Review: WWE Shawn Michaels- My Journey (3 Disc) DVD

January 3, 2011 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- “-Shawn Michaels:My Journey” 3 Disc Review:


“I just wanted to be a wrestler…”Shawn Michaels






-My Journey: Shawn Michaels” was put together as a three disc set.

-It is the fourth Michaels DVD after the Vault, Boyhood Dream, Heartbreak and Triumph.

-Shawn Michaels is one of the most charismatic and talented athletes in the history of entertainment. For more than 20 years he has wowed crowds, earning accolades, championships and numerous monikers, including “The Icon,” “The Main Event,” and


“Mr. WrestleMania.” Now, for the first time ever, Shawn Michaels sits down and in an intimate interview retraces his early days in Texas through his Rocker tag-team partnership in AWA and WWE through his multiple reigns as WWE Champion. Shawn Michaels: My Journey offers surprising insights and absolute candor as he relives the highs and lows of his historic career. Over 20 amazing matches from the 80s, 90s and 2000s —most available on DVD for the very first time—demonstrate why Shawn Michaels is truly “The Showstopper.” -Credit to Pride of wrestling for this paragraph.


-This was put together with a bit of commentary (with Michael “VINTAGE” Cole) and back-story before the upcoming matches appropriately released just before his retirement at Mania 26.


Disc 1 Matches:


1) Shawn Michaels vs The One Man Gang -World Class Championship Wrestling January 11th, 1985


A touching video tribute opens the DVD, then a sit-down with Cole for a few minutes before we jump into this match.

Then to open this DVD we get The One Man Gang, a standard big man from the 80’s.
Obviously a contrast in style’s here.

Shawn Michaels is incredibally young here obviously.


Michaels talks about getting to wrestle in the Dallas Sportitoriam just like Steve Austin felt it was a priviledge to step foot where the world famous Von Erich’s competed.
The One Man Gang is just ready to beat on a rookie in a squash match.

The Gang is the future Akeem The African Dream.

Michaels is from Georgia apparently? Maybe they didn’t want to get him over before he was fed to the big man. Not sure.

Either way, here we go.

The bell rings.

The Gang is pacing around awaiting Michaels slamming a chain on each corner of the turnbuckle.

A young short-haired Michaels pronounced Shawn Michael from Georgia eventually climbs into the ring and it’s on.

The Gang goes for Michaels but he ducks twice until finally getting clobbered in the chest by the Gang. The One Man Gang drills him with a right after picking him up before tossing him out to the concrete floor. The Gang standing dominant in the ring.

One Man Gang clobbers Michaels in throat hanging off the ropes and ring apron. Gang stomps on him and then hits a thunderous clothesline on Michaels which should be enough. The Gang elects to inflict more punishment and hits a falling bodyslam, then off the ropes a splash.

In the end at The One Man Gang powerslams him and finishes with a splash at 2:51 of the bout.

This match is pretty basic.



2) Midnight Rockers vs ‘Playboy’ Buddy Rose and ‘Pretty Boy’ Doug Somers (W/Sherri Martel) -AWA WrestleRock April 20, 1986

Yet another great match from these teams.

These teams got used to putting on clinics.

Shawn Michaels says him and Marty were starting to get over through television exposure and they were interested in being innovative and something new.

Michaels waits on the apron as Jannetty begins watching Playboy Buddy Rose showoff with some push up’s. Marty does the same to a good pop. Marty Jannetty flips up and tags in Michaels who goesto the top rope and performs a backflip.

It’s quite clear these teams are taunting one another, but Rose can’t perform a backflip off the top and Michaels caught Rose upside down crashing him upside down and then Shawn hits three offensive moves in a row. Two deep Steamboat like arm-drag’s then a dropkick to Playboy Buddy Rose.

A leapfrog and a shoulder block, followed by another armdrag from Michaels to Rose into an armbar. Stamina and Quickness in favor of the Rockers thus far.

Jannetty tags in and powerslams Rose and sticking to the arm hits an armdrag takedown. Doug Somers tagged in and Sherri rubs down Rose on the apron. Jannetty avoided a charge by Doug Somers, it’s all Rockers here with Jannetty holding him in the armbar performing flips in the process.

Both Rockers in and a double-twist and a double shot to Somers. Michaels back in and Somers with a single leg takedown to Michaels, logical move to take away the aerial game of Shawn. Somers with a headlock to Jannetty tagged in and he counters into a hammerlock. Nice chain wrestling sequence. Jannetty flips over Somers.

Marty now beginning to be isolated but he ducks in time as Rose accidentally nails Somers from the ring apron. Michaels comes back in and slaps on an arm-ringer. Still in an armbar from his vertical base down to the canvas. Michaels keeps it locked in.
Michaels flips over and hits a hiplock, then an armdrag, Jannetty tagged in drops a knee onto the bad arm of Playboy Ruddy Rose, and the native of Vegas is in trouble. Down on the mat and the Midnight Rockers continue the double team, a knee lift by Michaels. Doug Somers comes in and hits a forearm splash to Michaels before a catapolt to the corner turnbuckle.

Somers distracting the official while Rose from the apron choked out Shawn with the tag rope. Michaels irishwhipped and an elbow smash but Shawn kicked out. Rose drops pressure on Michaels back and hits a snapshot vertical suplex. Rose sends Shawn hard to the corner.

Buddy Rose slaps on a front facelock, Michaels reverses it with a suplex and now heneeds a hot tag to Marty and gets it. Marty going to work on Somers nailing him with a back bodydrop. An irishwhip and a reverse elbow, a count of one. This time a bodyslam and a count of thre but the official says he kicks out due to the left leg on the ropes, but Sherri put it there.
Now all four men are going at it.

Somers goes crashing to the canvas with a double backdrop by the Midnight Rockers.


Sherri got involved behind the official.

In the end at 12:04 Rose covers Jannetty to get there team the BIG Win after some interference.

This match consisted of nice team work from the Rockers as they dominated the entire match until the later stages. Definitely a great tag contest with the Heels going over due to cheating as expected.


*** 1/4



3) Midnight Rockers (c) vs Nasty Boys for the AWA World Tag Team Championship -AWA Championship Wrestling March 5, 1988



Shawn Michaels talked about trust when in the ring with guys like the Nasty Boys.

Michaels stayed in the ring while neither Nasty Boy wanted to go so they waste everyone’s time for a couple of minutes. They’re big and nasty but supposedly scared of these little Midnight Rookie Rockers.


Michaels in a standing side headlock and off the ropes runs into a shoulder block. The power of the Nasty’s takes over early. Another tie-up and Michaels is worked over and ran into again as he can’t avoid the confrontation.

Nasty Boys dominated the early stages.

Knobbs applauding his teams effots thus far which gains more heel heat. Another side headlock but Michaels with two leapfrogs and a thrust kick. Michaels in control then runs away from his opposition in the ring. Tiring the Nasty’s out a little as Knobbs went head on collision to his partner.

A double dropkick by The Rockers.

They talk baseball on commentary and I’d perfer if they talked about the arm-ringer to Brian Knobbs, and eventually Jannetty three times sent him into the corner.

A little difficult to believe The Rockers are roughing up the Nasty’s but that’s what it is. Here comes Michaels on Sags. Knobbs caught him with a knee to the back and Sags just stomps on his back a little. Knobbs right back in continues the work on Michaels’s back.

Still with the arm of Michaels put behind the lowerback was focused on when isolating Michaels, cutting him off in there coner in the ring. Knobbs with a cheap headlock behind the official.

Now an abdominal stretch to the bad lowerback of Michaels.
Fans chant “Lets go Rockers, Lets go!” Meanwhile the abdominal stretch is still in full force until he breaks it and then clobbers him on the back. Back breaker, could of saw that move coming…

Micheals continued to absorb a ton of punishment meanwhile Jerry Sags tagged in putting more pressure on Michaels with an abdominal stretch anda clohtesline out of the corner.

Michaels from no where to the ropes stops and hits a super/thrust kick to a loud roar.
It takes him awhile but the hot tag is made to Jannetty who comes in firing and a noggen knocker. Flying boddy press but Knobbs drops the elbow. HBK dropkicks Knobbs to the outside.

Meanwhile inside Jannetty had Sags down. Jannetty scounted Knobbs coming back in.

In the end at 14:37 Jannetty pins Knobbs after a crossbody.

This match was very standard but done very well.





4) The Rockers vs Brain Busters -Boston Garden’s March 18th, 1989

Another Classic old-school confrontation from these teams.

It’s never a bad match if these two teams are going to go at it on the card, anywhere.


Shawn Michaels praised Arn and Tully (Off camera, Non-KAYFABE in his sit-down Chair with Michael “VINTAGE” Cole) and words wouldn’t do it justice because there words meant that match.

30 minute time limit.

I love the atmosphere in Boston for a match, I’ve said it before but I’ll echo it again.
I also love the contrast in style between both teams. The Busters could do anything to isolate you as a team, while the Rockers always found a way to overcome them with there aerial skill and overall quickness.

The bell rings where Celtic and Bruin Banner’s lay among the rafters in a dark Boston Garden.

Tully Blanchard started off with Michaels rather then Jannetty for a better match for whatever reason.

A strength of power turns into Michaels being forced to the corner, and Michaels gives a big slap. A great armdrag to Shawn.

Michaels look on as Tully showed off and now Michaels hit two back to back Steamboat like arm-drag’s to Tully who seems shocked. A slugfest breaks out and Tully is turned all the way up above the turnbuckle and all the way to the floor.
Arn Anderson, the Enforcer, Double A is coming in it seeemed, but the late Lord Alfred makes a mistake and Tully stays in. And that’s a good thing as a series of legsweeps occur until Blanchard rolls out of the ring.

Michaels and Double A tieup now and a hard shoulder block drops Shawn. The power of the Brain Busters is now shown and Michaels kept kicking up and reversing Anderson’s offense with arm-ringer’s, Anderson went for a sunset flip but dropped down on Arn delivering a left and right. Michaels avoids an atomic drop, takes on both Busters.

All four men come in and The Rockers double dropkick the Busters outside the ring. A double hiplock by Michaels and Jannetty to Arn coming back in.

Another tie up and Michaels sends Arn into the turnbuckle. Jannetty from the outside apron hit a clothesline. Michaels on the outside shoved him into the steel post. Marty inside now using anarmbar on Anderson yet he chan-wrestles into a hammerlock, Jannetty springs off the ropes and fired off at Arn’s chest. Jannetty went back to the weakened armw which is logical to take out the power of the stronger team.
Michaels tags in and keeps the armbar to Arn’s weak left arm.

Spotty officiating.

Michaels with an arm-ringer. Off the ropes jumping to the floor Arn gets clotheslined by the top rope back to the canvas. Tully comes in FINALLY but Jannetty uses the same game plan with that armbar, now to the mat.

