Review: WWE Summerslam 2004 DVD

September 28, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s- WWE Summerslam 2004 Review:


“Be A MAN! Be A MAN! BE A MAN!!!” -Chris Benoit




1) Opening Contest- 6 Man Tag Team Match: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike) vs Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Paul London


Spike Dudley was the HEEL Cruiserweight Champion. I stress HEEL because he had just recently turned heel on Smackdown! (The show almost no one watched in 2004) And he gave orders to his half brothers D-Von and Bubba-Ray as shown in the pre-match package. On the other side was Mysterio who wasn’t on Heat this time at Summerslam and he teamed with the current tag team Champions who rarely even made Smackdown! appearances in Kidman and London.

D-Von Dudley began to wear down the weaker but more agile Paul London in the corner of the ring to start things off in this match. It didn’t take long for the co-tag champion to get back in the match though as he irish Whipped the former Reverend and then gives him an elbow to the jaw. He applies a nice drop sault in unique fashion followed by another dropkick. As London came over Bubba pulled him by the hair behind the official’s back and D-Von gets back in control.

Spike gets tagged in and then stomps on London.

Spike spits in Mysterio’s face then throws London into the corner! The Dudleyz continued to double team the babyface opposition behind the officials back in a nicely worked tag team match here. Bubba Ray Dudley then hits a suplex, followed by a headbutt and an elbow drop.

Bubba tags back in D-Von and he slapped on a sleeper to keep wearing down London, into a rear chinlock. Cole who is best known for calling everything “Vintage (insert wrestler’s name)” and said it was VINTAGE Dudley Boyz to wear down there opponents.

London has been in the ring for a good awhile until he hits Bubba with a spinning heel kick to the back of Bubba’s head after Bubba missed London and he hit D-Von off the apron. Just as Paul London was going to get to tag Spike dragged him back till London kicked him off. London then got to tag in Mysterio!

Rey Rey, gets tagged in finally and the place pops as London makes a tag for the first time in the entire match.

Rey wants revenge for being put through a table from HEEL Spike on Smackdown! He applied a huricanrana from the top rope among other offensive moves that gets Toronto cheering.

Mysterio with a shoulder to the mid-section of Spike from outside on the apron, then Rey hit a springboard on Spike, then a Senton to Bubba. Kidman tagged in for the first time and hits down all the Dudleyz with clothesline until a powerbomb into pinning combo on Spike, until Bubba interupted the count.

All six guys then went at it as the ref lost control of the match. Kidman though, hit a double drop kick to The Dudley Boyz.
Paul London then with a springboard, summersault over the top rope onto the Dudleyz to the outside.

Rey then hit a 619 to Spike!

Kidman then went to the top rope and hit a shooting star press!

D-Von then pulled Kidman off him from the outside to break the count as the Canadians chant “222222”!

Mysterio jumped from the top rope and crashed and burned, while D-Von crushes London on the outside with an amazing, thunderous clothesline that looked like it would of taken his head off.

The Dudleyz on the inside hit a 3-D to Kidman while Mysterio and London were out of it on the outside!

The Dudleyz won at 8:07 after that 3-D when Spike covered Kidman after that.

Spike is the new Leader of the Dudley faction!

DAMN good for just 8 minutes, it felt like 3!





2) “Till Death Do Us Part” match: Kane vs Matt Hardy (with Lita)

JR calls this this perhaps the most unique match in Summerslam History!

How about not.

Taker vs Taker was a DUD in 1994 and that was about 1,000 times more unique.

This storyline is so terrible it looks like Days of our Lives. Only about 1000 times worse.

Matt found out the baby he was going to have with Lita’s was Kane and then the acting was horrid. Funny stuff.

Kane saying “It looks like I’m MORE MAN, then you’ll EVER BE” was beyond hilarious though.

Lita comes out first and she’s looking “pregnant.”

The winner of this match gets to Marry Lita. WOW.

Well backstage they probably play flip a coin for who gets to bang Lita next.

King says, “This is like better then a Soap Opera only it’s FOR REAL!” Actually, it’s worse King, because it’s not REAL, and it’s in WRESTLING.

Lita would have her REAL love triangle the next year.

Anyways, Kane came out to the ring and Matt wasted no time hitting him with some right hands.

