Review: WWE Summerslam 2005 DVD

October 6, 2010 by Brett Mix

Brett Mix’s WWE Summerslam 2005 Review:


“You people want Bret…..well you will not see Bret, because I SCREWED Bret!”Shawn Michaels

-WWE Summerslam 2005 took place on Sunday, August 29th, 2000 at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C. in front of 18, 156 fans.

-AMAZINGLY, this was The Undertaker’s 14th consecutive appearance at a Summerslam. That is incredibile, especially considering he was away a lot but always found time to get to this event. I find this interesting. One of the best tidbit’s I’ve learned.

-This was the 18th Annual WWE Summerslam PPV event.

-Lillian Garcia gives the world’s longest version of USA’s national anthem before the event.

-This is this is the first Summerslam where a World Title match wasn’t the main event in eleven years since Summerslam 1994 when The Undertaker met… The Undertaker.

-Before the event officially began, Chris Masters defeated The Hurricane in a match taped for Sunday Night HEAT at 1:56.

-Jim Ross, Jonathan Coachman and Jerry “The King” Lawler do commentary for the Raw matches while Micheal Cole and Tazz do commentary for Smackdown!’s Matches.

-Now onto the PPV……………




1) Opening Contest- “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan (c) for the WWE United States Championship

Benoit gets a MONSTER pop in D.C.

Seriously, maybe one of his biggest. Everyone respected Benoit. Everyone and if you didn’t at the time I am not sure if you know anything about this business.


Jordan comes out to silence although I always found him to be a little funny in JBL’s cabinet with how he’d suck up to JBL. He’d probably suck some more if the rumors I heard were true.

Benoit goes from putting on a great performance in the main event last year to being a curtain jerker here taking a title off of an un-over Orlando Jordan.

Very hard to rate this but hey, it was entertaining, it can’t be a DUD. The place loved it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Benoit MARK out after a victory more then this. So I’ll give it the lowest possible grade that is not a DUD.

Benoit maked Orlando Jordan tap at 25 seconds as the place erupts.

Good start to the show to fire up the audience!

Benoit’s last ever appearance on the show as he was injured in 06 and well…yeah in 2007.






2) Edge (with Lita) vs Matt Hardy

Well who out there DIDN’T feel bad for Matt? I mean I don’t have to repeat what happened but from an emotional standpoint how much worse could it have been?
Even though the WWE re-hired Matt, I still feel bad for him and I even like Edge. Lita, not so much but everyone has there own opinions. I don’t like judging people do I won’t.

But they sure hit the nail on the head with “Can it get more personal”?
It all started with Matt meeting Edge at the bottom of the entrance way near the side of the ring and a brawl broke out! Fists flying back and forth with the fans going wild.
The story is that this was so personal that it would be more of a brawl anyway, and not so much a wrestling match. It must be tough for these two to KAYFABE everything with how it must kill Matt on the inside.

They finally go in the ring and the bell rings.
JR and Coach stress how we wont see ONE Wrestling hold in this match and Hardy slaps on a rear chinlock, HAH.

Anyways the rest seemed to be brawling though. I understood the story so I’m not expecting a big time classic here.

“She’s a crack WHORE” chanted at Lita then BAM Edge hits Matt with a spear through the middle ropes on Matt. Sick spot.

Back in the ring though, Matt would continue to throw the load at Edge with strong blows in the corner. Matt did the punches from the top 1..2…3….4..5…., then Edge lifted Matt up and he flew over and hit his head on the top of the ring post. His head cracked on the post as he fell to the outside with loud Hardy chants.
Edge then with big right hands to Matt’s head from the outside as Matt is busted open as Edge could care less if Matt would hurt from it or not. Matt doing a good job selling as he may be concussed.

Edge then kicked at a bloodied Matt, RIGHT in the head before he collapses. Edge kept doing it over and over untilt he ref stopped the match.

