Review: WWE Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (Single Disc DVD)

December 6, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” (1 Disc) Review:


“The Warrior’s promos really needed to be subtitled for the normal human being to interpret” -Jim Ross



-The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior was put together as a one disc DVD to bash the man known now as warrior.

-You’ll hear from a ton of people who make fun of him in a Documentary form.

-There is matches as well, featuring “SOME” of his great one’s.

-Apparently a lawsuit was filed over this set against the WWE by Warrior that has yet to be resolved.

-On this single disc there are five complete matches from The Ultimate Warrior in the WWF. Also as Extras there are a few stories by Ted DiBiase, and other superstars talking about Warrior or trying to sound like him such as Lawler and Christian.

Disc 1 Documentary:


-It’s Warrior bashing time!

Poor guy!

Then again if I held up my boss for that kind of money to do next to nothing I guess I’d deserve this treatment.

This is unique because McMahon has problems WITH a ton of people over the years
(Bischoff, Sable, Lesnar, Savage, Bruno, Bret, Hogan, Jarrett, Luger, Nailz) but this is the only burial DVD he’s made.

He’s coming around now but this is just a giant dump on everything he’s done showing some of his embarassing promo’s, even including stars like Christian and Jericho doing impressions of him, spot on.

Heenan loves ripping him apart as well.

They begin with Jerry Lawler telling us that The Warrior was as green as green can be in Memphis. Jim Ross says he was a tag partner of Sting and they were to be the Blade Runners, their promotions version of the Road Warriors. Ross says big talent was getting over and he ended up in Dallas eventually becoming the Dingo Warrior in WCCW.
We hear from guys like Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Bobby Heenan, Ted DiBiase, anyone from around that era or who knew him, some interesting stuff.

McMahon credits him off the get-go saying he has natural charisma. Now Mean Gene says the Dingo Warrior did not work good. McMahon thought it was a ridiculous name plus he wanted to change it when he came up North.
Dunn says that The Warrior name might not even of been used since Kerry Von Erich was the Modern Day Warrior, and there was already the Road Warriors. McMahon and Dunn agreed he should be The Ultimate Warrior.

Mean Gene says he became popular due to the charisma and overall power. The character benefitted him just like The Undertaker gimmick benefits Mean Mark. I am not comparing talent between the two though, so no worries there.

Jim Ross credits the WWF marketting for his popularity initially.

Jericho, Edge and Christian talk about how he was the only guy to run to the ring and how he got the best music. Sgt. Slaughter said the music made his ears ring. Jim Ross says part of his success is to Jim Johnston for who wrote the music. The Music, the attire, the character, the running, it all played a huge part to his charisma and overall package that added to his early popularity. Jericho said his ring entrance was longer then his match but it was cool.

Heenan said when his music went off it was over.

Now we get the luxury of an interview of The Warrior! It actually is a decent promo believe it or not and they show his first real feud in the Federation with the late Hercules who DiBiase said had more talent. They had a match at Wrestlemania 4 and Jim Ross says that those matches were hard to watch because of the tests of strength. Nobody wants to watch bearhugs over and over.

Now we see the Weasel Suit and The Warrior. Heenan talks about how he started it with Greg Gagne in the AWA. Heenan perferred Hogan to use it against but since The Warrior was over at the time Vince wanted The Warrior to work with Bobby Heenan. Heenan says The Warrior never understood how it went, psychology, and he rushed everything.
Now it is time to go over the Honkytonk Man and end that longest reign which gave him a lot of momentum.
Now some funny Warrior promos which the roster make fun of. All of us can have a laugh now. Heenan rips on it.

So many different promos they showed and this is both funny and bittersweet because you kind of felt for the guy. I would not want someone to have a vault of all my worst stuff in life and put them together in a video package.

Hogan, Flair, Jericho, McMahon just about everybody gives their opinions on the promos by The Ultimate Warrior. Christian and his impressions were spot on. HOK….HOGAN. Edge brings it up.

Now we go into the Warrior-Rude rivalry, the one with Andre with the matches that last 30 seconds. Thanks Bret for that joke. (Hart)

Now the big feud.

Not the WCW version which is covered but the good Ultimate Challenge from Wrestlemania 6. I still think this is the best match in the career of the biggest wrestler ever in Hulk Hogan. And he had it with Warrior. Credit must be given.

DiBiase and Slaughter put over the match. Everyone credits The Ultimate Warrior to being the man to finally beat Hulk Hogan.
Lawler puts down his wrestling ability even though that moment happened.

Now this bugs me, people say Hogan passed the torch to Warrior. Yeah okay, I dont think so because Hogan headlined the next three Manias.
Anyway Warrior got his time.