Kane blocked then in the corner then pushed him away until Matt hit two running clotheslines to Kane. Kane pushed him tot he corner and then Matt put his legs up with his two feet to the face of Kane. Matt hit a power move coming off the top trying to take Kane off his vertical base. Matt then jumped off the top and hit a leg drop from the 2nd rope to the high back of Kane as he was half in the ring, half not.

Matt, can’t let the match slow down or he’ll let the big man back in and he hit a tornado DDT to Kane. Matt Hardy then continued with right hands in the corner.
King, says it’s un-kane like to see Matt dominate Kane like this.
Kane then hits Matt with a huge clothesline coming off the side ropes.

Kane chokes out Hardy in the middle of the ring. Matt with a twist of fate to Kane on the outside. Matt then counted with the official hoping that Kane was out after Matt got back into the match.

Kane sat up and Lita looked petrified.

Matt stomped on Kane at the side of the ring and Lita passed a ring bell to Matt. Matt then grabbed the ring bell and hit Kane in the center of the head. Matt then got a two count as Kane got a leg on the side of the ropes.

Matt went for a Twist of Fate after he fought for everything he had and Kane hit a big boot. Kane then went to the top taking a big chance but Matt got him down and went to the top with Kane.

Kane then caught Kane from the top rope with a Chokeslam from the top!
This was a pretty good match here for what the two blends of styles could provide.

In the end Kane won the match at 6:08 when he hit that impressive move and Lita looked like she had just seen a Ghost. Oh well Lita, we all got to see Trish in a white dress because of this, it’s not all bad!

Anyway, who cares, this storyline sucked till the Babykiller arrived.





3) Booker T (c) vs John Cena in Match 1 of a “Best of 5” series for the WWE United States Championship

After Cena and Orton met backstage for the first time Booker T then came out with the US title.

After Cena came out then he threw his Blue Jays jersey out to the crowd and there was a big brawl in the front few rows for that shirt and it went on for a good minute that during the first 30-40 seconds of the match no one was watching the in-ring stuff, people just payed attention to the crowd distraction.


It was probably more entertaining then the match.

Booker T in the WWE as a HEEL just screams boring.

So uninteresting was his heel character. Booker’s slow beatdown of Cena was not entertaining but at least T Dot was into it with “Lets go Cena” chants.

Booker T wore down Cena and Cole explained it because it’s a best of 5 series and T doesen’t want Cena in good conditoning for the later matches in the series.

Booker with a side kick then a Camel Clutch, shades of the Iron Sheik.

Cena rammed Booker to the top turnbuckle out of the Camel Clutch, Kidney first then back elbows to the throat area.

Cena got planted with a Spine Buster slam after he irish whipped Cena to the corner.
Booker T then hit a side slam to Cena, seeming more hell bent on sending a message to Cena in the series rather then going for the immediate win. Booker T then with a reverse chinlock.

Cena hit a desperation upper-cut, followed by a quick roll-up out of no where that only got a two, but as Cena got to his feet Booker came off with an impact Clothesline.

Booker went for the axe kick and Cena dodged out of the way. Both men down and this is a turning poing in the match as Cena gets to his feet first building momentum with some right hands, and a boot to the face while in the corner as Booker charged towards him.
Cena is on a roll with clotheslines, shoulder blocks until Booker hits a slam, and then wasted his time with a Spinnerooni!

Cena won the match at 6:26 after he caught Booker out of no where with an F-U! Cena now two wins away from the US Title that Carlito would end up taking off of him but not SOON ENOUGH.

Below average stuff, but I understood the story, it was a fairly simple one.


* 3/4





4) Y2J Chris Jericho vs Edge (c) vs Batista in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ahhhh, the match that would build the HEEL Edge.

Probably a terrible night for Edge at the time but it would end up being the best thing that ever happened to him when comparing the STALE FACE character that never got over in 2004 (and was always over from 01- early 03 till his injury) to the HEEL one he’s had so much success with.

Batista came out first to NO reaction at all.

Then Y2J. JR interestingly explains how he got the name Lion Heart.

Then the Hometown-VILLAIN Edge with the IC Title.

Triple-Threat match for the IC Title.

Edge was taken out early in the match and sent to the outside by Batista before the music went off when Edge was acknlowedging family and friends at ringside.

Jericho got Y2J chants as he took it to big Dave, but Batista had the size and power and he gave Y2J a few power moves. Batista drove the air out of Jericho with a Power Slam. Edge came back in the ring and took out Batista’s leg with a chopblock before he was going to Powerbomb Jericho and the fans booed.

