Review: WWE Summerslam 2002 DVD

September 20, 2010 by Brett Mix


Brett Mix’s- WWE Summerslam 2002 Review:


“FACE FACTS! You Can’t WRESTLE ANYYYMOOOORE! You’re crippled! You’re done! H…………..B………..K…….IS…DEAD!!!!! Now, IIII am the Show Stopper! Now IIII am The Icon!” -Triple H






1) Opening Contest- Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio


Rey making his Summerslam Debut. Infact this was his WWE PPV Debut.

Kurt Angle made his PPV Debut in the company at a PPV at Survivor Series 1999.

This was BY FAR the fastest opening to ANY of the 20 plus Summerslam`s!

Maybe the fastest opening to any PPV in WWE history, Rey jumped Angle with a springboard into a hurricanrana, ducks a clothesline and did a leg scissors followed by a dropkick catching the gold medalist off guard. The Smarky Long Island crowd would cheer Lets go Angle although Mysterio was still COOL in the eyes of the fans, I imagine Angle got some sympathy support from the crowd because he went from being in the WWF Title match at Summerslam 2000 and then 2001. Oh and he`d ALSO be in one in 2003 as well but on this arguably one of his best years he`s in the opener.
He’d still get the win, he was in there with a top 30 wrestler ever in Rey Mysterio and if anything it just added to the show`s credibility that the fact the card was so stacked that the show could actually AFFORD to put this one as the opening contest! Pretty amazing if you think about it.
The Speed was unbelievable here and that`s got to be the biggest strength of this bout. Angle attacked Rey`s legs after Rey kept hitting high risk moves and he went to the point of dragging Rey out of the ring under the apron by his legs and little Rey went flying to the outside hitting the mat hard.
Angle is cocky now as he hit a snapshot vertical suplex inside the ring to Rey. Angle then with hard blows to Rey as he attempted to ground the high Flyer and as Rey came off the ropes Angle hit a German.
Rey Blocked another German in succession by grabbing onto the top rope in a unique counter, so Angle improvised by pounding on the back of Rey! Rey got a roll up but only a 1 and a half as Angle hasn`t been damaged outside of the early minute of the match. Angle choked Rey on the middle rope by stretching his head in a backwards direction almost in a camel clutch fasion but with Mysterio`s head on the rope! They really put over how Angle has never faced a high flying opponent like Rey before.

Despite Rey being impressive it was Angle who locked on a HALF Boston Crab that further worked on the lower back of Angle, he tried to wear him down so he`d eventually tap out, that was Angle`s strategy but Rey was nifty and again came out of no where with a roll up.

The crafty Mysterio only got a two and you can see that the two were not going to give up trying to outdo the other individual. Mysterio kept hitting moves here and there inbeteween Angle`s offense, he hit a sunset flip but didn`t have enough strength to move Angle`s body so Angle came back with a belly to belly suplex that hit hard!
Crowd chant “Let’s go ANGLE” the other half chant ANGLE SUCKS!
I loved the belly to belly suplexes from Angle to Rey, and everytime Angle thinking it was going to be an easy take apart, Rey would hit a quick arm drag take down once Angle got too cocky as Tazz pointed out.

Near fall and then an arm drag out of no where by REY that sent ANGLE to the outside of the ring. THE REF BLOCKED REY`s high risk move which made the fans BOO after they noticed, but he did it anyway over the ref with a spring board moonsault over the rope, over the ref! The crowd applauds and chants “Holy S*it”, as I shared the same thought. Probably my favourite sequence in the entire match. He then came BACK in the ring with a springboard leg drop and a near fall but only got a two!

What a pace!

After those two moves it didn`t take long for Angle to get back in control as he locked on the Ankle Lock but Rey got out and set him up for the 619, he hits it!
This is just a FUN MATCH ALL AROUND!

He goes for the 619 and GETS it but Angle kicks out! Mysterio then went up high after a brief pause which bought Angle some time and Rey went off the top and gets drop kicks to Angle off the chin. Rey had Angle on the top rope and went for a Hurricanrauna but Angle countered it on the canvas into an Ankle Lock and Rey tapped at 9:20, the whole time in this match the crowd was into it replying to every counter and move and it really added to the match! What a fucking emotional roller coaster this GEM of a match was!

This ENTERTAINING contest only went 9:20 seconds folks….yeah for a 9:20 second opener these guys went off the walls, danced on the roof, crawled in the basement then swung from the rafters. I am shocked this brilliant opener which is one of the most exciting openers ever that`s for sure was under ten minutes, it`s beyond incredible. Rey was right when he said it`s a match that is still talked about to this day when talking about it on his DVD.

An incredible way to begin an incredible show.



2) “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Y2J Chris Jericho

Some solid build up for this feud here as things got really personal between The King of the World and The Dirtiest Player in the Game. Jericho and his band Fozzy had a concert on Raw that got trashed by The Nature Boy, and just picturing his bloodied face backstage saying “OH MY GOD” during an interview on Raw as Jericho came towards him with weapon was beyond hllarious.
The two locked up in the middle of the ring and the Wooo’s were out as Flair took down Jericho and rolled on him early on in this match.