Jim Ross says The Ultimate Warrior got a silver spoon treatment, the biggest push anyone could of got going over Hogan at Mania 6, which is true.
Randy Savage and The Warrior are now highlighted.

Lawler loved this feud. Savage was the Macho King at this time and arguably gave him the greatest match ever at Wrestlemania 7. It is pretty much a perfect match from my point of view and again Warrior won.

Hogan puts over Savage for making things easy on Warrior.

They now talk about Warrior holding up Vince for money at Summerslam 91 and then him being fired the first time.
Vince could not wait to fire him.

Vince and the business was going a little downhill and he returned at Mania 8. Then he was gone again a year later. Rumors went around that he was even dead. Jericho rips on his hair style and he is kind of one to talk.

Mean Gene says the The Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango was the feud that stood out to him the most. Shango (Godfather, Kama, Charles Wright) placed a voodoo curse on The Ultimate Warrior. Ross rips on it. Hilarious.

Now we have his third return in 1996. His last Federation run. Audience liked it. Hunter did not. Neither did a lot of others. Vince was getting desperate. He had arguably the biggest star ever on the rise in Austin at the time but he did not know it fully or else he surely would not of brought the lunatic back.

The Ultimate Warrior and Lawler feud is touched on, King rips on him.

Now they run by the WCW part. Bischoff and his facial expressions said enough. Even though Easy E said it seemed like a good fit at the time with Hogan and Savage there.
They talk about how Hogan could not stand Warrior and his promo on him. Watch it is truly embarassing.

Eric Bischoff says he agrees with the critics that the Hogan-Warrior match in 98 was one of the worst in history for several reasons, including the attempted fire-ball. More epic comedy.
They sum up where is today and what his legacy is and should be.

At the end of the day it is what it is…

Despite the lack of talent and attitude the guy is one of the biggest draws in wrestling history and one of the most memorable characters. Nobody can take that away from him no matter what.


Disc 1 Matches:



1) Debut Match- The Ultimate Warrior vs Terry Gibbs – WWF The Wrestling Challenge 10/24/87

Hmmm, our first match on the DVD featured Gibbs in the debut match of the Warrior.

He comes out yelling with no music. Monsoon and Heenan put over his size. Gibbs jumped The Ultimate Warrior but it did not have any effect. A shoulder block failed and a hiplock was thrown on Gibbs. An Arm-Ringer and an over-head wristlock. About as much wrestling as I have ever seen from this guy.

The Ultimate Warrior you have to love how he yells. The Ultimate Warrior slams Gibbs down on the mat and drops him with an inverted atomic drop. Now some chops in the corner.

Warrior with a clothesline then a Press Slam.
The Ultimate Warrior with a big splash and the squash is over in a bout two minutes. The Ultimate Warrior shakes the ropes as the fans cheer, and again it is strange with no music but the fans seemed to like the character here in the debut.




2) The Ultimate Warrior vs The Honky Tonk Man (c) (with Jimmy Hart) for the WWF Intercontinental Championship -Summerslam 1988

Honkytonk had been the IC Champion for well over a year and had been calling himself the greatest of all time in that department. A claim that is quite certainly debatable.
Brutus Beefcake got injured so no one knew who the mystery replacement would be and after a dramatic pause at MSG Warrior`s music hit he ran to the ring and made short work of Honky Tonk.

Great energy by the Warrior and for the fact this is significant, it made the fans more happy then anything on the night so far it can`t be a dud. It just can`t.
HOWEVER….I am hoping for another match that at least gets over one star anyday now….Warrior becomes IC Champion at 0:31 to an amazing ovation after his splash and he`d lose that title to Rude half a year later at Wrestlemania 5.

Fun for what it was at least at the time.


3) Title for Title: Hulk Hogan (c) vs The Ultimate Warrior (c) for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championship -WWF Wrestlemania 6



The Ultimate Challenge!

This match has classic written all over it from a booking perspective.

It`s one match for the ages that is still talked about today 20 years later.

It`s build was not quite as good as Savage and Hogan the year before, and buyrate for this event wasn`t either but this match here was more memorable then Savage-Hogan from Wrestlemania 5.

The Anticipation for this one match was insane.

Both men were fan favourites.

Both men were Champion`s.

This was 1990 in the WWF. Vince McMahon didn`t just do this back then but he gambled and it was ultimately a success in the long run and still a defining Mania moment.

Toronto was split.

The Warrior came out first and he was the reigning IC Champion and he came to the ring with a lot of energy as always. Ventura claims it is a mistake as he should save his energy.

It`s always sad hearing Ventura call this one seeing as it is his last Mania match he ever called and he was at every one since the beginning, but what a way to go out. He also has a classic call at the end when he yells “The Warrior has won the title!“

Hulk Hogan got a monster pop as expected in Canada, even though his theme was Real American. Hogan is no Duggan, so he`ll STILL get cheered.