The fans booed any time Edge was in control and even started to cheer the HEEL/Green Batista when he hit Edge, as long as he hit him.

Edge hit a dropkick to Batista and the fans booed.

Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross not knowing what to say when the fans booed the hell out of Edge was funny. The fans even chanted WE WANT CHRISTIAN.

Edge and Jericho then had a face to face and I don’t need to say who the fans who were going for. Both men at this time were 5 time IC Champions, Jericho currently has the record. JR then mentions it’s ironic that the crowd was chanting against againt him and Edge gave the crowd a smile and he delivered.

Jericho then puts Edge in the Walls Of Jericho and that gets a big pop.

Batista then comes back in the ring after what feels like a century and takes it to Edge but Edge comes back with a huge tornado DDT but gets a near fall.

This was Batista’s first Summerslam and he was about to get a spear, but Jericho ran over Edge in his path. Jericho gets an Arn Anderson like Spinebuster from Batista and Edge saved his title as he broke up the count of Batista’s.

Edge went back to work on Batista and got a roll-up after a back slide countering a potential powerbomb, but Dave kicked out then Edge threw him through the ropes.

Jericho with a roll-up and got a long 2.

Jericho then with a running bulldog to Edge.

With Batista taken out of the ring Edge hit Jericho with a Spear!

In the end the hometown “HERO” won the match which The WWE thought was going to get a NICE POP out of the crowd but it didn’t work, at 8:26.

People were booing Edge and he looks pissed.

Edge would be forgiven at Unforgiven 2006 when he came out as a HEEL and cheered like a GOD against Cena which even made him cheer up.

Pretty good stuff.

** 3/4


5) Kurt Angle (with Luther Reigns) vs Eddie Guerrero


Why do I remember this match happening for the WWE Title?

I know they had a match for that at WM 20 but I always remembered the re-match at Slam, I guess I must have been forgetting the REAL WWE Title match in JBL-Taker later in the night at the time.

They had good build up for this feud!

Angle talking about how Eddie had to cheat to beat him at WM 20. Where as Angle was legitimately hurt and almost had to go out of wrestling for awhile. (And was the worst GM ever, not that I’ve ever seen much of Vickie)

Anyways, this should be good as we all know, and I remember it being pretty good for sure, haven’t seen it in awhile.

Angle comes out with Luther Reigns who is about as relevant as your pinky toe.
Tazz then insults Canada with how he can’t believe Eddie found a Low Rider in Canada.

Hey Tazz, if you’re going to do it, at least be funny about it, it’s not the 19th century and we don’t live in Igloo’s.

Eddie and Angle set for action in this tremendous rivalry. Eddie knew he cheated last time and he’s proud of it.

Angle started with a nice go behind and Eddie with a nice fireman’s carry and then the two lock up and neither man getting a good advantage.

Then there was “Let’s Go Angle” chants after some Eddie chants earlier.

Eddie went for the Ankle Lock on Angle, but Angle had it scouted and was well aware of moves like that, then Latino Heat with a headlock takedown with authority. Angle tried to get back to a vertical base after Eddie had him in a hold, Angle counters with an armdrag and then a wristlock.

Good mat wrestling early.

Especially impressive since Angle had just come back from injury not long before this.
Eddie got out of the wrist lock with a back body slap then went to Angle’s left arm with an armbar, and then they stand and he has a hemmerlock, Angle counters with a go-behind and hits a German suplex as he continued to have his hands wrapped asround his waist, then Eddie Guerrero countered it into an amazing Anke Lock.

Eddie has an Ankle lock on Angle.

Angle never expected this after some fine display of mat exchanges.

Angle then hits an Angle Slam as he’s Limping! Good selling by Angle there, gotta give credit where it’s due. Kurt Angle holds Eddie down with an Ankle lock!


Angle slaps on the Ankle Lock to Guerrerro!

Eddie tried to get out of it and was successful momentarily but he got caught with it time and time again as Eddie thrived in pain when Angle just continued to apply tork to that ankle!

Luther then hit a big boot to Eddie’s head behind the ref’s back.
Angle then with an Ankle Lock back in the senter of the ring and Eddie’s left ankle must be in considerable amounts of pain.