Edge beat Matt Hardy at 4:50 after Matt could no longer continue.

Wow, way too short of a match for these two.

That effects the overall quality and of course the rating but ya know, for five minutes this WAS a good brawl. So I’m going to give it a fairly good rating all things considered!





3) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio in a Ladder match for the custody of Dominick


Not many liked this storyline but the matches between these two are always great.

Eddie SUCKS chants and he hit Rey with a cheap shot with a knee to the gut. Eddie kneeded to Cheat early to get the upperhand on Rey in typical Guerrero fashion. Eddie Guerrero hit a nice suplex to Rey, then Rey countered in the next sequence with a monkey flip that sent Rey to the outside.

Eddie still got the upperhand after that as he sent Rey steps first. Eddie then threw Rey up the ramp into the Ladder.

Oh and by the way this is Rey`s first ever Ladder match.

Eddie set the ladder up in the ring while Mysterio limped into the ring and Eddie went for the briefcase but Rey hit a springboard off the top to Eddie and he fell off the ladder after the low drop kick to Eddie`s knees.

Then with Eddie on the outside he brings a 2nd ladder into the ring. Eddie then gave Rey a big right hand after Rey`s desperation springboard dropkick, Rey then threw Eddie out of the ring in an attempt to build some momentum. Rey then with a baseball slide that hit Eddie in the face with the ladder that was in front of him. Great spot. Another great spot would follow as Rey flew again with a Senton over the top rope and he landed on Eddie`s head who was carrying a ladder by the way on the outside as both men go down.

Mysterio climbed towards the ladder in the center of the ring as there`s just the one ladder now but Eddie climbs the other side.

Tazz says it`s a RACE! As the two exchange right hands.

Both Eddie and Rey fighting it out on the top of the ladder, who’s going to get custody in that case? I’m intrigued even though I already know.


Eddie grabbed the case but couldn`t unlock it as Rey hit Eddie downstairs on the top of the ladder. Eddie then went for a sunset flip over the top of the ladder but he couldn`t reach him and it was botched. Can`t blame them as it was high risk and it was great till that happened. Both chants from smart @ss fans.

Eddie with rib shots by the ladder to Rey then he smacked Rey in the corner and this is all completely legal of course as Cole points out. Cole pointing out the obvious is nothing knew. This is the most biased match ever for commentary BTW.

Eddie grabbed the 2nd ladder. Rey Mysterio was attacked by both ladder`s now. Eddie then scoop slammed Rey onto one of the ladders as Eddie Guerrero was beginning to dominate. Despite being a heel he got a big pop as he placed one ladder on top of Rey who was already laying on the other. Eddie flies over the rope from the apron with a flip and landed his back on the top of the ladder to sandwhich Rey inbetween both. Sick spot again, which got some Eddie chants.

Eddie then set up a ladder in the middle of the ring selling his back brilliantly as he just landed on top of a ladder so it explains his slow climbing. Rey then set a ladder diagonal onto the other and climbed up slowly to make sure Eddie didn`t get the case. Rey THEN with a beyond sick back drop to Eddie who flew onto the other ladder BACK FIRST.

Eddie Guerrero inured his back even more now!


Eddie HAS beaten Rey before in there careers despite what Cole and Tazz say to hype the feud. Eddie then launched Rey into the ladder ribs first as it was set on a top turnbuckle and it was another good smash. What a counter.
Some amazing bumps in this one as Eddie`s back, and Rey`s ribs were targetted most and Eddie dominated the majority of the match.

Didn`t flow perhaps as well as some other Classic Ladder matches but it has its spots.
EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE then stood up as Dominic went into the ring and shook the Ladder as Eddie was at the top. Eddie climbed down then yelled at Dominic in the corner which was hllarious. Eddie`s “What`s the matter with you! I`m your new Daddy now ESSAY you`re gonna love me now!……..“
Rey then took control of a ladder with Dom out clearly, and Eddie in the other corner. Rey had a Ladder set up on the side ropes. Eddie with a right hand of his owen and then threw Rey into the ladder but he blocked it. Eddie smashed Face first by Rey Mysterio hard into the ladder hung up on the side ropes. Eddie then got hit by a 619 ladder first into the face.

