Review: WWE Shawn Michaels- Heartbreak and Triumph (3 Disc) DVD

January 2, 2011 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- “-Heartbreak and Triumph: Shawn Michaels” 3 Disc Review:


“The Heart Break Kid…lays down…. for ABSOLUTELYYYYY… NOOOOOOOOBOOOODY!” -Shawn Michaels

-Heartbreak and Triumph: Shawn Michaels” was put together as a three disc set.

-It is the third official DVD for Shawn Michaels (of the 4 as of this writing) after a Boyhood Dream and The Vault.

-It is constructed with a Documentary and matches throughout Disc 2 and 3 with the first disc focusing on the Documentary.

Disc 1 Documentary:


This is one of the better produced Documentary`s outside the screwjob discussion so that had to be expected.

They begin where Shawn Michaels began following wrestling.

Shawn Micheals grew up a fan.


Michaels we find out is actually named Hickebottom! Of course most fans already knew that. Still we hear from his parents being pissed off that Shawn wasn’t a girl. Maybe that’s why he makes up for it by dancing the way he does for his parents sake.
Like most parents say to there kid, no, you’re not going to be a wrestler. Michaels started at age 12, I got him beat by about eight years as I started as a toddler, but that’s beside the point.

Growing up idolizing guys in the Awa, Nwa, the Federation, wccw, etc.

Ric Flair is his favourite. The sky is blue.

Like most kids in the business he played football in school growing up. Michaels goes back to his old roots and shows his school and talks about how much he loved to wrestle.

Michaels went to college and said it wasn’t working for him, he didn’t want to waste any time or money and he wanted to try wrestling.

Michaels talked about how he got in the business.

Jose Lothario is brought up and in two months he became Michaels trainer who got him booked with Mid-South.

I like how we hear from different personalities throughout this Documentary. Michaels speaks on his first match. Ross puts over his natural instincts. Michaels was one step ahead of the game, a fast learner.

Michaels talked about how after his tag match with Jannetty things just worked immediately. Something was there.

The Awa is next. They speak more about Jannetty and Michaels going on to be the Midnight Rockers in the awa. They show how innovative, fast, and agile the team was.
Foley says it was hard to sit through a lot of Awa matches but when the Rockers were on, he’d likely to see something he hadn’t seen before and would be in for an entertaining match. Ross and Jannetty put over the double-team moves. Michaels talks about driving down the road trying to get better at what they did.

Ross said they were gifted in the ring, but immature outside the ring. They liked to party.

No one is hiding from that fact, you have to respect that from this documentary. They aren’t sugar-coating anything. The late Sensational Sherri speaks about being frustrated with them at times.

A lot of good old-school Promo’s and video’s are shown.

They cover the feud between the Midnight Rockers and Playboy Buddy Rose and Doug Sommers who had many classic tag contests put on several wwe dvd’s over the years. Great footage of how brutal some of there battle’s were. A lot of blood. Michaels says this put them on the map.

After a ton of time they finally beat them for the belts and Jannetty said this stood out the most. Pat Patterson came in and wanted to take a look at them. He talked to Vince McMahon to bring them to New York.

A lot of people thought they were young punks once coming into the Federation, Michaels admits it was true. Michaels tells a story about becoming one of the boys. Then soon enough they got fired.
Michaels finally got to the top and now it was gone. He speaks about getting heavy into the drugs. Michaels even admits contemplating suicide while high. I can relate to him from that standpoint. It’s a sad fact of life that many people go through, even talented people.

Michaels speaks on in 88 going from Memphis to the Awa. Michaels says there’s only one place to go to be a success in the industry and that’s the Federation. I think he’s kissing ass personally because the Nwa had some of the best talent in 88, but there’s no denying the Federation were the main ticket during the Hogan era in the late 80’s.
Rockers got one more chance in the Federation and with there natural energy, and aerial skills blew everybody away. One of the best teams of all time, praised by Arn, Hunter, Blanchard. They definitely are up there on an all-time list. Jannetty praises the Busters for helping them along the way.

The Rockers were not only great, but OVER and most importantly not screwing up so they were finally going to get the main prize in this division, and back then, THAT meant something did the tag title’s. Rockers won the title’s but due to the ropes breaking off it didn’t air, so it didn’t happen.

Michaels says that despite getting success the schedule was so demanding and both guys drifted apart with seperate lives. Alcohol and Drugs can kill your personal life. Again, the sky is blue.

The infamous Barber Shop heel turn is shown, a groundbreaking moment for Michaels. Jericho and Hunter speak on how shocked they were personally when Kayfabe was still in full mode, even for Smarks.

He feuded with Jannetty for a couple of years after this producing some average to classic matches along the way. Now it was time for Shawn to break out as a single’s star.

Michaels is going on to bigger and better things. Michaels wanted to be on his own and was paired with Sherri originally, but with the hype from guys like Heenan, he’d prove he could break out and be one of the top stars of the 90’s. Patterson assured Shawn it’d be a good thing since Sherri was with Savage and DiBiase. So by association Shawn could become a big star.

Shawn ultimately wanted to be on his own because he visualized more oppurtunities and realizing his twelve year old dream of becoming the Heavyweight Champion one day. As Jericho intelligently states, “Perception is Reality”, and when you saw Shawn with Sherri and him doing his little tricks like pushing Sherri down. They talk about how he got his Heart Break Kid gimmick and how the late Curt Hennig helped give him that name on commentary.

Now Michaels goes into the theme song and Sherri singing it. Michaels didn’t like the whole boy toy thing at first believing it to be soft, but he got used to it. He gives credibility to the IC title and how it helped him elevate to the status he wanted to be at. They talk about the Michaels/Bulldog match from SNME where Shawn won the gold. Michaels loved that moment and helped give that title more prestige. Ross even mentions how all the greatest performers were IC Champion going back to Pat Patterson, Randy Savage, Steamboat, Bret, Hennig, Owen, Austin, Rock.
Continuously they mention Shawn’s bad attitude but how he still had a passion for the business to rise to the top. Now they dive into how he got Diesel as his bodyguard. Michaels talks about failing a drug test as he heard from Vince McMahon. Michaels talks about not taking Steroids but Pain Pills and possibly that’s what the problem was. Michaels was suspended and got in trouble not wanting to send the IC title back. Razor won the belt as he was gone.

This set up the Classic Ladder match and the two belts for Mania X.

Jericho mentions in 1994 things were a lot different but Michaels stole the match with that Ladder with Ramon.

A classic indeed. Ramon ended up winning but there’s no doubt Michaels broke out here and you could tell the company had something special in Shawn, if they didn’t already know before.

Now they get into the Clique and explaining how everyone in that group got together backstage. Shawn took Hunter under his wing. Patterson said the Clique was a pain in the ass and if anyone knows what that feels like, I’m guessing it’s Pat.

The Clique were Rebels. The sky is blue…I will try not to use that again.
It elevated Shawn’s attitude and he broke the rules. One of Shawn’s main concerns was if he was a draw and was a bit ticked he didn’t get to headline Mania 11 over Bam Bam and LT. I actually agree with him here, I think that should of main evented.

Now they talk about Shawn going to a club and talking to the Marine’s girls, and got jumped in the club. Michaels was all by himself at this point and got beat up pretty bad in Syracuse, New York. Michaels says he seemed to have learned his lesson.
This set up the concussion angle with Owen, and Michaels winning back to back Rumble’s. Michaels talked about upping his Cardio to train for the Ironman match, as did Bret. Michaels came to the ring in style and the 12 year old dream was realized. Foley says he was in attendance watching because he made his debut the next night on Raw as Mankind. A lot of people put over how much of a Classic it was.
They go into the MSG incident, the curtain call, many people go into not liking it including Vince. It shocked the hell out of Vince. Now onto winning the first title from Bret and the start of DX.

Michaels delivered in the company but backstage with his attitude and drug problems caused a lot of Chaos, especially with Bret Hart. Jim Ross says if Michaels wasn’t as good as he was and with Bret Hart gone, the company essentially could of folded. Michaels got to talk about winning the title back in his hometown of San Antonio at the 97 Rumble.

Shawn was fined as we heard about on the Monday Night wars for sticking items in his pants. Vince punished HHH the most and he payed his dues when looking back on the Curtain Call incident.

Vince admits Michaels was difficult to work with. He mentions he wouldn’t tolerate some of the things said to him by Michaels, from anybody else.

Michaels talks about losing his smile and now this is where the Documentary gets a bit emotional, a bit subjective, and everyone is going to have an opinion on this and the Screwjob.

That topic has been done to death. I’m not going to bother getting into it. Jericho talks a bit about him losing his smile and how he took that.

DX and the Clique are gone over as is the Screwjob for obvious reasons. Gerald Brisco is full of shit and I’d never lose my smile if he was never in a Documentary again. Michaels and Hunter make excuses for the Screwjob and I’m not getting into this because I’d rather not bash them.

Now the Casket Match injury which Michaels didn’t believe was very serious initially at the 98 Rumble with The Undertaker. Michaels’s body had taken it’s toll. Michaels had to pull out of No way out of Texas and had a big time match with Austin.

Both guys were in considerable pain and shells of there former self. (Compare KOTR 97’s match before the injuries to Mania 14 and you’ll see) However both guys did a good job, and they show a lot of coverage with Tyson joining DX. Great memories.
Michaels was done after this.

At least for four years.

They go into how Michaels met and got together with former Nitro girl, and now his wife.

The great return match with Hunter at Summerslam, the dream match at Mania with Jericho. Both these two matches are up there as the greatest ever.
Jericho said he was still a mark for Michaels, they did an amazing job, and for Michaels to put on these performances past his “prime” is even more impressive.