JR plugs how Jericho beat Austin and The Rock in one night. Jim Ross also says that Jericho better stick to his day job and wrestle rather then sing, hilarious.

The two guys get in a chopping war.

Jericho gets the better of the Nature Boy and lifts him on the security wall and drops him after the cover had been ripped off by Heel Y2J. Chris Jericho jumped off the top rope and have him a forearm from the air and then the camera went close to Flair who just took the blow and you hear “OH GOD!” as Flair is in pain.

Jericho then just toying with Natich in the ring, kicking at him saying “Come on Flair” and Ric Flair then battled out of that situation with desperation chops.

Y2J then took the tape off his wrists and began to choke out Flair with it, then Flair hit a hard chop on Jericho. He kept hitting them until Jericho took him down. He then put Flair’s head down on the middle rope as Jericho drove towards the ropes and dropped his knee into Flair’s back.

Jericho then with a suplex to the lower back and King jokes that if Y2J hit another one of those it’ll be like Flair was in that Plane accident again.

The King of the World then went to the top and then started to recieve chops by Flair again for the billionth time in the match, I swear that was his only move thus far.

Jericho ran to the ring and missed Flair and hit the corner and got a billion more chops. Flair then with a side suplex! (FINALLY a fucking wrestling move) and Jericho kicks out. Flair turned away from the ref and used a closed fist because he’s the Dirtiest Player in the Game and hit Y2J a bunch of times. Y2J then pushed Flair down and went for the Walls of Jericho, Flair countered it with a roll-up but only got a two.

Now Jericho returning the favor with some chops of his own.

Irishwhip by Jericho then a bulldog, went for the Lionsault but nobody home as Flair had it well scouted. Flair then took some chops, and delivered more to Jericho. Flair then has a Half Crab locked in and Jericho then reversed it into a Figure Four on Ric Flair.

Jim Ross says it’d be a hell of a way to beat Ric Flair if he made him submit to the figure four.

The crowd in Uniondale try and get Flair to get out of this devistating hold.
Flair then tapped out but he had his hand on the ropes so it didn’t count while Jericho complained to referee Charles Robinson that Flair had grabbed the ropes! Then he pushed him away.

Chris Jericho then hit the ropes after he charged towords Flair and Jericho ran into Robinson who turned his head and he missed Flair’s low blow on Y2J!

Flair has a Figure Four on Jericho!

In the end at 10:30 Flair got the upset win over Jericho by making him submit to the Figure Four Leglock. So Jericho jobs to a guy in his mid 50’s just one month after jobbing to a rookie of 2-3 months in Cena on PPV. Wow, he went down the toilet after his Undisputed title reign. Pathetic booking but it was a solid bout.

The match was pretty good here!

** 1/2




3) Eddie Guerrero vs Edge
This match has should have serious potential.

Now, I’ve seen it before so I shouldn’t say “SHOULD” but these two together are brilliant, and they’re brilliant on there own so I can’t wait to re-watch this encounter and break it down because it’s been far too long since I’ve seen it.

Eddie Guerrero is a top 15 guy in the ring ever and Edge is a brilliant worker, especially in the year of 2002 when these two were apart of the famous Smackdown Six.

These guys put on a NO DQ Match on an episode of Smackdown! that got a **** rating from me and many others I have seen.

This match was another Great one in the series and it was the third match of the night on a Stacked Card at Summerslam, and this is one of those matches that made this event so great and so memorable, not to mention so fun for wrestling purists to go back and re-watch.
Micheal Cole calls Edge the future of Smackdown! and he’d be right.
Eddie started with a go behind, a hammerlock, then Edge threw some head shots at Eddie and then Edge sent Eddie Guerrero head first into the canvas.
After a few more go behind’s Edge got behind Eddie, until Eddie Guerrero countered that reversed it until he landed on the apron and dropped Edge down.
Some FINE Wrestling to begin.

Eddie is apparently mad that Ladies view Edge as a Sex Symbol and that’s what Cole and Tazz tell us the feud is about, then Tazz jokingly says he thought Cole was the Sex Symbol.

Edge then tied Eddie Guerrero up in the ropes and hit him with a SPEAR while he was stuck there. Edge’s shoulder drove hard into the ribs of Eddie and then he went for a 2nd and fell to the outside and hurt his arm. Eddie Guerrero then jumped on the chance to attack Edge. He Relentlessly and intelligently threw Edge’s left shoulder into the steel steps.

Awesome that not only Eddie notices it but he’s like a pitbull stalking and attacking in the most ruthless way possible.
Eddie then torking the left shoulder of Edge with a DDT shoulder first.
Eddie Guerrero then smashed his forearm on the AC joint of the shoulder, and Guerrero went to the top rope and came off with a Flying DDT from the top landing on Edge’s left shoulder first. Unreal skill and Psychology by Latino Heat!
Guerrero with am armbar to Edge. He is pulling with all his power and Edge is screaming in pain while the fans cheer him on and Eddie has a ton of Rage as he wants to break the arm of Edge.