Angle elbow drops Eddie’s hurt left ankle. Angle then went to the outside and slammed Eddie’s ankle into the post.

Eddie back in limping, and selling the ankle as Eddie hit some chops.
Angle went right back for the Ankle! Angle then with an ankle lock and then into an STF with the ankle twisted up.

Kurt kept pressuring the ankle of Eddie as Eddie went after the face of Angle trying to rake the eyes. Eddie up and gave some right hands to Angle, didn’t last as Angle went back to work on the injured Ankle of Eddie Guerrero. Angle then hurting the ankle while he is choking out Eddie.

Slow paced match but the psychology was very good.

Eddie Guerrrero with a jawbreaker. Eddie Guerrrero then with an Angle Slam. Eddie is using all of Angle’s moves in this match which is quite humerous.

After all the punishment Eddie Guerrrero had sustained he is down on his back as is Angle after taking those two moves.

Both men back to there feet and Eddie and Angle with right hands back to each other. Eddie then limping, hurt Kurt in the mid-section then hit Angle with a suplex, and then another, the second of the three amigo’s.

Angle got the three amigo’s.

Eddie on the top and Angle climbed up the top quickle and hit a big slam from the top!

Angle covers Eddie and he kicks out!

Angle went for the 2nd Angle Slam but Eddie Guerrrero hit a desperation DDT with a nice counter.

Eddie Guerrrero then went up top and missed the drog splash as Angle movoed out of the way. Eddie Guerrrero crashing and burning in a big way and Angle succesfully hits a second Angle Slam, but Eddie G kicked out!

Kurt can’t believe it.

Angle then picked up the injured Ankle of Eddie Guerrrero but Eddie pushed the ref over and Eddie grabbed his boot and hit him in the face. Eddie then fell down to try and cheat. The fans then applaud.

Eddie hits a frog splash to Angle. Angle kicked out. As Eddie was arguing with the ref Angle locked in another Ankle lock!

Angle wins at 13:37 as Eddie had to give in after a series of sequences where he was close to getting out of it.

Nice match, should of got more time.




6) “The Game” Triple H (W/ “Nature Boy” Ric Flair) vs Eugene

I remember hating Eugene from the start.

Not everyone did, but they certainly started to around this time.

Especially up here in Canada. HHH then attacks Eugene as he played Mind Games with him.

Fans chanted Triple H.


King said that if he realized the Canadian Fans were booing him, he might just quit.

HHH gets a Rock bottom by Eugene.

Eugene goes for the People’s elbow but HHH gives a Double A like Spine Buster as the fans roar.

HHH in assault mode stomping and choking on Eugene as the fans chant for The Game.
Triple H then irish whipped Eugene into the steel steps. Dinsmore started to bleed from the shouler area and it’s clear HHH’s game plan was to injure Eugene here.

Lawler said “Eugene wasn’t even his mother’s favourite and he’s an only child!”

King said a few funny things Eugene related in this match, “Eugene is going to school here and he doesen’t even have to take a short bus.”

Triple H then locked on a sleeper.

Euegene then starts to Hulk Up until HHH kicks him the mid-section and went for a Pedigree until Eugene countered with a back bodydrop.
Eugene starts to really hulp up here.

Dinsmore actually looks like a Retarded Randy Savage in this match looks wise.

Eugene then picks up HHH’s’s leg and gives him the finger.


Stunner! Crowd pops at least.

The Stunner sent HHH to the outside and then HHH kicks at him and Eugene fights back and sends HHH’s head into the steps.

King’s overuse of “Bizzaro World/Land” is not just because I’m Canadian.

Ric Flair then came out as the crowd Woo’s.

Flair then got knocked off the apron by Eugene after HHH kicked out of the Hogan Leg Drop Eugene kicked.

Eugene went up for a high risk and then Pedigreed Hunter. Flair put HHH’s leg on the ropes.

Flair then got kicked out of the match and sent tot he back and he freaks out and takes his jacket off. Awesome.

Regal came from behind with brass knuckles and knocked out Flair. Eugene smiled and pointed at Regal but from behind HHH set up for the Pedigree.

Triple H won in the end at 14:06 after a Pedigree.

Thank god. I don’t think I’d of been able to take it if they had the Eugene Character beat Trips on a PPV, and I don’t care how good of a worker Dinsmore was. But then again I knew I wouldn’t have to worry too much about that, this IS Triple H were talking about.