Great stuff.

Then a springboard moonsault onto Eddie. Guerrero took quite the shit kicking in this match as did Rey, quite a bit of back and forth work here with a ton of bumps.
Rey had the case but Eddie followed up behind him and picked him up in the air until Rey hit a SUCCESSFUL sunsetflip.

Realistically while in the air he could of just grabbed the case while on top of Eddie`s shoulders but this is WRESTLING, we can`t take it overly serious but I guess strategic wrestling was to hurt Eddie some more, and that would make sense.

With Eddie down Rey then hangs onto the case while Eddie kicked the Ladder and Rey hung on and Eddie caught Rey with a Spinebuster from the top of hanging onto the case. Eddie chants all over the building here.

Mysterio then got caught underneath a ladder in the middle of the ring while Eddie waved goodbye to Mysterio from the top. Eddie grabbed the case but hung onto the case and Rey kicked the ladder off and then grabbed a free leg and he slammed hard to the mat. Both men down. Eddie frustated slamming his palm into the mat as he thought he should of been able to climb the ladder and win the match, he could of had it won.
Rey slowly sets but Eddie stops him and hits the Textbook 3 Amigo`s to Rey with the last of the three hitting Rey`s back on the top of a STEEL Ladder.

Eddie sets up a Ladder now in the center of the ring with Rey down. Vickie then ran down to a mixed-reaction and pushed Eddie off the top of the ladder to the ring floor.


UM okay….

Rey then sets up a Ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb.

Vickie then stops Eddie from getting to the Rey.

Rey beat Eddie at 20:19 in the ending by getting the briefcase.

Kind of a tough match to rate overall. Mostly spots without proper story telling but these two are awesome together, some botches and a shit storyline bring it down as well as it distracts the flow. Some unrealistic, A LOT of unrealistic spots as well.
Still, both guys put there body on the line a ton of times and entertained which is why it gets a high rating.

Great match with that considered.

*** 1/2





4) Kurt Angle vs Eugene (with Christy Hemme)

Angle has never lost a one on one match at Slam.

Angle hits a hard clothesline on Eugene. I wasn`t a fan of intense Kurt, dorky Kurt owned more but this was still alright.

Eugene went for a people`s elbow and Angle clotheslined him and the fans loved it. Obvioussly the WWE learned Eugene sucked, as Eugene has been outcheered by the HEELS in both Summerslm matches vs HHH and Angle.
Belly to Back suplex by Angle, Kurt stared at the crowd as they chanted Lets Go Angle.

Eugene fought back to some boo`s and then hit the buckle and Angle caught him with a German and then a near fall.

Angle slammed Eugene`s head into the buckle as Eugene hulked up to some boo`s. Eugene hit The Rock Bottom and Angle kicked out.

Eugene went for a stunner, after reversals Eugene finally hit it which got a decent ovation just like The Rock bottom but it`s the cheapest Heat possible.
Eugene put Angle in the Ankle Lock. Dinsmore then smashed the buckle while Angle hit an Olympic Slam. He takes off the straps.

Angle beat Eugene at 4:31 with his Ankle Lock.

For a quick match, it was entertaining due to the crowd and Eugene`s finishers, but it got old by this point and it was a squash pretty much and rightfully so.

* 1/2
5) “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton vs “The Legend” The Undertaker
First of two Summerslam’s Orton has this kind of GIG here of trying to kill a legend. More on that the following review.

Must win for the poorly booked Orton here. (In the past year)

One year off of being the youngest champ in history.

Taker and Orton`s entrances both flashy as expected at a big event and the hype is in the air for this contest and the two stare down while the match begins.