They cover the Michaels-Hogan feud which definitely had its entertaining moments, and then Michaels-Vince. I was never a big fan of that feud personally.

The return of DX in 2006 is covered, again, I wasn’t a big fan. Even the tag match with God and finding Jesus is covered for obvious resons playing a major part in his life.
They go over the Classic confrontation with Mr. Mania against the new Franchise in Cena at Mania 23 is a good way to close the DVD.

How they close the Documentary, they cover his career. Jericho and Ross consider Michaels the greatest of all time. Ross has also said this about Flair. And with his career done after Mania 26 (As of this writing) he is no doubt one of the best of all time.

This was a tremendous, lengthy documentary on Michaels, the best available for him.


Any fan of his should pick it up for this alone.



Disc 1 Extra`s:

-Heartbreak Hotel Promo

-Tell me a lie Music Video Tribute
-Larry King Hulk Hogan Spoof

-Deleted Scenes:

1) Academy of wrestling
2) Bible Teacher
3) Colorado Expedition
4) Just who is the greatest wrestler…


1) High School Prankster
2) High School Talent Show
3) Letter Jacket
4) Mom`s Approval
5) The Bruise
6) The Rockers Fight
7) This is a little Higher then I thought
8) Brown Pants






Disc 2 Matches:


1) Shawn Michaels vs Billy Jack Haynes (with Sunshine) -WCCW 1985:

Michaels`s name wasn`t pronounced correctly and neither the ring announcer or the commentator would do it for him of course not knowing at the time he`d go on to be one of the greatest of all time.
Shawn Michaels and Haynes lock up as the bell rings, Haynes got Michaels to the ropes and he breaked off. A standing side headlock by Haynes. Michaels fought back scratching the eyes, did a full backflip off the top and his cockiness made him fall into the Full Nelson.

In the end at just 1:20 Haynes wins with that Vice on his Full Nelson.

This match is just a filler show to Michaels as a jobber paying his dues in the business.

It’s a funny match if nothing else.





2) The Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) vs Buddy Rose & Doug Sommers (c) for the Tag Championship (with Sherri) -AWA 1987:

Now we go to the AWA.

The late Playboy Buddy Rose and Doug Sommers had there hands full with Michaels and Jannetty here.


The two teams engaged in many wars inside the Awa and here is another special one.

Shawn Michaels here, a young promising prospect that could bump extremely well.
Shawn began with Rose. A very lively crowd here. A long time passes before the teams finally lock up. Michaels and Rose back off and then aother tie up. In the corner Shawn scouted a shot and prevented it, nailing a beautiful left of his own.
Now with that, Rose tags in Sommers. Michaels and Sommers tie up. A leapfrog and a standing dropkick by Shawn into an armbar down on the mat. Double-team moves by the Midnight Rockers, a reverse elbow off the ropes. Jannetty comes inand is caught in a waistlock and a tag to Rose.
Rose went to kick Jannetty, he caught him and Michaels delivered a shot from the apron. Jannetty momentarily in control now faces off with Sommers. Frequent tags by the Champs. A wristlock by Sommers on Jannetty grabbing the trunks, Rose in the corner delivered a shot.
Isolation being attempted by the Champions.
A slingshot is ducked, Sommers accidentally hit by Rose, a sunset flip, Sherri grabbed ahold of Rose’s legs and saved the belts. Crowd chant BS.
Rose comes in chopping Jannetty but he ducks and goes for the arm, Jannetty sling-shotted into the buckle bouncing off hard. Sommers pounding away on the back of Marty Jannetty. Sommers slams him on the top turnbuckle upside down. Rose behind the official chokes him out as does Sherri. Michaels vulnerable and can’t do anything about it.

Jannetty with some momentum hits a hiplock and a count of two. Sommers regains momentum as this is going back and forth, elbowing him in the throat off the apron. Jannetty thrown to the floor. Rose tagged in is kicked off by Jannetty from the mat, a boot by Marty. Michaels wants the hot tag and gets it at the ten minute mark. A snapmare by Michaels and a boot to the head of Rose. A small package and a two.
An irishwhip but Michaels got caught by a boot from Playboy Buddy Rose. Sommers tagged in drillin Michaels with right’s. Sherri choked out Michaels behind the official in the corner. Rose took it to Michaels and another frequent tag into Sommers. A slow beatdown here. Front facelock into a gutwrench suplex turned in mid-air into knee shot to the abdomen on Michaels.

About to be backdropped, Michaels countered into a sunset flip and a long two. Fans chant BS again. Rose in with a body vice on Shawn over his shoulders. A bridge by Shawn countering once again in a nearfall on Rose. Sommers tagged in and they begin to isolate Michaels. Rose behind the official roughed up Michaels some more driving him into the steel railing.

Michaels down outside the ring at the fifteen minute mark of the match. They put over that Michaels can time and time again get out of pinning predicaments, through all this isolation and again a nearfall. A hard body slam and another tag back into Rose.
Michaels out of instinct and out of the blue caught Sommers after a kick and he tries to get to Jannetty for the hot tag. Michaels finally able to make the hot tag to Columbus’s own Marty Jannetty bodyslamming both Sommers and Rose on his own at the twenty minute mark. Michaels comes in and holds Sommers up high and Michaels double-teams him with a splash off the top onto Sommers.

In the end at 20:23 The Midnight Rockers won the tag title’s finally, as the place erupts.

This match had a slower pace but told a great story that kept you entertained.


*** 1/2




3) Midnight Rockers (c) vs Super Ninja & Ninja Go for the Tag Team Championship -AWA June 12th 1987:
The Midnight Rockers were building a reputation that the Federation would soon take notice of.

There fast tag team moves and aerial skils were a thing of beauty. Half the crowd seemed empty by this point, which is unfotunate given the talent in the ring.


Shawn Michaels and Jannetty by this point were very over as tha tag Champs in the Awa with there unique style.

Should be a great match up here.

The bell rings and starting off it’s Michaels in there. Michaels in a rare match tying up with Super Ninja monkey flipping him out of the corner, hitting an arm drag and taking the Ninja’s out of the ring with there quickness.

Fans appreciate the quickness. Super Ninja goes for a test of strength with Super Ninja. It takes awhile for this to go down but the two tie up and a crossbody into a hiplock. Jannetty tagged in and he splashed Super Ninja with a knee drop, Ninja grabbed the hair to kick up and gain any sort of advantage.

A break in the corner. Jannetty with quick moves, a hiplock into an armdrag. The Ninja’s get the momentum back and off the ropes, Jannetty makes sure it’s only momentarily with a leapfrog off the ropes, a standing dropkick and two arm-drag’s, into an armbar. Awesome material.

Michaels tagged in remaining on the arm of the Ninja into the armbar on Super Ninja, mostly all Rockers here. Michaels drives his knee into his arm. A leapfrog by a tagged in Jannetty and the Ninja falls to the floor, sprung in and get a double dropkick. Shawn leaps out on suicide dive.
Jannetty with a flying dropkick, Midnight Rockers are on fire. A double elbow smash and now Michaels with another arm-drag takedown to Ninja Go. Unbelievable quick action from Vegas.

Jannetty turned over by Ninja Go turning the armbar into a wristlock and a couple hard shots as the Ninja’s were desperate to do anything to get back in the match. A choke by Super Ninja to Jannetty but he was ordered to break the hold. Michaels waiting on the apron for the hot tag while Jannetty was isolated in the corner of the Ninja’s.
Now Ninja Go with a back breaker hyper-extending Jannetty focusing with a knee into the lower back followed by suplex by a tagged in Super Ninja. Marty in a load of trouble all of the sudden as the momentum goes to the Ninja’s. A double collision off the ropes. Ninja Go went for a backdrop on Jannetty but he hit a sunset flip but not enough strength to fight back. Ninja Go drops Super Ninja on a hurt down Jannetty, he finally made the hot tag but the official doesen’t see it. A sleeper to Marty but he fought back despite being thrown to the concrete.

Brawling breaks out, outside the ring. A lot of chasing as Michaels tries to protect his partner in Jannetty. Michaels gives shots to Jannetty on the outside. This fired him up. Jannetty in the ring at the fifteen minute mark. A choke over the top rope by Super Ninja. Off the ropes Jannetty ducks a double clothesline and both Ninja’s go down, Michaels needs the hot tag.

FINALLY HBK gets in. Michaels unloads on the Ninja’s. A big collision anda double noggen knocker. Shawn irishwhipped Ninja go but caught a boot to the face. Bodyslammed to the matand then a knee drop to the face by Super Ninja. A back-breaker and Ninja go drops the knee to Michaels, a hook of the leg anda kickout.
Michaels toe to toe in a slugfest and an inside cradle, and a two count. Ninja go with a front facelock into a vertical suplex attempt, Jannetty flipped him over and he caught a double dropkick by the Midnight Rockers.

A pin and a three count, the fans go wild.

Amazing pace here, all match!

In the end at 17:43 the Rockers retain the title’s.

This match is amazing tag wrestling, the way it was supposed to be done. Classic stuff.





4) The Rockers vs The Brain Busters -WWF MSG January 23rd 1989

Another classic tilt from these two legendary teams.

The bell rings, we get Lord Alfred Hayes as the Federation debut on this disc.

Shawn Michaels and Arn start out. Anderson is backed off by Hbner. A side headlock by Michaels, caught with a kick by Anderson but Jannetty sweeps the legs out of Anderson.

Double A charged into Michaels and he hit a drop toehold. Anderson got a slap and Blanchard tagged in. Frequent tags by both teams and Jannetty holds an armbar on Blanchard and Tully tried a snapmare out of a hammerlock.

