then flipped him off and went for the Stunner until Rock turned him over due to Austin waiting a lot of time and not capitalizing on everything, the Rock used this to his advantage and out of desperation The Rock was able to slap on a Sharpshooter. Austin in familiar territory with that move.

Austin all bloodied, Shades of Bret-Austin at WM 13 in the Classic Submission match with Austin bloodied screaming on in pain with blood rushing down his face. Rock bloodied himself screaming on in pain as he locked the Sharpshooter to Austin. Great Drama. Stone Cold tried to bridge out but he eventually made it to the ropes. Austin caught the ropes to break the hold. Heyman hilariously poked Fun at JR`s bias to Austin.

Rock then went for a Sharpshooter to Austin and Stone Cold then retaliated by swinging Rock down, stepping through and locking a Sharpshooter of his own!

Austin slapped on a Sharpshooter and a bloodied Rock was in pain!

The title hangs in the balance here! Rock bridging out, and make no mistake about it, the Champion was a bloody mess. The Challenger WAS ALSO one as well.

Classic story telling all throughout.

Rock with little strength he had left in his legs was able to free himself and kicked out of it and then Austin worked over Rock`s knees. Austin stomped on Rock`s sternum and then began to act more and more heel like in this match. Austin with yet another Sharpshooter locked onto Rock!

Austin with a sharp kick to the face and then got behind Rock and stalked him until he locked on the Million Dollar Dream to a decent pop, I know I marked. He presented a sadistic look on his face, he had classic facial expressions and body language throughout the entire duration.

Steve was smart here.

Again, it really can’t be stressed how great the story telling was here and again I just loved Steve’s bloodied facial expressions when slapping on vicious holds like the Millon Dollar Dream. Heyman brilliantly said what wont Austin do!? Foreshadowing he’d go to great lengths to win here, maybe even..selling his soul to Satan himself?

Rock was fading but he kicked off the turnbuckle and rolled Austin up but only got a two count, this was similar to Hart-Piper WM 8 and Hart-Austin Survivor Series 96. This was also playing with flashback’s in Austin’s career seeing as he lost that very same way in the all-time classic with Bret and Austin in the Garden at the 1996 Survivor Series.

Austin then got up and levelled Rock with a big time right hand. Another one, then another one, what’s it going to take? Austin scored with right hands but Rock scored all of the sudden OUT OF NO WHERE with a Stunner on Austin!

Some of the place popped as it was a big, unexpected move out of no where and then Rock went to follow up that with a pinfall, he went to cover Austin in Texas with the Stone Cold Stunner but Austin kicked out with everything he had at two, to keep this Classic going strong.

Intense action all over the place in this match.

All of the sudden Vince comes towards the ring and the fans boo. This was the moment. McMahon comes near ringside and JR points how he has no love loss for either men in the ring. Obviously referring to McMahon’s legendary, notorious feud with Steve Austin, and of course him screwing The Rock over at the Mania before and all of the problems those two have had.

Austin with a spinebuster to Rock but got a nearfall. Austin at this point in the match became frustrated and slammed his hands on the mat showing more and more that he was pissed off.

Here comes the swerve in one of the biggest matches of all time.

Austin irishwhipped by Rock and then he hit a spinebuster. Rock then kicked at Austin’s shoulder as he set up for the people’s elbow. Rock went from one side to the other and hit the People’s Elbow.

Rock covered Austin but McMahon broke up the count at two and some of the place cheered. Some thought Vince was turning babyface even as of right now it was unclear, but it wouldn’t be for long. The Rock then all of the sudden had the look to Vince like “You’re not going to screw me out of the title two years in a row at Mania.” Rock chased McMahon around the ringside area.

Right into a Rock Bottom by Austin! Stone Cold then covered Rock and was inches away from becoming Champion. Rock got to his feet and and then Austin went for a Stunner and Rock pushed Austin into Hebner. Hebner down.

Both Rock and Austin inside the ring again and now Steve Austin hit Rock with a lowblow.