** 1/4



7) Team Dream (Joy Giovanni, Amy Weber, Tracie Wright, Maria Kanellis, Christy Hemme and Michelle McCool) vs Team Diva (Victoria, Gail Kim, Jazz, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly and Nidia)

Not often do I get a chance to think of about a million hilarious things I could say here but I’m not even going to bother touching one of them.

Unfortunately, I’ll stick to having to say who won and tell you that Team DREAM did at 1:24 in an already taped game of Diva Dodgeball that didn’t take place in the building.




8 ) John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) (c) (with Orlando Jordan) vs The Undertaker for the WWE Championship

This feud had by far THE BEST BUILD UP in WWE HISTORY.

It consisted of this:


That was it.

The WWE didn’t have to be to creative here because as said no one watched Smackdown, no one believed JBL was good enough to be WWE Champion at that time, and Taker never appeared on Smackdown! anyway.

I’ve seen this match bashed for the fact that Toronto did the WAVE during this match.

Well guess what?

Toronto ALSO did the WAVE during Dibiase/Roberts at WM 6 and that was a GREAT MATCH.

It’s not a sign of disrespect.

However a lot of people were against the idea of JBL being champion as he was only champion for a few weeks by this point so he hadn’t gained himself any legit crediblity, not even a PPV title defense by this point as he was looking for his first one here over The Deadman.

Taker looked like a Legit Deadman in this match.

Taker threw JBL out of the ring to a start the match.

Taker then worked on the arm of JBL after brawling with him a bit out of the match.
Undertaker went for Old School but JBL knocked him down. JBL went tot he top rope and hit a shoulder block from the top. JBL then with an elbow into the sternum and Taker kicked out. JBL worked on Taker in the corner with kicks to the ribs. Bradshaw exchanged punches with Taker pretty decently.

JBL targetted Taker in the corner but he targetted JBL’s arm, and took him down with the armbar.

Undertaker then after working on his arm a bit more went up for Old School and this time was successful.

Taker then choked JBL out in the corner but Orlando Jordan got to Taker and distracted him as JBL got the boot up. JBL then on the outside slammed Taker’s knee into the steel post and it sounds like a WE WANT BRET Chant but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the count for the Wave.

The Wave did go down in this match as said. With Taker’s leg on one side of the post JBL smashed a shair into it hard, then smashed Taker’s leg into the corner post equally as vicious. Taker though with survival instincgs, gave JBL a big boot. He then slammed JBL’s head into the steel steps as he is limping selling the knee injury. The Champion Layfield then swept the leg up of Taker and slammed him into the steel steps. Orlando Jordan then sent Taker into the ring,.
JBL worked on the knee of Taker and Toronto did the wave and Cole says they’re trying to Will Taker on….

Undertaker then with a half Boston Crab on JBL as he got out of JBL’s hold and Tazz starts up with the Bizzaro crap world, just shut the fuck up already.
Taker and Bradshaw then brawl in the middle of the ring as JBL is driven through the 2nd rope.

Taker slammed JBL’s face into the announce table.

Taker then slammed some more shots to the head and upper back of JBL.
Toronto chants for Spanish Tables, which is quite funny.

A good spot saw Undertaker superlex JBL from the top rope and JBL got the shoulder up. Great suplex.

Taker then signalled for The Last Ride.

Layfield then resorted to going back to the knee of Taker. JBL then wrapped up Taker’s big leg and then turned around as he grabbed the throat of JBL, JBL kicked him off until coming off the rope and Taker dished out an uncharacteristic (from him) Spinebuster slam.
Taker and Layfield were slugging it out in the ring. Taker then hit a flying clothesline off the side ropes and Taker remembered to sell the injured knee. Taker ran tot he corner and with a big splash comes Undertaker clotheslining the head of JBL twice. JBL’s head then gets the Snake eyes in the corner and then a clothesline from hell from TAKER. 1…2…, JBL kicked out, no new champ.

Undertaker then hit a CHOKESLAM on JBL as The Deadman held the knee. JBL kicked out AGAIN.

Taker went for a Tombstone but JBL got out of it sliding over Taker’s shoulder while Orlando distracted Taker from the outside, Undertaker turned around and caught the Clothesline from Hell from Undertaker! Great shot. Taker kicked out, got a good pop then a Lets go Taker chant.