Back to his feet Tully with an awesome counter sweeping the leg, but Jannetty goes back into a hammerlock.

Tully twists the arm, in comes Jannetty and he dropkicks both as he flips using that “Rockers Quickness” after the Buster tried a double team move. Michaels comes in and both men dropkick the Busters to the floor. Jannetty tags in Michaels. Blanchard missed the elbow smash. Arn unloads with hard shots.

Michaels and Jannetty find themself utilizing double team moves effectively. Marty tags in Micahelss, Blancahard tried a stungun and flipped over. Michaels taked Blanchard to the outside.

The Busters making the Rockers look tremendous here. A backdrop on the outside to the floor by Double A to Michaels taking him out.

Now the strategy would have to be to isolate an alone Jannetty for the Busters. Arn with a snapmare. Arn stomped on Shawn. Anderson with an irishwhip into Tully and then Blanchard from the apron with a knee to the abdomen of Mchaels this time.

Both Busters double-team Michaels behind the official. Blanchard only gets a count of two. Michaels in a chinlock by Tully. Blanchard tags in the Enforcer and Double A cut off the ring despite Michaels breaking the hold. A snapmare but Michaels rolled out of the ring avoiding the elbows. Michaels sunset flips in and Anderson kicks out.
Blanchard tagged in and again delivered a shot to Michels tossing him out of the ring.


Blanchad attempts to slam Michaels into the ring post, Michaels flies off the top with a

crossbody and a nearfall. Blanchard tags in Anderson.

Double A with an abdominal stretch. Tully comes in with the same move. Michaels in a bad way, Arn back in and out of no where an inside cradle by Shawn getting him a two count. A reverse chinlock by Arn to Michaels. A double team double axe handle to Michaels by Double A. A kick-out.

The Rockers unable to make a tag while the Busters have dominated the longer the match goes. Somehow Michaels fought back, a bridge by Shawn to Tully and a backslide, a nearfall.

The pace picks up in a major way here. Arn with aa hard shot and a big Spinebuster off the ropes. Double A signalled for the end but Marty broke up the count. Arn almost with a three but Michaels from his back is fired up getting back up. Arn drops down on Michaels but caught knees to the abdomen of Arn.
Michaels NEEDS the hot tag to Jannetty. Tully and Jannetty are tagged in.
Fans go wild a Marty goes to work on the Busters. All four going at itnow. Behind the official Anderson pulled the legs out from Jannetty as the official was distracted getting Michaels to his side of the ring.

Busters cheat to win.

The pace here got better as the match went.

In the end at 16:43 the Busters win as Tully pinned Jannetty with the help of Double A.

This match had a great story and a ton of quickness. Just the usual greatness you’d expect from these two teams.






5) The Rockers vs The Hart Foundation (c) in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Tag Team Championship -UNAIRED Special SNME October 1989

Finally on DVD but never seen live outside the live crowd.

No commentary but the action is fabulous as expected.

The Hart Foundation and Rockers were both over and relied on teamwork making this match special.

Bret tied up with Jannetty initially and off the ropes a waist-lock go-behind is countered by the Hitman. Jannetty circles Bret and a side headlock takedown takes him around and over. Jannetty with a hiplcok into an armbar.
Bret in a a Hammerlock elbows out. Bret with an armbar.

Rockers double tem the Foundation, then Bret pays them back with a double noggen knocker and the Anvil clotheslines both men.

The cream of the crop from the magnificent 1989 tag division in the Federation. This is wrestling.

The Avil in ties up with Michaels sending him back-first to the corner. Anvil in a side headlock off the ropes goes for a hiplock does Michaels but it’s countered by the Anvil then again by Michaels in mid-air with a Crucifix.

A tag to Jannetty leaping over Michaels landing on Jannetty. A wristlock and then Jannetty holds the top rope for leverage.

Neidhard using his size and strength elevated both Rockers to the floor. Jannetty sneaked back in hit a dropkick. Jannetty drops a double axehandle fromthe top. Neidhart rake the face. Bret goes after Jannetty and tags in the Anvil. Neidhart tried to reverse a sunset flip but Michaels came in and hit a clothesline.

Off the ropes Neidhart runs into a doubl elbow, both Rockers slam Neidhart to the mat. Bret pushed Shawn off the top, Jannetty missed a splash to the Anvil and he is in no luck s Michaels tags in, attempted to leap overhim but was caught by the Anvil. Neidhart tags in Bret and Shawn does an upside down flip into a back-breaker. Bret with a two count.

Side Rusisian Legsweep and Bret slams Shawn hard to the mat. Bret hits a piledriver and another long two. Hart arguing with the official and the hot tag made to Jannetty but Bret is caught up in the moment, Jannety curls him up and gets the first fall at the eleven minute mark.

Back in Bret picked up Jannetty and hit an atomic drop. Anvil comes in and now pounds on the lowerback of Marty. Off the ropes a vicious elbow finds its mark. Bret back in split the legs of Marty and stomped on him in the corner. Bret with a hard irishwhip and Jannetty bumps hard into the corner. A pinfall attempt but Jannetty gets his feet on the ropes.

Amazing workrate. A snapmare by Bret to Marty into a front facelock. Michaels wanted the hot tag and got it, double teaming Bret. Anvil rn into the pot, Bret nearly pinned Michaels as chaos breaks out. Bret with Michaels lands a vertical suplex and a nearfall. Back into a front facelock by Bret. A desperation back bodydrop to Bret but he regain control. Anvil made sure Marty stayed out of it.

Hart with a snapmare to Michaels and a headlock. Michaels gaining momentum back up fired Bret sternum first hard into the buckle. Hot tag to Jannetty and a thrust kick to Bret, only a nearfall. A swinging neckbreaker by Hart to Marty, in comes the Anvil to try and split the ring up.
This is tag wrestling!

The Anvil with a headlock slowing down the quicker Rockers. Bret in drops the elbow, Michaels interupts the count.

Bret shoved to the floor by Shawn. He’s tagged in and suplexed Bret back in the ring he landed on his feet with nice agility. Hart and Shawn both getting up, these teams have got to be fatigued by now.

Hart Foundation apply there finisher, Bret pins Shawn at 21:43.

Falls even at one a piece.

A minor break for both teams to catch there breath.

The third and final fall begins, all tied up at one.

Shawn Michaels elbowed by the Hitman and then a bodyslam takes him down followed by an elbow shot to the throat. Anvil comes in and hits a back body drop to Michaels. Anvil throws Shawn headfirst into the boot of Bret. Bret with a European Uppercut three times viciously to Michaels. Bret goes for Shawn but hits the ropes instead. Michaels crawls over to Jannetty and despite Bret attempting to stop him he comes in andhit a standing dropkick to Bret and then a powerslam off the ropes followed by a two count.

A charging Bret runs into the boot of Marty and then a crossbody. Rockers double team the Foundation sending them right into one another, the Anvil spills to the floor. Jannetty and Bret criss-cross but Bret caught Marty down on the mat and applied a Hammerlock until tagging in the Anvil.

Hart launched the Anvil into Marty and Shawn tried his best to come in. Neidhart slammed Bret on Marty buthe lifte the knees. Anvil cleared house on Michaels.
Jim Neidhart held Marty up high and as Shawn took the leg of Bret out Marty hit a crossbody on the Anvil, rolling him getting the three as the fans erupted.

In the end at 27:17 The Rockers became the Champion’s.

You might not be a fan initially due to no commentary but this was a tremendous match.

This match contained both teams in there prime which was definitely a nice sight.

It’s a Classic. Unbelievable at times how they kept up that pace for a half an hour.


Both teams hug after what they truly know what a historic encounter, and it still comes off that way even without commentary which speaks volumes to how good it really was.

One of the best tag team matches ever.


**** 1/2




6) The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) vs The Orient Express (Pat Tanaka and Kato) (w/Mr. Fuji) -Royal Rumble 1991

This is the best Royal Rumble PPV card match in history to this point in time and still stands today as one of the best ever in the history of the PPV which has produced over 23 shows!
The Hot Rod doing color commentary says this should be one of the greatest tag matches with the enthusiasm he had but I seriously doubt even HE knew it’d be THIS GOOD.

Both teams come out and The Rockers get a tremendous ovation!

Shawn Michaels started the match right AWAY by jumping onto Tanaka, but he and Kato both started to double team HBK wasting no time and irish whipped him to the ropes where he got a back body drop flipping in mid-air.

There is going to be a ton of quick action here.


Kato tried to cut the ring in half with forearms to Jannetty but he hit a dropkick. Tanaka got tagged in and Jannetty hit an armdrag takedown and then slapped on a wrist lock. Jannetty tagged in Shawn Michaels and then he came flying off the top and continued the arm bar into a back drop and then Michaels went back into a wrist lock quickly. Shawn Michaels then kept bending Tanaka’s arm back and then he hit him with a shoulder block until Kato hit a beautiful flying forearm off the side of the ring, Fuji approves but Tanaka only gets a two count.

HBK in a sleeper by Tanaka who was the only unmasked wrestler in the Orient Express with long black hair and he just tried to wear down the high flying Shawn Michaels with the sleeper hold but the crowd was amazingly involed and got on The Rockers side as they tried to will Shawn on to get out of this predicament. He eventually does with an irish whip and he ducked a series of moves from The Orient Express but Shawn Michaels ended up banging both of the Express’s heads together and then hit an armdrag takedown into a sleeper! Amazing sequence that showed a bunch of leaps from Michaels and how he could out smart the team, The Orient Express looked as if they were goin to bump into each other but Shawn Michaels MADE SURE they did by eventually banging there heads together.