Hogan gets in with his WWF title and he kisses it goodbye after bit of taunting and flexing with the crowd. Pictures were taken like they were going out of style.

Wrestlemania Main Events should always look like this.

Two unstoppable forces and Champion`s (fan favourites to boot) face to face and everyone jampacked ready to go. Hogan-Andre, Savage-Hogan, Austin-Rock among others had this type of Main Event Wrestlemania feel.

The two men stare each other down, the atmosphere was electric, every one in the Dome was standing and cheering, you really felt this one was the big one.

Earl Hebner took the GOLD off of Hogan and Warrior remained looking at The Hulkster, his eyes never left the eyes of Hogan until the match began.

The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan shared a few words as the two Icon`s looked face to face. Warrior oozed charisma and Hogan just shook his head. A shove by the Warrior and Hogan looked surprised. Hogan shoved back up.

Both men tie up and The Ultimate Warrior overpowered Hogan to the corner and flexed with a pose.

Another tie-up and Hulk shoved The Ultimate Warrior to the corner and he posed and a bit more people in the crowd cheered that exchange but it was seriously about 50-50 at SkyDome.

Warrior and Hogan then after a power exchange tried to one-up the other with there hands.

Another feeling out stage soon began.

A battle of power. A test of strength.

Both men holding each others arms, neither man used to this kind of power from the opposition.

This reminds me of what Lesnar and Goldberg were trying to do but never got the chance to, and of course they weren`t motivated. Enough of that.

Back to this classic.

A huge power display by the The Ultimate Warrior as he had Hogan dropped to both his knees and he shook his head saying he would not give up, afterall the Hulkster was undefeated at Wrestlemania. Hogan fought his way back up on the Warrior still with the wrists locked and now both men back on there feet and Hogan overpowered Warrior and now he was down on his knees!

SkyDome was beyond electric by this point as both men were on top at any given time as both men showed awesome power that they had. Hogan with Warrior down in a funny looking way, as he was near Hogan`s pelvis, you can see this picture many times, I elected not to put it in. I don`t like viewing it but you can search it if you wish.

Warrior back on his feet and Hogan sent Warrior to his back on the mat, he dropped an elbow and got a two. Warrior got up and was angry off the ropes with a shoulder block hit Hogan and no one budged. A criss-cross and Hulk Hogan caught The Ultimate Warrior with a scoop slam.

No effect on the Wasrrior, another criss-cross, Hogan leaped over the Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior press slammed Hogan. A Gorilla Press by Warrior was teased and then he elevated Hogan over the top to the outside. Warrior shook the top rope for momentum, the crowd still split.

Hogan`s knee from the fall to the outside seemed to be in jeopardy. Hogan limping and fell to the blue mat on the outside. Warrior didn`t want a countout victory and went to work on Hogan`s leg some more to break the count and injure his opponent at the same time.

Smart straegic wrestling by the IC Champion.

The Ultimate Warrior on the top looking down at an injured Hulk Hogan laying down on the mat. Warrior threw him back inside the ring. Warrior kicked Hogan in the mid-section and more boots to Hogan`s abdominal section. Hogan raked the eyes of Warrior out of desperation despite the bd leg. Warrior hit Hogan and Hebner got in the way, the two have words and it buys Hogan time to strike from behind and he connects with right hands to the Warrior. Hogan with a strong right to Wasrrior and then he climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits him a few times as the crowd counts to eight.

Warrior dazed and didn`t drop to his feet somehow hanging onto the top rope. Hogan bodyslammed Warrior and then The Ultimate Warrior got dropped by Hulk Hogan with two big elbow`s and it is still not enough to put the Warrior away, with a long two count.

Hulk with a nice small package and Wasrrior still kicked out. A rear chinlock slapped on by the Hulkster. Hogan then with right hands while holding Warrior`s head in a chinlock. Hulk wearing down the Ultimate Warrior who had a ton of athletic prowess so it was a smart strategy. Shots, striking blows, chops by The Hulkster to Warrior. A nice clothesline then by the Federaton Champion Hulk Hogan but again The Ultimate Warrior kicked out!

Nice drama here, a good story beind told in this match. A back breaker by Hogan and another two count.

You got the sense that Hogan was desperate to put The Ultimate Warrior away any possible way he could.

Hulkster with another reverse chinlock slowing down the pace, wearing down the conditioned Warrior which was a logical decision. As Monsoon stated, What a confrontation. Hulk Hogan driving the knee into the back of Warrior which was smart and then he hit a suplex and again got a two.