A roll-around and Jannetty dopped down on the leg of Blanchard. Jannetty with a figure four. A hiplock to Blanchard and a double team to Anderson.

Rockers in control for the majority here. Blanchard fought back. Now Tully springs Jannetty up with a catapolt onto the bottom rope choking him out of air. Tully choked out Marty on the ropes. Jannette fired shots with Arn tagged in but he got the better of him.

A test of power of the canvas.

Double A with a catapolt again and this time Jannetty flies into the corner. Blanchard comes in and catches Jannetty diving for a hot tag to Michaels and now the isolation from the Busters sets in.

Arn with abdominal stretch. Arn using Tully’s arm for additional leverage. Arn Anderon avoided a charging Jannetty who tried a stinger splash but Jannetty came in full tilt tothe floor. Michaels on the floor has a few choice words.

Michaels tries to help Jannetty up. Jannetty blocked a shot from Arn and he made a tag into Tully, a sunset flip from Marty to Tully despite the lack of energy.

Arn blocks Jannetty’s attack on Tully from the corner. An atomic drop. Jannetty and Anderson the legal men now. Jannetty in a sweaty, slugfest. He slipped underneath and Michaels got the huge hot tag and you could here the screams.

Michaels had a roll-up but the Busters attempt a double team. Another roll-up by Jannety, two count. Michaels hits a splash from the top to Tully but Arn on the outside pulled the leg out.

In the end at 20:25 The Rockers go over by DQ.

A slower paced match but definitely a good one. Another gem from Boston, gotta love those from this paticular decade.

This match was different and I liked that.

It didn’t follow the boring, predictable, heel dominates until face makes a super hero hot tag comeback formula, rather exploited the skills of the Rockers showing they could go toe to toe with the powerful Busters.

1/2* extra for originality alone. Sound psychology throughout, one of the most impressive elements to this match.


*** 1/2

5) The Rockers vs Hart Foundation -Madison Square Garden November 25, 1989

It`s always great to see these teams lock up.

You could arguably say either team is the greatest of all time.

MSG is always a great atmosphere as well.

Monsoon calls Bret the Anvil, but anyway he locks up with Jannetty. No clear winner in a power strength and a nice clear break-up by Marty.

The next sequence is absolutely amazing.


Bret irishwhipped Jannetty to the ropes, he ducks undernearth, Bret goes for powerslam, he lands, on his feet, and another roll up.

Amazing stuff.

Very crisp and quick. But hey, it is BRET HART.
Vicious elbow drops by Bret but Jannetty wants to weaken the arm putting him into an armbar. Another leapfrog by Bret but the Rockers double-team the Foundtion with a douple hipock to Bret.
Anvil gets dropkicked to the outside.

Now it’s the Anvil and Michaels in. Michaels with a side headlock takeover, Anvil counters into a leg-scissors. A shoulder block off the ropes don’t send Michaels down and the Anvil drops him.

The Anvil begins to weardown Michaelsand then hits a thrust kick. Michaels with a leapfrog and an attepted slam, into a sunset flip and a two count. Michaels tags in Marty who comes crashing in off the top rope to the Anvil.

Jim Neidhart caught with a single drop toehold by Jannetty, into a front facelock. Jannetty set up high by the Anvil. Leaping off with an armdrag is Marty to Neidhart who needs a tag in a big way. The Anvil starts to come back powerslamming the opposition.

A fresh Bret Hart off the ropes leaped, ducked a leapfrog and then dropped Michaels with an inverted atmoic drop. Bret with a textbook back breaker. The Anvil comes in and dropkicks Michaels.

Now a bearhug from the Anvil. The Anvil clotheslined by Marty from the apron but still managed to isolate Michaels in his corner with spears.

Bret hits a European Uppercut to Michaels. A reverse flipping attempt off the ropes but Michaels gets a powerslam, the Anvil drops a standing double axehandle to the

back of Michels tagged in and slaps a front facelock on.

Bret tagged back in and both Michaels and Hart slug it out. Hart with a snapmare, and a back breaker. A slingshot from theAnvil onto Michaels but he moved in time. Hart dragged Michaels back and now the Hart Foundation take over.

Bret gets a nearfall. Hart slaps on a sleeper that reminds me of there Ironman at Mania 12 for some reason…

The Anvil in hits a back bodydrop to Michaels. Neidhart still with a two slams Michaels head into the boot of Bret. Monsoon let it known on commentary how Michaels needed a tag.

Bret ran into the post and had a single leg of Shawn until he made the hot tag to Marty sweeping out his legs. Bret irishwhipped to the ropes and is cradled from a bridge pinning attempt by Jannetty. A splash by Jannetty and a sunset flip out of the corner got him a nearfall.

Bret takes over and then Marty leaped over, Bret held onto the top rope for leverage. Jannetty flew to the outside as Bret avoided impact.

The Anvil came in and Marty rolled away, Michaels unloaded on the Anvil but with a tremendous amount of velcoity hit a shoulder block. Michaels hit a standing dropkick. Attempts a crosbody but is shoved out of the ring. A tag made into Bret, Michaels now spears Bret from the apron and hit a crossbody, Bret revered the pinning attempt and got a two.

Michaels and Bret roll each other back and Michaels eventually gets a two. Michaels with a snapshot vertical suplex to Bret and now off the ropes is reversed and Michaels reversed an abdominal stretch into one of his own.
All four guys run in as the bell rings.

In the end it’s ruled at a draw at the twenty minute mark.

This match is pretty incredible. If it had a better finish it would no doubt be an all time classic.
However it remains old-school fun.

Best match of the disc.



6) Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri) vs Bret Hart (c) for the IC Championship -Prime Time: Ottawa, Ontario June 2, 1992

It is a treat to see a rare match from these guys.

Alternate Commentary: Michael Cole / Shawn Michaels if you decide to do that
If not you’re “treated” to Lord Alfred.

Both these guys would later go on to headline the 1992 Survivor Series. Not bad considering that show also had names like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Curt Hennig, Scott Hall in the company.

Neither men green by any means here, as said, there match a few months later could be a top 50 match EVER at the 1992 Survivor Series from where I sit.

However as Michaels admits pre-match in his interview with Cole, Hart still wanted to teach somebody who wanted to learn in Michaels.

Bret Hart in his home country has the good following of course. Bret kisses his belt, and does the sunglasses routine to a little a ringside.

Shawn Michaels tossed Hart to the corner her on Prime time wrestling taunting the Hitman who circles Shawn getting serious. Michaels with an armbar slapped on. Bret runs in circles and it elevated Michaels to the floor.

Bret now going to school executing Michaels trying to hyper-extend the elbow from the left-arm of Michaels. Sheri screams on in concern.Michaels witha couple of shots to get out but Bret clotheslines him down. Bret back to the left-arm elbow.

Hart catapolted Michaels to the corner and then went back to the elbow right in front of Sherri. A shoulder block by Hart.

Bret so intelligent, however he runs into trouble and HBK caught him in the sternum. Michaels sends Bret into the corner and stomped on the Hitman. Sherri delivered a shot to Bret.

Michaels now the aggressor. Michaels hit a high running knee to Bret and a nearfall again. Michaels with a sleeper to Bret. HBK kept thinking he could put a man who could even be considered a veteran at this time in Bret Hart.
Michaels goes into a reverse chinlock. An overhead wristlock, Hart over-powering Michaels but a roll-up by Bret out of no where and Michaels kicks out. Michaels kicked at Bret in frustration then landed a right on him.

Bret fights back with Shawn and he is backed into the corner.
Michaels though hit a standing dropkick out of no where. Neither man can gain an edge and Hart lifted a boot to the face of Micheals and then a clothesline off the top rope. Bret with an atomic drop and then kicked Bret in the abdomen.

Hart with a nearfall into a backbreaker. Hart drops the elbow to Michaels and only a two. Hart with a European uppercut, and a backslide by Michaels fails, Bret tries oneo his own, they both fail.

A clothesline takes both men down. Sherri tries to get her man to stand up.
They both rise up and Hart gets a thrust/super kick to the jaw of Bret. Micahels elected not to cover which damned him eventually, the Hitman goes into a nearfall flipping him over with a schoolboy.

I’ve never seen so many inside cradle’s in my life.

Sherri distracted Shawn and Bret got the three.

In the end at 13:29 Bret Wins WITH an Inside Cradle.

Hart retains the title.

This match is an above average tv match from the two but nothing amazing when you consider it was from these two.

I like the fact they added it though, because its definitely rare.




7) Shawn Michaels (with Sid) vs British Bulldog -Monday Night RAW March 6th, 1995

Another rare match, great.
The two final men in the 1995 Royal Rumble square off on Raw.

There chemistry is evident from there matches on SNME in 92 where Shawn became the IC Champ.

Or there matches at the 1996 King of the Ring or 1997 One Night Only for the Federation and European title’s respectively.

Shawn Michaels put over Davey’s skills and his chemistry with guys like himself, Owen and Bret involving his greatest matches.

Shawn Michaels caught with an inverted atomic drop and then sent upside down into the corner to the floor.

McMahon and Cornette on commentary here.

Michaels needs to walk. Bulldog waits for him and Shawn run around the ring until Davey Boy catches him with a shot to the jaw. Michaels flips Bulldog back in slamming his head into the buckle.

A long series of armdrag’s by the Bulldog followed by a clothesline takes him to the floor.

Bulldog waits for a Micheals taking his sweet time. They lock-up eventually again and Bulldog has a leg-scissors on Michaels.

Bulldog still had momentum off the ropes until Michaels applied a short-arm scissors. Cornette gives us brilliant insight onto the psychology for Michaels here.

Fans applaud trying to get Bulldog back in the match. A quick roll-up by Bulldog who got two consecutive nearfalls all meanwhile in the short-arm scissors.

They go to a commercial break.

Davey Boy Smith still in the hold. Bulldog using his power and holding Shawn in the air drops him on his back. Michaels sent hard to the buckle. Bulldog sends Michaels violently into the buckle, nice bumping by Shawn.

Bulldog slaps a surfboard to rock Michaels back using his hamstrings and he locks it on.


Michaels tossed to the outside, Sid pushed him back in and the Bulldog picked up where he left off clobbering Michaels in the back. Bulldog with a suplex to Michaels.
Michaels turns the tide sending Bulldog to the floor.

Michaels hit a left jab on Davey Boy Smith. Michaels slams Bulldog into the corner headfirst. Michaels with a hard right and now hit a flying reverse elbow striking the jaw of the powerful Bulldog exploiting his quickness.

Michaels slaps on a headlock. McMahon on commentary says the longer it goes, the better it suits Michaels due to stamina.