Both men, Tanaka and Shawn Michaels getting to there feet as the crowd is clapping along and Tanaka with a beautiful leg sweeper taking out Shawn Michaels’s vertical base. Tanaka with a hasrd shot to the head and then another to make sure the high flyer stayed grounded. Tanaka with a hard chop to Shawn Michaels into the corner then hit some hard right hands until Shawn Michaels reversed it and unloaded with some rights of his own. Shawn Michaels went to the top and hit Tanaka with a few shots until he spotted Kato coming from behind and then hit a Moonsault. What a move! Piper has an orgasm. A double irish whip, then a double back drop and a double dropkick by The Rockers to the Orient Express. That is team work. Both Rockers fly off the top rope then to the outside to The Orient Express. Amazing pacing.

It was absolutely tremendous and the crowd knew it as they went insane to the great match taking place. HBK with a snap takedown to Kato and then he got up after a nearfall and tagged in Jannetty before The Rockers hit Kato with a double reverse elbow to Kato. Jannetty slapped a sleeper on Kato.

With Kato in the sleeper Jannetty tagged back in Michaels and held Kato back while Jannetty hit him with a hard right hand from outside the ring apron. Shawn Michaels then with a beautiful vertical suplex to Kato and he held him in the air for a few seconds showing his power and got a nearfall. Michaels charged to the corner on Kato and while in the air, Tanaka came up and slammed Shawn`s head with a big time leverage move on the outside.

Kato got in control from that cheap shot by Tanaka and stomped away on Michaels. Fuji from behind the ref`s back hit Shawn Michaels in the chest. Tanaka then posed and the fans booed, and he slapped HBK and the Orient Express having taken quite the beating were trying to slow things down. Kato held Shawn Michaels on the middle rope then Tanaka leap frogged over him and landed his groin on the lower back of Shawn. More double team moves from the Express to Shawn behind the officials back. Tanaka then signalled for a big time blow on a beaten Michaels and then levelled Shawn with a hard right hand in the Esophagus.

A Trap hold into Shawn to wear him down some more but the fans got even louder for The Rockers encouraging them on but Shawn had been beaten down in a huge, however despite all that Michaels would show previews of his resilient ways and got to his feet, but Tanaka wore him down some more and continued to hold the Trap of Shawn and then he was so grounded he just layed on the canvas in the hold.

Jannetty tried to encourage Shawn up then Tanaka went for a pin but Shawn kicked out and the fans cheered. Tanaka then pounded on Shawn`s face over and over until tagging into Kato. Kato brings up Shawn then places him in the corner and HBK kicks him in the mid-section, however Kato goes back to the offense and irish whips Shawn Michaels into the corner and he flipped over to the outside standing on the apron looking like he had the wind knocked out of him. All of the sudden Tanaka gives him a hard shot, with a big kick that sends him back from outside on the ring apron to the inside of the ring. The Orient Express double teaming The Rockers any way they could then they hit a double clothesline to Shawn. Tanaka with a near fall but Shawn kicked out and Piper is hillariously biased for the babyfaces.

Tanaka tagged back in but Shawn came off the ropes when Tanaka was bent down and planted him face first into the canvas and the place couldn`t believe it. Shawn was going to tag in Marty but Kato stopped him and both Orient Express double irish whipped Michaels then he ducked there clothesline attempt and came off with a flying shot to both men with a great presence of mind. Michaels tagged in Jannetty and he hit a series of offensive moves to The Orient Express including a dropkick and a nearfall, the place came absolutely unglued at this point. Kato irish whipped Jannetty, then he countered it into a back slide attempt but the ref was distracted by Shawn Michaels when Tanaka hit Jannetty in the mid-section while he was attempting a backslide on Kato.

Jannetty got back in control as Shawn hit Kato behind the refs back. Both Rockers then sent Kato to the ropes and they caught Kato with a big kick. Jannetty went to the top rope and then Kato scooped him up and slammed him down in mid-ring. Orient Express have matched The Rockers move for move and Kato went for a sling shot into Tanaka who hit Jannetty with a big time blow right in the sternum. Michaels then came back in the ring amazingly and Kato sling shotted Jannetty into Tanaka and Marty hit a sunset flip and actually turned a pinning predicament out of that attempted move by Kato!


So in the end Marty Jannety pinned Tanaka with a roll up at 19:15 to get the win for The Rockers! One of the best openers of all time!

Great addition to this DVD.

**** 1/4


7) The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) (c) vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship -Saturday Night’s Main Event- November 14, 1992

Shawn and Davey Boy wrestled a bunch of times in 1996 in matches at Beware of Dog or King of the Ring for instance which were pretty spectacular.

This is such a gem here, and what makes it more impressive is it took place earlier in there career’s!

The Bulldog was never the greatest wrestler in the world but he was always enjoyable. The guy could still work a good match especially with the right opponent, like right here.

I was truly saddened to hear of his passing in 2002. I barely ever here people speak of him these days it seems which makes it more depressing.
Davey Boy Smith had came off a big victory (to put it light) over The Hitman in the Main Event of Summerslam 1992 at the time.

Bobby Heenan on Commentary put over Michaels as the star of now, and this match was to do just that.

Michaels and Davey Boy Smith got set to lock up.
McMahon states “You`re likely to see a Classic Wrestling Encounter.“

Bulldog got thrown off by Michaels and then with a power move he threw Shawn to the mat. Davey Boy Smith locked up with Michaels again and he locked in the side headlock until running into the Bulldog in the middle of the ring who hit a shoulder breaker. Shawn then with a dropkick to the legs of Bulldog. Shawn then dropped a striking blow to Bulldog, couldn`t get him over with a hiptoss but then eventually did and flipped over before locking on a short armscissors. Bulldog rolled out of it on the mat and then Davey Boy Smith lifted up Shawn with one arm until his back gave out on him, he did it once more but then cradled Shawn up in the air.

Shawn then was dropped to his back but the damage had been done to Davey Boy Smith`s back as well. Bulldog with an irishwhip to Shawn and then the Raw Power of the Bulldog sent HBK down to the mat from up high.

The match was using its strength combining Shawn`s bumping and Davey Boy Smith`s power. Bulldog utlilized his strength to elevate Shawn to the outside. Bulldog backed to the corner by Michaels and then he hit a big elbow to the head of Smith. Michaels sent Bulldog to the corner and then Shawn came from the corner, Bulldog flipped him over a series of times and then locked in an armbar.

Great exchange.

Bulldog with an armringer on Shawn Michaels and then he reversed it into one of his own. Michaels then threw off his elbow pad and hammered Bulldog in the corner, sent to the corner he leapfrogged over Bulldog and then sent him to the outside, hitting back first to the mat.

Shawn Michaels released the top turnbuckle padding. Shawn kicked at the head of Bulldog and untied the top turnbuckle padding.

Michaels with a snapmare to Bulldog and then stomped on him. Michaels then stretching the back with an abdominal stretch to Davey Boy Smith. Shawn Michaels gets hiptossed by Bulldog in desperation and came missing with a splash which bought HBK a nearfall, Shawn then was intelligent enough to go back to the bad back, and Michaels struck early and often on Davey Boy Smith in relentless fashion.

Michaels dropped his bodyweight to the sore back of Davey Boy Smith. Michaels then irishwhipped Bulldog and slapped on another Abdominal Stretch in mid-ring to put more emphasis on the bad back of The Bulldog. Shawn again with an abdominal stretch and Bulldog out of desperation hit a hiplock, an uppercut then off the ropes he drove Michaels head first into the mat. Bulldog whipped HBK with momentum into the corner and hit a clothesline. Bulldog powerfully catapolted Shawn to the corner and hit another clothesline.

Bulldog with momentum hesitated before a pinning attempt which ended up being costly, Michaels then up for the ride hit a powerful suplex but still just a two count. Bulldog thrown into the corner by Michaels who had worked over the back so wonderfully already. The exposed buckle was seen behind Bulldog who threw Michaels this time to the corner, and then from the top Bulldog went for the finishing touches but Michaels overpowerd him in mid-air and landed on top of Davey Boy Smith.

This one went ten minutes in length and was a great all-around match.

In the end we had a new IC Champion on the result of great back work by Michaels!



8 ) The 1995 WWF Royal Rumble Match
It’s PAAAAAM time. I was in love with her back in 1995 but I’m pretty sure if you weren’t, you were a homosexual.

This Royal Rumble match gets a lot of criticism due to how short it was, and how the roster seemed like one from a high school gym.

Lets take a look:

1 Shawn Michaels
2 The British Bulldog
3 Eli Blu
4 Duke Droese
5 Jimmy Del Ray
6 Seone
7 Tom Prichard
8 Doink the Clown
9 Kwang
10 Rick Martel
11 Owen Hart
12 Timothy Well
13 Luke Williams
14 Jacob Blu
15 King Kong Bundy
16 Mo
17 Mabel
18 Butch Miller
19 Lex Luger
20 The Mantaur
21 Aldo Montoya
22 Henry Godwinn
23 Billy Gunn
24 Bart Gunn
25 Bob Backlund
26 Steven Dunn
27 Dick Murdoch
28 Adam Bomb
29 Fatu
30 Crush


Yeah, that’s pretty bad. I think this is one of the worst Rumble matches but I actually have a soft spot for it due to HBK having a pretty awesome performance, it was original and for it not being a long match (thank god given the talent) they actually did much better then they probably could have.

Still though, all in all it was STILL a bad Rumble match but not nearly as bad as the worst one ever in 1999. Plus I always think this Rumble match is decent for Pam at ringside, HBK’s performance as mentioned and it just rolls along pretty smoothly.
However looking at clear favourites, only the ones in bold were. King King Bundy and Mabel were up there but I don’t think anyone seriously thought they were going to win. Crush perhaps as well, but only Luger, Owen, HBK and The Bulldog were legit favourites in my view heading in which is another aspect that hurt this rumble match.
King said he had a date with Pam later and McMahon said it’d be at Burger King.