Orton with side headlocks to begin, a hip toss and a clothesline after some Taker offense, but then he walked right into a straight boot into Taker and the fans pop.
Undertaker gets in contol here as he working on the shoulder of Orton and pulls on the left arm of the Legend Killer as he had him grounded for a bit and then twisted the arm… (always find it funny they work over the weaker arm so it`s legit when he throws the right hands after) and went up for old schoool while Orton tried to prevent it.
Orton DOES prevent it with a big arm drag over the top rope, nice spot.
I rated there WM 21 match at **** 1/4 by the way.

Orton with blows on Taker in the corner, right hands that looked very realistic. Taker then choked Orton and threw him into the corner and exchanged lefts and rights to Orton back and forth with high intensity and the fans going wild. Orton then walked right into another huge boot, this one was actually better then the other boots. Huge spot.

Taker`s methodical approach works well on Orton and then he hit a flying clothesline to Orton off the ropes and of course Cole calls it Vintage Undertaker.

Taker then with some body shots, pretty physical in the corner as he gives him another boot to the face this time in the corner. The third one in the match. 300 plus pounds of knee to the gut by Orton was he`s getting worn out by The Deadman. A big beasting by Taker here. Taker slammed an elbow to Orton, then Taker got caught up as Orton ducked, Orton then kicked Taker in the hamstring out of deperation and it was a smart move because it takes Taker out of his size advantage with that vertical base. Orton hits a great and quick DDT but Taker kicks out. Orton then brutally and viciously works on the leg of Taker. Orton became cocky in the ring with blows of his own, elbow shots, among other things.

Orton then intelligently worked on the hamstring of Taker to keep the deadman grounded.

Great scoop slam by Orton! Great power to the Big Man by the Legend Killer! Orton rolled over Taker`s shoulders and continued to dominate the hamstring despite Taker getting his leg up (the good one) and reversed it slamming Orton down. Two men get to there feet Taker then gets knocked down after Orton ducks a clothesline and goes right back to work on Taker`s hamstring muscle in the leg as he nailed him low. Puts his leg on the rope again and drops his body onto the big man`s leg! Good psychology by Orton taking apart the leg like Bret or Angle would against him. Not that Angle has tremendous Psychology but it`s common sense to take the big man apart that way. Taker then again with his good leg, counters this punishment and kicks Orton to the outside. He then in a great spot hits a signature (for special matches it seems) leg drop while Orton`s head hung off the apron from inside the ring.

Back in the ring Taker goes back to the injured left arm of Orton, twists it then impressively hits Old School.

Taker still selling the leg as he limps then DDT`s orton but gets a nearfall! Undertaker caugh Orton`s head and dropped him on the top buckle pad, but Orton with a counter in desperation hits a nice dropkick.

Orton then stalks Taker as he gets to his feet goes for the RKO but Orton gets pushed away.

Taker geos for Tombstone but Orton counter, then Taker counters, then Orton hits a back breaker but only scores a nearfall.

Orton ruthlessly with shots to the throat of The Deadman as he is down. Orton on his feet goes up top and still selling the left arm of course, both guys did a good job at selling in this match. Orton his a Cross Body from the top, Taker rolled over him and then hit a chokeslam!

Taker then distracted as SOMEBODY comes in the ring and Orton hits the RKO!

Orton BEAT Taker at 17:17 in the end with that move and got his win over The Big Man.

Good psychology, great selling, nice story with a decent finish. The MAN turned out to be as predictable as it seemed, Cowboy Bob Orton with a face mask and hair piece. Taker limped off chasing them two.

Great match!


*** 1/2




6) John Cena (c) vs Y2J Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship


What a fantastic promo Y2J cut earlier in the night.

His HEEL Turn was a little strange and seemed rushed to make sure it wasn`t Christian vs Cena at Slam which it looked like they were heading for. I love Christian but I can`t blame THIS decision since Jericho is better then Christian.