Since this didn`t work for Hulk Hogan he went back to the strategic reverse chinlock.

Warrior reaching to the heavens and his fans help him gain momentum out of desperation hitting elbows to Hogan three times, Hogan is leapfrogged by Warrior and another criss-cross and both men hit each other down with a double clothesline.

The plot thickens.

The Suspense and crowd participation definitely added to the match in such a big way. Who would win is what everyone wanted to know so desperately. Warrior shaking the ropes for momentum and SkyDome becomes unglued. Warrior blocks a Hogan shot and this was absolutely unseen at the time. It was surreal to see someone hit Hogan at Mania and it being cheered!


Warrior somehow found energy to bounce off the ropes and level The Hulkster with two clotheslnes. An irishwhip to both corners and Warrior was back in control. Both mean sweaty, fatigued but kept on going full throttle.

Warrior this time with a suplex and a two count!

Warrior then squeezed Hogan this time with a bearhug. Earlier in this bout we saw the Hulkster wear Warrior down with a chinlock twice, now after some power moves by The Ultimate Warrior he slapped on a bearhug intelligently in mid-ring. Warrior now with it locked in.

Hulk illegally grabbed the hair, Earl tells him to follow the rules. Earl should of taken his own advice 7 years later in Montreal but that`s neither here nor there.

Warrior still with a squeeze, a resthold giving both men a break and letting the pace slowdown for the Climax that was about to come. In films they have comic relief, well here we have a slow moment-wear down hold to build up the drama for the finale that is about to present itself in one of the biggest matches of all time.

Hogan has one hand go down, two, and on the third he just holds on. Half or a bit over half of the Sky Dome pop when the Hulkster battles out with right hands, Warrior ducks underneath Hogan and he bumps into Hebner. The official is down.

Warrior with a double axehandle off the top, on the top again The Ultimate Warrior drops a second double axe handle to the head of Hogan. The energy still there for Warrior, off the ropes three times, Hulkster took advantage out of no where as he drove the Warrior head first into the mat. Hogan tries to get the three himself but Hebner is down. A suplex by Warrior to Hogan and Hebner still down, Warrior counts his own three but it doesen`t count for him obviously, but it might for Steve Austin at Over the Edge 98, hey he used Vince`s hand and he was the ref, it`s all legal right!

The Ultimate Warrior covered Hogan again and the cliche slow count by Hebner allowed Hulkamania to kick out. Warrior then caught an uppercut from a relatively rested Hogan. A roll-up by Hulk with Hebner way out of position and The Ultimate Warrior kicked out.

Somewhere Edge is watching this saying, one day I`ll have more WWF title`s then these two combined!

Both men pulling out all the stops battling on the outside since the inside wasn`t working out for them due to the kickouts. Hulk and Warrior rammed into the post. So much on the line so they both get back in the ring. The Ultimate Warrior getting more endurance and stamina, reaching for the heavens clotheslines the Champion.

Warrior gorilla pressed Hogan in the air and got a huge pop, landing on Hulk`s back. Somehow, though Hulk kicked out!


Hulk kicks out and Warrior can`t believe it.

Amazing, Warrior now punches Hogan and down on his knees he shakes his head and begins to Hulk up as Toronto pops. The Ultimate Warrior has never seen anything like this. Hogan now strikes right right hands, sends warrior to the ropes with a big boot, he goes for the leg drop and missed!

The Warrior then capitalizes on Hogan`s missed legdrop!

In the end The Ultimate Warrior was able to defeat the Immortal Hulk Hogan with a Splash at 22:51 to become the New Champion of the Federation!

The Classic was over.

Jesse had epic words to yell out and you may be familiar with them as they are often heard over and over due to replays from the WWE despite them not being on great terms with Mr. Warrior.

Jesse Ventura: “The Warrior has won the title!!!”

A match for the AGES!

I can`t believe how well balanced everything in this bout was, they literally performed and booked everything perfectly.

This is so much better then Hogan-Rock it isn`t even comparable, the crowd made that bout more and besides the crowd being electric for this one, they both performed much better here.

An act of respect as Hogan and Warrior Celebrate together and raise each others hands.

Warrior becomes the first man in WWF history to hold the WWF and IC title at the same time.

I can honestly say this is one of the most enjoyable matches I`ve ever watched. Hulk Hogan`s best match now, I`m convinced. Warrior`s second best.

A Masterpiece for its time and it still holds up very well today, even when you still know what to expect.