Bulldog elbowing out and off the ropes runs into a running knee flipping him in mid-air. Michaels hit a powerslam then an elbow drop.

Now a five minute hedlock by Michaels. (Just why the hell didn’t they take the TV break for this?)

Back from theback a clothesline is hit and both men are down.

Bulldog hit the sleeper on Michaels. HBK drove him back and then he rakes the eyes. Michaels dropped an elbow on Bulldog’s throat. Bulldog moved as Michaels hurt his shoulder on the post. Bulldog clotheslines him and gets a series of nearfalls.

HBK flipped to the corner and Bulldog hit a headbutt and a two count.
Michaels moved the official out of the way and Bulldog ran into the post. Cornette puts over this match on commentary like it’s been an all time classic.

A nearfall after an inside cradle, then a superkick that got the job done.

In the end at a tv time of 17:51, Shawn wins after the Superkick.

This match is pretty good for tv standards but it did tend to drag in other parts. Props to the company for adding a rare match either way.

** 1/2

8 ) Shawn Michaels (c) vs Sycho Sid for the Intercontinental Championship -Monday Night RAW September 11, 1995

This was relatively a short time after Michaels defeated Ramon in a Classic Ladder Re-match that I regard as one of the greatest matches of all time.

Sycho Sid and HBK had a contrast in styles.

Another rare tv match here which is nice.

Shawn Michaels attempts a sunset flip after dodging shots from Sid. A clothesline and a nip up. Michaes fired away on Sid taking him to the floor.
Sycho Sid goes for a walk.

Lawler and McMahon on commentary for the first time on the DVD and they were gold back then, just like Lawler-Ross was from the 90’s as well.

Michaels in a standing side headlock bounced into Sid with a shoulder block attempt. Michaels then avoided Sid’s charge and once again Michaels ruled the ring.
Sid after getting back in the ring slams Shawn in the corner and he kicks him in the sternum.

DiBiase walks to the ring all smiles. Sid drops Shawn face first on the ring apron. DiBiase stomped on Michaels outside the ring.

Back from a commercial break, Sid seemingly in control going for a powerbomb. Michaels countered with a back bodydrop, uppercuts and more right’s. Michaels off the ropes hit a flying forearm.

Michaels unloaded on Sid and rakes his face with his boot. Michaels hit a crossbody, and a two. Sid hit some shots but it was only a matter of time before Sweet Chin Music.

In the end at a tv time of 7:25 Michaels defeats Sid after A superkick, mid-ring in the days before he tuned up the band.

This match is alright in spots, it’s good it was kept short.

* 3/4


9) Shawn Michaels vs The 1-2-3 Kid -Monday Night RAW March 4th, 1996
Two aerial speciliasts.


To end this DISC we get a battle of two real life friends with real close styles inside the ring.

They hype up the Ironman match here and rightfully so as they were only a month away from Mania 12 when this match took place.

Here we go, a Raw gem.

The 1-2-3 Kid begind with a standing side headlock on Shawn. The Kid in a headlock takes down Michaels on the top rope and the Kid held a headlock on Michaels.
Kid drove Michaels to the ropes, a leapfrog then a high thrust kick to a chorus of boo’s. Kid struck a pose Michaels with a backside and now Shawn Michels hit deep armdrag’s followed by a powerslam.

Michaels sent Kid to the floor then swung upside down back up into the ropes using the ropes for leverage like he and Owen did so well. Lawler on commentary says he hates when he does that.

Bret on commentary puts himself over for a bit.

Michaels trying to ground the kid as he is just as quick. A side headlock on the kid by Micheals. A crossbody took Michaels to the floor.

The Kid leaped off the top turnbuckle onto Bret on the floor.

DiBiase came out and kicked at Michaels on the ground.

The Kid posed to a chorus of boo’s. Kid kicked high at Michaels who came back in the ring. The Kid hit a dropkick to Michaels, the #1 contender, rigth as the three was about to be counted a commercial happens.

That’s just tremendous.

Kid still working over Michaels with a headlock taking advantage of the concussion storyline going on around this time. Kid with an Enziguri but still not a three.
Kid with a headlock on Michaels some more. Michaels off the ropes out of desperation hit a flying forearm. After a long pause he nipped up.

Michaels one step ahead of the Kid in every aspect around the ring, a moonsault to the Kid and a two. Michaels sent the Kid for a ride and he’s hit with a thunderous clothesline.

Michaels fom the top hit an elbow drop.

Shawn Michaels isn’t selling his previous injuries during the match which is faulty but went for a superkick. The Kid ran away and then in the ring the Kid hit some desperation kicks. Kid slammed Michaels.

Kid went to the top rope and off the top Michaels moved out of the way.

Michaels set up for the chin music for the first time on this dvd!

In the end at a tv time of 10:04 Michaels wins with his Superkick putting away the Kid.

This match is a very good tv match. It told a basic story but could of done more with two aerial speciliasts. However I can understand them protecting Michaels because of his upcoming Ironman with Bret.


** 3/4




Disc 2 Matches:





10) Shawn Michaels vs Mankind -Monday Night RAW August 11th, 1997

Everybody remembers Mind Games.

They talk a great deal about that match and this one from Raw, as well as Michaels time on top as Champion.

Shawn was having a difficult time here after an “injury” and losing his smile and all.
Here Michaels faces off in a rare tv match with Mankind on Monday Night Raw.

Michaels is literally littered on his way dancing to the ring. Michaels dances his way to the ring. Mankind brought a trashcan to the ring. Mankind hit in the head with a trash can three times. Out of the corner Mankind is hit with a double axehandle.
Mankind with a Mandible Claw.

Now Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is on Mankind. Mankind with a clothesline to Michaels. Michaels thrown to the steps. Mankind drops Michaels chest first on top of the barricade. Mankind charged at Michaels and is backdropped onto a table. Great spot.
Michaels dives off the apron with a flying elbow into Mankind through a table.

Not bad for a guy just back from injury. Mankind thrown into the steel teps and Michaels continues to slug it out with Mankind who is slammed to the mat. Michaels up to the top rope goes for an elbow and hits it. Ross says no delivers it better, but Randy Savage in the 80’s would say otherwise.

Yet again Michaels caught in the mandible claw but concussion city comes when Michaels sends Mankind headfirst into the ringpost. Manking backdropped onto a table.

HHH and Chyna come to the ring off to a commercial break.

Now Michaels takes Mankind’s mask off of him and mocks him while throwing out blows. Michaels charged to Mankind but hit shoulder first. Mankind missed an elbow drop. Michaels has a headlock set on. Foley drops down. Foley went for a high knee in the corner but Michaels moves and hits a dropkick.

This pace is incredible.

The action is incredible.

Nothing slow, everything full throttle. Both guys fight back at one another in a slugfest in the corner. Michaels choked out Mankind in the corner with his boot. Michaels is picked up and dropped in an inverted atomic drop from Foley.
Foley pounds on Michaels and as Ross states, we might see a little Cactus Jack here from Mankind. A running knee. Mankind pulls his hair out.

Rude comes to the ring.
Mankind with a blow to the abdomen of Michaels, a double armed ddt. Both men down on the canvas, Michaels kicks out of Mankind’s bodyweight, the whole lot of it.
Chyna distracts the official while Rude hits Mankind with a chair.
Sweet Chin Music.

In the end at a tv time of 8:42 Michaels defeats Mankind with a Superkick.

This match is incredible. One of the most underrated tv matches of all time. All in under nine minutes, what a ride!


11) Davey Boy Smith `The British Bulldog` (c) (with Tracy Smith) vs `The Heartbreak Kid` Shawn Michaels (with Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chyna and Rick Rude) for the WWF European Championship -One Night Only September 20, 1997


Main Event for the Bonus UK PPV.

Shawn Michaels at this point had just started DX and to take momentum away from the Hart Foundation, DX would get more title`s.

Davey Boy Smith defending his European title. Diana sits next to Tracy.
Bulldog defending his title in Europe against Michaels.
Here we go, the bell rings, the crowd is hot and so will be the action, the crowd chanting “BULL-DOG!” repeatedly…

The British Bulldog holds up the flag to a loud ovation. Michaels shoves Bulldog he shoved back and the fans roar.

Bulldog needs to use his speed, Michaels needs to use the quick, aerial style. Bulldog tossed Michaels off the top and then a bearhug. Bulldog dodged both Michaels attempts at him and Michaels falls to the floor. Bulldog in contol.

Michaels definitely knows how to bump well. Michaels calls for a time out. Bulldog was going to swing Michales in the ring but he rakes the face, still though Bulldog drove Michaels’s head into the buckle and suplexed him back in the ring. Davey Boy Smith held Michaels high in the air and was about to toss him until he is stopped.

Micahaels off the rope then into the abdominal stretch by Bulldog. Davey Boy Smith charged at Bulldog but he backdropped him to the floor. Back in the ring the Bulldog held an armbar on Michaels, trying to hyperextend the elbow and work over the shoulder area. Bulldog drops Michaels on the canvas to tork the hold in some more for some additiona punishment.

McMahon on commentary (One of the last PPV’s he’d broadcast btw) was spot on in claiming Michaels was in his prime.

Shawn broke the hold with a forearm which gains boo’s and off the ropes he runs into the Bulldog twice he wouldn’t go down, the third time off the ropes he ducks, the fourth he gives Bulldog a thumb to the eye. Michaels goes for a hurricanrana but is countered into a powerbomb by Bulldog.

Great high risk move and back into the armbar goes Michaels. Michaels off the ropes looking for a crucifix is backdropped to the mat. The Bulldog stretches the arm of HBK and a surfboard is applied.

Bulldog’s shoulders were down so he had to watch out. Michaels turned it around just because Bulldog asked the official a question, the point is you can’t turn your back on Michaels. Michaels with Bulldog off the ropes, he put off the breaks and lifted Shawn high up in the air and a two count. Bulldog with just a two. Out comes Rude to a chorus of boo’s. Bulldog leaped over and then so is Michaels, Bulldog had Michaels rolled over and Rude pushed Davey Boy.

Still, the Bulldog runs over Michaels with clothelines. Rude distracts Davey Boy and Michaels hit Bulldog from the back out to the floor. Rude threw Bulldog into the ring post. Michaels waiting in the ring. Michaels irishwhipped Bulldog into a sleeper.
Michaels has a body scissors then both men collide once up.

Both men answer the count.

HHH and Chyn come down, Bulldog with a power move and a long two. Bulldog goes for Michaels and strikes the post as Michaels moves. Michaels from up high drops the elbow to Bulldog. Michaels again goes up high hits another elbow drop.
Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music, Bulldog dropped down signalling for a Powerslam, Rude interfered. Both men brawl to the ground. The Bulldog’s leg is left off the platfom. A superkick, a pedigree.