Lawler said that HBK loved being the #1 draw because he gets to strut his stuff in front of Pamela Anderson. Probably true.

Shawn Michaels ready for who drew #2 and it was Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog!

Bulldog and Shawn started it off as Shawn Michaels went right to work on Bulldog. These two better get used to each other, a lot of people talk about how Shawn went from #1 to last, but lots forget it was the first two that were the last two. That was maybe the most unique part of this match and its ending. Bulldog irish whipped HBK up and he went up in the corner and then down, HBK missed an elbow drop.
50 seconds later another man came out. Eli of the Blu Brothers came out. Ugh, the Rumble Participants really suck already. Either way Eli kicked at Bulldog in the corner and then at the other side Shawn helped him.

Duke the Dumpster was #4. Well at least the quality of superstar’s is improving. :side: Anyway, Duke hammers on Michaels and Bulldog is being worked on in the corner by Eli. Duke then had HBK up in the air but he didn’t throw him out he just tried to wear him down with a bear hug. Already time for a new wrestler…
Out at #5 it was one of the Heavenly Bodies, Jimmy Del Ray. BOOOOOOORING. Either way, Duke and Eli hammer down Del Ray in the corner while Michaels and Bulldog follow up from before and beat on each other. Michaels then almost eliminated by Del Ray. Michaels barely held on in a memorable spot he’d repeat the next year.

Seone came out at #6. Wow. Jimmy Del Ray becomes the first person eliminated in the Rumble match. He is clotheslined over the top rope and its already time for a new entrant with five guys in there.
At lucky #7 was Tom Prichard another Heavenly Body. He worked on Eli in the corner and then Seone had the chance to throw out Shawn but he stayed in the ring and then chopped him in the corner. Duke the Dumpster was choking out the Bulldog in another corner. The entrants come fast and furious in this Rumble match, which like I said was definately a good thing considering the talent being the worst ever.

Doink the Clown comes out and it’s sad when he gets far and away the biggest pop of the first eight entrants. Doink then choked out Seone in the corner. Michaels and Duke going at it. Prichard almost threw out the Bulldog while Eli hung around there looking for someone to beat on. Time for another guy…

Kwang aka Savio Vega comes out. Kwang then hammered on Bulldog and then Doink. Seone hammered on by Prichard. Kwang and Duke in the corner battling it out. Doink went for HBK while Eli beat on Bulldog in the corner. Bulldog then rammed HBK into the corner.

The Model, Rick Martel was the 10th entrant. Martel a veteran of Rumble’s, this was his seventh and he had been in more then anyone to this point. This would also be his last appearance. Kwang went to eliminate Michaels but he hung on using his great flexibility to make sure he had a good grasp on the ropes. The ring was getting full fo sure. Action all over.

Owen Hart comes to the ring and Vince lets out a hillarious “OH NO!” You can tell he was a great heel with the great heat he got. All of the sudden Bret Hart then ran out and attacked owen in the entrance way. Owen cost Bret a chance at the title earlier in the night and he gave Owen a series of right hands. Owen had the shit kicked out of him by Bret and its alreayd time for a new entrant.

Timothy Well came in. Timothy Well went over. Prichard, Martel, Duke The Dumpster and Owen all went out of the ring. Fast eliminations here.

Now Luke of the Bushwhackers came out. Doink then and Seone were eliminated. HBK elimnated Luke. It’s down to HBK and The Bulldog the two guys who began the match. The two went at it for a bit and Davey Boy hit a huge vertical suplex showing his power.

Out now was the other Blu Brother as Jacob Blu came out. Hillarious how we saw this exact thing at the start of the match with HBK and The Bulldog in the ring with a Blu Brother and we do again. Jacob gets eliminated in a matter of seconds.

King Kong Bundy came to the ring to a chorus of boo’s while HBK and Bulldog were becoming fatigued inside the ring. King King Bundy tried to eliminate The Bulldog and HBK hammered away on his back area.

Out now was Mo of Men on a Mission. He ran in the ring and King Kong Bundy back dropped him out of the ring. That had to be one of the fastest elimination’s, not quite as fast as the Warlord, and I’m not sure why they forgot about Warlord as they pretended Luke of the Bushwhackers back in this time and in 1994 had the record. Bundy, HBK and Davey Boy all left in the ring.

Out next was Mabel. Mabel right after Mo, you’d think the drawing was rigged. Hmmm. Mabel with great size and strength came in the ring and went face to face with another big guy. Vince’s wet dream. Mabel and Bundy hammer away on each other and it bores the hell out of me personally. Mabel almost had Bundy out of there and Bulldog and Shawn are getting rest in the corners.

#18 was Butch. Butch came in the ring and then Mabel eliminated King Kong Bundy. Buth got thrown out of there by Davey Boy afer about 40 seconds. Mabel and Bulldog try and eliminate Shawn.

Lex Express ran wild in 1995! Well not really but he ran to the ring then clotheslined Mabel out. Luger and Bulldog then teamed up on Michaels in the corner. Luger and Davey Boy were the Allied Powers and Luger was looking to win this match on his OWN this time.

#20 was Mantaur. Good god what a terrible gimmick. Up there with the Red Rooster. Mantaur hammered away on Davey Boy Smith and then he speared Bulldog in the corner. HBK hammered on Luger in the other corner. Mantaur drops an elbow to Davey Boy Smith.

Aldo Montoya ran out and attacked HBK. Did I mention this Rumble’s roster was absolutely horrible yet? Seriously though…wow. Bulldog and Luger tried to get Mantaur out and HBK tried to get Aldo Montoya out.
Henry Godwin ran to the ring. Henry Godwin hammered on Mantaur. Henry gets no reaction, must have been a newcomer at the time and I believe he was. Henry then slammed on the back of Bulldog’s head and Luger kicked at Henry Godwin. Mantaur choked out Aldo Montoya in the corner. They show a shot of PAM (Finally) and she looks so impressed….

#23 was Billy Gunn. Billy hammered away on Mantaur and Luger hammered on Henry Godwin. Luger avoided contact with the Bulldog.

Completely ridiculous that Bart Gunn was the next entrant. Two different tag teams just happened to draw back to back numbers in the same Rumble match? Come on… Lex was being called the favourite by McMahon. As I elluded to there wasn’t many. 2

#25 was Bob Backlund and the fans booed. Bret Hart then ran out and just as he did before with Owen when he entered, Bret got his revenge on Backlund. Bret hammered him with some shots outside the ring and continued to give him right hands.
Steven Dunn (Who the hell?) comes out with Harvey Wippleman and then he pounded on Aldo Montoya. Luger clotheslined Backlund from behind and he was eliminated. Mantaur then hammered on Luger. Bret continued to level Backlund on the outside of the ring all the way till the next entrant was ready to come out.

Dick Murdoch, 80 years past his prime runs to the ring. Murdoch gave a ton of guys some right hands. Michaels lands a right hand on Murdoch. Only three more guys to come out, thank god. Action continues all over the ring as the ring has over ten guys in it.

Adam Bomb who drew #30 last year came out at #28 and I find it absolutely hillarious that McMahon said he was going to take it. Good stuff. When there is little competition, or favourites, just pretend like anyone can win.

Fatu aka Rikishi ran to the ring. This was his second or third Rumble by this point and he’d enter a lot that by 2001 he had entered more then anyone. Mantaur finally eliminated by Lex Luger. Dick Murdoch choked out Bart Gunn in the corner and the action continues.

Crush was the 30th entrant in the Rumble match. Crush eliminated both Smoking Gunns. Aldo Montoya back dropped Steven Dunn to the outside and out.
Everyone had now entered.

Pam was shown again with a great leg shot by the way. I find it hillarious that Vince said “NEVER AGAIN WILL TWO MEN EVER GO OUT AT THE SAME TIME!” here at the 95 Rumble, then 10 years later in the 05 Rumble when it happens he comes storming out as if to say “DAMN IT, I SAID NEVER AGAIN!” Good stuff. Just a thought anyway…..

Dick Murdoch almost had Michaels out of there and then Adam Bomb kicked at Henry Godwin and the action was all over the place. Interesting to note that the final four from last year in 1994 was Fatu, Luger, Michaels and Bret. Three of those four were in the ring this time at the end besides Bret because he wasn’t in this match.
Adam Bomb eliminated. Montoya then eliminated by Michaels. Crush levels Fatu down and then throws him over the top rope to the outside. Six men remain, Dick Murdoch, Henry Godwin, Bulldog, Lex, Crush, and Shawn Michaels.
HBK leaped on top of Luger and he was hurting in the corner. Henry Godwin hammered him down and irish whipped Luger into the turnbuckle. Dick Murdoch had been eliminated and got a good ovation when leaving which was nice to see. Henry Godwin eliminated.

The Final four was Crush, Luger, Michaels and Bulldog. Michaels threw Luger out of the ring when he was up top hammering on Crush. Crush then listened to HBK as he said lets team up on Bulldog and get him out of there. The late Crush decided to go with it and Crush and HBK hammered away on Bulldog at the side of the ring. Both men stomped on Davey Boy Smith. They sent him to the ropes and then Crush and HBK clotheslined the Bulldog and when they went for a high five this time, HBK got hit in the groin by Crush. Crush scooped up Shawn and was about to eliminate him until HBK dropped and Bulldog charged to the side of the ring and eliminated Crush.
It’s down to the last two and PAM IS CLAPPING! Bulldog kicked HBK off, and it’s the first two guys who started the match! Bulldog sent HBK to the corner and kicked him up top and Shawn went flying upwards and then Bulldog dropped HBK groin first on the ropes and them clotheslined him over the top rope. Bulldog has won the Rumble.