**** 1/2


4) The Ultimate Warrior (c) vs “Ravishing” Rick Rude (W/Bobby The Brain Heenan) in a Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship -WWF Summerslam 1990

The Blue Steel Cage is put up and I loved that look more then the fence during the attitude era look but I might be in the minority, I just like this Old School WWF look. Warrior gets to headline a show ahead of Hogan. Well at least he gets something over him in “The Year of the Warrior.” I was a little sick of hearing how Hogan dropped the ball to Warrior at WM 6 when Hogan then went on to main event the next three Mania’s and win. But I guess Warrior did get this time here. It takes them about 30, 000 years to hook up the cage as they show there billionth interview of the night to kill some time. The Warrior clearly cuts one of the most INSANE promo’s he’s ever done and that’s going places…before the match. Ravishing Rick Rude comes out with a hair cut and Heenan. He gets on the mic inside the cage making fun of the Philly porkers. He calls them Pennsylvania Pissants, hllarious! The Warrior’s music hits and e runs down the aisle and he shakes the cage over and over almost loosening it up.

This match was put on the Warrior DVD. Rude and Warrior begin battling on top of the cage and as Rude gives Warrior some shots, The Warrior slams Rude on the top of the cage, Piper makes it sound like Rude fell fifteen feet to the floor when in reality he just fell from the top rope, then Warrior came off with an elbow drop, then The Ultimate Warrior slammed Rude’s head into the side of the cage. As rude tried to escape The Warrior did it again. The Ultimate Warrior reached to the heavens as all his little Warriors were behind him and the story of this match was simple. Rude was trying to escape at any cost and The Warrior the defending WWF Champion was in full control and had a ton of energy looking to take out on Rude. As Warrior charged for Rude though he moved and Warrior hit the side of the cage. Rude then got to the top of the Cage but Warrior grabbed his legs just in time. Rude came off the middle-top with a blow to make sure the Champion stayed grounded if he were to risk climbing the cage. Rude slams Warrior into the side of the cage again then another hard right hand. I hadn’t even noticed till just now but Rude had already bladed from one of the earlier Warrior throws. Rude remains in control and even hits his signature move The Rude awakening! Rick Rude foolishly then tries to escape the cage rather then going through the door. Then comes the spot of the match as he hits Warrior from the top of the cage as he leaped from the top. Looks like nothing from today’s standards but Rick Rude still was one of the first pro-wrestlers to jump from that high. Heenan slammed the Cage door into Warrior’s head as he tried to escape. Heenan smiles. You’ve got to know having watched Warrior’s DVD Heenan probably REALLY enjoyed slamming that door into his head. Rude tried escaping but Warrior held onto his ankle while Heenan on the other end was trying to pull him out the door. Warrior pulls down Rude’s tights exposing his ass as the ladies cheer. Warrior then smacks Heenan in the ring then hits him with an atomic drop and pushed him out the cage door. Warrior came off each side of the cage with a clothesline after he kept denying Rude’s offense. Warrior then scooped up Rude and slammed him to the canvas. Warrior then climbed up over the cage and down to the floor to retain the WWF Title at at 10:05. This one was so basic and short it wasn’t even funny.

It’s a shame because there match at Summerslam the year before was so much better at *** 3/4.

Fans go home happy though.


* 1/4

Career on the Line…:

-Randy Savage was at the top of his game and so was the Warrior so that is what made this “Career” match so enthralling, then you have the how both men played it off in that atmosphere with the “Liz story” and it’s an all-time classic.

5) Career Threatening Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage (W/Sensational Queen Sherri) vs The Ultimate Warrior -Wrestlemania 7

First time ever in the WWF!

What’s most remarkable about this match is how the laws of physics don’t lie. Every action, forces a reaction. It didn’t matter if it was a punch, a toss, a run-in, every action got a reaction out of the audience.

It’s the 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals, it’s the Superbowl for both men, infact it was even bigger and the crowd knew it.

The overall atmosphere made this occasion seem much better then it actually was.

This match could not have been better then it was.

As you can assume these are two colorful personalities.

Both men obviously Oozed Charisma and the Crowd really dug both men whether they loved them or hated them. It’s called NATURAL heat in Wrestling both men had due to the Charisma only few others had in the industry during this time or any time period for that matter. Both characters were beyond unique which made for a great mix for this Classic.

Watching these two go at it is like drinking a shot a 5 hour Energy, listening to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and having your Sports team win a World Championship all in a span of twenty minutes.

Forget listening to pump up music before the gym, throw this match on. Perhaps Jason Statham should watch this match before Crank 3 to stay alive, it’ll surely give him that much needed rush or CRANK he gets the urge for. Better yet, how about he watches Lesnar/Goldberg instead. Those movies blow.

It obviously goes without saying that this match is CLEARLY a dream match for Vince McMahon.

If only Chris Benoit’s spirit was somehow the guest enforcer! What? Too soon? Okay how about if only Jeff Jarrett was the timekeeper! There ya go…

Bobby points out Miss Elizabeth in the crowd before the spectacle gets underway.