I love how Jericho talked about Austin and Rock and how Cena can`t compare to them, no doubt the fans were going to cheer for him there.

Cena is a very good worker and has quite a bit of fans but I couldn`t stand him here with how they tried to create Austin vs McMahon 2 with him and Bischoff and it flopped. Why, well it wasn`t original for one. Cena was corny as hell for another.
Either way this was before the fans full turned on Cena but still some booed him at this point and I certainly disliked him from 2004 on when he started to tell poop jokes on Smackdown! and went against his original character in a way.

Cena enters the Champ, Jericho looking to get the gold. Basic story here.
Both men circle around each other and the match begins after some trash talking and face to face confrontation.

The two tie up and Y2J gets the strength advantage first till Cena comes back with rights but Jericho hits a vertical suplex then kicks at the champ.

Y2J sent Cena to the outside and smiled, then leaped over the top ripe and hit the mat, nobody home. Cena viciously chased after Jericho and clotheslined him outside then brawled a bit in the ring and slammed Jericho`s head on the top buckle before hitting him with some elbows and irish whipping him to the buckle.

With Jericho in the corner Cena charged towards him and Jericho lifted his lis legs high and caught Marky Mark in the jaw as he goes down Jericho hits some rights to Cena this time for revenge since that was all Cena was seemingly doing to him. Go figure.
Jericho then with a long Vertical Suplex displaying his great deal of power holding Cena in the air for a long period of time and then dropped him back and scored a near fall unfortunately. Hey, I`m not biased…..much.

Jericho with a rear chinlock and Cena looks like he`s going to die as Jericho sticks his fingers in the mouth of the champ and scrapes back as Cena is confused, then Cena gets tossed to the outside through the middle rope. Jericho then with a drop kick off the ring apron the head of Cena but the camera doesen`t catch the spot very well. Cena choked out on the outside then tossed back in.

Jericho stalking the Champ as he kicks him in the ribs before setting him up on the top rope for seemingly a suplex. He slaps at him a few times then surely goes up top and head butts him and hen yes, hit`s third vertical suplex, but this time it`s a Superplex off the top rope! A Cover but Superman kicks out.

Jericho staying in the rib region with some kicks then with hard right blows in the corner, sends Marky Mark with an Irish Whip this time in a playback to earlier in the match Cena does what Jericho did to him lifted the boots and caught Jericho in the mouth. Cena gained momentum hitting Jericho with a back body drop before dodging out to Jericho and missing him. SO Jericho hit a running Bulldog capitalizing on Cena missing Jericho as he was down, Y2J went for his signature LionSault and missed it but remained on his feet, the two with roll-up`s that don`t work so well and then Jericho tries to lock on the Walls but Cena kicks him to the outside of the ring area.

John Cena from the top catches Jericho getting back in the ring with a leg drop but Y2J resourcefully gets his right leg on the middle rope breaking the official`s count.
Both men back to there feet now and Cena up first. Cena behind Jericho then scoops him up for an F-5 but Jericho COUNTERS with a DDT in mid-air and coverrs but only gets a two count. The match has certainly picked up.

Jericho kicking away at John then scooping him and hitting a back breaker to the Champ followed by THREE different elbow drops off the ropes for leverage to that injured rib region of Cena as Jericho chokes him out using both feet to Cena`s back on the lower rope for more leverage! Good stuff.

Jericho showing off and behind him comes Cena with a clothesline out of desperation. Both men down then they both get up and it`s anybody`s game as it`s a fist fight. Cena with the better of it with upper right hands and then another clothesline and then another followed by a hiptoss. Cena with a a big suplex then goes for the most embarassing move in sports entertainment today, the five knuckle shuffle but thankfully Jericho saved us that punishment and slapped on the Walls of Jericho, Cena got out of it then Jericho stomped on him until he went to the top but Cena caught him up high with an F-U fom the top almost but Jericho hit a back body suplex and got a damn near three count. Intense there in that spot. Jericho then got caught up high and Cena hit an F-U.