Austin then ordered Vince to get him a chair as JR says “Wait a minute!?”

The fans were a bit choked and shocked as Austin was telling Vince to knock out The Rock. Vince hit The Rock down with a steel chair shot and Austin went for the cover. Austin then pinned Rock and Vince shoved Earl Hebner in the ring but he got a long two count and Austin was furious with the slow count and proceeded to pound his palms on the ring canvas. Austin was beyond frustrated. Why did Austin tell his biggest rival to help him!? Swerve 101.

Heyman said we’re witnessing something that will be talked about for years to come. How true was that.

The Rock scored with a Rock Bottom out of desperation now to stay alive, on Steve Austin! McMahon was maintaining the referee and Rock tried to bring himself up and then he dragged McMahon in the ring. Rock levelled him with right hands until turning around into a Stone Cold Stunner but he only got a two! Austin’s face looked like he saw a ghost. Vince handed a chair to Austin.

Austin then destroyed The Rock with a big time head shot. Vince signalled to his waist like we’d see a new champion but The Rock kicked out. Austin was pissed off as Rock wouldn’t stay down and Austin didn’t know what he had to do to become Champion. The look here between Austin and Vince was priceless, as Vince wanted Stone Cold to keep his cool.

Austin then went apeshit on Rock with the chair! No DQ match, Austin beat the living hell out of him in the chair! With McMahon’s blessing! Austin hit Rock ruthlessly about a dozen times with vicious chair shots, all sorts of ways, the crowd was electrifying throughout the whole match but during this Climax it felt beyond Euphoric to be watching something so entertaining.

JR: “What the hell is this!? What the hell is this!?”

Heyman: “It’s a NEW Champion!”

In the end Stone Cold Steve Austin pinned Rock after hitting him sixteen times with a steel chair at 28:06 to become the WWF Champion.

A Texas crowd still popped not seeming to care he turned heel. That and the fact they had to change Austin’s character around (A complete 180) in order for him to get booed was part of the reason business would do bad following this and that the Heel Turn was considered a failure from a business point of view. Steve though, would still go on perhaps the best run of his career as Champion in 2001, despite being in constant pain. On his DVD they released last year this is the last match on it, which is a shame as they show none if that legendary year.

Stone Cold is shaking hands with Satan himself!

Certainly an Epic moment in history at the end of arguably the greatest event ever.



Steve Austin himself even said though, if he could go back and change things (in his book) regarding this situation, then he probably would. But he also said that without the heel turn there would have been a lot of great moments that wouldn’t of been able to happen. And I’d agree.

So for that reason alone this heel turn is not only historic it is great to see two guys that absolutely hated each other shake hands after the main event of the biggest Mania ever. Hardly anyone saw it coming, and for it to happen with two significant people, at the most sigificant event, made it that much more historic. I also love how Vince teased there’d be a shock but no one knew it’d be like this.

Even on episodes from Raw and Smackdown! in early 01, they tease Austin and McMahon’s oncoming alliance, which is just brilliant writing.

But, What a match here!


Not only one of the biggest matches of all time, but also one of the greatest matches of all time, all around, no questions asked.

I rank this as my 16th best match of all time currently.




-So looking back at the unique commentary by Austin and Ross here in this match it seems like even more of a classic.

They said numerous things, including:
-Austin watched this match versus The Rock here at WX7 again twice before doing it live with Ross.

-Austin rerers to him getting popped over R0ck in the match and since it was in Texas he felt That’s Sh** that shouldn’t matter.

-While Austin certainly was Mr. Popular in this one re-watching this, he said if he could go back and stun McMahon at the end he would have but hindsight is always 20/20 and he just figured it was worth a try since WAS so over in the year 2000 and a proven success story.
Damn near perfect.







**** 3/4






-Okay so for a guy like Steve, it’s not all about Wrestling. He was more unique, dynamic, complex, eccentric. (Can I expand my articulate vocbulary a little further to sound some-what intelligent? Na…ok…)

He was just as good at being a Sports Entertainer, an actor, a comedian at times.