Edge desperately tried to make it to the ropes but Eddie stomped on Edge continuing his relentless attack.
Eddie with a modified crossface Chicken Wing and Micheal Cole questions that he wonders how much more pressure Edge can take before he gives up due to the pressure Guerrero is putting on the shoulder of Edge. Edge keeps the arm off as he battled back with shot to the ribs, Eddie then grabbed a leg quickly to Edge to make sure he doesen’t go on the offense and then snaps on an STF quickly, and carries that into an armbar that gets set it. Eddie Guerrero is dominating the match the right way. Eddie continuing to apply pressure as he stays on the arm and hits a suplex. Eddie then with a wristlock to the left hand. Eddie sent Edge to the ropes and then turned him over for a clothesline.

Eddie came off the ropes and Edge CAUGHT an offensive move out of no where with a powerslam and it took a lot out of Edge. Both men to there feet and Edge with all guts battled back with two clotheslines in a row as he still brilliantly seels the left arm. Eddie then charges to Edge and hits him with an elbow to the face. Edge with a bulldog to Eddie Guerrero. Edge then gets turned around by Eddie but Edge superplexes him over the top rope. This will allow Edge to gain valuable time to rest his shoulder injury. However Edge takes a high risk move and uses his body to land on Eddie and it takes him out!

Great spot!

Edge drove his left shoulder further into Eddie and it might have took more out of him which would then of course be to the advantage of the man in control of most of the match thus far, Eddie Guerrero. Eddie then in the ring with Edge goes to the top rope and looks to snap on a suplex but Edge counters it into X-Factor of sorts. Edge covers but Eddie kicks out. Edge then in the corner, still hurt, still brilliantly selling the left shoulder injury and charges for his spear but Eddie Guerrero being the veteran he is scouted it perfectly and hit him with a drop kick. Eddie then went to the top and hit his signature Frog Splash but EDGE had that SCOUTED and lifted his knees into Eddie. Edge then hit his Edge-A-Cution to Eddie Guerrero but only got a two. Eddie Guerrero countered and got a snap suplex but only a two. Eddie then hit a neck braker to Edge!
Great Strategy by Latino Heat!

Eddie Guerrero then tried a frog splash but Edge climbed up with guts and met him at the top of the ropes and Eddie then head butted Edge and he fell to the squared circle and landed with a splash on Edge’s injured shoulder! How did Edge kick out is what everyone wonders after Eddie has out wrestled that body part the ENTIRE match. Eddie Guerrero then went for another high risk move but Edge ducked a clothesline and caught a spear.

The finish came at 11:54 when Edge defeated Guerrerro after his desperation Spear after being dominated.

The finish put over Edge’s resilience and guts but Eddie was the one who worked brilliantly here, and overall this made both men look good.

Fantastic psychology and selling but it was a slower paced match more for purists then the average fan.

Completely intelligent and well worked here, and I love it.

*** 3/4



4) The Un-Americans (Lance Storm and Christian) (c) vs Booker T and Goldust for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Here we have a very entertaining tag team in BookDust challenging the UnAmerican’s for the tag gold. People in New York who were still VERY patriotic (Not even a year after 9/11) definitely wanted to see them win the titles.

The question of whether they would was in the air and that suspense is what helped this match flow smoothly without getting boring.

Plus it’s a tag match so it’s always easy to change the pace with double moves, cheap shots, intereference, whatever, infact these matches are usually overbooked if anything and this one is no exception as it is entertaining. To boot, all four workers in this match are very good at what they do and that is why it comes off nicely as well.

To start it was Christian and Dustin Rhodes aka The Golden one. Christian hit Goldust with some right hands, and Ross points out that Dust made his WWE debut in 1995 and has always been Bizzare. Learn something new every day. Storm gets tagged in and he hits Dust with right hands until Dust hits an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Booker T then comes in and JR talks him up to be some American Success Story like Forrest Gump only without the slowness and Booker hits a bunch of offense to Storm. Booker Main Evented the last Summerslam and here he finds himself jobbing in a tag match the next year. Booker tags in Goldust then gets a thumb to the eye by Storm who throws him into the top turnbuckle to the outside. Christian rams Dust into the security wall on the outside behind the officials back and then Storm goes for a near fall and gets the two.
Lance Storm continuing to hit at Goldust relentlessly while the crowd chants USA.
Lance Storm lost his IC title last year to Edge so he doesen’t want to lose the tag titles this year. Christian choked out Goddust after he got tagged back in.