Rude and Chyna toss Bulldog into the ring.

Michaels now goes for a figure four it seemed but instead ripped the knee-brace off an threw it at Diana in one of her worst acting impressions.

Michaels held the figure four, but the ref called for the bell once Bulldog could no longer answer despite the roars of the crowd.

In the end at 25:24 Michaels wins the European title after

This match is pretty tremendous like most tilts are with the two.




12) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (c) (w/Triple H and Chyna) vs The Undertaker in a Casket Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship -Royal Rumble 1998

The last time these two met they went to hell and back as they showed clips of the Hell in a Cell matches.


Kane offered his hand to Taker in an unspoken bond to his older brother The Undertaker on Raw.

They were perhaps on the same page, we would find out here.
Fink does his great opening bit as usual then the DX theme hit and Michaels posed for a bit but the entrances were both longer as Taker walked to the ring at his normal deadman speed.

JR says not Hogan, not Savage have outmatched Michaels in title matches. See we forget about Bret Hart in this time period obviously.

Taker turns the lights on in the corner as he usually does and we are about to get underway.
It was during the match, Michaels took a back body drop to the outside, smashing his lower back on the casket causing him to herniate two disks and crushing one completely, leading to his four year hiatus as an active wrestler from the WWF. (You can see him in pain on the outside after this bump at the beginning of the match)
Shawn Michaels and The Phenom of the World Wrestling Federation for the WWF title in a Casket Match! Tyson was doing crotch chops from the Box. Michaels looked scared and intimidated by Taker as he always does which always helps the chemistry between them.

The Undertaker looked at HBK with a cold stare and had him momentarily cornered and went for a big shot but Michaels intelligently ducked and then shot Taker with some stinging lefts and rights until Taker threw him into the corner and before Undertaker could hit right hands Shawn Michaels turned the tide and cornered him and hit him with fast lefts and rights.

Shawn Michaels then cornered Taker and hit him with rights and lefts in the corner of the ring. Taker grabbed him by the throat but Michaels hit him with a knee and then irish whipped by Taker to the corner but jumped off the corner and Taker displayed great power by elevating him high in the air with a choke hold. Shawn Michaels man handled by Taker in the air and then backdrpped back first right onto the wooden casket. The pain looks pretty rough and you can see it on Michaels face when he gets up, Ross on the replay points out the edge of the Casket hitting the lower back of Michaels. Shawn Michaels then introduced to the ring post by Taker before being scooped up and slammed down back first on the mat. Michaels then got shoved inside the Casket and he looked as scared as ever so he immediately got out but Taker kept after him.

Shawn Michaels then had a hard time walking around the ring.

Michaels had hurt his back! The pain was becoming evident, all you had to do was watch the bump, it’s relatively clear.

However back inside the ring Michaels rolled back while Taker held onto the ropes maintaining his vertical base but Taker kept slamming him back first on the canvas. Shawn Michaels then missed an elbow drop. Taker grabbed Shawn by the arm and twisted it but went to the top for Old School and hit it. Michaels then bumped around. Shawn Michaels is known for the way he can battle back in matches but it is always like this because he bumps around so well during the start of a lot of matches.

The Undertaker threw Michaels to the outside and that looked like a painful bump given the condition he was in. Taker got a jaw breaker from Michaels over the top rope from the outside which bought him a moment but off the top rope to the inside of the ring was powerslammed by Taker!

Undertaker rolled Shawn into the Casket, the lid shuts and it is over! Michaels with powder from the Casket into the eyes of Undertaker. Shawn Michaels got knocked down with a right by Taker still. Michaels hit some hard right hands on Taker in the corner of the ring.

It is interesting when watching Taker go at it with Bret at the Rumble then go at it with Shawn, both matches great but completely different pace and story telling.
Shawn Michaels then almost got chokeslammed by Taker but came off the top rope with a moonsault. Shawn Michaels then hit a clothesline on Undertaker over the top rope to the outside of the ring. Taker sent Shawn head first into the ring security railing and its unforgiving steel. Undertaker had only lost one casket match in his career and it was to a 600 pound opponent and 10 other men at this very event to this point in time. Shawn Michaels irish whipped Taker to the steel steps and then dropped them on his lower back area twice perhaps for revenge.

Just as legal as a wristlock was the Steel Steps due to Casket Matches being NO DQ. Shawn Michaels then got Taker up and he hit a piledriver on the Steel Steps. Helmsley on the outside beat down Taker with a crutch due to the match being NO DQ.

Helmsley hit Taker with a crutch a couple of times and the fans chanted that they wanted Kane. (Due to there being an apparent alliance between the two at the time)
Michaels then with a vicious shot with a Steel Chair to Taker.

Shawn Michaels then dropped an elbow to Undertaker and then inside the ring went to roll Taker into the Casket.

Undertaker blocked it at the last second though!

Taker with right hands to Michaels but then he caught Undertaker with a swinging neck breaker.

Shawn jumped on Undertaker and gave him a big sleeper. Michaels clearly wanted to wear down the big man but Taker regained his vertical base and then hit a back suplex out of the sleeper, a great counter move after he reached down deep. Shawn and his back were already hurt so it was double important. However Michaels came off the side ropes with a flying forearm and then kicked up and went to the top to deliver an elbow to The Undertaker and he connected.
Shawn said that is it.

Michaels tuned up the band and connected Sweet Chin Music to The Undertaker.
Michaels put Taker inside the Casket and all he had to do was shut the lid and he told Taker to suck it but he grabbed Michaels by the throat and knocked him from the inside of the casket back into the ring. Undertaker elevated HBK high up and hit a backdrop. Taker then threw HBK into the corner backfirst and he went upside down until flipping back to his feet and catching a clothesline. Michaels bumping backfirst hard over and over. Taker with a tremendous kick to the face of Michaels after an irish whip to the side ropes. Taker charged for Michaels and elevated himself but Michaels dodged it and Taker fell into the Casket by himself.

Shawn joined him in the Casket!

HBK came off the top with an elbow drop into the Casket and the lid shut! Both men inside.

Then the lid opened and HBK tried to escape but Taker dragged him inside!
Shawn ducked a boot inside the ring and then Taker went for a chokeslam and hit a huge one. The Undertaker then hit a Tombstone from the ring apron to inside the Casket. Amazing.

Then during the match, The New Age Outlaws and Los Boricuas interfered and attacked The Undertaker. Kane came out to save Taker as the lights went out and the place exploded! Likely because this was the first time this area had seen the Kane character in person.

Kane then cleared the ring to help his brother. Kane turned around and stared at Undertaker as if he was Michael Meyers. Kane then went to pose and struck Taker with a hard right hand. The place booed as Kane turned on his brother. Kane then grabbed Taker by the throat and chokeslammed him into the Casket as HBK shut the lid and Shawn won the match at 20:37 and the place booed.
Entertaining match though!

Great stuff here.

After the match, Kane and Paul Bearer padlocked the casket with Undertaker inside it. They then poured gasoline on the casket and set it on fire.

Memorable ending but the match scores points due to the chemistry between the two, its pacing and the performance of Shawn Michaels.

Awesome material from these two.




13) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs “Y2J” Chris Jericho in a Grudge Match -WrestleMania X9

The first match by Michaels back from injury on this DVD, over five years later.

To say this was a dream match would be a major understatement.

Jericho idolized the likes of Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and of course a guy a little closer to his age…Shawn Michaels.

Jericho and Michaels were mirrorimages of one another. Both tremendous in the ring, both can display a ton of charisma and because of that likeable attitude, the crowd here is split. Half or perhaps more are going for Jericho.

Shawn still has his fans for sure because this is his first Mania back.

The storyline coming in was done fabulous with the videopackage, the build-up was months in the waiting and now when it was finally time for a one on one match at Mania, we were ready.

The anticipation had been built for so long and the match is now underway!
Bell rings.

Here we go as Jericho and Shawn Michaels get this Classic rolling.

Chris Jericho wanted to prove a point and they had some tremendous matches in 2008, but right here in 2003 was the gold standard.

The two men initially tie-up, Jericho thinks he wins, on the real one Michaels takes Jericho down with a side headlock takeover, back both up. Another tie-up and an armdrag by Jericho shades of Steamboat and then Michaels with a headscissors out. Michaels played mindgames on Chris Jericho laying on the top buckle.

Into an armbar is Shawn, then into a hammerlock by Jericho showing chain wrestling. Shawn elbowed out and hit a hiplock. A single leg takedown by Jericho and both man back up yet again.

What a tremendous exchange to begin this epic.

Chris Jericho ties up with Shawn and in the side headlock again gets taken over, Jericho goes for the legscissors out but Michaels has the presence of mind to have it scouted and block that escape route by Chris Jericho.

Awesome veteran instinct by Michaels, I really love something so small in the match just as that, as Michaels had reversed this earlier on Jericho, this time Jericho uses it as a force of defence, no, Michaels has it scouted this time, so into the side headlock Jericho does NOT get out with a legscissors because Shawn Michaels knows how to block that counterhold.

Unbelievable chain sequence and logic.

Great stuff.

Shawn Michaels is rolled over by Chris Jericho on the mat in a pinning combination but Michaels regains the headlock. Where have I seen this before is what I want to know.

It was Wrestlemania 12, Hart had the headlock on Shawn and Shawn kept getting roll attempts at a pin, back first on the mat. Here Michaels is in the role Bret was in, Hart must of taught Shawn a thing or two.

Out of the side headlock Chris Jericho runs at Michaels dropping him with a rough shoulder block. Michaels leapfrogged Jericho, ducked then went to leap but Chris Jericho stopped and slapped Michaels. Shawn slapped back and elevated Chris over the top rope to the floor by his hair and the crowd loved it.

With Jericho outside Michaels charged off the ropes dropping Chris Jericho with a baseball slide. Chris Jericho thrown back in the ring and Michaels lands a high crossbody and a kickout. Michaels off the ropes catches a spinning heel kick by Jericho.

Jericho iriswhipped Shawn hard to the corner putting pressure on his injured lowerback that kept him out of action. Logical moved by Jericho.
Shawn catches a break as Chris Jericho was going for a running bulldog, Michaels dropped and sent Jericho flying into the ring post,

In mid-ring Shawn Michaels slaps on a figure-four leglock on Chris Jericho. This was a weardown move Michaels needed on an aerial great like Jericho. Michaels right back to work on the left leg dropping it to the mat.

Michaels set the formation of another leglock to tork the injured leg but Chris Jericho with his good leg kicked Shawn directly into the ring post. Chris Jericho threw Shawn over the rope but he skinned the cat and elevated Jericho outside of the ring all at the same time!

Michaels was not done. He sprung himself over the top rope onto Jericho on the floor.