It’s Showtime!

Never had Mania or any show for that matter had a match this big in the middle of its card.

You almost felt like this was the Main Event with the anticipation this one had from the build, the entrances and just the spectacle of everything else.

The reason this Masterpiece works so well is because both Warrior and Savage had tremendous chemistry, the feud was top notch, the build-up was tremendous like most back then in high profile situation’s, you felt you were witnessing the end of an era at Wrestlemania so there was so much suspense which added drama.

Add in a match full of nothing but adrenaline and storytelling, top notch booking, it’s an automatic win.

Here we go.

One of these men will leave the city of Angels with there career over! It doesen’t get bigger then this considering both these talents Main Evented Wrestlemania the past three years.

The Macho King came out in all his glory, being carried in on a throne. Macho King and Sherri came to the ring and Liz looked on worried and dissapointed the love of her life was now with Sherri and his career could be over.

You have to love the story telling before the match even begins in this one!

Some fans booed, while a few cheered the always entertaining persona Randy Savage delivered. Randy Savage did his signature twirl taunt and he looked confident. Macho King looked at the top of his game considering his career could be over in a matter of minutes.

And when Randy was on his game, he really brought it as we’d see here and then some.
Again, you felt the Classic Tension was upon you from the moment the bell rings, infact I felt it before both men even came out.

If you didn’t before you surely would in moments.

This is what it’s like to have fun viewing a Wrestling match. Watching this one and its a given. Show this to anyone and I’ll be amazed if they don’t have a good time.

This is the type of match the casual fan and the smark would both equally enjoy, it just has that tangible to it which makes it likeable to everybody and that’s another reason this is such a fan favourite.

The Ultimate Warrior gets a tremendous ovation and surprisingly he isn’t sprinting to the ring like he is generally known to do. Warrior does this once he gets to the ring area but not all the way to the ring this time around.

When looking at both The Ultimate Warrior and Macho King Randy Savage and there ring attire, it even came off magical from a presentation standpoint due to there attire alone. Nevermind the fact it was Mania in a high profile match fighting for there career’s!

Tension built and Savage was poised to do everything in his power to stay alive, keep his career going and most importantly get back to the main event and out of mid-card hell where he was stuck under the Macho King title. Things would be very different for Randy Savage after this match, either one way or the other.

So to say this was a defining moment in his career would be an absolute understatement. Same for Warrior. If he didn’t screw up and demand money later in 1991, who knows the marketing machine for Warrior had no limits and this win over Savage (with the epic win over Hogan the year before) made him the biggest star in all of Pro-Wrestling.

The bell rung and the fans were more ready, it’s Wrestlemania 7’s Career Threatening Match between two Icon’s and living legends in the history of the WWF. Trump is front row with a smile.

Savage and Warrior weren’t smiling, all buisness from them both.

Macho King Randy Savage then stared down the Warrior and it was a showtime here. One of the most underrated rivalries in the hitory of Professional Wrestling. Savage had enough of Warrior’s posing on all the turnbuckle’s, Savage wanted Warrior to get to business and who could blame him.

Warrior took off his jacket to screams and cheers, bell rang both men cautious. Savage ran to the ropes and tried to psych out Warrior.

Savage playing Mind Games went to the top to pose, got boo’s. Warrior did as well and got cheers.

Both men go face to face and tie-up. Liz is concerned.

Savage is told to break away from Warrior. A facelock by Warrior and a shove down to Savage.

Both men extremely cautious. Macho King Randy Savage going downstairs with forearms and right hands to Warrior. Side headlock nicely applied by The Macho King, off the ropes Warrior hit a shoulder block to Savage taking him out of the ring. A distraction from the Queen allowed Savage to come back in and hit a running knee to the Ultimate Warrior, but it didn’t phase him.

Warrior with a power move and an atomic drop, followed by a long powerful atomic drop by the Ultimate Warrior. Sherri can be heard screaming NO on the outside.

Warrior in control early!

Warrior held the Macho King down while Sensational Queen Sherri looked on concerned.

Sherri got involved but was elevated to the outside.

Randy Savage caught in the ring ropes, Warrior took a few shots. Savage got a kick off the ropes with a bit of momentum then charged towrds Warrior and hit a beautiful clothesline. Such an execution so superb by Randy Savage.

Bombs away by the Macho King with a cross body from the top, Warrior showed off his power and caught him and dropped Savage.

The Ultimate Warrior intimidating Savage asking what he has? Savage slapped him then threw a steek chair into the ring. The Official moved it out of sight and the Ultimate Warrior hit a forearm to Savage two times levelling him down to the mat. An irishwhip sent Savage back first to the buckle and Warrior with another strong round-house right a couple of times knocking down Macho King who’s career could soon be over. More shots took down Randy, an irishwhip to Savage into the buckle but Macho moved.