Cena retained the title in the end at 14:49.

Chris Jericho was “fired” the next night and left for over two years.

Great match here as well. I didn`t like the first half but I`ll admit the second half worked wonders.






7) Batista (c) vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield in a No Holds Barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship

JBL`s money rains from the crowd like at WM 21.

Batista and JBL start off brawling from the get go which is probably a smart booking move to get the fans a little pumped as JBL Irish Whips Batista hard into a large steel box

JBL then rammed Tista`s head into the top of the guard rail on the way back to the ring. As JBL lifts up a chair, Batista spears him through the barricade near the ring.
Good stuff in the beginning.

Back in the ring though JBL gets back in control as he kicks at Batista and then lifts him up and slams his head into the top corner after that clothesline from hell at the beginning.

In the corner his hard right hands met the head of Tista before he went to the outside and grabbed a belt and used it to whack the back of Tista.

JBL then chokes out Batista with that belt for a good minute on the ropes and in the ring.

He then gets side slammed by Batista out of desperation in once back in the middle of the ring and Tista used the belt to his advantage and got some revenge on JBL by whipping him hard and the crowd seem into this match. Batista with a spear to JBL over and over in the corner.

JBL lifted a big boot and hit Batista in the face with it and then got a near fall. JBL grabs steel steps and puts them in the ring. He`s going to powerbomb Tista on them but gets back dropped onto the canvas by him and then turns around and gets a hard spinebuster by the Animal as he shakes the ropes for leverage and does his thumbs up thing and then powerbombs JBL hard onto the canvas.

Good stuff again.

Batista then eyes the steps and Powebombs him hard onto the STEPS! Wow that looked rough.

Batista defeated JBL to retain the World Title at 9:04 at the end of the match by that move.

Quality over Quanitity here thus a high rating for them as it was exciting from bell to bell. Just as a match with these guys should be, booked perfectly pretty much.

Awesome stuff! Way better then I anticipated.


** 1/2


8 ) Main Event- “The Legend” “The IMMORTAL” Hulk Hogan vs “The Icon” “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels



The Legend vs The Icon.

Oh there`s no doubt there is GREAT BUILD for this match showing Hulk in the 80`s and Shawn in the 90`s but there`s one problem…..

It`s 2005.

Hulk can barely hit any moves. Michaels can put on a great match but he himself in parts doesen`t even take this thing seriously which is Yes, humerous but at the same time a little silly.

Shawn as a HEEL here for a month was very good despite it not making much sense and then all of the sudden he goes back face the next night in an opening promo with Chris Masters on Raw to build the Unforgiven program.

People called this a DREAM MATCH and it was billed as something like Hogan-Andre although I never got the hype, sorry but I never once ever thought of these two even wrestling and when the idea came up I was just sort of MEH.

Not a big fan of either although I respect and appreciate both, and both are top 10 ever, Hogan just cracks the 10 spot for me.

Hogan comes out to a great reaction and of course hypes the crowd up big time which makes this main event of a huge PPV in a huge match seem all that more important because the crowd are all jacked and ready to go with there enthusiasm it can help any good match look great; see Hogan-Rock at WM X8.

Hogan and HBK doesen`t have the same magic as Hogan and Rock, or a potential Hogan-Austin match. Sorry, but it just doesen`t for obvious reasons. Any HBKmark who doesen`t like that, well it`s too damn bad I had to say it like it is.

Of course Hogan starts the match by pushing Shawn down exposing his Immortal power and oh how impressive it is.

Shawn furious with Hulk as he flexes and walks it off.

HBK then catches Hogan in a headlock now in the center of the ring. What`s Hogan going to do…begins to fight back and then gets one of his own and knocks HBK down with a shoulder block and here we see Version 1 of the HBK-Overselling Job which many hate and many love, I`m indifferent as he rolls out of the ring and slams his hand onto the apron in frustration.