This FOURTH AND FINAL Disc shows you the brilliance and the wit. The subtle WITH the outrageous. I am not going to individually comment on each promo or segment as you can just see it and enjoy them for yourself.

All I know is I’m so glad they gave us an extra disc for all of this Golden Material. Stone Cold really deserves that. I find his comedy underrated when compared to say The Rock or someone alike.
Enjoy fans!





WCW Saturday Night – June 5, 1993
A Flare for the Old




Hardcore TV – Oct. 10, 1995
“A Bunch of Violent Crap”




Hardcore TV – Oct. 31, 1995
Monday Nyquil



Hardcore TV – Dec. 19, 1995
“Flat Out Disgusted”




In Your House: Mind Games – Sept. 22, 1996
“My Exact Opinion of Bret Hart”





Livewire – Oct. 19, 1996
Stone Cold is mic’d up


Raw – Nov. 4, 1996
Home Invasion




Slammy Awards Show – March 21, 1997
1996 New Sensation Award





Slammy Awards Show – March 21, 1997
Freedom of Speech Award



Raw – April 21, 1997
Ambulance Attack





Raw – Sept. 22, 1997
The World’s Most Famous Stunner


Raw – Jan. 19, 1998
Tyson and Austin!



Raw – March 30, 1998
The Easy Way or the Hard Way




Raw – Sept. 28, 1998
Zamboni 3:16


Raw – Oct. 5, 1998
Paging Dr. Austin



Raw – Oct. 12, 1998
McMahon’s Cement Corvette





Raw – October 19, 1998
Bang 3:16



Raw – March 22, 1999
“Stone Cold” Beer Truc6k



Raw – April 19, 1999
The Funeral of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin



Survivor Series – Nov. 19, 2000
Austin’s Revenge



SmackDown – March 22, 2001
Jim Ross Interviews Steve Austin and The Rock




SmackDown – July 5, 2001
Gift Giving 1ewq#1# a


SmackDown – July 12, 2001
Mr. McMahon’s Alliance Woes




SmackDown – July 19, 2001
The Old “Stone Cold





Raw – Jan. 14, 2002




SmackDown – June 7, 2003
The Highlight Reel









Final Rating for WWE’s Stone Cold Steve Austin: “The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time” DVD = 9.5/10





-This 4-disc set on Steve Austin covers a lot of important material for sure. Just a few matches on a 4 Disc set so you absolutely know you’re going to get the best of Austin with a tremendus Documentary, tons of segments, tons of stories, tons of promo’s through every stage of his career. Sure matches like Angle on Raw, Benoit ones and War Game 92 were missing but they included his important stuff and if this DVD is the bottom line, then the title fits the DVD perfectly.


I personally don’t believe I even need to summarize how great this DVD is. I now feel that this is the best individual performer set in WWE history all things included. Better then Bret’s first with all of his 5 star matchhes, and even better then Flair’s first, with whatever you might consider to be a 5 star match.

The bottom line (pun intended) here is that it covered Steve’s life and career in such an amazing way, leaving almost nothing of major significance out. The Documentary flowed so smoothly and it was almost as long as the film, “The Godfather.” That is arguably the greatest film ever but even in that movie it’s tough to watch it in one sitting yet when saw this 150 minute plus Documentary my pupils were glued to the TV screen.

His commentary on those matches were such a bonus because you always want to know what an actor or an artist feels about his performance, if they have the same connection to something as you do, or the same view-point. We all want to know more about Steve Austin the man. This DVD puts us in the driver’s seat and it feels like the ultimate DVD.

I will say no more, I have Wrestlemania X7 headlined by Austin at 10/10 but other then that, this is my highest rating for any other DVD. He is the greatest of all time. This is the greatest of all time. That’s the bottom line…





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  1. TNAJason says:

    This is tied as my favorite WWE-Produced Documentary of all time(and I own ALL of them) with Rise & Fall of ECW. Great Review!