Unbelievable stuff.

Hard righthands met Chris Jericho by Shawn Michaels, all of the sudden when Michaels went for a dropkick on the outside Chris Jericho slapped on the Walls on the floor. The count was on so Jericho had to break the count but the damage had been done.

Michaels earlier had taken it all seemingly out of Jericho and his legs, Jericho now locked on the Walls for seven seconds on the floor taking it out of Michaels. Chris Jericho was not done. He drove Shawn and his injured lower spine into the ringpost.
Awesome work by Chris Jericho who goes into the ring and poses to a mixed reaction. Jericho feeling cocky dances around. Chris Jericho tossed Shawn coming back in off with a springboard dropkick.

If this was not the prime of Chris Jericho, I would be shocked. He was on his game. Chris Jericho dragged Michaels back in and dropped him with a back suplex. Chris slapped at Michaels claiming he was better then him. A long standing vertical suplex from Jericho to Michaels and Shawn had JUST enough to kick out.
Jericho kept on his man in perfect form applying the backbreaker to an already injured back. Brilliant psychology all match long.

Jericho does his usual COME ON BABY while pinning and of course gets a two that way. To slow Michaels down, he wears him down with a reverse chinlock.
Seattle gets behind the Showstopper but Chris Jericho has been in complete control, does HBK have anything left. Shawn battles out with a hard forehand then another to the abodmen until Chris Jericho rakes his eyes. Off the ropes Jericho is planted head first by Shawn Michaels with a ddt.

This move by Shawn out desperation catches him a breather and a break. Both men down to answer the ten count and in dramatic fashion they do. Once up Chris Jericho catches a shot by Michaels, a slugfest breaks out as both men dish out punishment but it is Chris Jericho who flies off with a flying forearm.

Then to mock Michaels he kicks up, as some of the crowd cheer. Chris Jericho poses, HBK kicks up behind him and drops righthands to Jericho and he hits a forearm. Michaels kicks up again, an inverted atomic drop to Jericho, then a backbody drop.
Shawn feeding off the crowd despite a bad back.

Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania so catches Chris Jericho coming in with a boot, Michaels climbs up for a moonsault and got a two count. Shawn jumps over Jericho on the ropes with a roll-up, Chris Jericho tried a cradle, both guys roll each other up for some exciting unique pinning combinations and now Chris Jericho has the Walls but Michaels with his leg strength shoots him off.

A standing switch from Jericho to Michaels as he hits a Northern Light Suplex and a nearfall, the strength of Shawn bridges up and out. What power. Chris Jericho lands a clothesline off the ropes.

Incredible climax.

Shawn Michaels gets to his feet and Jericho attempts a running bulldog and this time he hits it. Jericho lands on Michaels with a Lionsault off the ropes springboarding back. Jericho gets a two as Michaels stil has it in him.

Shawn hit by a chop but off the ropes he kicks Jericho. Shawn then went for a headscissors but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho! Some cheer as Jericho has Shawn and his lowerback right where he wanted them, and in mid-ring to boot!

All that was left was for Shawn to tap! Michaels desperately got to the bottom rope in time as the fans cheered. Chris Jericho goes to slap it on in mid-ring yet again but Michaels countered it with an inside cradle out of desperation and he got a two.

Jericho then to further injure the back of Michaels he goes for a double underhook suplex into a backbreaker. Brilliant.

Jericho up high takes his time and Michaels is on the receiving end of a reverse elbow shot. Jericho in the corner of the ring starts to tune up the band.
Chris hits it! Neafall. An angry Chris Jericho dishes out blows and elbows to Michaels and throws him to the corner, Michaels comes flying off with a crossbody on Jericho and he gets a two. Shawn back up bruised brawling with Chris, Shawn now attempts perhaps the Walls as he has Chris up but he catapolted him up to the corner and Michaels got a two, STILL Chris Jericho kicked out.


Chris Jericho with more hard forearm shots to the bruised lowerback. Jericho set up Michaels up high on the top turnbuckle meanwhile throwing out hard forearm shots to his bad lowerback. From the top, SOMEHOW Michaels was able to counter in mid-air with a crossbody!

Both men down.

Shawn Michaels goes to slowly climb to the top bad back and all. Shawn Michaels goes for an elbow drop but Chris Jericho kicked the official into the ropes making the official fall. Jericho acted as if he was innocent. Jericho meets Shawn up high for a Superples attempt but Michaels sends Jericho flying face first on the mat.
And Now. Shawn Michaels NOW can go for his elbow drop from the top and he hits it. Shawn Michaels can feel it now. Shawn goes to tune the band in the corner of the ring, as Chris Jericho gets up Shawn Michaels misses and Jericho catches him as he reversed it into the Walls of Jericho!

Twist after Twist, Swerve after Swerve. Oh yeah, the match is also GREAT.
Chris Jericho keeps the Walls locked on in a bad way, squeezing all of Michaels had. Somehow Shawn found a way to grab the bottom rope and Chris Jericho is in disbelief. Jericho argued with the official which is textbook storytelling allowing the Babyface to come back and he does.

Shawn hits an out of no where Superkick and both men are down on the mat. Michaels kicks out! Shawn reverse irishwhipped to the corner and he flips upside down and lands on his feet rolling back in. Jericho with another forearm shot and he goes to suplex Michaels up he lands on his feet again, this time Michaels rolls him up for the three count!

In the end at 22:33, Michaels was the winner after he put Jericho away with a roll-up.

All is right in Seattle.

I always thought Jericho should of definitely have gone over here. However despite who won and who lost, one can’t ignore the workrate and delivery this match brought to the table. Magnificent.

To keep his COOL after the match, Jericho went in for a shake with Michaels, turned it into a hug, then a lowblow to the groin of Michaels.

The Jerichomarks in Seattle were at least, happy with THAT result.

This is without a doubt, one of the greatest matches of all time. I was in absolute awe the first time I saw it, and despite me not even knowing I’d be in for a treat with Michaels back at Mania. These two together still blew me away.
In my opinion the second best match in the career of one Chris Jericho. A strong argument could be made for his very best.

I cant stress enough how much a fan favourite this match is to me, everything was picture perfect.

It was the fact both wrestler’s styles complimented each other perfectly, they balanced the story-telling with the wrestling, and the brawling absolutely perfect here. These two have had a great series of matches even in the year 2008 when they went at it but this still holds up as there best, and one of the very best in both men’s career’s as well at the end of the day.

I consider this the in the top 25 greatest wrestling matchess of all time. The match of the night if not year in 03, a defining Classic in the history of Wrestlemania…

**** 3/4


14) “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels vs “Nature Boy” Ric Flair -Bad Blood June 15th, 2003

Michaels gets to go against his idol. His childhood hero.

This didn`t have a quarter of the build Mania 24 did so it didn`t feel as special but these men didn`t do a bad job here.

There is Alternate Commentary from Michael Cole and Shawn Michaels if you choose.

Shawn Michaels off the get-go is taken down by Flair who goes for the figure four and then eventually slaps it on.

Flair was in Evolution which is needed to be known during this point of view.
You know this match means something when Jim Ross had quoted or referred to both Gordon Solie and Antonio Inoki.

Chops back and forth and Michaels hits a back bodydrop to Naitch.
Michaels irishwhipped him to the corner but Flair hit a reverse elbow. Flair goes to the top and Michaels predictably pulls him off the top and down to the mat.
Flair blocked the Superkick, Flair goes for the figure four and then Michaels rolls him up and a two.
Michaels now slaps the figure four on Flair! Michaels rolled up Flair exposing his ass for the 876,567th time. Flair swung upside down and drops down with a double axehandle.
Michaels with plants Flair face down on the mat. Michaels throws Flair into the steps and sets him up on the table. Michaels dove off the top of the ring through his chest. Inside the ring Flair hita low-blow, vintage Flair says King, dirtiest player in the game.
Michaels backdropping Flair and nipping up after a flying forearm. A scoop slam and now Michaels goes to the top and hitsan elbow.

Michaels tuned up the band but Orton out of no where hit Michaels with a chairshot!
In the end at 14:18 Flair is rolled on top of Michaels for the win with the help from Randy Orton.

I now remember the mini Orton-Michaels program from the Summer of 03.

This match consisted of basic spots with no deep story, but it wasn’t bad by any means…

** 1/2




15) Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle in an Interpromotional Match -Mania 21


Angle and Shawn had been a Dream Match for the longest time, it was now finally going to happen.

Angle desperately wanted to wrestle the Hitman as his ultimate dream match, so why not go for the next best thing. Shawn Michaels, Mr. Wrestlemania.

The feud was great, we saw hilarous moments with Angle trying to one-up Michaels by doing most things in his career outside of Losing his Smile.

The build-up was also intense as was it entertaining.

But now it was show time, the talking was done, the bell rang and the drama was about to unfold.

The two stood toe to toe. This was going to be exciting and everybody knew it.
Kurt Angle had something to prove, he wanted Michaels to tap.
Michaels heard some “You screwed Bret” chants straight away. Michaels wanted to see if he could still go.
The crowd was interesting because it seemed like half or more were actually cheering for Kurt Angle.
Crowd were hot, both guys were ready to steal the show!

Kurt Angle told all media outlets this was going to be the match of a life time coming in, this was the main one they put in the middle of the show. The main attraction, sort of like Michaels and Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25, or Ric Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 8.

Kurt Angle representing Smackdown, Shawn for Raw and it arguably wasn’t about that.
Shawn slaps Angle and Kurt jumps on him in every which way aggressively, as he rides him into a front facelock, Shawn kept trying to counter out of waistlock by Angle but Shawn eventually grabbed the ropes.

The crowd applaud the early mat work.

Kurt Angle hit with a hammerlock by Michaels into a side headlock takedown on Angle. Angle rolled Michaels on his back but got a two out of it, Shawn back into the side headlock grounding Angle. Angle slowly rises up and Angle chants build up in LA.

Shawn Michaels cuts off Angle’s attempt out of the side headlock again as he keeps it on in mid-ring. Somehow Michaels retains the headlock despite being back suplexed by Angle. Michaels is determined here in the early going. Shot off the ropes Shawn hit a shoulder block, back into a hiplock takeover and back into a side headlock.
Michaels wears down Angle slowly on the mat with the side headlock, this reminds me a lot of Bret Hart doing this to him in the Ironman match at Wrestlemania 12.

Once again Angle tried to get out shooting from the ropes but Michaels kept it locked on.

Half the crowd say “Lets go Angle” the other half say “Lets go Michaels”! Great excitement now as the headlock is broken and Angle has a clean break cornering Michaels.

The two tie-up, Angle with a waistloagck, Shawn Michaels with a standing switch and back into a side headlock takendown. An overhead wristlock turned into a waistlock by Angle, and off the ropes he levelled Shawn with an elbow shot.

