PRE-RELEASE REVIEW: WWE ‘SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition’ Blu-Ray

August 23, 2022 by Mark D

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Release for 2022

It was late August 1992, John Major was occupying 10 Downing Street, the entire country was donning the gaudiest shell suits imaginable, while we were listening to “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! on an endless loop. The cinemas were packed showing the likes of Beethoven, Alien 3 and Lethal Weapon 3. WWE Superstar Paige was literally just a few days old! The British Royal Family were having what was described as an “annus horribilis” (a “horrible year”)… and frankly, Vince McMahon’s 1992 wasn’t much better as stories of scandals and steroids were all hot in the press stateside resulting in a bit of a downturn in their domestic business.

In the UK and Europe on the other hand, WWE was a hot property and following the success of a series of European tours WWE decided to partner with legendary UK-based promoter Harvey Goldsmith to bring the biggest show of the summer – SummerSlam to the home of English football and one of the world’s most iconic venues – Wembley Stadium. A move which would give generations of UK fans a major talking point for the next thirty years.

WWE - Wembley Stadium as the Host of SummerSlam 1992
WWE SummerSlam 1992 - Stage & Arena Set Up in Wembley Stadium

Fast forward to 2022 and “Afraid to Feel” is the number one song, rumour has it that movies are still released in movie theatres, Paige has recently turned 30 (and retired from in-ring WWE competition – all the while sparking a revolution for women’s wrestling) and Vince McMahon, well, his 2022 has also been an annus horribilis (but you know that story I’m sure). In the just over 15.7 million minutes since SummerSlam 1992, the event has been fondly remembered by fans (in the UK as well as in the states) – so much so that to celebrate its 30th anniversary, WWE and Fremantle have remastered the iconic event and bring it to Blu-ray and DVD for the first time as a solo release.

Now, whether you want to or not, we’re going to crack open the cellophane on this bad boy and fire up the Blu-ray, so slip on that shell suit once again, grab the air horn and Macho Man foam finger from the cupboard, and let’s take a trip down memory lane as we all get a first look at SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition.

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary Blu-ray & DVD Finished Packaging

When we first get into this one, you’ll see the “Saved by the Bell” inspired menus with a hard rock version of “God Save The Queen” playing in the background. Uniquely, the set offers two viewing experiences: broadcast version and live version. What this all about, you ask? Well, if you don’t know; the show wasn’t ever presented live on TV either for fans in the UK or stateside. The show was taped on Saturday and shown on PPV on Monday (SummerSlam 1992 became one of only a couple of the traditional PPVs to ever be fully in the can prior to airing on PPV; not until WrestleMania 36 (2020) did it happen again). As part of the live version, WWE taped three matches which were cut out of the PPV: The Mountie & Nasty Boys vs. Bushwhackers & Jim Duggan, and Papa Shango vs. El Matador (sub. for the recently released Texas Tornado, who was originally advertised for the match) – those two bouts took place before the opening match on the card, then just prior to the final match of the evening a Tatanka vs. Berserker bout took place (all three matches did air on Prime Time Wrestling in the weeks following).

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary DVD & Blu-ray Main Menu

Here, you have the option to play the event with those matches slotted back in at the right times, so if you were one of the eighty thousand in attendance, you can relive the show as you did that very afternoon. If you don’t fancy that, then you can go the route of the PPV broadcast version instead.

The show itself is presented pretty much exactly as you remember it. I’m not going to go through match by match – there are probably a million reviews of SummerSlam 1992 out here on the internet. In my research I checked out this Anniversary Edition and the WWE Network (Peacock) version (I didn’t end up digging through the loft for my VHS I recorded live from Sky in ’92). There is actually one segment which is included on the Network (Peacock) which isn’t included on the new version: a promo backstage with Mean Gene and the Bushwhackers. It airs during the show and they briefly speculate on Mr. Perfect’s corner status and also discuss their impending Buckingham Palace visit *wink wink*. Now, this isn’t something you’d miss, but it is also somewhat curious as to why it was cut. Other than this, the only other difference between this and the Network is a introduction stating the show is brought to you by IcoPro.