  2. DX1 says:

    Being the DX fan I am, I still find it funny that after the HBK Stone Cold match they went from heels to faces when Shawn left with his back injury, the heel DX of 1997-March 98 was hilarious and the best DX ever.

  3. jasongoldsmith says:

    DX was a fan favorite for sure and might have given austin a run for the most popular but it is hard for me to imagine anybody in wrestling being as over as austin in 1998.

  4. Nelson7 says:

    Watch it again because I saw tons of fans with DX signs, shirts, and other stuff cheering on DX. I liked both but I still think if Shawn’s legitimate back injury wasn’t as bad he would’ve been champ at the next PPV, his knee was really bad in early 1997.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Best Stunner Seller: Rock
    Worst seller: Vince McMahon.

  6. Brett Mix says:

    Crowd’s are split slightly in matches like Austin versus Rock, and while Shawn and D-X do deserve credit for the match-build and attitude era about 98% of the fans were going for Austin, that was not a split crowd at all.

  7. Nelson7 says:

    The crowd was split for the Stone Cold HBK match at Mania14, DX and Austin the reason behind the Attitude Era.

  8. Steven40 says:

    Again another shocker that Brett Mix said Stone Cold is his 2nd favorite behind Macho Man Randy Savage, I figured it was Bret all the way, he sure has the passion to argue with people who talk shit about Bret.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chris Benoit!! <3

  10. Thomas says:

    @Brett Mix, fantastic review for the awesome dvd set of Steve Austin – The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time

  11. Vincenzzzzzo says:

    One of the best sets WWE has ever produced. A must own on Blu-ray though, because it features EVERYTHING in Austins career, especially his Hall of Fame induction and the rest of the special blu-ray features.

  12. Lemo says:

    The Dvd is excellent but for me it’s not the best dvd ever. Bret’s dvd , Flair 1st dvd , best of SNME dvd , best of Nitro dvd i enjoyed them all more than this.

  13. jasongoldsmith says:

    maybe some benoit matches will start appearing in the future–i dont know if WWE can pretend he never existed indefinitely.
    i read a good idea in an article somewhere and the writer said they could put out a benoit dvd and donate the profits to battered women groups.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Jace says:

    Steve Austin just retweeted your review of his DVD. 🙂

  16. jasongoldsmith says:

    valid point about the matches but austin said a lot of them were on other dvds but all the matches were ones that were important to his career and being a definitive set of him he wanted these particular matches i guess.

  17. ratedrpoed says:

    only thing i don’t like about the set is most of the matches on disc 2 i’ve already several times before.
    they should have put more rare matches.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Definatley try to get this release on BD as the extra’s make up for the cost. Second best release of the year IMO. Angle vs. Austin is a great gem from Raw, one I haven’t seen since it first aired and one of my favorite matches to make it onto a WWE DVD this year, maybe second to the full 60min. Iron-Man between Angle & Brock. Happy New Year & DVD gets 9.5/10!!!

  19. jasongoldsmith says:

    very good review–i just finished watching the blu-ray version today and i believe it is the best wrestling (sorry–i dont call it sports entertainment) dvd set i have watched to date.
    i have always liked steve austin and you could really see his genius coming out in ECW but this set gave me a whole new understanding of him and how much he loves the wrestling business.

  20. Mabel says:

    thanx for the review. i might borrow this off a friend and get disc 1 and 4 copied. i’m all for the doco and his promos.

  21. Brett Mix says:

    Thank you i’ll try and catch all that

  22. Anonymous says:

    There’s a bunch of typos in the vs. HBK review, and it looks like part of a sentence got chopped off.

    There were some other pretty good insights during it too that you missed. Most notably was Austin legitimately hurting his back by running into the dumpster, and the double bird given to Michaels at the end was due to personal issues between the two.

    Great review though. This set is an absolute gem, and the Blu-Ray’s even better.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Loved the review

  24. Anonymous says:

    His Angle Match from raw is on the blu ray

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