This time off the ropes Angle hit a hiplock on Angle. Now Shawn Michaels wears Angle down some more with the arm-scissors, Angle rolls out and got a two, Michaels reverses back and he had to be careful in his hold that he wasn’t pinned himself.
Angle rolled Shawn Michaels’s shoulders but Shawn used his leg strength with the leverage applied to hold Angle down. Now Angle in unique fashion lifts Shawn Michaels up in the air, Shawn counters it into a sunset flip, Angle kicks out. Angle with a cradle and a nearfall, both men get up and Shawn Michaels goes right back to the side headlock takeover.

Shawn with the headlock STILL on Angle for which feels like an eternity is fought back by Angle. Michaels wrapped his legs around Angle meanwhile he choked out Shawn in the corner. Shawn Michaels again retaliating in the corner trying to shutdown Angle.

Angle levelled Michaels with a hard forearm to his back into the Ankle Lock. Shawn gets out in a hurry having had it scouted and levelled Kurt with a forerarm, then a clothesline taking them both over the top rope to the floor. Good stuff.
Shawn now outside the ring moves the televion monitor’s as LA likes this. Angle catches Shawn and hits A European uppercut twice on Michaels. Angle gets ready to suplex Shawn but he lnds back on his feet. Angle though picked up Shawn for an Angle Slam and drove him back first into the ring post.

It was supposed to be Shawn’s lowerback which he had surgery on that was supposed to of hit, but it was more like the leg of Michaels. Still though Angle drove his knee to the back of Shawn. Angle through him in the ring, Angle hits a Suplex and a two, then another two.

Angle is frustrated so elects to go into a body scissors.
Angle had Michaels seemingly where he wanted him, down and out on the ring canvas and slapped it in.

Fans still chanting for both men, Shawn Michaels back up chopped Angle in the corner as a way out of Angle’s grueling bodyscissors submission hold. Michaels is irishwhipped by Kurt Angle into the corner, he swings upside down bumping like he usually does so well and lands back on his feet selling the back.

Angle hits a belly to belly overhead suplex! More pressure to the injured lower back. A hiplock to Shawn and now Angle drives the right knee into the damaged lowerback of Michaels. Shawn in a reverse chinlock by Angle and Kurt applied extra tork on Shawn wth this hold slapped on.

Fans continue to chant Angle and Michaels’s names, as they were split. This helped the atmosphere in the match that much more.

Shawn Michaels chopped his way out and Angle landed a shot. A big slugfest in mid-ring between two Warriors until Angle clotheslines Shawn Michaels, and just a two and Angle is getting frustrated. Angle placed Shawn in the corner and landed two more European Uppercuts. Angle sets up Shawn and his bad bck from the top rope.

Michaels pushed Angle off the top to the canvas and went for an elbow drop. Angle had it scouted and moved, Michaels unfortunately landed on his hurt back. Angle dropped the straps went for an Angle Slam and Shawn Michaels hit an armdrag. Angle came in charging at Michaels with momentum and he backdroped him to the outside on the floor.

Shawn Michaels flies off the top rope catching Angle with a crossbody out on the floor.

Tremendous stuff here, as Michaels hung onto the ropes, Angle tried to German Suplex off the apron through the table behind them. Angle squeezed and Shawn hung on. Eventually Shawn Michaels elbowed Angle and hit a low blow to Kurt with his boot behind the officials back, this gets him a series of boo’s but Shawn Michaels was a desperate man here. Angle kicked onto the table.

Michaels then springboards off the ropes to hit a crossbody onto Angle on the table, and the table doesen’t even give. Very good spot.

Both guys down and the crowd applaud both men’s efforts thus far.

Both break the ten count, Angle with blood in his mouth, Shawn with a bad lowerback.

They made it seem like the two have gone to hell and back with the way they were

SLOWLY slugging it out.

Either way it was still a fine match.

Shawn Michaels hits a forearm kicks up, builds momentum dropping Angle with two clotheslines. Shawn powerslams Kurt and now goes up top for his favourite elbow drop to Angle. Now it was time for Shawn Michaels to do what he came here to do, the Sweet Chin Music.

Shawn Michaels tuning up the band and as he goes for it Angle caught his leg and Angle goes for the Ankle Lock. Angle countered Shawn Michaels’s sweet chin music in mid-air, Michaels rolls out but Shawn Michaels is still in agony as Angle kept it on every chance he got.

Michaels reversed the Ankle Lock into a victory roll out of no where and got a two. Angle almost hit with a Superkick from no where by Shawn Michaels and Angle countered it into an Angle Slam. 1..2…Shawn Michaels kicks out!

Angle can’t believe it and now he stalks Shawn once more putting on the straps just to take them back off again. Kurt Angle goes for a Moonsault and hits nobody on the canvas, he crashed and burned and this bought Shawn Michaels some time to re-group now!

Michaels with a bad back fearless goes to the top rope and sells it with pain and slowly he couldn’t do anything.

Kurt Angle quickly jumps up to the top turnbuckle and he hits ANOTHER Angle Slam to Shawn Michaels from the top rope! Shawn Michaels kicks out!

Angle is crying. Angle grabbed Michaels and trashtalked saying he would tap, all of the sudden Shawn hit Angle with a Superkick in mid-ring knocking him out.

This would even it all out as Shawn and Angle both got there blows in on one another. Michaels slowly goes to cover Angle with his arm, 1…2…Kurt kicks out.
Jim Ross says he has no doubt both Angle and Michaels will be in the Hall of Fame some day. Interesting. Angle stalks Shawn and out of no where got the Anle Lock on as everyone stood.

What a climax. Shawn Michaels tried everything to roll out but each time Angle kept it on and the fans loved it. Shawn Michaels showing the pain through his face and eventually after two minutes in the lock he taps!

In the end at 27:25 Angle made Michaels tap, finally, with his Ankle Lock after it had been applied for minutes.
This match seems over-praised in parts by a select few, but still with saying that you do get a very thrilling ride, and although a bit slower in the start, it definitely picked up as it went along.

This was a Classic in 2005 and while I don’t hold it as high as the re-match the two had at Vengeance, this one still felt like more of a Spectacle happening at Mania with a hot crowd.

Just excellent, match of the night all things included.

**** 1/4




16) Montreal & The Hulkster Shawn Michaels Promo in Montreal on Hulk Hogan -RAW August 15, 2005


Shawn Michaels here gives us all a lot of insight on Hogan.

This is Michaels telling all, being his entertaining self.

They show the infamous Montreal Promo where Michaels did a class act job.

A must see.

An interesting way to end Disc 2.









Disc 3 Matches:


17) Boot Camp Match Shawn Michaels vs Triple H -RAW December 19, 2005

Alternate Commentary by Michael Cole and Shawn Michaels

Joey Styles and Lawler if not. Michaels with hiptoss, an armdrag into an armbar on Michaels.

Nothing too fancy here as expected.

It’s only put on the set as it is something differen. Michaels reversed an elbow to Hunter in the corner back into an armbar.

HHH tried to get out of it and once he tossed HBK asidehehita shoulder block. Backslide by Michaels then an armdrag into an armbar.

Michaels focusing on that arm.

Michaels catches an elbow knocking him to the floor.
Shawn Michaels after a commercial break is thrown to the ropes and he kicked Hunter in the face until he was backdropped to the ground in front of the Troops.

HHH with a right and Michaels and Helmsley battle in the entrance way, no count-out’s or DQ’s.

Hunter goes for a Pedigree but a backdrop onto the ground by Michaels. Shawn Michaels levelled Hunter with a sand bag. Michaels with right’s. A gas can is used by Hunter against Michaels. Hunter lets go a right handand then another in the entrance way.

Both guys continue to brawl in the entrance way. Michaels elevated to the floor by Hunter. Michaels grabs a wet mop to the head of Hunter. Michaels slams him skull first into the post.

A collision takes place as the official goes down. Hunter got a two on a ddt and the official pushed, pushed back.

Hunter salute’s the army and then lays out the official.

Good stuff. Hunter catapolts Michaels but he turns things around and hits a Superkick and gives us a familiar finish we’re all used too at the ten minute mark

This match is what it is basically…


* 1/4


18) John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton in a Fatal 4-Way Match in a No Holds Barred Match for the WWE Championship -Backlash April 29, 2007

Shawn Michaels, will he get one last reign here?

This is one of the best PPV’s of the modern era for a reason, for matches like these:

In tough against the likes of Edge, Randy Orton, and of course the reigning Champion- John Cena.

Get ready for a ton of action.

Cena with the odds against him here as he goes in and doesen’t even have to be pinned to lose the title. At this time everyone wanted the title off of him.

Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, John Cena all stand in one corer, chants are heard and the atmosphere is electric at the ninth annual Backlash, the first to ever have a fatal fourway for the title.

Michaels and Cena go toe to toe, some bad blood from Mania 23 perhaps? “Cena Sucks” is chanted.

All four argue. Now Michaels and Cena take down Rated RKO and then Cena is chopped by Michaels. HBK lays out Cena with a chop. Michaels then again hit another chop on Cena, a reverse irishwhip and Cena hit a fisherman’s suplex. Cena got a two.
Orton comes back in and clotheslines HBK, Edge taking out Cena.

Now Rated RKO stand alone in the ring. Orton and Edge stair down one another. Orton and Edge battle it out and Cena tossed Edge back in and Orton is sweeped by Michaels on the other side. More chops but a charging Cena clotheslines both guys on the ground.

Edge leaps off the apron taking down Cena and the fans seem to like that more. Edge threw Orton into the steel ring steps. Edge powerslammed Cena hard to the floor. Edge picked up HBK he landed on his feet and scoop slammed Edge hard on the mat. HBK climbs to the top and hits a moonsault off the top rope to the other three competitor’s.

Impressive spot by Michaels risking his body early in the match.

Great stuff.

Shawn Michaels threw Edge in the ring. Michaels with a chop in the corner, Edge fought back with a jab. Edge irishwhipped, ducking a clothesline and both men lay each other out.
Cena begins to climb back into the ring. Cena goes to the top rope and hits a double leg-drop to HBK and Edge to mixed reactions, and a nearfall. Orton clotheslined Cena. Orton working on all three now as the freshest of the four. Orton tosses out Michaels and Edge.

Orton goes toe to toe with Cena and the two slug it out until Orton hits an inverted back breaker gets him a two count.

Orton got another nearfall on Cena with Michaels and Edge outside the ring. Cena battled back. Cena crashed shoulder first as Orton moved out of the way.

Michaels and Orton chopping away a one anothe. Michaels exploding with a flying forearm and a nip up, Edge hits him with a heel kick. Orton pulls Edge off and two members of Rated RKO argue over who should get the pin. Orton and Edge both isolate Michaels in the corner.