Jim Ross called the Un-American’s “Resourcefully Resilient” about a million times. Christian hits Golddust with a back breaker focussing on the back obvioussly. Cheap shots to Golddust after tagging in Storm. Storm trying a drop kick on Storm but he hit a sunset flip did the Golden one and he got a near fall. Goldust with a drop kick buying him a bit of time. Long Island clapping on to support Goldust to make a tag or get back in the match but it doesen’t work.
Christian slaps on a front facelock to Goldust.
Storm then gets tagged in as Ross calls there strategy very impressive. Christian and Storm isolate Golddust in the corner as the place chants for Booker T. Goldust with a roll up on Christian and gets a two then a double clothesline. Booker t growing impatient on the ring apron as he hasn’t been in the ring.
The focus of the match has been Golddust’s lower back the entire match. Booker T was going to get tagged in but Storm smartly came in and grabbed the leg of Booker’s to make sure he can’t get a tag. Christian and Storm go for a double chair shot but Goldust ducks and hits a double clothesline to the Champions as the place pops!
Fun stuff!
Goldust FINALLY makes it to the corner to tag into Booker T as the fans chant USA.Booker T then raises hell as he knocks down The Tag Champs. Booker then goes to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a missle dropkick to Christian and Ross thought they were a half a count away to getting the straps. Christian goes for the unprettier but Booker hits a face splash to Christian, and then Booker hits a scissors kick to Storm! He got both the UnAmericans with one shot. Booker T then does the Spinnerooni and then a kick to Christian as the place goes nuts! Then I’ve never seen the crowd chant that enthusiastically. Booker covered Storm and the fans chanted to 8! As we would have had new champs! With the ref down Test hit Booker T with a big boot and Christian covered him!

After an extremely entertaining climax the finish came at 9:37 when The Un Americans found a way to retain the titles after Test’s big boot hit Booker.

Very nice tag team match with solid tag work from Goldust with his selling and the isolation from the Un-American’s not too mention the hot crowd and the climax.

Very good match!

** 3/4


5) Chris Benoit (c) vs Rob Van Dam for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

This is the 2nd longest match of the night and that isn’t a problem for me.


I saw these two wrestle each other at a house show just 2 weeks before this event and for a House Show match it was so awesome, probably in the *** 1/4 range.

This is Benoit’s 2nd appearance in the Summerslam Anthology and I watched for editting in his terrific match with Jericho at Summerslam 2000 and I didn’t see any so it’ll be interesting here.
Benoit the defending Champion representing Smackdown! while Raw’s Rob Van Dam tried to take the title away from him.

It’s always nice to see The Greatest in-ring Superstar of all time!

Out comes Benoit to no editting at all as they show signs, don’t stear away from him and talk good of him even despite him being a heel.

Either way now that we know he isn’t editted here in this Anthology I don’t need to mention it until I see something where he might be from this point on. Big time RVD chants before the match begins.

RVD with kicks to Smackdown’s Chris Benoit the reigning IC Champion.

RVD’s kicks take Chris Benoit down and then RVD poses while Benoit takes a walk on the outside to re-group. Again, like Eddie vs Edge this is a match for the Wrestling Purists and you can now see why this is such a great all around PPV, if you haven’t already from the get go in Angle vs Mysterio then Flair vs Y2J. The best is even yet to come.

Benoit back in the ring slaps a headlock on Van Dam and then gets pushed to the rope and comes off with a VICIOUS shoulder block to RVD after a modified headlock. RVD then rolled out of harms way and came off the top turnbuckle with a springboard crossbody! Van Dam with rights and lefts but Benoit Rolled out of the way, Benoit ducked a clothesline, RVD ducked a kick and then Benoit with a HUGE GERMAN SUPLEX where it looks like RVD lands on his neck. Chris Benoit with a hard elbow to the neck of RVD. Chris Benoit being the great technical wrestler he is focuses on that limb and drives it into the second turnbuckle pad in the corner. Chris Benoit goes for a near fall and RVD gets his left shoulder up. Chris Benoit then hits a nice back breaker and gets another near fall. Chris Benoit continuing to work on the lower back of RVD and then hits a picture perfect snap suplex in the middle of the ring after the latteral press he gets a near fall. RVD then in pain as Benoit slaps on a shouler breaker, then an armbar. At any time Benoit can lock on the crossface to retain the title but the fan favourite who just lost in the finals of the KOTR is looking to win the IC Title here tonight in Rob Van Dam. Benoit’s quickness and amateur skill is outshining RVD and Chris Benoit looks like a million bucks in there. RVD kicks Benoit up in the air but he comes back with a hard clothesline.

RVD in the corner as Chris Benoit gets back to a vertical base despite bleeding from the mouth. All the momentum on the side of the Rabid Wolvering who hits RVD with hard chops and runs to the corner into a boot of Van Dam who hits a split legged moonsault and Benoit had it well scouted and hit his knees into the abdomen of RVD.
Benoit signals for a Headbutt and it gets a bit of a pop. The Flying Headbutt by Chris Benoit was a high risk move gone wrong as nobody was there. RVD then went up for his 5 star Frogsplash but Benoit moved!