Warrior charged into the buckle as Savage moved as said and this was an opening for Randy. Sherri took down Warrior outside of the ring. Savage had time to re-group. Macho King in the ring waiting saw Warrior push down Sherri. Savage shoved Warrior from behind and then rammed Warrior into the post.

Heenan said he followed Savage’s career and he never saw him this intense. He wasn’t far off.

Once again Sherri with the shoe. Warrior chants. Savage in the ring and a scoop slam with a two count. the Ultimate Warrior about to catch a neck breaker from Savage but he hits a back slide to Savage, amazing stuff. Savage backs off to the corner and spits in Warrior’s face before getting out of harms way. Clothesline by Warrior as Macho got caught.

The Ultimate Warrior ran off both ends of the ropes and went for a signasture splash but Randy Savage moved! Macho King rammed Warrior head first to the mat and got two quick two counts.

Savage now with a reverse chinlock, a logical move to do to a powerful athlete such as The Ultimate Warrior.

Amazing, captivating stuff here.

Savage never wanted anything so bad other then this victory here. Savage kept the chinlock in as the crowd chanted for the Warrior and he shook. Here we go. Nothing but pure adrenaline pumping from this point out.

Testicular Fortitude by the Warrior, a running clothesline!

A running clothesline by Warrior to the Macho King!

Savage down, but then after a criss-cross Savage hit a clothesline to Warrior and now both men are down.

What an epic atmosphere, so much on the line.

Savage and Warrior both to there feet at the same time, Savage goes for a powerslam to the Ultimate Warrior and then he rolled up Savage with a small package and the ref was distracted from Sherri and he only got a two count.

the Ultimate Warrior made a costly mistake turning his back to the official arguing over the slow count and Sherri’s interference.

Savage rammed him from behind with a charging knee into the abdomen.
Sherri with a shoe and the ref down nailed Savage by mitake off the top, the crowd gets loud. Warrior chasing Sherri rather then going after Savage which could be costly as said by Heenan and Monsoon.

Warrior looking to the outside, Savage from NO WHERE with a roll-up and two and a half.

Heenan loses his voice from excitement. Everything is on the line, Savage pulled Warrior by the trunks into the corner. Savage then elevated Warrior up and dropped him throat first onto the top rope.
Excellent stuff.

Macho King in control then leaped over the top rope and choked out Warrior, taking the air out of a full throttle tank like Warrior.

Savage slammed him down twice not taking any chances, and a two count.

Both men used up everything imaginable.

Here we go!

The Elbow Drop by the Macho King! Sherri cheers.

1 hit, then 2 hit.

He’s going for a third, history is being made, a third hit! Heenan is claiming the end of
Warrior’s career is here and everyone believes it as Savage is in all his glory.

Macho King goes for another, and then yes, another one.

The 5th and last one.

Randy “Macho King” Savage by all means should of put Warrior away.

Five elbow drops didn’t put Warrior away, the place pops. Savage can’t believe it. No one ever came close to taking that kind of punishment from Savage and get out of it.
Savage dropped his signature double axehandle’s and now the adrenaline pumped through the veins of the Warrior as he fought back with forearm shots, a right hand, clothesline after clothesline.

Liz looks concerned for the career of Savage.

Warrior reaches to the heavens. Macho King hoisted up and now the press slam is delivered. Warrior hits the big splash!

It’s over! It has to be….but Savage kicks out! UNBELIEVABLE! Warrior reaches to the heavens and asked if this was his destiny.

Savage down and Warrior asked the Heavens while everyone watched on. Warrior then on the ring apron wasn’t sure what was next. Warrior on the apron took his time and Macho King knocked Warrior off the apron giving himself a chance to come back here.

Savage goes up high where he is often best.

So what could POSSIBLY come next?

Heenan yells what a match, what a match with the most passion he perhaps ever had when yelling out that great phrase during an epic encounter.
Savage missed his drop from the top and hit the gaurdrail.

In the ring the Warrior off the ropes hit a big clothesline to Macho King Randy Savage and he did so another time. Two in a row. the Ultimate Warrior in full control in a back and forth climatic match. Then a spear job by Warrior to the Macho King to the floor, Savage might have been saved being out to the floor but Warrior with yet another spear to the Macho King once he was back in the ring.

the Ultimate Warrior with yet another spear!

In dramatic fashion Warrior puts his right boot over the chest of Randy Savage and it’s over!

Heenan yells “Oh my god…no.” Everyone pops, the epic battle/confrontation, magical masterpiece had concluded but the best was yet to come still.