Davey Boy threw Shawn out of the ring over the top rope.

Oh wait, HBK came back in the ring and pushed Bulldog out of the ring.


Only one of his feet hit the ground and HBK won the match!

In the end Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble in unique fashion by throwing out The Bulldog who was celebrating on the top of the buckle at 38:41. HBK is going to Wrestlemania!

Shawn did his pose to his sexy boy theme as Pam looked on smiling, until HBK tried to grind with her, then she just left.


Interesting way to end this disc.






Disc 3 Matches:




9) Shawn Michaels vs Double J Jeff Jarrett (C) (with the Roadie) -In Your House 1995:



This is perhaps Jeff Jarrett`s greatest outing and it comes at the hand of Michaels.

Jarrett was never a bad worker but he wasn`t an elite talent like Michaels of course.

Shawn Michaels is the challenger but next to Bret Hart (or arguably above) at the time the hottest attraction in the company despite Kevin Nash being the Champion.

Business wasn’t doing very well around this time to say the least.

This took place in Jarrett’s hometown and McMahon on commentary said if they don’t like you in your home town, you’re in trouble. I guess Edge should cover his ears.

Michaels checks his reflection in Jarrett’s IC belt. A couple of hard right’s to Jarrett and he tells Shawn to back off in the corner. Michaels ties up with Jarrett and he hits an arm-drag takedown and struts to a chorus of boo’s.

Michaels circles around Jarrett as the two begin to feel around a bit, Jarrett with an arm-ringer but Michaels turns him around and leaping over Jarrett caught a right and HBK goes for a walk. Jarrett lays on top of the turnbuckle as HBK gets back in the ring. Jarrett with a standing side headlock and a series of flips and Michaels caught Double J with a series of quick moves including a clothesline over the top rope.

Jarrett has had enough walking to the back trying to deliberately get counted out, the same routine he’d do against Razor that worked half the time in this year of 95.
Like the matches with Ramon, this also is a Gem.
Jeff Jarrett charged at Michaels layed down on the middile rope attempting to drop his bodyweight on the back of Michaels with additional leverage due to his charge, he goes for the run and catches him. Shawn down but hung onto the top rope before being reverse irishwhipped into the Roadie on the apron.

Michales shoved off the Dogg and then proceeded to throw Jarrett on him and the fans love it. Michaels leaps off the top rope onto both men and then poses inside the ring. Shawn rolls Jarrett back in the ring and smiles. Michaels reversed into the corner and attempts a sunsetflip but didn’t catch all of Jarrett. A charge into the corner backfired on HBK as Double J flipped him overthe post to the floor.
Huge break for Jarrett.
Double J rammed Shawn into the steel steps twice. Double J breaks the count then goes back for Michaels rolling him back in the ring. Double J goes for a front facelock and drops Michaels on his abdomen and then a nearfall. Double J puts Michaels into an abdominal stretch after sending him to the ropes, focusing on the back.
Jarrett with some good in-ring psychology.
Double J holds this giving both men some much needed rest for half a minute until going for a pinning attempt, Jarrett continued to drive his knee into the lowerback of Michaels which would later give him problems in his career. The Roadie choked out Michaels behind the official, eventually Michaels broke that up and Double J bumped into the roadie.

Michaels fired back but it wasn’t before long that Jarrett reversed an irishwhip sending Michaels upside down in the corner and to the floor. Jarrett distracted the official while Roadie clotheslined Michaels jumping off the apron to the floor.

Double J posed as the fans booed. Michaels watched on as Double J strutted thinking he had won, when he rolls back in Jarrett got in the ref’s face.

Jarrett came off the top with a crossbody, but a reversal by Michaels and a nearfall. Out of the corner Jarrett hits a sunset flip, reversal after reversal and another nearfall. Jarrett flips over Michaels and only got a two. Michaels ducked two elbow shots and Jarrett caught him in a sleeper. A side suplex and a nearfall. That took a bit out of Jarrett and both men are down.

Fantastic match thus far.

Michaels up firing away on Jarret and hit a flying forearm and a nip up. Michaels in the prime of his career drops Jarrett with another right and another flying forearm. Michaels up high turns around dropping a double axehandle to Jarrett. Michaels bodyslammed Double J to the mat. Michaels to the top goes for his elbow drop and hits it. Another long two. Michaels now drags Jarrett by the legs and hurts him in the mid-region.

Roadie behind the official made sure Shawn landed up top roughly. Jarrett with a superplex from the top and signalled for the figure four, Michaels reversed it into a roll-up and a two. Again Shawn kicks Jarrett off and the official gets knocked down.
Roadie took out the leg of Michaels. Roadie helped up the official, Jarrett hit a crossbody off the top and Shawn kicked out again. He didn’t get him McMahon. Jarrett walks right into a Superkick.

McMahon has an orgasm.

In the end at 20:01 Michaels picked up the victory to become the new IC Champion at 20:01.

This is another Classic Michaels match. Up there with one of Jarrett’s best matches in his career as said…




10) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (w/Jose Lothario) (c) vs Davey Boy Smith “The British Bulldog” (w/Jim Cornette and Diana Smith) with Mr. Perfect as special guest referee for the WWF Championship -King of the Ring 1996

The Bulldog`s big chance to get the title off of Shawn. More great chemistry as seen evident here.
Owen was a treat to listen to throughout this longer match on commentary.

This feud was becoming personal and the question here was what side was Mr. Perfect going to be on.

Owen Hart throughout the main event was playing mindgames regarding that issue and taking real shots at Shawn all throughout the match while supporting his brother in law, the Bulldog.

Owen said things like the fans were chanting “UK, UK, UK” when chanting “USA, USA, USA”, he also called Michaels a coward and that his brother Bret was adopted.

Shawn Michaels in 1996 got a lot of mixed reactions, and again this match was no exception.

Davey Boy Smith waves the flag and the crowd boo’s. The bell rings and we’re underway. Bulldog shows his power advantage as he pushes Michaels out of the way both times as they tie up with one another. Bulldog twisted around with an arm-ringer by Shawn Michaels and Bulldog flips over and reverses it into a wristlock much Owen would. Shawn swings the arm of Bulldog and hits a suplex. Michaels with a side headlock take down and Bulldog counters into a leg scissors, they kick up and Shawn Michaels hits another leverage move with the same side headlock takeover but Bulldog can’t apply the leg scissors on Shawn this time as he keeps Davey Boy grounded with a side headlock.

Bulldog begins to use his power to pick up Michaels but Shawn counters Bulldog’s power attempt with a side headlock takedown. Bulldog pushed Shawn to the ropes and he comes bouncing off the ropes and this time he swings back up over the top rope and while doing that catches Bulldog with a hurricanrana to the outside. In front of the announce table Michaels hits another one to Davey Boy out on the floor. Shawn smacks Cornette and Owen is livid.
Shawn Michaels is held in a headlock by Bulldog as he tries to weardown the quicker Shawn Michaels. Shawn counters the headlock into an armbar.

A slower pace to this match but logical moves by both men. Michaels attempted to take out toe arm of Davey Boy since he was a power wrestler and that would relieve some of his upper body strength. Bulldog makes it to the ropes to break up Shawn’s hold. Michaels holds the armbar on Smith for a longer duration.

An armbar held by Michaels is reversed by Bulldog, he tried to flip over in the corner but does so in the middle of the ring. Bulldog drops Shawn with a hiplock but Shawn shoots himself up and this time off the ropes Shawn tried a hiplock on Davey Boy but he held his vertical base and didn’t move. Davey Boy utilized his power driving Shawn to the corner. Davey Boy Smith irishwhipped Shawn Michaels to the corner back first. Michaels crashed back first again into the opposite corner.

Bulldog with a snapmare into a headlock. The power moves then the weardown hold by the challenger. Michaels hits an armdrag takedown on Bulldog out of the headlock and then he drops a double axehandle off the top. Michaels lifts a knee up high on Bulldog off the ropes. Bulldog dropped Shawn to the floor over the top rope. Michaels was down and out while Perfect had a word with Jose.

Bulldog hits a vertical suplex on the floor to the Champion Shawn Michaels.
The British Bulldog goes back inside the ring. Shawn Michaels is in a standing side headlock once back in as Davey Boy continues to slow down the pace, Michaels begins out by backing him to the corner.

Shawn Michaels is irishwhipped quickly into the other corner and he flips upside down. Bulldog gooks the surfboard on Michaels applying pressure to rotator cuff in the shoulder joint as he bends the knee back. Awesome move by Davey Boy.

Shawn Michaels doesen’t give up and Bulldog gets a nearfall after Shawn manages out of the hold. Bulldog tried to slow the pace down any way he could with another headlock. Bulldog is on the recieving end of a few elbow shots but ends up slamming Shawn to the mat. Bulldog drops a leg and Shawn Michaels kicks out. Bulldog slaps a sleeper on once again. Bulldog is caught with a crossbody by Michaels and he gets a two count. Bulldog knocks Shawn to the mat hard and somehow he kicks out again. Shawn Michaels fights back with a few shots and then a crucifix. Bulldog is picked up but then he lands on his feet and goes for a powerslam. Michaels has it scouted and drops to his feet and attempts to hit Davey Boy Smith with a superkick. Bulldog had that scouted as he holds onto the ropes for leverage holding him back and drives Michaels to the canvas hard with a clothesline.

Bulldog drops Shawn Michaels with a piledriver.