Both men did there homework and now both down! Chris Benoit first to his feet and he actually crawls over and hits a crossface on RVD. RVD in pain as the fans chant for him to get out of the predicament. RVD gets out to the ropes eventually. Woah, they don’t even edit the quick cut to the back Stephanie saying “GET EM BENOIT!”
Benoit then pushed RVD off the top turnbuckle to the outside hitting the security wall. A hammerlock into the steel post in succession by Chris Benoit to Rob Van Dam. Fuck he’s an amazing wrestler and you just wish someone like this was around today. Benoit then with a shoulder braker in this match and this has just been a shit kicking.
Chris Benoit has not only dictated the pace but has been the agressor the entire time outside a few moments. Benoit with a chop then an elbow but RVD kicks out of a nearfall.

Benoit then pulls on the arms of RVD stretching them back as he uses his left knee into the spine of Van Dam.

Benoit with a choke hold to RVD.

RVD’s counters to the amazing offense of Chris Benoit is a thing of beauty but unfortunately we haven’t seen very much of it because it’s been such a one sided contest. Ross calls Benoit a maschine in there tonight.

RVD hits the rolling thunder, gets nothing but canvas. Chris Benoit LOCKS ON THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE for the second time.

RVD broke it, but Chris Benoit countered it into a roll-up but only got a two. Chris Benoit then through RVD shoulder first into the steel ring post. Benoit is relentless and then went to hyperextend the elbow by focusing on the left arm of a right handed athlete like RVD.

Chris Benoit hits a spectacular Northern Light Suplex while afterwards still holding

RVD in a hammerlock position.

RVD gets hit with a second sraight Northern Light Suplex onto the damaged shoulder of RVD. And a fucking third one!


RVD was laying on the canvas when Benoit walked over to him continuing the punishment.

Benoit then dragged RVD to the center of the ring a long way away from the ropes and slapped on the Crossface for the third time.

This match has been a Chris Benoit highlight REEL if I can be serious.

How RVD would win this match is too unrealistic at this point.

Benoit is just doing everything right here.

Benoit then choking the life out of RVD until he counters a choke with a CROSSFACE of his own. Before Vam Dam could get up he got drop kicked to his knees. Benoit with a chop in the corner in this physically intense contest. RVD comes off with an elbow and springboard kick to Benoit’s throat by RVD and both men down. RVD gets a near fall obvioussly.

After a whole match of being owned it’s obviously going to take a bit more then that Rob.
A Step-over spinning heel kick by RVD followed by a SUCCESSFUL Rolling Thunder this time but Benoit kicked out. RVD then picks up Chris Benoit and gives him a forearm followed bu an Irish whip to the buckle, then a spear, then a spinning heel kick and a near fall.

RVD’s realistically now getting back into the match with a series of offenseive moves with the will to win. RVD went for a monkey flip but RVD got pushed by Benoit as he hit his groin section on the top of the turnbuckle. Benoit looked for a suplex in mid-air but it was countered by RVD with a cross body!

In the end, at 16:30 Rob Van Dam became THE NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion by hitting his Five Star Frog Splash after that Cross Body in mid-air.
Stiff, brutal offense, amazingly worked and completely blew me out of the water. Even though the wrong man probably won it didn’t take anything away from this match.

This was AMAZING.

One of those matches you watch and appreciate when looking at it a little closer. Benoit’s offense was something that Picaso might as well of drawn up. Especially the Northern Light Suplexes and Shoulder domination. Unbelievable match that just went up in my books. WAY UP. For reasons just stated…. breathtaking as usual from The Crippler!







6) The Undertaker vs Test

Taker the 12 year WWE veteran at this time got knees to the head by Test inside the ring. Test methodically tried to cut off the American Bad Ass and wear him down with his own high impact offense until it turned into a slug fest and then Taker came to Test and he leve;led him down with a big clothesline. Test with an arm bar while he drove his right knee into Taker for leverage.

Fans chant for Taker as he tries to battle out of the arm bar but this part of the match is pretty slow. Still it’s logical and Taker starts to move out of it as the fans rise to there feet. Taker gets to his vertical base and then throws out shots to Test and Taker with a standing to back suplex to Test out of desperation. Taker measuring Test but he missed an elbow drop. Big right hand by Taker and Test battled right back as the two big men began to brawl as no one expected a technical showing like the last Benoit-RVD match was. Taker then with a DDT to Test off the ropes. Test kicked out as Taker only got a two, then The Undertaker walked the top rope and hit old school.
Taker now charging into Test with a splash, Snake eyes and then Taker kicked Taker in the gut and looked for a Pumphandle Slam but caught Test by the throat and then Test elbowed out of a chokeslam, Test looked for a big boot but Taker hit a huge chokeslam! Test kicked out! People surprised. Undertaker then went for a Last Ride but Storm came out as did Christian and Taker then proceeded to run to each side of the ring and chokeslam both Unamericans.