Both men send Michaels into the corner hitting spine first. Cena shoved face first into the Ecw announce table. Orton and Edge disecting Michaels in the corner. Michaels swung upside down, inside out and a double-backdrop.

Orton and Edge apply a half crab each, it’s a double submission to HBK. If Michaels tap you’d never know who the winner would be? Cena suplexes Edge.

Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, Orton and Michaels double-team Cena throwing him into the post, then HBK shoving Orton there. Orton layed out face first on the announce table. Michaels with Orton in a piledriver position, Edge hit Michaels with a chairshot. Edge then hit Orton in the head with a chair.

Edge the only man up.

Edge meeting Cena in the ring with a chair but Cena hits a drop toehold, the STFU. Michaels breaks it up and nips up on Cena and hits inverted atomic drops. Michaels powerslams Cena and flies up for the elbow and sinks it, as he goes to tune up the band.

Michaels tossed Edge out of the way and now Edge is layed out. Michaels now with a sore back climbs to the top but Cena catches him to a chorus of boo’s. Cena has Michaels up top and Edge and Orton backdrop them both, Michaels took the most punishment out of that.

All four down for an appropriate reason.

Edge hit the impaler and started to grab his hair out. Edge signalled for a spear, a leapfrog into RKO attempt, Cena hits the attitude adjustment on Orton, Michaels superkicked Cena.

In the end at 19:21 Cena retains the title after getting superkicked onto Orton.

One of the benefits of this match was that it was full-throttle, non-stop action for twenty minutes. These matches are full of spots but they’re still fun.

One of the very best matches of 2007 right next to Undertaker versus Batista and the Cena-Michaels series.



19) Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton (c) for the WWE Championship -WWE Survivor Series November 18th, 2007

This Singles match for the WWE Championship, is in which Michaels was banned from using the Superkick, while Orton would have lost the title had he been disqualified.

Shawn Michaels knew he could dig into deep into his roots for this one to tell a better story.

Here we go, the bell rings.

Randy Orton the cocky, yet confident champion looked at Michaels. Orton locked up with Shawn and a reversal of hammerocks into a neck vice by Michaels. Michaels using his leverage to keep it held on.

I thought we were in for some chain-wrestling but straight away Michaels wants to cut off the oxygen to Orton who is trying everything to get out of this predicament. Orton exploding on Michaels with right`s.
Orton slaps away at Michaels but he lays chops on Randy. Michaels with a side headlock, a shoulder block and then back into a neck vice, this time grounded on the mat. A reverse chinlock mixed with a body scissors now.
Orton didn`t expect this one would imagine. Orton battles his way out and INTO a front facelock. Orton backs out of the ring and sells the throat on the ground. Michaels dropkicks Orton holding the top rope for leverage. Michaels springboard moonsaults off the ropes onto Orton on the floor.

Great move.

It didn`t seem to take anything away from Michaels as he comes off the top but Orton counters a mid-air attack from Michaels into a powerslam and a European uppercut.
Michaels locks on a Sharpshooter. One of the worst ones you`ll ever see slapped on, it makes Austin and Rock`s versions look like Bret and Owen`s.

Yup, it must be the Survivor Series.

Orton close to the ropes gets there.

Orton stomping on Michaels. Orton battling back holding Michaels face first from the middle ropes dropping him down for a front face ddt. Orton now slaps on a body scissors.

Both men are forced to wrestle due to the stipulations, and I`d agree with Ross`s point of view, it`s great to see a good wrestling match.

Orton elbowed out by Michaels. Michaels chops Orton. A reverse flying forearm and he nips up. Inverted atomic drop and drops him with rights until Orton blocks a blow and levelled Michaels with a beautiful, textbook standing dropkick.

Michaels used his legs to sweep himself off the canvas in the nearfall. A modified sunset flip off the ropes, Michaels with elbow drops. HBK hit one off the top rope. Michaels wanted to tune the bandbut he knew he couldn`t do it.

Still he tunes up the band anyway. Michaels went for an inside cradle instead and got a two. Michaels tried a crucifix and Orton drops and Michaels uses the Crossface.
I can`t help but love the fans pop when Michaels uses the crossface on Orton.

I think this shocked a lot of people.

Still though Michaels pulling all his tricks out of the bag using a Crossface.

Michaels couldn`t get the job done as Orton put the boot on the bottom rope. Michaels tries for it again but Orton levelled Michaels with a big shot. Orton hits a huge clothesline. Orton then with an inverted backbreaker. Orton measuring Michaels down on the mat thinking about an RKO.

Now Orton is thinking about a kick to put Michaels out. Michaels grabs the leg and slaps on the Ankle Lock. Michaels`s attempt to be Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle all in one match may work!

The leg is grapevined, the ankle locked and Orton may not be able to reach the ropes.
Great drama.

Orton gets there and kicks Michaels to the corner with his head cracking off the ring post. Orton waiting for Michaels to get up, he goes for an RKO, Michaels kicks him off and then he attempted to go for the Superkick and at the last second he remembers he can`t do it.

Orton uses that last second to hit the RKO.
In the end at 17:47 Orton retained the title.

Great story telling here…

This match is a Classic and the crossface is the best part. The second best match to Taker and Dave at Mania in 2007 for the company.


**** 1/4


20) The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs Y2J Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned match -Unforgiven 2008


I am pretty positive Lillian Garcia said Unsunctioned instead of Unsanctioned. Oh well.

The video package to this match is excellent as it shows how personal the great rivalry had gone.

This would not be the last match the two would have, but in there feud in 2008 I have given the Judgment Day match four stars, and the GAB match ** 3/4 as that match was more about continuing to build the great rivalry rather then an excellent single`s bout.

HBK came out with a taped up arm and you can bet a great wrestler like Chris Jericho would probably focus on that at some point when this match is Unsantioned afterall.
Shawn Michaels charged towards Jericho in the ring and the bell rung. Shawn with a series of right hands to Y2J down on the mat. Some Y2J chants even heard.

HBK with a kick to Y2J and then took his boot off and hit Jericho in the head and of course it is completely legal. Shawn with a few boot shots that took Jericho to the outside.

Shawn Michaels charged at Y2J by the barricade and the two go over the railing into the audience as Shawn was on top of Jericho giving him more right hands, Jericho gave him a straight right hand back. Michaels pushed him back over the barricade.


HBK chants then heard and Shawn gave Jericho a big blow and took him down outside the ring and catapolted him face first into the steel ring post. Shawn looked under the ring for something and said DAMN IT and then grabbed a chair. Good stuff. Shawn went for a shot and hit the post when Jericho moved. Y2J had boughten himself enough time to slam HBK head first into the table and then drop him head first onto the top of the barricade.

Chris Jericho hit a DDT to Michaels on the floor. Shawn Michaels now was down on the ground and Jericho looked for a weapon under the ring and got a table out with an evil look in his eye. Chris Jericho set a table up vertically and threw it into Shawn who was crouched down by the announce table. Y2J set up the table on the outside of the ring and then gave HBK a hard forearm shot to the back which is smart due to his back problems. Jericho went for a powerbomb threw the table but he forced himself forward and Shawn Michaels went face first into the ring apron on the outside of the ring.

Jericho threw Shawn into the ring and then grabbed a chair. Y2J took his time getting in and then once HBK got to his feet, Jericho rammed a chair into his abdomen.
Jericho held the chair high and smacked HBK and his bad lower back. How many times have we seen this, although it makes a lot of sense in a personal rivalry such as this one.

Jericho then picked up HBK and hit a back body suplex. Jericho grabbed a chair and came into the ring and set it up inbetween the middle and top rope and it stood there unlike Trish Stratus and her attempt at Survivor Series 2002, do not ask me how I remmeber stuff like that. Jericho went to the other corner where Shawn Michaels was and then mashed his boot of his into the side of the head of Shawn. HBK reversed an iriswhip and sent Jericho shoulder first to the steel pole, but not the pole which had the chair planted, HBK turned in mid-ring and irishwhipped him the other way where the two were originally. Jericho from outside the apron attempted to suplex him off the apron into the table set up on the outside. Jericho held Shawn in the air but somehow landed on the apron then clotheslined Jericho into the ring. HBK gave Jericho a right hand and then sent him to the side but Jericho reversed the irishwhip and Shawn kicked up after a flying forearm. Shawn held onto his lower back and then HBK relentlessly choked out Jericho. Driven by rage was HBK due to the overwhelming emotion of the feud, the look on HBK even changed. HBK then leaped off the top and hit an elbow drop to Jericho. HBK played to the audience but his sole purpose was to inflict as much pain on Jericho as possible.

The Heartbreak Kid in the corner tuned up the band but Jericho fell to his knees before HBK could kick him. Shawn shook his head and said Jericho had not been punished enough. Michaels then gave him hard shots and forearm shots to the back, and side of the head. HBK slapped on the Crossface to Jericho. Jericho has been in this move before by the late great Chris Benoit and then while in the Crossface, Jericho resourcefully got out of it by sending Shawn and his injured eye right into the chair planted in the corner of the ring. Great stuff. Nice spot for sure and it was logical in a variety of ways.

Y2J had focused on the eye he had targetted the entire summer of 2008 and kept punching at HBK. Referee pleaded with Jericho to stop but the match was of course Unsanctioned. Jericho measured up Michaels and kept giving him head shots and slaps, Y2J just zeroed in on his eye until Shawn Michaels slapped Jericho back into the corner and the crowd got back into it. Jericho irishwhipped Shawn and his bad back into the corner and he flipped up and then met Jericho with a clothesline. Shawn Michaels with a physical assault went to piledrive Jericho but he landed on his feet and turned around and slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Would Michaels submit many wondered.

Jericho continued to punish Michaels and he did not have to break the hold but Michaels out of desperation was somehow able to conveniently grab a fire extinguisher right into the eyes of Y2J.

Michaels picked it up again and smacked Jericho in the head with it and Jericho layed down outside on the mat. Shawn kicked at Jericho on the outside.

The pace to this match was very slow for these two but at the same time it was a personal rivalry and when either man was in control they would pick apart the other as much as they could but without giving out all there energy.

Shawn Michaels sent Jericho into the fencing in the aisle way. Shawn then set up Jericho with a suplex on the steel ramp and got him.

The now late Lance Cade came running out and HBK was able to see him coming and knocked him down. Shawn then hit Jericho down on the outside of the ring. Shawn Michaels kept kicking at Y2J and then grabbed Cade who gave him a thunderous clothesline right after a shot to the injured triceps of Shawn Michaels. Cade while he was still employed by the WWE was a hired hand by Jericho.

Nothing the ref could do about it as Cade sent HBK and his injured triceps right into the ring post on the outside.