Davey Boy goes for a high risk move and he misses an elbow, Owen claims Jose grabbed the ropes!

Both men down slowly rising up. Shawn Michaels out of desperation irishwhipped Bulldog hard back first into the corner. Michaels goes to the outside apron and Bulldog hooks Michaels from the top and drops him with a Superplex after a dropkick to make him groggy. Bulldog couldn’t get the three. Shawn Michaels counters in mid-air turning a disadvantage into a crossbody pinning predicament and he gets a two. Off the ropes the two collide in the center of the ring knocking both men down.

Both these guys had a similar climax at In Your House: Beware of Dog not long before this on PPV in a title match. Bulldog hits a running powerbomb and somehow Shawn still managed to kick out. Bulldog sent into the corner hard as Shawn Michaels reversed an irishwhip and you rarely see Davey Boy bump like this. Bulldog is hit with a flying forerm shot by Michaels who kicks up and begins to feel some momentum. Shawn slams him to the mat. Shawn flies off the top with an elbow drop. Shawn Michaels goes to the corner and begins to tune up the band. Shawn Michaels drops Bulldog with a superkick and Perfect tells Hebner they would count at the same time, Owen pulls out Perfect while Hebner did count the three.

So in the end at 26:25 Michaels pinned Bulldog after the Sweet Chin Music.

A slower pace here but definitely done extremely well.

This match is a borderline classic to close out a very memorable show.





11) Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (c) (with Ric Flair) for the Heavyweight Championship -Monday Night Raw December 29th 2003



From Michaels’s hometown in San Antonio, Texas.

This is one of the best matches in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Both these guys had tremendous chemistry together, this is one of the better matches between the two.

Triple H and Shawn tie-up in the center of the ring as the bell rings. Can Michaels do it again and become Champion?



Shawn Michaels gets out of a hammerlock putting Hunter in one. Off the ropes Michaels holds a standing side headlock, momentarily brought down to his knees but he keeps the Champion on his feet.

Hunter with a trick up his sleeve rolls Michaels on his back for a two. Off the ropes Shawn ducked the first two elbow and clothesline attempts and on the third attempt Hunter hit Michaels with a vicious elbow.

Hunter tossed Michaels to the outside and he skinned the cat, Hunter came close and he took him over the top rope to the floor with a hurricanrana. Michaels posed and then took out Naitch and Hunter with a Suicide Dive.
Great opening to this match.

Michaels held an armbar then into an armdrag takeover. Michaels used his speed and quickness to over-power Hunter and Shawn with a cheap kick to Hunter behind the official. Now Hunter with a shoulder charge into the abdomen of Michaels.

Triple H and Shawn exchange blows back and forth. Michaels sent Hunter viciously into the corner and he flips out to the floor. A hard chop to Hunter and thrown back in the ring. Michaels leaped over Hunter and slapped on a sleeper. Michaels flips over Hunter and then gets a roll-up, Hunter going downstairs with a gut-shot, and a side headlock takedown. Michaels countered into a head-scissors and a bridge to get a backslide on Hunter and a long two.

Great chain wrestling exchange! Michaels hit a hard chop on Triple H and then is thrown back-first to the turnbuckle. A hard boot to Hunter but then he is back-dropped to the floor.

Hunter now in the driver’s seat.

Back from a commercial break as he fought his way back in and Triple H is choking out Michaels in the corner, using the ropes for additional leverage. Michaels back up firing back, both men in a slugfest. Hunter hit a back-breaker and got a two. HHH acting surprised due to Shawn and his lower back problems.

Hunter focusing on the lowerback of Michaels while the crowd chants for HBK. Hunter lands a right to Michaels and Shawn fights back. Hunter tossed Michaels out to the floor. Triple H tossed Michaels hard into the steel steps outside the ring and rolls back in. Hunter knew Michaels and his bad back had suffered enough. The Game for additional pressure slapped on an Abdominal stretch. Flair looks on.

Hunter is shocked when Michaels hit a hiplock to counter his stretch, a boot to the face off the ropes and series of chops by the two biggest Flair fans right in front of him. Hunter hit a high Harley Race knee to Michaels and he kicks out. Hunter had his Quad problems and Shawn knew this focusing on the leg, elevating him up and dropping him on his own.

Great psychology and now for an additional slap in the face by slapping on a Figure Four. Flair rakes Michaels face behind Hebner as the fans boo to break the hold.
Hunter tossed Michaels outside by the trunks. HBK climbs back up still selling the back. Off the top Michaels goes for a double axehandle but Hunter caught him with a gut shot and a Pedigree attempt but the fans love it when Michaels hit a back body drop to the Game, Flair goes crazy.

Both men answer then ten count, Chops and right’s are exchanged in mid-ring. Michaels with a shoulder block and dropped down with a modified low-blow and Flair goes crazy begging for a DQ. Now Michaels chopped away again at Hunter and hit a reverse atomic drop, ducking the clothesline and nips up to a thunderous ovation. Michaels to the top rope hits his elbow drop.

Now he’s feeling it in front of his family and friends. Michels tunes up the band. Michaels in the corner hits Flair and Hunter hits the official meaning for HBK. Hunter reversed a superkick by Michaels into a ddt and both guys are down.

Flair slips the title to HHH. Triple H slowly up for dramatic’s. Hunter strikes Michaels in the face with the title. Hebner is up and is counting and Michael kicks out to a massive pop. Good stuff.

Hunter goes for the Pedigree but Michaels is kicked into the official who is outside the ring this time. Michaels turns into a huge right by HHH.

Eric Bischoff runs out and Hunter takes off a turnbuckle padding piece. Hunter goes to drive HBK into the exposed corner, instead Michaels sends Hunter there, covers him and no official.

Bischoff counts a long two and takes over as referee. Michaels got the Game down once more and Bischoff said it’s only a two. Off the ropes Hunter hit a face-buster to Michaels and got a long two. HHH all bloodied now only got a two. Triple H in the corner comes off the top and Michaels puts his boot up on Hunter.

Michaels chops Hunter. Michaels again sent to the corner upside down and hit a Superkick out of no where on HHH. Bischoff counts the three. The place goes wild! JR uses the miracle’s line again.

Not so fast. Bischoff says on the mic that the winner is still Triple H, after Michaels celebrates. Bischoff says Hunter was down for the three count but so was Michaels’s. In case of a tie the title stays with Shawn.

Bischoff ended up getting his when Austin came back but that’s not shown on this DVD unfortunately.

In the end at a tv time of 25:40 Hunter retained the title.

One of the best matches of 2003. The Psychology and workrate was fantastic. I loved the chain-wrestling as well.

This Classic Raw Encounter is everything most HHH-HBK matches dream of being. The 2nd best match they ever had together.



**** 1/2



12) The Rockers vs La Resistance -Raw 2005

They got back together for this outing, nice for nostalgia. The old Rockers music and they both come out like it’s the 80’s again.

Marty with a deep Steamboat armdrag taking down SG and a Marty chant get going. A tag into conway and La Resistance using teamwork to take wodn Marty who ducks and tags in Michaels.

The Rockers continue with double team tandem offense, Michaels botches his nip up to an extent.

Michaels gets a low bridge by Conway and driven face first into the security wall.

Michaels being isolated by La Resistance. Michaels suplexed by Grenier and a tag back into Conway. A hard irishwhip and a reverse elbow shot to Michaels.
A headlock down on the mat to Michaels. A front facelock to Michaels. Conway hits a big clothesline to Michaels. Conway still isolating HBK in there corner cutting off there half of the ring. Michaels runs into a reverse elbow, obviously needing the hot tag to Jannetty.

Michaels chops back. Michaels off the ropes hit a flying forearm and nips up after some time, he rolls over to Jannetty who unloads on both men with powerslams and dropkick’s. Jannetty drove Conwayface first into the mat but Grenier broke up the party scooping up Jannetty but he countered into face buster and a superkick took out Conway.

Jannetty covered Conway and got the three at a tv time of 5:53.

This match is special for those involved and had a basic structure but a lot of fun.



13) Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle -Vengeance 2005

After a Classic Mania 21 encounter, everyone needed a re-match.


Mr. Mania already lost to Angle by tapping out.

Here is his chance for redemption.

This is a classic PPV from recent memory.

Shawn and Angle no doubt have great chemistry. This took place in Vegas.

Shawn Michaels and Angle get set to lock-up, “You Screwed Bret” is even chanted by a small group of fans.


Angle is hell bent on taking Michaels to the mat with a waistlock go-behind but Shawn quickly counters it into a side headlock takeover on the mat like he did at Mania.

Angle cornered Shawn and was backed off, Angle with a single leg take-down.


Michaels gets up as the feeling out stage is ready and here. Angle with a side headlock and a shoulder block. Off the ropes a hiplock into an armdrag takedown on Angle.

An armbar by Michaels. Angle now slaps an armbar on Michaels, the right knee on Michaels head well placed. Good stuff. Angle drives his knee into Michaels’s shoulder, Shawn walks it off. Angle full of himself in the ring.

Angle goes for a clothesline but Michaels chops him in the corner. Angle out on the floor comes back in taking his time.

Despite the early attacks, both guys were focused to feel each other out as Coachman on commentary points out. Angle tries to take out the leg. Lawler said Angle caught Michaels by surprise, Angle looked to take out the leg of the aerial Michaels with a half crab but Michaels got to the ropes to break the hold.

Michaels with a hard chop to Angle in the corner. Michaels irishwhipped into the corner, Angle ran into a boot, a sunset flip by Michaels, Angle gets an Ankle Lock with a counter roll-up, Shawn flips out and clotheslined Angle to the floor over the top rope.

Great exchange.