Test though on the outside hit Taker with a big boot but only got a two! This Climax is what saved the match IMO. Taker then flipped Test over and hit a TOMBSTONE! At this time he hadn’t hit that move hardly ever, if EVER at all. It was a huge deal I remember.
The Undertaker defeated Test at 8:18 with that move and the place is happy.

THIS was the worst match of the night. The worst match was ** 1/4, says how good the PPV was and I actually found this match to be a good big man match.
Nicely executed overall for sure, especially during the second-half which saved the match.

** 1/4


7) “The Game” Triple H vs “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels in an Unsanctioned Street Fight


The best story telling of the night, the long awaited return of HBK.

The match began as HHH jumped onto Michaels and quickly sent him to the outside. Michaels came right back in…..Shawn jumped onto HHH on the outside and gave him a series of right hands.

Loud HBK chants as Shawn slowly gives out strong right hands to Hunter’s head. I always wondered why these blows looked a little slower then his usual ones but it must have been the rust.
Shawn then chased HHH around the ring and caught him with a clothesline.

Shawn Michaels then grabbed a trash can until The Game picked up HBK and elevated him in the air and bounced him off the security wall.

Shawn then on the outside of the ring caught HHH in the head with a trash can lid while HHH was in the ring and Shawn hit him with a thunderous clothesline that looked more like a forearm. Shawn Michaels then hit a trash can to The Game right between the eyes. Michaels off the top rope flew off the ring with a double axehandle Randy Savage like to the head of Hunter.

HBK setting up for early sweet chin music, Trips ducks and walks into a side walk slam, but changes it into a back breaker. Smart psychology by Hunter targetting the area that Hunter knows is weak. Huge impact and then Again a back breaker and it looks like it’s going to be over early with this pace as Triple H keeps giving HBK those rough blows to the back.
Fans get behind Shawn as HHH levels him into the corner and then slams his head off the buckle. Triple H then Irishwhips HBK with so much velocity that he even elevated himself in the air to put more mmph into the throw and it targetted HBK’s back again, Hunter with another brutal throw. Hunter then said Suck it to HBK while he pushed him down.
HHH with an Elbow to HBK’s back and as this gameplan transpires you really believe it’s real. You really believe that this story is so personal and this is so tragic that HBK has the will to win and all the drama is unfolding here in this one match. HBK takes a chair shot in the lower back, right in the spine as The Game hits him there and then only gets a two count.

Hunter then in complete control with his domination, targetting HBK’s back!
The game plan by THE GAME has worked tremendously.

HOWEVER a little bit of a turning point as HHH slowly goes for a vertical suplex but Shawn slides back and with a roll up and only gets a 2 count. A Face buster by the Game.

Triple H sets a chair down in the middle of the ring and grabbed HBK and hit a DDT head first to the head of Michaels that busted him open let alone scrambled the brains of Michaels.

Shawn Michaels then gets his jeans belt stripped off of him and Hunter whipped the HURT back viciously of Michaels.

HHH showing no remorse as he methodically wore down Michaels’s injured back and then he tied Shawn’s own belt around his fist as he hammered HBK’s head. The King says that Shawn going in this match might be the biggest mistake of his entire career.
Hunter goes to the outside and he is looking for something. Can’t fide it on Side A, goes to Side B, not there, goes to Side C, nothin there and at the last second finds the Sledge Hammer which always gets a pop. Michaels gets to his feet and HBK had bought himself some time to kick HHH in the mid-section while the fans chanted for HBK as HHH had the sledgehammer in hand. HBK with fists to the head of The Game and then HBK got a hard irish whip, and then HBK got caught in the Abdominal Stretch. It’s like the torture chamber of Braveheart as it put more tork on the injured back of Michaels.

Kudos to Ross for making HBK such a sympathetic hero in this match.
HHH then held onto the ropes for an Abdominal Stretch for leverage and since it was NO DQ there’s nothing he could do. Hebner and HHH get to there usual pushing match.

Shawn then with a shot to the mid-section of HHH. Shawn then with a big righ hand to HHH but HHH sets him up at the top turnbuckle. HHH then with HBK on the top rope and HHH goes flying backwards. Michaels then up tot he top rope and it looks like he can hit an offensive move but HHH pushed Hebner into the ropes and HBK fell upside down in the corner as HHH gave HBK a chair shot to the lower back. He has disected the back of Michaels in almost every way here.

HHH legitimately wants to cripple Michaels.

A Chair set up in the middle of the ring and a back breaker to HBK from HHH, simply amazing. A few more series of back breakers and near falls and dramatic chants with HBK about to be set up for a pedigree here.

Michaels then with a low blow!

Shawn Michaels then bought himself some time as there both down to the mat, then HBK superkicked HHH in the head face first with the chair, as there is HBK chants and then he kicked up there and there is a huge chant for The Showstopper as he is in familar territory and The Game has been busted wide open from the super kick! Shawn then hit the flying forearm on The bloodied Game.