The ref got taken down in the spot after this as JBL splashed into Nick Patrick by accident.

Jordan then tossed the WWE Title to JBL as he hit him in the skull with the belt. JBL covered Taker but the ref is down and out.

Taker still kicked out even though Orlando Jordan used Nick Patrick’s hand to count the three. Jordan then attacked Taker until he threw him through the ring. JBL hit another clothesline from Hell but Taker doesen’t sell it which is a minor flaw but he remembers to sell the kneewhich is a plus.

JBL brawling Taker on the top corner but Taker hit a LAST RIDE and the fans go insane but JBL KICKS OUT YET AGAIN!

What a match this REALLY is. Tazz says that a lot and I usually think he’s exagerating but this IS a great matchup.

Undertaker then hits JBL in the head with the title belt as Patrick saw it and rang for the bell.

Taker then CHOKESLAMMED JBL through the LIMO ROOF after the match after he slammed JBL onto the hood and his foot went through the windshield shattering the glass.
The finish came at 17:37 when JBL won by DQ after that belt shot.

This match went far and away from being more then I remembered as well.


*** 1/4



9) Main Event- Chris Benoit (c) vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

Here it is!

The main reason that Chris Benoit probably made it on this Anthology in the first place or I could of seen the WWE editting him right out. That’s not to say he hasn’t had other big matches at this event but the WWE wouldn’t leave a moment like this out of the Anthology

That’s for sure.

We get no pre-match package for this match.

Orton comes out to the great Motorhead Evolution theme that of course best suited him then any other member in the Stable, it’s a shame the music would last just one more night.
Benoit got a good ovation in Canada as expected and this is his last night as Champion in his life.

He goes out in style putting over a third Generation superstar but it’s a real shame he wasn’t contending in this World Title Division for much longer in this match.

“You Screwed Bret” was heard throughout the match as Earl Hebner was the ref.

After the few tested each other out, Orton went for a Hammerlock and Benoit countered it with a drop toehold and and a reverse chinlock/side headlock take down.

Benoit was much smaller but a much better wrestler then the taller challenger, and he was much more experienced…especially on the mat.

The two go for a test of strength.

Some “Let’s go Benoit” chants as well as “Lets go Orton” ones.

Randy got the roman knuckle lock with a back heel grip and Chris showed his great strength and then with a overhand wrist lock and that was a great trick by the respected veteran. Well, the THEN Respected Champion. I still respect his work and the life he lived. Another story for another day obviously….

Benoit with an overheard armbar, into a wristlock and he had at such a perfect Angle as Orton was down as Orton’s elbow was in jeopardy as Chris Benoit had the leverage as Orton was on his back, but Randy Orton got back to his feet, a shot to the mid-section that knocked Orton down and then he posed as some fans cheered

Benoit with an amazing armdrag takedown in the match to negate the leverage from Orton and it was Steamboat like as JR said.

Randy Orton then put the Sharpshooter on in Canada with Earl as the ref! The fans reacted to this obviously.

Benoit then countered it into a Sharpshooter of his own. Kind of pisses on the effect of the Sharpshooter that this is so quick in the match, but Benoit quickly rolled around with his quickness and size and translated it into the Crossface! The action quickly went to the outside and Orton then showed resourcefulness as he sent Benoit into the ring post.
Another chant for Spanish Tables.

Orton then got chopped by Benoit on his chest to the outside however it had little effect as

Randy Orton threw Benoit inside the ring.
Randy Orton then began to work on Benoit’s arm as he locked Benoit’s elbow as he hyperextended it.

King: “Won’t it be GREAT to have a World Champion that has all his teeth.”

The key to this move by Orton was the fact it happened just after Randy sent Benoit into the ring post shoulder/elbow first just moments ago.

Benoit fights out of it and chops the hell out of Orton and Orton counters out of desperation by scooping up Benoit and dropping his left shoulder on the top rope. Orton with a front facelock to Benoit on the ring apron after Benoit then kneed Orton’s head and

Benoit with a great chop.

Benoit then with a face first drop/DDT’ing Orton on the top of the ring apron!

Benoit then got the better of that exchange after that match.

Benoit capitalizing by covering Orton but only got a two. Orton was on the outside and

Benoit then went for a baseball slide and caught Orton.

Benoit then with a SUICIDE (No Pun intended; I have respect) Dive to the outside and hit himself FACE FIRST and killed some of his brain quite surely.