For the second straight Wrestlemania, the Ultimate Warrior put down a powerhouse in the Federation this time in the Macho King in what was a career performance for him.
The Warrior pinned Savage in awesome fashion with a boot on the chest and a finger pointing to the heavens as the place roared in approval.

The pinfall came at 20:48 and the match really flies by for a bout over twenty minutes in length.

Incredibally entertaining throughout with a HOT crowd, one that should always be there for a big time Mania Match. These guys more then delivered.

After the match, it finally sinks in to Sherri what has happened. Sensational Queen Sherri gets in and kicks Macho King Randy Savage for losing. She berates him verbally and kicks him a few more times. All of this prompts The first Lady of Professional Wrestling Miss Elizabeth to jump the gaurdrail and throw Sherri out of the ring to a mega pop. Savage recovers and blames Elizabeth until he sees the refs dragging Sherri back to the dressing room. Liz asks him what it’s going to be.

Savage, after a moment of tense soul-searching, scoops his woman up in his arms in a tearful hug. Liz opens the ropes for Randy, like she always used to do, but Savage refuses and holds the ropes for her. Nice touch for sure there.

The Macho Man is back! What a great moment.

Everything is right in the world with his theme playing in the background.

Savage and Liz reunite and everyone cheers, some even brought to tears, actually many were. An emotional moment as the Macho King transformed back into the Macho Man and this time around was going to treat his lady right.

For some reason a forgotten babyface turn which is strange considering the significance, when it happened and how awesome this segment really, really was. Hollywood couldn’t of done that segment better. Something to be proud of and it definitely doesen’t age, if anything it just gets better as time goes on and as the industry continues to change.

Excellent drama to follow a Classic encounter which was ultimately perfect.

As previously mentioned what Macho did for Liz earlier, Savage’s most memorable romantic gesture was holding down the ropes for Miss Elizabeth in order for her to exit the ring with style, after years of having her do it for him.

If not the greatest moment in the history of Wrestling then it’s most certainly one of the most emotional moments in Wrestlemania History:

Everything about this was done to perfection, (much like the match) Savage even happened to have a theme song where it built up the hug and celebration perfectly. Just magic inside the Sports-Entertainment world.

Oh yeah, the match that took place before this. This match, REALLY what can you say? This one had every aspect of Pro-Wrestling required that makes it as great as it REALLY can be. This piece of art really pushed the envelope from a storytelling standpoint.

I even contemplated reasons if this match shouldn’t be the full five stars and to be truthful, I really couldn’t come up with one good reason just now after a hard time thinking about it. It’s been a personal favourite for two decades and now I am finally pushing it over the edge to 5 star/elite status. This is only the 11th match from this side of the Pacific I’ve given that prize.

For my money a top 5 Mania match and a top 11 match ever from this continent. They just DON’T make them like this very often, if at all.

Another awesome element to the bout is that it is probably the best booked match in Wrestlemania History. Which says…quite a lot, and that in itself goes without saying.

Calling it a CLASSIC isn’t even doing it enough justice, because this is not only one of the Greatest Matches in the history of Wrestlemania, but one of the greatest matches in the history of Professional Wrestling.

It really should be showed and replayed more on highlights of Wrestlemania when the company does there awesome yearly packages, but all one has to do is look at the two men involved here and say “Oh, yeah…”





Final Rating for “The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” = 4.5/10




This DVD is pretty brutal in every sense of the word. If you hate him you might love this, if you love him you might hate it. If you’re indifferent it’s a decent watch. Is it deserved,….maybe. Is it worth a watch….why not? At least it includes the Mania 7 classic if it’s not already in your library.

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  1. Rob L says:

    This was a DVD made to bash the Ultimate Warrior… Not sweet IMO.

  2. agtdark2023 says:

    This DVD was sweet. I love the humor provided by E&C and also Heenan. I do have to admit though, there was something about this guy way back then that got me on my feet. I was still routing for Hogan at Mania though. Very entertaining DVD documentary, I do recommend it to any fan.

  3. Rob L says:

    I completely agree. I bought it on Amazon about a week ago for $5.00 bucks, which was a total steal. I watched the documentary last night and I was blown away with it. I’ve included that into my top 10 favorites of all time. Looking forward to reading your review man

  4. Brett Mix says:

    Thanks Rob, Yes I Have but I have yet to post it and will do that in a couple weeks time. His set is one of my favourites and everyone should have it.

  5. Rob L says:

    Nice review of a terrible DVD. The only reason I picked up this disc was for the Wrestlemania 7 match against Macho Man Randy Savage. A quick question… have you reviewed Brian Pillman’s DVD yet? If so link me, if not please make one =)

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