The remastering of the event must be on a level above my eyesight, as frankly I can’t see too much of a difference between this version and the WWE Network. The show is presented in the original (4:3) aspect ratio with black sidebars for everything other than the main disc menus. If you were expecting a full-HD widescreen remastering then you’re going to be disappointed – this is due to the methods used to tape the event originally. It means this is the best we’re ever going to get, but it looks absolutely fine.

WWE - British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Interview at SummerSlam 1992
WWE - Ric Flair Interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund at SummerSlam 1992

In addition to the event and dark matches the bonus features also include the SummerSlam 1992 “Countdown” show (the “Countdowns” like this aired on the PPV channel to hype the shows). This 15-minute special was filmed in the studio with Sean Mooney in front of a ‘green screen’ where he shows clips of the story leading into the top three matches. Somewhat noteworthy is the show hypes the WWE Championship match as the main event, and the Intercontinental title one very much as a secondary match – I presume the Bret/Bulldog match wasn’t as big a selling point for US fans?? The show also briefly looks at the Michaels/Martel match as well as Undertaker/Kamala and a mention of both tag team matches: Legion of Doom/Money Inc. and the Natural Disasters/Beverley Brothers tag title match, and that’s it. It’s cool to see this as an extra – many of the “Countdown” shows were released on the VHS or on Tagged Classics and others have popped up online, but to my knowledge the SummerSlam 1992 one hadn’t ever been out there before this set!

Finally, as a cool little bonus on the Blu-ray we have the three episodes of WWE Superstars which lead into SummerSlam. These are great as you can relive the WWE’s goings-on heading right into the show. I mean, if I’m being fussy I would have preferred to see Challenge (as Superstars is already on the Network) but I guess Superstars has already been digitised and prepared for the Network, so here we are.

WWE - Macho Man Randy Savage Entrance as Champion at SummerSlam 1992
WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary DVD & Blu-ray - Bret Hart & The British Bulldog Main Event

A minor critique of the set for me was that we’re a tad short on chapter points – a couple of times I felt we lacked some additional chapters. For example, the chapter for Bret vs. Bulldog includes the Roddy Piper bagpipe session plus the Diana interview, so it means you’re about 5+ minutes from the entrances of Bret and the Bulldog. Another one was in the Virgil/Nailz match which also included the pre-match promo. Again, it’s a very minor point, but if you like to jump around it’s a little annoying – however if you’re a watch-from-start-to-end kind of person, you won’t even notice this at all.

WWE SummerSlam 1992 - 30th Anniversary DVD & Blu-ray Menu Selections

All in all, the SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition is an enjoyable one and was a breath of fresh air on the release schedule when announced. If you’ve seen this SummerSlam before, you’ll know it’s a fun little show. I always really enjoy the Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel match as well as the Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog classic. To UK fans, it will always be special – probably because it’s been a once in a lifetime big PPV; it wasn’t “Backlash” or “Fully Loaded” or even “Clash at the Castle”, it was SUMMERSLAM — when there were 4 big shows in a year, we got one of them in the UK, and that’s huge. If it’s one of your faves, if you were there or if you just want to get hyped for the upcoming UK stadium show, head on over to and get this one pre-ordered right now. Then sit back and relive “the grandeur, the spectacle, the pageantry of SummerSlam” 1992.

WWE SummerSlam 1992: 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Box Artwork

SummerSlam 1992 – 30th Anniversary Edition will officially release to fans in the UK this coming Monday, August 29th, available on Blu-ray and DVD formats. It’s also scheduled for a release to the German market later that same week.

At this time, Amazon has both the Blu-ray and the DVD priced only £9.99 each!


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  1. patrice daoust says:

    Does it worK in a PS5 from CANADA ?

  2. Jay Stevens says:

    i’m watching the Live option on the blu-ray and i have noticed something mildly irritating (thats not including the 4:3 ratio
    1 on the tagged classics nasty boys and the mountie entrance were included on the blu-ray they are already in the ring and it starts with the bushwhackers entrance (which tells me not entirely live)


  3. wrestlevessel says:

    Did anyone buy this Summer Slam DVD set. If so I have a question/favor. Please email me

  4. RabidHeat says:

    Perfectly happy with my Tagged Classics version, tbh.