HBK chants now after initial booing at the beginning of the contest. Angle chopped by Michaels outside the ring, Angle going for an Angle Slam on the table to Michaels but he countered trying to throw Angle into the steel post. Angle countered by slamming Michaels onto the announce table.

Angle back in the ring, Doan counting to ten, currently at four. Angle broke the count as he didn’t want the victory that way. Coach once again right, on commentary.

Michaels kicked out. Angle pulled Michaels by the hair and dished out a high knee. Angle hit a neckbreaker on Michaels. Continuous nearfalls by Angle. Angle choked out Shawn on the top rope. Michaels down in the corner is choked out by Angle who stomps on Michaels. Angle drags Michaels back towards him. Kurt lands a nice forearm shift in the form of a European uppercut to Michaels in the corner and he becomes bloodied under the left eye region does Michaels.

Angle and Shawn go back and forth and Angle powerbombed Shawn right into the turnbuckle focusing on his injured lowerback.

Unbelievable punishment.

Great call by Ross, really putting that move over as this was a follow up to Shawn’s back being injured on the table bump previously in the match, Angle gets another nearfall. Angle holding Michaels with a sleeper.

After wearing Michaels down he goes for the Angle Slam, Michaels ducks it with an arm-drag and Angle runs into him with a clothesline. Both guys up on the top rope now and Michaels pushed Angle off the top rope. Angle hit a belly to belly overhead superplex off the top. Shawn kicks out. Angle has Michaels in a headlock to try and wear him down some more.

Angle grounding Michaels on the mat. Angle gets it back now as Michaels gets some energy out of his resilience and despertion hitting him with a flying forearm. Both men down.

Although Angle is up first, however HBK nipped up again and levelled Angle with three right hands, a clothesline, an inverted atomic drop, a righthand and bad back and all Michaels goes to the top for a flying elbow and hits it.

I don’t like how he is forgetting to sell the back and legs. Michaels tuned up the band and then Angle took him down again and went for an Angle Slam but Michaels turned it around into a swinging tornado ddt. A series of nearfalls.

Angle is bleeding from the mouth. Angle hit a German suplex. Random suplexes seem to be Angle’s fortay but nearing the climax there what he seems to need.
Angle hit an Angle Slam after catching a stiff elbow from Michaels and it’s still not a three. Angle goes back to the Ankle Lock but an inside cradle and a two, back into the Ankle Lock by Angle. Kurt to his feet pushed into the official by Michaels as he kicked off with his available leg.

Michaels charged at Angle and was backdropped over the top rope to the floor. Michaels selling the knee and back now. Michaels gets assistance on the outside but Angle pushed them off and got Michaels in the ring. Angle takes off the straps meaning business to a mixed reaction. Angle counters but Angle still held on.

A bloody mouth screaming for Michaels to tap. Shawn trying every counter he could think of. Angle went flying into the ringpost. HBK chants fill the arena. HBK out of no where hit a Superkick.

Both men down, Michaels without enough power to cover Angle but both men are down. At the count of nine Michaels covers Angle and got a two to add to the drama. Michaels got another Sweet Chin Music in on Angle coming off the top.

So in the end at 26:11 Michaels defeats Angle after he caught Angle in mid-air.

This match I feel is slightly better then the Mania 21 encounter. I believe that match at Mania 21 had the more “false-finish” style while this one relied more on workrate.
It’s a bit ahead and one to be remembered. The lack of selling by Michaels brings it down a tad.

**** 1/4

14) Shawn Michaels vs John Cena -London England: Monday Night Raw 2007


Another Mania re-match.

Shawn Michaels had lost to Cena at Mania 23 in a classic encounter, this lengthy match was the sequel, and it’s compelling to say the least.

A 2007 MOTY Candidate.

Shawn Michaels and Cena’s backstage promo before the match was shown.
A split-crowd for this match.

Lawler says this match feels epic.

Shawn Michaels dominated the majority of the match at Mania but didn’t come out the winner. HBK with a knuckle-lock into a shoulder block and a fireman’s carry takeover, Cena counters with a head scissors.

Both guys back up and HBK with a side headlock, into a hammerlock, some fine chain wrestling here. A side headlock takeover and another counter by Cena into the headscissors. Cena, the champion smiles knowing he can out-do Michaels.

Cena ties up with Michaels and HBK with an arm-ringer to Cena. Michaels with a suplex, focusing on the left-arm with a mini-armbar and a nearfall. Cena looking for an STFU and the fans boo, small “Cena Sucks” chants break out. Cena and Michaels five minutes in still feeling one another out. A headlock by Michaels in mid-ring.

Michaels attempting to weardown the Champion. A drop toehold off the ropes and Cena went for another STFU but Michaels rolls out of the ring. Cena has a smirk on his face and says Michaels was “that close” to tapping. Cena and Michaels both back up and Cena is smiling.

You could just feel this was something special. A waistlock by Michaels and Cena tried to break the grip of HBK. Cena attempting to power out. Cena with a waistlock takedown and Michaels grabs the ropes. The fans were more vocal with there Cena hate. Both men toe to toe again arguing and Michaels shoves Cena. John Cena gets slapped and drops Michaels with a right.

Now it’s getting physical.

Unfortunately they go to one of many commercial breaks during this match.
Great opening stages thus far.

Michaels taken down by a side headlock from Cena. John Cena taking a page out of Michaels’s playbook from earlier in the match. Ross makes a good point that Cena was able to counter Michaels’s side headlock, where as Michaels hasn’t countered the side headlock from the Champion, John Cena.

Michaels getting back up, Cena turns it into another side headlock on the mat. Michaels attempts a headscissors takeover with his legs but can’t reach Cena who is wearing down Michaels on the mat. Cena with a hard shoulder block.

“Lets go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” are chanted back to back by the “Universe”. Cena in another nearfall situation. Michaels looking for a hiplock, beaten to the punch by Cena dropping him with a thunderous clothesline as Ross states using his power advantage. Cena back to the headlock. Cena pushed to the corner and lifts a boot to the head of Michaels. A powerful clothesline and then another side headlock, Michaels yet to counter. Cena utlilzing the headlock from the left side.

Cena dodged a Superkick by holding onto the top ropes, Michaels backdropped over the top rope to the floor by Cena.

Back from another commercial break Cena has Michaels in a headlock dished out a lefthand to Cena. A chop to Cena by Michaels. Another hard shot and Michaels with a hard elbow. Snapmare takeover by Michaels and now a rake of the face to Cena. Michaels sent to the corner and Cena hit a Fisherman’s suplex and he got a two. Cena stalked Michaels from behind, now a kick to the gut and a facebuster to Shawn. Cena with a close nearfall and now he’s frustrated. Michaels chops at Cena and he delivers a right. Cena with a back bodydrop to Michaels and yet another two.

Cena and Michaels exchange offense and more boo’s go Cena’s way. Michaels with chops and then a big flying forearm followed by a nip up. Michaels drops Cena with two right’s and a powerslam but Michaels always hurt lowerback is giving him problems.

Michaels with a flying elbow drop from the top rope is hit. Cena down and Michaels tunes up the band in the corner.

Michaels couldn’t hit it but instead got a backslide. Michaels misses a clothesline, Cena missed a shoulder block. Cena hurt his ribs following his collision on the floor. Cena down and Michaels with a suicide dive and Cena caught him in mid-air, great strength. Cena is shoved into the steel steps.


Back from the third break and in the ring both men are still going at it.

Cena charged at Michaels and hammered away on the Showstopper. A hammerlock but Michaels sent Cena into the ring post hurting that left arm of Cena.

Michaels in the ring waiting. Michaels back into using a hammerlock on Cena grounding him to the mat, John’s shoulders were pinned to the mat but he kicks out. Cena’s shoulders were back to the mat and he gets a two. Cena slammed Michaels with his one good arm, he missedan elbow. Michaels chopped Cena. Off the ropes Cena clotheslined Michaels twice before a series of shoulder blocks. Cena with a slam.
Bad arm and all Cena says Michaels can’t see him. A five knuckle shuffle. Cena waits on Michaels and now Cena went for an FU, Micahels went for a superkick but Cena goes back into the FU and Michaels kicked out.

The fans love it!

Michaels has kicked out of the FU!

Back from a fourth commercial break. Cena continued to clobber the lowerback of Michaels. Cena throws Michaels to the outside. Cena drives Michaels lowerback into the ring post, always a smart move. Cena out of frustration utilized a bearhug now.
Michaels fights out of it and chops Cena in the corner, Cena reversed an irishwhip and Michaels fell to the floor. Cena hits a flying legdrop to Michaels and still only gets atwo. Cena offthe top rop went to hit Michaelswith an FU but HBK countered with a flip and a powerbomb.

Michaels sent Cena out of desperation over the rope into thetable. Michaels pushes the steps out of the way and goes for a piledriver onthe steps. Cena hits a backdrop. Cena roughing up Michaels on the ground and back in the ring hits an STFU.

Michaels get to the bottom rope and out of no where Michaels plants Cena with a superkick but due to a lot being taken out of Shawn he couldn’t cover in time and Cena got to the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Michaels fatigued in this war chopping Cena. Michaels turned inside out but Cena goes for another FU, Michaels flips over and hits a Superkick.

Michaels wins with the Sweet Chin Music.

In the end at an impressive tv time of 37:49 Michaels got the victory.

I hold this right with there Mania match, in the same regards.

This match is an appropriate way to the end DVD on a high note.






Final Rating for “-Heartbreak and Triumph: Shawn Michaels” = 8/10

This set has so much quality from a star rating stand-point, add in the fact its documentary is nice and long, taking a look over his entire career making it a tremendous set.
Pick it up.

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