Both back in the ring and tie up again as HBK hammers the high back of Hogan and he goes to the corner and gets a chop by Shawn. Shawn then with another chop hard to Hogan as he looks to be in some pain now but obvioussly it wont matter in the end, It`s Hogan! It doesen`t take long for Hulk to get back in the match sending HBK to the corner and boots him up in the air as he`s on the top of the buckle a few times before landing groin first on the top rope and then back in the ring recieved more shots from The Hulk. Hogan then caught a rake to the eyes and HBK then elbowed him back into the corner.

Shawn Michaels chops Hogan again.

Shawn then sends Hogan to the ropes but Hogan reverses the whip and back drops HBK before clotheslining him over the top rope and HBK over sells this again as he flips over a few times on the outside. After some blows by Hogan HBK checks to see if his teeth are all in and Hogan then ducks as HBK begins to slap him and sends his head into the corner as he hits him with about the millionth chop of the match. Hogan Irishwhips Shawn back into the buckle and he flips over the rop landing ont he apron comes back in, or attempts to but Hogan hits him off and he falls to the ground.
Both guys on the outside and Hogan slammed Shawn`s head into the security rail.
Hogan slammed Shawn into the table and it tilted over. Hulk then picked up HBK and drove him head first into the ring post.
Both these guys doing more then I remembered here as HBK rakes the back WCW Hollywood style before sending him head first into the other ring post.
HBK levels Hogan`s head with strong blows but he is pushed off by Hogan into the security rail again so Hulk can re-group as his vision is gone due to old age or the two ring post shots.

Back in the ring Shawn with punches to Hogan but he pushes him off. Shawn goes up again and Hogan pushes off again. HBK then hits Hogan with hard right hands as he`s layed out on the corner and Hulk Hogan is now busted open. Shawn up to his feet while a Bloody Hogan gets up to his.

HBK then gives right hands to a bloodied Hogan who probably charged Vince 500, 000 for the blade job.

HBK caught Hulk in a sleeper hold.
This lasts about a minute or two to make the match longer and I`m getting Sid-Hogan flashbacks. Ugh.

Hogan`s blood all over Shawn`s chest.

Shawn up and then came off with a flying forearm and then kicked up obvioussly and then went up high for a flying elbow drop and hits it but Hogan gets up and points at Shawn and then hulks up in a way and then Shawn hits another flying forearm to Hogan.

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan were then both down on the mat at this point of the match.

Shawn kicked up again and went to the top rope and then puts Hogan in the Sharpshooter. Everyone looked to the entrance way for Bret Hart. Idiots.
Hogan doesen`t tap to a terrible version of the Sharpshooter. Hogan then gets to the ropes and the fans boo as there is no Hart. Fans chant we want Bret as the ref is knocked down.

Shawn then speared Hogan and then put a chair in the ring.
Shawn hits a bloodied Hogan in the head with a chair.

Shawn goes up high for the third time in the match with an elbow drop.
HBK then hits the Sweet Chin Music and Hogan kicks out and Hulks up.
Hogan then points at Hogan and does the shots followed by the boot as Shawn flips around and the fans laugh.

Hogan hits his legdrop and Hogan wins!

Hulkamania still lives!

In the end Hulk Hogan defeated Shawn Michaels at 21:24 with the Leg Drop.

Both guys shake hands.

Hogan then does his 30 minute celebration after the match.

This was a lot better then I remembered. Great match overall for these two.




Final Rating for WWE Summerslam 2005 = 7/10

This show was the best edition of Summerslam since 2002 and probably the best one to date. Michaels and Hogan drew the buyrate and ultimately it was a success and the rest of the card was pretty stacked for a Summerslam event in the last few years anyway. Mostly good matches here, definitely a solid event.



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