Michaels doesen’t know where he got it from but with a back body drop to HHH and then HBK hit HHH with a chair shot! Shawn is back in it and the fans are on there feet! Michaels Irish whips Hunter over the ropes to the outside and he hits the security wall.

HBK hit HHH on the outside with a leather belt to get some revenge. This feud/rivalry/contest is beyond amazing and personal and HBK is giving one hell of a performance as is Hunter. Shawn keeps hitting him with a trash can lid and then he hit him with a HEEL from his boot to HHH’s head. King says it’s a HEAL for a HEEL. Funny stuff using a Wrestling term during a high profile match.

Michaels on the outside with a running bulldog to HHH’s head onto the steel steps as his face was bloodied. The fans chanted for tables, HBK picked up a ladder and the fans couldn’t believe it.

THE LADDER was huge.

Both guys bloodied and Michaels hammered HHH low in the stomach with a ladder after he hit the bloodied Game head first. HHH then catapolted into the Ladder on the outside!


Michaels in the ring 1….2… and just a two count! HBK then throws the ladder into the ring, but The Game out of desperation with a baseball slide to HBK on the outside.
HHH went upstairs but Michaels scored with right hands and hit a superplex to HHH from the top rope into the center of the ring and got a near fall! HBK then irish whipped and then an amazing roll-up even with a bad back, but The Game countered with a high knee.

Jim Ross says this is beyond his wildest dreams with how good it is. HHH then brings steel steps into the ring and gets a drop toe hold to HHH by HBK.


HBK then clotheslines HHH over the top rope and the crowd gets there wish as HBK sets up a table outside the ring.

HBK with a straight right hand to HHH, and he didn’t see it coming with so much blood in his face.

HBK then hit HHH with a Fire Extinguisher to the face and HHH lies on the table and the fans know what’s coming.

Michaels then from the top flies off the top of the turnbuckle with a splash to Triple H through a table! Unbelievable!

Not just the spot but the match up until this point, it didn’t even need a spot like this.

It’s just incredible.

I’m in awe, this match is giving me goosebumps and I’ve seen it a good 10 times approximately, but like Austin/Angle from SS 01, I am finding this one to be a bout 5 times better then I had originally remembered.

This match is beyind Unbelievable.

This is the epitomy of two men giving it there all. Michaels bringing the ladder back in the ring and Ross speculated HHH might have internal injuries from that table splash!

Michaels then with another high risk move and a flying elbow off the ladder onto the GAME!

HBK realizes he still has got it and he tunes up the band in the corner and the crowd is in his side!

HHH slowly gets up as HBK goes for the bloody GAME!

HHH blocks the kick and goes for the pedigree but HBK counters!!!!!

At 27:19, HBK with a sunset flip on Hunter and then a quick roll-up got the 1,2,3 on The Game and New York went crazy!


JR: YES! HBK! MY GOD, HBK! In 25 years I have never seen this much courage, this much will to win. A young man that’s Hall of Fame bound with nothing to prove…..”

Just then The Game hit HBK with a Sledgehammer to ruin the return victory and help the feud build.

After all HBK’s back problems HHH proved to be one of the most sadistic heels of all time by levelling out HBK with those shots and the feud would continue till HBK won the Elimination Chamber at SS 02 over HHH.

JR says HHH is going to rot in hell for what he did tonight and then he says about 100 other hillarious things about The Game. DOES HE HAVE NO SOUL, YA SON OF A BITCH!
Anyways this match is brilliant as well all know.

I have a ton of HBK matches at **** 3/4 and I always, always, always thought I’d have this lower…

This time I’ve changed my mind.

I didn’t think I was going to do this but this match is LEGENDARY and one of the best I’ve ever seen just like Angle/Austin from SS 01 they’re both top 15-20 matches EVER in WWF/E history if not higher!

Simply legendary!

Michaels gets taken out on a stretcher.

A match that will be talked for a long time….

I applaud it as it even forced me to change my rating after yet another look.

**** 3/4




8 ) Main Event- “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs The Rock (c) for the WWE Undisputed Championship

Unbelievable build considering Rock’s limited schedule before this match.

The hype was huge.

Brock was the Goldberg of the WWF or the closest thing to it “Unstoppable wise” and he demolished everything in his path. Hell they wanted Steve Austin to job clean to him on Raw within his first month in the company. Notice how Austin isn’t on this event?

Not that THE JOBBING to Lesnar thing was Austin’s only reason, we’ve been over that, but I can only imagine how good this show would of been if Austin was on it.


Rock then dropped the belt on his way and jumped up to show he was ready.

Excellent pre-match package showing the two training.

A fist fight with a hot crowd to start the match as The Rock is main eventing his 2nd Summerslam in a row.

Heyman choked out The Rock behind the ref’s back.

Heyman was a lot like Heenan with Andre in this match at Wrestlemania 3 as he would be a millionaire if he won this match said Cole and that’s exactly what they said about Heenan at WM 3.