Ironic but relevant.

Jim Ross even said “The referee should really take a look at Benoit here.”

Yeah, they REALLY SHOULD HAVE taken a look at him. In more ways then one.

Orton now back in the drivers seat getting the Champion back in the ring and locking on a modified Camel Clutch to Chris Benoit.

Orton then pulld on Benoit’s neck with everything he had.

The Surpreme gut check for the Rabid Wolverine as his Championship was in jeopardy here.

Benoit then to his own vertical base and elbowed out until Randy Orton hit a European Upper Cut.

Orton then lifted Benoit up with a gutwrench into a back breaker and the inverted neck braker from the back breaker position and the fans explode.

King says the fans jumped on The Orton Bandwagon, and they may have. Very impressive move by Randy and nobody sells and takes more punishment better then Chris Fucking Benoit.

Orton with a side headlock on Benoit wearing the Champion down.

The two then crack skulls in a mid-air collission that may benefit Benoit. As if Benoit needed more brain shots…….

Orton and Benoit both get to there feet as Benoit and Orton exchange some heavy blows.
Chris Benoit then knocked down Orton and it’s been a while since he built some offensive momentum as JR pointed out as he knocks Orton down with vicious shoulder blocks.

Every time he held the back of his neck. He was clearly hurting from the head shots from earlier on and he had neck trouble from before as we know.

Chris Benoit then hit a ton of suplexes to Orton, Chris Benoit is a suplex machine.
Benoit tried to Superplex Orton from the top rope but then Orton stood up from the very top and hit a picture perfect high risk move!


Orton got a nearfall.

Some fans chanted for an RKO and Orton went for it but Benoit got out of it and hit him with a modified clothesline and Orton kicked out of a potential sharpshooter.

Then Chris Benoit hit a release Belly to Back German suplex.

Benoit was relentless in his attack as it was desperation time and got Orton then got locked in a Sharpshooter this time for good!

Orton looked in a lot of pain but he was on a quest to win the title. Randy Orton got to the bottom of the rope. Listening to King rooting on heels is always hillarious.
Benoit with another resourceful German suplex. Then another. Then ANOTHER. ANOTHER. (No what chants? I sound like Austin here.) A fifth though.

Benoit goes for a SIXTH and hits it,.

The fans are starting to catch on and it took them long enough and he hits seven!

The audience then applaud in appreciation. That must take a toll on Benoit’s neck. Benoit signals for a Headbutt from the top with Randy down.

Chris then goes to the top and Chris Benoit caught Orton’s knees to the head as Orton had it well scouted. Big time move there, and I’ll say it again….Benoit didn’t need another shot to the head.

And this is only one match.

Watching RR 01 is always hard considering the head blows he takes in that one.
Randy then slowly got to his feet.

Orton then pinned Benoit but Benoit kicked out as it had been a long 30 seconds.

Benoit out of no where hit a desperation Crippler Crossface on Orton!

This is how Benoit won the world title at Wrestlemania says JR! These two have very good chemistry, you’d think they’d of had a lot of clasics together.
Orton then hit an RKO out of no where!

In the end, Randy Orton became the NEW and Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in History at 20:08 after an RKO to the Rabid Wolverine ending his title reign.

Randy Orton falls to his knees after beating Chris Benoit for the world title.

After the match as Orton celebrates, Benoit came back in the ring and asked for Orton be a MAN, and shook his hand.

The two would also have a good re-match the next night on Raw for the World Title.

This was a fantastic wrestling contest here.

Great contest though, very memorable, such a fine performance from both men…especially Benoit who went above and beyond putting Orton over even though it didn’t mean much in the long run considering the miserable Face run.

Thank you Chris.



Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2004 = 6.5/10

This show was originally ripped apart on the IWC because the “FANS” apparently in Canada ruined the event by telling the WWE how they really felt. Well that’s too damn bad if the WWE can’t see what the fans would have really wanted. It’s actually the defenition of a MEDICORE show. Some things terrible, some things bad, some things average, some things good, some things great. I’ll bump it to 6.5 because of the Great matches but there weren’t very many.of those matches for what it was, crowd interuptions or not.



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  1. Jay Karia says:

    This was the first ever PPV that I watched from when I first started watching WWE and that’s why it is still, to this day, the best Summerslam in my opinion. 10/10.

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