Back in the ring Shawn Michaels was choked out by Cade. A front facelock by Cade and then Lance held HBK up so Jericho could give him a few slaps. Jericho then trashtalked Michaels and followed it up by a kick to Shawn and his injured and now beaten down triceps. Jericho stomped on HBK and Cade handed him a chair. Jericho had the chair while Cade held Michaels down. Chris hit Shawn with the chair and then smiled. Chris with a big chairshot to Michaels injured tricep and held the chair high as the fans booed.

Chris Jericho placed the chair onto the triceps and we can call this the Austin move.
Jericho went to the top in an attempt to shatter the triceps for good but HBK kicked Cade into the ropes which made Jericho fall down. HBK hit a sweet chin music to Cade and then grabbed a chair and hit Jericho off the top turnbuckle pad with the chair and he fell through the table. Part of the table was wrapped around Jericho. Shawn was feeding off emotion, passion and rage and felt forced to go to those levels.

The crowd was unusually dead until Shawn placed Cade onto the announce table on the outside and then climbed up top and then went down deciding not to go off the top. However he might not be done. Jericho was placed on top of Cade and then Michaels went back into the ring and up to the top of the turnbuckle.

Shawn Michaels flew off the top with an elbow drop to Jericho onto Cade, through the table. Awesome spot.

Michaels got up right away which was impressive and jumped around as it had to sting, HBK looked as if he was going to cry because of how emotional this feud was and how it took him to due the most extreme things possible to make things work. Shawn Michaels with a leather belt tore at the flesh of Jericho inside the ring as he whipped him a few times.

Shawn Michaels gave Shawn a bunch of blows into the head of Jericho and the referee stopped the match due to the excessive punishment at 26:53.

Shawn got his revenge.

Pretty poor ending, but Shawn went back on top of Jericho and gave him some more shots to the head.

Michaels then superkicked the official.

Shawn then dropped to his knees to say a prayer? I don’t know.

Here’s the deal, Quantity does NOT always equal Quality.

Did we get Quality here, sure.

But just because it was nearly half an hour with some good spots, some great story telling and some good wrestling does not automatically make it a top match, however I did enjoy it. Just no where near the level of quality of there Judgment Day match which of course is much different in comparison.

I love this feud, I love these two and there chemistry but I am calling this like I see it. This was a great match which had a pacing that could of been a lot better, and if they would of gone all out in a shorter time it probably could of benefitted the bout.
Still, this was definatily great in parts….just very strange.


*** 1/4


21) The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels -Wrestlemania 25

Finally, something that made Wrestlemania feel like, Wrestlemania on this dissapointing evening.

Here we go, the streak versus Mr. Wrestlemania at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, which seems only fitting.
The two WWE veterans meeting at the grandest stage of them all, you don’t really need to hype up a match like this.

Shawn came from Heaven. Undertaker came from hell.

Nice, unique Wrestlemania style entrances for both men here.

We’re on, the bell rings.

Undertaker looked to land a big strike early but Shawn Michaels used his speed to move away from Taker. Shawn dropped a chest on Taker and then he is irishwhipped but Shawn goes for a punch, Taker blocks it and grabs him by the throat as he threw him over to the top rope.

Shawn Michaels does a crotch chop, pretends he is sore and catches Taker offguard landing more shots. Shawn Michaels sent into the corner again and Taker lands hard right hands on the Showstopper. Michaels is thrown back first into the corner of the ring. Taker with a big right, then a headbutt.

Undertaker goes for an irishwhip but Shawn kicks him in the mid-section. Both men chop one another in the corner. Shawn Michaels thrown to the corner and he flips upside down, he turns around and Undertaker elevates him up and slams him back first to the canvas. Shawn Michaels is lifted in the air by Taker and he slams him down. Taker drives an elbow into Shawn. Shawn Michaels is now getting ready to go to school but will he have it scouted like Edge did the years previous, no he doesen’t.
The Deadman walks the top rope with amazing agility at his age landing old School on Mr. Wrestlemania. The Phenom charged into the corner and missed Shawn. Shawn then focused on Taker’s knee as he collided with the buckle hard. Shawn lifts Taker’s leg up and drops him on it. Michaels goes for a Figure Four Leglock to slap on more pressure to Undertaker’s leg. Shawn dropkicks the kneecap after Taker rolls out, a brilliant move. Shawn Michaels up but Taker catches him in a bearhug and drives him to the corner of the ring before delivering another hard shot. Shawn Michaels irishwhipped back first to the buckle and Taker splashed him, not once but twice.
Taker lifted up Shawn and dropped him with Snake Eyes. Off the ropes, Shawn Michaels ran in to a boot to the face from Taker. Undertaker drops a leg on Shawn Michaels and he kicks out. Undertaker back up lifts up his hand signalling for a chokeslam.

Taker slapped it on and Shawn countered this move with the Crossface. I always love seeing this move still used by the WWE, whether it’s Trips, Shawn or anyone else.
Shawn maintained control of the Crossface wearing the Deadman down.
Shawn and Taker both up to a vertical base exchange blows until a flying forearm drops the Deadman. Shawn kicks up and then goes straight for Taker dropping him with an inverted atomic drop, a chop and then a second atomic drop. A flying clothesline by Shawn Michaels to Taker.

Shawn doubling his offense in order to beat the streak, sounded logical.
Michaels perhaps is going to elevate himself off the top rope with his signature elbow drop, but the Deadman sits up. Taker catches Shawn in mid-air by the throat and now Taker lifts up Shawn for a chokeslam attempt, Shawn gets out goes for a superkick, Taker drops him and then Shawn goes for a figure four, now Undertaker counters this again into the move he made Edge tapout last year at Mania with.

Awesome reversals and exchange from the two WWE veterans.
The crowd are loving this now. Taker slams Shawn’s head into the steps and now hangs Shawn’s head on the apron before giving a simple kick followed by Taker’s usual legdrop to the chest off the apron, Shawn Michaels sat up.

The bruised leg of the Deadman had now been further exposed. Shawn hit a baseball slide to the Deadman knocking him to the floor. Michaels who likes to steal the show climbs to the top rope and goes for a Moonsault on the Deadman but he got up in time to throw Shawn away.

So despite Undertaker having to limp, he bought himself a few moments as Shawn crashed and burned into the floor, since the Phenom had Shawn Michaels’s moonsault from the top rope well scouted.

That’s the veteran leadership by the Undertaker that gets him by. Shawn Michaels on the outside had a hard time getting up, Taker sat up in dramatic fashion. Undertaker going to the limit runs off the ropes and flies over the top rope on the other side for a flying clothesline, Shawn had shoved the cameraman there who he has now taken out.
Shawn Michaels and Taker both out of it on the floor.

Undertaker back inside stops a Sweet Chin Music and hits Shawn with a chokeslam. Michaels kicked out. Undertaker now brought Shawn up for a tombstone but Shawn landed again and went for a superkick. Taker stopped it by a grab to the throat, but Shawn lands the superkick.

Shawn Michaels can’t capitalize as the damage had been done but Taker kicks out once he does cover him. Undertaker went for a Last Ride but Shawn countered it into a sunset flip, Taker then countered it back into a Last Ride and Shawn kicks out.
Now Shawn Michaels is down and Taker goes to the top rope as he attempted an elbow drop which bombed. Undertaker hit a Tombstone on Shawn Michaels but he kicked out still.

Shawn Michaels is SuperMan and Undertaker’s eyes told the story.

Undertaker finally up went for another but Shawn hit an inside cradle and a kickout. Shawn had to pull himself up using the ropes. Michaels took his time because he had to went for the flying elbow drop. Shawn Michaels elbow does hit.

Shawn Michaels tuned up the Band, Undertaker got up slowly and turned around. Once Taker met Shawn he went down to a Superkick.

Taker kicked out.

A slugfest in mid-ring now.

More slow and sluggish shots connect, and then Taker grabbed Shawn.


In the end at 30:41 Taker remained undefeated at Mania going 17-0, putting away “Mr. Wrestlemania” after he beat him with the Tombstone.

Taker gets better with Age.

Forget the awesome chemistry between both men, I loved the little things like Shawn hitting two of each move to make sure he had the Deadman down as he knew Taker was a different person at Mania. Great storytelling here.

I really respected the legwork Shawn did on Taker here, made it such a smart match as all of his offense seemed to be revolving that, which is what made Taker’s matches with Hart so phenominal.

Only one thing I didn’t like was the Climax, I felt the match was more about who will kick out of who’s finisher next, rather then the great story it had going for it until this came.

This match is a Classic in modern times between two well respected veteran’s at the biggest show of the year. It will be best remembered when thinking of this PPV for years to come.

An appropriate ending to the DVD although I feel the WM 26 match was better by half a star for Shawn to go out with that one.





Final Rating for “-My Journey: Shawn Michaels” = 8.5/10

This latest set from Michaels is great for the rare matches it displays. Some classics are included but it`s ultimately the matches that cover some old gems from each decade and the modern day ones.
It has a unique set up with good commentary inbetween the 20 matches you get here, released appropriately as of his retirement. Good enough for any fan. Beautiful closing package to one of the best ever and future headlining Hall of Famer. Thank you Michaels.

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  1. NWO4Life says:

    This was a great DVD and the only negative thing I can say about it is, I wish they had JR interview Shawn instead of that Vintage nerd Cole.

  2. Paul Sanders says:

    I noticed that right off the bat on Shawn Michaels entrance at Royal Rumble 1998, that chick was hot who flashed the camera too bad it was censored lol, but I bet Steven and myself is the only two that noticed that, just terrible for nobody else to acknowledge it even the guy who is reviewing this DVD.

  3. m.blier says:

    s.michaels vs k.angle at wm 21 is a pure wrestling clinic with two guys making a classic to remember.

  4. Steven says:

    Also during that Shawn Michaels vs Bulldog match, where HBK had bulldog in the figure 4 and Rick Rude hit bulldog while Earl was distracted by Triple H and Chyna, JR said awww come on now cheap shot by rude hilarious and classic JR commentary.

  5. Steven says:

    I say everyone noticed during this dvd, where Shawn was coming out for his match at Royal Rumble 1998, where that one girl flashed the camera and that one guy was looking. I’m glad they put the One Night Only match because DX was the best at the time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Face Freaking Palm.. Damn. Wheres shawn blackfurd when you need him?

    Im being really dissapointed by these reviews

    WM 26: 5.5/10.. REALLY????
    WM 9: 7.5/10.. WOW!!!
    Y2J DVD: 8/10.. ARE YOU MENTAL?!?
    UT vs HBK WM 25 ****… wow.. i dont need caps for this one.. i think you need some help

  7. Jacob says:

    Shawn Michaels, my most favourite wrestling of all.

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