Lesnar drives his shoulder into Rock in the corner and then yet another powerful drive tot he ribs.
Brock Lesnar has always been an amazing beast.

Rock moved out of the way as Lesnar hit his shoulder into the corner.

The Brahma Bull hits a suplex and some of the New Yorkers boo.

Both men kick up at the exact same time then Rock’s clotheslines don’t phase the challenger as some of the crowd cheer. Rock eventually gets Brock down and slaps on a Sharpshooter but Heyman is on the apron and then Rock punches him off.

Rock then goes for the Sharpshooter again as the fans boo and it’s locked in hard.
This was the match that truely in my view made The Rock and the creative team/Vince McMahon create the Hollywood Rock character with these reactions.

As Lesnar’s in this move we hear this chant….Lets GO LESNAR.

The Smarkish New Yorkers then chanted for Brock over The Rock, no biggie, it’s not like it was the first time Rock had fans turn on him. He knew how to react.
After all it was during a time period where he was going off to film another movie and Lesnar was just so good that it became hard not to cheer for him.
Add in the defiant New York attitude and you’ve got a formula and an atmosphere that looks and sounds like this……………

LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap)

LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap)

What was most surprising to me was that the Females in the front row were going for Lesnar hardcore. Usually the females stick with Rock like they’d stick with Cena or whoever when getting booed but they even wanted Lesnar to win.

Anyways this loud atmosphere definately helped the matches entertainment level.

Heyman then again distracted the ref brining a steel chair into the ring then Rock brought him in the hard way and before a Rock Bottom Lesnar gave him a clubbing blow. Lesnar then grabbed a steel chair and then went to hit Rock in the ribs and caught him.

The injured ribs of The Rock with a Steel Chair then Brock Lesnar locked on a bear hug. This is the same move that the beast Lesnar took out the legendary Hulk Hogan with.

Brock with a bear hug to the mat now and Rock looks pissed at the chants.
The commentators still don’t acknowledge the chants for Lesnar but they would eventually, Tazz then does it because Cole doesen’t have the BALLS.

Brock Lesnar wouldn’t stop squeezing The Rock’s ribs as the gameplan was obvious for the challenger here. I love Brock Lesnar, I think he is beyond brilliant and I’m dead serious when I say he if was in the WWE today I would tune in every show. He’s THAT good.

Then some of New York chant for The Rock. The crowd is split.

Bear Hug dropped and Rock with a low blow behind ref’s back as fans boo and Rock looks pissed off with his eyes as the fans are booing him. It’s just so weird to see him look at the crowd and hear Rocky Sucks after all he did for them and how hard he worked to get out of that funk earlier in his career. Either way he says he loves the atmosphere.
Rock then pointed to the audience as he layed the Smackdown to Lesnar and he goes to the outside.

Cole calls this the most anticipated title match in the history of Slam, well Bret-Owen, Savage-Warrior, Bret-Taker, Austin-Angle, and ESPECIALLY The Highway to Hell were definitely anticipated. Stats would say the 1998 one was the most anticipated.
Rock then Rock Bottomed a hatless/bald Heyman driven through the table with a Rock Bottom!
Tazz and Cole mark out.
The Rock then stalks the Challenger inside the ring and Brock turns around and Rock sets up for a Rock Bottm and he hits it and Brock kicks out!
Cole can’t believe it as we have reached the climax and everyone is standing.

LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap), LETS GO LESNAR! (Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap)



Rock kicks out and Tazz named it that, I can’t take credit for it.

Both men down and it’s dramatic, not a person sitting in the crowd.

Brock got sent to the ropes and Rock came back with a Spinebuster.

Rock then threw the people’s elbow pad outside but Rock got caught by Brock as he clotiheslined him out of no where. Lesnar then goes for the F-5 and Brock missed a Rock bottom.

What a Climax!
Brock hits the F-5


Long Island goes insane!


So the finish came at 14:38 as Brock Lesnar hit an F-5 On The Rock to become the NEW and Youngest WWE Champion of all time!

The place popped and Lesnar smashed the title to his head in celebration!

The Next Big Thing…HAS ARRIVED!






Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2002 = 9.5/10

This show is the best WWE/F PPV in history that is not Wrestlemania 17 and 19.
Yeah, that’s going above and beyond praising it but it’s completely worth it. Lets take a look at why I consider this to be the 4th greatest PPV behind WM 17, WM 19 and NWA GAB 89, and the third best WWF/E PPV ever. For one it had eight matches and all eight were either classics or GREAT matches. There’s only one match on the card that’s debatable over whether it was great or not and that was Taker vs Test, which I thought was a very well worked big man’s match. The Tag Team match is another that’s a little questionable but I found it great. Every other match was from GREAT to Classic. That’s beyond amazing and so was this event. The Summerslam of all Summerslam’s, get this show now!













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    The Rock Main Evented his 3rd Summerslam in a row not 2nd

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