  5. Ryan Pollard says:

    Surely they can be in full widescreen as the summerslam and all other anthology and tagged classics dvds are full screen and no black bars

    • Kenny says:

      The SummerSlam Anthology isn’t full (wide) screen. The WWF didn’t shoot their shows in anything but 4:3 ratio until the mid- late-2000s. Widescreen TVs that we have today weren’t a thing back then, the only use for widescreen being for viewing in movie theaters.

      This DVD/Blu-Ray is in standard 4:3 because a widescreen version doesn’t exist.

  6. Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

    How awesome so read another well written review from you, Mark.. been sooooo long, obviously caused by the lack of truly loaded releases. Let us all hope, this is an omen for better times for us collectors of the physical material 😉

    I am very exciting for this BR, and can not wait untill it will arrive.

    For those who may be as nerdy as I am, her are the various different runtimes of this classic show on previous releases: (all versions have been compared from the excact same runtime beginning)

    – Tagged Classics video/DVD, the 3 dark matches included: 03h19m37s

    – Anthology DVD, none of the dark matches were included: 02h46m48s

    – WWE Network stream: 02h46m29s

    Have’nt dived into the very small detailed “changes”, cuts or “extended” scenes that make the different runtimes on the seconds throughout the various versions.

    But I agree with you, Mark.. the omitting of the Buschwacker-interview feel strange on this otherwise amazing re-re-release, allthough it is typical early 90’s promo-stuff, which means it really does not add that much if anything at all to the whole picture.

    • wrestlevessel says:

      Time flies so I have no idea if it was like 5 years ago or 7 already but at some point I worked with my friend to combine different versions to make a Summer Slam 92 version that is complete as possible. The people who got it from us really appreciated it but there is still certain things missing that would make it better. What my friend and I did was use the Tagged Classics tape as the “basis” and then inserted things that were cut to make this version as complete as possible. The good thing about Tagged Classics is that the video quality is good and we got 8 minutes of Michaels/Martel while most versions are around 7. The things we added in include the following from my memory: event center promos of the 3 dark matches so they get some love/hype, the parts missing that on LOD/Money INC that only aired on the UK PPV version. They cut 3 minutes as that match went 15 minutes instead of 12 so we inserted the first few minutes that were cut. Several matches had botches that we inserted stuff back in from the UK version- Nailz/Virgil, Kamala/Undertaker, maybe even Disasters/Beverlys. I’m trying to remember. The total run time of the version we made is 3 hours 31 mins. There still are some cool things we are missing that could make it longer. This includes the 15 minute countdown show that is about to be released for the first time ever. Another thing missing on all versions is that there appears to be an edit in Crush and Repo Man which runs just over 4 minutes, but I believe the match actually went 5 and a half, and of course as RCS1988 says the ceremony part which I’d definitely add which you can see from the bad quality fan cam version.

      • Ruthless.Attitude.Eras.4Life says:

        Awesome effort you and your friend have put into making a True Ultimate Complete version. Giant respect to you.

        It is very strange how there are so many different runtimes for several of the ppv’s through the years; I own in my collection around 400 ppv’s and events, roughly 300 of them have a longer runtime on DVD/Bluray than on the Network version.

        And like with SS ’92, runtime varie between the different physical editions on many other ppv’s. Which again makes me hold on to my physical editions, despite of the obvious better picture quality on the network.

  7. RCS1988 says:

    So no legends segment which took place after the 6 man tag?

    • Scott says:

      No. Unfortunately.

      Very disappointed. Saying you can watch the live version as it happened leads you to believe that that is included. But it’s really only just the first 2 dark matches then opening into the show. It’s no different to the original VHS after that. Gutted I lost my SKY SPORTS version which was the best version. Think this was a little falsely advertised as it’s made a lot of people think it was watching as it was taped, so including the legends parade. Unfortunately it’s no where close

      • Steve says:

        I have a copy of the sky sports version still. I had it on VHS for years until I got rid when the tagged classics came out, not realising that the nasty boys promo was cut.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Bushwhackers promo or a legends event. I also saw some footage of Vince running up the aisle on twitter that I’ve never seen

        I am interested in the complete version that Wrestlevessel has done however

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